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Only Me : Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Slaughter [8]


“why were there aren’t any signal from the Vanguards!? What has happened to them?” the bull-frog like alien shouted.

“I don’t know sir! Until 3 weeks ago, there’s still the normal sequence of the report from them, however, suddenly, almost like being eaten by the void, they just went missing!” answer the lackey.

“Damnit! We are a crime syndicate! How could we have missing ships?! Are you joking with me?”

“Of course not sir! I won’t dare to…”

The bull-frog alien sees the Lackey in front of him like his mother’s murderer with his bloodshot eyes, and the croaking so hard, and just as he want to swallow the lackey…

“There’s a signal coming from one of the convoys!” said the lackey in an exhilarated manner. While seeing the already in front of him, tongue of his boss…

“Where is it…” said the boss in dissatisfied tone and looking scary…

“huh? What did you say?…” said the lackey to his receiver


The room suddenly receives a huge shock and amazing shake, as if magnitude 7 earthquake slam at them…

“huh… earthquake?” The lackey.

“Of course not, Idiot! We’re in the space! Go outside and check it!” the boss shouted.

As the Lackey just outside the door, he’s slammed onto the other side of the wall, and buried there, the boss have his tongue out and see the foot in the place that should be his door before, the door that could be converted to a millions of dollar anti-bomb, shock, and 100cm bullet, and missile, being opened forcefully without leaving a dent or hurt the destroyer’s feet…

“Oooh, so there’s a frog-like alien too eh… it’s an eye opener… how amazing an outer space is…” said the trespasser

“Wha.. what are you talking about savage! And what language you’re speaking in?!” ask the Frog…

“ah, right, this should be an intergalactic-language you’re using right? Aa, uhm, tes, now do you understand what I’m talking about?” trespasser

“Who are you?! What kind of race were you from and what planet are you from?! Don’t you know this is a branch of ReuSel! Do you want your race to be obliterated by ReuSel you ingrates!” shout the frog

“Hmm? Ah, this is the last branch to take care of, for your information that is… and your HQ? I’ve already done with them along the way~ the Intergalactic-police and army took care of the other branch too~” Trespasser

“What gibberish are you dreaming of! There’s no…” the Frog suddenly interrupted by the Intergalactic News which being played on the trespasser’s palm in front of his face.

{Breaking news! The intergalactic Crime syndicate which already terrorize the galaxy in more than 3 century has suddenly exterminated by the joint force of the Intergalactic Council and Police, moreover, there’s already hundreds of thousands of Rats being apprehended by the Army in each planet, which caught red-handed in became or include in the Crime syndicate of the ReuSel. Some unexpected leak has been reported and more than 20 councils have been apprehended including the head coun…}

“Believe me now?” said the trespasser, with an extremely frightening smile which makes the Frog teeth clattering… um… his knees shaking I mean, not like a Frog has teeth or something…

Well, step aside from teeth-thingy, the truth still prevails, which is…

ReuSel, the infamous Crime syndicate that terrorize the galaxy, plunder the low-civilization planet, and doing slavery here and there, moreover, having more than dozen of rats in each government, even in council were sweep clean in a mere 2 weeks, counting the branch that being exterminated by the government, army and police that is…

However, behind them all…

There’s a surprising truth, which will be kept in secret by the Intergalactic Council, as long as they could…

The HQ of ReuSel which infamous of its concealment and monstrosity being destructed in a mere 4 hours…

A planet that has half of the Sun’s size, nonchalantly massacred by a mere human, with only a single gun…

Exaggerated it is, many won’t believe it of course, however, that is the truth…

The person is having the code-name of Ra, the myth of Sun god, which has a humongous capability to obliterate the criminal, it is the only team that has the highest authority in the intergalactic council, and having the most power in the UG(United Galaxy)’s council.

No one dares to disobey his order, as he is…

A monstrosity…

“I never expect that there is a human this scary…” said eyepatch.

“Indeed, not having even bit of pheromone… he can easily kill us, with just technique… how scary is that…” Suzumi.

“Anton, is he some ranker in the other world?” ask eyepatch.

“No… I never hear of him sir, I mean… there’s no precedent for this kind of monstrosity ever appeared on the 5 world we’ve gone through… I doubt he’s someone from the returnee captain Line…” Anton.

“Then… what is he? How could he be so strong…” Suzumi.

“I too want to know that…” Anton.

While the Space Police in the Milky Way branch whispering about him, Ridwan continue to play something with Gendis on the handheld he grabs and grinning himself.

[Now then father, the new kind of ore, and molecules have been recorded, it’s indeed amazing that many new records we’ve seen on the UG database in exchange for the ReuSel’s information and taking care of *cough* plundering *cough* the syndicate] Gendis.

“It’s a nice and profitable sail right?” Ridwan

[Huhu! It is father! All hail Father!] Gendis

“Now then, show the progress of smelly toes’ progress and his slaughter”

[Hmm, in this 1 month since we left the earth, he has already conquer 1/3rd of Europe, only England and several country like Italia, which has or had the support of the sovereign or a person that has contracted with either God’s or Satan’s faction or even other nation sovereigns can stand still… others were…]

“either became an undead or Run to the bridge of Ra for further safety huh…”

[Indeed, Fuhrer…]

“Ollright then, let’s start the ship cap’n! Open the sail and pick the anchor, and raise the flag! It’s time for our Cathedral Terra to show itself to the world!”

[Aye aye Boss!]


<Cathedral Terra>

< Diamond Grade Colossal Item>

<An extravagant space-ship which shaming the whole NASA and their wussy and high-budget rocket which is even more fragile than the screw on the Cathedral terra, an achievement that being the dream of every Sci-fi Otaku, Cathedral-Terra, a humongous spaceship that can camouflage itself as the moon, and have the same size as the moon, with advanced concealment in it. Created by the worlds’ best designer along his automaton>

<1.Increase the Captain attack by 1000 times>

<2.Enable user movement increment by 1000%>

<3.  Allow Warp into the coordinate location only the designated dimension>

<Durability: 4545454/Lagann!!>

“The heck is this lagann?…”

[Of course, it’s LAGANN! Why don’t you understand it father?]

“Heck… I don’t care about this, but… LAGANN!”

[Yeah! LAGANN!]


Suddenly, the tremor surround him, and just like the, a robot with the only face in it pop up in front of Ridwan, and he just goes and… *BAMM!*

Crush it…

“The heck this puny thing emerge about?”

[Sigh… it’s Gurren, my dear father… why did you crush it?!]

“It’s weaker than my armor! Why should I even use it… damn it… I’ll make my own G$@$R@ L#!@nn! The auto robot’s merchandise too weak for my usage, furthermore look at those wastrels they use?! It’s an alloy-titanium they use! Damn… They should use some mutated monster bones or even higher order bones-alloy! They’re harder than a common ores alloy!”

[Woow… I’ll expect something from your robots father…]

“Course you do! Anyway, where are we again?…”

[There’s galactic police surround our ship…]

“Sigh… why they’d want to trouble us in this time… I really should add concealment in my other vehicle from now on…”

[I guess it’ll be a nice idea, father]

Of course, such a gigantic spaceship which oversize the moon itself won’t come off of their detection radar…

“Why the radars only detected the item this big only after the things done?” ask Line.

“… I’ve no idea… sir…”

Well, it should be…

“Anton, you have any idea on the thing?”

“None sir… however, this thing seems like an old anime’s spaceship… Moreover, based on the Akashic records’ information data… it had the Diamond rank… not like I know what this diamond rank meaning is…”

“Then… the creator is…” Line suddenly intruded by the owner of the space ship

“and what are you doing here? Aren’t you guys intruding a person’s personal space here?”

“The heck is personal space… this humongous thing even bigger than our battleship in HQ…”

“And, why should I even care about that… just go away… I need to take care of some rats in Pluto’s Orbit…”


“Captain! We’ve found ReuSel’s ship on the orbit in between of Neptune!” Suzumi suddenly interrupted

“well, we’ll talk later, first I need to take care of those Rats… and exterminate them thoroughly…”

The sudden change of face the owner of the humongous ship gave Line a scare, he, the one who’s known as the pirate king of the void, feel shudder, goosebumps never before felt by him.

Cathedral Terra soon closed its door, and slowly moved the ship’s front side to the direction of Neptune’s orbit, Pluto…

Unexpectedly… the ship goes so fast that… it left him no bargain to even follow the humongous ship…

“Search every bit of information you can for the earthling before, and Anton! Go and ask other earthlings about him! However, don’t overdo it! He isn’t someone we can take on… not even inter-galactic council does…”

At that time, many of the Crew, including Anton and Suzumi think that their captain over exaggerated about an Earthling which able to create the humongous ship, however… 3 weeks after they see the capability of him…

They could only be thankful that they do and oblige Captain Line’s exclamation…

Never once I’ve felt humiliated…

The day they throw me out of the council, is the day they’ll feel regret…

A deep, deep regret which will never be satiated no matter how many time they change the orde and council’s personage ever again…

Because I, the great Reutsi prosel! Will create a criminal organization, which makes them… the council fear!

Huahahah! No matter what will happen in the future, I believe there’ll be no day my criminal organization, ReuSel will stay for eternity!

–From the founder of ReuSel intergalactic Crime syndicate, Reutsi prosel

[I believe there’s something wrong in the founder head…]

“Hey, don’t disturb the end part! Now let’s go back to our extermination!”

[Hey! you break the 4th wall father! the 4th wall!]

“So you are! now, let’s go back!”

[Sigh… okay…]
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5 years ago

why there is no more chapiter ? i love this !!! i love the protagoniste and is “joke” like existence