Tensei Jinsei 1 – 8

Tensei Jinsei 1 – 8

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Chapter 1               Reincarnated

It’s 2 o’clock in the middle of the night – a man is walking by relying on the street lamps. His destination is the convenience store that’s not far from his house.

[Just now I had fun with the lady of the night that I called to my room. The love has ended, and I aware that the lady had to go, but because there’s no food and I’m hungry, I had to go outside in the middle of the night.]

“That girl, Rin-chan was it, is very cute. Next time I will call her over again!”

While thinking that, he entered the convenience store through the automatic door.

Here, in the convenience store, his life came to an end.

In that convenience store, three people were present; one of them was the university student aged clerk, and the remaining two had survival-knife kind of weapons in their hands pointing towards the eyes of the clerk.  It meant that he nonchalantly and unfortunately came across a convenience store robbery. For a while, he was stunned looking at the scene, but when he came to his senses he moved his back towards the scene and tried to escape, but at that moment a severe pain ran amok through his back, and he fell. After being hit by a sharp pain several more times, he let go of his consciousness.


…Here is…

Unfamiliar ceiling…

I see… I’ve survived that convenience store incident, huh?

Is this the hospital room?

I’ve never been hospitalized before, so I don’t know, but this place seems to be much more luxurious than what I’ve seen on TV. Why was I brought here? Was I transported to another country’s hospital? I don’t think that is the case, but I don’t believe that this is a Japanese room or building.

In a western-style room, I lay in bed.



A foreigner?


It’s a language that I’ve never heard of…

A race different from Japanese…than a western European…it’s Closer to Middle Eastern with a chiseled face and black hair… without a doubt, it’s an ossan (old man).

I’ve got no idea what you are saying. I’m no good with my body, but it’s different for my brain – Japanese naturally, English, French, German, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, I could speak all of it but, Arabic – mostly I don’t remember it.

…I’m troubled…for now, let’s talk in English…

“Where am I?


English was not good…

French – Nope.

German – Nope.

Greek – Nope.

Cantonese – Nope.

Korean – Nope.

It’s hopeless.

He left the room. Am I being left alone, huh? I’m pretty sure that I was stabbed by a knife. I’m feeling uneasy whether I could move my body or not… there’s no pain either nor freedom… how to say it, I’m feeling quite relaxed because there’s no pain.

Although a big tree is visible from the windows, no other information is available.

He came back. He came with two women though, it seems neither is a nurse- one person is wearing a luxurious dress like a royalty’s evening dress, and the other is wearing a maid uniform. The women that were wearing a dress was at least in her twenties, blonde with blue eyes and with a model like a figure. The maid seems not to have yet reached 20, I think and has a beauty that was in no way inferior to that of the dressed woman.

It’s a bishoujo (Beautiful woman).



While I was thinking of what the women in the dress would do, she hugged me. I should be happy that I’m being embraced by beauty, but there’s no reaction from my son… it is probably because I’m recuperating that I’m not reacting – right?! At this time, as I don’t know what those people are talking about, I’m struck with drowsiness and begin to fall asleep. (Fortuneeternal.com)

Chapter 2               Training

Since then, it’s been a year, I was able to grasp my situation. Now I have many things to learn about regarding my case. This is not Japan, let alone Japan, it’s not even on planet Earth. That day in the convenience store, I was killed by the robbers, and now I’m in a world called Hecato, in a country that is named Sacred Kingdom Vandamme. I’ve been somewhat troubled with the circumstances that I am in right now, but it seems I fall under the category of reincarnation.

My name right now is Christoph von Brutzels – that would be an impossible name in Japan. I look like a 12-year-old blond kid with blue eyes.(Fortuneeternal.com)

The 11-year-old Christoph was sickly since his birth. Whether I robbed Christoph of his body, or my memory before I reincarnated was coming back to me while I was at death’s door, I don’t know. It’s good that I have my memory up until I was 11 years old, but unfortunately, the 11-year-old Christoph was not the same as me, and I’m in a situation where I don’t understand the language. I needed 1 year of living normally until I was able to learn the language.

Just that is enough of a big surprise but, this world is known as Hecato, also has magic. Christoph was sickly, but he was blessed with talent in magic. The current Christoph (me) had enormous magic power. However, even if I had magic, I’ve got no knowledge about it. To learn the language, I’ve indulged in reading, starting from picture books, then to history books, and finally magic books.

Mother is the person that hugs me that time – the pretty lady with the dress, although Mother stopped me from learning magic during that time, 1 year later, because my condition improved, I’m getting permission to learn magic.

“When you are using external mana, you can minimize internal mana usage. So let’s start from feeling mana.”

Because Mother has given me permission, a home tutor has assigned to me. When the tutor was 16 y/o, she became a Court Magician, and when she became 20, she was appointed Magic squad Leader of the von Brutzels territory by my grandfather. Right now, she’s still the Magic squad Leader but, besides her weekly duties, she became my tutor in magic. Even in the long history of the Holy Van Damme Kingdom, she was the first person that became a Court Magician at the age of 16. “It’s just something talented people do” Father was saying.

My Father, not to mention, is the person that is governing von Brutzels Frontier Territory and is a Margrave of the Holy Van Damme Kingdom. The von Brutzels Frontier Territory is vast, and when I’ll be entering my adulthood I’ll be a Viscount, governing a small town, or so I hear. Until then, I must train my body, learn about magic, and study for the sake of governing the town. In the Holy Van Damme Kingdom, 15-year-olds are considered adults, in 3 years I’ll be 15 years old, so I’ll pack everything I can into my brain.

Back to the story, right now, I’m doing magic training. I don’t feel magical power at all.

“Master Rosalia, it’s hard to feel the magical power.”

“Christoph-sama’s magic is plentiful, that’s why it will be felt sooner or later. I too need to train for 2 weeks before I began to feel the magical power, so it’s all right,” she told me gently.

“Anyway, please try to feel the magical power.”

“Yes, understood.”

It seems that using magic is easy. For now, I’m training to feel the magical power by meditating for 1 hour. It’s refreshing.

After magic training, it’s time for kenjutsu (sword art). The teacher is Federer, the leader of the Knights Squad.

“The basics of swordsmanship is swing. Practice swinging until you can reach 100 swings, there is no time limit. Then, please start.”

I’m not good at Kenjutsu. In the previous life, too, but Christoph (me) is not good at moving his body. The sword I’m using is the same size as adult’s wooden sword but just 30 swings make me *pant pant* resulting in harsh breathing.

“Do not move your waist. Please swing more. At your limit already?”

I’m not good with moving my body, you know! If it like this, I will only finish swinging 100 times the next morning. I take a lunch break and then start studying about social circles and manners. Born in modern Japan, living until 33 years old as a commoner, for me, it’s a harsh time to learn. When you ask whether it’s swordsmanship or manners – which is more troublesome, without a doubt it would be manners.

The teacher of manners is Chief Maid Hanna. Hanna is an influential person in the shadows of the von Brutzels house, and Father seems to be indebted to Hanna also. Heck, I’d bet that it was Hanna who changed Father’s diapers.

“Stand straight, look straight, and don’t look down.”

Hanna is more Spartan than the others – 3 hours of lessons, without a break, of walking and dancing. It’s too much.

“There turn. More smoothly in the turning desu.”

Like that 3 hours were being spent but thinking like that will make it even longer.

…At last, it’s finished. From here on it will be my free time. The long-awaited free time. I have read a grimoire (magic book), so I had a little bit of knowledge about magic but, if I can’t feel the magical energy then it won’t work, so I’ve used the free time to learn how to contact the magical power.

Anyway, should I do some meditation? Because of the swordsmanship training and manners lessons, my strength has been depleted, so while I’m resting, I’ll be training to feel the magical energy.

Chapter 3               Magic

The fourth day of the training to feel a magical energy, somehow I had begun to feel something. Because it is strange I don’t feel it clearly yet, but I can feel something warm. I hope it’s not the temperature that is warm.

I’m surprised. I didn’t think you could feel magical energy this fast. Christoph-sama is a genius!”

That is too much praise Master Rosalia, but it feels good to be praised. I’m the type that will get better when praised.

“Since you can feel the magical energy around you, the next step is to feel the body’s magic. Because you already feel the magical energy, in no time you will begin to feel the body’s magic.”

“If it is like that, I might already feel it?”

I have felt the magic surrounding my body like blood through my vessels. This time I felt body magic immediately after I feel the magical energy. I feel something warm inside my body like the magical energy that I feel in the surroundings.

“As expected desu. Let’s check Christoph-sama’s magic aptitude.”

Master Rosalia takes out a ball with a diameter of 15cm from a wooden box and instructs me to hold it in my hands. I wonder if this thing is just like the template that will represent your attribute in magic by color. While being excited, the crystal in my palms was giving out a light; red, light blue, brown, green, blue, yellow, white, black, gray, gold – many colors were coming out like a vortex.

“…This is…”

Master Rosalia became silent while watching the crystal. She stays silent until she began to move her lips.

“Christoph-sama, it’s wonderful. Because it’s just a simple test we need to go to a temple in the imperial city to know for sure but, it looks like you got capabilities with 10 different types of attributes!”


Apparently, according to the book I read, just 30% of the people in this world have an aptitude for magic. While 70% of the people had no magic power. 70% of the people had the aptitude for non-attribute magic, though the aptitude for non-attribute magic is uncountable. The 30% of the people that can use magic, can only use 1 type of attributed and the non-attributed magic. Those who can use 4 attributes are just 10 thousand people, that is written in a book. Then you could find one person in a million that can use 5 attributes, while one in 100 million can be found using 6 attributes, then what would be the possibility to use 10 attributes?

The population in this world is unknown but I think that in this world there are 1 billion humans, and so only 300 million people can use magic. Because a 6 attribute user can only be found in 1 in 100 million, then there should be only 3 people that can use 6 attributes of magic. A person that can use all attributes will become a probability that will not appear.

In the past, Christoph had stop training magic because of his weak constitution. Still, he had a talent for magic, but they did not check his magic aptitude. So then, this time because the aptitude already checked, it was known.

“It’s a great thing, isn’t it? It’s good that I can use many types of magic, right?”

“I could use 6 attributes but, there’s no one in the past nor in history that has had the aptitude of 10 attributes!”

It seems that Master Rosalia is excited about it. As for me, I’m calm… is it because this is a cliché kind of development? Also, Master Rosalia is a magic user with 6 attributes, huh. Speaking of worth, Master Rosalia is a rare thing too.

“Ehem. I’m a little too excited huh, my apology. If possible, in the near future you should check your aptitude at the temple in the Royal Capital. Then continuing it from before, the power that we use is a natural phenomenon that is called Magic and Sorcery. Do you know the difference between Magic and Sorcery?”

“If I’m not wrong, Magic uses mana to generate a natural phenomenon that needs a chant. Sorcery uses a prepared magic circle that is given mana to activate it, which will create a natural phenomenon, I think. To make it simple, the one that is activated by a chant is Magic while the one that is activated through a magic circle is Sorcery”

“Correct. As expected from Christoph-sama. Then if we were in a battle, Magic and Sorcery, which do you think will be easier to use?”

”I can’t say based on the category, but based on people though, Sorcery will be easier to use, or so I am told. It’s because Magic needs a chant to be activated, but several seconds or several minutes that are used by chanting was unused in the case of using Sorcery. Furthermore, by using Sorcery it is said that it will trigger a barrier and is easy to use. However Magic can be used in a wider range if a person can optimize the chant, Magic is easier to use.”

“Just as you say. Christoph-sama is firmly prepared, eh.”

It’s because, to learn about the native language, I needed to read many magic books.

“Then, because of Christoph–sama is compatible with every magic, I’ll start teaching you from the ice magic that I’m compatible with.”

“I’ll be in your care.”

“Magic chants have at least 3 keywords that are required. The first one is giving mana, the second one is creating the thing in your mind, and the third one is releasing the thing that you had imagined. The first part is for convenience sake called mana, it is about inner magic and magical energy. Then after you say the keyword to control the magic, the mana transformation of the ice is complete.”

I’m now looking at Master Rosaria that been engrossed in her explanation.  It seems she is the type that is devoted to Magic and Sorcery.

“Since I’ll show you an example, please watch it carefully.”

“I devoted you a little magic, create a little ball, destroy this thing”

From Master Rosaria’s palm, approximately a 5cm ball of ice appeared which was launched at a tree trunk, with a loud sound the trunk now has a scar on it. As expected, that much ice will not make the big tree turn into smithereens. However, seeing the magic for the first time makes me excited.


“The one before is a magic that is called Iceball. Its power is low but if it is aimed at a person’s head or a beast, it will definitely kill them. Because Christoph-sama can already feel the magical energy, in 1 month you can do it too, I think.”

Chapter 4               No Chant

“I devoted you a little magic, create a little ball, destroy this thing”

2 days after the explanation, I was doing some training in order to chant the ice magic Iceball but, it was not going well. Today I’m able to make an Iceball in my palm but, my magic ended before the ball finishes its form.

“Christoph-sama, swordsmanship training will begin soon you know.”

Vice-Captain Federa came to call while holding his wooden sword.

“It’s difficult to activate the magic, huh.”

I was caught off guard by Vice-Captain Federa’s unexpected remark.

“I’m not good with magic, so I don’t know what to say… in swordsmanship how I moved and how will my enemy move while imaging it, we move but, in the case of magic I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

Huh, an image is important in swordsmanship. I didn’t know that. From now on let’s add image training into the menu. Wait a minute! Is it possibly magic need an image too? Chanting too is a kind of image, huh? There’s a probability in it… Let’s try it during free time.

From here on, I’ll try to make an image of the enemy during my wooden sword training. Though, to make an image and 100 swings of the sword is still too far to reach.

The manners lesson somehow was done though, so I’ll take a little break, and then begin doing some magic image training.

“Thank you, Luna.”

“Every day only doing training, I’m a little worried about Christoph-sama’s health.”

Luna, who serves the tea is worried about me. Luna is my personal maid, she’s been working in this mansion for 5 years as my personal maid. It’s no wonder that’s she’s worried, I was been bedridden 1 year ago.

“It’s because, after a long time, I could move my body again, do I want a body that will immune from any illness.”

Since magic users are regarded as have long lives, if I could train my body I could be alive for a long time.

“The tea that Luna made is good as always.”

“Thank you very much and if possible, don’t work yourself too hard.”

“I’ll be careful.”

I make a conversation to enjoy the break. Luna is 5 years older than Christoph and has big breasts and nice proportions. She is a bishoujo too, so looking at her is a delight to the eyes.

Alright, my break is over and there’s no problem with my body, let’s start magic image training. First is to closing my eyes and letting my mana flow while imaging an Iceball’s size and hardness. The radius is 5 cm, the hardness is as hard as iron is enough isn’t it? I felt mana flow from my body when I opened my eyes, approximately a 10cm Iceball was created in my palm.

Until this far is a success. Maybe because the image is clear that the Iceball is floating in the air steadily. When try to touch it, it feels like a mass of ice. Next is it’s flying speed. For now, 150 km/h is okay. When I was still in Japan I liked baseball. I’ve seen many times of balls that were being thrown in a stadium and speaking about that, 150 km/h would be quite fast.


Kyuun~tsu! (whoosh), Dogaaatsu! (BAM!!)


Baki baki (snap snap)… Dokkan! (KABOOM!!)

…The Iceball hits the tree but the place that the Iceball hit had a big hole. Due to that hole, the tree is falling down.

Turning around Luna is looking at me with her eyes wide open.


“Apparently it’s successful?”

Success is good right? The Iceball properly flew!

“…I think the Iceball’s ability is exceeding expectations though?”

It’s not like I’m not thinking about it… but, the Iceball is strong. That’s right, it accelerated faster because it’s hardness was like iron. It’s a decent power for a steel ball that has the speed of 150 km/h, if it hits a person, that person would definitely die.

That day, Mother came from inside the house because of the sound. I explained about the big sound and the fallen tree, then Master Rosalia is called and I do Iceball again in front of her.

“No chant?!”

Ah, I just remember that I didn’t chant… I noticed it because of the cry of Master Rosalia that I’m not chanting.

“Christoph is a genius in magic ne!’

Mother is dancing in joy. No chant seems like a high skill that even Master Rosalia can’t do. I did it?

Father came back from the imperial capital by chance and got a report from Mother about this incident. Upon hearing that, Father wants me to enter the Royal Magic School in order to make me a Court Magician. It became quite a big commotion.

Originally, there was a possibility that I had gotten an affinity with all attributes. Father was wavering whether to let me enter or not, but because of this incident my future has been determined, so, in spring of next year I’ll enroll in the Royal Magic School. I guess I’m not going to became a Viscount that will rule a little city?

Then in order to increase magic training, Father wants to lessen the swordsmanship training but I’m able to make the swordsmanship training continue because I want to train my body and at least be able to swing the sword 100 times. While I’m not aiming to become a knight nor swordsman, building stamina is important and Master Rosalia agrees with me.

Chapter 5               Travels 1

6 months have passed, and I’m able to swing the wooden sword 100 times. Magic too is progressing, as I am not only learning about ice attribute magic but also Fire・Water・Wind・Earth and the basic attributes of Thunder・Darkness as well as beginner and intermediate magic including the special attribute Space-time magic.

Though, because I still don’t know what the characteristics of my attributes are, while taking the entrance exam for Royal Magic Academy, we will come to the big temple in the capital to confirm.

Also, I’ve tried Sorcery and starting to learn to create a magic circle. Not just weapons, armor, and normal items, there are things that are called magic items too. It is an item that is given a Magic instead of a magic circle. I’ve starting to learning about the production of magic items too.

The basic thing about Sorcery is to create a magic circle. The one who can use Magic and create a magic circle is called a Wizard, while the one who can only use Magic is called a Magician.  Since magic items are widely used by commoners in place of Magician Wizards, they are useful in many ways.

Magic circles can only be created from the person’s attribute. That means, if a person has no aptitude in fire magic, he can’t create a fire magic circle. This is because, when you write a magic circle, you must put mana into it. You can’t put mana of an attribute that you’ve got no aptitude in. When a poor craftsman writes a magic circle into an item that can’t withstand the mana, the magic circle will break, so when choosing a magic item, a person must choose it carefully.

Meanwhile, I am headed towards the Royal Magic Academy to receive the entrance examination. Von Bryutzels Frontier Territory family has a mansion in the capital. Because I was sickly, instead of living in the capital, a place that had a good climate is better, but most of my family was living in the capital city. Though just Mother accompanied me to live in the frontier territory, after leaving the capital for several year she looked very happy to return.

I have 1 big brother, 2 big sisters, and 1 little sister. My big and little sisters were from different mothers, just my big brother was from the same mother. Father had 2 other wives apart from Mother but, Mother is the legal wife, and the others are his 2nd and 3rd wives. Maybe because of good luck that only myself and big brother (aniue) are males, my brother will become the heir as the first son, and because of that, there’s no need for a dispute between wives.

Also, I don’t know my sibling’s faces. Brother is right now at the Royal Knight Academy, as a quasi-knight, and after graduating will became a true knight, so I heard, and the eldest daughter too, I heard, has joined the quasi-knights. The second daughter is in the 2nd grade at the Royal Magic Academy and right now she’s living in the dorms. When I enroll I’ll start from the 3rd grade. Little sister is still living in the mansion while having a tutor, and when she reaches 12 years old she’ll start to enroll in Royal Magic Academy.

I heard it is a 15-day long trip to reach the capital. During this trip Master, Rosalia and Vice-Captain Federer are accompanying us with the Knights Corp. that had about 20 people in it. The escort consists of too many people in my opinion, but in this journey, there’s a lawful wife of a Margrave so something like this is normal I guess.

“Christoph, are you done with the preparations?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“While we travel, if you feel sick, say so immediately.”

It’s been more than 1 year and a half since I’ve come to this world because I’ve got no permission to leave the mansion, this is my first outing. That’s why I feel quite excited.

The von Bryutzels territory has a developing population but it’s still called a frontier. The reason maybe because to get to the capital from von Bryutzels territory you must travel past 3 mountains, and take 3 steep mountain roads. Before it must have taken 10 days just to pass through the mountain roads, but road conditions seems to be improving. However, there seem to be many kinds of monsters that come out and there are regular large scale subjugations being held. Even with improved roads, this still isn’t a safe journey because a monster might come out. After all, even without a mountain road, the monster still come out, and in some case, bandits might attack too. It really is a fantasy world.

It has been 3 days since we left von Bryutzels territory and we are approaching the mountain road. Until now we haven’t met bandits nor monsters that approached us but when we arrived at the mountains, monster started to attack.

“Master Rosalia, what kind of monster is that?”

“It’s a Blood Wolf. Although by itself, it is just an F-Rank monster, because it’s attacking in a group, it will be troublesome. A little negligence and we won’t end up with just a little scratch.”

It has a bigger body than a shepherd dog – black hair and red eyes known as a Blood Wolf, its nose has an ability to catch a smell from a distant location.

There is a ranking system for monsters. From the bottom to the highest: G・F・E・D・C・B・A・S・EX.

To enter Rank A you must subdue a large number of monsters, while to enter Rank S you must defeat a Genius class monster. After that EX Rank will be granted to a person that managed to defeat a monster that became a crisis to mankind. Clearly, S and EX had different criteria than normal.

The number of Blood Wolves that appeared is 12. Looking at it from the side, the knight will not receive any danger while defeating them.

“Inside a monster, there’s always a magic crystal. While you’re subjugating it, if you do not pull out the magic crystal, the monster will become a wandering Specter, so you must always take the magic crystal when you subdue it. Magic crystals are an important ingredient to make magic items so the Adventurer Guild and Merchant Guild will buy them.”

Ah, just as I thought, this world also has an Adventurer Guild. This fantasy world is very classic!

Chapter 6               Travels 2

Monsters have attacked us several times on our way through the mountain roads. When I asked if a number of monster attacks on us were normal, “it’s been half a month since the last subjugation” is the reply I got.

Fortunately, the next subjugation will soon be carried out. If that’s what will happen, it should be better if they had done the subjugation before we departed. Besides this time the fact that monster has generated in large amounts has been confirmed so the subjugation will happen soon. I think it’s better to make a fort garrison here and place some soldiers in case something happens, but it seems there’s some sort of circumstance that doesn’t allow for it.

When you exit the mountain roads there was a meadow and forest, and we arrived at a big town. If you compared it to von Bryutzels’ territory, it’s a small town but, when you compare it to the villages and settlements that we passed so far, it is a big town.

“Today we’ll stay at an inn this town. Because we had arrived here we’ll soon reach the capital. How is Christoph-sama physical condition, is it alright?”

My physical condition is good, but my arse hurts because of the long trip. It makes me always praying to end this trip as soon as possible. I never thought that a trip in a horse-drawn carriage will hurt my arse this much. In the carriage there’s nothing like suspension, though it has a cushion, comparing it to car or train in Japan is like heaven and earth.

“My condition is alright”

Whether Mother is accustomed to traveling, or she is just keeping patient, she put an okay look but in my perspective, she looks fatigued.

“Since we’ll stay in this village for 2 nights, we’ll depart on the 3rd day”

I’m saved! If I remodel the suspension on the carriage, there will be no need to get emergency treatment for my arse anymore. I mean, as long as there is a village or small settlement I can use the material to make something.

“Mother, is it alright for me to take a stroll in the city?”

“That’s right, how about it huh.”

“Ma’am, Christoph-sama may be dispiriting to walk around after this long journey, how about we give him an escort so he doesn’t go into the slums area?”

Hanna, such a nice follow!

“Alright. Hanna, please arrange the escort and Christoph, you must never run away from the escort.”


This town’s name is Fildes, governed by Earl Filiam. The specialty is the orange fruit. They say that 60% of the capital’s oranges are being exported from here. Moreover, the forest near here has a monster spot that became their financial lifeline because of the dropped crystals.

My escort number is four, standing side by side to my left and right. To say it clearly they are annoying but they are needed for shaking away disturbing people, so I walk around the town with them.

To think that the first town that I explore is not in von Bryutzels’ territory nor the capital makes me a bit emotional. The buildings are made of brick and are pleasing to my eyes as they have a European style.

It seems this place is not only an orange-producing area but is also used for processing. Orange juice is sold here. The 100% orange juice here and the orange juice I drank in Japan before has the same bittersweet and sour taste, though this world’s lukewarm temperature is a minus. In this world, there’s no custom to cool down the drink beforehand. People here drink it like ale while it is warm. That’s why, when I remodeled the warehouse at our home, in von Bryutzels territory to a refrigeration room for cooling drinks, Mother felt happy from the bottom of her heart. Knight teams began to diligently patrol around our mansion every day in order to drink the cold ale.

While walking around the town from time to time I see people that have different kinds of ears. That is the classic thing of the fantasy world that is named kemonomimi – beast ears. There are tails and wings too it seems, quite a verity of races here. My race is hyuman and in this world, there are many races and persons apart from hyumans. The representatives were Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves, Majin and much more.

Sacred Kingdom Van Damme is a country of hyumans but does not discriminate against other race, it doesn’t even discriminate against Majin. This is because the first king is a Japanese hero who commanded to abolish the discrimination of other race severely. Other countries might not have rules against discrimination of other race like Sacred Kingdom Vandamme. When you talking about this with people, it seems that a country that does not discriminate against other race is unusual. An example of a country that had a discrimination against other race is the Saint Orion Nation, a country of hyuman supremacy. Saint Orion Nation is being ruled by the Pope of their religion, does religion really discriminate against other races and tribes? I can’t understand it.

While talking about this let’s talk about the other continents too. The place I am right now is the central continent, the biggest out of the 4 continents. In this continent there are 4 powers (countries); the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme, the Saint Orion Nation that I mentioned earlier, and there is a dwarven country – Jegan Empire, and hyuman country Bossam Empire.

Bossam Empire is a country that is harsh to live in for anyone besides hyumans because of the discrimination, but for Jegan Empire beside tribal fights, there’s no race discrimination. Based on what I heard Jegan Empire excels in combat power production and technical capabilities.

Chapter 7               Slave

When I arrived at an item store that I had my eyes on. While searching for a Zabuton (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zabuton ) like a cushion, the store inside became noisy.

“Pardon me… tsu.”

Doka rattle rattle gashan (SFX)

A large sound is being produced inside the store and there is a man that is wearing heavy armor pushing a girl. The girl is buried in the goods that fell from the shelves.

“How dare a dirty slave like you touch my sword! What if you defiled my important sword? Aaa!”

The big man seems to be a knight though, as he seems to wear some practical armor. Probably he is an adventurer or a mercenary. The girl that the person pushed looks about 10 years old dressed in a single piece of cloth, the collar on her neck indicating that she is a slave.

The big man kicking the girl in her abdomen repeatedly, while the girl raised her voice. The girl seems to be unconscious after being repeatedly kicked. More of this and the girl will die. Someone must stop this, but the clerk stays still and there was no sign that someone will intervene. The reason is whether they afraid of the big man or they don’t care about the slave.

“Isn’t that enough already? More than that she’ll die you know?”

Since there’s no one that stops it, I voiced my complaint. It’s not like I care about what happens to other people but, I just don’t like seeing a 10 years old kid dying because of violence from a big man. This Holy Van Damme Kingdom is free of discrimination but slaves are still being treated like a thing. Even if a slave is a person, they don’t give them treatment like a person. I don’t oppose slavery, but I think that the way of thinking of them like a thing must be changed. Well, I need to deal with the problem in front of me.

“Who the heck is this brat?”

He should know from my clothes and escort that I am a noble…

“I am a brat huh? Then you are an idiot!”

“What did you say!”

The big man lifts my collar. What the heck is this idiot’s template? When dealing with a noble, one wrong move is suicidal. Every adult should now that. This big man is an idiot that wants suicide huh?

Indeed being gripped by my collar hurts. Letting out a lightning attribute Magic Stun at the big man makes the gripping hand become loose and natural, I fell down on my arse. Escort what are you doing?

“Ouch, Levis, catch this person and hand him over to the guards.”

By my words, the escorts surround the big man.

“Who the heck are you guys?! I’m a Rank B adventurer.  Wanna fight me huh?”

The big man hand became useless because of the effect of the Magic Stun. Due to his resistance, I’m letting out 1 more Magic Stun into his muscles, because of that there’s not much effort to apprehend him.

“I don’t know who you are but because you attacked a noble, you’ve got to received a punishment.”

“Wha! What did you say!”

“Levis, tell this person his charges.”

“Yes! Using abusive language towards the noble Christoph-sama, based on his sin he needs to receive a capital punishment”

“Ca, capital punishment you say? I didn’t do anything?!”

“You just did what Levis say. Do I have a slave collar on me? Look at my appearance, look at the escort, even with that you attacked me you know?”

“I didn’t notice that kind of thing! Don’t kid with me!”

“Annoying, Shut up! Shopkeeper, this girl is your slave?”

While kicking the big man’s face, I looked at the store shopkeeper.

“Ye, yes. It is degozaru (sayou degozaru)”

“Why didn’t you stop this guy’s violence?”

“I, I’m sorry (moshiwakearimasen).”

The shopkeeper that was being flustered and can’t make a good reply.

“Heal this girl immediately.”

“Tha, that is….”

This world has healing magic but it needs an enormous amount of money so for a slave to be healed is unlikely.

“Shopkeeper, I have a condition, I’ll do the healing so can you give that girl to me?”

“Ye, yes, that is, of course, I will. If she is left like that without being treated she will die so I’ll leave her to you for no charge.”

“Christoph-sama, is it alright to do this without confirmation of your mother?” whispers Levis.

Levis is the knight squad leader, he’s ikemen (handsome cool guy). Because he is an ikemen and because in my previous life I was unpopular, he is my enemy!

“In this condition, she needs emergency treatment. I’ll persuade Mother to forgive you later for not helping me. Shopkeeper, hurry up and call the guards.”

The shopkeeper forsook his shop and dash out of the shop door. All right then, let’s do it for this girl. If she dies then it doesn’t make sense to help her.

“High heal”

I could invoke magic without letting out a voice but, to make it look natural I invoke the magic name. The girl’s body is wrapped by a thin light, while I get the feeling of my mana being sucked out. High heal is an intermediate light magic attribute, thus the spell can heal even internal organs so it should be fine now.

The clerk has come back and has brought the guards with him. Then the insolent behavior that the big man did to me had been reported, the punishment has been chosen based on the testimony, and the big man’s execution is decided. Based on what he did to me it’s too much for an execution because I’ve got no big injuries is what other people must be thinking,  but if this big man is alive he will do something like that again. For the people and for the good he must repent his sin. I have no tolerance for this type of fellow.

“Captain-san, about this slave, for the price of the treatment I took over ownership of her. I would like Captain-san to be the witness for it.”

“Understood, I, Kajil, will accept the duty.”

The Guard Captain’s name seems to be Kajil. When he realized that I am from von Bryutzel Margrave family, he seems to have panicked. Well, it’s simply because von Bryutzel Margrave is from a great nobility. This thing will be a big problem because of the Captain’s clumsiness, of course, he’s panicking.

For changing the ownership of the slave we must go to the Commercial Guild but the girl will stay in an unconscious state. There’s no choice but to go back to the inn and let her sleep but I’ll get chewed out by Mother there. The one that got chewed out by Mother is me because of my actions, however, she didn’t say anything to the slave girl because she is cute and there’s a feeling to take care of her. Is that alright Mother! (Sore daijoubu desuka hahaue!)

Chapter 8               Cushion

The girl slave’s name is Filia. I heard it after she was puzzled while waking up in an unknown room and in an unfamiliar bed. Because the one who told her the story was Hanna, I don’t have to deal with any trouble.

Then when I asked Levis, who guarded me, about yesterday’s incident, as expected “It was needless for us to interfere because we knew that Christoph-sama could beat that big man” so he says nonchalantly. This Levis is one of my swordsmanship tutors, so he already knew my power.

Ikemen dashi (Because you are an ikemen) you should get a divine punishment!

“Ma, Master, thank you for your help. I’m known as Filia.”

Filia was so happy that she was wagging her tail. Lilia is a dog beastman, she has beast ears and a tail.

“I am Christoph. Not master, call me Christoph. What is your condition?”

“Thanks to you there’s no places that hurt. Christoph-sama.”

Filia can read and write already, she just needs some more education. When I asked about the reason why she became a slave, apparently, her father was a merchant and got killed by a mamono (magical beast) and she fell into debt so she became a slave in order to pay the debt. It’s a very known pattern huh. This is the dark side of life in a fantasy world.

The next day, when I went to the town I got 6 escorts accompany me. It increased because it was Hanna’s order. I heard she increased the number of escorts to keep an eye on me so that I don’t cause trouble!  Today is without any incidents, and I’ve succeeded in shopping. Let’s hurry up and go back to the inn and create the magic circle. With this, my arse will survive until we arrive at the capital.

This time, there is four people in the carriage; Mother, Chief Maid Hanna, me and my personal maid Luna. There are 2 other maids, 6 attendant, 33 knight, and 3 magicians that are in a formation for travel. This time, I brought Filia so she will ride together with us until we reach the capital. Filia was thankful for not being left alone, like a small animal, so cute.

The carriage that we are using is a noble carriage that was luxuriously made to have a big space so that even if there are 5 people in it, it was still comfortable. The magic circle that I created into my cushion is working. I create a vibration absorption magic circle in the cushion. I was praised by Mother because of it. Mother is the same as always, stroking me like a cat.

I’ve made a magic cushion for everyone in the carriage already but, it seems the retainers wanted one too. However, for the knights that are riding horses, I did not prepare some for them. They seem to be pretty envious of the carriage squad retainers.

“Like always Christoph-sama has an interesting way of doing things ne~.”

“It’s because the teacher was good, master Rosaria.”

“I didn’t do anything, you know.”

“Though, I think the cushion will sell well, whether it’s in the capital or in von Bryutzel territory.”

Vice-Captain came to me and talked about potential profit but this kind of magic item would be imitated quickly. Still, before it is imitated, let’s think about selling it in big amounts.

When we arrived at our capital’s mansion we went to greet Father in his office room.

“You’ve come, was the journey tiring?”

While Father was hugging Mother, he hugged me too but I tried to pull away a little. I guess that it is proof of him loving me, so I’ll forgive him.

“In the middle of the trip, I healed my arse with a cushion, so it was alright.”

“Christoph made a very helpful cushion. Because of that in the last spurt, it became a lot more comfortable.”

“Hou, is that so? I want to see that cushion too.”

When showing Father the cushion, he sat on it and then Father felt admiration. This cushion’s true value is for when it is in a carriage to absorb the vibrations, but it’s nice to sit on too. With such surprised expressions from people, selling the item has decided. I had a feeling that my parents forgot about my examination.

When I’m talking about Filia to Father, if I say I could manage the responsibility, it’s alright to take her in. After that, we had dinner with the family, something we haven’t done in a long time. Around the table were my other family’s faces.

Eldest Son and Daughter were at the Knight Academy dorm, while the 2nd daughter is at the Royal Magic Academy dorm. The only new members of the family that I see are my little sister, the 3rd daughter Antoinette, the 2nd wife Freesia-san, and the 3rd wife Annerose-san. Because everyone here knew that I had no memories of being 11, they are not suspicious of my behavior. My little sister, Antoinette, had a sad facial expression.


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