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Stranded World Chapter 40: Singularity point changes

“That’s how the story goes” Flynn end his story.

Based on his story, I can say that times I fail Hayate’s test I died in the Akatsuki attack, while the same also happened in revenge route. But I am resurrected in 5th ninja war.

“Do you know a singularity is?” Flynn suddenly asks, I shake my head.

“quantities that are used to measure a gravitational field become infinite in a way that doesn’t depend on the coordinate system” Izana said

“Uh… well, as expected of a doctorate from many field… but, I’m not talking about that kind of singularity. What I mean is the singularity in the route of ‘Naruto’. A singularity is the point where the history converges and communicated with each other, in the story there are 3 places where the singularity occurred which are; Chunin Exam incident, Akatsuki attack, and 5th ninja war” Flynn explains.

“At the same time, that’s also the place where it’s impossible to change… all the regression I’ve spent in, only those 3 situations can’t be changed…”

However, this time and revenge route I spent isn’t the same as the story goes. While the Chunin incident do occur, and the fact that the Uchiha’s compound left with a little to none clan mates anymore, the same also happen to Hyuuga Clan.

I don’t know what happen after my death, but, the fact Danzo isn’t conspiring against the Uchiha to obtain their eyes. This is also a significant change towards how the story is…

“The singularity point from here on out, is already changed… which means, that my and Izana’s planning all this time bear the fruit, and the fact that the one tying the know is you, Hotaru, make our effort worth it…”

“are Haku’s protection mission also one of the singularity points?”

“No, it’s a little test I create for you… and that’s a success…”

What did he meant by that I wonder?

“Haku and Zabuza are a packet, once one dies the other will follow… in all my regression, many Transmigrators try to save them but… they failed… Even I’m fail to do so”

Huh? But, shouldn’t that be easy for him to change the line, it’s hard, but, it’s not impossible save them… since, I and my team able to do it…

“You see, aside from the singularity point, there’s also irreversible fate, that’s being protected by something unknown in this world… whatever you do, it’s unchangeable… like the Uchiha massacre happen in your revenge route, the same also happen in this route” Flynn said, while pointing the image pop out suddenly, showing the sound village ninja plucking eyes from an Uchiha’s eye socket.

The gruesome and cruel Image that kill Hiura once again happened this time, and it reminds me of my incompetence.

“See, that’s an inevitable fate in this world… something that can be delayed, but impossible to be stopped…”

Isn’t that mean, Zabuza and Haku will die again in this route?

Shrugging his shoulder, Flynn-san just point another image showing Zabuza and Haku helping out in the evacuation area.

“Ah… it’s the same as Final destination… isn’t it?” Izana suddenly said

“You watch those movies?”

Izana rolled his eyes, and swat the air.

I wonder what kind of movie is this ‘Final Destination’ is…

Anyway, while Flynn-san said that Zabuza and Haku had irreversible fate, why would they be saved from the bridge incident?

According to the scenario, Haku would first dies by Kakashi’s chidori and Zabuza will soon follow after decimating Gato’s underling in the bridge. However, my team appearance and the slaughter happen on it changes the irreversible fate.

But, did it?

Since in the revenge route there’s still Haku and Zabuza alive in the battlefield on the 5th ninja war. It can be said an evidence that those two would be alive even after Akatsuki invasion, should make it possible for them to escape the irreversible fate, isn’t it?

I mean, the witch of Ice still in his fledgling period and had yet to be known to the world.

“But, then… that means you only know the main and some sub-cast from the story, right Flynn-san?”

“I do know some mobs like the grandma of the shopping district and some mob that drawn in the book, also…”

“But, all this time, you never do start to socialize with the other inside the village, isn’t it?”

“What kind of crappy life have you done? Sex, making out, and making a baby?” Izana suddenly intrude.

“I’m not that kind of pervert! I did many things like what Izana said too, however, I also interact with some character in the village… I’m especially intrigued by the Perfume shop owner, which had weird face and weird head…”

“Oh, Ichiya-san? Father don’t want me to stay too close to him… So, I don’t know much about him…”

“Wait, what did you say? Perfume shop, Ichiya, weird head and face?…” Izana intrude

He then draws a picture in the air, using his chakra as the ink, he creates Ichiya-san image in it.

“Is it him?” Izana ask

“yes, it’s Ichiya-san from perfume store” The butt-like chin, and big head while having a small stature, along with his beautiful long hair, and disappointingly disgusting unshaved beard…

“Fuck… how can I not realize it sooner…” Flynn said.

“So, I’m right huh…”

“You do…”

“What? What is it?”

“This world is a crossover world…” Both of them said at the same time


“Fuhuhu…” Orochimaru snickering while being beaten by the 2 old man and a monkey combo atop the roof of Chunin exam arena.

“Never would I expect the 2 fogey to cooperate and beat me black and blue like this, seriously, Danzo! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“He blew his modest act already?” Enma said

“He never once a sane man, snakes always insane after all…” Danzo answer

“And here I thought, once he act like a villain he’d be a cool one… I mean, ever since he’s a Genin he never once burst with emotion like this… well, except when he’s with his teammates…” Sarutobi stated

Gritting his teeth, Orochimaru squint his right eye, since his left swollen so badly it naturally squinting while dropping tears.

“And here I thought, I need to use forbidden jutsu to deal with him…” Sarutobi add

“Heheh, who said that we elderlies weaker than those younger? Look at him, we definitely stronger than him” Danzo continue to mock Orochimaru.

Orochimaru is strong, undoubtedly so. However, his strength comes from his intelligent, in a battle even Jiraiya can beat him. However, he had many cards in his sleeves, and those included his experimented ninja.

“Hahaha! If you want to enrage me, you’ve all succeeded! Although I don’t know what kind of snake this is, I’d give it to you!” Orochimaru rage

Taking scroll from his bag, Orochimaru unseal the scroll and smirking.


Coming out of the scroll, a cobra-like snake with white body and hood that as hard as a turtle shell.

It’s a White cobra with turtle shell-hood, having a humongous size comparable to gamabunta the frog chief summons.

“How dare you humans to seal this Great heavenly general Sandiramon!” the cobra shouts, each and every words it let out sending chills towards their spine.

“This aura…”

“You know something old ape?”  Danzo asks

“How could it be… a heavenly general?!” Sarutobi shout

“Damn it, fogies! Tell me about it!”

“Well, we don’t really know…” Both monkeys said

“Then why with startling act?” Danzo growl

“I smell trouble… let’s retreat”


Although they don’t know the meaning of heavenly general, they do know that this snake that leave trails of divinity isn’t some easy thing to take care of, the same as Enma…

No, it might be stronger than Enma, both Sarutobi and Enma knows it, however…

“It doesn’t mean we can’t beat him, although it strong, it’s not as strong as a tailed beast…” Enma said while running

“It’s ONLY a little bit stronger than a chief summoned beast, and you’re also a Chief summoned beast, isn’t it?” Danzo said

“Such exaggeration… just look at our size difference? Are you blind or something? Our size is too different from each other!”

“Bah, you’re shaming the name of Enma!” Danzo spite

“Hey! I’m not the hell king, but a monkey chief!”

“Shut it you two! We need to think a way to…” While saying that, Sarutobi stopped halfway.

“Why are you chasing me?! you should be chasing them!”

Orochimaru’s yell stopped their feet, and they looking back to see the Orochimaru that being chased by the Heavenly General Snake, Sandiramon.

“Why would I chase a bystander! You think I’m stupid or something? Kishaa” Sandiramon yelled the running Orochimaru.

“We seemed to be safe…”

“You don’t say”


Meanwhile in another front, in the shelter to be exact.

“Menn! My perfume always the best!”

“Uooh, As expected of Ichiya-san!”

Haku palm face, looking at the stupid Perfume shop owner and Zabuza the fanboy.

The situation inside the shelter is hectic as always, while it might be stupid, Ichiya perfume has a healing property which had the same effect as a tranquilizer.

“To think a perfume spray can stop my hurting wound, I’d be your patron after this mister Ichiya!” said the wounded shinobi under his care.

“You’d always be welcomed! Menn” Ichiya said while throwing his bang with a flick of head

“So manly! Ichiya-san!”

“Agh… Zabuza-sama is sick…” Haku dejectedly said, while holding his head with his palm and looking away.






“We’ve taken care of shopping district! Gai-sensei!”

“Alright! Lee, Tenten, Neji! Take formation, and do a check in case we overlook something, or someone in the district!”

“Yes, Sensei!”

While running around the place, in a box, Lee found a turtle’s shell.

It’s a big one, half of his size. It has light Green color, picking it out of curiosity, he found a big turtle, wearing soldier helmet atop his head.

“What the heck is this…” Lee blurted

“The name is Kamemon” The turtle answered


Meanwhile at another side, inside the forest, Shukaku wreaking havoc, Gaara’s fallen asleep.




Plummeted by the sand, the once forest area became a desert.


Ichibi roared throughout the village, cared about nothing before him.

“Crap, as expected, he’s a Jinchuriki!” Kakashi said.

“you’re a genius, man, you really do… I mean, what do you expect from those eyes surrounding him? Do you even need to guess something like that? Not to mention circles around his eyes, and those gourds?” Hayate mock.

“You’ve changed… junior”

“Ah, sorry Kakashi-san… it just comes out reflexively…”

Ignoring Hayate, Kakashi tries his best to pacify the incoming beast, which already changed the field into his own base.

Each and every wave of attack the beast create, more casualty increased. As they move, they tried their best to minimalize the casualty. Leaving the Genin to contend against the tailed beast.

“Well, they won’t die…” Kakashi murmured.

“Yep, heavily injured and on the brink on death they’d be…”

Holding his fist down, Kakashi tried his best to stay sane and not hit the Chunin proctor beside him as he moves around.

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