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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 61: Shirone Branch

[Claude POV]
The journey to Shirone from Milshion Kingdom usually took 3 months, and Rudeus took that much time on his journey.
However, since I came along with Ash’s Charizard, We can reach the destination faster, with the longest being on a ship. There’s no way Charizard can carry four people on his back while passing the sea.
I don’t say that Isolte is heavy or Charizard is weak…
Moreover, I’ve already developed the item box, allowing the item to halve its weight inside.
So, it only took us a month to reach Shirone Kingdom, not counting our 4-day break in total.
There, I met my adorable maid.
She jumped at me, and I hugged her back.
Normally, both Aisha and Lilia should be on their way to Milshion.
However, I deemed that unnecessary since it’d be dangerous for them to head there without any escort.
I can’t allow Aisha and Lilia to head to another continent without anyone guarding them. I’m not as heartless as Rudeus and Paul.
By the way,
“What’s about the bad prince, Aisha?”
“Oh! That bad prince was detained by his father, the king! You see, that king actually begged us forgiveness. I never expected someone that high to apologize to us in person!”
“fufu, it’s all thanks to this big brother Claude of yours! Now, praise me, my dear Aisha! “
“Big brother” Claude is so cool! So cool! “
“Ain’t I cooler than Rudeus?”
“Uh… Do you need a comparison? “
Oh, look at that. His expression said that I am undoubtedly better than Rudeus is. No doubt about that…
While Aisha and I were playing around and wandering the new Arbalest headquarters, Isolte nudged Ash and asked.
“What’s the real reason for begging for forgiveness?”
Ash rubbed his side. Isolte’s nudge was filled with power so much that Ash felt the pain in his ribs.
“Gosh, can you be gentler with me?” That hurts. ” While complaining, Ash continued, “You know that Claude is black-bellied, right?”
“I know! Just answer the question… “
I’m chuckling while playing around with Aisha. She must be mad because I always tease her.
“Well, to make it simple. “He’s controlling the merchants of the Central Continent. He only needs to hint them about something, and they will follow his instructions,” Ash said.
“What? How is that possible? “
“Hello, earth to Isolte… don’t you realize the item he used to pack our belongings? “
“What’s wrong with that?”
“Urgh… Seriously? “
“What’s wrong with you? Want another punch? “
“Sigh… In the item box, it’s something that only he can create. Knowing that something like that is so convenient, everyone wants one, but can’t get it… They can only follow what Claude wished for, to make it possible for them. “
“There’s no way the merchant will stop supplying a kingdom just for an item.”
“Shirone is just another small kingdom, although it might hurt them to stop their trade in Shirone. Having an Item Box is much better in profit, since Claude’s last Item box helped them procure hard-to-get items easily. Which means, if they can have more Item Boxes, they can profit more from selling their items to another kingdom, another continent, even…
“I see, a little Shirone is way over their grasp…”
As he explained the intricacies of what I do, Ash would make one explanation after another.
For me, using the knowledge Fred Alphonse had in dealing with merchants was easier. Since not all merchants will follow what I say, his knowledge of psychology helps a lot to steer them towards the desired outcome.
For example, this event.
What I do on this occasion is a simple give and take.
In allowing Arbalest to create a HQ in Shirone Kingdom’s capital, I put the King under pressure from the big merchant groups.
Then, how can I move the big merchant group?
I’m not the one dealing with them; Mike was.
All I do is give Mike Item Box V2, and put the thing on a pedestal. The one who created the item is in Shirone and was imprisoned by the king, knowing that the merchant boss’s eyes were green with envy. feeling that their golden goose was snatched by someone outside of their circle.
This type of thing can only happen after several complicated plans, and the information I received from Fred is useful.However, this is not entirely correct, because the merchant on the central continent can only be blinded for profit once.
It’s hard to create a follow-up, and I still need to provide a 30 item box V2, that looks like a coffin. to satisfy their needs.
Sigh, this will stop me from training.
Ignoring tomorrow’s busy schedule I continue to play with the little maid, Aisha.
She’s already chummy with the members of Arbalest in Shirone. I can see that everyone was fond of her. The place was vibrant.
“So, was my little mascot feeling lonely here?” I said while carrying Aisha with me, surveying the surroundings.
Her big eyes were staring at me as she hugged my neck.
While I might be the same age as Eris, I’m way bigger than she. In comparison, I am only several cm shorter than Paul, which makes me bigger than normal kids around my age.
“No, the people here are nice to me and my mother. Though I still miss my dad… ” Aisha said, while looking a bit dejected.
Patting her head, I slowly sit on the sofa in the lounge.
I can see that Aisha didn’t really miss Paul that much, but she knew that Lilia needed Paul. Moreover, leaving Paul alone will just bring more trouble at their door.
Aisha is a smart child.
She already knows that her father isn’t someone that can be trusted completely.
Even so, she chooses her mother over her own feelings. I’ve seen Lilia, and she’s filled with worry whenever I mention Paul.
Now, how should I deal with this trouble?
Paul was in charge of Millis Continent along with C. Now that Shirone and Milshion branches can be accessed, should I bring Lilia and Norn over to Milshion?
“Alright then, let’s make some preparations. I will let someone escort you to meet with Paul. “
“Thanks Big Brother Claude”
I put her down and continued to head towards the room filled with documents.
Here, I can see the report regarding our target.
It’s hard to search for him since he usually goes through a path where no one can see him.
But, my disciples are amazing. Even if he hides within the mountain, they can find him.
Well, in any case,
I read the report of the Dragon God Orsted Sighting and planned on how to deal with this walking disaster.
[ – – – ]
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