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What the saints do in the dungeon Episode 1055>

Huh ha ha hot!Respect yourself who loved a capable man!

I smiled a fresh smile to Ray, who was staring at me with an expression that he wanted to hit one.
no.After this, I was in my mind that I didn’t have a condom from the way.
I am attracted to the fact that this is a lot more than I thought now, so if you think deeply, you will notice it.
So you have to drag aggro and keep you more doubtful.

shit.Did you really see it as much as you said?No matter how common sense, I had to be careful.
Fortunately, this is that this suspicion is only Ray.
I only know that Silvia likes me, and I only know that my sex is much better than others.
Perhaps there will be no doubt that others might us doubt us.

Anyway, shall we go to wash your body together?

“together?What are you doing?Can’t you wash it alone?

Look at that pure expression that doesn’t seem to sound a strange meaning.That’s why if you are with you, you can’t get a mistake.
Isn’t it normal if a man and a woman want to wash together?

What kind of sound.This is a kind of skinship that can only be done by lovers.

“baby !”

Then want to go.

After Ray wrote a horse without immunity, he hugged him and went straight to the bathroom.
Well, that’s why I didn’t really have done what I didn’t really do last night.
I just enjoyed the sweet and healthy skinship that my lovers could not go to sex.
To be honest, I touched it and touched it.

Then shall we go to eat?Are you hungry?

” huh.”

If you look at this, you don’t have any mind to doubt anyway, but it’s been so hard that you’ve got a hard time.Be careful.
But yesterday, I saw the uncle so angry just because he put his hands on the power of the goddess, and I don’t want to think that I was a goddess lion at the time of time.

Well, I’m glad that the first thing I was caught was Ray.
The work was so good that it was the timing that tried to relax together, but I think it’s possible to tighten the tension.

“older brother!”

While thinking about it, there was a person waiting for me.

Oh, I’m surprised!god.What are you doing here from the morning?

“yes.older brother.I came to thank you.I wanted to do it right now, but yesterday I couldn’t interfere.

Oh.I’m vowing to be alert, but I was surprised that this guy’s face popped out.
It’s the best guy to be wary of it.


“yes.He believed in me entirely and gave me a chance.

You may be talking about your family.The weakness of the goddess was for war, and I couldn’t imagine that Bapra would be using it for his sexual desire.
But what is it?Can you think so?

“no.I have heard the story of the shaman family who devised how to oppose the power of the bitch.I didn’t even think that would be your house.

This guy now thinks that I gave me a chance to save my family.I could turn over the charges of exploiting the power of the goddess like Bapra.
When I first met, I will abandon Bapra.I will also be prepared to fight for our Pleatus.He said the same thing, but he couldn’t see his family collapsed.
But wouldn’t it be better for me to collapse?It would have been nice to drive that way yesterday.
no.It’s a family that created Matilda’s curse.Shouldn’t such a dirty magic be gone from the world?
Well, if the god did not know how the guy would come out, was it best to do yesterday?
It is because the uncles of the gift believes in the suspicious guys like me, and in the end they have the power of this guy and blue.In order to thoroughly use the gift, you can’t pretend to be this guy now.Let’s think good.

As a warrior who was powered by a war god to deal with that bitch, such a good family cannot disappear like this.How about, God.Can you convince you?

But Ray is also listening to it.
I decided to use this conversation thoroughly.

To be honest, I’m not sure.Due to our characteristics, our family is one of the families that actively support the stubborn policy of Bapra.

I think I have a girl or have sex or prohibit sex?

“yes.I might be hard to believe it.

I know well.How did the guy who grew up in such a family even opened their eyes to love and even thought of running away with Yuri?
no.I’m not so curious.Anyway, it’s a love affair.

Then it was good.At least after the truth is revealed, I won’t try to take the side of Bapra.Oh, is it a problem after hitting Bapra?If the gift is dominated by power, there is a possibility of getting into the changed policy.

“yes .So if you can do it, I would like to persuade us to participate in the will of our gifts from the beginning.

Isn’t that impossible?

There is no possibility.It is never deceived by the power of the bitch, but our family people do that.

hey.Don’t be moxibustion and tell me.
I don’t really like the bastard.

I pretend not to be in sex, but I think it’s all interesting in sex.

What are you so ashamed of it?Nobody thinks that he was deceived by the power of the mop.Didn’t you see the gifts yesterday?I like sex right now.

“yes!That’s right!”

hey.Learn that I like sex and don’t be happy to laugh like that.I feel bad.

“huh?But your family is actively supporting Bafra’s policy?But are you interested in sex?Isn’t it contradictory?

“yes.That’s right!In my opinion, I think I’m more supportive because I am interested in sex.

huh?What a bullshit … ah, wait a minute.indeed.Is it that?
In other words, this is.This guy’s family was a family against the power of the goddess in the past, but now the location has become strange.
Since it cannot be practiced for the goddess, it is constantly touching and studying the goddess’s mana, but it is not strange even if there are people who think that they are played by touching the goddess’s power without meaning.
Fall in the power of the goddess than anyone else.Location that is easy to edit.And in fact, I touched that power and even became interested in sex.
But because they think they have never been dyed in that power, and they act as if they are more confident in others, hiding their hearts and actively supporting sex restrictions.

“In other words, is it possible to bring it in this way if you reveal the inner hidden in the family.”

Something started to see something.
I heard that I like sex too, and this guy smiled so far.
And when I heard that I and Lairon were a warrior, I died of my brother.

Brother!Do you know!

Well, it’s.In other words, you say I need my help?

The Achilles tendon of the Dier’s family is the world’s eyes that they do not know when they will be deceived.
However, there is a person who can solve it at once, and he is a warrior who is blessed by the war god.A warrior who can never fall into the temptation of the goddess.
In fact, there is no guarantee that the warrior does not stick to the goddess.The old threon family did, and as relatively recent Grandma Sarane did.
But if people here believe that, there’s no problem.
Looking at the atmosphere, Sarane’s grandmother is a woman who believes that she was a woman because she was a woman and chose love rather than war.

Anyway, it is such an atmosphere, so if the warrior goes and tells me, the ripple will be enormous.
Interested in sex does not follow the goddess.It is a human instinct.I also like sex too.I mean.
If you do that, you will definitely reveal the true heart that your family has hidden and join the will of the gift.
God is looking forward to it now.

Do you help me?!

Did you say before?I can’t see the magic of dealing with a mop as a warrior.
Tongue, Hyungni!

Don’t try to stick because you don’t have a dirty man.
This guy gets more like Greg.Isn’t it the only name Greg 2, who changed from the saint to the brother?
Really look.The man Padol is enough to have a tiger.

But before that, there is one thing to do for sure.

What do you mean?

If you want to solve your work as expected, you really need to be interested in sex.sun.Otherwise, it will just become a moth that jumps on the fire.Are you confident?

Now, I am confident!

Even if you arrive, you can go first and convince you first to confirm?

Yes, yeah!That’s right!”

hey.My voice is trembling, but is it really okay?
Well, good.If my work is solved as I expected, it is calculated that even if I roll it, I have nothing to lose.

“good.Then let’s prepare and start as soon as the work ends with the uncles.

Thank you.older brother!”

hey.What gangsters are we?Don’t say hello to 90 degrees while your brother.
After greeting me, God ran hurriedly to his room.Probably you’re trying to share the news to Yuri.
Then I go to the restaurant, no.Should I call Silvia first?
I turned around with that thought, and there was a pupil that stared at me.

What do you see like that?

You really Yeo -eup!

The moment I noticed what Ray was trying to say, I hurriedly blocked it.

Don’t be in a place where you may hear others!

That’s why I didn’t try to reveal Silvia’s identity until the end!Why is this kid so care?On the subject that I went to the assassin cosplay!

Don’t call your nose, cosplay!That’s really …!

“Noisy!It’s a real assassin’s clothes wherever you see it!This cosplay girl!


I couldn’t refute it and grabbed Ray’s wrist, and I went straight to my room.
First of all, the soundproofing goes into a thorough room, so you shouldn’t say a word there.

Silvia.I’ll go in.

Oh, how good did you sleep!

If you were sleeping, I tried to wake up, but our knights were already waking up and wearing all their clothes and sitting in the bed.
The expression is still a bit subtle.Then shall we first tell you the good news?

“huh.Did you sleep well?Oh, and that misunderstanding.I solved it all yesterday.All your secrets.

I didn’t misunderstand that I was a lion of the goddess.
If you are Sylvia, you can understand what you mean if you say it like this?

“yes?Is that right?

“huh.Well, I don’t want to run because I still have to pretend to be a man in front of others.The heart is a little easier?

Yes, yes.

Sylvia?Why is it still?
Of course, I didn’t expect to be happy to play and rejoice, but this is so strange that this is too strange.
Ah ah ah!

As he was so smiled, Ray suddenly screamed next to him.
It’s a surprise.Why is this again?

“Come to think of it!If this woman is a woman!You didn’t have sex with me?!

hey.Did you notice that now?No matter how crazy my sex was.Real one is …
It was me who almost disappeared in Ray’s late north, but Ray threw a bomb statement as if he was trying to hold on to me.

“You said you had sex with me yesterday!”

what?!Sylvia said that?!

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