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What the saints do in the dungeon Episode 1054>

What did I do?

The next morning.I was suffering from the sage time that came to me very late.
Looking down at Ray, who is still sleepy, there were three transparent and elongated things with white liquids on a healthy black thigh.
That’s no problem.Rather, it was good.It was even more so because of the contrast between black and white semen.It was good to have a meaning with a condom just by seeing this scene.

The problem is right next to it.In contrast to black skin, a beautiful pink flesh is revealed.White liquid that is flowing from there.
okay.In the end, it was raw.
I was frustrated because I wasn’t used to the condom, but when I was with him, my excitement doubled and my head didn’t work properly.As a result, it was completely lost, and from the fourth, I just didn’t have a condom.
That’s why there are only three condoms on Ray’s thighs.

no.Of course there was an excuse.
Diana’s contraceptive scroll.If you write it, there is no problem.
By the time I lost my reason, he was completely crazy, so I could be enough to be able to scroll.It will definitely.
But, but I mean.Haa You have to get used to it as soon as possible.The veteran of the veteran.As I have never experienced the professional of sex, I will lose reason against this.

Huh? .

As I tasted the sage time thoroughly alone, Ray, who opened his eyes, muttered a scream that was in power.
Perhaps when you wake up, you’re not familiar with the situation where a man is naked in a bed, but if that’s what it’s usually surprised?Why is the reaction lukewarm?

Oh, I’m still doing it.

Anyway, Ray, who opened his eyes, asked such a question shyly looking up at this situation.
no.Still doing it.Are you talking about sex?We’re not just that posture right now?I’m sitting, you are lying down.It’s just a normal bed side by side, but what the hell is and say that.
And only then, I could only realize that his hand was touching Ray’s chest.
Uh, somehow I wanted to be peaceful for the complicated thoughts.It’s not just a sage time.
Is it because this guy was not surprised before, and I felt my peaceful heart?

“no.This is just, I like my heart.

Yes, yes .

I didn’t think of excuses, so I just said it honestly, but it seemed more effective.
Ray continued to keep his hand touching his chest, but turned to my stuff.

Then do you do it?


what?I didn’t think I told you to go back in this conversation.
I thought so and questioned it, but Ray seemed to have just understood it as an answer.


After nodding, Ray moved his head toward my stuff and took my head toward my stuff.
What, what are you suddenly?Why are you so active?
I was a moment, but I could notice what happened to Ray’s actions.

“side.Um Ugh …

Ah.okay.It did.Then I did it.
I’m so excited, So I spit it out when you had your mouth before!That’s something that is greatly contrary to the manners!The semen that lovers wrapped up is a courtesy of thanksgiving!Thank you for making you feel good!When you pack it elsewhere, not your mouth?then
Naturally, you have to suck the semen on things and keep it clean?!No application power?! Called.The memories of saying stupid words were revived.
And I actually cleaned it with my mouth every time.
What did I really do?

And this one is too.Now, at the end of this, I was stunned so I couldn’t do it with my mouth, so I’m trying to do it now.
I remember it again on the topic that was not completely excited and was not insane.
no.I’m trying to keep my stupid manners so thoroughly.

“hey.It is necessary to do what is dried up.

Now I came to have a slightly guilty feeling and tried to dry Ray.
Besides, I didn’t insert and sleep as if I was with other kids in order not to catch healing sex, so the semen on it was completely dry.

“are you okay.It falls off because it is buried.

Ugh.It’s more sinful.But the texture of rubbing my stuff with my tongue to be buried in saliva was so good that I couldn’t dry Ray more.

Ha, it’s done.Yes .”

Eventually, it was a clean cleaning of my stuff, but after that, I just turned my face and glimpse my face.
Why, why?Why again this time?
As I looked at Ray with anxiety, Ray turned to my stuff again to see if my expression was a signal of something.

“side.Uh, last night … thank you for making me feel good?

Then he kisses and kisses at the end of the glans, and then gently rubs the glans with his hands.
no!Did I even do that?!It’s not?!I don’t even remember doing that?!

Is this right?

“Yes .”

But considering the first greetings, it was natural to say hello at the end.
At a glance, I nodded, and I smiled with a look of Ray.

I have applications too?

Oh .Was it that?I said yesterday, surprisingly in my heart.

“But I don’t know that it’s a goddess manners.”

“What are you talking about?You’re the goddess?

It was a perfect timing.I was really good at the face, and I was able to answer blatantly at the perfect timing.

” also.”

But I couldn’t do what I could do until I was in a moment.
And it was enough for Ray, where emotions were shared.

So you kept talking.You treat me too stupid.

At the same time, I thought I was a goddess, but I was fortunate that I didn’t come out hostile.Rather than being hostile, it was rather exhausted?Why are you so excited?

“no.What do you say as if you are so convinced?I’m surprised?I’m surprised.I told this warrior who was blessed by the war gods that he was suddenly following the ruined mop’s etiquette.Isn’t it more weird to be surprised?

While I thought it was twisted even though it was twisted, I tried to take it off until the end.

Can I say that?

Of course, Ray was completely convinced of his thoughts, but I didn’t notice at all.

I thought it was strange.I said that I came from Plitus and the homo did like a Vis.And what you do with you is so ridiculous that it is ridiculous.Yesterday there was no one like me.

This guy
But if that was, I had a hole to get out.

“no.That’s just because I was good.Besides, you feel well.And what did you hear when you explain yesterday?Are we excited because of sharing emotions?It is usually not to be stunned, and we are strange because of sharing emotions.

Then what about that homo?

But Ray was so convinced that it wasn’t just one.


How would you explain that the homo is doing what the homo is doing?


Are you doing something?Sylvia did that?What are you talking about?
I had no way to know what Ray said, of course, I couldn’t give any answer.
I don’t know what I say?Should I give you a hint?


Don’t laugh like that, but if you’re going to say it, tell me quickly.

How did you know that I was lacking common sense?

Only after hearing that, I could understand what Ray said.
As a result, I have been calling Silvia as a homemo since I misunderstood my relationship with Sylvia.This guy who had little common sense, like love or sex.
I was listening without thinking, but it was strange that such a guy knew the word homo.
That is, that is, .

That, so!Bis, who is badly treated with Bapra in a different way, and taboes, is a human, and he can’t throw away the natural feelings or pleasures of sex.But of course, Plitus and Bapra hate homosexuality and
Do you feel discomfort to Silvia, a homosexual, saying that it’s a homo and comes from Plitus?

I realized after speaking.That place is a place, it’s a hell, right?
Do you have to influence the goddess in the future?After just influencing Bapra and Plitus,Isn’t it better to push the bis guys?
Goddess.To say this saint, I don’t think they need them in the beautiful world of the goddess.
no.Well, I decided to think about it later.

Even if I come and realize it late …
“Called.Did I be so embarrassed?


When he replied Ray, who smiled as if he had won, he was embarrassed for the first time in Ray’s expression.

What are you talking about?Really pleatus is homosexual … ”
Sylvia is a woman.


In my short word, Ray was so surprised that he couldn’t speak.

You may have heard the incident in the gate, but Sylvia’s force is comparable to Nana Leon, a warrior.I was infiltrating the enemy for a small number, and that power was essential.Of course, in order to infiltrate Bapra, where the attitude toward a woman is quite bad, Silvia needs to be a man.
Although it was.Okay now?Sylvia likes me to be extremely natural.

Then, I smiled of conversion.
thank god.I’m really glad that this guy is clumsy.I was so confident that I thought I had a decisive clue that I couldn’t get out of it.
I found out that Sylvia was a woman, but it was much better than to see that I was a goddess lion.

You know you really stupid?Do you think I will be deceived by that?I also saw that homo naked body?!This is too …!

hey.Don’t be like that.I’m excited.

It’s a model.I didn’t know because I touched it.Wasn’t there a subtle texture from human skin?There was no egg underneath?

“uh?Uh?!Ha, but!But that homo!No chest …!
“stop!You don’t say that if you are blessed.Do you know that every woman has a chest like you?

And in fact, it’s a normal level among my girls.
Dianana Silvia, who laid the bottom, is standing, so everyone is the owners of the chest that they can’t get out of anywhere.Even Diana grows bigger than you.
Finally, the only thing you can win is Sarah except Silvia.
The angel, of course, not for Matilda, and Barnet’s physique is too different, so I don’t know exactly the number of cups, but the touch of the touch itself is bigger.
You’re a good match with Rachel and Felicia.
no.Well, it’s big enough.
Anyway, what I want to say is that I have a guy on the run guy, and there is a big deal on a big breast.
If you want to be briefly proud of me in front of me, overcome the angel, the final boss.

So don’t say that to Sylvia.He seems to be concerned about her lately.

That, that tone …Then, that’s not just that of her, but you don’t like you.

“okay.Sylvie is my girl.Don’t fight forward and get along with it?

Sylvia!Rejoice!Finally, your misunderstandings are all solved!
I must have been stressful to hide.It’s cool to say this.
This would be a gold prize if the confrontation between Silvia and Ray was slightly reduced.
You, you, how many women are there!?

However, unlike me, who was so distracted, Ray vomited a pleasant smile and disappeared.

“huh?Including you?So Sarah, Diana, and Laea.

Is it so much that you have to buy with your fingers?!What kind of man in the world is carrying so many women?!Are you not a real goddess?!

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