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Kim Un-hee’s delicate love report on love and marriageLove, innocence, fantasy, romance……. And marriage. Like a combination of words that seemed to never be united, Gun-il and Si-eun became a couple. The artist speaks of the harsh reality with a cold gaze within the framework of the archetypal romance of contract marriage. Is marriage the…

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After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

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Only Me – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: New World [3]

What is an orde?

Orde is a proof that a being has entered a new order, which differentiates them from others. Those whom already linked to the Akashic records, and received their first UQ at level 10 will need to complete the Upgrade Quest which is written in there. According to their chosen job, they’ll be given a task. Once the person completed the task, they’ll step on a new order different from the previous order which they’d been in… by now I’ve stuck at my latest UQ and still in the quest to finish the task which is written in order to accomplish it… I seek for the knowledge, however without power, you will never found the knowledge, that’s why orde is a new hope for me to get power and knowledge which is the truth that I could believe…

-God of Knowledge’s Research Diary Page 1 section 1 of Orde

In the dim room, a screeching sounds echoes. The sound of wail and cries repeatedly replayed again and again, whilst the sound of joyful laugh that full of lust complete the spectacle in the dim room.

[Father… stop it already…]

“hmm? What? I just watch this movie you know? Why should I stop?”

[Damn it, father! You know I don’t like scary movies like that! *pout image*]

“But, it’s 18+?! It somehow makes my S-side tingling…”


The sound of the horror movies which Ridwan play on the big screen stopped, he shut off the mini theater and glanced at Gendis.

“Okay, I’ve stopped… now what?”

[Doing your job over there? *Pointing image*] say Gendis in artificially created sounds, which is beautiful kind of voice, that soothe the one who hears it.

“That pervert should be left alone… I mean, seriously… I raped her once then she asks it again?… ain’t she weird?”

[… No comment]

The pervert, which Ridwan call is Firuel, the Seraphim of Justice, which lose to him in the previous chapter… well, it should be just a night before but…

“She’s a damn masochist…”

Yep. She is a masochist, I just play with her a bit atop the punishing horse, and iron maiden and don’t literally rape her… I just play with her mind a bit, and the next time she asks for more…

“Well, just leave her… ‘Hey! We play a neglect play, It’s another kind of masochism so just stay there okay!’” I say while shouting to her…

“Haaaa haaa haaa ha, Yesh! I will delightfully be neglected!” reply the 8th orde angel…

Ah… she’s already broken… a hopeless pervert…

[yes… a pervert THAT YOU create… father…]

“Even though she did pretty, that blonde hair and sky blue eyes, and hourglass body… unexpectedly she is a pervert… what a turnoff…”

[Seriously father, I know you want to test the jamming device and it is successful but, you don’t need to torture her like that you know?]

A jamming device which can stop the link between an individual to a record… that is the 2nd miracle I’m able to create using 1 ton of Gold which Gendis and Friteta dug on the mountain of Papua… and it’s break as soon it’s used…

“Sigh… 1 ton of gold crushed by only 1 time being used…”

[It’s amazing that 1 ton of gold could become a pal sized item… I wonder is that circuit of the artifact you’ve to see from Friteta’s artifact is that superb…]

“Well, it’s only a play with some time reverting after all. It’s that hard to duplicate the item, but the ores are something I never touch myself… so I really don’t know about it…”

[You can create a mantle that could revert time though…]

“Of course, and it can be easily mass produced too, not like the artifact that the angel has!”

[Somehow, seeing an item from a certain future in some manga that cast a blue cat robot being realized is… wonderful]

“Yeah… now, though the 22nd century in itself is an utter bullshit… I need a millennium of knowledge and research to create the thing you know?… creating it in the 22nd century? I believe the thing could be created in 24th-25th but 22? Seriously? Who’s the genius who can create it?”

[Okay father, okay~ I know that you are mad, but that is just a certain mangaka’s imagination so please bear yourself…]

“Yeah… kinda lost myself there, sorry dear”

[So, what do we need to do to her father?]

“Just sack her back to the gods…”

[Are you serious?]

“Course not! Should we add another sensation amplifier serum to her?”

Sensation amplifier serum; is a serum which increases a nerve ability to feel by 20-80 times of normally it can do. Although it is an amazing thing IF it’s used to a certain thing… sadly I used it to make her became a perverted masochist under a night time, and who knows that it’s succeeded…

[well, if we can mass produce the artifact to stop the link to the records…]

“Well, we can, but not in near time… it’ll take me several years to create another one, as I don’t have the data to create another one too, while now we need to hurry since the time effect of the thing will be over tomorrow”

[But… she will stay like that?…]

“sigh… I hope not…” Ridwan says in exasperated sigh…

*Clank clank* the rattle sound from the chained Firuel echoes to them, and “Heey! Stop neglecting me! Abuse me moreeee moreee! I want more of that physical and verbal abuse of yours, my love!!! Gimme!!!”



“So… can you locate the 3rd orde monster?… Friteta?”

“hhump! Of course! Since the Dungeon has been created it’ll be easy to locate one, since the mutated animals whose trapped there should be over 2nd or 4th orde already…”

At some point in time, 3 weeks after the outbreak. She suddenly comes out, and tells me ‘I am being ordered as your supporter angel! My name is Friteta! Behead my command human!’ nonchalantly and arrogantly…

Still, every mission she gave me is a profitable mission, which gave me abundant of experience and status, along with miscellaneous thing and weapon with at least Uncommon to Rare grade.

However, now…

[Grim Sherlock] [LV-10] [UQ ready – 1st orde Paladin]

[Ki] 60/100 [Mana] 100/130[Chakra] 200/200 [Karma] 120/120


Atk: 300       Acc: 235
Agi: 400Def: 440
Int: 250      Res: 360


Unused point: 190

Exp: 0/X



Sword art            LV 11

Run                     LV 14


Unique Skill:

Rewrite [no.999]


Upgrade Quest:

Hunt 3rd orde monster               0/455

Collect 1200 2nd orde monster core   0/1200

Conquer 3 layered Dungeon 0/1








When I first get into Karma world, the time that I need to get the 1st upgrade is over 9 month and the time I need to complete the Upgrade Quest is 3 month… overall, the time I need to reach is a year time…

“That time I just need some 1st orde core and 2nd orde to hunt but now… a 3rd orde monster and 2nd orde core? Seriously? Isn’t too much? And what the heck is 3 layered dungeon? isn’t dungeon something you angels create?”

“Hey! The dungeon is Demon’s faction’s training ground! They attract the monster in order to make the monster strengthen up faster! While at first they camouflage their selves as population control, and act as a way to help the humans to protect them from the mass attack from the mutated monster, and lessen their population…”

“But, why would they do that?”

“To make it easier for the monster to breed and upgrade their orde duh! And at a certain time, there’ll be mass outbreak, which will attack the humanity outside the dungeon easily”

“Hoo, that’s neat… I guess the Demon’s faction smarter huh”

“… When you think about it, they did huh…”

“Well, what’s a 3 layered dungeon?”

“well, each dungeon has a boss for each several floors, and after several sub-boss when you go deeper in the dungeon there’ll be some dungeon boss, so this dungeon boss is deemed as layer”

“So 3 layered dungeon is a dungeon which has 3 dungeon boss in it?”

“That’s right!”

“So, how many sub-boss there are and they level or orde are?”

“at least there should be 10 sub-boss, and should be at 3 – 5th orde”

“… Alright, let’s play some card in the Buckingham palace”

“You gave up?”

“That’s a fucking 5th orde you know?! Are you going to kill me?!”

“There’s no way there’ll be a 5th orde monster in here, at most they would be 4th orde only~ you pussy!”

Grrrr, I don’t believe an idiot angel call me a pussy… yosh, I don’t care whether it’s 3rd orde or 6th orde! Let’s kill them!

“Well, according to my search there’s none 3 layered dungeon yet though…”

“Okay, let’s go to Buckingham palace and play old maid with queen Elizabeth for now…”


“Damn it! Why can’t it just give me a damn normal quest for me?! Let me hunt, and collect some core?! This thing is… TOO TROUBLESOME!!”


 [Ridwan Alfriansyah] [LV-30] [UQ ready — 2nd orde ???]

[Ki] 4000/4000[Mana] 2100/2130[Chakra] 3000/3000 [Karma] 1200/1200


Atk: 2000       Acc: 2235
Agi: 2100Def: 2440
Int: 3750      Res: 3360


Unused point: 0

Exp: 0/X





Unique Skill:



Upgrade Quest:

Connect Indonesia’s Mainland 0/7