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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1052>

I heard that the sounds that had to be squeezed from below, I sat down more comfortably from the body.
Ray was now using his saliva as a lubricant and guting my stuff by hand.At the same time, I take it to my chest and roll my nipples with my tongue.
I can’t say that the technique is good, but I was already tasting fascinating in that active service.

“okay.So delicately.It feels similar to when I sucked my stuff before.I’m doing well.

As I stroked my head, Ray was ashamed to wake up and stared at me.When I faced my smile, I just got more ashamed.
This is the same person as a person who broke into the bathroom and did Pella at the same time.Are you ashamed of being conscious of love?

What do you like?

Not honest.I’m just talking, actually I’m excited.It’s impossible to hide it from me.You know well too?and .


Are you saying that?I also liked it so much.

I brought the palms to the chest as if it was supported from the bottom.
Ray was naturally a four -footed attitude because he was licking my nipples with his mouth with one hand, and his chest was facing down.
So, when I brought my hands like this, a heavy volume was handed into the palm of the hand.
Rather than filling the weight in my hand, I just lifted it in the palm of the original location and shook it lightly from side to side to enjoy the texture.
ha.Healed.Finally, I feel free from that hell.

Don’t play with it.And I don’t really … ah!

Ray tried to say something strangely on that day, but when I lightly stimulated the nipples with my fingertips, I shut up immediately.

What are you not?Don’t you remember?

Huh, I remember.

It would make me remember if I didn’t remember it, but Ray was surprisingly neatly recognized.
I don’t know the criteria when I’m really honest.

How long do you have to do this?This is not sex.

The word sex says without any shy.

“why?I want to?”

That’s not it …!

I’m ashamed this time.So did you think about love?

It’s not the only purpose to put it in and shake it.Even if you don’t have sex, if you feel good with each other, it’s a fun time.

“Oh, affection .”

If you don’t, you’ll be hurt.Now, nothing in the world will be unbelievable.If I become human distrust, you are entirely yours.
You’re not there.

I will take this joke so heavy.
no.It’s a problem that I said that without thinking.

Wait a minute.

What are you doing?

I felt the pleasant atmosphere became heavy in a moment, and I immediately kissed Ray’s lips.
It doesn’t darken with the momentum to melt as before, but it’s just a lot of light bumping your lips.

Can you feel my feelings now?Do you still feel like it’s like before?I have affection.If I am not my girl, I never fit my mouth.I think you are my girl too, so I kiss you without any hesitation.

Of course, it would not be as affectionate as doing to our kids, but it was true that there was affection.
Even if there is an immunity in the beauty of a woman, I am also a man.I’m saying that a pretty woman likes me, and if you do this together, you can’t get affection.
Well, this is why you are weak in rice cake.

So I don’t think I have no affection in the future.Why is your face?

Anyway, a person is saying seriously, and somehow Ray has become more strange.
Why are you so surprised?

You, you before that homo.

huh?Why is Sylvia suddenly coming out?I’ve been kissing Sylvies in front of you.

On the lips!It’s like a forehead, but on your lips!

That, right?I was surprised.

I was surprised me, this ah!What are you doing so scary?!

no.Of course, I can’t die and live with each other, but this guy thinks Silvia is a man.
Please don’t try to put a strange frame on me.I like a woman!Man!Even if a man in the world dies without me.No matter how much this is the goddess’s saint.
Anyway, in order to calm down the surprised chest because of Ray, I gave me a little more strength to the hands supporting Ray’s chest.

Well, good.After all, do you want to have a good sex?

“When did I !”

I ignored Ray pretending not, and I handed something to that hand.

” what is this.”

What are you?Did you know you watched it?

You said you didn’t see it carefully!

Again, I removed Shichimi and Park Bak -rae was Ray, but I’m sorry.It was a trap.

I know what it is, so I know what it is.


When I said so, Ray couldn’t answer anything and bowed his head.

Well, I understand.Human curiosity is originally endless.Especially like you.
Don’t try to comfort!

I’m going to go.I’m just sticking to the role of my lover.

Child !Are you playing with me again?!

After showing a fresh appearance of being a lover, Ray was finally noticed in my joke.

“uh?Did you get caught?

This is really …!

It’s your fault that I didn’t know in the first place.

I didn’t pretend I didn’t know!You didn’t use this yesterday!

It was quite uncomfortable, and Ray shouted roughly with a condom in his hand.
Of course, every time I shaked, my chest was shaken together, so the texture felt in the palm of my hand was very fascinating.

Oh, was it that story?Yesterday I didn’t have it at all.Or do you feel better again and I’m going to be patient?

Of course, I could have sex without condoms, and there was a contraception scroll that I got from Diana, so I had enough excuses, but today I decided to have sex with a condom on purpose.
I think this is because I can enjoy this.

That, it’s not like that!And this is you using it anyway?Why to me?

Looking at me with a look, I was more embarrassed, and Ray made excuses by moving his hands.

It’s one of the manners that I said before.It’s going to go inside you from now on, so you put it on your own affection.

Is it that?then .”

It was because it was quite fine compared to what I greeted the goods earlier, this time, Ray takes the condom at the end of my stuff without any doubt.
If you didn’t see it carefully, I wanted to play with it once again, but now it was not time to make fun of it.
There’s a better joke, but what would you make fun with that?

“for a moment.stop.What are you trying to put on?I told you to have affection.

Uh?!It’s all, it’s containing it?!

When I grabbed the wrist and stopped, Ray was surprised and shouted.
Why are you so surprised?Did you really focus on capturing affection?
Really, not.It’s cute because it seems that there is a kid who doesn’t look like that at all.


That, so!Joe, I like it

Ray’s murmuring, which was getting smaller and not heard at all, I was caught in the urge to hug him tightly.
When I’m not my girl, the lack of common sense that was bothered is that I will feel this way because I become my girl.

“That is, of course, that kind of mind is important, but etiquette is also important.”


I would have spoke as moderate as possible, but I still heard that Ray did not mean.
Whether he was more ashamed of what he did, Ray trembled with the expression that he wanted to go in if he had a rat hole.

Now, don’t look like that.It was cute.

That, don’t say it’s cute!

You praise you for being cute because you are cute, but don’t get angry.

Anyway.Biting this in my mouth.

This, in your mouth?!no way !”

The main protruding part of the Condom’s center was to Ray’s mouth, and Ray looked down at my stuff as if he realized what he would do with it alone.
Good understanding.Well, there’s a lack of common sense in the first place, so it’s not bad.

“okay.That’s it.

Ha, but …!

As I nodded, Ray began to embarrass the pupils.
Are you ashamed of your affection because you feel different?

Why are you so surprised?I had a direct mouth.

I thought so, but the reason why Ray was embarrassed was a little more fundamental than I thought.

It’s not that time …!This is so big … not all in my mouth ….

Is this guy?

Wow!Why is it bigger because you don’t go in?!

If you look at this, you’re not looking for it.
It’s like a scary natural.

“what, Let’s do it as much as possible.


When I read it so much, Ray looked at my stuff with fear and bite the condom at the end of his lips.
And I leaned my head as it was, and I matched the condom at the end of my stuff.
Filter.Ray carefully moves his lips and puts a condom on the glans.
Of course, it was simply an action to cover the condom, but it was excited because it was just more than just sucking with my lips.

Wow, don’t move!I’m concentrating.


Ray, who raised his eyes and stared at once, gathered his eyes in the middle and looked at my stuff, was enough to make an excitement that was hard to say.
This keeps you don’t even flutter things.It’s too much.

Huh, huh … huh?Yes .

It was Ray who succeeded in moving his lips and putting a condom on the glans, but immediately waiting for the next hump.
This is because the condom does not spread properly because of the step at the end of the glans.
It was a Ray who tried to put his lips tightly and shake his head lightly up and down.
hey.I know you’re trying, but if you keep rubbing the glans with your lips so much, it’s going to be cheap.

Ugh …Human

At the moment I tried to help, Ray found the right answer himself.
So far, I have abandoned the stereotype that I have used only my lips and started using my tongue.


Ray, who was able to spread the condoms on the step, looked up at me with a proud look that I was very happy.Of course, I do my stuff with my lips.

“good job.”


As I stroked my head once in that cute figure, Ray finally laid off as if he was aware of what he looked like now.I started to focus on covering condoms.

Yes, Yes!huh!”

After the highest hump, there was nothing hard since then, so Ray moved his lips hard and stretched the condom down.
But it also reached its limit.When I swallowed about half of the things, Ray began to look at my face with a difficult look.
Is it a limit?Well, is it natural that you have no experience?
In fact, I swallowed more than I thought.I just thought it would be over, but I had a little bit of coming, but I swallowed my throat.

You can go under that hand.Oh, don’t try to get out of your mouth.

This is also because it is ordinary compared to greeting things, Ray nodded slightly without any doubt.
hey.Thank you for nodding with the swallowed thing.

Be careful with your fingers.Really just watched, sweeping it smoothly so that he tried to capture affection, Ray succeeded in putting the condom safely in the other half.

“it’s okay.Now you can remove it from your mouth.

Well Well …

It’s a bit slightly in the throat, so it’s quite high or not to hurt the condom.

Haa Hah … why are you so big?I thought the jaw was falling.

And after spitting out completely, even the ambassador for the man to rejoice.
Isn’t this really on purpose?

Why do you see it with such a smile?I didn’t praise it?

I don’t do it on purpose.

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