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What the saints do in the dungeon Episode 1060>

“oh!Uh, huh?Did you see it wrong?

Returning to the Teleport Magic Circle, Lisa was still standing in place.
Of course, the time was not long, but it would have been possible to get out of the seat.

Hey?!Ca, surprise …Why don’t you keep seeing it ?!Are you a transparent human?!Are all men like that?!

no.Why are you angry?Why is the man coming out there?Did you see me followed with a hide?no.It’s a little bit of money to see it, but anyway.

If you see everything, go home.My parents are worried.

I know Anne?!

no.What are you talking about?That’s right.This kid.

I haven’t only adults yet, but my body is an adult!

Foot.Where are you seeing your body?If you had time, you would have grabbed it and laughed at it, but unfortunately I didn’t have time for me now.

Yes.Okay, go and grow up.Then I’m busy.

“uh?!Now, wait!hey!man!Not really?!Man!

I stirred my arm and confirmed that I was not around, and Lisa found me in a big voice.
That’s another man’s streets.Was it consciously restrained?
Anyway, if you shout a man like that, stop because others notice my existence.
But I didn’t want to take time to dry that kid, so I quickly headed to our children’s mansion.If others do not open this village before they listen and gather.

The original place was in the mansion.Returning to the place where two bottles attacked, I first manipulated the device and turned it off.
You can’t leave with the goddess mana around.
The magic circle continued to absorb the mana of the goddess needed to activate the teleport magic, and Diana explained that if you turn off the mana conversion function, you can get rid of the mana of the remaining goddesses in the atmosphere.
Then will I decide to look around in the meantime?

Once there was no trace of anyone in the tent.
I keep the tent as it is because the inventory is infinite.On the soft carpet on the tent floor, only my footsteps were clearly remained.

After checking the tent, I checked out the tent, but there was nothing to know there.
Horseshoe or human footprints.To the wagon wheel mark there.There were many dark traces all over the ground, but that’s the remaining traces when we were attacked.
Even if anyone has come back since then, it’s hard to find out the traces, not that I’ve been trained.
If the hunter level was quite high, you might be able to find something, but if you knew it, would you learn a little bit of the basics?

Anyway, if someone had come, of course, I would have detected the goddess’s mana, and then I couldn’t check the tent.There was no trace in the tent, so you can think that no one has passed by.
But then why was he so surprised?I was surprised enough to tremble before, I thought it was because I found it here.
So, at the risk of leaving two bottles to Allicia.I think Ray didn’t come here, so I regret it again.I should have taken it myself.

I don’t believe Alicia.I can’t believe it.
It’s a difference between me and my adventurers who are talking about me.Allicia constantly proved how thick his loyalty was.If you don’t believe such a woman, you will believe in the world.
The problem is not Alicia.Of course, Miriel doesn’t have a corner to doubt.
Anyway, anyway, now it’s possible to appoint Sado if you are completely teaching me.
Even if it is not an appointment of apes in a typical way, the apostal appointment is appointed apostles.If my guess is correct, the mind that Miriel thinks of me will be sure.
I must be sure, but what do you feel?

I wanted to go back now, and I wanted to take two bottles of my own bottles to the mansion, but it’s too late to come.
Ray that guy, he didn’t come here and made it confusing.
I decided to go back and asked what happened, and I waited for the teleport magic to suck all the goddess mana.

There is there.

After completing all the backsets, I chased the remaining wheel marks on the floor.
The night without the moonlight of this place made it possible to move the shadow everywhere, and I could reach the end of the traces left by the wheel in a blinking bird.
Then, two of them, did the red moon did not do it?What was that?Well, is it a stupid thing to try to understand what the two bottles say?

In any case, the wagon wheel was connected to the village that was not so big.
The village is no different from the village we stayed when we first came down from the Mount Gumiho.Thanks to this, it was not that difficult to find a place where I was riding.
I have been there.

Who are you?!

The largest mansion in the village.When he saw Keiros and soldiers dressed in the garden there, he approached the shadow movement, and the sharp edge of the soldiers welcomed me.

“stop!Salvation.Have you been there?I was just going to send the soldiers.

okay.I thought it would be.Somehow, the soldiers lined up at this time.
Even though it is a hurry, it is worthwhile.If I had taken two bottles of the mansion directly, I would have been caught a teleport magic.

I don’t have to.I have been dealing with it by myself.

It’s too.that man?”

I won’t be attacked again now.I’m sorry for the wagon.

“no.It’s okay, but aren’t you killing?

It was like a nuance to kill.
This is why he said in a tone that seemed to know that I didn’t kill.
Since then, as we have a high position in the world of war, are you sensitive to blood smells?

I can’t kill right now.

There is something like something.

It was the right answer to say that if the value of use is falling, Keiros nodded without asking more than that.

Anyway, the uncle doesn’t get up late at night and let’s stop.

“yes.That would be nice.Then everyone dismissed!

After the soldiers gathered, I entered the village’s mansion, the largest mansion in the village with Uncle Keiros.
I don’t know if there’s a luxury hotel, but Keiros, a high person at a cheap hotel in this place, can’t stay.Therefore, Keros seems to have stayed at the village house.
And that’s the same with our party people.

This room is Ray’s room.

In so, Mr. Keiros winked with a smuggling smile.
no.Thank you for your own guidance, and thank you for deliberately guided in the same room as Ray.Don’t push your faces.burden.

” thank you.”

Greetings shortly, I went straight to the room.
And what I saw there.


Stay still!

Sylvia and Ray were rolling together on the bed.
To be more precise, Ray was on the bed, and Sylvia was beaten by one hand and then turned his mouth with the other hand and completely overpowered it.
Of course, both bottles used to wear were scattered on the floor, and even the clothes they were wearing inside were distracted, so at first glance, Sylvia was committed to Ray. .

What are you doing?


When I said a word, both fell from each other, frightened that they both barely noticed my existence.

Gu, Gu, Gu, Salvation!Oh, no!This is not the case!

“Help me!That homo is dangerous!

And while Sylvia couldn’t come to me because of that personality, Ray ran to me and hid behind his back.

“hey.So Sylvia is not a homo several times.
That’s not it!I know that homo is a woman too!

So why do you call Silvia Homo?
If you know the gender, it is definitely waiting for Silvia to be homo.So I just asked for help.Then, Ray is trying to say.

Poetry, Silvia?

“yes?Why is it?Ah, ah, no, no!

Silvia, who slept lightly as if he didn’t know English in my call, was denied as soon as he realized what I was trying to say.

What’s not!This kinky homo!Put such things in my butt!

Rain, I’m not unspoken!Because you are going to keep getting out!I just blocked it according to the words of salvation!

“Do not lie!I won’t go by myself, so if you ask me to solve it, it keeps rubbing!

When did you do that!

I said!Keep talking!It’s just what you didn’t hear!It’s a bit of a lot of power on the topic.

It’s not useless!This is the power to protect salvation!

Then, then you only need to use it!Why do you commit meWrite it!This homo color light light!

I have never committed it!No homemo!It’s not colorful!

I tried to commit!On the subject that took off your clothes!

The clothes have never been peeled off!

Armor is peeled off!

“If you go up wearing armor and go up with armor, the salvation is just naked because the bed is broken!”

Excuses are plausible!

No excuse!

Thanks to the two fighting, I could see what happened in the meantime without having to ask.Somehow, the armor is not organized and left on the floor.
no.Was it so surprised that Ray would be committed to Silvia?!I was surprised because of that, so I couldn’t even treat two bottles!
Real illusion is also oil finger!Is it mistaken … right?

I’m mistaken ah!

I read my expression and read my thoughts, and Silvia nodded with a look that he would die.
huh.I know.It’s a joke.

Anyway, if you’re going to fight both, don’t fight between me and fight?I’ll take a step and see it.

You’re going to leave me alone!

No homemo!

Chet.I don’t think I’ll fight and fight anyway, so I tried to see Cat Fight or a little bit.The wind spirit is thoroughly made by soundproofing.
I can’t.We can’t keep our Silvia with such an innocent look.

“okay.ray.Silvia is never homosexual.I checked it several times with that body.

That, yes ah!

I was ashamed, but I thought I couldn’t help it to prove innocence, Silvia shouted as he trembled.
no.I’m not ashamed, but I’m trembling for other reasons.
Anyway, I decided to leave my instinct because it was a bother of harass.

“No matter how much Silvia has done with a woman, you shouldn’t discriminate people in that way.”

Gu, salvation?!

Hi profit!All, don’t come!This beast!Somehow it seemed to touch my heart earlier!
wow.Ray is really scared.I was thinking that I was mistaken for sharing emotions.

Don’t be full!I don’t envy any such fat chunks!It only dulls your body!It just looks like a pig!

Poetry, silver.What if you resemble Diana?Am I a problem?Am I a problem when I only meet a big woman with a big heart?calm down!That’s just a coincidence!

Who is a pig?!

I didn’t say it was a pig!It looks like a pig!

That’s it!This homo!

If you leave it as it is, I don’t think it’s a happy catfight I expect, so I decided to intervene in the middle.

“hey.ray.calm down.The experience I’ve said earlier is that you sucked the dilding.If you think about it, you also Homo.

Ugh!Who are you?!

no.It’s not anyone.

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