Tensei Jinsei Chapter 27

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 27


027 New Item



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At the end of the week, I’m going to Bryut firm to check its state.

Recently the slaves seems to be more familiar with hospitality, and the majutsushi slaves fail less in the production of magic items.

In other words, the business feeling is staying on track.

Then, today is the day to teach the slaves about a new magic item that could constantly deploy a defensive barrier type of magic.

Since the barrier that is being deployed by the bracelet is colorless, and has a space-time attribute magic, it’s decided to leave it to the slave that has that attribute magic.

Lock and Jamon were begging to include them in the development of the new item enviously, they at last back down when I said that I will use them for the next product.

While Julietta is finally getting used to her job.

Julietta and Seruka have a nice attribute compability so aside from water ring production, having Seruka as an aid for the new item will be hard in terms of capacity.

The sales are favourable, in a day we could get 190 thousand S.

While monthly it exceeds 5,7 million S, if I convert it in Japan’s Yen it would be 57 million Yen. (TN: 1 $ US = 104,~ Yen so~ calculate it yourself)

If the new item launched I think it will get busier but, because it takes time to create the item and the high material cost, there won’t be many that will be sold.

After all the bracelet itself is a piece of silverware and it is created with an unusual attribute of space-time, it is decided that it will be a premier good.

「Since a Bracelet of Barrier needs a magic crystal as its power supply, we need to provide a magic crystal at a regular interval. The Bracelet of Barrier is priced at 200.000 S while the barrier magic crystal is 50.000 S. There will be a discount if the customers buy the scope of the products」(TN: I’m kinda bad with something like this… 障壁の腕輪には魔力供給源として魔結晶を使っているので、一定間隔で魔結晶の販売も見込める。障壁の腕輪は20万S、障壁用魔結晶は5万Sで販売をするけど、この2つは値引き対象外の商品とするから明記しておいてほしい)

Although Bryut firm has a discount for a certain amount of purchases, these 2 goods will be excluded in it because the things themselves are expensive.

「In addition, explain how to use this Bracelet of Barrier and that the item itself will wear out in about 5 months. Tell them to exchange the magic crystal every 4 months. Ah, It’s alright to not tell them about the 5 months. And there’ll be a manual how to use it in the box. And note the serial number」(TN: in other words he told them to explain how to use the item without a need to tell the customer it will wear out in 5 month, and just tell them to change the magic crystal for the next 4 month.. I think)

Since the Bracelet of Barrier uses a magic crystal as its power supply, it will need to be exchanged every 6 months.

If one were to ignore these things it won’t be our problem if the magic crystal’s mana depleted and the item can’t be used.

「Serial number ‘0’ will be used for demonstration. Clamp, try to slash me using your sword.」

「E? However・・・」

It’s impossible for a slave to hurt it’s master, Clam is hesitating.

「It’s alright, try it. It’s an order」

At this point escort knight Primera should stop this but, but I order Clamp to do this.

It should be alright if I give it to a slave to prove it’s function but, it would be best to demonstrate it on myself .

Because there’s no other choice, Clamp comes to me while swinging his sword.

Although Clamp sword swingings towards my left shoulder, the sword is stopped around 20 cm infront of me by a colorless barrier.

「This Bracelet of Barrier is created by space attribute magic. If it is just an intermediate class magic it can defend against it. I’ve already tested it many times so there’s no mistakes about it. However, in case of an advance class magic there’s a possibility that it will be destroyed. I didn’t write about the advance class magic in the manual but wrote it as just “a strong force may break it”」(TN: in case you forgot it, like me. It goes like this Junior > Intermediate > Advanced> Hero > King > Emperor > Overlord > Spirit> God )

With my inspection there won’t be any problem withstanding an advance class magic but, it will be a hassle if it is destroyed by an advance class magic, by some circumstance it could be destroyed even by an intermediate class magic so it should be alright to write it as a powerful force.

・・・I myself am thinking with a mindset of a Japanese person – that is how I think.

Everyone is nodding at the description, so the explanation time has ended.

「Fillia, I left the things aside to you. I will go to the dorm after going to the mansion」

「Yes, please take care」

When I came back to the mansion, Mother greeted me.

There’s no nostalgic feeling nor lonely feeling to me since the admission day when I first went away.

But mother’s face contained glee and happiness while looking at me.

Even though she’s pregnant, is it alright for her to be so active?

Because father is in his work room while I’m here I’ll see him too but, the thing about my duel with Bakabon is already known to father.

「Don’t be too excessive. If Cecilia knew, she’d be worried about it・・・」

「I’m sorry」

「Will there be a chance of victory?」

It seems that instead of being angered by the duel, he seems to be more positive towards it. (T/N: huehuehue, another political side coming… *sneer*)

「Rather, I find it hard to find a losing element in it」

「fuhahaha! souka(Is that so),souka. Then beat Brennan’s little bastard to smithereens. Beat him thoroughly, so it won’t leave any future trouble!」(TN: I starting to like this oldman… lol)

Father seems to hate Marquis Brennan thoroughly.

It seems that large nobility had many things huh.

I mean, Bakabon’s father might be a bigger fool than his son.

「Is it really alright?」

「No problem! His father is often neglecting His Majesty and only approaches when something is in his self-interest, and that child has many bad rumours around him. Open those traitors eyes and let them see! Whatever happen we’ll protect you 」

The normally gentle father became this radical・・・ he seems to hate this Marquis Brennan too much huh.

「Thank you very much」

「However, keep it a secret from Cecilia okay. Because this is an important time for her」


I’ve received father’s permission.

I’ve received more permission than I thought I would but, with this I could beat Bakabon thoroughly.

Huh? I am not living relaxedly you say?

Well, I’m not really interested in sharing my personal view of things but, isn’t it important to dispose of an uncomfortable thing that will disturb my chillin life with my friends, right?

hahaha, let’s leave it at that!

「In addition the sugar workshop that you promoted has been completed. After that I’ve gotten approval from His Majesty, and bought the production rights of your castor sugar for 10 million S 」

About the castor sugar, father demand for it too, at first I did have an idea to have the production rights for it, father then established the rights at a quick pace.

It’s an obvious fact, but because castor sugar is a thing created by my magic, and the manufacturing workshop construction is something that’s created by a majutsushi(sorcerer)’s magic circle, the personnel deployment has been completed.

However, I never though that I will get a permission right from His Majesty the King.

It is something that I created myself so even if there’s no rights or someone that wants to complain about me monopolizing it, as long as they don’t know how to create it, it will still will be me as the one who monopolizes it.

Father held transfer rights to me that still need my signiture.

「I understand. Then henceforth Bryut firm will sell the castor sugar for 3000 S each pot, While the other firms will need to pay 7000S~10000S for wholesale」(TN: don’t really get it 「解りました。では今後はブリュト商会に1壷3000Sで上白糖を卸して頂き、他の商会には7000S~10000Sで卸す事でお願いします」)

*Scrible scrible* and there’s the signiture, with this Bryutzels margrave’s house will have it’s own castor sugar manufacturing workshop as it’s domestic industry.

E, there’s too much of a difference with the price in Bryut’s firm?

It’s obvious!

Castor sugar is a money tree that is priced at 10 million S in it’s manufacturing, moreover it’s something for households, according to it’s price it’s normal for it to receive super special treatment. (TN: damn this sentence after another… 上白糖なんて金のなる木の生産権をたった1000万Sで譲渡するんだし、しかも一族だし、価格的に超優遇があって当然じゃん。)

N, Violation of antitrust laws you say? Those kind of laws are not in this world! If there is something like that then His Majesty’s approval won’t be recognized. (TN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_antitrust_law)

「I’ve called the other 3 households about castor sugar manufacturing. Finally including our house there’ll be 4 households that’ll carry out the domestic manufacturing of the castor sugar 」

Monopoly on wealth will receive envy, if there is another 3 households then the envy received will be less, eh.

There’s no oversight huh.

「Thus that manufacturing workshop will need 4 machines. 1 piece of machinery will be purchased at 1 million S, so please create 4 of them」

「Yes, thank you for the order」

The central part of the manufacturing workshop will divide between the extraction of the portion that will be used for the castor sugar, and the one that won’t be used for it.

Because the central part of the machine is a black box that’s created by my magic circle, it has been written as a mechanism that could only be created by me, so it could only be purchased from me.

Aside from the central part, father needs to pay for the other things for the workshops, but it will profit me from those 3 other households.

By the way 1 machine has been sold to father. (TN: so the machine is the black box, while the central part is the bigger size of the black box in the workshop)

When I ask father, it seems that castor sugar’s production has been requested by the nobles from the south, west,  north, and eastern parts of the Sacred Vandamme Kingdom.

Aside from the house of Bryutzels margrave house in the capital and the south that is Bryutzels margrave home territory, production of castor sugar is forbidden, and anyone trying to recreate it will  receive a punishment from the kingdom.

At the time I want to take a rest, my duel with Bakabonn was spreading.

The duel will be carried under the supervision of Bloom-sensei, the date is month 5 day 3 afterschool, after the unit completion test period has ended.

Moreover, not only within 1st year, the rumour is spreading to even 2nd and 3rd year.

「What is happening so that the news is spreading this far?」

「Warner is the one who spread it. Because he know that Christoph-kun is sickly just last year, he spread the news because he thinks that you don’t known any mahou(magic) and majutsu(sorcery) 」

「E?But didn’t Christoph-kun use a magic that could be marked as a pass in the exam that even could blow-up the building?」

Carla’s information revealed my darkest part to Peron. My plain(jimi /地味)’ SP shaved. (TN: guess it’s somekind of Spirit point/social point? Don’t really get it myself….)

「About that, he spread it saying that it was done using a magic item’s prowess!」

「・・・I though in the magic test only magic books are allowed?・・・besides isn’t the usage of magic items allowed in a duel?」

「after hearing that・・・he really is stupid huh」(TN: pfft! Sasuga Bakabon!)

The duel condition is 1 vs 1, while other things are allowed.

While I think that if  anything’s okay in a student’s mind, that Bakabon seems to want to get bulldozed eh.

Where did his self confidence come from?

Is it perhaps that because of his father is a big noble that he has some sort of magic artifact?

I don’t want to get negligent, I should get everything ready in case something happens.

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