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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1056>

no.I couldn’t do it.
I can’t say that Silvia, who wanted to solve the misunderstanding, encouraged me to misunderstand.
In addition, Ray must have a strange guess, so he must be alone.

” joy.”

Uh, huh?Is it a silver?I’m the first to see Silvia’s expression.hey.ray.What did you do to Sylvia?
okay.Sylvia surprisingly turned his head with arms folded and ignored Ray with a tight look.
Of course, I looked so cute when I looked at that expression on Sylvia’s appearance.Even though I was even more cute because I was watching my notice.Still, Sylvia looks like that.

Hmm?!What is that attitude!Do you know what you did now?!

I will return the same way.


Ray squeezed it and stared at Silvia.
Of course, I didn’t step back, but I stared at such a ray straight.
What did you talk about yesterday?
I was very curious, but of course I didn’t intervene.Rather than interrupting, he was back in one step and was looking for the situation.
No.I have a troop with various women, so when I have to get out and when I have to intervene.
I’m exciting now, no.Catfight calmly, no.It’s time to wait for them to solve them.

That, it’s a man, knowing that you are a man …!

The same is true.

It’s completely different?!You more!Then every night, every night …!

“do you have a problem?”

It’s natural to be!

Last night?

Uh, last …

wow.amazing.Sylvia.I’m struck all of Ray’s words in a short answer.
It was as if I was looking at the out fighter boxer that avoided the counter at the same time.Ray wielded his fists with all his strength, but he didn’t feel like he couldn’t overcome his strength.
Anyway, even if you do it, you do it.
Well, so far, it’s a loved position not only among me but also among my girls, so I haven’t seen it like that.

Anyway, the fight that entered the lull for a while was now entering a new phase because of Ray’s speech.

I, I am, I love you, and I love you!

That’s the same with that, that’s too.

hey.Do not suddenly be ashamed and die in the middle of the struggle.
Especially Ray you.If you are ashamed, you will be transmitted to me.

Oh, in the first place!It’s strange that a man shares a man!

hey.Stop stabbing.Why are you attacking the day you were just looking at the day.
Now, Silvia!Let’s lightly overpower this time!

Then would you give up?

Why am I giving up?!

It’s 8 to 1 simply calculated.

“8 !”

hey.Don’t look at me with a look like a ghost.I have a lot of awareness.
Joe, good.Then will I get into the atmosphere?

If you fill one more person, you will be two -digit.right?”

Are you saying that now?!And only one person!Did you include me?!I am !”

After all, this is not a joke at this time.

“For your information.”

Ray wakes up and screams at the shocking facts that continue to be passed down.
I approached Ray and hugged the waist tightly and said in a serious voice.

It’s useless to do something that I don’t have to regret it now.You are my girl.It’s a decision.I can’t go back now.

Do you think this is a bad male style?no.Is it a little different?
Anyway, I learned the secret of Silvia and I doubted that I was a goddess lion.
It was quite difficult if I didn’t hold it here now.So I decided to go into a slightly coercive attitude.
If it weren’t for this situation, I would have been able to accept the presence of other women slowly and slowly, but I can’t help it because the situation is the situation.

No, nothing, what !

In fact, it’s my first time trying to grab a woman’s heart in such a bad man’s style.In other words, Miriel’s assistant might be able to hit the woman’s heart in that way, but Miriel is.You know?
Anyway, I was a little nervous for that reason, but I was more anxious because I didn’t like this personality or the past, but I believed that Ray felt my feelings and my charm.
Ray was clearly excited.
It is good to see the other person’s feelings by sharing emotions.


“City City .”

I think well and answer.No other woman thinks.I don’t want to see my face properly or to stay with me.Think about”

I hate it.

And in my accusation, Ray was broken.
I’m ashamed and look at the eyes that can’t meet your eyes properly.Cute.

Then there’s no problem.yes?”

” Hey.the problem is.”

I felt that I thought it was cute, and Ray’s cheek began to heat up as time went by.
The answer now is that it’s like a struggle to make such a shame.

There is no problem that will not be my”

Still, I’m going to a bad man’s style, so let’s push it a little more.



” I don’t know.”

In my persistent accusation, Ray eventually had to answer.
It wasn’t still a clear answer, but if you push it too much, it’s pitiful.

I don’t want to let go anyway.

” What is that.”

I think it’s wrong and give up.Anyway, you can say it again, so you both are my girls, so don’t fight forward.Sylvie.Understand?”

Yes, I’m sorry.

I thought I was confused, Silvia nodded with a dead look.
Is it because I haven’t seen it so coercive except when I have to go to me?It wasn’t hard.
If Sylvia acted so in the first place, Ray this guy would have done something.
Why only to her?

As I stroked Sylvia’s head, I heard that muttering next to me.
It seems that I did not like it to act coercently and stroke my hair while smiling.

Don’t be so jealous.Now, look at this.How do you get to this kid?

Hey!Are you huh?

What are you looking at?

What’s long?Melted Sylvia.
Ray, who was pouting his lips, changed his face immediately after seeing Sylvia, who was in my arms.
but.It would be embarrassing if the kid, who had been rebuting her words in a short answer until before, suddenly melted like this.

What are you doing?

I don’t know?You’re so happy that you are happy to die.

Is it original?

hey.Isn’t that tone too much?
Well, I admit that I have nothing to say.


It’s so different from when you are doing it.

It’s originally.This is limited when I am with me.Well, that’s the first time I see the same thing before.Isn’t that because you don’t like Sylvia?

That, that .

Ray didn’t seem to be stabbed either.
Even if it’s not happening while I’m there, Ray is a lot of ticks to toxic Silvia from the beginning.If you think about it now, the woman’s persimmon is instinctively detecting and wary of rivals.
In any world, a woman’s feeling is a scary law.

What did you say yesterday?

I don’t care.It’s just.

I don’t want to answer.
But even if you don’t think so, there’s a way to know everything.


Yes, Neh!

What did you say yesterday?

I, that Sharam No more access to salvation …

Kyaah!Why are you talking about?!

I didn’t think Silvia would really talk, and when Silvia replied immediately, Ray screamed and blocked Silvia’s mouth.
The important story came out, so it was useless to stop it.
This is a pity.Sylvia is absolute obedience to me.

Hoo.indeed.Hmm.I said that.

That, that’s …!I then …Ho, is it so wrong to try to protect it from Homo?!

no.I didn’t say it’s wrong.
I wondered if I really said that for the purpose of protecting the Homo.
So, if so, Silvia is.

He, she, don’t try to monopolize you on me with me.

Look at that.I thought it would be.Self -destructing alone.
Obviously, this guy would have made something strong to monopolize me.
Otherwise, Sylvia would not have said that.

“monopolyDid you try to do it?

Ah!That, that is.

Now he realized his own, Ray hurriedly hidden his mouth, but was late regret.

I thought Silvia was a man, but I knew that there were more women elsewhere.I desperately with that body.

I sat down in the chair next to me, and I stepped on Ray.
Then Ray stepped back as if he had maintained the distance, and as if he followed him, I moved forward again.
It was ours who kept the distance by moving one step, but there was a limit to doing it in the room.


Eventually, Ray’s back first touched the wall, and when I moved one step further, Ray’s chest ended slightly.

Mo, radish, what is it?Do you want to say?

It was Ray to pretend to be strong, but I had a lot of experience in me, so I didn’t feel power at all.The pupils were also vibrating.

Do you want to monopolize?

That, so, that’s.

Look at this.If you originally like a personality, you just want to be honest and monopolize, but you are hesitant.
Is it unexpectedly swayed by a bad guy?

“what’s the matter?Tell me honestly.

This time, it’s not a coercive tone like before.When I smiled, Ray looked at my eyes with a slight expectation.

Cow, honestly?


I was thinking of making a fresh smile, but Ray’s expression changed after seeing the smile.

It’s a smile that should never be honest.

This is how you notice this at this timing.
How did know?If I wanted to be monopolized, I was going to drag it right to the room and have sex again and again until I was stunned.


As I kicked my tongue, I sighed as if I was terrified, and Ray, who was crying, was barely liberated.

No, what’s really …Why is your tongue?

But then, I realized something, and when I came back to me, I looked closely at me and stared at my face.


And when I saw my casual expression, I blushed and shook my body.

Are you going to play with me again?!

Finally, he shouted as if he had reached the truth.
hey.So why do you say?Yes, I think I did something really bad.

I play with you.Just with my woman ….

Who is your woman!

hey.No matter how much you do not deny that.
I can’t.Again with a serious look.

“hey.It’s just a joke to say.It’s not a joke to leave you.You are my girl.okay?”

Uh, uh …

When I was firmly, Ray shrugged again.

I asked if I knew.

“Ah Okay .”

After all, it was an easy -to -be dragged person to be attracted to bad guys.


What is it really.

As I did to Silvia, Ray stroked his head, and Ray grumbled as he pouted his lips.
Don’t grumble.It’s quiet in the inside.I feel your feelings?

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