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Only Me – Chapter 23

 Chapter 23: Slaughter [1]

We only have a jurisdiction in our universe’s dimension, not a jurisdiction in another universe dimension.

At least, that’s the truth until one of us reached the 9th orde. A person, which broaden our jurisdiction unto another dimension, which is a full place that has raw material all over the place, a young planet that has a low-level civilization, that’s easy to enslave.

It’s sad, that… the opportunity wasn’t ours to have…

Instead of that, it’s our enemy’s opportunity!

That damn Satan could open the world Gate at his 9th orde!

It’s because he’s too kind that he doesn’t enslave those savage!

If it us, then those savage would be our cannon fodder already!

Now, the balance tilted, the enemy of ours since eons ago has reached the pinnacle of the 9th orde while 3 of us just stepped on the 9th orde! We need to increase our army, and waste that damn Satan!

-God of war’s lament


It’s been 2 hours since he’s entered the dungeon, and he’d already collected many of the raw materials, raw supplier monster in the dungeon, there included 4th orde chimera, 4th orde Manticore, and a 5th orde 2nd layer boss Gigante; a golem of earth and flesh that prey the Manticore and Chimera.

Using its hide, nail, and horn, Ridwan could create another alloy which can overcome his previous alloy, and the Gigante’s blood could be used as a ready to use potions. Of course, since he already collects all the thing he needed, he wanted to leave the dungeon, since Cathedral Terra has been completed…


“Nooo! Please don’t leave Pro!! Help me conquer this 3 layered dungeon!!” say the man who’s grabbing Ridwan’s leg with both of his hand, shamelessly plead…

“Let my leg go, or I’ll kick you! Damn, faggot!”

“Nooo, if you left I’ll be killed here!”

“Then leave this damn place!”

“I need to conquer this for my Upgrade quest pro! Help me please!” the man look up, and gave eyes full of misery to Ridwan.

[Miss angel… you’ve got a shameless one huh…]

“sigh… I know what he feels… though he did shamelessly…”

If the other sovereign knew, that the person who could single-handedly destroying their sovereignty in Razor alone, begging a person so much, that he looks shamelessly. I bet they will cringe…

“Damn faggot! I need to do my job now! Let! Me! Go!”

“Noooo, Pro, just help me this once! Please! Pretty please! I beg youuu” The man is, of course, the destroyer, Grim, pleading to Ridwan, to help him conquer the horrible 3 layered dungeons.

“Let go!!”

“I’ll seriously dead! Seriously! If you left me here alone! That stupid angel said that there’ll be only, at most 5th orde monster here, and now! Look! There’s a 6th orde monster there?! I’m dead for sure if you left me here Pro!”

Grim, that leeching off from Ridwan after his run away from the Chimera, receive more and more astonishment as they pass the dungeon. The man, no, the Pro in front of him could nonchalantly kill a 4th orde monster like a chicken…

They say that he’s a monster?

Did he agree with that?

Yes, he did! However, now, if they call him a monster, he won’t dare to accept that.

The real monster is here! In front of him!

Not a monster with unique skill like him, but a monster that has a real skill that could make a monster like him feels scared!

“Sigh… alright! I’ll clear this dungeon so stop your snot from reaching my pants! Damn disgusting faggot!”


“… *menacing gaze*”

“*Slurp* alright sir! I’ve already slurping my snot, and release you! Let’s go and conquer this dungeon!” Grim slurping his snot, then, he stood up agilely and takes a look at Ridwan with eyes full of hope.

Without anything else to do, Ridwan ran onwards to the 3rd layer and fought against 5th orde undead which reign control of the 3rd layer dungeon. This is the reason, as to why Ridwan refuse to stride onwards.

“tch… this damn undead left nothing in their death…”

“well, since they’ve already dead, more death left him nothing of course…”

[Who’s this smart ass talking to miss angel?]

“Sigh… he tries to jokes… but, just leave him… it’s somewhat pitiful…”

Leaving Grim that has no more dignity on the ladies’ eyes, they continue onwards toward the stairs, the 3rd layer left nothing beside undead, Wraith, or even skeletons… although the skeleton did leave bones in their dead, it’s too brittle that it can’t be used for anything but powder…

“Sigh… at last, boss room!”

“Cool! Pro! We only walk for 2 hours and already arrived at the boss room! I think that I’ve to waste my 1 week on this dungeon… orz..”

[fufun! Of course! My father is awesome after all!]

The boss room, separated by a huge gate, its gate was an enormous gate that gave even Ridwan amazement in its beauty. The gate, depicting a story…

“Is this… a hero’s tale?” mutter Friteta

“Hero’s tale?” ask Grim

“Yes, a tale depicting how the hero of the world, save the world from their despair…”

“And… this gate tell the story about how a hero being summoned to their world, not a hero, but heroes, enslave to became a cannon fodder in order to defeat the disaster class monster the world fought against…” said Ridwan

“Yes, then, the heroes killed on by one by the disaster class monster from that world… grief and sadness left the hero which being left behind, he stood in the front line, and defeat the disaster class monster, and win… only to get, a backstab…” continue Friteta

“Those summoners stab their hero to death in fear of revenge… only to make the hero, that defend them resurrected as…” add Ridwan

“”No-life King”” said Friteta and Ridwan at the same time…

‘doddodo’ the gate being opened…

The beautiful gate which depicting the cruel fate of the hero in another world, being separated, and the scenery inside peeking outside of the gate.

Grim felt the bloodthirst that came out from the inside of the room…

“what is this…” chirp Grim

A scene full of gore and death appeared from the room, a torture chamber could be seen from the inside of the room. Faces full of agony, regret, and sadness, could be seen on the corpse that hung on the wall surrounding the room.

Sat, alone, on the throne…

The No-Life King, along with a dullahan, undead dragoon, and a fallen angel…

Hoarse voice, left from the skeleton that sat on the throne, saying…

“Welcome… O ye challengers!”

The voice reverberated, unlike a voice that full of confidence, a voice that should be known as a trademark of the last boss, that filled with cruelness and anger couldn’t be heard…

“Oh! Never would I thought that I’d see a nostalgic face here…” the No-life king’s voice full of happiness, and longing…

“Hey, you didn’t look like the last boss though…” said Grim

“Fuahaha! Indeed! I am this dungeon’s last boss, but I’m not full of despair and agony… the spectator, after all, has fulfilled my wish… to meet you my old friend…” said No-life king to Ridwan.

“Ah, you eh? You… ah! So it’s you! “

“huahahah! There’s no need for you to act like you know me… after all, we have yet to meet at this time… it’s our first meeting, my old friend…”

His words stopped, then, the skeleton lifts his right hand, and ordered. “Cyth… please, go there with Aires, and entertain our guest…” then, the undead dragoon and the Dullahan gave a kiss on the no-life king’s cheek, and go down the podium.

“Now, challengers… please entertain me…”