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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1057>

After the work between Silvia and Ray, we all came to the restaurant.
no.Is there a little money to say that it was solved.In the end, I was in the middle of me, and I had nothing to solve between the two.
Thanks to this, I kept only a bit of silence on both sides, but it wasn’t a situation to care about them.
This is because there was a senior in the restaurant.

That’s the next 3 days .

“yes.It’s really unfortunate.Although there is a reason for meeting, we are in a position that we cannot leave for too long.

no.I didn’t say it was a pity.Rather, I want you to go quickly and work under the water.I wanted to do that yesterday.
There .

“okay.But uncle.Did you say you work in nature?

Keiros.yes.That’s right.”

When I talked to the uncle who said he was working in the nature yesterday, the uncle revealed his name.
I don’t want to remember my name.

Then, when you go back?

“yes.I will do that.

Then go together.

I thought I was really blatant to say that I was going to get it, but the uncle was not very careful.

Do you think about going to nature?

To be precise, did you say that you are Shin’s family, Dier?I’m going to go there.Are you nearby anyway?

Yes .

It was said that one day I had heard that my house was in the capital, but somehow, the uncle was definitely unable to answer.
what?Isn’t it in the capital?

But what kind of martial arts in Dier?if .”

“okay.If you are the king, you can convince you.

Do you mean Dier.I don’t think the people of the family will be easily persuaded.

I knew it was because I heard about God too, but is it too?This is a close uncle with God.

It looks like that.But I’m not going without thinking.I talked a little with God.I’m going to go because I decided that there was a possibility.

“hmm.Certainly, if you can capture the Dernen family, there’s nothing more solid.Then, will you go to the capital?

Not only God, but everything together.So, can I get some go together?There are many dangerous guys if you see a face to others, so if you are burdened, it doesn’t matter.

“no.Then it would be safe to be disguised as my soldier.I will serve you until.

That way, the story has been done, and after 3 days since then.After the frenzy’s oral party, we finally headed to the capital of Bapra.

For reference, I didn’t wear it at the difficult part of the frenzy.Will I go to see the hell again because I’m crazy?Although there was a persistent invitation of the uncles, he refused all Ray as an excuse.
I don’t think I want to interfere with others’ love affairs like people who gather and talk about love.
Thanks to this, Silvia had to continue to write a room alone, and as a result, the relationship between Silvia and Ray went out three days without any progress.

Anyway, after the meeting of the gift of the gift, we all wore the armor worn by the soldiers of Keiros.
If this is, even if you cover your face with a helmet, you won’t be suspicious at all.
Reina is looking for Bafra’s light on his eyes, and the gods and glass who are chased.And to Silvia and Threon, who sold their faces due to the disturbance of the gates.There was no safe way for our party to hide.
If there is one problem …

“hey.Isn’t Helena safe to wait?
I think so too.

I’m excited for some reason!I’m the first to travel on a wagon like this!

It was true that we had Helena at our party.
Even though a smile like a simple rural virgin has made me feel good, it’s not good if we think about what we need to do from now on.
Coldly, it was the same as holding a luggage.
Of course, I also liked Ray, so I didn’t help Helena.

How do you leave me after seeing that smile!

I don’t know.Don’t ask me.Because you are a woman, you have to take care of it.

Anyway, I can’t take it to the mountain.It may be really dangerous.At that time, let’s wait at Keiros’ house.Be sure to persuade you before arrival.

” Ah Okay.”

No matter how blinded by a woman, he knew how dangerous it was here or how dangerous it was.

For reference, it is nothing but a mountain.
The capital of Bafra is quite large, and the mansion of the Dier family seems to be built at the top.
That’s why the uncles were strange when I heard that Dier was in the capital.
Well, we have explored the dungeon and came down here, so there is no reason to come to see a mountain.

Anyway, there will be nothing dangerous to the capital, so I decided to go comfortably.

Although Keiros is wearing a soldier, of course, we did not walk out of the wagon.
We will stop in this wagon until we arrive at the capital.

“yes.But it’s a pity to leave like this.

“why?Did you hear it in a few days?

“no.If you had a little more time, even people there were ….

Is it that?I cared about the notice of God and Yuri, but I guessed what Greg was going to say.
I didn’t want to see it for a few days, and Grek said that it was a collection of information in the village with Duke.
It’s a male adventure with a strong bond between same -sex lovers, and Greg has a job as a bard poet.It would not have been difficult to get acquainted with people in a city where only men gathered.

Well, it’s a big harvest just to know the atmosphere of the general public.Anyway, the atmosphere of the capital or the general public will not be very different.When Dier’s work is over, you can exercise your skills there.

“yes!Please believe!This Grek!For salvation, if you are!
Don’t push your face!

I will die because of the helmet!This tiger is bored, and he puts his face and emits a hot atmosphere.

God than that.

Yes, yes!older brother!”

Don’t be so nervous.You say you are confident?

“yes!Nothing, of course!

Then don’t be restless and I’m confident.I want to hear a little bit more than guys .”


Anyway, if you are comfortable with the wagon, you can stop.
Because I was thinking so and completely relaxed, I couldn’t respond until the energy reached the distance.
And the moment I felt the energy, the side of the carriage we were already riding was completely gone.

Fortunately, it was Sylvia that was riding by the window of the completely broken side.
Our knight never relaxes even in this time.
I turned my eyes to the side of the energy, and I saw the back of Silvia, which reacts to the energy and puts the shield forward.
If it weren’t for that, the wagon would not just pierce one side, but was smashed at all.

Who are you?!
A guy dare to Kayos !
Sudden attacks, of course, were not only the wagons we were riding, but other wagons were upset.
Even so, it didn’t seem to have been attacked except our wagon.
He would, too, because he saw only one attacker.

It was here too.

And in the midst of such a noisy, a strangely sounding voice came into my ears.
what?What is this strangely soft voice?It was like a voice I had heard someday, but I didn’t remember when it was.Do you feel a strange discomfort?

You can know even if you cover your face.The trembling of this body, this heart is saying that.

On the topic that raided the carriage of dozens of people, he spit out a strange theater in a confident voice as if he was not afraid at all.

And to silence this trembling, you need four blood.Tonight is a red moon night.Even if the fat is colored, it will not harm this tranquil night view.

Is it a theater group, 2 bottles of middle and 2 bottles?Soft voice there?Oh, me, that guy.
Bushed hair, eyeballs with bloody blood.To dirty outstanding.I didn’t realize it because it was different from what I remembered, but is it that guy?

Stop for a while!

After stopping Keiros’ soldiers who were trying to approach him, I hurriedly descended the wagon.

Salvation?Why are you?

I know you know.As you can see, it’s a little bit of a problem.I’m sorry, but I’m going first.I’ll follow this guy and follow them.Doesn’t it matter?

If my expectation is correct, my purpose is one.If I say that I remain, the other guys will just send it.

I hope.Give me a chance.Gone in front of my eyes during the cell.

And after all, the expectation was correct, and he alternately looked at me and the carriage for a while and nodded.

Yes !
It’s okay, so do whatever you say.This will be souled.Do you know Keiros?

When the uncles have been in a dozen, they can’t be against this guy.

It would be okay.let’s go.”

Keiros clearly understood the words I omitted, and the uncle looked at this for a while and nodded.

“yes?Ha, but .

I asked you to go.

Yes, yes!

Unlike when I was talking to me, the charismatic uncle Keiros, and the soldiers who were lingering eventually began to move back to their position.

“uh?Uh?What is this ….

Of course, some people were embarrassed now after not following the situation.

Silvia!Ray catch him!


Well Uh!Uh!

Even Sylvia was overpowered.
Ray.If you are a woman, don’t try to scream in the world in many ways.You don’t have a device that changes your voice like Silvia.

It’s fun.

Anyway, when I sent a wagon and looked at two of them, he was laughing with a sticky smile.
okay.This was strange too.I didn’t notice it right away.
Two of these, weren’t you two bottles of somewhere a little bit more nicer?Even though it’s two bottles of the same, why are you so tone or impression?Did you hit too much daughter so much that your head is strange?
I think it may be.I’m a little sorry for thinking so.

Are you like you?Do not climb to the dog’s topic of the dirty whore.

At the moment, he suddenly threw a bomb remark.
no.It was a bomb remark, and I noticed it.I am a goddess lion.
Well, he was hit by a saint skill and even lived for a while without solving it.If you didn’t notice it, it would have been no longer.
I sent you the other guys first, so it’s almost about it.

“okay.okay.sorry.sorry.Can I solve it?

Perhaps he would have been scared, but sorry, I didn’t think it was.
no.I’m sorry, but I’m the strongest against human beings.

“no.It’s me to solve it.Liberalize the black dragon in this left foot, pierce your heart, and Heyi!

Is it not your arm if you usually liberate black dragons?Why is it leg again?
With that thought, I first made it lightly proclaiming the sanctuary.
Other skills may be missed, so it was likely to be installed from the board, but it was enough for him to declare this sanctuary.
Well, I have lived with my energy for a long time.It wouldn’t have been strange when it broke out.
Rather, it was even more amazing to speak well.
I’ll admit it.You’ve been well.I’ll compliment you.

I grabbed the kick and looked down on the floor while stabbing the buttocks, and I shook my head.

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