Tensei Jinsei 47 has cometh!

Tensei Jinsei 47 has cometh!


Anyway? what do you think about the site? IS bad? is it good? any recommended theme by the way?

urg… I stillĀ need to slave myself in redirecting the blog…

anyway, please feel free to comment below, and yep, please subscribe again below to get more up to date release on this site!


ah, I am a cheapskate btw, so there’ll be more chapter release in this site to let me feel more satisfied! lololol~ leaving the site like the blog will make me dig my own wallet, so I need to release a more frequent chapter in order to fulfill the quota and add a ads site…

ugh… anyway, please! read my Original works too! they’ll be mass posted later, and possibly daily updated! thanks for reading my gibberish!


You can read it HERE!


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