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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1051>

Silvia, who came out of the room with her dazzling expression, turned her body this way without thinking, and at that moment her little body bounced about 50cm into the air.

Hey?!Gu, salvation?!eww !”

Sylvia shows a variety of expressions in a moment when the distinctive expression of the dazzling expression collapses completely.
consternation.I don’t understand.And even a little jealous.After showing his feelings on his face, Sylvia fixed his expression by looking at Ray and making a subtle look.

“no.Sylvia.This is.

Sylvia is like that.
I knew Ray didn’t like Silvia, but is it hard to see Sylvia’s ordinary with Ray?Well, there was something like that without me.

Thinking so, I saw Ray’s face, and this guy was also talking to Silvia with his eyes.Of course, I didn’t know what to say, but there was one thing.Ray is very shaken now.
ray?What are you doing?And why are Silvia waving as subtle as they understand it?Since when the dialogue is only in the eyes of the eyes.Ray came out of my room when I came to call earlier?If so, this eye exchange is also extended
Is it a good?


I was very curious about what I said, but more importantly, the more important thing was that they left me alone and fell into their own world.Well, in a good sense, I’m not in the world.
Anyway, I lightly twisted Ray’s nipples, and they barely gave me attention.

What are you doing?!

Two people, then, will be sophisticated.What kind of eyes are you exchanged?

!It’s not like that!
Oh, no!

It was lightly mischievous, but the return answer was quite desperate.
Perhaps I might have made a misunderstanding when Silvia was there, but it doesn’t look like that.
Maybe I don’t want to make my plan out.Sylvia is so good that I mean.

“Or not, what do you scream like that?”

But if Ray is desperate, if you match it to me, the atmosphere will only get any more.
I did not lose my playful posture until the end, but lightly shrugged my hand and pulled my hand out of the chest.
Ray still didn’t take his hand from my stuff.

“hey.Be fat.Shouldn’t one have to be removed when one person gets off?

I don’t like poems.

Rather than removing, Ray took me more tightly.
So I’m crying!It’s a sensitive place there!And you don’t want to remove it, do you think I’ll go away if you take your hands off?I don’t have to worry anywhere.Just talk about it for a while.This guy.Words of the situation where I talk with me
Is it?What did you say?

Do you want to do that?

Ha, I want to do it!

wow.Look at him.I don’t know that a big woman is ashamed.


?!Now, wait!here?!If you’re going to do it, go inside!

If you didn’t even be ashamed of Ray’s weakness, there’s only one way left.
I decided to be determined and close to Ray’s body.
And while kissing Ray’s neck, he sent his eyes to Silvia over his shoulders.

‘Silvia.I don’t think it’s going to be a situation to talk about now.Anyway, because of the sharing of emotions, I have two Silvies and I have to be awkward, so I can’t even enjoy Silvia Therapy.I’m sorry, but stay alone tonight.For more information, tomorrow
Let’s do it. ‘

That way.I don’t know how much I want to say with my eyes, but I believed I and Silvia’s bond.
Even if it’s not Silvia, you must have understood it to some extent.


As expected, our steadily nodded and quietly went back to the room.As I went in, I saw Ray and looked at it again.
Real Silbi, even make that look like that.What did you say?
Well, good.You will know everything tomorrow.
I supported Ray’s ass, lifted it up, and went into Ray’s room.

“Now, then.”


When Ray’s body was placed on the bed and looked down, Ray didn’t resist any resistance and drove his limbs.
This is a lady.Only that should not be completely disabled.
Well, even though it was a light caress, the excitement was amplified by sharing emotions, so I don’t understand it.
In fact, I have an erection that hurts too.


So I wanted to enjoy this defenseless Dark Elf right now, but before I took off the clothes, I suddenly thought this.
Wouldn’t it be a waste to just sexually sex?
no.lets think.It’s a good idea to say that there is little knowledge of sex with this kind of beauty.If you say fast with your mouth, it’s like a straw suck.
When I didn’t think this was my girl, I was consciously not thinking about it, but now I was aware of this.
It was a kind of miracle that such a child had no sexual sense at all.

No, what is it.

“no.I think about it.You wanted to hold my stuff in the first place.

Nu, who is …!

But I think the picture I work unilaterally is strange.

Ray tries to refute the horse, but I ignored it neatly and just said.

And anyway, you need to learn a little more common sense at this opportunity.therefore.”


I embraced the body and rotated half a round in bed.
I am sitting on my back on the bed headboard, and Ray becomes a sitting on my body.

Today, shall we do some basic education around your actions?

Ki, basic education?

“okay.As you know, there is a order in everything and a manners.Even sex is no exception.I’m going to tell you that from now on.Now, take out my stuff.


In my natural virtue, Ray looked down at the bottom with a somple.

“why?Can’t you do it?I was so active that I didn’t let it go even if I told you to put it like that.

That, so that’s !

Even yesterday, my sexual desire would have been assured that I would release it.But for this reason ….

Ha, you can!if!Do you know I can’t take off my pants?!

In my light provocation, Ray eventually peeled off my pants roughly.
The real color is so violent that it is not as much as the eye.
If you shut your mouth and stay still, it looks quite colorful, but it’s ruined.
Well, this can be attractive if this is also attractive.

“ruler!If you do this This, this is .

Anyway, I peeled my pants roughly and threw it on the floor, and Ray grabbed my stuff and shook it lightly.
As soon as the gaze touched my stuff, the excellence of a while ago disappeared in an instant.

“Oh, nothing.”

hey.Don’t lie obviously.No one is nothing.

“why?What is it?

So nothing …
It’s a shortcut to a healthy love that tells you all the inside without hiding.

I can believe it because I’m talking about it.I haven’t done well because I try to hide it from my kids so far.
A lot of hiding from this is a lot of conscience to say this, but I can’t help it.I’ll talk about it later.

“kite !”

Anyway, Ray was more concerned about the difference than my advice.

“huh?Why are you surprised there?Are you dating?Do you like me?And I also to you.
“Cursor!It was so big!

I told you, but this time I’m not trying to bother you.It’s just a matter of taking it for granted without thinking.
But the natural story was more embarrassing to Ray than to reveal himself, and Ray finally shouted that.


That, so!Is this big?

Oh, indeed.Is it that?
When I was a pella, I wouldn’t have been insane because I thought I was doing this to a man, and yesterday I didn’t have the size of my goods.
Besides, today I looked at the hell with my own eyes, so I had a comparison target.
I was surprised by the size again.


What are you laughing at?

no.This time, I didn’t laugh to make fun of you.
If I was going to make fun of it in the first place, I would have asked if it was big compared to what it was.

“Nothing.If you are naked, you should start with greetings now.

Okay, what is it?!greeting?!”

To Ray, who was surprised by the half beat, I nodded casually.

“okay.It’s basic to say hello when you first start.Now, greet him.Thank you today.And feel goodKiss lightly with the heart of crab.
Are you stupid?!

Chet.I can’t.I really don’t have this knowledge at all, and I have a awareness that I lack a few common sense, so I think it’s possible to play with it with the wrong common sense.
no.I still give up.I can’t miss this good opportunity like this.
Fuwoo.Let’s calm.Salvary.You can do it.The important thing is the mind control.

It looks so?Is it so weird to say hello to ask things?

As I made the most serious expression as much as possible, I looked at Ray.
Of course, I made a serious expression while making such a stupid claim, but it would not have any effect, but it was as different as Ray.

Oh, no.but .”

There’s no common sense, and it’s possible if you can read even my feelings.
The important thing is that I really take a serious attitude from my heart.Then you can read emotions.

I, before, before …

Ray’s voice began to weaken.And the face began to hesitate.
good.Salvation.After all you are a can do it!

It is the first time that they have sex with people they like, so it is natural to know that etiquette.And it wasn’t a situation to take care of the manners before.But not now?Are you trying to share your love properly?

Is it really?Is it really normal to say hello here?Is it strange to be ashamed?
In my serious persuasion, such feelings were strong in Ray’s expression.And in the end.

Oh, today, I’ll ask you.side.”

At the end of my eyes, Ray eventually brought a greeting with an awkward smile that took his red face right in front of me.And to the end of the goods at the end.
Honestly, I was honestly limited from the moment I greeted me, but I sneaked up to my thighs desperately.
Well, salvation.I can’t ruin it now.

Uh, uh, …hey!This is really right!?

“of course.Then would I lie with this?Now, then the saliva is spilled with objects ….

But if this story continued, it seemed hard to endure, so I decided to move on to the next stage.

“get on !Are you talking about saliva!?

But even this was hard to accept for Ray.
This is not so strange compared to before.


Why, why!It’s dirty!How Nung -eup!

I grabbed Ray’s chin, who vomited with a red face, and lifted it slightly, and I kissed his lips.Of course, mix the tongue and thicken it.
At first, Ray’s tongue, which was just shaking, began to move on my tongue awkwardly, and as a little more time, it was lined up in my mouth as if it was relaxed.
So it’s fast to fall.This Dark Elf Lady.No matter how much you are sharing your emotions.


When I pulled my head back, Ray’s tongue came out of his mouth.
The face, which was slightly out of the stretched tongue and looked at me with loosened eyes, was enough to further stimulate my stuff.
It’s the best thing that’s not a pure blood dark elf.

Did you think it’s dirty while kissing now?

It was a beauty that would only be seen as if you were in a hurry, but unfortunately, Ray was unfortunately immunity to the woman’s beauty.
After lightly matching the tip of the tongue, I continued to talk about it earlier.

Hah … huh …

However, Ray barely shook his head with a dazzling look.

Then do you know?

And in my words, Ray slowly leaned his head and faced my stuff and stretched his saliva with a stretched tongue.

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