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Stranded World Chapter 18: Mission cleared!

Chapter 18: Mission cleared!


“Oh, you’ve woken up?”

At my side, a woman greets me.

I don’t know who she’s but, her gaze is somewhat instilling fear in it…

“I’ll call the other, Zabuza-san just go out… but, he’ll be back soon”

And, as she said. Zabuza soon enters the room, he doesn’t wear the bandage he always do. But, there’s a cast around his arms.

He astonished, looking at me with glassy eyes. Some tears dripping from his eyes, and he hugs me. He tries to wrap me in his arms, but the cast obstructing him.

I don’t know when it happens, but my tears dripping and I wrapped my arms around him.

“It’s scary… really scary Zabuza-sama…”



By the time Hayate squad entered the room, the man and the boy already in tears. While so, they look like a parent and child.

Sighting that, not one tries to disturb them.

They see the sight oddly, especially the Kakashi squad that comes after several minutes. Never once did they thought the assassin and killer that they fought several times would cry like this.

In the canon, they should be dead in the bridge. Moreover, the secret that Zabuza’s greatswords is one of the 7 swords from Kirigakure isn’t something that told in early part of the canon. It’s something that they tell only after Suigetsu takes it from Zabuza’s graveyard, and a couple of Zabuza and Haku’s is buried by that time.

Kirigakure has 7 types of swords that used by the 7 ninja swordsmen of the mist, and the one Zabuza wield named Kubikiribouchou aka Executioner Blade.

The Executioner’s Blade specialty is absorbing iron from the enemy’s blood and using it to regenerate its broken part. However, in its’ battle against Kakashi, it’s broken and in the canon, it’s not something that Kakashi’s team know, as the presence of running away 7 ninja swordsmen of the mist is something hidden, moreover, the news about it is something that hidden very well…


The cough stopped the couple from crying, at the same time, giving them embarrassment from all the tears they make…

“Ugh… thank you for the treatment…”

Haku breaks the ice, and bow to them while still lying in bed.

“Ah, stay there. The injury will be opened if you move too much”

Said Erika to the boy, while waving her hands. While the boys mesmerized by the graceful Haku.

“Ah… how I wish our Erika can also as graceful… No., even half as graceful as that already a blessing from the god…”

Hiura said, while Hotaru nod at it. Not long after, those two get a whack in the head by the angry Erika.

Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura astonished by the sight of Erika punching Hiura and Hotaru, while the sight of Hiura being punched is not odd, seeing Hotaru like that make their eyes widened.

While the 2 from Hayate squad clutching their head. Zabuza and Haku chuckle at the sight, while Hayate hung his head low in shame.

Hotaru then moves closer to the boy, while rubbing his aching head. He checks Haku’s pulse while using a stethoscope to checks his heartbeat.

“So, anything to say Doctor Haku?” teases Hiura

“I’d say it’s weird…”

Hearing Hotaru’s answer, Haku astonished while Zabuza eyes look menacing to Hotaru. He then, moves closer to Haku and undid his upper clothes, Hiura reacting like a shy boy and close his eyes. While Erika’s eyes widen, they forget the fact that Haku’s a boy.

“Oh… so this is why…” said Hotaru while looking at the mangled piece of shoulder Haku has.

Hotaru then moves his fingers, from within a strand of chakra flew out and dancing around his finger. He then points the finger at Haku’s shoulder.

The thread stabbed into Haku’s skin and thoroughly moving along his blood vessel, then Haku moaned, while Erika smack Hiura’s head and remembering remind him that Haku’s a boy.

Not long after, Hotaru’s face became paler, and the strand of chakra vanished like magic.


They astonished at the boy that suddenly collapsed, while Haku and Zabuza act immediately and hold the boy. The other coming closer to check on him.

“It’s chakra exhaustion…”

“I know he’d a chakra deficiency, but is it really this harsh?”

“He had chakra deficiency?!”

Kakashi asked, while Zabuza retort.

“He has, but he should already maximize his chakra potential to around elite Genin. However, something like this is a rare occurrence even exceed something I know from my experience…” Add Hayate

“But, he’s the ablest in health examination, not eve Flynn-san as efficient as his…” add Erika

“Right! That jutsu he uses is thread hunter. It’s his original Jutsu for searching hidden danger within the body. It is something he used to search something wrong within his body himself, and the usage of the jutsu is something mysterious for us, even Flynn-san only able to use it after some failure, but he can actually use it fluently like it is something engraved in his body…”

Hiura said while the other shocked at his explanation…

Not in astonishment, but in a question.

“Can anyone explain it more to me? I don’t really understand it…”

“Ah… let me rephrase that…”

“Before all, you all need to know that Hotaru has a fetal disease named chakra siphoning. It is something that we hear from Flynn-san. A disease that’d let the infected having lesser chakra, but purer as he’s aged.” Erika Explain

“isn’t that a good thing?” Haku spoke

“It is, but the case will differ if the person that has the disease is someone that has innately low chakra…”

“And you say he is?” Zabuza questioned

“Yes… furthermore, the siphoning became faster these days when we learn more about jutsu…”

“And who’d this ‘Flynn-san’ you’re talking about?” Kakashi asks

“Our espionage target” Hiura answer

“You’re being taught by your espionage target?” Zabuza retort

“Eh… leaving that aside, I’ll get to the point! Hotaru’s chakra is pure, so it means there a flaw in Haku’s body that needed so much of his little chakra reserve, that it makes him fainted…”

“Oh… so why’s the long explanation?”

It does not like the author try to prolong the story or add words count or something! By all means, he didn’t do that…

They then wait for the boy to wakes up, and it takes no longer than they thought it’ll be.

Hotaru then tells them about Haku’s condition, he tells them that Haku’s ice blood limit slowed down his blood circulation, at the same time, slowing his regeneration… that’s the reason why Hotaru needs to expend more chakra in order to relive the blood circulation he had while increasing the healing properties in his blood.

“You can do something like that with medical ninjutsu?” Haku surprised and asked something that he never knew it is possible thing to do.

“I can… or at least, the person that teaches me can do…”

“Is this Flynn-san you’re talking about?” Kakashi said

“Eh, why do you…”

Hotaru that want to ask why does Kakashi know that then see Hiura’s expression and palm his face, knowing the pure brat will tell them something else along that, he didn’t ask and leave the room to rest for himself.

“Ah! Sensei, I’ve already message Flynn-san using his pigeon about the cleared mission, along with the report of extra baggage we’ll bring!”

Hotaru said while looking back at the room where his team leader’s in, while the man only nods and peek at Zabuza that having his arms cast from biceps to the point of his finger.

He then gets out of the room, and move outside.

While Kakashi team continue to chat with the injured, and Erika act as a nurse in the room.

Hiura’s come out with Hotaru while nursing the other injured outside the place, he tends every one and each person while joking with them.

Their days ended like so.

While after several days, a carrier pigeon comes to the house having a paper in its leg.

Hayate opened the letter and read the paper only to clutches his head, and gave the paper to his member.

Not long after…



Words, come out and a box formed out of the words.