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Only Me – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: New World [7]

A normal dungeon has no layer… all along a dungeon only has floor in it

Until suddenly there’s a mutation on the dungeon that suddenly has a layer after defeating the dungeon boss, leaving the dungeons’ challengers surprised.

Thus, the first challengers successfully enter the layer of the dungeon, only to see…

A hell…

-Guild leader’s history lesson


In the depth of the cave, sat a man, dismantling a pile of monster one after another, along with robots.

The man’s dismantling speed could be said like a lightning. One slash, the skin goes off, another slash, the meat tore off, another slash, there’s only bone left there without anything else besides the white luster bone without even a speck of meat in it.

Meanwhile, the robots beside him, although a little slower, it’s also magnificently dismantling the monsters’ carcass one after another, there are dozens of robots which are working alongside the man in the cave. Soon, the piling carcass differentiated between bones, innards, meat, and skin in each part atop the rug. Not long after, the pile vanished.

“…” the angel Firuel the onlooker flabbergasted, no sound left her mouth by seeing it, only her wide open mouth left hanging there. Rather than disgust, if there’s a person who looks at her, they will be captivated by the cute look on her, even others Seraphim would.

Sadly, only a female robot with father complex there, looking at her with a smug picture on its screen.

[haha! Be captivated by father’s wondrousness! Damn vixen!]

“Shut it scrap!”

[you’d show your true self already?! Aah?! *daunting thug image* damn biatch?!]

“Faaaak! How can he do something like that?! Furthermore, that dozen of scrap he makes not long ago by spending less than 1 hour can do something like that too?! Give me one! I want one!!”

[hahah! Now that you’d show your true character, we’ll dispose of you damn biatch!]

“Haha? You? And what army!”

[This army!]

The voice became the sign, not long after, the army of vermin appeared and attacking the seraphim. The Seraphim of justice who seen the vermin army that overcomes hundreds get herself goosebumps.

“nn nooooooooo” with a shriek, the seraphim that can’t let her power come out 100% because the limiter the Akashic records gave her, when she descending to earth, can only shriek and run away in fear when she sees the vermin.

[fufun! Now you afraid! Don’t belittle my investigation powa! ho ho ho *noble woman laughing image*]

“Alright, now what should I do with this items?… well, the meat will be used for cooking but, this innards and meat along with the skins… hmm, it’s too low level for me to use it…”

Ridwan which already done with his dismantling process thinking about what he’ll do with skin and bones of the approximately 2154-3rd orde monster that he hunted in the surrounding place of his hideout.

[how about making a furniture out of it father?]

“Isn’t it too extravagant?”

[well, it’s just this much after all, and the bones and skins are all less durable than the alloy and synthetic leather you’ve created… well… it’s not good…]

“Heh… seriously? A 3rd orde monsters’ raw material is bad?… you know how many people die in the hand of those 3rd orde monster, isn’t it? Why can you all say that so nonchalantly…” said Firuel who came back from the chase of vermin.

Without saying anything, Gendis gave Firuel a fabric and a metal sheet to Firuel, and continue to talk with Ridwan, about what should they do with those raw materials.

“Wha, wahht is thisssss?!!!” Shout Firuel

[You’re noisy vixen!]

“I.. I mean! This thing has the same durability as 5th orde monster and defense equal 4th orde monster you know! And this alloy sheet has a rare grade as the weapon grade, even though it’s just a sheet?! Are you kidding me?”

“Is this seriously an alloy created with a zero layered planet’s ore? Seriously? Then, where did my 90 years of hard work goes?!”

The machine-gun-like banter continuously flows from Firuel’s mouth.

“…” 90 years?

[haha! Old hag!]

“Shut it! You’re older than me ancient grandma!”

[Hey!… I can’t reciprocate it… *depressed image*]

“now, now… I bet she just a little bit younger than you Gendis, it might be just a 1000 or may even just several hundred years younger~ don’t think too much about it, my dear”

[*sob* okay father…]

“…” Firuel just stay silent with their conversation, however, her eyes have a glint of jealousy in it.

4 month after the outbreak, there’s no more unnatural thing happens in the world, 2 months after she became Ridwan‘s overseer, of course, she already understood that, Ridwan, which is a pitiful virgin that seeking to get laid… is all but an act.

Truth to be told, a person that can hold back for a little less than 3 millennia will act like a sexual assaulter? The answer will be no…

Of course, the reason she can understand Ridwan’s act because she’s also an actress.

A wretched Seraphim of Justice, which already play many roles in her history as a soldier of the God’s faction. As a woman, that has a beauty… her act is a weapon by itself…

Furthermore, the reason as to why she didn’t tell the truth to the other Seraphim, as Ridwan is a double-edged sword that could tear apart the god’s faction is because of her infatuation with him. Unknown to other, she, the Seraphim of Justice always seek for a man that could protect her.  A man that worthy enough of her love…

Thus, by the time Ridwan use an item to strike her, and magnificently defeat and torture her… she already chooses, that, this man, is a man worthy of her love…

Of course, as an Oldman with a daughter, he already understands this, but… the woman is a dangerous entity that could stab him at every point of time. it’s an of course act, that he ignores her infatuated gaze to him, as she still has a backing that could thoroughly defeat him.

“So, is there already a 4th orde monster in the earth?” ask Ridwan with slight curiosity in his tone.

“Uh? Ah.. there is, the faction already found a 3 layered dungeon several days before, and there’s a possibility that in it, there’s a 4th, or even 5th layer monster there, laid by the demons…”

“… alright then, let’s go there… it’s still will take several hours for Cathedral Terra to be completed too after all…” said Ridwan.

“Oh, alright, I’ll guide you there…”

Thus, while waiting for the Cathedral Terra aka Supergalactic Gu*en lagan, he makes a trip to northern England, and enter the 3 layered dungeons, only to see that the 1st layer is empty…

“Hoo, there’s already someone who’s entered this place?”

“Yes, if I’m not wrong he’s the one who asks for the search of the dungeon after all, for his Upgrade quest…”

“already? How fast…”

“Well, compared to you he’s slow though…”

[Huhum! Of course!]

“I’m not talking to you… sigh… well, whatever.. it seems that he’s a ranker in Razor, he’s from England too, so he’d a support angel beside him, and he’s doing his 2nd orde quest here… but, it seems that he’ll fail and might lose his life here…”

“hmm, 2nd orde eh? Well, seeing this battle scene, he should have troubles in battle against a 3rd orde monster… and seems to have a hard time… and, he may be dead already…”

[Oh, is the person from England named Grim?]

“Oh, as expected, the data already out?”

[yes, Sherlock Grim with an average of 300 in his stats, the leading figure of a ranker in the returnee, known as the strongest returnee, the one who devastated the sovereign in Razor… well, he’s information is streaming like crazy over the government database, and the sovereign database here…]

“Oh~ the sovereign already took control over the global huh?”

[Yes, father. They seem to act fast…]

“Well, it’s already 4 months after the outbreak after all, so it’s a normal thing for them to act fast… they too are a social being, after all, not like the creator of Bridge of Ra over here…”

“Hahaha~ leave it, I don’t want to be troubled by their request of help after all…”

[yes, there’s already many strong people out there, so there’s no need for father to act in open, he just need to spend his time with me! *smug face*]

“That’s right!”

Hearing that, Firuel could only sigh. If, in any case, that this one act to support the humanity, the humanity may have an easier time in countering the Satan’s faction, and may be increasing the humanity’s survival. However, he doesn’t want to act in open, it’s the same as the Bridge of Ra…

The safest place on earth, the Bridge of Ra, has the same size of the Australia continent, a bridge that spanned over millions of kilometer and having its own ecosystem. Those, who choose safety and peacefulness, have all flee there.

Now, the earth centered in there, as the haven…

Although it’s unknown how the United Nation will take care of the place, it still falls under Indonesia’s jurisdictions, and still under Indonesia’s territory, so by now, Indonesia’s government fall shorthand in the control of the new land they receive.

Many help them in organizing the land, which has their reason behind the shadow…

“Oh, there’s someone there~ and is that horde or 4th orde monster you got there?”

“Yep, it’s horde of Chimera you got there… seriously he’s alive being chased by those chimeras?”

Leaving the muttering seraphim aside, Ridwan jump and attack the chimera soundlessly, while giving a strange look to the man that closing his eyelid.

[father, the thing have high regenerative, it’s better to skin it alive and let it became a supplier for our research] “Nice idea!”

“Wait… eh? You guys? Seriously? That’s savage even for me you know?…”

“Meh, who care~”

[Yep, not like we care~ *nonchalant image*]


“Kainng kaing”





The roar of the chimeras’ that being skinned alive start with roars, sad cries, then became more and more pitiful to hear… even the ruthless Seraphim of Justice took a pity on the chimera that being skinned alive, but, not bloodied at all…

The precise dismantling Ridwan has left no blood being splattered to the hide, and if the chimeras didn’t look at the process, they won’t feel hurt at all, sadly… they look at the process their self, and, even though they can’t feel it… only the view of their skin being skinned by itself gave horror to them.

Soon, the man which closing his eyes, opened his eyelid only to see, a person, nonchalantly skinning the beast that almost took his life…

“Umm, excuse me but who are you?”

[oooh! Miss Angel! Been awhile!] Gendis suddenly chirped

“eh, a woman’s voice? From a man?” the astonished man, surprised

“… no, it’s my daughter voice~ not mine, anyway, hey stupid angel! Been a while~” answer Ridwan.

“Hey! Damn assaulter! I’m not stupid!” shout Friteta…

“mm, Miss Friteta… you know them?”

“Eh, what with the sudden courteousness there…” said Friteta abruptly

“Umm, well, seeing a monster that almost killed me alive being frightened of course frighten me too you know?”

“Oh.. ah! Of course, you are…”

“Well, just continue with your chats, I’ll be ahead alright!”

[See you miss angel~]

Then, the already satisfied Ridwan continue his travel in the 3 layered dungeons, while dragging dozens of chimeras that have no skin in their body… and being frightened and docile atop his multi-purpose board. Leaving a couple of men, and angel that stood in front of the stairs…

“Uh.. what are they?” Ask Grim

“… heck… I want to know that too…”