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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1061>

Go there!
I don’t like it!

Sylvia and Ray sat on their knees side by side.The two were now striving to push each other’s faces sideways while their cheeks are attached.
To be more precise, Ray was alone and Silvia was holding up to keep his place.

The parties seemed to be quite serious, but it only looked happy for others.
The two different types of beauty are pushing their hands at all and they are pushing their cheeks.Besides, the male male stood slightly on the cheeks.
There will be no man who will not look at this scene.

Why is this situation all of a sudden?Simple.
The battle between Silvia and Ray, which was unfolded between the day, was hard to end, so I decided to forcibly reconcile.Both serve my stuff.
Why are you doing that?When I was young, when I fight with a friend at school, the teacher forcibly shakes up and reconciles.
Is it different at all?haha.No way.Did you forget?Our goddess’s catch phrase said, Do not fight and have sex!Sex! What did I do for this sweat and came down to the world.

Anyway, I wanted to let them fall and reconcile, but it’s too much for Ray, who is a homohomo.
So if you have a chance next time, you will try it, and today we first serve them together in the middle.
And it was not as bad as was good.

Do you fight even if you tell me not to fight?

I’m a man too.I was very happy with the cute quarrels over things.
But that didn’t mean that I could only watch it.If you keep leaving it like this, only your posture.

But this woman interferes!

I, I’m not wrong!We are in the middle!

They did not try to take their cheeks from each other, and the two raised their eyes up and appealed to me for injustice.
surely.As Sylvia said, the faces of the two were exactly left and right on the basis of my objects, so the cheeks were covered by my stuff.
In this way, Silvia may really seem to be greedy and Ray alone, but I knew.Ray has a reason to push Silvia as Ray.

So that’s what it says!I know everything!

What do you mean?

This, hello!greeting!It’s common sense?!

He’s been ashamed for granted for granted for a few days.
okay.It’s been three days since I had sex with Ray.
In the meantime, I have spent the night with Ray, and I have never pointed out the manners of Ray.
That is, that.Ray thinks that Silvia, who is obviously something to do, is grumpy.


Of course, Silvia, who had never heard of such common sense, was surprised and turned to Ray.
The pupils were clearly written, but the two letters were written, but Ray’s gaze was fixed to my stuff, whether it was unhappy or unhappy.

“joy!If you know, get out!

Sylvia was surprised and pushed the cheeks on his cheeks, and finally, Ray, who finally took the front of my stuff, was driven by the victory and smiled.
Well, the bright smile didn’t last long and turned into an awkward smile.

Then, please, please.side.Do you feel good?

The appearance of doing with an awkward smile was enough to remain and remained enough to tremble.

Yes I’ll look forward to it.

And I still recognize my things like a separate person, and when my stuff nodded, Ray rubbed the glans with his fingertips and kissed him again.
I’m suddenly thinking about it now.Doesn’t it seem to be more kind when you look at things and speak more than just looking at my face?You recognize it like a pet?So is that?
no.I don’t want him to be kind to me, and it’s good to have some kind of being kind to it.

What do you see like that?!ruler!”
Ray, who finished greetings while thinking about it, was hurriedly out of the side after seeing me and Silvia’s eyes on him.And when I grabbed my stuff, the direction faced Silvia.
This is no.It’s common sense for Ray, so it’s not a problem.
The problem is that if Silvia can’t grasp the atmosphere, all of Ray’s wrong common sense, which I have injected as etiquette, is broken.

‘Silvia!please!Please match this!Just say hello! ‘

I desperately attempted to talk to Sylvia.
Fortunately, we are a woman who is very fast, so the sound of my heart is obvious.

“Ah, ah, ah, Ah …

Silvia?!Why are your eyes running?!It’s because of my hot gaze?!Are you weaker resistance for a few days?!
Oh, no!Sylvia!Don’t be aware of the day and conscious of Ray!It was fine so far!My eyes don’t need to be conscious!

If you go like this, Sylvia loses his mind before he starts.
When the future was trying to become a reality, the savior suddenly appeared next to it.

“for a moment.What are you doing so?Wouldn’t it be the first time?

The savior named Rei.
Well, I didn’t say it with help.
Anyway, thanks to Ray’s urgency, Sylvia’s consciousness was to some extent.

“hot!Joe, it’s just a little missing!

Silvia, who was barely awakened, made an excuse if he didn’t want to show his weaknesses.

“what?Did you see it as if you were missing this?Are you a pervert?

It’s a bit clunky to say it’s an excuse, but I was hit by Ray.
hey.To be honest, it’s not wrong.Do you say you are talking about something like a pet?
Anyway, Ray’s counterattack did not shrink at all.Rather than shrinking, he even counterattacked.

Why is it pervert?Salvation is cool!The best in the world!It’s not strange to fall out!Are you not thinking so?!

What, what !

Losing something to say is just a word.
Literally, Ray, who lost words to say, turned red and his mouth was red.
To be honest, I was ashamed too.
Dangerous.If you and Ray are ashamed at the same time, the chain of the hell is shameful Spiral.

“How is it!”

In addition, Sylvia pushed Ray more as if he would not forgive if he could not answer.

I, I, too …

Silvia and my face were alternately alternately, and Ray gave a good answer.

Is it the best in the world?!

Uh!That, if you didn’t think so, you don’t like it!

At the end, in a half -crying voice, Ray said so, hugging my thighs and rubbing his face.
hey.Ray.Are you really crying?I was stabbed once, so the mentality burst.You’re so weak on the topic you first.

I, then .

Silbi, who had been knocked down unintentionally, was embarrassed.
are you okay.Sylvia is not wrong.You didn’t know that this was a rat medicine.

Leave this for a while, and let Silvia do it once.

As I stroked Ray’s head sticking to one thigh, I decided to continue my actions with Silvia.
I’m just ashamed and covering my face, so I’m not really crying.If you’re doing it, you’ll recover and interrupt.
And if you don’t have to do anything quickly, I think I’ll be uninterrupted because I’m swept away by this feeling.

Yes, huh?!Yes, Nehep!Ha, this, greetings
While he was so confused, he was aware of the atmosphere of the way, Sylvia reddrew his face red and looked at my stuff and muttered it.

That, yeah, I will do it!Woo.

Ray hanging on one of my thighs may be in disturbing, but thanks to this, he can maintain reason.
As before, the eyes did not turn around, and Silvia shouted like a spirit to himself, and raised his head forward.
But just before the cute lips touched my stuff, Sylvia showed something hesitant.

” side!Oh,

I slightly lowered my body and dug up the bottom of my object, and I kissed it in the testicles.
Then he moved a few times as if he stroked with the loud lips.

Oh, today …!Now, so that you can cheap!I will cheer up!

What kind of greetings did Silvia misunderstand Ray’s greetings?
It was a cry that seemed to be determined rather than a greeting, but this may not be bad.Ray’s body, burying his face in my thighs, was shaking.
Ray this guy, I worry about itIs the shape.

“okay?Is it so?

Yes, Yes?!Yes, yes.

Sylvie.No matter how much you say, you’ve been determined to be a little more motivated.How do you do it if you already look like a question that’s not a big deal?


That, Gerson

Slightly looked at my eyes, and Silvia first met my lips on my roots.
And at that moment, Ray’s body fluttered and trembled once again.
hey.If you are worried, you also participate.How much did you recover?If you don’t intervene, I’m just a bit of a ranging?

It’s okay.Then can you do it with your mouth at first?

Yes, Nehep!

When I stroked the head, I gained confidence, and Silvia tried to settle for Pella in earnest.
But to do that, of course, I had to push Ray’s body hanging on my thighs.

Now, wait!Don’t push!

I finally tried to push Silvia again to find that I could not be pushed like this.

Why are you going to this way?Go there!

This is exactly half!

For some reason, it feels like the first time I have come back for the first time.
Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Now, calm, calm.”


Ray and Silvia’s cheeks.Put the object on the border, and I slowly shook my back back and forth.Of course, hold the back of the two backs by hand so that the cheeks do not fall.
hmm.Both of them are fantastic, so this is quite good.

Nothing, nothing

Suddenly, things are rubbed on the face.It was also hard to be in a situation where it was rippled with a woman who was not very good, but the behavior was slightly different since then.
Ray has hardened with the expression that he may not be good, while Sylvia has been kissing it on my stuff.
No matter how weak Sylvia is resistant, it can’t be ignored.


Maybe Ray felt it too.
After a surprised look, Ray hurriedly started to match his lips on my stuff.
good.At this point, I will take care of it even if I don’t say it.
When I left the back of the two of them, they took off their cheeks and moved to the left and right of each object and kissed them on the side of my stuff.Starting right next to the glans, gradually down.

Unlike Ray, who kisses only clumsy, Silvia writes his tongue and made my stuff in earnest.
Rub your lips and rub it, lick your tongue with your tongue, or stick your tongue long to rub the bottom of the object.
I had listened to Felicia directly to Pelicia and matched the sum together, so Silvia seemed to know how to do it when they sucked my stuff together.
I felt when I was with Felicia, but is Sylvia a type that shines more when I do it with someone else?I don’t try to die as I do alone.

Anyway, the more Sylvia sucked my stuff, the more Ray it was.
Whether he was overwhelmed by the impatience that he had to do as much as Silvia, Ray clunkyly followed Silvia and put out his tongue.
But if Sylvia is leaving his tongue under my tongue, he’s out of his tongue, of course, the two tongues are in contact.

Wow!!!Mo, what are you doing?

You’re touching you!

Guys.Would you like to fight my stuff in between?
And Ray you spit out my stuff.It doesn’t matter.You’ll lick anyway.

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