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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1053>

Now, then I’m ready to read it right now.

Thanks to Ray’s lip texture, I was almost limited to my patience.
So I immediately tried to start the next mischief in the name of etiquette, but I thought it was the first time I had sex with him.
shit.At this time.I can’t help it.You can play a joke next time.

” why?”

Ray, who was holding his jaw while shedding my smile, suddenly looked alert to me.
hey.Even if you don’t be alert, this time you really had a good heart and stopped.

What do you want to do?


At least, don’t play with Ray’s ideals at least.
I thought so and threw my choice, but Ray didn’t understand the meaning of my words.

There will be something attracted.I wish I could lead.Or do you want to do it on your own.

“Why all of a sudden?”

Oh, so.Didn’t you understand the meaning of my words, but I didn’t understand why I suddenly do this?

Why are you?I want to know everything about you.

However, to say that to be considerate of the first experience, it seems that I was so good that I was so good.

Are you kidding again?!

But if there was a voice that was too much than I thought, Ray accepted it as a joke.
I think it’s a joke, but I’m so excited.
It’s cute, but if you flutter like this, my heart is shaking.

It’s a joke.Can’t you feel my hot heart?!

Oh, no.

Ze, Damn.Why is the answer to the topic that’s so exciting again?!On the contrary, I was so excited because of you, so I couldn’t get it properly!
This, this ideal .

It’s real.And you didn’t remember when you first did it.I think I can remember good memories now.

I think I’m pretending to be good, so I’m going to do not want to do it.
I was really embarrassed and wanted to die, but I’m glad.

Is that, that?

That’s it.

Finally, Ray, who realized my intentions, was ashamed.
If you are ashamed with me and me because of the sharing of emotions, the synergy effect explodes, so I don’t know if this is fortunate.

Thank you?

” It was nothing.”


Ze, Damn.This is a shy new color before this saint salvation is sex with a woman.Because you are a man?Anyway, you’re so shy!
Even when I took the sympathy, I had never been so shy when I had a good sex since then!

Tell me something.
What are you talking about?

“no.So you said earlier?After all, what do you want to do!It ejects the sticky desire in this chest and tells you the ideal sex you want!

I can’t lose!I’m a saint!Incarnation of sexual desire!If you leave the condom and insert it, you can’t get ashamed at the timing!
Desperately, after the mind control, I grabbed Ray’s chest and shouted more stupid than I thought.
This is definitely a strange atmosphere.

Mo, I don’t know.

hey!I’m trying this way, so you can pretend to try a little!No matter how hard I try, if you are ashamed, it doesn’t make much sense!
Or just give me an emotional sharing!

Then, then do you just do what you originally did?

” huh.”

Ah-oh!really!What are you going to do?!
Joe, good.As long as this happens, I will do much more stupid than I originally wanted to do!How long will you be so shy!

First before you put it!Greetings from things!Do you know what you mean?!

“Yes .”

Ray, who leans his head and looks up at me and looks at me.
I noticed that I didn’t know what I mean, so I was ashamed to talk to me more.

Ki, do you feel good?Do not, a lot

Why are you trying to die more embarrassing?
And don’t stroking the glans!I don’t talk to any pet! me.I’ve been well so far, but I’m ashamed of me course, I die with this.Sylvia makes this feeling a little better in the future.

Did you hear the answer well?

To Ray, who talks about things as if he was talking to a pet, I desperately blown Bianan.
Don’t say that personality is bad.I’m desperate to get out of this shame.

” huh.I was nod.

It’s not nodded!I stroking the most sensitive thing with my hands, so it’s just a reflexive stinging!
In the beginning, she is not another life with a separate person from me!
Backchimi should also be moderate!Are you really doing this?!

Yes.then .”

This method is useless.I’m just ashamed of what to do now.
Then there is only one way to break this mood!I’m just swallowing this embarrassment because I have a greater feeling than he’s shy.
And if you say this level of shameful feelings, there was only one.Exciting.

Aheung!Awesome, suddenly .

Since I was caught, I kneaded one side of Ray, which had been put on his hands, and I brought the other hand to the pussy.

Don’t complain.I want to check.It’s a big deal if I’m not wet.

Wealth, it wasn’t uncomfortable.just .”


No matter what this guy says, it’s no use for me.
I looked at Ray, savoring soft skin texture outside the pussy with my fingers.

I was surprised to suddenly touch it.Talk and touch ….

Do not be ashamed of people and be ashamed!
no.Don’t go in.Be excited.I’m excited.You can do it.As a saint, it explodes the sexual desire that our goddess gave himself!
For some reason, I seemed to hear the cry of “I never gave it like that!”

Ray’s pussy was already wet as he shared excitement with me.
However, the distinctive narrow hole persistently resisted even my finger invasion, and I felt that the fingers were so severe that they were tightened in different directions for each finger node.

There aren’t many samples, so it’s not clear, but is this world followed by the attractive stats here?
Like our kids, like a pure blood dark elf, Ray, which is no matter where you give it, was also a good idea to suck the man’s regularity inside the pussy.
It was so narrow that it was hard to move properly, but I slowly wandered between my fingers and struggled with the wrinkles.

Hey, huh …

okay.If you do this, you can’t be ashamed?
After confirming that the inside of the pussy was already wet enough, I continued to move my finger.
This is like this.

Hey, huh …

I pressed the back of the clitoris on the entrance side, lightly scratched the bend wall on the opposite side, and put my fingers to the end and stir around the deepest reach.
It was impossible to stimulate the inside of the finger length, but it was clear that the inner side was very sensitive.

This is enough.Then put it in.

I rolled the tired nipples lightly with my fingers and removed the fingers that I put in the pussy, and I took both hands on the buttocks.


Today was your etiquette education.Of course, if you want, I can lead it.

I want to do it.

I noticed a little bit of trouble, but Ray soon raised his upper body and became an attitude to his knees.
Then I leaned over my back on the bed headboard, and then I slowly put my shoulders with both hands and slowly lowered my shoulders.
Of course, the experience of not experiencing it could not be able to do good things to meet the end of the pussy as it is, so it became like putting my stuff between the hip bones.

This is doing this … right?


After looking at me for a while, Ray slowly broke his butt back.
It is impossible to match the hand at once anyway.It is a good choice.
Besides, the effect of wet with your own love up and down.Of course, this would not be Ray.
shit.CondommanEven if it wasn’t, I could have felt the texture of the pussy more.
In fact, I have been hitting the condom for the first time, so I felt more frustrated by the unfamiliar texture.


In the meantime, Ray continued to move his butt with his pussy over my stuff.
But I couldn’t hold the exact position and pulled my butt back too back, and my stuff was pushed by the pussy bounced like a spring and hit my stomach.

Ray’s shame, which was quite embarrassed, began to erode the heart again.
Fortunately, my excitement is at its peak, so it didn’t work for that shame.
Now, I hug my head with my arm and bury my face in his chest, and Ray has closely adhered to my body from my chest to the lower abdomen.
And the objects inserted between my stomach and my lower abdomen this time slowly lifted my waist up.

I think this is a very embarrassing attitude, but is this not ashamed again?
Well, I’m grateful.


Anyway, this time, Ray, who climbed the pussy behind my object and slowly climbed up, only put his loves on both sides of the front and rear.

Now, as this …

Then he tried to insert his waist and tried to insert it, but the angle didn’t fit well, so he could hardly insert things.
In addition, Ray’s own slipped glans continued to shake around, so they were scared that they had to do it again from the beginning, so they moved the waist passively.
Thanks to this, I felt so good that I was rubbing my glans with its soft pussy, but I don’t think I use my hand?Or do you think it’s etiquette that you don’t use your hands?
I haven’t said that, but I feel good because I feel good.

Yes, Ugh!

It was not only me that I was ripening the slippery mood, and I started to mix sweet nasal sounds in Ray’s breath from my head.
In addition, because the face is shaking the body with the face on the chest, the soft texture on both sides of the face is constantly shaking and stimulating.I’ll wrap it before I put it in.You can’t get that disgrace.


At the very moment when I moved the two hands on Ray’s butt and adjusted the location, I lowered my butt down as hard as I didn’t care from the beginning or not.
And my stuff went through the pussy of cramped Ray and quickly stuck it inside the roots.


At first, it was Ray, who opened his eyes as if he didn’t know what happened, but soon after the brain began to accept the feeling of feeling, the eyes went up slowly.


Eventually, he stood up with his body up and reached its peak.
And not to mention that I have ejaculated in line with that timing.
It was dangerous, but I couldn’t help it because it was shared with this guy.

Ugh Big!

I reflexively grabbed Ray’s butt, and I had a hard time giving me a tightness, and whenever my semen was vomited, Ray stood up and felt in a row.

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