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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1059>

First of all, you take that guy and go to the teleport wizard in the center of the village.Then I saw the timing without human eyes, and I took him up.

If you leave it here, the problem will take place and you will be able to draw a clear risk seed.No matter how bad this guy is, he can’t help but help.

You just have to take that man too.


okay.I can say that because I don’t know my situation.
But why do you tell me that two of them are that guy?I’d rather call me a man too.Did you do that before?man!man!do.

I can’t show someone else to others?

“why?You don’t have to hide your identity from our villagers?

If you say that, this guy seemed to know my situation.
Well, because our kids usually live here, you’ve heard about it.I saw it before.
I don’t know the fact that we are very wary of the nine -tailed people aiming for me.

Anyway, there is something like that.

It was ashamed to explain with my mouth, so I was going to go over it, but this kid noticed for a while and grasped the truth of my words.

Are you too stiff?

This, this kid is …!On the subject that you can’t forget about my pleasure!
OK.i get it.You took it well.There is no laya to dry today, but go to heaven.
I immediately triggered the saint’s hand and tried to pinch the cheeks of this kid.
But the moment I tried to reach out.


Suddenly, two bottles were about to get up, so I had no choice but to stretch my hands there.
This kid is lucky.How do you interfere whenever I try to show you when I saw it?


The two bottles, which were not good enough to be stunned by the proclamation of sanctuary, could not be fine even with the saint’s hand.
After looking at the subtle mood that the washed pants were wet again, I turned to Lisa again.

What is it?

Hiik!Oh, it’s nothing!

It was quite effective to put a hand that stunned two bottles in one shot.
Huh.It will be from the beginning.

Then please.

Ugh …

When he threw two bottles of stunned, Lisa was handed over with a very disgusting look.
hey.Don’t hate it too much.I don’t want to say this much as a body with a Gumi -hoo lover, but is it not welcome to Gumiho?It is cooperating with this, so let’s go with the momentum to absorb the semen penetrated into the pants.

But you don’t want to stand out?If you move this man like this, it will be very noticeable.

shit.Is that too?But how do you do this?
I took out the bracelet from the inventory and then filled it on the wrist of two bottles.Of course, as well as the youngest you can.
While he was about 5 or 6 years old, he hid his appearance to the lobb in the body of two bottles and handed it to Lisa.

Now, is it now?

Uh, if this is this …What if you wake up in the middle as before?

Lisa, who received two bottles of medium with a trembling expression for some reason, was still scary.
Did you scared so badly?

I will be stunned again even if I’m ready to appear.You only have to trust me.

“Yes .”

After nodding, Lisa hugged two bottles and walked out of the house.
And after that, I used the shadow hide and chased it.
On the way, I met the nine -tailed foxes, but I didn’t think that the two bottles were in the arms of Lisa, wrapped in Robe, and I just greeted and passed by.
good.If this is not possible, you can use the teleport magic circle.

Then it turned out.


I couldn’t even notice my tricks using hide, and when I talked, Lisa shook his tail.

What are you so surprised?

Oh, because there’s no one suddenly hears a voice in my ears!

indeed.If you talk in a stealth, does the other person feel like that?
Well, I’m not very interested.

What did you come to that house?Did you know that there are no kids?

“that .”

Lisa did not say anything, and he turned away from me without saying anything.
I didn’t know where I was, but it was subtly out of direction to turn my head from me.

Look at him.Suspicious.Did you come home?

Do not treat people!

Then why did you come?

I arrived too!Now, can you here?!

Chet.Lucky guy.
I wanted to be more suspicious, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to waste this.
Ray feels unusual from before.I’ll be wielded by Ray’s feelings.

“okay.Be good.

After confirming the surroundings, I unpacked the stealth and handed over two bottles, and I quickly got on the teleport wizard before anyone saw it.
Now go to the mansion and leave two bottles of them to our kids, and it will be dangerous if it doesn’t go back quickly.


As I tried to take a step of two bottles with one hand, I heard a familiar voice from the front.

There is all this coincidence.I will meet the saint at this time in this place.

As if not surprised, Miriel naturally kneel in front of me.

“Ahh!What are you doing?!

I was trying to put my face on my pants, and I was in a hurry.

“huh?Of course the saint, of course,.
Go while watching a joke!

What are you going to say when you listen to others now?!
It’s really serious if you say that from my mouth!know?!
I was an assistant to act like this.If you have something to notice and have common sense, you will not know!Let’s do this only when you are in the room!
I desperately tried to play Miriel’s actions, and fortunately, Miriel also accepted me. it.Even the saint is not that much.
What’s that is that.What the hell are you thinking?
I had a lot of words I wanted to say, but I had to do it, so I had to endure it.This is not the time now.

By the way, what’s going on alone at this time?Others seem to be invisible.

You are, ah, you were.hi.”

I was embarrassed by Miriel’s sudden behavior, but now I was standing side by side.
Except for Genie, who is in charge of the five -tiered base, he is a total of executive.
They all gather together and go together.


no.More than that.Are you a bit scary?
It’s a joke that Miriel did earlier.


“huh?What is that?

Why the saint is alone here.

No matter how much!

For some reason, I had a feeling that I shouldn’t show two of these bottles to Miriel.
Ray, what are you doing?!no way .


I ignored Miriel looking into my face, and I arranged my thoughts.
I think I have to go down quickly and check it.There is no time to deliver two bottles to the mansion.then .


Uh, uh?me?”

Suddenly, he didn’t think his name would be called, and Allicia gave up the ugly expression that he showed a while ago and gave a ridiculous answer.

I have a request!

What, what is it?

Send this guy to our mansion!

No matter how much you think, it was dangerous to leave two bottles to Miriel.
But if Miriel was trying to stab me when he was trying to stab me, wouldn’t it be okay to ask for it?

Uh, child?

“okay.Oh, and this too.Don’t check the contents, I’ll ask you.

I took out paper and pens from the inventory, briefly wrote down the ejaculation, and put the note in the lobe of two bottles.
In fact, I know that you shouldn’t show this note in front of you, but it was inevitable that we had to explain the situation to our kids.
If you are a strong loyalty, you have no choice but to go to the weak possibility that you may not really see the contents of the note.

I’m sorry, but only you are to believe it.Can I ask me?

That, gram.

Lastly, when I asked for one more time, Allicia nodded with a fisic look.

“thank you.Then I’ll ask you!Then I’m only!

I suppressed the fluctuating chest from before, and I hurriedly entered the teleport magic circle.


After seeing the salvation that disappears by the light of the teleport magic circle, Miriel opened his mouth.

“Why why?”

that day.Salvation persuaded Miriel, and Miriel vowed not to go beyond the sixth floor, and then liberated.That day.
Alicia was strangely noticed that Miriel’s attitude changed from that day.
It is strange that Miriel gives up his purpose and gives up to the depths of the dungeon.
no.Of course, that’s strange, but for allicia, there was more concern than that.
It is Miriel’s attitude to show when he treats salvation.
Looking at salvation.A voices that are subtle tones when they call their names.A smile that has never been shown before.
Is this a woman’s feeling?As usual, Alicia, who noticed the subtle change that Miriel had never noticed that he had never been salvation, had no choice but to be nervous about Miriel’s voice calling his name in a low tone.

Salvation seemed to have something urgent.
And when I was so in a hurry, it was Alice himself that salvation leaned.
To be honest, Alicia could not hide the joy of the words of salvation that you only believed.
But to change it, Miriel’s mood is not chosen.

That child, can you pass it?

In an unknown voice, Miriel reached out as if it was natural to Alicia.
It didn’t seem to be jealous of Alicia, but Miriel was originally a good idea to hide himself.If you really tried to hide your inside, there was no way to know whether Miriel was jealous or not for Alicia.

What are you going to do?

Because it’s a cute child.I want to hug you once.

It’s a lie.
No matter how much Alicia was noticed, I could see that much.

You just heard it?That guy is to me ….

Allicia.Are you doubting me too?

At one moment, Miriel’s black emotion seemed to flow out of the body.

That’s not it …!Miriel!you !”

“ it.I didn’t believe me and threw my body.

Ah, no !

If you talked about it, Alicia had nothing to say.
It was an act of betraying all Arakne Clans for salvation, and Miriel gave up his dreams.
But Miriel never rebuked Alicia.I have never been rebuked, but I couldn’t help but remain.

Oh, I’m going to go to your mansion?

“of course.Do you know Alicia?I have become a body that can’t be resisted by the saint.


Salvation.sorry.Still, is it okay to get it once?
After a long time, Allicia had no choice but to pass the child in his arms.

“thank you.After all, Alicia.Then shall we go?

The other side is not the original teleport magic.In the direction of the road that came back, Miriel moved his steps.Holding the child handed to Allicia tightly.
I had no intention of returning the child again.

I, are you going to the mansion?

“of course.”

The answer came out so immediately, and it was an answer that didn’t feel more trusted for some reason.
So Alicia once again pursued Miriel.

Are you going to your mansion?


What, what is it.

Is it an excuse for the hemp to go to this night?First, let’s go back to our mansion.

Nevertheless, Miriel had no intention of listening to the request of salvation.

“what?!Miriel!But that guy is …!You know that.I hate it so much that I can’t keep this promise!huh?Even if you look at my face …

If it was usual, I would have been told to take it as a power, but the sinful Allicia could not go to Miriel strongly.

Of course I know.It’s between me and Alicia.Even if you don’t worry, you’ll deliver it in the morning.

And as if he knew such a heart of allicia, Miriel showed a cool smile as usual.

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