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Only Me – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Additional a lifetime life [1]

“Woahh, this new unique skill really amazing eh~”

“Seriously, it is. Only 3 months and he already have the power at the same stage as a person from the 6th order… those angels will eat shit when they know that”

“Sadly, they won’t, even if they knew it, the ability itself have a serious repercussion that could destroy users body…”

“Well, if he can use the ability in resonance with his growth it could be advantageous…”

“None, the thing will eat the users’ life force… the worst thing that could happen is that…”

Point the man at the projection in front of him, whereas a monster wreaking havoc and massacring other monsters with rage, and overpowering the planet, which makes the planet bear the brunt and in the brink of destruction.

“He lost his mind huh…”

“He sure is…”

“Then what you want to do again?”

“Well, since those ‘gods’ plan already completed, and the training those ‘gods’ created has been cleared, I shall play the next game by myself, since if leaving those alone will create future trouble for me…”

“It sure is… so? Summoning heroes? Reincarnation? Which is it?”

“Why not both?”

“hoo, that seems amusing… Shall we play the game?”

“We sure will, by the way, what about the guy?”

“The one that still alive after millennia in the earth?”

“Yes, what’s his choice?”

“He chooses to stay back, with a wish for the other that left like him and already dead to be put there…”

“Hoo, even though he hates to be left behind?”

“He is a strange person…”

“So do us, history… there’s no one who isn’t strange… as the word strange itself is a paradox…”

“Yeah, yeah”



[What’s wrong father? You sneeze?]

“ukh… there’s someone who’s talking about me somewhere…”

[It’s either History or your parent father…]

“Hey, am I really have that little connection?…”

[Yes, you did father]

“… No… there’s still my homeroom teacher, no… I doubt she remembers me… My grandparents! Already dead before I even born… my uncles and aunties! No, my parents are the only child in their family… sigh… I really don’t have many connections…”

[My patronage father…]

“Ah… scrap it, let’s continue making our A*hab reactor!”


“Unto Freedom G*dam we will!”

[Then 00!]

The sound of their heavy machines reverberating across the desolate place, without anyone or any living animals even insects, only Ridwan and Gendis, along with other robots he creates… Living there with only the 2 of them, for more than 2000 years…


The darkness surrounds him, by the time the darkness fade, he slowly able to see the person in front of him. There stood and an old man, with an appearance like a mage in the movies, in his hand he holds a cane. With a beard so thick, and a gentle face, he looks like a certain principal in a certain magic school institute, however, he has a puzzled and astonished look on his face.

“We… Welcome, heroes!”

He says, with a stutter.

“Hey, archmage! What the heck is this? Why were there so many heroes here?!” the knight beside him whisper, ignoring the curiosity-filled eyes from the heroes…

“I don’t know… normally a number of casualties to summon these many heroes is 12 person at my stage or even more, while it surely will take millions of normal mages life…”

“… But you’re the only summoner here”

“I know… that’s why I’m puzzled, have I really become stronger, or the God helps us, and bring us this many help…”

“We won’t hold on in our food if that is the case! Never mind those demons, these many people will make the kingdom’s granary void of any food you know!”

“We, well, there might be some knowledge we will receive out of them you know?”

“In my estimation, that is over 10.000 humans! Look at them! Do you think our poor country able to sustain and contain them?!”

“… We won’t…”

“So what we will do? Kill them all?”

“No! We’ll be the one who got ourselves killed! Those 10.000 people have the same or even stronger power than me! They could easily overturn our kingdom you know?!”

“Sigh… What shall we do then… Our kingdom fell into another crisis…”

“And the crisis this time could be more extreme than the demons attack…”

The old mage and knight could only feel dejected, and a frightened as they know, if worst come to be, their kingdom will perish… not by the hand of the Devils, but the hand of the savior they summon…

The same situation occurred at another place on the same planet, sometimes in the human territory, sometime in the elf territory, some in the beast men’s territory, and some even in the devil’s territory, which left them all feel speechless and frightened at the same time…

While, there are Braves that born here and there in the villages, town, or even the slums, which left the church that overseerin the countries feel tired, and some even think the Braves as a hard to exterminated weeds.

Never will they know that an overpowered power that came to them will not be felt as a blessing but a curse… a curse that left them to feel dejected, and frightened…

However, at a certain village…

“Hmm? A space distortion? This seems weird; did someone play with a Divine energy here? But this amount… how amusing, what kind of thing did they brought here?”

A certain kid in his delusion laugh so hard in the sandbox at a park, and his parent scolds him to stop his creepy laugh.


“Gendis… being a single parent is somehow hard huh…”

[what do you mean father?]

“I mean, seriously… I have an over 2000 years old daughter, while I am an over 2000 years old virgin… I believe this kind of thing only happens to the cultivator MCs on the Chinese novels, but never though this kind of things could happen to me…”

[… what a horny father you are… I pity you, father…]

“Sigh… what are you talking about you little brat!”

[Hey! I’m only 60 years younger than you father!]

“Ah… I hate myself thinking that it’s only a little difference!”

[Well, after more than 2000 years what is a mere 100 year is…]


The normal conversation between a bored father and the bored daughter taking place.