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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1062>

Ugh …

Ray groans lowly, as if he didn’t like the role he was in charge.
But at the same time, Ray’s tongue was moving to be paired and licking the saliva he spit in my stuff.Of course, from the side of my stuff.
The act of moving the tongue and moving the tongue as if it were a harmonica was swollen, and it was no different from until a while ago.
Then, if Ray asked me what he was looking at, the answer was simple.
Where the gaze points.

Nung -eup

It was because of Sylvia who was sucking my glans and sucking hard.
I don’t like the central seat from Silvia and I don’t like it from the side.
Anyway, my stuff is big enough to stick to it, so I don’t have to be obsessed with the glans.

Stop looking at Silvia’s face, and if you lick everything, you can do it right now.Even if it’s not the end, there are many empty places?

If you leave it still, you are so bad that it is not strange when you fight.
I really realized that, and I urgently grabbed Ray’s head and took it to my roots.

I have never looked at it.

Do not lie.I was staring at it.
Well, I don’t understand.Sylvia is also conscious of Ray’s eyes, so I haven’t trembled at all, so I was doing more than usual.
If you can’t concentrate on me, the skill will better.It’s strange, but it’s inevitable because Silvia likes to die on me.

Anyway, Silvia, who sucks my glans now, was more active and fascinated than usual.
As Ray, who thought Silvia was a man a while ago, he would have to look at it except for rivalry.
Well, that doesn’t mean there’s no rivalry.

Here, here .

Ray, who had a face between my legs, lightly matched my lips to my testicles.
And I open my mouth as it is …

“hey.Tell me, don’t bite with teeth.

When I talked about something ominous, Ray’s body fluttered and trembled.
This, this guy too …

That, I know that too!You’re doing this?!

Do not lie!I tried to bite if I didn’t say it!I didn’t think about it.
As soon as I heard that I should not bite with my teeth, I realized how to do it, because Ray rubbed my testimony with my lips.

Chur … Page

And Ray went down, and Silvia was waving back and forth.
I was not a rational guy, so I thought it was different in addition to accepting pleasure in this situation where a completely different type of beauty is targeting the glans and testicles.

I think it’s cheap.Sylvia.Take it.

Before listening to the answer, I drained the objects from Silvia’s mouth, and I grabbed the head of the two and faced each other from the left and right of my stuff.
It was the same picture as the two tongues were unintentionally touched, but of course they were not trying to do the same.


When I gave my hands a strength to adhere to the things more closely, both of them were worried about their lips, and at the same time, they gave me strength to my lips.
Even if you don’t worry, it’s mine, so you won’t have to kiss them.
But anyway, it was a very desirable situation for me to give my lips a lot of strength.
The two heads were firmly fixed to the hands, and I shook the waist without hesitation.

Sylvia, which is relatively calm as you knew to do this, and Ray, who opened his eyes round and surprised.
I had only sweet sex so far until today, so it didn’t seem to be adapted to be used like a tool in this way.
However, because there is Sylvia’s casual in front of you, Ray continued to give up his lips with a look that he didn’t know it would be good.
After using the two lips, I swept the things a few times, and I freed my head and grabbed myself and shook back and forth.

Open your mouth!

Hia …
Lee, mouth?!Suddenly why

Ray is embarrassed without knowing the tongue after opening his mouth without any questions.
But I thought Ray could not be still, seeing Sylvia, and I opened my mouth.
I put my heads close enough to touch my cheeks with my hands that I didn’t catch, and then aimed at the face to start the ejaculation.


Whenever the semen poured out of the end of my stuff and put it on the faces of the two, the body stuck.Perhaps the reason for trembling is quite different.
Sylvia is happy and excited to see him feel good because of him, and Ray is trembling because he doesn’t know if he’s good.
Well, Ray will be excited because my feelings will be shared.

Well, is it over?

Sylvia returned to his usual appearance, even if he had a semen on his face.
Even if the semen fell on the closed eyelids, Sylvia confirmed it with a trembling voice with his eyes closed.


Hey.Ah Ugh

When I nodded, Silvia reached out.
Of course, because I closed my eyes, I couldn’t figure out the exact location, so I couldn’t bite the end right away.I turned my face like rubbing my face on my glans, and Sylvia bited the tip of the glans on his lips and sucked the side.

Mo, what is it?!what are you doing?!”

And likewise, Ray, who couldn’t open his eyes, was embarrassed by desperately raising the semen over the eyelids.
Just cleaning pella is already experience.I’m not just there, but it’s polite.But you think you are doing something different in Silvia’s excited nose.
Our Silvia is just happy just sucking me.

Silvia.It’s done.

Neuh?That, if you draw .

Silvia, who licked all the semen on the glans, moved his lips to bite deeper, and I put my hands on the head and restrained Sylvia.

How do you do it from the face?Is it a waste to just throw it away?

Oh, oh, oh.

After hearing my command, I rarely answered in a voiceless voice, and Silvia reached out toward Ray.
However, as the hands stretched out horizontally, the hands were settled on the chest.

Wow!Uh, where are you touching?!

Don’t touch it because I want to touch it!

Ray was embarrassed and tried to pull his body back, but the purpose Sylvia did not tolerate him.
Silvia, who grasped Ray’s position with his chest, grabbed Ray’s face exactly by hand and fixed the face.

Now, wait!What are you trying to do ?!This, this homo!

Ray strongly rejected Sylvia, as predicted what would happen in the future, but the knight who was ordered by the Lord did not retreat.

It’s not a homemo.I don’t want to lick because I want to do it too.Stay still.

A tight voice that was completely different from the melted voice that I had told you a while ago.

Now, sleep

In the voice, Ray reflexively hardened, and in the meantime, Sylvia licked Ray’s face and cleaned the semen sprayed on the face.

And as the tongue of Sylvia touched, Ray was more likely to be, and he shook his body as he was holding his head up.
Two bad beauty is licking your face.As you think, it’s a wonderful picture.


Only after licking all the semen on his face and then letting Silvia left, Ray only woke up and tried to sell Sylvia.
But my actions were a little faster.Still, Sylvia’s face is to be taken in front of Ray’s face, removing the remaining semen with objects.
I don’t think Ray is going to lick Sylvia’s face.

This, this .

No matter how much Ray came, I could guess what I wanted, and I looked up at my face with trembling eyes.
In the meantime, I have never been rejected in this way while doing cleaning pella.Is it because I was conscious of being a face of Sylvia’s face?
But the time to hesitate was not that long.

Koo, older.Me .

Me, I will do it!

When Sylvia tried to lick my stuff by sticking his tongue from the side, Ray hurriedly pushed Silvia’s face with his face and asked my stuff.


While looking at me with a complaint, Ray moved his mouth hard and cleaned my stuff.
So, from the top, the tip of the stuff is slightly licked with the tongue, and at the same time,Ray starts to go through his pocket by moving his hand below.And it was the condom that was held in the hand that came out of the pocket.
okay.Ray has been a woman carrying condoms in his pocket.
A woman who stands a condom to have sex anytime.Isn’t it somehow?Well, I made it.Since the day I lost my reason, I had a full condom.

Huh Hmeup

Anyway, Ray, who took out the condom, took a deep breath and kissed the central protruding part in his mouth and kissed my stuff again.
And I frowned slightly, but slowly swallowed my stuff by spreading the condom with my lips.
Of course, I couldn’t be skilled enough to swallow my things in that few days, so I finally put a condom with my hands from the middle.

Yes Really useless cursor.

It’s useless!This is so big that you are stunned every night ….
That, you don’t have to say that!

As he reached out in a hurry and blocked my mouth, Ray was swelling and noticed Sylvia.
You don’t have to notice Sylvia.In fact, Sylvia is the weakest in this field.Besides, Silvia notices the condom more than that now.


Anyway, you want to put a condom like this, you want to do it?

I licked the palms of Rei, who was blocking my mouth, and removed it, and I smiled and put my hands on Ray’s shoulders.

Uh, you were going to do it anyway?

And as if he was aware of what his actions meant, Ray muttered with no confidence by coloring his face more red.
okay.Is it like a fight you think?

“no.I was still going to enjoy it more.Well, I noticed that Ray was hard to wait.

Rice, so far, so far … Wait!

I pushed the shoulder and laid it on the bed, then grabbed pants and underwear at once, and Ray was surprised and covered with his legs with both hands.
What is it again.Newly.You’re not ashamed to come and see it now?Is it because of Silvia?

You haven’t done it yet!

huh?What are you talking about?okay.I haven’t done it yet, so I’m not trying to do it from now on.
While I stopped for a while because I couldn’t know the English, Ray rolled forward, raised his upper body, bowed his body, and took his face between my legs.

“side.Oh, today
ah.huh.okay.I didn’t say hello.huh.Then I made it full.

Uh, what do you do!

Ray suddenly raised his head with a embarrassing expression as he saw Ray stroking my glans over the condom.

Why again?

He doesn’t answer!

So she should say a few times, not a separate person.

I think you do it?

For some reason, I think it’s late to turn Ray’s wrong common sense, so I decided to just squeeze things.
When you teach people who don’t realize common sense, you shouldn’t just be too back.

Oh, it’s real.Then, then …

And then, the relieved Ray was lying back back and forth, and he was hidden in his pussy with a shameful expression.
no.To be precise, he made a V -shape with an index finger and a stop and opened his pussy.

Wow, come.

When I think about it again, I think it’s okay to scream without thinking back and forth.
When I saw the pink flesh, which was ready to welcome me by sticky loves between the pussy, I changed my thoughts.

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