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2 layers

Upon arriving at the guild, a considerable number of people were waiting.
The people waiting for the party were divided into three groups.
First, the guild staff. These people were standing, each carrying their own luggage, whether it was the material for the teleport magic circle.
Well… I don’t know any faces here.
Well, the only faces I know in the guild are the guide sister and the guild leader.
The guild staff seemed to gossip while looking at this place. What?

“… Salvation? What do you mean by that?”

“Huh? what?”

“These people look at you and say strange things that they broke into the Wizards’ Association alone?”

It seems that Sarah’s ears could hear all of their murmurs.
Were you talking like that?
Whoops. I’m famous too.

“no. I didn’t just jump in. When Diana went out for a while, I had a business, so I went to see her.”

“Isn’t it a bit strange to say something like that? The fact that you seduced Diana with a half face and then tyrannized with Diana’s power on her back… .”
“What?! Did you say that?!”

Guild looked at Guild, and the guild staff seemed to have noticed, so they quickly stopped arguing with each other and pretended not to know.
What kind of tyranny do I carry Diana on my back? I definitely went and played some chess, but I didn’t put Diana on my back, I did it all with my own skills!
Do you think Diana will be attracted to you for having a pretty face in the first place?
If there is a chance, I think they will need to taste the touch of my saint too.
Let me know how smart I am.

And those who wore the cloaks of the Wizards’ Association.
As soon as they found Diana, they quickly ran and surrounded her.

“Good morning. Telluna.”

“Well. Good morning. Are you here too?”

One of them pretended to know Diana too, so when I looked closely, it was a face that knew salvation as well.
He was one of the school leaders.

“Yeah. Diana-sama is attending by hand, so it is impossible for our school to send a humble person.”

The school head said, looking at Diana with a happy smile.
It’s so good I’m about to die.

“Hmm. Without you, this body doesn’t really need to go, right?”

“Oh, no! Could it be! The teleport magic circle is one of the most difficult magic circles in the world. Even if you are careful, it is not overdone.”

“Even so, I think it’s inefficient for you and this body to go together… .”

“Well, don’t be like that. It has to do with the income of our clan.”

The aunt, the head of the school, who worked hard to persuade Diana, looked pitiful, so Gugu-do also gave her a word.
Of course, the fact that all the wizards this woman brought were women also helped.
You did such a weird thing, I need some help.

“Hmm. I see. Then go.”


The head aunt gave Gu Guo a slight wink as if thanking him.
Well. Even though she looks a little older, she is still a beauty. The wink you do at that age becomes a picture.

And there was one group that did not belong to either the guild or the Wizards’ Association. These are the people who came from the temple.

“Kris! Amel! Lapis!”

Leia smiled and approached the one in the priest’s uniform and the two in white armor.
Looking back, the person in the priest’s uniform was a familiar face.

“Oh, Chris is going too.”

“Yeah. Good luck on your way.”

Was there Chris among those who had good skills but had no dungeon experience?
Clearly, Chris’s clothes were just plain, uniform, just like Leia’s before.
And the armor of the other two that looked like paladins also felt a bit plain.
The armor of the adventurers who go to the dungeon is a little exposed like the armor in the game, and there are many armors with a luxurious feel, but these two armors just feel like they are wrapped around their bodies with iron plates.
All three of them have pretty faces, so if you dress up a little more, your beauty will definitely increase.
If you look at it that way, all the people in the temple area are all very good looking.
After all, does the attractiveness level increase as the job level rises?
Of course, our angel would have been beautiful without it.

After a rough greeting, the party went straight into the dungeon.
There are a lot of people, and they all have different skills, so I didn’t have to worry about the exploration itself at all.
However, it was the first time going down the regular route up to there, so I was a little excited.
It takes at least two days. Like the deer we saw last time, there must be a lot of monsters we haven’t seen before, right?

In conclusion, there were a lot of monsters that Salvation had never seen before.
Starting with the wolves raised by the orcs in the villages of orcs, foxes, bears, tigers, etc. In general, all the animals that live in the forest seemed to pop out.
At this point, it seems likely that the dungeon is another world.

Guwon tried to struggle to cast off the stigma whenever monsters appeared.
But the people I’m with now are all chatting, so I never had a chance.
The poor first-tier monsters flew away as soon as they appeared, and died instantly, so salvation couldn’t even get close to the monsters.
However, it is not possible to blow the saint’s wave away… .
I can catch a wave by blowing it, but I can’t say that I did it.
Right after I did that to Kyle, if I reveal the skill called Pulse of the Saints here, everything will be revealed to Leia.
After all, that pervert is of no use to life.
Thanks to this, salvation could not do this or that, and even if a monster appeared, I could only do it by watching.

Rather, it was Sara, not Salvation, who was playing an active part in hunting.
Anyway, the monsters here are all dealt with in one shot by Sarah’s attack.
In addition, Sara, who has excellent eyesight and hearing, also made use of the attack speed of the bow, slaughtering monsters at a level similar to that of guild staff and wizards who were much higher level than herself.
The guild staff also questioned Sarah as if they were quite surprised.

“Are you sure it was a party that just entered the second floor?”

“Yeah. By the way?”

“You are very talented. As for Telluna-sama, why are you at a party like this… .”
“Is that your business?”

“Oh, no. Of course that’s… .”
“Then do you mind?”

Sarah is good! do well! Shoot some more!
The fact that the guild employee who asked the question was a man probably also played a part. Sarah shot at him with a cold tone reminiscent of the first time we met.
big After all, our Sarah has a tangy taste.
Guild decided to say a word to the bewildered guild staff.

“Kah ha. are you jealous? It’s all because of me that I can gather party members like this… .”
“Sigh… . Salvation, when you say that, it seems there is no more.”

big black. Sarah. You don’t even have to damage me… .
Anyway, in response to Sarah’s cold reaction, the guild staff returned to their comrades.
But as if they didn’t like salvation, they were arguing among themselves while looking at this.

“Hey. If you have something to say, do it boldly?”

Of course, our Sarah did not stand still any longer.

“Yeah? What am I… .”

“You said that I went to a party because I fell in love with the face of salvation, right? Is it the guild staff’s job to spread rumors without even knowing it?”

“Hey, when did I say that… . It is a misunderstanding.”

“I’m sorry, but my ears are a little bit good. I hear it all. You mentioned earlier that Diana went to a party because she fell in love with the face of salvation.”


It was the people of the Wizards’ Association who reacted violently to those words.

“Is that true?!”

“Oh, no… .”
“Yeah. I heard it right.”

“Telluna-sama, you just looked like an idiot who fell for men’s faces? Can this be regarded as a provocation against wizards all over the world?”

At the words of the head aunt, the guild staff’s face turned blue.

“No, never! Misunderstanding… .”
“Even though I said I listened carefully, you keep going all the way to the end.”

“Hmm. There’s no way Telluna-sama’s comrades could lie like that. First of all, dispose of yourself here, and then make a formal complaint to the guild.”

The head lady uttered terrifying words casually.
Did you say that you’re going to kill someone just because you looked at Diana?
Of course, I don’t like him either, but this fanatic woman is really scary.

“Hey, hey!”

“Come on, wait a minute. Let’s go there.”

Salvation was also stopped because it didn’t seem like a small thing to kill a person for something like this.

“I was just jealous of trivial things, so you talked a little bit about me. You don’t have to worry about all that rubbish. Right, Diana?”

“Well. Of course. Do you guys do that too?”

“Yeah. If Telluna-sama said so. your guy Thank you for your generosity, Telluna-sama.”

Wouldn’t they be more suited to some sort of mafia group rather than the Wizards’ Association?

“Go, thank you!”

The guy bowed his back 90 degrees and said hello.
Of course, Salvation had no intention of looking at him like this without imposing any punishment.
To the last, killing was just too much.
And if possible, you want to do the punishment with my own hands, right?
It is said that it is not too late to take revenge of a gentleman even if it takes 10 years Salvation decided to slowly take a look at the opportunity.
But before that… .


Salvation hugged Sarah tightly. No, I tried to hug him.
Even though it failed thanks to Sarah getting out of the body in an instant.

“What, what? You were surprised.”

“no. just. Because it’s pretty.”

“Everyone, it’s not just to look pretty to you, is it?”

“Know. So it’s prettier.”

“Hey, you’re good at talking anyway!”

Sara blushed slightly, as if embarrassed, said.
Sara’s charm is that she still tries to keep her cool expression, but she’s shy.
Although he still shoots, the guild staff looked at him with a puzzled expression, seeing a completely different look from his cold shot earlier.
Whoops. did you see This is the difference between you and me.

After that, the group began to advance at a rapid pace.
The monster was dealt with in an instant the moment it popped out, so the speed was not much different from just continuing to march.
However, that did not mean that the secret base could be reached in one day by the regular route.
As I looked at the time in the corner of my vision and thought it was night, a woman who seemed to be the leader among the guild staff stopped.

“How about taking a break here today?”

As a leader, I was asked if I had received thorough education or not, toward salvation.
Well. You know who the head of the clan that cooperates with the guild is. The face is pretty flat too. I liked it.

“It is. It is already night.”

“We will take turns standing amongst ourselves. Everyone, please get some rest.”

hoo. Are you saying that?
Maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?
Salvation approached Sarah and put her mouth to her ear.

“Well, what is it?”

Sarah stiffened her body as if in shock.
Don’t be nervous. don’t eat I’m just trying to whisper

“Sara. Listen carefully to what they are saying, and tell me when that idiot will be on duty.”

“Are you decorating something?”

“Of course. So you thought I’d leave it alone?”

“… I see.”

Sara too ‘Cause the words make sense

“Telluna! Please join us! mandible. man.”

“Leia! Let’s sleep together!”

And while I was laying down my bed to sleep, there were a bunch of evil people who disturbed my harem life.
Aside from the temple kids, aren’t you wizards a bit dangerous?
Is it time for me to step in again?

“Huh. I’m sorry, but they really want to sleep with me. Diana is even on my stomach… .”
“Who, who did that? Who! Come on, you guys. Stay here together.”


what? backfire?
big black. They’re all female anyway, so there shouldn’t be a problem… .
Obviously, when we were traveling together, there were times when I felt mentally too tired to sleep together, but it’s lonely to sleep so far apart again.
But Leia… .

“that… I’m sorry. It must be the first time everyone stays in a dungeon… . really sorry.”

Even Leia seemed to sleep with the temple children.
Damn it. You have a beautiful heart As always, but now I resent that heart a little.

“Sara. I guess I’m the only one with you.”

Sarah looked at such salvation with cold eyes.

“Me too… No, I’m joking. Don’t look like that.”

Sara tried to bounce once, but changed her words as soon as Gu-gu gave a look of despair on her face.
Sara too Because it’s good no matter what.
Guwon quickly laid a blanket next to Sarah and lay down.
And as Sarah lay down on a blanket next to her, she came closer and whispered.

“So, what time is that guy’s last night?”

“You say it’s the first time in the future?”

hoo. That’s right. This is even better

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, I’m just watching.”

Until now, monsters from the guild’s ranged attackers, wizards, and Sarah have been dealing with it.
The guy I was talking to earlier was a melee attack expert, so I didn’t see him step forward.
But when you stand up like this, it’s a different story.
Salvation did not sleep and quietly waited for the time.

And the long-awaited opportunity has finally arrived.
As a few hobgoblins approached the party, the hobgoblin and a few others who had been vigilant faced the hobgoblins.
Guwon looked at the hobgoblin through the eyes of a hawk.
Good. there is a female Perfect.
Salvation didn’t have to wait any longer, and sent the saint’s wave to the guy who had argued earlier.
It was about to attack the female hobgoblin, but it was hit by the wave of the saint and its legs were weakened.

“Heh heh heh!”

Then, with a strange noise, he tangled up with the hobgoblin and fell to the floor.

“Why, why?!”

Perhaps his companions also felt the strangeness, so he handled the hobgoblin lightly and ran to him.

“Oh, nothing! Don’t come any closer!”

The guy shouted out in a panic.
But it turned out to be poison.
Everyone was just asleep, so they weren’t in a deep sleep yet.
But one by one, I started to open my eyes to the sound of his cry.

“What happened?”

The leader of the guild staff also woke up.
It was good. I’ve got all the roles.

“what… What’s up?”

Salvation stretched out and pretended to have just woken up.
Then he approached the hobgoblin and entangled one.

“what. Did you just get hurt in a place like this? Let’s see. I’ll treat you well.”

“Not like that! Don’t come near me!”

As he drew near a potion from his inventory, he screamed desperately.

“Why are you so upset about fixing it? Huh? awhile. What does this smell like? Sarah. Don’t you smell something strange?”

“… He smells like semen.”

Sara looked at the guild staff with a genuinely rubbish look.
wow strong You can break people’s hearts just by looking at them.

“Huh? semen? But why in a place like this… Huh? Stand, please… .”

Salvation started acting with all his heart.
Then I looked at the hobgoblin struggling under him.

“Ugh! Female Hobgoblin! surely!”

“Oh no! Not really!”

You must have understood what salvation was trying to say. He forgot his respectful words and shouted desperately.

“All, you!”

Then, the guild leader woman also started to look at him with a trashy look.

“Oh no! Really! Trust me!”

“When I was disrespectful to Telluna, it passed because Telluna looked after her, but this is not a matter to be overlooked! Have a sexual desire for monsters! That person who is also a guild employee! I’ll report it to you right away when I get back!”

Wow. I made it clear that I had a sexual desire for monsters.
After hearing the commotion, everyone in the party had already woken up.
He was publicly executed in front of everyone.
It’s wrong for me to do my daily life properly now.

“No, no!”

Only his unjust cry echoed through the air.

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2 layers

“Sigh. I just woke up because of a perverted bastard in estrus with monsters. Let’s go to sleep again.”

Of course, salvation returned to his seat, regardless of whether he was screaming or not.
All of that is causation. So, people should be kind in the first place.
I’ve dealt with that guy once, but what should I do next?
If the guild staff talk like that, at least it doesn’t seem like my image is good.
Is it the image of a western-style office where they believe in a simple face and beat up talented women without any ability?
To be honest, I don’t really care about being treated like that. It’s because I’m jealous anyway.
But I don’t like it when our girls look like blank-headed girls who fall for someone who only trusts their faces.
The best way to dispel rumors is to show them that I am capable.
But how would you like to show it?
At least for now, it’s impossible for someone else to take out all the monsters before I even get to them.
However, it is useless to play an active role in the absence of other people’s eyes.
It’s a difficult problem.

After thinking about it like that, Guwon suddenly felt his gaze.
When I turned my head, Sarah, who was lying next to me, was staring at me.

“Huh? what? Why?”

“Did you do that earlier?”

“Huh. That’s right. Didn’t you know we were together?”

“Then you must have done that cheap pervert at the orphanage yesterday?”

“no. I didn’t make an innocent man into a pervert. He dares to touch Leia’s ass. At such a young age, trying to touch a woman’s ass was already suspicious, so I took it apart and investigated it, and it was as expected.”

“It’s true that he’s a pervert, but at least it’s your motherfucker that’s cheap to touch.”

“You can see that. But what could you do?”

“Then let’s tell Leia the truth and tell him that there was nothing he could do.”

“What? sa, sara? What suddenly… .”

“I think Leia would despise you very much if she found out.”

The same is true of salvation.
As Leia is naive and upright, she seems to hate lying.

“Wait, don’t you want to tell me?”

“I do not know. What should I do?”

Saying that, Sarah wasn’t joking, she was really worried.

“Sa, Sara? Did you suddenly become dissatisfied with me?”

“no. It’s not like that, but it’s competitive. Hmmm. It’s not good to lie to the party members you’ll be staying with. It’s better to clarify this properly… .”
“Hey, why is he like this all of a sudden? As a person lives, he needs lies in good faith.”

“That lie is for you, not Leia, right?”

big black. You’re hitting the peak.
This is really dangerous. I don’t have the confidence to live if I’m hated by an angel.

“what do you want?”

This seems to have been reversed from the last time.

“I do not know. I don’t have the perverted desire to take a bath together like I did… .”

“Joe, fine. Then how about canceling that promise!”

Salvation said with tears in her eyes.
Damn it. A man’s dreams fade away.

“I do not like it. A promise is a promise. And I feel like I’m at a loss when I’m just being silenced like that.”

“Great. Well, then tell me what you want. I’ll listen to anything.”

“Did you say anything now?”

Sarah’s eyes shone sharply.
Why is he so scary? What kind of request are you going to make?

“Yeah, yes.”

“Well… good. Then you have to listen to one thing I say later.”

Sarah smiled as if thinking of something.

“What? Aren’t you talking about conditions now?”

“Yeah. I can’t think of anything else right now.”

Damn it. That face must have reminded me of something. What the hell are you delaying answering for?
Guwon looked into Sarah’s eyes.
Sarah didn’t avert her eyes and stared at salvation, but she couldn’t read at all what kind of request came from those eyes.
… There’s no point in thinking deeply about it.
For now, it looks like he’ll keep the secret, and even if he asks for something, I’ll make such a demanding request.
Salvation decided to take it easy.
One of the many advantages of salvation is that you do not even think about the problem in the first place.

When he opened his eyes, Guwon was in perfect contact with Sarah as usual.
It’s like this after sleeping in a dungeon.
Is my sleeping habit really bad, or is it that our party members have bad sleeping habits?
Well, yesterday we fell asleep rather than facing each other like we were having a snowball fight, so there’s nothing we can do about it.
Guwon closed her eyes and decided to enjoy this soft touch more.
Did you get into this position in your sleep, what can Sarah say even if you groan a little now?

“When you open your eyes, what are you doing?”

But the ambitious morning plan of salvation was blocked from the start.

“Ah. Did you sleep well Diana?”

“Well. Looks like you slept well too. So why aren’t you waking up?”

It also didn’t work for me to speak clumsily.

“no. If you get up in this position now, you will definitely wake up Sarah. I still have a little free time, so why not let me sleep until I can sleep?”

“Uh… .”

As if responding to the words of salvation, Sarah clinged to salvation more and more.

“… From this body, it looks like Miss Sara is also awake, doesn’t it?”

“No, what are you talking about? You are completely asleep.”

If you’re awake to Sarah’s personality, there’s no way people can stick to me like this in a lot of places.
There are also suspicions that they seem to like me these days, and there may be a slight possibility when there are only the two of us.

“Uh… . Whoops.”

Sara seemed to be dreaming of something good, and with a happy smile, she clinged to Gu-won.
It was so sticky that Sarah’s lips touched the cheek of salvation.


Diana, who couldn’t see, slapped Sarah’s ass.
Well. Sara too Just hearing the sound makes me cringe.

“Hey! What, what?”

“… I woke you up a bit because you were about to kiss in the public face in your sleep.”

“Is that so? Thank you. No, why am I so attached to salvation in the first place?”

“It looks like this happened in my sleep. When I woke up, I found this posture.”

“Hmm… Well, believe me.”

No, don’t believe it, it’s true.

“There is no time to be vigilant.”

Diana said absurdly.

“No, that’s why I didn’t stick with it on purpose.”

“I know.”

no. you don’t know Does someone you know say something like that?
Anyway, Salvation, who had no reason to lie down any longer, got up from her seat.

And it took two more days to get to the secret base.
It took two days from the entrance of the dungeon to the last floor of the first floor, and it was quite a long way to get to the secret base from there.

For reference, since the first day, Diana and Leia slept together.
It seemed that Diana was doing it under the pretext of surveillance, and Leia was doing it because all the party members were sleeping together, but sleeping alone was lonely.
The reason Leia is sleeping together is really cute and heartwarming, but Diana, you don’t trust me at all, do you?

Anyway, at the secret base that we arrived at, several guild staff were already installing something like a giant device.

“Oh, are you here!”

One of them, who was in command, saw the group and approached them.

“Preparation has just been completed. Now, if the magicians complete the magic circle, it is complete.”

“Well. I see. Then let’s get ready.”

“How long does it take to complete the magic circle?”

“It will probably take a long time. I don’t know if this body was before in a previous life, but now I can only command while watching the flow of mana. It will take a few days.”

“okay? Then, in the meantime, we will guide the people of the temple first to the mana pool habitat.”

“Well. That’s right.”

Gujang decided to break up with Diana and guide the people of the temple to the mana pool habitat.
The temple people consisted of two paladins and a priest.
No one seems to be in charge of ranged attacks, so I think I can play an active part now.
It’s a pity that there aren’t any guild staff behind the scenes, but I have to show them my skills first.

… There was a time when I thought, too.
For some reason, a wizard followed to guide the people of the temple.
Apparently, this wizard didn’t come for teleporting, but it seemed that he had contracted with the people of the temple.
Guess he was quite talented, he showed the dignity of dealing with orcs in one shot.
Besides, even Sara, who was at a higher level than me, did not lose due to the explosive level.
Now, Tier 1 Orcs can be dealt with in one shot.
Maybe if I fight Sarah, I will lose?
Sarah became strong enough to think like that.
Thanks to you, I didn’t have to go out at all.
Well. I think the image of the pillar west will become stronger.

Of course, it was easy to move.
The party was able to arrive at Manapool’s habitat in no time.


Upon arrival, Chris and the Paladins reacted no different than Leia.

“It is amazing that mana pools are gathered like this! Can I really hand over this place to such a condition?”

“Because I like to help people. What do you think? You might as well look up to me a little more.”

“Like this?”

Chris playfully lowered himself and looked up at salvation.
He’s also pretty good at setting up the décor.

“Thank you so much once again, Mr. Guwon.”

Leia also grabbed the hand of salvation and gave an excited expression again.
After all, our angels are also very sensitive. Of course, that is also lovely.

“What. done. It’s not like we don’t get paid anyway. All management will be entrusted to the temple. But how are you going to manage it in the future?”

“First of all, I plan to cast a spell so that no one can enter the entrance, then stay here for a few days in turn to monitor. We are the first order.”

indeed. That wizard was hired for him.

“I’m going to have a hard time.”

“no. If the place is blocked like this, the invasion of monsters is not a problem. And since there is a teleport magic circle nearby, it will be easier to get to and from the village.”

“But wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to sleep?”

“So you didn’t bring a lot of luggage, did you?”

Come to think of it, the children of the temple were also carrying a lot of luggage.
It would have been a backpack with space expansion magic, but it was a huge amount, although salvation kept it in my inventory.

“Huh? What the hell did you put in your backpack?”

Gujang pulled out all the backpacks from his inventory.

“Take one out.”

Guwon put his hand in his backpack and pulled out anything he could hold in his hand.
what is this? selling time?
Still, items of sizes that could never fit in the backpack came out one after another, and when they were all taken out, their identity became clear.
They had moved the whole prefabricated building into a backpack.
These groundbreaking guys. In a world with magic, such an ignorant thing is possible.
Salvation trembled in the manner of the temple.

I have a much better inventory than magic backpacks, so why didn’t I think of that?
Until now, I thought of myself as a truly free-spirited human being, but I can’t believe that I was bound by stereotypes like this.
Would I rather put a whole house in my inventory and go?
If you talk to Diana, I think she can easily find a house of a suitable size.
I thought about it for a while, but then gave up.
It’s been a while since I thought that I had to get rid of the image of the pillar west, but you’re trying to borrow Diana’s hand again.
Obviously, the fact that I have an image of a pillar west is also a big factor in designating the clan house as Diana’s mansion.
At least carry a house with me after I buy it with my own money.
Of course, he did not give up on carrying the house itself.
If the whole house was made of steel with mana, wouldn’t it be possible to sleep safely in the dungeon at any time?
The dream grew more and more inflated.

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2 layers

After helping set up the prefab buildings, Gujang left the manapool habitat behind.
Apparently, it was not enough just to assemble the building, but it seemed that something more had to be done, but there was nothing that Salvation could help more.
So what do you do from now on?
It took Diana a few days to set up the teleport circle, so there was nothing to do in the meantime.
It’s best to hunt here, but Sara and Nana’s level is too high to raise their job level on the 1st floor.
But leaving Diana alone and going to the second floor… No, is there any problem?
Come to think of it, Diana doesn’t need to level up her job in the first place.
Diana followed only to observe the skill of salvation to the last.
So, shall we try it?

First of all, I do not want to go to the route towards the habitat of the orcs that we have pioneered.
The owner of the class may not have resurrected there yet, but considering the fertility of the orcs, the villages must be full again.
It wouldn’t be impossible for the three of us right now, but it would be quite time-consuming and cumbersome.
Do I need to suffer so deliberately? There is an easier route to Werewolf.
Of course, there is an owner of a class that has not yet been dealt with.
But how about that?
I never thought that my current salvation would be lost to that guy.
I don’t believe in Sarah who has become stronger. I believe in myself.
Although it was said that he was treated like a hogu, the hip-hopper was in a position to come to look after Diana. There’s no way such a guy is at a low level.
Still, I knelt down in vain at the hand of my saint.
However, no matter how high-class the owner is, can only the 1st-tier monster withstand the powerful hand of my saint?
It’s never going to happen.
It was a skill to summon the Werewolves around him, and he had the confidence to make him shriveled before he could even use it.
First, let’s go to Diana and talk to him.
Anyway, to get there from here, you have to go through the secret base.

“I’m going to talk to Diana for a minute.”

Salvation separated Sarah and Leia and went to Diana.
I’m also going to talk about the wave of the saint, but I can’t tell Leia.
But if you leave Leia alone, you’ll get suspicious.
No, rather, our good angel may feel alienated, but cannot express it outwardly and grieve alone in his heart. You can’t do that.

“Hmm. The three of you are the owners of the werewolf side?”

“Huh. Because the attraction is also greatly increased. Wouldn’t it be over in an instant if you were distracted by the wave of the saint from afar, and then approached and hit repeatedly with the hand of the saint?”

“Of course you have to be able to catch it, but as I said before, he has the ability to summon the Werewolves around him. Wouldn’t it be quite dangerous if he used that skill at all? I don’t know if it’s you or Miss Sara, but Miss Leia will have a hard time staying safe.”

Is that also the problem? If I had a wide-area taunt like other tanks, it would have been fine.

“Just quietly walk around and raise Miss Leia to a level where she can learn protection.”

“Ugh. I can’t help it.”

I thought it would be possible.
Still, we can’t take an adventure with our angel’s safety as collateral. I’ll be quiet and do what Diana says.
After the conversation with Diana, Salvation approached Sarah and Leia again.

“Leia. How much more do you think I need to level up to learn Protect?”

“Yeah? Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you. I learned that protection.”

“… Huh? What are you talking about? how?”

“Actually, while resting at the temple, I treated sick people who kept coming to the temple as soon as they had divine power. Within a few days, the level went up a bit more.”

Come to think of it, the priest could raise his job level relatively easily even in the village.
It seems that Chris and the Paladins knew almost all the dungeons earlier.
what? So, the last time I went to the dungeon just for Leia’s level, was it stupid?
No, it wasn’t completely absurd because the dungeon would be more efficient though. it wouldn’t have been let’s believe so

“Then the three of us are trying to catch the owner of the class while Diana is working.”


Sarah immediately agreed.
He also seems to be overflowing with confidence, as his skills have improved tremendously.

“Would it be okay?”

Leia looked slightly anxious, but she was confident in her salvation.
His pattern had already been thoroughly put into Diana.

“Huh. You probably won’t get hurt very much, so please only be careful when Leia uses a skill that summons allies. If you put on the right protection then, there will be no big risk.”

The owner of the tier was still guarding the seat as if blocking the entrance to the next tier.
Its enormous size is clearly visible from a distance.
When I first saw it, I felt a sense of intimidation to the point of trembling, but now it didn’t seem that strong because my level had risen a lot since then.
Besides, he was sleeping on his back now.
This is an even better chance.

“buy it. I will approach and attack first, so please join me as soon as he wakes up.”

You can blow the saint’s wave right away, but it’s best not to live Leia’s suspicions.
For now, just approach it, and when it wakes up, it’s not too late to blow off a wave of the saint.
Salvation was approached quietly using the assassin’s basic skill and the only skill he is currently learning, the skill to kill the presence.


However, there was also a limit to killing the presence of a level 1 assassin.
When the distance between him and him was about 10 meters, he slowly opened his eyes.
But if this is enough, the distance is already enough. Salvation immediately blew out the wave of the saint and rushed at him.


The man who was hit by the wave of the saint trembled greatly as he was lying on his face.
Then, without even thinking of avoiding it, he was stably slapped with the fist of salvation on the bridge of his nose.
Good. To Leia from afar, it must have looked like she was just flinching after being punched in my fist, right?
Of course, it goes without saying that he has the hand of a saint around his fist.
Following the wave of the saint, the man who was hit with the touch of the saint combo could not come to his senses and struggled and barely stood up.
Sheesh. I was hit by the saint’s wave while lying down, so I hoped that I would hit the ground and take additional damage. It seems like he didn’t go there.
Anyway, it looks like you don’t have the spirit to fight.
Salvation cried out with climax bondage to him.

“From now on! Until you bastard! I won’t stop beating!”

Then, as if pounding on a punching bag, he slammed his empty torso without hesitation.
What does it mean to put climax bondage and beat it until it’s finished? Of course, you’re going to hit him until he’s dead and his climax is released.

Each time the Fist of Salvation pierced, it flinched, pulling its legs inward.
He tried to stop the Fist of Salvation somehow, but to no avail.
No matter where he stops, the moment he touches the fist of salvation, he feels pleasure.
Rather, it became a situation where he could not stop Sarah’s arrow at all because he was blocking the fist of salvation.
Each shot was a threatening arrow from Sarah, but he did not feel pain with extreme pleasure, and just rushed towards salvation.
It was a move that showed his will to save salvation and sell it at any cost.
Because those eyes make me feel bad whenever I see them.
No matter how hot I am, can’t a guy with his own intelligence be able to tell the difference between a man and a woman?
Of course, I have nothing to say that I made this.
So the fight went on for quite some time.


No matter how much he twisted his limbs, he could not find salvation, and as if he had gone completely insane, he ripped his head out in pain.
Hmm. If you put on climax bondage and persistently use the hand of a saint, you go crazy like this.
Of course, it was an experiment that we couldn’t even dare to do with humans, and other monsters usually die before they reach this state, so it’s a result we’ve never seen before.
It’s probably a result that Diana will find quite interesting. Would it be a pity not to be here? Shall we talk to you later?

By the way, the hunt seemed to have come to an end.
It was covered in blood by Sarah’s arrows, and he was only ripping his head off, not thinking of finding any more salvation.
In the end, there was no need for Leia to use protect.
Just as Gu-gu was about to be so vigilant, the guy suddenly raised his mouth toward the ceiling.
It was a familiar posture that even Salvation had a memory of seeing. A posture to summon colleagues.
How many times have I been attacked by wolfdogs in the past? You cannot win the same number again.
Salvation exercised wit in a fleeting moment.
It was just that he released the climax of his bondage.

“Woah woohoo!”


The guy, who was about to let out a long cry, got down on his knees and started yelling loudly.
Of course, there was no damage because Salvation had already gone back to the guy’s back.

“Woo-wook! Whoops! Whoops!”

Besides, he started rubbing his genitals with his own hands, even though it was cheap.
It’s as if if you don’t take this opportunity now, you’ll experience a hell that can’t be bought again.
young… How cheap would you like it to be?
Salvation was a little pitiful for him.

But whether he did it or not, Sarah’s arrows flew coldly, aiming at his head and heart.
And the arm of the man who had been working hard to touch his object slowly stopped moving.
Gu-won turned to the front again, paying attention to the white liquid scattered on the floor.

“Hey, this guy… He died while beating his daughter!”

It was. He had already lost his breath. Just like the way my daughter used to be.
But there was a happy smile on his lips. It was as if he was satisfied with his dream fulfilled at the last moment.
After death, the climax is loosed and cheaper than the cheap ones, is he still happier?
It was a look that made me think philosophically about the theme of monsters.

“Salvation? What are you doing?”

Sarah approached me with a nonchalant face.
I feel it all the time, but the real blood and tears are gone for the younger generation who should be cool.
… Well, I don’t mean to say that I made it look like this.

“no. You have to dig up magic stones.”

In the next life, please be cheap.
Gu Guo prayed for a moment of rest and mined a magic stone from his body.

“In the end, there was no need to use Protect.”

Leia only now smiled with a relieved expression and said.

“Iknow, right. How strong is your replacement skill?”

“I’ve only been through it once, and it was enough to pass out. After that, I didn’t even use any skills, but… .”

Leia blushed red as if remembering what happened last night and wags her tail.
Well. That’s a really cute reaction.

“Ugh… .”

Seeing this, Sarah gave a slightly uninteresting expression.

“Well, it’s gotten a bit serious. For a while, I couldn’t use my skills at night.”

“What is it? You said you wrote it to Leia now.”

“No, I had some circumstances back then… .”
“huh. I mean.”

“What is it? Do you want to feel it too?”

“Who is that? It doesn’t matter if you only use skills on Leia or not, right? It has nothing to do with my level anyway.”

No matter how much relief it was, it was slowly enough to feel that Sarah was genuinely jealous.
Also, do you like me? I can’t figure out why at all.
It was the same with the guild staff, and in other situations, the mask comes off easily only on me as I calm down, so this seems real.
Salvation realized that she couldn’t turn her eyes away any longer.
Sarah obviously likes me.
When I was so confident, all the ticks and ticks that Sara was making looked super cute.
Are you still just jealous of Leia?

“It’s cute anyway.”

“Gee, what are you talking about now?”

“What do you mean?”
“Well, what are you going to do from now on?”

Leia intervened between Sarah and Salvation and cut off the conversation.
Were you trying to stop him from arguing? After all, an angel is an angel at any time and in any circumstance.

“Yes. Let’s go back to the secret base for now. Slowly, the night is running out.”

If Diana has to work tomorrow too, shall we play on the 2nd floor?
With that thought in mind, salvation returned to the secret base for the time being.

“You mean you killed the owner of the class amongst you?”

“Huh. I went there once because Leia learned to protect, but I stopped him from using his skills and caught him.”

“Ugh. Was it that powerful? Well, it’s worth it… .”

Diana’s body trembled as if she remembered being hit directly by the saint’s wave.

“However, after putting on climax and continuing to attack with the hand of a saint, he ripped off his head as if he was crazy. I wish I had you too.”

“This body? What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it helpful for skill research?”

“It is certainly quite interesting to look at your skill’s mana flow and see how mana works inside monsters, but I think it’s probably because it’s not because of mana’s action, but simply because extreme pleasure is painful. Wouldn’t it be painful if you put on climax and keep tormenting you with that power?”

Diana said with a look tired of the power of the skill rather than the interest in skill research.

“I wondered why he suddenly ripped his hair out in the middle, and that was the reason.”

what. You were looking completely right.
Did you still shoot arrows like that?
There is no blood or tears in relation to real monsters.

“awhile. So you mean that you used that skill on Leia?”

“No, so there is a situation… .”
“What? Are you crazy? You said you touched Leia, who was the lowest level? Are you even going to kill me with a fortune teller?”

“I, I, everyone… calm down. It’s not like that. I’m fine.”

“okay. It was absolutely irresistible.”

“Hmm. I’m glad that Miss Leia was okay. You. It is forbidden to use skills on us for the time being.”

“To you too?”

“You call that a word? Of course not!”

“Wait. Then you’re not doing skill research, are you?”

Sarah hugged her from the side.
That’s what salvation wants to say.
Can I think of this as something you want to do with me without any justification like skill research?

“Oh, I can’t help it.”

“no. Salvation is getting used to handling skills these days, so if you put in a little mana, you can use it with reduced power properly. right?”

“Huh? Yes, of course, you can do it if you concentrate, but during sex… .”
“Isn’t it necessary to go all the way to the end of skill research?”

After becoming convinced of Sarah’s heart, salvation also began to show what Sarah’s intentions were.
Isn’t this keeping the girls around me in check?
Could it be that I just didn’t notice it until now, and that I kept doing this secretly?
After all, Sarah has such a personality.
It’s already like this, but if I confess and start dating, I’ll never let Diana or Leia go.
Sarah’s heart is happy, but I also want to keep the situation a little longer.

“Wow, what are you talking about? It’s because the hand of the saint is particularly conspicuous, but most of this guy’s skills are during his actions!”

Diana exclaimed as if to say no to nonsense.
that’s a good rebuttal Good. Shall I help out too?

“okay. If you don’t go to the end, you won’t even get to level up. It is better to raise the level first and resume skill research.”

Guwon deliberately mentioned the level and said.
Even if Sarah likes me, she will still value her mission as a hero.
I can’t tell you not to raise Diana’s level, which is definitely the best power if you just raise the level.

“… huh.”

Again, Sarah couldn’t say any more and turned her head with a slightly pouty face.
Whoa. Was it just finished?
It’s like this when only one Sarah likes it. What would happen if Diana and Leia later fell in love with me?
Is there a blood clot called a cat fight?
Then what should I do?
Salvation was a little sore.

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2 layers

After spending a day at the secret base, Salvation headed to the second floor.
It looks like Diana will probably take a few more days. However, it seems that the head of one school came together and it ended earlier than originally planned.

“Is it okay if we go to the second floor together?”

Leia said with a slightly worried face.

“do not worry. Did you easily catch the owner of the class yesterday? It’s not about catching things like transcendental species, and normal monsters shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you even if I throw myself away.”

“You throw yourself. No. Goo Won-ssi should also cherish his own body.”

Gu Gu-won spoke confidently to reassure Leia, but Leia said with a rather strict expression on her face.
Even if you intentionally make that kind of expression, you are still beautiful. Besides, the words you say are like angels.

“It’s better than Leia getting hurt though.”

“Goo, Guwon is so… .”

When Salvation did not lose and responded, eventually Leia broke down first and blushed.
It seemed that it wasn’t a bad feeling to have her ears pricked up and her quiet tail started to rustle.
It’s good to be a beast.
Even a guy like me can understand emotions to some extent just by looking at his ears and tail.
Originally, I had no such thing as a beast fetish, but after meeting Leia, my eyes began to grow on the beast’s ears and tail.
No, it’s not because they’re beasts, but simply because they’re our angels, are they blind?

“At a time like this, isn’t it right to promise to make sure that doesn’t happen in the first place?”

Salvation, who was now convinced of Sarah’s heart, did not accept those words as they were heard.

“do not worry. Even if Sarah is in danger, I will throw myself away and save her.”

“Wow, what are you talking about! I want to make sure that doesn’t happen in the first place… .”
“Huh. That’s normal. However, in case of danger, I will protect you.”

Sarah clenched her lips and closed her mouth with a subtle frown on her eyebrows.
It was as if he was trying hard to make an expressionless expression.
Anyway, what he’s doing is pretty cute.
… I’ve been completely unaware of it until now.

Upon arriving at the second floor, the power of the enhanced equipment was fully realized.
Even though it was an endless desert, it felt like warm spring weather.
Truly a fantasy world. A world where you can do things that science cannot explain.

Anyway, the 2nd tier monsters were no match for the party at all.
Most of the monsters were to the extent that even if Salvation hit the hand of a saint, their legs would loosen and they would become incapable of combat.
The biggest difference between the 2nd tier monsters and the 1st tier monsters is that they use skills, but as they completely blockade their strengths, they even felt the same as 1st tier monsters.

This battle is so cool
Wouldn’t it be better to just raise the charm from the beginning without needing to raise other stats?
Of course, it would have been very difficult to form a relationship with women if she had only raised her charms from the beginning. Perhaps even just inserting it will make you shiver and faint.
Also, anything suitable is good. suitable thing.

As the salvation became stronger, the hunting difficulty itself was drastically lowered, but there were still annoying monsters.
As it is a desert, monsters that live in the desert also came out, and among them, the monster that looked like a scorpion was particularly annoying.
Its size was about 20 cm, and it was quick to move to match her small body, so she often approached Sarah and Leia before Salvation reached out to the saint. Of course, in that case, Sarah, who was much more agile than Salvation, took it out before it even attacked.
Well, you should be grateful just for the fact that even the insects have the touch of a saint.
But if hunting is so easy, you don’t know Salvation and Sarah, but Leia has nothing to do? Of course not.

“Oh, come on.”

I have the same thing happening right now.
Monsters in the desert usually had poison. And if you don’t release the poison every time you get it, it won’t progress.
Thanks to this, Leia has something to do, though.

“Are you okay?”


If you use the saint’s touch properly, you can end the battle without getting hit by a single attack, but salvation allowed the enemy to attack in moderation for Leia’s level up.

Even though Leia knew that, whenever Gu-gu was slightly injured or poisoned, she treated her with a sad expression on her face.
How could you be so angelic?

“By the way, I really don’t know where this place is.”

Sarah looked around and said.
exactly. Even on the first floor, it was difficult to recognize the road because the dense trees were making a maze, but it was difficult to recognize the road in another sense here.
Sure enough, it’s a barren desert with absolutely nothing beyond the horizon.

“Still, if you have an open view like this, can’t you see far? What do you think? Can’t you see anything in the distance?”

“Well… None.”

Sarah turned around and looked around slowly and said,
From what I heard from Diana, it seems that the 2nd floor is not like the 1st floor, it is not a structure that goes down gradually. It just feels like a huge, endless space.
Then somewhere beyond this horizon, there is a way down to the next layer, and there will be a 2nd layer teleport magic circle.
Is it a luxury for the first party on the 2nd floor to find something like that already? Today, let’s just raise the job level.
No matter how easy it was to catch them, the appropriate level of the 2nd tier monsters was slightly higher than the level of the party. Thanks to that, I gained quite a lot of experience.
Gu Gu-eun, who returned to the secret base after hunting all day like that, asked Diana a question.

“Diana. Is the 2nd floor teleport magic circle far from the werewolf side passage?”

“Well? Right. It would take five or six days just to walk, almost skipping the hunt, as it was when I came here.”

You’re supposed to feel like you’re completely traversing the desert.
You can’t even see it with Sarah’s eyes.

“Are you trying to register a second-tier teleport magic circle?”

“Huh. When I went hunting today, it turned out to be much easier than I thought. Do you think you can easily skip tier 2? right?”

“Yeah. My bow was also very strengthened, so it was easy to catch 2nd tier monsters.”

Sarah said confidently.
as said. Even though her level was slightly higher than that of Salvation, Sarah’s attack power, which was strengthened even with her bow, worked so well that I thought it was over-spec even on the 2nd floor.
For small monsters such as scorpions, one or two arrows were enough, and even two-tier orcs were enough with three or four shots.

“Don’t be vigilant. I know you’ve gotten stronger, but if you can’t match it, it’s useless. You can’t do range attacks, so until this body joins you, just walk around the entrance quietly.”

“You can’t match. scorpion guys? It was definitely fast, but I couldn’t match it… .”
“no. You mean mosquito swarms.”


“Well. Each one of them are very weak, but they are characterized by their flocks. If dozens of them come all at once, no matter how hard you are, you won’t be able to deal with them without taking damage. With this body, I can deal with explosion magic at once, but that’s it.”

dozens of them. That was definitely troublesome.
Besides, if it were a mosquito, would it fly? If it floats in the air, the means of attack as salvation disappears altogether.
Had I not heard from Diana beforehand, it would have been a disaster.
As Diana said, until Diana joins, should I quietly hunt near the entrance?

But life didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

“Go, save! there!”

next day. While cleaning up after catching orcs on the 2nd floor, Sara rarely made a scream that was close to screaming.

“Huh? OMG… .”

Seeing where Sarah was pointing, a voice like that came out of the mouth of salvation without me knowing.
At first, it just looked like a strangely wriggling black mass.
But on closer inspection, it wasn’t.
The true identity of the black mass was an innumerable swarm of mosquitoes.
Dozens of mosquitoes the size of which were clearly beyond 10 cm were forming a mass and approaching this way at high speed.
As soon as I realized that, the first emotion Salvation felt was disgust.
Sarah, who has much better eyes than salvation, is probably in the mood to cry right now.

“Sara! attack! Attack!”

“Yes Yes!”

Salvation shouted at Sarah, who was on her guard, and he himself blew up the waves of the saint like crazy.
Since the opponent is an insect, even if it falls under the touch of a saint, it looks like it is just hit by an attack technique and collapses.
Thanks to this, I was able to use the wave to my heart’s content in front of Leia.
When Leia asks, she says it’s a new skill for fighters.
However, Pulse is not an area attack. It was not very effective because it could only kill one mosquito at a time.
Not only will you not be able to catch them all before they approach you, but the energy will run out first as the wave consumes a lot of elemental.
Almost at the same time that Salvation unleashed a wave of the saint, Sarah also poured arrows.
With one shot of Sarah’s arrow, four or five mosquitoes became skewers and fell off.
It was a little better than the wave of the saint, but it was still peeing on frozen feet.

damn it
The closer they got, the faster the head of salvation turned.
First of all, it was too late to run away. They’re too fast for that.
Once you are in a situation where you have no choice but to fight, what should you do?
No matter how weak they are, if so many of them attack at once, the damage will not be a joke. And what if they even have the venom characteristic of desert monsters?
But salvation is fine. Because his vitality is so high that it cannot be compared with others.
But what about Sarah and Leia? You will run out of vitality in an instant.
Even if Leia gets hit, there will be no one to cure the poison.
Salvation was made in an instant.

“buy it! Leia!”

Guwon went to the two of them, embraced them with both arms, and knocked them down.


“Go, save! What are you doing at a time like this… !”
“It’s all because I have an idea!”

Salvation buried the two bodies under the sand of the desert. Of course, that alone did not completely bury the two bodies.
But I can cover that much area with my body.
Salvation covered his body over it.
It was good. With this, the target of their attacks can be limited to me.

“Goo, Guwon-san! If this is the case, you will be saved!”

Leia, who was under salvation, said in a weeping voice.

“You said Throw yourself away and protect it. Anyway, I’m strong and I’ll be fine. Just in case you don’t know, could you give me some healing magic?”

“Ugh! Yeah!”

Leia nodded desperately.

“Salvation! But in the end, you just get beaten up like this! I was just joking! You don’t even have to do this to me! I have to attack… !”

“no. Then what if you get hit? stay the same I have my own way to defeat them.”

Sara must have thought that I would only be able to beat them like this.
can it be After all, it’s Sarah and Leia’s turn next.
It would be better to stand up and fight as Sarah said if only delaying the time of death a little longer, but salvation was thinking about a countermeasure.

I’ve never tried it. will it be please be please.
Salvation began to move mana as he prayed in his heart.
In the meantime, mosquitoes that approached started pecking at the back of salvation.
Wow… . This feels really bad.
The creepy sensation almost disturbed Guwon’s concentration, but he regained his composure and focused.

“Savior. You cannot die!”


Leia was desperately using healing magic from below, and Sarah cried with a resentful expression on herself for not being able to do anything.
Either way, they’re both cute.
Even though they were in a very desperate situation, the two of them had such beautiful faces that they couldn’t help but think.
Then we have to focus more on protecting these girls.
No matter how weak they are, when they gather together and attack like this, there is no clear answer, so the life force of salvation fell steadily despite Leia’s healing magic.
However, before the life force of salvation was exhausted, the skill of salvation was activated first.

“Ha ha ha”

And at the same time, loud moans were heard from the mouths of Sarah and Leia.
uh huh? Isn’t this

This was the original plan of salvation.
If you lie face down on Sarah and Leia like this, the only place the mosquitoes will attack is behind the body of salvation.
So what if I activate the saint’s touch all over my back?
The mosquitoes who tried to attack salvation will all climax and fall.
I don’t know what the pinnacle of insects is, but I thought that even a scorpion would get along with them as they would lose their mind if they got hit by one.
It is a one stone, two-part operation that wipes out all the mosquitoes and also increases the favorability of Sarah and Leia as a bonus.

But the plan of salvation was only half successful.
This is because salvation activated the hand of the saint not only behind the body, but also the entire body.
The mosquitoes were all managed as planned, but Sarah and Leia, who had to show their good side, lost their minds with a loud moan under the rescue.
It even seemed pathetic that both of them trembled even in a state of fainting.

Besides, the problem isn’t just the fact that they both passed out.
Isn’t this Leia turning into a nine-tailed fox again?
Indeed, it is dangerous in many ways to be in that state in such an open second floor.
After all the mosquitoes had fallen, Gujang carefully pulled Leia and Sarah’s bodies out of the sand.
And first, I turned Leia back and looked at the buttocks.
Let’s see the tail… . Damn it! ruined!
A golden tail and eight purple tails were hanging from Leia’s ass.

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2 layers

He slowly raised his gaze upward.
Of course, the bewitching purple eyes and eyes met, not to mention.
damn it Why at a time like this? what the hell did i do wrong You’ve been doing it a lot these days. It’s been a few days since the last time I did it, but can’t it be a little unchanged?
Of course, no matter how much he lamented the situation, the situation did not change.

“Hell. mandible. mandible. Whoops.”

Leia was breathing heavily as if there was still the afterglow of the climax.
Still, salvation did not give up hope.
If, by any chance, Leia had a little bit of reason left like last time. If so, wouldn’t it work if I appealed that now is not the time?
It’s a dangerous situation in the dungeon where you don’t know when a monster will pop out.
Moreover, there is Sarah right next to her, so she violates the priest’s taboo of not showing her deeds to others.
If Leia had any reason left, she would definitely try to restrain herself somehow.
Isn’t it rather an opportunity? If you look at comics and novels, you can overcome this kind of incident as an opportunity.

“Leia! mental car… .”

But the hope of salvation was simply shattered.
It is the unique bondage technique of the nine tailed fox.
The moment he was about to shout at Leia, he realized that he couldn’t move his body at will.
Damn it. It’s because I didn’t change it slowly like last time.
Since this happened, salvation had no choice but to make a decision.


First of all, by activating the hand of the saint on the hand that was touching Leia’s body, the bondage was released.
The nine-tailed fox, who barely overcame the afterglow of the climax and calmed his breathing, once again reached the climax with a trembling body.

Shouldn’t it be done too?
The only way to solve the state of the nine tailed fox is to feed enough spirits to satisfy them.
Just like last time, maybe even just one wrap will solve the state of the nine-tailed fox.
Fortunately, Sarah passed out due to the sudden climax.

Good. I’ll put an end to it before Sarah wakes up.
Guwon unzipped the zipper and took out the items.
The bewildered and anxious mind was greater than the excitement, and the object had not yet grown at all.
but it’s ok Because there is a cheat in front of you.
Guwon placed both hands on Leia’s large chest.
With the touching sensation that spreads in his hands, the things of salvation were prepared in an instant.

Guwon reached out and rolled Leia’s skirt to the side.
Leia’s priest’s uniform has a long side slit like a Chinese dress from the last reinforcement. Thanks to this, the skirt was easily rolled up to the part where the underwear was exposed, even though it was a close-fitting garment.
Unlike sexy clothes and body, pure white underwear was revealed.
That gap tickled the heart of salvation again.
He is also our angel.

There was a temptation to appreciate it more, but even in this situation, salvation could not completely surrender to desire.
In the pink pussy that was revealed by putting her underwear aside, Guwon sank her things as it was.
Come to think of it, it’s the first time I’ve done it while wearing this sexy uniform. Hopefully this will be my first experience.

“Heh. ha ha haha.”

The nine-tailed fox, who was still trembling slightly, instinctively shook his back when the object was inserted.
Still, the stimulation of Leia’s vagina, a famous machine, and the sense of amplifying the unique pleasure of a nine-tailed fox were added, and I tried to get rid of the spirit of salvation.
After all, it’s a real monster.
Of course, it’s not that our angels are magical creatures, but that the nine tail foxes are like that.

Gu Gu-won regained his composure and glanced at Sarah’s face.
Good. I’m still stunned. Then, before Sarah wakes up… .
Guwon, who had been thinking up to that point, suddenly realized that something was moving in the corner of his field of vision.
damn it surely. it won’t be it shouldn’t be
Salvation wanted to deny the sight of his own eyes.
But the reality is cruel.
Those who were running fiercely toward this far away were obviously Orcs.
Are these guys really clueless? Can’t you see I’m working right now?

“Such crazy… Oops.”

At the moment when profanity was about to come out of my mouth without realizing it, something soft shut the mouth of salvation.
Needless to say, it was Leia’s lips.
The nine-tailed fox held Guwon’s waist tightly with both legs, and both arms were turned behind Guwon’s back and hugged and kissed violently.

“Hey, sleep, now the monster… Oops.”

Guwon opened his mouth and tried to speak, but of course, it didn’t work at all for the nine tailed fox.
On the contrary, it was only turning his back more violently under the body of salvation.
Damn it. what do you say to me
Even at this moment, the ignorant Orcs were gradually approaching this way.
Salvation had to make a decision.

First, he lifted Sara, who had fainted, on her back.
And then he got himself up.
The nine-tailed fox, which had been hanging on Guwon using both arms and legs, was lifted up as it was when Guwon got up.
In a word, it was a crazy posture with Sarah on her back and Leia dangling from the front and shaking her back.
Salvation began to run away to the opposite side of the Orcs.

“Ugh. Whoa! haha! Huh!”

With each step Guwon took, Leia’s body moved automatically and the joint part was intensely stimulated, and the nine-tailed fox groaned and tightened the pubic area intensely.
That strong tightening was transmitted as a pleasure to the genitals of salvation, and thanks to this, it was a pain to move step by step.
But salvation ran with a clenched fist.

The first priority is to evacuate to a safe place.
But is it a safe place? Where the hell am I supposed to go?
First of all, there is no 2nd tier. There was no place to hide because there was no blockage and the view was always open.
In the end, I have no choice but to go back to the 1st floor.
Guwon checked the map and headed for the 1st floor.

There were times when I met monsters along the way, but I was able to finally reach the entrance to the first floor by flying the waves of the saints and escaping while the monsters’ legs were loosened.
The pleasure I felt on the way to here would have been enough to buy it once, but as I was wary of the surroundings and paid more attention to the other side, salvation had not yet been ejaculated.
In the end, it seemed that he had no choice but to shake his back freely and ejaculate somewhere relatively safe.

But when I got here, I started to worry.
Maybe you’ll run into another adventurer, right?
It’s a vast dungeon, so you won’t have to run into adventurers at all, but it’s a different story when it becomes a passage through the layers.
In fact, yesterday too, when I was going through the passage, I met a group of adventurers and exchanged greetings.
They said that they hunt on the first floor when there is a master of the hierarchy, and when someone defeats the owner of the hierarchy, they hunt on the second floor until the owner of the hierarchy is resurrected.
And there were quite a few adventurers like them.
What if you run across this passage and run into a group like that?
Of course, she’s wearing clothes, and Leia’s school uniform skirt is long, so it’s hidden.
However, Leia’s hanging posture is enough to raise suspicion.
Above all, the movement of the waist, which was still wriggling, and the moan that erupted with every step he took, he had no choice but to find out what he was doing.
But that doesn’t mean it can’t go up.
Salvation was determined and entered the aisle.

And as I was going up the aisle, this thought suddenly came to my mind.
what? Isn’t this the safest place?
Even if you go up to the first floor, there is no area that is completely safe unless you go to the secret base.
So Guwon tried to work in a dead end somewhere on the first floor.
But where? It was a narrow and short passage, but it was a place where you could be sure that monsters would not appear in the dungeon, which is very rare.
The only problem is that other adventurers might pass by.

Guwon tried to weigh the two facts in his head.
And soon came to a conclusion.
Good. let’s work here
Even Sarah can’t be sure that she’ll be fainting forever.
Once you buy one, the nine tailed fox status is canceled, so the sooner the job is done, the better.
Adventurers might pass by? What do you mean by that?
If you were an adventurer passing by without using the 2nd tier teleport magic circle, your level would only be around a certain level.
In other words, if salvation only blows one or two waves of the saint, it will reach its climax immediately, and only those who will lose their mind will pass.
It is a perfect crime to stun adventurers and disappear after completing work in between.
Adventurers wouldn’t even know why they suddenly passed out.
Just let someone pass by. I’ll show you heaven straight away.

Salvation gently lowered Sarah to the floor while making an evil decision.
And I looked at Leia’s face properly.
Unlike Salvation, who has not yet ejaculated because of worrying about this and that, the nine-tailed fox, who focused only on shaking her back hard on the body of salvation, has already reached its climax several times.
It was Leia’s face that seemed to embody the word innocence, but now it was a completely different face than usual.
His face was reminded of red, his eyes were filled with color, and his face was constantly exhaling sweet sighs from his mouth, and there was no sign of innocence.
It just looked endlessly bewitching.
Perhaps it was the aftermath of feeling too climax, the corners of his mouth were slightly drooping.
As Gu-Woo sticks out his tongue and licks the saliva, the nine-tailed fox immediately sticks out his tongue and starts to kiss fiercely.
Also, the technique is awesome.
If it wasn’t for the dungeon here, we would have had sex in a sticky manner for hours on end.
But it can’t be.
Guwon made up his mind and began to move his waist.

As the level of the saint rose, salvation naturally learned the technique, but until now, there were many cases of moving his waist in a direction that emphasized the pleasure of the other woman rather than his own pleasure.
But now things are different.
It’s more important for me to dress rather than make a woman feel.
Guwon held Leia’s ass firmly with both hands and moved her waist roughly for the sole purpose of thoroughly wrapping herself, as if using a masturbation tool.

“Ugh. Churp. Whoa! haha! haha! Whoa!”

But even with such a movement, the nine-tailed fox fell into pleasure, forgot to kiss and let out a sweet moan.
After all, the charm is ignorantly high, so no matter how you move, it gives you pleasure.
As he moved his waist so thoroughly to wrap himself up, a feeling of ejaculation soon came rushing in.
You don’t have to be patient at all. Rather, it should be cheaper now.
Salvation did not resist the rush of ejaculation.

“Wow! Whoa! Ha! haha! Whoa, whoa!”

At the same time as Gu-won ejaculated, the nine-tailed fox, who was turning violently from below, reached its climax at the same time.
The nine-tailed fox gave strength to both arms and legs, hugged him as if he was completely close to Gu-ho, and shook his body, and soon the strength in his arms and legs was released.
When Gu-gu slowly pulled away and looked down, the eight purple tails that could be seen under Leia’s buttocks were also slowly disappearing.
Whoa. thank God.
Sarah didn’t even wake up, and there were no adventurers passing by.
Once the crisis is over.

Of course, there was still much work to be done.
First of all, the traces of sexual intercourse must be removed from Leia’s body.
As the situation is the situation, there is plenty of room for excuses for Salvation, but still, she violated the priest’s taboo and had sex in the presence of another person.
Even if Leia could understand it rationally, there was a possibility that she could not accept it emotionally.
Even if my angel avoids me, I have no confidence to live.
It would be best to get rid of the traces of sexual intercourse at all, so as not to leave even the slightest chance of being hated.

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As soon as Guwon meets a swarm of mosquitoes, it starts running with a wave, but it seems that many people didn’t see it because it probably only wrote one line.
I added a little more to the last episode to explain why the wave didn’t work.
Simply put, Pulse is a skill that can only affect one person at a time, so no matter how much you blow it, it has little effect against mosquito swarms.

skhgduqld // Holy Water of the Saints is a skill that makes you sensitive rather than directly pleasing, so mosquitoes will run more mad and will not fall over.

Muku 914 // Of course it is. But it will come out a little bit later.

Monster Card // Yes. It is a setting that works for all living things that have senses and reproduce.

Graft // Single attack. Thanks to that, it didn’t work for the mosquito swarm in the last episode.

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2 layers

Gujang pulled out a water bottle and towel from his inventory.
Then, he wet the towel with water and first wiped himself and Leia’s genitals.
Then, he put his finger in Leia’s pussy, trying to scrape off the semen.

“Heh heh, heh, heh.”

However, since the penis of salvation is so long, it was the innermost part of Leia that was not reachable by fingers.
Thanks to this, only the semen that flowed toward the entrance could be scraped off, and the ones remaining deep inside could not be scraped off at all.
Can’t do anything more than this
Salvation decided to scrape it off with something longer than her fingers, that is, her own object.
This is by no means an action to set fire to an incompletely burned sexual desire.
It is an action that is unavoidable to scrape away the semen remaining inside.
Salvation justified herself like that, and once again inserted an object into Leia’s vagina.
Why did you put things back up on such a subject?
Because when she scraped it off with her fingers, Leia-sister kept making a strange moan.
Poke your pink pussy with your fingers and listen to that sound. Unless you’re an eunuch, you can’t stand still.

Even in this situation, Salvation tried to act as rationally as possible.
Using the step at the end of the object, she moved her waist around to scrape away the semen remaining inside Leia.

“Heh. Ha! Whoa!”

Every time the object of salvation scratched Leia’s inner wall, Leia moaned and tightened her pubic area, so it was quite a torment, but Guwon silently moved her waist as if she was working.
And when I thought I had roughly scraped off the semen, Guwon pulled out an object.
Leia’s vagina was clinging to the end as if she didn’t want to be separated from the object of salvation.
He didn’t want to fall, either, but he pulled the object out with tears of blood.
Goddess. Why are you giving me such an ordeal?
Maybe it’s the first time I pulled it out because it wasn’t cheap after insertion?
After wiping things with a towel, Guwon tried to put them in his pants, but the things persisted without reducing their size as if rebellious.
I’m not doing this because I want to. Just wait a few days.
After forcing the items he didn’t want to enter into his pants, Guwon put his finger back into Leia’s vagina.
After completely scraping out the semen that had been scraped up to the entrance with the penis, I wiped the vagina clean with a towel.
Good. perfect with this
Most of the traces of sexual intercourse could be erased with this.
Sweat and smell remain, but that’s an unavoidable part of salvation.
I’ll just have to spit it out as much as possible.

After arranging Leia’s clothes neatly, Guo-gu leaned his back against the wall of the passage.
Then he wrapped his arms around Sarah and Leia’s waist, pulled them up, and sat them next to him.
Let’s stay like this until Sarah and Leia wake up.
As much as I overcame a difficult fight, I wouldn’t be punished even with this kind of reward.
Guwon wiggled his hands around Sarah and Leia’s waist, enjoying the touch of places such as buttocks and thighs.
By the way, I don’t think this guy’s stuff will shrink.
What if they don’t shrink after waking up?
Of course, even though he was worried about that, he didn’t let go of his hands rubbing Sarah and Leia.

“Uh… .”

After waiting for a while, Sarah opened her eyes first.
Wow. It’s really breathtaking. Perhaps even if Sarah woke up 5 minutes earlier, she would have witnessed Guwon poking Leia as it was.
Guwon felt a cold sweat running down the back of his back.

“hot! Ah!”

And as soon as Sarah came to her senses, she immediately jumped up and tried to get up.
Of course, before Sarah could fully stand up, Salvation put strength in her arms around her waist to stop her.
The height of the aisle is not low enough that it cannot stand properly, but since it is round, there is a risk of hitting your head against the wall if you suddenly get up from leaning against the wall.

“Oh, salvation. Those mosquitoes… No, this is… !”

If you look closely, you can see that Sarah’s eyes are fluttering around, appearing to be in a state of complete panic.

“Come on, come on. Calm down. There was no problem, so please calm down.”

Salvation exhorted Sarah.
Sara’s eyes slowly stopped trembling as she saw such salvation.
Then he inhaled and exhaled slowly, as if taking a deep breath.

“Are you calm?”


“How long do you remember?”

Guwon casually checked Sarah’s memory.
I asked as if it wasn’t a big deal, but it was quite important to salvation.
If Sarah didn’t pass out immediately after climax, but while she was still conscious, Guwon inserted into Leia and then passed out completely, it would be a pain in the ass.
Especially now that I am convinced that he likes me.

“So mosquito swarms are coming, our attack didn’t work very well, and salvation enveloped us… Black.”

Sarah said that and cried a little.
Wow. Come on. It’s true that I told you to be moved, but there’s no reason to cry.
He’s usually a cool face, but he’s also very emotional.
That is one of the attractive points though.

“Do not cry. OK. I’m fine with no injuries anywhere.”

“Ugh. Yes. Oh no. I didn’t cry.”

It’s also cute to pretend to be strong.
Huh. Huh. This brother understands everything.
Sarah gently wiped her eyes with her hand and continued.

“Salvation envelops us, mosquitoes overtake salvation, and… eh? awhile. Salvation. Why did you use the hand of a saint on us?”

Sarah’s eyes, who had been weeping before, suddenly became sharp.
Of course, salvation has an excuse, so I was able to answer this without any problems.
All you need to know is that Leia and Leia merged in the middle of the dungeon.

“I was practicing to use the hand of a saint with a part other than my hand. Actually, I was going to use it on my back to get rid of mosquitoes attacking from behind, but I had never practiced using it on my back, so I made a mistake and ended up using it with my whole body.”

“Yeah? uh… .”

Sarah exclaimed as if absurd, and looked into the eyes of salvation as if trying to confirm the truth.
Of course, since everything I just said is true, Guwon looked into Sarah’s eyes with dazzling eyes without a single point of shame.

“Ugh. Sah, it seems to be true.”

In the end, it was Sarah who looked first.
Besides, their faces were blushing lightly from shame that they were facing each other at such a close distance.
big black. why are you so cute i love you sarah

“Big, uh huh. So did you end up killing all the mosquitoes with that?”

“Huh. But both of you passed out, so we moved here for now.”

“here is… Is this the passage to the first floor?”

“Huh. Because there are no monsters here.”

“i See.”

Sarah nodded her head as if convinced.
thank God. Seeing this reaction, it seems that he passed out immediately when he touched the hand of the saint.
Salvation could only be released for an hour.
This gave Leia an excuse even if she remembered that she was a nine-tailed fox.
The excuse that there was another person next to him, but he didn’t do it while showing it to him.
Totally sophistry though.
It’s best that Leia doesn’t remember at all.

“That… Salvation?”

At that time, Sarah, who was still sitting next to him as if being embraced by him, looked up at him and spoke to him.


Sarah placed her hand on the hand of salvation wrapped around her waist, and held it like a clasp.

“… Thank you.”

Then he said in a shrill voice.
It was a very small voice, but it was clearly audible to the ear of salvation, which was attached to it.

“You’re welcome.”

Guwon smiled and held Sarah’s hand tightly.
Sara was embarrassed, her face reddened even more, and now it was as if it were fully ripe.
Then, as if he couldn’t stand this atmosphere any longer, he suddenly changed the topic with quick words.

“Well, isn’t your skill power too high? How strong have you been? You must be on a lower level than me, right?”

“I can’t experience it myself, so I don’t know for sure, but maybe it’s roughly doubled?”

“To be able to stun even me with a high level of skill at once. you. Next time you sleep with me, you are prohibited from using skills.”

I remember hearing that word before, so I burst into laughter without realizing it.

“Once you feel it, don’t you understand Diana’s feelings?”

“Hey, did you know that I could be this strong? If you use it wrong, it won’t be strange if you really die.

Sarah trembled as if she remembered the feeling she had received before.

“do not worry. I will do that to you.”

Guwon said as if reassuringly, giving strength to the arm that wrapped around Sarah’s waist.
I don’t think I used a lot of skills when I was with Sarah in the first place.
Unlike Diana, who had the purpose of researching skills, and Leia, who had to subdue the state of the nine tailed fox, there was no need to use skills when working with Sarah.
Even if you don’t use any skills anyway, the things and techniques of salvation were enough to melt a woman, and it’s more rewarding to make them feel the climax with technique rather than skill.
Skills were sometimes used only to arouse the excitement.
Well, even that would ask you to refrain.
After hearing salvation’s answer, Sarah smiled reassuringly and leaned her head on the salvation’s shoulder.
Guwon looked at him blankly, as if possessed by his face.
such a smile It’s a foul. it’s pretty too
As he usually has a cool face, his destructive power was no joke when he smiled like this.

“Uh, uh… .”

And when the conversation with Sarah was over, Leia also opened her eyes.
At the same time, Sarah unclapped her hands and hurriedly fell from salvation.
to be ashamed.

“Mr. Salvation!”

And as soon as Leia opened her eyes, she rushed to salvation.
It was a terrifying force that was not like Leia.

“Take it off!”


“Hey, Leia! What is that!”

Irrespective of the bewildered salvation and Sarah, Leia spoke again with a serious face.

“Take it off!”

“I, really? Aren’t you in the dungeon yet?”

“Hurry up!”

Pressed down by Leia’s serious expression, she did not even know the word of salvation and took it off for once.
So, do you remember what happened when you were a nine-tailed fox? I thought I was completely out of my mind because I put on bondage too!
I, at least have time to make excuses… !

“Turn back.”

Leia spoke once again toward salvation, who was completely naked in the dungeon and was standing with things covered.
Behind the scenes, what the hell are you doing behind the scenes?
Salvation turned back without even thinking of making excuses for Leia’s stern face.
But immediately after that, I felt a warm energy on my back.
It felt like Leia was stroking her hand with healing magic.
Leia caressed the whole body of salvation, not only on the back of her back, but also on her arms and legs with her hands using healing magic.

“that… Leia. Where did I get hurt?”

To be precise, I was hurt, but healing sex has been active for quite a while since I came here. everything was fine
Perhaps now the back of salvation was in a clean state without a single wound.
Even though Leia must have seen that there were no wounds, she caressed the back of the salvation body to every corner.
After Leia’s hand brushed over her body like that, a stinging feeling came from behind.
Leia embraced salvation.
The feeling of two huge peaks behind my back is vivid… . big black. I’m glad I’m alive.

“Really… . Why are you so overworked?”

“Oh, no. You couldn’t do anything in that situation, right? I use my best judgment… .”

“Sacrificing yourself is not the best decision. It’s a colleague. We have to work together to overcome it. If I had put protection on all three of them, wouldn’t I have been able to buy time to catch them? However, if you forcefully receive all the attacks by yourself, your protection will be broken quickly… .”

Leia said in a slightly watery voice.
Oops. There was such a way.
The attack power of each mosquito was not very strong.
Perhaps, if the three of them were attacked, it would have taken some time with the protection, and in the meantime, if Guwon had used the hand of a saint and stirred his hands at random, he might have been able to get rid of the mosquito swarm.
I had never received any protection until now, so I completely forgot my existence.
Moreover, from what I heard, it seems that Leia had given Gujang a protection in the midst of it.

“Mi, sorry. I can’t think of anything like that… !”
“It’s okay. I wish I hadn’t been hurt like this.”

Leia called out the bewildered salvation in a soft voice.

“But should I be more careful next time? Next time, if you try to make sacrifices alone, my sister will scold me.”

And this time, he deliberately said in a slightly harsh voice.

“Huh… . sorry.”

Guwon said as he placed his hands on Leia’s hands wrapped around his stomach.


When Guwon and Leia were creating such a warm atmosphere, Sarah’s cold voice was heard in front of them.

“… I’m sorry to disturb the good atmosphere.”

ugh. Come to think of it, the two of them flirted with each other as if to watch this in front of Sarah.
Sarah, Jealousy wasn’t a joke either. will it explode? What are you reading?
While Salvation’s head was spinning fast, Sarah dropped bombs that went beyond the scope of Salvation’s imagination.

“Why are you standing there?”

Sarah said, pointing to the object of salvation still standing stiffly.
Oops! I forgot to stop covering it because it got so hot!


At Sarah’s words, Leia hurriedly fell from the body of salvation.
ahhh The peak of happiness is moving away.

“Oh, Gukwon. in this place… !”

“No, wait. wait. It’s not like that. Give me an excuse.”

Salvation cried out quickly in bewilderment.

“Where are you going?”

Sarah said in a voice as cold as ice.
but it was good I took the chance. Tell the truth and you’ll understand.

“Initially, it stood there before you passed out.”

Salvation calmly conveyed only the facts.
How are you? Because I didn’t grow up because I was hugged by Leia.

“What, what?! Are you saying that’s an excuse now? What did we do while we fainted!”

“Savior… .”

Sarah and Leia took a step back from salvation, posing as if they were covering themselves with their hands.
uh huh?
Guwon pondered once again the words he had uttered.
It was a completely perverted statement.

“Oh, no! Wait a minute! Not like that!”

“Or something like that?!”

“That, so… .”

Salvation has nothing to do with it.
Actually, after inserting it into Leia, I didn’t take it off and it’s still like this.
Sarah’s suspicions that she had done something while fainting were punctuated.
Hey, I don’t know. More than this!

“Pretty kids like you reached their climax with lewd groans in front of their eyes. Ever since then, it’s been fantastic! Rather, I wish I could praise you for not doing anything to you who passed out even in this state!”

Salvation decided to go out boldly.
Everything from one to ten was a lie, but unless they remember, let’s move on to this.
Sara and Leia stared blankly at salvation with their mouths open.
And after a moment of silence, Sarah opened her mouth.

“… Just put on your clothes.”

“… Huh.”

Gujang immediately crouched down and picked up his clothes to put on.

After that, there was an awkward silence between Sarah, Leia, and Salvation until they returned to the secret base.
strange. Obviously, when Sara and Leia just woke up, there was a very happy atmosphere.
Where the hell did it go wrong?

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Thank you very much to those who wrote comments.


2 layers

After that, Guwon went hunting on the 2nd floor until the magic circle was completed.
This time, if I encountered a swarm of mosquitoes, I had promised to destroy it with a tactic using protection, but fortunately or unfortunately, I never met a swarm of mosquitoes.
And finally, the installation of the teleport magic circle that Diana was working on was completed.

“Oh oh. With this, it is now possible to come and go easily here.”

Guwon said while looking at the teleport magic circle.
Just like the one installed at the entrance of the dungeon, from a distance, it just looked like a huge pillar of light.

“Yeah. It will be an opportunity for adventurers who have not been able to properly enter the 2nd floor and have been blocked to grow faster. It’s all thanks to you.”

The leader of the guild staff who was assisting with the installation of the magic circle said so.
indeed. The guild wasn’t just for making money, was it even thinking like that?
Indeed. As the level of adventurers rises, the guild’s income will naturally increase.
Thanks to this, I feel more comfortable, and as a bonus, I can earn more money, which is a good thing.

“Then do you want to register right away? Who can I talk to?”

In other games of Great Earth, I talked to the npc in front of the magic circle and registered it, but I didn’t see such a person yet because this place had just been created.
There must have been a person standing in the teleport magic circle at the entrance of the dungeon, so the method may not have changed.

“Look, you must be the first. All you have to do is bring the adventurer card over me.”

Diana said, pointing to the little pillar in the middle of the glowing pillar.
what? Has the method really changed?
Well, it was a little weird. In the beginning, in other games, the teleport magic circle didn’t even look this flashy.
But get in there. you don’t want to be dazzled
The teleport magic circle was shining bright enough to look a little glamorous from the outside, so I was a little worried. However, when we entered the magic circle, it was not as dazzling as we thought from the inside, contrary to how it looked.
Is this also magical power?

When I pulled out an adventurer card and brought it to the small pillar in the middle of the magic circle, the card shone brightly. And new letters began to be engraved on the back of the card, which had been written only outside the entrance to the dungeon so far.
Even after the light emitted from the entire card disappeared, the letters on the back continued to shine.
Does the registration method change or the transfer method change? Then where
Salvation lightly pressed the letter that said dungeon entrance among them.
Then, at the same time as if my body was floating, the scenery that caught my eye changed in an instant.
It also changed the way it moved.
The method is more refined than having to talk to the npc one by one. Is this also an advancement in technology?
He returned to the first floor teleport magic circle by pressing the letter on the back of the card again.

“Oh, sleep… !”

Before my vision changed, I felt like I could hear the voice of a person who was somehow bewildered.

“What are you doing? I was surprised that it suddenly disappeared.”

As soon as I got back, I heard Sarah’s pinzan.

“Oh sorry. sorry. I just want to experience what it feels like.”

“I know it’s not to the level of worrying about that kind of money, but I’ll tell you just in case. Did you know that using your teleport magic circle also costs money?”

“uh? Aren’t we free?”

“What do you mean?”

“Anyway, part of the income we make here comes from us.”

“That is that and this is this.”

“Ah, then that voice is what it was.”

“A voice?”

“Huh. It was like someone was shouting something when I came back here.”

“Did you come back with money? Isn’t that a crime?!”

“Huhu. Fine. Let me tell you that this time it was a test maneuver.”

The guild staff smiled and said to Guild.
She is flexible and a true girl.

“By the way, shouldn’t we go to the village at least once?”

After the registration of Sarah, Diana, and Leia was finished, Gujeon spoke out.
That’s all I realized at the entrance to the second floor, but first of all, I spent a few days in the dungeon.
Anyway, moving became very easy, and it seemed like it was enough to go to the village once.

“What does that mean? Unlike you, this body has always been here. Shouldn’t this body also go to the second floor?”

“Huh? You’ve been there once anyway. Wouldn’t it be better to do maintenance first?”

“That’s right. Teller, Mr. Together with us at the mansion… .”

“no! It’s been so long I’m excited! I must go!”

Ah… . Salvation seemed to understand why Diana was acting like that.
Have you been suffering a lot from the Wizards Association children?
To be honest, I don’t think you need to be so bothered.
They too were obsessed with Diana to the point where at first they felt really mad, but after a few days together, they calmed down a bit, so now they don’t feel so mad.
When viewed from the side, the older sisters with a large age gap were eager to take care of their cute youngest sibling, so it was rather heartwarming.
Of course, considering her real age, it would be annoying for Diana.
But hey, it’s bothering me like that, but as a party leader, I have to listen.

“Then, shall we go to the teleport magic circle on the 2nd floor?”

“Good! Good! character! What are you doing! Go right away!”

Diana was excited and grabbed the arm of salvation.

“Then you guys! See you later!”

“Ahhh… ! Telluna… !”

The people of the Mage Association seemed a little pitiful, but I can’t help it.
Because I’m on Diana’s side rather than you.
At Diana’s urging, the party left the place as if being pushed away.

“so. Where is the 2nd floor teleport magic circle installed?”

Diana said it would take a few days.
The second floor has this structure, so if you have an exact destination, it is best to take a direction and just go in a straight line.

“Hmm. If this body’s memory is correct, I’m sure we should have gone southeast from the entrance here.”

“okay? So where is the southeast?”

“This body was not a mapper.”

Diana opened her chest as if it was natural, and said absurd words confidently.

“… You don’t mean to say you don’t know, are you?”

“Do you know?”

“Why did you rush so much without knowing the way? There were a lot of guild staff there, so there must have been people you knew! They wouldn’t all be back now!”

“Hmm. I can’t help it. I’ll have to go up to the guild first and get a map.”

this abomination. I’m sure the kids of the Wizards’ Association must have returned by now, so I’m saying this now.
It took quite a while to get here from the secret base.
If you go back to the guild and come back here, you’re just wasting your whole day.

“If you go to the guild and come back, the whole day will be gone anyway, so come again. Let’s just go back to the village and stay for today.”

By now, the school leaders must have also received a room in Diana’s mansion and moved in.
Surround yourself with all the school leaders and suffer a little.

“Come on, wait a minute! When I think about it, I think I will remember… !”

Diana knew that too, so she hurriedly stopped the rescue.


Then, looking at the horizon with a frown, he circled around.
Your body is young, so don’t frown already. Wrinkles increase.

“What do you think? Do you understand?”

Guwon said while rubbing Diana’s forehead with her index finger, making her face look wider.
Of course, even if I didn’t ask, I guessed the answer.

“Ugh. Now, wait a minute. That cactus over there seems a little ripe… !”

I don’t know how long ago it was when you last came here, but the cactus I saw back then is still there.
no. Ordinary plants are long-lived, so are they likely to remain?
Anyway, where Diana pointed her finger to the map of salvation was 4:30.
I’m not sure if that’s the case with the map in Salvation’s Sight, but in normal games, the top of the map is north. If this is the case with the map of salvation, it will be exactly southeast at 4:30.
A map of salvation where Diana’s vague memories and defenses are not certain.
It’s terribly insecure to believe both of them as they are, but when they point in the same direction, things are a little different.
For now, let’s go ahead and think that that’s southeast.

“Ehh. Go. end.”

“Come on, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Come to think of it, I think I remember seeing that bare tree over there… !”

When Salvation was about to go on, Diana, more perplexed, said, pointing to the other side.

“Probably this is the southeast.”

Salvation said as she walked in the direction Diana had initially pointed.
Or what? how about what it’s unavoidable. You should think of it as just hunting or hunting.
It’s such an endless desert, but if you have a map of salvation, at least you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

“Salvation. Look over there!”

After walking for half a day while dealing with monsters in moderation, the long-awaited time for revenge finally came.
Where Sarah pointed, the black mass she remembered was flying in this direction.

“Good. Leia! Please protect me!”


Leia also gripped the staff with both hands and answered vigorously.
Gujang jumped forward and poised to greet them.

“Good. come! These trash! A lot of ignorant numbers are not enough! I’ll show you what it’s like to fight with your head!”

Then something brightly shining from the back of salvation flew towards the mosquitoes.


And in an instant the black cloud disappeared.
Oops. Come to think of it, what did Diana say when she first noticed the mosquito swarm?

“Look, did you see it? Magic is the ultimate skill that contains the essence of wisdom!”

Salvation proudly shouted as if it was going to be wiped out by magic from the beginning.
One of the many advantages of salvation is that you can change your posture quickly.

“Well. It seems that you are feeling the greatness of magic again. But why did you jump out?”

“Why? I’m going to go pick up magic stones! It will take a very long time to mine all of them.”

Salvation exercised wit in an instant.

“Hmm. Mosquitoes are weaker than Tier 1 monsters one by one, so unless you need an item, it’s common to throw away the Mana Stones. The general consensus is that it is better to catch one more monster while digging up the magic stones.”

“That, right? Still, it’s the first monster we’ve met, so let’s dig it out this time It may be necessary to enhance items as well.”

In fact, I wondered if the items given by mosquitoes would be of any use in strengthening it, but salvation pushed out with an iron plate on his face.

“is it? Hmm. What is it?”

There was nothing harsh when it became possible to get rid of mosquito swarms easily.
The party moved forward at a fast pace as if they had broken through the first floor with the guild staff.

“But what do you do when you sleep?”

And when it was time to sleep, I had a question like that.
It’s best to sleep in a dead end somewhere like on the first floor, but I couldn’t expect such a space in the open desert.
It would be nice if there was a place like a sandstone cliff like when I went down the oak route last time.
The current location was a completely open space on all sides.

“Don’t worry. Hasn’t this body leveled up considerably since then? The range of the alarm magic can now be extended to a radius of 100 meters.”

Diana said confidently.
A 100 meter radius is definitely a good level. So much so that I could prepare for it after hearing the sound of the alarm magic.
Well, I guess I’ll have to stand still.
In the order of the non-vigilance, Leia and Diana, who have weak stamina, took the first and Malvern respectively, and Gugu and Sara stood in the middle.

And now standing vigilant. Salvation was fiercely grievous.
Having shared such a sweet space with Leia a while ago adds to the loneliness, perhaps making this boredom feel even greater.
Besides, recently, even though I went to dungeons, I had never stood vigilant, so it was quite difficult to stand up vigilant after a long time.
In the past, we would have killed our women while admiring their beauty. Now even that was impossible.
Because that damn tent.
The second floor will have sand flying around, so it is impossible to just sleep on a blanket like the first floor. In addition, there is a temperature problem.
So, what I had airlifted was a tent that was reinforced with the breath of that desert lizard.
Of course it’s comfortable when you sleep. I can’t even sleep wearing armor to block the heat.
However, as I slept with the entrance completely closed to block the sand, I thought I would die of boredom as a vigilante left alone outside.
Whoa! Give me some snow!
Of course, there was no way that the cry of salvation could reach them.

… Let’s practice skills.
In the end, there was only one thing I could do when I was bored in this world.
In order not to make the same mistake as last time, I need to practice handling mana properly.
Guwon decided to practice his skills diligently until Sarah’s turn, the next vigilant time, came.

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2 layers

While practicing gathering the saint’s energy on the feet, which is the most basic exercise, Guwon recalled what had just happened once again.

After Leia, who was a beginner, woke up from salvation, Leia somehow came out of the tent with salvation.

“Leia? go in and go to sleep Why? Did you forget anything?”

“… I have something to tell you.”

“with me? What are you talking about?”

Salvation said with a slightly pounding heart.
Is that so too?
On an ambitious night, I chose a moment when I could only be alone, and this beautiful woman had something to say.
As a man, it’s rather strange not to get nervous.
Isn’t this some kind of confession?
However, contrary to the hope of salvation, Leia started making strange noises.

“That, I… Goo, don’t you have anything to say to me, Mr.

what is this again You say you have something to say to yourself and do you have something to say to me?
Are you going to start with something else to hide your shame?
I had that thought, but looking at Leia’s expression, it seemed that wasn’t the case.
Leia’s face was quite serious, and even showed a kind of wretchedness.
And at the same time, it seemed somewhat sad.
First of all, I’m not in the mood to talk sweet. But what am I going to say to Leia? Absolutely… Ah.
One assumption came to mind as to salvation that I had been contemplating.
May this be… Maybe, I don’t want to believe it, but does Leia remember what happened when she was a nine-tailed fox?
He suddenly felt his back wet with cold sweat.
no. I can’t. That’s right, our angel? An angel who can’t lie.
When I think of the reaction when I woke up from the faint, it was never the face I was acting on.
However, in this situation where the two of them are left alone, there is only one word that salvation has to say to Leia except for the confession of love.
From then on, I thought Leia was strangely a bit sloppy.
Maybe it wasn’t because I was shy, but because I found out that I was doing it in a dungeon?!

“Do you really have nothing to tell me?”

Leia said in a desperate voice filled with regret.
Salvation was a choice.
Do you believe that this is not what Leia was talking about, and continued lying or confessing obediently?

“actually… When you passed out, you turned into a nine-tailed fox and we had a relationship.”

Salvation chose to make a mere confession.
Considering the risks of continuing to lie and confessing, it made sense.
Even if he confessed, the excuse that he had no choice but to solve the nine-tailed fox condition remained. Although it is said that he violated the taboo of the priest, it is still at a level where extenuating circumstances are possible.
But what if you lied and Leia remembers everything?
Then, the relationship with Leia will be irretrievably lost. There is only catastrophe that awaits the ending.
An oasis in my heart. It’s a catastrophe with our angel. It is a terrible future just to imagine.

“Savior… !”

And at the same time as the confession of salvation, Leia fell into the arms of salvation.

“that… I was believing Goo Won was never the kind of person who would do that for no reason.”

It seems that he made the right choice for salvation.
He felt a happy pressure in his chest and sighed deeply in relief.
But when you say “for no reason”, does that mean that you can’t remember what happened when you were a nine-tailed fox?
So, do you know how they got into the relationship?
Salvation was a little questionable, but I did not dare to ask now.
Now, I knew that there was something I had to say before that, no matter how much I was saved.

“sorry. I should have said it before Leia spoke like this. Were you in a lot of trouble? The last time I learned from the high priest what the clergy considered taboo, I couldn’t really speak up.”

Gu Guwon hugged Leia slightly and said so.
Looking at what Leia brought, it didn’t seem like they would criticize salvation because of the priest’s taboo.
Then you have to put the wedges like this.

“No. Thank you for telling me the truth.”

Leia rubbed her face that was buried in the chest of salvation from side to side and said.
She is a really pure sister. How can you be so pure to this age? Are you really an angel?
Salvation lightly patted Leia on the back.

Leia, who had been in the arms of salvation for a while, raised her head and smiled shyly.
wow. Seeing this from a close distance made my heart… .

“But I… It has changed again. I can’t even remember this time.”

“This time, it was so sudden, unlike last time. Don’t worry too much. You will get used to it.”


“But that… Are you really okay? Wasn’t it taboo to be seen by others among the clergy?”

“Yeah… . But Sarah was also fainting, wasn’t she?”

“Yeah, though.”

“The two of us are the only ones who know that we are in a relationship, so technically, we didn’t show it? And it was unavoidable… . I’m sure the Goddess will forgive you.”

Leia said as if making an excuse.
Leia, whom salvation knows, is a truly devout priest. I’m not the kind of girl who would compromise like this.
Is it possible that you care about me and tell me this?
He is truly an angel.

“Huh. Surely it will.”

“Yeah. Then it’s a secret between the two of us, right?”


The tense atmosphere was slowly dissipating, so Guwon asked Leia the question she had been holding for a while.

“By the way, I can’t remember when I changed, so how did you know that we were in a relationship?”

Have you ever had semen that you couldn’t scrape off?
When you think about it that way, it’s a little bit like that… No, I’m sorry Leia. how terrifying

“Did you think you wouldn’t know?”

“Yes. Well, if you don’t remember… . I was meticulous about cleaning things up so that Leia would suffer because she broke the taboo.”

“Mr. Salvation is so… . You can’t lie though. Aren’t you going to lie to your sister in the future? If I lie to you again, will you be scolded?”

Leia wrapped her tail around the back of the sword, playfully stroking it on the buttocks, and said.

“Yeah. sister.”


“so. How do you know after all?”

“I have to know. Did you level up after being knocked out? When I just woke up, I was so embarrassed that I didn’t notice.

It was only then that Salvation realized his mistake.
Oops. In this world, if you have sex, you can’t help but be exposed like this. Why didn’t I think of that?
In other words, collecting semen and making a fuss was all in vain.
Guwon wanted to stick his head in his stupidity.

“Ham… . 👌👌

Then Leia yawned loudly.
Then, as if embarrassed, he hurriedly covered his mouth with both hands.
There’s no need to be ashamed. OK. It was cute.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I was relieved, but suddenly the luck of sleep came… .”

“no. good time On the contrary, I was just trying to hide it and only caused concern. Sorry. Keep me up by this time. Let’s go in now.”

“I, I… Then see you tomorrow morning.”

Leia blushed red and disappeared into the tent.
She is truly a feminine sister.
Anyway, it seems that Leia noona understands that it was unavoidable, and it ended in a good mood.
When I realized that I had been caught, I was really freaked out, but I guess honesty is the best for people.
I even thought that my relationship with Leia had deepened because of this.
I’m really glad that Leia is an angel.

Salvation finished the recollection by repeatedly activating and releasing the hand of the saint on the foot.
Earlier, I really enjoyed creating a sweet atmosphere with an angel.
Right now, I have to do this by myself and practice my skills.
Well, but it’s necessary.
Thanks to constant practice, it is now possible to activate with your feet so easily.

Besides, Salvation realized another possibility of the hand of the saint through the mosquito swarm incident.
I mean this skill. If you’re fighting like that, can’t you just activate it with your whole body?
Without having to activate it on a small area like your hands or feet, just activate it with your whole body, and the workshop will be complete.
Wherever I hit the enemy, the hand of the saint is activated, and wherever the enemy hits me, the touch of the saint is activated.
Is this completely invincible?
If this becomes possible, at least in close combat, it becomes a deceptive technique that makes it impossible to lose.

Salvation immediately tried to activate the hand of the saint with his whole body.
However, activating it in a small area and activating it with the whole body felt completely different.
It’s like a new technology.
I tried to activate it once, but then it really happened by chance.
In fact, I was so flustered at the time, I can’t even remember how it was activated.

He grumbled like that for a long time, but no matter how hard he tried, the hand of the saint could not be activated with his whole body.
At best, it was all about extending the range to the whole arm or the whole leg.
In addition, just by activating the entire arm or leg, the energy was consumed enormously. The duration of the skill was also much shorter than usual.
Come to think of it, when I activated it with my whole body, I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even unlock the skill. Still, when I checked Leia’s tail, it had already been released.
After all, you can’t become a Munchkin so easily.

However, activating it with the entire arm or leg is also a great harvest.
All the attacks of the monsters around here are at a level that can be blocked with limbs.
No, they’re the ones who can stretch out with just one touch of a saint anyway, so if it’s activated with limbs, it’s just like consuming a lot of spirit for nothing?
Still, it will be useful if you meet guys like the transcendent species.

But if it’s only used for special occasions, not for normal monsters, I think it would be more useful to activate it with the whole body.
Guwon couldn’t give up on Munchkin’s dream.
Wouldn’t it be possible to create a similar feeling by activating each part separately? There is a saying that if you don’t have teeth, you have gums.
Good. Let’s do it.

Guwon tried a new idea right away.
Even so, there are limited areas where salvation can properly activate Touch.
Hands, feet, arms, legs and genitals.
After completing the activation until the genitals, I thought of salvation.
Isn’t this different from just triggering it on the limbs? what is the genitals What are you going to do by starting here? You just grew bigger on a lonely night.
Salvation has loosened all the hands of the saint.
Eight. If you keep practicing, someday you’ll be able to freely do it with your whole body.
Tonight is giving up, giving up.

When Guwon gave up skill practice, at the same time someone came out of the tent.

“uh? buy it? We still have some time left before it’s your turn.”

It was Sarah who came out of the tent.
I checked the clock in the corner of my field of vision, but it was still too early for Sarah to stay vigilant.
Did you even want to go to the toilet?

“is that so? That’s good.”

But Sarah came close to salvation, rubbing her eyes as if still sleepy.
Salvation was starting to feel a little bad.

“Let’s talk.”

this, this It’s like something I’ve heard before.
surely… surely… did you hear it? The last time he put it in the mouth of a nine-tailed fox in the dungeon, he noticed it, but he showed it again this time? It’s just the two of you with Leia, so what’s going to happen? No, it’s shorter than that, what the hell are you trying to do?
Salvation went through my head in an instant.
no. let’s be calm You passed smoothly with Leia, who was the party. If I talk to him properly, I’m sure… No, Leia is an angel, so that was possible! He… Well, that’s not to say that I’m never a bad person, but I have a stingy side.
what to do What should I say about this?
Obviously, there is nothing wrong with salvation in the circumstances.
It was an unavoidable action to release the nine-tailed fox. What he hid from Leia was that he would be hated because of the priest’s taboo, and he didn’t do anything wrong.
Logically, there was no reason to hide it so desperately even from Sarah. Especially when Leia got to know him.
But Salvation could not go out so blatantly.
Tell the kid you know that you like me that you had a fight with another girl next to you?
Unless I’m not going to see Sarah face to face in the future, I’d never say that.

“Uh, what are you talking about?”

Even though Salvation was speaking by itself, I could feel my voice splitting.
Let’s take the shichimi off first.

“That… .”

But Sarah somehow blushed and wiggled her body.
what? This reaction is… .
The expectation of salvation and the reaction of the other person were 180 degrees different from the previous Leia days.
Was this something sweet this time?
Gu Gu-won, who was nervous for nothing, became a fool.
okay. he likes me too Sometimes, you might want to create a sweet atmosphere with just the two of you.
Whoops. chuck. Don’t get along well with this brother.
So, what do you do?

“That… .”

Sarah rolled her eyes as if trying to find something to say.
Indeed. He must have never been in a relationship, but it must be difficult to find something to say all of a sudden.
I don’t have any dating experience either, but as a man, let’s talk about it first.

“four… Sara?!”

The moment Guguo was about to speak, Sarah grabbed the item of salvation with a determined expression on her face.

“… It’s also getting bigger.”

“Oh no, this is… .”

I just activated the hand of a saint there, and it grew bigger.
Before Salvation could explain why, Sarah said in a quick tone.

“Oh, I know. Men don’t shrink until they grow up once they grow up, right? I know that, too.”

Where else did you hear that nonsense?
Even if it’s not cheap, it will shrink well over time.
But Salvation didn’t have to bring those words out of her mouth.
Is that so too? Contrary to the appearance, this innocent Miss Sarah did this.
Aren’t future developments anticipated?
Salvation was not stupid enough to bother with that.

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If you do not use it, a setting error occurs, so I put it in this way.
And in the previous episode, I added a phrase that says that it is more lonely to stand alone after the incident with Leia.

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2 layers

“Have you been in this state since then?”

Then maybe Sarah was referring to the mosquito swarm the last time she saw me get an erection? can it be A few days have passed since then.

“uh… uh… Yes?”

I didn’t want to clear up Sarah’s misunderstanding at the point where the future development was expected, but telling a lie was piercing my conscience, so salvation was moderately muffled.
I certainly didn’t lie. lie is.

“Also… .”

But Sarah was convinced by this attitude of salvation and nodded her head.

“It would be difficult to continue exploring the dungeon in this state. I can’t help it. I will make you smaller again.”

Say it decreases. Doesn’t it get smaller just because it loses strength?!
Men are sensitive to such trivial expressions.
Gu Guo was slightly moved by the remarks that touched the man’s pride, but his anger was immediately relieved by Sarah’s next action.
I didn’t mean it that way, but it could be.
Gu-gun spreads her legs slightly more to help Sarah try to spread the front of her pants.
You’re pretending not to be like that, but you’re trying to do this for the person you like.
You look like a chap, but you’re really pure. This older brother is now deeply moved.

“How the hell have you been in this state for a few days?”

Sara, who untied the front of the trousers of salvation, spoke in a tone of slightly absurdity at the great majesty of the object.
No, I mean, I haven’t been in this state for a few days.
Of course I won’t tell you.

“Hahaha. What… just… .”

Salvation was moderately flimsy.

“Sigh… . I really can’t help it!”

Sara looked at the savior’s face and took hold of the savior’s object with one hand, saying that he had no choice but to do it.
He pretends not to be even in a situation where he is the first to do it. because it’s really cute

“Come on, hurry up.”

Then he said as he looked up and down the things of salvation.

“uh? Only by hand?”

At Sarah’s lines, which seemed to tell them to hurry up and finish it, Salvation’s true intentions leaked out.

“All right, of course! So, what more do you want to do in this place?! This is in a dungeon! Even Diana and Leia are by their side!”

Each and every word is wise.
Even if you go to the end in such an open place, you will be attracted to the aggro of monsters that will not pop out.
Moreover, although it is said that it is invisible because it is inside the tent, Diana and Leia are also nearby.
It’s only covered by a thin piece of cloth in the tent, so of course there’s no soundproofing.
If you make any noise, you will be detected immediately

But nonetheless, it was unavoidable.
Perhaps feeling that Guwon was a little disappointed, Sarah made a slightly troubled expression and spoke in a weaker tone than before.

“… There’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Huh… . Know… .”

I know enough rationally.
On the contrary, you should be grateful just for doing something like this.
If you think about it, the eldest daughter is an act that has no merit for Sarah. This doesn’t mean that Sarah’s level doesn’t go up.
It is simply an act that only improves the feeling of salvation.
Doing this may mean a lot more to this world than I thought.
Sara had done this before, but in the end, when it came to rice, it was inserted and wrapped.
Thinking about it, I thought that it was Sarah’s own way of expressing affection, and I was happy.
Besides, I’m working hard with this clumsy hand gesture, and if I think this isn’t enough, I’ll be the one to be punished.
It’s not that I’m completely unhappy, but I can’t help it.
However, there was still a little bit of regret, and it seemed to show on his face.
Sarah stared at the salvation’s face, and furrowed her eyebrows as if in trouble.
Then, with a determined expression, he brought his face to the face of salvation.

“Really… Be patient with this.”

Sarah’s soft lips touched the lips of salvation.
The lips, which were gently touched at first, became warmer and more and more intensely pressed against the lips of salvation.
Then, he gently put his tongue in the mouth of salvation.
It felt like his tongue was moving hard with tension for some reason, and it felt like it was trembling slightly.
Obviously, the kiss must have been familiar to Sarah as she had done it several times with salvation. Because when I slept with Sarah, the time we kept our lips apart was short enough.
Still, Sarah’s movements gave the impression that she was clumsy.
Why? Even if you don’t make it to the end, is it terrifying to do this in a dungeon?
Guwon reached out and supported Sarah’s head and back, gently sweeping it away, responding to Sarah’s kiss.
Then, as if she had ever been nervous, Sarah regained her natural movement as usual.

That was the only way to realize salvation.
Come to think of it, it’s rare for Sarah to kiss first.
Whenever we kissed, Guwon read the atmosphere and did it first.
Occasionally, when Sara’s side showed that she wanted to do it first, Sara only signaled that way, and it seems that she never kissed first.
To be honest, I can’t be sure that my memory is accurate, because emotions take precedence over reason during sex.
But if you think about it that way, it also explains why Sarah’s movements were stiff while kissing.

And one more thing. Sarah may not be excited about the kiss.
Using Sex Analyzer, the lips definitely shined brighter than when we first met.
But the same goes for other erogenous zones.
I think this kind of change was developed as Sarah, who was just a virgin, had a relationship with salvation over and over again.
Still, Sarah’s best erogenous zone is her buttocks, and her lips don’t shine particularly brightly than other erogenous zones.
Up until now, I thought Sarah was excited by the kiss because of her first real experience, but that changed as her perspective changed.
Wasn’t a kiss just a sign of liking, a confirmation of affection?
In particular, I felt that way more in the sense that I had been induced to put salvation first.

Hey, how many times did I do such cute things without my knowledge?
The more I realized, the more I could see how much Sarah’s actions she had shown me were the actions of the young lady she loved.
Even though I’ve never noticed it until now, it’s become something of a joke.
Anyway, I’m glad I noticed it right now.
Gu Guo hugged Sarah tightly and kissed Sarah’s lips violently with the utmost affection.

In the meantime, Sarah’s hand was fervently scanning the items of salvation from below.
At first, I only held it with one hand and looked through it, but eventually I was holding the object of salvation with both hands and shaking it vigorously up and down.
Reminds me of the last time Leia gave me a big deal.
Although not as brilliantly technical as Leia at that time, Sarah’s movements were enough to make it feel like she was desperately trying to make salvation feel good.
And above all, I felt love.
This is definitely not my mistake.

“Write. haha haha Oh, are you still there?”

Sarah looked at salvation with a slightly anxious look and said.
do not worry. There’s nothing to be anxious about. It’s not that your hand doesn’t feel good.
Of course, compared to Leia, it feels clumsy, but if the target of comparison is Leia, probably anyone will. If you listen to what you say, it looks like you are being compensated by a nine-tailed fox just like when a saint level rises.
Purely looking at Sarah herself, she was doing quite well for something she hadn’t done a few times. I don’t know if it’s hero correction or what, but it’s because it’s quick to learn.
And the clumsy feeling that is sometimes revealed seems to show Sarah’s freshness well, so it was rather a good stimulus.

It’s just that my charm has grown so much.
The charm is not only the skill of the saint, but also the sexual act itself, so it becomes stronger in this way.
There’s nothing that can’t be cheap if you decide to buy it, but I didn’t want to end this moment like that.

“I really can’t help you.”

Sarah said so, and then dug through the crotch of salvation.
Then, looking at the salvation object boasting majestic majesty in front of his nose, he gulped and shook his neck loudly.

“Go, I’ll go.”

Sarah’s words were not meant for salvation, but as if to encourage her own courage.
Then Sarah opened her mouth wide to the limit, and slowly swallowed the savior.
Then he rolled his tongue and began to stimulate the front part of the object of salvation.
He was also quite good at it, unbelievably a second.
Sarah seemed to properly remember what salvation had taught her the other day.
Not only did she clench her lips tightly and shake her head back and forth to stimulate it, but it also gave stimulation by occasionally inhaling strongly to create a vacuum. The tongue moved around like a separate mollusk, providing constant stimulation throughout the object.
And above all, while performing all those movements, Sarah’s gaze was always directed toward the face of salvation.
He was completely sucking me as Guwon taught me.
Salvation felt her affection for salvation in each of her actions, and she felt an overwhelming feeling in addition to the pleasure.
Why does he look so pretty today?

Indeed, when Sarah did this, Salvation gradually began to feel a sense of ejaculation.
But when the situation became like this, it was really regrettable that it was really cheap.
It’s not just the desire to do it to the end.
Of course, it would be a lie to say that I have no such feelings at all, but above all, I wanted to enjoy this time when I could feel Sarah’s affection for a little longer.
So I decided to do a trick.
sorry. Sarah.
Salvation put itself in climax bondage after a long time.
With this, I don’t have to wrap it up before I make up my mind.

“Ugh. Sah, Sara.”

Salvation put a hand on Sarah’s head and said.
The speed at which she moved her head back and forth became faster, as if she had judged that salvation was now clear and pleasurable in the tone of salvation.
Churp. Chub. In the middle of the quiet desert, a sultry sound, a little different from that of having sex, resounded.

“Sah, Sara. I want to do it to the end.”

At the words of salvation, Sarah stopped moving.
And while still holding the object of salvation in his mouth, he looked up at the salvation.
Then, he slowly pulled his head back and took the item of salvation out of his mouth.

“Churp. pooh. haha Ha, but.”

“do not worry. You won’t be heard if you just guide the moans. I’ll make sure that I don’t let out any moans.”

Of course, it goes without saying what will stop it.
As if she understood the meaning of salvation, Sarah trembled and showed signs of agitation.

“I beg you. I feel like I want to be with you today.”

“Yeah, that’s what I… Well, if you ask me to do that, I can’t help it. If Diana or Leia finds out, it’s all your fault.”

In the end, at the desperate request of salvation, Sarah made a slightly blank expression at first, then immediately made a fresh expression and said.
Do you think it’s Sara’s style to have that kind of attitude while giving permission? cute i’m dying


Before Sara changed her mind, salvation put her hand in Sarah’s armpit and pulled herself up.
After placing Sarah on her thighs, she immediately put her hands on her pants.
Sarah kept her fresh expression, but lifted her hips slightly to make it easier to take off the salvation.
Sara’s outfit was easy because she came out of bed, so Sarah’s lower body was in a state of wearing nothing in an instant.
Guwon placed both hands on Sarah’s waist and lifted her body lightly.
Then Sarah reached down and grabbed the sturdy object of salvation and adjusted its position.
And before inserting, Gujang put his face to Sarah’s.

“Hey, chubby. haha.”

I wasn’t sure because it was so slow, but Sarah’s eyes seemed to be smiling.
He slowly lowered the hand that was supporting Sarah’s waist as it was.
As they sat facing each other, Salvation and Sarah became one.

“Ugh! haha haha More, in the dungeon… I made it to the end.”

Sara trembled violently, took a breath and parted her lips slightly.
The lips fell apart, but the distance between their faces was still close enough to be less than 10 cm.


“If I get caught, won’t Diana be left alone?”

“Then I must make sure I don’t get caught.”

Salvation pressed her lips to Sarah’s once more.

“Ugh. Haeup. Whoops.”

With their lips pressed against each other, it was said that the corners of Sarah’s mouth went up slightly.

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It’s not confirmed, but it might be a little further in the next episode.
I was just going to end it neatly, but I don’t know why it happened this way.
Could it be that the mentality that Diana Leia should not be discriminated against only by writing Diana Leia was unconsciously acted upon?

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2 layers

The two of them slowly moved their waists while keeping their lips together.
I couldn’t move as violently as usual to keep the sound out, though.

As Sarah said, if Diana finds out, you really don’t know what will happen to you.
In the last dungeon, I only saw him kissing Sarah, but he was so angry. Of course, if I left it as it is, I would have gone all the way to the end.
Moreover, now the probability of being attacked by monsters is even greater than at that time. It was at a secret base back then, so it was safe, but now it’s really just the middle of a dungeon.
Since the last time I was scolded by Diana, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this in the dungeon, so now it becomes a story of why I’m doing this… . I can’t help it. Sarah is doing such pretty things.
sorry. Diana. Just watch it once.
After apologizing to Diana in his heart, he focused on moving his waist.

It was a very different behavior from what I had experienced before.
Until now, I tried to make the other person feel even a little bit more.
There are parts of it that just fall for pleasure, but it must have been more because there is a consciousness in the corner of my heart that it also leads to leveling up.
As a result, the action naturally became more intense.

But now it’s different.
Gugu and Sarah both slowly moved their waists, as if they felt each other more firmly in every nook and cranny.
Of course, the biggest reason is to not make a loud noise, but I thought that salvation is not just because of this current action.
What should I say… . It’s embarrassing, but I guess they’re confirming their love for each other?
Sara’s affection was felt in her relaxed and gentle waist rotation, and Guwon tried to move her waist with the utmost affection for Sarah.

It was strange that even though I moved more slowly and earnestly than usual, the pleasure was still there.
It was a feeling of pleasure that was slightly different from the usual pleasure, though.
Anyway, the psychological satisfaction was great.

And Sarah must have been much more delighted than saved.
No matter how slowly you move, the heightened charm of salvation has not gone anywhere.
Sara would feel the pleasure even more intensely because it was the first time she entered a relationship after all-in the bonus stats to the charm of salvation.
As evidence of that, even though they had just started dating, Sarah was already trembling several times and reaching the climax.

“Ugh! Whoops. . Hmm. inhale.”

Each time Sarah reached her climax, Guwon suppressed the sound by pressing her lips tighter.
Now, shall I slowly release the climax bondage?
Of course, I wanted to keep going like this forever, but the reality was that no matter how much it was, I couldn’t.
We’ve got enough satisfaction, so let’s end today.
Salvation timed Sarah’s next climax to release the climax bondage it had placed on herself.
It was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced while feeling the pressure inside Sara’s inner climax and tighter bite.

Even after salvation had ejaculated like that, Sarah did not leave the body of salvation for a while.
As if trying to squeeze out everything that was still in the object, he turned his waist around and shared a deep kiss with Guwon.
And the long kiss continued until the afterglow of the climax completely disappeared.

“Huh… ha ha ha ha ha ha. Are you satisfied now?”

“Huh. It was great.”

“Heh, heh. Only when that happens.”

“no. You are always the best.”

Guwon said in a serious voice, looking straight into Sarah’s eyes.
Even after she fully realized Sarah’s heart because of her own greed, she is not confessing properly, but at least she didn’t want to hide her affection for Sarah.
And what if Sarah confesses to her? then it is then Then you should go and think about it.

Gu Gu-won’s earnest voice made Sarah’s face grow redder and reddish to the tip of her ears.
And, perhaps not wanting to show her face like that, Sarah bowed her head.
But salvation was clearly seen. Sara’s lips fluttered as if desperately trying to suppress the release.
cute guy.

“That, so. How many shifts do you have left?”

Couldn’t stand this shameful atmosphere any longer, so in the end, Sara changed the topic.

“Huh? Ah… .”

Looking at the time, it was already time for Sarah to be vigilant.
you’ve been doing it for a long time It’s a miracle that no monsters have ever come.

“Is it time for a shift with me? Then go in now.”

“No, but… .”

It was clear that the time for the shift had passed, but it was too shameless to go in like this.
Sarah thought that my belongings would have continued to grow, so she reduced the amount of time she had to sleep and made time for just the two of us.
I couldn’t lie that it wasn’t time for a shift yet.
Because Diana brought a watch for times like this.
There are watches in this world. It looks like it’s incredibly expensive, but Diana couldn’t afford that.
It was quite inconvenient to know the time alone, so Guwon was embarrassed and got a pocket watch for the party.

“It’s okay.”

“no. Anyway, I don’t think that’s the case. I’ll be there for your time, so why don’t you go in and get some rest?”

“I do not like it. Then it’s like I don’t want to be vigilant.”

“Who thinks so? I don’t think so at all. If anyone thinks like that, I will catch him and punish him.”

“Even if no one thinks that way, it’s a matter of my mood.”

Apparently, Sarah had no intention of backing down.
I mean, he’s got a bit of a savvy side, too.
what about this But I’m so sorry that I went to sleep like Sarah said.
A snowball fight began between Guwon and Sarah, as if they did not want to take a step back from each other.
If this is the case, it will only reduce the amount of sleep time for both of them.
Well, it’s not that things have been removed yet, but healing sex is active, so it’s okay… awhile. Healing Sex?
An idea flashed in Salvation’s mind.

“Good. So how about this? Sleep like this.”

“Hey, what are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“When the healing sex is active, the fatigue is relieved. Thanks to you, it’s okay to stay up all night to some extent.”

Verification has already been completed. When I first had a relationship with Leia, I went into the dungeon all night long, but I was fine.
Besides, the skill level of Healing Sex has risen slightly since then, so it will be even better than it was back then.

“… Knowing that means you’ve stayed up all night with one of Diana or Leia.”

Sarah pursed her lips slightly.
uh huh? I thought it was a good suggestion, but is the story going this way?
Even though it was true, I couldn’t think of any words to make an excuse.
But if you tell the truth that you did it because you didn’t know what the nine-tailed fox would do, it would only cause you little concern.
Salvation was unavoidable and decided to pretend.

“Uh, anyway, so why don’t Sara sleep like this? The posture may be a little uncomfortable, but… .”

Sarah still rolled her eyes, but she gave up on the vague topic of salvation.

“… Healing sex isn’t the only thing that affects you, right? I’ll be awake, so how about you sleep like this?”

However, he did not seem to have any intention of breaking his argument.
Another snowball fight began between Salvation and Sarah.
I can’t help it. If this is the case, then we will go to the last resort.

“If you’re going to keep doing that, will you force me to sleep?”

“Are you forced to sleep? how?”

“Yes, of course, if one touch of a saint… .”
“Hey, are you crazy? Then what are you going to do if you get caught?!”

At that time, he passed out in an instant by the hand of the saint, but he seemed to vaguely remember that he had made a loud noise.

“do not worry. I will completely cover my mouth until I completely lose my mind.”

Sara looked at salvation with a blushing face, and eventually put her body in close contact with the salvation body.

“I don’t know anymore. I’ll be fine, so do whatever you want.”

Sarah spoke softly and laid her face on the shoulders of salvation.
And soon after, the sound of Sara’s deep breathing could be heard in her ear.

“Sara. character?”

Salvation asked a small question, but there was no answer.
It looks like he was tired after all.
Well, no one woke me up, but I woke up just in time for my bedtime. Is it tiring to say that I was paying that much attention?
Salvation patted Sarah lovingly.

So Salvation continued to stand vigil, but unlike before, she was quite happy now.
Once you have a slender beauty in your arms, you can cast as much as you want.
Personally, I think Sarah’s ass is the best. It feels like a perfect blend of feminine softness and the elasticity of exercise. You will probably never get tired of touching it for the rest of your life.
And even if Sara was asleep, that unique masterpiece didn’t go anywhere.
Salvation had no time to be bored as it constantly moved inside and tightened the things of salvation even while sleeping.
If I could stand on the watchdog like this every day, I thought it would be okay for me to keep standing without having to decide on a watchdog.

However, those happy hours of salvation did not last indefinitely.
Suddenly, a loud alarm rang out in the middle of the quiet desert.
Is the monster approaching? Didn’t you feel anything?
His hands were fiddling with Sarah’s body, but still, there was a sense of being invisible, so his sight and hearing were focused on his surroundings.
Since it was a quiet place with nothing, there was no way that monsters could not hear a sound when approaching.
But you approached me without even noticing
Could it be that the alarm magic went off the wrong way?
I had such doubts, but I couldn’t help but check it out.
Besides, I heard the alarm, so Diana and Leia will come out soon.

“Sara. Japanese… .”
“Yeah. woke up.”

Sarah had already heard the alarm and had already opened her eyes.
Guwon and Sarah hurriedly put on their pants and stood up before Diana and Leia came out.

“But I don’t see it.”
“It is. No, wait. Doesn’t it feel like the ground is shaking for some reason?”

Sarah closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate, then suddenly mumbled those words.

“Is it a monster?!”

“Mr. Salvation!”

Just then, Diana and Leia came out of the tent.

“The alarm went off, but the monster was nowhere to be seen.”

“It feels like the ground is shaking a little bit.”

“What?! Hopefully already… Everyone, watch your feet!”

Upon hearing Sarah’s words, Diana hurriedly shouted.
footing? Are there any monsters that move underground like moles?
Salvation once activated the hand of the saint on the feet.
And the earth tremble seemed to be getting worse, and suddenly a huge monster appeared.
Right at the feet of salvation.


The man who soared with such force that his body of salvation floated lightly in the air, fell to the ground as it was and squirmed.

“what is this.”

Guwon said, kicking his body with his feet, which were still in the hands of the saint.
Overall, he looked like an earthworm.
An earthworm with a body circumference of approximately 2 meters.
The tip was split into 6 parts and spread like petals, and there were numerous protrusions that looked like teeth on the inside.
Did it rise from the ground to swallow me whole, and then fell by the hand of a saint?
He couldn’t have been a really cool guy.

“It’s a guy called Sandworm. I didn’t say anything because I thought it would come later.”

“Doesn’t he come out pretty far from the second floor too?”

“Well. Normally, you have to walk for three or four days to reach the area where this guy comes out, but why are you in such a place?”

“Maybe there is something here that this guy might like?”

“Hmm. Sand worms might like it… . It’s known that they usually like water, but don’t you see an oasis around here?”

yes it is No matter where you look 360 degrees, you can only see sand all the time.
The only water you can get here is the water that the cactus holds over there.
Other than that, only the liquids that fell while I was with Sarah… .
He suddenly felt a cold sweat running down his back.
surely. Isn’t it? How far away is it from where they live, but that’s the only reason I’ve come all the way here. No matter what you think, it’s not. It’s probably just a coincidence.

“Yeah, but this guy is pretty weak.”

“I mean, he’s a pretty dangerous guy in the first place.”

“For something like that, as soon as it popped out, I stretched out in vain.”

“Yeah. Your skills are weird. It’s a pretty tricky monster because he’s originally a guy who suddenly jumps out and attacks without any warning. It is no exaggeration to think that most of the adventurers who have not yet reached the 2nd tier teleport circle did not reach the teleport circle because of this guy.”

Diana could not read the bewildered expression of salvation and kindly explained it.

“But you two are great. I thought I woke up as soon as I heard the alarm, but when I went outside, there were already two of them. Who was vigilant?”

But, unexpectedly, Leia asked a sharp question.
However, salvation did not disappoint.
This was a question I had already expected when the monster came out when I was connected with Sarah.

“Ah. I was just about to take a shift with Sarah. The timing coincided.”

Gu Guo said as he clutched the pocket watch that was in his pocket.

“i See.”

Fortunately, Leia seemed to have understood the words.

“Anyway, I’m glad nothing happened. Then everyone go in and rest. I’ll be vigilant a little longer.”

Sara wanted to avoid the suspicious situation, so she tried to send Diana and Leia back to the tent.
But in the end, if this happens, Sarah will be able to stand up properly.
I’m sorry about this.
But if salvation does not enter the tent, it will only lead to doubt.
Can’t help it. We’re going to take care of Sarah later, and let’s go inside now.
Guwon looked at Sarah apologizing and went inside the tent.

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Thank you very much to those who recommended it.
Thank you very much to those who wrote comments.


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