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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 78: Genius Enchanter

Chapter 78: Genius Enchanter


After dealing with all the grime and blood in his body, Claude prepared the necessary tools to create another magic circle. To create another enchantment, he needed to try all kinds of ways of creating magic circles.

Delving deep into any potential ideas, he always looked into books one after another. With the speed reading he learnt of the knowledge Fred Alphonse had, he concisely read through every book and memorized them easily.

Using his dexterity, he can create a perfect circle and many more shapes on the paper. He tried every possible combination, failing one after the other.


Not once did he create explosions inside the lab, big enough to destroy the room. But, since he’s covered in aura, the damage he’s received is minuscule.

“Cough, another failure huh… Wait, it’s not actually a failure. I know this combination can be used to make a bomb with the power of a grenade; all I need to do now is apply it to a piece of equipment…” as Claude continued to tinker with the magic circle, the other continue to fix his room. Seeing that, Claude started to play around in his lab and act as if it was a normal occurrence.

For the soldiers, it’s amazing that their head knight isn’t only a genius dual but also a genius enchanter.

Claude alone acts as their safety pillar, even if there are hordes of beasts outside surrounding them. With Claude beside them, they can look towards the future with optimism.

That’s how much they trust Claude, who has only become their commander in a meager 3 months.

Claude is not only creating offensive enchantments and space items in his laboratory. Although he doesn’t sell this one, he also created a barrier item, an item that can protect the fort without a mage on standby.

This invention alone can help the fort survive against any kind of attack. Whether it’s physical or magical, an attack from the inside is its only weakness. At this time and age, not many can play spy.

As he continued to tinker with his devices, there’d be some apprentice that would come and bring another batch of new resources. After giving the resources, Claude will give the apprentice a note for them to learn based on every experiment he did.

Several divisions will cooperate and learn them together since Claude can’t always teach them. He already teaches them the basics, so it won’t be a problem for them to learn on his note.

This research of his can take time. The longest he does an experiment is 4 days.

He coped in the lab for 4 days without eating and continued to play with his magic circle. While this happened, the soldiers were trained by Arbalest members based on the schedule Claude gave them.

But, unlike the members of Arbalest, The soldier is not as capable as the members; the most talented can only reach the beginner stage, Cloud Style. That’s the most they can achieve within 3 months, and presumably the best they could even if another year passed.

Claude didn’t really hope they could become an advanced grade, but at least they could cooperate with each other, making a formation great enough to deal with an advanced grade or higher style user.

Somehow, the vision Claude had towards the soldier isn’t as high as the vision he had towards the members of Arbalest.

Even so, that’s already enough to deal with some civilian bandits harassing the territory and some beasts that are attacking the surroundings.

He already had Arbalest, so it’d be too much to train the soliders as spartan as he did with the member. However, he definitely didn’t train the soldiers softly.

No one puked blood or was injured in the training.

They are scarred for life, though.

Claude just needs to order them, and no one would dare defy his order.

Yep, the soldiers of the territory are his slaves.

“Okay, with this, I shall conclude this research test.” And brand the idea as a failure. ” Claude said, as he cleaned the table.

Having his hyporthesis proven to fail isn’t something he can be happy with, but he can learn based on this failing experiment. It’s not really a waste, so he continues to look into the best combination to create a better reagent for his enchantment.

“Anyway, the item box sales went through the roof. With our dummy production, we can stop being branded as creating a monopoly on our item. causing little disruption in the marketThough the situation seems to be better these days, I can’t neglect anything…” Claude said as he read the report, given by some members of Division I.

“From what I can see, the surrounding mana density seems to have diminished. After 1 year, the viscosity will start to lessen. Which makes it not dangerous anymore. Only then can we start the construction of the territory. ”

As Claude stated, he wrote some letters to Isolte. He was writing how much he missed her and wanted to see her.

Though he always writes the letter every week, he never receives a reply.

“Well, pursuing a woman is never easy, huh… Dear Isolte, when will you turn your head to me?” Claude said, gently rubbing the letter he had written.

“Oh well, in another year, I will seek her.” Then, we can have a real date. Though I’m losing to Rudeus in that part, I’m not really that desperate to have a relationship.

Claude said this as he made his way to the factory, where the machine for creating item box enchantment is located.

As he activates the machine, a metal plate is inscribed with the magic circle for the enchantment. He didn’t wait for the enchantment to finish and leave the room.

Claude scours through the fort, and sees many things he created for this territory. Checking up on the barrier tool to see if any defects, the wall, and the equipment the soldier had in a single walk. Claude sighs while muttering, “When can I have my deserving holiday?”




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