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What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1063> End
It is awkward.It’s awkwardly awkward.
After breakfast in the village, I was in a wagon again.Sitting between Silvia and Ray, I felt crushed by a subtle atmosphere from both sides.

Salvation?Why are you?

In addition, this subtle atmosphere seemed to be more uncomfortable because no one could notice.
Sylvie Ado Ray is also a horse in front of others.Just because they are quiet, there is no one to see strangely.Even more and more because I have a helmet in the armor.
In fact, it’s not in a wagon, so you don’t have to use the helmet, and in fact, no one is using the helmet except Silvia and Ray, but everyone didn’t think it’s strange.

But only I could know.
These guys are awkward because of their sex together.Eventually, I runawayed and enjoyed all three.
That alone would be awkward enough, but in the morning, it happened.

What is that?
Ray, who opened his eyes in the morning, crawled into the blanket for the morning greetings, and dug between my legs and kissed my stuff.
If you listen so far, it may seem no problem, but it was never.
Ray, who was less asleep, was passing by because he couldn’t see it important.No matter how dark the blanket is, you shouldn’t see it.That is, I and Silvia were habitually inserted and fell asleep.
I tried to kiss my stuff, so of course the lips kissed the lips of Sylvia’s lower body.


I was in the morning with two large screams that I heard at the same time.
And it’s going to be this situation.
I’m really uncomfortable.Especially Ray you.Would you like to continue to spread this subtle mood to me?I will taste the emotions that I feel for the first time because of sharing emotions.
no.Of course, if you say that there was a cause, I have nothing to say.There is a awareness that I had 3P with bad kids.
But I’m not just blinded by desire.I really do my own way to improve the two..



You’re strangely quiet from the morning.What happened?

ah As a result, I feel like this tiger head has been called.
is it.Sylvia Ray is quiet, but no one is strange, but I don’t.

“no.Just a little sleepy Nothing!I was thinking about it!

hey!ray!I just said I’m sleepy!I didn’t say I couldn’t sleep because I had sex with the side next to me!Why are you so embarrassed to die?Then you will be transmitted to me, so stop it!

“thought Are you saying?

Fortunately, this tiger head was close to my fanatics.
It’s annoying because of that, but it’s helpful.I said that I could hear anyone, but I didn’t tackle it once.


“yes?Ah yes!older brother!”

Why are you looking at me with exciting expressions?Did you expect to talk last night?I will not do it.

Your family’s magic.Is there a lot of different types?The magic of dealing with the followers of the mop.

As a result, Greg and Duke realized that they had never talked about the new family.
Both are quite surprised.

“yes!of course!”

A family that passes on the magic of dealing with the believers of the goddess.The pride of the title is quite strong, and the gods rarely stretched their shoulders and said proudly.
That’s why he chose a woman instead of his’s not bad.Rather, is it good?As a same man, I think it is worth acknowledging that.

“I older brother?But whatever the problem ?

But that’s a proud attitude for a while.The gods shrugged and looked at my shoulders.
That’s why you live by glass.

“problem Well, if it’s a problem, it’s a problem.As far as I know, there is a magic that prevents sex from having sex.Every man who walks on a woman falls in love, and the man who is the target becomes an unable to erect the erection.

In other words, Matilda is the curse.
In fact, this was the first curse that came to mind when I knew it was such a family in Shinne.I wanted to keep asking, but I rarely have a chance.

Perhaps Greg and Duke came to the curse as soon as they heard the explanation of the new family.
It’s a famous curse, and it’s more famous for the fact that the cursed cardinal meets the saint.Because they don’t know that.
As soon as I heard my story, I put my ears as if they wanted to hear.
But there was a guy who could not react casually.

What are you?!

hey.Remion.What’s the problem?You’re talking about this baby’s house with me at the Sanctuary Meeting!I’m surprised that the first kid I heard first I realized that the two who just heard before I realized!I know that’s really a real fight.Ugh.That’s why it’s garlon.

What are you so surprised.You have heard with me too.Did you forget?

There were so many things I wanted to say, but I pressed it.
I can’t get on work because of this garbage.

How do you do that magic?

The believer was quite surprised that I knew, and I opened my eyes and asked.
Didn’t you say it?

Because it’s a warrior.Considering the purpose of the warrior, you should know that much.I forgot that fool.

“Is that so.After all, the warrior is different.I thought it was a completely forgotten magic.

Naturally, when he responded by covering the behavior of the trash, he nodded.

So, is the family still passed down to the family?

If you know how to do magic, you can see how to solve it.
Of course, I don’t understand the magic and the kite, but I would not understand it, but if I could hear it, I would have a place for Diana even if I was somewhat dangerous.
So it was a question that I was looking forward to.


Unfortunately, the answer that came back was negative.


It is natural that you do not understand.The strongest magic to deal with the followers of the mop.Rather, even if another magic was in practice, only this magic should have been handed down.You will think so.

It was the curse, the strongest magic of Matilda.Somehow, the Vatican couldn’t solve it and suffered.Of course, thanks to me, I almost solved it.


Hide such a heart, and I nodded as if I knew.

But we also had a situation.In order for our family to survive in the turbulent era, the magic that can be used for everyone was the first now, it doesn’t change.The half -sized coarse that can only be used for the followers of the mop is naturally forgotten.

Shocking facts now have been revealed.That curse, did you only get to the goddess?!
Then it wasn’t like a saint power that I didn’t curse, I have been strengthened by the goddess.Then, too, the curse is the saint power?
Well, how about it?The important thing is that I don’t get to me.

I think you know more about what is forgotten?

When he said that without revealing the inside, God nodded as if he had seen it properly.

“yes.In fact, it wasn’t long before we learned the existence of the curse.My grandfather searched for ancient documents coming down to the family and found the infinite possibility of the curse.

Infinite possibilities?

“yes.As you know, the world is divided into three huge forces.Bapra, Bis, and Pleatus.Of these, we are the only forces that strict sex.So if you can revive the ancient curse and modify it to other forces, if only that is successful, we are .

After saying there, God finally realized what he had said.
Our plans are to overturn Bapra through the gift of condom sex through the gift.
The curse that prevented sex was in front of the plan.

That’s why.everyone.Tongue, brother?Do you not know your brother!Please tell me!How wonderful the curse is against the mops..

So, our family is trying to improve the curse?So you can hang it on anyone.

I, I haven’t been completely restored until I get out of my house until I get out of my house!

that It should be fortunate, but it should be unhappy.

Your family is just pretending not to be on the outside, and everyone is interested in sex.Did you definitely say that?I believe that and go together like this.

That’s not a lie!Really!Please believe!

Even if you ask me to believe it.They are people who sow curse to prevent sex.Are you really interested in sex?It’s not too back and forth?
If you can’t explain it so that everyone can hear and understand it, I think you have to change this plan.
At the moment, God kneeled on the bottom of the wagon and clung to my legs.

If we can’t do it anyway, we can’t do it!It started with such a symbol!I must say that I’m a child!Obviously, if you know that you can have sex as much as you can, you can have such a curse curse study!I’ll stop right now!So myPlease do not give up our family!Hyungnii!

Where should I tackle this?
What kind of child?no.What is more than that?no.Let’s quit.
One thing is sure is that God has succeeded.Those who want to sprinkle a curse that cannot be sex may be interested in sex.That’s why everyone can understand.

“ah huh okay .

After all, the best thing I could do was to nod my head awkwardly.
Somehow, they seem to be getting farther away from what I imagined.Is it because of your mood?

Anyway, as we talked about it, we continued to move by wagon.
Stop once for lunch, and then go back in the wagon.
It was a flat road without a troubles such as a two -bottle attack, but it was burdensome.

As this atmosphere continues, it may be better for them to fight at all.
I thought about it and thought about it, but when I did it, Ray was so hard that Silvia’s gender was so hurt.
Eventually, until the wagon stops for dinner, I had to talk to others without saying anything and surrounded by a subtle atmosphere.

And finally evening.While the soldiers were busy moving to prepare, I moved to the toilet and moved far away from the shadow movement.
I was anxious about what would happen without me between Silvia and Ray, but Ray didn’t know, but Silvia would take care of it.
And I had a reason I had to do this.The reason I came to a distant place alone.Of course, there was only one reason.The horsepower of the telecommunication ring has finally recovered.

“Guys!I can hear?!”

First of all, the wind spirit was built around the wind to prevent the sound from passing through, and I immediately started the ring.

“hmm.Are you?I can hear it well.

If our kids are still on the power, they are the worst.Just as you did before to Sylvia, the distance is too far, so the horsepower of the ring may fall before you talk properly.
There was a little such anxiety, but fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about it.
But rest is still in place.The reason why the horsepower of the ring was scary to recover.

Diana!What happened?Did you send it well?

The reason was, of course, for this confirmation.
no.Of course Allicia believes.

“hmm.I got it well.I was a little surprised that the wives came to that time.

And this, too, did not have to worry.
okay.Then it is.What kind of girl is Alicia?Would Allicia, who was united with loyalty, neglected my request?
Only after I heard Diana’s answer, I was able to relax in my body.

So was it okay?Two of them, did you not flee as soon as you wake up?

I felt that there was no problem just by listening to Diana’s voice, but I still checked if there was no problem.

2 bottles?

“huh.That’s why it’s useless and weird?

Oh oh!I think it was like that!

Diana’s reaction that seems to have realized now.I felt a weak sense of discomfort.
Just listen to a few words that you can see, and Diana overlooks it.

Did you not notice it?

“hmm.I didn’t have a chance to hear the voice.I’ve been silent since I opened my eyes.

That’s strange.No matter how much you think, it’s not a normal reaction.
If you are stunned and surrounded by people you don’t know when you open your eyes, don’t you try to grasp the situation?
Considering when I first met him, it seems to be a relaxed personality unless my eyes turn around my saint skills.No matter how much it.

Do you not ask where you are there?

“hmm.Rather than that, I felt that I was captivated by the enemy.I acted before mixing this with this.


I was running and trying to run away.

Did you catch it?

Of course.Sarah was threatened with a mana, and he was surprised to see his willingness to run away.’This, this kind of green power ‘!’I finally closed it completely.

When he was surprised, he said that he had such a huge modifier?but.It was no wonder that even when my eyes turned to my saint skills.
Anyway, it was quite painful to close my mouth completely.Even when I first met and attacked me, the guy, who was very good at me, would exercise silence.

“okay.I have only met here once, so I want to get information.

Obviously, he has something important.
My feeling was so whispered, but it was useless if I didn’t open my mouth.
Should I go directly and torture it as a saint skill?No matter how pretty it looks, there is no hobby of enjoying the saint skills on the cub, but I can’t help it to dig out the information.
The problem is that you can’t go right now as much as this is.

Still, there is no harvest.

I felt that I felt the sign of my voice, and Diana said it as if it was comforting me.
I felt hesitant in my voice for some reason.

“What are you talking about?”

“hmm.That’s a word.It is clear that the goddess’s mana encourages the sexual excitement of the person who drank.It wasn’t because of the characteristics of the nine -tailed fox.But I was so excited as if I couldn’t adapt to this mana.

ah huh.Well, Helena was like that, but I thought it would be.
Diana was so hesitant because he knew that this is not a new a minute.Two of them were excited?Sexuality?In the situation where our kids are in front of the tax -saving beauty?And before Did you definitely say that you were running?

Did you try to hit you?!

“hmm.Well, first .
I tell you to be stuck there!I go right now and the baby head !

I was trying to try to move the shadow right now because my head was bloody, but Diana restrained that day with a cold voice.

But Diana!

Isn’t these bodies being hit?Before I came, I was beaten by Sarah and stunned with my head on the floor.

no.Once in Mine, the level and combat power are considerable Sara.How strong are you?I was trying to run away, and I was able to see Sarah’s arrow, and was it because he had already hit a rid of?

“no!No matter how much I can’t forgive it!The dirty man dare dare to !

I was a bit thrilled by the power of Sarah, which is getting stronger day by day, but that was that.
Especially because of the past, Sarah is so awkward, but again, Sarah has such an experience!
Once again, I was trying to prepare for the shadow to burn two of them, but this time Diana restrained me.

“hmm?Do you not know?

This time, it’s not a cold voice, but it’s something strange.


Didn’t you say that you also wrote a saint skill?

To two of them?I wrote it.Why?

Why do you think it’s a man?


Only after talking there, I could see what Diana was strange.
wait for a I think about it, when I was soaked in my saint skills, it seemed to be a little wet for a man..

Ah, no!But convex in that neck!The voice was also bass!No chest!

Isn’t your chest?

Ji, calm down.Diana.You are just because of your body age It’s just a little.It will grow if it bigger.But two of them are already big.So I said.You’re so angry .
I wasn’t angry!This body only said on behalf of Silvia!

I’m still angry.And Diana.Are you not too much for Silvia?
Anyway, thanks to Diana, I realized his mistake.I just said that Ray suspected Silvia as a man until the end, almost the same as what he said.
no!wait for a sec!Still, it’s a bit different?!I saw a gnome man’s neck!Like Sylvia, it’s not covered with a device in front of the neck and covered with clothes!But how can the bone be so strong?!

Oh, anyway, what is the bone popping out of the neck?

When I was hit by Sarah’s ghost, I spit something from my mouth.

Something no way!”

“hmm.Maybe I was putting the device in my neck.

It was a more perfect man than Silvia!

“then Do you have it under?

I think there’s nothing underneath.

what.Didn’t you say that?Huh.It’s the level that we can’t chase Sylvia’s toe.
I’m proud of what I am.

Did you take it off?

Is it possible?Sarah stepped on with his feet.

Sara .no.At that time, I was not sure of gender yet, and I suddenly heard that Sarah acted so.

That, yes.Please tell Sarah later.If you were a real man, there are some who think of it as a reward.

Is it that?The world is wide.

I’m feeling desperately these days.

According to Ray, Vis says that it is a natural world to think of a woman like a baby and love with men.The real world is wide.It’s so wide that it’s a problem.
What were we talking about now?

Anyway, are two bottles quietly saying nothing now?

This body is hereI did until I came.

here?Oh, are you talking about the village of Kumiho?The call is on this way, because Diana is now in the village of Miho.
But that’s what .

Did you not take two bottles?If you are on top, you keep estrus?

That’s why, but it’s dangerous if one is neglected and released.It is best to confine the mansion.Of course, you can’t neglect the surveillance in the mansion.

Oh, so are you talking about Diana today?

“hmm.This body came down alone for a conversation with you.

Somehow, it was strange from before.Originally, no matter who receives a call, I gathered other kids and talked together, but today I kept talking about Diana alone.
The other kids seemed to be monitoring two bottles in the mansion.

“okay.Then keep watching and try to get information.If my thoughts are right, Mine is definitely a race that is related to dragon love.Oh, and I’m careful because he’s using a strange skill that hides his appearance as he suddenly wraps the wind.

It was a pity that I only talked about two bottles of calls that I could only do once a day, but unfortunately the ring was already flashing as if the magic was doing.
I had no choice but to say what I had to say in a hurry.


I will create a chance to go as soon as possible.

Don’t too hard too.

“ you.”

I love this body too.Husband.”

Still, it’s fortunate that the horsepower of the ring was able to share the sweet whisper before it was completely done.
I took a ring that was completely turned off and I went back to where the wagon was.

Salvation.Today I want to go to the capital after finishing the meal.

Suddenly, the preparation for the meal was over, and I was still located between Silvia and Ray.
At that moment, Mr. Keiros tried to talk with his face burdensome.
It doesn’t matter to talk, but please don’t push your face.

“huh?Don’t sleep?

“yes.There is no village to stay overnight on the way, and if you go like this, you can arrive at the capital until the morning, so why don’t you sleep there.

Not bad.

Originally, I was going to take Silvia and Ray tonight to solve this awkward atmosphere, but if I could arrive early in the capital, it was a decent choice.
If you get a room separately, you can take Silvia and Ray with it, or you can go to the gap before heading to Shinne’s house in earnest.

“Is that so.Then I will do that.Oh, and .

So don’t push your faces!Why is it so close!Remove it!

Lee In -jo, who caused a turmoil in the gate of the Prime.We also ordered their investigation from Bapra, but how would it be better to answer?

Keiros has said unexpectedly, to me, who was really worried about the fist on the face.
Did you hear this uncle?
If I was a warrior, it was easy for the uncles to be strange, because I knew the disturbance in the gate?

no.Rather, you said you were ordered by Bapra?
surely.The day I smoked in the gate and the date that this uncle came for a gift.And considering the distance from Prime to the capital, it was not a story that could not be.
The guys of the Bapra’s direct unit would naturally ran to Bapra and told them.
So is it that I called this uncle who had a dragon in the frame and ordered an investigation?

There is a trace of moving in the direction of the capital.Just report it.I don’t know anything else.It may be dangerous to your life.

At that time, he attacked their wagons and made a tee that he noticed that he had fallen into sex.
If you have suspected that you have learned the trace to Keros, you will definitely try to remove Keiros.

Thank you for your worries.But is it okay?If you say you headed to the capital, Bapra is clear..

I’ll go around here and there.

Ray, who has invested 30 years to satisfy his desire, has been kidnapped.
If you don’t know that your eyes will be right now, you may want to find out if Ray may be somewhere in the number.

But it doesn’t matter.Anyway, we won’t be there.

In fact, I wanted to stop by while staying a little at Keiros’ house, but I can’t afford it.As soon as I arrived, I should go to the new family, which is on the mountain.

And if he’s acting abnormal, it will be helpful when he later exposes his identity.

“okay.All right.Then as you said.

When he organized the future plans in his head, he nodded with a serious expression as if he understood what he was talking about.
It’s all good.If you’re over, you’ll remove your face?

As Keiros said, the wagon arrived at the capital by the day.
Keiros seemed to sleep and go to the nature of lunch, but we couldn’t stay so relaxed.
It would be safe to get rid of this in advance before this uncle moved.For him, he fell asleep in the wagon.
So as soon as I arrived at Keiros’ mansion, I tried to go to the street, but I was in a problem.

So is your house on the mountain?


A large mountain with a castle back.There was a Dier family around the lake at the top of the mountain.
As the castle was back, it was quite high and the slope was steep, but of course we didn’t have a problem now.Can’t you get up to that mountain with our party’s physical ability?
The problem was that as the mountain also played a role in protecting the location, access is quite demanding.
Well, I weren’t just coming, so I think something.

So, how can I go?Access is thoroughly controlled?

That’s my brother.

I thought so, but I didn’t feel power in the voice of the god.
At that moment, a very bad feeling passed through my head.

Don’t say you don’t know.We’ve come here because of you.

Bird, I think I’m always a free pass .

You’re wanted, so you can’t even face your face!The free pass will freeze …!No?Do you want to say you don’t know?Did you think about something?

Tongue, brother.

Hey, don’t do that.huh?”

Sin, sorry.

I desperately denied the reality, but God leaned down and disappeared.
It’s a headache.Why are you the first one you met when you came down from the Mount Gumiho?Should I really believe this guy?

“really?I really don’t know?

This thoughtless baby!Is it not a lie to be able to persuade this baby family?!

That’s not it!I am confident!Believe it!Just take me and definitely .

So there’s no way to take it!

no.Let’s calm.calm down.
I don’t like this guy, but there’s a lot of merit that we must persuade the Dier family.
It is not because it is a family that can use the rental magician.
A mountain that is thoroughly controlled for the defense of sex.The family at the top of the mountain is that it is a tremendous trust.
In addition, they said that they are making a weakness to Bapra, so the value of use was endless.
Well, once you don’t find a way to invade the mountain, it’s useless.
shit.If I was alone, there are many ways to invade.


Maybe it’s good, and I’m worried about my head together.It doesn’t suit you with a serious look.


“yes.I thought so, but Bapra is coming.

Before I understood the meaning of the words, I felt like my heart fell down.
Of course, I am not because I was stuck with Bapra.I was squeezing to the side, Ray was shaking his body.
Even though I haven’t met my face yet.
I felt like I’m new in my head because of the sharing of emotions, but I couldn’t get it as it was.I tried to get as calm as possible by holding Ray’s hand.

Are you coming to come, isn’t it coming yet?How to come no.Suddenly, why is it all here?

shit.Ray.Do it.My head doesn’t go back to me.

I heard the news of my arrival and left the castle.maybe .

is it.Is it to hear the news of those who have been rioted and kidnapped in the gates?Even in the castle, the guy who rarely showed his appearance even went out of the castle.It looks more snow than I thought.

Is there a place we will hide?

The owner of a forces come directly.Of course I won’t come alone.
In addition, the purpose was the purpose, so even those who had met before or what they had before were more likely to come together.
Most of our parties are dangerous when we encounter them.Ray, as well as Sylvia and Rerg, who had a riot in the gate of the Prime.Even Helena, who was taken for bait.

“yes.There is a warehouse that has not been used for several years under the roof.

“no.The mansion is dangerous.There is a possibility of going around here and there.

So far .

At first, I noticed that I could not believe it, but I was probably reminded of the real appearance of Bapra.Keiros nodded and seriously thought.

If so, how about the underground waterway?

Underground number?

“yes.There is an entrance to a huge waterway that encompasses the entire basement of the capital.It is quite dangerous because it has not been managed for a long time, but if you are . indeed.If you have something to infiltrate the castle in RPG, escape from the castle, you do not miss it.I understand.

“No problem.Guide.


Bapra came to him, but Keiros could not move directly.
We arrived at a building that leads to a waterway near the mansion, guided by the deacon of Choo, before the arrival of Bapra.
This is also the jurisdiction of Keiros, and the guards of the armor with the sentences of the Keiros family, like us, were keeping the building like a thorough.
Naturally, the guards have passed us without any questions, and the deacon guided us to an underground waterway that is thoroughly blocked by several layers of doors even in the building.

“here Underground number?


As if this was the last door, there was an abyss that had almost nothing even if I had a night -to -day swimming skill over the thick and large iron gate.
I could barely know that this is the underground waterway with the sound of the faint water.It’s an atmosphere that seems to know why it was not managed so far.
But I couldn’t help but go.

Then everyone.Please be careful.

As we entered the underground waterway, the deacon closed a huge iron gate.Thus, our vision is colored with complete darkness.
At the next moment, the sound of flowing water was faintly mixed with other heterogeneous sounds.


“No problem.Darkness like this.There is no obstacle in front of me!

no.hey.Who would say suddenly like a warrior?Did you not ask you if the darkness is a problem?Are you holding a form in front of Helena?

If you read Mana and attack there Uh, uh?!

Whether or not you know my heart, Thrunk continued to catch the shit form and pulled out the sword, but it was useless.I caught it first.
No matter how fast you think, you can’t be faster than me in this darkness.

“no.I was fighting.Be an inserting a manana into the sword.

“what?Why all of a sudden?”

I know if you try it.

I didn’t understand why, but I brought my sword to the sword as I had made it.
Then, the blue light, which was almost white, poured out, and began to brighten up everywhere.

“good.Then take the lead.

Was it a substitute for torch!

I can’t help it.There’s nothing else to be useful.

The darker the surroundings, the stronger it becomes, so I did not carry a tool that shines on purpose.In the beginning, I didn’t need such things in the dungeon, so I didn’t make Diana.

And it’s not for me.We’re okay, but you won’t see others.What if you are in a waterway?

Who is the number !
Oh, my, Susoo I’m ashamed.

Turn off!

It was a garlon who tried to rebutted a bubble, but Helena wrapped around his cheek and liked it.
Huh.This means that the person who calls fast wins.

Then let’s go.

Anyway, I couldn’t stay still.
As long as the entrance here is the jurisdiction of Keiros, Bapra may investigate this far.It’s good anywhere, so if you don’t move far.

By the way, I can’t understand it.This waterway is all over the basement of the capital?Why are you leaving the monster like this?Isn’t it dangerous?

As I defeated the monsters that had been attacked again, I had a complaint, not a complaint.
No matter how much monsters and mandas were too frequent.
It was not even low monsters.The weak guys were also in the fourth level, and the strong guy was not pushed by the monster of the sixth -tier.
Thanks to this, Ray, Helena, God and Yuri had little help in battle, so they had to deal with monsters only with existing party members.
The guys in the war are not helping to fight, so they fight only the party members.Irernally.

It’s the influence of the unification war.

Anyway, I complained that, the glass opened my mouth as if I knew something.

Is Lirian Pleatus that war that unified the world.

“ it so.”

I took it and it was right.thank god.I took the name Plitus and I was doubtful if we didn’t know.

This waterway has existed long before the war began.But it was a strategic hub at the time, and there was no room for managing the waterway by repeating the stealing and taking away the time during the war.

In the meantime, the monster is overwhelmed.

But now?Of course, it’s still in war, but now it’s not just a hub.You can’t lose it unless you lose in the war.Didn’t you think about managing it again?

Of course I did it.but .

Yuri stopped talking for a while and looked at us with the eyes of seeing a monster.
what?why?Why are you suddenly seeing with that eye?

I gave up because the monster was so strong.In this dark place, I decided that it was better to turn the power to war, rather than investing in a large scale to deal with this level of monsters.Here, you can handle the monster so casually.You’re strange.Didn’t you even get tired?

no.So don’t look like a monster.Somehow, Ray and Shinto Helena had a strange eye.Was it that mean?
I can’t help it.The monster level is mixed evenly from the 4th to the 6th floor, so it’s easier than just breaking through the sixth layer.We are just sinful that we have passed the sixth floor as we just went down.Besides, this is also weakened.If there were our kids here, like this.

Oh, anyway, do you think you have some information here?

Our family is also in charge of the other entrance.

Oh yeah.I forgot for a while because I only talked about the new family, but this was a decent house.

Do you know where this waterway goes?

Where does it go?This is the entire basement of the capital .

“no.Not that.

As you can see that Bafra’s direct troops came to the capital, the river closest to the capital was the Nelson River near the Frium.There is no such thing as a river nearby.
Nevertheless, the fact that such a huge waterway is located in the basement means that there is a Suwon somewhere.In other words, where is this water coming from?

Oh, that’s .

There is a huge caldera lake on the top of the mountain with the Dier’s family.
It was a question that I had a little hope, but Yuri was cloudy as if he didn’t know there.
But at that moment.

It may be connected to the mountain!

God shouted as if he had gained hope.


Tongue, brother?Why are you?

“no.I’m worried about believing in your words.

Please believe!

In my decisive answer, God shouted with a wounded look.

Are you sure this time?

“yes!I feel like I feel like I saw the entrance to the basement from the waterfall in the mountains.Cum!

This baby is playful.
I struck the head of God and walked towards the direction of the mountain.
no.Anyway, it’s not bad to go because it’s the main exhibition.
Then why did you hit it?just.

I was walking toward the north, where the mountain was there.The outside sky, like this underground waterway, was black.We finally reached the dead end.
no.In fact, the dead end itself has been many times so far.But every time I go back a little and go in the other direction, the road came out again.
But this time it was different.The road to the north has already passed.There was no way to go north than here.

It’s a dead end again.

Of course, other people without maps have no way of knowing that, so it seemed like it’s just a dead end like anywhere else.

Then I have to go back to the crossroads.

Crossroads Was there a place that you didn’t see?

I even talked about how maze this underground waterway was, even though I could say that, even Greg or Duke, who could act as a mapper when exploring dungeons.
Yuri said that the monster was just strong and gave up the organization, but was this structure more problem than a monster?
If I couldn’t see the map, I was trapped here for a lifetime.

You, you guys!You don’t say you forgot the way?!

Don’t worry because I remember.She is.

Who are you?I didn’t get it!If you do it, you can go through the stomach!

Oh.Anyway, why are the babies named Mine?Oh, Saraya!Except!You’re not swearing!I tried to solve it by force, or I never thought about it!I never thought about it even when I was hit by my back!

Anyway, I have been to go.Unless there is a way from the south, this is the northernmost point of the waterway.

Really, shall we go up the ceiling?
If you do well, you may have the probability of going on the mountain no.But it’s not clear.There’s a last name before going to the mountain.If I went through the stomach, there was no worst if there was a castle.
shit.If the top map was completed in advance, you would know where it was below.
Well, instead of going to the castle or the mountain, I didn’t have time to go around the city.

“I older brother?”

Maybe it’s good to think about it, and God opened my mouth with my eyes.


Why don’t you take a break and organize your thoughts?

The eyes of God, who said, were clearly caring about the glass.
surely.It seemed to try not to make a tee, but the glassI was shaking gold legs.
no.It’s not just glass.All members of this world were tired.That’s why only the existing party members were talking about.

He would, too, from the way these guys participated in the battle.
It was not enough for the existing party members to deal with all the roads and roads that have already passed by the crossroads, and even the monsters that suddenly pop out in the water.
Eventually, everyone except Helena participated in the battle, and the three who had never suffered a constant battle while maintaining a constant tension and was missing in one day.
Although the war is a world where the war is endless, the good homes, God or Yuri, may have experienced such a harsh environment.Of course, Ray, who is pampered for the purpose of Baffra, is also the same.
Helena did not participate in the battle, but in the beginning, the low -level general public who had no battle and kite, and walked all day long.

Then shall we do that.

If I had been trying to rest because I had a hard time, I would have given another squeeze, but I can’t be able to get rid of the words that I care about others than myself.
I decided to accept the proposal.

By the way, God.Are you sure you’ve seen the door leading from the mountain to the underground waterway?

The time was already night, but I didn’t want to sleep in this place yet.For some reason, I want to get out of this dark and humid place today.
In that sense, I tried to talk lightly and talk.

I’m sure!All I saw when I was young, but it remains vivid in my memory.

What did you feel like you’ve seen it before?

Tell me a little more.

“yes.There is a huge waterfall on the hillside.It is often used in our family as a performance.

Did you say you can’t swim?

I think I said that when I clung to the bottom of the ship before.

Hahaha.older brother.Since I was young, I would like to go into the water when I grew up on a rock on the rock?

I don’t know.Suddenly I said something with a serious look.
Nobody is curious about why you don’t want to swim.

Of course, I couldn’t endure the water pressure of the waterfall.

Have you even missed?I didn’t learn swimming until the end?Do you have to compliment this?

I have been killed to the bottom of the lake under the waterfall.

It was a problem of life and death!Learn a little baby!

Oh, no way?

Anyway, there was something in God’s sledding, and Yuri interrupted our conversation.

“ that time.Was it when I was 5 years old?Yuri cries from the side.

You’re not laughing!I almost died!

“no.I’m laughing.I see the crying face of Yuri .

What are these guys doing now?Are you spraying sesame salt in front of me?Do you know you don’t have anyone’s girlfriend?!

“ray!Now, come!

I tried to hug Ray with my arms wide open, but Ray blushed silently and squeezed his butt back.
hey!Why are you ashamed here!If you take it out like that, you will be a strange guy alone!It’s a personality that doesn’t usually be ashamed, and why I’m ashamed of why it’s just like this!
shit!Even if Silvia was not doing it!Bubby Bobbi Mannijak is only a happy work!

Uh ….

Suddenly, as if I had chills, I squeezed Silvia, who was squeezing, and I interfered with the kites who smashed the salt in front of decided to listen to the necessary information.


Really.This is to listen to the necessary information.I have no other heart at all.

Oh, my brother.sorry.”

So, what is the relationship between the bottom of the lake and injured the head of the lake?

I get hurt my head But yes.I saw the entrance of the waterway, that was then.

What are you talking about?”

From the bottom of the lake, I saw a door similar to the iron gate that passed in the morning.

When I heard that, I was finally able to catch a clue to the mountain directly from this waterway.This ignorant guy didn’t even notice how important he said.

Did you see it at the bottom of the lake?


That lake, is it quite deep?I told you to die and die.

“of course.”

Do you have any holes in this door?

“yes?well.It’s been a long time ago, and I’m almost killed.Um.oh?Oh oh!I think there was a hole in many places!After all, you are your brother!how Ugh!

“There is a source of this waterway, this ignorant!”

I couldn’t stand it, and I had no choice but to go to the back of God.
If this baby had said that from the beginning, I didn’t have to go all the way so far!It was enough to just follow the side of the water flowing next to it!This baby was proud to see the door, so I’ve been looking for a door that has been on the ground so far!

I wanted to squeeze a few more than my heart, but I was also sorry for it.
I turned my body and looked at the huge drainage where the water was flowing out on the side of the blocked road.
If my expectation is correct, if you go into that hole and follow the drainage, you will be able to arrive at the bottom of the lake that he almost died.

Once you wait here.I go and check.

I pulled out the underwater respiratory mask from the inventory and mounted it nicely, and I immediately diving in the drain.And in the future with a wonderful freestyle foam than a swimmer from now on .

older brother?It seems to be pushed back.

Shut up!no!I can’t do this!I have built up a great image as the strongest warrior so far!You can’t collapse like this with the dung foam called shit foam!

I immediately changed my posture from freestyle to butterfly.
Ooh oh!Get strength, my waist!Unfortunately, the strength of the back muscles trained with sex!

“Oh oh!My brother cuts the water in the future!

Huh Haha!Have you seen it!This is me!This is my lump!It’s like going back to the waterfall Yes, salmon!I think of salmon!The power that goes back to the waterfall with a small body!I’m a salmon!It becomes salmon!If you put it in your mouthFuchu -eup!no!Wait time!It’s a mistake now!I thought wrong!I can’t help it!I only met with food, so if you salmon, you only think about it!no!Laughing because of laughter !

Tongue, my brother is back!After all, the power of the warrior is helpless in the face of the power of nature!

Don’t relay it from the side, it’s a garbage cub!I have this hardship because I am now.!
Now, wait!what is this!What is this embarrassing feeling!ray!Ray You’re selling it now?!Is that that ?!
Z, shit!As long as this is like this!It’s a little cool!

Shadow movement!

Looking at the abyss of the drain, I was forced to use the skill.
I tell you, but I’m not in the water.I just chose it because there is a more comfortable way.You don’t have to do such a stupid and meaningless fight.
It doesn’t matter.If I can just go forward, it’s enough.That’s how I live my life, and that’s my rule.
Even if others laugh and finger, I went to my own path.huh?what is this?

Desperately, as a mind control and repeating shadows, the feeling of drainage suddenly changed.
The strong water that pushed my body back suddenly disappeared, no.The water itself has disappeared around.I feel like something is wet .

When I stepped a step, I felt a bit of water on the floor.As I reached out and looked at the walls, he also had a texture that was different from the hard wall of the drainage.
In comparison, it’s soft on the side of the mouth Now, wait!Don’t do this!
I urgently turned back and tried to get out, but the front was already blocked by a zigzag wall.
Is this teeth?

“hey!open it!Open it?!mister!I haven’t got people yet!

I tried to beat the walls that were supposed to be a teeth, but he didn’t wake up if he had no blow at all.
shit!Saint’s !no!If this guy is out of the drain, God is outside!Anyway, the baby doesn’t help life!How frustrating it was because I couldn’t use the saint skill while coming here!
good!I’ll do it!I dared to swallow me !?I volunteered in my mouth due to shadow movement?!doesn’t care!That’s that!
Let’s see how much you can hold on where the crazy guy runs out of the stomach!

Uh!Salvation!Salvation!Bigs!Heart explosion!


As I was attacking the internal organs seen in the body of the unknown monster, I felt that the vibration of everywhere was suddenly huge water from the inside.
And I was swept away by the water of the smell, and I came out of the night.
However, while the body is running round and round, you can’t use the shadow movement properly..

Oh Ahh!

Oh, brother!Have you been there already?

I twisted my body at the timing of exiting the drain and landed nicely on the side floor, so I heard a voice that was welcoming.

Huh.Well.But there’s something to go again.

“hey.I felt the energy of a huge monster in front of me.Did you lose it?

Shut up!If you knew you had a monster, you should not tell me in advance!

If you think about it, this is an area where monsters in the 4th and 6th levels appear.If you are a boss -class monster you met in such a place, of courseThe level was also significant.
I don’t think it’s the level of the sixth -tier, but in a cool way, I was not a person who could win alone if I fight in a normal way.

Can you help?

However, the pride was hurt by asking for help, but it was so sad that it was so sad.

So I didn’t lose it!I just !

So when I was stubborn and suddenly, one idea was flashing on my head.
If this is If this is, all probation is possible!After all, I’m a genius!

“god.Lake at the top of the mountain.Did you obviously get the mana of the mop there?

“yes?yes.Yes .

That lake Is it connected to the waterfall you said?

Well, well?It’s literally a lake on the mountain.It is connected to the waterfall on the hillside Oh, but it may be connected inside.

What if I couldn’t grasp the atmosphere until the end, but fortunately, this time I noticed the answer I wanted at once.

It was too .I wanted to be strange.

what are you talking about?”

I murmured myself to everyone with a serious look, so I looked at me with a show.
hey!Match the atmosphere!You don’t live because you look like that!

You said you have to go again and check it out?I thought something was strange.Leon.Can you feel it too?The mood of giant monsters on the other side I can feel that mop.

Threon was still looking at me, but my purpose was not deceiving him anyway.
A dead guy.Still, it will match the atmosphere.I called Leon like it.

“yes?!Tongue, brother!That word !

“okay.It’s been a long time since I’ve been adversely affected.wait.It’s coming.

After maintaining a serious expression, I wrote down so, and then I once again used shadow movements toward the drain.
And when I looked at the darkness in detail, I wrote a few short -range shadow movements, and it was faintly that a huge fish with almost half of this huge drainage was open.
I didn’t notice because of the darkness, but this time it is different.I voluntarily entered the fish’s mouth.
Then this time, the fish closed, but there is nothing wrong.I have already set up a measure for him.

If you think about what you did before, you should send it to hell, but I am a good saint.I will send you a dirty beauty like you.

After I appealed to the great saint alone in a space where no one listened, I captured the magical power on my whole body.
The power of the saint who could not use the guys not noticed today.See you smartly!
I stepped on the staff as if I had a disco, who had a taste of an era, and stabbed my fingers and stabbed the inside of the fish.
I don’t need any explanation for what has happened since then.

“older brother!Are you okay ?!It’s faint on there, but that energy!

When I came out of the drainage after finishing my work, it was only a bit annoying to see if I felt the mana of the goddess.
By the way, it’s faint.This saint was quite sincere, but I felt faintly?You’re not so sensitive than you think?
So I didn’t respond to Helena who drank the potion.Have you been careful so far?

“No problem.I have confirmed it.It was also leading to the waterfall you said.

Anyway, I didn’t have anything good to talk about this.
I decided to change the topic as soon as possible.

“Is that true?!”

“okay.There was no person around it because it was night.If you go through there, you will be able to go to your house without being caught.Just the problem .

No matter what the problem?

Can you pass over there?

In his waterfall, the water is falling down to infinity, and the water in the drain was still flowing down without any sound.
Even if there is no shadow movement, it’s hard to pass.It’s impossible to think about it.

“hey.Will it be penetrated?

As I thought about it, Lairon suddenly said strange words.


I noticed what I was talking about, but once I asked, Threon smiled faintly as he raised his fingers up silently.
Are you pretending to be cool now?

Do you want to make all these guys?

No matter how much you can breathe under the mask, if the water falls on the head at once, dies in shock.

Then you can penetrate the place without water.

surely.If I am alone, I can still go outside, so it was possible to break through the ceiling to avoid the lake by contrasting the map.
However, as it was a master of the Dier’s family, it was necessary to be careful.It’s night now, so there’s no one, but if you make a loud sound, someone can come.

Is it possible without sound?

Would you like to do it?

I was convinced of my question, and Leon brought more mana to the sword in his hand and put it on the floor.
Then he didn’t make any sound, and the handle was plugged into the floor as if he was cutting the tofu.

“hey.Will it?

It’s like an ignorant warrior power.I always feel it, but it’s a real fraud.That’s why people here are also a warrior.

“good.Then let’s go.

We succeeded in escaping by underground water in such a rather ignorant way, and we headed up and turned up the crawling hole moderately.

First of all, I need a place to hide.Where do you know?

God is confident that he can persuade him, but should be prepared when things are wrong.
It is easy to get rid of the worst when going to a small number as possible.The rest should be waiting for a safe place until the persuasion is completely successful.

“there is.I have a secret base I played when I was young.

It’s a secret base that I played when I was young.It is a place that is not relieved at all, but when the answer came out immediately to my question, God was quite confident.
Let’s go.There’s no place to lean except where this guy guides you anyway.

“This Is it a natural cave?

The place that God guided it was much more proper than I thought.
It is a natural cave in a deep natural cave, and the entrance is cleverly covered by a protruding rock, which was hardly noticeable.

“yes.When Yuri and the two ran away, the first few days hid here and followed the tracking.

In addition, it was already used to hide the body.
Somehow, I seemed to be overwhelmed by the strangely guiding steps.This is not a problem even if you hide a few days.

“good.Then Leon.Greg.Duke.Do you know?

I handed out plenty of food, water, and bedding from the inventory.

Are you trying to leave right?

“okay.It is easy to work in many ways to work.

Even when work went well or not.
I didn’t sleep in the middle of this night and did not come up here.

“All right.Then you will be waiting with a break.

“okay.let’s go.”

This tiger.The saint, but if you don’t get tangled, it’s fast and comfortable to understand.
As I thought about it, I pulled the god and exited the cave.

I didn’t know you would go with you.

Then, the god of the gods looked at me with his eyes shining.
I told you before coming before.At first, I will spend this guy alone and convince it.Even now, that’s doesn’t change.

It’s only until the way.You are alone.Are you confident?

Ugh Nothing, of course!

Now don’t be scared.Imagine being walking around the streets with Yuri in the middle of the day.

Ryu, it’s okay!

I don’t look good.Why do you really have to leave this important role to this guy?Born in a good house.

Is it that?

As he encouraged God in moderation, he faced the top of the mountain, revealing a huge fence from afar.
It is much larger than I thought.If you look at the size of the site, you are more than a blue house, a lord of major cities.Are you surrounding the entire Calera Lake?


If you think it’s dangerous, I’ll help you, so don’t worry.

This was not a lie.
It’s like this, but it’s uncomfortable if you die here.So even if the work was wrong, I was going to get this guy as much as possible.
If so, I will go with me from the beginning?That doesn’t.I don’t think so, but I have to keep this in mind.

“thank you.then I will go!


Looking at the god who walks with a nervous look, I wrote a shadow hide.
If you are dangerous at the same time, you can rescue it immediately when you check the God’s determination.

Stop!who Do, bleed?!

“long time no see.”

After hiding the appearance and stepping back, the guards who were guarding the front door were embarrassed and reaped the window.
No matter how much you are a woman who has left everything and runs away, is it a place where the endless guard can’t deal with it.
God knew it well, and lightly knocked on the guard’s shoulders and went into the door without any explanation.

Uh, uh !

I went in once before the embarrassed guards did something.That guy, it’s quite a bit of a lot before going.
okay.Men sometimes have such a bold determination..

Chi, an intruder!Catch!

“uh?!Why are you ?!Me!I’ve played often since I was young Filhak!Huh!mister?!If this is stabbed, it really dies!

You are a wanted person with a killing order!This traitor!

He shouldn’t compliment him eitherWas it a department?What kind of compliments do you do that?It is also for your home guard.
Still, I was avoiding Yongke if I would be hit by my guard.
You don’t have to help you yet.

“no!Is that guy?!

Although he avoided cooking well, there was a limit to what God could do without an attack.
As the turmoil became longer, other guards also began to gather together, and the gods, who were surrounded and steamed as a stick, fell on the floor and overpowered.
But that was enough.

What is the turmoil in this night?

This is because the turmoil was transmitted to the inside, and one uncle who seemed to be an important figure appeared.

Oh, Father!

Look at that.I said what I said.Did you say it’s an important figure?Unlike God, he still looked heavy, so it wasn’t rich.
Anyway, the important thing here was that my father, who was thought to be the strongest of this place, didn’t notice me.
Can you see this?

Yes, you are !What are you doing?A wanted to kill!Kill!

But the father of God did not give me time to see me comfortably.
It is as ill as it is, and as soon as you see the gods, you have no hesitation.Kill your son quickly.
What is that.From now on, I thought it would be a fun development and tried to take out popcorn.
hey!god!You are confident!Is it a danger to die from the start?!Do you have to save it already?!

There is an important story!It doesn’t matter if you kill it, but please listen to it before!

I was a little worried, but the mood changed by the gods who were supported by evil.
hey.It’s all good.It doesn’t matter to die.My dreams are not getting better.

It’s important?Are you saying?

“That’s right!”

The eyes of the god who burns the will of the will.
If a child shows such a determined will, what parents can ignore?Probably a parent who can ignore it .

Life begging.Get up.Son.Did I taught you like that?I’m blind to love, so I forget about Dier’s spirit!What are you doing?Fast quickly his neck !

It was here.Really too!How did a god like a god come out under that uncle?!
In the cry of cold blood without blood or tears, the guards hesitated and raised their spears high, and when the window fell, God suddenly muttered something.




The appearance of sex as if my eyes turned around and wake up, I woke up a lot.
Who did you learn from that? Isn’t it my influence?It will not.I am not that much, too?

Mu, this, are you finally crazy?!

No matter how cold -blooded, he had no choice but to be embarrassed.
But even after seeing his father’s expression, God did not retreat.

Sex!It’s sex, Father!

All, shut up!What Now, wait!Stop for a while!I can’t.I will touch it myself!Retreat!

And whether the effort of God worked, the uncle was bitten by the guard and grabbed the gods of God.


The place has changed and a large room in the building.In the atmosphere, it would be the room of the cold uncle.
The uncle who grabbed the gods of God and threw the body of the gods in the corner.No matter how cold you are, you may not want to see others with your own hands.

If you have something you want to say before you die, talk to you.

Look at that.It’s not strange to kill right now uh?wait for a sec.How is your face a little different?no.Would it be a face?Should I call your eyes?From now on, it looks like a strangely interested thing about what God says.Is it because of my mood?

Sex You can.when!Wherever you!To the fullest!

In a voice with a stronger belief than ever, God shouted with the soul.So, after all, it was sex.


I thought it was not strange when the cold -blooded uncle was killed, but he nodded with a strangely calm voice.

You’re running away with a woman!It is not enough to break the rules of our Baffra, so do you want to let go of the great war god?we!Knowing what kind of carrier the family has received, but you are!OK!Even though there is a break from Dier’s for thousands of years, I can’t forgive you as much as you are!

Oh, no.I just wanted to throw a change ball.It’s confusing.
Anyway, the situation is immediately.The uncle was dyeing his face and at the same time contained a strong energy in his hands.It was almost as if it was a fire that God’s life would fly just by holding hands.
I can’t anymore.Negotiation was impossible.Once you show up and run away with God The moment I tried to go, God’s counterattack began.

I’m not talking about it!

It seems that even after seeing the energy in his father’s hands, he jumps out of his seat and quickly drops his pants.Ahh!My eyes!That crazy guy is really!If you’re going to terrorize it, do it!

Is this guy really crazy?

Who is not!mister!He must be crazy!
I felt like a strange feeling with the first uncle.

“look!Don’t turn your eyes and look straight!

But we didn’t give up our reactions, but the crazy guy shouted proudly.Is it like pure madness?
Of course, I didn’t see it, but I still needed to see what’s going on.
shit.What kind of sin I sinned in my previous life?
I slightly spread out between the fingers with my eyes, and I decided to get a glimpse of what he was doing.
slowly.slowly.The head is completely turned sideways slowly.
As soon as the outline of his side looked faint, I was able to capture that the arm was moving fiercely.And quickly closed my finger again.
You’re a crazy baby!

Lee, this, this, this !

And in the eye terror, the poor uncle seemed to have been hit.
It’s not an emotional sharing, but I seemed to know what the uncle was.
.So you should have been careful like me.
Well, the biggest problem is that crazy guy.I decided.That nickname is from now on.There will be more than Threon’s existence in this world.It’s right next to to him was a crazy guy who was sorry for Threon.

What the hell is that?

But it was not the end with it.
Oh, uncle?Wasn’t the uncle sharing the same thoughts with me?I think it’s a mixture of curiosity with my voice.
What are you doing?Right now, with the energy in that hand, he will hit the head of the crazy man.uh?Why did your energy disappear ?!

Ha -ah, Ha, this is the mystery that can be sexually destroyed by sex while having sex.Condom.father.”

As he breathed a rough breath, the god was so spit out.
hey.I feel proud of my tone.That means that you stood up and installed a condom right now.It is also in front of my father.
I just want to build it in front of my father.Wouldn’t he be wrong to be born?

Con Dome !

I thought so, but I heard a word that lightly twisted my thoughts.
Hey.mister.Why are you so admired?!I didn’t want to kill my son in front of others because I didn’t want to kill my son in front of others.
no.That’s how God said that.It’s interesting, but I’m pretending not to be because of the prejudice of the goddess’s mana.
But no matter how much.It’s so different from the behavior shown outside!

Huh.He is also a father.It looks like you understand the meaning of the condom.

I don’t know if I know that, and the two rich people who turned around in sex began to talk.
hey.Something just ting!I heard a rubber bouncing.I pulled the condom mounted on his stuff..

“okay.That thin.That elasticity.In addition, the extra space remaining in front.It’s perfect without missing anything.If there is only that thing .

I’m talking in a serious way.Are you talking while looking at the condom mounted on your son?

“yes.You can feel all the pleasure of sex and stop pregnancy at the same time.What do you mean, if you’re a father, you know!

no.I don’t feel all the pleasure of sex.Even the condom here is even thicker than the original condom.
The two rich conversations were so far from my common sense, so I put a tackle in a cool way.

The goddess of sex, which is cool to chew in the beginning, adds overwhelming pleasure to human sex.Only to have more children.In order for humans to throw out all other things and to have sex.To make humans into a child born.

Goddess.Here is the goddess a goddess of sex?Is it okay if they really live?Isn’t it better to just be prepared and swept away with the war god?No matter how much you think about it, it’s a guy who seems to be a loss.

“That’s right.And the human beings who were born so that they only think of sex, and many human worships that have only thought of sex becomes the power of the goddess of sex.It’s a cowardly and tired idea.

Do you know that these humans, now they have sex in your head?In that logic, you are already fallen.
Or what is it?Are you going to claim that they’re not like that by blossoming about sex with such a serious voice?
no.Anyway, it’s good.I’m good.
Feeling frustrated that it was hard to express, I interrupted it in the middle and pressed the desire to tackle.

“but!If you have this condom, it is different!The pleasure of sex can be enjoyed and you may not have children!There is no pleasure without faith!Sex without faith!The most efficient way to destroy the mop is in this thin condom!

And again Ting ~The sound was resonated in the room.
Now it’s hard to tackle.

It’s great.Good.But it’s too good.

Cold blood no.The title of cold blood is not suitable for this uncle.The kinky uncle muttered such words in a voice that seemed to try to calm down the excitement.

What does that mean?

The given negligence is so sweet.It’s always a poison in such a negligence.In that way, it may be a trap to slowly fall into the swamp of sex!

The logic was a mess, but the answer itself was accurate.
There will be a person who is wary of the act of sex to destroy the goddess is so great.

That, so …!

hey!What are you embarrassed ?!Even if you are embarrassed, I should do it why do you do it?!You usually pretend to swear loyalty by my brother and my brother, and you can’t believe it?
If you can believe me, you have a perfect way to destroy the logic of that kinky uncle!

That condom, where did you get?Who did you hear from that?I don’t think it’s a story that you developed alone and thought about it alone?

The kinky uncle drove the god roughly as if he had taken a good time, but it was rather poisonous.Who gave me condom sex?I remember that, and I felt confident in God.
okay!Garra!Show your strength!

You saw it correctly.father.”

I could know without having to see it.God is smiling.Do you think you persuaded your father perfectly?

The person who opened the new world called condom sex is nothing but a warrior.

“Warrior?!Is it called a warrior now?!

After all, the impact of the name of the warrior in this world was enormous, and the kinky uncle was surprised.

“That’s right.It is a warrior.father.Condom sex is a way of destroying a mop, is there a more complete proof?Condom sex was informed by the warrior!

Do you know what you’re talking about now?!The warrior is already !
It was left. Father!Two too!

Did you really meet?The warrior?Did you check with that eye?

“yes.We have confirmed the sign of the warrior.I also confirmed that power.They are true warriors.

With a firm faith in us, we spit out God powerfully.
I believe that, so I go to of all, it’s not a lie because it’s a real warrior.

Did you confirm your strength?

I would have heard of the disturbance and father that happened in the gate of the Prime a while ago.

Seo, no way!But I heard that Bafra’s direct troops were attacked!If you are a real warrior, you do that !

It was attacked because it is a despicable Bapra!

No, what?!Yes, yes !

In the continued attack of God, the kinky uncle was quite shaking.

Please listen to the end Father!Please listen to this son’s words to the end!

And with the momentum, God began to explain to his father what has happened so far.
Meeting with a warrior.Radio of condom sex.The identity of Bafra.Until I decided to drive Bapra around the gift.
I found out so much at a time, so I was so nervous.
Of course, he did his best to persuade his father, but if he failed to persuade, what would he do?I can’t just leave it alone unless I even know that the gift is ready to turn over.If you fail to persuade, you must kill it unconditionally.That’s right here.

That, I can’t Bafra but that .

Whether the story I heard about the child was quite shocking, the kinky uncle muttered in a desperate voice.
That’s right.Because all of what you have believed so far will fall.
And the older you were, the harder it was to overturn what you had believed so far.

“can not believe it.I can’t believe it .

But to such a pervert, God continued to persuade.

He cheated everyone!Get sex prohibition to everyone!I know what the prejudice we are, so I don’t care!I only enjoyed sex from behind!The weakness we brought is also a dirty guy used for your pleasure!Are you trying to believe that guy?!

okay!Keep pushing!You can do it if you are!

“I am I am!”

And after hearing the persuasion of such a god, the uncle shouted in a powerful tone as if he was hardened.

I can’t believe it!If you want to persuade me, give out evidence!

If it is evidence, isn’t it here!

It’s not about such evidence!Bring the warrior you said to me!

When I heard that, I finally felt that my turn came.
Huh.Then will you appear nicely?

I called me Ahh!Chew like this!Did you still wear pants?!

What was the evidence of the condom that was equipped with the thing?

You are Are you claiming to be a warrior?

It was a bit different from what I thought because of a new one, but fortunately, the atmosphere itself flowed in the direction I wanted.
Obviously, I haven’t felt myself so far, but I don’t have one eyebrow in my appearance.Even if you are hungry for sex, is it the head of a family?

I claim.You don’t like it.You are a real exhaust warrior.Or what is it?Do you want to say something other than a warrior?You must have heard everything that has happened to this guy.

If you assume that that’s true .
It’s a family and it’s all true.There is no reason to lie.

There was no reason to lie, there was room for interpretation in many ways.It can be accepted in a good sense or in a bad sense.
Among them, it was a bad meaning that this uncle chose.
You don’t have to lie to you.This uncle was so acceptable.Again, you may still be alert.

There is no reason to lie?joy!Did you come here for you?.
“mister.You don’t think we’ve come to here because we need the power of your uncle?

The uncle laughed at himself and tried to take the lead, but I braked before the words ended.


If I had said that in a ridicule, my uncle might have been hurt by pride.
But when I asked me that I didn’t really understand it, the uncle was blocked if he felt something creepy.

It’s a waste to definitely lose a lot of ways to deal with a mop, but it’s not a problem because there’s already a god.Anyway, the most important magic is already lost.

Then why here?!
“I don’t know?”

Ugh no way .

When I looked at the gods, he said, The uncle finally groaned as if we had realized the purpose here.

That’s it.So make it quickly.Whether to follow us, or to oxidize the loyalty of the fallen Bapra to the it intense oxidation?I will die right away without any resistance.

When I spit out casually, not only the uncle but also the gods fluttered.
Still, God was quiet without saying how much I had been with me and knowing my pattern.
hey.Don’t look at it with your eyes that says, ‘I believe in your brother!’burden.
I want to finish it smoothly, but I will kill it if I really need it.I can’t help it.Because you are talking about our plans in our future.

Simply speaking.

It’s actually simple.Why not?

It is easy to forget that the people they have met so far have been screwed up somewhere in one place, but this world is applied to the logic of the strongest zone.Strong is justice.
It’s a new blue young, and I’m a strong man, and my uncles are full.That’s because I’m a warrior.

Ugh !

And of course, the logic was applied to the uncle in front of me, and when I lived lightly, the uncle stepped down without knowing.
Although I lack the battle level, that’s just compared to the saint level.Besides, when I came to this world, I was able to get rid of Ray almost every day until I went to bed.I also have a quiet level.
Anyway, as long as the level was high, it could not work.

The average level of the world is the world of war gods.
The grandfather, who attacked the gods and glass in the mountain of the Gumiho, had a level of 200, and he was talking as if he was a tremendous talent, and the uncle in front of him was 220, which was slightly higher than the sword.

Are you saying that you are a real warrior?!

You’re saying that from before.

“then !

In that way, the uncle put his hand in his arms.
What is this uncle.Are you going to do it?If you don’t confirm your skills with your eyes, you can’t believe it?


I was a little wary, but it was a small slab that my uncle took out his arms.
What is mething.What do you prove with that?Do you want to defeat?

“oh!that !father!Are you deciphering?!

“Yes.Now, add strength to this slab!That will prove everything!

strength?Are you talking about mana?Why do mana on the slabs unnecessarily?uh?wait for a sec.I started to feel bad now.

“older brother!Okay!This is perfect to prove this!

I don’t know if I know my thoughts, and I shouted at me with a doubt that God was doubtful.

“wait.Don’t be excited about you that you only know.What is this?

If you inspire mana, you can know the basic information of the person!

And after all, my bad feeling was not missed.
System like this!You’re analyzing!If you touch that, my job is a saint !
no.Let’s calm.It’s calm.If you were scamming here and there, you were prepared to come to this day someday.It’s not the first time to see a tool of performance similar to analytic.
okay.It is a guild card system that Diana has developed.
As long as it was, I thought there was nothing strange in this world.So let’s calm.

Was there such a magic?It’s good to be comfortable.Why didn’t you take it out from the beginning?

I pretended to be Taeyeon, and the kinky uncle was handed over.
If you add strength to this, it is revealed that my job is a saint.But how is that?Looking at the name of the saint, I don’t know what kind of job it is.You can just guess that it is a sacred job associated with God.
Isn’t my saint a little different?What is that?You can’t know that they just see the letters?
Anyway, if you are a job related to God, there is a corner of the warrior.
If you use this, you can make any excuse.

I’ve been called a warrior so far, but I’m actually the top of the warrior’s compatibility.Hidden card made by squeezing the last power just before the war god defeated the goddess.It is a saint.That’s why the warrior, Threon, can’t stand up to me.If you can’t believe it, bring the trash temperature and check with this slab.The word warrior will come to mind.
Wow, perfect Is it Han?Where are you strange?Can I make excuses?

Look carefully.This is my .

In my head so desperately squeezed, I brought mana to the slabs in my hand.
Ze, Damn.My hands are so wet.Isn’t this not to be caught?

“older brother?”

But no matter how many mana was added, no letters came to the slabs.

Isn’t this broken?

What?!That’s it!

The kinky uncle hurriedly stealed the slab from my hand.Then the uncle’s status came to the slab.

Look!My magic won’t be wrong!

“no.Even if you say that, you can’t do it.

I handed it back and brought mana, but this time the slabs had no reaction.
And at that moment, one hypothesis came to mind in my head.

“wait for a sec.Did you say this?

That, yes!

So isn’t it lacking?I will be much higher than my house.

okay.I thought that even Anal Rise didn’t know the information of a person who was much higher than me.
But there’s no restriction of this backward compatibility magic?
How would you explain the adventurer guild card?That’s what Diana was made in its heyday.In the days when the level was 500.
If you think so, everything is explained.

You’ve been stuck!Because of the cold sweat, I soaked my back.
If I couldn’t make excuses, I had to kill this uncle as well as God.I’m really glad.
No matter how much you have to kill someone like this, I really want to refuse it.

What?!That’s it!Wait a minute!

Anyway, after hearing me, the kinky uncle seems to have guessed something.As I approached the bookshelves in the room in a hurry, I took out a book and began to pass the page fiercely.
So what did the detoxification did?Is this also resurrected?
Huh.It’s a family of magic, so it’s a level that can’t be followed by Diana’s toes.

This, this can be !Ugh!If you had a father in this case!

Eventually, he found a phrase that explains the situation in the book, and the uncle mumbled with his hands trembling.
Is that a father’s father, God’s grandfather?As a result, I rarely seen the elderly in this world.I remember about one of the grandfathers who are swords.
The lords of large cities like Frium are blue, and this is the head of this old family.As a result, Keiros seemed to be the head of a great family.
Even though one of the older grandfathers, who had eaten older, had never seen such cases so far.
This world has a low retirement age.Is not explained because of the sword.Is it all died of frequent wars?If you think so, the average level of this world is so low that it is explained to some extent.
If you see that uncle said that, he is convinced that the grandfather is higher than me.

After all, I can’t reveal whether I am a real warrior or not.Then this time, I don’t suggest.

Anyway, it was over the crisis, and this time it was time to take this hand out.

Oh, I want to make sure one before that.


If we are a real warrior, are you going to stick to us?no.Otherwise, you don’t have to prove that you are a warrior.

Is there more ways to prove that you are a warrior?

Replying to questions.I don’t know if a pretty woman is doing it, but it’s not forgiven for a person like a uncle.
Even if you work later, you might want to look at your hands once.

That, you don’t have to worry!

The moment he tried to grab his fingers with the intention of making it a bit painful, God urgently interrupted us and shouted.

“god.I’m asking you .
Our family is a family with a deep relationship with the warrior in the first place!This is because there is only a place to study the mana of the mop year!Without the limitations of the place, we would have been attached to Pleatus from the beginning!

what?What are you talking about?
no.Certainly, since I first said it was Plitus, I didn’t feel strangely hostile to dealing with hostile people.

God Yes!

Anyway, whether the word of God touched the uncle’s reverse, the uncle was angry with his face.But God never stepped back.

“father!In front of the warrior!Isn’t it okay to be honest now?!No matter how you try to deny it, it is true that the world knows that our family had a deep relationship with the warrior!No matter how much you fart your fart to a guy like a bapra!After all, he was a war for war and did not use the weaknesses that he had obtained from us for his pleasure!or not!Did your father know the truth of Baffra!?Do you feel that you are sincerely trusted by Bapra?!

Oh oh.The guy who had been taking off his pants and doing something strange was finally doing it right.
Something talked about the family, but it was hard to get into it.
This baby.Do you like this from the beginning?

Yes, there is any evidence that the truth of the Bapra you said is true..

I actually witnessed the scene where the woman’s direct troops are committed!Where is the evidence beyond this?!

And the last struggle of the uncle was also in vain by God’s rebuttal.

First of all, prove that you are a warrior.I’ll talk about it next.

Eventually, the uncle turned his eyes from the gods and suggested it as an awkward respect to me.

There may be some ways to prove that we are a warrior, but what is clearly showing it directly.There’s a slabs like this.

So I came out with Dianaga with my uncle and God.It is to wait for two people from the cave a little away and bring the garlon.
Thremy is going to go around thanks to the job of a warrior, because it’s much lower than me.If it’s garon, you can float stats on the slabs.

When I first saw the slabs, it was cold, but thanks to that, I have an excuse to take a real warrior.I don’t know the world.
Now, if this guy floats on the lithograph of a warrior, the long appeasement is finally over.

“hey.I can’t do this?

I was thinking so, but there was no letter on the slabs.

When did the level rose like this?

In fact, on a topic that can’t be leveled with sex.
So I thought the level would be stagnant.

It’s because of you!

In my question, I looked at me with the expression that the Seonji Breon was going to burst.
Why is this guy again?Oh, so.Is it because of the fought in the 5.5th floor of the hell?Besides, this guy continued to hang out with Greg and Duke.
okay.That’s a little sorry.I think it’s worth it.

Isn’t it?

Anyway, I heard about our conversation and found something wrong, and the uncle intervened in a strict voice.Even though it was stiff, I didn’t feel as powerful as before.
A little while ago, the god heard the cry of a soul, and this uncle felt his own.

“huh.The uncle level is too low.

Ugh If my father had lived in this case .

This uncle, isn’t the mental too weak unlike what’s going on?Do not die like that.
By the wayI am a good night.I started to get bothered.

“mister.Can’t you do this?

When he hits the shoulder of Threon and sends a signal, he showed his family seal in the sword as if he was noticed.

Is it the seal of Plitus?I think it’s a bit different.

That’s right.It’s a family of Lilian Plitus and a descendant of the family.

“yes?!Did you do it?!

No, why are you surprised?So what have you been thinking so far?

“okay.Anyway, so uncle.Can’t you recognize this?

Um.This is the future of the family, so this alone .

Yes.It’s a different case from the gifted people who have a personal ambition to share their love in front of others.
I didn’t expect it from the beginning, so there was no disappointment.
But then, how should we prove it?.

“hey.Can’t you be an adventurer card?Are you you?How about using it?

Suddenly, Threon suddenly whispered me.
I thought it was a good idea for myself, but I only knew one and didn’t know them.
There’s a lot of things to go to dungeons, but the adventurer card doesn’t make it.

Are you stupid?Adventurer card is over once you register.There’s no change when you touch it.And even if you get a new new one, if you show you the adventurer card like that, I have to show it..

At that moment, a huge idea passed through my head.

“hey.mister.I have a good idea for me.This slab, leave it to me for a while.

What are you going to do?

Don’t worry because I’m not going to take it away.I don’t need such a magic in the first place.You can know the information of others without that.Joris Dier.42 years old.Level 227. Shaman Level 227. Alchemist Level 187. Did you see it?

“radish !

I was really surprised, and the uncle opened his eyes and lost words.
It’s all good.Why are you doing the same next to you?Looking like this, the two are rich.

Oh, but I didn’t get a glimpse when the uncle was touched.If you can’t believe it, shall we tell the gatekeeper information in front of the door?Pierern .

That, stopped!

When I said the name of the gatekeeper, it was creepy, and the uncle dried up in a hurry.

What do you want to do with this slab?

It’s obvious?I’m trying to cover the shame by asking a higher level shaman.

What, what?

I know one of the high -level shamans.Not as much as me, but a person with a higher level than this guy.If you tell him and re -spell on the slab, you can at least know this job?

okay.This was the idea that I came up with.
I can only show my job as a warrior of Lairon while hiding.Is there a more perfect way than this?

But to do that, I need to know the magic of the slabs .

It’s enough to take a slab.If you are a person, you will analyze the slabs and analyze the magic.Did you say?The level is high.Do you know what you mean that you mean that you have exceeded level 250?


In the low average level, it was a significant shock to have more than 250 people.
no.After all, the person who has exceeded the 250 level above can not see it.Miriel is also stagnant at level 250.
Because of the perception that this is the seven -tier, I feel like the average level of people here is low.

“okay.So I borrow it for a while.It will end before the morning.Uncle I can’t.Leon.god.I’m taking it to the cave and watching.I don’t know what to do if I send it back to the mansion.And please explain to other kids.

I didn’t want to see the hidden place, so I deliberately brought it to a place that fell from the cave, but if it would be like this, it might have been good to take it to the cave from the beginning.There is no need to explain to other kids.

Then I’ll go.

Remion and a god.It was a bit unstable to leave the case to the combination of the chapter, but it was necessary to rush to finish the work before the morning.
I hurriedly climbed to the top of the tree nearby, so that the sound of the wind did not leak out and started a communication ring.

“you!Why is it so late today!Are you worried!

Then, on the other side of the ring, Diana’s voice was heard today.
Yesterday I thought it was another person today, but was Diana dedicated to two of them?Anyway, it was good for me.

“sorry.There was a little bit.

What’s wrong with?

I’ll go and explain from now on.

Come Gena?!

The voice of anxiety and struggle was slightly mixed, and it increased rapidly.
Cute.Do you like to go so much?

“huh.I’ll ask you.

“hmm!Wait for a while!

At the same time, there was a sound of Udang -tang over the ring.Probably ready to go up to the top of the mountain.
In fact, the position of the Gumiho Mountain could be identified without the lights on there, but the problem is that there is a sequel to there.If you take a slightly wrong location and move out of the encounter, it’s not bothersome.

Okay!Can you see it?!

Not long after, I saw something flashing on the top of the mountain, and I fixed my eyes and used shadow movement.
Now, with a little bit of dizziness, Diana’s lovely face welcomed me.


This time, it seemed to move to the target position without any error.

I have been there.

I hugged Diana in my arms, and I kissed my lips lightly.

Is that over that work ended?

If there was a tail, Diana likes to shake.I wanted to nod my head, but unfortunately it was too tight to do that.

“no.Actually, you have to go back before the morning.I came to Diana.

Do you mean to this body?

“huh.Let’s talk as you go.

A mansion a little far from the village of nineachians.
Heading there, I briefly delivered the necessary explanations to Diana.

Yes.this .

“how is it?Do you think you can do it?

It is not really necessary to interpret the magician of the Dernen family.The only thing I told you was to just be convinced by the uncle.
The purpose is that the stats come to mind on the slabs, so it’s a good idea to make a guild card rather than interpreting the magicians of the Dier family.
I thought so.

“hmm.Yes.After all, the big roots are not much different from the spells of the nine -tailed fox.hmm.This Hmm hmm!I can.There is nothing to take until morning.

Diana really seemed to interpret the magic of the Dier’s family and think of it in the slabs.In addition, he even overflowed.
I’ve been burning research that the magic of this world is different from the top, but was there so much that there was so much?


Huheung.It is difficult to see the power of this body!2 I’ll see the game in an hour!

Proudly speaking with his chest wide open, Diana pretended to pretend to be.

“Oh oh!After all, Daema!best!”

Huhung!It’s okay to praise more!

As I claps paired, Diana set a nose even more.

“cute!Lovely!I want to hug!

That, it’s not related to magic .

I was so praised that I turned my head to see if I was ashamed.
It’s really cute.

Oh, please wait a little!

This time, the index finger was stabbed in front of the front, but Diana went into his room with the slabs I handed over.

Naturally, I followed it, but I didn’t do anything for the first 10 minutes, but I was bored to look at Diana’s back.
No, Diana’s lovely back was a feeling of happy energy just by watching it, but if you look at it, you want to talk and speak.
In addition, I have been worried about it since I was, so I couldn’t stand it and opened my mouth.

Diana.I was curious from before.


Diana replied to me without stopping what he was doing at all.
After all, hemp.Is multitasking a basic literacy?

Why are you floating from before?

“hmm?It’s magic.

no.I know it’s magic.It’s not what I ask, but why are you floating?I don’t have to do that.
It’s easy to control the tools and control it, but do you need Diana?

“hmm.That’s what.It’s actually.

As if it was a great secret, Diana killed the voice.

“It’s more comfortable to float than walking.”


It’s easy if only mana consumption is not a problem, but Diana.Why don’t you think the stats on your physical abilities are so low?
Somehow, it was weird.I lived for nearly 3,000 years and I just thought that the stats would not be so terrible if I walked a few minutes a day.

I don’t care!Isn’t there a mana to use mana anyway?

I felt something in my silence, and Diana added an excuse as if he was using it.
You don’t have to go to dungeons, so you don’t have to save mana.

“but.This is not bad either.

From before, Diana was floating, and the posture was not a steady posture.
The upper body was slightly leaned forward and the legs were lined up and down.
Working on othersIt may be a comfortable posture, but I only saw that I was seduced by sticking my butt.

Huh?!Uh, wherever you touch it!


Don’t say it confidently!Take your hand!Isn’t it time for time?

Diana was resisting by moving the legs that were stretched down, but of course I had no idea.

“no way.If you’re a hemp, it’s possible to multitask this much?I’ll just put my hands like this.Please be patient.huh?In order to comfort my tired heart that walks around the world of drinking.

Uh .

When he said, he was weak, and Diana trembled with his butt.

Uh, I can’t help it!Just put it up like that!You can’t move!

I can’t help it.Just stop the floating magic and sit in a chair.It’s cute anyway.

“thank you.”

Hey!therefore!Didn’t you tell me to be left!

When I lightly kissed the butt, Diana struck my crown with the palm of my hand.There was still no damage.

“huh.So just put my lips slightly .

Only hands!Only hand!

What should I do from now on?
I worryed for a while, caring for a pleasant texture in the palm of my hand.
I tell you in advance, but the butt is not touching.Diana is rubbing because it is shaking.
no.That’s.I also played a little joke, but I didn’t really want to interfere with the work.As Diana said, he was still on his butt.Really do nothing and stay still.
In addition, the ray side even sent a strange feeling, so he was slightly sold.

What is this feeling again?
It’s awkward and exciting on the other side.At first, I suddenly wanted to see something wrong with my heart, but it didn’t seem to be that again.
What can he do alone in the first place?Suddenly, even if the eyes turn around and work, if you get caught by Threon, it’s one second cut.I didn’t tell you to take the uncle to the cave.
So there’s no trouble, then Ray is suddenly why?.


I was thinking about it, and I suddenly heard Diana’s cough.

“huh?Diana?Is it over already?

No.Just now Yes!The sneezing came out!

That cute cough is sneezing?I didn’t hear it so much.Besides, you are now!You said.
As I disappeared, I still saw Diana’s eyes constantly heading somewhere.And I was able to realize that Diana’s butt moving fluttering and being rubbed in my palms.

indeed.Is it that?He told me not to touch it, but it seemed to be sad because I didn’t really move a finger.
but.If it was usual, I would have rubbed it.
I was worried about it and I was so tight, but I could feel anxious about my actions that I had changed while I couldn’t see.
But now, ‘Why don’t you touch it?This body is not attractive! ‘
Because women are complicated.

“sneeze?Diana, is it cold?

In that cute anthal, I barely endured the smile that flowed out, and I looked worried.

Uh, um?That doesn’t seem to be that Hi?!

Looking at the expression, Diana denied it with an awkward smile and that he didn’t think it was going to go as he’t it what you want.

But it’s not bad, but it’s not bad.

I did not erase my worried expression and embraced Diana’s legs tightly.
It was in the middle of the night, so I was a little more waiting for my contact and I was thinking well if I had no contact.The trademark, Robe, was not wearing it, so a manual bare leg that was revealed under the mini skirt was touched.
But my goal was not Diana’s legs.Of course, I will enjoy it later, but now I have to warm it first.
I first peeled Diana’s shoes and socks.

No, what Gena, what is it?!

“I don’t know?It’s best to catch your feet from your feet.

If it’s hot in summer, you have foot baths and sleep socks in winter.
In that sense, I have Diana’s feet the warmest, no in my body.I put it in a hot place.

Ker, isn’t it growing?!

Diana moved his toes and touched my stuff.
In fact, I didn’t think so, but it feels like it’s a hot.

I was touching my butt.

I hugged Diana’s legs tightly and put a chin on the buttocks, and I smiled blatantly.
In the beginning, I didn’t really touch it and stay still, so I was tempted to be more concerned.Even if you come out like this, you will definitely like it.

I’m not proud!

The attitude that looks like is this.


I’m sorry and don’t rub my cheeks on my butt!


Joe, a little if.

When I looked at it with a lantern eye, Diana turned his head as if he could not do it.
Of course, I was not in my eyes.Diana is not any layria.
Perhaps if you don’t say, you compromised a bit because I was anxious that I would not really do anything.
It’s cute anyway.

Anyway, as the posture changed a little, Diana was immersed in the work again.
Of course, I didn’t stay still this time.Diana’s bare legs were touched by hand, and he spent time rubbing or kissing his cheeks on his butt.
I wanted to kiss not only the buttocks but also the place in the meantime, but no matter how much we are a hemp, I don’t think I can finish it on time.I wasn’t confident that I would not lose reason either.
So, I enjoyed the texture of the place where the stimulus was not so stimulating, and Diana’s feet began to move.

I put my stuff between the two soles and began to rub it up and down.
At the same time, the legs are naturally legs, and accordingly, the hips under the face have a slightly changed shape.Are you tempted?
I wanted to be tempting to do that for the rest of the time, but Diana’s upper body was still focusing on work.
Only the lower body, exactly, only the foot stimulates and seduces me.After thinking about this, I decided to take Diana.

By the way, Diana.


I answered casually, but I could not know what my feet did.
Is it not going to go to the end either?
It’s too much.I have no idea and stimulates like this.Are you bothering you?That’s what I think.

It’s also cold.Diana’s feet are a bit cold.Watch out for cold.Don’t be overwhelming.


Suddenly, when I said a heartwarming words, Diana was surprised and looked at me and looked at me.
And then, ‘Woo …This, this body is doing this to this.I turned into a mix of emotions and regrets that seemed to say! And then turned back forward and muttered in a small voice.

Uh, um.Be careful ….

Of course, the movement of the feet that stimulated my stuff completely stopped, and the legs that were slightly opened in the shape of the legs were gathered neatly.

wow.I regret this.I regret it so much.If you have a flame, you will die.
are you okay.Diana.What are you doing?If you’re sorry for this joke, you don’t know how many times I should be killed by the soup.furthermore .

Oh, but don’t stop your feet.I feel good.

“profit!A man is a man!You’re a man named!

I put my hands in my pants, grabbed Diana’s feet, and I turned on my head on my eyes as if I had regretted Bibija and Diana in things.
Of course, in my standards, I patted, and Diana would be a full swing with the power of the whole body.


As usual, I saw a day without any damage, and Diana was able to see it with the expression of dying.
That’s why I usually move my body.Walking is bothersome, so it’s magic, so the stats are not feeling.How do you keep this body while you don’t want to move?Even after growing up, only the places that will grow will grow.
Whether the elves are fraudulent or are the world’s systems based on attractive stats?
Well, either way, it’s good for me.

Anyway, I thought it was useless to care about me, and Diana was immersed in the work.

It’s over.

A little further than an hour of the first declaration of my joke on the way, Diana tried to make a slab with his expression on his red face.
Of course, the expression did not last long.

“hmm.Name Diana Telluna.Job Jobs.Currently, the saints of salvation.
Where is it?

Diana’s stats, which have been used as a test, are written on the slabs.And he shouted with a cat.

“no.It’s true.

What is true!Isn’t you just doing it!

okay.After that joke before,Diana really didn’t care at all.
She did not respond at all, even though she kissed her hips or her thighs and grabbed her hand and grabbed her chest.
For reference, Diana’s upper body is lying down in the air, but his chest is rarely affected by gravity.Mo, of course I liked it!The small breasts have a taste of touching the small chest?!

Anyway, I see Diana who doesn’t respond even if I touch my chest.He took off his pants and enjoyed the manual footwork by using Diana’s feet.
Still, Diana had no reaction at the end, but he didn’t respond to it.
Well, it’s natural to think of it.No matter how much concentration is and no matter how much you are immersed in it, you can’t worry about it.

Diana.I mean.I don’t think who leads it.Let’s look at the essence.What happened between the two?Diana’s feet are stimulating my stuff.In general, such an act is called a footwork.So I just put the objective facts in my mouth..
Don’t unfold a strange logic with a serious face!

Chet.I don’t go beyond.
Anyway, it seems that the spells of the slabs seem to have been properly caught, so the only thing left is to go over there and give it to Thres and prove it as a warrior.
Ray, who still continues to send strange feelings, is worried about what’s going on.

However, it was a pity to just go like this.
no.It’s not a pity that it’s not cheap.It’s a little more pure with Diana and means you want to spend time.
Because I liked it so much when I came.I was sorry for some reason.
It’s still time to leave for the morning, but maybe it is good.


As I was thinking a little, Diana sang me in a calm voice.
The red face until the end of the ear has not yet returned to the original color, but the expression was only a rational hemp.


You don’t have to worry about this body.You will do what you do first.

I saw my expression and noticed what I was worried about.
Anyway, our kids read my expressions so well.
If you see my scams well to the wars, I think it’s not the type that is revealed on the face.



I’m sorry, but I checked it again, and Diana nodded as if it were okay.
Even if you want to be more sweet with me.


After nodding, I grabbed Diana’s panties and fell down.

Het?You, now?!

And I rotated Diana’s body half -turned half -wheeled and faced me, and I spread the legs wide and pulled down.
I pretend I don’t care, but I’m Diana for an hour.It was already a long time ago that I was so excited that I was wet.Again, Diana was in a stance near my face while floating in the air.
Thanks to this, my stimulates with Diana’s feet for nearly an hour have penetrated the inside of Diana without any problems, and the moment the glans touched the inner wall, my stuff exploded.

Huh …no.There is not enough mana to go over there.I have to fill it as soon as possible.

Only after the long situation, I could only take a breath and answer Diana’s questions.
Diana’s texture was so long that it was cheaper than usual.

Ugh That, this is a Mome..

It was the same with Diana that I felt more than usual, and Diana was already at its peak at the time of inserted.

So I’ve checked it many times.Is it okay?

So don’t play like that.It’s scary and cute.

I was a little resentful to Diana, but I didn’t lie.It’s not enough to have a mana exhausting symptoms like when you first moved a long -distance shadow, but it’s still a mana in your body.
Mana could not be filled for about an hour, so it was necessary to fill mana as soon as possible to return to the other side.
So I have triggered healing sex like this.It’s never like this to fill my own desire, and it’s not even more because I want to play with Diana.

This body can share mana directly.

Diana, who had not reacted for a while after hearing excuses, did not have such excuses, and looked at me with a glance and looked at me with a glance.

That, right?

“ha .

Did you know that I didn’t really think about my reaction, and our hemp sighs lightly and made me close to me.
Are you forgiving?After all, you have a wide heart.
In addition, when I saw my legs right around my waist and closed my whole body, Diana must have made it.

It’s not at all.

It was Diana who raised his head again and sold me with his eyes.
So I didn’t say a word, but I don’t know my heart so well.Well, I didn’t say it, but I hurriedly moved to bed.

Anyway, when I closed my body and sat down in bed, I felt that the refreshing energy that was handed down from Diana’s body brought my body.
And while I was handing over mana, I and Diana still hugged each other and talked close to each other.

Oh, then Diana was for two consecutive days.I also fell in charge of two bottles, and I thought it was because I was busy because of the temple.

If you think about what I heard from Diana yesterday, it was like Sarah was holding two bottles of them.

“hmm.It’s just a coincidence.

Diana has the most things to see in this world because of magic studies, so it was not strange to be in charge of the two consecutive days.


What you want to say.side.Ha …Don’t break it on the way.

You also like kiss and pretend not.Even now, when I take my lips, I have a slightly hazy topic.

Diana said earlier.Why is it so late!Called.Whoever sees it, isn’t it the reaction of the person who received my communication?

So, somehow, this is the situation where this body came here.Not.side.side.Yes …side.haha To you !This is now..

The words spoken after this kiss seemed like a melted voice, and Diana was ashamed of burying her face in my chest.
I’m really cute.

This, now mana seems to be enough!

At the very moment when he tried to bite his long ear with his lips in order to harass a cute Diana a little more, Diana shouted and shouted.
Mana recovery was over, but now it’s like this.

I wish I would go?too bad.I want to have a little more with Diana.

Is it not your time?This body too Ugh!

Diana is also good for her head, but sometimes she falls into a trap herself.Isn’t it too exciting?

Diana, what is it?

I was forgotten that this body was handed over before this body went!

But Diana is still Diana.Immediately modifying his mistakes, Diana put his hands in a small pocket on his waist and searched for something.
Will you give me?Did you make something else?

This hmm?Huh.

While I was looking for something I wanted while I was smiling, Diana tried to pull out his hand out of his pocket.But before I took out my hand completely, I suddenly smiled as if I had something good.

This is a word.

In that way, Diana loosened her legs around my waist, and quickly pulled out his hand from his pocket and stretched out with my hand.
click.At the same time, I heard that the sound was heard on my wrist, and suddenly my view began to flutter.
The next moment, Diana’s pretty face, just looking down from the top, was located above my eye level.

Is it a lot of work?I brought it.

I turned to the wrist of the sound earlier, and a familiar bracelet was hanging on my arm.
Then I had this.I sent it to the two bottles, so I brought it to return it.But I didn’t have to fill it on my wrist and even activate it.As I did earlier, are you trying to be cute this time?
I can’t.I’m a little sorry for teasing, so let’s hang out a little.

Sister, sister What are you going to do?

I don’t have to act like that.

I tried to act with my tears with all my strength, but Diana shook her head with an expression of what he was doing.
hey.No matter how much it is too much.I tried to match you.If you didn’t want to do this, why did you make a bracelet cold?

Even if you don’t act like that .

At the same time, Diana’s face began to go up again.
But this time my body wasn’t getting smaller.Diana’s body was growing.
Diana’s body, which is growing as it comes out here and there, is not in size.
The t -shirt swelled around the chest and dried up and revealed the abdomen, and the short mini skirt was also dried up and the connection of Diana was shown.
A strange dress that is contrary to the innocent appearance.In addition, the lower abdomen was engraved with a seal made of hearts and wings.

Diana, who finished the transformation so perfectly, himselfI looked down at me with a confident expression as if I knew how it looked.
Contrary to her expression, the cheeks were ashamed of being shy.

What are you?Do you not need acting as you say?

Diana whispered his mouth in my ears as he put his hand on my shoulder and wrapped my face with his soft chest.
Originally, it would be called no because of the tree frog nature, but the current Diana was overwhelming so that even the tree frog nature did not come out.


I smiled a light smile to me, and Diana slowly turned around the waist.
Ugh.This, this is Did you even write the saint’s holy water?This is a foul!It was so stimulating from before!

I was hugging it, but it wasn’t still inside Diana.Diana’s masterpiece was constantly moving even when he didn’t move his body, stimulating my stuff, and once cheap, my stuff was swelled again.
In that state, my sister, who perfectly coexisted this innocence and color, wrote the saint’s holy water and turned his back.
Naturally, I couldn’t stand it, and I grabbed the pelvis and strongly waisted..

Huh …ha .

As soon as he tried to move his back, Diana lifted his waist and unleashed the insertion.

“Yes?Why do you do it?Shouldn’t you go now?

Besides, you can remove Shichimi and ask.
hey.Diana.But this is too much.No matter how much I play it, it’s so After all, I have a kiss on the way!You can kiss your favorite topic!On the theme of kissing hemp king!
Or what is it?I didn’t touch it when I was putting my hands on my butt?Are you coming now and showing your own color and taking revenge?

Why don’t you get up?

I received my resentful eye and I was stabbed, but I avoided the eye.
This is the end, so is this?okay.If you come out like that, I think.I didn’t want to say this.

I’ll do it.

“hmm?What is it?

I will go over there and solve it to Silver Arang Ray!

Now, wait for a while!

When I tried to get out of the room without wearing my pants, Diana hurriedly grabbed my stuff and stopped.

Why are you doing that?!Isn’t it right to endure this body and the day and think that it’s going to burst?

Oh, then the next turn was Diana.What is it?

Diana.Do you want to be in a mess with me?

Why, why is the story like that?!

no.I know that it is such a story because I would like to stand it before I go to myself.

It’s not like that!

Don’t tackle in your heart.
How embarrassed he was, Diana clenched her two fists and tried to blow the Kongdak Kongdak attack as usual, but he realized us now before the fist touched my body.
If you blow the Kongdak Kongdak attack like this, it is a child abuse site.


After a few shook my cheeks as if I was going to die, I sat down in front of me as if I couldn’t do it.

I’ll only do it with my mouth.

After that, Diana put my stuff in his mouth.

Yeah Chur.Had side.Churm.

A sister with an innocent face and a dirty sister looks at this with a slightly resentful look.
In addition, because of my shortness, I just bent my knees, so my mouth and object were not right.Thanks to this, the entire upper body needed to move back and forth, and the breasts of the size that seemed to burst into the t -shirt were vigorously shaken back and forth.
In many ways, I felt different from Laea, and I was easy to tell the semen in the mouth.

Ugh Hmeum Huh gulp.ha Even if the body gets smaller, the amount is cheap.side.Do.

Diana, who swallowed all my semen, took his mouth briefly, stimulated things, and then put my stuff back in his mouth to clean the pella.

Huh …Was you satisfied with this?

To be honest, I was not satisfied.
no.It was so nice to feel good, but the reason I was irritated in the first place was because Diana showed it in an insertion.Wouldn’t it be completely resolved even if you wrapped it with your mouth?
Diana seemed to know my heart, but he still shook his head.

It’s not more than this.Isn’t there really time?

surely.After finishing the work on the slab, it has been a lot of time since then.I was so sorry that I had completely completely completed mana recovery, so the two continued to bloom.

If you want to do it until the end Take the time and come here.

After that, Diana loosened the polyov and returned to its original form.
Chet.I can’t.It’s not too much of my greed.


That, and!

I loosened the bracelet and went back to the original form, and Diana stopped and stopped again.
hey.That’s not a hand.

“This, you shouldn’t solve the sexual desire accumulated by this body to other wives.”

Diana muttered in a small voice that could not be heard unless he was concentrated, as he shook his eyes as if he was ashamed of speaking.
Anyway, I’m really cute.

“of course.Did you worry about that?

This, this body is because of whom !Ugh!

That was a joke.Can’t you believe that?

Well, as much as I don’t know when I don’t know when I don’t know, I can’t say that I don’t have sex on the other side until I sleep, but at least today’s sexual desire was in my chest and I thought it was all when I was sleeping with Diana.

This body is not forgiveness of kissing.

no.Now I am forgiven and do not Besides, forgiveness.

Anyway, I’ll go.I’m waiting quietly until I come back.Oh, don’t forget to ask you earlier.

“hmm.It’s okay.I’ll go.

To Diana, who answered while trying to grab the red faces that were red to the end of the ear, I finally kissed and left home.

After leaving the house, I immediately climbed over the tree and headed to the capital of Baepra.
As a capital, it is wide and bright enough to be clearly known at this night.In addition, there is a characteristic mountain behind the back, so it was not difficult to specify the location.
If you look at the top of the mountain, you may want Dier to go in the middle.

As soon as I took a look at the shadow, I felt something wrong.It was not the texture of the soil.Besides, a steep slope that seems to be 70 degrees.
Fortunately, I didn’t balance my body and hung it, but what is this?The moment you look down.I could see where I moved.
Matching the middle of the mountain is to keep an eye on the spiers of the castle covered in front of it.Maybe it’s dark so I didn’t see it properly.

But it wasn’t important.
The capital overlooking the feet was burning as if it had received a massive air raid.
Suddenly, what is this?!I thought it was just bright at night, so it wasn’t.It was fine until I came before?!

Didn’t we see our existence?So, is Bapra’s eyes coming back to find Ray?
The first thing that came to mind was that ominous idea.But that was not right, I could realize it.
I thought it was burning as if I had a raid, but it was only a barrier that surrounded this castle.The identity of the flames that seem to be beyond was just a torch held by many people.Of course, there were no burning homes in places, but as I thought, the capital was not a sea of fire.

The problem here is why people are wandering around with a torch of fire and torches as if they are surrounding the castle.
Because they had a violent battlefield from here and there.
It was my illusion that the capital became a sea of fire, but it was not an illusion to be attacked.
The city is now being invaded by monsters.It also invades the monsters that are familiar.

Why are they suddenly here?no.wait for a sec.Is this because of us?
I could only think so.Underground waterway has been neglected for a long time after being judged.If the monsters there are, it suddenly flows to the ground today.The reason for the guess is that we could not think of it except what we went to underground.
But you were thoroughly managing with a few layers of iron gates?It is also thoroughly in charge of the great family at each entrance.
But how did they crawl there?Unless you suddenly pierce the hole on the floor Oh my .

no.What would you like to say this situation?In short, it’s because of us?
is it.So did you block the castle with the barrier of fire?
The castle is back on the mountain.The only way to pass the castle is to climb the mountain from the city side, and the opposite is the same.
good.The situation was identified.Maybe it’s going to be a long night tonight.
First of all, the first thing I should do in this situation .

Huh.My expectation was correct too.

A hole that is definitely wider than when we come out.In the hole, the monsters were still coming out of the station.
I wanted to see if the guys in the castle were back and forth, but there was no trace of people around me if I could not afford it now.

huh?If I knew it was my fault, I should go down and do it with the suppression activity.go?
Haha.I am not any adult soldier no.The saint is a saint, but that’s it.How many monsters are there in the underground waterway.If you go down and fight together, you can’t solve the fundamental solution.I mean, as a saint, I came to the way at risk for fundamental solutions.

“Now, then.”

Looking down at the top of the tree, I looked down at the shadow hideout, and I thought about how to do this.
It’s not a joke, but it’s annoying in many ways.
I first blown the saint’s waves and lightly sent a few crawls to heaven.
In order to block the hole, shouldn’t you get rid of the guys crawling out of the hole?
When I destroyed the guys above, the lower guys also collapsed, and when I repeated several times, I finally lost a monster in the hole.
First of all, the guys outside looked at the hole for a while, as if I didn’t know what happened.
When I wrote a sanctuary, they knelt down on the floor without power.
Huh.okay.So keep your head in front of you.

Now if you block this hole, it’s over..

If you knew how to use the spirit of the land, it would be easy to stop it, but unfortunately, the spirit that I can use is only water and wind.Both did not seem to be very helpful in this situation.
This doesn’t mean that I can do something like a conservative work.That was that because there was no tool even if I could do it.If so, the remaining way is also .
I came down to the floor and pulled out the genitals of the sperm whale from the inventory.

If it’s the most primitive way to block the hole, isn’t it blocked with something similar to the same size? Don’t say it’s ruthless.I can’t help it.There’s only a strong sturdy object to stop the hole.Look at this.Like this Uh, huh?Eight!Eight!It’s a little bit, but you can stop the hole well.

The genitals of the sperm whales that were just hit by the hole.On top of it, the soil was covered with thickness and concealed, and I loosened the sanctuary proclamation and kindly blown the saint’s wave.This time, I control the strength so that I do not die.
Because they wake up, they have to trample around and go around.
As a result of the new traces of monsters, it is completely covered by completely covering my work traces, which is complete.After all, I’m smart.

While self -confident in his extraordinary head, I achieved my purpose here and immediately took a step to do the next action.
This destination, as well as the party members and Shinne hidden caves.
In terms of traces of monsters left on the floor, they are not just down the mountains.It is only a few compared to the number down the mountain, but there were also traces of those who climbed up the mountain.
Of course, our party members can’t be hit by a monster, but they needed to go quickly.
The strange heart trembling that Ray has been sent from before.It was also possible that it was a good feeling of battle.And the heart shaking was still not time went by, I felt more and more severe.
I know that it would be okay for our party, but I was anxious that my chest was prisoned.
I squeezed the mana that was short and used to use the shadow movement, and what I saw at the entrance of the cave was the body of the monsters that were just on the floor..

What are you doing now?

Sylvia was on top of Ray.


In addition, Sylvia even threw his mouth firmly with his hands so that Ray’s voice did not leak out.
Is it because of my feelings that the two look strange?
no.Of course I believe in Silvia.Still, Ray is pounding his heart with red redness, and even Silvia is stuck to block Ray’s resistance with his other hand..

Gu, salvation hard?!

Sylvia was surprised that he felt that he was suspicious of my eyes, and in the meantime, Ray was out of Silvia and quickly ran away from my back.

“Salvation!Help me!That homo finally reveals the real color and wants to commit me !
Oh, it’s a misunderstanding!

What’s wrong!On a topic that blocks people’s mouths and prevents them from moving!

Do you know that I wanted to?!You can’t do it because you make a strange sound!
That, I can’t help it!This child is another woman and sex Uh!

“stop.To there.

Is this a critical hit just by passing it right away?
I was watching for a while, ignoring each other’s defense, but I was watching for a while, but I was hurriedly blocked Ray’s mouth after seeing the fire trying to splash to me.
Again, Ray, who is closed in his mouth, said, Uh! I resisted and resisted.

Be careful.I don’t know who hears, but don’t try to shout the word sex like that.You know what Bapra thinks about sex better than me?no.Even if it’s not Bafra, the girl is without any shame.

Uh .

It’s unfortunate, but it’s still a little more blush than before.

“Understand?I can’t scream because I will give you my hands off?

That homo, it’s really dangerous.

When he said, he took his hands out of his mouth, and Ray whispered in my ears in a slightly lower tone.
no.Even if it’s dangerous.I have ears too, so I heard everything you said.It’s just about preventing the troubles that can be caused by sharing emotions.

“That’s right!I liked it and was not doing it with someone like you.

What is a person like me?!

In a place where there is nothing, I twist my waist and tremble and tremble pants..

Wow, wow.Sylvie.Did you really hate you?Or just because your opponent is Ray?In a word, the attack power in one word Have you learned and learned from Sarah?

So this child !and!I’ve been dragging here before!Even if it didn’t happen, it was a topic!

So, our party should be inside the power cave.It was definitely strange that only Silvia and Ray were at the entrance of the cave.
Is Sylvia brought Ray here?why?

Oh, no!that !

Silvia hurriedly shook his head and denied it, but he did not clearly answer the reason.
Ray tried to attack Sylvia again, but I hit the player first.
Again, I believe in Sylvia.There must have been a reason.

Silvia?what’s the matter?are you okay.say it.”

Is it okay?

When he smiled to restore, Silvia asked me not to Ray, but to my eyes.
Are you okay?Have you asked me?why?
I didn’t understand, but Silvia’s words were clearly solved.

Gu, salvation Ha, you won’t do it Sorry, sorry!

no.Well, I really did it in the end, so I have nothing to say.What is this empty heart?Did you think that’s the way.
In addition, it was the fact that Ray even turned to me as if he had completely understood Sylvia’s answer.
I don’t see me with that eye!Under the armor, the topic that gets wet! That’s my fault.

That, it!therefore!Not that!If you are there, you don’t have a chance to do it with salvation.!

Our Silvia tried to cover me desperately, but it was not comforting.
no.Sylvie.It’s just what I started the middle, Diana transformed and seduced it, but it was one more time.Touching the butt and inserting it.

Silvia.Do you remember what I went to?It was Diana.


Silvia, who realized that the person who claimed that he would have been in the first was Diana, has solidified as if he is not good at hiccups.
No matter how well Diana and Silvia are doing well, Diana is a hemp lawyer and an adult who has seen Silvia since childhood.Sylvie is not able to be completely free in the face of the Great Magazine.Would Felicia be the hardest for Diana?

That, that’s That’s .

In the end, I could say this for Sylvia, who tried to cry almost and picked up the water he spilled.

“are you okay.It’s true that I like sex!How about sex !?Don’t dry it!I’ll do it all the time!

okay.I think it’s not hard to do it.How do you think Sylvia thinks so?That’s true!I’m a saint!Sex is everyday!

Didn’t you tell me not to say that?

I looked at me with a look that Ray was tired of the side, but that’s good!

“anyway!Sylvie, even Ray was not wrong with each other.Then let’s go!

It’s been delayed for a while for unexpected events, but it’s not time we’re doing this!There is still a pile of work!

“sleep!What is this Huh !

I called the water spirit to eliminate the water of Ray’s lower body, and quickly went into the cave.
First of all, let’s end with the persuasion of the boring kinky uncle.

“Unbelievable !Really, it’s really a warrior!

A kinky man who looks at the slabs, which is a mouse in the hands of Threlle, and kneels on the floor and moan.
So I kept saying that.Uncle, just kneeled on the bottom, so it hurts and embarrassed.

It was real.

And Ray.Why are you that reaction again?Did you still doubt it?No matter how much I have sex.

Then are you now on our side?let’s go.”

There was a lot of words I wanted to say, but now it was not time.
I took everyone to get out of the cave in a hurry, but the kinky uncle seemed to have no head.

“yes yes?!”

Why are you so surprised?Did you get older and hardened?Can’t you remember what you said?
Or what is it?Did you know that we would welcome you and welcome?
Otherwise ….

I tell you, but I don’t work.The shaman is also lower than me.

Until I was shared with Ray, I did it every day.
Previously, all of our kids remained at the same level, but now only me and Silvia have increased toxic levels.

Is this more than this level?!You are replaced !

The kinky uncle again confirmed the level of Laon on the slab and looked at me with a look at the monster.
There’s nothing like that.I’m not a battle, but a level with sex.

Anyway, it’s done now?

“yes!I will follow!

Is this a warrior?
Suddenly there was a little ridiculous in the attitude of uncle turning, but I should think that good is good.

“good.Then let’s go.

Salvation?Why are you so in a hurry?

When I went out quickly and moved out of the tents and foods I unfolded, Greg talked with Tu Tu, who didn’t know English from behind.
I thought this guy was a little more noticeable.

Yes.I don’t know that?you guys .

After saying there, I suddenly scanned the other guys’ bodies.
Do you not know these guys?

Silvia.Did guys in front of the cave catch you alone?


no.There were so many.I handled all the monsters before I was able to hear the sound in the cave while overpowering Ray.
No matter how much the level has risen.How strong is it?

Well, I know when I go outside.

In the appearance of Silvia, who answered so natural, I just stroked my head and went out.

This, this is !

“okay.Maybe the guys in the basement are crawling.The bottom was also upset.

I told party members who were surprised by the bodies outside the entrance.
You don’t have to say how it came out.If you tell me, we’ll be disadvantageous.If you have a head, you think about it..

“hey.This is our Nick!

Even if you say that you can’t help it because you don’t have a head.
I fed the elbow properly to the lease of Laon, who tried to open my mouth without notice, and I continued to say that I was quick to say.

The bottom is still a lot of people, so it will be somehow.The problem is the top.

Although there are not a few bodies here, the problem was that the monster came here.
It has been so popular that it has come to this place.

Seo, no way!Also in our family!

“okay.Let’s hurry.

The level of the gatekeeper I saw in front of Dier’s family was never high.
Of course, the level of the gatekeeper is not to tell the level of the whole, but considering the monster group, which is mixed with the six -tier level, it would not be easy to stop them alone.

“Ahh!Pear, Count!

Dier’s garden was also a mess.
At the same time, the monsters lived in a humid place, so they were afraid of the fire, wielding the torch and barely blocking the invasion of the mansion, but it seemed to be the limit.If you leave it alone, the injured will increase and it will be difficult.

“let’s go.”

Well, that’s not our opponent.

This, this can be !It’s so strong!If this is, it is really Bapra !

Looking around the organized intestine in an instant, the kinky uncle looked at me with a look.
At first, I thought it was a rich man with no similarities, but now I know for sure.This uncle is my father.

Count!Do you, bleed?!And these people?

It is precious guests.Take care of it.


The soldiers who had sighed seemed to be a constant look at God and us, but the kinky uncle dismissed it as a short answer as if he had no intention of explaining long.
But it was enough, everyone was greeting us with his head.There is even a gate that I ran to God as a betrayer.
I thought it was a kinky uncle, but the ability to take control of self -confidence was not a lie.

There is no monster nearby.

Are you finally resting?

As he looked around and muttered, he struck his shoulders with the expression that he would die because he was tired.
Anyway, if you see this mana -sensitive guy, there is no more monster around.The hole crawling out of the basement is blocked, so there’s no monster up.

Then next .
“hey.Wouldn’t it be something to do here?

When I tried to do something again, I looked at me with a look that was not like that.
It’s time for the day to be bright.In particular, this guy had to fight with Helena, who had no combat power, and may be more tired.

Even if you don’t worry, you can’t do more.

Unless he suddenly changed his mind and attacked.

Greg and Duke are what’s left.

Are you talking?

“okay.I give you an important mission from now on.

“Oh oh!of course!castle Whatever the words of Salvation!

hey.Greg.Did you say you are a saint right now?Be careful.
I’m suffering from that hard to get’s not hard.Rather, I’ve only had a good experience.Anyway, I tried that.

“good.Then uncle.Can you prepare the rest to rest?

“yes.of course.”

The uncle who is now completely respected by a good time gave us a room.
At first, I tried to give a room separately, but how would you believe that you would just be on our side?
I just asked for a big room, and then Silvia and Ray, and Ray and Helena all made them rest in one room.
For reference, God and Yuri seem to sleep in the original room.

“Then we’ll go down for a while and I’m resting.”

Sylvia and Ray also noticed that I acted separately with them, but I can’t help it because Greg and Duke are the only ones who can face and act proudly.
I kissed each of my cheeks, and I went back to Dere again with the two cenders.

It’s been a long time since we’re only like this!

Salvation!What kind of definition are you going to do?

I was quiet these days and forgotten.These two kinky combinations were these guys.I don’t know if it’s okay to leave work to them.

Simple.I hope you will go to the capital and melt among the villagers and look at the trends.Then, if you have a chance, it also serves as a wind.

It is to infuse the teachings of the goddess in everyone’s heart!

Really anxious.But no matter how much you think, the only ones were these guys.
The biggest reason is that he did not see his face to the Bafra’s limbs, but that’s not just.The unique affinity of male adventurers will show great power in this male bath.In addition, Grek was like a bard poet, and both of them would be able to gain tremendous persuasive power as they both had sex experiences.

“okay.The gifts will be active, but that’s why they’ll only be against those who have some status.

Of course, the reform from the above is not a case, so it may be enough, but you need insurance.If the public can change the perception of the general public, there will be no more power than that.

To us that important thing !In fact, there was anxiety that we might be just carrying my head to fill my head, but you have thought about everything!

That, then!of course!What are you looking at me?

It is intended to fill your head.Can’t you do that?Haha.

You are also salvation!

If they say, even if they say meju with red beans, they are so glad they listen.

Anyway, it’s a great opportunity to melt in the villagers now.I’m sleepy, but let’s get a little more hard.Monsters can only deal with it.It is roughly melted in the crowd, pretending to be dealing with, and settled in the village.Understand?”

“of course!I understand it perfectly!

Although the two were a little nervous, they had been asked about information among people in the frium.

In conclusion, the first phase of the winding plan was able to complete it.
I thought that the expenses would be hard as the monster came from the mountain side, but the level of the soldiers of this castle was much lower than I thought.
Even if the monsters were not attacked properly, the body of the guards were all over the place, and the castle was in confusion.

“shit!How the hell these guys?!Is there a secret passage that connects the underground waterway in the castle?!

I took off the armor of the dead guards and wore it in moderation.
Still, the monster on the underground waterway is grasped, but I don’t know where it came from.If you do this, you can use it for wind.

Anyway, when we ran, most of the monsters in the castle were being organized.
As the monsters of the underground waterway are not all crawling, the number is the superiority of the soldiers.The individual’s skills are that even if the soldiers are lacking, there is no business in the number.
like thatThe soldiers of the monsters in the castle tried to go through the barricades of fire and march into the village, and we could leave the body to the village.

I thought it was the best thing to pass through the castle in the mountain, but it seems to be good.If you come here, you can now hide in the village while pretending to deal with monsters.

What are you decorating against these beans?

At the very moment when I tried to let go of the city, suddenly Black In -young popped out of the castle and thumped to the floor and landed.

I only eat this monster and let it go!These useless guys!

The Dark Elf, who said that in an arrogant tone, looked around and roamed around with a very bad look.
The upper body is not worn at all, and the lower body is roughly wearing a cloth, so I didn’t feel dignity at all.

It seems to be angry because he was naked and dressed as if he had taken it off.That guy, he was in full swing.
In addition, I saw only the turmoil, and now I have only crawled out, so I didn’t want to quit on the way.

And when I was in sex, I had a person who guessed me.
Lewis Bapra.Level 278.Is that the trash that he only heard in words?surely.Still, the level is high as it is the head of one forces.
In addition, due to the characteristics of the world, the combat level was 278, so it was difficult to guarantee the odds even by the front game.
If you are a garlon, you may be able to win with a scam job, but it’s useless to think about it now.

What are you looking at?!Tell the remaining beans quickly and sink the turmoil!

After hearing a loud sound, a monster rushed, but Bapra wielded his hands without giving his eyes on it.
The monster’s blood was scattered and colored the naked upper body blue, but he didn’t even care.
Is that guy, are you holding a form?

Whether he grabbed a shit foam there, there was nothing wrong with of the problem, it helped us in many ways.

You also move quickly!Like those guys!

At the very moment when he tried to leave the group in this gap, he suddenly opened us and wiped other soldiers.
I’m holding the form as I did. Why do you focus on aggro this way again?

It’s over there!Monsters remain over there!

No matter how much we are using the helmet, there was nothing good to focus on.I decided to leave quickly.

Then please.Do you remember what you said earlier?As you know, the wind should also take a look at the opportunity.If you do it wrong, you can only be dangerous.You don’t have to take risk.If you don’t have a chance to the end, you can just buy it in moderation.

And over time, in front of a bar in the village.
Seeing the villagers who hide in the alley and struggling against two monsters, I explained the last plan to Greg and Duke.

Gu, salvation!

Why is this reaction again?

You worry about us so!This Grek!Deep in the heart !
I didn’t worry about you.I’m worried that you will ruin my plan.

Haha.Salvation is not honest.

You have to leave this important role to these guys.

Don’t forget to use what you said earlier.

There were many things I wanted to say, but when I consumed my energy, I realized that I only lost me.
I decided to ignore it in moderation and say what I needed for the plan.

“yes!I will meet expectations!

“good.Then go.

At the same time, Duke and Greg ran to the monster as if they were shot out of the alley.

Let’s attack together!

“That’s right!It’s no big deal if everyone attacks at once!

Duke raised a window with a cry and ran to the monster.After that, Grek rushed into the neck of Lute.
Is that tiger that the name is a bard poet, can he use his instrument like a blow weapon like that?I heard that question, but it wasn’t important now.
The important thing is that the incitement of the two was eaten, and the two monsters, who had been steamed by the villagers, soon said they were farewell from this world.
Well, the monsters of that level can’t be eaten by the general public, so most of the damage is the window of Duke.

Huh.I don’t want to see fish for a while.Master!Give me a cold beer here!

Anyway, I cleaned up the monsters and checked the appearance of Greg and Duke, who naturally entered the bar, and then turned in the opposite direction.
For reference, the armor we wore was already in the inventory, avoiding people’s eyes.The fact that they were soldiers from the castle would not be noticed by the villagers as well as the soldiers who came together.
Then let’s leave it to them, and will I go to the next place?

Then this is not a problem?

Next, the place I came was the mansion of Keiros.
Now this is all about monsters, but I still need to check it.

“yes.It seemed quite nervous, but I noticed doubts to me.

“okay.But be careful because you don’t know.In particular, the entrance of the underground waterway is thoroughly managed.Do not be caught in the traces we have entered.Perhaps for a while, I’ll go around to find out where the monster came from.

Are you talking about Bapra?Of course, the village was a little hit, but it was hard to think that this would move so far.

It was cautious to give me an opposition to me, and Keiros quietly looked at me.
You don’t have to notice that.I’m not so scary.I understand that you think so.It was said that it was hard to see the face in the castle, so I think so.
But I didn’t talk about it either.There’s a story that this uncle still doesn’t know.

I don’t know if I heard it, but he has already appeared out of the castle.This case is already bothered to plant him.Besides, I’ll be a little more peacock in the future.

What are you doing?

That’s it .

To Keiros, who is curious, I explained the future plans to talk to Greg and Duke.

Hoo that It’s great.I think that will help our gifts.

And when he heard the story, Keiros shined his eyes and asked the rice cake.
First of all, I thought and explained that, but is it really okay?

Are you okay?It would be more dangerous if I noticed that the epicenter of the rumor was uncle.

Unlike the vague rumors that spread throughout the village, the secret story of spreading only among people with some positions is easy to reveal the epicenter.
Even if you spread the same rumors, this uncle is much more dangerous than Greg or Duke.

“it’s okay.If you talk about the salvation’s plan, you will be able to be around.

Is that a saying that you are surrounded by hearing rumors that you also spread the village?This uncle is also quite weak.It was weak, but it was not bad to do that.
Turning the epicenter of rumors to the village is an act that can make Greg or Duke a little more dangerous, but the two stop hiding at any time.

“okay.Then you do it yourself.I’ll go to the mountain mountain, so if you have something happened, contact the Dernen family.

Did you really persuade the Ongo House?!

When I tried to throw my body out of the window, Keiros asked a surprised look.
Ongo house.Is that the impression of the cold blood cosplay, the other nobles?


I didn’t have to answer for a long time, and I just smiled lightly, and I used shadow movement in the shade of a tree that looks outside the window.

Already a lot of time, the sun was sunny, but it did not mean that the shadow disappeared in the world.
The shadow movement could be done unless it was difficult to distinguish the shadow properly with the eyes.
In fact, I couldn’t sleep and acted tired of sleeping all night, so I didn’t even think about getting caught in Keiros’ mansion, but I still wanted to sleep in my woman.
I squeezed the remaining mana, and I took a look at the shadow of the tree on the top of the mountain and used shadow movement.

“Woke up?”

I thought I was tired, but it’s like this.
When I woke up, I was in a strange room.I think it’s the interior of the mansion of the Dier’s family.
It was too hard to squeeze out all the mana, but it was too hard to squeeze all night.Sylvie Aran Ray is together, and he doesn’t fight.

Now time Is it night.

Maybe it’s a day away from the morning to the night.
When I checked the dark out of the window, I slowly looked around the room.
As a result, I think I put them in one room with Threon or Helena.In this large room, there was no shadow of people except us.

What other people?

I went to confirm the surrounding terrain with the guidance of Dier.

Sylvia was good and packed, but I could see why I couldn’t see it at once.
I went to date with Helena.Caleraho here looked good from a distance.It was to be gathered together to be careful about betrayal, but cattleIt was a dragon.Anyway, it’s a garlon that costs the name.
I woke up in my seat as I shook my head.

To go to call?

Then Ray stood up in a hurry and hugged my arm and looked worried.
Why is this again?Not adaptable.Is it the first time to see my weakness?

“okay.Because things to do are piled up like a mountain.

In fact, I wanted to hug Sylvia and Ray and dive with bed.It’s a night.
But unfortunately, it was also a night to go outside, and it was important to act as soon as possible.

But you .

“are you okay.Yesterday, I used too much mana to repeat the long distance movement in a short time.

I reassured Ray, who was worried about it, and I stepped out of the room.
It was to bring the brackle to be fluttering outside, but there was one more obstacle in front of it.

Did you get up?Follow me.

I was waiting in front of the door and I saw my face as soon as I saw my face.
I’m going to take the lead as if it’s natural, but where are you following it?no.Well, it’s roughly guessing.


As the commercial followed the guidance, the kinky man welcomed us with a strict face.
At this time, he is more tired than Bapra.It’s nice to be dragged to our side, but you have to believe it.
This uncle is not like a gift, but it is not attached to us for their ideals.The surprise that I just met a real warrior.And dissatisfaction with the unfair treatment of his family.There’s no sense of making a decision by leaving it in such a moment.
In other words, the decision can be shaken as soon as the emotions subside.
Besides, our existence was so good to solve this uncle’s complaints.Even if we stab the work we are decorating, we can get plenty of confidence in Bapra and take up a firm position..

Condom!It’s a great thing!

What is this uncle suddenly talking with a strict face?!I’m not alone with me right now, but I’m also listening to Silbi Ana Ray!
no.More than that!Have you ever used it in the meantime?!

“ah!Do not misunderstand.My words are a good thing to deceive those who are weak.If you use this condom, it would be very easy to expand your forces.But now, the dissatisfaction of young men who can’t resolve sexual desire is filled up until just before the explosion.Oh, of course, this is not the story of our Dernen family..

I have a compelling excuse, so I pick it up.Anyone is excited because he likes him.Where are you lying?
shit.I was aware of the fact that I was a dad in that son!
I was stupid that I doubted my head alone, so I wanted to hit a face with a stern look in front of my eyes.

So, were you calling to talk about it?

Of course, not.I want to hear the future plans.What has been persuaded to this place, is it clear that we need our power in part of the warrior’s liver?

no.I just came to me because I was just strangled.Unfortunately, it was unfortunately not easily spit out.
I’m burning my motivation to help us, but you don’t have to turn it off.

Of course, there is something to need the power of the Dernen family.But first of all, it’s a perfect control of people here.Didn’t you have done the right explanation yet?As you can see, this plan is life.Only one traitor should not come out.

It is a word.

Then, let’s achieve the task of the verse and talk again.Anyway, we’ll act as a base for a while.

I told you so moderately and finished the conversation with the pervert, and I went to the lake this time.
And there, too, Leon and Helena hugged each other and talked about it.

It’s a date at this time.What do you see in this dark?
Unlike the top world, this night, which does not even shine the moonlight, is literally covered with complete darkness.Even now, it would have been difficult to distinguish between the outline of things if it wasn’t the light of the lamp from the mansion side.

Even in so dark, this place is so beautiful.

As if I read my thoughts, Helena mumbled like himself.
It’s a really good person.Perhaps the estrus would have been forced to drag it, but I packed it like that without any disgusting color.
However, Threon seemed to have no idea of Helena’s heart.

My eyes are much more in my eyes .

hey!wait for a sec!What are you doing now ?!No matter how much it is a clich !Who likes to hear that these days?!Mr. Helena cared about it, and he’s going to pay back grace to his enemies?!
I can’t.If you don’t get a country and save it.

Are you trying to get in between now?!

At the very moment I tried to move my body, Ray hurriedly hugged my arms and killed his voice and gave a pinzan.

“of course.”

“stop!Helena is pitiful!

“okay.So I want to go and save .

Only after that, I realized that the conversation between me and Ray did not interlock.
wait for a sec.Don’t do this .



Even in this dark night, the landscape of the lake unfolded in front of you looks so clear and beautiful because your beauty is brightly shining around.


As I roughly threw words similar to what was done earlier, Ray quickly started to squeeze his mouth without saying anything.
Is it real?Is it eaten?This ambassador.Is this is also a unique feature of this world?
Should I rejoice in this ambassador or pity the women here?


Looking at the side, feeling the feelings that were hard to say, Sylvia was staring at Ray.It’s also with a slight envy.
Did you really have been thinking wrong so far?no.I haven’t talked with our kids too, but that’s still Eight!hey!ray!Stop it a little!Because of you, you will be shaken for no reason!

Mr. Leon Ah!

While I was worried about the conflict of common sense that I came to, the conversation between Threon and Helena turned into a conversation with a body, not a mouth.
It was also more aggressively sticking to Helena than Ron, so now the Threon was moving back and Helena was trying to get on it.

hey.Can I dry it now?
I looked at Ray with that meaning, but Ray was still free from the shock of the ambassador I did earlier.
I can’t.Sylvia.Should I dry that?
Still looking at the air with a stupid eye, stirping the hardened Ray, and this time turn your head towards Silvia.

Ah .

Sylvia has solidified whether it’s embarrassing to get out of this close distance and have a child contact.
Are you both really?Then do you do your own way?


I would have enjoyed playing with Sylvies, but even a country that likes to play with a sex scene of a person who knows live in front of my eyes, I couldn’t do it.
As I deliberately became popular, I reacted, causing the game as if it was a seizure.

Uh?!You, you!Are you so dissatisfied with sex?!You are always !
Hey, hey.calm down.It’s not that.

All of the words that Ron spit out were more than imagined, so I was sorry for me.

What isn’t it?!

“no.Helena, isn’t it something strange?!

In fact, I threw it without thinking to appease the excited garlon, but it was really strange to spit out of my mouth.

What’s weird!You’re only in front of you.!
It’s strange to do that in front of me.

okay.Even though I have come so much, Helena is baptizing kisses on the breasts of Threron.


“oh when sorry.”

After listening to my intellectual, Helena was awakened on the stomach of Threon as if he had a spirit, but the expression of Threon, who had already realized something strange, did not solve it.

“hey.this .

Let’s go to the room and talk.

Well, I guess what happened.
Helena’s shoes and moist wet bare feet are placed next to them.And if you think about the meaning of this Caleraho, the answer was clear.
The question is that Helena is realizing it.

“What happened?Do you know something?

Helena was left to Ray and Silvia, where petrification was released, and Me and Thresron began the secret talks in the corner.
I didn’t want to talk about the secrets with this guy.

“okay.You heard it too.The Dier family extracts the goddess’s mana from the lake.Perhaps you are immersed in the mana because you are soaked in the lake.

Then what’s going on?!Is it okay?!

“are you okay.Before .

Oh, I don’t know that this guy drank the potion at that time.
I didn’t have to tell you that the start of a couple was going to be a heat due to the potion.I can’t.
I decided to explain roughly, including talking about it.

That, that thing .

Anyway, the important thing is that Helena will be fine if you solve some sexual desire.The problem is that Helena notices that his condition is the same as when he drank the potion he gave me.If so .
We are noticed that we are human beings..


No matter how garon, the head was turning around.
okay.There is only one place where you can get the goddess mana in this world.If it weren’t for that, there was a God’s testimony that the Dier’s family would have been attached to Plitus, which was not doubtful.

But when you touched the goddess’s mana, the same reaction appeared when I drank the potion I handed?
The moment Helena realizes that, we will not be able to avoid doubt.
Of course, Helena himself is a human being, but the problem is that it can spread to others from Helena.

If we see that we are human beings here, all the efforts we have heard so far go back to blisters.

Ha, but I say well !

It’s not a problem that will be easily solved with that?I can’t go with anxiety about this important thing.

Then what are you going to do?!

Don’t wipe it!I’m thinking too!
shit.I don’t have a lot of work to do, so I’m sick. Why do things happen?

Chuck .hey.So first, I will take Silby Arang Ray out, so let’s look at the reaction with Helena.I don’t think you noticed.

Originally, I went to take the trash, but I can’t help it.I have no choice but to take Sylvia Arang Ray.Sylvia should take Ray.Are you okay?

What if you noticed?

I have to go and think about it then.Anyway, the important thing is that Helena doesn’t say anything with someone else until I go.If you think it’s hard, you have sex while having sex.

That, it’s as easy as it sounds All, of course you can do it!

okay.You also have a bright color, but you have to have it.
I finished talking with Laon roughly, and I approached Silvia and Ray with a casual look.

Then should I go.

What are you talking about suddenly?Where are you?

If you follow, you know.Now, let’s not interfere with two people.

I forced the back of Silvia and Ray, who leaned their heads, and I left the mansion of the Dernen family.
The place where I arrived so was a waterfall with a passage leading to the underground waterway.

“I Salvation?Are you going to the underground waterway?

It’s also silent.I right.

There again?What are you doing this time?

It’s obvious.I’m trying to overturn the responsibility of the disturbance yesterday.

okay.This was the first stage of the plan that I told Greg and Duke.
Isn’t it too fatal even if we were the cause?It’s originally life.

How do you mean?

Simple.Find a passage that leads to the castle in the underground waterway, and then send a few monsters there.

If the monster that I thought it was all caught, I would naturally think that the entrance to the monsters was naturally the entrance yesterday.
So I gave up my bed and tried to move quickly.They have to work before they find the entrance where the monsters protrude.

The entrance from the castle to the underground waterway Is there really that?

Huh.I don’t worry about that.It’s like a stones of all RPGs.


hey.It’s a bullshit I’ve just tried it, so don’t think seriously.
Ray is sometimes listening to people what people say.Is it because you have a awareness that you have no common sense?

Well, it’s a joke, you can make it as you don’t have.

Wow .

What is that reaction.I made something to make a fraudulent fraud, or that’s it.In the end, a scam is a scam.

If you know, let’s go.

Now that the map on the ground is completed, you can see where it is just below the castle in contrasting the map, but if you think about the maze -like structure of the underground waterway, you may not know how long it will take to arrive.You don’t have to waste time here.

How do you mean?

That’s it .

But in the very natural question of Sylvia, I was blocked.
So how do you go to the underground waterway?
The holes we drilled yesterday are blocked by the genitals of sperm whales.The monsters’s footprints are perfect for concealment, but it’s a bit like going backwards.
There is a sewer that leads to the underground waterway on the bottom of this waterfall, but to go through the water.wait for a sec.Can you control with the water spirit?

In conclusion, it was successful.
Perhaps the ability to deal with my spirit has developed beyond what I thought.
When I had sex, I wrote it only for my body washing after having sex and sex.Even if I think ….

Wouldn’t it be like this yesterday?


For me, I was proud of myself, Ray blown away without notice.

Did you think yesterday?If I went out like this yesterday, the monsters went out and could not cause such a turmoil.

But the turmoil will result in more crisis.!
Did you not have been looking for it?

“ray.You look so ridiculous.My bright hair is looking forward to the front of Cheonsu .
“homo.what do you think about it?”

hey!Human words listen to the end!

It’s not a homemo.And all the words of salvation are true.Salvation always has a great plan that you can’t even imagine .
It’s just a coincidence.

Gu, salvation?!

no.It’s okay to blatantly, but I was ashamed to listen to others’ mouths.I’m sorry Silvia.For me, this is the limit.

Oh, anyway, good is good?!There’s a more serious problem now.Do you remember the huge monster I caught here yesterday?

Is it that you have a goddess’s mana?

“that What did you say now?

Ha, it was almost caught!Why are you digging a trap?

Don’t look like that.I’m kidding.”

Do not lie!I didn’t react to the word goddess and went over and tried to check it!
You showed that you were a warrior, but are you still doubtful?!
If you realize the effect of the potion, you will be caught right away.
At the same time, I’m less because of the garlon, but I’m trying to stay with Helena without me.

That’s not a joke.Anyway, I’m joking, and I’m nervous from now on.I don’t know if I’m Silvia, but if you are alert, it will be dangerous.

In addition, if this guy is injured, there is only a potion or healing sex.
This is why I tried to bring the garlon.Even if things are twisted, is it twisted like this?

I was more concerned about the idea that Ray was injured in many ways, but the battle itself was much more comfortable than yesterday.
This is because there is no sensitive guy in the mana of the goddess, nor who are revealing the surroundings with the torch as yesterday, so they were able to use the saint skill.
I knew that Ray’s night was not so bright since I first met, and even if I see my outline in the dark, I operate both combat skills and saint skills at the same time, so it will seem like a normal fight for Ray.

Your battle is unique.

I was so relieved that Ray suddenly spit that with a serious voice.
What, what is it again.Can you detect the goddess’s mana even if you’re not died?shit.After all, is this level of monster that is hard to do?no.But then it would have come when you killed the monster fish that was blocking the drain yesterday?


I had a lot of thoughts inside, but I was able to respond casually.
As I am emotional with Ray, I don’t know how casual it would have been.

“okay.Isn’t it unique from the weapon?

Oh, what is it?Is it that?but.It’s a weapon that I made myself.
The main goal is a gauntlet, but there are three short daggers on each hand like Claw, and a weapon that can be fired.
There is no one who writes with fists, scratching with chlor, and covering medium -range battles by dagger.

Is that, can I use it too?

Ray says that while looking down at the two daggers he holds in his hand.Looking at it, I seemed to know what he was thinking.

I have to use it, but I don’t recommend it.I’m writing this for unusual jobs.

Unusual job?Not a warrior?

“okay.In addition to the warrior.

Well, this guy may be able to use this weapon.
Ray’s job is Battle Master.It’s hard to increase weapons skills compared to other jobs that deal with only one weapon, but it’s a special job that can deal with all weapons in moderation.Ray himself doesn’t know that his job is a special job.
What did he really think about Ray?

And you are fighting well enough.It’s okay if I have a concern about the combat power.

For reference, Ray’s level was 203. It was ridiculous, considering God and glass, a similar age of this world.It’s even more and more when you think that God and Yuri are treated as a new career in their age.
Perhaps Bapra has a level in preparation for sex with him.If you think about Ray’s job, there’s a doubt about the only reason.

If you raise the level, you will naturally be strong.

If he had been able to level up with sex, he would have been able to shoot at least 220 by now.How do you have sex here?
Well, I will be noticed that I’m a goddess.

Anyway, thanks to the power of the saint, the underground waterway is more easier than yesterday.Adanine, we could come just below the castle.

This is right below the castle.

Are you going to penetrate?
Would you like to break?

What are you talking about at the same time?Are you actually good between you?

That’s the last means.First of all, let’s check if there is a formal route.

Although it was said that it arrived just below the castle, the size of the castle was huge as the size of the castle was huge.
We were patient and carefully investigated every corner and finally found a suspicious place.A wall with a hole in a right size.


“what.both.Suddenly, why don’t you say anything? don’t know Ray.If you say a hole of this size on the wall, there’s only one guessing that we have passed the dungeon.

Sylvia.what do you think about it?”

That, that Ha, but!Was there any other size?

I was very embarrassed to answer, and Silvia, who entered the battle mode, was rarely trembling.Nevertheless, Sylvia gave a valid opinion.
okay.I don’t have to pay attention to the size of the monsters, but I don’t seem to have any of the monsters I met here.
okay.yes.This is also a dungeon, no.Strictly speaking, it’s not a dungeon, but it can’t be present.After all, it’s silent.I made a sharp point.
I reached out with my head to compliment Sylvia.But at that moment, I realized that Silvia’s eyes were fixed to one place.It is not fixed in the hole in the wall.

Is it a silver?Where are you looking at it now?


wait for a sec.Is it a joke?Ji, really?So, did you say that there is a right size ‘Dali’?It was for that reason that I was shaking my voice?!

No, jokes no?”

no.It’s a size that seems to fit my stuff.Eight!shit!



What are you doing?Wow?!Ho, Homo?!Why are you approaching that look ?!Back and back!Hey you!What are you looking at ?!Cry this homo Uh!Uh!

When I was ready to see, Silvia understood Yongke and approached Ray slowly and hit it.
Ray resisted the two daggers in his hand, but it was too bad before Silvia’s force.
Silvia, on top of Ray, who had a butt, was so simply blocking Ray’s eyes and mouth.

It’s all good.Do you need to stop your mouth?no.Well, if this really opens that way, it’s not good to be loudly.

But Ray that guy, you’re very excited.
As a result, I was very excited when I was with Diana yesterday.Was it pounding because Sylvia dragged to the entrance of the cave?

Anyway, Sylvia acted like that.I have to do what I have to do.
I decided to be determined and lowered my pants down.
You have to do this stupid thing again.Goddess.No matter how much you think about it, it’s too much to use this as a key.There is no dying to be caught by others.
While spitting out the complaints, I built things using the revived pride.
I think it’s going to be just did you know the size of my stuff in advance?
The question was not ceased, but it was clear what to be dragged.
I closed my body to the wall and slowly inserted my object into a hole that was drilled at the right height.

Ugh shit It’s a little bit ….

I felt that the coarse surface of the brick was scratching my stuff and passing by.No matter how Iron penis, my stuff is not hurt, but I couldn’t help it.
I should be patient though.This is all for the beautiful future.I will do my duty as a saint!Are you looking at it !?Goddess!

Nothing happens.

But despite my tears, the hole did not see any reaction.

My, Damn!Bapra You’ve been deceived!Bapra!Big!Uh, uh!?

As I turned the shame and anger without a place to go, I tried to reorganize the poetry quickly.I tried to repair it, but I didn’t think of it to miss my stuff.
what?wait for a sec.hang on.This is not.No matter how much this is not this!That, yeah!Mana!Mana strengths things with things Why, why aren’t you missing?!Are you so tight that you can’t get out of blood?!no!I can’t do this!

“I Salvation?I will help you .
“no!Do not come!I can solve it alone!

If you come to help Silvia, you can see this to Ray!What the hell is it good to make an excuse?!


Besides, I’m confused because I can’t figure out the situation right now, but I will not be more confused when I see this!If he is in turmoil, he’s confused!In fact, it is still slightly affected!

Silvia is still!Ray you too!It’s not a big deal, so don’t struggle!

calm down.Let’s calm.Something, something will be a solution.I’m thinking.Salvation.You can do it.Waist teasing is a specialty in your specialty?If you calculate the angle to get out of the back of cooking, it will be clear!You can go in, you can miss it!
like this Nick it like this .

Oh ah!Why is the sky!Give birth to this salvation!Did you have this hole again?

No matter how much I use a dragon, I was desperate to fall out, and I kneeled on the floor.
I, as a saint, I’m just blocked by this hole, no.I’m captivated.

Gu, salvation!

Silvia.I’m wrong now.The way to get out of this hole is now .

W, it’s open!

Rather than comforting me in despair, Sylvia shouted an unknown word.
Open.Suddenly what is that uh?So, I’m kneeling now?
The hole was drilled at the right height when I stood up.Common sense that I can’t know that I’m kneeling.
Looking up and looking up, I saw a narrow gap between the wall and the ceiling.
As expected, this was a secret passage that connects somewhere.

“total As planned.

I look at the smile of conversion I looked at my current situation and quit.I was still stupid with my pants and kneeling and keeping my lower body in close contact with the wall.
shit.It’s good to find a secret passage, but how do you do this?

“I Salvation?


Breaking Can’t you?


Sylvie …I’ll tell you a little faster .Why am I struggling with this hole like this?no.I’m not wrong!Ray was confused because of that guy!Share the destroyed emotions!
Anyway, with the shining idea of Sylvia, I was able to escape safely.
For reference, the walls around the hole were carefully broken with the nails and hammers used to fix the tent.Because my son is precious.

What is it really .What happened?

Ray, who was only liberated from Silvia, grumbled, alternating me and Silvia.
The sound would have been heard, but it seemed unknown what happened.There’s nothing good to know, so I’ll never tell you.

I found a secret door.Look at this.

A little more detailed survey, the walls did not move.I had to put something in the hole and give it strength, and that’s why I didn’t go down beyond a certain amount.
As much as possible, the chest height.But that’s how much a passage was created to pass through the body, so we went along the passage.
And the space following the end of the passage is right.

This is Is it prison?

Yes it looks.

As Ray said, the arrival place was seen as a dull underground prison.
The reason for not being convinced is that there was no guardian who guarded the prison, none of the prisoners in prison.
Rather than seeing the shadow of people, the prison is an atmosphere that you can’t know how old it is.

This place has never been here.

That’s right.The first thing I thought came to mind, but when I thought about it, it wasn’t necessarily.
So I originally lived in this castle.That’s why people didn’t even know Ray’s existence.

No one is.

Let’s go a little more.

Originally, if I confirmed that the groundwater was connected, I was going to throw only a few monsters, but it was meaningless to throw a monster in a place that didn’t reach these people.You should also think about the possibility of blocking the entrance from the castle to this place.

Salvation.There is a staircase here.

After a little wandering, we could find a staircase that went up, and the upstairs that arrived along the stairs were as empty as before.
There was also a difference from there.I found out that this place was used until a while ago, and there was an unknown sound somewhere.Whether the wall of the prison was made of such a material, it was not known exactly what it sounded because the sound was ringing.

This sound Is it heard from the top?

In fact, at the time when human traces were felt, there was no need to take the risk and wander further.It was enough to throw only a few monsters as planned.
But for some reason, we went up even more, and that’s the identity of the sound we’ve heard from earlierI could know what it was.

Ugh!Ugh!Please, please don’t!Huh!

Screams of a woman who is sobbing and begging.

Fuck!Is it already reduced!Yes!What are you doing?Go quickly and bring more medicine!

The violent spirit of the voice that seems to have been heard from anywhere.
As soon as I realized who the owner of the voice was, I was hardened by the fear of the whole body.

“Ahhh Ahhh !

Who was the voice full of despair and fear?
The owner of the voice was not clear, but it was certain that something hot flowed on my cheek.It was a very unfamiliar sense, but nevertheless I could know what the identity was.
But before I even wiped it with my hands, I lost my mind.

How much was you lost?1 min?2 minutes?Or 30 minutes?1 hours?
It felt as shorter than that, and it felt as long as it was much longer.Anyway, it was certain that it was not long enough to be caught by them.
I opened my eyes to the chill of the cheeks and slowly got up after confirming that my hands and feet were not tied.
And the moment I turned my head sideways to grasp the situation.


Something was a bad sound of a man’s flesh and bones, and my face turned over the hot blood.
I was very sorry.The owner of the blood seemed to apologize to me, but in the neck where the cold gold was penetrating, the words did not come out.

“nine Cool luck Elder Nim .

I squeezed my last force and barely called my name, but it was only that.Looking at the eyes that slowly loses power, I felt like the blood of the whole body was drained.
I tried to stand up in a hurry, but my legs didn’t fit as if I had anemia.

stand up!what are you doing!Stand up quickly!It’s bleeding like this, but it’s turning over the blood, but anemia makes sense!

Desperately whipped himself, the body did not listen.
I was probably quite pathetic.I heard a ridicule right above my head.

Huh.This fucking bitch Excuse me.I didn’t say anything to the dead until I tried to protect the owner unmanned until the end.The loyalty is colorless, but there is no eye to see the owner.

The voice I have heard.The owner of the voice like the voice he heard before stunning did not try to hide the despair towards me, but said that.
To be honest, the tone of me ignoring me was fine.But that seemed to insult not only me but also Silvia and Silvia’s death, so I felt like the blood that had cooled down quickly.

I decided.It was a gift, love, and frustrating.
From now on, I will give you a saint skill to all of this world.Just so I don’t die.Even though you don’t have sex, let’s see it.
Eyes turn up and have sex, and you feel excited to be filled with sex and die.

It had to be like this from the beginning.If you think about it, just dying does not make the power of the war god.
At the top, a person dies.There are natural history, soldiers, and accidents.The number of adventurers who die in the dungeon is never small.
Why is the deaths the power of the war god?
Simple.Because he did not die during the war.

The goddess must know that, but he must have spoken to me on purpose.
In a moderate way without killing people?Do you want to see the unlimited possibilities of people who will appear with multiple species?Dog report.These garbage is for the world to disappear.
Wherever the trash in the trash world dies as a rebirth, let’s see a war god resurrection.

And this garbage in front of you.Only you, you never kill it.The world will be saved until the moment when the world is destroyed, and it will show all the hells that can be shown without killing them, grabbing my crotch, licking the soles of the feet, and killing them.
dare.dare .

Dare garbage like you, Silvia !

The moment I tried to strengthen my knees by exploding anger, I realized something strange.
The cheek was still cold.The view in front of you was laid to the side.It’s as if I’m still falling on the floor.
There was a sound of hitting the army through the ear that did not reach the floor.And above all.

!?Did you wake up!?

I heard a lovely Silvia voice.

“line !?

When I rushed my head, I stood in front of me with a small, tender Silvia’s back.
what is this.wait for a sec.That is like that No way !?
The head couldn’t keep up with the situation, but there was no time to be dazed.
This is because the weapons of the ridiculously standing in front of Sylvia have been flooded with Silvia and the cold metal bumps have been heard in a row.


Silvia bounced off the sword and bounced off the weapon, but it was too large to take it all.
Some attacks passed through Silvia’s body and bounced their blood, and when I was looking at the red blood, I felt that the anger that had been stagnant for a while was rising again.

These dogs dare to !
Oh, no!

I gathered mana in my hand with the intention of killing all at once, but it was surprisingly Sylvia.
At the next moment, hot blood burst into large quantities and wet my face.
It was the same texture as I tasted in my dreams, but it was not Sylvia’s blood to soak my face this time.It was the blood of the trash that was confronting in front of Silvia.

I will organize it.

Silvia, who broke the sword and scattered the blood on the floor, said that, and then ran forward.
The next moment I unfolded in front of my eyes was the massacre.One -sided massacre so that the confrontation situation feels like a lie.
what is this?What the hell is flowing?
Every situation I don’t understand, so I felt more complicated.

First of all, stop lying down At the moment, I could only notice that someone was hugging his body.
Silvia is there, so there was only one person who could hug my body.


Is this guy woke up from stun?

I know it’s scary .

To be honest, I felt a little away.
I had a dream because I was so foolish.

Ah, no!Scary!That’s not!

Ray, however, shook his head and tried to deny his statement.
It’s not like that.

“you Is it okay?

Not only that, but Ray looked at my face and looked worried.It’s as if you have to worry about it now.


“me too I feel it.Yes, how much you feel now .

Only after hearing it, I could only realize what Ray wanted to say.
is it.Did you feel the same anger that I felt in my dreams?So to calm down me somehow Was it that I was scared to say that I was scared.
This would have noticed this.
I still do not have all the anger.My head doesn’t turn like this.Then I felt a bit dazed.
But I can’t be doing this forever.

“hey.If you’re going to comfort you, why don’t you stick to your chest better?

Oh, uh, yes.Did you say that if you touch your chest, it will calm down?ruler.”

As usual, I was going to postpone the playful salvation, but Ray seemed to have taken the mischief of my conversion seriously.
I grabbed my hand with both hands and put it on my chest and moved the casting finger.

Uh, how about?

As if you are trying to see if it works, Ray looks at my face.With that naive look, I unintentionally laughed.
You misunderstood this child for a while and even thought that you were in a decent.My condition was very serious.
no.No matter how much you dream, it’s strange that you won’t get serious.

If you don’t ask you, you can know it?What do you think?

I think it’s okay.It’s still a little clumpy.

What else is it bumpy?no.I think I know what I want to say.I want to say that the anger has not faded yet.
is it.Is it still?

It’s done.”

Sylvia walked, whether he had finished the situation while he was talking to Ray for a while.
The dark blood smells, a dumb look, and a poor face did not fit too much, so it seemed like watching a horror movie.

“okay?Then Sylvia is here.

Never?Oh, no.I do that Blood .

Well, the dumb look collapsed quickly.

“doesn’t care.come fast.”

Ha, it’s Maan .

It’s a command.

Nehe .

No matter how much Sylvia tried to hold on, my command could not win, so Sylvia had no choice but to stick to my body that Ray was a little out of my body.

Huwoo.It’s a little calm now.
no.Ray’s embraced and touching his chest helped to stabilize mental stability, but the cause was still in Silvia.
There was no more effective healing than Sylvia directly in my arms.

“excuse me Did you have a bad dream when you fell?

Even though I couldn’t share my emotions, I read my feelings, and I asked my expression.
It’s because it’s sticking like this, but it’s still not as usual.

“okay.Even if you can’t laugh at April Fool’s DayI had the worst dream.

“April Fool’s Day?”

There is something like that.

I stroked Silvia’s head once, and I decided to summarize the situation that I didn’t understand.

So, what happened?

I saw salvation and interest stunned at the same time, and I hurriedly blocked it.I tried to overpower it because I shouldn’t kill it at will, but there are too many..

Is it naturally confronting?
but.It was strange to think about it.I can’t eat time against those garbage.
How much Sylvia’s skills are in this world have already been demonstrated by Frium’s gate, and even one of the guys who are on the floor there is already once dealt with.If Sylvia doesn’t even control power, it can’t be a confrontation.

Looking at the main character of the first voice I heard when I came here, I was ridiculous.It’s a dream that Silvia is hit by that baby.

That guy, too, was alive.

“yes .

It was Jin Ji -nam, where our eyes reached.One of the garbage duo who kidnapped Ray and Helena while riding a boat.
I haven’t seen it since I saw Silvia and fell down in the gate, and it seems to be alive like a rape.
Perhaps it was more severe than a rape, so I was nursing in other carriers.Thanks to this, the rape was safe while the head burst into the sword of Threron.

Ray, you don’t have to be like that.

I’m not Baffra himself, but I feel that fear of him.
no.I saw a friend, Helena, was raped in front of my eyes, and even witnessed a scene of raping another woman, so the trauma would have enough elements.
Besides, the tone was like a rape.He was a rape.There are some sayings that they are playing with each other, so that was the nature.When a rape raped Helena in front of Ray’s eyes, he may have been that attitude.

Mi, sorry .

Ray was so sorry that he would die, so I didn’t even think about being angry.

Well, it’s okay.I have a lesson from this.

“ah .

Besides, this was not just a bad thing.It would have been terrible if this happened when I faced Bafra.Even if Ray is tired of fear, I have to know what’s going on.If you do not learn this again, you can never do this again.

So, Sylvia.After all, are they all killed?

“no.Some have been saved.

Saying so, Silvia once again looked at Jin -nam.
As a result, I wanted to have a corpse united only around that guy, but it was collected by the ones I saved.

“good job.”

There wouldn’t have been a problem if you kill it, but you should use it enough to use it.
Thinking about how to use them, I finally got up and woke up.

Perhaps these guys are the direct troops of Bapra.
The only thing I remember my face was serious, but there was another reason.Others wearing the outfits with a direct unit mark, and most of all, it was obvious to think about the sounds we heard when we first stepped.There are limited number of guys who can have sex in Bafra’s castle.
However, all the people on the floor were not dressed in a direct unit mark.
I was forgotten because I was so insane, but I knew from the beginning that there were humans other than myself.

What are these women?

It is not a congestion.If you are a woman in this place, the identity is so obvious.
The women in the barrel they transported.If you think about the structure of the underground prison, you probably broke it every time you were trapped here and raised.
In short, it’s like a secret base for the sexual life of Bapra and its servants.

Anyway, that’s not the problem now.The problem was that the women on the floor were all murdered.
Sylvia couldn’t do this, so it was obvious who this was.But why are these guys?

I thought we came to pick up the women.It’s not like that..

Did you really test it?Garbage cubs.

“okay.great job.”

I could not stand it in front of Silvia’s personality.
Somehow, as soon as I tried to move, I cut off them without hesitation.I just thought I was to prevent the use of saints in front of others, but that’s not the only reason.


But our knight didn’t even express that inner mind, but rather looked at this with a look that seemed to be more worried.
Well, I was definitely bad.I’m not just an apostle of justice, and I’m not acquainted with these women, but I couldn’t feel good that innocent people died in front of my eyes.It was even more so if we thought we would not have died if we had not come here.

At least those guys will never kill them.

But the only thing I could see with their bodies was the oath.

“let’s go.”

Me, over there!What is the body?

When he leaned his head and raised his short prayer, Ray restrained me with a trembling voice.
I understand the desire to grab a tomb.In particular, Ray feels like a sense of homogeneity as he could be similar to them.
But now it was not the time.

I’ll leave it as it is.Didn’t we forget the purpose we came here?

“summer solstice huh .

Maybe there’s a lot of words I want to say, but Ray eventually didn’t say anything.
I feel guilty is not just me.Even if Ray is not stunned, no.Even if I had been stunned, I didn’t get dried up, but this would not have happened.
I feel guilty more than me.
‘It’s not your fault.’ I could have such a cheap comfort, but I didn’t.That word is literally a cheap comfort, which means nothing.

The only way we comfort their death is to keep another victim in the future.

When he lightly put his hand on the shoulder, Ray nodded with no words with tears.

Anyway, the sort of purpose came here.
It was a pity that it was a secret base of Bapra, which was connected to the underground waterway, but it could be a good opportunity.
Like these guys here, if a small number is going down here, you can’t cover up the large amounts of monsters inside.

For him, we first attracted the monsters in the underground waterway in large quantities and did not close the entrance of the secret passage.So that monsters can travel freely.
If you think about the monsters pushed out yesterday, it’s a bit frustrating to be trapped in the underground waterway.Once you realize that this secret passage can be a foothold to go up, you will push inside even if you don’t tell you.
And the body above means that the monster is naturally killed.
It is not unnatural at all that some soldiers’ whereabouts are made.

After all the peacocks, we took the stunned garbage and went back to the Dier.
For reference, the garbage you just tied your wrists and dragged it.There’s no reason to take care of these guys politely?

Is it okay to take it like that?

Ray looked at it with anxious eyes, but it’s not because these garbage is poor.
I was so laxly tied up and dragged it, so I was anxious that I could open my eyes on the way.

“are you okay.”

But nothing was anxious.They fed the saint’s hand until just before he died.I don’t know if my head is strange because of excessive you go crazy, is it more comfortable?
So I was more worried about Ray’s ware of my skills than to wake up and resist, but Ray was not yet noticed.

First of all, I wrote it in front of my eyes.Anyway, before you build a talk with Baffra, you have to solve the issue of emotional sharing, and you have to appoint the apostle.
Because of Ray, there was still anxiety that I could caught me as a saint, but I could not delay the appointment of Applications as long as I felt that the problem would happen if the emotional sharing continued.
So I decided.To Rei to reveal my saint.
Well, that’s going to go back first.

When I went back, I went to the saint skills, so the movement was pleasant than when I dragged four luggage.
Arriving without any problems, I first tied up the limbs of the guys and sprinkled it evenly to the weak made by Dier.
I decided to reveal it to Ray, but it’s difficult if my saint skills are known to others.
However, there is no intention of solving these guys the effect of the saint skills.

Big!female!Bring a woman!you!hurry!female!You!

Hiik !

Soon they woke up from the stun, but it was different.It also towards Rei, the only woman in this place.
Actually, it’s a woman, but it’s because they don’t know.
Anyway, Ray’s body was so ugly and feared again.
Still, I hugged my arms and trembled my arms as if I would not make the same mistake as before.

Maybe it’s less soul.hey.”

SoIt was a fear that my body was hard.
I should be glad that I can barely open it.

“yes!dare!I don’t know the subject!Burger!Which safety!


Do not kill.

With the limbs tied up, I left the right guys to the soldiers of Dierun’s family, and I decided to get out of the seat.
I really feel it once again, but I’m glad to know in advance.
If I faced Bapra, it would not have been strange even if the nightmare I had before was a reality.

“hmm.But the weak effect is strong.It won’t be that much effect.

Still, it seemed that my appearance seemed so casual, and the pervert who exited the prison with me did not respond much.
However, it was a bit doubtful about the reactions of the garbage, not me, but this can be taken away.

Because they are habituals.I was taking a weakness when we were catching it.Probably the brain has been weak.

Hmm.It was true that Bapra and their servants were secretly using their weaknesses.

Did you not believe it?

Oh, no.Not that.

Really, right?I can’t be a traitor.

“of course.I was angry again that the drugs prepared for war were used in that way.

If so, I’m glad.

Well, I went directly to the castle and dragged Bapra’s servants.
If you don’t have a good skill, you can’t do it.
Not only did he get out of doubt safely, but he also pressed the uncle, and I decided to continue this conversation and lay down the pavilion for the plan.

Anyway, you don’t want to write a bigger pleasure.I don’t know if it will.

“Nothing, of course.”

This uncle, you didn’t think that the pervert is really thinking.
It’s hard to get a satisfactory pleasure like that.I’m not satisfied with the condom sex and eventually my plan to touch Nocon Sex.

“then.I was sorry to call it late at night.I keep seeing it.

Time is already dawn.It is also when the sun rises more than time.I called it at this time, so I was a little sorry for the country.
This uncle was not sleeping either, but if you were not sleeping at this time, it’s obvious what you were doing.It’s even more if you’re a uncle who learned how to have sex as much as yesterday.

“yes!Then excuse it!

After confirming the uncle hidden in a hurry to see if it was quite urgent, I decided to go back to the room.
So what are you doing?As long as I decided to say that I was a saint, it’s not a problem to be caught by Helena.

Hahahaha!I did it!I did it!Have you seen it ?!saw?!Did you see it?!

In case, I waited for Silvia and Ray in front of the door and went into the room alone, and there was a favorite lease while running naked.
Chew hey.It’s good to run, but it’s a bit of a rug.This guy is also hidden by the pervert adventurer duo.

What are you talking about?!You made it!Look straight!As you say, I am Helena !

“Oh yeah.okay.Congratulations, it doesn’t matter now.

What are you?!

Why are you so hypersensitivity?Is that so much that it’s so exciting?

I think that if I realize that Helena realizes the facts to stun Helena, how, how long, how, how much we might be wrong.If you want to be cheap if you can’t stand it again, refer to it and endure your lips to bleed and endure!

That, was that much?no.I just wake up in moderation There was an unexpected trouble, so it was late to come back than I thought.

“hey.Laon calm down and listen to me.


You made Helena stunned by sex techniques.Wouldn’t it be enough?Is it so important whether it is necessary for the future plan?No?The important thing is the fact that your Sangseong is compatible.Is it enough to check that?

Is that so?What is the merchant of me and Helena?

My heart was shaken by my candy application, and the eyes of Lairon began to light up the fluctuations.

“okay.It made me feel stunned.What more do you need?You have the best title as a man.

“sun .

Well, what is it?What else to say again.

I did it!father!That Leon!Finally, break the long curse coming down to Pleatus!Woman!Satisfied with a woman Big black!

I’m really glad that this guy is stupid.
no.Well, I don’t understand that this guy is responding because the story is a story.

Anyway, calm down and wear some clothes.

I wanted to beat my shoulders, but I decided to quit because I didn’t want to approach the guy who was just having sex.
Instead, I decided to appease the words, wear clothes, and to talk about the future.
In a way, I think that what I do from now on is the most important thing I do today.

So you didn’t see the feeling you noticed yet?

“okay!This I!I think about it!

I heard it earlier.How many times are you talking.
I didn’t know the situation, so I didn’t want to break the excitement as a same man, but I didn’t seem to calm down the excitement no matter how time I left it.

“Well, as I said before, it doesn’t matter now.”

Then I said that.what do you mean?”

“no.I want to reveal the truth to Raina Helena.

Well, is it okay?

In my words that I spit out as if it were not a big deal, Threon looked up and made an unstable look.

Why are you anxious?

That’s not it, but you know the atmosphere here too?

I admit that the atmosphere of hate the goddess is so widespread, but I don’t think the women of Bapra are likely to sympathize with it.
Besides, we are trying to regain the human rights of women.Wouldn’t it be more welcome?Especially if you have seen direct damage, such as Ray and Helena.

The reason I haven’t revealed the facts to Ray so far is because I was worried about the number of people, and I knew we were the goddesses and I didn’t mean that Ray’s heart would change.I don’t worry at all.I used to say that I was okay with the illusion that I was a goddess.

“So even if one Helena is rejected, wouldn’t Ray cover if he was with Ray next to it?”

“is it.You have to say it.Because I’m a really loved one !

When I heard me, I was a little relieved, and Threon nodded with a hoard.
I’ve felt it before, but this guy is also quietly loved, so I don’t have any embarrassing’s not bad to say that you like it.

Anyway, for that reason, Silvia and Ray, who were waiting in front of the door, came into the room, and we waited for a while until Helena woke up.
Unlike me, who slept until night, Silvia and Ray, especially Ray, were very tired, but I still didn’t think of postponing confession.
There was also a desire to remove the horns, and it seemed to be necessary to reveal the facts before the night passed.

Without having to wait for a long time, Helena woke up soon, and we immediately explained the truth to Ray and Helena.
Even if it’s explained, it’s actually the people of our goddess.There was nothing to say.
And after listening to our explanation, Ray responded that he thought it was, and Helena thought he would open his eyes as if he had unexpected.

You did it too.I felt like that.

What are you?!Ha, but!

The reaction of the two prophets was different from my expectations.It is also the opposite.

Hey, Helena?Did you think so?

Thremy was also embarrassed to see his lover’s remarks, but Helena was still casual.

When Salvation gave me a potion, my body was heated.I knew as soon as I drank.It feels similar to when you drank weak.

hey.Remion.You …no.wait for a sec.Something strange?I didn’t think it was similar to drinking a potion when I soaked my feet in the lake, but I thought it was similar to when I drank the potion?So before drinking potions,Seo, no way!When you were raped by a rape?!
wait for a sec.So what is it?When Helena first met with me, the moment he drank potions, are we already following us that we may be the one who may be the person.

“yes.I was sure you were a good person.

no.If I thought the potion was similar to the weakness, it would have been hard to be convinced that I was a good person.

Ray was believing salvation.I believe in Ray’s eyes.Since then, the two have talked together.Ray?Was it a goddess side as I said?

wait for a sec.I started to get sick.What are you talking about?In other words, are you talking about it for a while?
uh?!Then, before, Ray was convinced that we were the goddess’s side with a strangely confident look!?

“okay!But you said it wasn’t you!?

Somehow I thought it was a sharp point that didn’t go well with the usual show, but Helena was doubtful!?
no.What’s more than that?I just thought it was a good ordinary woman, but it was a scary person now.

“that,That story to others ?

Helena’s story is likely to be caught by others.For me, I thought I had been doing well without any problems so far.

I didn’t say it.I don’t think others know.I didn’t see such a feeling, and I wouldn’t have even doubted it if I wasn’t a potion.

That, yes.

I’m glad that, but I didn’t see it.Do you have a lot of floating when we are there?
hey.Remion.How are you managing your girls?!I was trying to say that Sylvia was a woman to get out of Ray’s suspicion!

Helena has good affinity.

Is it time to be proud of your lover now ?!I wanted to shoot a word, but the word of Lairon was also a key word.
Helena is definitely like a villager A, who is definitely a level and a normal village.But that’s why I had the ability to be vigilant.Like myself.
Isn’t this man is also useful for righteousness?Originally, Helena was planning to leave in a dangerous place, but this happens..

But yesterday’s warrior !Was it a scam?!

As I thought about it, Ray finally shouted at the stun.
Even if it was not, we doubted that we were the goddess side, and now it was hard to believe even if it was right.

It’s a scam.What are you talking about?It’s a real warrior.This guy.The castle is also a real plitus.It’s not just that pleatus family you think.

no.If you go back to the roots, it would be a family derived under the same ancestor, but the derived point of time is when the war god falls.
It’s a long time ago, so it’s not enough to say that and the story is not conveyed.That’s just another family like a name.

Uh, how the goddess is a warrior !

There are a lot of things you don’t know in the world.There are more warriors besides this guy.You know that Lirian Pleatus’s immediate granddaughter.

“what?!Why is the warrior?That, that’s that too!Granddaughter?!Then a woman?!Seo, no way?!

Whether there was a person who heard that, Ray suddenly jumped and moved away from Silvia.
If you call Silvia as a homemo, the kid who was fighting was suddenly tired of such fear.Maybe the title of a real warrior is amazing.

“no.It’s not Silvia.Well, my girl is right.

This is so strong and not a warrior?!How much is the warrior?!

hey.I admit that I’m a monster, but don’t say it in front of Sarah.Then you are scolded by Sarah.Sarah looks like Silvia and doesn’t have anything like that.


What monsters are imagined in the alternative head, Ray is terrified enough to affect me.

“why Why are you talking about this suddenly?!

hey.I told you about the facts, but what is that reaction?It’s like saying, “Don’t talk about it!”Are you so scared of the existence of a warrior, my woman?

That happened before.I think I have to solve emotional sharing.I have no choice but to solve my real power.

Did you say that?Leon is a real warrior.Is it not a warrior?

Helena listens to people better than Ray.Ray side is rather serious to listen to this more seriously.
Anyway, Ray is a big deal because he’s mentally tofu.It doesn’t happen at all.

“okay.I am You can think of it as a version of the warrior’s goddess.

I don’t think it’s necessary to explain the details of the ability to Helena, so I was roughly so frustrating.

Anyway, I’m going to take it to where we originally live.

Me, me?!

Then who would be without you?


Where is it .

Rather, I want to ask.Why are you so awkward?Even though there is no sense of rejection to the goddess.

I said the truth was to use the ability?!It’s because it was revealed?!okay!I understand!Whatever your identity, I’m on your side!Then it did?!

I’m sorry but it’s not.You need to go over there to use that power.

My identity is on my side.Ray was believing and following me so much that he said that.Nevertheless, I tested when I didn’t use condom a while ago.
If so, the problem is that you have it too.

I am weak in rice cake so much that I admit myself.
I can’t even appoint you because you can’t feel love, even if you don’t even feel love?
Why the hell is happening, I also analyzed myself.
And the conclusion was that the relationship between me and Ray were not equal.There is a lot of secrets, and I feel the burden of my heart.So it shouldn’t be.
That’s why I decided to reveal that I was a saint.Once the secret is eliminated, it becomes equal.
Then take Ray directly to our children and take permission.Of course, the permission was already in charge, but that seemed to be lacking.It would be better to make a face -to -face and conversation, so that Ray was a position to be equal to our kids.

“I Salvation?But what do you mean?

When I was wondering how to explain my heart, Silvia, who had been listening to him until then, wondered about the other.

I don’t worry about that.I thought about it.

Would you have to say this without any countermeasures?Unintentionally, I even sprinkled rice cake for him, so the foundation was all finished.

Leon is here.I want to go.

Oh, I actually tried to talk to Helena.How about Helena is in a safe place as you don’t know what dangerous situations will happen in the future?

Considering Helena’s notice or the ability to be vigilant to people, it wasn’t bad to seeks the trends of others here, but it would be hard to keep carrying people with no combat power at all.
And even if that guy, it’s a waste temperature colleague now.It’s similar.I think it’s a good idea to avoid a situation that such a woman will be in danger.

“hey.What are you talking about?

Literally.Helena says it’s safe to stay there.Well, it’s not forced, so I take care of it.

Threon had a serious look that I felt as if I was trying to split Helena and Helena, but I went lightly.

Anyway.Helena, but Ray, you have to go unconditionally.let’s go.”

Now, wait!Where okay!Don’t drag!I’ll go!I’ll go!

Oh, are you going from now on?Then I’ll go together too!


Helena followed, as he tried to go out of the room while dragging Ray to hold.

First of all, we see and decide.Where Leon originally lived, I want to see it.

That, then .

Threron was a bit unstable, but he could not break Helena’s will.
Thus, we all left the room and headed to the lake.

“lake?Why is it here?

“ruler.Take one by one.

“hey.Don’t do this .

At first, it was a garage with a look that I didn’t know English, but when I handed the underwater breathing mask, I firmly found my face.

I think that.And Silvia.I’m sorry, but will you wait here?If anyone is looking for it, it’s rough to investigate the lake.

Yes, yes .

I haven’t told you where to go to the kinky uncle, so suddenly we’re embarrassed if we disappear.To prepare for that situation, one needed to stay here.
Sylvia was disappointed if he could go back for a long time, but he can’t help it.Sylvia will take a chance later and take it separately.
I handed over to Silvia for a communication ring that was wearing and adding some suggestions.
Then, like Ray, Helena, and Laon, they were diving with Calderaho, which is a mixture of the goddess’s mana.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1082

Again, this lake is said to have a goddess mana.
I had no problem, but in the case of Ray or Helena.Of course, as soon as I came in, I would not be able to get rid of it, but I needed to rush.

I called the water spirit and quickly pushed the four body down.
It was just possible in the shallow places, but if you think about the excuse you will do in the bottom, it’s a good idea to do it at the bottom.
We were able to reach the bottom of the lake soon, diving down at a speed that can never be produced by ordinary swimming.

In fact, I didn’t think there would be the bottom.That’s where the goddess’s mana is felt.
It might have been a hole on the floor, leading to a six -tiered secret place, but it was not like that.
By the way, it’s quite deep like a caldera.No one will come here.

“eww What are you going to do here?

Looking around for a while and thinking about it, Ray came to a mask on my mask.
Even though I thought I came as soon as possible, Ray had already seemed to be breathing slightly.I was already anxious about what will happen in the future, but I can’t say that.

Well, I’m watching.

I found a flat part on the floor and pulled out a small teleport magic circle from the inventory.okay.That is connected to the village of the nine -tailed nine -tailed village.
Teleport wizards will not work unless they change the surrounding mana to the goddess’s mana.Therefore, it was a significant constraint to use in this world, but thisThe lake is originally a place where the goddess’s mana is melted.If you use this, you won’t buy much doubt.
If there is a suspicious person there, excuses are made enough.
I installed a magic circle on the floor and immediately worked.

With this, I can now go to this and over there.It is not necessary to be caught at night, and it is also possible for our kids to come here.
Of course, I haven’t changed our kids as much as I haven’t changed my perception of women yet, but it’s a big difference that it’s not possible in the first place.

I felt my heart in the future, and I waited for the surrounding mana to be completely changed to the goddess’s mana and the teleport magic circle.
There was no need to wait so long.As if the mana converter was already in operation, the teleport magic circle began to work immediately.
weird?I think it didn’t work so quickly when I used it before.
I was a little doubtful, but now I had to prioritize it than to solve the doubt.

“let’s go.”

After I glanced at Ray, I grabbed Ray’s hand and got on the teleport magic circle.
And at the next moment, our body was transferred to cool air in the water.

What, what is it?what is this!?here is!?”

You said?I’ll take it to our world.

I couldn’t even think about moving the space, and I nodded with a smile to Ray, who opened his eyes and wounded.

That, then here ?

To be precise, it is still a village of nine -tailed nine -tailed villages, not the world of goddess yet.
Anyway, after that, Threon and Helena came here, and the mana flowed as the teleport magic circle worked.

What is this you.What about those wives?

Diana appeared.It’s still in the air.
Yesterday I was surprised by me that, but I didn’t think it would be.
Do you hate moving like that?

Oh, Diana.These two .

I tried to introduce Ray and Helena to Diana, but there was a person who responded to Diana faster than me.

Hi profit!sorry!I didn’t think about defeating all other women and trying to monopolize alone!

Ray shouts while hiding behind me as if it’s going to be eaten by Diana.After seeing it, I finally had a question that I had been on since earlier.
Somehow, after hearing that there is a warrior among my girls, I noticed that I didn’t want to meet.Monopoly.Did you think that way?

is it.That wife.

Diana also could not hide the absurdity of such Ray.
Diana, who is noticed, can’t grasp the situation even if he listens to that.

“ray.For reference, this is not a warrior.


Once I said so, Ray jumped and trembled for a moment and immediately walked out.Just as I just hid behind me before.

That, I have to say that!You were surprised!But this kid .

hey.I said not only a warrior, but you didn’t say you were a good person.He is much more reminiscent of you.In addition, it is a hemp that may be stronger than a warrior, comparable to the warrior.
I tried to add an explanation in a hurry, but it was a little faster for Diana to use magic than to move his mouth.


Wow?!What, what is it ?!what is this?!What happened?!”

Diana’s light gesture, Ray’s body came to the air, so he couldn’t help him. On the contrary, Diana, who came down to the ground, walked to Ray and used polyov magic.
hey.Diana.What do you do if you are adults in that attire?!Such a picture is only in front of me!Only in front of me!
I urgently looked around Diana’s shoulders, and Diana smiled at me and grabbed Ray’s chin and cooked his face. this a cheeky?

The expression was a bit colder than usual, but I couldn’t be angry that I heard that Diana, a big man, was only a little kid.Wouldn’t it be just a little bit of a steamer?

“The environment he grew up is unusual, so I can’t grasp the original atmosphere.”

Rather, it was Ray’s reaction that I could not understand why.Diana is looking at himself as if he’s looking at himself.
The warrior is a special being in the world of the war god, so even if it is, it is not a personality that he will still in that situation.

Uh De, dragon ?

Oh, indeed.Did you think of it as a dragon again after seeing the polyov magic?According to Diana, the dragon is the strongest race as a single object.It’s scary.
By the way, how did you know that?It’s a guy who can’t measure common sense level.

It’s not a dragon.

What is it really!Confused .
For reference, he is stronger than the warrior he’s over there.

Wantly, the goddess didn’t like to fight?!How are the goddess people stronger than the warrior!?

This time, I quickly explained it, and Ray said that he didn’t know how to do it more.
It’s useless to tell me that.

Diana.I’ll explain it, so let me go first.Are you wondering why we came here?


After all, Diana immediately lowered Ray’s body.Then he solved the polyov and again floated his body into the air.
I came down to the land, so I’m just there.

What we came here .
Wait a minute.Is there anything to talk about before that?

“huh?Oh, I’ve been there.

This, it’s not like this!

When he greeted him with a greeting, Diana blushed in the air.
It showed a little dignified appearance, but it’s all back to vanity.


I know that this is a wife, but who’s the wife there?

On the side of Diana, there was a picture of Helena staring at Diana’s face with a blush with his cheeks.
wait for a sec.Don’t look like that .

“ah .

If you covered Diana’s face by pressing the hood on the robe, Helena opened her eyes and flickered as if she had a spirit.
It was fascinated after all.Even if the real charm is too high, it’s a problem.
At the same time, it’s because it’s homosexual that I didn’t try to covet Diana’s body as I did before?

“That’s the pair of Threon I met in the world.” it.It’s good.

Thank you, thank you.

wow.Seeing the quiet in front of Diana.It is easy for our kids to forget naturally, but if you look at this, Diana is great.


Looking at it, Diana turned to me and shook his head.

“no.I feel the dignity of our hemp.

What kind of fat is it?Anyway, I keep standing and talking.First move.

I moved to the place where the table was, and I sat in a chair and drank tea, and I told Diana about the reason and method of coming here.

Hmm.indeed.Is it like that?Huiheung.You have a cute corner.Did you want to get the right permission of this body?

With this feeling, Diana smiled with my elbows stabbed with my elbows.
no.It’s not just for Diana’s permission.Well, you don’t have to deny it.

“huh!Did you do well?Diana sister.Please praise me more.

“you.It’s not good to pretend to be cute for you.

Big .

I deliberately sparkled my eyes, but Diana bounced off my aegyo with a serious look.
This, this guy no matter how!No matter how true!It’s too much!And there!you!Do not laugh!

Huheung.Jokes.Don’t get it.

On a topic that could not be erased in my heart, Diana came and comforted me and comforted my head.

I’m not squeezed.

shit.This is a problem because this is comforting again.Is there a story about a person who is in love?
Anyway, if you look at this joke, Diana was very pleasant that I brought Ray to get permission.
In fact, I was a little worried that the atmosphere would be strange if I took Ray without saying anything, but this is much better than I expected.
Perhaps it was also helpful for Ray to do something from the start.Screaming, hiding behind me, was so stupid that the person who was angry was ridiculous.

“excuse me I have a question from before.

As I was satisfied with my heart, Ray raised his hand as he noticed Diana.


After all, what is this person?

Oh, that’s right.So I introduced Ray to Diana, and I didn’t introduce Diana to Ray.

I’ll explain.This is a living legend that receives respect from all human beings in the world of Goddess!Legendary hemp wizards that say that all the magic came from Diana Teluna!Jigo’s hemp, which was given the title of praise that no one could exist on it..
Spread, make it normal!Ordinary!

I was wondering how Ray would react like this, but I was deliberately inflated, but no.Is it inflated?It’s all true.Anyway, I explained that, and Diana was ashamed of feeding my head and honey chestnuts on my head.
Chet.I was trying to make fun of Ray, not Diana.I can’t.

It’s just hemp.It’s the same with you.

Uh, sister?

Ray looked into Diana’s side as it was enough to see if it was enough to say.
Helena is still squeezing the hood, but the small silhouette of a small size is Diana.
It’s hard to believe that the person who did this is her sister.But Ray.

He’s 2,000 years old..
I, why are you talking about your age?

When I winked and opened my mouth lightly, I immediately punished Diana’s just night.
Of course, Diana’s just night did not damage me at all, so I was just happy.

2, 2,000 After all, dragon .

In addition, as I planned, I was scared properly, so the situation flowed more fun.

“no.Diana is not a dragon.

But I did not reveal such feelings at all, but I turned my head with a serious look.

That’s right?

“okay.Well, even though I have a dragon.

Hiik !

I believe it right’s not a lie.
Anyway, Ray is teasing.

“you!Don’t play with this body!

As I was rolling my head with a little more teased, Diana blown the beandak attack on my head.

“what.Diana.Did I bother Ray instead of Diana?are you okay.You don’t have to worry about lose your position.Diana will bother you later..
That’s not that!

I just said it, but this reaction.Have you ever stabbed Jeonggok?
I was enjoying Diana too hard to bother me!

What is it?!Did you play with me again?!

In addition, Ray showed an interesting response as Ray, so I didn’t think about going down my mouth.
I feel the reward that has already brought Ray here.

Anyway, I would like to ask you in the future.It’s called Diana Teluna.To be comfortable to call Diana.

After building a common front, Diana reached out to Ray with a loving look.
Even so, it’s the most adult who is the most adult.Diana was keeping here today, and I was lucky for me and Ray.

Oh, yes .I am ….It’s called Ray Baffra .

But even with Diana’s adult attitude, Ray did not hide his awkwardness.Once I grabbed my hand and shook hands, it was quite shrunken.
It was a joke, but Ray would not be noticed.There is no lie in what I said.

I don’t have to shrink like that.As you might have been with you, the placenta is playful.

“too bad.I said any lies in the words .

You are still!

After another night on my head, Diana headed to Rei again, blew with his mouth.

Isn’t it between the same guy in the future?Moreover, the same elves.Let’s be good.

Ep, elves?

“hmm.I heard that you are a pure blood dark elpress, but was it not?

Oh, no.That’s not over there Diana Nim too ?

Ray, I look at me, and I look at Diana.Are you really scared of it?

You don’t need it.Yes.This body is also pure blood elves.Let’s see it here.Isn’t this body long?

Because he couldn’t take off the hood because of Helena, Diana touched her ears over the hood and appealed to the length.

“that okay.”

When I heard the same elo as myself, I was a bit more comfortable, and Ray’s expression became a bit easier than before.Even though it was comfortable, it was awkward.
Still, Diana.I know how to encounter people.That’s right from the annual ring .

“you.Didn’t you think strange now?

What are you talking about?!What strange think?!

It’s a surprise!Why are you reading people’s heart?It’s been a long time since I read my thoughts, so I can’t adapt.


It’s real.In my world, I was almost like an official that I had a bad relationship between elves and dark elves.It was amazing that they were in love with the same elpress.

“hmm?is it?I don’t think there’s a bad reason.

Well, it was a natural story.I don’t know what the war is, but this is a sex that pursues all kinds of harmony.Because I believe in the goddess of the earth.Because the paper is different, there is nothing to do with it.Dark elves are just different skin colors.

Then I’m glad.

Anyway, I think it’s going to be a rough story with Diana.I want to go up and meet other kids as soon as possible, but it seems too late.
okay.First of all, let’s check the most important thing.

But Ray.


How are you?are you okay?”

“body?What do you mean suddenly?

“no.As you have heard of the weak, the goddess’s mana has the effect of exciting the people of the war.Because all of the goddess’s mana is wrapped around here.

Huh, excitement !

If you’re excited, I know how to eat it here, Ray hugs his body with his arms and stepped back.
I don’t eat this ah.

I’m trying to check it seriously, not jokes.So what?

Uh, uh ….Joe, that’s a little .

“ray.It’s not ashamed.It’s really important, so I definitely answer.If you are excited, you will be excited ouch!it hurts.Diana.

Don’t lie!The sick thing is the hand of this body!

no.It was a lie that hurts, but if you say that, it’s like a stone head.too bad.

You are really really .

In addition, Diana did not end there and even pinched my cheeks from side to side.
I’m floating in the air, putting my chin on my head.Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s cute.

Ignore the words of interest.So, how is your body actually?

Diana.So I don’t think it’s much different from what I said.

“little It feels like an adequate.

hey.ray.Why do you speak to Diana?Are you getting rid of me now?
Anyway, Ray’s reaction didn’t seem to have a big problem.That’s right.The Dier’s family also said that the mana of the goddess was condensed to make a weakness, so it seemed to be just a mana in the atmosphere and it would not cause serious problems.

“hmm.It’s like people here.If so, there’s no big problem in everyday life.Even if you go up this.I forgot you.What about you?

Diana nodded and responded that he thought it was.
The question was also asked for Helena, but it would be literally a question.You didn’t really think there would be a problem.

Nehe ?ah Me, I’m fine too .

It would have been, but the response of Helena was a bit strange.
wait for a sec.Didn’t you get a strong effect when you only soaked your feet in the lake?

Um? you.What is the level?

Diana, who was more likely to be because of him, pulled my cheek harder when Helena’s expression did not change.
Why do my cheeks Helena brought it because of the trash.

Is there a difference depending on the level?

“hmm.I haven’t seen this body too much.Huwoo.First of all, I have to solve the problem of that wife.Follow this body.

The place where Diana was taken was the basement of this house.That is in the center Is it a small mana converter?

The place prepared for low levels.It would be okay if you were here.You already need to cool your body once.

Why is this in this house?

“These bodies have been living here and there were many things.”

When I saw Diana’s look of a troublesome look, they looked at their heads, and they seemed to be suffering.

Well, anyway, Helena should be waiting here.Remion.Will you be together?Why don’t you talk about what to do in the future?

Anyway, you will have to have sex to cool Helena’s heat.I didn’t take it out of my mouth.
I don’t want to hit the sector to the girls of others.

“Ahhh Right.”

The attitude of Threon was not reliable, but he would take care of them.

Then we are on top.Call what happens.

If you have more here, we will only test Helena’s patience, so we decided to get out of place.

Huh.Since the night is late, these bodies should be rested today.Isn’t Ray the amount tired?

In that way, Diana took off the hood he was using upside down.
Diana, who always wrote a hood and even hide and seeks a hide -and -seek against all the wizards before he met me, but it is frustrating.

“yes?Oh, no.that .

It’s okay.There is nothing to hide.The room is empty, so let’s take a break.


I looked at me as if I had something to say, but Ray went into the room without power.
no.Diana didn’t seem to have to pressure it, and Ray seemed to feel pressure alone.

I have only two left to Ray and left.Diana.Can I think this means that?


D, DianaI’m hitting me with a iron wall.How can this happen.No matter what I say, Diana, who was cute with his legs, was cute..

Ki, don’t distort memories!When did this body did!

Well, it’s a joke.So what is the real intention?I was originally going to go up right away.

Think about time now.At this time, everyone will be sleeping.

Well, it is.But it’s not just late at night, so you don’t just think about sleeping quickly.Because I sent Ray first to the room.Isn’t there anything to talk about?

“hmm.You said a little before.


“I mean, I came to get permission from these bodies again.”

Oh, yes.Why?

Don’t do it in front of others.

“huh?why?Did you like Diana?

“hmm.Your heart was happy.But that’s not a problem.Ray is not pitiful.

Like a young child, Diana sighed and shook his nose lightly.


If you hear that to you, you will look at these bodies with the eyes of evaluating the sheep.Isn’t it a view?How uncomfortable is Ray?

“ah .

You make this mistake.Is it still as hard as usual because of the sharing of emotions?

“no .

It’s not because of the sharing of emotions.The reason for the cause is because of the impatient heart because of the incident in the castle.Anyway, I wanted to solve the problem quickly, so I couldn’t think of Ray’s feelings because I was ahead.On topics that are even sharing emotions with Ray.
I realized that, I felt like Ray’s uncomfortable feelings.
It is a feeling that I could not feel because I was excited by my own feelings that I was with Diana.

It’s okay.You can care about these bodys as much as you don’t care.Tomorrow morning, this body will go and bring others.Rather than meeting everything at once, it’s less likely to be divided by half?So the expressions you did earlier are three shops.Think of it as a place to see your women.

In that way, Diana stroked my head as if it were okay.
Originally, Diana has to be angry with bringing another woman more, but he even wraps up my mistake in this way.I always feel it, but I think I’m natural.What if I really didn’t have our kids?

Diana .

Huhhu.Is it fool now?Right.Right.

When I was impressed, when I clung to his chest, Diana naturally embraced my head and stroked his back.

Ugh.After all, Diana’s anniversary is always helpful .
“Don’t say it.”

Oh, no.I’m not teasing now, but sincerely .
Don’t do it.


That, do you hate it?No matter how old Diana is, I really don’t care.

Anyway.Then let’s go.

“huh?Do you go?Do you want to sleep separately with me?

Isn’t it natural?Then did you bring Ray to sleep alone?This body is fine, so I’ll be with Ray today.

Ugh!Diana Ah!

“Oh dear.It’s a foolish interval.

It was Diana who said so.
The real world is the best.

Anyway, I accepted Diana’s consideration, and I was sleeping like Ray.
As I entered the room, Ray, who was in the room first, was not sleeping as if it was natural.

Did you sleep first?

You can’t sleep.

This guy, he was crying so far, and he survived again when he was two with me.I don’t know if the mental is strong or weak.

But what is that person really?

“huh?I told you.It’s not a joke, it’s really a hemp..
Not that!

Ray shouted as if he was frustrated.

Why so pretty?!Everyone who is your woman is so pretty?!

Did you think that’s why?

Somehow it’s a dragon, so I wanted to be awkward to continue to deal with Diana, but it was for that reason.

“of course!I thought there was no person more beautiful than me in the world!


What is that silence?!

no.what If you look at the figures, how many people will win you in the world of war.
Basically, the people of the war god felt less attractive than the people of the goddess, but the elves still feel the natural charm or weight.
Even if you look at Diana, you only have a job that has nothing to do with charm.
But no matter how so, you thought you were the prettiest in the world.

There is a silver ah.

If you look at Sylvia alone, the charm stats will be higher than Ray?
no.I don’t know the details of Ray yet, but Ray is still less than 250, so the stats are low.
Of course, the charm stats are not absolute enough to determine everything, unlike other stats, because Sylvia and Ray are more beautiful, but they will depend on the taste of a person.
The important thing is that Ray is confident that he can win Silvia with a beauty.

I haven’t seen it as a woman so far!

What are you talking about?!Sylvie a girl is a woman!

I don’t know what this is what to do!

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1084

I heard a voice.The sound of a soft whisper like tickling with breath.
But I didn’t come from my ear.The sound is a little lower.The small whisper sound faintly as if it was blocked by something before it touched my ears, so I focused all the nerves on my ears without opening my eyes to grasp the identity of the sound.

Will it be okay?I don’t know how much it is, but not everyone, and you are responding like this.

At the same time, I wanted to feel a soft breath on the lower part of the lower body, and suddenly it felt like it was stabbed.
The sudden sensation reflexively stuck the objects, and the voice from the bottom was a bit relaxed.


So she is not a separate intelligence..
Finally, when I started to see the whole story, I lifted the blanket slightly and looked inside.

What are you doing?

!I was greeting!Don’t intervene all of a sudden!

What is greeting?Don’t talk about my stuff.
ha .I can’t.I don’t want to create a strange atmosphere as much as I talk about, but I can’t leave it as it is.



I saw Diana yesterday, so you know, but I’m pretty high.I don’t even see a woman.

What do you mean suddenly?

I squeezed my head and turned it into the expression that was not ashamed as possible, but Ray didn’t notice what I wanted to say.
shit.You can know if you roll your head a little.Why don’t you notice it?

I decided to be my woman.Do you know what you mean now?

ah Uh, huh ….

I didn’t think about it at all, and I didn’t notice Ray so far.And even though I said like this, I am not a fool.
Finally, Ray, who noticed what I wanted to say, turned red and nodded.I’m quite embarrassed to stab my stuff in front of my eyes.

Ugh.shit.I’m ashamed, but I’m ashamed of this guy, so I have a heart with emotion sharing .That’s why I didn’t want to create a shameful atmosphere.

You’re pretty and attractive.

But this is here.I thought about putting nails at all, I continued to talk.
If you end up clumsy, you may meet other kids today and get rid of it again.

And you haven’t noticed it yet.You know last night to sleep with you?I don’t know what that means?

In fact, Diana sent it often together, and I also thought about testing the appointment of the company.
For reference, the appointment of the apostle failed again.I walked along the condom until the way, and I tried to wrap it inside without a condom to the timing that I lost my mind with excessive pleasure.

“Oh, I know, stop it!”

Anyway, when I overcome the shame and continued to say something, Ray, who could not hold it first, reached out and stopped my mouth.

Uh ….

I was ashamed to face my face, Ray even closed his eyes.
But even if I closed my eyes like that, I couldn’t erase my presence.In the beginning, Ray was now between my legs, and even reaching out to stop my mouth.No matter how hard I stretched my arms, Ray’s face had no choice but to reach my stuff.
In my presence that I felt that way, Ray felt that I was by my side even if I closed my eyes, and the more I realized it was more ashamed.

A shameful feeling that the head is so dull has come from Ray to me like a tsunami.
And the feelings met with my feelings and amplified to me to Ray, and that’s the size of the ship and returned to me.
I opened my mouth again, not only the face but also the whole body, not only the face, but also the whole body.

This is like this, I will use it!Anyway, you have to be ashamed to say to the appointment of an apology anyway.I’m postponing it later and having this experience again, and I’ll finish it all at this opportunity!

Ray, I like you like this!How about you!?”

Even though my voice is blocked in Ray’s hand, it is blocked to complete the right words.I didn’t, but it was enough.
Whether he was aware of the sound of the streets or interpreted with the lip texture that touched the palm of his hand, Ray, who understood my words, pushed his palms on my lips.

It seems to exercise silence, but not that way.I’m having a shameful experience, do you think you’ll be alone?I will definitely complete my purpose!

I touched Ray’s armpits and pulled the body upwards.The face is exactly the place where you face my face.
Still, Ray was still close to her eyes, so she didn’t meet with me, but I was patient and looked at the face.

I think I’m really shy.
But as you can see if you are so ashamed to die, what I said earlier is not empty.
It’s really pretty.You can understand that you are mistaken that you thought you were the prettiest in the world.

As I was thinking about Ray’s face, Ray seemed to be restless.I pull it out and do nothing, so I’m anxious about what I am doing.
Ray, who was scrapping, woke up to look at the situation, and his eyes met with me.

Ugh !What do you want!?

In a half -crying voice with excessive shame, Ray struggled with me.
I want it.Is that obvious?Simple.


This time, the voice was blocked by Ray’s hands, but it was a ray that I could understand that long.You’ve got it right this time.

This, this world is originally like this Oh, no!You are ashamed too !?You don’t want to say that you are ashamed!?

He says something sharp again.It’s not like that.It’s not without it, but it’s not the only purpose.
This time I didn’t say anything and stared at Ray’s face.

Uh, uh I’m kidding again.?In words Wu .

Ray, now as if the skin color became red, avoided the gaze and then looked at my face and repeated the eye again.
At the same time, I tried to resist the last resistance with a crying voice, and eventually leaned my head.

I, I too Good to do .

With that, I buried my forehead on my shoulder and trembled as if I was shameful.

Ze, Damn.I’m ashamed of this than imagination.
no.So you feel each other’s hearts, but why can’t he appoint him?
Is it not a problem for each other, but it’s a hidden quest.I thought it was achieved when I rescued Ray from Bafra’s subordinates!

Say something .

I tried to forget the shame by thinking desperately, but this wicked Dark Elf didn’t leave me still.
I’m dragging my legs while immersing in the swamp of shame.I’ll pay you back what I did?

Mo, what to say ?


Don’t use it ah!What are you talking about here!no.I started, so it’s right to say anything!

“that Seo, I like each other .

hey.If you’re going to be ashamed, don’t let it like this in the first place!I know what I like to do this too !?no.That doesn’t mean you don’t like you.Ahh!shit!Who helps me!
I definitely realized that Ray and the two were ashamed of their bodies.
This shame of shame is never possible to escape alone.If anyone doesn’t help, both of us will be ashamed to die.


Salvation?Are you still sleeping?

But fortunately it didn’t happen.Beyond the door, we have a voice of salvation.
I tell you, but it’s not a joke in my name.How dare to compare that Angel Voice with my voice.

Ah, no!Woke up!Le, Ray!Ready to go!


As we popped up, we fell from each other, and once we wore the clothes of the main island.
Even until I left the room, my face was hot and I couldn’t even think about looking at each other’s faces, but the problem was solved as soon as I left the room.

At that time!

The moment I thought I saw an angel’s face, I suddenly rushed to Matilda and embraced my body.
The foolish texture has been in close contact with my chest as if it pushed out the shame that was filling my chest, and Ray opened his eyes round and surprised him.
De, finally this serial shame hell is over.After all, I am a saint and Cardinal.The clergyman is the most to deal with hell since ancient doesn’t matter much.

Now I can come and go anytime!?

Matilda, who lightly kissed my lips, shined and smiled happily.
You don’t baptize the kiss as usual.Are you refraining from Ray?

Oh, yes.that’s right.Did you hear from Diana?


Not only did you get up early in the morning and brought others, but also ended your explanation in advance.I don’t want to walk, so I’m sincere on the theme of floating in the air.
no.Are we just sleeping late?Yesterday, the time I fell asleep was very late.

Then is he Him?hello.It’s Matilda.

After all, he was refraining from Ray, and Matilda once again lightly matched his lips and then dropped from me and asked Ray to shake hands.

I’m called Layea.Thank you very much.

“yes?Oh, it’s Ray .

Oh, it’s a similar name.

That, yes .

Then the two are similar.The image was completely different, so I didn’t notice it before.
Anyway, he was an angel who greeted Ray while shaking his tail, but Ray was awkwardly smiling.
Is it again pressed by the beauty of Laea and Matilda?


Ah …Yes are you okay .

I tried to pay attention to me, but I didn’t have to.
As soon as I saw my face, I remembered the conversation a while ago, and Ray turned red and smiled more natural than before.
Fortunately, the awkward feeling disappeared, but I felt like a step back to hell.
If you are going to be weird, please don’t be too shy.

But did you bring them only?Sarah?

To change the atmosphere, I decided to change the topic quickly.
Of course, if you brought it, you thought all four people would come here, but you didn’t see the appearance of Seonji Sarah.

Sara didn’t come.There is also a person who will monitor him.

Make it?Oh, are you talking about two bottles?But Sarah is not in charge of that guy?Nevertheless, Sarah falls out.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been looking at my face, so I thought it would come together.Anyway, there will be a Barnetta in the mansion, so I can leave it.

Huhhu.I think it’s still like a monopolism of Sala Sala.Later, Mr. Salvation goes directly.

I read my thoughts and read my thoughts.
Wasn’t it that ended with Sarah’s turn?Anyway, even if it’s too knowledge, it’s a mask.

Anyway, it was fortunate that Sarah didn’t come.
no.Sarah doesn’t say that, but if you want to say only one person who will have a trouble among our kids, it’s honestly.It’s a cold city girl, and even a job is a warrior.
If I first met yesterday, not Diana, but Sarah Well, it’s good anyway.

Salvation.But how long can you be this time?I was told that Diana had installed a teleport magic circle..

“Maybe a few days will be fine.”

I have nothing to do anyway.
It’s the timing that the monsters of the Bafra’s subordinates have been discovered by the monsters released in the underground jail.The rumors spread to the castle, and I have no turn to Greg, Duke, and Keiros until I add the rumor to the peacock.

Oh, then I can talk about it today.There are so many things I want to hear.

In that way, the angel hugged my arm and buried it between his heart.In fact, it would not be too old, but it was a long time.happy.

Now, Mr. Ray.let’s go together.”

Yes, yes.

The angel who hugged my arms went down to the basement with the rest of his arms and ray.
It was said that we would talk with each other.
no.I can’t leave it alone, so it’s a priority to talk with them.
Sometimes you can prioritize your desires.The angel is too much consideration.

We gathered together in the basement, and first we talked about Helena’s struggle.
The issue of appointment of apostles for the resolution of emotional sharing is also important, but Helena is not going to go out of this basement right now.Besides, it’s a bit like an appointment of a buy in front of Laon or Helena.

So, I want to make Helena in a safe place..

There is a desire to be by the side as it is now, but Helena’s safety is more important.In addition, the teleport magic circle can also be installed to travel over there, so Helena is the best to leave it here.
Last night, two people talked about it and made that conclusion.Threon said that it was a complex look, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.
Helena is as low as the goddess’s mana, which is more severe than others.The only place you can stay here is the basement here.No matter how much our kids help me, my life is like a half prisonYou will send it.

Telluna.How can there be no way?

I thought it was not helpful after seeing my notice, and Threon quickly turned to Diana.
It is a wise judgment.Perhaps the mana conversion in this room is also made by Diana, so if you make it more and install it, Helena’s radius will be widened.
So the wise judgment is right, but why is this mip like this?

“hmm.It would be better to get the help of the temple rather than this body.

I don’t think it’s the same as me, but Diana has withheld the request of Threon.

“yes?Temple Are you talking?

Oh, I’ll explain.Actually, I mean.Mr. Leon.

Yes, yes!

child.Still, there is a sign.
When our angel smiled like that, a man would look like a lover next to him, whether he had a lover, and he looked like he was stuck.

The angel who likes to help others, said, nodded with a bright smile as he was happy to be able to help the Threon and Helena couples.
Angel.It’s all good.Don’t shake your body too much when you nod.The angel shakes a little.Mid .

There is a way that Helena will not be affected by the goddess’s mana.

“what?There was something like that!?

In a moment, the information that I had never thought of in the angel’s mouth popped out.
This was a fact that I didn’t know, so I was surprised and’s not the time to focus there now.

What is that way!?

Helena is a priest.

Layea replied with a smile to Thraine, holding her hands on her side.
is it.Was there such a simple way?surely.It was a good way to think about it.It doesn’t make sense that the priest of the goddess responds to the goddess’s mana.Yongke came up with that way.

I didn’t think about it.I found out.

I admired me, Matilda shook his head from the side.
huh?What is that Oh, so.As a result, he said that he was selected to select the nine -tailed nine times and take it up and educate.I thought it was just a good night’s sexual desire, but it didn’t seem to be.
huh?wait for a sec.But then it’s weird?If such a way can be given to the nine -tailed foxes of resistance to the goddess’s mana, why is the Gentile exist?
That’s not just.In addition, there were questions.

You think right.Not everyone can be a order to be a priest of the goddess, think about what is the most necessary qualities.

endowment?I don’t want to raise the priest level, but I just get it.Just believe in the goddess Oh, so.

That’s it.

The people here are natural, but they believe in the war.And most of the belief in the war hates the goddess.
No matter how much you meet us and the impression of the goddess changes, isn’t there a lot of people who can have true faith enough to be the priests of the goddess?
Honestly, except for Diana, who focuses on new magical learning, I didn’t understand what to do here, but I finally felt the answer.
It’s not just here to wait for me, but everyone was doing what to do.

But Helena will definitely be fine.You’re really good with Mr. Leon.

Well, definitely.Like an angel, I am not the only personality to see everything in the world with positive eyes, but I agreed that Helena would be okay.
Helena has been thinking that we are the people of the goddess so far, and that’s going to be like that.In fact, when we said that we were people of the goddess, I didn’t see any rejection at all.
So it may not be difficult to be a priest.

“yes!In addition, when you become a priest, you will have all the characteristics of our world.You will definitely help you to stay with Leon.

This problem will be solved easier than you think.
At the moment I thought so, the unexpected information came out of the angel’s mouth.

“wait for a sec.Laya.Speaking of the characteristics of our world Is it also included?


I was a little embarrassed, but the angel nodded with his cheeks blushing.
The poor expression and the heavy chest are contrasted.Oh, no.Not that.

“hey.Remion.Let’s talk to me for a moment.

In my heart, I wanted to organize the couple’s stories and solve our problems quickly, but I still came to hell together.You can’t just leave the catastrophe as the same man.

What, what is it?why?”

Please follow me.

I still pulled out the trash that I couldn’t grasp the situation, and I was out of the room.

“hey.Are you okay?


under.Look at this.I thought about it because I thought about it.Know I am glad I am good.If you were like a other guy, you would have just went away because it was dirty.

“hey.Let’s say Helena has been a priest successfully.

What is that?

Will your level rise with sex?What is the difference between Helena?

It’s good.If Helena is upset, I too .

It wasn’t until there, and Remion finally shut up as if he had finally grasped how the situation was going.

Yes, it’s a baby.If you have sex with you, Helena will rise in an instant.At the same time, the job level is limited to stop at 100, but have you ever been to that level.How was it?


I don’t have to check this reaction.Shake a few times and take it.Even if the level is different with a woman, it was useless in front of the overwhelming difference in the overwhelming attraction.

Besides, you know that the priests of the goddess are basically pretty?Mr. Helena will be more beautiful as the day goes by.Then you .
That, stop!stop!Oh, no!I’m not premature ejaculation!You!You are so famous!I, I I am plain!no!Don’t see it with that eye!

hey.Do not activate the troubles that are hard to react.I don’t know what to say.

So, what are you doing?If you don’t like you, I’ll be against it somehow.Taking Helena together as before .
That, that’s no!That’s why we can’t be at risk of Helena!

Considering why Threon first fell into Helena, it’s a tremendous issue for this couple.
So I deliberately brought this guy like this, and Lairon seemed to be more immersed in Helena than I thought.

What should I do?Helena can be a priest like this?

That, yeah!This is more than this !hey!”

The pupils vibrated for a while, but though threon nodded with a firm look and grabbed my shoulder.
What again this guy is going to say.

As long as this happened, I have no choice but to get rid of the war quickly!

In other words, will Helena will release your curse before the level goes up?


hey.If that was so easy, I would have been enjoying my life and relaxing life with our kids.
That’s how it rises to the throat, but you don’t have to break your dreams.It’s not bad for me to burn my motivation.

Well, let’s be strong.

Joe, good!You can quickly get rid of Bapra, and then the other two can solve it!No big deal!It’s all!This warrior !
“There is a rumor that Bis is a male bath with homosexuality.”

It’s all, it’s all!

hey.The voice is shaking.Well, this guy has a 5.5th -class hell with me, but it is.

“sorry.I waited.I have a story to say for a while.

Anyway, it seems like a decision to decide on the garment, so we went back to the room. also had something to say.

As the angel said, the woman had something to talk about, and the room was in a friendly atmosphere.
The expression of Ray is softer than before, and Diana, Lay, and Matilda have made the atmosphere well.
The three here are especially mature and gentle members among my girls.Indeed, it was inevitable.

How far have you talked about?Oh, did Helena be a priest?So why don’t you try it right now?

I can’t do it here.To be a priest, you need a sense of consciousness.

Then should I go to the temple?

“yes!Then shall we go right now?

The angel woke up in a pair and clapping hands.I don’t even know that the action is the act of crisis.

Oh, right now?

There’s no reason to take time?Let’s go.

Remion.Live firmly.I’m sorry, but it’s the same man to help it.I can’t be eating time forever?

For this reason, we first moved up through the teleport magic circle in the center of the nine -tailed village.
On the way, the smell of the man was in charge of the smell, but there was no big problem.I used the weakness of the polymorph bracelet, so I was an ordinary kid, and the brackle was Because it’s bracket.
Nevertheless, I didn’t have the nine -tailed nine -tailed fox for me and the treasure of Threon, so I realized why our kids tried to see me so in front of the nine -tailed people.
Even though, the nine -tailed fox who sucks the man’s regularity is the mana of the goddess.It’s great in many ways.

Anyway, we decided to go straight to the temple.
While doing this, Helena continues to be influenced by the goddess’s mana.It was necessary to rush as much as possible.

“ is left to two clergy, and why don’t these bodies go back to the mansion?

But Diana’s opinion was a bit different.
It’s a good thing, but why are you sticking to my back?

If you are using a flying magic in this place, you will not be able to see the identity of this body.

no.I still know that the wizard explodes and hides the identity, but if you just walk ordinary no.done.Just stay up.

“hmm.Good mind.

Diana stroked my head at random.
I’m thinking about it now, but I’ve been trying to stay on my back so far, not because the skinship is good, but it’s just a bother to walk.

Then salvation.I’ll go.

Anyway, Diana’s words that we don’t have to follow the temple have made it sense.
In fact, I didn’t think it would be good to be a if you don’t affect the goddess’s mana, it’s easy to be able to level up with sex.
But the idea quit immediately.
Anyway, if you appoint an apology, you can level up with sex.
It’s not yet confirmed, but I was strangely convinced.
It’s possible just to be a priest, but it’s impossible to be appointed as an apology.The appointment of the apostle is a skill that the goddess highly recommended to target the world.

“huh.see you later.”

I greeted Matilda, who had a short kiss and a short kiss with a shaking hands and tails, and I was soaked.
I’ll see you later.How much is it to say this to our kids?

Then let’s go too.

The destination is a mansion However, before that, I had to put my face shortly on Rachel’s sister.

Then I see it in the evening.

Leaving behind my sister who waved with a cute motion in contrast to the beauty, we exited the guide desk.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t have a calm conversation with Rachel.I don’t want to be treated as a daughter of the guild, but I can’t sit in front of my sister.
Therefore, my sister was all about sharing a few short greetings during the dungeon return process.
Fortunately, Diana brought Laia and Matilda in the morning and gave them to others, so I didn’t have to explain the situation.

Nevertheless, there was no choice but to be emotionally left.
At the same time, I talked to the ring every day with the kids coming down to the village of Kumiho, but sometimes I reported my face, but it’s been a long time since I was Rachel’s sister.

“ha .

I missed the guild building that was so sad that Ray sighed for a long time.
Why is he again?No matter how much Rachel’s sister treated me, he’s not going to miss a few conversations with my sister.

As I looked at it wonderfully, I looked at it and looked around and looked around and looked around.
The front square of the guild was lively with various adventurers and traders against them.

is it.Ray, who lived in a world where war is everyday, is not familiar with this peaceful sight.
In fact, I didn’t realize it because I had never seen a war where the war took place, but it may be different for Ray who lived in person.
okay.If Ray makes a better impression on this world,.

“you It was the real saying that the eyes were high.

I wanted to think about it, and you were thinking about it!?I didn’t see the peaceful appearance, but I just scanned the average appearance of people on the street!
It’s hard to know how this guy is thinking about it!?Even emotions are being shared!

“hmm.I know Ray.Interest is originally .
What are you doing?If you listen, I only see you and I know you liked you.


When I spit out bluntly, Diana shaken his body once and put his face over his shoulder and closed his cheeks on my cheek.


I just liked myself and pretended to be casual.Do you think I can’t read your heart because you can’t share emotions like Ray?

What I like you is just pretty .
“ah .

I didn’t want to be teasing like this, so I tried to get it casually, but I was also right with Ray at that timing.
hey.wait for a sec.This is because this is to fight Diana!

Ugh !

Z, shit!Oh, no!I’m not ashamed!No matter how much Ray is shameful, if I’m not ashamed of me, I can’t fall into a chain hell!I’m not ashamed!

Um?Are you embarrassed?Let’s say something.huh?Yes?”

Poetry, noisy.Squeeze it off.

That, I’ll quit!

As he kept rubbing his cheeks and playing with his hands on the head of Diana, Diana squeezed his head back with his two hands in a hurry.
Huh.I won.I want to drive this momentum and fight back, but thanks to it, I haven’t been taken to the chain hell.

Have you been there?

Anyway, when I went back to the mansion, I watched Ray the streets, and the deacon met us from the entrance.
It’s been a long time since I saw it, but there was still no expression, but we did not pop out and popped out, but from the beginning.You must have been waiting for us all the time.

“huh.Long time no see.Oh.Ray here.Ray This is my girl..
I am a deacon Barnett.

“hey.Are you really doing this?

It’s a joke.Salvation’s It is also serving.

He’s ashamed right nowWhat are you doing?Why can’t you say it as a lover?no.More than that.

Why did you step back while talking?

There is no particular reason.

If you are not a deacon, but my woman, you don’t have a retreat because I will do anything?


Why don’t you answer there!?

It’s a joke.”

So you don’t hear a joke!Ao, it’s been a long time since it’s been a long time.
But.There is a cheat key that can control you!

Diana.The deacon keeps playing.Please say something.

“hmm?Now, you, Genaa is trying to press Barneta with a status now!?

Ugh.Diana.Was you on the side of Barnet?!And don’t look at your eyes and look like that!Even if you know that if you look like that, you can feel guilty!

Just guide you to Sarah.

Jujong is playing with pairs, so he’s already missing.
no.Well, it’s a joke to play as soon as you look at the personality of Barnetsa. Does that mean?

“hey.Yes, you.”

Diana enters the mansion and floats again, and a Barnetta who leads the lead.On the way to the basement along the two, Ray secretly whispered me.


“you Is it a little different here?


I think there’s nothing different from below or here.It’s not in the middle of the enemy, but with our kids, so I feel more comfortable than usual.

“huh.if Do you live?

Big.This, this guy Pretending to talk secretly and doing this cancer .Ryu, it’s okay!Because I win at night!What is the problem to be caught in the day?Oh, no!It’s not to be caught!

Then I too .

I thought I was embarrassed and thought I had a weakness, and Ray smiled with a strange smile.
Perhaps I was trying to tease my cheek on my face as Diana did.



When I first kissed the cheek, I was surprised and walked back.
Huh.Dare to make fun of anyone.

You go and grow more common sense.

Uh, I can’t help it!Because it’s the first time in this place!

no.I’m not talking about common sense in this world.
I wanted to talk about it, but I decided to see my cheeks with both hands and the red look.And above all.

What do you show as soon as you come?what?Are you fertilizing me now?

I heard a cold voice that seemed to be swept away from the other side of the basement.

Oh, Sarah.Brother .
I finally met.girl Ha, the dog of the goddess.

From now on, you have to face Ray, but if you feel bad from the start, you will not be able to solve it well.I was in a hurry to solve Sarah’s mood, but there was a voice that came between us.

I won’t ask how the warrior was bent.Ha, if you eliminate the chest, Ha,, after all, it is a good thing.

It was two bottles.Ray from the back said, Yo, the warrior ? I heard a frightened voice, but let’s leave it for a while.
Two of them, the foam, says that the foam is caught.I just tried to tell the goddess a mop, but I noticed Sarah and changed the words?

Will you be prepared?Ha, the dog of the goddess.Ha, then I couldn’t see your dirty tricks, ha, hit it, but Ha, the same method doesn’t work twice.

You’re the second time you hit me last time.

When I first met, I didn’t say that I was running away.againWhen I met, I was suffering from the saint skills.

Three times, Ha, it doesn’t work.

The posture to admit is good, but isn’t it too fast?

It’s an enemy dog, but it’s hard to have a hard time.Ha, it’s a waste to finish in this bleak basement, but this is also what you did.Ha, Now, the dog of the goddess!Saint Salvation!Be prepared!

When I shouted with the determination that I would never lose again, I saw two bottles, and I was caught up in the feelings that could not be described.

Sara.What are you saying?If you fall on the floor.

Don’t ask me.It’s a little weird.

Looking down at two bottles as if it were dirty, Sarah stepped back to me.

Than .

That’s what!Warrior!Do you think about me !?Ha, Ha, did you forget the pride that the war taught me in the hands of the enemy!?Ha, come to loosen this handcuffs and make a fair duel of the saint salvation.!
I can’t solve it.Are you stupid?

Yo, Yongsaa Ah!

When Sarah spit out in a cold tone, the two bottles cried in a wounded voice.
hey.I know you’re hurt, but why do you look at me?Even if you look at it with such a loud eye, it will not be released.
Well, though.It is also uncomfortable to listen to it.


When the saint was lightly blown, the two bottles were tied up with their hands and feet, but the two bottles moaned their faces on the floor and trembled.
okay.It’s a little better because it’s so quiet.

However, Sarah did not give attention to two bottles, but he walked around this way and stopped in front of Ray.

So, this man said before?

Then he started staring at Ray with a cold look.
Ray, who found out that Sarah was a warrior in the words of two bottles a while ago, faced Sarah’s eyes with a slightly dead look, and Sarah looked at Ray with colder eyes.

“hey.Are you in the concept?

Ker, conceptual!

In my words, the cold mask was peeled off.
The concept is not good like a cold Barnet.

I’ve been seeing it for a long time, but will you not say hello to my brother?

On the topic that came to another girl’s cheek.

“no way.But in the morning, I came to see you not.Please look at it.

I don’t suit any of the size.fool.”

Saying so, Sarah came to me and was in his arms when he sprayed.
I supported Sarah’s chin, put my lips on my lips, and then smiled, and smiled.

I have been there.

“huh.I’m injured .
Yo, the warrior I’m biting .

Well, the sweet atmosphere didn’t last long.
hey.ray.I know how great the warrior is in your world, but you didn’t have to say that out of your mouth!

No, who, who’s beacons!?

“yes yes!?That, that .

Ray You really know that one loses a big debt.
I couldn’t ignore the eyes of Ray, who asked for help, so I threw myself so that Sarah’s tip of the sword faced me.

Who are you?

No, what!?

“why?Don’t you like to bend to this brother?I’m ashamed while I can’t see it Grill!

Bo, fist in the abdomen .

“uh ?Kyak !?Ryu, is it okay !?As I did not know, as I did to him !

2 bottles What kind of fight were you doing alone?Somehow, I wanted to see you strangely..

Not okay.I think I’m going to die.”

“ha thank god.I’m really sorry.”

It’s not okay!

I’m sorry.huh?”

hey.Isn’t it just a brother to say that you only say this?
shit.It’s been a while since I’ve been looking at it, so I don’t even think about being angry.

You do this without knowing.Sarah You said you were not dedicated to two bottles of surveillance?

But when I first rebelled at first, I was overpowered.

The memory of that time came back, Sarah pouted his lips with a very unpleasant look.

Was it so bad?

“of course.Why did you hang the saint skill?Because of that, he tried to hit me, and I thought he was a man.Anyway, it was the worst in the morning.

hey.Did you try to say that you killed half now?I’m scared.

“sorry.sorry.It’s quite a strong guy, so if you do it that way, it would be easy to overpower it.Do you want to feel bad from the morning .

wait for a sec.from morning?

“what’s the matter?”

Suddenly I stopped talking, and Sarah shook his head as if he didn’t know English.

Allicia brought two bottles of me, morning?

Obviously I entrusted that guy Was it night?
My memory can’t be wrong.I still have a hurry to go over there at night.Saying that .

What happened from the night to morning when Arakne was in charge of two bottles?
The answer is all about two bottles, but I didn’t expect it at all.
no.This guy is actually a woman, so I can’t hear it if I just work properly, but I can’t do it at this time.

“hey.Wake up.

Ugh .

Still, I woke up two bottles while putting my face on the floor to ask, but he was still wondering.
It would be impossible to talk properly.



Although I felt quite unpleasant, I tried to suppress it.
okay.It’s only morning from night.In the meantime, what could they do with two bottles of these?
I didn’t open my mouth even though I got it from Sarah, but I couldn’t open my mouth to Arakne Clan.
Now my woman was more important than that.

Gone than that.This is Ray.Did you listen to Diana roughly?ray.This is .
Sarah, the main place.

Without explaining, Sarah first approached Laea and reached out.
It’s much more ordinary than I thought.It’s not ordinary to speak while reaching out.

It’s easy to be mistaken because of a cold tone, but it’s not to say that to imprint that you’re in Gap’s position than Ray.
This is not like that.It is not at all unless it is when there is a similar position, Diana Layia.
Perhaps you said that to soften the atmosphere with your own joke.
I think it was a joke that I could smile, but some people did not.

Who is the main place!?


The place is this body!

Diana.If you are a king, make a more mature response.It’s actually an adult.

What are you talking about !?I first met salvation!

“joy!It is not important who met first!

Sex was the first!?

Huheung.Will Sarah will claim that he did it first?What you did to do is medical practice.of.Ryo.line.stomach.”

It wasn’t a medical practice!?Did you see Diana!?

You can know without seeing it!To do the right act, this body and sex that the author turned upside down and listened to the real first first .
“Diana is also twisted for skill research!”

I have never been twisted!The author purely sees the beauty of this body !

After a long time, Sarah and Diana’s headquarters were fierce.As much as it was fierce, the two seemed to be arguing, but nevertheless smiles did not leave in my mouth.
no.It’s not because they’re good to leave me.I just realized that I really felt that I came back to them.

But I was able to see the two very much.
Ray, who was looking at it with me from the side, whispered a completely different appreciation with a red face.



“excuse me W, this is the original sexual openness..

no.I tried to whisper.
But before Ray spits out, Sarah and Diana captured us whispering.
Originally, while I was fighting like that, I and Raea had a good atmosphere.It may have been a habit to check around while arguing.

“there!Don’t do it!

However, we are only familiar with this development, and this development was not familiar to Ray.
Ray, who was stuck in the name of Sarah’s warrior, was surprised by Sarah’s point of view.

Originally, let’s talk about sex like this!?Oh, ah !

“radish !
What !

Real, who realized his mistake, hurriedly closed his mouth with both hands, but was already late.
Sarah and Diana, who were severely mentally hit, kneeled and sat down on the floor at the same time as if they were squeezed.
In a word, he defeated the warrior and the hemp at once.Ray this guy.Isn’t it more than it looks?It’s a battle master.

Diana Me, we .
This, these bodies do not realize .

Are you stained by salvation!?
Is it dying from the author!?

Why do you turn on my blame?It’s just you!

Even these guys, harmony!On the theme that was fighting so far!Real guys are good or bad!?

Anyway, real.What did you do in the first place?Ray is not a personality to do that.

Well, if you look at usThe angel is not the personality to do that.I didn’t actually do it, but it was a good atmosphere because Sarah and Diana were playing with each other.

“joy.Salvation is a dull side in a strange place.

I don’t know what.What else is dull?Do you remember having a conversation with you all the time?

“hmm.Ray did not say last night?Hi profit!sorry!I didn’t think about defeating all other women and trying to monopolize it alone!I mean.

Have you imitated Ray now?Yongke also doesn’t have a toshi and I remember exactly.Write that good hair for useless.
Diana’s words were so hard to tackle where to tackle, but I decided to tackle from here.

“hey.What if you say that in front of Sarah?

Hey huh .

No, late.Sarah rays with very cold eyes no.That’s not cold eyes?What is that?

Did you say Ray?

Yes, Yes!?

Ray this guy was so frustrated as this guy.are you okay.Even if you go, you won’t want to eat it.maybe.

Save you !

Why why?Why are you looking for me again?What did I do wrong again !?
A brief shrinking to the unknown Sarah’s actions no!It wasn’t shrunk!I just didn’t know English, so I just added curiosity!
Anyway, I did, but all the questions were solved by the following Sarah’s next behavior.

Wow, have you noticed together?

Sarah stares at me again with his cheeks.
is it.You’re worried about what Ray said earlier.I heard that and talked about sex again.
But it’s Sarah.Is that a matter of staring at me?

“yes?ruler?iced coffee hey.That person Three, sex I’m talking ?

In addition, Ray, who did not understand Sarah’s words at once, whispered to me in a whisper, and Sarah’s shame was further amplified.
I was not arguing with Diana as before, and I couldn’t hear a whispering ear whisper when we were focusing on us.

Dae, answer!

Hae, I tried!

What are these guys really doing?One side is shameful, and one side is feared and talking about sex.I don’t know what the situation I really say.
However, the hemp, who created this situation, smiled at me as if he was looking at it.

But did you think about monopoly?Can you handle this pervert alone?

And only after Sarah said that, I realized what Diana was looking for.
In this way, it is a plan to form Sarah and Ray’s consensus and make them improve.Although I am a victim in the middle, my relationships are to be smooth.That was possible to sacrifice.
If you had calculated something like this from the beginning and brought it out, no.Obviously.Diana is also good and adult.
but.But it’s Diana.

“ah Gig.hmm.That, that’s it.

I didn’t understand Sarah’s meaning, but instead of Ray, I opened my mouth.


hey.Don’t say anything yet, but don’t say something.That guess, maybe the right answer.Anyway, the persimmon is great.

“that I mean.Living there is more than you think.

Only the main point.

When I sleep with Ray, most of them are with Silver.Oh!

This, this pervert is really!

And several times !I didn’t sleep a few times!

I desperately excuse Sarah’s palms aimed at the back, but Sarah had no forgiveness.

I say that now!?

Sarah’s palms, which were dug on my back, quickly melted me down, and Sarah shouted proudly under the extraction of the day.

If this pervert is sincere, I can’t hold it properly!Do you think you can do that every day !?Don’t even dream of monopoly!

no.Sara.Well, I’m really happy to share me.Are you saying that so confidently?

Uh, uh …!

Oh, you know you are ashamed.
I can’t.Here, this brother has no choice but to save your crisis.

Hehehe.Was it so good to do it with me?I can’t hold it properly for a day, how do you feel!it hurts!Sarah, it hurts!time!wait for a sec!”

“I.big.Don’t see it!


“joy.Let’s leave this pervert!
“yes?Me, I too ?ah .

Cruelly, Sarah, who pinched the part he hit with the palm of his hand and gave more severe pain, confirmed that I stood on the floor, and then pushed Ray’s back and left the room.

Are you okay?

It’s okay.I think I’m going to die.Healing sex is needed right now .
It’s okay.

So it’s not okay.Why don’t you believe me right away?Diana.I’m very sad.
Well, will you play around at this point?Actually, I also smoked, so it didn’t hurt.

I think the Angal is getting worse while Sarah didn’t see it.

It’s embarrassing to do that.

When I got up and said that, Diana nodded with a mature smile.
But the door that was closed at that moment opened again.


Sarah pushed his head and shouted like that, and then closed the door again.
Sara.Did you have to open the door again and deny it?

Well, I know it’s good.

I wanted to come back again, but this time nothing happened.

And Sarah’s own care was paid.

“huh?What do you mean?

As like this, Ray is left to these bodies, and you tell me to do what to do.

What do you do?.

To be honest, I also understood what Diana said.
But I came back like this, but I was able to act alone because of other things from the beginning.
But such a flimsy acting could not work with our hemp.
That’s right.Diana also heard I was asking me.

Don’t think about deceiving these bodies.Are you worried about you?

But Diana .
It’s okay.Anyway, I needed to talk to Ms. Ray once.

What the hell is that?.

Huheung.It’s a secret of women.Can’t you come to see you?

I know that.


Thanks to the floating in the air, Diana, who can touch my head freely, stroked my head as if it were cute.

Then this body will go.When you go out of the room, call one maid outside.No matter how much the author’s hands and feet can’t be stuck, he needs one person who will monitor the behavior.

Diana said that and lightly hit my lips, and he left the room as it was.
Diana, even if it’s gone, and I don’t know where and where I calculated and acted.I probably won’t be able to get them all my life.
As I thought about it, I shook my head, and I decided to do what Diana said.

“hey.2 bottles.Do you stop stunning now?

The two bottles of my voice fluttered and reacted, but I still stunned my head on the floor.

“hey.You know everything is up?hey.”

I have nothing to say to the cowardly.

When he approached right in front of him, squatting and squeezing his back, he barely raised his head and spit it out and put his forehead on the floor again.
There is nothing to say.I told you now.
I thought it was surprised by the power of my saint skills, but was it just to be just fighting?

Then if you are handcuffed and fight again, will you tell me?

Are you going to fight again?I believed from the beginning!The warrior who was strengthened by the war god and the power of the mop!We are rivals of fate!Even though it is different to believe and fight each other, you will be the same as me as much as you want to fight with the other person.!

“no.I didn’t say I would fight.

While raising his head, shining his eyes, and instantly vomiting his delusions, the two bottles shook their heads on the floor with the eyes that lost their light again in my short answer.

I’m really sincere in this way It’s a dirty technique of the seeds of dirty mops .

hey.I’m so disappointed that I’m sorry for nothing.
Well, I don’t want to accept it.If you accept all these things one by one, there is no end.The two bottles of this world are especially more.

Do you think you can win me if you fight again in the first place?

Of course!If you fight fairly without using those cowards, I get stronger by the war god..
Is it a cowardly hand, is it my skill?That’s the power I received from the goddess.You seem to have been strengthened by you, but don’t you use the power that I received from the goddess?Is that fair?I just say that I can’t keep my fingers and fight with a rule that can be moved freely?

Big, big!

I don’t say anything, so don’t cry.I think I’m bothering.I just had a legitimate argument.
This guy, when I first saw it, wasn’t this image.Well, it’s two bottles, so it’s all the concept.

I have a lot of sense!Then let’s stick with all the power!

For reference, I wrote it on purpose when I write a skill to you.If I do my power, I die in one room.

Huh.I chose the wrong opponent.Growing to meIt!

I didn’t notice it if I didn’t go through it, so I activated the full power saint’s touch and lightly took a two -bottle forehead.
Then, it was different, or two bottles trembled their eyes and stunned their eyes.
I know it’s a woman, so it’s a little better to see.When I thought I was a man, I was really painful.
But that, this is.How long will you be stunned?I don’t want to waste my time.


Once again, when I took the forehead with my fingertips, the two bottles shaken my body as if they were trembling.

Huh …ha This is the replacement .

Did you see it?This is in a room of a finger, but what do you think if I really touch you?

That, stop it!

If you still want to fight me .
Hui!That, that …!

I cry like a, only bitch.
I try to move my body desperately on the floor, but it’s hard to move the upper body if my back is missing from the pleasure of earlier.Among them, I grabbed the back of two bottles, and I put it upright.
Even if your hands and feet are tied, you can stand this way.

I’m standing for 10 seconds like this.Then I’ll solve it and fight as I want.

When I said that and let go of my hands, two bottles of the same way did not last one second and fell on the floor.
That’s right.Because the waist is missing.But why?I didn’t even seem to even try to stand from the beginning.

“hey.Are you afraid of you and fell on purpose?

Me, Narmohyokaji Mara!This, this is a !

What is this?

Non -giant guy will be dry up .

Did you come back for the first time?
no.Still, the conversation was not completely meaningless.This was completely broken by the will of two bottles.
I have to dig comfortably with this information.

Well, good.I’ve heard a lot of what you want so far, so it’s time to say what I want.I left it to Arak Ne Clan night.But the morning was moved to this mansion.What happened in the meantime?

Non -giant is dry .
As you say.I’m cowardly.If you’re going to keep your mouth shut, I’ll keep feeding that skill.What does it mean to die, I will carve it on that body.

Uh …!

Are you doing it like this?Looking at the waist, I was aware of how dangerous the skill of my saint was.
Do you think you can’t kill an important person like your own?
Huwoo.This is so funny.



When I stabbed the forehead without any circumstances, the two bottles trembled like a dangerous person and experienced the continuous peak.
I don’t really want to kill it, but I have to do this threat.You can’t retreat too easily?

So, what is the answer?

I couldn’t even be stunned by the continued pleasure, and I looked down at the two bottles that had been drooping, and I opened my mouth cold.
I think it might be a matter of being so friendly.It seems to be afraid of Sarah, so pretend to be cold like Sarah.

Ha, ha, rainha It’s dry Upta .

But even though my efforts, the two bottles said so and shut up.
shit.There’s nothing more than the first time that the tongue has been released and the tone is a little cute.Even if you hit the saint’s hand in a row.Are you not chasing me to where I was with the effects of the Saint Skill?
In this case, there is only one way to open this guy’s mouth.okay.That’s how I did to Miriel.

ha.okay.See you later.”

After that, I had no choice but to get up.
no.I didn’t give up.But it’s more comfortable and faster to just go to Miriel himself and ask him.
In fact, two of these bottles were asked to ask for something that happened that night, but as long as this happened, I had to delay it later.

As Diana says, Made, who was outside, monitors two bottles, and I left the mansion.
I tried to talk to our kids before going out, but when I heard it, I heard that Sarah and Ray took Ray.
Do you want to see the street to get used to this world?

Aracnet Clan was able to enter the Free Pass without any problems, so I was able to enter Miriel’s office immediately.

“hi.Saint.I was waiting.

I went right away without knock, but Miriel raised up and greeted him.
Then he approached this way, kneeling right in front of him and his face between my legs.


I tried to take my pants with my mouth, but before that I grabbed it and stopped.
I don’t say anything in this way, but every time I see my face, it’s uncomfortable again.The teaching effect was not solved, but I was teaching so that I could easily see it later.

It’s done today.

It’s a play of a saint just by looking at the saint.The saint is too spicy.

Don’t say that with a cool look.So you don’t have credit in your words.If you look at the thighs slightly, it’s true that your body has been heated.
After shook his head, he shook his feelings, and I went to a chair in front of the office desk where Miriel was sitting.
Then Miriel went under his desk and settled in between my legs.

You must have said it was today?

Haha.I know.I’m just preparing to respond to the saint’s heart.

Isn’t this guy, you’re not doing this, but you’re just enjoying it?
I heard that question for a while, but I didn’t want to take time with this, so I decided to ignore it.It will soon be revealed whether this guy has a teaching effect anyway.

I came because I wanted to ask today.

“okay?what’s the matter?”

I don’t know?Do you know?Did you said you were waiting before?

If you think I have shed, it’s Osan.This guy surely said.As if I knew from the beginning.

Haha.When I am here, I’m always waiting for the saint.

Anyway, I do well.
The cool smile, such as a unique martial arts hero, looked like a smirk smile.

So, I don’t know what I want to ask?

Of course, I guess.But you don’t know if the saint really wants to ask?

But let’s see how long you can keep the smile.

2 bottles.Did you take it right away?

“that’s right.”

I was going to stab, but Miriel nodded casually without blinking his eyes.
Well, I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to show this gap.

“The reason is?”

The night is too late.I can’t dare to wake the wizards with this.I waited until morning.If you say, will you believe it?


Haha.After all, the saint would not be hit.that’s right.In fact, there was a different purpose.


I brew Julian.

Julian.It is the name of two bottles.I knew it through analytic, but never spit out of my mouth.
It means that this guy knows that name, too.

Are you bastard?

“okay.One of the spleen hidden by Vis.Julian made himself like that.But Julian sincerely thought that he was a warrior for a man, so I don’t know where it is true.

I was asking for a bitter way, but in Miriel’s mouth, the wrong answer came out.
But the wrong answer was a much better answer, so I thought I was a bait, but I had no choice but to bite.
I didn’t think it was a lie.He will be, right and back?
I was strangely worried when I talked to two bottles.It’s as if you were a warrior.
Even though he did not see the warriors’ users in the occupation of the analysts.

“What are you talking about?Tell me in detail.

Julian seemed to think of a warrior as a title that inherited from generation to generation, not a job.So I used it too.In fact, I’m a warrior too.I saw my grandmother’s name and showed the sword I learned from my father.Haha.It’s a naive woman.

no.I think you are clever.
Well, I agree with some naive two bottles.

“so?How did you brew?

I said that I was caught by the saint, like Julian.Since then, I have been pretending to obey the saints and seeing a glimpse of the opportunity, and we said it was the same side.

Did you look at the opportunity while pretending to obey?

Haha.Of course it’s a lie.I can’t do that to the saint?

That’s what you don’t know.You are so doubtful even if you are doubtful.
Well, now I’ll go over without digging in detail.First of all, it’s first to hear what he says.

I don’t know if it will be overwhelming, but for the saint, it seemed hard to get information from Julian.

So did you deliberately act to dig out the information instead?

“okay.As a bonus, I don’t know how much more people like me are under the saint, so I advised you not to resist it.

no.hey.You look at you with a look to compliment you now.The advice you gave didn’t work at all.
And above all, in this guy’s wordsThere was a contradiction.At first glance, it seems to be right back and forth, but if you think about it, it doesn’t make sense.

If you worked for me, why didn’t you tell our kids right away?

okay.This is a problem.If you had a hard time at night and found out the information, you want to tell our kids right away.
Then my kids had no hardship to find out to her, and I doubted this guy like this.wait for a sec.

Why do you think the saint did it?

Would you like to come?

Haha.After all, the saint knows the woman well.

Still, with a cool smile, Miriel brought his cheeks inside my thighs.
So your smile is so suspicious that even if the horse is right, you have doubts.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1089

I understood it with my head.Miriel’s words are all true.
But I couldn’t erase the unknown for some reason.
Well, since I’ve already been talking about it since then, I might have already talked.It’s better than you still.That guy is not a good personality.

Miriel.Call Alicia.


Whether my request was unexpected or there was a different reason, the first smile disappeared from Miriel’s face today.


It was a moment, and my smile came back soon, but I can’t deceive my eyes.Did you really have something to hide something?
In fact, I didn’t expect that much, but I didn’t really expect it, but I really know that Alicia knows something important.

I asked for two bottles, not you, but Alicia.I have to listen to myself.It’s faster to call Alicia here than to go directly?

“Right.The saint is thorough.

Miriel, who completely regained his unique cool smile, said, as if he was teasing.
But under the desk, it was, of course, to get rid of my upper body between my legs.

Saint.Wouldn’t it be okay if you really don’t have to do it?

Miriel, who pushed his chest between my legs, glanced at the stuff that had a strong presence over the pants between his chest and smiled.

Menstrual phenomenon.don’t mind.”

I can’t.It is my role to handle my physiology here.Is it the saint that was imprinted like that?

In that way, Miriel takes his hand to his breastbone and draws a circle with an index finger.I didn’t touch it myself if I wanted to appeal to my command, but it seemed more and more unnecessary to draw a circle over my breasts so that it didn’t touch me.
no.I definitely did an assistant.Still, the expression is not too narpened?It is the physiological process of it.If you say that, you can go to yourself Oh, anyway!I don’t think I used that expression!?

I call Aliciana.Do you know that the more time you get, the more you will be awarded?

I sell the girl’s sincerity that way.The saint is cruel.

Who is a girl.No matter how young you are, you are not an age to be called a girl.
After muttering words that seemed to be hurt by an unbroken expression, Miriel came to press his chest between my legs.
shit.I don’t know that things react.

“therefore .

The elastic texture that feels vividly over the pants, the whisper of the angel and the devil in my head, and at the same time, it rang out at the same time.
What are you doing!?Will only be hit !?Let’s confuse this cheeky year quickly!
No.Think about the purpose of here.You don’t have to do that?

I’m busy, so do it quickly.

Of course it was an angel.
It was not really a resistance to do sex with this guy, but it’s suspicious to take this time.Obviously, Allicia must know something.
In order to change this nasty atmosphere into a playful atmosphere, lightly pinch and shake..


Ugh!Don’t, right.This guy was that body.Do you feel this pain?
Miriel trembled with his head bowed down.
I leaned my head in the position of pushing my chest in my legs, so that my face reached a dangerous place, and the texture of the chest and lips felt in things was floating from that state.Ze, Damn.Angel!help!

Hahah, really The saint is cruel.

Whether the angel listened to my earnest prayer, or because the size of the pleasure was weak enough to just pinch the ball, Miriel lifted his head straight.
Then he stretched out his hand on his desk without changing his posture at all, and he touched the lamp above.

Call Allicia.

Is there a communication device that leads to the secretary’s office?Somehow, when I came right away from the front door, I always acted as if I was always contacted first.It’s like a huge clan.
Well, anyway, it’s only a joke with this guy.I’m tired if I’m talking to him.On the topic of assistant to me.

Then you stop now.

Allicia will soon come.Miriel will not be doing this forever.
I thought so and tried to take it out of the desk.

I’m sorry.Saint.

Miriel did not think of coming out with a cool smile.
hey.wait for a sec.What are you doing now?Do you want to show you an assistant to me in front of Allicia?I didn’t want to show it to others as a clan.

I can’t move.The waist was missing.

What are you talking about?a moment ago?Is that a little pinching the ball before?So now, are you saying you can’t move because your back is missing with a sudden pleasure?
What are you talking about with such a cool smile?You can’t get out of the image of being suspicious because it’s always that way!There should be about calmness!

I will happen, so you are in the chair .
Miriel!Did you call it!?

I was trying to sit in a chair and tried to sit in a chair, but there was a person who came into the room without knocking.

hi.Allicia.I came quickly.

I quickly pressed Miriel’s head and put it under the desk.
I am also proud to be a reflexes because the level is level.Perhaps you haven’t seen Miriel’s appearance.

“ah?Why are you there?Miriel?

I knew it.thank god.After finishing things to do as soon as possible, I have to get out of this tired Aracne Clan House.
So Miriel.Please don’t do something strange from the bottom.

It’s me that I called you.I want to ask for a moment.

As I pulled the chair more closely, I spoke as I put one hand on Miriel’s head.Miriel can stop anytime, even if he causes sudden action.

Do you want to ask?

“okay.I asked you to take two bottles before our mansion before?

2 bottles?Julian?


Why are he?Did you take it properly?

Honest and faithful Allicia.I thought it would respond if I talked about this.
Not surprisingly, when two bottles of bottles came out, Alicia had something stabbed with something stabbed.

I don’t know it, so do you ask?

The night was so late that I took it early in the morning.Unlike the shameless guys like you, we are uncomfortable to go to the mansion of the hemp.

Don’t lie obviously.You came well when I fell before you.The same story was not deliberately.Because I only sell my grave.

By the way, I have been talking as I thought.Miriel’s first excuse is the same excuse.
Besides, it’s as if he thought so and acted so.Aliciani, who is loyal, is definitely keeping her loyalty to Miriel.
The possibility that Alisia really thought and acted like that I’m sorry, but I don’t see’m not stupid.To be honest, he’s not that personality?

“okay?So there was nothing in the meantime?

If you have something you want to say, tell me.

I didn’t like it as if I was still floating, and Alicia said so.
It’s cool anyway.Well, that’s the good thing about Alicia.

“no.I heard a little different story from Miriel.I want to check with you too.

I’m going to put it all and see something more.Miriel’s words are all true.I don’t have to talk about it.Didn’t you have a bad story for you?

As soon as Alicia spit out, I felt that Miriel’s body fluttered for a moment.


Pretending to be noticed by Alicia, pretending to be caught and checking the bottom, Miriel’s expression was rarely blurred.What is that look?guilty?

“I didn’t have anything to do at all.”

Of course.Can’t you believe me?

Alicia and Miriel, who have a sense of responsibility, are likely to have been watching with two bottles.
Nevertheless, that’s so confident that you didn’t really betray me.
Nevertheless And if you think about it earlier I start to see the whole case of this.

“no.believe.I believed that I picked up you that day and asked me?

When I said so, Miriel’s body, which was then below, fluttered and trembled.
I knew it.Maybe my expectation is right.

Ugh !?I don’t sound unfamiliar!

Alicia didn’t notice at all.
This guy is sometimes wildOn the topic that triggers a persimmon, this is also you not dull, but you believe in people too much?

Well, anyway, I know.There’s no military point a little bit, but I still listened to my request.

That, yeah!But who is this bottle?I can’t thank you!

Thank you.okay.Did you think of it?Are you time now?

Shint.Once again, Miriel reacted below.
Don’t bounce too much.Then you can see if you put your head on your desk.

No, what !?

So let’s go to eat from now on.It’s time to have lunch.Time?

Poetry, time Wait a minute!I’ll come back soon!

Alicia, who watched the clock in the room, left Udangtangtang’s room if there was something to clean up.

I don’t have to come back here.I’ll wait in front of the front door.

Looking at that, I will probably make time without time.
I was convinced that Alicia would take time, and he said that behind the back of Allicia.
And after Alice went out, the chair was taken back.

Saint.I was also making an appointment with Alicia.This is jealous.

Miriel crawled under the desk.
I still had a unique cool smile, but I was able to read the feelings that the smile hides.

“know.I said that.

I play with the woman’s heart like this.The saint is a really bad guy.

It’s a bee.No matter how jealousy, I’m so.No clan, no.Can I bother my friend?


When I said so, Miriel looked at me and looked at me.
However, he soon acknowledged his sin by cool smiling again.

I can’t get the saint.

okay.Another reason why Miriel did not send two bottles to morning.That’s because I was jealous of the fact that I picked up allicia.
If I can’t do my request completely, my trust in Alicia will fall a bit.
Well, if you can’t hold it for a long time and send it right the next morning, no matter how jealousy you are, you can’t do it to eat my trust in a friend.
I was sorry when Allicia left him.

But no matter how much you sent it the next morning, why did you not notice if Miriel took two bottles?Even if you don’t notice Miriel’s jealousy, you should think of something doubtful?
The answer is simple.This is because Miriel digs out the information on two bottles, and as a result, it helped me.

Perhaps at the time Miriel tried to take two bottles, Alicia was suspicious.
But things flowed to me so good, so Alicia would have immediately folded that doubt.
So, even though I was a little stabbed by the fact that I was lying to me, I couldn’t see the sorry.

Well, were you going to get me?

Haha.That’s right too.

This time, Miriel nodded, acknowledging his mistakes.

“okay.So it’s a punishment.I’m jealous here until Alicia comes back.Is it effective for you?

The saint is a return.

hey.Do you not smile even when you are caught and admitted to your feelings.
If you look at jealousy, it’s true that you have emotions for me for assistants or other reasons.But why is this guy who wants to look so suspicious all the time?

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1090


After leaving Miriel’s room, dozens of minutes to wait at the front door as you said.At the moment when I was worried about going back in to find Alicia, which rarely comes out, Allicia finally appeared.In the midst of a heavy army.

Well, what are you looking at?Are you dissatisfied!?

“no Wasn’t it a bit more comfortable before?

I won’t tell you to dress up, but why are you dressed?Where are you going to fight?Even this guy, I had a sword on my back.

I feel the most comfortable!

huh.I see that.Yes.
But alicia.Is there a reason to insist on such a comfortable dress?And most of all, we’ll go to the restaurant from now on.

If you are holding such a weapon, you won’t be sent in.

“what!?hey!Hard bottle Ari!You’re stupid because you are a little big!?Where is such a restaurant!?

there is .There are a lot .Most of them are so .No matter how much adventurers and dungeons are the central cities, most of them are formal restaurants.
I don’t know if I put a hand weapon in my pocket, but I can’t go to a hand weapon that seems to be a self -defense.
I tried to persuade it logically, but Alicia had no intention of bending his claim.

No matter what you say, I’ll go in this dress!Nu, who’s like cute clothes according to the taste of guy like you !

Besides, I’m doing something like a strange misunderstanding.
Cute clothes.I don’t think it’s what I can say, but I think I’m still careful about what I did you have it more than that?Cute clothes?

“okay.Just go.

Even if I talked, I would not be persuaded, so I think I’ll be a worse guy, so I decided to give up and go to the restaurant.
I can put it in the inventory before entering the restaurant.Armor Well, wouldn’t you refuse to enter?Let’s make it like that.

This is this.

Since he was in the past, he was in a meal to Rachel’s sister, and the location of the high -end restaurant nearby has been thoroughly investigated.In fact, my taste is not a big difference or a big difference in the food of a luxury restaurant or in our mansion.

Anyway, if you want to go to the high -end restaurant, you must first go in the direction of the castle.
Dungeon in the center of the city.And the guild surrounding the dungeon entrance.And if there is a huge shopping mall around the guild, there are areas where there are shops for the government office or those who work there.
Of course, where I was going.Thank you for being a thankful person and a meal.Maybe that store looks good.

Wait a minute.

Naturally I thought so, but somehow, Alicia grabbed my wrist and stopped.The hand contains a tremendous power as if it shows the feelings of Allicia.

Oh, Aya!Broken!Broken!

Even though I have a much higher level now, why are you so strong?

Oh, Mi, Mia Squeezer, squeezed!

In addition, Allicia had no awareness, even hitting my back.
no.It seems like I’m doing this to pretend to be natural, but I was so nervous that I got a lot of power.

Why did you stop suddenly?

I didn’t do anything like this and the crisis of life would come, so I urgently talked about another story.

That, yeah!You say you’re serving meals!?


But why is it a baby!?Did you forget that you don’t come well these days!?

What the hell is this good?
Not surprisingly, it’s not possible to be wrong.The map is floated in my corner of my vision.

Is there a restaurant over there?

Still, when I answered, Alicia’s eyebrows jumped greatly.


That, by the way.

Well, what is it?What’s the problem?

What are you going to go to such a frustrating place?There’s something to make people like!?

“uh?!no.But thank you .
That’s it, it’s a baby!Don’t suit it!

I agree that it doesn’t suit you a hundred times, but it’s good to think, but isn’t it too much to one person to take it?

“Follow me!”

Grabbed my hand, which was wounded, and Alicia headed towards the opposite direction and guild.

You can do it here!Here!

It was a place where I arrived so much, but it was a bar that adventurers gathered to make a lively turmoil.
Somehow, I had to find out when I was confident.I only thought about coming from this place from the beginning.

“okay.let’s go.go.”

I pretended to be reluctant to push back to allicia, but I was a little comfortable.
Rather than a hard -class restaurant, I smile, laugh and eat in this place, and it is a place to serve Allicia in the first place.It’s natural for Alcia to go to a comfortable place?

The owner!Choose two beers here and the right food!

“hey.I’m alcohol .
You don’t drink?

You can drink.

shit.I don’t want to drink alcohol.
no.I don’t think the liquor is weak, but the alcohol is not severe.Still, if you get drunk, it will be dangerous?This is a saint.
As I am aware of how great my abilities are, the more I come to this world, the more I don’t drink.If you do, you will drink with Alicia.
Alicia This guy, I think the liquor is significant.Even when I was drinking and hanging on me before, the number of bottles rolled in the room was not a joke.
Well, can you adjust it while pretending to fit it in moderation?

When I thought so, I was in me too.Alcohol was not so easy to control.
shit.When I was drinking with our kids, everyone was moderately adjusted.If you drink only one bite, you can take it alone.

What are you doing?drink!I’m not chasing this much!?

“what!?If you ignore this saintIt’s hard!Bring more!

The name of thanksgiving has disappeared from the beginning, and the drinking party has become a liquor confrontation.

“young.You’re still a hail!Other peppers are gathered together, but they don’t come close to you!

What are you talking about?I usually come to this way, and I’m doing well with my dirty boys!What others are doing today okay!It’s because of you!

What am I?What are you looking at?Did you see it!?

Kaha!Look at the stuffy things!I should have done it in moderation!How violent the usual behavior is, can’t people come?

Ugh then Ugh!Noisy!Even if those babies can’t come because of me, don’t proof that you are out of the disease!This is a cub!

Haha.Who is it to be a bottle?This is not the old salvation.You can’t forget the old days, but now it’s lower than me.If I just decide to mind, it’s like you..
What!?try!Let’s do it then!

As the drunken guys, they started to spit out without filters.
But of course, we had no awareness at all.
When the saint and the giant clan’s executives became a bout, the adventurers around them stepped back like a low tide, but we didn’t even care.

Do you think I can’t do it?If you get stuck in my sword, you can’t get upset and cry..
“hot!Even before, it’s less than 10 seconds.

“what!?Premature ejaculation!?

Or do you prove it?Follow the inn!

Allicia, who caught my fat, threw it on the table and came out of the bar.
And from the beginning, I started moving like a person who had a destination.
When I entered the cold outside air, I could wake up a bit, but I was unhappy until then and I was dragged as Aldia led.

Now, do you have a baby!

I had a little insane when I experienced a familiar sense of being stuck in bed.
In fact, I haven’t experienced a lot of be precise, it was a rare experience that I could choose with one hand for many more experiences in my life.
Nevertheless, I remembered the texture of this meda or the feeling of bad blankets that supported my body.

Now, wait.Wait a minute.”

I tried to raise my body as a result of the alcoholic influence, covering the head that was so dull that it could not be properly.

What is it?Are you scared now?

However, there was a person who crushed my body, and he was one of the naked armor.

“hot.young.Is there a pride that it’s a man in the form!?

no.It’s not like that.Allicia.That’s a physiological phenomenon.
The man’s creature is just a tragic physiological phenomenon that happened because it is a sad creature that stands and sees a fresh beauty in front of any situation.

So wait a minute!

If you go like this, it is dangerous.Even though the reason was not working properly, I instinctively noticed that, but I reached out and tried to push Allicia, but in my hand, there was only a water and elastic texture.
shit.I think this will really be a big deal.


As soon as I thought so, I suddenly felt the texture of a droplet down on my eyelids.

Big black Ugh .

After suddenly a blurred view of the droplets, I checked what’s going on on my face, and I couldn’t speak to the feelings that could not be described.
The Allicia was shedding tears.
I was biting my lips tightly to endure somehow, but the tears flowed out of my eyes and fell down on my face.

“you .

You have to say anything.I opened my mouth with a sense of mission, but I didn’t think of what it would be good to say.

Even if you are drunk like this I can’t be drunk?

And for me, Alicia has passed through his feelings passively.

I am violent !?It’s not like a woman !?It’s not cute!?

The moment I heard that, I felt like waking up from alcohol as if I had poured cold water.
Of course, the body still couldn’t overcome the alcohol and was not controlled, but at least it felt that the mind was somewhat fine.
It’s hard As a result, I felt like I was drunk and said that.
So this guy, did you not get drunk from before?Was you listening to all the words I was drunk?

Allicia.It’s not like that.You know that.I’m already a woman .
“Do not lie!Other women meet well on topics!I, I met first!More than the women around you!Than Miriel!

Well, Mi, Miriel Suddenly why .
I know I don’t know!?

You didn’t even notice this guy, Miriel was crawling under the desk!?no.But you have to misunderstand.Miriel was literally there, nothing strange..
Such excuses came to mind in a moment, but I knew how old it was with my head, not in my state.
I didn’t do that by chance today, so it’s true that I did it all.
Of course, the reason for doing that to Miriel is that Miriel is dangerous, so it’s for assistant, but that’s not an excuse for Allicia.

I am so as a woman to you .

I noticed Miriel’s jealousy, and I didn’t notice Alicia’s jealousy.
I couldn’t say anything when I saw Alisia, who was completely smashed and poured out the feelings of inferiority.
shit.More than this.

What are you doing?Try to prove it?Or what is it?Did you see my huge sword?

I don’t know if this is the right judgment.I was a little drunk, but I was still drunk.
But it was impossible for me to come here and reject Alicia on that face.

Alicia, who had just exploded his emotions, could not be able to follow my sudden change.
Allicia had no choice but to act first because he only looked at me with a tearful eyes and unknown English.

I wouldn’t be ready to lay people like this confidently?


When he reached out to his lower body and put a stop and ring finger in the pussy, a moaning moan burst out of the mouth of Allicia.
It was not only Allicia that was excited.
The inside of the pussy tightened as well as the well -trained body, the soft texture of the soft, and the softness that was touched by the index finger and the baby, excited me.

shit.Even though it’s really complicated in my head, it’s so complicated, but my heart is beating and my libido is boiling.
Is this because of the infinite sexual desire unique to the saint?or not .
The more I thought about it, the more complicated my head became more complicated, so I decided to quit thinking and be faithful to the role.

“what.It’s wet enough.Was it really stuck?

Big !

When I stuttered the stops and the ring finger, I brought it to the weak place in Allicia, and I was slightly powerful in the arms of Allicia, and the face came closer to my face.
If you lower your face a little more, it’s close enough to touch each other’s lips.Alicia looked at him for a while with trembling eyes, raised his body vigorously, rubbed his eyes with his arms and wiped his tears.

As soon as you lie in bed, your child who is scared to do it is time to live a little because this sister will take time to breathe on purpose?You don’t have to be stuck, but it’s sucked properly.

Then, with a wonderful smile like a wild animal with food in front of me, I pulled out my hand in his pussy, and I put my hands on the side with a pod as if facing each other.
How many emotions have been consumed in order for a child who just cried so much?If I would do this anyway, I would have just accepted it from the beginning without resistance.
I couldn’t help but think of it, but I felt like I was stabbed and stabbed with this needle, but I couldn’t pick it up again.

“under.I know that I will be able to do this..

However, regardless of the feelings I feel now, the body reacts, so Alicia is the same, so when Allicia moves his back and brings his pussy at the end of my stuff, the moisture texture has been felt through the glans.
Alicia’s attitude was so painful that I didn’t notice it, but it seemed like I was just before I was hit by Allicia.
You’re supposed to be suppressed in this position.As the ideal of male adventurers and the executive of the Arac Clan, Allicia is familiar with this..

I told you to stand properly!?Don’t move!

I felt like that, but again, Alicia couldn’t face his pussy at the end of my stuff.
Alicia screams like that.

“no.I was still.You can’t do it right.If I can’t ….

I seemed to be clearly unable to insert Alisia.
Well, that’s right.I have a complicated head, but Alisia is more complicated and more emotions in my heart.
As I knew that heart, I tried to stretch down the suppressed hand by Alicia and stretched down, but Alicia didn’t want it.

Wow, don’t move, stay stilluh!Hu -wook Hu -wook .

Allicia took a long breath, pushing my hand to the bed with more strength.
That’s why I really feel like it’s a food that is eaten by wild animals.Is it really that?


Contrary to my thoughts, the trembling of Alicia’s body gradually faded whether it was really worked, and in that moment, Allicia succeeded in facing the entrance of his pussy at the end of my glans.
Where is this a mixture of the water?What this way Ugh.shit.By the way, I feel good too.
Alicia’s pussy tightens from the entrance, even though he is soaked.The pleasure of being forced to dig into the glans was so fascinating that it would not be possible to make any other thoughts at all.
Maybe it’s a contradictory expression, but it’s hard and soft?
Although it was only a little bit of the glans, I was already trembling with the expectation of the pleasure of the pussy.

Haah Ha -ah .

Anyway, you have succeeded in facing each other, so you can just insert your waist and insert it.
But Alicia did not think of inserting immediately, but stopped and stopped.

“What are you doing?You’re not really cheating?

Until now, I wrote this tone to act to continue the situation, but now I have been mixed.Despite this situation, I urged Alisia to want to do it quickly.
I can’t help it.As the pussy of Allicia woke up with the tip of my glans, my stuff was also shaking, and only the weak pleasures that were not satisfactory were conveyed, and as a bonus, a sticky love flowed out of the pussy with my glans.I rode it down.It doesn’t make sense to endure it in this situation?

Ha, don’t urge you like a sympathy.You’re still a good bottle.If you want that .

After that, Allicia dropped his back and accepted my stuff at once.
As if it was helpful for Alicia’s loves that flowed in my goods, and teared up a tightly tightly tightly tightened pussy, my stuff was inserted while opening the space.
After inserting it to the end, not only tightening, but also the inner wrinkles that were properly wet with loves were entangled with my stuff, so there was a tremendous pleasure.

Ugh …Ahhh …Rapheung .

It was Alicia that I couldn’t feel more pleasure than me.
Allicia, who cuts his hand and faces the two hands facing, and the lower lip is a bloody bleeding.
That’s right.Because our kids, who are similar, did not do it.
And I saw it.

“hey.Pretty sister.What kind of thoughts do you think with such a wonderful man?Can’t move?

Huh …!

He bounced his waist slightly and urged Allicia.
no.I’m not going to harass it.I just know that he doesn’t like to think about it while having sex.I just wanted to be faithful to the role.

“Oh oh.Can you make a cute sound?I’m not thinking else, but is it not moving because it’s so good?

Cake, don’t blame .this I am sympathetic..

Alicia squeezed his voice as if he could not lose, but the tone was already far from his usual husky voice.
I thought he would make such a cute voice.

at that time.So when I first did it, I had already remained clear in my head for a long time.Anyway, it’s a moment when you have a sympathy that has been kept for more than 20 years to your pretty sister.
And the expression of Allicia, which remains in the memory, is so different that the moan and the moaning from the mouth of Alicia are so different that I feel like I’m beating with my heart.
At that time, it succeeded in making allicia feels because of the last pride skill, but in the end, Allicia led me and lightly cheaply with a relaxed attitude.
Allicia is now inserted like this.
Even if I was not aware of the memories of loss of sympathy, my stuff had to go into the temple.

This, with this !

In that way, Allicia slowly started moving his back.
At first, there was no old Allicia, who watched the liver while moving back and forth.Alicia showed off her waist, which she was proud of at that time.
It’s as if it’s like a samba dance.
It feels a little awkward than memories because Alicia is giving you a lot of strength to endure the peak.
At that time, I was desperate to endure it, so I couldn’t enjoy this technique properly, but I felt it properly, so I became a bit bold.

It seems to be stimulating evenly while turning around the entire thing, but catching the part that is more sensitive and more sensitive to the waist movement.
In addition, the glans, the Yodo -gu side, was even more thoroughly rubbed to the uterine zone, so I thought it was not envious of this.
But no matter how much Alisia moved his waist like so thoroughly squeezing semen in my objects, it was Allicia that he would get more pleasure and get more limited.
No matter how envious of the Succubus, it’s not a real Succubus or a nine -tailed saint.

I feel good?Still, would you be so bluffing?
Aheung this Baby …!Haha!

In my spare words, Alicia moved hard to see if he was in a hurry, but he finally had to be pushed out of his limit.

You have seen your skills enough, this time is my turn?

No, what !?

“why?Didn’t I move?I told you.I’m stuck in my sword, so I can’t wake up and make it cry.

Now, wait.This, this crazy guy, not now Huh, huh, huh!

I didn’t care about the embarrassed Allicia, but I moved my back straight, and at the same time, Allicia raised his head up and reached its peak.
But I had no intention to finish here.
This is like this, so I’ll let me realize it thoroughly through that body so that I can’t say that I am sympathetic or a ritual.I didn’t think the same.I just want to feel pure too.Is it real?

As I lifted my hand up, the body of Alicia, who was facing his hands, naturally climbed up, and in the gap, I quickly lifted my upper body.
But I did not stop there and continued to push my hands, and this time I pushed both the two hands of Allicia to bed, and eventually our attitude was completely opposite.

This, this attitude !

When you look embarrassed, you may not be used to this attitude?But what about this?It’s not the end yet.
I loosened my pods and briefly removed Alicia’s hand, and instead grabbed the ankle and pushed it to the side of Allicia’s face.
Then the butt in Allicia naturally came up, and I became down from allicia.

This is where this sympathy is like this .

He’s still unhappy.Who was you sobbing because you just felt the sympathy you say?

My, me, when I Hmm!

Allicia tried to deny his face red, but the intense negative disappeared in the piston vagina.

“what?I couldn’t hear it because I heard a cute moan.

Lee, this bird !Ha hung!Huh!Now, wait!this !Hmm!

Let’s see how far you can deny.
Alicia tried to get out of this attitude, but he didn’t have to overpower it.
Every time I hit my back, Alicia’s legs fell out of power, and I was able to continue the piston quality while keeping my posture hard.

Then I cheap once too.

Ki, wait!In this position !
Well done?I have a lot of sheep, so don’t spill a drop and take it all.

This, this !

This answer was unexpected, and I smiled at Allicia, who was stuck in his mouth, and I deeply hit the waist and inserted it to the end.
Then he moved his waist round and rounded his glans to the uterus of Allicia, and then exploded his libido.

Huh, yes!

And I looked at the inner texture of Allicia, who was trembling with a pleasant heart, as the feet of Alicia were squeezed in bed and then coming up with the strength.

What do you do now?
In the end, I left my instinct and enjoyed everything as I enjoyed, but that time didn’t last long.
In the end, Alicia, who did not overcome pleasure, lost his mind, and by that time, my head was out of the influence of alcohol.
When I have time to think alone with such a good spirit, many worries that have been put off so far have been poured down and hit me.

Maybe it’s really good.shit.This should not be done.
If you just went to a high -end restaurant as originally planned, no.In the first place, I didn’t want to serve Alicia.
Knowing that Miriel was jealous of Alicia and even suspected, he would have caused this result to keep Miriel’s improvisation and improvisation.

I’m really crazy no.Anyway, if you come and regret it, you can’t turn it back.Let’s think about the future rather than regret now.
There were so many things to think about it.tooThere were many, but all of those concerns eventually resulted in one concern.
Maybe the relationship between Allicia in the future?

It’s a fatal story, but I’ve put one insurance in many ways in many ways.All of this is acting as if it is an extension of the poem in the bar.
So this was not the choice of laughing with a smile that was drunk and happening, but I was likely to see Alicia’s tears.Do you really want to do that?Then why no.Think about that later.
Even if it wasn’t, there were still many problems.

For example, if we go so, we don’t know if we will just go around.
It was so loud from the pub and gathered a lot of attention and came to the inn.Besides, I also have no one who knows among adventurers.
It was a strange situation that was not rumored.Obviously, our kids will hear rumors.I have a Ray to the village, so rumored to be faster.wait for a sec.Re, Ray ?Seo, no way Oh, not?no way.When they came from way.Oh no.It will not.No.

Ugh Huh .

As I was bleeding the cold sweat with a bad feeling that I came to see, Alisia, who was lying next to him, slowly raised his body with a weak moan.

“here is .

Alicia, who looked down at his body with a dazed eye before I was able to remember the situation before I lost my mind, turned my eyes and looked at my face.

Why is your face?

It’s also a moment to be ashamed.I confirmed that my complexion was bad and I looked seriously.
I knew it, but I like to see this.That’s why it was so popular in Arakne Clan, and I had to take my sympathy in the first place.
It was really grateful to have such a personality at this time, but I’m not going to lean on Allicia.

“no.I thought you were so bad that you were a return.I’m still alive.

What this baby Ugh !?This, this baby !

In order to be moderately freaked out, he grabbed Alicia’s chest and touched the castings moderately, and Alicia shrugged and made a cute voice again.
shit.Now it’s time to be serious.I hate myself who react even at this time.

Well, anyway.what is it.”

I don’t know what it would be good to say.
What are you going to do from now on?Are you my girl from now on?no.But I reject it, get drunk, have sex, and then talk about it..

“okay.okay.You can admit it.If you admit it.I lost!You are good at sex!Is it that!?

“no.Not that.

What else?

“therefore .

If you’re trying to make fun of me, be prepared.This allicia, no matter how much I lost, it didn’t break the Pride.

Pride is not broken.I’m good at talking about the topic that we’ve cried.Oh, no.Not this.
Do you know this guy?Are you really just getting drunk and going to happen?

You don’t have to feel responsible.I was forced to drag.

I realized that I could not go over from my expression, and Alicia spit out with a bit of bitter expression.
shit.I think I was crying again when I saw that expression.

“hey.what is it.As you know now, I never rejected you so far because you are never attractive.Rather, you’re very attractive .
Suddenly, don’t sound chicken flesh.

Oh, it’s a situation that I’ve rejected so far.You know that?How many women are there around .

okay.Alicia was not unhappy.It’s never.On the contrary, even after that, there was a good feeling that I wanted to keep my friend relationship.Nevertheless, I rejected Allicia because I noticed our kids.
But can I keep doing it?It’s not intended, but since I learned about Alicia’s heart, my girls have been steadily increasing.So one more Allicia is may be an excuse for Alicia.
The important thing is my heart.Exclude all other factors and focus on my heart.What do you want to do in the future?

Okay, it’s a baby.

As I stopped talking for a while and arranged my feelings, Alice spit out and woke up.

Wait allicia.

It’s a baby.I don’t want to be as if I had a sex once.

Alicia was saying that, but it could not be.I wanted to connect with me somehow, so I cried, blown, and did everything.
Allicia said that I was still in conflict and said that.So I don’t have to conflict more.Still, I .

“Noisy.I don’t have you.Do you think you will let you go like you like you?

I decided to be honest with my heart.
okay.From the beginning, it should have been like this since I first realized the heart of Alicia.
I certainly had emotions from Alicia, but it was a problem that I had avoided the excuse for the excuse that my feelings were not clear.
But now I can’t make such an excuse.It’s a situation, I can change it, and is my feelings love or friendship?It was certain with the sex of earlier.I don’t say that I have a rice cake.
Actually, I used it as a test, but it was activated properly.The appointment of the apostle.
The moment I saw the apostle seal setting window that came up in front of my eyes, I could definitely know.This is what it is activated because I have emotions.As it was against Miriel, it is never triggered for other reasons.
So my feelings have become so clear, what more hesitate to hesitate?

What are you talking about suddenly?Let me let go!I am .
So wait a minute.

Alicia shouted like that, but maybe he refused to be too sudden.
The kid who hung so much that he liked me, and still had a tee that he had left, and the kid who even cried so sadly, can’t refuse to come.
I completely ignored Alicia’s words and continued to talk.


I tell you in advance, but I’m not refusing like before.I’m asking for time to prepare properly.I’m sorry to let you wait any time, but give me a little more time.I’ll go to you after all the preparations.Can you wait?

My heart was definitely hardened, but there was no obstacle.
In particular, Alicia is so wary of our kids because they have taken away my sympathy.To persuade, you will be quite hard.
It would be better to persuade our kids and take them rather than take them like this.

Ji, really?

Alicia finally realized that my words were sincere, and Alicia asked in a moist voice.

“really.Would you like to leave evidence?



I put out my little finger and walked to the left finger of Alicia.
And he manipulated the apostle seal setting window that had not been closed openly, and engraved the seal on the pinky finger of Alicia.Round like a ring.


When I promised myself, I swear with my little finger in this way.So the seal of this little finger is evidence.


Without reaction to my explanation, Alicia just looked at the little finger of his left hand.
As I expected, it was not a dramatic reaction to burst into crying, but it was still understood.
Because Alicia was looking as if he had a dream.Maybe you don’t feel it yet.
Wouldn’t it be right to hear what I’m doing right now?

So you okay?It may take a little longer, but I will take you to take you.Oh, but if there is no place in Aracne, you can just come to our mansion.

What are you talking about?”

In addition, Alicia finally reacted.

“no.You may guess too, but I don’t want to buy and hit him.I did that.Then that guy fell in love with me.Perhaps when you go back, rumors will be spreading with you and the inn with me?Miriel knows it and his eyes turn and jealousy, he may be uncomfortable in Aracne..
Miriel is not that guy.

no.Isn’t that too much you believe in people?I don’t know being a person.I don’t see how he acts when you are with me and me, but I think Miriel is quite dangerous..

Is it because of that?

Allicia, who said, was like a person who died.
I think he started to misunderstand again.
no.The guy who bounced like that suddenly turns and accepts his heart, so if you are a normal person, of course, you may be suspicious.


I think there will be no place to buy Miriel’s jealousy because I have sex with you?

To be honest, it could not be said that there was no effect at all.
It definitely influenced that it also decided to accept Allicia.Whatever the cause of this, it’s a heartbreaking thing that I don’t have a place in Arakne Clan, where Alisia has been relevant.
But alicia.That doesn’t mean you have to look at that expression.

“hey.You stillIt seems to know the meaning of the seal engraved on that finger.Didn’t you feel really good when you carved it?

This, this baby suddenly makes a strange sound !Rice, not .

That can’t be engraved unless you and you love each other.There is one in our kids.that.”


As soon as I said, I looked at me with a dazzling look as if Alicia was shocked again.

“hey.If you’re crying, it’s now.Just cling to me now and crying and rejoicing .
No, don’t make fun of it!Who crying is crying!

Big .

Allicia’s fist to hide his shame, he hit my name.
So why is this guy so hard on a low -level topic?.

Oh, anyway, I can wait!?

That, yes.therefore .
Then go!


no.So it’s time to cry and rejoice in this case.Why are you suddenly giving you a bulk order?

Go to go!To prepare!

“no.That’s not right now Are you going to kick it out?

It’s because it’s ….
You can’t do that.My woman is trying to cry, but there’s just a man going.

“this person If you look at it, you will kill you .

Alicia buried his face in my arms, muttering creepy words.
Then he was not trying to cry, and he desperately suppressed the sound and trembled in my arms.

I haven’t seen a crying face anyway, so I can just cry and cry.
Besides, this time, I’m not crying, but I’m happy.
I thought so, but Alicia’s thoughts are not.Let’s respect that thought today.
Until the trembling of the body, I slowly stroked Alicia’s back.

All, I went .

I couldn’t hide the ominous, I came into the mansion with a slightly open door.
First of all, when I enter the front door, it is ominous from the Barneta’s not came out.Even though I didn’t greet myself, it was Barnetsa to shine my face.
no.The day is dark enough to be said to be at night, so Barnetsa can’t just sleep.I can’t go.also.

I couldn’t get rid of the ominous mood, but I couldn’t stay still.First of all, it’s good for anyone, so let’s go to where our kids are.
I ate my heart and took a step into the mansion.And that moment.

Did you come?



no.Barnett.I know that I didn’t get along, but why don’t you have to look at it with such cold eyes?I had a little popular.I was surprised.
Well, I don’t see it like that now.

“I’m home.What other kids?

This is.

I would ask you what you were doing, but Barnet went around without a clear answer to see if you didn’t know it.
But there was no clue at all.Everybody asked where they were, but it means that they are all gathered together without hesitation.And does it mean that we are gathered together at this time?

This is here.

The place where Barnet stopped was in front of my room.
No cow is taken to the slaughterhouse.In this case, is the death penalty dragged to the death penalty?Anyway, in that feeling, I put my hand on the door.
Obviously, I decided to move into action, but my feet didn’t fall like this.

Me, go to see me?

I tried the last struggles, but the only thing that came back was a cold gaze.
That’s right.I’m talking about this in front of my visit.Even if I was not sinful, it was a cold eye.

Ugh.Ah Okay.You can go.mask.”

okay.No matter how much you do here, you have to go inside anyway.
What you need to do is not putting it off.That’s my strength?
I was ready again and entered.

“oh.Salvation.You came.

Hell is staring at me with life.It’s so pretty to say hell.Anyway, I was expected to see such a scene, but it was a friendly refreshment.In addition, the first angel who found me first welcomed me with a unique soft eye smile.
It was a feeling that I felt so different from what I thought.Of course, that doesn’t mean you really relax.



On the contrary, I woke up more to avoid relaxing, and I thumped on the floor and squeezed my knees.
Angel.I’m sorry for being surprised.Still, please think of this as a sign of my determination.
I looked at each face in the room one by one.Sarah, Diana, Layea, Matilda, and Rachel’s sister, Barnetsa.Except for Ray, there were all the people who could be in this mansion.
And all of them seemed to know the situation.
The reason why the angel welcomed me was a danger of releasing me because I was so scared and shrunk.The angel is so good that it’s a ride.

I have something to say to you!I am !
“wait a minute.Salvation.

At the very moment when I tried to declare that Alicia became my woman, the angel cut off me.
I’m not someone else, but the angel breaks the person in the middle.rather for a moment.I think I’m talking about the angel from before.Is it because of my mood?

Salvation.First of all, why not explain the situation in order in order?

As if slowly tie, the angel who said that was that he knew the situation roughly.

Rumors in the village too ?
“my.I’m a celebrity.I still don’t know the details.I don’t know if rumors are true.So I want to listen to the salvation.

surely.Before talking about the relationship with Alicia, first of all, it may be the first to explain from the end of today’s incident.
I nodded and first explained what I was with Alicia today.

So, did you get drunk?

Even when I went to the inn with Alicia, Sarah’s mouth was finally shut down.


“ha so?”

I have done it to the end.

I know that too!

Sarah’s red face by dropping the table in front of her hands was not just an angry person.
So, like that, something more shit.After all.

“I Excuse me, can I ask where Ray is?

I’m sleeping in another room.

It was Diana, not Sarah.This was the same with red faces.
It seemed to turn my suspicion into conviction, but I still bite the string of hope.

“that Didn’t you go outside?Do you have it on the way.

I will quit the unpleasant words.I was definitely guiding outside, but from the way, the amount of Ray was weird.

It’s strange no.Is it strange?

I think that respect is more annoying, so I decided to come back to my original tone.

Did you say you were drunk?I think it would be that influence.I couldn’t walk properly without being strangely harvested.

I’m glad you..
As soon as I heard Diana’s answer, I was relaxed from my nervous body.Because I was kneeling, I would have collapsed on the floor if not.
really.If I had something I thought, how should I apologize to Sarah and Diana who took me to Ray.Of course, Ray, the party, is not to say.

Then, then in bed?

Uh, um.

Uh, huh?Diana?What the hell is the reaction?Why are you turning your head back to your side?It’s finished by taking the drunk Ray to bed.



As I was looking at Diana’s intense suspicion, Suddenly Matilda came to the side.
It was a serious cardinal who had no pink atmosphere for a long time.

In the future, alcohol is forbidden.You’re so weak.

no.Matilda, you have drinked with me too.I’m not so weak.But Alicia is ignorant.

huh.of course.”

I couldn’t make such an excuse, so I had no choice but to nod my head.
Well, it’s sad to be misunderstood in the first place, and it’s not so sad that you can’t drink.

“really.It wasn’t something to say to Sarah.

Ma, Matilda!I don’t care much!

I nodded and felt a little relaxed, and Matilda solved the mood at the end.
Black.Why are our clergy combat so so wide?Is it because the bowls they have?After all, the no.1 and No.2 of our party.

Anyway so!

Although he complained, he knew that he was disadvantageous to him, and Sarah turned to me immediately without biting.
After all, it’s a warrior.I’m completely cutting when I have to fight and when I shouldn’t.

I think I made a mistake because of alcohol, so I thought it would have been a lung to us, so I apologize!?

If you don’t know, it may sound like you’re angry, but I didn’t mean that.
Rather than being angry, Sarah even sounded like it was hoping for it.
but .


From now on, it is important.Matilda’s consideration was slightly released, but there was no intention of being overwhelmed by that consideration.

What, what!?

Of course that’s sorry.But that’s not the only.I to youI have to apologize .

The moment I tried to capture Alicia’s name in my mouth, Barnetsa, who was still looking at me with no expression, looked up and looked at the door.
And at the same time, the knock was heard from the door.

“excuse me.A guest came to Salvation.

I’m busy now, let me come back next.

Diana was firmly accepted by the maid’s delivery, but he heard a loud voice.

It is urgent dragon!Tsushima!please!”

Uh, huh !?This, this voice is not .

I’ll let you go.

Diana also realized who was the owner of the voice, and sent the guests who came to the room while frowning at the eyebrows.
The guest who entered the room looked at my knees in the middle of the room and walked to me.


He also sat down with his knees.

Sisters!New recruits are greeted!

hey.Allicia.What are you doing now?Yang Achi, who has just entered the faction, is not greeting the gangsters, and what is that?no.More important than that.

“hey.Why are you here?Are you really kicked out by Miriel?

okay.Why was Allicia here, who was awkwardly walking out of the Inn and walking out of the Aracne Clan House, and breaking up awkwardly.
It’s not good anyway, but I’ve been asking Allicia a question, but Alicia has completely made my effort completely.

I can’t do that!If you look at our relationship, no matter how you forgive you!

So some sound You can hear it all of the other kids .
I desperately endured that I wanted to grab a sticky forehead, and I became cautious once again.

Then why are you here?

Lutia informed me because I talked about the situation!What is your preparation!

What, what?Why?Shouldn’t you come more if you know?What do you think?What kind of wind did that sister inspire him again!?

Sisters!I will apologize for all the cheap behaviors I have seen before!

I don’t know if I know my thoughts, and Alicia turned to our children again and shouted in a loud voice.

I was jealous to be with this child!sorry!Please forgive!


Alicia’s tough apology, who kneeled and asked for his forehead on the floor, and naturally, our kids lost all the words.
At the same time, the fastest recovery was Rachel’s sister who was most acquainted with Alicia.

Oh, Mr. Alicia?

“huh!Rachel!no!yessister!Did you call it!

“that What the hell is your sister?

I will live with my sister in the future!

It was a very natural question, but Alicia replied with a strong voice as if it was a natural story.

I don’t like poetry!I’m younger than you!?

And it was nothing but Sarah.This was natural, but it was a natural rejection.

I have no relationship!It is natural to serve the person who came in first in the group as a sister!

no.Allicia.I don’t think that’s the logic used in general human society.What wild animals are you living?

It’s too much .

I understand enough to see it!But please believe!In the future, we will be careful!I’m good at this!Please accept it!Until you accept it, never stuck here.!
“hey.hey.wait for a sec.”

I couldn’t leave it like this, so I interrupted it in the middle, but Alicia shook his arms strongly to dry out.

You are still!This is a problem with me and my sisters!

no.That’s right.Self -problems solve
But.This is not just your problem.It’s my problem at the same time?And above all.

I haven’t told them yet.


When I said so, I looked at me with the eyes that I didn’t understand what Alicia means.

“no.So you That’s that.

What did you do so far?

Ugh.This, this guy Single on the single cell topic There are so many things to say like this!

“that Guys?I was drunk because of sex, but I couldn’t deceive my feelings.So this too .

Our children, who were quick to see Alicia’s actions, could not grasp the situation.
In such a situation, I felt more about my decision again, but I was honestly told my feelings.

Please, my sisters!Please admit our relationship!

Allicia.I know I’m motivated, but can you not interrupt?

I couldn’t deceive feelings Is it?


Are you sure?


The eyes of our kids who seem to confirm my heart.As I endured the gaze, I nodded heavily with a firm face.
And next to it, Alice checks our feelings, as if it is our emotions, I picked up the little finger of my left hand to the face height.


no!hey!That’s the evidence that shows our feelings most, but if you show it now!


As soon as I gazed at Alicia’s little finger, our kids woke up with their eyes open at the same time.
okay.Even angels and Rachel sisters who responded relatively smoothly.
The only thing that Mathelman was sitting in his seat and was just looking up at our kids.
And our kids, who were so upset, shouted the same words at the same time.

“Why did he do it in a normal place!?”

First of all, the tackle girl is the first thing to see.

Salvation is not serious about everything and can only play.I have been misunderstood all the time.That’s why my head was often underestimated.
For me, it’s a misunderstanding that I want to hit the ground.Can’t you do that?If so, I wouldn’t have shown such a term in the seventh floor, and we would have missed my work because of my identity.
Why are you suddenly talking about this?
It’s obvious.It’s time to mobilize my abilities that have been undervalued now.

I cooled my head cold and seriously looked around.
The situation is extremely disadvantageous.Surrounded by many opponents who are hard to get even if they have one.It was a desperate situation, but it is necessary to make a cooler judgment.There is no fight without a chance in this world.
I thought about what was the best thing I could do now.
First of all, use the long -term talk to reduce the number of opponents.

“Wait a minute.I have two things first.

I temporarily prevented the opponent’s offensive by reaching out with his hands.
I was worried that I was ignoring and biting my hands as it was, but fortunately, the reason was still left.
But I can’t know when to lose reason and runaway.You must finish quickly before it happens.
First of all, let’s reduce the number as I thought before.I pointed to two of the opponents in front of my fingers and told me about the very objective facts.
Please regain this reason!With that wish.

Barnet Love Rachel Sister.Isn’t it strange that the two are angry?You don’t have a strange place?

“hey!Salvation!wanna die!?Diana!Laya!Did you hear it now?I admitted to this child that I did it in a strange place!

To you!Genaa, who was thinking so too!

Salvation !

Ugh!Damn the warrior!You can say that people’s words like that!Do you want to fight so much !?
After listening to the warrior’s cry, the hemp swelled his face red and struck the table.

Ah, no!Not admitted !

My heart hurts.But hope has not yet disappeared.The two who were nominated directly to me were hardened without finding something to refute.
good!First, drive this momentum and handle it perfectly from the two!The other three opponents are not too late to think later!

Yes!?My words are wrong !?What is strange about horns and ears!?Rather, it looks embellished and good!?If you are confident, no one will see it so there!Or what is it?You admit that you are a strange place !
It’s not important to admit it.

That, yeah!Salvation does not know when you are saying that, but no other people don’t know!?

“no.This is usual. .

Somehow, you have to persuade Barnetsa and Rachel.
Desperately, he rolled his head and tried to continue to argue, but the attempt was frustrated by the warrior.
I grabbed my head with my hands and turned my head toward myself.
hey.Wait time.I shouted from my neck now.Together.
I looked as much as possible, but I didn’t eat seeds for the warriors.

Do you have to say more to us?

dragon Oh, no.Sarah?Why are you using that way?So it’s like a guard who asks the death penalty before the execution.

“there is.”

But despite this pressure, my cool hair still informed me that there was still a hand.

I always said.I will change it anytime if I want it .
The first thing I decided!It’s meaningful!This body!always!Say!I didn’t!

It was a sincere punch of two hands of the Jujor.
After all, it’s a hemp.The physical power is 0 even if you are so sincere.
Oh, no.This is not the time now.

Oh, Aya!ouch!It hurts Diana!

I raise my hands and cover my faceI pretended to be sick.

Don’t lie!

It was just one more night.

I was serious .

What are you serious about hurt after 3 seconds after right?

Oh, oh!This I make that mistake!

Is it because you are so big?I don’t know a small Diana, but if you are big, the reaction is slow.There is also a limit to the speed of neurons.Why do you have that theory?The dinosaur that I lived in the old days would have felt the pain in a few minutes if I hit it on the bridge.Like that, I’m as big as that Click!Broken!Sara!Champion!Broken head!

This is reacted right away.

Black.shit.Why are you?It must have been a perfect excuse!

Diana.Laya.I don’t think this child is reflected.What should I do?”

Sarah.This child is a child yes.I will be quiet.

It’s like a real fraud.I only gave my fingers, but what grip .


Do you think you’ve completely overpowered me, and the warriors and the hemp began began to worry about how to confuse me.
These guys always work on the topic of fighting two.
shit.Someone, no one can save me!?
Barnet!Rachel sister!Still, aren’t the horns and ears yet?Even two defend for bowing .

“I Sisters ?The story of receiving me .

Alicia!You were!To be honest, I don’t think the timing to interrupt that way now, but that’s not noticeable today!After all, living in loyalty and dying in loyalty!Cool, cool ally .

Now that’s not important.


Oh, I see .

Allicia, who had noticed, noticed the warriors and hemp wizards, and quickly grasped the atmosphere and fell back.
Even if you don’t notice, the wild persimmon is alive.
no.Not that, please help me!

“What should I do?”

“Yes .I’m just .

The warrior, who defeated Allicia, once again sought opinions from the Wizard and the saint to make the final decision, but there was still hope.
Woman, Angeli!also!After all, angel!I always believed!

Laea!?It’s like this again!?

But … Isn’t this the best salvation? ?

okay!Right right!The apostle seal is the most likely to put it in a dirty place. My wife, angel.Perhaps you say.Anyway, I have only such thoughts in my head, so it’s best to just put it on the erogenous zone, and it’s not like it is not like it is to decide the apostle seal with a romantic meaning like Matildan or Alicia. Oh, no?no way.!Salvation like this nerd!Our angel can’t do it!

“okay!I’m a saint!The goddess sent me to the world to do something dirty!What is bad about the saint to get the apostle seal in the erogenous zone!

I didn’t send me to do it!

So far, Matilda, who was quietly watching without a disturbance, jumped up and shouted.
Tiering!Cardinal Matilda participated in the battle!
If this was a game, wouldn’t such a screen appeared?
However, it was nothing compared to the aftermath of the Cardinal’s war and the mumbled murmur from the inner side.

Oh, you’re talking about the erogenous zone so far!?no wonder!I was so angry with my sisters again!That’s it!hey!You did it wrong!

hey.Allicia.You smile as you hit me now.In that word, you have a big deal with me.

It’s not a sexual zone!?

“no.Sara.That’s not.What if you deny it?

You are a little!

Oh, you are you to your brother .
There were many things I wanted to say, but if I said more than this, the warrior would really lose reason, so I had no choice but to shut up.
But this time, even the wildness of the wild did not work, and Alicia continued to talk.

“hey!Listening to it, isn’t it possible to move anytime?good!Then move mine hotly to the erogenous!Then do you do it?

It is an ignorant solution.It was also true that it was an ignorant solution, but it was also true that all lost words to the solution proposed by Alicia.
Alicia thought that he had solved such a reaction, and he smiled at me and put his body on me.


How can I react this?okay.first .

It’s a sexual feeling.Where are you?

Ugh !?That, that .

Even if it was ashamed this time, Alicia was a bit embarrassing.
thank god.Still, as a person, I have a minimum of shame.

Me, tell me with my mouth !?Do you know that a saint?There are a lot !?For example Bo, Bo, Bo. .
Star Aba!

There’s no sound that he’s really listening to it!

Allicia.Stop it.You don’t have to move to yours.

But Alicia’s actions resulted in regaining our kids’ reason.
I told them to move them so casually, so they were ashamed of them.
First of all, Diana, the elder of Jane, dried up allicia.

“is it so.What will we be?

I turned my head as if I couldn’t do it.

Huhhu.We’ve just struggled.The place I gave to us is also the place where I mean.

And finally, the angel finished with a nice meaning.
The other kids didn’t feel like they agreed with the angel’s words, but how about it?The important thing is that this is finally over.

That, then sisters!You accept me !

It’s another story with that.And don’t say my sister because it’s distracted.

Alicia felt that way, he tried to stand up in his seat with his eyes shining with hope, but the hope was cut off again.
Because of the location of the apostle seal, the excitement was calm, but I didn’t say that I would accept allicia yet.
In fact, I was looking forward to seeing the great behavior of Alcia earlier, but I was hoping that our kids would have opened their hearts, but it wasn’t that much yet.
In particular, Sarah was originally wary of Allicia.

“that !I will not step back from this place until I accept it!

So.Anyway, it’s only saved because it’s a salvation room.

hey!Sarah!What are you talking about with a cold tone!?Is that what to do !?

“no.You will be uncomfortable too.Especially Sarah you are prepared.If you go four times, you will come to my room unconditionally.

G, Gena, who threatens this body now!?

I made a hard commitment to Sarah, but there was a person who reacted more severely than Sarah.
no.Diana.That is, of course, that’s right, but no.That’s not because of that.Anyway, he is also serious.

“I?It’s Allicia that I didn’t move here.


Diana, who could not find the basis for refusing to rebutting me, hardened with a strange sound.
In fact, if you think about it calmly, the corners to refute were so cold, but our exposure hemp wizard will not be able to think about it now.
There will be only two options on Diana’s head.
I admit that I and Allicia’s relationships, or play in front of Allicia.

Ha, I can’t do it.

After struggling while rolling his eyes, Diana finally looked at the pinky of Alicia’s little finger.

Diana!I’m trying to admit!?

Is it inevitable to the yard that was appointed to the apore?

Well, I definitely saw and said my little finger, so I would like to admit it for that reason.
But why does it seem to admit Diana for other reasons?

You can stop it too.Didn’t you know it would be like this one day?

“Yes?Did you do that?

Did you know it would be like this someday?This is the first time I heard, so I inadvertently got stuck.

Then I thought I was wary of him!?

no.It’s not okay, but I just thought Alisia took my sympathy.
is it.It’s not just a problem that just deprived of sympathy, but was wary of what happened after that?

Sarah, who alternately stared at me and Allicia, muttered as if he could not do it.

Don’t call my sister again.I don’t want to hear that to people older than me.

There will be a lot of work to be called each other in the future.That is, it was allowed.

Huhhu.In fact, I talked in advance before Salvation came.

And looking at it, the angel came to me and whispered.
So when I first entered the room, there was a strange atmosphere.
If you haven’t shown the apostle seal on Alicia’s fingers, you were able to get permission much faster. no.Isn’t that?No matter how much you talked together, it wasn’t just a mood to allow it, so if you didn’t have a disturbance of the apostle, it would have been so disturbing.

“frozen yesAll right!”

Anyway, Allicia, who finally received permission, was thrilled to stick to Sarah.

Do not speak!

“really!?It was frustrating, but it was good!

Allicia is really simple.No matter how much Sarah said that, how is it so fast?

I think it’s definitely seeing someone.

hey.Diana.Why are you talking while looking at me?I’m still not a single cell?

“hey.Did you swear now?

Oh, not!?

How did you notice this?This is also the sense of the wild!
Or is it not a real apostle seal?

I can here.

I looked at me and whispered with a bit of a sad look and I naturally put my arms around the waist.
Here is the middle of the distance from the Arakne Clan House.It’s a good time to say that it’s midnight.
Since then, Alicia has been crushed and has dinner and talks together, so it was time for this time.
And the reason I was in this place with allicia at this time.

Really to go?

“okay.Do you know my personality too?I have a man, so I move the clan.I can’t do that.

okay.Alicia made this claim.
I was finally recognized with Allicia, and I thought that Alisia would be a party member in our mansion in the future.

But now Arakne Clan’s purpose is gone?Even if you are not … .

The adventurer steps into the dungeon for their own reasons.For money.To develop skills.For research.To get rare materials.
Among them, the purpose of the Arakne Clan adventurers is the dungeon.
In particular, the purpose of the executives is to help Miriel’s purpose to find a means to find the world of war gods in the Dungeon Choi.
But now either is the purpose.Do you have to remain Alicia in Arakne, who lost your purpose?

“it is not so.”

But Alicia firmly ignored my opinion.
In that decisive attitude, I don’t

Isn’t it?What do you mean?

I don’t know much about it yet, but I think Miriel has something different.When I was caught and returned to you before, I neglected the dungeon for a while, but nowadays, the fire is on fire again.So I want to help me too.

Is it Miriel again?Besides, you’re working hard in the dungeon.You’re not going to decorate something strange again?I have been tightly swearing that I will never harm me, but I have to be trusted by all of them.

Don’t worry!I’m not going to watch it next to me!

My expression was so strange that even Alicia could not know, and Alicia smiled excitingly and hit me.


What is that expression?You can’t believe me!?

“no.I can’t believe it .

I don’t think you can know if Miriel decides and hides.
Besides, you told Lutia’s sister that he was good with me?Naturally, Miriel’s ears will talk about it.If you are Alicia’s personality, you will probably tell Miriel.
How be wary of Miriel again?Of course, it’s all about the assumption that Miriel is doing something behind him.

Well, I know anyway.If you want to do that, you should respect.let’s go.”

Anyway, there’s nothing to solve.
I empowered the arms wrapped around the waist of Alicia and headed for Araknet Clan House with Alicia. .

I can be here!

I tried to walk, but before that, Alice stood up with my body.
Oops.So I stopped in the middle of this.
In fact, I didn’t want to go to the Arakne Clan House.If you go together with Alicia, it was almost as if you would be surrounded by a lot of people.
Alicia is also popular in Arakne, and it was no exaggeration to say that the love affair with me focused the attention of the former clan members.
So I liked to break up here too, but I want to play with this.

“why!?Are you embarrassed!?

Then, aren’t you embarrassed to hug in front of others!?

Uh, huh?Not this?This guy, the personality is so straightforward that it doesn’t work a little bit!?

If you are not ashamed, you go together or a baby!Should I just go kissing at all!?

hey!You don’t have to be that hot until this time!?stop!It’s not a fire moth that jumps on fire, what’s it doing!?

“for a moment!time!surrender!It’s my fault!”

Not only did you say that, but even trying to drag me, I had no choice but to declare a surrender.
Ze, Damn.I don’t know that my joke will be broken in this way.

Huh.The child is in love with my sister.

Unlike me, who was played with a joke and couldn’t find the main exhibition, Alicia squeezed both hands on his back.
I like to win once.

A few hours ago, on the topic that I cried under me and cried under me.

No, what’s your baby!?

“hey!Shh!If you make a sound too loud, you can see!

Did you see this guy, now I caught my fat and pushed it on the wall?It’s so easy to get excited.
At the same time, Alicia didn’t want to show this to others, but he immediately breathe and looked around.

“ha .What is this really?This is no different from before dating.

Fortunately, there was no shadow of a person around, so Alicia sighed as if he was relieved.
Well, it was definitely a conversation flow that was not much different from when I was a friend.but.

But not.

I was pushing it to the wall with a fat caught up with Allicia.
The face of Alisia in the world was right in front of my face, and I lightly pulled the back head and kissed it.


I kissed me by pulling my head, but I feel strange because I feel like I’m hit by a posture.

And people’s relationships are not suddenly changing in a few words.What about nothing different?It doesn’t matter if you were a close friend from the beginning?

Yes. Maybe.

When I finished the long kiss that had a little afterglow, Alicia was ashamed of his head.
It’s usually like a sunny guy, but it’s definitely a woman.

Then only go.

Alicia, who left my fat and stepped back, checked the temperature by putting his hands on the cheeks to see if he felt the cheeks.

Are you ashamed?

Poetry, noisy!I’m going!”

And this time, Allicia is not thinking about going to my joke, but he is running as it is.
As much as personality, it was very exciting to run away.

Huh.I won.

At the same time, after hearing the declaration of victory in Yongke, I turned my head back and stared at it, but when I waved lightly, I waved my hands and ran away again.

I told Alisia casually, but when I was looking at the back, I felt really strange.Until yesterday, no.Even if I went to eat together today, I didn’t even think it would happen.
It was a difficult feeling to be described in words, but it was not a bad feeling at all.Rather, it was the opposite.While chewing on the heart warm, I turned my toes and walked to the mansion.

Have you been there?

When I returned to the mansion, Barnetsa was moving a big baggage with several maids in the garden.
Some people say that they are the best and most beautiful in their work, but isn’t Barnetsa doing it too hard?

“huh.Barnet is like this, but is you still working?

yes.Thanks to.”

Thanks.Barnett.That word is used at this time Oh, did you say it’s because of me now?why me?Today I went out all day!I also go to the Arakne Clan House!Since then, I have been with Alicia!
You’re only rumored, rather than my appearance all day. Maybe.Do you want to say that you didn’t have time to work together because of the rumors?

That, yes?So what are you doing?

I don’t have anything to do with this.
I judged that with cold hair, and I decided to turn the topic immediately.

I’m moving Diana’s research materials.

When Barnetsa pointed out with his eyes, Diana was looking down at the window and looking down at this.
I shaken my hand to Diana, who shakes hands, and I continued to talk to Barnetsa.

“okay?How long will it take?


It was a question that I really thought, but somehow Barnetsa sent a strange eyes to me.
what?why?Why are you suddenly seeing with that eye?

Salvation.Last time it was my turn, it was okay.But Diana’s turn .

indeed.Was it meant?I remember that Barnetsa was dragged to Diana last time and did 3P.
Well, it was an impressive experience that was not strange to think so.But you can rest assured.It’s not like that today.

“no.If you just wake up late at night, you will be broken.If you think it will take a long time, put it off tomorrow and grow early.

I always sleep late at night when I sleep with salvation.

hey.I’m just ashamed if I’m embarrassed because I don’t know how to say this kind.Should I pretend that’s not so?That’s the charm of Barnet.

It’s okay to cover with healing sex instead of sleep then.

.It is not long, so I will arrange it soon.

After looking at the maid’s luggage around, he sheds his saliva, and Barnetshiah tried to answer in a blunt voice.
In this case, no expression does not collapse.This one is also quite a bit.
But this body is a little while ago, and the body is destroyed and the whole body is all over.This special movement that could not even be subject to Arakne’s executive, you can get it.Is there?

“okay.good night.”

I am a butler now.

I quickly pushed my face and tried to kiss the lips, but the attempt ended because Barnet’s bend and avoided his head slightly.

hey.Isn’t it okay to kiss a good night before going to bed?

Are you going to sleep right away?


That, it’s not going to sleep right away!From now on, it’s good to have sex with your owner!Still, the kiss is okay!Bad guy!

Me, let’s leave it later!

After nothing to say, I had no choice but to run away into the mansion with only an ambassador like A.
Was Alisia who ran away from me?

“Good night, sir.”

Anyway, I left Barnetsa, which organizes something in the garden, and I headed to Diana’s room.Diana’s face was the room of Diana.
But why is it in your room, not my room?I didn’t forget that Diana was his turn.I was noticeably embarrassed when I declared that Alisia was killing in my room.

Dia .
“oh!That thing is not there, but there!hmm!That’s right!

As I entered the room with the knock, Diana was shouting at the Barnetsa and Maids, sticking out of the window.
It seemed to be a good classification of research materials, but that was not important to me.

no.When I saw it outside, it seemed to just stick out my face.I saw it now.
Diana, who is still floating in the air, was holding a window frame with his hands and was putting his butt on this way.okay.Like a junior posture.
Are you tempted now?okay.It must be.Look at the buttocks.Are you sure?

I approached Diana silently as if it had been fascinated, and I grabbed Diana’s cute butt and buried a face between the legs.


And at that moment, Diana’s legs, which were stretched down, suddenly spread out, and the power was full.It’s as if I didn’t know I’m coming so far.

Now, to you ?Why, why here .

Diana’s face, turning his head, was definitely confused.
Didn’t you really know?

“What are you talking about.It’s Diana’s turn today.

Ha, but you solve the issue of emotion sharing here .

iced coffee.Right.Somehow something said something strange.Diana seems to be mistaken.

It’s enough to do that during the day?I don’t want to do it by ignoring Diana’s turn.

In the first place, Ray did not show up when he had dinner.Are you still stunned?Do it forcibly wake up?

Whether he was convinced of my explanation, Diana nodded slowly.
But somehow, the joy of the present was not much.I can’t be happy, but I think it’s a bigger anxiety or supermarket?
no.It only looks like that, but maybe the biggest thing is expectation.

That, is it like that.Then this body must order the materials. .

“huh.continue.I will continue.


As a hemp, as a hemp, I buried my face between Diana’s legs to meet the expectation and kissed the soft flesh over the underwear.

Well, stop .

Diana tried to reach out to push my head out, but I couldn’t push my head out with that weak arm.

This is like this again.I think I haven’t seen the light of expectation in your eyes earlier?
Just solving the aerial support magic and standing upright, I can’t caress in this way.
Well, in person, Diana will deny Hansako.

Diana.Do you remember when Diana was seducing polyov before?

So I first decided to take out the ambassador that Diana had prepared to avoid the anxual.
A man who tries to read what my woman truly wants and achieve that hope.Isn’t it cool?


Diana, who had a good hair, had already noticed what I was trying to say, and responded.

“I do not remember?”

Ki, remember Nanne .

Then do you remember what I said then?

okay.When I couldn’t go to the end of my sister’s excitement, I said it was clear.This excitement will be kept in the chest and all will be released to Diana.
At that time, I didn’t think it would be this play, but it was good.Our perverted hemp is very fond of this play.

Uh, um Ha, not huge .

I heard me and I couldn’t stop it, and Diana tried to delay the caress for a while with another excuse while attaching her legs.

Didn’t you say something should be instructed?Is it okay if you don’t see it below?Isn’t Barnetta calling?


I had no intention of missing such a good don’t want to do it, for Diana.
Anyway, I was surprised by my words, and Diana hurriedly looked out the window again, and in the gap, I kicked Diana’s skirt without any interference, revealing the immaculate butt.

Uh, um!You can put it there!Now, you !
Wouldn’t it be suspicious if I kept looking back like that?


After lightly stopping Diana, trying to turn down something roughly and turned his head again, I first observed the white butt.
Without any blemishes, the immaculate hips were not large in proportion to their size, but considering the bends coming down from the thin waistline, it was found that it contains tremendous growth potential.
Well, it’s actually a big Diana.
In fact, it ended in the middle of that way, so today I would have a adult to Diana, but it’s like this.

Yeah Now, to you .

When I put my hands on the white butt and enjoyed the chewy texture several times, Diana grabbed the skirt that was pulled up to the waist.
But when I grabbed that hand and turned it back on the window frame, Diana couldn’t do resistance resistance and grabbed only the window frame.

Ah!there!Store that thing separately on the second floor!

The workshop was unfolding on the lower body side, but the upper body was still sticking out of the window and instructing the material transport as if nothing happened.
I can’t see it on me, but I’m probably pretending to be desperately.
I felt that more somewhat, but I decided to make a bold behavior, not just touching the buttocks.

First of all, when I sat on my knees on the floor and took my face close to my butt, I showed me the underwear that surrounded the pretty butt.
Diana was an adult design underwear that could not be a little suited to the appearance of Diana, but Diana was even nicely digesting it.
And the middle of the adult underwear was already moist, so the heated pink flesh was opaque.

Steaming .


When I touched it with my fingertips, the transparent thread continued slightly and broke.
Diana also fired his legs and hardened his legs.
I grabbed the two legs at once and embraced the diana’s legs at all, and matched the pink flesh over the underwear.

Ugh!That, there No!I’ll put it in the basement!

After all, hemp.The ability to respond is excellent.
Diana moves her legs underneath, while she is doing nothing at the top.
I stroked the butt as if I praised it, and then pushed my underwear to the side and inserted it on the side of the thick labia.
Then move your mouth back to the exposed museum and move your lips as if you are kissing the labia.

Yeah Hmeum Yes .

Diana’s moan was faintly heard from the top.
It was small enough to be heard in my ears if I was blocking my mouth, but if I was blocking my mouth like that, wouldn’t the maid outside look strange?
I don’t want to stop caressing.

Huh Yes .

As I licked the increasing number of loves with my tongue, I felt the trembling of Diana’s legs in the arms.
Stretch your tongue a little bit more, and this time, let’s lightly rub the tongue with a slightly swollen clitoris.

Hey -eup!Ugh!

The bottom of Diana’s knees desperately moved my body and hit my body.

If you make a sound too loud, you’ll be caught.

Ugh -eup -eup!

Diana.I don’t hear anything about what I say.Well, I understand what I want to say.
I can’t help it.Would you like a little break?I don’t really want me to be caught by the maids below.

Huh … Ha -ah Ha -ah .

When I pulled my mouth out of the pussy, Diana barely took his hand out of his mouth and took a rough breath.
And as soon as I was breathing, I turned my head and stared at me.

To you !This body This, this time, I’m going to do something else!?

I was trying to scold it properly, but when I got up from my seat and saw my pants down, I was surprised and tried to get up.

Oh, don’t get up.Keep staying in a late posture.

Of course, I put my hands on the waist and stopped it.
I put my hands on it lightly, but Diana bowed the upper body again as if he was pressed by my hands.It is a posture.

“after This body was not in that attitude!

no.What are you talking about in this position now?If this is not a junior posture, what is your posture?

“no way.It is again.Haha.

It’s not a joke!Now, wait a minute!Are you serious!?

I smiled and took Diana’s joke and brought the end to Diana’s pussy.
Unfortunately, I haven’t checked the inside with my tongue, but I’m soaked in the outside.Perhaps the inside is ready to accept my stuff.

Diana.Do you remember what you did before?

Ha, but then !

“no.I don’t blame it.but .


When he pushed his back and pushed the tip of the glans, Diana hurriedly turned his mouth with his hands and trembled.
The inner wrinkles are swept away and the sticky loves flows out.After all, it’s completely finished to prepare to accept my stuff to the inside.
How good would it be to stab it at once?I just imagined that the things stuck, but I expected Diana to calm down for a while.
Again, it’s not what I want to get caught by the people below.

I wanted to tell me why I couldn’t stand it.

It may be a little bit fat to say this, but it’s not like that.
As you put both hands on Diana’s butt and enjoyed the chewy texture, Diana only breathed and opened her mouth.

Oh, Ha, I see .

“huh?You know?

This is a little surprising again.I gave you time to hide, but of course, I thought it would struggle to get some somehow.
Then I took time until Barneta left and left, and then in earnest after that.I didn’t ask for this, but I heard that it will be over soon.
But if Diana knows, I don’t have to refuse.
I put my back strength and tighten my glans and tighten my glans. .

Now, sleep, that’s not!

At the moment, Diana desperately squeaked and interrupted.
what.On a topic that you just know now.
I put my hands on Diana’s buttocks with the anger of what was disturbed and tasted the chewy texture.


hey.Wasn’t it a big voice right now?


Diana thought the same as me, and I closed my mouth with my hands late and glanced out of the window.

Hua .

Fortunately, isn’t it caught?It was a bit surprising that other maids would not know or not to be caught by Barnets.

Go, don’t push your head!Don’t be caught!

When I couldn’t stand my curiosity, I stood on the back of Diana and tried to keep my head out of the window, and Diana desperately pushed my forehead.

This is not.I can’t do that.It’s too foolish.

Who is foolish? !W, come to the side!

In that way, Diana’s hand pointed to the wall next to the window.
I can’t see my appearance, but I have to solve this posture now.

Remove this?

Yes!Cow, I will do it by hand.

Diana seemed to be better to calm down a little bit of hand or anything, rather than being realized.


This, the hands of this body that is Ki, you feel good?

But even though I pretended to worry about the glans from the pussy, Diana grabbed the air in a round and shook up and down.
To be honest, it was Yaha.It is not even more personality that we do not usually do that.

Uh, what is it?

I thought that the reaction came when my stuff fluttered, and Diana looked at me and kept his hands up and down.
Besides, I take that hand close to my face and lick it with my tongue. .

Uh, um!You can put it there!

I was so enthusiastic that I forgot that the maids were watching below, but thanks to that, I could turn my heart.

“okay.Are you standing in the place?

I moved to the side of the window as Diana pointed to, and then took Diana’s hand to grab the air to my stuff.
Then he changed Diana to a straight position in a late posture, and then pulled his hand to the pussy.
There is a difference in height, so if this is, my arms will not be seen outside.

Now, why are you .
I’m sorry that I feel better alone?

I used the index finger and ring finger to spread Diana’s labia on both sides and put the stops in the gap between them.
Even though I only put one of my fingers, it’s so narrow.

I need to Yes!

Are you calling me outside?

Ugh !

Again, when Diana’s attention was dispersed, the gaze headed out of the window and at the same time, the narrow pussy was even more tightened.
Cook.Even though I don’t like it, my body is honest.

“ha ha .

Although he was joking, Diana really seemed quite excited.
Perhaps it wouldn’t have been lost if I couldn’t think that I could not face my face in front of Barnetsa or maids?
The texture of the pussy, which was tightened as if I grabbed my fingers, was the most evidence of the maximum.
It may be dangerous if it stimulates more than this.I thought that way, but I couldn’t give up.

Diana.My hands are stopped.Wasn’t Diana’s hand a pleasant?

no.I can’t help it.I was really excited too.It is torture that I still refer to until the end of the material.

Yeah .

When the middle finger in the pussy was slightly bent and the inside was scratched, Diana’s upper body was slightly bent.
And my hand, which was still holding my stuff, finally started moving back and forth.

Diana’s hand was so good that he deserved him to say that.
First of all, when you rub the tip of the glans, you will be buried in the palm of your hand when you hit Diana’s pussy a little bit in the palm of your hand.
When I first heard the sound of jungy and sticky, I noticed a little embarrassed, but I immediately moved my hand again to see if it would not be heard outside.

Ha, Ha, Haa .

Still, whenever he was stabbed, he moved his hands and heard a sound of a sound.

Huh … hmm.huh.Barnet.Keep the mana seat there separately.Snool.That’s it.It would be better to move it yourself.

In addition, the hand, which stimulates things with exquisite strength, even spoke out of the window and even gave a little bit of power.
Of course, this is not a stimulus that contains Diana’s intentions.

Diana.Did you send Barneta to another?

From the side, I whispered like that, and the pussy who was swallowing my stops was tightened.

That, isn’t it?This body .
“Well, if you don’t have a Barnetta, it’s good.”

Other maids are not as sensitive as Barnet.
Diana’s hand is very pleasant, but that’s not enough.I didn’t want to make up Diana, but I didn’t use the saint’s holy water.
I put my hands on the stop in the pussy and pulled my hand.


Diana, who was still in the air and still floated in the air, was simply dragged this way, and I hugged his back with his left hand and kissed his lips.
And he slightly bent his right hand and brought it to one of Diana’s weaknesses and vibrated.

Ugh -eup!Uh!Huh huh!

Then Diana began to tremble his back by giving strength to his hands.
The open little mouth was blocked by my mouth, so it didn’t leak out, but Diana was clearly tasted.
It was only when the movement on the bottom of the waist, which had been trembling, moved slightly, and the inside of the pussy, which was scary, was squeezed as if squeezing the remaining semen.

Huh Huh … .

The saliva that did not know whether it was mine or Diana’s or Diana, and the eyes that were always shiny were slightly loosened, and the focus was not on the focus.
I have to appear again out of the window, but I can’t go out with this face.
I wiped out the saliva flowing from the mouth with the thumb of my left hand and took the finger to Diana’s lips.
And as well as the soft and pretty lips, Diana slightly opened his lips and licked my thumb.

Well.Chur.Zhujok Chu -eup.

I just wiped the saliva on my mouth.
However, Diana actively sucked my thumb was very irritating to me, and Diana seemed to feel him through trembling things in his hand.

This, this is too Gena you want?

Diana raises her eyes slightly, blushes her cheeks while tightening her pussy.How many men exist that faces that figure and shakes your head from side to side?

A little bit.huh !

When I turned my head reflexively, Diana gently pulled out my fingers in his pussy and sat down in front of me.

Huh.iced coffee hmm.Nung -eup.Squad.Zhu -eup.

Then I raised my eyes and looked at my eyes, and I opened my mouth wide and swallowed my stuff little by little.Even if you open your mouth wide, there is a limit, so half of themI couldn’t put it in my mouth.
Nevertheless, Diana cluttered her lips and moved her head back and forth, and began to suck my stuff as if to massage gently.

I always think about it, but it’s more aware of this situation.
The hemp, who is receiving respect for everyone in the world, is sitting on his knees in front of me and sucking my stuff with this face.
The feeling of actually experiencing a hard time for anyone to imagine was so hard that it was hard to describe in words.
I was excited and tried to put my hands on Diana’s head and push the waist deeper.

Ugh!?Haha … Ha, why, why do you do it!?

But at that moment, I heard a big voice outside the window.
Diana was surprised and quickly spit out my stuff and got up and reached out of the window again.
I couldn’t wipe the saliva that flowed down on my chin and sucked my stuff so hard, so I put out my face outside the window and then ordered the chin with a sleeve.

Um … .

If you are a normal person, you will be ashamed, but Diana was ashamed, but what our kinky hemp felt was not just shame.
Looking at the trembling legs and walking slightly in the curiosity and looking inside, the sticky loves between Diana’s legs were flows out toward the ground.

Now, .

It was ashamed to show me that way, and Diana was trying to restrain me with a small voice while shaking his butt from side to side, but that behavior was just more exciting for me.

Diana.I have a request.

Wealth, please Oh, ah ?

It was Diana to vibrate the eyes of my tone, but I still waited for me to listen.

Can I put it in?

Of course, Diana’s ominous foresight was completely hit.

Mo, what !

Originally, when I was exposed, Diana first lost his reason, and the other thing was that he inserted my stuff and shook his back, but now the situation was a little different.
It is clear that exposure play Road is also looking at Diana.It is not one or two, but many.
In the midst of such an excited situation, the sane of the sane was Diana, but it was unbearable this time.
I can’t help it.Waiting for it.Torture.I would have been able to endure it if I had been cheap in the way.

I’ll just put it in.I will never move.I will use a hide to be caught outside.

Ha, it’s Maan .

Diana was overwhelmed by my anti -reaction, but he kept his reason, but he could not refuse and swim.
At the same time, the body was honestly reacting to me, and a crying and sticky lucky lump from the pussy flows down the transparent string hanging between the legs and falls to the floor.


you.Don’t touch the things you are on.hmm.Please ask the other side.

Without answering my pleasant requests, Diana turned back and turned off the window.
However, the body was exactly the lower body of the lower body, which came to the air, and the waist was leaned down and the hips were out of this way.
Then, the thick pussy, still wearing underwear on one side, appeared in front of my eyes, and I put my hands on the white butt on the end of my pussy.
And in order to keep the promise, he struggled slowly and only to see his back forward.

As I pushed it as slowly as possible, Diana’s inner texture seemed to feel more vivid than ever.
Whether the aftermath of the climax I felt before, or whether it was newly excited, I felt that Diana’s pussy moved as if it were squeezing my semen.

Yes Hmeum !

And Diana also feels more vivid than usual to cut my stuff inside.
Even though this slow insertion, Diana groaned with his hand and trembling his butt as if he was at its peak.


And finally, the end of my stuff and Diana’s uterus, Diana leaned his head and reached its peak silently.
One hand was attractive enough to think that he would lose his reason because he was excited to see him just by looking at the side.
I’m even inserting it myself.
When I was in a hem, I lost my reason and shook my back roughly, but I was able to soothe myself with Diana’s butt feel in my hand.

Salvation of men.Diana has allowed it to this point, but I can’t break my promise.Let’s still be hidden.
In fact, it’s a pity that I can’t keep it.It wasn’t just good, but it was ecstatic.
The inside of the inside, which was tightened by the peak of the peak, gave me a fascinating sense that it would not be strange even if the knee was loosened.

shit.I think you can enjoy this texture relaxed if you really cheap.
The desire to ejaculate is so big that it seemed to feel more clearer than usual.
The aiming is exactly.How good would you feel if you ejaculate?
no.You can just rub it slightly.The exact part of my glans now is the place where I carved the apostle seal on Diana.
Slightly rubbing, probably Diana’s pussy moved more fascinating and pulled out my semen.

But you have to be patient.The material theorem that looks outside the window seemed to be over soon.
In the next few minutes.If you wait 10 minutes long, you can grab this butt and shake your back.
As desperate, I stood still.If you keep watching Diana’s appearance, you will be more excited.
I felt more vivid the texture felt in things with my eyes closed, but this would be better than I kept seeing Diana’s fascinating appearance.

As soon as I thought, suddenly there was a different kind of pleasure to my stuff.
The pleasure of grabbing it, like squeezing up.I couldn’t feel it without piston exercise, and I was confused with my head.
What, what is it?Are you moving your back without me?

Weah … Huh .

I looked at the situation slightly and confirmed the situation, and there was a figure of Diana who was moving his butt on his own.

Dia .
Now, yes … Still Huh To be .promise Yes … Moving silver .

In a whispering voice, Diana moved her butt smoothly.
At first, he did a short piston movement as if he was knocking on the inside of the cock.
Women’s erogenous zones on the uterine side.It was a thorough stimulus of Porcio, which is also a weak point of Diana with the apostle seal.

Uh … Hmm hmm !

Naturally, Diana could not be able to endure such pleasure, so Diana shrinks the inside and reached its peak in an instant, and I was able to ejaculate it immediately.

Sleep, you don’t Yes!?

And with the pleasure of my semen tapping the inside, Diana, who was still in the middle of the peak, once again felt the peak and trembled all over his body.
From the time of ejaculation, this time I didn’t barely leak out of Diana’s mouth, but I didn’t barely leak out, but probably just one of the maids underneath it looks like this.Okay.
Diana’s appearance of raising his eyes up and floating was that he was in pleasure.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1098

I hug my beloved woman and fall asleep, and when I open my eyes, I still have a lovely face in my arms.It’s been a long time since it’s been a long time, and it’s even happier after a long time.
But I couldn’t be as happy as today.

What is the problem last night?Not that.
It was definitely a bit dangerous yesterday.But in that way, at the same time, Diana did not lose his reason.
Diana said that he moved his butt on his own, You seemed too painful!This body is just comfortable! It looks like.
It was not convincing at all because of the word that the tongue was released by shaking the waist with the above -mentioned face that could not escape from the peak of the peak.

In any case, Diana, who did not let go of the opposite sex until the end of the exposure play, pretended to be casual and watched the window until the end of the material, and I was waiting for it.
That’s the end of yesterday’s exposure play.
Since then, I have sex with Diana, who is excited about exposure play, as usual.
So it’s not last night to hurt my head.
no.If you look at it exactly, what happened last night is right.It wasn’t just happening here.

Ray, is it okay? .
okay.It was this problem that hurts my head.
Yesterday, even if Diana took out the name, he tried not to worry about it on purpose and desperately focused on Diana, but it was in the morning.I couldn’t help but care.
When I and Allicia were in the inn and seemed to be lying on the bed and Diana had a sleep magic, it is not unlikely to be asleep last night. .

What do you think?

As I was worried about Ray, Diana, who was waking up, was looking at my eyes.

“huh?Oh, did you get up?


We first kissed it instead of the morning greetings.
At first, the lips were gently hit and fell, but soon the rich kiss of pushing the lips and mixing the tongue began.

Hua ha What did you think?

Dianan, who loves kisses, may have been might be with this, but too, our Tsushima was not that.

“no.It’s just .
Can’t you tell this body?

It’s not like that, but .

This time is an extension of the time I enjoy with Diana, so I don’t want to say that I thought about another woman.
But if I shut up like this, I seemed to make more misunderstandings, so I confessed the truth.

Um.Yes Gumen.

Of course, Diana didn’t feel bad enough to worry about it.
However, I was worried about what would happen to Ray.

I wrote a sleep magic?Because it’s a sleep magic written by the Magazine, it wouldn’t have been broken?

Diana’s wrinkles in Diana’s fingers were pressed with their fingers, but Diana shook her head.

I didn’t walk so strong.If you did, this body would have followed when you came back last night.

As a result, Diana said last night I knew how to go to Ray.
Is that means that I was weakly magical at a level that I could wake up?

You are that not really If you did it, you may not have woke up.

This is something that’s a big day.If I didn’t feel much last night, I wouldn’t wake up because there would be little stimulus to Ray, but it can’t be like that?

I woke up unconditionally.100%.It’s a big deal.Yesterday, Ray learned how ecstatically we had. .
Ugh … !

hey.Kinky hemp.Did you feel it now?

This, this body is not like a pervert!I didn’t feel it!

Don’t lie, this ah.Are we still connected?How do you don’t know how the inner movement changes when you feel?
I can’t.I’m confused right now so I can’t lie again .

“good morning.Salvation.Did you get up?

At the very moment when I tried to hug Diana’s body to give me, I suddenly heard a knock out outside the door.
Barnet?Are you already waking up?what?Is it too early than usual?

“huh.good morning.Did you come a little faster than usual today?What’s going on?”

“yes.The guest came.

I knew it.The perfect and knife -like Barnetsa can’t come today for no reason.
In fact, I was worried that I came to complain after I was to play with Diana yesterday, but it doesn’t look like that.

“customer?To me?this time?”

“yes.It is said that it is an urgent case to quarrel for one o’clock.

If that doesn’t happen, no matter how much you have come, Barnet will not wake me up at this time.

“okay.I’ll prepare right away.Diana.


Chet.I wanted to play in the it will stimulate Ray again, so it’s fortunate to be able to stop before being swallowed by sexual desire.
Anyway, I can’t ignore it like this, so I started to get out of the bed alone.
Diana’s magic wash your body cleanly and wear clothes.

“Diana is not in a hurry and is relaxed.”

And I still kissed Diana’s lips lying naked on the bed, and I left the room.
Because there is a limited number of customers who come to me.Maybe it’s allicia.Then the urgent problem is Will it be related to Araknet Clan?
So I just told you to move to our clan.

How did you sleep?This is this.

Barnet, who confirmed that I came out of the room, stepped straight.As I was chasing in a hurry, I decided to ask Barnetsa, who knows better than anyone else.
The guests who are in a hurry are also guests, but this is also important.

Barnet.Have you ever seen Ray last night?


Is it that it didn’t come out of the room at least.

Have you ever visited?

“doesn’t exist.I have never called Ray.

okay.Then fortunately wait for a sec.Didn’t you go to the room with Ray?So when I came to find me now, I came to Diana’s room?Diana thought I would go to Ray last night?
I have a bad feeling.I have a very bad feeling.

Mr. Barnet?Then maybe.Yesterday Diana.

The maids that were together did not notice.

In other words, you noticed Barnetsa?
Well, Barnetsa and maids have a different information, so it’s not strange to notice Barnets.

That, is that the end?

I have been moxibustion so far, so I can notice first.
I thought I would explode anger at the time I noticed, but somehow Barnetsa had nothing more to say.

I have no intention of intervening between the work between the two.

weird.Isn’t this a kid like this?Treat Diana a little more!It is normal to exert excessively loyalty.

Have you finally admitted Barnets?

Diana is a true exposure.

Im here.”

Barnetsa opened the door to the room and left it to one side without answering my questions.
I wanted to bite more and more.That’s right?If you get the right answer, it’s not a dream to routine that 3P.
But something, because there’s a order.okay.Is it the first to greet guests now?
Let’s talk about this later.I’m going to neglect Alicia too .

“Salvation!Did you get up!?

That bird, no.Why is he here?

It’s a surprise.It was so unexpected that I almost said it in front of Barnet.
Waiting for me in the room was not Allicia.It was bracket.
okay.There is a limited number of guests to come, and the limited characters contain garments.
But still.From this morning, it gave up a pleasant morning with Diana and came to this way.

Can I go back?

Ki, wait!You said it was urgent!

shit.It may be really urgent, so you can’t ignore it.

What?If you are Helena, you have become a priest?

okay.Last night, I ate together and told Raya and Matilda, who headed to the temple together.
Helena succeeded in becoming a priest safely, and he was not affected by the goddess’s mana.
Since then, I have been back with Threon, so I think there was no problem.

To be honest, I didn’t worry about it, so I didn’t have much inspiration while listening.
In Bapra, women’s handling is not good, and the handling of women is even worse.In particular, Helena was taken to Bapra’s direct unit and even suffered.
There is no reason to believe in the war.In fact, Helena noticed that we were a goddess, but they showed their trust.
So I knew it would not be too difficult to be a priest.

That’s a problem!

But Threon wrapped his head and shouted like screaming.
Now, the face of Threon was interpolated.I didn’t notice because there was no hobby of seeing the face in detail.
What kind of worry is your face like this?

What are you talking about?”

Is there a new problem that we don’t know?
Then it’s a big deal.There is also a layea that has been a saint of the war on the war.Maybe .

Helena is so pretty!

Go back and this garbage cub!I dare to interfere with my pleasant morning!?

Ah, no!I’m not going to run arm!It’s really big!

I tried to kick the face of Threon with my feet, but Threon shouted as he clung to my legs.
Let go!It’s like a hair like this!

If you go like this, you will not be able to satisfy Helena!no Before that, the regularity may be sucked and die .

In the desperate cry, I understood how the work went around.
In other words, something that was concerned happened.

Helena’s level has risen so much?

It’s already 23 in one night It’s so pretty that I don’t know my face.You can still hold it now, but after 2 or 3 days .The only way left to me is the only thing I drink!

So you can calm down.

The ambassador itself was very good, but his eyes were forced to deal with the war.
I understand that I am desperate for the idea that I might break up with the woman of destiny I finally met, but if you hurry too much, you will miss you.

First of all, I think I can withstand two or three days?Then hold on.

“what!?hey!To me before you !

But I can’t just rush.We also need to be ready.I will be in a hurry that I can do, so you should endure a few days.You’re not going to take Helena anyway?If you only have an excuse to go to the 7th floor,Lena’s level can be prevented more.I don’t have to be too nervous.

Well, keeping Helena’s level doesn’t go up, in other words, you can’t have sex.That’s what you have to endure.

Oh, is it real?Is it 2 or 3 days?If it gets longer than that, I die?

Do not threaten the warrior’s death.This trash.


If not, there was a way to send the garlon first to the seventh floor, but now I see this guy’s eyes, so I think I will think firmly.

So go back quickly and stay with Helena.What do you think Helena says if you run away after a day after you came here?

That, is that?yes?okay.But is it?please .
“Oh, go!”

I didn’t want to go home and kicked the butt of the rash that was going to take my time.
shit.It will spend your mind from this morning.
This is like this, so I decided to go to Ray.
Anyway, I don’t think I can create a good atmosphere in the morning when I go back to Diana again.

What the Saints in the Dungeon Episode 1099

Are you sleeping here?


Barnet’s guidance arrived in front of the visit that Ray was resting, but I didn’t think of going inside.
I can’t help it.I can’t guess what scenery is spreading now.

Didn’t you really come out?


Just once?

Will you not go in?

Barnetsa was still an expressionless face.Even wiped with such a face.
No matter how much you distinguish between the ball and the company, you can make it kind when you are a deacon mode.

that .

Looking at Barnetsa with such an expression, Barnetsa opened his mouth as if he had something to say.I didn’t speak a word properly, but I turned my head back.

Why stop?If you have something to say.

it’s nothing.”

uh?Something is a bit weird?This reaction Are you ashamed of this?really?why?
“If you start to treat kindly when you are a deacon, you can’t restrain it.Did you want the same thing?
huh?Isn’t Barnet’s speech?Anyway, what do you say in my imagination.And if you make a cute tone, he says like that.
Anyway, if I was really trying to say that, I couldn’t be more cute than this.

“why?What did you want to say?huh?huh?”

I said nothing.

“no way.I don’t think it’s nothing.It’s important to be ashamed of it.Haeak!

When I wanted to hear what I wanted to hear, I clinging to it, and I was so frustrated.

What do you open suddenly?Lei, Ray?Did you get up?

I was sorry for Ray, but I couldn’t ignore the open door.As I went into the room, I heard the sound of the closing of the Barneta door from behind.
I, that guy Let’s leave it later.

“ray?Didn’t you get up yet?

I wanted to go out and confuse it right now, but a man is a man who knows what is the priority of work.
As I approached the bed with a person’s silhouette, I could see Ray, who is still asleep.It is also a very comfortable look.

To be honest, the bed was so wet and Ray was imagining that he was cramping with his eyes turning over his eyes, which seemed much better than my expected.
no.It doesn’t look okay.It doesn’t seem like the problem itself?Even the bed sheet is soft.
If you felt Diana’s play during the night as an emotional sharing, it’s hard.wait for a way.

“hey.hey.Wake up.hey.”

“Yes huh .

The moment I passed by one possibility in my head, I could instinctively realize that it was true.
I completely abandoned my careful attitude and shook my body and woke up Ray, but Ray didn’t think about it.
It was an incredible response that he was driven by Bafra’s immediate unit.
You have to compliment this for adaptability, or you have to say too much?

“hey.Doesn’t it happen?If it doesn’t happen, I just .

Check.As soon as he said, he kicked the blanket, then brought his hand to Ray’s pants, suddenly Ray opened his eyes and ran to me with a dagger on his thighs.

I touch my body !
Wow.calm’s me.”

okay.I’ll admit it.We’re not dead yet.

Cake, it’s surprise.I was surprised.Knock and come in!

I was surprised that I had a dagger on me, and Ray hurriedly threw away the dagger.
no.Did you shake and wake up?Well, I didn’t knock.

Anyway, how about it?Did you sleep well?

“huh.It’s been a long time since I was really worried.Here, it’s better than I thought.

Ray’s smile, saying that it was a bit embarrassing, looked much more comfortable than when he was underneath.
is it.After joining us, the situation has improved a lot, but when it is at the bottom, it was still in the realm of Bapra.It may be the first time that Ray has been relaxed.
Was it for that reason that I was so asleep so well.

I’m glad I liked it.
It would have been a good situation if I told you that, but unfortunately it didn’t say that.

So that Was it okay?

“huh?I told you .
“no.Not that.You are.Is it okay?

No matter how thick, the country with a thick face said, It would have been so good to be alone when I had sex with me and Diana? I was unable to say myself, so I pointed to Ray’s lower body with my fingers.

“Yes?ah This rice, pervert.

However, Ray did not notice the direction of the fingers, and he made his face blush only after his fingertips to his legs.
Munga.I went with Sarah all day yesterday, did you learn that?

Once I care about it, I ask.Last night .

Because it was more burned thanks to the activity of exposure.
When I was wondering how it would be good to speak, Ray shook his head with an expression that he didn’t know English.

“yesternight?What did you do last night?


Is that too?

Did you feel when I drunk last evening?

“ah!That, yeah!You know how embarrassed I was then!?

I don’t think I need to check it anymore, but once I asked a question, I trembled as if Ray was terrible even if I thought it was terrible.

“why?What did you do?

As soon as Ray’s condition became a little strange, he brought it here, so he would not have spewed a fountain at least outside.

That, that !I don’t remember well!I think something is something strange.Ugh!Anyway, apologize!

What is it.Is this a type that breaks the film and does something strange when you’re drunk?
I said so, I’m curious about what happened yesterday.


Oh, but I knew .

But now it was not time to solve the curiosity, so when I apologized, Ray also accepted an apology.I didn’t know that I would apologize like this.

But don’t you really remember?

Ha, no one!

I think it’s a little bit after seeing the reaction.Well, good.Anyway.

“okay?Then I have to check it myself.Wait a minute.


That’s it Wow!

What’re you doing?”

What are you doing?I tried to surprise you.
What happened to this woman doesn’t blink one eye on this surprise?I don’t know if I’m really looking at it.
The operation to confirm whether it was surprised and shared, but I was in vain failure, but I was not embarrassed.

Huh.The world I lived was the theory of shaking legs.

“huh?The world I lived?Isn’t it here?

no it’s not.I didn’t talk about it yet.It’s annoying.
Well, I’ll do that later.

To explain, it’s a theory that people are easy to be mistaken.Even if the heart is pounding in a different thing, it is the theory that if you are with reason, you will be mistaken for the reason and fall in love.You may not have to do this between us already, but I still wanted to strengthen my relationship with you.That’s why I have relied on this theory.

Have you seen it?This excuse to flow from the failure to surprise.Isn’t it a genius, not a self -praise?

“ray.I love you so much .

hmm.After all, emotion sharing is turned off.Usually, when you say this and two, you can’t break up in a shameful serial spy.

“hey.Tell you honestly.

Huh, huh ?

After a quick judgment, I immediately pulled Ray’s cheeks.
I can’t see it at all because of my personality, but it’s an extraordinary beauty if you look at it.
It’s soft and soft.

You can actually share your emotions just turned off and turned on it?

“Oh, Aerie!”

No, it’s not this!Then why only when you need it, so the shares are turned off!?

Ao all!

I’m worried, I’m stupid!
As I stretch the two cheeks randomly, Ray makes a stupid soundI swung my arms.
Of course, she couldn’t get out of it.

shit.Even though this guy was able to share the emotional sharing control so much, I didn’t have to try to appoint him even if I bought it!I didn’t have to bring it here and introduce it to our kids!
no.Well, that doesn’t regret it.
Surprisingly, our kids accepted it well, and when I think about it, it doesn’t seem to have the effect of being well solved with Allicia.
Was it possible for our kids to accept Ray much better than they thought and be honest with their feelings toward Alicia?Well, it’s really like that.Although the level.

Anyway, I have to be appointed as if I was uncomfortable.It doesn’t matter if this guy can control emotion sharing.
I decided to decide and let go of the two cheeks I was holding and instead took my hand to my pants.

“you Seo, no way .

Ray with a corner of the screw somewhere, but I was not a stupid enough to see what I would do even after seeing this.
Ray sent me an unbelievable eye, but I nodded with a proud face.


This is just mine, but if you are now, you will be appointed.There’s nothing more to take as long as I have seen it with my eyes.
So you don’t have to postpone more.

Bar, did you say it was okay at night?It’s a good night with another woman during the night.Come in the morning like this .
“no it’s not?!How much do you know on the day you know!?

What else is it ripening comfortably?Where did you learn such expressions?

Ha, but!Because he is a man who only thinks of sex in the brain, he is a brain sex man..

Sarahah ah!

What is the wind to other women in no way!?Diana too Diana!You must have been together!If Sarah sounds strange, let’s dry it!

Oh, no?


Then why did you try to take off your pants now?

This, that’s that that .

This is not usual, but I stabbed a song from a strange thing!?Why are you doing that to me?What did I do to you?So I’m sorry!I’ll apologize!Look!

That, yeah!I couldn’t stand it because it was so lovely that the beautiful figure was so lovely even though I woke up.So I don’t know my pants .

As long as this happens, the situation is thoroughly targeted by the weaknesses of this guy!Even the speaking of me was a shy ambassador, but there’s nothing to be afraid of anyway!

W, too .

“huh?What is it too?

The pervert is a pervert, but it’s a pervert that only puts it on a woman you like..

Sarahah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!What are you talking about yesterday?I’m really embarrassed and want to die in a soup and die.uh?Now, wait.hang on.Please wait.

“you control I can’t .

Why did you share your emotions again?.

I don’t know me too .

no.You’ve turned it on.Who knows if you don’t know?
Well, what’s the use of it now.I have to give up and accept the reality.

So, did you wonder my heart!?ruler!Feel it!Feel your heart!I love you like this!

Wow!stop!stop!You, you’re ashamed too!?I know everything in my face!

What is that !?Anyway, we can’t get out of the vicious cycle of this hell!Let’s die together!

I fell in love with the shame of shame and decided to die like Ray.

I still don’t want to die!

hey!This is fatal!Please be prepared together too!

It’s too late!Hahaha!

What the hell are you doing?

And for us, Barnetsa, who was slightly glimpse at the door, seemed to be unable to stand it.
Oh, was you not close?

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1100

There were several disturbances, but there was no proper harvest.
If I knew it, I just ignored the visit of Lairon and thought about spending a good time with Diana, but now it’s useless to come and regret it.At the same time, I had to comfort my kids to see Ray.

Anyway, such a friendly dining time passed, and we again scattered in search of my own work.
Sarah takes Ray today.Raea stops at home and goes to the temple with Helena.Matilda is also a temple to foster the paladin.Barnetsa and Rachel sister, who are addicted to work, are going to work today.

Among them, I was thinking of being in Sarah and Ray be precise, I was going to remove Ray.
If you leave it still, you don’t know what strange it will sound to Ray.It is a ray that is easy to be affected by others as there is no common sense.You can’t be more strange.
Besides, I had a justification for removing Ray.The cause of acquiring emotion sharing control rights through the appointment of the apostle.
The shame of hell in the morning was caught by Barnet, but the emotional shared was temporarily turned off, but Ray I really didn’t know how to control himself.Can’t you rely on incomplete control?
As a result, I was trying to stop Sarah and Ray right now, but unexpected people interfered with me.

You have a little talk with this body.

Our hemp wizard.
It was very rare for a person who spent last night to come out until the day.
no.I haven’t decided that, but it’s like an unknown rate between our own.
Anyway, it was so rare that I had to give up my original plan to remove Ray from Sarah and to be dragged into Diana’s room.

“what’s the matter?Do you think it’s not enough?If that’s like that .
Serious story.Sit there.


Diana, who sat on the couch, sat on the sofa opposite and opened her mouth with a serious expression.
At first, I started with the bottom story, but not just that.In the meantime, I also told you that I made more, and most importantly .

That’s what.If you are okay, this body is .
“no.are you okay.I’ll take care of it.

I was definitely not paying attention these days.Of course, I was busy below, but I had no idea to make it an excuse.

I was going to see the end anyway.

It is not an excuse.I was on top of the king, so I was going to do everything I could do.
Yesterday I spent the time that was not scheduled, but that’s inevitable.Wouldn’t it be a saint if I could predict that situation?God.
If you can spend time as planned from now on, it is enough.

Thank you for telling me.Then I too Oh.Previously.”


Looking at Diana’s face, who was cute, I opened Diana’s status window.
Let’s see it Oh, it’s really.

“no.I checked that it was a race window that the goddess said for a while.It’s really.In the race skill column.

okay.I was appointed to Alicia, and I was able to see this because the skill level was exactly 10.
Well, to see Ray’s Cebu Status window and manipulate Ray, it’s the same, so it’s not.

I might have helped Laea in the morning if I checked it last night.

Ray’s nine -tailed power controls can be seen in the race.It might have been able to finally solve our angel in the main brewing.
no.It’s not just Laea.Hopefully, the power of the Succubus that harasses Felicia is also runaway..

“you .

Diana thought the same as me?I looked at me with a look that seemed to say.

Uh, I can’t help it!I felt so good that I didn’t think like that!

What are you talking about?

And the same is true for Diana!Diana also confirmed the apostle seal of Alicia yesterday!

This, this body !

Did Diana feel good enough to think that?

Lee, this body .

As I continued to blame, I remembered yesterday’s play, and Diana blushed and rubbed between the thighs.
hey.Tsushima.Do not seduce that way.It’s just after I said that I should move busy now.Unfortunately, the time to do something with you now Joe, is there a little?


At the very moment when I tried to kiss Diana’s lips as if I had a fascinating fascinating, the door suddenly opened and the voice that should not be heard here is ringing.

Rachel?Didn’t you go to work!?

I was surprised and fell to Diana and looked back at the door.

Big, big!Salvation you!With Miriel!that is!I can believe it!

Miriel?Why is her name coming here again?
I felt a bad feeling flowing behind my back.My feelings are useless.

First, calm down.are you okay.You can say slowly.What is it?

“Yes Haah.that is .

Rachel’s sister is so embarrassed that something unexpected has happened.
When he hugged his body and read his back, Rachel’s sister opened his mouth with deep breathing.
And the words that flowed from the mouth were also quite painful to my head.

SisterThe content of the words gave me.
As soon as Rachel went to work on the guild, she said that she was as if she waited for her sister.
There aren’t many adventurers who came to the guide desk from the outside, not in the dungeon.Rachel’s sister tried to start the dungeon entry procedure as usual, but Miriel did not come to that way.

I didn’t come today.I just came to settle the crabs that I had collected.

Arakne Clan’s chapter came to the guild with that time?
It was Rachel’s sister who was puzzled, but the question was immediately resolved.Miriel began to take out a manstone that could be held in the sixth tier in a pocket.

Since I was thoroughly hit by me, Miriel had never mentioned the six -tier manstone.
no.Not only Miriel.All Arakne Clan members did not settle the six -layered manseok as if they were promised.
It is the most valuable manstone to settle the Museum of Wyvern, the owner of the fifth -tier.
Of course, I didn’t even think that I had stopped exploring the six -tier, but I don’t do it as it used to be.I was thinking so much that Rachel’s sister told Rachel’s sister.
But not.Miriel just knew.The fact that if the guild settles the manstone, the information will be passed on to me.
As evidence, there were so many six -layered mountains that could not be counted in Miriel’s pocket.

Haha.You don’t have to be so scared.I don’t want to settle all of these quantities at once.You know that I don’t have a hobby of bothering me?Um Not this.This is not this too.

Miriel, who continued to scramble his pockets with his eyes open and hardened to Rachel’s sister, said that he had a smile as if he had only found a manstone to fill the guide desk.

“found.This is this.Can you ask for a manstone settlement?

And with the cool smile, Miriel’s object was that it was the owner’s manstone who kept the last gateway of the sixth floor.

Salvation!No matter how much you see this !

“are you okay.calm down.It’s not a big deal.

As I was worried about it again, I was a panic, and I was able to pretend to be as cool as possible.
To be honest, my head was very complicated, but if I was embarrassed by me, Rachel’s sister would be more embarrassed.

Thank you for telling me.But Rachel.Is it okay?Didn’t you come out as you like?

Ryu, it’s okay.I’ve been talking properly.There is something I left at home, so I went to go to go for a while.

“okay?Then it won’t be too long.Go back quickly.

“but .

“are you okay.Maybe Rachel thinks.

That, is it?


I was so comfortable for me, and Rachel’s sister came out of the panic.

Ah …That, then I .

“no.Did you say?Thank you for telling me.I will take care of it from now on, so Rachel is going to go quickly.Then I will be scolded.

Instead, I blushed to see if I was ashamed of something else, but I even covered it perfectly.
I’m not a little cool now?

“Yes.Then salvation.Look at the evening.

Rachel’s sister, who is back to the guild, waving his hands until I can’t see it, and I looked at me with the award that Diana came to the side.

It’s quite calm.

If I’m embarrassed, Rachel will be more embarrassed.Diana knows Rachel’s personality?

Is that the only reason?I noticed a reason to guess something else.

What is that .

I know that Miriel inherited the power of the world, the goddess’s blood, rather than a warrior.Do you know this wrong?

“no.Accurate.Miriel probably aimed for it and took out the manstone.It’s too much to bring to Rachel.

I haven’t seen it myself, but Miriel has continued to feel that way.He can also use the unique power of this world that he has received to the goddess.If you decide to get the monster’s penis, it’s nothing.
Of course, it is not a genital that can be obtained from the six -tier owner, but that’s not important.

But is it a mix of different intentions?


He will, too, the timing is too right.It’s not a other day, but it’s a disturbance the day after the appointment of an apostle to Allicia.
No matter how much I think about it, I can only see that the other intention is mixed.There’s nothing to say if it’s over -conscious.

“ha.There’s a lot to do, but he’s really I’ll go there.

Is it okay alone?This body together .

“are you okay.If you go with Diana, it will seem to be persecuted by force.Diana doesn’t like it?

In fact, it was not the only reason I should not go together.And maybe Diana is roughly guessing.

“is it.If something happens, I’ll call you this body.


Really that trouble maker.When do you have to catch me and reinvestigate?
Seriously, I moved to the Aracnet Clan House.
shit.I don’t want to come here now.



Look at that.I haven’t been near the entrance yet, but it’s upset.
I know that women like this, but no matter how much.Alicia.Isn’t it too popular in the clan?

I want to go in, but is it okay?

If you react to this, you will be swept up more.
I put the iron plate on my face as much as possible and told the gatekeeper.

“yes!Will Alisian instructor call?

“no.I came to see Miriel.


Well, this not do that.I’m scared of this lady.

Yesterday, did you come to see the clan?



So it’s scary!What are you doing with the same eye, not one or two people, and the people who were trained in the garden?If you are hard, you will kill people too!?You know it’s our alliance !?I’m the clan of the alliance clan!

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1101

After passing through the awkward space from the front door, I arrived at Miriel’s office, and I opened the door today.
Don’t say no manners.I came to get angry with Miriel now.The only thing I showed at the front door was that I couldn’t get angry with the end clan members who didn’t know anything.

“Come on.It’s only one day.

But I don’t know if I know my feelings, and Miriel greeted me with a bold smile without any distracting today.Naked.

Why naked?

I was in change.

Miriel shakes his clothes in his hands.
surely.In this way, there seems to be no lies to the change of change.

Did you know I would come?

The problem was this.I sent it to the invitation that way.There’s a shame.

I didn’t know that it would come so in a hurry.I think I’m being wary of thinking about myself.

It was Miriel who said that without smiling in his mouth with a calm tone, but the eyes seemed lonely.

I would have saved a little more if I knew it would work so good.Originally, it was a secret weapon in preparation for when the saint was no longer found.Haha.If you tie it up with the saint, it will always be like this.

I was impatient.Is it because Alicia became my girl?

But thanks to that, I was able to see the saint rushing to meet me, so it’s not bad.I’m just happy with this.As the saint taught this body directly, I was also a woman.

In that way, Miriel took one hand to his chest and gently stroked.
Ze, Damn.It’s not like this.I didn’t know my eyes went there.

Don’t write strange tone.

Haha.Right.The miscellaneous things were long.

When he shook his head and seduced him, Miriel opened his eyes and smiled again.”It’s also a saint.”As you say.
Then he threw the clothes he had in his hand on his desk, and Miriel walked naked.Then I collected two knees and kneeled in front of me, and today I also took my face between my legs as if it was taken for granted for granted.

“’s okay.”

Of course, because I stopped, the attempt ended today.

Saint.It’s a bit painful even if you are confident that you are confident in your patience.

It doesn’t seem so at all, but it’s really in my heart, but Miriel rarely had a light struggle.

So, I can’t hear me?

If you say that, there’s nothing to say.According to the saint.

When I was fired firmly, it quickly became tombs.
shit.I don’t want to remove my face while saying that.
I stopped moving at the time I stopped, but the face was already close between my legs.
I was a man, so the things were already swollen, so the end of the swelled object as if pierced pants was a distance that could not reach the tip of Miriel’s nose.
Without the bar, the quiet breath would tickle my stuff.
How do you feel if you take off your pants and put things in that cheeky mouth? no.Salvation.Let’s wake up.It’s not time for temptation now.No matter how much you are a saint, you have to refrain from refraining!

“okaySeo, can you think of it as a challenge for me to deliberately settle the 6th -floor owner to Rachel’s sister?

As I ate her heart firmly and looked down at Miriel, I took out the way with a serious voice.

“Right.Maybe you need to re -bridge.

Do not say that with your mouth.Are you actually because you just want to be hit?

Don’t play around and answer seriously.Since when have you been so playful?

“huh?I was going to match the saint It’s hard.okay.I answer seriously.

Saying so, Miriel fixed his posture.
That’s why my face is close between my legs, and my expressions didn’t change, but I think I would answer properly.

So, why did you settle the manstone today?rebellion?”

Haha.Not at all.Rather, that’s the opposite.


What the hell is that?If it’s opposite to rebellion, obedience?How does it mean to obey?

“okay.Would you like to hand your pocket?

I couldn’t know English, so I only frowned, so Miriel pointed to the walls I’m on my back with my fingers.
When he reached out and handed the pocket on the wall, Miriel put his hands in and turned out for a while and pulled out one thing.That thing is right .


Please rest assured.It’s not something you have to use for that purpose.Anyway, not like this.Saint’s ….

As the unexpected things were too popped out, the speech was blocked, and Miriel said that as if he had made an excuse for a little faster than usual.
What the hell is this now?

“no.I didn’t ask.

The saint is built.

Don’t look like a wound.I think I did it wrong.

So that?

It’s a synthesis of all monsters in the dungeon.To be more precise, it has synthesized the genitals of all monsters found so far.But I confirmed that this is enough.


For some reason, I felt like I knew the answer.

“Of course, it is the key to opening the passage to the seventh floor.”

shit.Is that too?
I was not just a man in this world that the goddess sent me before.There was a woman, and it was natural, but the woman needed a way to open the passage.

So, how is it not a rebellion to show it?

I think I only see it because I want to be re -examined.

Saint.I have this, and I even opened the passage to the 7th floor.What this means Light.

I was annoyed by Miriel’s attitude that he continued to turn around, and I put my hands on my head and pulled it out of my legs roughly.
Miriel shed a short amount of saliva, but it seemed to be in my heart.
shit.It’s too effective to do this because it’s too much to do.

Don’t turn it back and say.

Even though I had this, I wanted to say that I never went to the seventh floor to keep my promise with the saint.If you are a saint, you can know?

Miriel’s attitude has not changed at all, even though my face is crushed.The cheeks have been a bit red, but that’s what it’s aegyo.

How do you know you know?

It’s a simple reasoning.Even when the saint did not continue to show, the other party members were steadily showing.Was they guarding the entrance?

Did you monitor my girls’ trends?

“no.Of course, if you don’t care, it’s a lie, but you didn’t even watch it.I didn’t have to.Because our clan has a lot of people.

Even if you are just an adventurer activity, is the rumor naturally coming in?


Only after hearing it, I only let go of Miriel’s head.
On the contrary, this guy did not think of his face at all.

“hey.It’s a little away.

“huh?Will it be okay though?Don’t you say this?I’m pulse pulse like this.If I believe in the upper and lower mouth of the alternative saint .

Believe in the upper mouth!no!In the first place, the man has nothing like the lower mouth!Where did you learn that tone?

“huh?To the saint.


As a result, I feel like I don’t feel like I said that when I was an assistant.

“is it.Did you say that because the woman’s place resembles her mouth?I understand now.Haha.The saint has a sense.

Ah!Don’t admire it as you say it with a description!Why is it shameful?
no.This guy more than that!You didn’t understand it at the time!?Real assistant is right!?

Oh, anyway!Why did you come and confirm your trust now?

I think I can help the saint.

What help is helping?What do you do here no.wait for a sec.You don’t know.

“okay.Saint.Give me a position in the 7th floor.I heard from Julian.The world at the bottom is that three forces are now war.Is the saint first occupied the forces of Bafra?

shit.Two of them.If you don’t have anyone else, you’re using useless information to Miriel.
What I am doing is that the expression of influence is more appropriate than the expression of occupation, but anyway, Miriel’s speculation was accurate.
That alone is already complicated, but Miriel’s words have not been over yet.

Except for Bapra, there are two forces left.Bis that Julian belongs.And Plitus.Plitus.The castle of the warrior family.It is the castle of the warrior, and at the same time is the sex of my grandmother.


Let’s hear it, and that forces are the forces that connect the world’s unification and disappearing.You may know the saint, but in fact, my grandmother’s name is Lilian Plitus.

I know.Maybe you know better than you.The warrior Lilian Pleatus is not only your grandmother but also the grandmother of our Sarah.
Anyway, it’s probably that.

“hey.I told you earlier.Don’t speak.If you have something you want to say, make sure.

While guessing what Miriel wants to say, I decided to listen to the words from the mouth.

I’ll go to Pleatus and help the saint’s work.

Is it like this?

“Yes, you .

Saint.The ultimate goal of the saint is stopping the war.But now the seventh floor is divided into three forces, and war is happening every day.Only one forces can’t stop the war.At least two forces must be overpowered, you can stop the war for a while.It can help me.

It was a fact, if I was just overpowering Bapra, it didn’t matter.
There was time pressure as much as the war god would be resurrected, but Bapra was left to Reina Giville and went straight to the other forces.
The problem is that we have led them that we are from Plitus.
If you defeat Bapra and beat the forces, people will try to stop the war with Plitus.Naturally, however, Plitus will not stop the offensive, and from then on, things will be twisted.
Miriel did not know and said that, but it was clearly needed to write his hands in Plitus before he took control of Bapra completely.

It’s like you can take control of Plitus right away.

However, I couldn’t get on such a quick situation, so I decided to grasp more with Miriel’s intentions as much as possible.

“you can do it.If you have this.

Miriel barely took off his face between my legs and got up from his seat and approached the wall behind his desk.
Then he reached out to the decorative sword on the wall and pulled the sword with an elegant motion and reached out to me.
The moment I checked the sharp blade with my eyes, I noticed that this sword was not just a decorative sword.

How did I get trust from Julian?

It was definitely that he showed off the sword he inherited from his father.
The sword of the warrior Sauron Auden.Of course, the sword would be learned from Lilian Pleatus, and that’s what it was..
I followed the sword and took a look at the handle, and there was a familiar pattern somewhere.
Similar to being engraved on the sword of Laon, but a little different.Is that a real pattern of Plitus?

“surely.The value of the sword is enormous for those who claim to be the spiritual successor of Lyrian Pleatus.But that’s why it can be more dangerous.and .

Even in Bapra, not Plitus, the warrior’s pattern worked.what’s the problem?You can think of it, but it’s a different story.
Bafra guys are overwhelmed by the power of the warrior, rather than the power of the name Lirian Pleatus.
We were able to prove by showing the power of the real warriors of the trash, but Miriel?
In front of the plitus guys who use the name of Lilian Pleatus politically, the descendants of the real Lyrian Flitus are suddenly appearing with the relics.It is also a descendant without the power of the warrior.
There is no guarantee that everything will flow well.In the worst case, only those swords were taken into the hands of them, and Miriel was likely to lose his life without a rat or bird.

Of course there will be a risk.But the saint.That’s the risk I will carry.Even if work ends, it’s just a case where the descendants of Lyrian Plitus, who were hiding somewhere, appeared.It ends with something that has nothing to do with the goddess and with the saintTen, there’s nothing wrong with the saint’s work.The risk burden will be carried alone.

You know that this is dangerous, but I will try it at risk?


“The reason is?”

“that Did you say at first?I’m embarrassed to say with my mouth.

Miriel replied with a cool smile that doesn’t look shy at all.
Is it like that?

The fact that Miriel did at the beginning is probably why he settled the manstone today.
In other words, Miriel says:The reason why we settled in that way is that the reason for the fact that we will take control of Plitus at this danger is essentially the same.
In a word, I want to get my attention.

But can I believe that?
no.Miriel is not a lie.When I talked about it, It was a secret weapon in preparation for when the saint was no longer found on me, but I was unprecedented. I even said that it should be less likely to lie.
The problem is that the reason may not be the only reason.

So I will take control of Plitus at risk for me, so please send you?You who coveted the power of the warrior?Where the god to make a warrior is sealed?It is also a forces that believe in the last warrior?

No matter how much, this is not.
It’s not like that, because he’s trying to stab my stomach in the past, or because he’s a suspicious guy, I can’t believe it.
There is no risk to me.How do you believe in your words?
Rather than believe in your words, I believe that you have never given up your purpose so far, and you have built up buildups so far for one that purpose.
To be assistant to me, to be in love with me, and to be jealous of Allicia to gain my trust.But it was possible to appoint an apology.
Although it is speculated that it is not possible in a normal way, it is the same.If my guess is correct, it’s impossible to do anything that’s going to be dangerous.
no.wait for a sec.At that time, it was possible to appoint an apostle, but now it is possible that it has returned to the level that it is impossible to appoint an apostle..

Saint.I didn’t want to be a warrior.

It was a limit to clean up the complicated head, but on the side, Miriel made a wrong sound.

“hey.Are you coming and going again?Because of that, my stomach no.done.”

shit.Why are you looking like that?In the case, the victim is strictly a victim, and he is the perpetrator.Why can’t I talk about me and be more sorry.


Even if I thought I might feel like a threat, Miriel hurriedly put the sword that had been pushed toward me again.

You said it was.Would you like to keep it so uncomfortable?Rather, just make it funny as before.

I’m so sorry.I never thought that you were trying to stab my stomach again.

“huh Hahat .I am so suspicious Ugh.

Oh ah!really!What’s that smiling suspicious?!I’m sorry I just put my mouth on my mouth, so it’s more pitiful!You don’t really want to stop !? hurts.”

When I pinched the cheek and pulled it on both sides, Miriel’s eyes came back to normal.

I feel good to be sick!This pervert!

But I’m suffering from being neglected.

I have never been like neglect!

On the outside, I said it was so tired, but honestly, I was relieved.
I really don’t want to endure the same atmosphere.In particular, this guy is more uncomfortable because she is embedded in her head, because she is embedded in her head.

Anyway, if you go back to the story you said before What were you talking about?

“I didn’t want to be a warrior.”

“okay.that.You say that.
Saint.First, listen to my story.

say it.”

I seemed to say sincerely, so I decided to listen to it first.It may be in all likelihood, but it’s not too late to refute it.

What I wanted was to get stronger.Of course, it would be best if you could be a warrior, but it’s not obsessed with the warrior.It was stronger than the warrior, and if I could completely enlighten my father’s sword and prove it to others, I was enough.

That’s it?

It is stronger than the warrior.How is it different from the words you want to be a warrior?
You don’t know well because you don’t go together, but the job of a warrior is a scam.Is it impossible to get stronger than that about battle?
Do you seem to be constantly trying to seek strength?No?Rather, the garbage doesn’t even have such an effort.Still, it’s ridiculously strong?

It’s not at all.Do you know the saint?A person who is stronger than a warrior.

no way.”

“okay.No matter where you are in this world, no one thinks that you are weaker than the warrior.

“hey.That’s a scam.

I thought it would be that way.

You have to say that it makes sense.What do you do if you have an exception among the exceptions?
This is not just a level problem.Of course, Diana’s overwhelmingly strong is because he took a level 500, but to increase the level, he had to break through the limit of the 250 level before that.
Thanks to our strength, everyone may easily turn on the limit, but it is not at all.
In fact, all the sisters of the Association of the Wizard Association, except Diana, have not yet surpassed the limits and stayed at level 250.
It was not easy to break through the level 250 in this world.
Even in the world underneath only the war, I have only seen one of the Louis Baffras that exceeds 250 levels.You don’t have to go so far, you can’t break the level 250, the strongest adventurer?

I thought there would be that clue if I went to the 7th floor.

“then .
Saint.I told you before.It’s all old days.Since I surrendered to the saint, I gave up my dream.

So you say you can’t believe that right now.
Turn around and get to this story again.The stories of each other are completely parallel.This is the end.

Maybe this story should be done here .
And in fact.I don’t have to.


At that moment, a creepy chill hit my whole body.
Do you have to do that?You don’t have to dream more?no way.
I urgently used Analizes to look at Miriel’s information.But the information in front of you .

Would you really be surprised!?

It’s still level 250!Where are you trying to play with people!

Saint.I don’t like a lie to the saint.If the saint can’t believe it, that’s right.Let’s have sex from now on.


Did you hear it wrong now?

Sex.Do you like it?

“yes.I really like it.This time a lie This is not!

shit.This guy’s snout.Reflexively waiting for me.


“Do not laugh!”

“Sorry.But it’s not a joke.If you really have sex, you can see everything.

Miriel repeated once again, without even thinking about erasing a cool smile on his face.

“with you?”



If you ask me to call another man, no matter how much I get a country.

Don’t speak as if you were my girl.

Now here?

It doesn’t matter where the saints want.Wherever.I’ll follow the saint.

Do not speak for anywhere.What are you imagining?I’m not like Diana.

You can know if you sincerely sex?


To be honest, there was no time to have sex with him right now.
In fact, it was a waste of time to come here.I don’t have to do it like a pile of a mountain, but I have to spend time spending time.
But the words that this guy took out were so important that they could not be ignored.
shit.Two bottles of those ruins.Even if he didn’t sound okay no.wait for a sec.Two bottles?okay.It is two bottles .


good.Anyway, you should also check this guy if the appointment of an apple is still activated.Besides, you can do two things at the same time?Don’t think it’s a waste of time, don’t think it’s a useful time.

“Follow me.”

“okay.Initially, the exposure walk play.It’s also a saint.The difficulty is a bit high for me, but if the saint wants .
Wearing clothes!

How long will you take off!


When Miriel waited for wearing clothes and opened the door, Allicia suddenly rolled in.
What are you doing here again?no.If it’s the opposite situation, it’s like me.

Oh, goodbye.hey.This.”

Allicia.sorry.I’m a little busy now.


Miriel will tell you later.Then I’ll only go.

When I lightly kissed Allicia, who jumped up, I heard a new scream from afar.
Alicia This guy, I will suffer a lot after I went.

Miriel.let’s go.Follow me.”

okay.Then Allicia.

Even though I came out in front of my eyes and watched the kiss of Allicia, Miriel moved with a cool smile without a change of expression.
Is it hiding your faces, or it doesn’t really matter.Well, it will be certain in a little while.

Barnet.I’m going to be underground from now on.I will do something important, so no one can come in.Anyone who is.


I returned to the mansion with Miriel, first of all,First, I found Barnet.
Of course, there would be a backlash as it included Diana, of course, but Barnet nodded without saying that I read my serious atmosphere.

You wait here until I signal.

After accompanying Miriel and going down to the entrance of the basement, I first waited Miriel in front of him.

“female.2 bottles.Well?

The maid that was guarded inside was also out of the way, and I left alone.


The two bottles were lying in the basement, and the two bottles looked up, checked me, and closed their eyes again.
Are you saying nothing to say with me like me?But how long can you shut your mouth?

I think I’m going to keep my mouth shut, but now I can’t.I’m sorry, but I’m not patient.It will open your mouth even if you force it.

It’s a dirty tone of dirty mops.

hey.I said while weighed, and what would I be if I already opened my mouth?Let’s endure a little more.
Well, good.That’s why it’s not going to change in the future.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1103

Well, let’s get some level from eye level.If I keep falling on the floor like this, I’m more uncomfortable.I want to see how this guy will respond in the future.
When he grabbed the back of the two bottles and sat in the chair, he started to bluff the intuitive that he felt intuitively that the correct interrogation would begin.

I don’t know how you have used it so far, but I think the same method will work for me..
Oh, are you curious about how?are you okay.I have nothing to wonder.I’ll know soon.come in!”

As he shouted outside, Miriel, who was hiding behind the door, slowly appeared.How do you have a belt with a pocket with a pocket on your naked.
I never told me to do that.No matter how much you bite all the maids, what if you look at it.


Anyway, I saw Miriel, who appeared in an unprecedented form, and I thought it would be embarrassed, but the reaction of the two bottles was much calmer than I thought.
The expression that is calmly grasped and quietly chewed on the situation.If you think about when you talked for a while before, this would not be this calm personality.
Did you guess this situation?no.But how?

I’m sorry.Julian.

“no I don’t know what you mean.

When Miriel arrived next to me, I leaned towards two bottles, and I tried to accept the apology as if I understood two bottles.
What is this conversation?It’s like two Oh, so.Is it that?I finally know.So did Miriel told me that he was looking at the opportunity while pretending to be surrendered to the saints when he had two bottles of middle and two bottles.
In other words, the two bottles are now considered to be Miriel’s acting.If you think so, it was a bit of a conversation, Miriel, and two bottles were not embarrassed.
As Miriel says, the two bottles are firmly believed to have formed a cooperative relationship with Miriel.
But what should I do?It’s not like that.
Well, it’s good.As you believe so, you will have a greater despair to get later.

Then the saint.I’ll serve you.

Miriel, who was kneeling in front of me, carefully took his hand through my legs.But I called Miriel in an unsatisfactory voice and restrained it.



Who said you can use your hand?

On the topic that the face is usually pushed.
Even if you have a cool smile pretending to be so casual, is it ashamed to do this in front of others?

I did ji.”

When he sweeped a strand of hair slightly down on Miriel’s face, Miriel neatly collected his hands over his knees, lifted his butt, and brought his face through my legs.
And Miriel, I put my hands in my pocket and looked down as if it were extremely natural.

Today, it was quite difficult to take off with my mouth because I was using the belt on my pants, but I couldn’t do this for a few days.
Although he struggled a bit, Miriel solved the belt with his mouth properly and released it to the front of his pants, and now he is blocking my stuff.

Today’s saints are healthy.It rises up like a piercing underwear, so I have to struggle to peel it off.

So, you can’t do it? way.I just wanted to say that it was worth it.


As I and Miriel had such a conversation, I heard this from behind Miriel.
Why are he being angry again?We were just having a warm conversation as an assistant with a priest.

“huh Big Hu -wook .

Anyway, Miriel was careful not to get hurt my stuff, biting his panties with his front teeth and moving his head back and forth.
Finally, my freedom from the cramped restraint bounced out and hit Miriel’s face, but Miriel raised his head and accepted it.


On the contrary, two bottles were more surprised than Miriel, so I looked at my stuff over Miriel’s head and hardened my eyes.
okay.okay.Do you see this big thing for the first time?But I’m already surprised.


I pulled out one hand out of my pocket, grabbed Miriel’s back and pulled it toward me, and then I talked to the bottom, waving from side to side.

“how is it?How long have you been watching for a long time?

Yes army.”

As my back moved, my stuff shakes and I rubbed Miriel’s face to the bottom, but Miriel did not care much.
On the contrary, I was excited about my violent behavior, and my mouth was also shaking.


However, in the eyes of two bottles while watching Miriel from behind, the appearance was interpreted in a completely different way.
That guy will not see this expression of Miriel now.In his eyes, he will only see the trembling back, so he may think that Miriel is barely enduring humiliation.
If you look down a little, you can see the liquid that rides between Miriel’s thighs.I don’t see the eyes so far, so even though I pretend to be cold, the inside is not.

I have been neglected for two days.I’m more excited than usual.

So I don’t have anything like neglect play.I would have said a word if I wasn’t in front of two bottles.

So what do you want to do?

“first of all I want to suck.

I’m excited, but I don’t want to put it in, do you want to suck?Do you like to suck like that?

It’s good to see the saint is feeling better.

Miriel.The answer is straight.

Haha.The saint is a return.Son of the saint i like you.”


In response to Miriel, who licked my stuff slightly, I nodded satisfactorily and pulled my head to the back of the back.
Then Miriel climbed up my stuff with his tongue out as if he had waited, and wrapped his glans with his lips and began to suck it as declared.
This doesn’t mean that Ray did not just suck on the side as if Ray did before, and the tongue with a sharp end in the mouth was sincere tickling and stimulating.

Large Ugh .

Someone was a woman who was fascinated by sucking the man’s things perfectly, but this time it was not seen in the eyes of two bottles.
I think he knows what he thinks.Probably a little while ago, listening to our lines and thinking like this.
Miriel made his feelings by deliberately writing that vulgar horse to finish my actions before I went to insertion.If you can only avoid insertion anyway, it won’t be as intended for dirty mops.
It was a tremendous illusion, but I was likely to make a little more fire.

Miriel.Isn’t it too rough for someone who wants to suck?

“huh?Saint -s, that’s nothing Nong -eup!

Suddenly, in my words, Miriel, of course, didn’t know English, but I didn’t care.
When I pulled it back to the back of my back, I pulled it back and pulled it back, and my stuff went into the mouth at once and hid it.
Like a woman who received my assistant, I swallow my stuff even in such a sudden situation.
I moved a few times as if I was rubbing the face between my legs by giving strength to the back of my head, and then I fixed my hands and roughly moved my back back and forth.

Big -eup!Huh!Chur Khaheung!side Ugh!

As it was hard play against our kids, I was a little nervous as I was, but Miriel received a strange sound like a thirsty and accepted my violent behavior.
no.Not only did he accept it well, he felt like a pleasure from the pain that came from this violent act.

“Like this.”

Puha!Big! !Huh ….

As I shook my back in moderation and pulled out the goods again, a sticky liquid as if it was mixed not only for saliva but also for gastric fluid.

If you do this, you suck properly.Did you forget that?Do you really need re -teaching?

When he moved his waist, he hit his cheek with a lot of sticky liquids, and Miriel shook his head lightly.
It feels like you’re rubbing your cheeks on the side of my stuff.

“no.Ha, huh It’s been a while, so I was enjoying it slowly.I’ll do it right now.

Miriel, who said that he had not been able to breathe yet,At the end of my poem, I kissed me and this time I swallowed it properly.
Then, as I did earlier, I started to serve my stuff as I used my throat.
Just put it in the throat, but even narrow it properly.I did it, but I must have been teaching so thoroughly.

Huh.okay.To do it right.Now.

I felt slightly feared in the past, but now that was not important.
Be careful not to get out of the inside, and I put my hands again in my pocket and stood in a cluttered position and looked at two bottles.

“so?Are you a bit more heartbreaking?

Big …side Had .

Ugh What do you mean?

I was able to see the two bottles straight in a casual attitude, but the two bottles kept clinging to my lower body and working hard to see if I couldn’t do it.

What are you going?Do you have anything to see this?

It’s a dirty technique that follows dirty mops.

I insist on the tone that I read as much as possible, but I only see it as simply bluffing.

“no.It wasn’t to pay attention to my technique.Of course, if you get caught by me, it will be a matter of it to be like this, so I understand that you are focused on it.

Who is doing so!I’m a man in the first place!


What is this again Ahhh.Come to think of it.As a result, it seemed to have been talking about it.Do you think 2 of these bottles, you are a man to sleep?
Well, no matter what this guy thinks, I don’t care much because I know it’s a woman.

What is that?

Mo,!?You, you too Like us !

When I sincerely spit out, the two bottles were tired of feared by trembling their bodies.
indeed.I started to see roughly.
no wonder.No matter how much he was lake by Sarah, he was caught in the main base of the enemy, but it was strange that he was casual without thinking.
This guy, he is a man, so he didn’t know that he would be at least the most dangerous person.

“okay.Homosexuality in Vis is a common thing?What embarrassing is a guy who is from Vis?

Ha, but the mops are !The doctrine of the mopsin !

Clearly, our goddess was very rare in this world, as our goddesses pursued diversification of species and given birth to children.
I know it’s not like a taboo, so it’s not without it, but it didn’t make sense for two bottles to believe it and relieved it.but.

Did you rely on the doctrine of the goddess on the subject of calling our goddess in that way?It’s ironic.I heard that Bis is the one who wants to compete with the most corrective force among the three powers, but the sword of the spleen from the bis is like this.

Don’t insult Bis!How much is I become a non -inspection uh?”

When I threw myself ridiculed, he wrapped his whole body to live.But just before he lost his reason for his anger, he suddenly realized something, and he made a stupid look.

Yes, how do you The fact that I am a non -inspection of Vis .

Oh, did you finally pay attention to it?thank god.If you don’t notice until the end, I wanted to do it.No, you tell me yourself.

Churi Churi Eagu -eup Jours Yes .

So, I took one hand out of my pocket and put it on Miriel’s head and knocked it on.
And according to the movement of my hands, the eyes of two bottles naturally turned to Miriel, who was sucking my stuff hard.
But the eyes looking at the back were completely different from before.

Seo, no way .

“okay.Do you look like a person who is forced to hate this face?

I with a smile with my hands on Miriel’s head, and slowly turned my head back.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1104

Nong -eup Ea …Nguyop .

Before I turned my head, I pulled my back slightly back, so I thought it would get out of my stuff even if I turned my head like this, but it was a calculation that underestimated my size.
Just before Miriel’s head went back completely, the end of my stuff was caught inside the cheek.
The convex ball protruding as if I was biting the candy didn’t match Miriel’s image, so it would be fun to enjoy this, but unfortunately I didn’t want to do that now.
When I pulled my back a little further, my stuff was completely extracted from Miriel’s mouth with a pong sound.
At the same time, the saliva flowing from the mouth flows down the jawline and falls over the chest.
It was clear that Miriel was fascinating for playing a while ago, because he was unlocked.

That’s a lie .

The two bottles were denied by shaking their head if they didn’t want to believe.
I was shocked, but this was much more shocked than I thought.How much did he believe in Miriel?And what did Miriel do this?
I had a lot of words I wanted to say, but first of all, I have to listen to the answer I want.

“hey.Miriel.It’s like a lie to see?You can say something too.

Yes I’m sorry.Julian.

Shaking things from side to side and hitting Miriel’s cheeks and mouths, Miriel spit out the same lines as before and kissed the side of my side.

“I am I’ve been completely lost to this great thing.

In that way, Miriel even rubbed his cheek next to my stuff.
hey.Miriel.I know you’re going to help me, and thank you so much.Moderately.I will lose my reason first before I even dig information to him.


“lie!You used something dirty..
You know it better?Bis’ ssolate.Have you ever felt mana’s flow?

“joy!It’s more than Bapra!Do you think I’m going to be a joke?That’s what.If you write a number before you come in, it’s natural that you can’t feel mana’s flow here..
Did you experience it yourself?

What is it?

“hey.Why do you think I’m going to open your mouth in a way that turns like this?

That is, of course, you are going to do that .
It’s annoying.


When I cut it and said that, the two bottles of the two bottles moved so much that I had the biggest insult of life.

Yes?What are you not confident?hey.”


When I lightly blown the saint’s wave, the two bottles twisted their body and reached their peak.

The guy who feels so easy.what?I have no confidence?I’d rather be harder than you if it’s hard.This is still huh?”

As soon as I looked down at Miriel naturally, I felt something discomfort on the neck.
What is this?White line on the side of the neck .
When I walked my hair and observed the hidden neck in detail, the white line of the white line was the cut of the blade.

“hey.what is this?”

“huh?side.iced coffee.A little to the monster in the 6th floor .

It’s not elsewhere, but this wound.
Something ominously foresight, but I blamed Miriel, but Miriel replied without thinking about his lips from my stuff.

“Really?Stand up.

As I said, when Miriel woke up, I saw a dark lion flowing between the legs and falling to the floor.


I knew that Miriel’s lower body was like this, but the two bottles were now swallowed and swallowed as if they noticed.
Well, but now.

“Yes Saint If you touch it like that .
Don’t bend your knees straight.

I just touched it mechanically without any emotions to check the body, but Miriel trembled with his legs.
But I didn’t care about it, and I looked around Miriel’s body in every corner and found that there were small raw stations all over the body.
Huh.thank god.The first wound I found was the neck, so I felt ominous, but this is my case.but.This is not the personality.
Well, that doesn’t mean that the question is all solved.

What happened to this wound?Did you treat you once before?

It was a treatment, but it was like an additional effect.

“Sorry.There aren’t many clergy who can go to the deep dungeon.To save mana, wound treatment is a habit of minimizing it.

There would have been a chance to cure even after coming up.

I have never lived like that Are you worried?

Rather than worrying .

I cleaned my pretty body, but I think it’s a waste if it’s dirty again.Even if Miriel is not my woman.

Anyway, stick it out.Hands over there.

I ordered Miriel, who was sitting on the chair where two bottles were sitting.
Since the misunderstanding has been released, I want to focus on pursuing two bottles again, but in this situation, I don’t think it will work again.
Anyway, I had to have to end with Miriel, so I can treat it and bring the atmosphere again.

Haha.The saint is kind Hmm!?

I felt good about the treatment first, Miriel now threw the smoke and smiled cool, but I hit the buttocks and caught the mood again.
Even if you hit a little bit, you will be able to sit down.

“Salize it.”

“yes .

no.I don’t have to say that.It’s more likely to live with respect.Miriel, who put two hands on the armrest of two bottles of two bottles, put his legs up and lifted his butt back.
She is also tall and long as Sarah’s younger brother, so she’s not the right of her, but her upper body is turned off.
The butt that was out of this way was more highlighted, but it was nice to see.


Ugh .

When I lightly put my hands on the butt, Miriel moaned lowly with his butt.
It’s not like that this time.Don’t be scared and shed.This pervert.

Do you know what I’m going to do from now on?

“huh .

Then prepare.

The pussy of the fluid is right in front of me, but I wanted to be for this, but I still have to go through the procedure.
I don’t know if I just want to have sex, but now I want to show two bottles of my assistant to see how far people can fall.

“already it’s over.”

In that way, Miriel took one hand to the pussy and opened the V -shaped as the index finger and middle finger.
Then, more loves came out of the open genitals, but I was not satisfied with it.

I don’t know if this alone is wet inside?

“then Ugh This, if you do this Yes .

Listening to me, Miriel put the middle finger into his pussy and roughly squeezed the inside as if he was trying to squeeze.
Then, he slipped on his butt on his butt and painted a lion line.

If you do this Will it be??

Well, it’s not bad.

It seemed to explode in the sensational behavior, but I nodded casually and made the end of the pussy at the entrance of the pussy.
But I didn’t want to insert it at once, so I grabbed the object and shook up and down as if I had a brush with the glans.
Then he slipped down slightly, sticking his waist and putting it into Miriel’s thighs, and he was excited by the presence of an object felt in the lower abdomen.

“Yes Saint ?


Insert Are you not yet?

Want to do it?

Huh …You don’t have to water.I’m always stuck to the saint?!

So please match the atmosphere.I acted well until I was in my mouth, and I couldn’t keep up with the atmosphere since I raised it.

Yes, …Huh !

When I was surprised, I inserted things at once, and Miriel put his face between two legs and trembling his body.
hey.You may be a woman anyway.
Well, you can’t control because you feel so good now.

The appearance of the Badlebas was so great that it was so great that it was unleashed by the legs, but I was sorry I had no idea to quit here.
Shouldn’t I have to hold the atmosphere more properly as Miriel can’t match the mood?

“hey.I haven’t wrapped it yet, but what are you doing alone?Now, I put it as I wanted, so now you move.

Yes Big Beauty, ah …little Big!

When he struck the butt, Miriel barely squeezed his voice as if he had no room for moving yet.

Please wait?

Ugh huh Huh!?

But instead of listening to that earnest request, I struck my butt with a little more powerful than before.
It was a century that was faintly red in the shape of a grandchildren, but if you insert it like this anyway, it will automatically heal thanks to healing sex.
When the grandchildren in the butt were quickly disappearing, they tried to raise their hands again, and Miriel’s butt finally started moving like a circle.

Yes, you can do it.If you are a king, you can show your face to your friend.If you keep covering your face like that, I won’t believe it again.


When I grabbed Miriel’s chin and forcibly raised his head and made eye contact with the middle of his eyes, the eyes of the two bottles were trembling.

How are you?Do you still think I used something?

Ugh Oh, I said earlier, but outside .
“so.You are confident to get this too?


While trying to refute somehow until the end, two bottles were forced to keep silence as much as this question.
After seeing Miriel’s appearance, did you feel confident?
It doesn’t matter either way.The important thing is that I brought the atmosphere again.

“yes?Are you not confident?If you rebelled, do you lose only?

The pleasure of the lower body is purely left to Miriel, and I decided to focus on persuasion of two bottles.

Anyway, you all have a good information.Do you think that the kid who is doing this right now hasn’t told me that?Let’s go comfortably without being able to get rid of each other.First, let’s talk about simple things.Now, name?

First of all, after grasping the atmosphere, it’s like a friendly tone.
It’s a way of gaining cooperation with a non -cooperative guy.Well, I’ve never moved to the game in a movie.


Do you not want to say your name?

shit.After all, the movie is a movie and the game is a game.
I thought so and thought that I had to be a real assistant.


“okay.The sword Julian hidden by Vis.How good to each other because I answer so.Next, I want to ask what’s the hell of Bis’.Are you not ready for that yet?okay.As I said before, I will ask each one step by step.Then what should I ask?Oh yeah.You met me in a village near Gumi Hosan and then chased near the capital of Bafra?Way?”

I asked casually, but in fact, this was the key.This was why I came to Julian today.
Other information is information is also important information, but that’s going to find it slowly even when it’s time to target Bis later.
But this is difficult if you don’t find it right now.Maybe it might be related to my saint skills?

Two of the hidden swords of self -proclaimed bis have been in Bapra’s territory since they first met us.That’s alone.Perhaps you were doing something like a special mission.
And when I thought about the new movements that I showed when I ran away, I guessed the contents of the mission.It would have been such a task, such as infiltration or disturbance.
If you are in charge of such missions, of course, you will be able to erase your traces or chase others, and if you think so, you can understand that this guy tracked me to some extent.
If we are before we cross the river.
But it was after this guy crossed the river.
How the hell?It wasn’t just crossing the river, but it clinging to the bottom of the boat and moving to the day.It doesn’t make sense to follow the traces and follow it.

It was the characteristic of the saint skill.
In recent years, when the power is so strong, there is almost no thing to see, but in the past, when I used a saint skill, there was a characteristic that the monsters would only run on me as if they were crazy.
In other words, the monster instinctively realizes what the cause of the pleasure of stirring his body.
What if anyone can feel the same monster’s instinct?
It didn’t happen when I used it against people, and Diana was a study.
But what if the mana of the war god, like a monster, is the basis of a war god?
Of course, there is a Mine Sarana nine -tailed Layea on us, but it was hard to see that they would be like the people of the pure war god.

A person with purely mana of war gods will be able to feel instinctively when he is in my saint skill.
It was understood that two of these bottles have been pursued by crossing the river.
And at the same time, I realized that there was another great constraint on my work in the seventh.
It’s like this guy, and if you don’t want to bring it here or kill it at all, you shouldn’t use a saint skill against a person.
So before I went to the seventh floor and resumed my activities again, I had to know it for sure.
That’s why I tried to burst the mental of two bottles by teaching Miriel roughly in front of my eyes.
In fact, the operation was quite thought it was successful.

“you Right.Is it that.

But just as I laughed at my thoughts, the two bottles burst into laughter.
shit.Did you realize my intentions?Until now, I was totally holding the mood.
Was it too hasty to go in just the main point?Or was my tone too urgent?

I was hit by a guy who couldn’t even grasp his own power.I still have a long way to go.But through this defeat and enlightenment, I’m more .


This guy, I think it’s a wonderful word for something else.Are you a big mistake right now?
If you had grasped my intentions at best, it would have been just getting ready.If you say, You can’t even grasp your own power, you say that you have traced me with my strength, that is, as a saint skill.
Isn’t this really stupid?no.Well, so I’m still two bottles.

You won’t come to you forever.

Anyway, I got the information I wanted, so I have to finish this interrogation.

Huh.Shouldn’t you figure out the situation yet?What do you say in some words, revealing your immaturityEven if I threaten, it’s not a big threat to me.At best .



You can’t figure out the situation.
I hit Miriel’s ass lightly and stopped his words, and I grabbed my hand as if I felt the elastic texture with my hands on my butt.
And this time, a little harder than before, as seen by the two bottles, once again hit Miriel’s butt.


“hey.What do you look like in your eyes?

“joy.Because work doesn’t work freely, it’s frivolous and violent that you are angry with a good person .
“okay.It’s a violent action.Then the next question.If you are dealing with this violent, what do you think?

I’m disappointed.Are you trying to threaten me with that?As I said earlier, no matter what you say, it’s a big threat to me .
“ not misunderstand.I am not so simple.You won’t be disappointed, so you don’t have to worry.It was not a threat, but a simple question.So, what do you think if you are dealing with this violent?

It will be painful.Of course that pain.It doesn’t mean anything to me.

When I was familiar with a smile, I frowned slightly if I felt something strange.

“Oh oh.After all, the hidden sword of the bis.It’s also a training to endure pain.Good.Anyway.Will it be painful?by the way.”

I reached out, grabbed Miriel’s chin, and lifted Miriel’s face back down and reached out to the front of two bottles.

In your eyes, this face can be seen as a painful face?

Yes, …Huh .

On me, Miriel was not seen at all, but it was enough to see what Miriel’s expression would be, even if he looked at the tight touch and the trembling buttocks that cling to my stuff tightly.

Actually, it’s.I was thinking about you at first.Anyway, the wars are only thinking about fighting in their heads.So I touched me a little.
What did you do?

Finally, the future of the future began to be a little scared, and the two bottles trembled their lips.

It’s no big deal.I’m a pacifist.I just made it into a body that I can’t fight this.”



I made a pleasure instead of pain.Whether it’s a fight or losing it, it’s painful.Wouldn’t it be like this?

Well, Miriel seems to have fought with a pleasure.Anyway, this is a very strong guy.
Anyway, the two bottles that do not know such a quick situation are the biggest horror in life.
There was no big response, but it seemed to be too scary and seemed to have no reaction.
But my threat was not the end here.

Oh, I think this is my bad drink.As you know, my skill is my skill.

In that way, I put the saint’s hand and lightly captured the forehead of two bottles.By controlling the power so that you do not feel until the peak.


Of course, that alone, two bottles twisted on top of the chair, but they struggled.
After about 30 seconds, I struggled to struggle, and then I once again took my forehead to reach its peak.

When it reaches its peak, the influence disappears completely.therefore.”

After solving the saint’s hand, this time he grabbed Miriel’s waist.
You don’t have to use your skills to make you feel this guy.

Ugh !Big Yes!Seo, saint Yes Ahhhhhhhh!

The strongest adventurer was unbelievable, grabbing the thin waist with both hands and moving the waist roughly and bumping into the elastic hips, Miriel reached its peak.
Miriel, who was completely relaxed in his body, did not collapse to the floor thanks to his waist, but instead, he put his face between the two bottles and fluttered his hips.
But that’s why you can feel that Miriel is at its peak.

Now, have you seen it?I don’t have to doubt that my skill is hanging on this.

After that, I took out the dagger from the inventory.
I didn’t want to see the blood I knew, so I had to do this, but I was worried about it, but it’s better to be sure.Miriel.I’m sorry, but be patient.
I put the end of the dagger on Miriel’s butt, and lightly hurt.


And in that pain, Miriel, in the middle of the peak, once again felt the peak.
Honestly, when I heard that I was fighting with a reference when I was hurt in the dungeon, I thought it was a bit of a mix of bluffs.Scary guy.

Anyway, the wound did not have to show it to two bottles of healing sex, so I pulled Miriel’s arm and lifted the upper body again.
And as he moved roughly, he continued to talk about the two bottles.

Oh!Seo, Zhangjani Huh Joe, a little Yes!

In my violent movement that began again before the climax ended, Miriel almost cried and begged, but I’m sorry, but now I listen to your words purely.I think I’m being re -examined, and I feel the peak of continuous.

I feel that I feel like pain, and it’s all about my is it?What is your future?Are you excited already?

“Ahhh This, this is a word .

Huh.I’m so scared and trembling.That’s why it would have been great if you listened to it in good words.Why make people so bad.

Do you think it’s ridiculous?Do not believe it?Do you think you won’t be like this?Then I keep believing that.What will happen.

When I continued to smile with a friendly smile, the two bottles trembled as if they were at bay.
And after hesitating something for a while, I opened my trembling lips hard.

Ugh That, yeah!Yes, I was able to find it because of your ability!After you hit you !

Did you judge that it’s better to just give me the information I want than the future where I can’t fight anymore?It’s a great judgment, but it’s a little late.

Oh, no.are you okay.You don’t have to say it.I don’t want to say, but you don’t have to say it?I hate it too.Then, the listeners are too bad.

Ah, no!To say forcibly .
“after.It seems to be cheap now.Miriel.

The two bottles seemed to be desperately trying to return my heart, but I ignored and turned to Miriel.

Yes, …Nehe .

Where will you pack?

This, like this in .

“in?Do you mean in this?

In that way, I completely pulled Miriel’s upper body and adhered to my body.Then he grabbed the inside of the leg and lifted it up on both sides.
It is such a position, of course, our connection is right in front of the two bottles sitting in the front.

Me, wake up!Do you know what you’re talking about now!?Wrapping inside is soon dirty mops.!

The two bottles were amazed with their eyes fixed to it and tried to persuade Miriel.
Thank you for showing the reaction I wanted.But.

Nehe Yes There All inside Saint’s semen entire Please wrap it .

Miriel is already over the assistant a while ago.

You may be pregnant?

Yes!I don’t care.If you are a saint’s child rejoicingly Huh !

Well, then.

After a surprise, I laughed at the two bottles, and I moved my back roughly and finally exploded in Miriel.

Huwoo .

The long situation, as if I was urinating, felt more cooler than usual because of the reaction that I had endured for a long time.
And Miriel, who had received my semen for a long time, was the same, and I felt like that, and I felt the peak of my body.

“ that.Squeeze out the remaining drops.

Hah Nehe .

At the same time, my command tried to carry out faithfully.
I doubted that it would be necessary to re -relax, but it didn’t need to.The appointment of the apostle is also activated.

Huh.Now, then.

According to my command, Miriel’s tender texture, which moves my butt hard and squeezes my semen, has dropped my body down after the peak of the afterglow.
Then Miriel was natural, but he pushed his face through my legs to clean the pella.

Oh, wait a minute.You are.

I grabbed Miriel’s forehead and stopped, and instead, I stepped on to two bottles.

Because he will suck instead.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1106

It was a long time after I squeezed it in Miriel, but it was still falling because of the semen at the end of my stuff.
I pushed such things in front of my eyes and heard the absurd sound that I couldn’t think of, so I must be embarrassed.

Mu, radish, radish, radish !


To two bottles that I couldn’t even speak properly, I once again told me that I would like to take a very natural thing for granted for granted.

I am a man!

Normally, why don’t I come out first in this situation?This guy is also very embarrassed.

“so?Don’t you want to say that you are rejected by homosexuality on the subject of Bis?

Ha, but !That, yeah!Me, me, why do I do that !

Now this is coming out.In fact, I thought I would say this from the beginning and thought about it in advance.If you didn’t say it, it was sad.

As you can see.I’m just cheap once.Besides, I’ve been busy in recent years, so I haven’t been as good as it used to be.So, I want to continue to solve all the sexual desires that have been accumulated for a few days.

When I deliberately moved and talked, the two bottles were frightened and my head was back.

That’s what it has to do with me !
Do you think it doesn’t matter?

Ugh !

But if you voluntarily suck, I’ll see you at this point today.If you don’t suck know?”

When I put my hands on Miriel’s head, the eyes of two bottles naturally headed to Miriel’s face.
Miriel looks breathtaking just by holding up the mental string at a repetitive peak in that short time.I can’t help but think about what my future will be.

Hey, hey.Think again.Anyway, you …The earthen gods don’t see sexual intercourse that is not pregnant.You don’t have to do this.If you don’t have to do this, if you have the information you want .

The two bottles were trembling with trembling eyes, and I looked at my things from the front, and I tried to appease me, frowning as if I didn’t decide.
So it’s too late to negotiate.

Suck.There is no: ”

When I cut it calmly and calmly, the speed of trembling the eyes of two bottles was rapidly faster.
This guy, but he’s also tasked with hiding in others’ forces.
no.Well, when I first met, it was definitely two bottles of attitude, and this situation would be hard to have enough time.

Uh, huh Ugh .

How long will it be so grumbled like that?If you’re waiting like this, you won’t be able to conclude all day.

Yes.I get it.”

Now, wait!Ah -eup!

To help the decision of two bottles, he shook his head and said so.
Rather than decided, I just felt like I was moving before I thought, but how about it.The important thing is the fact that this is my mouth.
It’s the first hardest thing to do.I’ve done it like this, and when I came back next time, it’s much easier than now.Ahh!

At the very moment when I was satisfied with the future plan, I suddenly felt a creepy sense from the bottom.Iron penis didn’t hurt, but the sensation of all men flutter.
It was a sense of myself that I did not reflectively pull my back back.

When I lowered my eyes down and looked at the face of two bottles, he was embarrassed and vibrated with his eyes.
okay.It’s like that?Originally, I was going to be satisfied with just putting it in my mouth.

I don’t know how to do it, but I don’t know how to do it?There’s not so much.Can you feel the semen at the end?Lick the tongue and suck the side and suck everything inside.

I didn’t even think that I would make this order with a smile even after biting it.
The two soldiers made a frightening expression and reflexively sucked my stuff by making the cheeks.
Then he immediately regretted it.
But no matter how much you regret it, you will cross the river that can’t go back when you have already done it.
It’s originally a human psychology?I’ve done it here at the same time, but now I have a meaningless rebellion.Even the rebellion I tried once did not hit me at all.
If you are a good person, you can’t rebel here.
And that was the same with two bottles.

“’re good.The tongue also moves and licks everything.

When the chin was supported by his hands and the two cheaper cheeks were pressed with thumb and middle finger, the two bottles moved to the tongue with a given up.
It was a cleaning pella that was not found as a technique, but it doesn’t need a lot of technique to lick the semen with my tongue anyway.

It’s okay.not bad.This is the first time, so I look at it.From next time, try a little this.”

After tasting the soft texture of the soft tongue, I removed the object from the mouth and turned the direction of the body towards Miriel.

Sales Squirting side.Had Chur .

Then Miriel buried his face between my legs as if I had waited, and finished the cleaning pella by showing his technique with grass.

All, then .
There is no way.The promise is just looking at it today, because it wasn’t next time.Oh, don’t think about running away.


Then, I stroked the cheeks of two bottles with the touch of the saint who adjusted the power again.

You have a hard time before you know it?What happens if I don’t solve this?Wait quietly.

Well, even if you don’t have to do this, the probability of running away from here is rare, and even if you run away, you will be caught as soon as there is no means to return to the seventh floor.
Anyway, I gave a despair to the last two bottles, and I went out with Miriel and left the room.

Ugh .

“hey.Are you okay?

At the same time as I went out to the room and closed the door, Miriel sat down to the floor with a nasty moan.

To be honest, it’s not so okay.Haha.After all, I can’t get it by the saint.It’s been a while since I tasted it.

I was worried that I was really fascinated by my expression.

The guy who had been added to the moreAnyway, thank you.Thanks to this, it will be a little easier to deal with that guy in the future.

It is true that I am grateful for helping, but I thanked me and called the water spirit and washed the body of Miriel cleanly.

“Yes It’s honored to be helpful.But the saint is really familiar with this.When Julian had a saint’s mouth in his mouth, I felt thrilled.Then I did it.Do you have more experiences than you think?

What is your experience?This is the first time.

At least in reality.Including the experience in the game, it was huge enough to be cleared by the teaching play alone.
Anyway, as I spit out, Miriel was stuck for a while and smiled when he sprayed.

is it.”

What the hell is so happy that my first assistant is his own?
I don’t know how much I have the influence of my assistant, but I don’t know what he thinks.

Anyway, don’t you wear some clothes?Or is it still lacking?

If you say it’s not enough, will you add it?

Do not do it.

Haha.That’s a pity.

Miriel, who said with a cool smile that doesn’t seem unfortunate at all, took out his clothes from his pocket on his back and started wearing the main island.

Did you wear it all?Then let’s go.I’ll see you to the entrance.

Finally, I finished one work.In fact, it was not scheduled to meet with this guy, but thanks to it, I could easily get information from two bottles.
I need to think about what to do if I do something strange next time I need my attention next time.

“huh?Saint.Do you forget what is important?

I was trying to see Miriel with a feeling of solving, but Miriel had no intention of going back.
Forget about what is important.Was there something like that?Did you finish everything to do?I also checked for the appointment of the apostle.

“You’ve prove why I don’t have to go to the seventh to be strong.”

ah Then there was still there.It can be said to be the most complicated problem.

“okay.I told you that you could know it.Did you do it?so?”

“huh.The saint will have the ability to know the level of the other person.

Did you even say that to me?Of course, I don’t remember everything I said, but I didn’t share that information.How did you find out?
Is this the intuition of the strongest adventurer?


Please check me.

What are you talking about?Maybe I haven’t confirmed that?Even if you don’t have to come here once wait for a sec.I don’t know that I said that after having sex.
Whatever the foresight, I used analytic to Miriel as I would say.

Name: Miriel Auden
Race: Mine 19
Occupation: Magic Test 250 / Adventurer 250
Level: 251

Level 251?uh?wait for a sec.Then this guy’s job .
I didn’t know that I just checked the numbers, but it wasn’t just the level that changed.
If my memory is clear, this guy must have been a magic prosecutor before.

It’s a horse river prosecutor.You are this .

“is it.Can you know not only levels but also jobs?You didn’t even have to have sex.Of course, for a long time, I can feel the saint’s regularity inward..
Stop bullshit and explain what happened.

Haha.It’s strange.When I wanted it, I didn’t reach my hand, and I got the teachings of the saint and put them down.

What is that.Do you know what the martial arts world is this?Get stronger enlightenment.

Anyway.Now I don’t have to be obsessed with the 7th floor.The basis for being stronger than a warrior has already been established.What left is my effort.So the saint.Believe me.

The reason for going to the seventh floor and taking control of Plitus is really purely for one?
To understand that, I faced Miriel and faced with MirielMiriel also looked at my eyes with straight eyes.

Looking at it like this, I feel more and more leaning towards my belief in Miriel.
okay.Did you have a good appointment?The reason why the child who is appointed to the apostle will deceive me no.No matter how so, it is not a matter of hasty decision to send Miriel to the seventh.
Besides, if Miriel goes, aren’t the Aracne executives follow?No matter how much I say my woman is, no.Therefore, it was not possible to allow it even more easily.

I want to go to the 7th floor.

Because I can only be the help of the saint.

I felt since I met in the Arakne Clan House, but I don’t think about hiding my feelings now.
Is it because I accepted Alicia?Or highly organized acting?

I can’t answer right now.Think a little.

Either way, I couldn’t conclude right now.
Besides, I have the best opponent to seek advice from this problem.

If you allow it, it will be the help of the saint.

Looking at Miriel once again, I was caught in an indescribable feeling.
Obviously, I think it’s reliable. Why is it so stupid?Is it because you have been hit hard once?The real one should be able to believe it immediately.

Anyway, there was no reason to stick to Miriel as much as I could not answer right now.Once I returned Miriel, I called Barnetsa right away.Barnetsa did not have a dragon, but simply to check the location of Diana.
When you have a complicated head, it’s best to talk to Diana.
You might think you rely on Diana too much, but you don’t have to leave the team’s brain alone.

Diana went out.

But my plan to consult Diana and organize my thoughts was frustrated before I started.

In the meantime?Where?”

Diana is going out and there’s no reason to report to me.Even if you do salvation,.
Did you go out without words?


When I stabbed the song, the expression of Barnetsa changed.Slightly.
Somehow, the words became longer.Did you remember the memory of Diana’s runaway?I think it was in my heart.In the future, I have to say a word when I go out.

Anyway, if you can’t grasp the material of Diana, you’ll have to put it off.
Then what will you do?You can’t just wait until Diana’s return.
I wanted to be appointed to Ray in this gap, but Ray, who went out with Sarah, could not grasp the material.
If so, the option for me There is only that too.I don’t know if it’s time or not, but let’s see and think.

Then Barnet.I’ll go out for a while.

That’s why I was moving towards the temple now.
I feel it every time I come, but there are too many people heading to the are so many devout believers, but it should be like a saint.
Among the believers heading to the temple, especially men, especially men, did not want to take it.
Women will be tired though, but they’re surrounded by dozens of boys.I don’t want to do such hell -like experience twice.
I wrote a hidden and hidden my body by crossing the shadow and shadow of the building.

Anyway, my destination is a place where ordinary believers can’t come in within the temple, so don’t just be caught.
It was so easy, but the reality was not so green.
Who did it?Life is a series of unexpected things.

In order to go to where the clergy lived, it was necessary to pass the chapel first.
And near that chapel, I faced Raya, Helena, and Laon.
This was not so unexpected.I didn’t come to see Layea, but I knew that Rayia came to the temple with Helena.
The problem was that the garlon that was with me reacted to me.

“huh?Strange reaction Who is there !?What are you doing secretly hiding!?

Z, shit!I almost came to the shadow and was alert!That guy is uselessly sensitive!It’s like a dirty scam!Nothing is a baby!Ignore it!
I tried to pass by, but Threon didn’t work at all.

It’s better to quit the way to pass by!In a sacred temple, you’re hidden like a thief!Suspicious guy!Yes you!I’m talking about you!

Probably you want to look great in front of your woman.The brackle pulled the sword and stretched out to the place where I was.
Even when I pointed to me with my fingers, I nodded fiercely.
no.Shut up if you can read the shape of your finger!Shh!Shh!

What are you going to do quiet?Do you think this warrior will send you a suspicious guy like your guy!?

Isn’t that a bastard showing my face and not doing it on purpose?It’s me!You’ve been with me these days and you have not felt a lot of my mana!
no!It doesn’t mean strange!Eight Damn!If you do it, it sounds like a strange meaning because you operate mana like that!

Oh, anyway.I’m wrong for noticing Thremy.Even if you don’t look like you like you, I can overcome this crisis with my ability alone.
No matter how good you are, you can see if you can see the shadow movement that has no distance limit.
I just went to the center of the aisle, and the temple is decorated with colorful glass of color..

“oh?The necklace Salvation?

Wahl, angelic!What if you tell me that?

Ugh.Are you?Why are you doing that there?

After listening to Laya’s words, I finally noticed the identity of the garment, and I asked with the expression that it was absurd.
I wanted to say a word, but I didn’t answer the question.Helena next to it.

Is there anything weird?Salvation is a saint .


And as soon as the word saint came out of Helena’s mouth, the members of the believers who lined up to enter the chapel turned on the eyes and began to turn around.
no.There may have been a woman in the school, but at least I only saw a man in my eyes.
Oh, no!shit!I can’t get it like this!This is like this!Remion!The victim was set as you!You are responsible for it because it happened in the first place!
I dug between the procession by shadow movement, then flipped the robe and shouted with a low voice.

Yo, the warrior Idaa!

Saints and warriors.It’s not that similar, but it’s enough to drag aggro..

“no way.what.Was it a warrior?Not this.Sir.hello.”
Chet.Don’t be confused.Which bird I, that.Seo, sir.You are beautiful today.
I listened to the warriors and the saints wrong.How is my ear too Seo, sir.The rough words in the sacred temple are not good.Cancer.

Big black.Kouham, cool luck!

In the violence of language without any reason, the rash, which had been in the same reason, grabbed the chest and sat down.
In addition, the people who were frowned upon and sweared at Layia smiled and pretended not to smile.
Thraine is also not good at reputation.Well, if you think about it for the first time, it’s not good.Would you like to be a rash?
On the other hand, our angel stabs the sky.

Anyway, I escaped from the crisis by using the base, and I rebounded my stealth and moved to the clergy’s residence.
Then I followed the trash temperature where I could read my signs, and I could only solve the stealth only when I went to where the believers were invisible.

Salvation!What are you doing today?

As soon as I unpacked the hide, the angel ran to me with a bright smile.
The back of the tail was shaken, showing how pleased the angel is rejoicing this unexpected meeting.

“no.I just wanted to see the face suddenly.Oh, Hellena too.

Oh, huh.But what should I do?Helena’s education is still less.

The angel, who laughed brightly in my answer, smiled brighter, and soon shouted down the ear and made a look.
Even this expression is poor and beautiful.

Oh, it’s okay.I don’t care.Do what I did.I don’t want to interfere.

I don’t think it’s interfering.still Would it be okay?”


“yes.Then please wait a little more.Oh, and if you are a cardinal, you are in the training ground.Do you know where?

this.Did you see it?I thought it was naturally passed, but that alone seemed to have noticed that my purpose was not to meet myself.
And the reason I came to the temple is that it is not layia, and naturally the object is narrowed into the other.

“I didn’t want to see a lay face.”

Huhhu.yes.Oh, we have to go to the chapel before worship starts.Then salvation.See you later.”

Even though I might sound like an excuse, the angel responded with a happy smile and waved his hands and died back to the chapel.
I think our angel knows how to melt the man’s soy than knowing, I just do it all.
Anyway, thanks to Laia, I knew that Matilda’s Paladin Training Lesson hasn’t changed, I soonI walked there.

Oh, you!

It was a break, but there were not many people in the training ground.
Nevertheless, the sincere Matilda was giving advice to some people who had gathered around him without leaving the training ground, but it was the end of the moment when the eyes were captured.

Well side.side.side.”

The sincere Matilda instructor disappeared, and the only pink Matilda in my head was pink Matilda.


Are you ashamed?

no.Rather than being ashamed, I think Matilda will be ashamed later when he teaches them again.

Ah.You are a horse.!

It was Matilda who looked so lovely that he wanted to hug me tightly, but he couldn’t move it into action.I was already hugged so much.

“then Would you like to go to my room?

Instead, Matilda pulled his back to the corridor by pulling my back with my waist.
There is no option to quit.Well, I am in favor of going to the space where I can talk alone.

“Yes Haah At that time .

Matilda’s room Rather than being in the office, after the baptism of the kiss for a while, Matilda finally leaned on my shoulder and sent me a sweet eye.It was a view that the party level would go up just by facing each other.
Of course, I didn’t hate it at all, and I wanted to keep doing this, but I still have to do it.

Matilda.Is it time to rest now?

Nehe .

It was hard to distinguish whether it was a sigh, but maybe I answered?

“okay?How long is it rest?

“that Ah.You too ….

In my very ordinary question, Matilda knocked my heart with a cute punching palm, sending a glance.
no.Matilda?I think you misunderstood something right now.

There is enough time to do once .

What, what is it?
Without the water, I took my hand to the slit of the skirt that Matilda was wearing.
Matilda was doing a lot more easily, instead of the usual cumbersome and complex blackbokbok.
So I put my hands in the slit of the skirt and looked inside, and when I checked the garter belt hidden in it, my stuff was reflected.
Of course, Matilda, who was in close contact with me, would have noticed it.

Aheung.You, be too hasty.

no.I think it’s Matilda.I’m not just doing this.
Of course, in the morning, I heard it by Diana, so I didn’t think I had to cure the curse as soon as possible, but I didn’t want to do this now!
The cry in my heart is just a cry.

I can’t help it.Matilda put his hands under the skirt and lowered his panties.I took out the panties that fell to my knees and threw them out completely.
The skirt is in the no -panties only wearing a garter belt!You can’t tell you to stop!?
okay.Let’s think good.I had to curse anyway, so I did two things at the same time.It’s not that difficult?

I opened Matilda’s skill window and checked that the paladin’s mind was needed.
good.As expected, as expected.Matilda’s skill levels have already reached a sufficient level, whether they have been working hard on the Paladin.
Then right now .

Oh, ….

Matilda can also be transferred to a saint.I thought so, and in fact, Matilda, who actually opened the status window and pressed the former button, and somehow peeled off to my pants, was accepting my stuff in the inside of his skirt.
And at that moment, a tremendous sense that I haven’t experienced so far hit my whole body.


In the room with a much more sacred feeling than usual.With the moaning of the whole temple.

Is it a good idea to express this sensation as a pleasure?
The sense of flowing through my body was heterogeneous so that such thoughts were heard.I’ve never felt it before.
To find a similar example, it can be said that it is similar to the sense of inserting it as if it was fascinated by Diana before the previous life, but it is intense enough to compare it.
Was this feeling of monsters who are losing my saint skills?The bomb named pleasure bursts all over the body and taps the whole body.
The explosion, which began with the lower body, seemed to reach my brain in an instant and explode the brain. For some reason, my brain was fine in the explosion.Like a shield that can’t be invaded as much as it is.
Even now, the whole body has become an erogenous zone, and it seems to be a 100 -fold and 1000x sensitivity, so it seemed to die and die, but I was still alive.

West, saint salvation.Wake up.Uh, how Uh.

And the moment I recognized the sacred voice that I heard in my ears, I reached out and reached out and climbed me on me. no.The goddess’s mouth was blocked.
Ugh.shit.I think I will die with my lip texture that touches my palm.

Goddess If the goddess is so embarrassed in the temple, the believers are confused. .

It seemed to die just by moving my lips and moving my tongue to make a felt like my brain burned white with the sense of my voice ringing the vocal cords, but I managed to voice.
Even in this situation, this heart for the goddess.Isn’t it a saint?

Oh, that, yes.then .

But my goddess used telepathy, which doesn’t know my heart or a real mistake, or the brain that I used before my forehead and my forehead.
The problem was that naturally, the area where my body and my body touched me, and my body was fitted with pleasure than I felt so far.
Dangerous.It is a protective film that protects the brain, and what is really going to go. .

Oh, Ah.That’s right.first of all Saint Salvation.It will be a little bit sticky.Please be patient a little.

What are you talking about?If you stir more than this, you can endure .


At the moment, I couldn’t understand what happened.
How many seconds?Or how many minutes?how many hours?Unknown blank time after screaming reflexively.After that, when the brain began to work again, I realized that I was falling on the floor and shaking my body like crazy.
However, it is said that the insertion with Matilda, which was on me, was released.
As a result, the body’s senses felt a bit normal.It was hard to keep my body properly, but it was still hard to see if it still remains.
Still, I can’t keep doing this, so I got on the floor and raised my body, and I felt another sense in my lower body.
no.Rather than feeling it, I realized it until I came to Inje.
Still standing in my stuff, semen was spewing out like a pee.
What, what is this.scared.

Saint Salvation.

I couldn’t do this or that, and I was stupid and looked into my lower body.

“yes?Ah yes.”

Then, when I looked up and looked up, Matilda fell down and looked down with a slightly difficult smile.

Why don’t you organize first?

It was a word.Finally, the situation was stopped and the condition was getting better, so I called the floor cleaning and ventilation by calling the spirit of water and the wind of the wind.As a bonus, my stuff or clothes.

Saint Salvation.

“Ah yes.Goddess.I’ll wear my pants right away.

Oh, no.It’s not a bunch.Not so .

huh?What is it?As a result of the idea, the goddess looked at the face of the goddess, and the goddess squeezed the skirt as he sprayed his cheek as if he was ashamed to speak more.

This, this is the child’s body .

In the skirt that I kicked like that, my cheap semen leaks out in the pussy, so I don’t know. .

West, Saint Salvation!Don’t lose reason!calm down!”

This time I almost hit the goddess, but fortunately I was able to establish a sane in the sacred voice that sounds the brain.
What, what’s just?If the goddess is a descent, the figures will not go up.It was like a fascinating feeling.
Anyway, as the goddess says, Matilda’s body is washed cleanly, and I can finally have a serious conversation with the goddess.

Saint Salvation.When you call from the next time, think about the time and place.

I had to hear a word from complaining before that.But this time I had something to say.

“no.I have never called.

It’s true that I’ve come here to call my goddess, but at least I didn’t want to call during sex.

Saint Salvation.Do you know that this child was a candidate?


I can’t know.I’m acting as if I don’t express it, but my eyes can’t be deceived.Since the hope of being a saint, Matilda has been like a dream.
I can’t know the hope that my woman wanted so much.

Then the saint salvation.Do you know what the role of the lady is?

Of course, I descend the goddess ah.
When you become a saint, you naturally learn goddess Advent.In the case of Laea, I didn’t know that I was already learning the goddess.
And the moment he learned the goddess, Matilda, who always dreamed of becoming a goddess in his body, unconsciously triggered the skill.

I will be careful in the future.

Not.It’s for your safety.The indomitable sexual desire skill that protected you is also part of the power I gave to you.Even if it’s an advent, not the main god, it’s close to miracle.

In other words, is I just died?
I realized the dangers of what I experienced, and I wet it with cold sweat behind my back.

So the saint salvation.Do you want to ask me?

yes.You can read my thoughts too.All I thought was right, right?
okay.Whether it’s a crisis to die, you have to be alive like this.The important thing is to hear the information you need before the time of the goddess Advent.

Saint Salvation.The question is correct.

Anyway, I thought I didn’t have to mention the phrases, but the goddess of the prophet asked for an exact question.
Is there a reason?Well, it’s not hard to say exactly, it’s not a big problem.

Is it possible not to hear Matilda?

Rest assured that the conversation of the heart is not heard by this child.

As a result, when I had a conversation in this way, Layia didn’t know the conversation.

Once you are appointed.Is this an assistant?

I was confident, first of all, I asked this question first.
In the other games of the Great Earth I have played so far, there are tensile skills that can be granted when the teaching teaching is raised to 100, and the tension skills that can be used when raised to 100.
But in my skill list, no matter how much I wash my eyes, there was no skill that I could take when I was assistant.
At first, as a saint who played a role in educating everyone, it made it ridiculous, so I went over it.

As a person to person rather than an expression of assistant ha.yes.that’s right.”

I felt a lot of words I wanted to say, but the goddess nodded with a sigh as if there was no time to waste it with such sermons.

Huh.thank god.So, is it that you can be appointed to Miriel?


W. Goddess?Why don’t you say anything?

yes.It is true that the child is activated for that reason.

For some reason, it seems like a bad answer.Do you not like the response to the word assistant, and do you not prefer to use this kind of apes?

Wasn’t the goddess an active use of the appointment of an apology in this way?

It’s not at all.

So did you really want to take a seal of the apostle while hugging it with love?No matter how much it is, it’s too high.’s nothing.”

Goddess.The goddess feels guilty of crushing the whole body even if you see it like that.Isn’t this a divine power?

Oh, anyway.As you may know, Miriel has made a little troublesome proposal.If you are okay, can you see if the goddess is a bit of a glimpse of Miriel’s heart?

Even if it is not a love but by an assistant, the apostle is appointed.I think that the number has reached the maximum, but I don’t think I’ll betray me.Still, it’s good to be sure if you are this king?

Saint Salvation. ha.To read the child’s mind, you have to use power.It’s different from you who are directly connected to the power I have dropped down.Do you know what this means?

And after I had a lot to say, but once I made a look, the goddess only told me about my questions.
Perhaps that means to use power.If our goddesses use their strength in this world, the war gods can use the power of the past.In other words, the resurrection of the war god is so fast.
Of course, I have heard that there is still a little more relaxed in the power of the goddess, but I can’t waste it in this place.

“is it so.This power is insurance.

I knew it.But it was strange.Miriel is also a dragon of the warrior, but at the same time it is the blood of the Gentiles sent by the goddess.
Even unlike Sarah, it was said that it was more influenced by that blood line.So it’s not a warrior.
But it’s not connected to the goddess?

Saint Salvation.Of course, the story is somewhat true, but my child’s power is just the same remnant as the dust.My child’s power is not as strong as you think.Most of my strength given to the Gentiles of the past was recovered and put into you.I remember the story that the stranger who had been hidden in the past, who had been a lot of people in the past, was you who came for a long time.

That is, of course, I remember.
I even remember that my grandfather’s death and the timing of this world are amazingly matched.
Is that too?In other words, the goddess has done everything to me.

“is it so.Why do you know why I’m trying to leave some power as insurance?

If I might fail, if I will be preparing for the situation.
But if you leave that much power, you can do it if I fail. no.There is one.
Even for the goddess, even though it’s so hard, it would be simple to handle one.
Like all the Gentiles have been sent to me after all the gangs disappeared, this time .

Saint Salvation.You sometimes have a lot of thoughts.

Big.Oh, no.Goddess.Not doubting the goddess.

No matter how mutual agreement was done, I killed you and recovered my strength to help me.Please rest assured that you won’t do that.Did you all wait until everyone was naturally killed?Best of all, if you are recovering power, you can recover at any time without killing.

Perhaps the goddess said to reassure me, but I could not be relieved at all.On the contrary, I felt that the anxiety I had felt before was amplified.
Because that means, that is, if I think I will fail, I can recover my strength and bring others to give it.
If the insurance for the insurance is to bring another stranger, everything is explained.


And the goddess, who has been rebutting my thoughts so far, has been quietly silent without any rebuttal.
I must have read my thoughts again this time.

Saint Salvation.I don’t have to think so complicated.

The goddess, who had been silent for a while while reading all of my thoughts, conveyed his voice into my head through telepathy again.

As you think, the most important purpose for me is to prevent the resurrection of drinking.If you fail, you might have to recover it and bring another saint.This is inevitable.But saint salvation.That doesn’t mean I hurt you.You’re just going back to the original world.I go to the world and live an ordinary life like before coming to this world.The world and the world you lived have a different time, so even if you go back, it will only run for a few hours.You’re just playing games for hours.

As if there is nothing to worry about, the goddess who ties me in a calm voice may really seem to really have nothing.
no.In fact, if you think about it calmly, it may be wrong to be wary of the goddess, not the problem.
I have been called to this world according to the contract, and I was given power.If you fail to achieve the terms of the contract, it is natural for the goddess to be returned to the original world.
Besides, you can turn it all back.After all, there was no penalty for failure.That may be a significant contract for me.

Of course, it might be that if you think about it all the time.
But honestly, how many people can do that?Besides, I am a person who is far from rational, rather very emotional.
No matter how much I tried to accept the goddess’s words, it was impossible for me.

Lost all the power you have now and go back to the original world?Originally, it won’t be a few hours in the world, but my memory will remain completely.Can I live in that world?
impossible.It is impossible to think about it.Losing power is not a course, it’s a waste to lose power, but the bigger problem is that we will break up with our kids.
Vague anxiety that I have felt before.Even though I didn’t have a distinct motivation, I was anxious that I steadily moved to the dungeon.
And at this moment, that anxiety became a reality through the mouth of the goddess.
In this situation, how do I do not be wary of the goddess, how is it cool?!

Of course, it would be harsh to go back to you now.I know that too.

I know that I don’t have to think about it.!
But the saint salvation.This is all about when you failed.If you don’t want to go back, it’s a story if you don’t fail.

I screamed without knowing, but the goddess did not care about my attitude at all.

So you don’t have to be wary.I want you to succeed more than anyone else.You don’t even doubt this?


It was definitely that.The impression that I have shown so far is tooI was wary of me because I was different, but I could not want the goddess to fail my failure.

“is it so.Especially you have succeeded in having a condition that you can’t get no matter what Gentile comes.I hope you never fail.


I have gained the heart of the hemp child.Through the child, if you have gained eternal life, if you can only extend the resurrection time of drinking and drinking the war underneath, will the remaining rehabilitation work will be eliminated?

indeed.As a result, when I first descended through Laea, I praised the women who were appointed to the woman.
As a goddess, there is no way to say that there will be an apostle with such a good condition again, so it’s ideal for me to succeed.
If the goddess appeals to the emotions, you are the most favorite stranger, so if you had a bullshit, it would not have been faith, but it was more faithful to your purpose.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the image of the goddess that has changed in me is better.
shit.In the past, unlike the absolute and authoritative image that comes to mind, I thought it was a cute goddess because there was a corner that was screwed somewhere.

Me, screw missing .

Look at that.On the topic that was so cool until you just pretended to be such a cute Was that all that was acting to reassure me?

West, Saint Salvation!You are too doubtful sometimes!

Not deceived.I will no longer be cheated.Who will believe it?

“really If you don’t believe it, you have to work with me anyway..Don’t doubt too much, ask if you need anything more.It’s time to go.

surely.Whether the goddess is cute, the thing to do now was not doubtful and wary.If it was the same time, the tree frog instinct would have been triggered, but this is not possible this time.
You may really break up with our kids.If I don’t do my best.

Only one before that.If I succeed, then?


After everything is over, what will you do?

I will listen to a wish as the first contract you passed without reading.

The modifiers attached to the contract are too long.Are you still in your mind?I have to be on the goddess topic.

I don’t go!How hard I wrote to convince you!I don’t notice it like that !

Chi.Is it cute again?

So pretending to be cute That’s Okay.really!Then have nothing to say with me!?I’m going to go!?

“for a moment!I have something to ask before that.You’ve been looking at the above, so do you know Miriel’s proposal?What do you think of that?

He was a goddess who was nailed that he could not look into Miriel’s heart, but even though he was a goddess.You will be able to see and judge Miriel more objectively than me, so let’s listen to it.

Saint Salvation.You know what it means to be appointed even if you are an apology.It doesn’t matter which condition is met.I never think that child is thinking badly to you.At least now.

At least now?

Because the heart of a person is easy to change.Even now, if you go down and encounter a new environment, your thoughts may change.Of course, if you use the appointment of an apology, it won’t change to harm you..

Do I want to use Miriel to be appointed?

It’s not just that child.From the beginning, I wanted you to take advantage of the appointment of the apostle.

Then I said that before.but .

Now it’s really time.Saint Salvation.Finally, I’ll say a word.You can think of it.But my and you are a fate community.Don’t forget that you have the same purpose.Don’t just doubt it, believe it when you need it Ugh!I, I

The goddess who suddenly looks dull before the horse is over.At the same time, the sacred energy that came out of the body gradually disappeared, and the lovely cardinal stared at my complexion.

Are you okay?

Perhaps my expression will be quite complicated if it wasn’t, I would have been watching my expression that changed my moment.According to Laya, even if the goddess descends in his body, the consciousness remains clear.


But I was hesitant to share the conversation with the goddess right now.
Of course, I couldn’t hide this important story forever.I don’t want to worry, but that’s why it’s too important to keep it alone.
So you should say someday, but at least it didn’t seem to be talking about it now.

I don’t look good.What did you say with your goddess?

I’ll go back and talk.It’s about the dungeon attack, so I think it’s a good idea to talk once at once.

Is it a bad story?

“no.Rather than being bad It’s a bit complicated.

It’s not a lie.I don’t want to follow what the goddess said, but if I don’t fail, it’s really a problem for me.
Besides, the future after success was definitely answered, so it’s a mix of good stories.

“is that so .That, by any case Didn’t you talk about me about me?

“huh?Oh, did you become a saint?I didn’t say much.But you will know how much Matilda believes and follows the words of the goddess.This time I’m busy talking about drinking with me .

No matter how much the impression of the goddess has changed in me, but that did not mean that Matilda, who believes in the goddess, is not good.
As I read Matilda hard, Matilda shook his head with a red face.

Oh, no!Not that!When I made the goddess in the Advent, I and I iced coffee!What do you do?!

iced coffee.Then there was that.

“are you okay.I don’t worry about it too.Maybe the goddess feels like .

If it would have been good, would you insult the goddess in front of the saint?
I managed to stop talking reflexively, and I read Matilda in other words.

You must have understood Matilda’s mood.I noticed how much Matilda wanted to descend the goddess.

Is that so?

“huh.then.Matilda would have been mindful, so you saw it?I washed with spirit and talked casually.

I’m glad.then Are you okay?

“huh?me?I’m okay, of course.Have you seen me falling out of sex?So you don’t have to worry.Matilda can just be honest.Finally, you became a saint, and you descended even the goddess?

When I said so, Matilda finally opened his eyes and put his hand on the chest as if he had finally realized it.

“ah That, yes!I finally !

“okay.Matilda is finally a lady from today.I must have tried a lot.I didn’t know it too, but you mastered the paladin’s mind.Really I checked earlier and surprise .

As soon as I opened the status window of Matilda again, I was blocked.

“you?Why are you?

“no.Matilda level .

3, 318!?what is this!?
Not surprisingly, Matilda’s level was 250 until he was a saint.Unless you raise a special direct level like a warrior or saint, it’s a world where you don’t have a level if you don’t break through the level limit.
In other words, Matilda says that the level has risen 68 in the meantime.
Even higher than me !?How hard to level up from 250 is 68 in a moment!?

Well, is it because of the squeezed when you descended the goddess earlier?
It was a goddess to control the body, but the body itself was Matilda’s.
It was cheap like peeing, so it may have been treated as if you have felt hundreds of climaxes in between.
In addition, the bigger the pleasure that the other person feels, the more experience you get, so if you think about the violence of pleasure I felt earlier.There is a fact, no other possibilities came to mind.
That is, that is, .

In my head, a huge idea came to mind.
Of course, in order for the idea to become a reality, many pre -conditions must be established.But if it was executed, it could not be easier than this.

“you?What do you think?are you okay?After all, it’s hard to work..

Oh, no.It’s not a big deal.Anyway, shall we go out?I think it’s been a break, but if it’s too long, people will be worried.

I answered that way, but I was thinking differently.
I need to think about it properly.

Anyway, Matilda will go back to the training ground, so I decided to go back to the mansion.Before I told everyone, I was to clean up my thoughts alone.
I was thinking about it until I left the room with Matilda, but as always, work didn’t go as I thought.

no.It’s not like a big problem.But you had a strange sound when the goddess was summoned.Since then, I’ve been talking with telepathy all the time, but the sound I first screamed was spread throughout the temple.

Cardinal, I heard the voice of the goddess a while ago, but no matter what you are Did you come too?

The priests were encamped in front of the door by leading the Sophia Ambassador.
It’s very inconvenient.My mother -in -law secretly hid in his wife and played with another woman.
no.Sophia’s metabolite may not know what I did with Matilda, so I don’t think so.

Ambassador!I have been contacted by the Vatican!Cardinal’s curseThe curses of the men were all solved at once .

What, what!?Oh, no.Is it natural to think about it?It was so natural that the level of curse disappeared completely because the level was so rising.
For me, I don’t feel sex at all.wait for a sec.By the way, the lady.If you have something to say to the end, why do you stop on the way and stare at us?Why are you suddenly blushing?

Big, hmm .

So, Sophia Ambassador!?Why did the ambassador look like that?Oh, no!It’s not like that!I definitely inserted it, but it’s not like you think, as you think, it’s not a curse!You heard the goddess voice earlier!?So wasn’t it so crowded!?

Ma, Matilda Cardinal, that Even when you feel good, even the voice is sacred..

No, what are you mistaken?Do you think that the sound was just because Matilda was just feeling good?!No matter how good you feel, you can’t make a loud sound of the whole temple!Let’s think of common sense!Common sense!

Now, everyone!It seems that there was a misunderstanding.Everyone goes back to his place .

Sofia metabolite!I know you care, but if you dissolve it like this, we will no chance to explain!
Matilda!Matilda says something !

Oh, ….

I can’t.This.It tasted completely with the shame.Red turned red to the end of the ear and floats as if they were floating.Eight!shit!Everyone around me thinks weird, so I have a strange idea!

I don’t know what you think, but the curse was released by Matilda as a lady and descended to the body.

The only thing I can get through this crisis is my wit.After judging and desperately rolling my head, I barely made a perfect excuse.

West, saint?Matilda Cardinal?

“is it so.therefore .
Ha, two saints appear at the same time!

I tried to move on in moderation, but this time the Sophia metaputionary festival did not go over.
Eh, huh?what is this?Why is the reaction?Didn’t you have two saints?

You are also a saint .
“Oh oh !

In addition, the other priests who gathered around the eyes look like the villagers who have been looking at me since they helped the kinky couple in the blacksmith..
That, don’t look like that!Why are you starting to pray?No matter how much you do it, you can make you a saint .


“yes yes ?

Can you go together and tell me a detailed story?

I was overwhelmed by the momentum of the Sofia metabolite, I had to nod my head.
Ze, Damn.My plan to go back to the mansion and organize my thoughts .

Since then, it has been a big deal.
The contents of the conversation with the goddess were related to the mission, so I could not say that I could not say it, but that was not the end.
Even if it was not the words of the goddess, the birth of a new lady alone was enough to become a story.
In addition, it is said that it is the first time in history that two saints coexist in this way.
When the first saint was old and short of life, a new young lady was born, and there were often two saints together, but in the case of Laya and Matilda.
Not so long ago, the lady was cut off, but now, two saints who are unprecedented in history coexist.
Naturally, the priests who heard the news were the blessings of the goddess, the grace of the saint, and were busy praying, and the temple was almost paralyzed.
Even the Vatican came back to contact again to celebrate the birth of the two saints, but it was possible to calm down with the words that the saint’s mission was not over yet.
no.It doesn’t matter if it’s just a festival, but it’s a parade ritual.

Anyway, after a long afternoon that was not scheduled, it was only late at night that we could only be liberated from the temple.
Even in the eyes of the villagers, I turned it over to the hood because it would happen again.

I think I’m tired and die .

“sorry.My grandmother is polar.

Only after coming to the mansion, we could finally throw them off the frustrated hood.
When he threw off the hood and revealed his fatigue, Matilda shrugged his head with a little sorry expression from the side.

“no.I’m glad you looked healthy.You said you seemed to be sick before?

The person who was in the Vatican, which had the best medical system, showed that, and I still remembered that Matilda was very worried.
However, the Pope, who saw over the communication magic device today, was so refreshing that it seemed more corrected than when he first saw it.

Did you remember?

Of course, you can’t remember it?Not others, but Matilda’s grandmother.

At that time .

I was very impressed with my words, Matilda hugged my arm and looked up with my eyes.
It’s nice to be impressed, but is this pink mode now?Matilda, you have a curse now, right?Why again .

Huhhu.It was a little fun though.Everyone rejoices, there .

As I faced Matilda, I was on the other side of Matilda, and this time Rayia shook his arm and hugged my arm.
I turned my head and the cute eyes were so dazzling.


Don’t you know?

Laya hugs my arms a little more powerful.The big chest is pressed and changing the shape is so much over the priest’s is not.
Anyway, Layea seems to want to say this.I was happy to be with me for a long time.
I have rarely happened together recently.Even if I was together, I spent most of my time with sex.

“but.I was also happy to do this too.


Lightly kissed Laya’s head, and Layea moved his ears and showed a clearer smile.
Healed.I feel like the fatigue I felt a little while ago.

It was a very happy time, but the happy time did not last long.
Not long after Raya and Matilda on both sides, we quickly arrived at the mansion, and when we received Barnetsa and passed through the main entrance, there was a remark that made me realize the reality that we are now in the mouth of Matilda.

So you said you talked about the conversations you had with you and the goddess when they gathered?

okay.From now on, it was time to talk seriously.
It was too late for dinner, but I asked Barnet to gather everyone in one place.

That was such a conversation .

At the place where everyone gathered, I first told me what happened when we failed during a conversation with the goddess.

Even I was worried about me.Perhaps everyone was expected.
Isn’t it?No matter how much you believe it is a mission, it’s strange that no one has complained every time I go to the dungeon so far.
It’s dangerous, so it’s normal to quit.Just because we don’t go to dungeons, we don’t have to worry about eating.
Even when I was distressed in the fourth floor and returned, I just tried to rest until I completely regained my condition.
Everyone was expected to some extent.If you do not follow the words of the goddess or fail your mission, you may have to break up with me.

After all.I have been guessing since all of the Gentiles were disappeared..

But no matter how expected it was, it was shocking to hear it directly, and everyone couldn’t hide the bitter expression.
shit.I didn’t want to talk about it.
I would never have talked about me if it was me.I think it’s better to worry about it alone, rather than seeing this look.
But I have already promised.I don’t think about it anymore.That’s why our kids made this look.
Fortunately, there was a person who could pretend to be strong in this time.

Why do everyone look like that?What is that?If you don’t fail?

okay.That is the warrior.
I pretend to be strong on the youngest topic.
Originally, a warrior, which is originally drawn in a game or cartoon in the world, is usually described as a person who leads everyone with a stronger will than anyone else. Sarah sometimes comes to mind.
Well, in this world, the warrior is quite different.

Sarah is right.There is no need to make such an expression.I didn’t want to fail in the first place.If you just work harder in the future, you can stop it.yes?”

Anyway, it’s time to get rid of Sarah’s words and enhance the mood.

“okay.It’s not to get rid of the drink right now.You just need to stop the war and delay the time when the seal is released.I can’t fail.Squeezing over there is also being solved well?I heard from Ray.

Even though Sarah, he said that he knew my heart, and he said so, and when they were two of us, they seemed to have been forced to make a depressed look.

“of course!Who’s plan.Once you put it in your hand,.

That moment,During the day, Miriel said he passed by his head.It means that either war can stop either of Bafra.

“you.I think this body needs to take control of Plitus at the same time as Bapra.

And not different, Diana has pointed out that.
It was a problem that I had a name of Plitus when I first met with God and Yuri.Even if there was only Diana next to it, I wouldn’t have made that mistake.I’d rather just say that it was a descendant of a forgotten warrior..

Don’t look like that.It’s definitely a difficult problem, but if you think together, something will come to mind.First of all, focus on taking control of the border areas where Plitus and Bapra touch, not the whole of Plitus.Even if you take control of it, you won’t be suspicious.

That says that even if the head is good, even the point is not a point.If you had something to do, you won’t have to stay in the village of nine tails.
If so, the only thing left is that way.

One is one.There is a way.I went to Miriel in the morning, right?At that time there was one proposal .

I explained in detail Miriel’s proposal to me.Of course, the fact that the apology is appointed, or hiding the fact that Miriel made this suggestion because he wanted to get my attention.
However, as I explained so much that I had to explain some of the facts, of course, I had to have an unnatural explanation.

But isn’t Miriel too dangerous?Why did you suddenly make such a suggestion?

Even at the risk,
“hmm.It would be explained if Miriel thought there was a reason for the guild’s owner of the sixth floor..
If you think about the way you hand the manstone, you can only feel impure intention.

Do you think Miriel is still reliable?

Hey, this fool.Did you forget that you were stabbed by a woman a while ago?

Naturally, these questions come from all sides.
Everything is all right, and I have nothing to say.That’s why I wanted to organize my thoughts before I talked to them.I didn’t have too much time because I was holding on to the temple.

Uh, um.That’s.Why is that?Now, Arakne Clan has a reliable person..

The woman?”


“hey.Salvation.Yes, you.Yes, do you know that it’s a topic that you have been treated as a major adventurer for the recent adventurers?

In that way, it is a great propaganda, and there is no meaning of planting people at all.

That, it is also a word.
Z, shit!This fatal warrior hemp combination!When you put me on the topic that always fights the Tudakdak, you are killed only!

“no.still .
Or salvation Is there something different for something different?

In that way, Layea put one hand on his chest.
Perhaps it was a habitual action without any meaning.It’s because of what’s cold and overflowing to put it on, because our angel often does that.
The problem was that after returning to the mansion, while others gathered, Layia was wearing a priest’s clothing that covered the whole body, and now he is wearing a very eye -catching eye.
In such a way, I did that, so the other people who watched naturally went on the chest, and naturally paid attention to the seal engraved on it.
It was light like a slightly burned flesh, but it was very noticeable in the body of an angel with white skin like snow.
okay.It is the apostle seal.


And as soon as the seal was recognized, everyone turned his head and looked at it so hard that it was so white that it was white.The only thing that didn’t look at me was the only angel who didn’t look at his heart.
The angel looked at other people as if he didn’t know English alone, and he looked down and dropped his eyes down, and as he realized what happened, he opened his eyes like a rabbit and looked at me two more than others.
The appearance of the angel was so beautiful and cute that it would have been the way of mind and regained the stability of the mind and body.
scared!It’s scary !?Please relieve your eyes!



In the eyes of Sarah, which produced a dangerous atmosphere as if it proved that the source of his own power was a drink, I had no choice but to voiced reflexively.

You are honest.To her Did you appoint you?


But I was able to suppress fear, however.
That, yeah!I didn’t really appoint him, but I don’t have to be scared.

“Sarah.Can’t you believe me?I think I used to use that important thing, not talking to you?I’m disappointed!”

Uh, huh?Oh, no.I’m just Salvation says as if I believe in her.Mi, sorry .

Nevertheless, Sarah’s momentum was significantly broken, even if he could not imagine this in this way.
good.In this way, something excuses in the meantime .

Then salvation.Is it nothing more than an appointment?

“no.I believe it because of it ah.”

Oh, oh!I was alert that I pushed it once, so I honestly answered.!


Now, wait!I can explain it!Give me a chance to explain!

Sarah’s momentum is more explosive than before, and I immediately lifted the white flag.
Ze, Damn.I didn’t want to talk about this.

That means.Actually, I held Miriel before and released it in a few days.At that time, confirm that it is appointed apart.Now, only guys!Listen to the end!?No matter how much I am, I’ll touch your brother to Sarah!?

I don’t think it’s a younger brother so?”

but.If he thought he was a younger brother, he would not be able to check her.

Anyway, I was strange.Why the hell is the appointment?So I asked the goddess today.Then there are other conditions other than love each other in the conditions that can activate the appointment of Applies.

Is it different conditions?

“okay.Right Joe .

Only after saying there, I could finally realize why the goddess was uncomfortable when I was an assistant in the day.
It’s hard to take my mouth because I want to say that I surrendered to an assistant in front of our kids.

I tried a lot to hold onto and persuade me?In the process.What would you like to express this?That, yeah!I have a lot of relying on me!Even if it is not love, if such feelings reach the extreme, they are appointed to be appointed.Wow, I’m surprised too .


He said that he was so well surrounded by self -confidence, and surprisingly, the reaction was cold.


Then what was the morning of the morning manseok settlement?

Oh, that?I just wanted to be interested in me .

Now, wait.ruined.If you say this, you don’t just rely on it.Even if I listen to this, it looks like a person I like?
no.In fact, I realized that Miriel’s reaction was just assistant and not the reaction of the man who obeyed it!It’s so blatant these days!
But it’s not really like that!

Hmm.Salvation.What did you say before?what?I don’t touch my hand because I’m my brother?

Not surprisingly, Sarah immediately burned his eyes and pushed his face in front of me.
A.Sara.Why are you so again?The pretty face changes scary.
Now, think about it.I know that it’s a misunderstanding.

Oh, no.Sarah.Think about it.This is not my hand, but he to me .

This is wrong.Die.
After a while, I closed my eyes, thinking about the anger of the warrior who would hit my body.But no matter how long waiting, the anger of the expected warrior did not fall.
As I opened my eyes, Sarah was in front of her eyes with a fist with an expression of wanting to hit a squeak.But still still means you don’t really want to hit it.
What is it?Sarah is angry at this timing.

Sarah .I Salvation?

Unlike me who is puzzled, Layea seemed to know why Sarah did.
I hugged Sarah and patted it and made it slightly nicknamed, and I looked up my eyes with my hands in my face and grabbed my hands and bent my eyes.

So what are you going to do in the future?

I’m going to send Miriel to Pleatus.

It may sound cool, but as Miriel said during the day.If Miriel fails, there’s nothing to lose to me.

What is the appointment of the apostle?

I will not do it.

“why?sun.Is it safer to send? .

I definitely made me talk a little strange, but isn’t it too much?
I tried to say that, but I was serious about Sarah’s face that turned his head.The anger that was spewed up a little while ago was not even angry.

It’s not sarcastic.I sincerely say.sun.To her too.

Suddenly what do you mean?

If it fails, it’s all the end?You have to do everything you can do.

Only then did I finally realize why Sarah was so patient and realized.
is it.It was the first to pretend to be so strong and encouraged the scam, but in the end, there is no worry.
And I just look at Rain’s hugging SarahAs you can see, everyone seemed to understand Sarah’s heart.
When I looked around her room, she nodded her head as if she agreed to Sarah’s words to appoint Miriel to Miriel.

“no.I will not do it.

But I understood all the will of everyone and shook my head firmly.

I told you to actively use the appointment of an apostle, but you refused?At that time and now my answer is the same.I won’t just use the appointment of Application for the purpose.The heart in the seal is like you too.Even in me, the appointment of apostles is like a token that shows a relationship with a loved one.So I don’t want to use it for other purposes.I don’t know if I can be appointed even if I love Miriel too, but you said earlier.In the case of Miriel, other conditions are met and the appointment of apostles seems to be available.

okay.This was the important thing.To be honest, if you don’t worry, it’s a lie.This was the biggest theme that I tried to come back and thought.
But when I reacted to our kids in front of me, my thoughts became firm so that I didn’t have to worry about it.
I know how much I cherished the apostle seal so far as a certificate of love.If you do not like the seal location, you will not like it, but if I change it, I will not like it.
So far, even one of the precious minds can’t be appointed one by one.

Of course, if you say this, you may fall down on Ray, but I think it’s different from that.
That’s my mistake.In addition, if you leave it still, Ray as well as me will not be able to daily life.
In the case of Ray, it was not just for the purpose, but also the meaning of correcting my fault.
Honestly, if it was just for the purpose, Ray was just a minor teaching like Miriel for a few days and simply buying it.
But would I try to be with each other’s trust relationship and love?So in the case of Ray, it’s definitely different.
I might think it was forced, but at least I was clearly distinguished in me.

But that’s important now !

It is important.Why aren’t it important?You don’t want to fail because you don’t want to lose me?That’s the same.So do i.It’s so desperate that you don’t want to break up with you.But for him, it hurts your heart, and it doesn’t mean to trample your memories with you.

Why, why so .

When I said so firmly, Sarah trembled as if he could not understand at the same time.

Know me.Sarah.

What if it fails.

But even if the emotions were shaken, Sarah was Sarah.At the last minute, I bite my lower lip tightly, pressed my emotions, and then swept my head, not Sarah.

“don’t worry.Your brother is much better than you think.Maybe it’s okay.And to be honest, if you eat a bad heart, I’m confident to correct it right away.


Uh, huh?Didn’t I finish it very nicely right now?Why is this reaction Oh, ah!

Ah, no!Not in a strange sense !
“it’s okay.That’s now.

Sarah shook his head on the embarrassing day, and Sarah stopped his mouth as if he was told to stop.
And looking at us, others smiled.It’s not a forced smile that I and Sarah forced me to show off.

thank god.It was as if Sarah had the most emotional response, so it became as if told Sarah, but I said it to everyone here, not just to Sarah.
And my will was also properly handed down to everyone.

The Saint’s in the Dungeon Episode 1112

Eventually, we decided to send Miriel without the appointment of the Apostles, and spent time discussing how to prepare for him until late at night.
Whether you send Miriel to Plitus, you must be ready for success or fail.
If we succeed, our actions that follow after that will change significantly, so we need to think about it.
If we fail anyway, we send it under the calculation that there is nothing to lose, but that’s why you can’t really take nothing.
Of course, Miriel, who first brought out the words, will be thoroughly prepared, and there are few things that are as short as he is leading a giant clan, but as much as possible, we should help us as much as possible.

Anyway, because I have a lot to prepare, it’s time to talk about it, so I decided to talk about the remaining talk tomorrow and we decided to dissolve it.
There was still something to say, but I can’t help it.If the time is delayed, the time with the angel who came to the way will be reduced.

Then Laya.I will go first and wait.

When he grabbed the waist of the nearby Layea and whispered in his ears, he wiped it slightly.
Healed.I said it was a little wonderful, and now this smile feels much brighter and more beautiful than usual.
But the beautiful smile quickly disappeared, and Layea responded to something hesitant with his face bowed.

“I Salvation?

And when Laea lifted his head again, the eyes were faintly flowing from the pupil.


“together Would you like to go?

Just wash it in the room?
At first I thought I was saying so.But if you think about it, you don’t have to worry about it before you say that?In other words .

Le, Laya!?

Even before I reacted to Lay’s proposal, the other kids around me were surprised and reacted.

Isn’t it okay sometimes?Today I want to reward Mr. salvation.

But Layea seemed to have no intention of bending his will at all.
Rather than bending, I said that as if you were asking if you were the same heart, everyone could not say anything.
In return.Are you talking about the reward of what I said earlier?I think that’s going to bring about this butterfly effect.
I didn’t want to reward and said, but there was no reason to refuse to make my eyes.
Looking at other kids with expectations, they seemed to accept the suggestion of Laea, with a mood that could not be done.
But when public opinion changed, there were people who were in a hurry.

Ha, but you guys!Think about it!

“is it so!If you do it too much, salvation is .

It is a warrior and a hemp wizard who has a significant problem with others on the wall.
The two met each other and tried to change the public opinion again by combining each other as if they had worked together at that short moment.
But the voices of such warriors and hemp were briefly buried in a bigger voice.

Gwar, rule, it’s okay!After, hoo!Do you want to wash with your sisters like that?

Rachel sister, you were very embarrassed.The event you have prepared yourself is a sister who perfectly digests it, but it’s weak for this sudden event.I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be washed together today.
Nevertheless, in front of everyone, I would like to maintain an experienced and relaxed image, and my sister laughed and threw a provocative comment for me.


Uh, I can’t help it.My sister will wash them all in every corner.

Not all.Please leave a place to wash.

And when Raea accepted such a sister’s acting in this way, it was a confirmation atmosphere to go to the bathroom.

That, so Fuhuhu.First of all, the person who washing it is the person.

Rachel sister.Isn’t that too hard?
And if you provoke so much, you will get a real provocation.

“then I have to stick like this.


This game is decided before starting.Yes?At that time?

In this way.
By the way, it’s Matilda.I thought a bit when I came back from the temple, but why do you still think the pink mode is activated?Did you curse?

Anyway, when I headed to the bathroom while I was pushing back to Raya, Matilda and Rachel sister, the rest followed us.

Salvation.How is the water temperature?Is this appropriate?

At that time.Please tell me if there is an itchy place.

And now when I arrived in the bathroom, I was sitting on the left side of Matilda on the right side of Lay.
The number one -two foamed on both sides and washed it.Although it was not enough to be buried and washed into the chest, as I imagined, this was enough.This is the feeling of having a harem.

Oh, for reference, Rachel’s sister is in the bath with other kids over there.
Until I came to the bathroom, I was a sister who tried to lose to Rayana Matilda somehow, but it was hardened without knowing what to do.

are you okay.sister.It’s not my sister alone that I can’t wear it here.
Diana turned his face red, soaked in a bathtub, and was looking at us with a foam, and by reaching Sarah, it was hard to see this side.
Anyway, those perverts.It’s not just doing something strange, it’s just washing together.What if you can’t stand this?I’d rather hold on to Ray better.

okay.Actually, Ray continued to be with us.Not only followed in the bathroom, Returning to the mansion and gathering together.
However, she would have been unknown to Miriel’s relationship or appointment as an appointment of apart, and she had no presence because she had not been able to talk about it.
And the Ray is now soaked in the bathtub with Sarana Diana, Rachel Sister, and Barnetsa..

with a splash.

I thought it would only be, but suddenly Ray got up and got out of the bathtub.
Ray, who was soaked in water, boasted a shiny black skin, fixed his eyes to me, and came to me right in front of me and kneeled.
There was no problem so far.I thought that Ray wanted to wash my body by imitating Rayana Matilda.As there are Laea and Matilda on both sides, the remaining places are the only in front of me.
So I had no problem sitting in front of me, but the problem was next.
Ray slowly bowed his upper body forward and took his face between my legs sitting in the bathroom chair.


Oh, today Now, a lot.sweetly Do it?”

That moment.The air was frozen.
Is this strange?Obviously, it was a hot bathroom until a while ago.Why is it so sudden?
Even Laya and Matilda, who washed my arms from the side, also hardened, so that they could feel the flow of time.
It was usually a choking atmosphere, but was it brave if I was ignorant?Ray continued to talk without grasping the mood.

“hey.Strange.I don’t answer again.

Wonderful is you this ah!He should say several times that he is not a creature with his own will.Oh, no.This is not.

What makes me feel good?I won’t do it today!?

Uh, huh!?Ji, real?I Mr. Laya?Oh, not?

When I was embarrassed and reflexively came to my legs, Ray said, What?You serve the god who believes in your sex!?Why not!? As I looked like that I was saying, I asked the question to the side next to the side.

“yes yes?Oh, he’s Ha, I’ll do it .

Woman, Angeli!What do you do if you try to dry it up?Wow !?I even imagined it to be transformed into a nine -tailed fox!

Because I go to the room!I’ll just wash it here!

Oh, that’s right It’s not so disturbed.I’m all together with a man and entering the bathroom again..

What else !?What did you imagine?It’s like a bitch!What is the race of drinking!Are you not thinking about having sex much more than us!?

That, then mood no.Will you wash it clean?


In addition, even though he realized that his thoughts were wrong, Ray attempted a conversation with his lips at the end of my stuff.
So she !

I don’t answer even though this is.

Ao really!ruler!It is hard!Is it now?

Oh, it’s real.I say it’s washed.Good not good.

Don’t stroking that way!You said you won’t do it here!Why are you feeling good!?You actually pretend you don’t know!?

“hey.If you’re going to wash it, just wash it quickly.

Oh, yes.then iced coffee .

In a normal bubble, not by mouth!

It was counterproductive in this way that injected strange common sense as a joke!

But the woman here is washed with your mouth .

Are you really knowing this?

When it was cheap!That’s when it’s cheap!

Ze, Damn.Fly from the bathtub, the eyes from both sides are so warm!
Thinking like that, I looked at the bathtub side, but it was different.
It was soaked in the bathtub until the mouth was so big that it felt bigger, so I felt like cooking my conscience.

And Diana, who met with me, also felt something strange, and the long -lined ears rose red to the end, and the floor rose up with a trembling sound.
I feel the will not to be left like this.If you look at the expression, it seemed to run this way right now, but Diana’s two legs did not stand upright.
Instead, Diana swung his arm and pretended to be and shouted loudly.

“store!Barnet!Show those flimsy volunteers what the real bath is!

no!hey!Is it a surrogate war to hold the form like that at best!?If you are going to do it, you come and do it!
I was an absurd, but my deacon was a perfect superman who completely carried out that absurd demand.

“All right.”

What do you know?I’ll show you what the real market is really!?

Stay still.

Barnetsa, who came back to this side and returned back to my back, was a little red.
hey.You are ashamed too.What is still?Huh !?

Haah .

What, what is this It’s just a bubble and rubbed in your hands.Do you feel like this is a bath that the emperor receives?

Gu, salvation!?


I was embarrassed by the day I melted on the day, but I couldn’t even say that I was okay now.

Huh hot hot hot!Did you see it!This is the real professional technology!

Diana, you don’t even do it, but loudly .

I have a pride as a cardinal!

But in that absurd provocation, our cardinals went over again.
no.Cardinal.Isn’t this just like a cardinal pride?If this was a sex story, you might be proud of it as a Cardinal of the denomination that also teaches such a lecture, but this is not related to sex.It’s pleasant to just wash it.Do you know?

Self, at the time I will make you feel good too.

You don’t know at all .
Matilda whispered in my ear with a voice that seemed to be a man, and then took his hand to my right nipple as if it was natural.
And I tickle the nipples with a bubble finger.

Ugh !

Still, my head was fluent in my melted head, and I quickly shakes my back.
Well, what is this pleasure.No matter how much you feel like you are in the mood, this is ah.This is a very high level now .

Et?Wow!What if you suddenly cheap?!really Did you feel good?side.To do it.

In addition, Ray, who was in front of him and suddenly baptized, was complaining, but he handed the object to clean the object with his mouth as if he would keep his courtesy.
hey.That way no.wait for a sec.Why should I reject this by tacking this?Can you just accept it?
okay.Let’s stay still.I don’t know what it is now.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1113

“I Ray?that ?

It was so natural that no one was pointing out, but no matter how much I was talking to things in this situation, he was kissing it.
Even though I wanted to go over without worrying, I couldn’t do it, but the angel finally picked up the commissioner and asked Ray.

“yes?This is etiquette?

But for Ray, I don’t understand that I’m asking this question here.I know this is the manners of this place.


A strange silence flowed for a while between Ray, who was biting my stuff with his mouth, and Matilda, who hugged my left arm.
It was the angel who broke the silence first.

Oh, Ah.okay.etiquette I can try it too?

My wife, angel?Why is it a convincing look?
I want to realize what I did and wrap it up no.I don’t think it’s like that.Did you really understand?What are you misunderstood!?
I would rather feel comfortable if I realized my nonsense mischief and scolded it, and I couldn’t help it.
Besides, Ray is like Ray.

Here you go.You have to ask you to make you feel good before having sex, but did you feel good when you were cheap?You can ask you smoothly.Don’t forget to kiss at the end.Then this will be nodded and nodded.

In this way, I really started to teach Layea the wrong manners.
There are so many tackle girls, so I can’t get a tackle.
First of all, I’m not talking to her, but I’m talking to me!There is no unique will for her, and there is no even more like a head!
And most of all, the manners that you know are longer than you, and why don’t you feel question about this situation that Raea, who lived here from the beginning, knows this situation!?It’s weird !?No matter how much you think about it !?
Look straight at Laea!You were quietly facing each other with Laea!It’s definitely innocent, but it’s still a nine -tailed and innocent and fascinating atmosphere!This person will be connected with me before you, so you don’t know the common sense. wait for a sec.nine tailed fox?

Is the nine -tailed nine -tailed races of war?There was also in the seventh floor.
Even in sexuality, it does not even exist in common sense, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know the general common sense of the seven -tier.In fact, I knew that homosexuality was popular in Vis.
In other words, Ray can know that the nine -tailed nine -tailed fox is a war.
I feel like I know what is happening between the two.

There was such a manners.

I don’t know.I didn’t know it before I told you.

Why are you both misunderstood and the conversation is properly established!?
shit.I was just thinking about being in service, but I’m so absurdI want to intervene without knowing it. .

It was a lot … Did you feel so good?huh side.” let it go.
The angel sitting on my left had to bow down to kiss things, and when the big chest was in close contact with my side, it was really good to care so far.
Why did I use so vain heart?If you leave your body in the pleasure that you feel from left and right left and right, it’s just good.
Ugh Matilda.It is not enough to tickle the nipples, so now the wheel with the tongue .

Now, wait a minute!

At the moment when I tried to stretch my body as I dreamed of, the familiar work woke up my mind again.
When the situation was like this, it was Sarah, who could not turn his head to turn his head in the bathtub.
Is the liquid falling between the legs is a bath or a liquid made by Sarah himself?

What are you all doing now?Especially Layea!Matilda!The two are priests!It wasn’t against the discipline!?


In Sarah’s jigsaw, the angel was surprised and left his lips at the end of my stuff.
But unlike such lays, Matilda did not try to take a body from my body.

Mr. Laya.are you okay.I just learned etiquette.It was a greeting, right?Yes?At that time?

Matilda.Can you not judge the cold situation like Cardinal in pink mode?
And I keep talking about it from before, but why is it still pink mode in the first place?Are you really cursed?
Naturally, Matilda’s body, which was in Jeolla, was eye -catching again, and the black curse’s scars that were also eroded were completely gone.
When I lifted the left chest with my arms and checked the lower part, even when the curse was completely erased, even the apostle seal that was engraved on the place to reveal the perfect appearance was definitely showing it.
After all, the curse .

Ugh … At that time .

Oh, my eyes met.

Oh, no.This is not trying to touch my chest.

I know.Did you hear it?Like salvation, I didn’t have sex in front of you.

I was embarrassed and accepted it as a fascinating smile and used it as a tool for counterattacking Sarah’s words.

That’s what it says !
Isn’t it Barnetsa?

yes?Oh, are you saying?

Of course, Sarah couldn’t be convinced of that, but our cardinals completed their logic by attracting the deacons.
wow.The Barnetsa was embarrassed at the moment and couldn’t answer right away.strong.Cardinal.

“is it so.Or did you think of Barnetsa?

.Oh, no.

“Yes?Did you just wash it comfortably?like this .

Ugh .

This time, this time, I lowered my hands down and touched my lower abdomen, and I felt that I felt that the gang was getting hot.
Ze, Damn.It’s really dying because the technology is very high.
I’d rather be attractive like Diana, but I can endure some high charm stats, but I can’t stand the level correction.

It’s just washing.

I say that even if I see the pervert reaction now!?

“oh.At that time?Do you feel good if you touch it like this?How good is it?I was not going to have sex. .

Matilda?Why are you really doing it today?If you provoke Sarah more .


At that moment, I heard something broken.
no.It would not have been a sound that sounded in the atmosphere.But I was definitely recognized.The sound of the strap of reason in Sarah’s head.

Let’s get out for a while.

Sarah came out of the bathtub and came to this side as if it were a model walking with his unique slim legs.
Then I removed the Ray in front of me so simply, and I looked down with the eye -eared eyes.
Why, why are you yes?It’s scary.Remove reason.

Huh … ha Whoo .

Whether the wind in my heart has worked, Sarah’s deep breathing and stability of the mind. .

Is it better to turn your head?I will do it now.

“yes?what no way!?Wow!?
Sarah!?Are you serious ?!!?

What is your reconstruction!
Sarah, with a low warning, opened his legs on me and lowered my back as if I was sitting on my legs.

“hey!wait for a sec!calm down!So calm!

Fortunately, I stopped by supporting my butt with my hands just before insertion, but it should be useless to talk to Raya and Matilda, who are already turning their body and blocking their ears.
By the way, this guy, why is the aiming so accurate!?The entrance and the end of the goods are exactly right now!

You are so calm and this pervert!

I feel like I’ve been so calm and cold.What to calm down Oh, are you saying here?

How do you calm down like this?Stop the butt!

I’m dissatisfied with me !?When others do so, so exciting ha ha .

So don’t be excited.
Ze, Damn.What am I regrettable because I’m sorry to be rejecting sex!?Just take it out of your hand and do it!?

Hey, guys!Don’t look at it and dry it!

What can be dried up? .
It’s a self -defense.
Sa, Sarah, Sarayang This, this body too no.Not huh … .
When you sometimes need to act boldly .

Ah-oh!really!How can there be no one who helps?
Especially Barnet!You are one of the people who made this situation!?Are you trying to fall alone now?
And Rachel Sister!Don’t try to learn this with this!This is a very bad example!I’m just excited and just turned around!

“hey!Sara!wait for a sec!Really calm it!

Give up and lose strength!Why are you going to endure like this !?When Matilda touches it .
Then Matilda level is 318, but I hold on to the number!?

You see me as stupid !?How is the level of a former person today?
“no!really!I’ll explain it if you are a big deal!Is it real?

say it.”

I was finally missing from Sarah’s butt, who was barely hearted to my desperate appearance.
Still, I didn’t think about it, but I was still matching my pussy at the end of my stuff.

Sarah.If it’s king .

Make it to the end. .
hey.You don’t know because you’re not a man, but the man is usually.I can’t explain it calmly in this position.
The pussy of a pretty girl like you sticks to the end of the glans and the hands are full of elastic buttocks.

Sa, Sarah.Let’s calm down and listen.

“yes?Kyak !?D, Diana!What are you doing ?!Get it down!

True.In that position, I can’t speak properly because I care about the author.

Fortunately, Diana was curious about the secret that Matilda suddenly went up like that.
Oh oh.Tsushima.After all, the only rational judgment in the last minute is our Tsuma.
Diana can be stronger in an instant even if you raise the level without the need for anything else.

Huh … .

Well, that’s not the only reason.
That guy, he was a player in advance because he would be dangerous if he was still watching.
Anyway, as long as this happens, I have to talk here.I didn’t want to talk in this atmosphere, but I can’t do it.


Me, we can’t see it!

As I touched the back of the two, the two were frightened and crouched.
Then the chest was crushed on his knees, turning his back, but over the armpit side. Oh, no.This is not.

Anyway, I calmed the two and entered the bathtub together, and I started talking about Matilda’s level.
For reference, the sitting location was all the women sitting on the other side, and I sat on this side.As they entered the bathtub, they seemed to be slightly embarrassed by themselves, and they seemed to have agreed to touch anyone.
Thanks to this, I was a little lonely, but now I’m happy to see the naked female bodies in front of me.

That, that thing .

First of all, I explained that Matilda’s level was lightly rising, and when everyone, I made an awkward smile as if I don’t know how to respond.
Well, in this world, everyone has a faithful goddess.
But the most important story hasn’t started yet.

“okay.So I actually think one thing.

As I took my luck, I carefully picked up.
How to use the goddess will be accepted by them, and I don’t even guess as an atheist from the original world.
Even when it was said that the goddess might be returned to me if it failed earlier, it would not have been complained about the goddess.
The goddess is more important than me, or it is not such a problem.There is a thought that the goddess is an absolute being in their heads.
Still, I could not speak.If you can raise my level like Matilda, it’s clear that the future will be easier.

So, if you use the last pride to make it a certain level of what I felt, I can feel a great level up. !

Are you a fool?

But before I finished it, Diana’s grim evaluation fell.

Honestly, I thought that the first thing I would oppose was the priest Rayana Matilda.In particular, Matilda looks like my regularity is fast during the day.I saw it myself.
But the first thing that opposes is Diana, not a clergyman.Of course, Diana is also a person in this world, so there will be a lot of faith in the goddess, but I still had to think that the best hair was like that.
Before the attitude toward the goddess, I don’t mean that my proposal itself is not realistic?

“is it so.You, you seemed so painful even during the day.But I’ll do that again No.”

And as Diana said, Matilda also opposed his head fiercely.
Even Cardinals, who are so faithful, were very impressed with my worries, not to say that they were disrespectful to the goddess, but don’t you shake your head so hard?You’re still a lot of water, so if you shake it like that, like there Oh, anyway.

Even though I pretended to be so casual during the day, this reaction came out.Can’t you completely deceive the cardinal’s eyes?
But that was too wasteful to give up the fast level up like this.
Of course, I haven’t been struggling because of the lack of level, but I don’t know what it will happen later.
There was no guarantee that it would flow so smoothly.Someday, the day will always come.

“no.But you are so well alive?are you okay.If you endure a little, easy .

You are alive..In other words, I almost died.

So I was trying to get on to soothe Matilda again, but it was twisted just from the beginning.

Oh, way.Too much exaggerated.That’s just saying.I don’t know who am I?I’m a saint.saint.Diana You had less souls last night .
It’s a problem because I am a saint.After all, is it the goddess of power?

Even though I deliberately talked about it last night, Diana said so without shaking.

The goddess’s power to handle the goddess.I don’t know if this is possible for this body.

But actually like this .
“you.If you are really okay, your idea is dangerous.

So you don’t have to be stubborn.With that intention, this time Tire said that Diana said in a tone.
And Diana’s words came to me very much.
Because even if I am okay, my idea is dangerous, in other words, other than me.In other words, Rayana Matilda, which will descend the goddess, will be dangerous.
Is it not me, Rayana Matilda is dangerous?how Oh, that, is it?!

Finally, you understand you.Yes.Even if you think, the power of the goddess is hard to hold on with healing sex alone?Your .
Indomitable sexual desire.So even when the goddess warned me, I only picked up an indomitable sexual desire.

In other words, other skills such as healing sex have not even helped the goddess’s power.

“hmm.After all.Do you know now?The last pride is a skill that conveys some of you feel the pleasure.In this case, it will be a pleasure for the goddess.No matter how much it is, it’s not a pleasure for an ordinary person.No matter how descent, the body is still a layia or Matilda?

It says quite Oh, then Diana was.but.So as soon as Diana listens to me, he’s opposed.

Is it only a person who has experienced it?

Now, the first meeting with Diana, which feels like an old days.The decisive reason why Diana became interested was the last pride.
This is the first time I felt like that!Was it?If you think about it now, it’s not strange even if you think it’s going to stick to pleasure.
Well, I know it better.

Huh.That’s it.

After a long time, I was ashamed of it, and Diana turned red and turned off.

I have no choice but to listen to what the experienced person says.

Uh, um .

To be honest, the possibility was not visible at all.
When I was squeezed by the goddess, I didn’t think that an indomitable sexual desire was protecting my body.My mind is my mind.It was a feeling of barely protecting the waves of pleasure that flocked to make the brain a mess.
And the spirit of controlling the body in the advent is a goddess.So, even if you use the last pride in that state, it may be the goddess, not Rain or Matilda, who is mentally shocked enough to die.
But it was too big to be hung for gambling.
It’s a gambling gambling with Rayana Matilda’s life.I can never.This time, I have to give

Then, I didn’t use the last pride, but just endured a short time and raised only the level of Rayana Matilda..
“you.Didn’t you say it a while ago?The goddess warned of the indomitable sexual desire.What kind of warning was it, do you think this body doesn’t know?

Oh, oh!If you knew it would be a little better!
no.I didn’t know that my life was a waste, but I thought I could really hold it for a while?

“no way.Laya.Matilda.You should never listen to that fool later.

Yes, yes .
I know.

Why are you suddenly obsessed with level up in the first place?Have you ever talked to us?

Sarah, who was firmly pledged by Laya and Matilda, immediately turned the knife to me and began that doubt.

Ah, no!There was no such thing.really!If you have a high level, it’s comfortable and good in many ways?I think I need it later.

I will risk my life because of that?

So I’m not going to risk my life .

“I Salvation?If you are in a hurry, can you change your turn with your cardinal?Cardinals have already risen a lot, so with the cardinal..
Ah, no!are you okay!surrender!okay!I won’t be obsessed with leveling up in the future!

In addition, when Raea made that suggestion, I could not greed more than this.
It is Raya who brought me to the bathroom at the expense of time with him.Besides, I would have been looking forward to the time after this, but I will change the order by sacrificing myself again at this timing.
No matter how much you have a pamper on the angel, you can’t do it so far.

This is the end with this!I will never take it out in the future.Is it now?

When I surrendered with both hands, everyone relaxed on my face.

I thought well.No matter how much you fail, it doesn’t make sense if you succeed in your life.Don’t be impatient and calm as before.Understand?”

And when Rachel’s sister approached and said that, I stroked my head, and I also felt relaxed in my body.
Did you look through?The job of a guide is basically a person.There are a lot of people who don’t know it.So it’s not a matter of seeing the inner mind of your man.
When unexpected things happen, I sometimes don’t feel it because of the personality that my head becomes a blank paper.

“huh.okay.So let’s relax and do it earlier or even.

Uh, huh!?Seo, do you mean to wash it?

Rachel sister.I was admired by my sister’s sister, but what do you do if you are embarrassed and embarrassed.

Why are you so surprised?You didn’t wash it all the way.Do you want to leave it like this?too bad.”

But I needed a person who was so embarrassed now, so it was good.because.

“Rachel.I don’t have to worry about it.The perverts are washed alone .

Because there is a child who points so calmly.
Who is Sarah who is perverted?I lost my reason earlier and ran to real inserts.
Anyway, it was very helpful for Rachel to panic as there is a person who points out that way.

Oh, I see!The rest will be washed!

In this way.Huh.Sarah is embarrassed.I enjoy the feeling of the king of Harem.I can’t give up so simply?

Uh, where can I wash it?Nu, leave it to your sister!

Still, I’m a little sorry for Rachel’s sister, who is so hard that the eyes will turn around.

Written?It’s someone else who washed it.Laya.Matilda.Barnet.How far have you washed it?

That’s right, the left is first .
“you.Today I will just finish it myself.

Oh, Oh!Then I too !

Unlike Laea, which is released by the nine -tailed nine -line mode, Matilda has been clinging to me because it has become a pink mode.
And as he was drawn to Matilda, he stuck to me again, and quickly completed the harem position as before.
Of course, there was a little shortage than before.

What is Barnet?

Do you think I don’t know what Salvation is thinking?

So do you want to leave the back behind?It’s the hardest part to explain myself.too much.My deacon will not have a sense of responsibility.

Ugh.Diana.I will go.

After all, a perfect butler.I’m caught right away because I didn’t finish my work perfectly.
Even though Diana was embarrassed by the side, Barnet finally walked and settled behind me.

As a result, Sarah and Diana were left over there.And only Ray.
To go back to the state, Ray also settled down between my legsIt should be, but no matter how much Raya was embarrassed by Sarah and Diana, I noticed something strange.Besides, she saw Sarah right in front of her to go to her sex.
I can’t.This time, Rachel’s sister is attached to this, so I’ll leave the front to Rachel.
no.Would you like to be a little greedy?

“Oh, Sarah.”

The first target is the warrior.
It’s a pervert where the eyes of other women are gathered around me.

I will never go.

Of course, at first, it was like this, but this was within the expected range.

“Oh yeah?okay.”

“for a moment!Why don’t you bite more to me!?

“no.You runaway.So just .

What!?I don’t need it!?

“no.Not that, you don’t want to come too .
I will go there too!Don’t dry!

Huh.succeded.It wouldn’t be so simple to catch it, but I’m excited to Sarah.It’s simple to catch.
Ray said, How do you do so mean?! I was looking at this with a look that seemed to say, but I don’t care.
What about it !?Harem is a man’s romance!It’s okay to bean my girl a little!

You can wash here!?

As before, like a model walking, Sarah, who came here, came to the side of Rachel’s sister between my legs and reached out to my stuff.

Ugh.hey.Suddenly that .

Don’t complain while you’re standing up!

no.So kinky warrior.You were so excited.
But even though he was so excited, he was exquisitely controlled and stimulated my stuff so that his hands were too powerful, so I couldn’t say anything and looked at Diana instead.

This, this body!?

Diana, who had left Ray and two left, was surprised and pointed to him with his fingers. is it other than you?
I tried to say that, but before that, there was a person who handed it to Diana.

Diana will also wash it together.You were happy to say that Salvation said earlier, Diana.

He was an angel who was the main character of tonight.
What I said earlier was not the words that claimed to level up through the goddess, but before.You’re talking about the apostle seal you did before you came to the bathroom.
It was because of that that was that I brought me to the bathroom and tried to wash me together at first.

I didn’t want to say something like this .
Huhhu.So I want to do this more.

I was so sorry that I was so concerned about it, but Raya was sticking to my arm with a happy smile.
And whether he was stimulated by the attitude of Laea, finally even the hemp wizard stood up with his butt.

This, don’t just enjoy this body!

Diana, are you really coming?He is more dangerous than Sarah in a sense.Well, now, will you focus on enjoying the harem rather than worrying about what’s going to happen?

Why was it like this?
I was swept away by the waves of pleasure that shakes the whole body, and I thought it was dazed.
The first is okay.Obviously an angel.

Oh, I keep doing this at the end This is why there is no end to wash it.

Like a little hesitant at first.However, while mixing the spit of the voice, I slipped the tip of my stuff with my index finger and took it between my lips.
The figure of the angel of the artist’s index finger was a glimpse of nine -tailed foxes with nine tails behind his back.

Suddenly, I did this and even did this.Whoever sees the intention was obvious.
Everybody would have tried to dry such lays, but now the person who is holding my stuff was losing its coolness.

Ray is right!what are you doing!?You can’t wash it properly!

Saying that way, Sarah moves more vigorously.
However, it is only an excuse to wash anyone, and Sarah has been showing his hand as a big daughter who used a bath foam.
Perhaps the reason why the hand was increasing now is that Jealousy and excitement exploded to see Layia to me.
Anyway, the amount of cooper fluid leaking from the end of my stuff has increased more, and Sarah saw him in front of his nose.

Another This pervert.If it’s not cheap, can’t you really?

Then Sarah was as if he was forced to do this because of me, and he started his daughter and started his daughter.

“iced coffee At that time

In addition, on the right, Cardinal Pink is kissing the nape by stroking my stomach with his hands, looking only at me, as if it doesn’t matter what happens around.
It may be the reason for being washed by that hand, which strokes my stomach, but it was nothing other than the caress to add to the pleasure that I felt below.

And on the left, the angel’s index finger in his lips was placed on the inside of my thigh and spinning round and round.
Unlike Matilda, who just drunk and baptized kisses, the angel was more irritating because he was intended to make me feel good.
As if it was linked to Sarah’s hand, it tickled the inside of the thigh, and sometimes licked the earlobe with a fascinating sigh.

A dream of a dream of a warrior and a lady.
This alone has already been limited, and even in the back, even the peacocks that lower my limits are unfolded.

If you wash the muscles like this and wash it like a massage, you will feel better.

Oh, oh That, right .

Barnetsa was passing his deacons to Diana from behind.
Dianana, who saw the demonstration and learning from the side of the demonstration, could not concentrate very much, and he was focusing on what is happening in front of all nerves.
If you can’t concentrate, don’t be good.Nevertheless, the vannet’s habits are not going to go anywhere, so the massage is perfect, so my body is so relaxed that it doesn’t even have the minimum power necessary to endure the situation.

Now, cheap!Wrap it up quickly!If it’s not cheap, you can’t calm down!?

Perhaps it would have been ejaculation if it wasn’t cheap before.
I thought that somehow, but somehow, the idols of the male adventurers here.The receptionist’s sister has added.

Oh, no.Sarah.If you are the energy of Salvation, no matter how much you ejaculate, it will be endless.

At first glance, it will sound like the person who maintains the only sane in this space, but it could not be.Rather, this sister was the most panic.

So while I’m blocking Oh noh .

Rachel’s sister’s solution.
It was a terrible way that Sarah washed things with his hands from the bottom while sucking the cooper liquid with his mouth.
Ze, Damn.It was a limit, but Rachel’s soft lips covered the glans.Ugh.

Hah Dark smell love .

Nu, your sister!What do you do if you take up your sister?
Sarah is wiping it in real time, but it smells.Yo, please be patient to lick your ugly!The smell was the smell of cooper liquid!?Obviously, if you lick the ugok, the cooper liquid will flow more, but no.Now, not only Cooper fluid but also other things .

Sarah.Pillars are important, but you have to care about your pockets.Such wrinkles are delicately..

At the very moment when I was focusing on all the nerves on Rachel’s lips and Sarah’s lips and Sarah’s hands, the angel’s hand, who was tickled in the inside of my thighs, came into my legs.In a moment, Sarah grabbed the testicles, and Rayea stimulated me with delicate hand movements as he said.
And at that moment, my patience was limited.


I couldn’t send a signal to cheap, and my body went back.

Ugh!? Ah!?

But there was already a fluffy cushion, so I wrapped my back cozy, so there was no shock to me.
Of course, Barnetsa, who suddenly embraced me in his chest, or Diana, who looked at her eyes rounded by her side, had a significant mental shock.

But I was so insane now that I couldn’t say a word for the two.
All of my heads were that I would enjoy this tremendous situation for a long time by trembling my back.

Nung -eup!Uh Yes Huwoo .

The reflexively trembling waist movements were as violent as it was not controlled, so it was stabbed without any circumstances of the inside of Rachel’s mouth, which was biting my stuff.
However, Rachel’s sister, without a painful sign of pain, smashed his neck without taking off his lips from the object as if the smell of semen spreading in his mouth was fascinating.
Well, I couldn’t accept all of my circumstances.

“for a moment!I’m cheaper, but why are you all wrapped in Rachel!?

Again by the jealousy dragon.
Sarah, who still pulled out my stuff from Rachel’s mouth, still started sucking on his lips as if he was going to drink.
Ugh !?hey.So it’s not just a semen .

Aang.Too too.Sarah.Please share it to me too.Salvation’s oh.”

But it was not only Sarah that took place.Rachel’s sister also triggered it, so I pushed my face back to my stuff as if I didn’t want to miss my semen.
But in the meantime, my long situationThe end was over, and the remaining semen was now in Sarah’s mouth.


Rachel’s eyes naturally turned to Sarah’s mouth, and the good warriors were instinctively realizing the crisis of the body.

Joe, Jo Hum I’ll be .

If you stay still, you will be kissed and robbed of the semen in your mouth.
Before that, he urgently spoke with a semen in his mouth, and Sarah put out the tongue for a long time and spit out the semen in my mouth at the end of my stuff.

“thank you.”

Rachel then licked the semen on my stuff as if waiting, and the stimulus came with too much pleasure for my stuff.

Ugh .

When a shot was shot again from my stuff and defiled the face of Rachel’s sister, Sarah’s jealousy, which had been overwhelmed by Rachel’s momentum, was burned again.

W, I give me too!

Double Pella of Sarah and Rachel.Both of them argued to take a little more area, even seemed to kiss my stuff in between.
In addition, one is a beauty of cold impressions, and one is a beauty of an intelligent impression.The two, who seemed to have nothing to do with these acts, were buried between my legs, so I was so excited that I would be awkward, even if it was not a direct pleasure felt in things.

And I felt that I felt my feelings, and I was next to Layia next to Diana and Barnetsa.
The only thing that Mathelman is not at all, but baptizes the kiss on my chest Ugh.This guy bite the nipples with the front teeth.

Anyway, for a while, the tongue resonated with something in the bathroom.
It was Diana that broke the strange silence.


Diana didn’t feel conscious and broken.
When I turned to Diana, I turned to Diana, and the eyes were towards Layian, not me.
what?Suddenly, why do Laea look so like that?Is there anything?
I think so and try to turn my gaze towards Laea.

Now, you!

Diana grabbed my chin and lifted it up.
Originally, the upper body was leaned back and the back of the head was buried in the chest of the Barnett, so even if you lifted your head up, it didn’t change much.

Huh ….

Although the back of the back was buried a little more in the elastic chest of Barnetsa, Barnetsa had no intention of complaining.

Uh, the face will wash this body!

Diana, who shouted like that, bowed his head straight and pushed his lips on my lips.
Can I say that I wash it?Rather, if it was a kiss facing facing the front, I would have been pretending to wash each other and washing each other, but Diana is behind me.So it was located on the top of my head.To kiss from that position, naturally, the top and bottom of each other’s faces are reversed..

“huh side.Squeeze.Ha ….

Well, it’s good.
This kind of kiss is a kiss that has never been done with our favorite hemp wizard.

So, while looking at Diana’s lips on his lips, Matilda’s lips on his chest, and Sarah and Rachel’s lips, he is having a hazy state as if he is floating in the air, and suddenly, the left hand is large, soft and elastic in the left hand.It was stiff and touched.
At first, it was inserted and rubbed in between as if it were washed, but it was a texture that covered the palms blatantly as if there was no need to pretend to be washed.
I grabbed it reflexively that it didn’t come in my hand.. I heard a bewitching sigh.

Sarah.Mr. Rachel.If you lick it too much, you’ll ejaculate again.

“does not matter.”

So don’t think about it.
As it said, Sarah replied by licking my roots in my hand, but Layea did not withdraw.

But it’s too pitiful to cheaply three times.

It was wrapped in my mouth, not outside, but no one here would point it out.
Rather, Raea’s intention was much more important.

If it’s not outside Ray, are you serious?

What Raea said, that is, it meant to have sex now.
It also protrudes from the mouth of the clergy who strictly keep the discipline.
Of course, so far, what I’ve done so far has been a sexual activity, but I could make excuses that Matilda was still washed.But inserting is no excuse in any way.Sarah was pointing to it.
But Laya did not answer Sarah’s questions.

And only Sarah or Rachel is not monopolized.therefore Cardinal.How are you?


So far, Matilda, who hadn’t worryed about anything around and focused on me, was surprised at the proposal.
Do you want to attract Matilda because you don’t want to break discipline alone!?
I heard that for a while, but our angel could not do it.Then the reason why the angel made that proposal to Matilda Oh, no way.Because of the level up you mentioned earlier?
I’m refusing to change the turn, so I’m trying to raise the level in this anomalous way?
As a result, it was also the beginning of being as if they were all caressed together.Are you aiming for this from the beginning?


Laya!You don’t have to do that!
I tried to say that, but my lips were firmly blocked by Diana’s lips.

Huhhu.are you too I will definitely do it.

And stroking my face, the angel said that with a shy and fascinating smile.

So Cardinal.How about first?
When Raya pulled Matilda’s arms, Matilda was vigilant Matilda, which seemed to ride on me.
In addition, as Matilda’s body moved, my chest was crushed throughout my body, and my stimulates were stimulated by Sarah and Rachel.

“Yes .

My stuff was exactly between Matilda’s butt.
Perhaps it would have been inserted without hesitation if it was my usual pink Matilda.In fact, I still reflexively pulled my butt back and moved back and forth.Like rubbing my pussy on top of my stuff.
However, the clergy’s rules were so powerful that even Matilda could not be inserted.In particular, Matilda may have the idea that it should be an example of others as a cardinal.

You will definitely know.

However, with a bewitching smile to Matilda, who was worried about, Layea pushed his back.
When Sarah tried to insert, both of them were reflected, but this problem was already a problem.
The rules of the clergy are irrelevant to the teaching of the goddess.The goddess does not care about this.Of course, it’s a long -standing discipline, so you’ll have to try it, but when you need it, it’s okay to do this.In particular, raising my level is closely related to the mission that the goddess gave me.
That mean in Laya’s words.

Yes It’s.Whoo .

Matilda also understood the meaning of Laea.Matilda, who nodded small, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
And when I opened my eyes again, Matilda’s eyes were colored in pink as before they got on my body.

“you Have you been waiting for a long time?

In that he said, he stretched one hand under his stomach, grabbed my object and fixed it, and Matilda shaked his butt from side to side and rubbed his pussy on my glans.
The feeling of the thick pussy closed on the left side felt so vivid through the glans, so it was so great that it was reflected in the whole body.

Oh, …Huh.Please touch it as much as you can.

Of course, in the hand, grabbing Lay’s chest.
But rather than the painful color of the pain, he put his hands on the back of my hand with a bewitching moan, and even moved the casting to help my hand sleeps.

“iced coffee Mr. Laya.It’s fatal to turn attention that way.Then I Ugh!

And whether it was stimulated by the appearance, Matilda inserted my stuff to the end as if he had no intention of being more.


The narrow gap trained as a paladin is a sensation in which the glans kissing the uterus at once without difficulty.
In addition, Matilda was much higher than me now.It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a person with a higher level than me.
At the same time, I grabbed the chest of Laya in my left hand and stuck somehow, but shit.For this reason, you are more conscious of dealing with both saints at the same time.

“ha You’re only looking back.side.How about?you The inside of my saint .

In addition, Matilda’s actions did not end with insertion.
When I met my eyes, I leaned the upper body with a lovely eye smile, and lightly kissed my lips, and Matilda again started to draw a circle with my waist.As if you were watching the inside of you.
Ugh This, I can stand it .

Ha hung I’m nervous now.Do you want to be cheap already?are you okay.If you want to be cheap,Yes Here loads .

In that way, Matilda lowered his body a bit more.
Still, the glans were kissing the uterus, but when they got more body, the aim was completely fixed, and it would be clear that it would be wrapped in the stomach if it was wrapped.

Maybe it’s so great.
It was a pleasure to tremble on the way to imagine, but I barely ended up to the end of the toe.
Still, the saint is already cheap and you can’t just eat it.At least until Matilda feels until you feelI will.
To do that, I reached out her empty right hand and grabbed Matilda’s chest.
It was Matilda, who was running and round at the bottom of the waist, but it was not without the movement of the upper god.Thanks to this, I felt that the heavy chest was lightly in my hand.
I enjoyed the pleasant weight and lifted it slightly, and on the bottom, I could see the apostle seal along the pretty breast wire.
So far, it has been covered by the traces of curse so far, so it was the first time to see this properly.
You stretch your thumb and swipe the apostle seal.

Oh, huh At that time that It’s a foul .

Until now, Matilda’s butt moved up and down because it was different from the feeling of having a bunch of finesse.
Finally, Matilda started to feel better.There was no room for me to think so.
Matilda, who was in a good mood, was reflexively tightly tightened and showed a relaxed movement.
Oh, danger.
It’s already late at the moment I think so.

Hahhhhhhhhhh ….ha At that time So inside me Did you feel good?

I instantly poured semen inside Matilda.
Matilda also felt lightly looking at the feeling of hitting the inside of the semen slightly, but it was only that.Matilda, who soon regained his leisure, began to squeeze out all the remaining semen with a smile that he would die.
Of course, there was no feeling of rebuking the day I wrapped it first, but it was great.For some reason, there is a sense of defeat.
Still, my bullets are infinite anyway.If you re -challenge, this time, stop Matilda first..

Ma, Matilda!If you do it once, please be released now!

I thought it was, but I couldn’t do it still.
Sarah, he wanted to be quiet.Still, the clergy’s combination is a big decision, so you have a reference until it is cheap.
I was much more excited than before, as I endured in front of my eyes.

“no, I do not want.I’m still .

But Matilda did not seem to retire.You’ll claim that you can’t see it as much as you have reached its peak.
Still, I noticed my prestige and noticed it until the end, but it hurt more pride.When did I have been treated like this?no.There was no.

“Salvation!Don’t be cheap and quickly Now, wait.What are you going to do?

And when the excited Sarah wiped me, the emotion exploded, and I finally lost the reason that I had maintained at best.
okay.Like.Maybe it’s a harem play.Why do I need to endure it?good.I will enjoy it.I will enjoy it with a mess.

I raised my body and laid Matilda on the floor and lying down next to it.
And he wrapped his back with his left arm, closed his chest to my body, and stretched his arms, and his hands were placed on Sarah’s butt.

What are you doing?You’re wiping because you want to do it quickly?I’ll make you feel good.

After looking at the apostle seal engraved on Sarah’s butt, I said so, and I immediately put my fingers into the pussy that was firmly shut between the hips.

“Yes!?Ki, I want to feel better Huh!?

Sarah tried to rebel with something, but when I moved my fingers roughly, I shook my head down and started trembling my butt.
I was excited, so I can’t be able to hold my sincere attack.
In addition, it was not the only Sarah who couldn’t wake up with this act.

“iced coffee Ha -ah Huh .

Layea, which has a waist on the arms that target Sarah, also started to sigh in my heart by hanging on my heart through my arms.
The nipples, who were standing convex, were crushed by my body, getting harder, and the purple light flowing from the eyes became so strong.
It would be nice to be able to comfort such lays at the same time, but unfortunately, my body is one.I had no choice but to keep my lips lightly kissing.
Isn’t your right hand empty?it is not so.The right hand is as right.

Ha !?Now, you ?

I have something to do.
I reached out and pulled Diana’s body to me when I was dazzling, and I turned my hand towards my butt to dig into the stop and the ring finger.
It was not easy to invade the autumn in the pussy because of the position standing on the knee, but I brought my fingers slightly, and this was also wet with a liquid other than water.
It was Diana’s pussy that swiped soft pussy and invaded his fingers, and unlike the firmly closed appearance.

Yes, …Now, in the joy This mother Um.

Diana, hanging on my shoulder and looking up at me, was completely excited when he was watching himself.
Nevertheless, I was biting my lower lip as if I didn’t want to let go of reason, but it seemed that it was not very effective when I saw the pussy tightening the nipples or fingers that towered over the small chest.

“Yes Squad Haha Nyanni .

When he finished his deep deep kiss on his lips, Diana eventually hung on my body without even thinking about wiping the saliva flowing in the mouth, and as I moved my fingers, I trembled my hips.
And when I filled my sides with my girl, I had a leg that gently wrapped my waist.

At that time Didn’t you forget me?What is connected with you now Yes !

I was sitting in the bathroom chair and Matilda lying on the floor, so I had to be in an unnatural attitude with Matilda with my back to avoid the insertion with me.
But as if the penalty was nothing, the cardinal seduced me by waving my back with my legs and waving my waist.
My level doesn’t go up at all as I didn’t feel Matilda properly, so the level difference is still overwhelming.The pleasure given by Matilda was still overwhelming, but it was still overwhelming than before.

“okay.I look forward to this time.

You don’t have to use your skills.
Enjoying Sarah, Diana, and Layea at once, I shook my back roughly back and forth and thumped the inside of Matilda.


As before, Matilda was not led by himself, and Matilda began to sobbing, moving his waist differently from my back.
At the same time, the pussy was tightened more than before, and the uterus felt as if he was kissing every time the glans touched it, but even he could only light up my waist movement.


And finally, when my glans thumped and my glans crushed my uterus, Matilda lifted my waist high as if I had a bridge posture.
The legs that were wrapped around my waist were also powerful, and Matilda lined up on the floor in a frog -like frog.
I usually stroked my breasts and heads, and I had a kiss, but now I didn’t have enough hands that Matilda couldn’t insert it again.


Well, it doesn’t matter because there is someone to handle it instead.
This time, Matilda felt too fast, so I didn’t go to the situation, but as I had some ejaculation, my stuff was loving and a lot of semen.
I couldn’t find a gap, but I was looking at Rachel’s sister, who was just looking at Rachel’s sister, ‘Do you like this?’Buried.

Did you drink it all?

After feeling that the remaining semen was sucked cleanly, I asked in a gentle voice towards it down.While playing with Sarah and Diana’s pussy with hands.
Even though I was excited, my sister smiled awkwardly, but he answered my question by opening his mouth and out of his tongue.

“thank you.I’ll drink it later.Hang in there.”

It might be rational to give Rachel’s sister who lags behind others, but I decided not to do so.
It’s natural to think about who the main character was tonight and who Matilda broke the discipline by pushing her back to her back.
Honestly, I had a desire to do two saints overlapping.
As a result, I bite Rachel back and pulled my left hand stirring the inside of Sarah’s pussy.


Sarah, who was mocked by my hand technology, had a peak at the same time whether Matilda was right next to Matilda.
So, while Rachel served my stuff, I was struggling with the peak of constantly extending to my fingers while keeping my face from my face to chest and raising only the attractive buttocks.
In such a situation, I pulled my fingers roughly, and I saw that the fluid was spewing out of Sarah’s pussy.
Looking at that, I wanted to confuse our cheeky warriors properly, but let’s postpone it later.
Now first .

Oh, ….

I took the hand pulled out of Sarah’s pussy to the chest of Laya and grabbed the nipples that were already hardened and twisted lightly.


“huh Squad.yes .

There was no need for long words.Just a light kiss, Layea completely grasped my intentions, and crawled up on Matilda, still on the floor.

This, if you do this Is it??

Raea, who has completely climbed to Matilda’s posture, is a late posture, no matter how embarrassed he led, he has a trembling eyes.I headed.


It was a picture that only said that it was perfect in many ways.
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most sacred in this world.Of course, Laea was on the floor with his hands, so he didn’t get close to him, but he couldn’t stop it to reach the big chest.
In addition, every time I breathe, my chest moved naturally and the nipples of each other were slightly rubbed, and Matilda, who laid on the floor, also stuck intermittently.

Besides, it was not only the sandwiches of two saints that entertained my eyes.
Raia’s climbing on Matilda’s body means that she is side by side with Sarah.Both of them are also in a junior position.
In other words, in front of my eyes, the hips of the warriors and the saints are lined up side by side.
It was an indispensable composition that was indispensable when playing harem, but it could not be excited because it was actually seen.
It is also a sarah who will never do this as a man, and a saint who should not do this in a different sense.
Here, if you are lying next to you in the same attitude to the magician..

Diana.Would you like to lie down on the right side of Layia?

Heunggi …Yes

It was a waste of imagination, so I suggested to Diana, giving me more strength to my fingers, but Diana rubbed the face buried in my chest while tightening my finger.
I kept stimulating and stimulating exposure, so I thought I had already lost reason.

Yes !?

When I opened the tightly tighten entrance between the middle finger and the ring finger in Diana’s pussy, I saw a long fluid between them.
The body is already like this.Well, good.Let’s look at this now.


When he changed his finger movement, which was moderately stirring, he now rubbed the weaknesses in the inside, and Diana began to tremble and tremble.
Once Diana decided to stimulate it in this way, I turned to Layea, who was falling from the front.

“sorry.Did you wait a little?

Ah …Oh, no..

When he stroked the soft butt with his left hand, Layea trembled his butt and tried to answer with a smile.

Then will you remove the tail now?

Laya now gathers nine tails together and covers them between his legs.
It was just an important part of this, but it was an exciting sight, but I can’t do the most important thing.

“yes .

When he moved his back and stabbed his butt on the end of the thing, Layea slowly lifted his tail slowly with his red face.
Layea’s pussy, which was so slowly revealed, was dripping the smell as if he wanted my goods right away.
In addition, Matilda’s pussy, which pours my semen, fluttered every time the fluid falling from the top.
It was not strange to lose reason and hit it right now, but I continued to harass Laea by gently rubbing the erections that were sick enough to be sick.

Is this already like this?

I don’t know if I’m Sarana or Diana, who has been bothered by hand.Isn’t it too dirty?
With that meaning, rubbing slowly on the top of the object, Layia also understood my hand and red red.

Salvation Too bad .

As the resistance to this kind of mischievous joke is lower than other kids, an angel who can’t refute it properly.
It was too poor, so I couldn’t stand it and put it in the pussy.


But it’s actually wet like this.

Plug it in the inside and slowly go back and forth.Rachel’s saliva in my stuff was overlaid as a loving liquid, and the inner side of Layea was shaking and bite my stuff.

Did you expect that?

“that Aheung yes .

Angel.What do you do if you answer so innocent?Of course that’s the charm of the angel.

“okay?Then Raea move it yourself.

I slowly pushed my slow moving waist on my butt, and gently stroked the hip surface.

“yes?I, I .

“huh.Raya.Did you expect?So move as Laea expected.

Ah ….

Because it’s a nine -tailed nine -lake, the angel’s back movement is comparable to Felicia.
But it was ashamed to see such a technique in front of others, and the angel turned his head and looked around.
Diana next to me, Rachel’s sister in front of me.Sarah right next to it.And to Matilda under you.
It was an angel who turned to the neck to see if he was more embarrassed when he met his eyes, but at the same time, he was strongly conscious of his sexual acts.

“then .

At the same time, the angel murmured with a mixture of shame and bewitching.
It was quite difficult to do in a late posture, but it is also a nine -tailed word.It was perfect.
Besides, it does not end there, but at the same time moving back and forth at the same time.
Exactly the movement of my mouth as if I scratched the part I wanted with my pussy, my mouth burst out.
After all, he is an angel.I really don’t have to move.

I still put my left hand on the hips of the angel and enjoyed the movement, and Sarah, who was lying down side by side, caught the eye.
Finally, the long and long peak of the afterglow was over, and Sarah was staring at the side next to him with jealousy.
Still, my body was still strengthened, but it was completely closed to the floor from my face to chest.

Yes .

Don’t be so jealous.
With that meaning, I moved my left hand over the butt, and Sarah’s butt trembled and the brushes that had not been spewed out in the gap of the pussy flowed down.

By the way, Sarah’s butt is completely different from Layia.
Both are great, but if Layea feels softly soft, Sarah was full of elasticity.
You can compare this extreme butt in a row of the warrior and the lady.
It was a feeling that things were expanding just by re -recognizing this situation.

Oh, …Huh!

And in line with that, the leisure was disappearing from the movement of Layea.

“what’s the matter?Raya?

Me, Gu, salvation That, that’s Yes .

I’m embarrassed, but I don’t think I can be able to stand it anymore.
With that feeling, Layea has seen me begging me.

Is it already limited?

Yes, Nehe .

No.I’m still far away.

But I didn’t just want to listen to Laya’s beggar if I could feel it first.
There are a lot of people who are pushed behind, but if Layia feels first, wouldn’t it be delayed?

Ha, but I .


Sin, sorry huh Huh huh Yes!?

I couldn’t finish all of the words, and Layea bite my lower lip and trembled my body.
Matilda was barely able to crush from the top, so he didn’t fall down, but he couldn’t move for a while.

“ha There are many people behind them.The first suggested Raea is like this .

When I spit out a spite of the spite of the joke, I turned my head and looked at this with my eyes.
Ugh.Was it a bit worse?If you see an angel with that eye, you feel guilty .

Ha hung Wow, move Even.

But contrary to my thoughts, it was not a selling word that flowed with a sigh of an angel’s mouth.


My, my side is now that is Yes The best state Huh So salvation If you move .


It was hard to understand because the sigh was mixed too much, but the angel was definitely saying:
Now, now my pussy is the tightly tight salvation, so please use it without hesitation.If the salvation moves like this, you will be able to ejaculate the salvation.
As soon as I understood a blatant ambassador to say that it was from the mouth of the angel, I heard a sound of breaking and breaking strings in my head.

Ugh!?Huh !?Haha !?Huh!?

When I woke up, I was waving my back like crazy and ejaculating inside the angel.
The angel’s efforts to not crush Matilda as angels were in vain, and the arms were completely relaxed, and the upper body collapsed, and he was trembling with his butt with his hips tightly in close contact with Matilda’s chest.

Hey …Huh ….

I barely woke up and pulled things, and I saw that the liquid was pouring out like a water gun from the angel’s pussy.
After shooting a water gun a few times, even the hips that had been completely solved were down, and when the two saints were completely touched, the spectacular spectacular spit out my semen.

But I didn’t have a bird to care about it.
When my stuff, which has not yet been finished, vomits a semen on the beautiful back of the angel, Rachel’s sister approached and asked me again at the bedside of Raya and Matilda.

Ugh .

It was a cleaning pella with a strong stimulus on things that didn’t end up, but it was a good stimulus for me.
Two saints are rusted, but many still remain.As I glanced through the remaining members, I smiled thickly.

Last night, it was the best time to remember for a lifetime.
But Newton did it.If there is an action, there is a reaction.that wordThis was just right, I was thrown in a very awkward space that was very different from last night.


Hey, guys?It’s time for a pleasant countermeasure.Everyone has nothing to say?Oh, I knew.Do you want to know it with telepathy?no way.No matter how much we are in love with our boss, I don’t have a good head so I can read the brilliant measures in your head.You know?


okay.Until now, I woke up in the morning, washed and ate, and gathered again for the meeting.No one except me did not have a mouth.
They’re not going to squeeze together while I’m asleep?

“Ah Okay.I want to test my love like that?Goes!Telepathic!Yap!Okay!


I brought my two fingertips to my head and frowned upon the impression, but it was still heavy silence.
Ze, Damn.I was so excited about the harem play that I tried for the first time.
As usual, I would have asked the Oasis angel of my heart for help, but this time it was hard to expect.There’s a look at the floor as far away from Matilda, and you’re just touching the tail.
but.I think it’s worth thinking.I did it with two saints who should not play the best play.Raea and Matilda could understand enough to say without words.
But the rest ah .

When I looked at others and looked at others from Laya and Matilda, I avoided my eyes with my eyes.At that moment, I came back to what I did last night.
huh.okay.I think about it..Still, Barnetsa!no.So when I do it with Diana Besides, you did it in the end.But Ray!That, then, too .
Ze, Damn.When I think about it, everyone is worth this.Shit.Why do you go to work?At least if you have a Rachel sister! My sister must have been awkward.

The more I think about it, the more I understand it.
How do you overcome this crisis?Is there anything good?That, yeah!If you can’t push it, let’s pull it!

Why are you so awkward?Last night we all worked together, so a little more friendly .

“porridge !?

Rather, even if it is usually smashed, it will fly.
Sarah’s word, which was cold and sharp, gave me a much more serious damage than my back smash, so I kneeled without power.
And in that state, I just lifted my head slightly, so I noticed Sarah’s noticed.


Sarah’s mouth did not think about it again.
If you are doing this, it’s a common response to say, ‘Don’t be cute, don’t pretend to be cute.’
Wouldn’t it be so easy this time?

I’m really sorry.Last night I lost my reason because it was so to be honest, you don’t endure well?Go over there and look at the mirror.Look at you.All pretty girls like you take off and run all at once.


When I jumped up, this time I spoke out and said, Barnetsa, who was keeping the door, opened his mouth.

“why!?My words are wrong!?

I pretend to be angry and I want to be so blatant to see it as a praise.

Kumux .

De, did you get caught?Are you sharp?It’s not yesterday.
But if it collapses here, it’s not a man’s salvation.

“compliment!?What compliments !?What did I say wrong?Or what is it?Are you going to claim that you are not pretty?On that face?In that body?So perfect?under!If you’re going to forget it, you have to make it a little plausible .

When he put an iron plate on his face and targeted the Barnetta as a target, he was praised for the Nodo’s praise.

“stop.Stop it.

And it was the only owner who saved such a deacon from the crisis.

And I’ll stop your mouth too.The author’s words are right.How long is you not wasteful of time when you’re busy?

Oh, oh oh!

Damn it!After all, it’s a hemp!Yesterday, even if you go through it, even if you go through it, you recover mentality so quickly!After all, I ate for nearly 3000 years of age was not in vain!

Now, don’t look at this body with that eye!

Oh, it’s not completely recovered yet.sorry.
Maybe Diana’s heart is broken again, I quickly laid my eyes down.

Anyway, the resumed meeting was finally resumed, and it was smoothly opened by Diana’s leading to open mouths.
The awkward atmosphere has not yet disappeared, but this is inevitable.Time has to solve.

Anyway, if you go back to the countermeasures, there aren’t many things to decide today.The basic goal of the operation is that yesterday is over, and now I need to prepare and prepare for the supplies to hand them to Miriel.
And the preparation of things was also simple.

I originally prepared to help you..

I wasn’t playing all while I was active in the seventh, especially in the case of Diana, because I was steadily making or upgrading goods for me.
Originally, when I went back to the seventh floor, I decided to give concessions to Miriel.
Plitus’s dominance is as soon as possible.In particular, the nearby battlefields of Bapra and Plitus needed to take control of me faster than I took control of Bapra.
In other words, Miriel is also good to send it so quickly, and there is no room for to make additional items for Miriel.

“It’s for our plan to send Miriel, so it’s not going to change my help.”

I soothe Diana’s head, and soothe, and I classified each of the items on the wide table.
And if you are ready to hand it to Miriel, the last thing left is.

The person to spend with Miriel.

okay.This was the last one.
Anyway, if you are overflowing with Arak Ne Clan, if you need a surveillance station, you don’t have to attach more people because there is Alicia?I might think, but my thoughts were different.
Miriel’s plan is to take control of the forces at once, recognized as an authentic successor of Plitus.
There’s a sword of Lirian Plitus, so it’s a somewhat assorted plan, but the plan had a big weakness.There is no one who can use the real warriors.
In order to increase the success rate of this plan, it is indispensable for someone who can use the power of the warrior.
Of course, if you are a person who can use the power of the warrior here, there is only Sara..

Should I go?

When I met Sarah and my eyes, I felt that I could never send it.
If you’re going to send Sarah together in the first place, you’ll not send Miriel, but you’ve just borrowed the sword of Lirian Plitus and sent Sarah.Sarado is the same as the granddaughter of Lirian Plitus.
Rather than sending Miriel, who still doesn’t know how and how will he change, it’s much more safe for Sarah to be recognized as an authentic successor and take control of Plitus.
Of course, it’s another problem that Miriel will lend the sword.

Anyway, I didn’t think that I would send Sarah, because the journey is too dangerous.
Miriel may say what he’s talking about, but he can’t help it.For me, Sarah is much more precious.Even if you say it’s crisp, you can’t help it.
I can’t send Sarah to such a dangerous journey.

“no.I’m going to send Leon.

So the conclusion I came to think was this.
Of course, if you send Leon with Miriel, this time, the power of the warrior disappears on me.

But salvation.So .


Everyone tried to dry me with anxious expressions, but Sarah was surprisingly nodded.

What, what is it?Sarah can’t do this?Is Sarah as I know?no.Of course, I’m glad I didn’t oppose it, but he was still angry because of last night’s work?But no matter how angry .

As I was shocked by myself, Sarah looked at my face.With a look at what you think you are thinking about.

“are you okay.I will stick to this stupid anyway.

Then he looked back at Laea and burst into shock remarks without notice.

“what!?What are you talking about!?Where are you stuck?How dangerous the bapra is for a woman .
Silbi Ar and those two men blocked one gate all night?Who makes me dangerous.

“no.As you say, it’s true that people are surprisingly poor.But yes .
And I heard it all from Ray.Ray just wanders like a man?

That’s Ray Bapra !
The purpose is to hold hands with people named Sanctuary and spread love between men and women.At the same time, women’s human rights are also raised.To do that, it’s better to have a strong woman like me in a group that defeats Bapra.

no.Sara.Let’s talk too.What do you say?
Besides, it’s as if you’ve prepared from the beginning.Was it aiming for this from the beginning?Even if you keep going with Ray these days, you get all the necessary information?
no wonder.A kid who can’t say sociable is that he continued to take Ray for the first time.

And if it’s dangerous, you are the same with Ray.Even if you tell me not to followI’m going to follow.

At the eyes of the eyes, I have no words to say.No matter what I said, I realized that that stubborn could never be beaten.

Then, this body too!This body too!
I, I too !

The problem was that Sarah was triggered by the other kids and started his own claims, but even our warriors solved it neatly.

“No.Diana has to contact everyone in the village of nine -tailed nursery and coordinate the operation.Layea still lacks the power to protect his body by himself when he falls into a crisis.One thing to follow is enough. So do you have to say more?

He broke the claims of the Wizard and the saints at once, and the warrior looked at this with a calm expression.
Facing that face and I said I said .

Are you thinking a lot alone?Did you want to go with me?

There was only this word.

joy.If you know, you will be good in the future.

It was too much to turn my head and turn it away.

“hey.If you say that, you don’t think it’s good until now.I did so well yesterday .

“porridge !?

I think it’s a little loose now, so I’ve been playing around.I’m really hurt !?If you are hurt and crushed in the corner, you know how bad it is!?

Don’t threaten strange.This stupid pervert.

Anyway, so, we were able to plan the future plan.All that’s left is to call Laon and Miriel to talk directly.
Of course, Suddenly, who suddenly went to Plitus, would be embarrassed, but it’s probably okay.That guy is now .

De, finally!Finally, I’m going to the 7th floor!?Do anything!I will do anything!Let’s inspect the seeds of dirty drinking quickly!

When he made a man and called Threon and Miriel, Threron appeared before Miriel.
If you look at the street, the Arakne Clan House is much closer than this mansion.It was quite urgent.Well, if you look at the bones inherited, I know why.
How sucked by this guy, the hell?

Saint.Can I go in?

As I first explained the situation to the rash, I finally heard Miriel’s voice outside the door.
But why do he knock on the door and knock on the door?I want to give me one more word with me.No matter how much self -consciousness is it.It’s just that personality, so it’s easy to do anything.

“come in.Isn’t it a little late?

On topics closer to the distance than Threon.
Well, unlike the garlon that he spent a long time to Helena at home, he’s going to have a lot of work as a clan.And thanks to that guy late, I also had time to deliver precautions to Lake.
As you can see, I should pay attention to it.It’s hard to listen to my commands, as it’s something to do in the future.
In that sense, I threw pinzan lightly, but Miriel took my pinzan with an unimaginable answer.

“Sorry.As I was excited about meeting the saint, it was like this.Haha.Every time you meet the saint, you are a woman Oh, there was a senior.I don’t think the timing to talk was not good.Please do not listen now.

Now don’t pretend to come to the other kids!There’s an Onggi -jong next to me, but it makes sense to not notice it!?I know it’s over if you don’t listen to it!?From the start, the temperature around our kids has fallen so much!?What are you going to do?
And garlon!Do you run away to the corner that you will live alone!?If you are a warrior, we’ve been proud of it!

Do you want to say that it gave me strength now?

Guys.calm down.Miriel is just bullshit!
It was told to listen to our kids with that meaning, but Miriel responded to me.

Saint.No matter how much the country is hurt.

Don’t be bullied!You just wore armor when you went to the dungeon!?Keep your sword on your back!Where the hell are you decorating!?

Haha.Actually, I realized on the way.There is only one reason for the saint to call me at this time.So I tried to get rid of the elaborate dressed and come in this way.I’m excited at the saint’s invitation, so I don’t even realize that natural facts.In front of the saint, I am also a woman who is not too.I didn’t talk again now.Please do not listen.

hmm.Be careful in the future.

Our kids who were cold in Miriel’s provocations that broke out are finally exploding I thought it would be, but before that, Diana calmed the mood by holding weight.
After all, the only thing I can believe is the Bigsa.

“yes.I will be careful.

I couldn’t go too much against the lawyer of the hemp, even if I lived, and I bowed to Diana politely.

The reason these bodies called you are no different.

Originally, I would do it, but if I kept talking with me, I thought Miriel would take time to get some time.
Diana was bitten behind the day and began to deliver the decisions that were decided between yesterday.
Miriel was a glimpse of me as if he couldn’t add a conversation with me, but as much as he had taken out, he turned to Diana again and listened to it.

First of all, I dominated the border of Plitus and Bapra is it.”

“hmm.As extreme battles continue every day, we expect many rough ones.It will be that dangerous mission.Perhaps more than to get the sword out of the middle of Plitus.So you dare .

When Miriel slightly frowned and thought, Diana tried to persuade Miriel to see if he wanted to.
is it.Even though Miriel provoked so, Diana first came out and calmed the was why our kids did not explode even though they had such a provocation.
Diana nor the other kids know that Miriel is blinded by me and is entering my feet towards the limbs.
Even if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

“I’ll do it.”

But whether or not you know the hearts of our kids, Miriel nodded without hesitation.

Are you serious?

“yes.It was fully understood that it was necessary to take control of the border.I am also willing to follow your help too.

Wasn’t it helpful for this body?

At first glance, it might sound like Bianan, but that’s why I warned Diana.
Why did you even write the expression that he usually doesn’t use well? No matter how hard you try, the author is this body.Don’t let go of life with meaningless efforts.
Well, that was no use for Miriel.

But if you head to the border, you will need more.In fact, I was prepared to leave even after I talked to the saint.

With Diana’s warning with a unique cool smile, Miriel said he didn’t have to worry more.
no.Not only that, but I also tried to change my conversation from Diana to me again.

Saint.I’m sorry, but give me a little more time.Originally, I was planning to infiltrate a minority elite party that was made only by executives, but if I headed up the border, I should increase the number of people.

Is the destination changing from the capital to the border?no.I’m not really curious.

Anyway, the big framework for going to the upper guy, showing a sword and being recognized as an authentic successor of Plitus doesn’t change.
I thought so, but it was not for Miriel.

No matter how much the world of war gods, the embers of the war aren’t bounced up to the capital of each camp.The people of the capital will be alert.But if it’s a border that takes place every day, the story is different.All of the suspicious people may be treated as a spy of enemy countries, and may be surrounded by a large number of battles.It’s a response.

At first glance, it is a valid opinion.But no matter how much I didn’t think about that, would you ask questions?I’m not curious.

“no.Even when I decided to go straight to the capital, I had to go through the border anyway.I was confident that I was able to pierce it with a small number of elite, so I did not prepare from the beginning?

“huh?The saint can move each area freely.Did you not want that help?The saint is more than it looks.

I was going to help you, of course, but how do you know it and prepare for shadow movement from the beginning?

Have you ever talked about this shadow movement?
no.There was no.In order to say that the shadow movement can be freely and seven -tier, it is necessary to explain one by one from the seven -tier structure.
I can’t remember if I even talked about it?But this one listens to that story way.

Did you hear it from a middle bottle?

Yesterday’s interrogation revealed that people of the war god could know my location if they caught a saint skill.
That’s why two bottles were able to pursue me across the river.So, of course, whenever I went to the village of nine -tailed foxes, I could have felt two bottles.
If you think about it, it was not strange that Miriel heard of an unknown move through two bottles.
The problem is that, but Miriel knew it..

Haha.I finally got caught.

“you you !I know you and shut upIt was there!?

People of the war god can see my location loom if they get a saint skill.Miriel knew from the beginning of the information that I barely found out to the middle two bottles of the trouble yesterday!This guy, yesterday, was there together!no.Because of that, I received a re -teaching from me!
Somehow, two bottles seemed to believe Miriel until the end!Somehow it doesn’t seem to let go of hope!What did I think I was thinking about every time I was blamed!?’I didn’t have everything as a descendant of the warrior.I believe you. ‘
I thought I was completely scared of two bottles, but it wasn’t at all!?

Salvation?What do you mean suddenly?

But other people except me and Miriel do not know what we’re talking about now.
Of course, I explained the side effects of the Saint Skill to the people of the war, but I omitted all the teaching plays in front of the two bottles and the bite of my goods in the mouth of two bottles.

This plan is all canceled!After all this guy can’t believe it!

Miriel finished with a cool smile, but this is not just a joke.This is the most important plan for credit.
When I shouted so, Miriel finally erased laughter from his mouth.

Saint.That’s not right.”

What isn’t it!?

This is the last I’m sorry, can I go out for a while and talk?I don’t think it’s going to talk here.

Do you mean that?
This time it was a serious look, but as I used to provoke our kids earlier, my kids didn’t know what they were talking about with me.

“why.I just talk here.are you okay.Talk.

Sara.Are you very scared now?If you push it like that, you can’t talk about it.

I’ll talk quickly.

Still, Sarah came out like that, so I could get a little calm, so I decided to take Miriel out.

Hey salvation!

It’s a serious story.I’ll talk about it right away.Do you believe in your brother?

Of course, Sarah was in the back, but this time, it is inevitable.
I took Miriel and went out of the room and went to the empty doesn’t mean much, but the maid was waiting in the hallway.

So, what are you talking about?You’re not going to say that I wanted to be interested in me?

It’s similar but a little different.I didn’t talk about it at that time, of course, there was a reason why I wanted to get the assistant of the saint for a long time, but that’s not the only.I thought it would be more helpful for the saint.

Don’t say that the big wife wanted to be teaching naturally.Besides, this time, I can’t adapt more because I have a serious look.
Thanks to me, I almost lost my seriousness, but I somehow grabbed my heart and pursued Miriel.

It’s more time for you to find out the information, and it’s also ambiguous to threaten two bottles?

But by doing so, I was able to get Julian’s trust perfectly.If you have any questions about anything, you can ask me.Julian will tell me anything.

In that way, the point of contact with me was also a deep mountain.

After all, the saint is quick to understand.

Miriel smiled again as if he was right, but there was a strange thing.

Why didn’t you talk as soon as you came out of the room yesterday?If you had that thought, shouldn’t you share it with me?

If I didn’t realize the truth today, this would have been buried in the dark.

If the saint accepts my story, I will talk about how to go to the capital of Plitus.I thought it would come out naturally.If you realize it late, the saint is so angry.I’m ashamed to speak with my mouth.

What else is you embarrassed to tell you everything!?In short, I didn’t know how to get angry and be an assistant of anger!?

Haha.By the way, I realized when I was there, but it didn’t go as planned.I think there will be a border.I made a mistake.

Don’t look at the face of blushing your face when spraying!

Anyway, the saint.It was a light deviation that I wanted to get a little more of the saint’s attention.I had no idea to break the trust of the saint.Believe me.

Whether or not he knows my absurd heart, Miriel again said that he had a serious expression and said.
Whatever you say, this is a doubt.Can I really believe it?Is it right?I also checked the appointment of the apostle yesterday.
I wanted to confirm that I was appointed to the apore even now, but there were our kids next to it.

“hey.Even if you say you all sincerely, I talk one more time.If you really betray you, you don’t let it go.

“Yes I try to meet expectations.

Instead, when the assistant was still valid, he pinched the cheeks and twisted.
For some reason, I think it’s only counterproductive.

There was no a bit anxious feeling, but let’s think that Miriel’s interest is the cause.Let’s believe it.
I concluded through a conversation with Miriel, and I decided to go back to the room where our kids were with Miriel.
I don’t know how helpful it will be in Plitus, but once I knew the basic information of the seven -tier, I delivered Diana’s tools.

The most important thing of the tools you handed is that it’s a teleport teleport magic.
In particular, the teleport magic circle is more improved than I have installed it at the bottom of Bapra’s Caleraho, and it is difficult to notice the outside by trapping the surrounding mana in a certain space.
In the fourth floor, there was a huge air bubble around the village.It is a groundbreaking thing that has made mana films and succeeded in miniaturization.
Diana spoke of how great it was, but it was not very close to the magic.Well, it’s definitely comfortable.

Anyway, it’s such a great thing, but this time I decided to hand it to Miriel without using it.
Anyway, Miriel can be used more useful than me with a partner throughout Bapra.
And it’s more helpful not to keep the goddess mana in the basement of Calera Lake anyway.Each one has a separate purpose.You don’t have to change because you are greedy.

“really Are you leaving this to us?

But for Miriel, he could not know that situation.I just heard that it was a great thing through Diana’s heat, so I was very impressed with the new one.
Don’t look at it with that eye.I’d rather be building a cool smile as usual.
shit.I’ve never thought that it looks like Sarah until I know it’s a half sister, but I know that Sarah overlaps every time he makes him look like that.
Sarah was staring at me with me with cold eyes.

“okay.So if you want to die and die, install it and run away.Don’t be dangerous after coming.

But if you come to this, you will come to the enemy?

“doesn’t care.It’s small anyway, so it’s limited to come to you at once.After you come to the village of nine -tailed nurture, you can break it.In the meantime, I can overpower it from here.

Although it is connected to the village of the nine -tailed, it is basically a hemp lawyer.It’s not going to take over one or two people.

Can’t you stop the enemy to know our identity through the mana of the goddess?

It’s better than you lose your life.


So, look at the timing and use it only when you need it.

At first, even if Miriel failed anyway, we said that there was no risk, but to be honest, it was a lie.
Isn’t it?Of course, Miriel goes, of course, there’s a high probability that Alisia will follow, but do you think it makes sense to just throw away my girl?
Of course, it is the best thing that Alicia doesn’t follow, but I don’t have to say that a kid who’s united with loyalty goes.
So the only thing I’ve said so far is that as soon as I took control of Bapra, this was the only way to stop the war with Plitus.
And that lies, our kids looked at them at a glance, especially because the good angels of our hearts are actively dried up, so they decided to do this.

And this ring is a communication ring that can talk shortly once a day.Probably Diana will receive, so report it regularly once a day unless it is.

This is not a dramatic upgrade, unlike the teleport magic circle, but it doesn’t matter because it is not a problem to use it for regular reporting.

And what’s left ah.”

I was looking around because it seemed to be finished, so I was looking around.
I didn’t talk about him.I was forgotten in the corner.

You said you are increasing the number of people to reinforce power?Take it too.I want to be recognized as an authentic successor to the warrior anyway, so I need one who knows how to use the power of the warrior.

Wasn’t the warrior act like a saint?

It doesn’t matter because we’re roughly organized anyway.The power of the warrior or strong allies will need more.Take it together.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if we take Sarah, but you don’t have to talk to Miriel..
If you tell him that Sarah is another warrior, it’s complicated in many ways.I don’t think I’m going to be a half -sister.

That, is it like that.

But this time, Miriel, who doesn’t know my inside, even slightly fluctuated.
hey.hey.why are you like this?Why don’t you look like that?

What is the problem?

Oh, no.Haha.I am very trusted and favored by the saint I don’t know how to do it.

Perhaps it would have provoked our kids, but this time I was really impressed, but Miriel slowly picked up and expressed it in that way.
Is this so much that you will be impressed?If you didn’t usually do it in the first place, I would have always shown this trust.
Anyway, it was a good thing for us that Miriel was so impressed now.

“is it Is it power reinforcement as a warrior?

Don’t worry about your skills.I went to me with me and was a lot of level up.


All, of course!I don’t lose to you now!

When Miriel turned his gaze to Threon, he was wondering and was bluffing.
I don’t losing it now.If you say that, you lost it before?Didn’t you say you were drew?

That’s not a story.good.To accompany anyway, it is essential to identify skills.Once here, Dalian I quit.

And Miriel didn’t just overlook the bluff of Threon, so suddenly the atmosphere was formed. Miriel suddenly looked at me and changed his words.
Why are you doing this again again?Why are you doing this suspicious thing if you believe it?Didn’t you really take a real interest?

“why?Do it.There is also a Dalian field where you can fight underground.

It was a reaction that could not go over ahead of the important mission.Next to it, It’s not Dalian, but it’s the lab of this body I stroked Diana’s head, which corrects him, and I encouraged the two Dalians in that way.
I think it’s a great opportunity to see how stronger Miriel is.

Ha, but the saint.It is also preparation of heart for me .

But with my encouragement, Miriel began to be embarrassed.
This is more suspicious.Sincerely embarrassed is that the suspicious behavior you showed earlier is not an act of being interested.

It’s just Dalian to grasp each other’s skills.Is it necessary to prepare for your heart?

“no.but okay.”

Inevitably not to be suspected.The inside was revealed, and Miriel nodded as if he was not loud.

Then should I start?The purpose is to confirm each other’s skills, so do it light at first.

While I was in the basement, I was a Miriel who was constantly looking at myself, but I had to be strange that I had arrived.
Instead of a sword that was kicked in the waist, Silvia had a wooden sword used for practice, and Miriel said so and inspired the sword.

The blue flame flows out of the sword, and it was a unique sword that I have seen several times.
But this time it was not the end there.The flames that exploded as if they were exploding became more dense and killed as they were compressed.
The process is quite different, but the brilliant blue sword blade is like .

Yes, how do you do that!?

okay.It was so similar to the appearance of the sword in the hands of the screaming screaming.

Haha.It is not only that way that the blood of the warrior is.Goes!”

When the two were lined up side by side, Miriel rushed towards the trash with a cool smile.
And when the sword of Miriel and Laon clashed, the intense mana’s waves spread around.
There is no black sword.Of course, if you put a mana with all your strength, you can get more powerful swords than that, but at least Miriel’s sword is not behind the sword used by the warrior.
The two Dalians started that, and people who did not know seemed to be as if they were fighting.
no.If you don’t know, it’s the same.

I thought that I would like to operate magic in a unique way, but in this way, Miriel’s mana operation method is very similar to that of the warrior.

It was certain that there was a guarantee check of a professional who had no seconds about mana.

Can you distinguish Diana?

“no.It is complicated to explain, but as it was a magic test of Miriel Yang, the sword is also different from the warriors as well as the general test.No matter how much the operation is, you can’t erase the feeling of the magic test as much as the source is different.But if those who do not know the existence of a magic test, it will not be easy to distinguish.

In other words, people of the war god can be tricked enough.
Is this why Miriel was confident from the beginning?
And I didn’t want to show us all my hand, even if I hesitated Dalian with Laon?Are you fighting while doing that?

As soon as I thought, there was finally a crack in the tight composition.
It sincerely opened the power of the warriors, whether it was an increasingly pushed garlon to Miriel, who was excited.
Naturally, Ron was the offensive, and Miriel became a rush, and the sword of the trash passed by. .


In Miriel’s mouth, a bewitching moan did not match the situation.
Thremy was surprised and broke the sword, and Miriel stopped the sword with Miri El.

So you said.I felt by another man, I didn’t want to show it to the saint.

Well, that’s why I didn’t want to be able to suddenly do it!?
If it was, I talked about it!Why do you not have to talk important when you do this, so that you doubt people!
And in the first place!

Ah, no!You’re used to dungeons and get used to it!Just fighting!

Embarrassed, I said so as to Miriel.
Next to the side, “I want to point out why I feel like that.”

The saint is in front of you Nothing.”

If you say everything and say nothing, what is it?


In addition, because of that, Sarah, who was noticed, began to look at me.
Perhaps I realized who I wanted to point out before.

Now, wait!I have nothing wrong!I want to make a dangerous guy in unparalleled. Oh, anyway!That’s not important now!What happened to Dalian !?It’s an important place to gauge your opponent’s skills to leave each other in dangerous areas!

As I tried to ignore the cold gaze that felt like a steaming side, I urgently encouraged Threon and Miriel.
Do anything!Do it more and more!hurry!

I think this is enough.As you said, it’s stronger than before.If the warrior is added, you can leave immediately without any reinforcement.

Fortunately, if I left it as it was, I realized that I would die in my hands, and Miriel immediately reached out to me.

That, yeah!?In fact, the faster the border sequence is better.Then I want to prepare and start right now!?

“I do not care.”

good job!Miriel!
Is that a unique cool smile that only seemed suspicious every time?

I, I too!Helena has also been greeted!

no.Remion.How urgent you have been, you have said goodbye without knowing what you did.
Isn’t it too cold only to Threon?How kind of kind to the red pepper?

“good!Then it’s a departure right now!

Anyway, if Miriel was ready, there was no reason to be delayed here.
You talk to me later. I tried to ignore the scary muttering Sarah’s words, and I headed to Arakne Clan with everyone.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1121

As Miriel said, Arakne Clan was already ready.
At the level of Arakne Clan, it wasn’t like to kick a few pockets per person, so it didn’t seem to be holding a bag of luggage.
Besides, all seven are doing it.okay.Originally, all seven executives, including the Genie, who had to keep the five -tiered forward base.
And out of those seven .

Did you come!Sisters!
Don’t say my sister!

Naturally, Alicia was included.
How big is Alicia?The same warrior, the garment, is scared when you get angry, but you don’t surprise your eyebrows.Then Miriel did.Are all Arakne Clans?
Well, there were two twin wizards, but they were leaning their backs so much that the head was almost as if it were so hard to see Diana’s John.

Uh, woman.Are you too?

Anyway, I greeted our kids 90 degrees first, and Alicia came to me late and greeted me with a awkward tone.
Now this is my woman, but it was awkward to suddenly pour sesame salt.
Well, Alicia is not that personality, so I can’t help it.And over time it will get better.It’s been in less than a few days.

I’m a bonus.

In fact, I don’t care because I’m not a personality, but I deliberately complained to solve the awkward atmosphere with Alicia.
Alicia also knew my heart, and his shoulders were powerful and showed their unique smile.

“ISince then, I have a hierarchy.

no.It’s good to have a lot of power on the shoulders, but this time it’s too missing.What is the hierarchical order?

“hey!If you say that, I think I’m living on my ass!?


Of course not!I tried to answer, but I decided to change the horse quickly to Sarah’s eyes.
This I can use it.

“no.Of course it is right.But I’m curious about how Mr. Alicia noticed.Hahahaha.Do you have it like that?Sara.Did you hear it?If I usually do it to you, I notice others at once.Ki.You really met a man.

Have you seen it?This quickness.Since I was young, I heard the honorable praise, ‘You can eat it with your mouth later.’

I idiot.”

Even if you listen to these words, there’s a little bit of you.Since I heard Miriel’s moan during Dalian, my strength has finally gone out of my eyes.
succeded!It’s me too!This ability to catch it at once when a chance comes!This is the saint’s .

But I’ll talk later.

Jenzaaa Ah!Is it a failure!
no.But it’s okay to comfort the voice that the situation is better than before.

What did you do wrong again?

As he was rationalizing himself, Allicia whispered with his elbows stabbed his side.
Toran !?What are you talking about?If you hear anyone, I know that I just do it wrong to our kids.

I did it that time.

Only then?That’s it because of you!

“sorry.I waited.

Anyway, as I was greeting the reunion with Allicia, Miriel finally appeared.The sword and Lirian Plitus’s sword that he used in the waist was kicked at the same time, and a few pockets were also cold.

Would you like to go?

After looking around, the members other than themselves confirmed that they were ready, and Miriel walked out.

But can all the executives can go out?How long will it take, but shouldn’t you have about one executive to remain?

When he was next to him and handed it, Miriel made the smile on his mouth.
Was it too much.

Even if you don’t worry, our clan is not so poor.Originally, there were often executives to explore the sixth -tier.Even if there are no eight people including the day, it will go well.

Is it?

Or are there any other worries about the saint?

In that way, Miriel stared at Alicia.
When I naturally followed the gaze and looked at Allicia, I came to this way that I noticed our eyes over there.

“what.Suddenly two people.

“no .

I’m worried.I could not honestly put my heart out of my mouth.
If I said, “Don’t go,” if I say, “Don’t go.”
No matter how much that the other person liked and suffered, he must be angry without worrying about it.Because this is that personality.

“child.Are you worried about this sister?

But after seeing my attitude, I noticed my heart, and Alisia smiled and smiled with arms on my shoulder.
This is a strangely wild feeling on a topic that is not noticeable.

Then can’t you?Be careful when you are injured.

Ugh !?Nu, who’s being scolded!Hat Byeong -ah .
“hey.Did you forget that?

It was Alicia who tried to call me a habitual illness, but now I have become a lover, but I can’t call it that way.
Besides, I have already taken measures to prevent it from calling.

All, shut up!

The memory of the day came to mind, and Alicia fled back in a hurry as he turned his face red.

Haha.This makes me realize that the saint and Allicia have been formed.

And looking at it, Miriel smiled a happy smile.
To be honest, it was a bit surprising that Miriel responded.Of course, it was a cool personality, so I didn’t seem to be jealous, but I didn’t know it would like it.
Even if you had caught two bottles overnight before, you admitted that it was because of jealousy about Alicia.
But in between, the attitude changes like this?Did you have something to do?

So it was like that.It is a confrontation with Laon.
Although Miriel ended in the middle of the moan, the confrontation was Miriel’s defeat.
And Miriel, who I knew, was burning a desire to win.
But even after being defeated, it was not enough.Have you folded the mind that he really wanted to be strong?It’s because you really give up your job?

Saint.If you look so hot, others will misunderstand.

If you don’t say that, you’re not going to misunderstand?

Haha.of course.But it’s not bad for me.

This guy, knowing that he is doing it on purpose and knowing it on purpose?
I wanted to say a word, but unfortunately I had already arrived at my destination.

“let’s go.”

Arrive at the guild.There was a cluttering sound toward us around us.
That’s right.Aracne’s executive.Speeds of the Savings Clan.It’s a group that attracted only one of the two, but the two appeared together at the same time.
Besides, there are couples that are a hot topic among adventurers.


No, what is it?It’s a baby.Why fire Ugh!?

I called Allicia, who was running back, and hugged the waist.
Oh! The admiration broke out, but I acted proudly.
Of course, Alicia was so distracted that he couldn’t control his strength and hit me.

This, this crazy bird What are you doing?it’s crazy!?”

At least it was fortunate to reduce the voice to others.

“ouch!it hurts!it hurts!Because of our plans, I do this on purpose, so be patient!

What does this have to do with your plan!?

If you wish you and our clan, who are wishing these days, suddenly head to the dungeon, will there be rumors that you will be doing something great?So in this way.I want to give you a perception that you are just acting together with you and me.

Well, the reason is not the only one.
To be honest, I just said what I said right now, and I really want to show the adventurers.
no.It’s not like a show.I just remember what Alisia did to wrap on the guild before.
When rumors turned that I only judged a woman with a face, I wrapped me up with my face.
Since then, there have been a lot of rumors about me, but instead, there are some rumors.Rumor has it, ‘Isn’t Alcia just a saint?’
So if you don’t do it at all.

The cubs rolling in strange.

Chi, praise?
Anyway, I had to go to my words, and Alicia stopped hitting and got it quietly by my side.
It was so awkward that it was not like allicia to bow down and clutter.

Uh, come.

Anyway, when I put allicia on my side and went to the guide desk, Rachel’s sister greeted me as a perfect guide smile today.
The voice was a bit nervous because I remembered last night.As a result, my sister was still mentally not because she went to work early.

“huh.Rachel.What happened to the preparation in the morning?

I told Miriel a little while ago, but the decision to leave it to Miriel was already made yesterday.
So this morning, Rachel’s sister asked me before going to work.As a guild card for Arakne Clan members, please use the teleport magic circle that leads to the 7th floor.

Oh, yes.It’s possible at any time.Then would you like to accompany all the executives of Arakne Clan?

The procedure for the seventh floor is a bit special.
It’s a place where you can’t run the original purpose of the dungeon party, ‘Adventurers’ status, and in the event of an emergency, you can’t run a guild member or rescue an emergency rescue quest.’
It is information that only a few people know in the guild, so you can only proceed with Rachel’s sister.
This is also a virtue with a connection on the didn’t twist Rachel’s sister.

Anyway, after the registration process to my sister, we finally came down to the seventh floor.
Of course, there is no dramatic change as soon as it comes down.Even the nine -tailed village is filled with mana in the atmosphere, thanks to the installation of the teleport magic circle.
So the Arakne Clan members, who have come to the seventh floor after a long time since they stepped in the first seventh floor, were a dumb reaction.

Laya sister!Today is a person Me, man!?

On the contrary, the nine -tailed foxes were surprised and looked at us.Especially me.
By the way, why do you think that kid always meets every time?Are you always killing near Teleport Magic?

Kang!It’s a man!


When he took a joke and lifted his arms, Lisa was surprised and crouched.

Salvation.Overpen you.lisa.Are you okay?”

no.I didn’t know how to react like this.At best, What are you doing?Are you a fool? I thought I would say the same.

“are you okay.Little.Don’t eat it.

Who, who is kids.

Next to Layea, who sat down and comforted, I sat down and comforted, and Lisa struck my hand and bluffed.It’s cheap.

It was okay.Then we’re busy.

If you do not get out of the gap with Lisa, you will not be able to escape from the nine -tailed nine -tailed nine -tailed nine -tailed people.
Instinctively noticed that, I got up from my seat and walked in a hurry.

“hmm?go?Wasn’t the saint install a teleport magic circle on the border?

“no.Follow me.This is not here where the simple teleport magic circle is connected.

He also answered such a puzzled Miriel’s question, trying to go to the house of our kids in a remote place, but the kid was not easy to fall.


Do not follow the scared theme even if you threaten lightly.
Isn’t this a real teleport magic?

Are you really interested in me?

Ah, no!Just a man is amazing!

I continued to throw the rice to remove the following Lisa, but Lisa said so and did not stop.
It would have been easy to remove it if I had denied it, but I don’t deny that I’m interested in male excuses.flea.

I keep my eyes on my face for that.Honestly speak.

Lee, Lisaya ?

I bite one more time to hear the answer I want.There was also a concerned voice of Laea, and Lisa seemed to be in a hurry.

Now, it’s not over -conscious!?I only have a man here, so I only see you!

He shouted like that justified, but the cry made our party silent.Even Arakne executives who talked to each other as they followed.

“Why why!?Did I say wrong!?

Lisa realized that he made a mistake in a sudden change.
And he answered that of Lisa’s question.


It was the sound of the hemorrhage of the thread that came from there.
Poor guy.No matter how Helena is, he is a man.I would have been excited to see that I came to the neighborhood where I only saw that.
In addition, Lisa discovered such garons and tried to kill him.

All, other men!?Why are you!?

Cool luck .

Isn’t it like an assassin sent by a war god?Before the operation begins, we try to kill one of our warriors.
It is dangerous to leave this more.If you don’t chase quickly.

It has been all the time before.I couldn’t see it because I was sold to my face.

Oh, you didn’t say it!Stupid man!Excess self -consciousness!Go to the goal!

“phalanx !

Fortunately, Lisa fled with his face blushing, but in that short time, the damaged kid’s damage was enormous.
no.I’m fine.huh.I don’t care at all.Because it’s a jigol?It means that I can eat and live with a woman.But it’s not me, but it’s a problem.
If you see the desperate kid later, let’s bother you once.

Puzal.Did you hear it?It’s called jigol.

And let’s bother our kids later.
Diana was not afraid of it last night.Well, it’s nice to see that it’s cute to smile like that.

“hey.Are you okay?I didn’t know that I wouldn’t even be conscious.

No matter how hard it was, it was too poor this time.
In recent years, there was no Helena who had been stuck and soothe the heart, so I would have suffered more damage.

And it’s not your problem this time?just What should I say?

I stop now.

I was so handsome that I was hidden.The situation was not good to say, so I was choosing a horse.It is also with a tremendous motivation.

If you get rid of these humiliations, if you only get rid of it, you can solve everything if you cut off the curse flowing on this blood line.I’ll do it.I must do this with this hand!

Oh oh!He said something like a warrior now!The village kid who passed by is ignored by A and doesn’t seem to say!Besides, the curse is unlikely to be rewarded.You will just be able to raise the charm stats in the future!
Well, it’s good to have another motivation in addition to Helena.I decided to clap and hit it quietly without falling down.

Anyway, we were able to arrive at the destination, the remote house, who had been so damn.
From there, we started the inspection before departure after explaining simple information such as where the simple teleport magic circle is connected.

But the saint.I know that the saint first goes to the border and installs a simple teleport magic circle, and we plan to cross it.But how do the saint go to the border?Is it possible right now?

Miriel’s question was in line.
Well, I didn’t bring it all because I could move right now, but I was just scared of Sarah, but I brought me to do anything quickly.
Of course, that didn’t mean nothing to do now.

“no.Movement has to wait for the day to get dark.I needed to check the location before I went, so I came quickly.You are taking a break while reviewing the plans after that until then.

I have never been to the border, and there are no helpers who will serve as a guide from the other side.So it was necessary to grasp the clear location to cross the shadow movement.
And if you say that location method .

Then should I go?Two.

Finally, I smiled and laughed as if I had a chance.
Is this strange?Why are you suddenly cold after seeing such a pretty smile?

Diana!Laya!Matilda!Help!Help me!Don’t let me go alone!

Oh, salvation.What do you say?Who leaves my brother alone?don’t worry.I’ll be by my side.

So scary!It’s scary!Why do you just talk to this timing?It’s good to say that way!?
In addition, he gave up his thoughts to dry up the motivation of Sarah, and he shook his head with an ambiguous smile.

He, guys!?No matter how much you want to throw the West so easily!?You’re angry too !?So you said!I was forced to prevent Miriel so that he could not fight forward.!
shit.Daema Sister!Angel!Matilda!As usual, even pink mode Who, no one!?

Do you hear it?

If you are eager, it is done.At that moment, I was able to realize that deeply in my ear.
This is because the ring shining in the ring in Diana’s hand and the voice of the knight to save me.


!?Gu, salvation!?

This voice is amazing even if I hear my voice over the ring!It must be our knight!After all, it’s silver!It appears in this perfect timing!
Of course, suddenly contacted over this time is not a good signal.Still much better than being angered by anger!

“okay!Salvation!It means that there was something suddenly contacted at this time!?what’s the matter!?”

“swimming?Oh, no.just .
If this body doesn’t have anything special, I told you to contact us at this time.

Yes?What do you mean?

You said you found this body yesterday.Where do you think this body was then?

Oh, did you come down here and listen to Silvia?
After all, hemp.The cover is steadily covered with the parts I didn’t care about no.That’s not important now.

In other words, I contacted you at this time Did you mean nothing special?


It was Sylvia who answered vigorously as if he was relieved, but it was rather pushed into the hollow of the despair.

That, you can’t do that?Sylvia.Think about it.The energy of the goddess would have increased dramatically in the lake, but the people did not say anything!?

Oh, that, that Based on the words you talked about last time I surrounded it ah .

Sylby ah!It’s so competent!
In response to the words that I read the atmosphere even if I was a silent, I couldn’t say anything and kneeled alone.

Yes.So brother.Don’t worry too much.If I’m so worried, I’ll comfort you.If you want, even with your body .

“hmm.This body will confirm the rest.You will come with confidence.

A hemp that blushes my face and grabs my back mourning, and a hemp that kindly pushes the back of such a warrior.
In a cruel attack of the two, I looked around with vain eyes.Someone, someone who will help you Oh, Allicia!
And at that moment, my feared warrior met my eyes straight.

“excuse me!sister!”

It is helpful when this is not afraid and not noticeable!
At the moment I met with me, Alice jumped from my seat because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Don’t say my sister!What is it!?”

In Sarah’s cold gaze, Allicia did not retreat and expressed his opinion.

Mo, do it with your body!Thank you for doing that when you have it!I can’t afford newcomers like me yet!

Hey, I don’t notice it ah ah ah!If you listen to it, it means to comfort you with a real body!It means to talk about the conversation of the body in a different way!
Beyond the ringHow do you know how you know the atmosphere you grasped even in Silbi!?
Is it an expression !?Are you mistaken for your expression !?It was just because he was blushing and shameful.

That, that meaning Ha, I can’t.all right.I’ll go out a little bit.

I was a bit embarrassed if I didn’t know that it would be mistaken for this, but I also made a crisis as a good warrior.

“yes!?Are you serious!?

That, yes!why!?”

“no.Outdoor plane that I only heard in words W, I’m my sister too!The level is high!

hey!Alicia!I know it’s definitely a crisis order, but it’s not too much!What are you complimenting?

Oh, Oh, I know!

In addition, because of the attitude of Alicia, Sarah seemed to be as good as Sarah.
He could not deny Alicia’s words, which suggested outdoor play, and Sarah dragged me out with a lot of strength to my nape.

“hey.Sara.Did you have to do this?

Poetry, noisy!

Now, when we go in, he’s so glad.That is the person who has been playing outdoor exposure in the middle of the day.. ‘It would be the same expression.

Poetry, you said it’s noisy!

If you’re going to be so shy, you don’t have to come to talk later.Well, thanks to me, I have a chance to come to me.

What else is it to be loud to my brother while I’m talking about talking?Even if it is a conversation in the first place,Isn’t it Miriel?I told you earlier.that .
“Because I’m my brother, I didn’t think it’s a strange idea!”

So you say you didn’t have a strange idea.I couldn’t help Miriel to give up the fight.

No matter how much!Uh, how !

“huh?Are you curious about how?Then shall we tell you directly with that body?If you just go in anyway, you’ll be misunderstood, but if you do it, it’s not a misunderstanding..

This pervert!Kinky King!Really crazy!

When I hugged Sarah’s waist, Sarah hit my chest with his palms and squeezed my chest.I was a bit sick.

“that’s right.I’m always crazy about you.

Huh, don’t bullshit and go!It is important to grasp the location!

Eventually, I continued to mix up the words I felt, and Sarah ran to the top of the mountain without having to make a risk of being in danger of playing outdoor play.

Huh.I did it.I had to do it.
no.I’m not alone.This ball is turned to Allicia, who helped me to come.I’m sorry to see that I didn’t notice before.This is like this.thanks!

Anyway, we were able to concentrate on our own role, and we climbed to the top of the tree at the top of the mountain and confirmed the location of the border.
Of course, I could not confirm with my eyes.No matter how much this is a terrain where you can look around at a glance, the distance you can see with your eyes is limited.
Because of this, the eyes had to look around and check around alone, and it was also to distinguish between Bapra and Pleatus as Sarah, who had never been out of the Miho Mountain.

First of all, they draw a line around the war and distinguish between the territory of the three forces, and the border of Plitus and Bapra accurately.
It was a hard work to do it alone, but fortunately, I did everything before the day went down.
Of course, just because I grasped the location of the border, it wasn’t all over.

Can you see a brightly shining place in line over there?

Finally, the time when the darkness came.
When I looked at the place where Sarah pointed to a lot of power, I saw a place where the lights were long in line, as Sarah said.
Is the light soy that is like a wall over there?If I knew it was that it was noticeable, it would have been done at night, not just doing this from the day.

I’m fighting now.Never go there.

Was it a front, not a wall!?I’ve heard that I’m always war, but I’m going to do this until this time.

If you go a little left from that line, there is the wall Can’t you see it?


It’s just a black drawing paper except the light.
Naturally, he nodded, and Sarah had a worried look and grabbed my sleeves tightly.

Today looks a bit dangerous Can’t you just go tomorrow?

It is hard to believe that he is the same person as the kid who has been so cold during the day.That’s why I have no choice but to like Sarah.

Anyway, even if it’s tomorrow, the war will be the same.I’d rather go faster a day.And you know how perfect my stealth is?I don’t have to worry about it.So it’s Sarah.huh?”

But no matter how cute Sarah is, that’s that and this.
Pats his back and soothe, and Sarah pouted his lips, giving his eyes to his eyes and observing the other side again.To send me a little safe place.

Then there I didn’t see it.Would I rather shoot with an arrow?If you shoot a bunch of mana, you will see it shines in salvation.

Until there?Is that possible?

I think you can strengthen it.

no.I don’t have exactly distance, but I don’t think it’s hard.You say scary words casually.

“no.stop.It’s hard to mistake them as a new way of air raids.

If I was one, I was confident of breathing with shadow hide, but I also need to install teleport magic and cross the Aracnet Clan and the trash temperature.
It’s not good to make it too loud no.The arrow that Sarah shoots contains the power of the warrior.It is also the power as a direct line of Lyrian Pleatus.
Of course, the guys there are no such details, but it may not be bad as a way.

Sarah.Do you not shoot a straight line, can you shoot multiple shots with a calf?

How to do?

“huh.If possible, it feels like falling from the sky.

“Yes Maybe I can do it.

I can.Honestly, I didn’t expect much.

“okay?So.Can you shoot nine shots in a safe place that is a little away from the front line?In a place that is hard to come right now like the top of the mountain.

I don’t know if there’s a mountain around it.

“good.Then look at it falling.

Fortunately, there was a place that matched my words, Sarah nodded lightly and pulled out the bow and pulled the protest.
Then, in the bow, an arrow -shaped wave was formed and slowly began to collect light.

Ugh Yes .

Even if it’s Sarae, it’s the first time to release this power.
I continued to work together with a sexy moan, and somehow, the arrow was so brilliant that I couldn’t see it properly.
And finally, when I left the bow, the arrow that was fired on the head on the head shines brightly and brightened the whole world.
no.It’s not a parable, but as the world really turned to day.As if the sun was created.

I always feel it, but this warrior is a real scam.
In addition, Sarah is much higher than the trash, and even the granddaughter of Lirian Pleatus.
no.I haven’t seen Lilian Plitus directly, but you guess how great it is to listen to the feat that he did?
Different dimensions of such ignorant warriors.So, we’ve been union of all forces that are centered around other warriors and achieved a ridiculous achievement of world unification in the world of war.
As a granddaughter of such a person, is it particularly stronger among the warriors even if it is Saram?

“ha ha .

Of course, even though I had all the power in one room, I leaned on me as if I was exhausted.

Sarah.It is necessary to overdo it .
Look at it falling.Don’t miss it.

According to Sarah’s words, he turned to the arrow again, and the arrow, which seemed to be replaced by the sun endlessly, was starting slowly.
And the arrow, which seemed to have stopped in the air for a while, changed direction and this time slowly fell down.
Of course, where the end is heading near the front line.
As the fall fell, the speed was reached, and the arrow, which added to the momentum, suddenly split into nine branches as soon as they arrived at their destination, and fell into the ground with tremendous momentum.
Of course, in my eyes, it’s just a small light, so it’s just a speculation that it’s tremendous.
Now let’s go to check the guess.

Then it’s Sarah.I’ll go for a while.

I leaned on the tree, leaning on me, and I used shadow movement in the place where Sarah’s arrow was stuck.

U -eup .

Is it because the light vomiting that flocks to the body is longer than when you go to the capital of Bafra?Even though the level rose quite a bit as I spent a frenzy night last night, mana is so breathtaking.
It was so hard that it was hard to get a finger, but I couldn’t stay still.From now on, it’s a time fight.

I took out a hurriedly improved teleport magic circle in the inventory and installed it in a seat.
The land was bumpy, so it was quite inconvenient to install wait for a sec.The tree has fallen?Did you change the terrain because of Sarah’s arrows?
Once I got rid of the space, I installed the space, and then looked around, and I looked around, and I was only about 100 pyeong of land.
The surrounding area is densely surrounded by trees, so it was not difficult to guess that it was a mountain near the front as I said.

I’m thinking for a while nowI mean.Just if Sarah just blows an arrow towards the capital of each forces at the top of Gumi Hosan, it’s not possible to break down Pleatus and Barpra?
When you guess at the level of Bapra, you don’t think you can stop this attack.
no.Of course, when I hit my head, it would split up, and the situation like the Spring and Autumn era before Lyrian Plitus was unified, so this situation is no longer for us.

Anyway, I was wary of the surroundings, but fortunately, I didn’t feel anyone coming up until all mana needed to activate the teleport magic circle was converted.
I climbed the teleport magic circle as if crawled up with force to the body that didn’t go into the body, and then moved to the nine -tailed village of Miho.

It’s a good shape.great job.Saint.

In the village of the nurture, all of them were standing around the teleport magic circle and waiting for my return.
Among them, Miriel, who was waiting in front of him, hugged my body and handed it to Diana, and Diana started sharing mana.

“then.Leave the next thing to me and the saints rest well.

Miriel looked down at that day and made a cool smile and tried to go to teleport wizard without hesitation.

Wait a minute.Last confirmation .
“I know.After crossing, stop the mana converter and wait for the surrounding mana to return.Teleport wizards are disassembled.Right?”

It was Miriel who answered me without hesitation, but what I would say was not that.

That’s not it, if you go .
“iced coffee.huh.It will welcome you quite a bit.If you appear so gorgeously.Haha.Did you think the saint?It was a decent ad lib.

shit.Did you feel it here too?It was so intense that I was mistaken to illuminate the world.I can’t feel the guy who is about Miriel.
I and Sarah’s top of the mountain and this place was quite distant.It’s so intense that Sarah’s power is so intense.
If I knew it, I wouldn’t have told you to shoot an arrow wouldn’t have done this if I came down and consulted with Diana.
But no matter how regret it, it’s too late.Miriel now also realized that Sarah was a warrior.

What should I make excuses?At the worst timing, you can see this important fact for Miriel.
In the midst of such dizziness, he was desperately rolling his head, but Miriel surprisingly did not mention anything about him.

Then the saint.I will be back.I’m looking forward to it.Until the saint took over Baffra, I will definitely put Plitus in my hand.

Just like that, Miriel led people and tried to disappear beyond the teleport magic.
What happened to this?No matter how much he has given up the power of the warrior, but still has no response?

“wait for a sec!hey!”

Hello until the day we meet again.Please give me a greeting instead of my sister who is not here.


I didn’t hear it wrong !?He’s right now!?
no.In fact, if you think about it, you can guess some extent when it turns out that Sarah is a warrior.
In the upper world, the warrior is the Plitus family of Threron, and one of the sudden Sauron Auden.And Sarah’s appearance is not the blood of the pleatus family who is cursed by anyone.What is the identity of the warrior Sara, who suddenly appeared?
Even if you don’t think deeply, it was an easy answer.Sarah is also a hidden child of Sauron Auden.
Miriel couldn’t even think about it.
So it’s extremely natural to think of Sarah as his sister, but it’s too hard to respond to someone who realized it a while ago.

Diana?if .

While I went over there and waiting, did Diana make excuses instead?
I thought so, but Diana shook his head.

This is not this body.However, when Sarah’s power was felt outside, Miriel said:’Haha.After all, the saint has a man’s clothes. ‘

“yes.Mr. Miriel says like that..
It looked like someone who already knew.

And after Diana, Raya and Matilda did the same thoughts as the thoughts I had before.
okay.No matter how much I thought about Miriel, I could only see it.
But how?How is that possible?When you went to the dungeon before?no.But that’s too much to guess it’s a warrior just by the power that Sarah showed..

I have to go back and check it properly.

It’s late.It’s already stopped the work of teleport wizards on there.

Later, I tried to go to Miriel, but I was also restrained by Diana.

Maybe this is not something these bodies will interfere.Wouldn’t everyone have their own form?Just as Sarah didn’t try to reveal the truth to Miriel, Miriel may have thought so.

But you just say you are .
I showed the power of the warrior.How long did you think you can’t shut up?

It may be that, but .

“you.In this case, the hearts of the parties are the most important.First of all, let’s leave it to Sarah and Miriel.

To be honest, I think that’s the best.Because Sarah is my woman, it’s not a personality that tries to interfere with or suppress all of Sarah.
However, that Auden family is intertwined with the pain of the head of a warrior.
It would be no problem if Miriel gave up the power of the warrior as he said..

Then even through the communication ring that Miriel took I thought so.I could not contact first.
If Miriel has already encountered the people he sent in Plitus, the only thing that triggers the ring is the worst act of ruining the operation.
Therefore, it is basic to contact us from the other side to this side.Even when I was in Bafra, I couldn’t break the rules I had kept.
So in the end, it was impossible to check Miriel’s inner day.
It is not instead, but the inside of other characters was vaguely confirmed.okay.Sarah.

What happened?

In the meantime, Sarah, who returned from the mountain, looked at my complex expressions and asked questions.
I was a little worried about how to tell Sarah, but I didn’t think of a good number.
Anyway, Diana, Layea, and Matilda also asked them to leave the work between the two, so I have no choice but to say honestly.

Miriel Sarah to you.I ask my sister.


So far, he knows that he and Miriel are a half -sister, but they have not tried to reveal them first.So I thought it would be a reaction, but Sarah’s reaction was much more boring than I .

Did you tell me on purpose?

It’s just a little stupid to know alone and rot.

When I took out the question in my heart, Sarah admitted as if he was not going to hide it.
It was like that too.If you think about it, Sarah is the person who shot the mana arrow.If you shoot it, the people here will feel the energy, and Sarah could not know.Nevertheless, shooting silently, it would be like that.

Didn’t you think you are my brother?

So Sarah is shut up all the time, so I have been thinking so far.

“huh.Because my dad has never seen a face.I tried to think so all the time.But because our blood is mentioned like that .

Even if you want to ignore it, you are conscious?And what I was so conscious that I was so alone that I couldn’t stand it and exploded today.
Miriel, who doesn’t know anything, keeps hanging on me in front of me?Or do you realize that I was teaching Miriel that way?
Either way, I must have been involved.So there was only one thing I could do.

“okay.Did you do it like that?It will be worth seeing when I see my face later.The two are awkwardly Hello sister. Click!time!time!”

In this way, it plays a joke and releases the mood as usual.
There is still anxiety that Miriel, who doesn’t know where to go if left alone, has a good information.
But it’s not a fool even if it’s, reading people in people is much sharper than me like me.I say that I have committed it, but I believe that even if I know this information, Miriel won’t buy it.

but.Miriel’s action to me today.In the confrontation with Threlle, it was enough to give faith after being disassembled or coveting the power of the warrior after the actual defeat.So let’s believe Miriel too.

I cleaned up the complicated head in that way, and I focused on teasing Sarah with plenty of playfulness as usual.
Of course, I came back, but it was a pinch of the dragon’s side.

Poetry, noisy!

Sarah, are you honestly worried?Are you thinking that way?What should I do?What kind of face do you meet next?Hold the concept of pretending to be cool as usual Turn off .

Ji, did you say it’s a concept!?

Then, Sarah sincerely thought he was cool.Click!

hey.I don’t think I can’t beat it in a hurry, so don’t try to solve it with my body!
Did I say wrong !?The only cool thing for you is that cool mask!The personality is not cool at all!

“hey!Side flank!away!Because it falls !?Take it like that and do it with my stuff!

“that!Such technology !Oh, nothing!

I was thinking about provoking Sarah more while playing, but it was Diana, not Sarah, who first responded to me.
Why is this one?I’m interested in this.Of course, for me, if we are more interested in this, I am not grateful.Have you ever been stimulated by the other kids in front of you yesterday?
Diana was also surprised and pretended not to respond without knowing it, but I can’t miss this opportunity.

“I did not know?If you hold it with both hands and twist it in the opposite direction with the technology called score handjob, the effect is doubled.That Gyaaak!

And this is a technique called scattering.If you hold it with both hands and twist it in the opposite direction, the effect will be doubled.

That, it’s neither technology nor .Don’t twist your side with a scary smile..
Anyway, in that way, I was able to play with our kids, and I was able to suppress the weak anxiety that I had for Miriel.

Are you okay with salvation?

It’s okay.I think I will me.”

As the angel’s healing touch was touched by the side, I was so struggling.It is a secret that the pain of the side has disappeared earlier.

“oh.It’s a big deal.Fly all the sick things.

Of course, when I tried it secretly, the angel could not know.
I knew that I was just foolish, and the angel smiled and gently stroked my side.

Raea accepts too much pamper.

Are you not too acceptable?


It was Sarah who turned his head to my face, but I knew it.It’s the same as that Sarah is still leaving Laea like this.
And the moment I realized it, another bad thought passed in my head.what?Maybe this is possible today?

Laea.I don’t think it’s okay.I need to treat the wounds by soaking in a place like a big bathtub.
“oh.Would you like that?then .

Hey salvation!Do you keep crawling !?Do not accept lying too much!

Chet.Can’t you?

But Sarah.Look at this.
Ugh The side of the warrior is twisted..

When I made a painful expression with all my body, Sarah bite his lower lip and made a difficult look.
Oh, look a little sexy now Oh, no.I’m sick now.sick.sick.

I’m sorry if I put off Lay’s turn for two days.Is salvation for a long time and two with Laea?

“yes?Is it my turn?

Oh, so?okay.”

Layea looked surprised as he didn’t even think that it was his turn, but I immediately accepted Sarah’s words.
Naturally, it’s a lay.Then did you think about it yesterday to go beyond your turn with that harem play?Anyway, the angel is so good that you lose it.
Originally, I should have told me before Sarah, but I didn’t think of Raya because I thought so don’t usually do this.Maybe yesterday’s memory is so intense that I don’t know.

“Sorry.Laya.Let’s send them together today.

Yes, yes .

I hugged Lay’s waist and whispered in my ears, and I also nodded my head when I sprayed.
I feel healed just by looking at this face like this.However, some people were jealous of us.

Me, that pervert is really .

He was angered by trembling the fists.
Is it Sarah?what’s the matter?You’re talking first and it’s like this?Is it because I was unfortunate that I quit my pretending to be in an instant?no way.The sick was a joke.Isn’t it very angry?

Anyway, I gave up playing harem play for two consecutive days, and I decided to wait for our kids to wash and come.
It was already late at night, so I didn’t think about going back.Anyway, there is enough room for all of us to stay here.
And in other words, it means that our kids are in the natural hot spring, the specialty of the nurture village that only heard the sound over the ring.
I thought so, but it was a bit disappointing to give up harem play, but it’s useless to miss the past.Now let’s take care of the future.
I took off my clothes and put it in my inventory, and instead, I took out a bracelet and wore it on my wrist.

Salvation.Waiting for a long time Gu, salvation?

Sister, sister Me, I’m strange here .

As soon as Laya came back, he pretended to cry by pointing the stuffed stuff.
What are you doing?What’s long?Yesterday, Raea sacrificed for me, so I’m going to use it for Laea today.


And my surprise event struck Lay’s heart as it was, and Laya brought both hands to his mouth and screamed.
How surprised, even the bath towel that was wrapped around the body was released and flowed down.
After all, he is an angel.Bath towels are closed, and if you breathe a little hard, you will be released immediately.

Ugh!Suddenly, I suddenly this Are you sick?

Oh, ah!This, this is.

Then, realizing that he became naked, the angel moved his arms.I don’t know if I have to cover my body with my arms.
But the movement only emphasized the angel’s chest, and my stuff was once again fluttering and responding.

Woo ….

Oh, rest assured.It’s not like a bottle.ha Nu, my sister will explain one by one.

And at that moment, he revealed his naked body as if he had finally decided, and slowly approached me and embraced my head with his chest.
I think you’re a little breathing, do you take a deep breath to calm?or not .

Isn’t it a bottle?

“yes.sure.This is evidence that Salvation has become a wonderful man..

Again, Layea is now embracing my head to his chest.Naturally, my stuffed stuff was rubbing it on Laea’s soft thighs.
Sometimes I feel like a fluttering, but Laya replied so calmly without even swarming.

“cool guy?but I didn’t look like my dad in the past.Like me, the front is on the shell .

You may remember, but thanks to Diana’s improved bracelet before, the age of age that can turn into a bracelet has been wider.
So now, I was transformed into the form of the object before it became natural.
Of course, the size of the object was still a good adult male, and the huge objects in the state of the sincerity were so heterogeneous that they felt strange.

Don’t worry.This is so great here, the front is naturally peeled off.

“but Even if I tried it myself, I only got sick.

“yes?is that so?Nu, can you see a little sister?

“huh .

No matter how much Rayia has a lot of experience, this can not be even this experience.
My voice was embarrassed, but I was embarrassed, but I didn’t lose my soft smile as if I was trying to reassure me.

Joe, I’ll touch it a little.

Layea, who knelt down and put my stuff in front of me, slowly reached out and grabbed my stuff.


In preparation for a pain, it was a ray of a cognitive healing touch, gently grabbed my stuff and swept down, but it was not so easy that the peel that had not yet been peeled off was so easily peeled.

Woo …Are you sick?

I do.Please rest assured.Sister .

Are you solving your sister?


As I looked down at Layia with my eyes, Layea trembled with his arms wrapped around his body with his arms, with the expression that he wanted to hug him.

Yes, yes Sister.Please leave it to your sister.

I asked you to leave it all, but it’s just spit out to reassure me.Layia seemed to know how to do this.
While keeping the head up to meet me, Layea laid down his eyes down and looked at my stuff and showed a difficult smile.
But that’s how you stay like this, and the small salvation will be scared.I thought so, I thought about doing anything, Layea took my fingertips to my chisel.

The shell was completely wrapped around the tip of the glans, but it didn’t mean elastic at all.Even when Raea stroked with his hands, the tip of the glans came out very slightly.
Layea thought about it, and carefully tried to put the index finger in the hole at the end of the goods.

Salvation.Because it doesn’t hurt.Leave it to your sister and be patient.

After turning the index finger into the hole and turning it round and turning it into the hole, Layea moved carefully with his fingertips.

Wow, wow .

But when I squeezed the stuff and moaned, I was surprised and removed my hands.

Ah, sin, sorry.Are you sick?

It didn’t hurt.As the human hand is a real area, it is very sensitive, so if it is originally it hurts, it may be normal, but Layia was doing his divine power in his hand.

I didn’t hurt, but I felt strange .

“weird Do you feel?

I answered like that in a small voice, and I understand what I meanAs if it was not, Raea opened his eyes and shook his head.
But if you feel like you’re touching things, there’s only one.I just expressed it as a strange feeling because I didn’t know what it felt as I had no experience.
Raya also realized it late, and the purple Yogi gradually began to flow out of the eyes he met again.

It hurts Didn’t you?

Once again, he puts his index finger into the shell and turns around the finger to touch the glans.The difference is that this time, this time, I was facing my eyes straight without falling down my eyes.
Innocent and pretty sister makes a fascinating look and touches the glans.

Sister, sister me Strange .

Ha!Rule, it’s okay.It’s not strange.This feeling is also evidence that Salvation has become an adult.

As I trembled the waist, I cried, and I trembled with the expression that I wanted to bite, but the voice only told me that it was calmly.

Ha, but I feel really strange If this is strange .

What will happen?

Woo …Oh, pee .


I couldn’t think that the word urine would pop out, and Laya opened his eyes round and surprised.
But that’s for a while.As soon as I understood my meaning, Ha …ha . A hot sigh began to leak out.
The reason why he was trying to avoid losing a big breath was that nine tails were already shaking behind their heads.

“are you okay.Salvation.That’s not pee.

Oh, pee no ?

“yes.So you don’t have to stand it.Please wrap it as much as you are in peace.I’ll help you.Now this .

In that way, Laea took the other hand to my pillar and slowly began to shake up and down.
I remember what I said when I was with the other kids, and I snapped it on my wrist and turns it round and round.
The technique of targeting the glans in the epidermis and at the same time, the technique, was hard to endure, but it could not be ejaculated yet.

Woo …but Not huh ….

“yes?Why are you?

But if it’s cheap like this To my sister .

Ha!Rule, it’s okay.All my sister Ha -ah I’ll accept it!So anytime !

As soon as I cried and said that, Raea trembled once again.Then, as he moved his hand a little more intense than before, Raya urged my situation.

Ugh Nu, sister !sorry!I anymore !

The sensitive objects that have never reached others can endure the finesse that I am sincere, so I couldn’t stand it and exploded it.
At the end of the object that was not peeled yet, white semen poured out and defiled from the face of Layea to the chest.
Layea shined more purple eye gland, and at first, he tried to take my tongue slightly and accept my semen, but when I met with me, I was embarrassed and smiled and smiled.

Haah loads You were cheap.

Instead, I grabbed my stuff with both hands, turned around in the opposite direction, moved slowly and up and down, helped my situation, and made a deep sigh.

Woo …Sorry sister .

“yes?Oh, no.I’m not scolding.Now, do you see this?Isn’t it really pee?

But it’s also a moment to make such a fascinating look.When I was crying and apologizing, Layea was surprised and shown the semen sprinkled on his chest with his fingertips.
You’re doing this dirty behavior without any intention.After all, the angel is natural.

“but Isn’t it dirty?

I don’t.It comes from Salvation’s body.

In that he said, Layea licked the semen with his fingers and sucked it, and then lifted his heavy chest and licked the semen that was defiled on the chest.
It was an angel that was possible.

Well, are you eating?

Huhhu.Because it’s a woman.Salvation can’t face my mouth.

Angel.Even if you preach that wrong knowledge no.It doesn’t matter if you have an opponent.I’m confused about me because I was doing it too much.

So here too Had side.”

After licking the semen sprinkled on his chest and slightly splashing on his face, he ate it with his hands.

All the processing here is to me Not Pair.Please leave it .

Woo …Sister, sister .

Ah …Chur.Please be patient.Earke Pair.Because the shell is covered Um It doesn’t clean inside.side.”

In that way, Layea made a sharp tongue and took it at the end of my stuff and dug his tongue into my shell as he did as an index finger earlier.Then he moved his tongue round and round to slowly lick the glans, and gently licked the remaining semen inside the shell.
The objects that were ejaculated a while ago were too sensitive to endure this tremendous technique of the angel.I was almost relaxed from my knees, but I could hold my back with my arms hugging my waist with my arms.
But even in such a situation, the angel had no idea to take a mouth from my stuff.Rather, I moved my tongue more actively than usual, so I carefully cleaned the pella.

Dangerous.If it is like this, it is cheap again.
It may be as good as that, but no matter how much the situation was wrapped with cleaning pella, the pride was a bit off.
So to get out of this trouble.

Peeled off Make it an adult Wasn’t it?

Hoy.side.Pair.yes?yes?Oh, net!Nothing, of course.Please leave it to your sister.

Angel.Did you forget to suck my stuff right now?
Layea, who moved his tongue with a hazy look, was surprised to see that he had only thought of his original purpose after hearing me.
Then I turned my eyes back to my stuff, and I grabbed the pillar with my hands and slowly dropped down.
It was a little wider as it moved with a finger and tongue, and the glans, who had their face out of the end of the epidermis, were now showing up to half.
Of course, I still needed to try a lot to be completely peeled off.

Huhhu.I think there was a little result.Then this time side.Earke I feel like you..

The angel thought it was enough to do this, kissed my stuff and put my tongue inside the shell.
Unlike before, this time, as if you are trying to increase the shell, Layea begins to move the tongue greatly with plenty of saliva.
The gaze was very attractive in the face of the pronunciation of the pronunciation while facing my face, but the act of forcibly trying to increase the shell was a little sick.Because I’m not using divine power as I did by hand.

“ouch .

Oh, sin, sorry.Are you sick?

Inadvertently, the waist was slightly behind, and the angel was surprised and opened my mouth from my stuff.
As I was actively using saliva and tongue, I was very fascinated by making a bridge with a thick saliva thread from the end of my object.

“are you okay.I can stand it.

“No.Forcibly stand sick.

I tried to come, but the angel seemed to have a little pain to me.The angel reached out his hands again, grabbed my goods, and then moved slowly by putting the index finger into the shell.
If you move like this, you can stretch the shells.But the angel glanced at my face with a look that he didn’t feel somewhere.

Salvation?Do you feel good?

The angel’s caress, which moved his finger by using his own saliva, was very pleasant.

“Yes .

So I was honestly nodded, but somehow the expression of the angel did not improve at all.Rather, he looked more worried than before, and the angel pulled his hand out of my goods.
Then I hugged my waist and hugged my body as it was, and then slowly walked towards the bed.

Who are you?

The chest, just under the face, was very pleasant, and inadvertently touched the casting water with his hands, but I still did not forget his role.
Suddenly, when I called Layia with a trembling voice as if I didn’t know what was doing, Layia showed me a soft and fascinating smile.

“are you okay.Salvation.Would you please lie in bed?

That, can you just lie down?

“yes.Then my sister I’ll make you feel like an adult.

Wouldn’t a man wrap up with the voice whispering in my ears?
In a voice that was so thoughtful that I thought, I quickly lie on the bed.
Then the angel once again smiled at me, and he came up on the bed, opened his legs and slowly climbed over me.

Salvation.This time my sister Yes Here .

Raya, who was on his knee, put his pelvis forward as if he would explain to me in detail, and slowly opened his pussy by spreading his fingers with a V -shape.
Then, from the pussy that was already wet with a loving liquid, a rich liquid flowed out and fell over my object.

To this place I will make the salvation here an adult .properly Yes Please see .

No matter how much I transformed into a bracelet and turned into a nine -tailed nine -tailed state, I noticed a little embarrassing, but Layea still met me and told me.
Then I lowered my back and set the pussy with my fingers at the end of my stuff, and then slowly put it into my pussy.

It disappeared inside the pussy and was invisible, but my epidermis was pushed back to the pussy that was warmly wrapped around.I felt half the glans.
And the inside of the angel, which is softly intertwined, is so fascinating to endure my endless experience, so I reflexively stuck my waist up and down.

Oh, …Huh No.Salvation.If you still move like that.first Huh .

The angel seemed to have felt quite a bit of my piston, but I still read it calmly without losing my smile in my mouth.
Gently pressed my lower belly with both hands to stop moving, and Layea slowly moved the waist.

All to me Yes If you leave it Is it?

However, the movement was not the usual movement to make me feel good, nor the movement of Layia himself to feel better.
As if it was inserted to peel off my epidermis, it was not painful, and Layea shook his waist as if he was moving with my glans in his inner curved place.
But the heterogeneous movement feels so great.

Sister, sister Wu me .

Oh, no.If you still move Ah …Huh Oh, no No .

As I reflexively moved my back, Layia couldn’t stop my movement.

“huh Huh yes All, to your sister huh Ugh!?

Eventually, when I had an ejaculation, Layia fell over me and he reached its peak.

“ha ha You said no .

Woo …Sorry sister .I’m so moody .

Ugh!ha there’s nothing we can do.”

I was an angel who was lightly scolded with my chest on my face, but when I apologized with my back, the angel shaked my back and forgive me.
After all, the angel is so nice.I just forgive me like this.
I thought so for a while.

“but Should I be patient this time?

no.I don’t want to forgive this time.
As I looked at the angel who shines on my eyes, I had no choice but to be determined.

It’s been a long time since the time with the angel who tasted, so I was so happy that the afterglow did not disappear even after I woke up.
Thanks to this, we could only have one more effort from the morning, we could only have a calm conversation.

Are you really okay?

Lying sideways, I hug me from behind.One arm gave Laya a pillow and touched the chest with the other hand, whispering in Layea’s ear.

“yes.I’ve been working with Salvation so far.But suddenly you think it will be solved so easily.It’s a pity for some reason.Is it weird?

My breath was tickling, and Layea laughed as I folded my ears ahead.Then I turned my head back and looked at my expressions and whispered with an embarrassing expression.
Every action was so lovely that I kissed my lips inadvertently.
Of course, the angel also moved my lips gently and accepted my kiss.

We are now talking about Laea’s luxury.
Originally, it was a story that I would like to take out when I was able to see the race skill window shortly after I was appointed to Alisia, but there was little timing.Now I’m only talking about this.

For reference, I checked the racial skill window a little while ago.
And as expected, there was a way to solve Layia’s nine -tailed control control.To be precise, there was a skill that was supposed to be a solution.
Why is the expression so ambiguous?Instead, there was a skill related to the entire racial ability of the nine -tailed nine -age ability.

As a result, Diana had a skill called High Elf Ability.
In the case of Diana, I didn’t look much because it was a master as if most of the race skills, including high elves, were natural.

In the case of Laea, on the other hand, the level of all race skills was low, unlike Diana.
There may be such a thing because Diana is a comparison target, but maybe the average racial skill level is quite low compared to others.
Except for Diana and Laea, I only checked the race skill window, so I couldn’t be sure.

Anyway, among the racial skills, the other skills have no relationship with the nine -tailed nine -tailed transformation, so raising the level of that nine -tailed nine -tailed entity, which seems to have a great relationship with the nine -tailed state, is a way to make a stable nine -tailed transformation.
So I made a suggestion to Lay, but the returned answer was a complete refusal.
Raea’s mind is not a party who has worked with Laea, I could fully understand.
The first time we first acted together was that Raea could not control the nine -tailed nine -tailed ability.
For us, Raea can handle the nine -tailed nine -tailed ability is that it is not just about it because it is simply increasing and comfortable.

“ all.I can try together in the future, and I’m honored as me.

Salvation .

When I took my mouth from Lay’s lips and said so, Raya looked at me with moist eyes.It was such a eyes that the corner of the chest became tickling.

Huhhu.Are you big again?

“no.sorry.Also, I am excited to think that Layia shouts that he likes sex in front of others, or tie a head and sends me a signal.

Jeongma Al.I’m sorry and so closely Are you on purpose?

Did you find it?

As he shed his eyes finely, he shook his upper body as he struck my chest with his tail.
But without leaving the bed, Laya raised his hands and took him behind his head.
As I raised my hand, the big breasts naturally climbed slightly, and the clean armpit and the big breasts next to it were very alluring..

Salvation is also Chamam.Where are you looking at it?

I was surprised by the voice, so I only looked at my chest, and I was eye -catching with Layea, who was a ponytail nine tail fox.
huh?Ponytail?nine tailed fox?Is that means that?Are you sending a signal?

It’s already this time.I have to go to wash it.Helena’s education today .


Then, in the appearance of Laea, who checked the time of pretending, I turned around and hit the Layea once again.
I can’t help it.This is wrong that all of this is too much for the angel!

In the end, we could only come out of the room until the end of lunch.
Matilda had already climbed up for the map of the paladin, and Rayia rushed up urgently, saying that Helena’s education was.
So what is here is all, Me and Sarah, and Diana and Ray.

So, what will salvation from now on?

“huh?I’m just going to be relaxed until I get in touch with Silvia.

Anyway, the purpose of here was all achieved.
When I squeezed the side of the side, Ray, who met with me, was surprised and turned his head.
He keeps looking from that night.I didn’t say a word that I didn’t know if it was yesterday.
Well, I admit that it was a night with too much stimulus for a love beginner.Still, I don’t know if I’m becoming a second Silvia.
no.It’s not bad to be like Silvia.
Anyway, the longer the time I was in the eyes, the more I took my eyes from Ray, where the eyes vibrate, and I turned to Sarah again.

“why?What do you want to do with your brother?If Sarah wants, I do anything .
“ stupid.I’m talking seriously.

I was talking seriously.

At first, you said it would only be a few days.

Oh, yes.It takes a little time than I thought?

I have done that in the basement of the castle, so I thought the rumors spread that day and it would be unavoidable in a few days.
Have you ever blocked the rumor that the rumors leaked out because they killed them all?It’s hard to think that no matter how much you share your own direct men, you will kill them.

Anyway, as expected, you will start your plan soon?Don’t go back in a hurry, why don’t you go and prepare in advance.

Oh, it.You said you follow.It’s not bad to go in advance and have time to adapt to the atmosphere.

Although Sylvia has been well excuses, you may need to explain to the Dernen family.

“hmm.I recommend this body too.There’s nothing bad to prepare thoroughly.This body will tell others well.

Then shall we go now?

It was a pity that I didn’t say goodbye to other kids, but if you use the teleport wizard anyway, you can come back at any time.
This time, let’s leave it to Diana.

As a result, Sarah and Ray came to the Caldera Lake of Bapra by teleport magic.
The mana of the goddess is soaked in the lake water due to the teleport magic circle.Well, you don’t have to be embarrassed.
I did not recover the installed teleport wizard, but swimmed up with Ray’s body.
But even though I was in my arms, Ray continued to notice.

“hey.Who eats?So let’s tremble.

Now, you eat!

When I threw a joke lightly, Ray was colored and responded.
hmm.I can’t refute it.I actually eat it deliciously.but.

You also liked it.I do not remember?You didn’t even tell you that day .
That, because of sharing of emotions!

That night’s memory came back, Ray desperately shouted and shouted.

Then, shall we check with emotion sharing if you are in my arms and don’t like it?I’ve been turning off since then, so this time I can’t even share my emotions?

“Oh, no!That’s how much!stop!”

What are you coming now so desperately rejecting?

Anyway,At the point of view, your feelings are obvious.Did you listen to it before?What is the appointment of the apostle?

That, then you are the same!

“huh.I also like you too.

How do you say that blatantly!?

Huh.This is the basic literacy.If it is not blatant, you can’t live with 10 women at the same time.

Anyway, wherever you have emotional sharing again and have each other’s hearts .
“no!Please!Not really!

hey.No matter how much you reject it?Because you refuse so badly, you even wonder.I’ve been sharing emotions so far, so I’m not going to be ashamed now.
Or even feelings that you shouldn’t be caught now .

“hey.Are you excited to be in my arms right now?

Ah, Ah, no, no!?I know I’m dirty like you!?

You are …Do you include other kids besides me?
I have witnessed such a scene, so I don’t understand it.Do not tell other kids.Maybe I’m really angry.
Well, anyway, I had no idea to deny that I was in my own, so I decided to act proudly.

!?Uh, where are you touching!?


I’m pretty, too shameful !

“don’t worry.I’m not trying to stimulate it.I’m just getting wet.

Nothing, because it’s in the water, of course it’s wet!

Don’t say that the big wife is wet.It’s a bit excited to know that it doesn’t mean.
Well, I will do that advice later, and now I will focus on this.

Huh.You don’t know what.Do you still know who I am still?I’m a saint.saint.Do you think I can’t distinguish between wet and wet with water?

To be honest, I can’t.
If you are just touching it in the water, you can distinguish it, but now you’re swimming at a very fast speed.Naturally, I feel water on my fingers, so even if the fluid touches, the lake will be covered.
If you put your fingers into the pussy, you will be different, but if you touch it on your pants.
Still, my purpose is not to make sure that this is really bleeding.
In that sense, I was blatantly bluffed.

Yes, you touched it and got wet!It’s not been wet since I was in my arms!

It was Ray who caught it again and made his face red and written.
I just threw it, but was it really exciting?It was almost a big day when I was shared.

Why are you looking at that look!?

“no.What did you say before?Do you know that I was like you?Rather, you are the best .

I tried to say that, but suddenly I felt someone on my shoulder.
Of course, only one person who taps my shoulders in this place.


When I turned my head, the warrior had a ghost -like face and pointed to my hand with my fingers with my fingers, and then struck my neck with my thumb.
Is it Sarah?Why are you bloody?This is not the case you think.

This is so hard that I want to solve the mood.Look at this.The kid who didn’t say a word all day yesterday is now so good.This is my own .

Desperately, I made excuses for Sarah, but my efforts went back to vain in a short word from Ray’s mouth.


Oh, no.I admit that I was embarrassed and I had a power in my hands.I will admit.But did you have to spill so badly on this timing?

Ah, no!It’s not really like that !?Is it Sarah?Believe your brother!?

I raised my fingers up and then turned to Sarah, who broke his neck, desperately shook his head desperately.
Ze, Damn.Now the remaining way .

“hey.Salvation!Come on!You are dead .
I know there’s no Layia or Matilda here!?There is only one way to treat!?

As soon as I escaped from the water, I could only get out of the crisis.

Salvation you!

Of course, Sarah’s anger was not faded at all, and he was angry with his fists, but if he didn’t explode, he saved his life.
And there was another voice that prevented Sarah from acting.

Salvation!Did you come!

“iced coffee.huh okay .

Chet.Why is the uncle popping out, not Silvia?
As I watched Yoris Dier, who welcomed my return with a bright smile, I thought so deeply in my heart.

I wanted to go to see Silvia, which had been left unattended for a few days, but I couldn’t just ignore this uncle who welcomed and welcomed my face first.
I briefly explained to Yoris for why I didn’t show it for a few days and why Threon and Helena did not look.

In short, it was this.
You’ve got a huge fish as you broke through the groundwater.While writing the saint skill.
As you know, the water of Calera Lake contains the goddess mana.
And the water in the lake is spread through the ground waterway and becomes water used by everyone to wash and drink.
But until now, there has been no case that someone has been influenced by the mana of the goddess.Why the hell?
Simple.The huge monster I caught before was the person who absorbs the goddess’s mana.
Since the monster acts as a filter, the mana of the goddess has not been transferred to the groundwater.
The reason why the intense goddess was felt when catching the monster was because the mana of the goddess accumulated in the body was released at once.

“yes.I heard from Silvia.

Well, it’s about Silvia before leaving.
I was trembling because they were so trembling, so I was a little worried that I could remember it properly, but I didn’t have to worry about it.
After all, it’s our knight.I do it when I do it.

Anyway, to continue to follow Silvia’s words, the monster that acted as a filter disappeared.Now it is not strange to see the mana of the goddess when it enters the body of the general public.
In order to prevent such things, we left only Silvia and headed to the bottom of Caldera.
If you go there, there will be something.Something that emits the goddess mana.
If only something that causes the lake to be colored as a mana of the goddess, it may be a great help to the Dier family, which is a bonus that will be affected by the goddess’s mana.

We thought so and entered our confidence, but there was an unexpected variable.
The bottom of the lake.There were a lot of people in the place where the body was steaming with water pressure alone, so that the giant monster, which played a filter in the underground waterway, could not be counted.It’s a much bigger look because it’s also a lot of mana of the goddess.

Still, I tried to find something that fought for a few days and emits the goddess’s mana, but all the wars were too disadvantageous to us.
The number of enemies is overwhelmingly a problem, but as we are deceived, our movement has been constrained.In addition, in order not to be affected by the goddess’s mana, he had to keep his entire body with mana.
But what made us the hardest was not the battle with the monster.First of all, the hardest thing that made us hard was that the bottom of the lake was seriously wide.
Finding a needle in the desert is just a word.Surrounded by the mana of a dense goddess, it is impossible to track mana.
I tried to explore it persistently by calling even an assistant who was good at tracing mana, but eventually something else happened to Leon and came out of the lake.

What are you doing?I can’t see Leon and Helena.

Oh, it’s not what you think.It’s not a big deal, but there’s a small trouble on the side of the pleatus.I just went to deal with that work.Helena just followed Leon.

Because the face of Joris has changed seriously, I hurriedly added.
If you look at it for a few days, this uncle doesn’t seem to betray, but even if you have doubts about the skills of the warrior, it is difficult.

It was.The warrior can’t be so easy.

“of course.You can see it just by looking at the hurt, right?It was just a little bothersome underneath, it was not dangerous.

The warrior is Gig.The beautiful lady who is there ?

Simply spit out the admiration, and Yoris turned the topic to Sarah.
I knew I was looking at it as if I was worried about it from before, but I didn’t know it.What are you doing now?

I tried to keep talking from before.

Sarah replied with a cold energy next to him.
It was still cold enough to fall off the man other than me.
But it was blind to Sarah’s beauty, and Joris couldn’t grasp the atmosphere and pretended to be cool.

Did you do that?Our conversation was a bit long.Men have important conversations .
That dirty eye, you don’t need to live in the future?Do you want to cut off?It’s so nasty that it’s funny, so it’s funny.Salvation.What is this person?

Sara.Honestly, I’m sorry, but isn’t it a little strong?
I explained it before coming, but it’s not just an outlaw because it’s the world of war gods.There is no need to overpower the baseline to those who are cooperative.

yes yes?That, what is it

I can feel it next to me.The breath that fills the whole roomLiving in a jaw.
No matter how much you notice, you won’t be able to survive in the world of war gods.
Yoris then turned his trembling eyes like a crazy person and desperately asked a question.
Perhaps’ this, you live this much!Who the hell is this woman? ‘?’
It was very unpleasant that the conversation was through the eyes of this beard, but I couldn’t ignore it as I was able to see Sarah so I couldn’t see my eyes.

I told you earlier.He called a helper who was good at tracking mana.Introduce.It’s a warrior Sarah Auden.

Grand daughter of Lirian Plitus.I was worried about adding such an introduction, but I decided to quit.If you give me a good information, I don’t know what’s going to happen later.
And even if you didn’t add such an introduction, it was already enough to introduce a warrior.

Yo, a woman like this Is this lady too!?

Look at this.You look at your eyes as if your eyeballs are popping out.

“why?Can’t you believe it?If you can’t believe it .

Check out the slabs made before.
I tried to say that, but this time Sarah’s actions were a little faster.

“for a moment.stop.Sara.What are you doing?

Sarah, who always pulled out the deposit dagger, was in a hurry and restrained it in a hurry.
Do you see that now?At best, the day is only about the length of the palm, but because of the mana, it stretches long and looks like a long sword.The more you look at it, the more you are a warrior.

It’s no big deal.If you don’t know, try to let me know.With the body.

Why are you so hostile?I told you in advance.Now I belong to Bapra, but people here are cooperative for us.

Oh, do you know you’re doing this because you are a Bapra.I just don’t like that dirty gaze.

This is because I’m influenced by the mana of the bitch now.The mana of the bitch became darker because we grabbed a few monsters that were the bottom.Uncle, right?Is the change observed here?

That’s right!In these days, the mop’s mana concentration in the lake has risen sharply!

After listening to our conversation, Yoris leaned over 90 degrees and desperately replied.
When I first met, my child was trying to bury my children, and when we said that we were a warrior, I was a strong uncle, with a careful attitude that I needed clear evidence.How did it happen?
no.It’s not like this, it’s just seen this.

“ you for salvation.

Oh, yes.thank you.”

no.It would not have been a sound to express it directly in words.I do it again.
Well, anyway, it was good for me for this uncle to be buried so much.
Even though Sarah overpowered the steamer for this, or if she was really angry because she was really bad.

Well, as you can see, I don’t want to talk about it.It tells others to be careful about behavior.

I will keep in mind. But can I ask one question?

Once again, I leaned and answered, and Yoris looked at me and looked at me.
It was scary to meet Sarah, but it seemed very pathetic to control the eyes desperately.


The relationship between the two is also ?

“okay.That’s my girl.”

Salvation was told to give strength to the gift.But Ray is already there.?

indeed.I just thought I was in the mana of a strong goddess, and I thought it was in the back and forth Sarah, but Sarah was calculating that she was not my woman.

What are you mistaken?What is the gift?

“I heard that the love between men and women is a person’s instinct and should not be suppressed.”

“okay.The important thing is love.But you don’t have to have one loved one?

That word ?

“why?Do you think I can’t even love both women at the same time?

I deliberately gave me the words of power, and I didn’t get the body of Sarah and Ray on both sides, and at the same time, I was surprised and greedy.
I had a rice cake in advance for things that will happen later.
In other words, on the day when the regime is replaced by a gift of gifts, it is not a dream to carry a few women if you have the ability.
Like a uncle who was not interested in sex while pretending not to be, this uncle eventually dreams of it.
As long as this is, this uncle will also actively support the gift.
In fact, this uncle was a bit vague, unlike other gifts, but it was easier than expected.
Well, anyway, it’s not important now.

So it’s a strong mana, but what would happen if you leave it as it is?

It would be dangerous.There seems to be no significant influence on the warriors, but not for people like us.Especially if low levels of ordinary people start to be affected, big things will happen.

“okay?The mana of the bitch will be quite diluted while flowing down?

Monsters that absorb the mana of the goddess are all the lies I made.
I have never heard of the goddess’s mana that the public has been influenced and ran, so it must have been diluted during the flow of water until then.

When you think about the strong concentration of the present, it is hard to expect it to be diluted.If the general public encounters a little, there will be a big event.It’s not a matter of rioting one or two people.Maybe all the people who live in the capital .

Can you turn your eyes upside down after estrus?

“That’s right.Something quickly.
Yes.not bad.”

Contrary to Yoris, who is worried about the future in the future, I muttered and muttered.


“no.Actually, it is.It wasn’t just because Leon just came out from the bottom of the lake.When I think about it, I suddenly think about it.If you leave it like this, everyone who lives in the capital will heat up.But there is no woman.Even if you go where you are, sex is treated as taboo.Then the sexual desire without that place will become increasingly anger. Where will that anger eventually go?

Are you going to make everyone living in the capital, for the abalone of the Bar, Bapra?

When I smiled and laughed, I looked at me with my eyes like seeing a monster while trembling my chin.
Was this smile just like a blackout?I didn’t think so.

It is a way.I just want to get support.We will fight, so there is no victim.Of course, it’s a bit of a problem, but it’s better to have sex anyway?In the new Bapra, where gifts are the main mainstream, there will be no stupid things to taboo sex, so there is no problem.

That’s right.This is definitely right.

That’s how I explained that, and then Yoris was relaxed in his body as if he had sighed.
And now, I really sounded like my words, and I nodded my head several times and muttered admiration.

It’s not bad to admire it, but it’s still to be admired.There were a lot of things that were not explained.
Yoris, who nodded alone, soon realized that, and carefully opened his mouth with a glimpse of my face.

But salvation.How do you think of them?If you just wake up, it’s definitely .

I didn’t know the nature of Bafra, but I was sure.Obviously a massacre will happen.Everyone who is lifting will be driven by paganism that is fascinated by the power of the goddess.
In addition, because people who are really addicted to the goddess’s mana come together, the cause of the cause was certain.
Perhaps that’s the fire here.The mana of the goddess was managed by the Dier family, so it may be processed as an example with an excuse for neglect of management.
But I didn’t think about it either.Would I have done such a bothersome underl by?

So this is important.Before Bafra drove people to pagan, it is necessary to reveal that Bapra himself is a heresy.You’re often called to the castle?Didn’t you hear anything weird rumors in the castle?

As a result, rumors began to be heard in this few days that something strange is happening in the closed underground prison because it is not used now.

Is it strange?

I’m not sure until there.There are only a few people who went to the basement, or the guests have lived in recent years..Even that is not the exact story because Bapra himself is controlling rumors.Was it an important story?

“okay.It’s very important.

It seemed to be doing better than I thought, but it was more poisonous.

Obviously, Bapra was so sturdy in his room so that no one had faced until recently?

“yes.That’s why rumors that something is happening in the underground prison seems to be accelerating.

It’s like that.
People here are not fools.If you don’t have a nose so far, if you suddenly come out and try to control the media, it’s a rumor that the rumor is not a rumor.
Didn’t you judge that much because your brain is so good in the mana of the goddess?or not .

Did you talk about why Baffra suddenly got active?

It was.I did not have to be crouching anymore because I got a result in the closing training.

After all, the degree of excuse isI was thinking.
But it’s a closing pipe practice.It’s a big thing to have sex or the subject.I don’t know if we can raise levels with sex like us?

Shall I try one?He says that and gets stuck in the room almost nowadays?


When I said so, Yoris nodded as if it was natural without being surprised.
but.I know that Bapra is crazy about sex.

Yes, it’s a closing pipe practice.Pulsal.Did you believe in him?

“of course.However, it is true that the momentum of Bapra has become stronger than before.That’s why I noticed someone who believes.

huh?It’s stronger than before?That’s a little unexpected.
If my expectation was correct, Bapra would have had sex all the time while he was twisted.How did you get stronger?Really like us no.wait for a sec.if?But no matter how much?
Some thoughts passed through my head, but I thought it was too early to be neat.
And in fact, it didn’t matter anyway if it was my plan.
So I only remembered my thoughts in my head and continued to talk.

I mentioned before, but Bapra’s stuck in sex.And Bapra’s face again is because he’s unable to have sex like before.

Then, in the basement of the sanctuary !?

That’s it.I think it’s just timing.I have to move.let’s go.”

As expected before going there, rumors that they saw monsters in the basement were not definitely spread, but it was enough to spread rumors that there was something in the basement.
no.On the contrary, the ambiguous rumors spread, making it easier to use.

After a conversation with Yoris, I went out of the room and went straight to the village Before I went, I first headed to the room where Silvia was waiting.Shouldn’t I tell you that I’m back?
But even when I arrived in the room, I couldn’t see Silvia.When I asked nearby, I was at the training ground.
I went to the training ground with a guidance, there .

Can’t you do that?

Ha, I can do it!

There was a tremendous voice, Silvia, who was training the soldiers of the Dier family.
Perhaps Silvia is just maintaining a dazzling expression and dumb tone as usual, but ‘Why do you live without doing it?Are you not ashamed to live in the world? ‘
Besides, I didn’t think so, and when I looked at the expressions of the trainees, it seemed obvious that they were hurt by their hearts.
Somehow, I thought people here were strangely tombs.Sylvia was unintentionally rolling.
I can’t.Will this saints reach out of salvation?


Shint.The moment I heard my voice, Sylvia slowly turned to this side.
As if I saw a cartoon production, the expression changed every moment, and the moment I turned my head completely, the dazzling expressions turned into a fully look.

Gu, salvation!Did you come !?to?Sarah too?

“long time no see.Sylvia.How are you?Starting today, I have been together.

“Long time no see!Is that so!It’s strong!

The rival of love declared that he would intervene in the only monopoly of himself.
It would not be strange to hear that it was a little unfortunate, but Silvia replied immediately without worrying about it.
That’s why all of our kids are cute without the boundaries.

Salvation!Are you going to go well?

After greeting Sarah, Silvia turned to me again.
Recently, I’ve been sticking together all the time, so I felt that my vacancy was bigger for a few days.Not as usual, Sylvia looked at me with a loud eye.
So.I didn’t even notice what he had done.
Isn’t it?If you think about what I went there to do there, it’s not something to get out of this.

When I grew up again to Ray, who was next to me, Ray turned roughly to the sound of the sound and avoided his eyes.
okay.It’s good to go well.I feel very good.
But to talk about it, from Harem play, no.Before that, I went to the bathroom together.I have to talk about my heart for the apostle seal, so the story will be very long.

I want to talk a lot too, but Sylvia is not busy now?

“yes?Oh, are you saying that?it’s okay!Not busy at all!

After turning his head cute as if he didn’t know what it was, Silvia immediately waved and denied it.
Although it was so cute, it was silent.Are you really okay with that?The people who were trained are hurt.

Today’s training is over!Please take care of the rest!

In addition, when Silvia went to an additional hit with a smile, even the trainees fell.
Did you hear that the training was hard to hear that you were finished?Is there no other meaning?No matter how pretty Silvia is, Silvia is now in a man.Do you know?

If we want to hear so far, we can’t help it.Let’s go.Go there and talk calmly .
That, stop!

When I tried to move to the room by pushing Silvia’s back, Ray stuck a red face that clungs to my arm.
And only after seeing it, Sylvia finally realized his own mistake.

Why Ahhhhhhh !?Oh, ah I, I don’t mean that .

Sylvia Therapy.You’re back.nice to meet.
As I shook my head and stirped my mouth, I kept my mouth to Sylvia’s ears, and I continued to talk.

“no.Sylvie, who was waiting for himself alone, deserves to hear in detail.I’ll tell you everything from the beginning.Did you play harem in that night?After the first taste of the pleasure, Matilda and Layea followed Diana, Sarah, and Barnet Love Rachel.At that time, I looked around and finally Ray Sarah?What is this hand that touches the side?

“huh?what’s the matter?Like someone you don’t know.Salvation likes that.If you hold it with your hands and twist it up and down, you will be trembling and your emotions are intense.

Sara.I don’t know if you say it’s a dirty tone now, but it’s just scary.Okay, let’s talk about it from the side.
I don’t know when we are there, but here that my dignity doesn’t collapse.

I know I’m a fool.If it weren’t for that, it’s already pinched.So salvation is also weighty.

This, this guy.Did you say you’re pinching on the topic that reminds you of the screw hand.
Anyway, Sarah said.It’s not time to talk about sex in front of others.
Of course, even if we came to the room and we only had to play with that joke.

Sorry Silvia.There are a lot of stories that have been accumulated for a few days, but before that, I have something to do first.

What did you say before?

I nodded to Sarah, who immediately noticed and asked.

“okay.Rumors must spread before people are influenced by the goddess’s mana, so they must also signal to the two in the village.

The two told me to be active in earnest when rumors of seeing monsters in the castle began to flow out.
However, unexpectedly, the rumor is not told that the rumors leaked out of the castle.Both of them would not be doing the right activities.Probably keep getting acquainted with people and only aiming.
So I needed to tell me to go and start my own activities.

I won’t take a long time because I’m going to talk for a while.Wait a little while talking with you.

Leave it to me.

After nodding to Sarah, who speaks firmly, I left the room alone and climbed on a nearby tree.
It’s still a sunny morning, but my ability is not the ability to use only at night.
I don’t know if it’s hard to see a long distance movement, but it’s also possible to see the shadows and move directly to the city under the mountains.
I remembered the memories of two kinky and broken up before, and I used shadow movement carefully.

Whether my memory was correct, the place where I moved to the shadow movement was exactly in front of the two kinky and broken pubs.
Thanks to the stealth while using the shadow movement, I didn’t notice my presence suddenly.
Once I entered the alley, I unpacked the hide in an inconspicuous place, and gave me a debuff to the weak.
I was satisfied with myself, who didn’t attract anyone, but I headed straight to the bar in front of me, but unfortunately there was no two kinky.
Are you not stupid enough to stay in one place?I can’t.Let’s go around and look for it.
As the capital of one forces, it was a very large city, but it would not be difficult to find because they would be in a place where many people gather.
And as I proved my expectations, I was able to find one of them.

I said there!Taking your hands to a small child!It’s like unscrupulous guys!A child who is not yet ripe is just a step away from a step away.

Is it because of my mood that it sounds more unscrupulous?

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1129


But unlike my cool appreciation, the members gathered around are elastic,I was immersed.
Where did you just have a point to respond to the words, “Key!”Am I weird?Am I alone?No?Are you just getting drunk from daylight?

In a short moment, all kinds of thoughts crossed, but even this was not the worst.
The worst was that from now on, I have to intervene naturally in that group.If you attract attention, all you have done so far will be a bubble.
shit.That Loricom guy.No matter how much I use the weak, I can’t even notice even though the saint comes.I’d rather have recognized me if I was a tiger head instead of that guy.

They also faltered if they were ashamed.But that’s why I didn’t go anywhere to try to touch my child.When I smiled to hide their shame, I emerged in their mouths.I’ll be buried in my window.Will you go back for a while?It will be over soon.I soothe my trembling child, and to the guys who were so tired of this child. .
Kiyaa Ah!stylish!”


I had a beer glass in my hand and naturally intervened, but at that moment a strange silence flowed.
Uh, huh?Wasn’t this timing?shit!I can’t help it!I don’t know which timing to admire!Why are you focusing on that story?
As he was so uncomfortable, he was desperately defending him, and the brother next to him suddenly started to laugh.


Hahahaha!Brother.Didn’t you focus too much on the story?

“okay!Let’s do the admiration after the story is over!

And starting with the uncle, everyone laughed and began to knock on my shoulders.
no.I’m glad that the awkward atmosphere has disappeared, but I don’t really know these people.That Loricom is well assimilated with these people.
I thought so, and when I saw Duke, I have finally greeted me with a glance as I finally realized my existence.

What are you talking about!I am cool, why did you stop it?If you talk about it, you can do it!Cut my story as much as I talked!

At the same time, I could realize that my mouth continued the conversation naturally, and that male adventurers were not doing.

So what happened in the end!?Don’t be curious about people and keep doing it!

Let’s have a glass of beer.So … .

no!Do you continue that again !?I came to talk important with you!I didn’t notice it !?After all, Duke’s low was finished an hour later.

I’m sorry.Perhaps naturalness is important for this.

I sneaked into the inns that Duke was staying with Greg, and I sincerely thought about whether I should accept Duke’s apology.
no.It’s not a grumpy, but it’s just like this guy.

Well, it’s.More important no.Previously.”

I felt it while listening to low tide for an hour, but this guy is an irreversible pervert.After realizing it, I didn’t want to talk to these guys for a long haven’t had that from the beginning.
Anyway, so I tried to talk about it quickly, but I still thought I should go over this one.

Can you talk about it?

“yes?What do you mean?

What’s long?Do you have more things to say so far?

Did you know I didn’t know?That’s the story of that, it’s a girl who was crushing a woman above.

Although the gender is vaguely speaking and the age is younger than it is actually, I could not deceive it, but I could not deceive it.

“yes?no.It was really a boy.


Saint.You should not be caught in stereotypes.Who is always saved?I always stand on the side of the weak, without discrimination between men and women. .
Don’t push your faces.Baby!What are you proud of!In the end, I took it to my party!

I am unfair.I just watched it.

What is unfair is unfortunate!I looked so shallow of this guy!

And if you want to say more about the action here, I have something to say.

It was Duke who said so seriously with a serious expression, but for me, who had already lost his trust in Duke, he was only prepared for the same word.


Thanks to Salvation’s deceitful skills, the attention is definitely lower than usual, but that doesn’t mean that salvation’s face is dramatically changed.If you look at it, you can see that you are the same person.To deceive the attention a bit more clearly .
No matter how much you talk, you don’t have a bracelet.

“but !

I thought it would be like this.
When he realized his intentions and cut it calmly, he said that this kinky was sincere, and he hit his thighs with his palms.

Anyway, the chat is now stopped!

I came to convey important stories, but I was dried up in this child’s face and kept talking about it!
shit.If this happens, the tiger is really better. .

“Ah ~ cut the shining black sky ~.”

Where are you doing now?no.More than that!

Hey cat cub!You thought you would sing a normal song!?

Uh!Saint!Did you come!

Greg, who returned to the inn late, I couldn’t stand it and exploded.
What was my effort that I had heard of that hell like a buff?

Anyway, at the end of the twist, we were able to gather together and talk properly.
Greg and Duke walked around different areas for efficient rumors and met for lunch for a while and shared information.
Well, even if the rumor is not heard from the castle, the news has not been heard from the castle.
In other words, I was acting as I expected.

After listening to the two activities, I briefly conveyed what and information I briefly happened to them.At the same time, he ordered that the rumors were spreading in the castle.

If the calculation of Yoris is correct, people will begin to be affected by the mana of the goddess within a few days.Spread rumors before that.Bapra has already fallen into the hands of the goddess, and in the basement of the castle, there is a difficult party every day.
The invasion of the monster army recently, the monsters of the underground waterway were stimulated due to the loud energy felt under the basement of the castle.
It was because of the fact that Bapra did not show up in sex, and it was to show the invasion of the monster army, which was made by his mistake.

But everything that’s happening recently would be scratching the nerves of Bapra, and this rumor with false and truthful mixes spread.Obviously, Bapra will have a more intense response than necessary.
Keiros and Yoris, planted on the aristocracy, reacted enough to bare other aristocrats.
What is the only problem.

You don’t know if it’s a dangerous mission?Perhaps it’s going to be a way to find out where the rumors came from.We will act as fast as possible, but we do not be tracked as much as possible.

“Oh oh!Salvation is worried about us like this!This Greg will sing that great heart and deliver it to the people of future generations. .
There’s a rough rumor in the castle, so it’s moving right now.Then I go.

If it’s already bullshit, you’ve heard enough from the definition that’s there, so don’t try to add you.This large, striped Goyanga.Cats are cute.
Before Greg sang a strange song, I decided to leave in a hurry.
I wanted to go back and see the faces of our kids right now, but I have come down here, so I have to explain the approximate situation to Mr. Kayos.

Oh oh!I’m alive!Living!This is the condom!This is sex!Combine cone!Dome!Sex!S!

no.mister.What the hell do you do from daylight? I really miss our faces.Why should I suffer this?Why do you have to look at the naked uncle from daylight?
My spirit, which had already been devastated in conversation with the perverted duo, was completely powdered by the uncle’s sex scene.


After explaining the rough situation to Keiros, I ran to the room where our kids were without looking back.
I’d rather have been resistant if I had been in the seventh floor.If you play Harem, you show this hell.
Why did the sky give birth to this salvation and have all the other peppers with other peppers, including Duke, Greg, Keiros, Yoris guitar?
It was a ridiculous situation where such a ridiculous lament was coming to the temple, but there was a stem light for me.
If you stabilize in the arms of our kids, this broken mentality will be restored a bit.

“hey!Salvation!you really !

However, it was Sarah’s voices that welcomed the door of the room where our kids were staying.
The three were red, and Silvia and Ray turned to each other’s opposite corners, so I guessed what I said in the meantime.
I even experienced harem play, so I thought it would go over that much.
But it’s Sarah.I chose the wrong day to get angry.
Normally, I’m playing around or Sarah’sI would try to relieve my mood, but I was not at all.

This side !?Mo, what are you doing suddenly!?

When I suddenly clung to my chest, I couldn’t push it out, and Sarah hugged my head in a mess.

I, I was so hard!

“what’s the matter?Didn’t you just talk?If you are going to talk to you. .
I’m not a strict!

In order to prove innocence, I triggered emotion sharing, dragged it to Ray, and suddenly came to me, and suddenly I was surprised and stared at my face.

Ugh This feeling What happened?

This is a reaction that has not been good with me since Harem Play.I realized how devastated my heart was because of the perverts.

Hell I saw it.So please stay like this. .

I felt authentic in my voice, and I couldn’t say anything more than that, and I hugged me from both sides.

I will help you too!

And in the end, my mind was stuck to Silvia’s back and conveyed a pleasant vibration.

I’m doing this, so I think of it at that time.

When I muttered like that, I felt that Ray’s body was shaking and trembling.To be more precise, the lower part of the body fluttered, nervous and reacted.

That, then?

I rub it up to my thighs and pretend.In the beginning, you and I have emotions.Do you think you can hide it?

Why do you know?

Mo, don’t know!

“no way.I don’t think?

I put one hand on the left chest of Ray.
I tell you, but it’s not like this to enjoy the texture.I just want to check my heart rate.
Of course the texture was awesome.

Are you excited again because I remember then?

at that time.After Matilda and Raea have been able to deal with Diana and Sarah, Barneta and Rachel sister.
Looking down at the saints of the Saint Sandwich and the Women’s Sandwich Sandwich in front of my eyes, I rarely tried to sink.
Barnetsa was leaning behind my legs, revealing the horns and tails, and Rachel, who was sucking my stuff, also seemed not full.

No matter how much you feel like a harem play, you can calm down.There was only one reason that my emotions didn’t go down like this.
I looked up and looked at the cause of this feeling.Ray is lying on the floor and shaking fountains and shaking in pleasure.

When did you activate emotional sharing?
Ray’s feelings must have been conveyed to me, but he was so immersed in harem play.
If you noticed, I stopped no.Honestly, I can’t say that I have stopped, but I would have taken something.Ray’s condition was so dangerous.
I’m trying to taste the feelings I felt while playing harem.There is also a degree of suicide.
The good news was that it didn’t seem to be dead yet.
As I was on a bridge posture, I looked up at Ray’s pussy, which was intermittently loving, and I slowly approached it.

“hey.ray.are you okay?”

Not surprisingly, Ray was not a situation to answer.
I had a terrible pleasure, so I had to lose my body and my mind, and I wanted to lose my reason and covet the body.
But I barely maintained reason and pushed my stuff into it.
Do not tackle the horse and tackle if you eventually insert it.If you have triggered healing sex in preparation for

Ugh .

Of course, no matter how much intentions I inserted, Ray’s inside hasn’t changed, so I almost lost my reason.


Huh …!Ha, you Gu, salvation ?

Wake up while tapping the cheeks lightly, Ray, who was losing his mind, barely opened his eyes.
But literally, he only opened his eyes, but Ray rolled his eyes with the expression that he couldn’t figure out the situation.

“I am Hmm!Haha!

It was Ray who raised his upper body to raise his body, but the child who was stunned with excessive pleasure could not be able to get so easy.Besides, it’s even more because it’s connected with me now.
Ray turned his eyes down, trembling as if he had barely noticed the huge presence he felt under his lower abdomen.

Ha, you’re doing it ?

Are you tempted?Why do you look at so exciting eyes?
no.I knew it.Emotional sharing can’t lie.
But in this situation, even in this situation, it was a bit strange to see that it collapsed with pleasure.


When I was firmly, Ray made a sad look.
However, the sadness was not a pity that came from simply not gaining pleasure.This feeling, which was delivered slightly to me with sexual adults, .

Don’t think strange.

What?I don’t like it .
Don’t take off Shichimi.Do you know you’re sharing your emotions with you right now?Because you were activated.


I couldn’t find something to say to me, and Ray avoided his eyes.
okay.Ray is thinking like this now.’I’m different from those people.’
I don’t know about discrimination, but because I worry about my body.

Do you really want to do it with you?You know you feel my feelings too?Really, do you think it’s so different from now and now?

That, that .
Don’t say you don’t know.You’re curious about it, so you turned on your emotions?

Ray, who is not yet able to turn on and off the emotions, can only operate the switch only when he hopes in his heart.
In other words, while I was enjoying Harem play a while ago, I wanted Ray to know my heart earnestly.
If you say my heart that I wanted to know so earnestly, there is only one.
I definitely wanted to compare it with myself.Living together for a few days, I would have felt how much I like our kids.

So how was it?Was it so different?

To be honest, I can’t say that when I deal with other kids, I have the same feeling of dealing with Ray.
I have too much time to accumulate with our kids.
But since I decided to accept Ray as my woman, I tried a lot.It’s not just about Ray’s fond of me.I also tried a lot to really like Ray.
And now, because of the lack of Ray, I was confident that I liked it to look pretty even if I made it.
So I asked this confidently.
Clearly, Ray felt that I liked myself .

“huh It was different.

Uh, huh?wait for a sec.The answer I expected is not this?

Everyone, it was different?

“huh .You are .

In that way, Ray seemed to be a bit frustrated, but at the same time, he looked like a body.
Only after seeing the expression, I could realize what Ray was talking about.

Ah, no!It’s exciting, of course, it would have been much bigger!I’ve been doing harem play for the first time!It’s natural to be much more excited than usual!I don’t say that, but you know!That’s what you wanted to recognize in the first place!Love feelings!I ask if it felt so much different!

That, that .
Look at my eyes straight and tell me.Do you think I like you?

I faced Ray with his eyes straight and no.In addition to it, I put it on my chest and shouted like that.

Mo, I don’t know .

But even in my dark emotional appeal, Ray didn’t try to admit it easily.
no.I thought I didn’t try to admit it.

“what?hey!Why don’t you know this?

“but!I don’t know if this feelings are you or me!

When I was frustrated and shouted, Ray shouted the same as he was frustrated.
no.It’s hard to know whether this feelings are my feelings or your feelings.Still say that .

“hey.Now now .
Oh, no!Don’t say it!

Ray also reduced his face in a different sense, as if he realized what he was talking about, but not me not to say.

Did you confess love very hot?

You told me not to say!Why did you say!?

I don’t want to be ashamed of myself.

Well, what would mean to say this while sharing emotions?I think it’s ridiculous excuses .

Choi, the worst!

It was.This works again.
Whether I was in a firm tone, Ray opened his eyes round and looked like a person.
Huh.I don’t know if I feel guilty if I look like that, but I’m weak.In the meantime, it’s too weak for me that we’ve been trained by our kids.Practice a little more.

And you like the worst man like knew it, but I heard it again like this..
I say Ugh !?Why, why do you react so far?!?

Then, will your favorite person will not react in passionately?It’s good.You are not sure of my heart yet.I’ll show you this opportunity smartly.If you even appoint you, you will believe my words.Do you know what the appointment is?

S, like a sign of love .

“okay.I know well.And if you want to be appointed, it’s necessary to pack here.

Ray’s belly with fingertipsWhen I knocked on, Ray muttered with a red face.

Pu, is the skill triggered by sprinkling?Is it all the saints?

Normally, if you knock on the lower abdomen, don’t you think about it first?
There’s still a screw missing.Well, that’s cute.

“no.No way.”

That, right?

It doesn’t sprinkle outside, but it means cheap inside.

huh?Oh, ah!Me, I know too!

What do you know?Even now, when I said, I didn’t realize it right away.

Anyway, it’s so calm that you can’t faint even if you have sex.

To be honest, Ray’s body didn’t seem to be so calm.
The nipples were still riding my chest every time I stood up and breathe, and the pussy still spit out my loves intermittently while tightening my stuff.
But in other words, throughout the conversation, I mean that I had endured the stimulus of Ray’s body.
Waiting for Ray’s body to calm down, my patience was reaching the limit.And that’s the same with Ray, who shares feelings with me.


As I slowly moved my waist, a sweet sigh leaked out of my mouth as if Ray represented the pleasure of me.

I feel better because it is raw.

This is basic with other kids, but Ray has been wearing a condom all the time.
When I tasted the inner sensation of Ray, I felt fresh, so I said that without knowing it.

Don’t say Yes Consciously Ahhh ….

I told you to be conscious.Is it different from the condom?

Ray, who was just pleasant, was aware of my words, and I stuck in the inside of the pussy as if it reaffirmed the texture of my stuff.

That, don’t look like that.

Ray murmured as he immediately looked at my expressions, whether he was unconsciously what he had done and how he would look.

What expression?

But I think I didn’t have a strange look.Rather, if you have a strange look, you are more .

Poetry, noisy!

no.I didn’t say anything.
Whether I read my thoughts with my expression, or I read it as an emotional sharing, Ray was more embarrassed to see me without saying anything.

Shut up and move your back?

That, you didn’t say that!?

Then don’t move?

“no!Oh, no!Not that!This !

In addition, Ray tried to rush to rush to say that he did not know it reflexively, but he could not pick up the words he had already spoken.

Do you hate stop?

“Yes Huh !

I thought it would be dry to me, and Ray now shut his mouth and quietly moved to my waist movements.
But it also chose the wrong opponent.If I have a disadvantage, don’t you know how to deal with a woman who shuts off?Some of my girls are experts in that way.
And as an expert, he was losing his mind right now with horns and tails.
Even the expert did that, but not to say, Ray, who was just following.

“okay.Do you want to focus here?Anyway you too Uh!

When he gave his back a little more powerful, he moved to the inside of Ray, and said that, Ray suddenly reached out and hugged my neck.
I can’t even do this.Have you learned by looking at us?Did you want to look at it?
I heard that first, but I didn’t take it out of my mouth.I just wanted to be honest and honestly acknowledged the pleasure.
So I decided to make fun of my tongue in a different sense.

When I stretched my tongue with Ray’s mouth that rubbed my lips, I found Ray’s tongue, and then wrapped up and sucked.
Just sucking the’t it just because of kiss, but because of the happiness amplified by emotional sharing?

Do you feel so good?

Ki, mood Joa .

When I gently took my mouth and whispered with a smile, I honestly spit that with the voice that Ray melted in between.

More than usual?

“huh Than usual huh side.Joa .

Is it raw?

“raw Yes …Joa .

If you say this, I knew how to come back to the original, but I will admit it honestly.
I felt more frankly and I felt more likely to see Ray a little bit more spiteful.

But if you continue like this, it would be cheap here?

When I rubbed Ray’s lower abdomen, Ray didn’t say anything.
No matter how pleasantly I was, it was ashamed to accept this words.
But he didn’t speak, but Ray expressed his feelings with action.I don’t let my waist embrace my two legs tightly.
And the moment I detected the action, I was no longer able to endure it.

“okay.Then what you want .

As I kissed Ray again, I hit the end of the object tightly and hurriedly hurriedly.

Yes, uh!?

Soon afterwards, when I had a lot of ejaculation so that I filled the inside of Ray, Ray’s body also trembled and tasted intense.
The sense of sharing the climax of each other with emotional sharing was so tremendous that it was difficult to explain to those who did not experience.
Kissing each other’s tongue melted and stuck.
It’s been a while since we’ve just removed your lips, and we didn’t think about breaking the saliva that connects each other’s mouths.

“love you.It was the best.

“huh me too I want to do more .

Now it was Ray, who was honestly squeezed, but before that, I had something to do for a while.

“no hurry .

“are you okay.This will feel very good too.

I didn’t even think that it would fail this time.
When I used the skill for granted, I came up with a window that sets the apostle seal very naturally in front of my eyes.

It was not amazing because I brought Ray here and believed that the terms of the appointment of the apes were satisfied.It was not surprising, but I could not engrave the seal of the apostle right away.
no.I’m worried about where the seal should be engraved.
I don’t know if I haven’t found it yet, but I don’t have a wall that is noticeable.The unique point of sex is that excitement is doubled by sharing emotions.
If you think so, you usually think that you have emotions.It would be the best to engrave in the heart, but there was already Matilda.
Everybody is carved elsewhere, and each of them seems to be attached to his own seal, but it’s excuse for Matilda and Ray.

So I was worried about it for a while, and Ray seemed to be very long.
While I was playing harem play, I was delivered to the body and got rising, and it was only like this.
I could fully understand that I couldn’t be satisfied with only once.

“yet Can you do it?cheer up?”

Where did you learn this?
I seemed to lose reason again, in the appearance of Ray, who stretched my hands down and gently touched my testicles and said in a cute voice.
There was an important thing about the appointment of the apes, so I was forced to hold it, and I was also affected by sharing emotions.

I like it too .

also?After all?What is that Oh, no way, did you learn to see it before?

“okay.In fact, I didn’t have a good memory of sharing emotions .

In that way, Ray took his face to my chest and licked the nipples with his tongue.
okay.All Ray’s actions are all, and the actions that my kids gave me, the actions that I responded greatly.
Ray, who can feel my mood more directly through emotion sharing, says that even if you see our children’s actions, you can learn how to touch it quickly and accurately.
Such a child lost his reason and saw all the techniques that he showed properly.Ray now was not the clutter of the sex I knew.At least as much as technique.

This usage, huh, if there is It may not be bad.

It’s not bad if it’s not this?It’s a bit uncomfortable, but I can still feel each other’s hearts.

As you can see from the fact that the virgin is activated in return, it is because it is a race passive that presupposes that it is connected with a loved one.
It was my idea that the original purpose of this emotional sharing was to double the feeling of love.

Ha hung Pair.excuse me Would you not do it?

I was praised for saying that I had a good thing, but Ray didn’t respond much after hearing be precise, it seemed to be not to respond.
Just as I want to make the shameful shame somehow with sexual desire, I see the nipples lightly biting the nipples with my lips.
Even though I ate so much indirect experience, isn’t it easy to overcome the character that is ashamed of this atmosphere?

Do you want to do that?

I want to.”

Sincerely, is that more shy than this?Originally, I would have enjoyed it more like that, but this time I was in sexual desire.
In the end, I decided to enjoy the appointment of the apostle and enjoy sex first.
And the sex that started like that, the more exciting as the emotional sharing, the more exciting.
If it was the same time, the frustrating feeling was appropriately because of the condom.I would have done it, but this time there is no such braking device, so we are..

I’m excited again.And this mood was the same with Ray.
Even though it was not an emotional sharing, Ray’s two thighs, which were being rubbed without knowing, were clearly informed by the sound of the sound felt in the hands.

“but.I even did it at that time, excited ouch!”

As soon as I said so, I felt a terrible pain on my side, giving me a slight strength to the hands on Ray’s chest.
Oh, oh!I was so immersed in recall and forgot it for a while!

“hey.Salvation.You were acting earlier!?

Ah, no!I’ve been through real hell!I can’t believe my brother like that !?I’m also sharing emotions right now, so if I can’t believe it, I ask him..

This, like this!I was so embarrassed that I was touching my chest!I just tried to pull it!

Isa, is it Sarah?This is not the real brother on purpose..
Once there, take it off and say this pervert!

As he faced the anger of the warrior, the strange atmosphere flowing between me and Ray quickly disappeared.
Well, do you think it’s fortunate that Sarah forgot his original purpose?
What do you mean?no.As soon as you entered the room, Sarah was red and tried to get angry.In the meantime, I would have been trying to get angry because I heard the 3P of Silvia and Ray.

So how are you?I felt this world’s appreciation.

Anyway, after being scolded by Sarah for a different reasons, I changed the mood and asked Sarah a question.
I came here, so I was busy walking around, but I originally came faster than scheduled because I was giving Sarah a time to adapt.
Well, I’ve been in this room since I met Yoris, so it might be to spit out yet.

“hmm I heard it by talking .

It was a question that I didn’t expect, but surprisingly, Sarah had something to say.

I heard it?

It’s weaker than I thought.People here.The man I saw earlier, here he was a great dealer?

He was a warrior who said much more deeply than I thought.
no.It is true that Yoris is a little powerful in Bapra, and it is much weaker than Sarah, but Sarah knows it again?

Did you be angry, did you try to test?

no wonder.No matter how much I worked on us, it seemed to be too stuck to the person who cooperated with us.It was hiding that intention.

“no.The man’s eyes were really bad.

That, is a reaction that is fully understood as the past.

Salvation was not bad for another man to send him that eye?

Uh, huh?Is it Sarah?wait for a sec.Why does the story suddenly flow like that?
But I can’t do this decompression too!

Of course it was a bit bad, but it was the same.No matter how much you look at the uncle, you know how you can’t do it.And I felt good that a pretty woman was so pretty that she shed so much.

Chi, isn’t it stupid?

Have you seen it?This is a man who thinks about the dirty gaze of Joris and releases the feeling of Sarah, which has been slightly worse, and at the same time, perfectly defend myself.

How did you grasp the skills of Yoris?

“huh?You just know it?Isn’t salvation too?

no.I know that I have analytic.What is your identity?Oh, it was a warrior.It’s like that fraud.
I was given up in the first place to understand the limitations of a fraudulent job called that warrior, so I decided to understand it.
Perhaps you read something like a martial arts and figured out if your opponent was a dressed or sewage.

I didn’t know that the only person of an executive of the forces would be that much.

So I told you?It’s not so strong here.Do you think it’s already been?

I don’t hear it at all.And how do I believe that?While pretending to be okay all the time.

“no.When did I do it like that?

In the fourth floor.

hey.Are you talking about it?

“no.Then special situation .
Even if it wasn’t then, I think it’s hard to see it all the time?Sylvia, have you been in trouble?

hey.Do not attract Silvia, which is still next to you.
I would have been missing out of Silvia Therapy, but I would have missed me. Why do you touch a good child?
Now, Silvia.I don’t notice it.Tell Sarah straight.What did I do?

Oh, no!It wasn’t enough to say hard!

Poetry, is it?Is the answer a little different from what I expected?Doesn’t it sound like I was forced?
I used to go around alone here, but in the meantime, you are with Ray.huh.I thought about it.
Ha, but that’s why I can only use my gods alone, so I couldn’t help it to secure secret?

“also.I was good at coming.

Do you want to keep following you from now on?

Then did you think about acting alone!?ha Sylvia.It must have been a lot of hard work.

huh.In fact, I was going to go to a glimpse of Bafra’s reaction tonight right now.
You may want to put down the command a little while ago and say what you react tonight, but you shouldn’t ignore the affinity and behavior of the male adventurer.Did you see it like a person you have known for almost 10 years with people?
Obviously, rumors will spread to some extent before the night, and will be in the ears of Bapra.But now it’s like I’m paying attention to the rumor.
Anyway, for that reason, I was going to sneak into the castle and a glimpse of the response of Bapra, but if Sarah forced to follow, the work will be twisted from the beginning.

Sarah.You can’t use stealth.

Salvation isn’t very good.

As a result, Sarah had no chance to see the shadow hide yet.
So I was worried about it.I know that I can’t use the saint skills here, so I think that if you are caught, there should be one person to break through.

Then let’s do this.From now on, I will use a hide, so Sarah, you find me once.If you find it, you will go together, and if you can’t find it, I’ll go is it?”

I was going to test it once before I went.
No matter how low the average person here is, the exception is the exception.The level was quite high, and above all, the potential of a special job called Battle Master was enormous.
How do you know that?I have been appointed to Ray.I opened the stat window and checked it.
Ray, which is not level 250, was able to see that the potential was a huge job, so the 250 level was not to say that Bapra was far beyond.
But no matter how much you can be hit by the warrior.In other words, Sarah will not be caught by Bapra unless he is caught.
That’s why I tried to test Sarah before I spy.


Anyway, Sarah, who is not known in my inside, nodded lightly, saying that it was a bit doubtful that I made this suggestion.Perhaps you are more confident in your senses than your suspicious heart.

Really?There is no way to change words?

Sarah’s heart will change, I hurriedly approached the window and hit the curtain.

“for a moment!This pervert!I think strange uh?”

Who is the pervert to who now?This perverted warrior.Are you thinking too strange from daylight with some curtains?
I wanted to say that, but I would like to see the place.
okay.At the same time, I used a shadow movement toward the opposite wall while using the stealth.
And I realized that I had disappeared even if I Saram, I started to look around with my eyes open.

Huh.No matter how much.Can you see my shadow hide?Can’t you see it even if you move like this?I came here and I wrote hide.Thanks to this, the skill level also went up so much that the skill that was good was more cheated.

Don’t be ridiculous!how !?

Sarah, who seemed to be embarrassed, hid in the shadow and danced.
But I still noticed that Sarah couldn’t find myself.

I won this Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I was so excited that when I sneaked behind Sarah, I grabbed my chest and whispered in my ears, and the pain was likely to fall on the back of my hand.

This pervert!You came here and practiced only the art!?

Mo, the carrier is too bad!

I haven’t said that before.

As I talked about how much I had been infiltrated in the seventh floor and why my hidden skills had to be so improved, Sarah pouted his lips and spit out.
Right.Is it not just a carrier, but a conclusion based on what I heard from me?
I can’t help it.I was planning to call my brother a day with a punishment that drove a strict person to a pervert, but if that’s why, I’ll look at it.

I would worry if I told you everything, so I said it was omitted properly.

“If you know later, you feel worse, this fool.”

“Sorry.I will be careful in the future.

Even though he apologized, he hugged the waist lightly, I didn’t think of Sarah’s expression.
That’s what it is.

Sarah.Do you know that your promise is a promise?

Because of this, Sarah will be cheated now.
But no matter how much, I didn’t want to yield as much as this.If Sarah really followsBecause work will be twisted properly.If so, don’t go.
Well, if I don’t give up like this, I won’t be able to say that I was cheated by Sara.


As you can see if you don’t want to say that you don’t want to turn your head like this, you have a quiet knowledge of the knowledge.

The kiss appeal in front of others is not too severe ouch!”

Sarah shook his fingers and bite his fingers as he pressed the lips of Sarah, who was pouting like a duck.
shit.I know that there have been a lot of solo behavior so far, so I feel better.If you just use the name of pervert, don’t say it and stay still?

Don’t look so much.Now, look at this.Sarah You don’t really know?

As long as this happens, we have to recognize how perfect my stealth is to solve the mood of Sarah.
Thinking so, I once again used shadow hide in front of Sarah’s eyes.
It’s a perfect sake that looks like it disappears in front of you.You do not have to worry.It wasn’t dangerous at all, and it would be no problem today.

I know.

Big Chi, let’s go.

But our warriors were accurately remembered of the disappearance of the disappearance, but even though they would not see anything, they stabbed them with exactly my side.

If you really get hurt, you won’t stay.

“At night?for a moment!time!time!”

I avoided the side while hiding again, but how are you coming in for my high school?I can’t see it !?Now, I’m expecting my avoidance action and flying a prediction shot!?

This fool is really ha.Should I learn hiding sake too?

stop.Because of this, I’m active these days, but don’t try to take my identity.If you really learn, you’ll be more mastery than me.

“Sorry .I would have to follow it.I’m not confident yet because of that last time.

Next to Sarah sighing, Ray said in a slightly full voice.
Oh, he says Ray you think about it, Ray is more associated, and when you’re on top, it’s not very strange.Why does it feel so awkward that Ray is older than Sarah?

Anyway, more than that, what did Ray say now?
The last time it is probably when I went to an underground prison.I was stunned by the shared emotions and stunned me.
The wound of the heart is not so easy to heal, and it will be more cautious because it has been committed once.I understand.I understand enough.But the problem is not.

“no.Even if it’s not that problem, you won’t take you?

What kind of confidence does he say as if he’s going to follow?


Why are you so surprised?What is the problem?

I know how to hide too!?

no.That’s right.It was the place I met with you and me.Of course, I couldn’t feel the streets of the guards who were hidden in the room and acted proudly, but even though I was infiltrated there, I already knew at least silver.but.

That’s why it’s cosplay.

Another cosplay !It wasn’t cosplay!?

This assassin’s cosplay girl said again.
You’re cosplay before you.What assassin is wearing such a lot of exposure?Especially if a kid like you is wearing such clothes, it will be noticeable?
But if you say this, he’s not admitted.then.

Then hide here.

Ji, now?

So now or when?
I sang that eye and nodded my head, and Ray told me to leave.
Then he ran to the shade of furniture on the wall.Oh oh.To be honest, it was just funny until I crouched, but I can’t see it.
Well, that’s why you can’t see me.


“ray.I can see everything.Stop coming out.

When I glanced, Sarah told me that he sighed.
Was the warriors’ eyes inevitable?

Be fat!Because you are a warrior !

But even though he realized that he was no use, Ray could not be easily accepted.
I agree that the warrior is a good job, but give up.You’re really clunky.It’s not just a story about the art, but the mind that I was caught in vigilance.
I don’t know how many years this kid has been hidden to avoid Bapra’s eyes.This is just my guess, but Helena must have suffered a lot.
Anyway, it was a ray to come, but there was a person who broke Ray’s coming at once.

I also saw me.

Our article.
It’s good enough to be cute for anyone, but it’s so chilly that Ray is as chilly.Well, if you think about what’s happening with Ray, it’s fortunate to be chilly.

Oh, lie!?

Really.It would have been shown not only to me but also to salvation.

So Silvia looked at me with a very natural look.
Oh, no.Sylvie.In fact, that means.As I come from a world without mana, it’s like a mana detection like you.

That, yeah!Of course it was seen to me too!ray.You are really clunky.

“Salvation.Ray is not there now.

Uh, huh !?I just seemed to hear the voice from there!?

This is stupid.

De, the odd look of the benefits.Don’t you say you can’t boast about deceiving my eyes?
It’s true that I’m a little sad even after speaking with my mouth.

“ha.I’m really sorry.I must have needed my strength.Hap Sorry?”

Anyway, I deceived my eyes, and Ray concluded alone, saying, ‘I can’t keep up with how I can’t know how the trauma will be activated when I contact Bapra.’
There was nothing to do to refute, but at this point, it felt like a meaningless consumption.
okay.Here’s the lowest level of kids, but you’re confident in your skills.How do you get it?

“are you okay.One day it will get better over time.It’s been a trembling even if I came out with the name of Bapra before, but it’s not that much?Let’s work together in the future.

So I changed my attitude and kindly told me.

Hey, suddenly don’t say that way!To this goal!

no.What should I see?

Be careful.If you are alert for a while, you must do this.

Sarah, why do you encourage me next to me !?Even if they were together and killed, they were killed!?
Ray has a strange synergy even with Silver Area, and Sarah has a strange synergy in a different sense!

I think that I am also cool!

I’m glad there’s a Silvia who raises his hands and puts me off.What if I had two, I was almost done.

Big!After all, there is only you!


My only ally was retired on the front of the front at the moment I embraced it.

“Salvation.Don’t bother Sylvia again.

I didn’t bother!

Well, I was a little tired in this way, but I still felt lively in the conversation because I was in Sarah.
Even though I don’t have a lot of talk, Ray is not a lot of talk, but the relationship between the two is a bit subtle.

Anyway, after concluding that I was alone at night, we came out and walked around Sarah to see Sarah.
So, the area where you can walk around is limited, so it was only to go down to the waterfall on the middle of the mountain.Sarah, which has a good eye, seemed to feel the approximate atmosphere just by looking down at the city.
Even in the border, even though it is a world of war gods every day, peaceful places are so peaceful.

And finally, at night, I was ready to see Bafra’s reaction.
In fact, it would have been better to have a yiris and go to the castle, but Jordis said, Our family is also given a mission to defend the enemy’s surprise that may be in this mountain.Because of this, there are not many activities in sex compared to others, and especially in this late time.If I move on the same day today, I think I will buy it. It’s like a useless uncle.
At the same time, it seems that it was a god who was active in the dihan family, but because of it, it was caught in the loved one with Yuri.
How can the rich man be useless in pairs?

Anyway, for that reason, Sarah made an anxious look again.
I’m glad I don’t look like it was like before, but I’m sorry that I didn’t do anything wrong.

Sarah.I’m waiting for me to hold on to my brother.When you come back, take it to bed .
Don’t be nervous and relax and straighten this fool.Did you take it well before?

no.I’m serious.Does it sound like a joke?When I really come back, I will be dragged all the way to you, Ray and Silvia.
If you say this, you will be injured before you go.

“okay.I don’t think it will be used.

The thing Sarah said was the magic signal that Diana handed over one day.
Sarah’s sunglasses like sunglasses and sets are set, and only people with sunglasses can see the lights of signal.
In addition, it is said that the lights of the signal in the building are clearly visible outside the building, so the words of the hemp lawyer are the things that come out of the temple.It was.

I miss the timing to think that way and I won’t stay if I get hurt.

Saying so, Sarah held the bow that he was carrying on his back and moved to the position where the castle was visible.
okay.If I used a signal, it was Sarah’s plan to see Sarah here and to shoot a way.
Yesterday’s ridiculous arrow, no.Considering the meteor, the support shooting is unlikely to end with a support shooting.
So it’s literally the last means to come to Sarah.

In bed?

“you really !

You’re not so nervous.You need a suitable tension, but if you are nervous than necessary, you can only go to your shoulders and make a mistake.

“huh Ugh This pervert is real.I’m going to go quickly.

Sarah’s armpit was a bit tickling and said, Sarah stared at me with a bewitching sound.

“I will be back.”

I lightly kissed Sarah’s lips, and I quickly moved to the castle using shadow movement.

No matter how dark night, the castle was lightly light like daylight.
But that didn’t mean I had no time to infiltrate.
There were so many corners that hide in the shadow on the ceiling where the chandelier is hanging.
In addition, the ceiling was very high, as if it proved to be a city of one forces, and it was easier to infiltrate than anywhere else.
Now, where is Bapra?

The interior of the castle that looked around while looking for Bafra was very peaceful.Like nothing happened.

Is it a little different from what you expected?
If rumors have entered the ears of Bafra, he will not be there.In severe cases, I thought I might be killing and starting a few people with an example, but it didn’t seem like this in this atmosphere.
Didn’t the rumor go to Bapra’s ear yet?
no.Greg and Duke Combi don’t seem to be so slow.It’s a perverted kinky, but it’s as reliable as this mission.
Did you see it during the day?Can another one in the world can bend the left by loosening such a stupid low tide?I really don’t understand even if I think about it again.

Anyway, finding Bapra is the first.If you check your attitude, you will find the reason for this atmosphere.
When I thought so and tried to move my seat, I heard two guards who were guarding the corridor.
If you stand up, you can’t endure boredom, so you want to say anything.I don’t know that.So it was not a big problem for two guards to talk.The important thing was the conversation.

The platoon leader.Did you hear it?


It’s a story I heard while going to work a while ago.Wasn’t the monster’s great air raid last time?Well that starts .

The senior guard, who heard the words of the successor guard, changed his complexion and shouted low.

Why, why are you?
You haven’t received it before coming!?Never talk about the rumor in the castle!Especially, you should never go into the ear of the ear!

Ha, but don’t you be suspicious?underground .
You really want to die!?Didn’t you hear the rumor that there is a secret unit for Bafra!?If you are listening to us, you are a dead life!

Sin, sorry .

What is this atmosphere?The attitude of a senior guard is as if you are afraid of rumors flowing into the ear of Bapra.Is that?.

I went out of the place where there were only two guards, and I looked closely at the complexion of others who went to the castle.Then, the castle, which had been seen peacefully so far, began to look like a completely different picture.In the face of all people who live everyday life, I felt fearful.
And the moment I realized that, I could realize another thing.

is it.Wasn’t I think of killing a few people and starting the culprit of the culprit?
Some of the high -ranking officials in the castle thinks the same as me and prevents the rumors from being rumored.If Bapra really turns around, no one knows who will be.
I don’t know who it is, but it’s quite good.If you haven’t dominated all the people in the castle, you’ll actually do something you can’t do.
However, all of the work processing for several years that Bapra did not show up would have been replaced by the servants, so it is not strange even if such a person is one or two.

But if things go like this, my plan is quite wrong.
When Bapra was blinded to anger and could not make a normal judgment, he would expose all of his secrets and down.
In addition, even if the fall of Bapra, it is not meaningful if someone who is dominating the castle inherits the place.
If someone is a member of the gift, I don’t know again, but it can’t be done to suit your taste.

Anyway, it is meaningless to spy on the appearance of Bapra.And you can’t push the original plan.
I’ll have to go to Keiros, compensate for the lack of information, and review the plans from the beginning.If you are often on the castle, Keiros is likely to know the identity of someone who does not spread rumors in the castle.

I concluded that I went straight to the castle I tried to stop and turned my toes towards the underground jail.
no.Even if you say that the perverted duo spreads in the city, it’s not in Bafra’s ears, but it’s definitely knowing the work in the basement?I was curious how I handled it.Well, I think it would have been roughly blocking the walls that connected to the basement, but let’s check it out.

In the underground prison, there was still a difficult part of the troops by the Bafra’s direct troops.
Just a few days ago, the dead people came out of the same thing here.Should I say good guys?Are you just thinking?
I thought that Bapra could also come down and enjoy sex together, but I carefully looked at the faces of them, but I couldn’t see Bapra.
No matter how much it is so poor.Even when we came from the groundwater road before, I couldn’t see it.

But not because Bapra was not seen, there was no harvest.
He will also be because the walls that lead to the underground waterway that we came last time were still drilled.
I don’t know if I haven’t even overpowered the monster.

“ah.Fuck.I want to be awkward too.Don’t just do it with you, but turn it to us!

Right!Right!Say good!

Instead, in the passage of the open passage, five soldiers gathered and shouted loudly to the difficult words toward the difficult school party.

Do not dogs and keep it straight.Bulls.Then don’t break the captain.

What do you have been broken by your baby for a few days?Isn’t it all of them!?

It’s quite’m not so noble to point out that others are swearing, but I feel so good because I stay with our kids and say good words.
In any case, the tone was dirty and there were no more beggars, but I felt that the conversations they had were quietly important information.
So I settled down and listened to the contents for a while, I was able to find out this information.

Bapra is not simply a monster’s work.This is what people have decorated.
And the identity of the killer is one of his servants who are looking for the throne.You haven’t appeared for a few years, so someone who is not satisfied with your status is greedy.
It was a greed that did not know the fountain, but at the same time, it was a greed that could only be used to be a person with some position.
In addition, considering that the criminal knew the secret that the underground waterway and castle was connected, one of the aristocrats in charge of the initiative management of the underground waterway was communist.
So let’s try to make the traces left on the underground waterway.Obviously the trace will lead to the entrance somewhere.

This was the information I found out through their conversation.
It seems that something is quite important, but it seems to be big.At the same time, it was a story that would be the right answer if left alone.
It’s wrong, but it’s right.Do you want to go to Seoul?

Bafra guy, he noticed the existence of someone who took control of the castle in the wrong way.
If you leave it alone, you will not be able to hear the rumors that are spreading outside the castle.
no.Maybe I’ve already heard.While listening, the captain of the unit is waiting for the captain to bite the information.

If you go to the place where you are, you can see the truth right now, but unfortunately there is a more urgent dragon than that.
They enter the underground waterway and trace the traces we left.
I want to believe that most traces were erased by monsters, but it was too dangerous to leave it alone.
If you follow the traces of the number of water managed by Keiros no.Even if you don’t go there, it’s dangerous to reach near the drain that leads to the waterfall of the back mountain.
There is a hole that leads to a mountain that is ignorantly pierced by the trash, and is closed with the genitals of the giant monster.
I used shadow movements into the underground waterway without any hesitation.

It is not a story that our kids become luggage, but moving to the underground water alone was much faster and more comfortable than when I acted together.Anyway, you don’t have to fight at all.Just move around to shadow movementOnly.
In addition, the structure of the underground waterway has already been made with the map already made, so it did not take a long time to discover the appearance of the Bapra’s immediate troops.
A few days ago, I was very worried that I started as soon as I found a hole leading to the waterway in the basement of the castle, but it takes a long time to track the traces.They couldn’t arrive until I was worried about.
Of course, even if there is a real trace, the direction itself is definitely grabbed, so if you left it, you would have caught the existence of the hole that led to the mountain.
Anyway, I was glad that I found it before.

It’s over.Are you there?

“no problem!The monsters in the area seem to have been organized!

“hmm.Then continue moving .
“before doing.Let’s look at me for a while.

What guy Huh huh!?

I appeared in front of the eyes of the guys who were trying to move after the battle with the monster.
The level of Wolyeongmaka has also risen a lot these days, but it’s still a bit too much to fight with this number.
These guys, how scary the underground waterway are, have flocked.

The power of the goddess is the only ones who have only felt the weak made by the Dier family at best.When I showed the power of the real goddess, they grabbed them between the legs and kneeled their knees.
At the same time, only one of the guys who seemed to be holding the poop so I stood barely standing on the ground, but if he was a punch with my saint’s hand..

Big Yes, yes This power ?

“uh?you .

As I approached my cheeks lightly, I felt strangely familiar with his face.
I don’t know if it’s a pretty woman, but the face of the man I remember was very limited.
I rolled my head for a while and contrasted his face with memory, and I could easily find out his identity.Just if there is a problem.

Why are you here?

He can’t be here now.It was a guy who should not be.
He will, too, this guy is now.

“what Ugh It’s bullshit !?

This Jin Ji -nam was beaten by Silvia when he went underground last time, and then we dragged the Dernen family.
How can this guy be here again?Unless it is released from the Dier family wait for a

Well, it’s.Let’s get a little right.

I don’t know the exact situation yet, but what’s clear was that he was the same face as the Jin Ji -nam who bothered our Ray.
I beat him with a fist with a saint’s hand, and then tied their bodies with ropes.Oops.Isn’t it because of this?You’ve been dragging it like this before.
Of course, it is unlikely that Bapra will be in the new trace trace troops, but there was no need to leave traces.
Chet.bothered.That can’t be killed.I can’t.

What are you doing!?stop!Stop it!

I used a rope to tie up their bodies in a row and threw them in the water at once.
If you drag it like this, won’t you leave a trace?

Do not die and hold on well.

Thus, I took them to the Dier family through the waterway.

Salvation came back That, he !?

And Yoris, who came out of the way, showed a surprised look as soon as I saw Jin Ji -nam’s face.Much more than when I noticed Jin -nam’s face.

I knew it would be like this.

“Also, it looks the same.”

The guy who is trapped in the jail of the Dier’s family and the one I just brought.As he alternated two faces, Yoris swept the surprised chest.
I didn’t think you would have betrayed even if you were not surprised.He must also be overwhelmed by the saint skill and put it in jail.Even if the Hana Dier’s family betrayed and released, you can’t be able to wander around.
After all it just resembles no.It is too similar to that, and even the unit is like.Probably twins.

By the way, it’s quite serious.

“female Woman ah ….

Those who were trapped in jail and were addicted to the energy of my saints had already felt that they could not feel one reason.
How do two bottles have been so long?no.Of course, the two bottles were also very tasty by the time they attacked the carriage, but it wasn’t this much.

“yes.If you leave it like this, it is definitely .

I can’t.I captured it like this, but it’s a waste to throw it away.Take it out .
“Salvation.What are you doing here?”

I have to take it out and take it.I tried to say that, but the pretty voice from the back stopped my words.Sarah.
How did he know this again?I came straight here as soon as I came out of the lake.
no.I was able to know that I came back because it was a good sense.But how do you break the guard outside?You must have been out of it.

You are really .
Woman ah ah!

I had a lot of words I wanted to say, but my voice was cut off again by a group of greetings that were more intense than me.


However, Sarah bounced his fingers lightly, and the crowds of light in prison collapsed to the floor.
what is this.Where did you learn this again?Tanji new?Pulpit?I’ve felt it before, but the more you see the job of a warrior, the more you look at the martial arts.This is a fantasy world.Why is there such a fraudulent job in this worldview?
I want to say what I want to say, but here I am also the captain of the warriors.You can’t be surprised by the power of the warrior.
Well, Joris is also surprised to see her eyes, so you don’t seem to care about me.

What is that?

As you can see, it’s hostage.If you leave it as it is, it will be worth it as a hostage.


“okay.The only way is to solve the weakness of the weakness.


When I said so, Sarah nodded moderately as if it was not interesting.
In fact, I wouldn’t be able to grasp the situation a little while ago, so I would like to ask you deeper, but I have the eyes of others.It must be properly refrained and matched.

So Sarah, wait a little with the other kids.I will go as soon as possible.


Sarah looked a bit dissatisfied, but he still nodded.
I have achieved the purpose of coming here just by confirming that I have returned from the castle safely.
Thank you.I will come back and do not have enough explanations.

Then uncle.Please open the prison.I will take it now.

“yes?Ah yes.”

Well, it was quite embarrassing that this uncle lacked explanation.
Still, I think I had a boat with me now, and Yoris opened the prison door without saying it.
This uncle should also explain it later.

Anyway, those who were captured before and those who were captured today.After tie all the two groups with ropes, I once again dive to the lake.
It is a teleport wizard at the bottom of the lake as well as a destination.

Salvation!So fast oh?What are they?

It’s an enemy.It’s dangerous, so it’s a little away.

Returning to the Teleport Magic Circle, I went back to the village of Kumiho, and Rayia stood in front of’s not just Laea.Diana Matilda, and Rachel’s sister?

Rachel came here too?

“huh.I think it’s better to commute to stay here than the mansion.

no.That’s right.It’s instant to take the teleport magic circle.
But when I look forward to being shy, I don’t think it’s just easy to commute.Besides, I brought it to Celveros, so I’m going to live here.

Isn’t that a problem?The procedure needed in the guild has been stepped on.Rachel, who has been there for a long time, meets you..
D, Diana!

That was the right answer.I was convinced to see Rachel’s sister, who was in a hurry to stop Diana’s mouth.I just wanted to talk to me once a day.
That’s why I don’t have to hide it.Anyway, Rachel’s sister is still ashamed.

But you?Who are they?Did you say it was an enemy a while ago?

Oh, yes.That’s.

okay.The embarrassed Rachel’s sister was very happy, but now it’s not time to be happy.
There’s a lot to do tonight, so I’ll finish it soon.
First of all, I explained from the identity of these guys to the situation.

“hmm.I understood the situation.But what are you going to bring here?

In my heart, I just want to leave it in jail and leave it until I die.
But if you die like a prisoner of war, you might be the cause of the resurrection of war.It is better to just use it where you need it.
So I remembered this place.

That’s that, you don’t need a man in this village?

At first glance, I heard that the nine -tailed nine -tailed nine -tailed foxes are bringing a man from the village of the mountain to have a child.
In addition, I heard that the whole village was covered with the mana of the goddess, and I was told that the sexual desire of the nine -tailed nine -tailed people was growing.
These are the people who are perfect for such a nine -tailed village.
It’s moderately high and sex, so you don’t have better guys than these guys because they’ll be trapped for a lifetime.

That, in that sense Do you mean?

In that sense.

My kids know more about the situation of the nine -tailed nine -tailed people than me, so I can’t understand me.
shameLayea, who nodded, was ashamed of his ears, as he nodded his head.

Definitely there are over there recently It was very difficult.Let’s talk to Mr. Roel?

Can you do it right now?Please.”

In conclusion, Roel accepted my just accepted, but welcomed with a pair.
To be honest, I was scared of hearing the words of the elite troops of the Baffra, but it was not at all.
The nine -tailed nine -tailed people couldn’t overcome the persecution because the nine -tailed nine -tailed side was not because the nine -tailed nine -tailed lakes were weak.
On the contrary, it is hard to find a strong race against a man as much as a nine -tailed man.
It’s not just about the ability to absorb your regularity, it’s a powerful bondage skill.
There was also a Diana special restraint that had two bottles of middle bottles from the mansion, and the members of Bapra’s direct troops were rebellious.

“hi?It’s been a long time?

All of them were trapped in a large house in the village of the nine -tailed nine -tailed village, and then I tried to talk to only one Jin Ji -nam that I brought today.
For reference, all of the saint skills, including this true man, were released.I don’t have to.

you He met him on the other day.

This guy was the Jin Ji -nam who was rape on the ship.Somehow, I pretended to know about the proclamation of the sanctuary.
In fact, I also brought it here quickly by checking the prison from the Dier family.It’s hard to get around and start saying that this guy wakes up.

“okay.I think I’m remembering though.

I can’t easily forget those who use that power.I thought it was a strange power, but it was a nine -tailed nine -tailed lake.

huh?nine tailed fox?He seems to be doing something great now?
hey.You don’t know well, but the nine -tailed nine -tailed is born only a woman.

Do you look like a woman in your eyes?

It looks like a man.But the nine -tailed miho is the price of the armor.

As a result, I didn’t feel like I had such skills in the racial skill window that I didn’t have.

Are you brought to this place and think about Shichimi?

“but.I don’t have to.Then shall we go to the main point?

I was holding down the legs properly, but I didn’t have to modify the illusion.It’s just being mistaken.

I have only been alone, means that I have something I want.

“okay.Still, you are glad you talked.My request is simple.Pass all the information you know about Bapra.

I look funny too.Did I think I would betray the Lord in such a clumsy threat?

All kinds of foams were Jin Ji -nam, but they are talking about it.It is also a talent if it is a talent to keep on.

I’m threatening.Not at all.What I want is a deal.If you think about what you’ve done to Ray, it’s cool to hit and kill it, but I’m not that violent.

“transaction?It’s funny.Four years to me .

Mo, ?

Don’t pretend.You can’t hate sex if you work under the Bapra?As you can see, the race called the nine -tailed race is basically a beautiful eye.

What is that?

“If you open your mouth, you can live comfortably while enjoying sex among those beauty.”

It’s not a lie.But no one knows where to go.
no.The nine -tailed nine -tailed people sucked their vitality, so.Whenever I don’t, every time I do it Well, the nine -tailed foxes will be adjusted properly to suck for a long time.

Do you know what you mean?Then would you like to tell you again?Did you say you can’t betray the Lord?For reference, your colleagues are enjoying it first.

When I sent a signal to Diana, Diana used magic to bring the appearance inside the building for a while.
And as soon as they saw their colleagues surrounded by various nine -tailed nine -tailed beauty, the eyes of Jin Ji -nam, who had been firm so far, finally began to shake.
I pretended not to be the same family.

What are you talking about about Baffra?

wow.Look at him.Did you see the Lord to Bapra?
It’s Bafra.What direct troops did you grow like this?Yongke hasn’t been betrayed so far.
no.I promised a more fascinating sex life to the guy who was loyal because of sex.

You said?It’s all.All you know is.What did Bapra have done so far, what’s plan to make after the monster’s great air raids, what the thought he sent underground, and how to do it in the future?I tell you everything you know.

Bapra rarely makes his mind out of his mouth.Even if that’s your own load.

That is, you don’t know?

I know that the information I know is very small.

While saying that, Jin Ji -nam began to open his mouth.
And the information he told us was overflowing with the information that was incredibly helpful to us.but .

No matter how much you are the head of one forces?Believe that?

The information he said was mixed with too much information.It is also advantageous to us.
I would have been more reliable if it was unfavorable information, but I couldn’t help but doubt this favorable information.

It is a four -year freedom whether to believe or not.I just said that I knew.

Of course, this guy seemed to say that the information was a favorable information for us.
Um Maybe this is good.

Eventually, I decided to decide whether to believe or not to believe all of this guy, and I decided to do what to do right now.I was still overflowing.

“Sorry.I’ll ask for the back of the back.

“no.You don’t have to worry about this.

When I apologized to our kids once again, Rayia reassured me with his hands.
But the angel is good, so it’s just saying this, and it was almost as if Raea and Matilda had to suffer for a while.The cooperation system with the temple accumulated at best has collapsed.

“thank you.Please.”

But I can only say this, so I only said that and got on the teleport magic.

Kiking Kiking .

In his arms, he holds a beads crying.
hey.mutt.No matter how much you cry like that, you won’t let you go.If you are weak on the topic of a beauty.I don’t have to send a rescue signal with such sad eyes.

Kelby!cheer up!”

Look at that.Our Rachel’s sister has a corner missing.What happened is a perfect career woman.

Leave it to me!Then let’s go!Kelby!

After a fighting pose, he showed a bright smile to Rachel’s sister, and I hurriedly operated the teleport magic circle before the dung dog in his arms ran away.


And as soon as it moved to the bottom of the lake, the dung dog turned into a huge wolf and looked at me with my teeth.
This dung dog can’t recognize people and install it.hey.The fact that I saved you from the dungeon was not forgotten.Did you forget all the hard memories of Rachel’s sister’s arms?

If it’s wrong, you can go away here.


In my low threats, Kerberus quickly went back to the dog and began to be adorable.The naked guy.
Still, it was cute if you were in a puppy, so it was unintentional.The guy called a pet is so fatal.

Anyway, I suddenly brought Cerberus, not just to bother.
no.really.Rachel’s sister’s chest was not brought to the reason why he was shaking his tail and fluttering.I brought it all the necessary places.

I took Cerberus to the waterfall on the mountainside and headed for the hole where Threon had drilled before.
Then, the monster’s penis, which was blocking the hole, was inserted into the inventory and squeezed into the pierced hole.

Now, you know how to use the spirit of the earth?Stop it.Neat without a trace.


This dung dog, ‘You’re just bringing me because of this chores?’
If work is solved as I think, there will be no troops to release the troops and explore the underground waterway, but there is still one.I’m a thorough man.There is no repayment to be carefully followed by this trivial thing.

I have to bring this to this, so I can stop it soon.


Don’t lose anything on the topic of dung.On the topic of dung.
I can’t help it.I wanted to bring Diana because I was like my heart.In terms of ability, it is perfect for Diana to erase traces with magic.
But you haven’t contacted Miriel yet.Diana has the role of waiting for Miriel’s contact with you when you don’t know when.
And there is another reason why our kids can’t bring in the first place Well, do you have to say that?

Anyway, if you know, do it quickly.Oh, can you make something like a brick?I would like to have a perfect restoration of the waterway.

Put .

This child, are you sighing now?
Although it was a fairly non -cooperative Kerberus, the spirit of the spirit was significant, as if it was not survived alone in the dungeon for those years.
Not only did it naturally collect the grass on the ground, but also completely restored the walls of the waterway, and originallyI knew that there was a hole in, and I couldn’t even feel the trace.
To be honest, I didn’t expect this much.

Have you seen a lot of hidden in this way?

“bruise .

He praised him by stroking his head with a unique heart, but Celberus shakes his head as if it were bothersome, and looked at me with his eyes to send my hands to the nine -tailed village.
But what about this?

“no.You can’t go home today.


Don’t look like betrayal.Common sense, so if I could go back like that, would I brought you?I brought Diana.

I don’t have time to take you.There are still many things to do.


No matter how much I do, I can’t go now.let’s go.”

It turned into a huge wolf and tried to ignore the eyes of Celberus, and I walked towards the city.
You have to talk again with the perverted duo working in the city, and then go to Keiros and listen to it.And when you go back, you have to go to Yoris and even explain it.

In the end, I was able to come back to the room where our kids were finished after everything, and the day was almost bright.

It’s late.many.”

Wasn’t you waiting without sleeping?

You can’t idiot.”

This time, of course, I thought they would be sleeping first, but it was too much of our kids.
As a matter of course, Sarah, Silvia, and Ray, who are waiting for me, seemed to feel tired in a moment from the body that was tired at night.

Was it this way every day?

“no.Today is a unique case.Sarah, even if you think?I will work so faithfully every day .

Don’t play.

It’s really.

“joy.You should be reliable.He said he was coming soon.

“ah that .

Originally, I thought it was, but I thought I had to modify my plan because of the information to be heard by Jin -nam.

“Sorry.I was very busy.How busy I would have brought this guy and brought it.


When he grabbed the back of Kerberus and came forward, Ray was half -colored and embraced Kerberus in his arms.
It’s not Sarana, but Ray reacts you two spheres in the first place?Well, I have been a chance to see it for a few days.


And when Ray hugged in his arms, Kerberus rubbed his face as if he had waited.
That child, even before, I sighed and looked like the world.

Why is Kelby here?

I just needed power.

It’s simple to explain, but it’s too late to explain the situation.

First of all, let’s sleep together.You were tired of not waiting for you either?I will get up and talk.

This pervert is really .

Oh, no.Why is kinky coming out suddenly on this timing!?Sleeping together means that you literally sleep together, or to have sex!

“joy.I really don’t know.

Of course, if you want .
“No thanks.”

Sara.No matter how much you cut it so much, you will be hurt.

I like to do it next time.

Saraya Ah!

Wow!This stupid!I didn’t want to say this!

Well, in that way, I clung to Sarah before going to bed, but I still fell asleep without any dirty things.I was tired of handling a lot of things like this during the night, and as soon as I laid down in bed.

I woke up, and it was midday that the sunshine came out of the window.
But it wasn’t because of the sun.The reason I opened my eyes was because of the sweet pleasure between the legs.
Looking up and looking down, the blanket on the lower part of the body was swollen and was moving.

“huh side Had Oh, this, did you wake up?Joe, good morning lunch?side.”

When I glanced at the inside, I kissed my stuff with an embarrassing expression.
So I taught this thing as etiquette.But this is not very scary.How do you think about this next to Sarah?Did you see that day too?What happens if Sarah is jealous.
Sarah is still sleeping, so.

Ugh .

Uh, huh?I think I heard a bad voice from Sarah.Didn’t your shoulders just be trembling?Is it Sarah?Are you awake now?I woke up earlier, but I can’t get up because of Ray’s what he does?

I told you that this kind of morning greetings are only the next morning after sex.

Anyway, if Sarah continues to sleep, you don’t have to point out and scratch it.
I urgently decided to get rid of the lower body.

!?That, did it??

In my intellectual, Ray realized that he had done something embarrassing, and he began to reduce his face red and loud.
Actually, it’s embarrassing to wake up in this way, whether you have sex the night before, but don’t tell me that.

That, then Stop here?Is this okay?

Anyway, it was a shame to die, but it was hesitant to stop serving with stuff in front of my eyes.
Ze, Damn.I don’t want to quit, but I even see it with that eye.
The faint glimpse of Ray’s pretty eyes, the wings of the wings were greatly reduced and the hearts were emphasized, so at first glance, it seemed to be just like a heart in the eyes.

Because of that because of that, we said, I did it to Allicia, and this time you did it in a normal place!? You have changed the policy at all!?Now, I decided not to do it in one place!? I heard a lot of complaints.In particular, there was a strong backlash from the womb of the hip and the womb.
In fact, rather than changing the policy, this is also very related to sex.
No matter how much, No.When I played harem before, he used emotion sharing to see your skills.So I couldn’t say it to my eyes.

Anyway, when I was hesitant to see my stuff with such heart eyes, it didn’t fall from my mouth.

“no.I don’t think it’s okay.I’m sorry, but continue until I take one step .
What do you keep doing?This pervert!

But my desire was stopped by the dragon warriors.

I’m busy today!It doesn’t wake up quickly!?

“no!But it’s a torture to quit after this!Sarah, I don’t know because I’m not a man, but this is .
Then it’s cheap and wake up and this pervert!

Perhaps it was quite a reference until I got up.
Sarah was excited and could not make a normal judgment, and he grabbed my stuff and began to shake strongly up and down.
On the topic that was excited and lost, the hand was accurately stimulated by my weak part, and thanks to Ray’s saliva, even though it was slim and moving well, my stuff that was harassed by Ray was quickly exploded while sleeping..To the face of Ray right in front of you.


And Ray, who hit my semen, was at its peak.

Rei!?Why do you feel!?

Hey, shared.

Oh, this guy.Was it turning on your emotions again?

Oh, why are you in the first place?Wu!

Sara.No matter how you try to tear my big picture.How much I was, I injected this common sense from Ray.
I grabbed Sarah’s chin and blocked my lips with my lips, and the other hand down, grabbed it, and rubbed it on Ray’s lips.
Then Ray’s tongue, which was trembling at the peak of the peak, began to lick my pair of things to clean.
I didn’t think it was at all, but why aren’t you going like 3P?Maybe this .

Hua!ha ha Me, do you properly?You say you have a lot to do today?

I thought so, but I was also a warrior.Even this time is not blurry.
no.The judgment was blurred for a while, so it became this happening.Anyway, it seems like it’s time to retreat.I think I’ll see you so far as there is a fault.


Sarah sitting on the bed and looking down at me with his arms folded.Sarah lightly echoed his legs as if he saw the lack of legs in front of my eyes.

I think I was really busy.

“huh.But it’s Sarah.


Panty Bo Huh!Avoid!

He told me that it was seen and said, but Sarah’s long legs were swung over my legs.
What are you doing dangerous?I’m talking every time, but it’s not just me that it’s unfortunate if it’s broken!?You know that !?

This, this pervert is really .

I didn’t think I would avoid it.
In fact, if our dragon’s athletic nerves, I could have been able to follow my avoidance, but I could just hit an additional stroke, but I just had a limited movement to press the chimney with both hands.
It’s useless to press like that.He will be, because I’m kneeling on the floor now.

Even in this time, my eyes are in such a place!?

“of course.Because I’m not someone else.My eyes always follow you where you are.

Do you distinguish when you don’t joke?

The moment Sarah stared at me and said, Oh . I heard a voice of admiration.The owner of the voice was clear without turning around.
Ray.Because you are weak in this words,Sarah, who throws away, looks cool, but it’s actually Sarah.

But it’s like that .

Look at this.I would have shot more if it was originally, but now it’s just going over.
Well, as Sarah says, there’s a reason why he was on an important story.
okay.I might be mistaken that I was being punished for a disturbance because I was kneeling, but in fact we were talking about what happened last night.
Oh, it’s because of that in the morning.

“okay.How hard did this brother suffered during the night, do you feel it now?

I have been feeling it since late, I’m a stupid brother.


What, what’s going on suddenly quiet.

“no.I didn’t even let it, but I was impressed by the surprise brother.

I called a stupid brother.

I can only hear you in my ear.

“ha.Really fool .

It was Sarah who sighed and sighed, but it seemed much better than before.

Anyway, have you really worried a lot?

of course.”

Oh, be honest.Sara.Isn’t it too cute to feel relaxed?

Sarah’s personality didn’t jump out and waited quietly?

“Oh, that!”

Suddenly, Sarah was a little more mischievous, and suddenly Ray raised his hand and went forward.

Thank you to me.

What are you talking about suddenly?What else is you like that?

If it weren’t for me, I would really have ran out to find you.

no.Even though I thought it wasn’t that news, I would have tried to run out of Sarah’s personality, but Ray did you dry Sarah?How the hell?

I told you that salvation didn’t have a problem.

My extremely natural question was neatly resolved by Sarah’s short explanation.
indeed.If you use emotion sharing, you will be able to guess what I am now.But that’s what .

Somehow, when I was talking at Keiros, I suddenly had a lot of heart.Was that that was your fault!?

I just thought it was exciting to feel that things at Bapra were going to the end!
no.That’s not just.This is why I felt this guy at the same time in the morning.Somehow why the emotional sharing was on, it was on since then!?

Wow!I did what I did!

You can’t even control your emotions in the first place!?How did you turn it on!?

That’s why you can’t turn it off!

That’s proud No, no.done.”

It was so ridiculous that I was reflexively squeezed, but when I thought about it, I didn’t have to be angry.
In the end, it was a problem caused by the sharing of emotions, and the degree of disturbance was all, and most of all, Ray, who could not control skill control, was eagerly hoped for it.
In other words, Ray was also very worried.

What, what are you If you have something to say, do it straight.

But when I suddenly changed my attitude, Ray seemed to be more anxious.
hmm.Even if I think about it, the attitude was not very good.
no.Ray is a character that boasts a baekchimi that does not occur occasionally, so I don’t know.
This one is now appointed and officially appointed and formally my girl, so if you are not careful.

It’s no big deal.just.You really like me?

Why suddenly, why do you talk about it!?

In that sense, I tried a slightly sweet atmosphere, but I couldn’t accept it at all.
It is amazing that the child who exchanged the appointment of the apostles is not so immunity.
As I was thinking about it, I was looking at Ray, and another voice came to me.

“excuse me Salvation?

Oh, huh?

If that happened last night Do you have a lot to do today?

It was a question form, but I probably didn’t ask because I was curious.Rather, I’ll talk to me to remind me of my original purpose.
Usually, when you talk about this conversation, Silvia is quietly listening to the corner, but that Silvia is like this.I think the story was missing a lot with Samcheonpo.

“okay.You have to move busy enough to take Cerberus.


As he stroked the hair of a unique knight, he replied, screaming at Ray’s arms with shocked expressions.He is a rich man’s face on the puppy theme.

Then I will see Kelby!

But contrary to the Cerberus, Ray shouted, hugging Kerberus’s body tightly as if he was doing well.
no.To be precise, pretending to be active.Don’t ignore my eyes too much just because I turned it off.

okay.I don’t think I will be determined right now.Ray you are waiting here and preparing for your mind.

When I first met, the poison disappeared all the time, and nowadays, only Baekchimi is presented, but I know that there will be a role that I have played at the end.
no.Even if there is no role, you will want to do something.I didn’t mention it as I was more nervous about my relationship, but I originally followed me because I wanted to get revenge on Bapra.


After all, my thought was the right answer, and Ray said, What kind of preparation?With a hard look.
okay.You only know your heart, right?

I tell you in advance, I’ll follow.

And of course, if you want to stay here, some people want to follow.
Shouldn’t you follow me? Sarah quickly hit the player.

“okay.Maybe the power of the warrior may be needed.

But this time I didn’t want to go alone.
Like last night, I didn’t have to move around using shadow movements, and I didn’t want to sneak around with a hide.

I think Silvia should wait with Ray.Sylvia, is it okay?

The Dier’s family is not worried about betraying, but in Bapra, Ray is not strange no matter who is aimed for anyone.
No matter how much you can’t leave it alone, if you don’t leave a bodyguard.

Yes, yes!

The voice was a bit anxious, but that’s inevitable.Our Silvia is always like that if I’m by my side.

“thank you.good.Then the warrior.Would you like to go?

I decided to leave Ray to Silvia and reached out to Sarah.

“fool.Where are you going to date?

It was Sarah who said so naturally.
good.First of all, you should tell Yoris to open the way.
I went out of the room with Sarah with a light step that was not thought of as a person who had to do important things in the future, but as soon as the door opened, it quickly became heavy.

Oh, brother!at las!Did you get up!

God and Yuri were waiting in front of the door.
Of course, I didn’t feel like I saw God’s face.I’m a stupid guy, but I still know that I was reliable.
The problem was that God’s expression was as if he had been sentenced to death.

“what’s the matter?What’s going on?”

Father My father was called to Bapra.

Why?The Dier’s family is the only weak source, so you have a lot to call it?

To be honest, I felt that I didn’t call it for that reason.
Still, I said hope, but God shook my head left and right.

It’s not just my father.

huh?Something is strange?Oh, no way .
When the gaze was moved to the glass, Yuri nodded with a dark look.

“yes.And a little while ago, Ke -Ross was also called the castle.


It’s a little.About an hour ago .

shit.It wasn’t time to relax in the room.It’s going to be a player in this way.
Originally, Sarah would have felt and told the two out of the room.

Is it only three of them?

“no.I don’t know the exact number of people, but it seems that a large number of senior officials have been called.Perhaps all people in a certain status .

Damn.It would have been hope if only those three were called.

I will check it, but Yurin’s uncle is not a member of the gift?

Sudden Summon of Summar.The most worrying thing there was also a gift.
As I was rumored to be rumored to the city yesterday, Keiros said that he would be more aggressive with the gift.
But after declaring a little more active activity, this happens less than a day.Isn’t it really a mistake and a tail?
However, it was a bit nervous about the words that Jin Ji -nam said yesterday, “I think there is a secret organization that has a purpose inside the forces.”

I have to go and check it myself.Sara.I’m sorry .

I can’t go together.
Before that, Sarah first pulled out goggles from a back pocket.

Do you have a signal properly?

“thank you.”

As I fell in love with it, I hurriedly went out of the building and looked down the mountain.
The goal is, of course, as well as last night.

It was hard to expect an absolute effect as night as the sun was bright, but I still picked up the shadow and hid it.
Turn around the castle without being caught by anyoneI was able to attend, and I went straight to the place where Bapra was.
The internal structure of the castle was infiltrated yesterday, so it was not difficult to find.Barpra, of course, high -ranking officials who were called were gathered in all realities.
As God said, the high -ranking officials of the high -ranking officials were gathered, and the high -level people filled the realities as if they had a meeting to decide on a state’s great history.
But for such a meeting, there was a fairly heterogeneous thing in the middle of the realities.


Even now, the body of blood is pouring out of the hole in the chest, and Bapra, who is sitting in the throne, looked at the eyes of hate.

Really, it’s really disappointing.It’s only a few years.How long have you been so long that I can look funny?

After that, Bapra added, “This is human.”
indeed.Wasn’t the Dark Elves’ pure bloodism just because of sex?
I thought while listening to Jin Ji -nam’s information, but I could feel it.The appearance of Bapra seems to be very different from my imagination.

So, who is next?

Overwhelmed by the bloody atmosphere he emitted, the servants were ice, but Bapra himself looked very relaxed.Beyond the leisure, even boredom was felt.
And in that boring voice, Bapra looked around and found someone.
Suddenly, who is next?Considering the flow of dialogue, it seems to be looking for another traitor, but I don’t want the traitor to come to my feet.
I thought that was not alone, and one of the servants who leaned my head leaned my mouth.

“your majesty.His Majesty is a humble head of the villain It’s big.

Before I finished all the words, I was broken by something that Bapra threw.
That pen?Somehow, it didn’t suit a desk in front of the throne.Usually there is only a chair on the throne, right?Probably, I have prepared it on purpose.The body on the floor there is also a hole in the chest far away from Bapra, so it seems to have been hit in the same way.
And the pen holder on the desk that I looked into was still filled with many pens.

Was it yours?You were a person who liked to be flattering and flattering others before.

Bapra mumbled as if he was tired, reaching out to the pen rack, holding a pen, and turning it round and round.
And some of the servants who saw the appearance seemed to be reflected, and Bafra’s eyes seemed to be captured.

That desk, now I don’t just bring it to the purpose of putting the pen in the hand.
In this way, if there are still a lot of pens left, the stabbed guys will take care of them.If you calculate that and bring your desks, he’s like a type that turns a hair much more than I thought.
but.If you think about it, Bapra’s most distinctive feature from other forces is that if you win with tricks, you will stop.The chief of such a place can’t be a fool to turn his head.

In addition, he was more troubled by his head and combat power.
In this way, the plan to give an overwhelming feel is based on the confidence that the pen can be killed without difficulty.
Of course, the levels of the guys here are not higher than they think, on the other hand, the level of Bapra was so high that it was not too big with our party. uh?
As I thought about it, I wrote analytical without thinking.And the moment I saw the screen in front of my eyes, I felt a strange discomfort.

Lewis Bapra.Level 279.
Is this the original level?Obviously a few days ago, it wasn’t 279 when the monster’s air raid.
no.This doesn’t definitely remember how exactly the level was.Maybe it was 279 then.
It’s just my illusion if you see not only the level but also the level of the battlesmaster.
This guy is going to level up. Oh, so.I just killed two.So maybe the level has risen.what.I was excited.

Anyway, Bapra really wanted another traitor to come to my feet.
no.I’m not sure if that’s the dead person now, but at least Bapra think so.

Then, next.

Thus, after killing two people, Bapra again endured his servants in a boredom.Of course, no one was in the call of Bapra.
That’s right.If you open your mouth, you’ll die, but who will you try?

I don’t let me go and spend usy time, but come out quickly.It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one or one.

As if he knew everything, Bapra looked around and said.
Of course, he couldn’t know the situation, but it was a bit anxious because of that strange tone.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a loss with them.You’re not talking about gifts?
no.There is a possibility that the two who died in the first place will be a gift, but I want to believe it.Keiros is also making a pretty look.

Is there no one?Even those cowards tried to rebel.Ugh.Whoo .

It was Bapra who seemed to say a lot of words, but instead of ending, he suddenly frowned and sighed.

huh?wait for a sec.What is that reaction?Something is a bit familiar.That baby … .
It may be a bit dangerous, but I need to check it.I will not be caught by Sarah, so it will be okay.
Once I took a deep breath, I tried to move the shadow towards the back of the throne where Bapra was sitting.
After all, I have been polishing, and the arts are perfect, so I didn’t feel like Baffra even if I moved right later.
I leaned over my desk with confidence, and I saw it there. .

huh. town.”

This, this crazy guy!Was the desk brought so?In the meantime, I want to have sex like that !?In this daylight !?In this important place !?I see everyone else !?
shit!I was watching how much I had to take this desk from earlier!Please give me my admiration!This envy to die Oh, no.Isn’t this crazy?

okay.just as expected.Under the desk there was a woman who served his stuff hard.
In addition, now there are a lot of nervousness except Bapra, so it was quiet enough to be careful.But in this silence, I serve without a little bit of sound.It’s not a skill I’ve done once or twice.

“You know well, but I don’t like waste of time.”

Again, it was a bapra who weighed and talked, but I knew the truth under the desk, and now it sounds completely different for me.
‘I want to have sex as soon as possible, so I take care of it and go out.’
Of course, there are people who will come out in this atmosphere. .


There is.Even this time I knew.
Uncle Keiros!it’s crazy!?I want to die !?I think I’ll save it if I know it’s here!?
Of course, if you fight sincerely while using the saint skills, you can’t win if you fight with all the seasons, including Bapra, but my plan will be a bubble!

Hoo.Keiros, you are.

I was embarrassed to watch Keiros’ sudden behavior, but fortunately, this time, the pen in the hands of Bapra was not flying toward Keiros.
This did not mean that I believed in Keros.

You would have been a coward if you were holding on to your thin and long lines rather than power?

“yes.That’s right.”

In the face of Keiros, which does not change one face color, Bapra burst into laughter as if it were pleasant.

Cuck.Still, you are.okay.What is such a thing?

At this point, those who doubted Bapra would have corrected their thoughts.

.Doubt.Can you understand it as a representative of a traitor?

As a representative of the coward, he said.

As soon as Keros replied, the pen that was running round and round on the hands of Bafra stopped for the first time.
And some of the follows.
Looking at Keros with a strange eye, Bapra threw the pen again in a pen holder as if it had cooled.

There’s no more rebellion, but it’s not enough to say that they would have folded their thoughts at this point.
You are much more confident than you think.I usually think that this type will not be left to leave.

Remove it.

When Bapra pointed to two bodies, the soldiers ran out of the outside and collected the corpse.
And when I was bothered, I was able to get out of the real room after greeting the people who seemed to have waited.but.

“for a moment.”

At the moment, most people went back, and Bapra picked up a pen from a pen holder and sprinkled forward.
Then the pens passed through the neck, as if they had a guidance function, exactly one pen.
That I’m not correct either, but it’s the guys who trembled when they were scared while touching the pen.

Take them together too.

Others were surprised by the surprise of Bafra, but Bapra was still in the attitude that he still didn’t care at all.
Finally, the long interrogation time was over in the real room.


The procession of the powers that come out of the castle and scatter.Among them, I went quietly to the place where I had a face, and Keiros was surprised and swept his chest.

SalvationDid you?

What are you so surprised?It was so good earlier.Uncle, have you seen it again?

Once all the faces I knew were safe, I mixed up a little play, but Keiros’ expression was not seen.
Rather, Keiros opened his mouth heavily, darkening his expression.

I think I should hurry up.

“What are you talking about?Have you ever died, was there an important person in the gift?

I heard from Keiros yesterday, and it seems to be a gift, which was also controlling information about rumors in the castle.
One day, God said, “I don’t know well, but some of the members are great.”That was that person.
If the person died a little while ago, I can definitely understand that Keiros is this expression.

“no.That’s the opposite.

I was so alone, but it doesn’t look like that.
Keiros sighed once again as if he had a heavy heart while crossing his head.

Is it the opposite?

From yesterday, I have exploded more than the rumors of the rumors in the city, which had a significant aftermath than I thought.It’s no exaggeration to say that 70 % of the aristocrats in the capital have been over.

Why?Did you go well?

But there was no one who died in the hands of Bafra, who decided to join us with us.

what?Does that make sense?
If 70 % of the previous ones are a gift, even if you throw a pen, at least one person must come out of the gift.
But there is no victim at all. .

“yes.Maybe Bapra notices our existence.

The moment I heard that, I once again heard the information I heard from Jin Ji -nam yesterday.
The information is that Bapra thinks there is a strange movement inside.
That ruined Jin Ji -nam guy.That’s not just a glimpse.

But that’s how you rush to work.

In 70 % of the aristocrats in the capital, there is a chance.
But this is a game with only a chance to challenge.If you lose it, it ends with it.
Our purpose is not just taking control of Bapra?It is our real purpose to take control of the stereotypes of people as well as to take care of the stereotypes and to accept sex once again.
To do this, at least the water containing the goddess’s mana is distributed to the city and don’t wait until people go up.
To change people’s perception at once, you need to get support and get up at the same time.

In a few days, the general public will be able to see the signs.Just wait until then.

But salvation.

I know.In the meantime, if Bapra hits first, it will be a bubble.
Something, is there a way to tie Bapra’s feet?
Why did he save all the gifts?If you’re really realizing the existence of a gift, it’s a good idea to take it all without having to save it.
I think my hair is also turning around, and I don’t think it’s a personality to leave.
no.wait for a sec.Maybe, Bapra is .
After a while, I realized one possibility.

I have thought about me.

Once I reassured Keros that way, I once again tried to infiltrate the castle.
Of course, the purpose is to meet Bapra.


The people who were in the crowded people stepped down and no.The woman who was under the desk and the remaining two was still there.

“huh Ha hung!Huh!Bar, Bafani!

It is also proudly put on a woman on the desk and sex.
I think again, but he’s really like a tora.
no.Didn’t you hear me now?I also solved my god now?


Once again shouted at the throne, Bapra stopped his back and turned to me with a bothersome look.And then .



I, I’m really chewing!hey!It doesn’t stop your back !?

Have you ever been humiliated in your life?
In a so shameful man’s attitude, I was seriously looking back at his life.
But whether I was standing so still, Bapra kicked his tongue and muttered himself.

.Keiros.I thought it was a bit gut.Are cowards in the end.

I felt a little bit before, but I talked to myself.You’re a guy who likes to wait while pretending to speak to himself.I don’t know why I suddenly be able to do Keiros.


no.More than that, this crazy guy stopped from the waist!How long will you be doing !?

Go and tell Keiros.If you have something you want to say, please come directly.

huh?What are you saying now?
The meaning of Bapra, who didn’t look at this, was not understood right away, so I hardened like a malfunctional machine.

So, that’s the day That means that?
weird?Didn’t I still solve the weaknesses I used to talk with Keiros earlier?
I checked my condition for a while, but I couldn’t make such a mistake at this important time.
And the moment I understood that there was no reason for him, I was already blowing a dagger.It also uses the skill.

In the meantime, I grew up in the seventh floor that I grew up was not only the stealth and shadow movement skill level.Naturally, the level of the Wol Young -ja was also rising, and he could learn new skills.
This is one of these shadows, and it is the ability to use simply to the objects that have shadow movements in their hands.
It is a skill that can be used alone, but it is a skill that doubles when mixed with the same skills such as dagger throwing, especially if there are many shadows due to colorful decorations like this.


Although Baffra’s Battle Master level is a little higher than my month’s level, it was not an overwhelming gap that easily prevented my cancer.Even the level is higher because I’m higher.

Yes .

He leaned 90 degrees to 90 degrees, and he managed to avoid my dagger at the level of long water left next to the neck.
In fact, I threw it with the idea that it would not matter if I died.

It’s not Keiros’.

Saying so, he finally picked himself from the woman underneath.Ahh.shit!What are you going to do this way?Not removed !?
At the same time, he grabbed the woman’s hair, dragged his face, and put his own stuff in his mouth.
no.If you definitely do that, you don’t want to see it.Well, good.It’s not important now.

Where do you look at who I look like?Do you have a lot of vision?

I pretended not to know my relationship with Keiros, but I don’t know if it worked.Why does that guy keep mentioning Keros in the first place?What do you really know?

“joy.That cheeky tone, not even under my forces.then is it.Is it he took Ray.

Then, Bapra sat down on the throne.
I feel it from before, but a woman is just a tool for pleasure.
It was disgusting enough to be nausea, but the head was quite back, apart from its disgusting attitude.I can go through my identity just by speaking.
And at the same time it was amazing confidence.It’s a judgment that if you are not confident that you will never make fun of your mouth, if you are an internal person inside the bapra.

What is the identity?

Did you think you would talk about it?

Did you come to talk to me?

If you don’t reveal your identity, you don’t want to talk?
But you looked so ridiculous.I’m sorry, but when I threw a dagger, I had already made a decision in my mind.
If it doesn’t go as intended, it’s a good thing if you kill it here.
If you do that, the plan will be a lot far, but let’s trust Keiros’ resistance that he has already dominated 7 % of the aristocracy in the capital.
I think it’s more problematic to save this disgusting guy like this than the plan is distorted.

Depending on your identity, I have a willingness to talk to me.

I was thinking so, but he shook my decision by saying that.
Chi.Lucky guy.Just give me the answer I want.
It’s simple to get rid of it anyway.It’s not a problem.
I thought it was a vigilant villain or a judgment, but of course I was not vigilant.It’s a rational conclusion that I calculated and got everything.
lets think.You were having sex with a woman a while ago?In other words, there is no one except guy, me, and a woman.

Before that, the woman is removed?

Of course, I didn’t want to kill a woman anyway, so I decided to get out of the woman first.
It is not visible on the desk in front of the throne, but maybe you are still burying your face between the legs of Bafra.


I listened to my head and nodded, and I knew that Bapra would be out of the woman.
But that was too easy.That fact, I realized it right away.

Bar, Bafra!Please save it!Save !…Nagging .

Because of the terrible sounds from under the desk.

Now there’s only two of us.I ask again.What is your identity?

That baby now .

I’m quite angry.Only one woman is dead.

Only female ?

To be honest, I am so justNot, I think it is the opposite.
But even in that sense, all of them were so disgusting.

Is it not in your world?

My world?What is that baby? it.I was expected to some extent, but is he realizing the truth much more than I thought?

Then I too .
“okay.In our pleatus, men and women are equal.


To the guy who talked about it, this time I said a word, and I was embarrassed for the first time in his face.
It was quite pleasant that the guy, who had been making a beautiful look as if he had known so far, made this look, but it wasn’t over yet.

“okay.Did you tell me to reveal your identity?Introduce.He is a warrior of Plitus.

You guys?Warrior? Isn’t it like a warrior of the goddess world?

I was expecting so much.
I was noticing my identity that I had never met in person, and this guy was noticing first.
no.Did you notice because it’s this guy?
I once again wrote analytical.

Name: Lewis Bapra
Race: Dark Elf 238
Job: Battle Master 279
Level: 280

Then the window in front of my eyes had information that supported my thoughts.
I remembered this guy that I had sex, so I wanted to level up like this.
This time, I remember the figures when I stood at Analdies.It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember it anymore.This is because the level and job level are different.

The warrior of the goddess?What are you talking about?You must have said it was Plitus?

Is it pleatus.

“okay.Well, I’m not immediate line of Lilian Pleatus.


I suggested that there was also a direct line of Lilian Pleatus through the word, and Bapra’s eyebrows were more severe than before.
That’s right.At the age of 238, he may be a young age of pure blood, but he is still enough to experience the era of the unification kingdom of Lilian Pleatus.
This guy was proud of being a pure blood dark elpress and seemed to be ignoring humans, so there may be some qualifications to Lirian Fleus.

“okay.Now, so?What about you?Do you think this warrior is enough for the conversation?

As I finished the situation so far, I could afford it, so I continued to talk much more comfortably than before.
Still, the child in front of you has no change, but I have to use it more thoroughly.

It’s ridiculous, so it’s ridiculous.How many years have passed since Lyrian Pleatus disappeared?Can’t you see the flow of time because of human beings?If you come and make such a vanity, do you really think I will believe it?

okay.At first I knew how to say that.Still, I’m the head of a forces, but I’m not embarrassed.
But.I have already come to me.

Then would you prove?

Proof?How do you mean?


When I focused on saying so and lived, the laughter disappeared completely from his face.

This me ?

“why?Do you think you can’t?

I can’t do it.If you do that in this castle, you won’t be safe no matter how strong you are.

“I think so?That’s strange.Did you still hear what happened to the Prime Gate?

That’s when you’re fine.

indeed.If I am a real warrior, I have confidence that I will not die finely.And no matter how much a warrior, you can’t get out of this castle in a wounded state.
I was so confident that I was close to us, but I didn’t deny it.Because there is more effective words than denying.

The warrior came out and killed the heresy who was overwhelmed by the mop’s temptation.


Did you know you didn’t know?Are you not too funny to see the warrior?I feel it for me.The dirty smell of the mop year in your body is full.

Who says that .
The subordinates sent to the underground waterway, is there no news yet?Why?”

In fact, I didn’t take it to use it like this, but I was good at dragging without killing.So is it that people are blessed if they build good deeds?

They don’t know this.

Oh, don’t worry.I’m listening.

Saying so, I took off the gauntlets and showed the shining ring to him.


“hmm.I heard it all.

After all, it’s a hemp.Actually, I just got a ring and talked, but I read the atmosphere and talked.

Still, you can’t kill me.

I thought that the retreat would be completely blocked and panic, but Bapra was not yet cold.Well, I was very embarrassed inside.
That’s it, so if you say that, I admit that I will be able to kill me.
In other words, he now believes that I am completely a warrior or at least equivalent.

“okay?why me?”

You must have come to talk?

Are you yours who are yours to be the last remaining pride until the end?

It’s before you smell the dirty mop from you.Oh yeah.I’m curious though.What did you say?If I’m a mop’s warrior.

I don’t know what you mean .
Don’t say you don’t know now.I was caught.You’re trying to talk to me as a mop’s warrior?What the hell were you going to say?Tell me once.Do you know?I will listen.

When I was so intimidated, he noticed a little bit of trouble.

Your purpose is to think of Bapra as an absorption merger?

Well, it’s not right now.Why?

I can help.

He wants to live because he wants to live.
The first time I heard his words was that.

“hey.Have you heard of what I said earlier?I don’t say anything to me, but if the warrior of the mop is coming .
The same is true.I’m not interested in maintaining power anymore.

But he sincerely thought so.
What is this baby really?You’re not saying that you are really in sex and you don’t need it now?

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1139

This is the words of Bafra.
In recent years, as you can see that it has not been revealed in a public position, it has been in the pleasure of sex.
As I was so in the pleasure of sex, I started to get better.
The war that was constantly fought in accordance with the doctrine of the war god, and someday unifying the continent, dreaming of proving that the Dark Elf is the best race.

Maybe so.The smell of the goddess you are talking about is in my body.

I dare to say that I have abandoned the will of the war god.

I said so that I lived in a feeling of becoming a real drink, but he said, “Is it meaningless to lie to a guy who can read the energy of the goddess anyway?”

Anyway, he was so good that other than sex, but after this, the actions he had before began to become a problem.
okay.Strictly separating men and women and having sex with pagan products.
I wanted to say what I said before, but if I suddenly changed the words, I would buy doubts from my servants.
If you are a different suspicion, you may be able to shoot properly with your own power, but you can’t cope with yourself as much as you are suspected of paganism.
Even more, even more, even more.

For several years, I have been breathing and seeing the opportunity.I believe that it is not only myself that I realized the pleasure of sex.
And at the end of the long wait, I finally got a clue.Through two men and women trying to run away with other forces.

Two men and women?

Are you talking about God and glass?

“okay.I sent a suitable talent to chase, but the two ran out well.Like there are collaborators everywhere.I realized then.I don’t know that there are already underground forces that have already formed a huge network.

no wonder.It was a little strange to escape to the Mount Miho with the two skills, but I think there was this situation.
Until you cross the boat from the Prime, it would have been somehow with the help of other gifts or blue, but there was no visible to the members.

In other words, this guy already knows the existence of a gift before I came to the capital.
In addition, I heard that the location of the silver samo forces outside the water is also specific.
The location of the gift outside the capital is also specified, so of course, the members of the silver mothers in the capital would have investigated more carefully.
I don’t know if I don’t know the existence of a gift.

Thinking so, all of the things I started to understand.
I knew everything, so I urged me to confess quickly, and when I went back, I killed only the members of the gift.
As Keiros thought, it was his own message.I know everything, so I mean to come to confess.

What did you do to call that power?

I act so that the center of power seems to be slowly moved to me from me.And those who have become stronger are trying to erase my traces first with an example of my influence.The first thing to do is to solve sex ban.

And you played the king of the scarecrow and relaxed the womenIs it a sex life and enjoyed?

“okay.Isn’t it bad for them and for you?

It’s like a fact that I am working with the underground forces.

If you chase the path you left, you can know the fools.You must have traced two men and women before?

is it.From the location of his direct troops, who stolen Ray from me, the disturbance in the gate of the frium, the case of attacking the right unit of the nom once again, and the attack of two bottles of the arms.If you draw the path where I left the trace, it will match the route where God and Yuri fled.

And as soon as I sent a message to Keiros, you came.I don’t think it’s a coincidence?

Well, good.I admit it.

“joy.I didn’t think the identity would be a warrior.How did the warriors think about joining forces with those who like sex?

The gift is not a group of people who like sex.Although I gave me a condom sex while making an excuse to change it.

Unlike you, our Pleatus is not the owner of such a narrow thought.You have to have sex and fall into pagan.It’s funny.

Huh.You are funny.This I no.Is it a good thing for me?

is it.This is a living witness that this guy can fall with sex.

What do you mean?

If you’re not so narrow, I will accept my proposal.

I am a warrior?Your proposal for abandoning the will of the war god?

Don’t say to refuse.If I work, I can easily take control of one forces without any damage.Didn’t you know that because you heard that?There .

What else?

As you said, I already have to join hands with the underground forces.You’re the foundations of the power to take over my forces.But after knowing my truth, will they try to cooperate with you?I’m blind to sex now, so I’m working on you, but they are once gathered under me on my feet to share with me.No matter how much you are a warrior, you’re not so easy to betray the Lord with the same meaning.

Chet.Did you notice?I wished this guy didn’t notice, but it doesn’t seem to be so simple.
okay.As he said, the initiative was completely transferred to him.
But is this guy, you’re drunk and forgetting something?no.Even if it’s not, in the first place.

From before, I say that everyone knows that he is cooperative.Doesn’t anyone know if you kill you here?

Is it the best to kill here?
I thought so and lived, but nevertheless he was strangely relaxed.

It’s time to pull out the pen from the body.

dead body?pen?Suddenly what is that no way!?

After knowing that you have killed the Lord who will be with them, I wonder if they will act as they did before.Are you guys like that?

If I was curious, I lost something to say, as if I killed it.
no.It’s not because there’s nothing really to say, and I really want to be this guy.

Don’t worry about that.It’s a problem that will end neatly if you kill you and announce that you were a pagan who was a fallen pagan.

So far, all kinds of smart pretending to forget this important thing.It’s vain, so I can’t speak.
I thought so, but he was much more persistent than I thought.In addition, it was not only persistent, but also cunned.

Ray said he had a weakness.

“what ?

Did you do it?

Suddenly, what is the bullshit?

I didn’t even think about it, but he looked strongly, but he seemed to know the relationship between Ray.
no.Is it a little different?As it was originally a garbage that tried to have a relationship with Ray for the first experience of the Dark Elves, I think I think it is the same as myself.I can’t abandon the pleasure of sharing emotions, and I will continue to keep Ray by my side.
It was a dirty illusion that fits your level, but unfortunately the illusion was not a big problem.

“Right.Then you still have Ray next to it?

In the eyes of the guy, the flames of anger were eager for a moment.
The purpose of him was Ray’s first experience.To be precise, it is a pleasure you can get through emotion sharing.
And I’m angry at knowing that I’ve been waiting for decades.Disgusting baby.
However, he was rational and disgusted, so he continued to say that he would prioritize survival rather than anger.

Of course, those who cooperate with you will know Ray’s existence.

What do you want to say?

I don’t know that the descendants of the warrior who worked hard on the pagan oppression more than anyone else?It is the goddess from the time of the pagan’s body.If it turns out that I am a pagan who has fallen to the goddess, it will be worth seeing the remaining future of Rei.

Ray !
Do you want to say that it’s a war god because I still have before the fall?Does not matter.Unless I can’t prove when I have been a pagan, people’s doubts are not erased.And I can only prove it.No matter how much the warrior insists that the smell of a mop, if he is immersed in sex with Ray, wouldn’t it be unknown?

This garbage cub Use your child in this doesn’t mean this at the time when you try to rip off your child?

If you still want to realize justice, it’s good.Kill.

He once again knocked on his chest, but nothing I could do.
I liked my reaction quite a bit, and he muttered in a satisfactory tone with a bad smile on his mouth.

Huh.After all, you are it too.There was a reason for working with people who were blind to sex.Yes, is it really a warrior?

Do not treat the same as you like you.
I wanted to say that, but it’s love or what I explain to this guy here.

If you don’t shut up, I’ll prove it right now.

Do not repeat the same words.You can’t kill me.

As if he had won the victory completely, he said with a ridiculed face and reached out to me.

Then is it a comrade to act for the same purpose in the future?I ask you well.son-in-law.”

If you call it one more time, you will kill you.

Are you not a learning ability?That’s strange.The warrior I remember was not only a battle but also a good learning ability in all aspects.

If you continue to see the face of a ridicule, I think I will really lose my reason, so I quickly turned my back.

My plan must have already been delivered.You are comfortable to take control of Bapra, and I plan to enjoy sex comfortably.The purpose is to match each other, so don’t blush and do it well as planned.

But even behind my back from the room, the sound of his fluttering was constantly continuing.
You don’t doubt that you will be doing well to your best.Let’s see where you can.Garbage cub.

Gu, salvation!Bafra, Bafra !

Once I returned to Keiros’ mansion to confirm his words, there were not only Keiros but also the high people who saw it in the real room.It’s as if it’s no longer a member of a gift.
In addition, it is not false to say that the name of Bafra has turned into a Bapra again, leaving a message on the pen that killed the body.
Then, at the end, the reason for pursuing a large number of people other than the members of the gift was that it was to let the gift of the gift to find the message.

“okay.I also heard me roughly.

To you?Have you been building a wall!?

“negotiation I don’t know if it’s right.Would you like to tell you in detail from the plan that he’s conveyed?

The plan that flowed from Keiros’ mouth was not much different from what I heard from you.
It just solved the details of Bapra’s losing power and gaining the gains.

It’s also a despicable guy.

Of course, I had no intention of following it.
Disgusting baby.It must make blood tears come out of the eyes.

Do you think salvation is a trap?

“okay.And at the time you gathered here, your purpose should have been achieved to some extent.The main army, who thought it was the biggest enemy, suddenly became a colleague, so I understood the excitement, but it was too hasty.

Was it to collect us?

No matter how much I was in the castle, I wouldn’t have grasped all our members.

First of all, I am scared and change the mood.
I thought so, but when there were so many people, there were one or two people who argued.

“hmm.What about that?I think a little different.


Excuse me.It’s called Raphael.

Rafael.As a result, my face was a bit unfamiliar.
Didn’t you stand in the closest position to the throne when you were in the real room?So is this high man who controlled sexual information?
And perhaps, this is not here.

What is different?

I don’t think it’s a trap.

I will deny it first.At best, I thought that Bapra’s purpose was not to grasp the members of the gift.
I noticed that my expression was a little bad, Raphael calmly continued.

Of course, salvationI understand it.He is a person who usually makes a lot of misunderstandings, so he must have been that attitude when he faced salvation.But I can see you for a long time under Him.

Wait time.

What kind of confidence did you say this?
I finally understood what this child was intended.There was something that was good for something.This child was just a tackle to get a hard time with me.
Until now, he was the leader of the gift, but suddenly the Nara was not a captain when the Gentiles came to visit.


Then you already knew that Bapra was a sex addiction before I came?You know it well thanks to it for a long time from the bottom?


But I was not a stupid enough to be pushed by a guy who had no logic.
It’s annoying because of Bapra, but it’s even strange.Do I look so full?

And it wasn’t a pronoun of the tricks, which I think it doesn’t matter what the number is used by default?Are you prejudice because I am a plitus person?

no.It is as said.

When I was shooting, Raphael bowed his head immediately if he had nothing to say.
shit.This will only be counterproductive.
No matter how much you say this, public opinion sometimes moves towards sympathizing with the losing side.
And no matter how annoying, Raphael is the best power of the gift.From now on, you have to deal with Bapra with power, but you don’t have to make an enemy inside.

Well, but I know I want to believe in Bapra.Still, it’s hard to believe that you’ll have been so easy to get off you.

That, yes!

When I said so, I told you that Raphael nodded and affirmed.
How did such a guy be the best?Wouldn’t Keros be much better?
Then Bapra also took out the name of Keiros.It’s not so insensitive that Rafael is a member of the gift.That is is it.Is this guy just a scarecrow?If you sit down a guy who is easy to control in this position, Bafra’s power will be more solid.

But Samuel, who is a national public trust, a little while ago .

Look at this.Still, Keiros has such a sharp corner.If the theme of conversation is love or sex, people become a little fool.

“okay.I didn’t know that he was still planning to hit him.I just knew it at the level of ‘moving organization for sex legalization’.That’s why we’ll reach out to us like this.But what happens if he knows what we’ve been decorated behind?You’re disposed of because they’ve tried to rebel during the day?

In the opinion of Keiros, I instigated the people here a little more.Then, there was a concern between the people of the sung Sung -sung.
good.The people who were crazy between me and Rafael slowly began to move around this way.

But the plan that Bafra sent me !
“okay.He said that he slowly moved his power to the gift.But in other words, I just pretend to be weak, and I plan to keep the throne until the end.He has no intention of happening in the throne.Of course, those who threaten their throne Do you know if you don’t say it?

gulp.I heard someone swallowed saliva.

And the worst thing is the rumor that spreads in the city.Most of them are also heard of the rumor and joined the gift.Rumors that have begun to spread once can’t be stopped.One day, rumors will flow into the ears of Bapra, and if you do that, you will know that someone was intentionally preventing rumors from reaching your ears.

That, then !

After all, Raphael was the main culprit of rumors, and Rafael sat down on the floor, trembling like a tremendous tremendous tremendous.

“okay.Bapra will make a reasonable reasoning.Isn’t it the main culprit of the rumor that stops the rumors?And what purpose did they spread for the purpose?If it’s a rumor that a sex party is happening in the basement, you may be able to laugh at Bapra, who knows our purpose, but the rumor is due to the last monster’s grandfather.What do you think of the rumor’s intention?

Really, I’m glad you did something that Rafael didn’t tell you.
If Rafael had not controlled the rumors of the castle, they would have had a hole to run away.Rumor has it because I turn it over that I spread it alone.
But Rafael had a deep step of his own to show off his influence, and there was no corner to run away.
Of course, you can’t rest assured that you only tie a one of Rafael, so the other guys should be scared.

And I noticed that Bapra was aware of the membership of the Ginsamo in the capital.But our size has grown so fast that yesterday and today is different, so some of them will not be able to grasp Bapra.Then you will think of Bapra.Why suddenly did the size of the members of the gift of the gift?At the same time as rumors spread.If you gather here, all of them believe in the rumors and take my neck It’s not strange to think the same.No, if you have a lot of doubt, you will definitely think so.And of course, in the ear of Bapra, which has been so concluded, nothing words will sound excuses.Everyone here has no corners to run away.

As a result, I stopped the hole to run away from everyone who participated in the Gintamo, as well as Rafael, and looked around the intestine.
hmm.It’s me too.When I was in kindergarten, I heard that “the salvation is so big that I will be right if I do something like a cult.”

Do you know what you mean?It doesn’t matter whether Bapra tries to cooperate with us or trying to dig a trap.Either way, it would be the same for Bapra to purge the gift.

When I put up the wedge because of the completely overwhelming atmosphere, no one here could deny my words and quietly maintained silence.
You were so scared.It’s good to abandon the idea of working with Bapra, but that’s the problem if you can’t do it when you’re so scared.
I think you need to solve it a bit.

Well, you don’t have to be so scared.There are 70 % of the Bafra aristocrats here right now.No matter how much it is, I won’t be able to purge this person at once.

That, yes Is it?

no.You’ve been talking about it for a long time.What do you do if you come and ask me that?

“okay.So, first of all, let’s look at the situation for a few days.Do you know?Bapra will be scared of our size and just keep the place preserved.

It’s contrary to what I’ve said so far, but I deliberately said so.
There was a purpose to reassure others, but there was a bigger reason.It’s because he’s not just a personality to go beyond this.

“That’s right!”

If this is now, no matter how much Bapra!

“okay.And we have much more in the first place.If Bapra is afraid and proceeds as planned, it’s good to be comfortable, even if it’s not..

I answered that I heard such a hopeful voice here and there, and I told everyone the future guidelines.
Bafra.I like it now.


After a long and long meeting, when I returned to the Dier family, our kids met with anxious expressions.

I heard it all.

“huh?all?Oh, did you send a person in advance?

Yoris himself came back with me after meeting at Keiros’ mansion, but he might have sent me a messenger first and delivered the approximate atmosphere.
I thought so, but Sarah stumbled and denied it.

“no.To Diana.


Here, why is our name of our wizard suddenly come out?

I said it was a ring for Diana?So I came and talked.I have something to tell Salvation.

So, then I was not turning it off after the ring was activated.Is Diana listening to all?
no.It’s more than that Do you think as a teleport magic?no.Wouldn’t it be just a lawyer to teleport with his own power?A few days ago, the level of harem play rose a lot.
Well, anyway.

“Sorry because of me .

That’s why Ray has been looking like that.
Perhaps I heard why I couldn’t kill Bapra while chewing at the end.

“are you okay.It’s not yours.

But if I wasn’t there !

I didn’t know that Bapra was crazy about sex, so I couldn’t come here.I would have reduced one pretty girl next to me.

You ….

After sincerely, I added to the joke half -half -to -half horses, and Ray looked at me with a crying eye.
no.I added to be ashamed as usual, but what if I try to cry?

“And to be honest, it was better to do that.”

Really.I’m not just trying to wrap Ray.
At that time, I didn’t think of blood on my head, but when I came back, I thought it was cool and then it was the right answer not to kill him.
If I had killed him after killing him, he was forced to kill him.It would have been neat to handle Bapra.But then?
My final goal is not to take control of Bapra.Slowly falling here with sexIn the end, the purpose is to follow all the goddesses.
But in the future when the chief is executed because of the pagan, will people try to fall?No matter how good sex is, it’s the first person to take care of his life.My plan would end up failing.

So the pagan talk was right to not come out.

Since then, the public opinion of the gift has been changed to the distrust of Baffra, so as a result, everything is going back to plan.
In other words, Bapra unintentionally helped my plan.Of course, I had no idea to thank you.Later, I regret the ground in hell.

So you don’t have to feel it?”

When he patted Ray’s back and said so, Ray looked at me with a grid eyes and nodded.

“good.So, what is Diana what to tell me?

That good Diana came to listen to all of the story of Bafra.You must have come to tell you something groundbreaking?

After hearing what Diana said, and after that, it was a deep night.
I’m thinking recently, I’m not busy since I entered the seventh floor?
no.Of course, since I came to this world, every day was a series of events.Still, you had enough time to spend it with our kids until you came to the seventh floor.In recent years, there is little time itself, so people feel dry.
I might say what the guy who enjoyed the harem play a few days ago was talking about it, but that’s a different issue.
Of course it was good to play harem.It was great.But do you think there’s something that doesn’t just be filled with sex?

In that sense, I will have time to spend it for a while.

You must be busy tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter.Just sleep less.Sometimes it’s more important than sleep.

What are you talking about suddenly?

It was Sarah who looked at me with a look that said, ‘Isn’t it a stupid?’This is actually the fact that I really like this.

“First of all, the first thing I had in Silvia and enjoyed Sylvia Aterapi, Sarah, who always looked with envy.”

My, when I with such eyes !

Sara.The voice is too big.Are you stabbed?

When I hugged Sarah’s body and sat down between my legs, Sarah’s unique fragrance tickled his nose.
Sarah would have been sweating around and struggling around here, but it’s not like that at all.Is this also like an attractive stat correction?

“for a moment!I haven’t washed it yet!

Still, Sarah said he didn’t want to hug me in my arms with his sweaty body, but I didn’t hug the thin waist tightly.

What are you?I don’t want to do it right now.

Saying that, he slightly kissed Sarah’s neck, went up a little, grabbed his chin with his hands, turned his head on his hands, and kissed him on his lips.
Let’s put the tongue slightly between the closed lips, and it was very cute to get my tongue naturally.

Um Not side Zamkaan Yes !

But he didn’t intend to write his tongue, and instead he was squeezing the side.
Are you worried about Silvia and Ray’s eyes, especially Ray?So I acted cooler in front of Sarah’s toxic Ray.Ray also saw Sarah’s cool look.
I thought that Sarah was trying to pretend to be the largest in Harem Play.At that time, I was not insane in many ways, so I didn’t think it was because I cared about Ray’s eyes.

Anyway, I care about Ray’s eyes.Is it Sarah?Did you go to Ray and the two?
‘Salvation joke?Respect cool.It’s more likely because you can hear the salvation because you are hypersensitivity. ‘Sarah is enough to say.


So, anyway, the harem play would have been shattered.
Did you see the apostle seal in Ray’s eyes?I was looking at it from the beginning to the end.Sarah how to collapse me?
I felt it with my hand only when I was with Laya and Matil Darda..


Ugh …Haha …ha ha .

After melting the Laya and Matilda in turn, the first thing that came into my eyes was Sarah.
Laya and Matilda are lying side by side next to the place where they are stuck, so they have no choice but to catch the eye first.

“hmm side.Had .

no.Of course, Rachel’s sister, who was sucking my stuff hard, also caught the eye, but today’s sister was in charge of cleaning pella after ejaculation.Rachel’s sister’s turn should be left last.
For that reason, I gently stroked my sister’s head and turned to Sarah.

In the meantime, how many times I felt with my hands, Sarah was shaking the coveted apple hips in a position that puts his cheek on the floor and raised only his butt.
Of course, the thick pussy, which is seen through the butt, is already wet, and I felt that the inner wrinkles of Sarah were sticky to my fingers with the sound of the sound of the fingers inside.


this.I’ve just reaffirmed the inner texture for a while, but I felt it again.

Sarah.Was it so good?

Rice, huh Rice, tongue .

Sara.Why did the tongue so bad?
Besides, you are wet not only in the pussy but also the inside of the thigh, so even the loves that go down the thighs are slightly on the floor.

“okay?Then I will pull my finger.

Even if you suddenly pulled it out without a warning, it would be fun as it was, but I gave Sarah a preliminary notice.
Because even if you noticed like this.

“huh Ugh Ah ….

I knew Sarah would be like this.
I was trying to endure as much as possible, but the pussy tightened my fingers, but it seemed to be counterproductive.
When I slowly pulled my fingers, the moan from Sarah’s mouth flowed intermittently, and eventually it was completely pulled out.

Oh, Ang Daeae Yes!

In the pussy, the liquid flooded like a fountain, and Sarah once again reached its peak.
Anyway, it will be like this and pretend to be strong.That’s the charm of ours.

Was it so good?

Ji, Hag.It’s ruined .

When I stroked the outside of Sarah’s pussy with two fingers, I asked the same question as before.
Instead, I say this in a tongue loose voice, so it’s really limited.
I haven’t started the main room yet, but what if I do this with caress?

Then can’t you touch this way?

I still pulled out the goods from the mouth of Rachel’s sister who was still sucking my stuff and matched the end to Sarah’s pussy.
It was a melted thing, but thanks to Rachel’s sister’s Pella, my stuff still maintained upright even if I didn’t use the skill, and the butt was trembling again.
Even if you feel it like this, do you expect this?

If that’s not Is it just a pussy?

I grabbed it and slightly raised it up.It was fun to see Sarah’s Apple Hip trembling as I passed by the glans, but it was more fun than that.
When I set the end of my stuff to Sarah’s butt hole, there was a crying and rich luck out of Sarah’s pussy.

Do you look forward to this?

When I put my hands on the butt hole, I put my hands on the buttocks of Sarah and gently enjoyed the texture, and Sarah barely turned back and looked back.
How good would you feel if you are inserted into your butt now?
It was clear enough to know that the idea was to see, but Sarah still squeezed the remaining reason.

Oh, no .


When I grabbed the object and moved it round and rounded the hip hole with the glans, Sarah felt lightly and the toes were closed.
Now I can’t afford to speak, but I barely move my head.In this way, it was only seen as rubbing the cheek on the floor.Anyway, he denied his true heart.

Sarah.Just nod your head.If you nod your head .

Hahn …!

Then I pushed the tip of the glans slightly inside the butt, and I felt Sarah’s butt listening slightly.

“got it?”

As I leaned my upper body, I brought my mouth into my ear, whispered in a sweet voice, and I felt that Sarah’s butt was trembling.

You want to get stuck here right now?huh?Sarah.

Yes, …Huh .

If you just nod your head, you can get great.

Oh, ah Huh .

Sarah’s eyes vibrated hard.
And finally, the moment he tried to nod his head slightly with the expression that Sarah decided.

“okay.okay.Then let’s rest a little.

I raised my upper body and got the objects that matched the butt holes.


Sarah looked at me with a very embarrassing eyes and nodded hurriedly, but I pretended not to understand it on purpose.

Did you want to rest like that?Sorry.I don’t know.

Oh, no .
Then while Sarah is resting.


I ignored Sarah, who was embarrassed and shook his butt from side to side, and I reached out to Diana, who was only on the side and Sarah’s conversation.

First of all, I have to do Diana.

Lee, this body Oh, ah ? I didn’t think it would be his turn suddenly at this timing, and Diana trembled and glanced at my face.

“huh.I was looking forward to Diana.

Like Sarah, Diana was also riding down the inside of the thighs that flowed out and soaked to the floor.
If Sarah was excited to see Rayana Matilda’s play, Diana would be excited to overlap herself.
Anyway, our hemp wizard is also a pervert.

This, this body is a star Huh!?

Of course, Diana shook his head and denied it, but he couldn’t say that.
I glanced at Diana’s body and laid on the back of Sarah in front of me.


Naturally, Sarah shed and reacted, but the reaction was directly buried in Diana’s big voice.

Now, to you !This, this posture !

As I said earlier, Sarah is now lying down in a position that completely adheres to the floor and raises her butt.
But on top of it, Diana was laid straight, so Diana’s posture was descended down and the lower body was lifted up.
Of course, this is not so embarrassing yet, but Diana, a good head, must have been intuitive.

As Diana wants, I grabbed the legs and opened it on both sides.
As there is no motor nerve at all, Diana, but the body was flexible again.Thanks to this, Diana’s legs were opened as I opened, so the two thighs were fully made, and Diana’s pussy was open in front of everyone’s eyes.

Now, now, now Ugh!Oh, not …!

Perhaps if you were here, Diana wasn’t so shy, but now there’s a lot of attention than me.
In such a place, the pussy was so wide, so we could not be able to be casual.
It was Diana who had two hands in a hurry and hidden the pussy, but it seemed better to see the lower part of the lower body and covered the pussy with two legs wide open.
In addition, a luck that can’t be blocked by hand is flowed through the hands, and on the buttocks, Sara’s butt is under the bottom..


In the texture of the loves, not one’s own, our sharp sensation could not react.

Ah, Ah, no!Sarah!this is !

And Diana reacted to Sarah’s reaction, and I felt it before, but they are not so good?Even when it was much more uncooperatively in this play, both of them were stimulated because they were stimulated.

In any case, the walls of the warriors and the hemp wizards were synergistic, and they were stimulated by each other, and it was so excited that it would be so much that I wanted to see it.
As I stimulated Sarah earlier, I was excited too.


What Ugh!?

I bowed my upper body and lightly kissed Diana’s lips, and at the same time, I stabbed Diana’s hand, which moved the waist to block the pussy with the end of the stuff.
Of course, stabbing with things could not be inserted into Diana’s hands.
But as I actively wrote my tongue and made my kiss with Diana, I started to slow down in the body of our favorite hemp, and eventually, the hands that were blocking the pussy were drowned to the side.done.
And at that moment, I put my waist out vigorously and inserted my stuff into the end at once.


Diana urgently raised his hand and tried to stop his pussy again, but after my stuff was already stuck.

Yeah Me, above me It’s … ?

And Diana’s reaction was detected, and Sarah muttered in a tongue loosened voice, shedding in the pussy.

Diana.Sarah asks me?

Ah … Oh, no, no .

The upper body bowed down and removed the lips slightly and re -recognized Sarah’s words, and Diana shook his head and desperately denied it.
But on the contrary, Diana’s nipples, which are in contact with my chest, have become harder, and the lower half of the believers have been tightening my stuff.
Even though it is like this, I think I can pretend not to Diana yet.

“I see.”

I did not deny Diana’s words.
Instead, he moved his waist finely, stabbed Diana’s uterus at the end of the goods, and at the same time gently touched the part of Diana’s apostle seal.

?!Haha, … .

Then, Diana’s butt fluttered and trembled once, and the legs wide open on both sides naturally wrapped up my waist and moved my back.
At the same time, it was very cute to move the fingers as if to endure pleasure.
But Diana.If you move my stuff inside like this, it doesn’t mean that you say it’s not like it.

Ugh D, Diana ?

Look at this.
Whether the afterglow of the continuous climax was so calm, Sarah called Diana’s name in a slightly clearer voice than before.
Of course, that did not mean that excitement sank.On the contrary, I was excited about this situation, and in the pussy under the connection of Diana, I was constantly dripping the fluid towards the floor.

Ah Anything again Rapheung Oh, no Three .

Diana’s voice is shaking in line with the rubbing of my stuff in the uterus.At least I have to stop the waist movement.

Huh Gu, salvation you .

Sarah wanted to see what’s going on on her now, but she couldn’t raise her body in this situation.
no.I might be simply doing this because I didn’t go into my body.I’m still attaching my upper body to the floor.

Lee, this, this mother Huh, huh!?

Anyway, Diana was in a state of activity so that he could not control his own movement.
Now, if you have a little more, you can see ourselves completely lost and controlled by the pleasure of exposure.
At the very moment when I tried to strengthen my thumb stroking the apostle seal, Diana trembled and reached its peak.
This is not because I strongly stimulated the apostle seal.The reason is right .


My deacon, who was watching the situation still, was as if he could no longer see the owner’s crisis.By reaching out from behind and catching my stuff.
My stuff is so big and the size of Diana is small, so when I put it in Diana, I have a little root.The part that my deacon caught by hand was that part, and Barneta grabbed the remaining part and began to shake back and forth.

Perhaps Barnetsa was going to make me cheaper.In my actions so far, once wrapped in Diana, I will move to the next target.
However, there was a part that Barnets did not think, so if you move your hands, the hand will inevitably reach Diana’s pussy.
Diana, who feels the hand of Barnetsa in the sensitivity, is aware that this naked figure is clearly visible to the most secret.

Huh … Ugh!?

Diana’s climax, which was easily visible, did not end in once.
As the waist stuck and the inside tightened, the inside was tightened.

Barnet.So Diana Ugh!?

Even Barnett is hard to make a cold judgment in this situation.The action to save the master’s crisis makes the master more embarrassed.Then, where will we check our deacon’s face that has been cold after a long time?
I thought so, but unfortunately I couldn’t confirm Barnet’s face.
This is because Barnet’s pretty face has been put between my butt.

What are you doing !

And before I was blamed, Barnet’s long tongue dug into my butt.
Oh, no matter how fast it is to induce the situation, but it’s so far!?
Occasionally, thanks to our kids’ counterattack, I was not without any experience, but I was still unusual.
In addition, Barnetsa stimulated my butt with his tongue, and at the same time, he was doing my best roots in the future, and Diana’s pussy is on top of the object.

Yes, … Nya, Nyanni … ?

It was also at its peak, so Diana’s pussy was more stimulating than usual.
Barnet’s unexpected attacks, and whenever my steaming my stuff, Diana’s inner side is also stimulated and stimulated. .

Woo -eup!?Big To do it .

Reflexively, I stretched my hands back and grabbed Barnet’s head and closed my hips.


okay.Barnetsa will serve you so hard, but I can’t only feel me.
I grabbed the horns like a handle and continued to rub it on my butt.
But my behavior is another misunderstanding.

This, now together ?

Le, Rachel Sister !?You don’t have to go to your sister!
But I was limited to the situation, so I couldn’t speak out of my mouth.
And I accepted my actions as an unfortunate affirmation, and Rachel’s sister’s face was reminded of the nipples to the nipples to the nipples to the nipples.It began to lick and stimulate it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … Dark smell love .

Oh, dangerous .

What are you doing? !?

I can’t stand it now.At the moment I thought so, Sarah’s voice was heard from the bottom.
Maybe it’s because of that voice.Honestly, I don’t know what I thought, but it’s probably.

.It’s cheap.

In line with my words, Diana tightened the pussy unconsciously, but I pulled out the waist back and pulled out the goods.


The texture of scratching the tighten pussy strongly and the peak of the fountain, but I couldn’t afford to worry about it.
Immediately under Diana’s butt, the end of the stuff to the pussy that you can do not know what to do.

Et!?sleep This is how!?

Before Sarah said something, he inserted the roots and ejaculated.
It’s been the first time since I became a saint, but it was the first time I’ve been ejaculating so long in normal sex?
I felt the caress of my sister, Rachel’s caress, Barnet’s tongue, and Sarah’s damply loosened pubic texture, and I was trembling for a long time and enjoying the pleasure.

Yes, … Well, it’s … Haha … ha .

So wrapped all the semen at the top of Sarah and pulled out the waist slightly, Barnet moved back and forth and squeezed the roots of my stuff that appeared out.
Like all the remaining semen on the inside is wrapped in the inside of Sarah.

“Yes Huh … Haah .

After turning my head back, I grabbed the horn and lifted my head up, and Barnetsa looked up and looked up with my eyes.
Somehow, it was strange to continue to continue my daughter, but Barnetsa is also moving while losing reason and leaving only his instincts.
It’s like this with Barnetsa going to this unrealistic atmosphere?
Anyway, with the help of Barnetsa, all the semen remaining inside the object is squeezed inside Sara, so I’ll start again.

Hey … .

Thank you, I touched Sarah’s butt gently, and then I picked my stuff from the pussy.
It was very unfortunate to draw because of the sticky texture that seemed to be tightly intertwined as if it were not to go.

Ha huh!?

Still, as soon as I exited my stiff stuff from Sarah’s pussy, I rushed to Diana’s pussy again.
Diana, who was struggling with the feeling of the feeling, jumped once again and trembled.
okay.Wasn’t our perverted hemp that was not so satisfied yet?
I thought so and tried to insert things inside Diana again.


Before that, Rachel’s sister first began to turn around my tongue and turn around with my tongue.
Then he raised his eyes, faced me, smiled at the smile, moved up and down quickly and started cleaning pella.
no.sister.I made a cleaning pella every time I chose.And I buy Barnet.Why do you keep moving your hands?Ugh To hips again .

“side Pair.Do.

I would have been patient if I had only Rachel’s cleaning pella, but I added to Barnett’s big daughter and the back door, so I moved back and forth.
Then, my stuff on Diana’s pussy began to rub it at the chewy pussy entrance.

Hey, huh !?Nya, Nyanni … !

Our hemp jizo began to tremble the back of his lower body.
Ugh.shit.The three are all lost and instinctively moving. Why is the connection so perfect!?
It was a pleasant cooperation that I thought it would be good to wrap in Rachel’s mouth, but it’s a waste to be wrapped in my mouth.


I barely pulled out the objects from Rachel’s mouth, who didn’t want to let go to the end, and once again, I pushed the object to the end of Diana.


Huwoo.okay.I just rubbed it inside and couldn’t move properly, so if you don’t move properly this time.

Diana.You are so pretty now.

After leaning on the upper body and kissing it lightly, I felt that Diana’s pussy was tightened and tightened.

Nya, Nyanni .Oh no Huh !?Hi!

And once again kissing Diana, who hangs on my neck, I grabbed the thighs wide open on both sides and quickly moved my back back and forth.
Diana’s chewy texture that I haven’t tasted properly.Barnet still stimulated me using his hands and mouth, and Rachel’s sister also tickled my nipples with his hands and poured kiss baptism into the nape or earlobe.

Diana.I love it now.

Yes!?This, this body too Aheung Joe, good !Donation !

Then shall we do this later?

With the pleasure of violating the brain, I said anything and desperately moving my back as soon as it came out.

Hey, Nyan -kun If you want Nyan -kun Huh!?

And it was the same with our hemp, and I desperately nodded and accepted my words.

“love you.”

This, this body too Nyangun Sahara !

As we added mental pleasure to the pleasure of the body, we reached the limit in a moment, at the same time, reached its peak.
Even Diana was really limited, congratulations, losing and losing his mind as if the power was cut off.

Ugh Me, above me .

After that ejaculation, I only had a little bit of reason, and Sarah’s crying voice, which had felt all of our actions, was only heard.
I’m jealous, but I can’t move my way, so I don’t know what to do.

Don’t be so jealous.Sarah You too .

I still pulled out the things that were still in Diana’s, and once again inserted into Sarah’s.


Are you doing it?It’s already greedy and greedy.

That, such a problem Huh!

Sarah wants to refute, but he stopped talking again and trembled in my semen texture.

In that state, as I moved my back gently, I still grabbed the bottom of my stuff and instinctively changed my hand’s movement, so I squeezed all the remaining semen inside Sarah.
But that.As soon as I brushed all the semen, I pulled the goods again and matched Diana’s pussy.

Series!also Yes !

Of course, Sarah rebelled in a tongue loose voice, but I grabbed the covetous Apple hips tightly.

Sarah kept greedy, so he couldn’t do it to Diana?Sarah waits a little more.

After that, I once again grabbed Diana’s wide open thighs with both hands.
Well, that’s why we couldn’t do it here because we had already experienced and stunned the limitations in many ways.
no.For some reason, I thought it was a waste of thought to do it right now.I’ve made an excuse that doesn’t even think about it.


Huh …Huh !

In case Diana would wake up, I tried to rub the entrance to the bottom of the pussy gently, but only Diana’s body stuck, but I didn’t think about it.
Chet.I can’t.but.Rayana Matilda was drunk in this mood and stunned faster than usual, but our perverts hemp, who was stimulated by exposure, could last long.

“Rachel.Can I ask you?


When I hugged my body and entrusted it to Rachel’s sister next to him, Rachel’s sister, who was licking my body and licking my stuff as if it was natural as soon as I picked things from Sarah, was amazed and received.
So far, I was just getting drunk, but when I saw my expression, my sane was completely back.
It would be hard to join later.I did something a little sorry.

If that’s what I Big!

In addition, even the Barnetsa in the back confirmed the condition of the owner and said that he would nurse if he was insane, but it was easy to lose his reason because Barnet was revealing his weaknesses.
When I grabbed the horns and stopped, Barnetsa was just relaxed and sat down next to me.

Then Rachel.I’ll ask you.


Looking at the Barnett’s look, Rachel’s sister hugged Diana’s body and took it to the sunbed in the bathroom.And even for Raya and Matilda, who are stunned in a sandwich next to Sarah.
Even though it would be very embarrassing inside, it’s such a clear work.After all, Rachel’s sister is working.
Anyway, Rachel’s sister is struggling like that, so I’ll have to use this time valid.
Thinking so, I moved my eyes down.

First of all, the first thing I came into my eyes was Sarah.
Sarah’s appearance, which was clearly visible thanks to the disappearance of Diana, was still holding his butt with his upper body attached to the floor.
In addition, it was finally due to the expectation that the turn came, and the pussy that was mixed with the liquid mixed with a loving liquid and semen to the floor was noticed.I tasted it a little while ago.

Hey …!

Unconsciously, the end of the object was taken to the entrance of the pussy, but I showed superhuman patience and brought the object upwards.
So again, the end of the stuffI faced the yoke, I asked another nasty question.

Sarah.Did you want to put it in?

It was Sarah, who was jealous of the fall of Laya and Matilda in turn, and he felt that he collapsed from his body to Diana.
Even if you disappear, your eyes will turn around and collapse.I thought it was like a shallow of our warrior.

This, this change …!

I will come to you going to come because you have come here?It would have been the second time when I had spoken in Sarah’s second, and I could have collapsed if I was shaking my back.
Well, I can’t do it.If you come out like that, I too.


Then, before Barnet’s head, he grabbed the horn first and adjusted his head, and I bowed my back and kissed Barnet’s was trying to.


But Barnetsa was caught by me and squeezed my head and turned my head to avoid the kiss.


I was a bit coercive for the atmosphere, but it would not mean that I would reject the kiss.

More, dirty.

Right.Was it that?As it was the place that had touched the mouth so far, Barnetsa seemed to be worried.Perhaps if you try to force it like this, Barnetsa will refuse to.So what should I do?.
After thinking a little, I was able to think of the seedlings.

“okay?Then sleep.

By giving strength to the hands that grabbed the horn, I took Barnet’s face through my legs.

Some of my saint skills have a skill that cleanses everything that touches here.Do you know what you mean?


Why is there such skills in the saint skill?It was a Barnet company that looked like a brief look, but it was changed to the eyes that I understood where my stuff was in contact with me.

Ugh!?Me, day !Ugh!

But for Sarah, the eyes of Barnetsa were very embarrassed.Perhaps I wanted to say, “Don’t use my body for such skills!”
But when I swung the object slightly and hit the butt hole, Sarah closed his hip hole and closed his mouth again.
And as I grabbed Sarah’s butt tightly, I took the end to the lips of Barnetsa.
Contrary to his personality, he rubbed his soft and soft lips, but Barnet’s lips rarely thought.
Well, it was fun to change the shape by stabbing a tightly closed lips like this.

Barnet.I want to kiss you.

When I said so, the lips of the deacon, who were finally closed, slowly opened.

Oh …side Eup -eup .

Be careful at first.It was just a Barnet company that just rubbed my lips in my stuff, but I started to suck my tongue and actively suck my tongue.
But this is not Pella.The goal is to clean the mouth of Barnet’s mouth with my skills.
In other words, Barnet’s tongue is like this.

“Oh oh.Do you want to kiss so violently?

.Chur .

When I was so joked, Barnetsa stopped moving for a while and raised my eyes and stared at me.But that.Again, the eyes were turned to my stuff, and Barnet actively wrapped his tongue.
It’s hard as if there shouldn’t be a place that doesn’t reach.In addition, not only the tongue, but also Barnetsa seemed to be Bibil thinking once in his entire mouth.The palate, under the tongue, even inside the ball.


In order to rub my stuff inside the ball, the Barnet turned my head slightly and swallowed my stuff deeply, and the ball protruded.
This is the face of the usual deacon.
I stabbed the convex cheek with my fingertips, but Barnetsa frowned slightly, ignoring me and rubbing me all over my mouth with my stuff.

Huh …ha ha .

Only after rubbing my stuff in my mouth for a while, Barnetsa spit out as if he was only satisfied.


Yes, …!Oh, it’s still.

Then I have to kiss.I thought so, but I tried to raise the body of Barnet’s horns, but Barnet shook my head and grabbed my stuff with my hands.
Then I rubbed my glans gently on my lips.Like applying lipstick.


Then he stops the movement and looks up with a slightly loosened snow.
As soon as I saw the action, I raised the body by giving strength to the hands of Barnet’s horns.

Yes, …Big .

Once I raised my body, my body was barely standing on my hand, not standing with my own strength.
Well, it’s okay to feel good rather than hurting.

Ah!?Great …Ha -eup .

I faced Barnetsa and smiled once and overlapped my lips on that lips.
The lips of Barnetsa, which I finally tasted, felt so soft and soft than I felt with the glans earlier.but.

Barnet.Do you wipe your tongue so hard on every corner?

Whether it was powerful because of the horns in my hand, Barnet did not have as much as I expected.
Well, it seems that the tongue is released, so if you can’t help it.I can’t.

Ugh!?Chur Huh !?

On behalf of the tongue, I used my tongue on behalf of Barnets, and Barnetsa responded to my tongue by stinging the tongue that didn’t work.

Puha ha ha .

After a long time, I enjoyed kissing and took my lips, and Barnetsa had a completely loose look as he slightly lined up to his tongue.
The deacon is like this.Barnetsa is also drunk in the atmosphere.

“are you okay?”

When I gently let the horn I was holding, Barnet’s body collapsed, kneeling on the floor and buried between my legs.
But even in that state, Barnet nodded and sent me a sign that it was okay.

Did the kiss feel so good?

I asked a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a barnett’s honest response, but Barnet nodded once again.
How long is my deacon so honest?

Then should I feel good too?

I felt a bit of a feeling of feeling, and when I tapped the Barnet’s cheeks with things, Barnet turned his head like rubbing his cheeks with a face buried between my legs.

I do it.

Then I started to lick the side of my stuff right next to my face.
And the action was enough to fire my heart that was drunk in Harem Play.
It’s a person’s psychology that looks more cute when a child who never usually doesn’t do it suddenly.
good.Barnet is like this .

Me, mine!

At the moment when I thought so and grabbed Barnet’s horns, there was a person who came from the side.
Finally, jealousy has reached its limit, so I can’t stand it.
Sarah, who was sticking his butt to this side a while ago, caused the upper body, but after all, he couldn’t go in, but put his butt on the floor and lean his upper body on my legs, and then hold my stuff with my hands and the other side of Barnet’s lickingHe brought his mouth to the side.

Suddenly double pella.The two of them are two of my girls.
Originally, Barnetsa was going to lie down and insert, but when I saw the scene, I naturally had to stop moving.

Sarah Yes?

This, this is this fool!

What do you want to do this?

Sara.Don’t play like that.Did you be prepared and hanging?

Ugh.This pervert.Real residence .

Don’t speak hard.Well, it’s cute because it’s licking my stuff.Besides, the end of the goods is also rippled with the palms.
Waiting for the answer while gently stroking Sarah’s head, he muttered in a small voice.

You want to put it .



So don’t look like that.No matter how much you look at it, you don’t tell you until you say?

The words And in the city .

Sarah tried to avoid the answer by showing the base, but he was not so two.

Where do you want to do it?

When I was so blamed, Sarah’s butt fluttered and trembled.
Because I’ve bothered my butt so much.If you don’t want to be conscious, you can’t help but be conscious.
But right in front of my eyes, Barnet is licking my things like myself.
I was ashamed to speak in front of others, and I avoided the answer, but I continued to wait for it to listen to the end.
It’s not bad to taste the two double pella anyway.

Ugh! Therefore.”

Finally, Sarah opened his mouth as if he had decided.


no.So stop staring at it.
okay.Can I help me a little bit to answer?

Do you have to answer straight to what you say?This kinky maid!

When I took out the katosa used by the maid from the inventory and put it on Sarah’s head, Sarah’s body fluttered and trembled.
At the same time, the body of Barnetsa, the original owner of Katusha, was also shaking and nervous.

Barnet.As a maid senior, show the example first.

Suddenly, the Barnetsa was dried, making the reaction a natural reaction.

I, I Huh Is it marpped?

It was an image play that started suddenly, but the reaction of Barneta, which was originally in my ear, was extremely natural.Perhaps Barnet’s notice is even awareness of image play.
no.By the way, Barnetsa is so tongue.
As I flutter the stuff unknowingly, II continued to accuse.

“okay.How do you want to do this?

I, I .

Barnetshes hesitated for a while, looking at the dignified objects in front of him with trembling eyes.
And that moment.

S, please, Sarah’s ass!

Perhaps if Barnetsa replied first, his turn would be pushed back.In addition, there is an excuse called image play now, so Sarah has been honestly spitting out his desires with a tongue tone.

What the Saints do in the dungeon Episode 1144

Although there was an excuse for image play, I wondered how Sarah’s intentions were eaten by others.At that time, that’s what Sarah really wanted to say, because anyone who saw Sarah’s expression or tone was enough to know.
And Ray, who was there, was also one of the people who saw Sarah’s appearance with his eyes.Let’s try this bluff in front of you ouch! hurts.”

Sudden pain from the tongue.Sarah lightly lit the texture, I broke my lips from Sarah’s lips.
I know what I thought inside and didn’t know what I thought.
I think it’s ridiculous to read the inner mind so much, but I was scared because it would be possible for our warriors.

It’s time to spend it?

But it doesn’t look like that.
Give me a light eyes to me.I followed the gaze the same, and there was my hand that touched my chest in one hand of Sarah over the clothes.
Oh, when I think about it then, my hands are unknowingly.

“Sorry sorry.Stop without knowing.

I apologized in a hurry, but Sarah continued to shed finely.

Did you think strange?

This is a strange idea!

It’s bigger.It’s a pervert.

Looking down again, there was my thing that was rubbing between Sarah’s coveted butt.
At that time, I turned Sarah backwards and then put it in the butt bone.
When I recalled the texture of that time, this situation was rubbing on my pants.

Do you think strange?

Sarah.Is it a strange idea to think of you with you?Between us?really?”

So I decided to say honestly.

I, don’t do it, this kinky!I want to be a butt!?I haven’t washed it yet!?

Of course, it didn’t work for our warriors.
no.I felt like it would work if I pushed it a little more, but I decided to focus on it because I told you to say this first.
Even now, I just thought about it because I thought about it for a while because of Sarah’s appearance in front of Ray.

Even if we Sarah, I like kisses.

Who are you?That, don’t look like that, this stupid brother!

We disappear Right?”

Sara.No matter how cool in front of Ray, this time, the road was too much.There’s nothing to deny and there’s nothing to do.Are you really shocked?Are you crying?
As I looked at Sarah with such an intimidation, Sarah’s expression turned red.

Don’t look like that, so don’t look like that.I will be ashamed to die in front of others..

Huh.I was surprised.After all, we are Sarah.Sarah sometimes drops his brother in a tick.That’s the charm of ours.How can we really be so tight?Pretty dying, we gone.

This, this is really .

As we stroked our hair, we deliberately shouted our Sarah, and Sarah squeezed his fist and trembled.
If you don’t know if you don’t know, it’s just anger, but the reason why Sarah’s face has been so hot isn’t just because of anger.
Well, let’s look at this bluff.

Well, then it’s about this.

Who would you like to do?
As he looked at Ray and Sylvia with such eyes, they were simultaneously fluttering and trembling.
As you have seen with Sarah earlier, you will be able to imagine that you will be similar if you take it.
Ray, who was not used to this atmosphere, was, but Sylvia was hardened by the expression of dying if he had caught.
I always feel it, but I think our knights are so ready to die.I can’t.
I took my eyes off Silvia and turned to Ray, who was hardened by the side.
And the moment Silvia was closed and nervous.

Then Silvia.

Me, do you mean!?

When I looked at Ray, I was nominated for Silvia, and Sylvia was literally surprised to jump on the spot.

Really bad .

Sara.I don’t say that to my brother.That’s right.

“, we Sarah.Would you like to get out of the seat?

Sarah nodded and hit the side of Sarah’s butt, and Sarah brought his eyes again.Still, I was out of order.
And when I hit my legs, Sylvia slowly came to me with a trembling leg.

Poetry, excuse me!

Sylvie.What if the pronunciation is already leaked?
I heard that for a while, but when I was holding Sylvia in my arms, I got better.

Haah .

This is.This is Sylvia Therapy.
no.Of course, when I was holding Sarah, the mood was very good, but this distinctive healing feeling can’t be received without Silvia.
Real stupid expression . The voice that muttered was heard from the side, but Sarah did not feel this feeling.


Yes, Nehep!

How many days was this lonely?

I didn’t care so much because I had a lot of things that I was on.I didn’t get it, but I must have been lonely.Besides, in the seventh floor, I would have felt so much that I stuck every day.

Oh, no !

I wasn’t lonely?

That’s not it!That, that !Wow .

This time, it was Sylvia who shook his head to avoid tingling, but I whispered in my ear again and shrugged my head and trembled.
Did you push too much?This is really dangerous if you keep sticking like Sarah.

How about now?

Hae, I’m happy!

Is that so?

Yes, Nehep!It’s good enough to die now!

no.When I die, I’m in trouble.

Then will you keep doing this?

Yes, Nehe!Uh, mother Sylvia first .

no.So you shouldn’t really try to die.

Huh.I was satisfied.

Hua Haha ha .

After enjoying Silvia Therapy for a long time, Silvia crawled over the bed of the Badlevadle with his body relaxed.
Still, I thought I was staying with a lot of resistance every day, but Sylvia was Sylvia.
Besides, unlike Sarah, even though he didn’t do it at all, he shed a dirty voice while stinging his butt.

Silvia.If you want to sleep, you have to wash and sleep.

I couldn’t see Sylvia, and Sarah raised it and took it to the bathroom with the room.
no.It’s not just because you can’t see it, but if you keep watching, you may feel strange.If it’s Sarah’s wall, it’s possible enough.
Well, maybe the biggest reason is to make it with Ray and me.Anyway, our warrior is very fast.

W, too ?

Common sense and lack of rays, but in this situation, they were not unexpectedly noticeable.


I nodded and hit the bridge, but Ray couldn’t come to me.
Of course, Sylvia’s reaction was so intense, but it’s not between us now.You know everything you will do now.

It’s okay because I’m not trying to eat it.


I pulled Ray’s hand and sat down between my legs as Sarana Silvia did.

Look at this.It’s like this, so it’s not much?

“Yes .

It looks very separate.Besides, the legs move the legs like rubbing the inside of the thigh.
Maybe you don’t know, but you can see it as a temptation if you act like that.If you are a man, you have no choice but to go over.So do it a little.
How can a real boy like this doesn’t have this common sense?What happened is a sexy dark elf itself.The chest is like this .

Aheung !?you you Ha, I’ll do it ?

No, this ah!?What are you?Do you want to do it !?Why do you look like that !?I’m not really tempting!?

I have no big deal and my heart runs a lot.

Feel the heartbeat of Ray who runs Kongdak Kongdak and breathe in that long ear, Ray said,I felt a strange sound that I was ashamed or groaned.

Once you relax and calm down.You’re just hugging people who like it?There will be a lot of such a thing in the future.

Joe, I like .
“no?Oh, you still doubt it?

That, that How do you calm down here?Even if it is ….

The last muttered so small that it was hard to hear, but I was paying attention to Ray’s every single struggle.
is it.At that time, I wondered why Sarah’s bluffs work even though Sarah collapsed.’If you do this, it’s natural to collapse.In the meantime, Sarah, who can rebel, is great. ‘
How much is this day?So I gave me a strange title.

Well, you have to get used to it.Then in the meantime.

I kissed Ray’s cheeks lightly, and I triggered emotional sharing.

“uhat the time?Does it feel a little calm?

You are excited too.

“okay.But this is not so nervous.I’m happy.I don’t know?”

Ugh.Joe, a little I think I know.

I really felt like the effect of sharing emotions, and Ray’s heartbeat in my hand seemed to be a bit calm.

“that’s enough.You can feel happiness more than tension.

“huh .

This time, I kissed Ray’s lips lightly, and I pulled my hand from the left chest.
In fact, I wanted to touch a little bit more, but I can’t help it to break the mood.If I was touching the same, I would like to lose reason.

So Ray.How was your day?”


“no.You said you are going to catch your heart.

After a soft kiss, Ray’s expression turned like a person who woke up in a dream.
At the same time, I felt like something was heavy in my chest.
It’s a little better than before, but it’s still like this just to think of Baffra’s thoughts?
but.I met today and talked directly, because it was more cunning and garbage than I thought.
I thought again, but I felt like a boiling boil, but now I will be caught up in this emotion.
I tried to calm down my heart and continued to talk to Ray.

“how is it?Do you think a little bit of a decision?

After the incident today, we were very busy.
Of course, not to mention, even if it gies.Even Silvia, who was told to keep Ray here, had to move.
But in the meantime, Ray was left alone.To clean up your heart alone.

“well I don’t know.”

Is it too?Although I tried to get my heart all day long, it is only a day.Considering the relationship between Ray and Bapra, it’s not so easy to get caught.
But the situation was not enough to wait for Ray to wait.

If Ray is, it can be clear.

It might be a little harsh, but I needed to catch my heart right now.If Ray really wants to finish his relationship with Bapra with his own hands.

“huh .

“are you okay.Because I am by my side.There’s nothing scary.

Maybe it sounds like a dunning.I thought I shouldn’t do this, but I only could say this.I hope this emotional sharing will be as helpful as possible.
There’s only a few days in which Ray can catch his heart.

But even that thought was a leisurely thought, we realized with the godly voice of God in the morning.