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Leia’s daily life

Goo-eun, who arrived at the bathroom holding Kyle by the back, locked the door first and looked inside the bathroom.
Good. There doesn’t seem to be any way out.
There is a window, but it was locked at first.
And Guwon firmly grabbed the man’s shoulders with both hands.
No matter how low the level, his job is an assassin.
You don’t know what you’re going to do, so you have to be as careful as possible.

“Hey Kid.”

“Alas… . Leia’s sister… . Why am I suddenly… .”

It must have been that his mental state had already been crushed, and even when salvation called, he was just muttering to himself like nonsense.

“Hey can’t you hear me?”

“Leia sister… Leia’s sister… .”

“Good. Keep ignoring this? I’ll tell you that you couldn’t wash the hands that touched Leia’s buttocks because you said you could never wash them.

“What, what?! Don’t frame it, you bastard!”

what. you’re holding up well
And look at the conversation. What I pretended to be innocent before was still acting.

“It sounds good. So why are you ignoring people?”

“You, come to think of it, you made a strange plan before! Maybe this is yours too!”

“You really don’t frame yourself. Who are you trying to blame for the topic that you wrapped up trying to touch Leia’s ass alone? I hadn’t even touched you back then.”

“It’s a conspiracy! I didn’t touch it!”

“okay. Just before I touched it, I wrapped it up by myself. you’re a bastard Are you talking now that you are proud of it?”

“Hey, hey, hey!”

The guy’s face turned red as he didn’t know what to say, and he just stood there.

“More than that, you perverted little bastard. You should talk to me.”

“I have nothing to talk about with you!”

“Would you like to look good to me? Who do you think can restore your fragmented image in Leia now?”

“Hey, is that even possible?”

“Of course. I am the clan leader of the clan that Leia belongs to. Leia’s trust in me is sky-high.”

“Tongue, brother! Please clear up any misunderstandings! It’s really misleading! I really didn’t think so, but strangely, suddenly, intense pleasure! I can’t afford to live if I’m hated by Leia-sister!”

disgusting guy. Watch your attitude change.

“Well, clearing up the misunderstanding depends on your attitude. First of all, I have a question.”

“Yeah! Ask anything!”

“What are you?”

At that moment, his face hardened subtly.

“Hey, what does that mean? I’m just an orphan living here… .”
“Don’t try to fool me. said called the clan leader. Does my experience sound funny? Until now, countless battles have been fought. Just by looking at the opponent’s movements, you can understand a certain amount of history. You smell of death.”

of course it’s bullshit
What is the smell of death. Now I can only smell the semen on my pants.


As if he was quite surprised, he opened his eyes wide.
And then it suddenly disappeared.
I was clearly looking at it with these two eyes, but it disappeared in an instant as if it melted into the background.
But salvation was not so surprising.
Because I knew he was an assassin in the first place. It goes without saying that an assassin can use stealth.
Besides, it was already prepared.
His figure had disappeared, but the feeling of the shoulder he was holding with both hands did not disappear.
I’d be embarrassed if someone suddenly disappeared in front of me, so I guess I’ll take advantage of that opportunity to get away
Unfortunately for him, salvation did not release the power he had given him.
Even so, the level of salvation is higher than that of him, and the level of salvation is even stronger than other people at the same level. There was no way I could get out.
But it’s inconvenient to be invisible.
Salvation activated the hand of the saint in both hands.

“Hey hey!”

The man was immediately released from hiding and sat down on his seat.

“Oh hey. What do you mean by stealth? I thought the smell of death was somehow strong, but this was an assassin. Did you mean that such a dangerous person was near Leia?”

“Great! This, this feeling! After all, you guys!”

“okay. I did it.”

“If Leia-noona finds out about this… !”

“You are going to die now, how do you know?”

“What, what?!”

“Why are you so surprised? Then you thought I’d just leave the dangerous assassin chasing after Leia?”

I said this, but I was actually thinking a little bit.
It’s natural to have to keep this guy away from Leia, but what should we do?
Until now, monsters have been slaughtered without much feeling, but it is also true that killing people is a little hesitant.

“Now, wait a minute. brother.”

This guy is called hyung only when he’s at a disadvantage.

“Hey, listen to me. I never had a bad heart and stayed by Leia’s side.”

“Well, let’s hear it first.”

I haven’t quite decided how to deal with it yet.

“First of all, I have to talk about my past. I was originally an orphan in this slum. But not here in an orphanage, but by a group of assassins. And from an early age, he was brought up as an assassin thoroughly. A machine without emotions, just for killing. Until a few successful assassinations, I was just a machine with no emotions. However, one day, the quest failed, and our assassin group was annihilated by a counterattack. I miraculously escaped, but it was only a matter of time before I was already out of breath. Then an angel appeared before my eyes. An angel named Leia. Leia, who found me on the way, saved my dying life. And he left without asking anything. For the first time in my life, I tasted emotions. It was a feeling I could never describe in words. So I decided. I will live for you until the day I die. Since then, I have disguised my former identity and flowed into this orphanage… .”

“Yes Yes?”

“And banal.”

“Hey, what… !”

He had a hurt expression on his face, but he couldn’t help it.
It’s really a very obvious story. Do you think I’ve only seen similar stories a few times in the previous world?

“There are several things I want to ask you, but… First of all, how old are you now?”

“Oh, forty-three. brother.”

“It’s your uncle! Are you not a forty-three fraudster in that face?”

“Hey, this is a disguise. Even the appearance of a skilled assassin… .”
“What? Then release it… No, I do.”

Salvation put a climax bond on him and activated the hand of the saint.

“Aww! awhile! This! Hey! Whoa!”

The gnome was engulfed in powerful pleasure, but suffered from unbearable pain.
But salvation did not release the hand of the saint.
And the more he suffered, the more he suffered, the more his appearance began to change.
The limbs, which were soft like a child, grew thicker, and the wrinkles on the face began to grow more and more.
The figure of the man who had completely changed like that was a man who never went away.
Maybe that’s what it was like to be small, though he was a dwarf Dwarf? Or is it some other smaller race?
Anyway, that’s not important. I mean, this guy is an uncle.

“So this perverted bastard pretended to be a child and was attached to our Leia until now?”

Should I also kill him on the spot and cut off the buds?

“Sah, save me! Save me!”

As if he had read to live in the eyes of salvation, he prayed mournfully while wriggling at the hand of the saint.
Good. decided
Salvation immediately decided what to do with him.
Salvation first released the hand of the saint and the climax of bondage.

“Hey hey!”

“Good. let me live But there is one condition.”

“Huh. huh. Well, say anything.”

“First make me an assassin.”

Getting a job is surprisingly simple.
You can learn a related skill and use it to do a job-related action once.
Actually, when I brought this guy, I didn’t think I wanted to become an assassin, but seeing his skills changed my mind.
It’s an improvised idea that I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet another assassin and learn a technique, and it would be good to acquire it at this opportunity.
Transformation and stealth. that’s the best It is a technique that stimulates the romance of men.
With those skills, you can play many games that you have never been able to play… kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Didn’t you try to kill me just because you did a pervert with your transformation?
Originally, life is a romance if I do it, and an affair if someone else does it.

“Yes Yes… ?”

He looked at salvation with fearful eyes.

“What are you looking at like that? Are you afraid that I will become an assassin and even kill you? It’s easy to kill someone like you, nigga. Just teach me the basic skills.”

“Well then… .”

So the assassination lecture began on the spot.
It was a way to kill the most basic presence and attack without the opponent’s knowledge.

“The most important thing is not to show your life. That’s how you make your opponent completely unpredictable, and make them completely vigilant and then attack in the middle.”

kill life… .
Good. Goes.
I have no idea because I have no idea.
Salvation has completely erased his life in a completely natural position by releasing the strength from his body.
Then, in a natural motion like flowing water, he took his hand to his genitals.

wag work.

I felt a creepy touch in my hand, but because it was an action that was done with an empty mind, there was no psychological damage to my side as much as I thought.

“… … on?”

“Hmm. That’s how you do it. Perfect. right? Did you not notice at all?”

When I opened the status window, the assassin job was also perfectly obtained.
The job behavior of an assassin is something like this.
He didn’t kill a life, but as a man, he killed it perfectly?


Of course, he had no time to answer the words of salvation.
He grabbed his bloody crotch and rolled over on the floor.
As I said earlier, I didn’t lie because I saved my life.
Salvation took a potion from his inventory and poured it into his crotch.
It’s a little bit of a waste of money, but I can’t help it for my image

“Hey. It would have been better because it was an expensive potion. Don’t be shy and get up.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the genitals that fell off will grow back.
Salvation said while washing his hands.
Ah-oh. Even if it’s on top of my pants, it’s disgusting because I’m holding the penis that was packed with semen.
Wouldn’t it smell like something?

“Ouch. Ouch. Why, why do you do such a cruel thing… .”

“What happened while the kinky bastard pretended to be a child and touched our Leia chest and ass? Rather, be grateful that it’s over.”

“Ouch. Ouch.”

The old man was crying really sadly, so I felt a little sorry for salvation.
no. let’s not be weak This was a fair punishment.

“Whatever you say instead, I will allow you to continue living here. Wash it quickly before I change my mind.”

He started to wash his body while crying.
And after a while, Gujang and Kyle returned to the place where the party was waiting.
Of course, with Kyle untransformed.

“Mr. Salvation, it took a long time… Oh? Who is that?”

This guy told Leia that he was saved, but it seems that Leia doesn’t remember.
Well, given Leia’s personality, it’s probably not the first time I’ve helped people on the street, and there’s no way I can remember them all.

“This is Kyle.”

“Yes, yes?!”

“It must have been suspicious, so he asked questions about this and that, so he confessed to me. It was a perverted old man who turned into a child and did perverts until now.”


Kyle looked at him with a look of betrayal.
I’m sure I only said it would let you live here, but I didn’t mean it would restore your honor.
Rather, I will thoroughly trample on your honor, making even the angelic Leia unwilling to approach you.

“But who am I? Tyler made it so that he wouldn’t do that again.”

I mean, it was completely uprooted.
Is it true that male hormones drop sharply and become feminized when things disappear?

“Hey, was it… .”

“But when I heard the story, the situation was a little bit better. It seems that he was living here by making use of his only transforming ability because he had nowhere to go. He confessed that the reason he rubbed Leia’s chest and buttocks was because Leia was so attractive.”

“What! no!”

“What? Are you saying that our Leia is not attractive now?”

“no! Of course, you are more attractive than anyone in the world!”

“So it seems like he did something like a pervert unintentionally.”

“slumbers… Something like that… !”
“Don’t make excuses.”

“Your bastard! You guys made it that way! You make me go away suddenly with a strange technique… !”

“Does it seem like I’m a little famous too? Where did you hear that I was a saint? If it’s my saint skill, it’s possible to make it cheap in an instant. But unfortunately, I can’t even do that to someone I haven’t reached.”

Whoops. It’s tough.
I haven’t shown the Holy Wave to Sara or Leia yet.


“Kyle… No, Kyle. Really.”

Leia finally said a word, wondering if she would not be able to see me any more.
Then he fell down with a face as if the world had ended.

“No matter how perverted it is, it doesn’t seem easy to admit it in front of Leia. I’m a good person, I need to understand His attitude is like this now, but he looked like he was reflecting on his tie earlier. And it seems like they want to live here and take care of their children. What do you think?”

So far this is the best I can do.
What if I refuse? That’s not my thing
If I catch my eye in a place other than here, clinging to Leia, this time as a man, it won’t be over.

“Wow… I hate it.”

Chris said with a blatantly disgusted expression on his face.
I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but you’re really honest with yourself.
However, Leia, who is like our angel, did not show a reaction like Chris.

“I, that’s… You should consult with the director of the orphanage… .”

But it was the same with making a slightly distasteful expression.
Wow. amazing. That angelic Leia has such an expression. I think it’s the first time we’ve seen each other since we met?
Kyle. Now do you see how dirty your pervert was?

“Okay, then I’m going to consult with the director from now on.”

It seemed like he wanted to hold on to the last hope that he would be able to live here for now, so he rushed in haste.
If I leave here, I will be desperate because the means of legally meeting Leia will completely disappear.
I hope you get rejected.


“… Yeah.”

“If he continues to live here, please come with me the next time he comes here. Because I can’t send Leia alone to a place with such a pervert. I will protect you at any cost.”

Now that he doesn’t have anything, Leia will be vigilant as long as his identity is revealed. However, you should be prepared for any contingency.

“Yeah… . Guwon-san, thank you very much.”

Leia looked at the salvation with confidence and smiled softly.
big I can hear the sensitivity rise.
Today, it seems to be worthwhile to follow you here in many ways.

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Thank you so much to those who sent sponsorship coupons and manuscript fee coupons.
Thank you very much to those who recommended it.

Read Bear // You can think of the wave of a saint as a palm-sized wave that goes out like a long wind. Just like the long wind skill in fighting games. Of course, only the person who got hit is affected, so Leia next to him is safe.

Also, thank you very much to those who wrote comments.


Leia’s daily life

“But if this happens, how are you going to treat it?”

Guwon and Leia looked at each other with warm eyes, while Sarah intervened and said.

“It is. Originally, Kyle knew everything, and then told me. How good is it?”

As Leia put her finger on her chin and spoke in a troubled tone, a roaring voice could be heard from afar.

“Of course I will guide you!”

Of course, the real voice was Kyle.

“what. What are you, come already.”

“Don’t worry about you! Rather, Leia Nu… No, Leia, I will guide you.”

“Ah… me, that’s… .”

Leia looked at salvation with a troubled face.

“I don’t want to go out with a pervert like you who can’t even repent of his mistakes.”

“no! Please believe me! I’m really like that… .”

As he tried to make an excuse again, Leia frowned lightly.
It seems that Leia doesn’t like to lie, as she is as pure and pure as an angel.
Kyle must have noticed that, too, but he was speechless along the way.

“then… I didn’t mean to do anything, but I was obsessed with something… . I am really reflecting! It will never happen again! Forgive me!”

Kyle said as he fell to the ground and prayed.
Wow. He actually admitted that he did. Are you okay? Did you even want to be by Leia’s side?

“… stop getting up Can you guide me to where the sick are?”

“Hey, will you forgive me?!”

“You are so reflecting on yourself, can I forgive you more?”

Even to such a pervert, Leia was an angel.

“You really should know that our Leia is an angel. Can you forgive me for such a pervert? If it were any other woman, I would have told you not to see it in front of me for the rest of my life.

In fact, Krisna Sara was hiding behind me as if protecting herself from Kyle.

“Hey, hey, hey! Yes, even if you don’t tell me, I know!”

Eventually, Kyle took the lead and began to guide the sick.
It is a charity activity that distributes potions to the sick in the slums, and Leia and Chris use healing magic to heal.
Potions must be quite expensive, but the temples are also huge.
Because the income is good, does the barrel grow like this? The number of people who come to worship every time was a huge number, so they are probably earning a lot of money.

What I learned for sure while following the charity work was that Leia’s popularity here was enormous.
Everyone in the slum supported Leia as if they were a saint.
With this reaction, at least in the slums, it seemed that there was little need to worry about Leia’s safety.

However, as I actively took care of patients, it was unavoidable that I naturally had more physical contact with them.
It’s like when you go to the dentist, the nurse’s chest touches your head.
Maybe that’s one of the reasons Leia is so popular?
I’m sorry, but Chris lacks a lot of feminine volume compared to Leia.

“It’s no joke.”

“Well, that’s okay. Leia came here every day to help people before coming to your party.”

Chris answered with a face that seemed familiar with this reaction.

“Is that enough?”

“Yeah. Aside from even supporting the temple, Leia used all of her money to help people here.”

Come to think of it, when we first met, Leia was a no-brainer.
It didn’t seem like we were spending money together until now, so I was curious, but that there was such a secret.
Its popularity in the slums was understandable enough.
I’m sorry Chris. It’s been a while, but I thought the difference in popularity between you and Leia was the difference in volume.

“Actually, our angel. Even the way you spend your money is like an angel.”

“… Seriously, Leia can’t stand it.”

“Huh? what. Sarah, you were competing with Leia for something like this?”

To make fun of Sarah who was muttering next to him, Guwon said in a slightly provocative tone.

“… Sigh.”

But Sarah stared at the face of salvation and only sighed with a tired face.
what, what What is it? I don’t run as usual.

After that, the party went around for treatment until sunset.
It was a salvation worth watching without doing anything, but it was quite tiring.
No matter how much physical contact cannot be avoided for treatment, there may be scoundrels trying to make body touches pretending to be coincidences.
There was no guarantee that there would be no more like Kyle, so I even used an analysis one by one.

However, it was worth the hard work, so I was able to cut off all those who came into contact with our angel more than necessary.
After all, when I come here, I must be with you.
Salvation was once again firmly resolved in my heart.

After the treatment tour, I went back to the orphanage to prepare dinner for the children.

“But why are you still following me? I have nothing to do, so go.”

“It’s only natural to live here!”

“what? Didn’t you get kicked out?”

“Yes, your mother-in-law… Seeing how much I repented of my mistakes, the director also understood.”

Kyle was about to yell at Gu-gu, but changed his words while watching Leia’s eyes.
Now he is fully accepting that he has perverted himself. good posture
By the way, the director of the orphanage seems to have been well-spoken.
After all, the director here didn’t see this guy being socially annihilated, so it’s worth it.
Leia isn’t even the type of person to talk like that, so maybe burying this guy completely failed.
Won’t Chris talk to you later? Or will I secretly tell you later?

When I left the slum and arrived at the temple, it was already quite late at night.
Tonight is Leia’s turn, so Leia must return to the mansion together.
So salvation also followed to the temple.
It seemed that he had to organize his luggage and do a light report.

While waiting for Leia, this time I spoke to Sarah, who was sitting right next to her.



“I haven’t gotten over it yet.”

“What, what?”

“Can’t you tell me you don’t remember what you did to me during the day?”

“That, that… Suddenly Leia came out and I was surprised… .”

“Ugh. I think I injured my knee when I was pushed back earlier.”

“Hey, don’t lie! Your Werewolf’s attack is also bare… .”

“Ugh. Is it because my heart is far away? Even the way he treats the injured person is cold!”

“No, can I do the knee pillow again?”

“Hey. Are you claiming that your knee pillow is worth it?”

“Then there isn’t?!”

ugh Did you pick the wrong word? If it was a type like Leia, it would have worked.
Sarah is very aware of the level of her appearance, so she has a lot of confidence at times.

“Ugh. The wounds of the heart suffered during the day… .”

Guwon grabbed his chest and made a pitiful expression on his face.

“Wow, what do you want?”

Good. I’m back to the starting point again.
From now on is important.

“In order to heal the wounds of the heart, you need to heal the wounds. But you can’t just mess around with it. More directly… .”
“Just say the point.”

“Later, when we sleep together, we start doing laundry together… Can’t you?”

“… good.”

Contrary to expectations, surprisingly, Sarah simply agreed.

“really? no stinging? Can’t you say something else after that?”

“I see. We just have to wash together.”

It was good. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Not knowing my grand plan and accepting it easily.
Salvation had not yet given up on the dream.
A grand dream of washing with our beauty party members while being served by a maid in a large bathroom.
The word harem is exactly what it sounds like.
For that dream, first of all, we have to get used to washing together one by one like this.

“Savior. Wait, are you okay? The high priest is calling.”

After negotiating with Sarah, Leia appeared at the right time and called for salvation.

“me? Why?”

“I do not know? He just told me to call Mr. Guwon.”

What? I don’t think you’ve been to the dungeon yet, but you’re not trying to make me study again, right?
Of course, it was quite fun, but I didn’t want to do it even at a time like this.
Above all else, I need to spend a pleasant night with Leia from now on.

“It’s the habitat of mana grass, can you give me some guidance?”

But luckily, it wasn’t about studying.

“what? Haven’t you sent anyone there yet?”

“Yeah. For some reason, the number of dispatch requests from adventurers suddenly increased, so there was a shortage of workers. First of all, I want to send only a few people who managed it. They have no problems with their skills, but they are not very familiar with dungeons. I was worried that I would be able to find it just by looking at the map… .”

indeed. Is it such a problem?
Perhaps it is because of me that the number of dispatch requests has increased.
That’s because we’ve released a new route. Adventurers who want to explore new places are probably looking for more priests than usual for safety.
I usually only go to secret passageways, so I’m reluctant to act with people other than party members… .

“It’s okay. Still, I had to go there once because of the teleport setup.”

When Diana goes to set up a teleport, there is no way Diana will go alone.
I’m sure I’ll go with the guild staff.
If so, then you can’t use the secret passage anyway. Even if the number of people in the temple increased by a few more, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Then we will contact you when we enter the dungeon. It will probably be there in a few days.”

“Yeah. Please.”

After talking with the high priest, the party finally returned to Diana’s mansion.
Obviously, it was just a day off with nothing to do, so I just followed Leia, but it feels like a very long day.
It was such a rewarding day, though.

“Are you here now… .”

When we got to the mansion and went to Diana first, Diana was drooping on the bed.

“All right, I’m gone. OK?”

“Uh… No problem.”

“How did the negotiations go?”

“I just decided to give the heads of each school their own rooms.”

“what? is that over? What about the other kids?”

“It was hard because of that. There was a lot of backlash.”

“Well, it’s over with that condition.”

“Well. It seems that the heads of the Order are just trying to keep the high-achieving people in their entourage.”

It ended much better than I thought of salvation.
In fact, making the chiefs stay was also a preparation for a time when there was no salvation.
The school leaders are all women. Diana isn’t always in the mansion, so when she’s there, she probably won’t want to leave her for even a second.
Then naturally, the calculation is that the boys will not be able to hit Diana by the tail.
However, under these conditions, there is a possibility that men will not be able to enter this mansion at all.
Even the chiefs wouldn’t choose a male as an attendant to stay in the same room.

“That’s great!”

“Well. I think this body is good too. But you’re more than happy.”

“Of course. Isn’t your joy my joy?”

“Hmm. Hmm. After all, you are very good at talking.”

But Diana didn’t like it, so she got up from the bed and patted the salvation’s head.

“By the way, installing a teleport magic circle. When do you think you are going?”

“I will probably go tomorrow. But why?”

“No, because the temple asked me to guide you to the mana pool habitat. When I go to install teleport, I want to go with you. Tomorrow will be fine.”

“Hmm. Then this body will have a person contact the temple.”

“Huh. Please.”

After finishing the conversation with Diana, Guwon quickly returned to his room.
In the room, Leia was still sitting Odokani in her uniform.
Actually, he asked me to wait without washing.
Now that we have fully grasped the conditions for the transformation of a nine-tailed fox, shouldn’t we have some fun with Leia’s true form before becoming a nine-tailed fox?
As an added bonus, he’s one step closer to a grand plan full of man’s romance.

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Thank you so much to those who sent sponsorship coupons and manuscript fee coupons.
Thank you very much to those who recommended it.
Thank you very much to those who wrote comments.

Sorry. Recruitment was impossible.
When I woke up, the day was deleted.


Leia’s daily life

“that… Goo Won, what do you want to say before you say anything?”

“No, nothing serious. Is it just the future direction? I want to talk about something like that.”

“directional… huh?”

“Huh. You’ve now roughly figured out the conditions that change with the last experience. So now, I’m going to try to avoid changing as much as possible while passing through those conditions.”

“Are you passing slowly?”

Leia tilted her head as if she did not understand the words of salvation.
Even that kind of action is lovely.

“Huh. It’s impossible to do something that can absorb the essence, such as kissing or sex. You gradually get used to the behavior without changing it. Then, wouldn’t it not change even if I take an action that can absorb the spirit someday? At least I think it’s worth a try.”

“It is! Did you even do that for me?”

“Well, yes. Because I promised to help Leia.”

Leia in the state of a nine-tailed fox is also full of color and good, but it is natural to worry because I want to do it with Leia in its original state.
In fact, there are other intentions hidden in this proposal.

“Savior… Thank you very much.”

Leia looked at the salvation with her wide-eyed eyes.
ugh When the angel looks at you like that, my conscience .
no. Still, it’s true that Leia will be of help, so there’s nothing to poke at your conscience.

“However… Can I survive without change?”

No wonder Leia was worried.
Last time Guwon lied that he wouldn’t have sex today, so he could have stayed the same.
You know you’re going to have sex, but it’s not as easy as it sounds to think you won’t.
But Salvation was already thinking of a solution.

“I know it won’t be easy to control your mind like that from the beginning. That’s what I mean. How about washing together today?”

“Yeah? What do you mean?”

“So, if we wash each other while washing in the bathtub over there, won’t we naturally touch each other’s bodies? But we’ll have sex after we’re done. If you know that, wouldn’t it be easier to control your mind so that it doesn’t change while washing at least?”

Actually, I just thought of it while making an offer to Sarah.
Being one step closer to my dream with Leia’s help, it’s one stone, two birds.

“That’s right… . That, then I… Would you like to wash with me?”

As if embarrassed, Leia said with her face blushing red.


Rather, I want to ask you from this side.

“then… Could you turn around for a moment?”

Even if they saw each other naked in every nook and cranny, they didn’t want to be seen naked.
It’s lovely to have such a youthful attitude forever.

“Oh, then I’ll go into the bathtub first.”

Guwon went to the bathtub and drew the translucent curtain.
To be honest, I would like to take it off slowly and observe it, but let’s not rush.
There will come a day when that will be possible.
Let’s focus here today.
Once we got to the wash together, it went smoothly.
Now, the question is how long Leia will remain unchanged.

Guwon took off his clothes, put them in his inventory, and got water in the bathtub.
In the space just inside the curtain around the bathtub, the color of the floor was different, but when water splashed on the floor, it seemed to have a magic that naturally disappears.
It is truly the mansion of the world’s greatest wizard.


As Gu-gu entered the bathtub and waited with a pounding heart, Leia appeared with the sound of the curtain opening.
Each of the large breasts was covered with both hands, but there was no way Leia’s hands could cover all the breasts that could not be covered with one hand even with the hand of salvation. Rather, it felt more erotic when I was pressed by the hand.
In addition, the fluffy tail was pulled forward from between the crotch to cover the lower part.
Its tail was waving softly in front of the ship as if embarrassed, but honestly, if it wasn’t for Leia, I would have thought that she appeared like this on purpose, not to be shy, but to excite.
That’s how sexy Leia is now.
Isn’t it sexier than not covering it up at all?

“… Have you been waiting long?”

“uh… uh, huh? Oh no.”

Salvation couldn’t get her mind right.
You have to be alert from now on, but you already ate one shot in a surprise attack like this.
I love you Leia.

“Hmmm. Hmm. That… Would you like to come in?”

“Yeah… .”

Leia entered the bathtub and sat on the other side of the salvation.
Then, as if quite embarrassed, she immersed her neck in the bathtub and hugged her legs together.

“If possible, why don’t you come and sit here?”

“Yeah?! Ha, but… .”

“I’m doing this to get used to the touch of the skin, but there’s no point in being that far away.”

“that’s… Yeah… .”

Leia blushed and turned back, immersed in the bathtub up to her neck.
But, as if embarrassed, I do not intend to come this way.
It only wobbled its wet tail pitifully.
I can’t help it. This is also for Leia.
Guwon reached out and wrapped her arms around Leia’s waist, and pulled her right there.


Leia trembled as if a little startled, but did not resist.
Just like that, Leia and the body of salvation were close together.
So Guwon was sitting with her legs spread apart, and Leia was sitting between them.
The object of salvation, which had already grown as it grew, naturally dug into Leia’s buttocks as if buried.

“Oh, Gukwon. This… .”

Leia was startled by the hard touch on her buttocks and tried to get up, but Guwon did not release the strength of her arms around Leia.

“Calm down. This is just a menstrual phenomenon. It’s only because Leia is so beautiful. I’m not going to have sex until I’m all washed up and going to bed. You have to stay calm and focus on not changing. Come on, relax. Would you like to take a deep breath first?”

Guwon almost lost his mind at the happy touch he felt in the object, but he managed to get his mind together and said.

“Yes Yes. Whoa. Whoa.”

Leia took a deep breath while being embraced by salvation.
Each time that happened, Leia’s subtly moving body stimulated things, and salvation made me want to connect with Leia even now.
But let’s be patient. have to be patient
You cannot disappoint our angel by surrendering yourself to a fleeting desire.
As if he had barely calmed down while taking a deep breath, he could feel Leia’s hardened body gradually lose strength.

“Have you calmed down a little?”

“Yeah… Thanks.”

“Then I’m going to wash my hands from now on… Come on, how about washing each other? You’ll get used to it once you make contact.”

“Yeah… . I will do as Guwon-san tells me.”

big How can you speak so nicely?
Our angel seems to instinctively know what a man will like.

“Then I’ll wash you first.”

Gum made soap bubbles by pressing a button in the bathtub.
Then, first of all, I washed Leia’s arm with soapy water.
First of all, I need to wash in this place so that I can relax

“Huhu. It’s itchy. It’s a strange feeling.”

As I washed my fingers through her slender arms, Leia smiled softly and playfully intertwined her fingers.
I feel ecstatic.
So, first of all, I washed my arms to relax, and the long-awaited time finally came.
Salvation was brought to Leia’s chest with trembling hands.


“Wow… .”

Salvation let out an exclamation without knowing it.
Still, Leia’s breasts are great.
When the slippery, soapy feel of the water was added to it, a feeling beyond imagination spreads in my hand.
The soft and elastic breasts slipped through the fingers of Guwon every time Guwon tried to grab it.

“Why, why?”

“Oh, no. that… It’s just because she’s so pretty.”

“Really… Salvation is also… .”

“Heh. heh heh haha haha! ha ha ha!”

Leia slowly began to groan while tasting the sensation of it slipping away when it tried to catch it again and again when it tried to catch it.
And finally, he trembled and reached a light climax.
ugh It’s a problem because you raised the charm too much.
Have you already turned into a nine-tailed fox?

“Are you okay Leia?”

“Haha. haha yes, yes… .”

Leia answered with a leaky pronunciation, as if her tongue was not moving well in the afterglow of the climax.
Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to have turned into a nine-tailed fox.

“Leia. This is washable anyway. I’m not trying to have sex. Keep your mind straight so you don’t change.”

“Yes, heh. yes… .”

Salvation said nonsense and kept rubbing her chest, but Leia gave an answer in a unique way.
Leia trembled as she answered, but it was particularly impressive that the tail pulled out by the side of the bathtub trembled.
Its fluffy tail was drenched and thinned, but this one was as smooth as it was and looked a little bewitching.
Guwon unknowingly took a hand off his chest and gently stroked his tail.


Then Leia’s body trembled violently once again.

“Why, why?”

“My, my, my, my tail is sensitive… Be careful… .”

Apparently, the tail was particularly sensitive.
But didn’t you try to let me touch your tail before?
Were you trying to let me touch you even though it’s such a sensitive area?
big black. How good is our angel?
The more you know, the more you can’t help falling in love.

Guwon released his hand from the tail that seemed too sensitive.
Come to think of it, I worked with Leia like it was a battle against a nine-tailed fox every day, so I never carefully observed the erogenous zone.
After using the sex analyzer, I noticed that the chest and tail were particularly bright.
So far, I’ve only touched the two most sensitive areas.
Then I said I was just washing.
It’s strange that Leia guides her anger.
Of course, I can’t even imagine seeing our angel get angry.
I’m a little sad… Can’t help it.
Salvation was once released from the heart.
Then he slides his hands down and begins to rub Leia’s body with the soapy water.

“Hahhhhhhhhhh. Whoops.”

Leia let out a sweet sigh, whether it was pleasant or itchy.

“Leia, how are you?”

“Gee, it feels good.”

Leia blushed, but answered honestly.
Huh. That’s a nice answer, of course, but I didn’t ask that. My words were short, so I was misunderstood.

“Oh, no. I meant what it would be like to feel this way without changing… .”

“Oh, that’s right. that that… good.”

Leia bowed her head in shame and answered.
It’s pitiful to even look shy.


As she washed Leia’s body, the hand of salvation slowly went down to her lower abdomen, and Leia flinched again.

“You have to get your mind right. You have to keep reminding yourself that you’re not going to have sex here.”

“Yes, yes.”

Hearing Leia’s answer, salvation lowered his hand even further.
Leia’s body trembled violently when it reached the crack through the soft seaweed soaked in water.
As I put one finger up and carefully dig through the cracks, I felt a slippery feel, subtly different from the soapy water, perhaps because of the climax I felt earlier.

“Haha. hahaha Whoops!”

Leia’s body began to shake so violently that it could not be compared with before.
And it wasn’t like when she became a nine-tailed fox, but it seemed like Leia’s eyes were starting to glow subtly.

“Leia. can’t lose Do not give up. You have to hold on.”

It’s funny to say things like this while touching your genitals, but salvation was really meant for Leia this time.
Salvation had two goals for today.
One of them was that Leia did not change even as she stroked her genitals.
If he doesn’t turn into a nine-tailed fox even after this, can’t he think that he has definitely stepped up?

“Heh. haha mandible. Yes, yes!”

Leia responded with sincerity, even though she was trembling.

“Heh. heh heh heh heh Ha ha ha ha!”

And in the end, Leia reached its climax more intensely than before.
In the meantime, the light continued to flicker in Leia’s eyes, but it didn’t turn into a nine-tailed fox in the end.

“Hehehe. Goo, Salvation… . I did it… . It hasn’t changed… .”

Leia drooped and gave her back completely to the body of salvation, and looked up at the body and said,

“Huh. Well done.”

The figure was so pitiful that Guwon took his face without realizing it.
But just before their lips made contact, they barely stopped moving.
no pig no If you kiss me like this, you won’t turn into a nine-tailed fox right away.
One goal has been achieved, but one more remains.

“Ah… .”

Leia, who had not been avoiding even if Guwon took his face, let out a sad cry when Guwon stopped moving.
Did Leia also want to kiss?

“Let’s do this when we get used to it a little more.”

Even though we’re not dating, is this line too advanced?
I was a little worried about that, but Leia affirmed it.

“Yeah… .”

It was a voice that seemed a little sad, but also looked forward to it.
Maybe it’s just my misunderstanding.

Once salvation was washed away, the set goal was achieved, so salvation meticulously washed away the rest.
Leia smiled and lightly slapped the salvation arm with her tail as she washed her legs through her beautiful legs and even between her toes.

“Huhu. Whoops whoops. Oh no Salvation Mr. It tickles me.”

“here? Or here.”

“I, all… whoops. Goo Won is also Cha-am.”

It’s good to be in an exciting situation like before, but I also like this kind of atmosphere.
It really felt like they were joking around with each other.

After washing Leia’s body like that, this time it was Leia’s turn to wash the body of salvation.

“Then it’s my sister’s turn to wash up. Leave it alone.”

Leia, as if seeking revenge for tickling her feet, turned and looked at salvation, and said with a slightly frightening expression on purpose.
Of course, Leia only made a scary expression for herself, but in the eyes of salvation, she only looked beautiful.

Standing up from each other, Leia covered her hands with foam and began to caress the body of salvation.
At first, he washed his arms as Guwon did, and then he began to caress his chest with both hands.
It was indescribably ecstatic to see her heart fluttering wet with soapy water.
As she began to touch the firm chest of salvation, Leia blushed in embarrassment and was speechless.
But the hand touched the body of salvation in a familiar motion.

“Somehow, I’m good at washing.”

“It’s the first time I wash men because of my constitution, but the girls are often washed at the orphanage.”

indeed. Did you even do something like that?
thank God. If I had said that the boys were also washed, I was thinking of going to assassinate Kyle right away tomorrow.
I saved my life. pervert uncle.

When Salvation was thinking quite bloody thoughts, Leia’s actions went further and further.
The hands that used to wash the salvation’s chest went back to wash the salvation’s back, and naturally Leia became in a position to embrace the salvation. Of course, it goes without saying that Leia’s breast was closely attached to the heart of salvation.
big black. good to be alive Heaven is right here
As I was washing the back of salvation, I naturally rubbed Leia’s chest, so I wanted to let go of the spirit of salvation and become a beast.
Let’s be patient. have to be patient
Clearly, this is what Leia is doing to train her to endure turning into a nine-tailed fox, but somehow it has become like a test of patience for salvation.

So Leia washed her body of salvation and gradually lowered her body to a kneeling position.
And the things of salvation became a posture to be buried in Leia’s chest.
Finally, the second goal is the challenge.
The second goal is for Leia not to turn into a nine-tailed fox while touching the genitals of salvation.
Guwon desperately spoke to Leia while feeling the happy feeling of things.

“Leia. cheer up. You can’t lose.”

Unsurprisingly, Leia’s eyes slowly began to shine as she looked at the salvation item buried in her breastbone.
Moreover, this time, a tail began to appear over the buttocks, which were faintly submerged in the bathtub.
Seeing Leia bewitchingly licking her lips with her tongue, Salvation made a decision.


Gu Gu-won shed tears and removed Leia’s body for once.

“Ha! I, I… .”

“Let’s do that first for now. Can you wash the other side first?”

“Yes, yes.”

Still, Leia’s gaze was still nailed to the object of salvation.
It seems like my eyes are starting to shine again… .
This can’t be the case
Salvation has turned its back.

“hot! I, I again… .”

“Well, how are you? Is it okay if I can’t see you?”

“Yeah… .”

As if she had calmed down a bit when she couldn’t see the object, Leia started washing the body of salvation again.
Of course, avoiding things.
But I couldn’t stay away from it forever.

“Then turn around? Get your mind right.”

“Yes Yes.”

When all of the body of salvation was washed except for things, salvation turned back.
In front of Leia, who was still kneeling, an object of salvation was placed firmly.

“Ha ha. Alas.”

A purple light flickered in Leia’s eyes, and Leia let out an ecstatic sound.
Be patient. Leia. have to be patient
Perhaps such a wind of salvation had arrived, Leia shook her head vigorously and faced the object again.

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Leia’s daily life

“Okay, then I’ll wash you here too.”

Leia filled her hands with foam and carefully stroked the object of salvation.
With one hand, he gently caressed the lower pocket, and with the other hand, he grabbed the rod and ran it up and down.
The items of salvation were so large that the fingers could not touch when held in Leia’s hand, so if you simply scan them up and down, there would be parts that couldn’t be washed.
Perhaps that’s why Leia not only scans up and down, but also uses the snack on her wrist to spin her hands up and down as if twisting a pretzel.
Perhaps Leia was just washing her face, but salvation felt like she had received a complete daughter-in-law.
With a great technique that can’t even be matched by professional ladies of any business.

“Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.”

Leia looked at the object of salvation with an ecstatic expression as if possessed by something, and began to exhale violently.
Finally, he released the hand that was caressing his pocket, and grabbed the object of salvation with both hands.
Then he swung his hands in different directions to scan them up and down.
Now it was clearly not a movement to wash things.
And in accordance with the movement, Leia’s eyes slowly started to glow, and the tail began to stretch from the hip area.

But salvation in pleasure was not in a state of mind to care about such things.
I was just desperate to put up with the situation.
Whoops. Where the hell did you get this technique? .
The ecstatic touch of Leia’s hand and the tickling feeling of Leia’s breath touching the tip of the object could not bring salvation to consciousness.

Seeing such a saving attitude, Leia spurred the movement of both hands.
Then he blushed and stared at the object of salvation with an ecstatic expression, and opened his mouth wide.

“Ahh… .”

Then he sticks out his red, smooth tongue and begins to slowly bring the tip of the tongue to the tip of the savior.
Normally, it would have been a little strange to see Leia trying to put her tongue on something that had become bubbly, but not now.
I was just getting more and more excited by Leia’s bizarre and bewitching attitude.

“Wow! Leia!”

Salvation screamed loudly because she couldn’t stand the feeling of coming ejaculation any longer.

“Eh, eh?!”

Leia seemed to have come to her senses at the loud cry of salvation.
The glare of the eyes disappeared in an instant from the pupils that had gradually increased in the bewildering light, and the tails that were gradually taking shape near the buttocks also disappeared.

“Hey, what am I… !”

Leia, as if realizing what she was doing, blushed red and panicked.
Leia was bewildered, and unconsciously gave her both hands as much power as she had.
But that wasn’t good.
Of course, even if Leia gave as much power as she could, there was no damage to salvation. It still has a high defense, but it’s a salvation item that even has an iron penis activated.
The fact that Leia gave strength to her hands was rather a good stimulus.
It was just enough for the thing of salvation that was just before ejaculation to explode.

“Wow! Rice!”

“Yeah? on? to you?!”

At the cry of salvation, Leia could not help but panic.
Salvation unconsciously grabbed Leia’s head right in front of the object with both hands and fixed it so that she could not escape.
Then, shaking his body, he ejaculated as it was.
Of course, it goes without saying that semen was splashed on Leia’s beautiful face.
Guwon looked at him with an ecstatic pleasure.
Somehow I felt a great sense of shame.
Is it the feeling of defiling something sacred that should never be defiled?

Come to think of it, the priests said that sex was especially sacred, and that they valued new possibilities.
Wouldn’t you be hated if you were cheap like this?
After the afterglow of pleasure was over and my head felt a little cold, I had that thought.
ruined. If we are hated by our angel, we have no confidence to live

Guwon looked at Leia’s expression in a hurry.
And suddenly I realized.
what? Aren’t his eyes shining now?
Slowly looking over Leia’s back and looking towards her hips, she saw nine tails drooping on the floor.
Dude, since when? .

The good news is that Leia, who has now become a nine-tailed fox, is not taking any action.
Even as a nine-tailed fox, he seemed to be embarrassed by the sudden sprinkling of this on his face, and he was just staring at the things of salvation with a blank expression on his face.
I don’t know why I’m doing this, but as long as I’ve turned into a nine-tailed fox, I have no hesitation.
The one who strikes first dominates the fight.
Salvation activated the hand of the saint in both hands that were holding Leia’s head.

“Hey hey hey!”

At the same time as the activation, the nine-tailed fox made a loud noise that he had never heard before, rolled his eyes and collapsed immediately.
As if she had fainted, Leia’s body, which had fallen backwards and limped, was convulsing to the point of worrying.
what, what why all of a sudden It’s just a brief touch of the saint’s hand, isn’t it?

… Oops. attractive stats.
Even Diana did not use a skill, but it was enough to show such a reaction.
But, against Leia, who was at a lower level than Diana, I even used the Saint’s Touch, the most powerful technique of salvation… .
So, I guess you didn’t get a robbery, did you?
He felt a cold sweat running down his back.
If Leia dies because of such an absurd thing, Salvation will never be able to forgive itself.
Salvation released the saint’s hand, and quickly checked Leia’s condition.


She lifted her body lightly to check her complexion, but Leia’s body reacted as if she felt pleasure even with a brief touch.
However, seeing this reaction, fortunately, it seems that he did not die.
Huh. thank God. it was cold
Perhaps the most surprising thing since the time Sarah thought she might die.

But what about this… .
Although she was in a state of fainting, that did not mean that Leia’s state of the nine tailed fox was relieved.
Anyway, I think it would be dangerous to even have sex right now.
Come to think of it, the state of the nine-tailed fox will be relieved if you get enough spirits to satisfy you.
When I think of the time I did it in the dungeon, it seemed like I was absorbing the essence by taking semen with my mouth.
So, is eating semen already wrapped in regular absorption?
Guwon collected the semen still clinging to Leia’s face with his fingers and put it in Leia’s mouth.

“Um… Hmm. zum.”

Again, it’s a Gumiho. No matter how faint you are, when something enters your mouth, you suck at it.
Anyway, it made my job easier. Guwon raked the semen off Leia’s face without leaving a single drop and put it into her mouth.

But even after swallowing all the semen, Leia’s tail still didn’t seem to shrink.
Damn it. Also, this trick doesn’t work.
Whoa. I can’t help it. I also have no choice but to do it myself.
No matter how pleasant it was, I didn’t want to put a serious strain on Leia’s body, but the situation was like this, and I had no choice but to do it.
I thought about getting bitten by the mouth like in a dungeon, but then again, the life of salvation is in danger.
At that time, it was only possible because the hand of the saint was wrapped around the genitals.
As long as you can’t use skills, if you bite your genitals by a nine-tailed fox, there’s no way to get your hands on it, and only the spirit is sucked away.
Salvation erected the object and set its end to Leia’s vagina.


Perhaps that alone was a stimulus, Leia let out a light moan.
Carefully. Let’s be careful.
Slowly so as not to overburden.
Even though the mind is a nine-tailed fox, the body is the body of our angel.
In order not to apply stimulation as much as possible, Gujeon slowly penetrated the object into the vagina with a slow motion.

“Uhhhhhh! haha! Ha!”

I moved as little as possible without applying stimulation to my drum, but it seems that there was no stimulation to insert a huge object.
The nine-tailed fox groaned in pleasure and opened his eyes.

“Heh! what! What is this feeling!”

The nine-tailed fox spoke in a sexy voice that was different from Leia’s usual innocent voice.
It seemed that he did not understand the situation he was in.

“Woke up? How do you feel?”

“Daddy, what the hell is this?!”

“What is it? I’m doing this to feed you spirit. Do you feel good?”

“No, that’s absurd! Uh, how… !”

“Because I am so good. It’s good that you eat regular regular meals, too, and it feels good, right?”

“Nonsense… . Nonsense… .”

I tried to have a conversation, just in case, but it didn’t work.
The nine-tailed fox seemed to be mentally shattered, and just kept muttering nonsense.
This is the opponent who was trying to kill this spirit by sucking the spirit from the beginning through question-and-answer dance.
Was it strange to think that the conversation would work?
Gu Guo gave up trying to talk and decided to move his back.
Judging by this reaction, it seems that all the influence of the saint’s touch has disappeared.
Just like with Diana, as long as you don’t use your skills, you’ll be fine.

“Hey! Whoa! man! haha! term! Sleep now!”

The nine-tailed fox tried to spit out words of resistance as if embarrassed, but his waist naturally started to turn in accordance with the movement of salvation.
After all, one technique is the best.

“After all, this is what you want. I want you to get something fresh and return our angel.”

By the way, is this your first time having sex underwater?
Originally, there was no plan to remove the earthquake from the bathtub until here.
It feels like I’m experiencing a lot of things for the first time with a nine-tailed fox.
There was a feeling that it was a little difficult to move because it was in the water, but the nine-tailed fox overcame it with the power of salvation, and moved their waists violently with each other.
He didn’t hear the usual crunchy, flesh-to-flesh sound, but instead, it was fun to hear the sound of the water in the bathtub shaking.

“How are you feeling?”

“Huh! Ha! Ha ha!”

“What do you think? here… Oops.”

Even though he knew he wouldn’t answer, as Gu-gu continued to ask the naughty question as if tormenting him, the nine-tailed fox pressed his mouth to Gu-do’s mouth as if in a loud voice.
It seals the mouth and absorbs the essence at the same time. You’re taking every advantage you can get.
Then he put his bewitching tongue into the mouth of salvation and began to move around with a movement as skillful as the movement of the waist.
At first, he lightly tapped the gum of salvation as if it were knocking, and then wrapped and loosened the tongue of salvation as if it had been rolled up. And this time, he gently licked up the roof of his mouth.
Besides, apart from the movement of the waist, the upper body also began to move subtly.
As they kissed, their breasts were naturally close to each other. The movement of the nine tailed fox’s upper body was a movement that stimulated the heart of salvation with his large chest in that state.
Salvation is a great technique that is equivalent to the movement you naturally learned while raising the saint level.
Then would you like to join me too?
Salvation was also going strong, so he pushed his waist hard and started to tease his tongue.

“Ouch! Whoops! zum! ha ha ha! Hmm… chung.”

The charm correction was also added, and the nine-tailed fox reached its climax in an instant, but Guwon did not separate the nine-tailed fox.
While moving the waist like that, the feeling of ejaculation began to rise gradually.
Of course, there is absolutely no reason to be patient.
Guwon exploded things inside the nine tailed fox as it was.


At the same time, the nine-tailed fox also reached its climax once again.
He hugged the nine-tailed fox, who was trembling in the chest of salvation.
The feel of the chest that conveys a natural movement every time it trembles was wonderful.

And the tail that was visible behind Leia’s back was also slowly disappearing.
Now it’s really quick to get rid of the nine tailed fox status
If I keep going with Leia for a few days in a row, wouldn’t it be possible to make it not turn into a nine-tailed fox?
Of course, considering the positions of Sarah and Diana, it would be impossible to do it every day.
Besides, it’s only first aid to prevent a nine-tailed fox like that.
If the spirit runs out, it will turn into a nine-tailed fox again.
In order to get over it completely, it would be better to gradually get used to it like we did today.
He thought of salvation as he ruffled Leia’s hair, who had fainted in her arms.
What about from now on?
In the end, one of the things inside Leia today.
Of course, the task of overcoming the state of the nine tailed fox is the top priority, but sleeping together also has a goal of leveling up.
This isn’t enough.
I can’t help it. Would you like to continue moving in this state?

He ejaculated inside Leia several times by moving his waist until he leveled up appropriately.
In the meantime, Leia also groaned and twitched, reaching the climax several times. However, he did not wake up on the way, perhaps because it consumes a lot of energy to transform into a nine tailed fox.
I was expecting a little bit because if Leia wakes up on the way, I’ll be able to enjoy it with a sane Leia. I’m sorry.
Well, let’s not be greedy. Today, Leia, who is sane, and each other caressing each other like lovers in the bath tub, joking around, and finally hitting her daughter-in-law, will you be satisfied with that?
There will come a day when I will be able to do things right with Leia, who is sane.
Salvation convinced himself that way, and he fell asleep with a peaceful mind.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much to those who sent sponsorship coupons and manuscript fee coupons.
Thank you very much to those who recommended it.
Thank you very much to those who wrote comments.

Originally, the scene was only going to be short.
Half of the text is a scene, and half of the story is also weird in terms of story development, so I just filled it all up with scenes.


Leia’s daily life

As usual, the first thing he opened his eyes was salvation.
Even when he regained his senses, he was still in the same place and soaked in ecstasy for a while.
It is also a great feeling any time you feel it.
Sara and Diana each had a different feeling and the feeling of hugging them was wonderful, but so was Leia.
The feeling of holding Leia was soft. It felt infinitely soft all over my body, to the point that I thought it might be that there were no bones in my body.
In particular, the two large peaks that press on the chest and show off their presence were indescribably wonderful.

So salvation was drenched in ecstasy, and soon after, Leia also woke up.
Oh, today is fast. Is it because I passed out earlier than usual?

“Keep in!”

As soon as Leia opened her eyes, she screamed and suddenly tried to raise her upper body.
While getting up because of the pleasure I felt in my lower abdomen, I put my head on the salvation’s shoulder and fell down again.
Of course, in the meantime, salvation did not miss Leia’s chest showing great movements.
I just need to save that scene in the permanent storage field in my brain.

“Leia? What is it?”

“Heh! me, i… it’s nothing.”

Leia slowly raised her upper body this time with the lesson she had learned earlier, and said so.
He spoke like that, but it wasn’t his tone at all.
His gaze was turned to the side and he was not trying to look this way at all.
Why? Ah, maybe… .

“Are you mad about putting it on your face?”

Leia reacted violently to the words of salvation.

“Yeah, yes! This sister is mad! How do you do such a shameful thing? It is said that there are many possibilities that the Goddess spoke of in the male. In a woman properly… .”
“Huh. sorry. But I don’t think that’s the only reason?”

Reading people’s minds is a salvation that prides itself on being unable to read people’s minds, but for this moment, I was sure.
That’s right, it’s not like your usual Leia.
It’s disgusting that you’re exaggerating so much that you’re trying to turn the story around.
Leia, you are not very good at acting.
Well, I can’t help it because I have a very honest personality. Even that part is lovely.

“Hey, what are you talking about? This sister is really mad!”

Look. ‘Cause it’s so annoying
But I can’t figure out anything other than putting it on my face.
what did i do
I’ve been thinking about it, but I still don’t know.
At least when Leia was sane, she didn’t do anything, didn’t she? I don’t know if it’s after I become a nine-tailed fox.
No, wait. After becoming a nine-tailed fox? surely… .
Guwon took his eyes off Leia’s chest, which was shaking to and fro under the influence of gravity, and looked intently at Leia’s face.
Leia still refused to make eye contact with salvation at all.

“… Leia. Do you remember everything after I put it on my face last night?”

Come to think of it, the reaction of the nine-tailed fox yesterday was particularly strange.
There was no sign of trying anything like restraint, and it was a little different from usual to say something.


At the same time as the words of salvation, tears welled up in Leia’s large eyes.
Eh? Why are you crying? Rather, if the memories of the state of a nine-tailed fox remain, shouldn’t it be liked? Are you feeling a little better?

“Ugh… . that… that… Maybe in the future… .”

“Why, why? what’s the problem?”

Gu Gu was embarrassed and quickly raised his upper body to face Leia and asked.

“I wonder if I was like that after I changed… . In the midst of a sacred act, I crave only pleasure, as if I was even in heat. Besides, that kind of feeling… .”

Oops. Is it like that? Priests in particular seem to regard sex as sacred.
As a devout Leia, it seems like she couldn’t stand herself like that.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Do not cry. I thought Leia’s appearance was pretty too.”

He didn’t think that his heart would be relieved just by being kind to him, but there was only so much comfort that salvation could offer.

“It’s not just that! then… then… .”

Isn’t that the only thing? So what else?
Salvation desperately shook her head.
When you become a nine-tailed fox, you naturally become in estrus, and then… Do you think you are a threat to people?

“do not worry. rest in peace There is nothing to be afraid of as long as I’m by your side At least I’ll never die even with Leia. Nothing Leia fears will ever happen.”

“Black… Really? Can I trust you?”

thank God. It seems that was probably the correct answer.

“then. Of course. Believe me.”

“Ugh. Salvation… ! Thank you… Thank you very much… .”

Leia was once again brought into the arms of salvation.

“okay. okay.”

Guwon gently stroked Leia’s hair.
Whoa. I’m glad I got my hair back after a long time.
Seeing tears welling up in our angel’s eyes makes my heart ache like it’s going to rip.
Leia, who had been sobbing for a while even in the arms of salvation, finally stopped crying as if she was genuine and fell.
But, seeing Leia again, she had a hesitant expression on her face.

“That savior… .”


“that… That… it’s nothing.”

“what. Why?”

“no… That… Thank you.”

“what. It’s refreshing.”

Salvation laughed.
Leia seems to be a little more sincere. So, shall we make a joke to change the mood a little?

“By the way, do you remember everything from last night? So you were completely sane? That’s great. The technique is no joke. Where did you learn it?”

Of course, this is a joke because they know that salvation is their first opponent.
There was nothing to learn, sleep or do.
However, after hearing the joke of salvation, Leia’s face turned red. And tears began to form in my eyes again.
what? Did I make a mistake?

“A lustful woman like me… Don’t you like it too?”

“no! I like you! Very good! I absolutely love you!”

Salvation answered desperately.

“What a relief.”

Leia said as she wiped her eyes with her hand.
Anyway, this guy’s mouth is stinky.

“Actually… It just moved on its own.”


“That… Yesterday’s movement As if it were natural… .”

Oh, yes. Is it the same feeling as when the saint level went up?

“Then you feel like your mind was sane yesterday, but your body followed your instincts?”

“It felt similar. I wasn’t completely insane.”

“Still, it doesn’t mean that there has been no progress compared to when I couldn’t even remember. That’s great. Did the special training you did yesterday while washing have some results?”

“Is that so?”

“Surely it will. At this rate, the day will soon come when I will be completely in control.”

“… I wish it would be like that. no. I’m sure it will be like that.”

Leia’s eyes were stronger than ever before.
Do you hate your selfish appearance?
I think that look is pretty good too.
Of course, the innocent look like now is also lovely.

That’s how I ended the conversation with Leia and went down to the restaurant.
Sara and Diana were already seated in the dining room.
It wasn’t like that when we were alone, but now I’m a little embarrassed to come down late with the person I slept with the day before every time like this.
It’s like advertising to the maids that I messed up with someone last night.

“Are you going to the dungeon today?”

Guwon asked Diana as if she was a little shy.

“Well. But before that, I have work to do.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“Like the clan emblem. How long can you stay undecided? I also called the painter, so let’s decide before we go.”

Then I saw that there was was completely devoured.
By the way, you’re angry.
Wealthy kids really do great things.

So, after eating, the clan members and the painter got together to decide on the clan pattern.

“Do you all have any good ideas?”

“How about something like Grunhardt?”

As if she had thought of something in advance, Sarah answered immediately.

“what? That Grunhardt.”

“It’s the holy sword that the legendary warrior heard in the old days.”

Didn’t you hide the fact that you were a hero?
what? Do you want to show off that you are a warrior?

“There are already clans that use Grunhardt as their emblem.”

“Is that so… .”

Sarah looked a little disappointed.

“What is Diana missing?”

“Hmm… All the good designs this body thought of were attached to the Wizards’ Association and their respective schools.”

Ah. A pattern that they unconditionally wear somewhere on their clothes. was that what you made

“What about Leia?”

“Huh… I’m sorry. All I can think of is the emblem of the church… .”

Hmm. I’m totally in trouble. No one has any good ideas.
As long as this has happened, I have no choice but to go out.

“In order to represent me as the clan leader, the guild pattern is a symbol of a man and a woman intertwined… .”
“Aren’t you stupid?!”

Sarah immediately protested.
Damn it. You are interested in ideas or topics already written by other people’s clan.
I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I also hang out with saints, my profession.
The party put their heads together and thought about it, but couldn’t come up with a good idea.

“What glyphs do other clans usually use?”

If this is the case, it is best to ask an expert.
Since I was a painter for this kind of thing, I’m sure many of the other clan’s patterns are familiar.

“A legendary creature such as a dragon or a phoenix. The weapon the clan mainly uses. And the most powerful monsters caught in the clan are common.”

It was all plain stuff.

“Do you have a fist-shaped pattern?”

“It’s a pretty common pattern.”

“It is, too.”

I asked just in case, but it was.
Can’t you do anything more than this?
Salvation decided to use the last resort.

“Good. Then how about this?”

Salvation took a pen and drew a pattern on a piece of paper.
I had never drawn a picture before, so it was not drawn properly, but it seems that the image of salvation was roughly conveyed only with the clumsy picture of salvation.

“Is this how you feel?”

The artist saw the picture of salvation and immediately repainted it in a refined shape.

“Hmm. it’s ok This body doesn’t look bad.”

“It is. It looks a bit sophisticated.”

“It feels a bit like the pattern of a temple. cool.”

All three seemed to like it.
In particular, Leia seems to like the way her tail wags violently.
yes it is It is impossible not to like the emotions of the people of this world.
I will too. It’s a copy of the Great Earth company logo.
It was a logo with colorful angel wings drawn on both sides of the empty heart mark, and a complex but sophisticated-looking pattern engraved on the inside of the heart.
When Guwon saw the logo for the first time, he said, ‘What are these guys doing as a company specializing in adult games?’ I thought so, but it seems to be looking good in the eyes of the people of this world.
It must have been the pattern the Goddess thought of it.

“Then are you all okay with this?”

All three nodded at the words of salvation.

“Then this is the decision. But can’t it be engraved on the equipment? Usually, when you look at a clan, you see a clan emblem engraved somewhere on the equipment.”

I don’t know if it should be considered a clan, but all the wizards’ association children are also engraved on their cloaks.

“Do that later. I don’t have enough time today. The clan emblem registration will be done by this body.”

“okay? I can’t help it.”

I wanted to quickly see them wearing gear with that emblem on them.
In fact, using the guild pattern as the logo of the Great Earth also had other meanings.
It’s not that I remember that complex logo perfectly for nothing.

“Well. then sleep When you leave the room, the butler will be waiting for you. Talk to her and she will prepare a large piece of cloth, so you can draw a proper picture on it.”

“Ah! Yeah!”

At Diana’s words, the painter bowed deeply and left the room.

“Then shall we go to the dungeon? Did you contact the temple?”

“Well. He is probably waiting in the guild with the guild members who will be with you today.”

“Then let’s go.”

After a long break, I finally entered the dungeon.
This time, rather than exploring, I’m going to help set up the teleport magic circle and inform you of the mana pool habitat, although there won’t be any difficult battles.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much to those who sent sponsorship coupons and manuscript fee coupons.
Thank you very much to those who recommended it.
Thank you very much to those who wrote comments.

In fact, even if all of yesterday’s article looked like a piece of cake, it turned out that there was no story progression at all.
The lines that turned into a nine-tailed fox and muttered were completely unrelated to the words of salvation, and Leia uttered to herself.

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