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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 70: Six faced World

When we talked about this world, you should know that the name of this world is the six-faced world.
What’s the reason for this name?
It is a fact that this world has six races.
There’s a race that had a universal appearance, living as the weakest yet most resourceful race in the world: the human race.
A race that has a small stature but is adept at handling all kinds of metal is the dwarf. The elf is a beautiful race that has a strong affinity for bows and magic. And a race that has a great sense of instinct, the one that lives in the forest, the Beast Man. All of them come under the category of the beast race.
The Demons are a race that lives in the Demon Continent, having a variety of types and living the longest, with some even having immortality in running in their blood, and were known as the Magic Race.
There’s also a race that lives in the ocean, called the Ocean Race.
And the mysterious Heaven Race.
Then what about the last race?
How can it be called a six-faced world without its last race?
As most of you already guessed, the last race is the most powerful, having all the advantages of the other races and fewer the disadvantages of the other races. It is the Dragon.
From the start, the six-faced world has had different languages that show the individuality of the other races.
The common languages in this world are:
-The Central continent, the human language
-The Milis continent, the Beast-God’s language
The Heaven continent, the Heaven-God’s language
The Begaritto continent, the Fighting-God’s language.
The Demon continent, the Demon-God’s language
-The entire sea, the Sea-God’s language
Using the common language as the basis for our hypothesis, we can assume that this world has six gods.
But, where were all these gods going to?
Did they disappear suddenly and leave the world?
Before the Six-Faced World was made, in times that aren’t known, there was a powerful “maker of worlds” who was simply called “God of Creation.” He felt he was slowly dying and would not last for eternity, so he tasked himself with creating one last world before his time was up.
However, he realized he did not have enough power left to build a stable world; the new world that he had created was severely deformed and unbalanced, so he decided to create yet another world. It ended up as another distorted world. Nevertheless, he kept going until he finished making six worlds, namely: Dragon World, Demon World, Beast World, Ocean World, Sky World, and Human World, with the seventh Void World of nothingness at the center.
They were all distorted worlds that would soon collapse on their own, so the Creator stuck the six worlds together and was finally able to achieve stability. In this manner, he established the Six-Faced World, where each world supported the balance of the others.
Still not content, the Creator decided to carefully manage the worlds until the inhabitants could settle and stabilize. With his remaining strength, he divided his body into six alter egos and descended into their respective worlds.
Soon after, as a result of their divine origins and diligent effort to make their world prosper, the egos came to be respected as “Gods” by each world’s inhabitants. In the Dragon World, it was called the Dragon God; in the Demon World, the Demon God; in the Beast World, the Beast God; in the Ocean World, the Ocean God; in the Sky World, the Sky God; in the Human World, the Hitogami.
At the creation of his new six-sided world, the Creator ceased to exist, and from him came the new Gods that came to be known throughout the Six-Faced World.
In the past, there were six worlds created.
But, something happened, and those 6 worlds became one.
Creating the current six-faced world.
The next question will be, within all those continents, there’s none that used the Dragon God-language. How could that be possible?
Simply, the dragons ceased to exist.
Based on all the document indications, there are only 3 survivors among the dragon races. The first one is the Dragon God Orsted, and the second one is the hero that has his name on the calendar, the Armored Dragon King Perugius Dola, while the last one is the missing Fighting God.
How would they be the only ones to survive? Was there something missing in this piece of history?
There’s a reason for Orsted’s hatred towards Hitogami, the human God.
For some reason that makes him continue to hunt Hitogami even if he fails to defeat it over and over again, and spends his life in a regression, he can’t count anymore.
You might already realize the reason, but let me clarify that Hitogami is the culprit that destroyed the world and fused all of them into one.
To be exact, Hitogami destroys all the other worlds but the human world. In accordance with it, the other gods do all their best to protect their children and send them all to the human world.
Not long after, war came to dominate the human world, and history began to revolve as it does now…
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