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Mushoku Tensei FF E Chapter 7 : Build up

[Claude POV]


The monster’s body was slashed beautifully as the head and body separated, blood flowing like a fountain.

I still remember bringing Rudeus’ letter back to Paul’s home.

Claude is here, reprimanding Paul.

“What! How dare he send a letter back and ignore me!”

“Hey, shut it, Paul! It’s a letter addressed to me, not you! So, it’s all good!”

He still grumbles after that and tries to win a discussion. Heck, he can’t even succeed at a debate against his son, and he expects to win against me?

No way, in your dreams!

“If you don’t want to read, go outside! I’ll read it to my mothers in law first then!”

“What do you mean, mothers-in-law! D*mn, I won’t hand my daughter to you!”

“I don’t even need your approval. Look at your wives, which one of them had their parents’ approval….”

He paled at my statement and despaired.

Oh well, leaving aside the joke since he and Rudeus act like rabid dogs whenever I say so…

“Claude is cunning. It’s his idea, not mine. If you want to get mad, please do so to him. Not me, father.”

Why does this brat suddenly blame me? Are you old inside?

So childish.

Anyway, what he told them in that letter was how unruly Eris was and how excellent the beast woman maids in the household were.

Heck, those within the house were worse than Paul since the master of the house blatantly slept with the beast woman maid. Well, Rudy didn’t talk about it, though…

He also tells the story about how his plan to make the unruly Eris be obedient but get himself f*cked since the play he made turned into an actual incident.

The house’s butler used the occasion to abduct the lady, making the event more eventful.

“What a stupid kid….”

“Yup, no wonder he’s your son, Paul… now I can see the trait you inherit from him, aside from his pervert tendency….”

“What… you better prepare your butt for a beating later, you b*stard….”

Wow, he glares at me so hard that I become fearful…

Though I can also feel some relief in that tone.

What the heck? Did he feel insecure about the child because he’s too perfect? Wow… this is something else…

It’s only 2 months since he’s been there, but the first event he created made his parents sweat a bullet. They sometimes laugh at the childishness of the lady Rudeus teaches and the improvement Ghislaine made with Rudeus’ teaching.

Knowing Ghislaine for some time, they must know better about her ignorance and be astonished that the Ghislaine they knew became a better person.

At the end of the letter, he said his thanks to me.

“Thanks, Claude, your idea paper was helpful. I can create a better study session for Eris and Ghislaine….. I hope you all take care of yourself and stay healthy, from Rudeus Greyrat.”

I can see their relieved face upon hearing me read the letter. Even that stupid Paul looks happy that his decision isn’t such a bad one…

Anyway, since then, there have been several letters that he has sent to me. I just occasionally gave it to them while training. It’s unexpectedly becoming an event that the Greyrat household will wait upon. Sylphy sometimes hears it with them, but I leave it be…

She should know the boreas Greyrat family will be destroyed by the Notos Greyrat family in the future.

I always thought the story would be better if Rudeus entered the Notos family and dealt with them since Zenith also has a prestigious house in Millis. Well, it’s not something I need to take care of.

The day passed like that as I busied myself teaching my father about smithing and only dealing with a particular order myself.

I make my service high, though, since I don’t quite want to be a smith.

Unlike me, my father likes the job and is thankful for my teaching. He’s a sincere and pure man who didn’t think much about a father’s pride or machismo.

I like him.

Anyway, going back to the present.

I am currently within the forest, dealing with the monster as a training.

However, different from before. I’ve successfully entered the upper Intermediate realm in all the Swords mastery. At the same time, Beginner Time-space magic and middle Intermediate all attribute Magic.

Beginner Time-Space magic allows me to create a better spell.

Unlike Rudeus, a teacher for the primary spell, I tend to create my own magic. And grade them based on their power.

Though, it’s only applied to the Time-Space and several other attributes.

I prefer to think this way since I can be faster and increase my spell knowledge. Well, I can already see the mana in the surrounding space, and the fact that it’s easy to copy spells should be taken advantage of.

The world is filled with oddities. At the same time, it’s filled with answers to many questions.

I just need to research more about it to understand it better. The same background of the world will make it easier for me to uncover the secret behind the world.

“This monster can be used” as I thought so, I activated Storage. My space spell that’s used to store things.

It’s one of the original spells I created. It was created using mana. While they are ethereal, I can store a material thing.

Though the room was small, it was still bigger than a backpack.

It’s a 3×3 cubical room, so I can store more if I organize them well.

“Dismantle” is Magic to dismantle monsters. The innards and meat were dismantled perfectly, leaving the bones and skin intact.

If the butchers know about it, they will go crazy, but it is not that good since the more significant the size of the monster, the higher the mana will be used.

The best I can do is the cow-sized beast, but more enormous monsters are rare to almost nonexistent in this forest.

Still, you need to have a mana control enough to enter a mana string into a needle hole. That’s how demanding dismantling spell is. What you did is manual labor more magically, after all.

Whelp, leaving the explanation aside. I can see something weird above.

The orb has appeared…

I enabled the mana eyes to see the ominous mana surrounding the ball.

“I wonder, how can I count the timer….”

I looked at the sky and saw the flying castle as I said so.

Is that Laputa?…..

Wait, I feel like I’ve seen read that somewhere…

Right, right! It’s those guys of the fable! I forgot about them since they took so long to appear and just appeared in a short amount of time.

The armored Dragon King, Perugius Dola.

It’s funny that the calendar has been used his name since the day he defeats the Demon King Laplace and that he’s one of the youngest superpowers…

Today should be K415, Armored dragon king calendar year 415.

The day the orb appeared, the teleportation incident should happen in 417, but I don’t know their exact details.

Knowing the year is already helpful since grasping onto a cloud is more challenging than holding to a straw.

I will know the deadline at least…

2 more years…

I wonder, will I be able to pass the apocalypse that will happen that day, or will I be drowned within.

Well, at least my preparation should be helpful to the villager…

I wish so…




As the swords clashed, the sparks could be seen.

The clanging sounds of their spars filled the air, and the spectators were all in awe of the battle.

Although Paul can deal with him, his ability to plan and strategize makes Paul more challenging to beat him.

‘Claude has grown up… his swords god style is the first to reach the advanced stage, huh…’ Paul thinks so while defending against the barrage of the child’s attack.

The combination of attacks was tough to handle, as Claude sometimes attacked with the magic spell of varying attributes and 3 styles of swords that he could easily use without changing his pose.

It might be wrong to say that he uses 3 different styles since his changes were so fluid that it’s hard to tell the difference between each attack.

Sometimes attacking first and hard with the Sword God style and defending like flowing water with the water god style create confusion with the Northern god style.

Incredibly, something like this was being performed by a 10-year-old kid and seeing his movement enlightened Paul about the next step he should take.

Paul was enlightened by his disciple.

“Wow, how dare you steal your disciple’s movement!”

“What’s wrong? I don’t see their peculiarity….” Paul defends from the spell sent to him.

“Aish, you’re so shameless… does it mean you’re my disciple? Or we’ll be both the master and both the disciple?” Claude strikes.

“Hah, I don’t think you actually learn something from me!” he said while parrying the strike.


The fireball was repelled to the sky, and the fireworks were created, making the 2 years old had their glitter.

“Wow! It’s so pretty!”


Paul and Claude’s clash continued for some time, but, as expected, Paul was the winner with his newly created movement.

“D*mn, although it’s the same, your movements differed a bit from mine, huh….”

“Well, of course, it did… I can’t use Magic like you, and the fact that it’s something that I should be used as an adult, the movement should be different….”

“Well, be thankful to me since you’ve improved! Hahaha!”

Paul can only chuckle and head to his family, he wants to hug his daughter, but they go to Claude to ask him to show them the fireworks from before.

Accepting their demand, Claude casually created 3 different fireworks and made the children jump in joy.

Claude can be said to be smart. No, he is smart.

Even so, he’s not perfect…

Since he’s only increasing his power and ability, he forgets to learn more about the knowledge and language.

Which will hold him in the leg for some time in the future…




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