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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1058>

It was when I was just down the mountain of the Gumiho.
What that means is that it’s been a long time since I was in my saint skill.
The longest period of time ever even if you don’t have to calculate it.The only way to compare is it when I left the saint’s holy water in Pelicia’s mouth?
But at that time, I had a low level, and in the beginning, the saint’s holy water was sensitive to the contact area, but it is not a skill that leaves pleasure.Felicia is also resistant due to the nature of the Succubus, and there is a fact that you are familiar with your body sensitive.

But this guy is different.
Although it is the weakest skill of my skills, I have received a sanctuary declaration that makes me pleasure.
It is also a race of war gods.Among them, the body of Mine, which is thought to have been strongly influenced by the most war god.

okay.This guy is Mine.The only Mine I saw when I came down to this world.
Even so, there was no warrior in the occupation section, but only races like Miriel.
Anyway, I was persistent in the bar that I tried to be involved with this guy, because I was a sanctuary when I ran away.

Even so, it’s not clear whether it’s a man.Because it’s two bottles.Anyway, I didn’t think it would be chased here.
I put a strange grandfather who was chased after God and Yuri, so I thought he would be caught.
I didn’t get caught with this body and chased it here.

Anyway, all the situations have been informed of how hard this guy has suffered.
It was so poor that I was sorry, and I was spilled on the floor with only my buttocks, making my body look more pitiful.

“hey.Are you okay?

Well, no matter how poor I was, I didn’t want to touch the cheap bastard, so I didn’t have a good time, so I touched my body with my toe.

Hey, huh …

Don’t shake it every time you touch it.
As soon as I saw someone who was coming to pants, I also solved the proclamation of the sanctuary.Now the pleasure of being in the body is gone.


He was attacked while lived like that.
Of course, because of the two bottles of tone, the tension was not felt at all, but it is still a high -level mine.Considering that Miriel and Laon’s skills are a whistle, this guy is probably more than imagination.
So he prepared his mind to use the saint skills at any time and stabbed his body with his toes, but he continued to respond with no reaction except for sobbing and wandering.
Considering that life, I thought I would ignore the pants as soon as the effect of the saint’s skill was released.
No matter how mine is a man, a man is a man.Is it possible that you can’t win the pleasure of circumstances?Otherwise …

Ugh …

Something strange, so I turned around his body slightly with his toes, and I couldn’t see the appearance of the guy who floated his eyes and only the lower body.
Did you faint?no.That’s good.It’s all good.Why is this baby like this?I don’t have such a hobby for me!
When you react to Silvia with Dildo?That’s because it was Sylvia!

Anyway, what’s important now was this guy’s treatment.
I didn’t think it would wake up right away, and I couldn’t bring it back to the carriage.
The influence of sensitivity in the body has been eliminated, but anyone has been sexually done by something.Before that he was from a family related to the goddess’s mana, he couldn’t show this to him.
no.In the beginning, I noticed that I knew that I was a goddess of the goddess.Even if you are not a god, you could not take it to the other guys.

That can’t be killed here.
I don’t want to get blood in my hands, or I don’t think it’s stupid.
There is as much as possible, like the blood to be buried in this hand.You can do it anytime if you need it.I actually did it a few times.Well, as a saint of the goddess, it may not be possible.
Anyway, I didn’t want to kill this guy.
It’s a waste of simplicity, simply not getting any information and killing it easily.
It was a mine I met, and I needed to know what happened while I was chasing from the village to here.

That’s why I couldn’t do this or that.
You can’t take it, but it’s a waste to kill.I even had to make a decision as soon as possible.
Sylvia seems to be well -controlled, but if you take a long time, the other guys will run to see my situation.
Especially anxious that this chest is fluttering.It’s not my feelings.I’m not at all.And unless it’s the feeling I feel, the identity of this anxiety is obvious.
Ray, if you leave it still, you’ll definitely have an accident again.

shit.If you knew this, you will save the communication ring.
no.Anyway, I thought I wouldn’t spend the rest of my time before going to bed, and when I had dinner, I secretly talked with our kids.I think that’s going to be a root.
The ring of the ring is about one day.Now, when I come and regret it, there was no way to get advice from our kids.
Then the means left now is a bit dangerous, but it’s the only way.If you come back straight, you won’t be able to see it, and it’s okay?
I was determined, and I took out two things from the inventory.
One is a big tent.And the other was the small teleport magic that Diana made.
The magic circle also has a device that converts a 3m radius of mana to the mana of the goddess, so it’s over if someone approaches nearby, but now it doesn’t come up with a better way.
It is said that this small teleport magic is connected to our children’s family in the mountains of Gumiho, so if you leave this guy to our kids and come back quickly, there will be no problem.

Once I installed a magic circle in the tent to cover the Teleport magic, I immediately started a mana conversion device.
Shortly afterwards, the teleport wizard lit fire.
good.Then this guy will be damaged.I didn’t want to touch my pants.
no.wait for a sec.If you take it like this, it means that our kids should wash this baby’s body.
Of course, if Diana uses magic, it will end in an instant, but no matter how magic, Diana didn’t want to handle other baby pants and pants that had been cheap.

If so
Oh, no.Let’s calm.calm down.are you okay.I don’t have to do it myself.Summon the spirit of the water and leave it to her.
And even if you are a man, this guy is born.That’s not irrelevant!

Anyway, I’ll ask for it!

I quickly called the spirit of the water, and I made the pants of the pants.


Hey !Don’t sound strange about being washed away on the stunned topic!
Anyway, I called the water spirit and washed it roughly.
At the next moment, the scenery in front of you turned into a wooden house in a tent.

“Guys!I’m here!”

There is no time.There are still mana conversion devices that are still in operation.
After leaving this guy and explaining the situation roughly, we called our kids to leave immediately, but no one was answered.


Far from the answer, I didn’t even feel the popularity.
It’s definitely a night, but it’s a little early to fall asleep.There is no such popularity.
Now, wait.This is, today I have already conversed with me through the ring, so I thought there was no reason to be here.
Z, shit!At this time!

As it was, I searched the corner of the house that had a hope that this house had a perfect soundproofing equipment and could not hear my voice, but the appearance of our children was not seen anywhere.
That means that you have to take this guy and go up to the top.

There was no idea from the beginning to leave it in this house.
Of course, it doesn’t seem like our kids will be hit by this guy, but it’s dangerous to leave this guy without any warning.
In addition, if this guy wakes up first, rather than returning our kids, then the village of the nine -tailed nine -tailed village will be upset.
Then, what’s left is that you have to go up using the teleport magic circle in the center of the village, and then leave this guy to a reliable person.

Looking out of the window, I saw a sparse light.
Considering that our kids were desperately trying to hide myself to the nine -tailed nine -tailed people, the situation was not very good.
If I was alone, I would have been able to go to the teleport magic circle without any problems with shadow stealth and shadow movement, but I still take this guy who is intermittently moaning.

Wow!Who, who?!Do, help …town!”

I was worried about how to do itAt that moment, the door suddenly opened and someone came into the house.
It’s not one of my girls living here.
As soon as I heard the voice, I judged that way, and I immediately went back to the back of someone who entered the house by using the shadow movement.
He hugs his body for his arm and stops his mouth with his hands.In a moment, the woman stirs her legs and did not know what to do.

“quietly.If you make it loud .

I don’t have time, but Ray this guy continued to share anxiety by sharing his feelings about what was so anxious.
But as soon as I looked down at her, I could realize that the face was a memorable face.

“wait for a sec.Was your name Lisa?

okay.I first met here.
It was the first nine -age nine -age kid who was a high school student who originally lived.


Lisa opened her eyes and looked into my face.



Hey this ah!Are you looking for me now and struggling more?!why?!It’s been a bit of a saint skill, but it’s all passed!
shit.I can’t.

“hey.If you don’t quiet, it’s like then!


Fortunately, when the threats wanted to eat, Lisa, who was silent for a while, tried to scream again.
This, this kid is really!Then, when I talked to Ray, I had a nuance to meet me with me.
Then this guy wants to be hit by the saint’s skill.

“Shh!Quiet!Can’t you see the fall down there?!What if that happens?!That’s Mine!Mine!Do you know what Mine is ?!It is a hematoprigaxian of the warrior!Do you want to see this village becoming a mugwort field in that guy?!


There were so many things I really wanted to say, but unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go with this guy.
When I spit out threatening, Lisa finally stopped struggling and swallowed in breath.

“Understand?Don’t be noisy because you’ll be in your mouth.


After confirming that I nodded Ligasa, I slowly pulled my hand from the mouth.

“you you!Why do you have such a dangerous person?

You.Like Ray and this, and why are the kids who talked about me casually these days?Is it too much for me to say this?

I didn’t bring my lungs to this village either.I couldn’t just take it, so I tried to leave it to our kids.So, where are all these guys?

As they originally lived …

Did you do that too?shit.Today, I contacted you a little early to become a big snowball.
If so, I have to go to the center of the village and go to the center of the village.

“hey.Help me for a moment.

After thinking for a while, I decided to use Lisa.

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