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Only Me – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: New World [1]


Have you seen the deva of Papua?

-human’s hero

You mean that superman-like person who goes bam and boom on the mutated animals on youtube?

-Crying horse

Yeah! That one is cool… I wonder who he is…

-Sovereign lute

Never met them even once in the otherworld…


Could he be one of the 4 sovereigns on the karma world?

-Sovereign Lute

No way… there’s no Indonesian on those sovereign followers.

-human’s hero

Seriously? Then who is he?


Is it a he, or a she?

-Sovereign Lute

I believe it’s a he

-Crying Horse

Why can you be so sure?

-Sovereign Lute

He’s there in Bali too, and get a hella bloody nose after all…


Ooh, that’s true, although his face couldn’t be seen completely his nose sure have a big bleed

-Crying horse

Ukh… you boy sure know each other’s huh…

-human’s hero

Oooh, I just watch Bali’s invasion, and it true huh… he got a nose bleed there… and I sure am not a boy~ so I didn’t really get on your bad list right kan win-soo?

-Crying horse

Hey! Don’t use my real name here, Donald Obama!


So, we’ve got Korean and American sovereign here huh?

-Sovereign Lute

I am American’s sovereign, but who are you derp? African sovereign? Or… Grim?…

-Crying Horse

Eh… so he’s not your friend Lute?

-Human’s hero

Wait, there’s someone who stranded here you mean?

=Grim reaper has logged on

-Grim Reaper

Yoh, what’s up guys? How’s your place’s defends and rehabs?

-Crying Horse

Now we got Grim…

-Sovereign Lute

Then, who is this derp…

=Derp has left the chatroom

-Grim Reaper

Um… can anyone tell me what’s happen?


[now you see father? Even the returnee’s sovereign knows you already~]

“Yeah… because the nosebleed”

“wait… stupid angel, why the nosebleed? And why can you already know sovereign only chatroom ndis?”

[hahaha! It’s been 2 days since the invasion. Of course, I know that they’ve exchanging information already!]

“Yeah~ she’s working so much to find the chatroom! Unlike his father whose getting busy being slapped by the girl he pick-up”

“Hey! How can you know that I’m slapped by a girl?!”

[I… I’m not spying father with satellite or anything like that okay… *suspicious whistling sounds*]

=>after the outbreak

“Guaah! Now I’ve done with it since I’ve already finished the quest let’s search for a prey!”

With that as the last word, Ridwan went to the nearby sexy gal with the amazingly sexy swimsuit, hourglass body with massive boobs that make him horn*.

“Hey~ pretty big sis~ wanna have a date with me?” says Ridwan while holding his nose.

The lady turns around and say “Ghiiiyaaaaa!? There’s still a monster here!” while looking pale at the blood-soaked Ridwan.

Thus, he’s chased by the other returnee, and after a long chase, something in his head snapped. He looks more blood-thirsty than before and makes everyone whose rush at him faint. Seeing the already fainted pretty gal, Ridwan eyes look more lustful and try to rape the girl… and…

“Gyahahaha! Look at you cherry! Trying to rape a fainted girl?!” Lichen dashed out from the sea, and laugh out loud at the pathetic looking Ridwan.

Vein pop in Ridwan forehead and he look at the Ancient looking brawny men, with Gill on both sides of his neck, a membrane that glued between his fingers and the fin-like thing glued on his forearm.

“Damn you Lichen! You stinkin ancient virgin?! Don’t disturb my time to pop my virginity!!”

“Gahaha! Only you whom a virgin now! I’ve already had a wife on the dark sea! Gahahaha!”

Not long after he made the statement, a beautiful mermaid came out from the sea, and look at Lichen figure lovingly…

“Good day Mr. Ridwan… I’ve heard about you a lot from Lichen, thank you for always treating him all the way for almost millennia…”

Like a good, wife she treats Ridwan politely even though… “Wai… Is she the deep sea Killer shark that took me so much time to kill? Hey, Lichen… why can that killer shark became a mermaid?”

In the deep sea, there’s a lot of monsters that exceed a size of a ship, and among those monster, the killer shark, which became a mermaid now is the same thing that took him more than a month with hit and run tactic to kill underwater…

“IT’S CECILY… thank you for that time, it’s a good time, but I now am already Lichen’s wife so, we can forget about our last relationship… you even took that big, sturdy, and cold thing to kill me…”

“HEY?! What did you do to her?!” Lichen say in a heavy tone

“Wai… that’s a gun*am! Don’t say any misguiding thing like that you damn shark!”

“Bah! Let’s leave this soon to be rapist Cecily, and let’s continue our honeymoon in my place~” says Lichen with a little disgust in his tone and leave to the sea, with a splash, only Ridwan left there alone…

Orz… how can that damn ancient virgin and ancient killer whale married each other?! It’s not even though it has yet to be a day after the outbreak… damn itttttt

Ridwan left the thought to be a rapist and go toward the setting sun to picking up several women that not lost to the damn Lichen, only to understand that even the prostitute returnee has become a full-fledged decent citizen…

While he just gets slap after slap while picking some women that already have a husband and married in another world…

  • Back to today

“Pupupu, look at that, he got slapped by more than 100 women in 2 days…” Friteta state while pointing her finger at the dejected looking Ridwan in schadenfreude.

[it’s 127 Friteta… *holding laugh face*] add Gendis while showing a picture that looks like a girl holding his mouth to hold her laughter.

“Damn it?! Forget that! How could mutate animals became a humanoid being you stupid angel?!”

“Ah… it’s normal for that to happen since the creature that connected to the Grimoire could evolve… well, it might be the same as Lichen guy, you know~”

“Hmm, that’s new…”

[anyway, how can you know that the mermaid is the killer shark in the deep sea father?]

“ah… you see, the genetic map in the A.I database immediately tell me that…”

“Eh… A.I? you have another A.I aside from Gendis?…”

“What are you so shocked about? It’s a support A.I that connected to Gendis’ database, it’s planted inside of me you know? Of course, I am the administrator that even Gendis can’t touch”

[umumumumu, so mortifying… to think that father always connected to me is a happy thing but a mortifying thing at the same time… Give me Privacy you daughter complex!]

“Wa?! I’m not a daughter complex! If I don’t do that, the A.I chip would get erased by this stupid angel you know!”

“Stupid, stupid, stupid, stop! Calling! Me! Stupid!!! I’m an intelligent being you that higher than you, you know?!”

“Says the one who almost gets raped…”

“Gunununu… fyuuh… I won’t play with you damn rapist!” taking some breath, Friteta gets sane again and don’t feel resentment anymore, cool-headedly give him her back, and left the room…

“Waa, the stupid angel has left…”

[Now, that our quest from Friteta has been cleared what do we do?]

“… our base and Gundam collection been scrapped… what’s left only you and everything in the 4th-dimensional box…”

[there’re also the mountains of gold which we excavate before father]

“hnmmm, I wonder… since the gold been excavated we need to create another base now…”

[And create more g*ndam?]

“No… why should we create another…”

[because it’s fun?]

“It is fun, but the time it took to create is long… and the damage isn’t strong enough… moreover, the material is…”

[what are you talking about… we just need a month to create from zaku to Barbatos, moreover the drone in the space box is still there too…]

“Well, you are right… but, let’s create our base first… since the world, we know already in their last phase of linking after all…”


With that, the man and the super computer in a form of a robot walk through the sky with some jump and sonic boom. Leaving the place they stood before, and start to search for a new base…

[What about grandparents father? Don’t we need to meet with them? I never met them…]

“It’s better for you to not meet them, my dear… those pervert, I believe they still do something outrageous right now…”

[hmm, like father like parent?…]

“Don’t compare me to them!”

Meanwhile in the downtown of Jambi City.

“You damn man! How can you not know this?!”

“Shut it, women! Just do the job, and go back already!”

A man and a woman fought in the middle of clean-up.

“Ugh… guys, can you stop the quarrel?…” say a teenager that wants to stop their quarrel.

“Stop it boy, those 2 is a freak… better not disturb them and continue your works…” add the Oldman which stops the teenager.

“Sigh… not even caring about their missing son, and quarrel to satisfy their weird fetish… I really pity their son…” the Oldman sighing and continue his cleaning while ignoring the quarreling couple…

Angel’s headquarter.

The headquarter of the angels is a humongous place which even bigger than earth, that could accommodate more than 3 billion angels, from the 5th orde until the 7th orde with ease. A beautiful place, which has almost the same architecture as the Parthenon, with the cylindrical pole that is so high and thick with many graffiti picture, which tells a tale…

In a room of that place, stood a Seraphim, an 8th orde angel which control the overall management, as an angel only subordinated by the gods. Looking at the report from the fledgling angel 6th orde angel, which come back and have an artifact which already strong and rare to a stronger artifact which even makes him, seraphim flabbergasted.

“Superior epic ranked artifact, which created by a mere human?… how intriguing… he whose chosen by that History huh…”

*knock knock*


“Pardon me, Seraphim, your honored Triuel. Friteta has come back, and wish to meet with your honor”

“allow her to come in…”

“Understood, then pardon me your honored…”

*nod* with a nod, the angel which knocked the door left and not long after the stu… 6th orde angel, Friteta enter the room, and down on one knee, and look up to the seraphim.

“Thank you for the permission to come you honored…”

“Now, now… forget about the hullabaloo and go to the report”

“Understood” Friteta hand him a thick report which she wrote about the human named Ridwan, and his daughter, an A.I named Gendis…

“hoo… is this all of it?”

“yes your honor, from all I could observe in these days, from the outbreak day until the day after is all I could see…”

“hoo, this is amazing… for a human, to be able to jump and walk through the sky using an invention of his, not even an artificer in the HQ able to create something like this… is this really purely mechanical knowledge without any external energy?”

“Although before the day the grimoire and Akashic record linked to earth he could use Chakra, Mana, and Ki already, it is but a minuscule amount which isn’t possible to be used to create an artifact… so; I believe it isn’t your honored…”

“hoo, for a genius Artificer to say it’s not possible… how do you think about the human called Ridwan? Do you believe he’s worthy to be chosen by us?”

“Thank you for the compliment your honored… I don’t believe so, he’s a lustful person and a degenerated person… moreover, he’s so mortifying… so, I believe he’s not worthy to be chosen your honored…”

“Is it from the faction perspective or yourself?”

“It’s from mine, your honored…”

“then, from the faction?”

“I believe his talent is undoubtedly first class… and it’ll be advantageous for him to be our ally…”

“Hahaha, we’ve got the same idea then…”

“Friteta… from now on, I assign you as the support angel for…”

“A human returnee, which named Grim in the England, he’s someone which the faction needs to observe…”

A disappointed look flashed in Friteta’s face for a moment, it’s just a slight moment, but Triuel caught the sight of it.

“Now, go, and observe the man…”

“Yes, your honored…”

Friteta stood, and left the room in an unhurried manner. While the Seraphim, Triuel still looking at the report which in his hand, scratching his chin and look at it with an interested expression. “A human, that took an interest from that person huh… how interesting…” he mutters himself in the spacious and empty room, which is the seraphim’s working room…


“Gyahahahah! Now, I wouldn’t be afraid of Lichen anymore! Just wait for my ultimate LEVEL DOWN! befall upon you damn ancient virgin! be prepared to be NTR-ed!”

-From the wonder of the earth, they say that loser will always seek the knowledge to overturn the table and win against the power above him with more and more advantage, moreover, in a despair this item will be the true light in the darkness…
O User of this wondrous item, which overturns the god’s item, I shall pray that you… won’t… use it on a weaker being, as this is the gift of the 3@#$@ to let you have more safety against the enemy which you’ll fight against…
[-] Lessen Enemy’s power by leap and bound… approximately all…
[-] Sealed the enemy power and left an enchantment rune on the enemy
[-] ???? <Not enough orde to read> 
[-] ???? <Not enough orde to read>
[-] One-time Usage item, understand that this item could only be used once, and the item lapse will only stay for less than 1 month unless you’ve canceled it…


[Um… Father… what is this?] ask Gendis

“… I reall don’t know about this… but…”


“[This is awesome!]” said both of father and daughter at the same time, without thinking much of it…