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What the saints do in the dungeon Episode 1050>

That, then God!Your family is also …!

“no!Even though I have abandoned my family, I want to do this as much as this!Bapra said that it was to use it for tactical purposes while making the medicine.I would be using it for my pleasure.

Looking at the god who defended with a heavy voice, I quickly rolled my head.
As he said, if the third party is making a weakness to the goddess, my claim that Bapra is string on the goddess is wrong.
The second thing is that there is no direct connection with the goddess, even though it is second.
then .

Foolish.Still, I thought it would not have fallen as much as it was because it was a chapter of one forces.Are you not seduced by a rare age, but you’re purely fallen by yourself?Well, either way, the possibility of being attracted to our side is quite low …
It doesn’t matter!

Modify the arguments I made, and keep the hostility to Bapra.
I rolled my head as much as possible, but I didn’t have to.

The important thing is that even if you chew it, you have a mop’s power!That alone, he has already abandoned the faith of all who believed and followed ourselves!Even if it’s a word, there’s no idea to hold hands with such a guy!No more king for him
The left is not suitable!He chopps it from the end of his toes to his neck until he repentows his sins, and then squeezes the blood into the bucket and puts it in the left neck!

I’ve been betrayed so far, and I’ve been very angry, and I have spit out a valuable ambassador with the hottest uncle.
Don’t stand in your eyes.I’m scared.

Right!You have such guys as king!What shame is this!

Besides, everyone is sympathizing with that uncle.
Well, I understand, but I mean.Dragging him to our side means that he will continue to be king.
And I don’t have to try more to enhance the hostility of Bapra.
However, even though the words selection of words are bloody, I am a person of the world of war, even though it is a group of love and love.
I have to be careful not to see the real can win.

If you look at the attitude toward the gift, you don’t want to stick to this.You say you can see something in your eyes.Perhaps that’s the stupid group of the mops of the mop?He firmly believes that he is a faithful pawn of the war god.


Anyway, it’s like that, so be careful not to be caught by Bapra.

What are you talking about?Salvation!I reveal the reality of guy right now.
Put a little bit.First of all, it’s a priority to make our side as much as possible through condom sex.

Salvation, there is a book?

Unlike Plitus and Bis, who tend to be able to stick to their powerful power, Bapra is a power that does not make any means to win.
That feature is in this situation.When I calm down lightly, the uncles shed so much that I tried to listen to me.

It’s a book.Of course, I’m thinking about removing them, but it’s not important right now.How much do we believe in us that we are already deceived by the fact that we are already revealing the truth now?Of course, there are many people who believe, but people who do not
It will happen.I can’t.Is there a saying like this?The best war is to win without fighting.We don’t have to fight.And the relationship with a woman is deceived by the guy’s dog’s task of reverting the mop, so in our gifts, she loves women.
Foolish people who feel rejected.After all, it’s all the victims who were deceived by Bapra?There are only a few garbage that knows the inside of the country.Others are innocent.First of all, this condom sex makes them open their eyes and attracts them to our side
Is important to anything else.And if the majority agree with the will of our gifts, the victory is naturally tilted towards us.There’s nothing more important than heads in war.In the end, they turned around the world as enemies and could not fight properly, and they reached out miserably.

If you give the impression of avoiding the war too much, these uncles who reverberate for the war may be backlash.
So this also means another war, and I made a speech by discussing the flimsy dismissal that was picked up in the old days.
Suddenly, one of the uncles jumped out and tried to catch my hand.

Such a seed !

Of course I avoided.
no!This uncle, he’s been playing a little while ago, I’m sweating!
I don’t know if a pretty woman is sweating with sex, but it’s just dirty!

That’s what you said!That’s what it says!

However, the uncle nodded and shouted.
Don’t push your faces.Sticking up.This is this uncle.

“yes?I wanted to know.Then the goal of the vermicelli is to spread the condom sex to avoid the eyes of Bafra, and to be faithful to the meeting right now.I’ve already been spent a lot of time because of the dirty guy, but it’s not the purpose of the original gathering here?

I was burning anger so long ago, so no matter how much I gather and talk about love, don’t you think about sex like this?
I was so worried, but it seemed to be a useless worry.

I did!Anna!”

The late stealing was more scary, and the uncle nodded loudly and hurriedly returned to his woman.Throw off the clothes.
no.I too.I don’t know you.The uncles who lived in abstinence were suddenly free for sex at some point, so I would like to do it.
But no matter how much.Do you want to take off your clothes from all like this?!
And garlon!What are you trying to join naturally?!

Then have a good time.

As I feel like the eyes are rotten, I have been in a hurry to get out of this place.

Salvation!Are you already going to go?!Salvation too …!

Of course, the uncles caught me with a sad look, but do you enjoy it here?
There is no such hobby, and above all.


I have to think about Ray.
I shook my head, hugging Ray’s waist more strongly and fluttering.
Don’t come.This uncle.Ray is scared.

“it’s okay.I am a type that enjoys whispering love alone.

“Oh oh!That was!This was excuse!

It was just a shameful ambassador to speak, but this would be best for the members of the gift.
Leaving behind the admirable uncles, I was finally able to get out of the long and long hell with Ray.

“ray.are you okay?”

And from the room, I first looked at Ray’s complexion.
Of course, because it is becoming an emotional sharing, it was okay to know whether it was okay or not, but isn’t it important to express this directly?

” are you okay.But I want to ask.

Do you want to ask?

” huh.You said earlier.Is that really?The reason why the man tried to hug me ….

It’s not because it’s pure blood, but just for pleasure through emotional sharing?

It was creepy just by listening, and Ray nodded with his body trembling.
As a result, I thought about it and never did it to Ray.
I thought it was a story that I didn’t have to touch more trauma, but I was shocked to hear it suddenly.

Honestly, I’m not sure.It was a mixture of speculation.It may be real or not.sorry.I should have told you first.

” are you okay.”

I was really sorry that I was really sorry.
Ray looked at my face once and nodded.

If that’s really the case, it’s already like revenge.Do you have it.

Besides, Ray even looked at me with an eye to expect something.
And I realized what I was looking forward to, and I was very worried but shook my head immediately.

“no.That’s not right.”

You deliberately took your virgin to help you revenge.
I didn’t even know how to share the Dark Elves’ emotions until it happened.
Do not throw a good number of things for people to use.If you throw it, you want to lie.
Is it because of the lack of real common sense, or is it because you believe it too much?

” okay.”

When I firmly shook my head, Ray bowed again.
But even though his expectations ended in vain, he was feeling a bit warm.

I look so good?weird?Did you live with good things that look so good?Oh, I see!You say you like me that much!

For some reason, I felt the atmosphere became sick, and I urgently tried to change the atmosphere.

Why, why is the story so …!

And the effect is absolute, and this time, when this came out, Ray was in my eyes.It looked awkwardly awkward.

Well, it.I was looking at the egg school, so I was comparing the size with my stuff in my head.If you think about it, even if you think about it.
That, I didn’t do that?!

Haha.Look at him.What are you talking about?What did you do with your mouth?I stopped by my mouth.Did you forget already?

Yes, it’s not like that!I’m just !”

I wanted to make an excuse, but where would it come out so embarrassed?
I felt Ray’s fluctuations and be careful not to be swept together, and I pushed Ray even more.

If you don’t think, did you think about sex?But.The uncles were also working hard, but sex is an act of passing through love with a loved one.Thinking of sex was that I eventually loved my thoughts.

“That’s why I didn’t think that way!”

“Do not lie.Even when the uncles asked to enjoy it together, on a slightly expected topic.

Nu, nu, who!

Do you know that you are shared with me?It’s no use to hide.I definitely felt it!The nursery rhyme of your heart felt when the uncle caught it together!That’s definitely …!

To be honest, I didn’t really think Ray really expected.
This would have been crazy because he was talking about Bapra, but he couldn’t have expected that.
It wasn’t the mind of the heart, but anyone who was normal would have a reaction when the uncles were invited to a difficult party.

I didn’t expect it!

So it was a natural story that Ray was so crowded, but I had no intention of retreating.
no.It’s not because it’s fun to just bother you.
The atmosphere has become so heavy because of the story of Bapra, so shouldn’t I have a floating atmosphere?
If he is doing with a depressed face, the tension will fall.

Then what is this?

In that sense, I put my hands in Ray’s chest and found the nipples and rolled it gently.
It’s still soft, but it’s not about building hard when I get caught by me.

Look at this.It’s hard.

Yes, it was like this because you touched it?!

“What are you talking about?I’ve been like this since I first touched it?

Noh, uh This, this!

Ray, who was trying to rebuttally, was shy when he got a sweet sound from his mouth.
Suddenly I put my hands in between my pants and grabbed my stuff.
What are you doing without knowing that a big woman is ashamed?!

You are like this too!

Because this is you touching the casting of the casting …!

“no!You did the same thing too!

You are too?Then you admit that you did this from the beginning?

That’s not it …!
When I gave Ray’s nipples slightly strength, Ray gave me strength to my hand.
hey.I’m adjusting my strength!Please control your strength too!If you didn’t have an Iron Penny, it would have been stuck!
no.I think this happened once before.

No, it’s not.this .”


As I was stupid with each other’s chests and things, I suddenly opened my visit and revealed Sylvia inside.
One day we were arriving in front of the room.

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