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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 83: The little maid

Chapter 83: The little maid


[Claude POV]


As I covered her eyes, I teased her by asking

“Keep your hands up, or I will abduct and sell you to a greasy old man.”

“Hawawawa! “Big brother Claude won’t dare to do it; he’s too in love with me to sell me!” Aisha answered proudly, bragging even.

As I uncovered her eyes, she smiled brightly at me and hugged me.

“Welcome, big brother Claude!”

“Ah, I’m here, Aisha.”


It’s been a while since I went to Millis, while doing some survey and ditched the territory. I went to the Milshion branch, where I met with Aisha and checked on the situation on the continent while waiting for C’s report.

Since Paul is here, along with Lilia and Norn, I don’t think Aisha feels lonely.

Though Rudeus went on his journey to search for Zenith alone, the family of four continued their bonding while doing their job properly.

While Paul didn’t stop his search for Zenith, while doing so, he also asked the Latreia house for help. Though he was despised by Zenith’s family because of his matter Zenith, knowing his infidelity bringing more hatred towards him.

Right now, Norn was being taken care of by the house of Latreia, and Aisha was left in the branch. She had no fault in what was going on between Lilia and Paul; all of the blame was on Paul, but what can I say?

Everyone had their own matters to take care of, since I couldn’t help her in that area. I’m doing my best to spoil this little maid and lift some of her sadness.

“So, what do you want to tell this great big brother Claude?”

“You’ve gotten more handsome than before, big brother,” Aisha suddenly praised me.

“Hahaha! I know that, but, since I like your praise, I will give you this candy. ”

Taking the candy from my hand, she opened it and immediately ate it.

“Buwt, seriously. What kind of drug do you use? How can you suddenly become this handsome? ” Aisha said while having the candy in her mouth.

“What? Do you mean I’m not handsome in the past? ”

“Nope, you look average at best.” My father and brother Rudeus are better than you in that aspect. ”

What the hell, Paul is more handsome than I am?

“Ugh, I don’t eat any drugs, you know… Where do you even hear the words in the first place? ”

“I heard it from some people on the street, and asked my father about it. He said that it’s something that will make you magically good at something or just make you go crazy. ”

What in the hell did he teach his several-year-old daughter?

I definitely think Paul is a bad influence on his children. Even Rudeus became a pervert on another matter because of Paul’s teaching.

I explained to her more about drugs, as I could see from her expression. She’s an intelligent child and immediately realizes the connotation hidden within the single words and looks amazed at me.

“So, brother Claude is actually smarter than dad!”

“Huh… I feel degraded, being compared with Paul… ” As I said so, Aisha punched me in the head.

“That’s rude! Aisha’s dad is great too, you know? ” She’s offended by my remark.

“Hey, that’s hurt… no, my little princess hates me… ”

“I’m not a little kid anymore, brother Claude. You can’t always take me as a little kid! ”

What the hell did this little girl say? She’s not a kid anymore!

“Hahaha, then want to be my bride?”

“I’ll report it to Sister Isolte, so you’ll get some punishment.”

“Aish, I’m the man of the house.” There’s no way Isolte can punish me. ”

“What is the man of the house?”

After that, we spent our time talking to each other. As I tease the little maid, she will get angry at me and punch me. Her attack didn’t hurt at all, but I feign that it hurt.

In the end, she fell asleep when she got tired from all we did.

I brought her to her room and let her rest. I went to the office and received my report.

C is already there, bringing all the necessary documents and telling me the important part. I trusted him, and my trust was received well since he’s done a great job at this place.

There’s only 1 problem that he can’t take care of.

“So, this North Emperor is playing around in the background and trying to bother our schedule?”

“Yes, master Claude. That North God-style Emperor was stronger than we expected. Since we can’t act hastily, we stopped all the work on that area and left some leeway towards him. As expected, he can’t really push us around when we are in the capital, but having him bother us outside is damaging enough for us. ”

C explained to me that this North Emperor is a bandit group leader. His deeds were something that made even the Holy Country of Millis feel the trouble.

Different from all the other styles that focused on chivalry, the north was mostly filled with people that took the evil way.

Since there’s no strict regulation and dojos for the North God style, it’s got too much freedom on the matter.

So, the nation mostly restricts the practitioner by branding them as a criminal in this case. Even so, people won’t learn to do good while having trouble living and once they see something easy as their job. They will do that thing zealously.

This trouble needs to be taken care of rapidly, but I can’t just go there and deal with him alone. We need to force the other side to recognize Arbalest, and having me stand on the front lines won’t help the entire Arbalest.

Oh well, there’s only one way to deal with this kind of trouble.

“C, call all the combatants on Millis branch, it’s time for special training.”

Hearing what I said, C trembled. I can feel his trepidation and know that he fears my training won’t help him.

Seeing that there’s nothing he can do, he acknowledges my order and traps the other combatants using some kind of plan and captures all of them to receive my special training.

“How could you lie to us, Charles?”

said some of the members, while pointing at C.



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