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The reincarnated abandoned sage Prologue



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「……then, I depend on the rest to you」


In a large room where there are about 30 people inside, the elderly’s croaking voice’s reverberated.


In the centre of the room there lies a bed. Lying on the bed, there’s the elder.

The elder’s face is thin and lifeless. It was the so-called dead-face.


Everyone’s gathered was crying while watching the elder. They try to etch the last appearance in front of them to their mind.


This elderly man can manipulate thousands of magic, he lightens every knowledge in this world, he was respected by the people within the world and being called 『Great Sage』, and the word great is really worthy of being put on him.


Even so, he can’t beat his lifespan.

He realized that he was dying and gathered all his disciple and left a will.


The great sage felt that he gradually losing his consciousness not long after he finished his will.

And the pain crushing his body all this time suddenly faded.

He started to think that his time will soon come.


Before his death, he felt no regrets.

One of its reason might be because he’d plenty of life experience, but there’s still another bigger reason.


(even if I die, I can still reincarnate and live my next life)


While in his deathbed, he cast a magic spell that allows him to reincarnated with his memory intact the spell was named《 Reincarnation magic》by himself.


That spell is something the great sage created himself using his abundant of experience and knowledge along with his skill and tenacity. There’s no one that knows about it.


He that has been actively teaching everyone spells and magic that can be useful to others didn’t teach others about his reincarnation magic because the magic can greatly disturb the providence of the world.


If the reincarnation magic was spread and became a commonplace among the people, many will hold their memory intact after being reincarnated.

Which will make the world became a weird place.


Then, wouldn’t it bad for the Great sage to reincarnate himself? So was his worried.

However, after giving his wisdom to the world all in his time all along, isn’t okay for him to be selfish at the end of his life? So he thought.


Not to mention that this world isn’t as great as people thought it was, he was never thought so.


Admired by various people. Praised by many. Depended by many.

Still, as his name being recognized, his time diminished, it’s all became a working timetable.

It’s hard to refuse after being depended upon.

Especially when there’s trouble no one else can do beside you.


I won’t say that it’s a bad life, but the fact that I want to have a quieter life is a fact.

Which is why I wish to have a relaxed life after being reincarnated.


( in the next era in the distant future of this era, I’ll no longer need because all the wisdom and knowledge I have, already all passed to my disciples.)


So he thought, then he faced the disciples of his.

Everyone’s eyes filled with tears.


( my disciples, although parting may sadden you all. Life and death are something everyone will go through, so it’s not possible for me alone to hop on it)


The great sage, while looking towards his disciples, smiles brightly at them.


Then, his consciousness slowly fades, and the disciples in his sight became blurry.


Thus, the heart that beat for 88 years long, stopped.