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Stranded World Chapter 31: Akatsuki

Gaara of the sand village is a dangerous person.

The last battle today is a match between Gaara and Sasuke after Kankuro forfeited his game against Shino.

Although it’s a bit of waste, to forfeit the match, there must be something wrong with him, I worry about it…

Let’s ask him later…

It’s been a while since they’ve called, but aside from Gaara that already stand there with a reek of bloodlust, there’s no sign of Sasuke being in the arena…

Knowing the danger held within the enemy, Sasuke trained by Kakashi and Itachi combi, it’s somehow weird that Shisui didn’t participate, but he must have his reason…

Growing bored waiting, Hayate-sensei slowly brings his hand up, and with a woosh

Itachi and Kakashi-sensei surround Sasuke entered the ring

“Wooah! That’s zo cool -zo” Hiura said while yelling

While I’m surprised by the entrance, the other lords and daimyo of the other nation also clapping, thinking that’s a show Konoha make to heighten the feeling…

Well, all well, I guess…

After a short briefing in the arena, Itachi and Kakashi shunshin’d to the spectating area, to be exact…

“That’s a cool entrance -zo, Itachi-san! Kakashi-sensei!”

Hiura said to the person that arrived behind us.

“Hahaha, of course, it is…” Kakashi said proudly, while Itachi awkwardly scratches his cheek while heaving a sigh of relief.

Seeing the reaction, I believe they are safely arrived on time, huh…

Well, knowing both of the Titled Uchiha jounin tutoring him, I wonder what kind of improvement Sasuke made…

With a whip of his hand, Hayate-sensei commenced the match…







The battle started with Gaara weaving his hand, and making the sand around him ran amuck, attacking Sasuke from all side of the possible angle.

Sasuke’s movement constricted by the sand and bounded in deadlock.

From the very start, he’s in a pinch.

“No, Sasuke-Kun!” Sakura cries

Sasuke blanketed by the sand, and crushed bit by bit by the sand, the sight scares many including Sakura, Naruto, Lee that know how the feeling is, and Hiura…

Hotaru, Itachi, Gay, and Kakashi only watch the scene. While Hotaru clenches his fist hard while thinking, ‘Even Sasuke already surpass me…’.

The same as Naruto that being taught by Jiraiya one of the three legendary Sannin, Sasuke being taught by Itachi-Kakashi combi make him envious.

Although it’d be wasted for him, to be trained by them, as his progress with training is better in searching for the best path he can, rather than teaching.

He fully understood, like a ninja that can only rely on comprehension, he can only develop himself by steadily training and study.

Researching for the best path possible and think more, about the jutsu he already acquired…

Sasuke with a red pupil suddenly arrived behind Gaara and attacked him with a stance the same as Lee used in prelims, he successfully attacking Gaara from his blind spot, and the clone that squeezed has vanished. With a kick on his head, Gaara stagger, and coating his body inside the sand, using his sand armor.

Gaara mad, and growl at Sasuke, while the latter taunting Gaara with his finger, Gaara took the bait and used a sand clone gathered by his sand to attack Sasuke.

With 2-tomoe Sharingan in his eyes, Sasuke moved rapidly and using fireball attacking Gaara from a distance, the armor became brittle, with a little combo from Sasuke, Gaara’s sand armor disintegrated to dust.

Sasuke gets cocky, then received a bash from a hand like a thing from the gathering sands, the hand of Shukaku in a mini-size bashed Sasuke and thrown him to the other side of the arena.

Frenzied Gaara took the chance to make a combo, but neglecting his back.

While the clone that gets thrown attacking him with kunai and shuriken, Gaara deflect it, only to receive an excellent fireball jutsu from his back.

He received an injury, and his sanity goes thinner.

Half of his face changes to that of Shukaku, and half of his body covered in sands.

Looking at the scene, Hotaru remembers Naruto’s red chakra, and as if being clicked, he understood the reason why Kankuro forfeited the match and grabbed Kakashi’s sleeve along with Itachi’s hand.

Meanwhile, the battle in the arena continued as nothing else mattered.

With the almost zero sanity Gaara’s in, he made more hole in his stance. The gap in his guard leave a chance for Sasuke to use, and he uses a sign.

With every hand sign, he creates, electricity gathered in his palm.

The electricity then gathered under a ball of lightning, holding down the wildly moving ball of lightning in his hand is difficult, so, Sasuke grabs hold of his wrist that has an orb of Chidori.

He moved fast, without even the other can see, the move he had, make use of the gap Gaara create while increasing his power.

The attack is a success, and Gaara soon loses his consciousness.

“Crap! Baki-san, we need to advance the plan!” Kankuro suddenly yelled

“I never thought that he’d lose to a mere Genin…,” Baki muttered

While Baki is the team leader under the team of Kazekage’s children, he acts more like a connection, and a safeguard in case the tailed beast inside Gaara run amuck, alas, he’s too weak to bind the creature, so he leaves it alone, while continued the mission…

The situation developed rapidly, and without being able to do anything, Itachi moves towards Sasuke while Kakashi has gone to Hokage’s side.

Keeping Sasuke away from Gaara, Itachi head back to the arena while seeing the scene happened with Sasuke confused look.

The gourd in his back suddenly cracked, more and more sand coming out of it, and a low roar coming out from the hole.

Many ordinary villagers and even some daimyo and lord fainted, while the Konoha police soon gathered, to help the evacuation.

The Genin without a missing one, fallen asleep…

At that time, the development worsened.

More ninja from unknown village gathering, within there’s a striking ninja with a gaudy looking robe, red cloud patterned in their gown.

They move faster as more jounin awaken in a flash, knowing the trouble brewing. They stimulate more of their comrade, while the Anbu and Root ninja moves more quickly than common jounin, the red cloud ninja already abducting some daimyo.




Amid the battle, I believe I’m the first Genin clouded…

Now, I understand how vulnerable I am with genjutsu, the struggle at that time also something hard to comprehend…

I don’t really understand what happened in the darkness, but, suddenly my vision changes to a 3rd person perspective, at the time, I can see myself in the bench awaken a little bit later than the others surrounding me.

They all already in a defensive stance, holding their kunai with vertically before their chest.

It’s weird the fact I can see myself waking up with a threatening gaze, following the gaze, I see the red clouded ninja calling their self ‘Akatsuki.’

The battle became more intense, the more they battle, the scarier the bout became…

The sand ninja using their force in attacking the Konoha ninja, withstood against the attack of the Chunin and jonin, along with Elite Genin like Kankuro and Temari, the small amount of Chunin and Jonin left in Konoha can’t compete with the invasion after the sound ninja coming along.

The scariest part is the fact that Orochimaru, along with the red cloud, is stronger than even the Hokage.

Midway, Gaara loses control after being cornered by the Elite Genin from Uchiha and Hyuuga.

As expected, Gaara is also a Jinchuriki.

The container of the tailed beast.

One-tail, the beast that looks like a raccoon with a sand body, its controlling sands, and moves along with a bash it ran amok within the village.

The unexpected thing was startling both sides, the cornered Hokage somehow being saved by the rampaging one-tail.

Knowing nothing else, the Akatsuki suddenly change their target to one-tail.

Of course, they’d be suppressed by the one-tail.

The Akatsuki this time consist, 4 people, two orange-haired with pierces, a blue-haired woman along with a small person with a scorpion-like tail.

They fluently control the beast, and one of the orange-Akatsuki summoning a humongous monster. While the other act as a tank, using his ability to absorb the chakra from the attack one-tail unleash.

In a different location, Orochimaru being tied by 3rd.

Not long after, Jiraiya came and took control of the surrounding ninja. Summoning frogs he commands every Jonin while killing the Sand ninja surrounding along with the sound ninja with his Uchiha jonin.

Danzo soon comes along to help 3rd. They then suppress Orochimaru together.

However, …

Elites Ninja, from Orochimaru’s research, suddenly came and slaughtering Hyuuga along with Uchiha’s ninja.

The jonin and Chunin either they’re from anbu or Root, being tied by the sand and sound ninja invader.

Albeit the research elite ninja was only a little, they’re still a lousy enemy against an average ninja.

Every experimental ninja still has an extraordinary power themselves, there’s a genjutsu specialist with a cursed mark hid using genjutsu to confused the enemy, a 2 headed ninja that have a brute force, a spider-like ninja that have 2 pair of hand, a fatty with a tortoise-level defense, and a ninja using bones as his jutsu.

Even though each had a chunin-level power, their cooperation could even beat an anbu.

They not only slash the doujutsu user but also awaken their doujutsu.

Torturing others to awaken the Sharingan and knocking out a Hyuuga to keep the caged bird seal unsealed.

More and more ninjas killed, and even civilians being troubled.

I can only grit my teeth seeing those scenes happen, even the ‘me’ in the field can only shot a dagger at sight.

Tears of blood flowing from ‘my’ eyes, I am powerless. There’s nothing ‘I’ can do there, I can only see the patron killed without doing anything.

The torture and kill happened to make me feels my powerlessness, and I can see the despair in ‘my’ eyes.

‘My’ Chakra already depleted, and there’s nothing ‘I’ can do anymore, I can’t even save Hiura that has his eyes snatched by the bastard with two head, and Erika that being abducted by the b*tch that use a flute.

Rage, despair, and resentment filled my body.

I don’t even need to be in the same place as the ‘me’ in my vision.

I’d already feel the churning stomach within me, the hatred for my shortcoming, the hatred for the ruthlessness, the enemy done…

I… am…

Survive the day…

With Naruto using his summoning technique and transformation technique along with Shisui and Itachi’s comeback, helping Naruto controlling the transformed Frog-9 tail…

They can easily withstand against the enemy, at the same time, cornering the enemy…


The damage happened can’t be forsaken…

‘I’ am unconscious again for several weeks, along with many other, once ‘I’ awaken and know about the situation, I feel the hatred within my body to unleash itself, and rampaging, destroying everything in the room.

Ayame-nee, that time helping out with the evacuation, but attacked by a sand ninja, then, receive a massive scar on her face, while father which saving her at the right time have his hand snatched away from him…

To defend a jutsu from the sound ninja, after defeating the sand ninja himself, get his arm blown off from the attack.

In the air, like watching a drama prevailed, I’ve seen father act tough in front Ayame-nee, while the latter did the same…

However, when they alone, they cry their heart…

For a woman to receive damage in her face, it’d make other be wary of her, even a person will back off seeing the horrendous scar which goes from her left cheeks all along to her right scalp, making her quarter bald, and her eye socket to be damaged beyond repair…

While father that was always using his hand to make ramen will soon lose his ability to do so…

All of that left is the ‘me’ that being driven by rage, and hatred seeing nothing of the farce Father and sister play before me…

Years later…