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Stranded World Chapter 36: The path is…

“Halt your step, trespasser” The young man said to the ninjas from Konoha, while drawing his bow, and pointing the arrow head towards them. Along with others hiding between the trees, he stood valiantly while showing blatant hostility to them.

“Tell us what you want to do, trespasser” Said the young man, donned with a mask with no carving, a plain mask that hides only half of his face.

The ninjas from Konoha look at each other, while the Genin could feel the threat they being under, and the Chunin took a defensive stance while holding their kunai, or other weapon from their pouch.

A jonin leader, then step up and saying their mission, while showing the proof.

Not long later, the young man held his hand up while slowly pointing the arrow head towards the sky, with a movement, the arrow leaves the bow, and whistling sound coming out of the arrow.

Until it reaches the peak, the arrow then beautifully heading towards the ground dropping from the high altitude and drop toward the young man’s palm.

He descended from the tree and apologized for the rudeness, while doing so, more and more people descended from the trees surrounding the ninja, and lead the ninjas towards their village, leaving the young man with more than half of them remained in their post.

The situation on the village seems to face something dangerous, as someone as capable like the young man in a half face mask need to call help from Konoha.

Based on the ability they had, the ninjas from Konoha don’t know how capable the militant is.

But, to be able to hide from a jounin’ detection…

They can’t be underestimated…

And, as expected when the village chief sees there’s only 2 team that come for help with only a jounin, he sighed and had a sad expression under…

Not long later, whistling sounds came from village’s western part.

That time.

That day

They suddenly realize, that, the mission they’re given is something blatantly overpraising their capability…

This is crazy!

They dispatch Genin to take care of this work?

Are they really sane?

I curse all of the 9 generation of mission dispatching ha…

Crap… there’s my uncle work in mission dispatching hall…


Uncle! How could you leave your nephew to be killed by these white zombies!

I never once make you mad right! Aside the time I tattle you to aunty for groping some girls in the street, and some tattling to get allowance from aunty…

If it’s not for some normal militia in the village along with the militia leader this cute nephew of yours will die!


No, Leader you’re a jonin! Don’t you dare to die from that stab protruding from your stomach!

Oh gawd!

Is the militia leader a god of healing med? He can easily sew the wound on the Jonin leader on the spot, and gave a first aid while taking him back to the village!

Damn, that’s some skill he had…

The white zombies, or so called Zetsu by Tenten were diabolically strong, although they’re somehow weak in a certain part.

Those weakness, isn’t something a Genin like me can do about.

And this damn team only had some Chunin, a Jonin which being injured just now, and Genin at most…


My dear uncle, what kind of enmity you have with this nephew of yours…






While the ninjas dreaming, the outside situation getting worse.

While others being cocooned inside, there’s only several ninjas outside including Hotaru, they push their self and cooperating with each other, even Obito does helping to fight against Kaguya.

The battle is tough, even tougher than before…

Even with the combination of Obito and Kakashi’s Kamui, they’re still unable to defeat Kaguya which even more frightening than the 10 tails, or even the 9 tails.

She can teleport to others dimension easily, creating a hole to trap her enemy.

Transport them alone, and defeat them.

But, with Kamui there.

The battle became easier as they can still hold their ground.

Using Kamui to run, they can somehow outdone Kaguya.


What did Hotaru do?

He watches…

Just watching them fight against each other in his own thread.

What’s the purpose you ask?

Then, you can also think by yourself…

What can he do?

In a battle that something over his capability, what can he do? Besides being a dead weight, he’d easily be a corpse…

Well, it’s funny when an edo tensei corpse, became a corpse once again…

But, that’s it…

He can fight against many, but…

Hotaru specialize himself in weaker enemy, and battle using TPO, which is Time, Place, and Occasion.

When an enemy can easily change her place, whatever she wishes, even she can use chakra drain like normal…

None of his ability, is useable in a battle between Kaguya and the ninjas…

Depressingly, he can only do that…

“However, even this Hotaru Corpse have a Pride…”

Murmuring those words, he moves his chakra thread and plaster them to Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura which battling Kaguya meters away from him.




Knowing Hotaru better than the other 2, Naruto Smirked while shouting “Naruto-Hotaru Combi will smack your ass off! Dattebayo!”

“Pfft, you catch it fast Naruto! As expected of my lil’ bro! Sasuke, Sakura, just get along with it for now”

Hotaru’s indeed weaker in physical and Chakra based offense or defense, however, in a tactic…

“I’m 2nd to none!”

Like a puppeteer, he moves Naruto and Sasuke to a place, where they can unleash their jutsu in a better spot, even blind spot of Kaguya.

Furthermore, without the need to move by themselves. Sasuke and Naruto can use their chakra better, and focusing only to unleashing their jutsu.

Knowing their advantage, of course Kaguya want to deal with Hotaru.

But, with the brats as their enemy, and Hotaru as the conductor, she can’t belittle them anymore. Once she loses the sight of one, she’ll be attacked by a jutsu, while if she focused on dealing the two, she’ll get sneaked attacked by either Sakura or Hotaru’s thread.

The whole place being covered by the Chakra thread, and Obito along with Kakashi flabbergasted with the sight…

“What is this…”

“Is this something an edo tensei can do? Hey, Kakashi…”

“You ask me? Your teammates the one resurrected him…”

While the two ex-teammates converse with each other, the battle heated up.

With a swipe, Kaguya change their battle ground once again.

With that, she tries to divide the team easily, only to be failed…

After several bout, the battle entered its climax with a sudden counter attack from Kaguya-Black Zetsu team using teleportation to attack Hotaru from behind, only to be duped by a shadow he creates.

However, as expected of the foremother of ninjas.

Kaguya can’t be defeated easily…

Using the combination of Susanoo, along with the 9 tails chakra, collaborating each other and sometimes moves with their own body to attack Kaguya without using the thread, and receive the information on the enemy blind spot, and weak areas from Hotaru.

Naruto and Sasuke successfully pinpoint the time Kaguya would back down, and use the chance to steadily moves forward.

While Sakura behind, collaborating with Obito and Kakashi, attacking Black Zetsu until they successfully imprison the black thingy.

Even so…

Kaguya is too strong, they barely able to win against her.

Meanwhile inside the dream world, Tenten actually enjoying her time there.

Battling against the Zetsus for years make her closer to the vanguard’s village, it’s the village that hold the barrier against the Zetsus, they all fight bravely, and withstanding the force of Zetsu under the leadership of Hotaru.


The man’s name became legend in the vanguards, as the battle stand longer more reinforcement came.


As the battle longer, more special kind of Zetsu came.

Thought Hotaru is a celebrity, for some unknown reason, she’s close to Tenten, and of course, Tenten like that, and just accept Hotaru’s advance.

Without anyone even realize it, those two made up.

They became couple, in the battlefield, aside from the Uchiha and Uzumaki’s achievement, the thread and blade couple enlist their name.

The thread master, Hotaru isn’t a ninja, but he got a special Jonin title in the fights again Zetsus.


Meanwhile, the fight against Zetsus aren’t only happened in the Fire country, the other country also had their hand full of the Zetsus attack, especially the sound village on the melody country…

They had fallen.

Many of the smaller nation already fall under the Zetsus’ attack, and no news received from those places.


Another year passed, and the thread and blade couple had already married…