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2 layers

After the attack of the sand worms, there were no more attacks from other monsters that night.
He received a lot of healing sex effects and slept well, and when he woke up the next morning, he was so full of energy that he couldn’t believe he had spent the night standing in the dungeon until the end of the night.
Healing sex is the best. It would be the best if I could do it every night in the dungeon.
It’s literally like a dream.

Salvation looked for Sarah as soon as she woke up.

“buy it. Good morning?”


Sarah had a face so innocent that it felt like a dream about what happened last night.
Are you taking care not to get caught by Diana or Leia?
We’re not dating now, and it’s inevitable, but last night was such a sweet atmosphere, but reacting so coolly made me feel a bit lonely.

“I’m sorry for last night. I should have stood up.”

“It’s okay. Originally it was time for me to stand. Besides, I was also influenced by healing sex. I’m very excited right now.”

Sarah said casually.
As a salvation, thank you. Besides, after realizing Sarah’s heart, it was a big deal because her pretty face looked more beautiful.

“But no luck. Why did the monster appear then? Since then, it hasn’t come out again.”

“no. It came out a few more times.”

“What? But the alarm… .”

“Because I took care of it before it got to the alarm range.”

Saying that, Sarah handed Gujang some magic stones.

“What are you two whispering about in the morning?”

“Oh, no. I just asked because it was strange that there was only one monster attack in such an open place. But there were several more raids when Sarah was vigilant.”

“What do you have that much? There were several times when this body stood up. I took care of everything before the alarm went off, though.”

As Diana said so, she pointed a finger to one side.
There were several corpses of monsters lying around.

“… Magic?”

“This body doesn’t carry any daggers!”

Diana opened her chest and said confidently.
Is that something to be proud of?

“Don’t brazenly say something with your chest open when you don’t have it.”

“Hey, there it is! definitely there! As long as this body grows… .”
“So now?”

“Hey, profit!”

When Salvation asked the question, Diana patted her in the chest as if she had nothing to say.
No matter how much I hit you, it won’t hurt.
Anyway, he’s a guy worth making fun of.
In fact, when you grow up, you will have a great body, and since you have a good enough body now, if you respond coolly, I wouldn’t make fun of you because it’s not fun.
He is young and has a weak immune system to such things, so he wants to tease him whenever he has time.

However, it is possible that there was a monster attack even when Sara and Diana were standing… .
Guwon ignored Diana, who was attacking with two fists, and turned to Leia.

“Did there ever be an attack when Leia stood vigilant?”

“no. I was not there when I was standing.”

In the end, it means that the monsters attacked only in the time of the two of them standing later.
Just thinking about it simply, before camping, cleaning up all the monsters I saw around me was effective until the time I saw the vigilante.

By the way, when I heard that Sarah and Diana had dealt with an approaching monster while standing vigil, something suddenly came to mind.
Without thinking, each of us took turns setting up a vigil, but Leia doesn’t need to set a vigil, right?
Even though the range of alarm magic has been greatly expanded, the reason why they remain vigilant is to catch monsters until the other companions wake up.
There’s no way Leia could do that.
When Guwon conveyed such a point to Leia, Leia shook her head and said vigorously.
Every time Leia shook her head, the big peak shook to and fro, and my heart also shook when I saw it.

“no. I don’t want to be a burden. I can do enough to block it for a while.”

it’s a burden I think you’re doing your job well enough just to be an eye caretaker.

“okay? how?”

“Uh, how are you? that… I’m a beast, so I’m strong. And again… Oh yeah! Priests don’t just know how to use healing magic. There is also an attack technique using the staff!”

Leia clasped her hands in front of her chest and waved her tail.
But now ah yes! said You’ve completely forgot yourself. Was it really possible?

“Then give it a shot.”

“Yeah? Who?”

“Who is it? me.”

“I, I… I’ve heard that some people like it, but… Was it like that, too, Mr. Guwon?”

Leia blushed and said.
What is this lady talking about now?
I don’t have any hobbies like that.
Of course, if our good-natured angel suddenly turns in love and sells it in the middle of an act, I think he will get a little excited by the gap… no. I don’t have that kind of hobby. what am i thinking now

“No, try attacking with the staff. Let’s see how powerful it is.”

“Yeah?! Ha, but… .”

“OK. You probably won’t get a single scratch.”

“Ah! You can’t believe I have offensive skills?

Leia said with a slightly sullen face.
Very cute.
Anyway, I know that the priest class has blunt attack skills.
It was originally in other games, and it was quite salty when used when no one needed healing.
But I guarantee Leia will be level 1 even if she has learned the skill.
First of all, I can’t imagine our angel hitting anyone, and above all, there was no staff before I met him.

“It’s not like that, it’s just that I’m ignorant and strong. Now, without any hesitation, attack once.”

“Really? I’ll believe you. Can’t you get hurt?”

Leia checked with the salvation several times before attacking.
And when he kept saying that salvation was okay, he swung the staff reluctantly.


A faint line remained on the staff’s trajectory as evidence that the skill had been activated, and it fell straight down towards salvation.
Of course, Leia’s attack didn’t hurt at all like Diana’s.

“Good. From now on, I’ll take care of Leia’s vigil.”

“Oh no!”

“OK. I don’t really sleep, so I don’t care.”

This is not only for Leia, but also for everyone in the party.
Salvation had no intention of retreating.

“still… .”

Even Leia understood it in her head, but it felt like she wanted to somehow stay vigilant.
I’d like it if I told you to do it for me instead. He’s an angel too.

“I want to be a little more helpful… .”

“Leia usually gives me mental healing, so it’s okay. It’s helping me a lot more than staying vigilant.”

“I am? Mental healing? which… ?”

Leia tilted her head.
That’s right. Just keep going like that.
Guwon did not answer and nodded with satisfaction to himself.

So, in the end, it was decided that salvation would stand for two people.
However, it seems that Leia felt an unexpected sense of responsibility that she was in charge of mental healing.
It was evident when we ate.

“Come on, Mr. eat a lot. ah.”


Leia began to feed Gujang.
Salvation, of course, ate without hesitation.
There are other people, aren’t you ashamed?
Being able to spend quality time with an angel is more precious than that. For that, I will not hesitate to make any sacrifices.

“Huhu. You are good.”

And Leia had another drink, stroking her head every time Guwon took a bite.
Perhaps it was a habit of taking care of orphanage children, but it had become like treating children, but he did not care about salvation at all.
The relief is quite large even in a seated state, so when Leia sat next to her and stretched out her hand to the head of her salvation, that huge chest was naturally pressed by her arm.
If it was the original way, Guwondo would have noticed a little bit of Sarah and Diana, but I couldn’t come to my senses as the angel continued to create happy situations like this.

“Heh, heh heh. that, like that… Whoops!”

Then something shoved into his mouth.
When I put my mind to it, I saw Sarah shoved her spoon into the mouth of salvation.

“If you like this kind of thing, I’ll do a lot of it too.”

“Sleep, whoa! Hey, it hurts! Ouch!”

I know I was a bit sloppy, but you’re not too emotional.
Unlike Diana and Leia, Sara also had a certain amount of strength, so even with a spoon, she received minor damage.

“why? Is this good?”

“Sara. No.”

It was Leia who set salvation free.

“If you do it so violently, it will only hurt Goo Won. The inside of the mouth is a delicate place, so it needs to be softer. Well, take a good look. ah.”

Leia scolded Sarah, and once again served Guguo with soup.

“Come on, like this. Do you understand?”

Then he said as if to tell Sarah to try it.

“Ugh… .”

At Leia’s attitude, Sarah began to hesitate.
At first he attacked salvation because he was blinded by jealousy, but when he was in a position to do it himself, he seemed embarrassed.
cute guy.
Gu Gu-won looked at Sarah with a slightly teasing feeling, and Sarah’s face grew redder and redder.

“Heh, heh. Who do you think will feed you?”

Sarah hesitated to scoop the soup, and eventually put it in her mouth.
Hey. Did you eat it knowing that it went into my mouth?
Well, every time we’re in a relationship, we kiss each other deeply, but it’s strange to be concerned about that now.

Anyway, even after defeating the jealous Sarah, Leia continued to help by sticking to the side of the salvation meal.
I was indescribably happy that he stroked my hair like I was treating a child with every bite. Especially the feel on the arm.

“Isn’t your attitude quite different from when you stroked your body?”

Diana, who had been staring at Guwon and Leia as if they were a spectacle until then, said something with an expression of dissatisfaction with whether she could stand it in the end.

“Yeah, you… .”

Salvation was no longer an answer.
I was teased with this as soon as I woke up, but if I tease you again right now, I don’t think it’s going to end as much as pounding with my fists.
However, Diana looked at her heart with exhaustion so that she could realize it on her own.

“What are you? … awhile. Where are you looking now?”

Whoops. You seem to have noticed. Did you realize the crucial difference between you and an angel?
So, shall I try to avoid being insulted now?

“no. Because your face is so cute.”

“Don’t lie!”

it didn’t work at all

“Hey, how can this body be subjected to such humiliation!”

Diana was so angry that she had tears in her eyes and trembled.
I’m sorry this is so over-reacting.

“Hey, hey. What do you think it is? That’s humiliation. You have your own charm.”

“… Really?”

“Well then!”

“But why is there a different reaction when I stroke this body than when Miss Leia gives it to me?”

“Oh, that’s… . that, yes I’m shy. I was shy, so I pretended not to be.”

Guwon squeezed his head and barely made a fuss.
Damn it. Why am I this far… . Even after talking about it, I feel a little embarrassed.
I’m not even a kid who doesn’t show affection for the kid he likes, and keeps quiet.
Diana stared at the face of salvation and immediately smiled.

“Something. You have a pretty cute side too. Did you like this body caressing you so much?”

Then, while stroking his head as if torn apart, he said teasingly.
It’s true that I said that to appease you, but I don’t like it as it is when you say such a sarcastic thing because it’s so lively.
If I play around with this again, will I die?
But before Salvation could put that thought into action, Leia pulled Salvation toward her and secretly pulled her away from Diana.

“Come on, come on. Goo Won, there is still food left here.”

Then, he broke the bread into an appropriate size and put it in the mouth of salvation.
Is this because you know I’m going to get mad at Diana again?
big How perfect are you with this kind of care? Also, angels are the best.

Anyway, so the party went back to the teleport magic circle.
Even after reaching the area where the sand worms appear, which is the biggest obstacle on the journey to get there, the speed of the group’s progress did not decrease at all.
If Salvation alone takes the lead and walks with the hand of the saint on her feet, trying to deal with the salvation that is alone, she bumps into her foot and collapses.

For a few days, I would like to go straight on the road as if taking a walk.
At last, beyond the horizon in the distance, a huge pillar of light began to reach the ceiling.

“Is that a teleport magic circle?”

“Well. You’ve come to the right place.”

“Good. I can sleep well today.”

“I’m sorry… .”

Leia suddenly bowed her head at the words of salvation.

“Oh, no. I don’t mean that… .”
“Ok. Leia doesn’t have to apologize. This guy is doing this just because he wants to have sex.”

Sara next to her said calmly.
Sarah has been in a bad mood these days because Leia has been too attached to me.
In the old days, I was embarrassed when Sarah appeared like that, but now she looks cute.
Is this some kind of pod?
Even what Sarah said wasn’t wrong.
You’re right about what I said because I wanted sex. You look at me exactly like someone who likes me.

“Well, let’s go now.”

“Genga who doesn’t deny… .”

Diana said in an absurd tone next to her.
What are you doing to deny it? What I want to do is the basic needs of men, no, all living things.

The pillars of light were farther away than we thought for what we could see.
After walking for about half a day, I finally reached the place that had formed a small village.

“Town? Do people live in the dungeon?”

“Exactly, it’s the adventurers who explore the second floor, the merchants who do business for adventurers, and the clan members who manage this place.”

Unless it’s a confined space like the secret base we found, the teleport magic circle is too conspicuous.
Especially from here, the view is so wide that you can clearly see it even from a half-day distance.
Therefore, it is common for monsters to attack on a daily basis.
After installing the teleport magic circle, if the monsters are attacked and destroyed, isn’t it a hoax?
So, clans create a village in the area where the teleport magic circle is installed in this way.
After all, you can move materials to the teleport magic circle, so there is nothing lacking, so you just sit here and make money while protecting the teleport magic circle.
As a result, adventurers naturally want to sleep in a safe place, and there are merchants targeting them.
This is also desirable for the clan that manages this place.
You can collect a portion of the profits from merchants using this place, such as taxes, and adventurers staying here will help when monsters attack.
Would you call it superficial? It’s a decent system.
It has nothing to do with our area on the 1st floor, where it’s narrow and there’s almost no fear of monster attacks.

“But aren’t the prices usually more expensive in places like this? Wouldn’t it be better to just sleep in the village with a teleport magic circle?”

“I’m not so stupid that even merchants don’t think like that. I’m adjusting it to some extent according to the cost of using the teleport magic circle. Besides, if you’re going to continue exploring here, moving around every day can be cumbersome.”

indeed. I’m sure I’ll keep exploring, but it’s annoying to go back and forth to Diana’s mansion every day. time is precious

“Then shall we stay here today?”

Naturally, the inn here was no different from the inn in the village.
The party decided to go to the restaurant before getting a room and get a meal first.
Sitting around the table and eating like this, I didn’t really feel like I was in a dungeon.

“It feels strange to be able to eat like this in a dungeon and sleep in a bed.”


Salvation was a very strange feeling.
To stay at an inn means to be able to sleep together.
You can have sex every day without noticing inside the dungeon.
What I thought a few days ago would be the best if I could activate Healing Sex every day in the dungeon will come true.

“then. Sarah. Can we have one room?”

“Yes Yes?”

“Huh? What are you so surprised about? Aren’t you going to do it?”

“That, that! Ha, I’ll do it… .”

Sarah blushed and said.
After all, even if you’ve taken a cold attitude out of jealousy these days, there’s no way you can deny it. cute guy.

“Then let’s get a room.”

Guwon grabbed Sarah’s hand and quickly grabbed a room and went up to the double room.
And as soon as he entered the room, he took off Sarah’s clothes.

“Come on, wait! At least wash up!”

“By the way, we promised to wash together.”


Sarah stiffened her body as if she had forgotten to speak before salvation spoke.
Whoops. I’m sorry but I didn’t forgot
Guwon took Sarah blushing and went into the bathroom attached to the room.
Sara was stiffening her body with tension, but without showing any signs of resistance, she entered the bathroom as Salvation led her.

“Why are you so nervous? You’ve already seen each other’s bodies every nook and cranny.”

“Yeah, but there’s a difference between this and that!”

From the point of view of salvation, it felt similar to that, but from Sarah’s point of view, it was not.
In the end, Sarah was too shy to wash each other out.
Can’t help it. Opportunities aren’t the only ones right now. Let’s get used to it slowly.

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2 layers

“After all, I wanted to do it all night.”

After washing up, Guwon said, putting Sarah on the bed.

“Yeah? that, what… .”

shichimi peeling. You were jealous of whom you had sex with last night.
Anyway, I have a good memory in this way.

“Good. Then do it all night.”

“Hey, are you crazy? Hunting tomorrow… .”
“OK. The last time I stayed up all night, it was the day before entering the dungeon. There was no problem.”

To be honest, I’ve never stayed up all night just having sex.
The last time I slept with Leia, I slept alone with Leia fainting.

“Sleep, me, really?”

Sarah pretended to resist lightly, but it didn’t seem like she really hated it.
It was good. Then let’s run

In the end, Sarah really ended up doing it all night.
Guwon stopped moving his waist until it was time he would have just woken up normally.
I remembered the last time I did it, and there were more times when I moved more leisurely rather than intensely, but in the end, it meant nothing after a long time.
On the way, Sarah almost lost her mind and became so sensitive that her salvation reached its climax after only three or four rounds of her waist.

So Sarah was now stretched out on the bed.
My eyes are open, so I’m not stunned.
However, his face was covered with tears and saliva, and his facial muscles were loose.
Sara, who usually has a cool expression, was excited to have this kind of face, but on the other hand, I was also worried.
have you gone too far

“Sara. OK?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Whoops… !”

As Gu Guo placed his hand on Sarah’s stomach and gently shook it, Sarah crouched and convulsed violently.

“Haha, sleep, if I touch you… !”

Ah, yes… . sorry.
Salvation decided to leave it alone until Sarah stabilized.
Shall I take a shower first?

When I came out of the shower, Sarah, who was sitting on the bed, was staring at me.
After washing his face, he was back with a pretty face as usual.

“Are you really crazy? I really can’t believe it. This beast.”

“Oh, no. You said that you slept with someone last night. I think you want to try it too… .”
“Don’t make excuses!”

“Huh… .”

Salvation was to come.
I think I’m running too far.

“I really can’t believe it. uh… It feels like the inside of the boat is shaking… .”

Sara slowly disappeared into the bathroom while talking to herself like that.
I think he has an angry expression and his voice is very bright. Is it my mood?

Anyway, thanks to what I did all night, salvation achieved one splendid feat.
You just surpassed Sarah’s level again!
In a world where you level up through sex, it was quite self-defeating to be behind the girls you were with.
It’s because Sara’s level has been raised through combat rather than sex, though.
As he fights, his level will rise secretly again, so even if he overtakes the level like this, he cannot be vigilant.

Still, it is true that it is a little easier to raise the level of salvation thanks to that.
It’s just that leveling up is slow if you only work with low-level kids.
Can it be said that it is a repetition of a virtuous cycle in which salvation raises the level by forming a relationship with party members, and when Sarah transcends the level of salvation through battle, salvation catches up again and raises the average level of the party members?

Salvation, who had surpassed level 50, decided to shoot a skill while Sarah washed up.
There was a skill that I had been aiming for since I met the mosquito swarm, and I was finally able to learn it when I reached level 50.
Guwon opened the skill window and invested skill points in the skill without hesitation.

It was the skill of proclaiming the sanctuary.
Just hearing the name gives you a sense, but it is a skill that makes a certain radius around you into a sanctuary.
Of course, the sanctuary is not a sacred surname, but a sanctuary using the surname of character.
All creatures entering the sanctuary gradually increase in excitement and sensitivity, and pleasure enters once every second like dot damage.

It sounds like a scam skill that can be done with just this skill alone, but in reality it is not.
Other games of Great Earth had similar skills. And all of them were skills that were treated as garbage.
First, the mana efficiency is extremely poor.
And no matter what, the power is too low.
You may have already noticed that it gives you all the excitement, sensitivity, and pleasure, but instead of spreading it all out like this, the power dropped by that much.
It’s a skill for one-on-one harem play from the beginning.
It’s a skill that doesn’t come out unless the player reaches max level, but if you hit max level, you don’t need this skill when you’re already playing harem.

But nevertheless, salvation invested points in this skill.
Only to deal with mosquito swarms.
With Diana, mosquito swarms aren’t a problem at all, but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for emergencies.
If something happens to you, you can get away with Diana for a while, or when Diana runs out of mana, a mosquito swarm may suddenly appear.
Although the power of the declaration of sanctuary is very weak, it can still catch mosquito swarms.
Each one is weaker than the first-tier monsters, and my charms are overspecified.

“By the way, what are we going to do from now on? Would you like to register for the teleport magic circle here and return to the village?”

“Well? Do you really need to? As long as you’ve come all the way here, you can get a good night’s sleep, so why don’t you keep hunting?”

Salvation heard Diana’s words, and immediately noticed her intentions.
This is the reason I asked you to come here with this in mind from the beginning.

“Are you going to run away again?”

“Hey, what does that mean?”

“You’re doing this because you don’t want to go home now.”

“Oh, no! After all, at your level, you should stay around here and hunt!”

“Is that really all?”

He looked straight into his eyes and said.
They looked at each other as if they were having a snowball fight for a few seconds, and in the end it was Diana who turned their eyes first.

“Uh, even if you go to the village anyway, there is nothing to see.”

Diana pursed her lips and spoke in a slightly slurred tone.
I can’t make fun of you anymore because you react so cute
After all, pretty things benefit no matter what they do.

“I do, but you don’t know what Sara or Leia is like. You might want to take a break because you’ve been walking around for a few days even if you don’t have anything to see. How about Sarana Leia?”

At first, the words seemed to ask both of them, but to be exact, it was a question directed at Leia.
It’s unlikely that Sarah, who has come up from the countryside and doesn’t know anyone, will ever see her in town. Rather, I will urge you to hunt in order to raise the level as quickly as possible.

“I’m fine. As Diana said, do you stay here and hunt?”

I knew it. The answer is as expected.
As a warrior who went out to subdue the Demon King, of course he would answer like this.

“I’m fine too.”

But it was surprising that even Leia responded like this.
I haven’t been to the orphanage for a few days, so I thought you’d want to go there at least once. Are you thinking of us and taking care of us?

“Are you really okay? Aren’t you overdoing it?”

“No. It’s really ok. I also want to grow until I can be vigilant.”

Leia clenched her fists and answered.
indeed. were you thinking like that? I’ll be staying here for a while anyway, so I won’t be able to stand up like a nightmare. ‘Cause you’re so special

So, unanimously, we decided to stay here for a while to hunt.
The monsters in this neighborhood have risen to the level where they can be easily sorted out by either Salvation, Sara, or Diana, but in terms of level, this is a nonsensical level.
To the last, thanks to the titles of saint, hero, and archmage, we are just too strong beyond our level.
The appropriate level of the monsters in this area is still higher than our level.
Hunting was a level of slaughter, but the level went up quite a bit.

Still, in order to raise the level more efficiently, Salvation decided to seal the hand of the saint.
If you just use this, they’ll all fall down in one shot, so it doesn’t look like you’re fighting properly.
So, Gugumon drew the attention of the monsters in front of them and Sara put them together one by one, and the battle was fought.
For reference, Diana made me wait to not come out unless there was a special circumstance. There’s no need to raise your job level anyway.

After changing the fighting style like this, I finally realized why the sand worm was also a threat to adventurers.
As Salvation was walking one step ahead, a faint vibration was felt on the ground.
Then, something suddenly popped out from under my feet and swallowed me up to the waist of salvation.
wow. What is this. I feel bad
The defense of salvation was considerable, and the reinforced armor was also worth it, the damage was not as great as I thought.
However, it was quite a creepy feeling to have half of her body eaten by a monster.
Reflexively, he almost used the hand of the saint, but salvation barely endured.
Then, he swung the foot that was swallowed up in the body of the sand worm.


It looked like he had taken some damage, but he didn’t spit out the lower half of his salvation.
This is a tough guy. Let’s see who wins.
However, if it was toughness, he had no intention of losing salvation either.
As Gu-gu alternately swung his feet and continued to attack the sand worm from the inside, it was enough to see his body swell with Gu-gu’s kick from the outside.
The guy wriggled his body as if in pain.


When the sand worm wriggles its body, it is natural that the half-eaten body of salvation also shakes greatly.
Perhaps the appearance of such a salvation was quite dangerous, Sarah panicked and fired an arrow that seemed to have loaded a lot of mana.
The arrow fired at the sand worm pierced the sand worm’s skin and pierced the thigh of salvation that had been eaten in it.


Guwon, who suffered unexpected damage, screamed after a really long time.
It’s not just that the damage came in unexpected situations.
what is this. inexorably painful. Sarah, her damage, why are you so bloody?

“Go, save!”
“Wait, are you okay?”
“Mr. Salvation!”

All the party members screamed at the scream of salvation.
Salvation is an efficient level-up, and once you use the touch of a saint to stun the sand worm, you quickly get out of its body.
Fortunately, Sarah’s arrow was so powerful that it went through her thigh and didn’t get stuck.
No, are you happy with this?


Sara was the first to approach salvation.
It’s simply the fastest of the three.
Sara, who ran toward salvation almost as quickly as she used the chukji method, did not know what to do without bringing salvation as it was.

“what can I do. Sorry. I think so, huh. Huh.”

Sarah finally started to cry.
It’s not just the level of tears, but the level of crying like a child.
To the extent that he was rather embarrassed by Sarah’s appearance, he forgot about the pain and comforted Sarah.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Calm down. It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought.”

“Oh, it doesn’t hurt, huh, what, black, it doesn’t hurt! This, this blood, black.”

Sarah cried so much that she couldn’t speak properly and said to Gu-won.
Wow, I can’t bear it because a kid who doesn’t seem like this at all cries like this. What should I do to comfort you?
Guwon hugged Sarah and patted her on the back.

“Are you okay?”

“Savior. Please show me.”

And Diana and Leia, who followed, looked for salvation.
Leia immediately put the light in her hand and caressed the thigh of salvation.
It was a softer touch than ever before, but it was a little bitter to caress over the pierced wound.


“Sorry, I’m sorry. Are you sick?”

“no. It’s just that it’s slightly bitter. Keep going.”

The wounds of salvation only healed after touching them for a while longer than usual.
Meanwhile, Sarah was held in the arms of Gu-won and continued to cry.

“Sara. stop crying OK. Come on. Everything was fine.”

As salvation continued to speak, Sarah barely stopped crying.
Tears were still welling up to the point where it would drip right away if I stabbed her, but Sarah bit her lips tightly and held back tears.

“… Go back to town.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Then will you continue hunting with that bridge? Come back to town.”

“No, I’m fine… .”

“No. At least I need to rest today. Healing sex or anything else should be used to treat it perfectly.”

Sarah stubbornly refused to give up.
And when I heard that salvation is also healing sex, I was slightly shaken.
okay. Shall we take a day off today and work hard from tomorrow?

“Hmmm. I can’t help it. Then, let’s make this body stronger.”


Sarah and Diana looked at each other and tilted their heads.

“no. It’s purely my fault. .”
“no. No way. This body is not a person whose vessel is too small to embrace the mistakes of a fellow. Above all, it is not this body’s turn today. This body will take responsibility and make sure it heals.”

“Uh, uh… .”

Oh oh. After a long time, Diana crushed Sarah with perfect logic. This reminds me of the old days.

“Savior… .”

As Gu Gu was watching their conversation from the standpoint of a bystander, a pathetic voice was heard from the side.


“Is my treatment not enough? Aren’t you all better yet?”

When I turned my head, our angel had a very sad face.

“no! No way! It’s so refreshing!”

Salvation quickly stood up from the spot.

“Wow. look at this I don’t even know where I got hurt. As expected, Leia’s healing magic is the best.”

Gu Guo waved his legs and exaggeratedly said.
You can’t make our angel sad.
It is true that it has been cured, and sex is something you can naturally do at night anyway. There’s no reason to go back in the middle of the day.

“Come on, everyone, don’t worry about anything and let’s go hunting. Everyone knows how great Leia’s healing magic is, right? Now, let’s dig up the magic stones and leave.”

Guwon turned to where the sand worm had fallen.
However, the appearance of the sand worm was no longer there.
what. Maybe you ran away?

“If it’s a magic stone, it’s here.”

At that time, Diana offered salvation a magic stone.
indeed. Diana, who is also experienced, seems to have managed to deal with Sandworm, who was stunned in the meantime.
But how did you get the magic stones?

“You don’t have a knife, do you?”

“If you tear it apart with wind magic, mana stones will come out naturally.”

“Then why didn’t you do it before?”

“Then the eyes of this body will become dirty. I don’t want to do it anyway.”

I’m sure it wouldn’t look good if I tore the corpse into shreds until I could see the magic stones
Was it unavoidable this time?
In that sense, he also clearly distinguishes between when he’s joking and when he’s not, that means he’s joking with me.

Well, that doesn’t mean that it’s not acceptable to let me dig mana stones.
You mean you could do it, but you didn’t? see you later
Salvation quietly decided to take revenge on Diana.
Of course, it’s hard to beat Diana during the day, so revenge will be at night.
Well, tonight is the day I spend with him.
How do I get to eat him so that he can say he did something wrong?

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2 layers

It was decided to pamper Diana at night, and for now, we decided to resume hunting.
It was pretty cute to see Sarah with tears in her eyes and a confident expression as if she would never make a mistake this time.

But he had no intention of being saved again.
Earlier, I didn’t realize why the sand worm was such a scary guy, so I was vigilant.
This time, paying close attention, he quickly moved from side to side as soon as he felt a slight vibration on the ground.
It only falls behind Sarah, but the agility of salvation is by no means low.
Based on that agility, Salvation was able to dodge the sand worm’s attack, even at the slightest risk.
And the body of the man who just soared into the air without being able to bite his salvation was nothing more than a punching bag.

“Hmm. It was like that from the beginning.”

Just in case, Diana said as she floated her magic in the air and then waved her hand to get rid of it.
It seems that he was worried about this or that.

“They were so easily caught by the hands of a saint, so I was a little careless.”

“I admit that you are strangely strong for your level, but you should always be vigilant in the dungeon. This body has seen countless people who have lost their lives that way. I don’t want to lose you like that.”

Diana has been saying things that feel old in a long time.
If you say it like this, you will become weak again.

“sorry. I will be careful in the future.”

“Well. It’s good to be honest. Good attitude.”

Diana said with a satisfied smile and stroking Salvation’s head.
I mean, she really likes touching her hair.
Do you have any fetishes like that?
Gu Gu-won was thinking such an absurd thought, and without realizing it, a sinister smile was put on. Then, somehow, I felt that Diana’s smile brightened up.
what. why do you like it
Can you read people’s minds with magic? No, then you don’t like it, you have to be angry.
The mystery only deepened.

After repeating the battle several times like that, Guwon constantly checked the status window.
Obviously, the level up speed of the fighters seems to be faster than when using the touch of a saint.
But there was one problem.

“Hmm… .”

“Well? But why? suddenly stopped.”

“Are your legs still sore? After all, to the village today… .”

Sarah rushed to salvation like a deokdal.

“no. It’s not like that. For a moment, I thought about how to improve the level-up efficiency.”

“Really? Aren’t you pretending to be okay for nothing?”

I feel the need to worry so much that it tickles a corner of my chest and makes me happy, but on the other hand, I’m a bit unaccustomed to it.

“Sure. do not worry. i’m going to do that You must be crying again.”

Gu-won gave Sarah a playful grin.

“Hey, I didn’t cry that much.”

No, it’s unreasonable to deny it anyway.
You cried so much that you were really worried about dehydration.
Anyway, Sarah seems to know that salvation is really good.

I thought of salvation as I moved back the steps I had stopped.
How do I level up the alternate assassin?
The assassin’s level hasn’t risen at all until now.
Somehow, the rise to level 8 was on the rise.
But at one point, it went up to 8, and since then it hasn’t gone up once.
What are the conditions for the level up of the alternate assassin?
Since I’m an assassin, I wanted to kill the opponent myself, so I hit the last hit, but that didn’t go up at all.
But if you check it at some point, sometimes it’s up.
Is assassination the condition rather than killing?
But until now, I’ve never caught a monster in the same way as an assassination.
If I had to choose what he fought like an assassin, the only time he was caught trying to get close to a sleeping guy was when he caught the Werewolf-type owner on the 1st floor.
So when did you get up?
Would you like to know Diana?
I’ll have to ask about it later when I’m with Diana.
If you ask when you’re with Leia, there’s nothing to say when it comes to where you got your assassin job.

And when it was time to finish the hunt, the opportunity that salvation had hoped for finally came.
It was good. Why didn’t you see me today?
A dark cloud was approaching from afar at high speed, with a hum that was clearly audible from afar.

“Hmm. It’s the body’s turn.”

Diana, who had nothing to do with no mosquitoes coming out all day, stepped forward as if everything was going well.
No matter how much interest in dungeon exploration, it seems boring to just follow along without doing anything.
I’m sorry, but this time it wasn’t Diana, but it was the turn of salvation.
Salvation stepped forward, reaching out and restraining Diana.

“Wait a minute. I’ll deal with them.”

“Well? What does that mean?”

“I have something to try for a moment.”

“You. Have you already forgotten that you promised to be careful with this body during the day?”

“No way. Still, I learned a new skill to deal with them, but I can’t help but try it.”

“Hey. Is it a new skill? What skill?”

At the words of salvation, Diana’s eyes lit up with curiosity.
After all, it’s a new skill, so there seems to be interest.

“It is a wide-area technique that activates on all targets within a certain range around me. The effect is that the holy water of the saint and the touch of the saint are incredibly weak, but still feel.”

“If it is extremely weak, how much is it? The combined effect of Holy Water and Touch would be quite dangerous even if the power was weak.”

“Perhaps you barely feel it? But each one of them is incredibly weak, so I think it will be quite effective.”

“Hmm. Is it worth a try?”

“okay. Just in case you don’t know, just prepare your magic just in case.”

“Well. I see. Let’s take a look at that new skill.”

Salvation boldly walked in the direction the mosquitoes were approaching.
come. these worms Show me how the saints fight

When the distance from the mosquito swarm was reduced to within 1 meter, salvation activated a skill.
Welcome to Sanctuary. You ignorant worms.
Gu Gu-won smirked at the mosquito swarm, grabbing all kinds of shit, with his head facing the sky and his arms wide open.
And all those multitudes of mosquitoes rushed to salvation all at once.
From the outside, maybe it just looks like a black object in the shape of a human?
Mosquitoes were clinging to every corner of the body of salvation to such an extent that it was thought.
uh huh? This is a little different from what I expected.
no. Let’s be calm though. I still have the hand of a saint.
Salvation immediately activated the hand of the saint.
Then I felt the mosquitoes that had been clinging to my hand fall off in an instant.
Good. Even the guys who stick to their bodies like this… .
But before Salvation waved her hand, another mosquito covered her hand.
And while the ones that were clinging to their hands fell off, those who were attached to their bodies began to insert the long straws on their snouts into the body of salvation.

“Aww! Help me!”

With that creepy feeling, Salvation immediately asked for help.
Diana, save me!
No, wait. How did Diana catch them when they caught them?
During the short time Diana cast her magic, the sight of mosquitoes bursting with explosive magic flashed through the mind of salvation like a lantern.
I… Compared to the defense, the magic defense is not as high as I thought.
Does Diana know about it?
Have I ever been enchanted in front of Diana?
No matter how much I thought about it,
There was no chance to be hit by the magic, so it was also because he had not raised his mental stats until now.
Salvation, who had thought so far in an instant, immediately screamed.

“awhile! Diana! I!”


But Diana’s magic was a little faster.
Cold water was covered from head to toe at once.
In the strong current, the mosquito swarm that had covered salvation was swept down at once.

“Well? Something?”

“no. I always believed in you.”

then. Of course.
Would our Archmage use magic that harms his allies without even thinking about it?
How to cleanly drop only mosquitoes on the floor with water magic. Also, sorcerer. The application itself is wrong.
Of course, because of the low power, Diana’s magic didn’t kill the mosquitoes.
Salvation used the hand of a saint on his feet, and trampled down every mosquito that was floundering in the water in the sand.
Every time I step on it, red blood comes out, and it was terrible to think that it was all my blood.
How much did you suck in that brief moment?

“This body will take care of these guys, so you can get treatment.”

Diana said that she felt sorry for the swelling, which had been bitten all over her body, but Salvation ended up stomping on all the mosquitoes and approaching Leia.

“Really. You have to be careful.”

When Leia saw such salvation, she began to treat her as if she was upset.
I don’t mean to make you look upset, but personally, I was happy because it seemed to show the pity of an angel.

“Really. And what’s with that weird pose in the first place? Standing confidently and doing nothing and getting hit.”

And Sarah said next to her.
Sara, who had completely regained her own pace during the battle, returned to the same cute figure she showed during the day, tickling again all over the place.
Well, he looks cute during the day, but it was easy to deal with because he was more familiar with this look.
Even though he looks like this on the outside, on the inside, I’m upset that he’s been hurt, so I know that he has this kind of attitude.

“No, when you activate that skill, you have that kind of posture… .”
“Are you lying?”
“Huh… .”

Guwon wanted to hide in a mouse hole slightly.
I can’t help it. The skill name is a declaration of sanctuary.
It’s a name that gently tickles the middle ear disease that is sleeping inside a man, so I don’t know… .

“Sigh… . Still, it probably won’t work at all. At least I thought it would work against mosquitoes.”

“Don’t be too discouraged. It doesn’t work at all, is it?”

“Huh? What are you talking about. It didn’t work at all.”

“Then the mosquitoes would have flown in the direction these bodies were. He didn’t come here at all and ran towards you, so at least he was attracted to aggro.”

Oh, right. If you think about it that way, you can see it as half success.
The most ideal thing was that mosquitoes would come and go, but only with the pleasure that the declaration of sanctuary gives.
Still, it’s a skill that consumes a lot of regularity, but it’s a simple wide-area provocateur
Was it such a garbage skill that even my charms couldn’t cover it?

“Still, it’s a lot weaker than I thought. I thought I could deal with mosquitoes. Oh yeah. Can I try it on you guys once?”


“Hey, what does that mean?”

“No, because you are the ones who are most familiar with my skills. I’d like to hear your impressions of how powerful it is.”

“What does that mean in the middle of a dungeon!”

“Sara is right! What are you thinking!”

“Oh, no. I didn’t mean it with a sly thought. This time, I was really speaking purely for skill research. After all, it’s only enough to attract aggression against mosquitoes, so it’s not going to be strong either. I’ll activate it for a little while and then turn it off immediately.”

This time it really wasn’t a lie.
I don’t expect them to go into heat with this skill anyway. I said it out of genuine curiosity.
Of course, you can find out after returning to the village, but that’s what curiosity is, isn’t it? What you want to know is that you want to know right away on the spot.

“Ugh… .”

Sarah and Diana stared into the eyes of salvation, as if they were trying to understand the secrets of salvation.
Of course, Guo Won, who had nothing to say, looked at the eyes of the two beauties with his eyes shining brightly.

“I feel a lot of selfishness when my eyes shine more strangely than usual.”

“It is. So, it’s a pervert.”

no. How could you say such harsh words?!
The delicate heart of salvation is now severely wounded.

“Great. It was really pure curiosity.”

“Don’t lie.”
“Don’t lie.”

Sara and Diana have been breathing for a long time.
It was sad that the reason we were working together was to frame me.

“I, I believe!”

Fortunately, because I have an angel, my mentality did not completely break.

“My wife, my angel!”

Salvation immediately penetrated into the arms of the angel and healed the wounded heart.
big black. It is also a hill of happiness.
Even if you are still, your heart will be healed.

“Uh, um.”

Leia was slightly embarrassed, but softly hugged Guwon.
But the happy moments did not last long.

“What are you doing now! It’s also true that you’re selfish!”

“What are you doing in the dungeon! Get off right now!”

It’s just that you’ve hurt my delicate heart, so it’s just a little comforting.
Salvation tried to protest, but gave up immediately because the expressions on Sarah and Diana’s faces were so frightening.
Call me salvation, a man who can tell the exact time and place.

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2 layers

After confirming that the declaration of sanctuary would have no more function than a provocative device, the party decided to finish the day’s hunting.
Obviously staying in a village inside the dungeon, there were a lot of convenient parts.
It reminds me of the time I used to hunt around the entrance of the dungeon. No, since it’s a hunting ground right in front of you, isn’t it more comfortable than that?
The time to finish the hunt was similar to usual, but it was the best thing about being able to have a leisurely meal after returning to the village like this.

“so. Can I try a proclamation of sanctuary now?”

After eating, I drank a glass of beer lightly, and asked Guwon in a casual tone.

“You say… . Anyway, what are you talking about here?”

Diana took her mouth off the large cup she was holding and said.
I’m drinking with excitement while gurgling my throat and making a pu-ha-like sound, but by the way, that’s not alcohol, it’s juice.
Diana herself says that it’s not that she can’t drink alcohol. However, if you drink it, your head rotation will be dull, so it is said that wizards whose brain rotation is their life avoid alcohol whenever possible.
Just looking at that figure, I doubt whether juice is good or not.

“The power will be low anyway, so what do you think? I want to hear the opinions of everyone, not just one person. For that, now is the best time for everyone to gather, isn’t it?”

“Is that really all? Is there any other reason?”

Sarah looked at salvation with a suspicious look.
By the way, what he is holding in his hand is juice.
It’s a subject that looks like he’ll never get drunk no matter how much he drinks, and he’s the type of person who gets drunk right away after taking a sip.

“Then what else could be the reason? I wonder if I have any other insidious thoughts in such a crowded place? I’m not a pervert enough to do that casually in public.”

When Salvation spoke confidently, Sarah kept her mouth shut as if there was nothing more to say.
You really don’t know what I’m going to do here.

“that… But everyone’s impressions include me, right?”

Leia said with a slightly anxious face.
ugh Could it be that even our angels don’t believe me?
When Guwon made a wounded expression on her face, Leia shook her hands and said hurriedly.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t believe in Mr. Guwon, it’s that I… My body… .”

Oops. It did.
Salvation breathed a sigh of relief.
Then of course not. The angel must have looked at me like that. I was an idiot who doubted even for a moment.
But it is. Is there a risk that Leia will become a nine-tailed fox under the influence of the sanctuary declaration?

“Ugh. I think it’ll probably be fine. Last time, as long as you had good mind control, you were fine until the middle, right? Maybe it will be much weaker than it was then, so wouldn’t it be okay if I kept my mind up?”

“Is that so?”

“Huh. Still, it’s good to be safe. So, will Leia stay a little away?”

“no. I will tell you my impressions.”

“Huh? Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I also want to be of help to Goo Won. And… Even if something goes wrong, Guwon, will you fix it?”

Leia blushed slightly and looked at him as if clinging to salvation.

“Of course! Believe me!”

Of course, Salvation answered out loud.
If it really turns into a nine-tailed fox, I’ll drag you to the room right away and wrap you in one or two.
No matter how much it’s Diana’s turn today, Diana will understand that.

“Well then, shall we go?”

When Guwon gave the signal, all three of them looked at Guwon with nervous expressions.
Salvation activated the skill after checking if there was anyone other than the party within the skill range.

“Well, how are you?”

“Huh? Has it been activated?”

“Is it hard to feel that way?”

“Yeah. I don’t know at all.”

Diana and Leia nodded as if they were the same.
Even Sarah, the most sensitive of the five senses, can’t feel anything. This is a real garbage skill.
no. Still, it’s a skill that continues to stimulate stimulation like dot damage, so you might be able to feel it after a while.
Salvation continued to maintain the skill without letting go of the string of hope.
And after about 10 seconds, a reaction appeared.
Again, Sarah was the first to respond.
Sarah subtly blushed and wiggled her body slightly.

“I feel a little bit better now.”

“How do you feel?”

“Uh… Rather than pleasure… It feels a little tickled.”

“Well. Right. When I first met you, it was a weaker stimulus than the skills that were still weak.”

“Yeah. At this level, I can endure it.”

No matter how weak it was, the stimulus seemed to be a stimulus, and although all three had a slight blush on their face, that was all.
uhm. too bad.
No, I never expected them to even go into heat here.
It was simply a matter of pure disappointment about the power of the skill.
Even Leia is calmly accepting it without any signs of turning into a nine-tailed fox.
Was it really a vain dream to expect that mosquitoes would fall down pick-and-pick with this alone?
Sigh… . Still, it was a new skill, so I was looking forward to it.
If I raise my skill level a lot, would it be a little usable?

“Now that you have heard our impressions, turn off the skill first.”


“Huh? This isn’t it. No matter how weak they are, I think they will continue to use their skills in many places like this.”

It’s okay because it doesn’t have any effect anyway. There are no more battles today, so I want to continue activating my skills while consuming my spirit to the limit. Even so, you need to raise your skill level.

“Sah, Miss Sara is right! Hey, in such a crowded place!”

Diana responded violently, nodding her head exaggeratedly to Sarah’s words.
Huh? This is kind of suspicious.
The fact that there were so many people seemed to have a strangely strong power.
Guwon looked straight into Diana’s face.

“What, something? Did this body say something wrong?”

Obviously, until before, the reaction was not much different from the other two, but now he was the only one with a particularly red face.
The buttocks seemed to move and rub their thighs subtly.
indeed. This exposed guy.
I was excited about the fact that I felt pleasure in the presence of the air rather than the pleasure that skills give me.
At the same time, who the hell is calling who a pervert?
Wouldn’t it be worth watching if you keep turning on the skill like this?
In the ear of salvation, such a whisper of the devil was heard.

“If possible, I would like to experiment a little more. Won’t you let me know when you feel like you’re really feeling the pleasure? I want to check how long the skill has to be activated to get to that state.”

“That… !”
“i See. I know.”

Diana tried to protest something, but before that, Sarah responded coolly.
nice! Sarah. love.
Sara and Leia are just fine, but she couldn’t have said that she was already feeling the pleasure alone.
Diana, restless, gulped the juice, trying to be as cool as possible.
I can’t say I’m already feeling it. Because you feel it not with my skills, but with your own walls.
I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to get revenge for letting me deal with Manastone before, but I’m sure there will be an opportunity for revenge like this.
Gu Guo slowly drank his beer and looked at Diana’s reaction.

“Ugh. Huh. ugh.”

Diana showed an uneasy look all the time, wiggling her thighs subtly enough that others wouldn’t notice, and continued to raise and lower the glass of juice.
Breathing gradually changed from nose to mouth, and every time I exhaled, it seemed like a sweet sigh was leaking out without me knowing.
But nevertheless, Diana persevered.
It felt a little tickled, but as I looked at the faces of Sara and Leia, who still had nonchalant expressions on their faces.
It was as if he was desperately wanting to say that he couldn’t stand it any longer because he liked either of them.
But the reality was grim.
After one minute and two minutes passed, Sarah and Leia did not react at all, Diana immediately put on an urgent expression.

“Ahhhhhh. S, I’m slowly falling asleep.”

Is this just pretending to yawn while looking down on the moan?
Salvation, who was constantly watching Diana, noticed immediately, but Sarah and Leia didn’t seem to notice.
Seriously, it’s hard to think that I’m already feeling this kind of stimulation.
Diana pretended to be yawning desperately, then fell over on the table.
Of course, it was obvious that it wasn’t because I was sleepy. He hasn’t been drinking, and there’s no reason he’s already sleeping.
As evidence of that, his thighs were constantly creaking under the table.
It was invisible to Sarah and Leia who sat in front, but it was clearly visible to the man sitting next to them.

“Miss Diana. It’s okay? You can’t sleep here.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I just want to stay like this for a while.”

Diana spoke in a tone as if desperately suppressing her trembling voice.

And as time went on, Diana looked really dangerous.
My back had been shaking since before, and above all, my hands were in danger.
He tried to put his hand on his crotch, but as if that wasn’t the case, he pinched his thigh, and then, secretly, his hand slid back to his crotch, and then fell apart. He was perfectly expressing human agony with only hand gestures.
it’s cool though Even if it gets to this point, I can’t stand touching it until the end. Truly a sorcerer.

It seems like it’s over here. Would it be more dangerous than this? If you go out further, people around you will find out.
Even now, if it hadn’t been for the large hat and generous robes that are characteristic of wizards, they would have been found out right away.
It seems like the regular period is going to run out anyway, so should I stop at this point?

“that… Salvation.”

When salvation was about to stop the skill activation, Leia spoke to salvation.

“Now slowly… .”

“Ah, can you feel the pleasure now?”

“Yeah. It’s not that strong.”

“How much? Of course, it will be weaker than the touch of a saint. Is it to the level where I just do nothing and touch it?”

“Nu, what if someone hears you asking such a question!”

“I think he’s a little weaker than that.”

Sara protested as if the people around her were concerned, but Leia responded faithfully even with her face flushed red as if embarrassed.

“Oh sorry. I was really just curious. I’ll take it now.”

Salvation immediately released the skill.
It took about 10 minutes to get here.
Even though it’s been on for so long, the stimulation is weaker than caress. It’s a disappointing skill.
Well, there is an unexpected effect that makes Diana in this state when used outside, so is it worth the investment of skill points?

“Ha ha ha.”

When the skill was released, a long deep breath was heard from the side.
After taking a few long deep breaths, Diana finally raised her head.

“Uh? Are you done?”

The tone was barely pretending to be calm, but even the above-mentioned skin could not be restored to its original state.

“Is Diana okay? Your face is red.”

“Well. it’s ok You must have drank too much.”

no. So you’re not drinking.
What kind of juice makes your face turn red?

“That’s why I wanted to go to the bathroom. This body will excuse me for a moment.”

Diana finished her speech quickly and ran to the inn’s public restroom in an instant.

“Oh. You must have been really in a hurry.”

Leia said so in a calm voice.


Maybe it’s not urgent to pee.
Gu-gu reached out and touched the chair Diana was sitting on.
The chair was heated, and in the middle of it was a slippery liquid with moisture.

“Then I’ll go to the bathroom too.”

Gu Guo, who had just emptied his beer mug, was able to follow Diana to the bathroom naturally.
Standing at the entrance to the bathroom, Salvation used the assassin’s basic skill, stealth.
The job level and skill level are low, so it won’t help much, but it’s still better than not using it.
Of course, the place to use the skill was not the men’s restroom, but the women’s restroom.
Now, what is our Archmage going to do in the bathroom?

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2 layers

Salvation using stealth immediately touched the door of the women’s bathroom.


… The door was locked.
heh heh heh Truly a sorcerer. Even when you’re not busy, you’re strict.
Damn it. This is a situation that was not in the scenario I assumed.
What if you lock the door to a public restroom that everyone else is using?
No, it’s only natural if you go inside and think about what you’re going to do.

Gu Gu was flustered for a moment by the unexpected situation, but soon made up his mind.
If you delay further, you will not be able to eat porridge or rice. I’m sorry, the innkeeper.
Gu Guo gently applied force to the hand holding the doorknob and broke it as it was.
Thanks to this, the stealth was released, but Guwon quickly used the stealth again and went into the bathroom.
It was already known from the fact that Diana had locked the door, but there was only silence as there was no one in the bathroom.
The problem was that I couldn’t even feel Diana’s presence.

As I expected, as soon as I entered the bathroom, I should have heard a suppressed moan and the sound of a gooey liquid.
But Diana saw it with these two eyes as she entered. can’t be here
Guwon decided to take a peek at the toilet with partitions one by one.
As I clasped my hands on the nearest partition and climbed up as if it were a hair hanging, a sound suddenly resounded in the quiet bathroom.

“Hah. heh heh heh heh haha.”

Along with Diana’s harsh moan, the gurgling sound of sticky water was heard in succession.
When we looked down, our cute archmage tucked his hands into his panties and was working hard to comfort him.
what? Oh, apparently you didn’t hear anything?
As I tilted my head back slightly, the sound suddenly disappeared again.
indeed. Is it magic?
Locking the door in a situation like this and using magic like this. It must have been a really great mental power.
Salvation admired Diana’s mental power, and went inside over the barrier.

Even with salvation standing in front of her eyes, Diana was still unaware of it and was still focused on what she was doing.
It’s not because salvation used stealth. Because Diana has her eyes closed.
Thanks to this, Guwon was able to admire Diana in front of her nose.
The front of the robe was completely untied, and the skirt she was wearing was raised enough to show her lower belly. And the naked panties were so drenched that the shape of the hands moving in them could be seen as it was.
The sight of Diana, who closed her eyes and moved her fingers desperately, was more excited than she had expected.
Although she plays with salvation and plays with them well, she is basically a rational and carefree Diana.
How could such Diana lose her temper like this and focus only on comforting herself?
With that figure alone, the object of salvation has already been firmly established with the force to pierce the sky.

“Would you be satisfied if I did it alone?”

“Huh, hot… on?”

Diana, who was working hard to comfort herself, stopped all movements like a broken machine at the sudden voice of salvation.
Then he slowly opened his eyes as if he didn’t want to believe.
And the eyes that clearly captured the image of salvation began to vibrate violently from side to side.

“Huh? hey? sleep, huh? why? No, how? locked… !”

Perhaps this is the first time seeing Diana in such a state of panic?
In the past, when I was only wearing a robe outside, when I threatened to take it off, I don’t think there was such a violent reaction.

“Wow, whoa. Calm down. Diana. Now, let’s take a deep breath.”

“Whoa. ha ha.”

“What do you think? Have you calmed down a little?”

“Well. Calm… Couldn’t have done that! How did you get here!”

“Yeah, I opened the door and came in.”

“how! This body must have been locked!”

“Did it break because I applied a little bit of force?”

“It’s not vandalism! No, what the hell did you say in the women’s bathroom?! Are you a pervert?!”

“Look at yourself now and tell me. I don’t want to hear a pervert from someone who does things like that. You pervert girl.”

“Hey, this!”

“Ah, yes. do not worry. You can’t make excuses. I understand everything.”

“No! It’s not what you think it is!”

“no. So saying it like that is not convincing.”

Guwon reached out and penetrated Diana’s panties.


“Especially when it’s wet here.”

You could tell just by looking at her soaked panties, but again, Diana’s pussy was completely wet.
Guwon couldn’t stand it any longer, lowered his pants and pulled out a stiff object.

“I’ll put it in right away.”

“Hah. Come on, you’re crazy… Whoops!”

Diana tried to protest something, but her lower body didn’t resist at all.
Rather than pushing salvation away, it was to the extent that he wrapped his legs around the waist of salvation when the object of salvation touched the groin.
As soon as the item of salvation entered, Diana reached a climax in an instant as she covered her mouth with both hands and shook her body.

“Isn’t that a magic trick? Can’t you hold back and make a noise?”

“Hah. Whoops, whoops. No, when mana is disturbed, the magic will be unleashed… .”

Diana said, glaring at salvation with a slight tear in her eyes.
Does that mean you can now hear the sound outside? The bathroom door was also smashed so people could come in. Now, it’s really not unusual for anyone to find out.
Of course, I have no intention of stopping here.

However, contrary to that thought of salvation, Diana didn’t seem to have the heart to proceed with the act any more.
After breathing heavily for a while, Diana calmed her breathing and looked at salvation.

“I am calm enough now. stop taking it off.”

It was a far cry from the expectations of salvation.
Maybe once he reached the climax, he regained his cool a little. Had I known it would be like this, I would have put on climax bondage and inserted it.

“really? Do you want me to endure like this?”

“Then what are you going to do in a place like this? Go to your room and do it.”

“How are you doing here? Aren’t you excited for some reason?”

If salvation only shakes her back like this, maybe Diana can’t win over pleasure and will follow her, but that alone is no fun.
Today, I’m going to make our Archmage admit that he’s a pervert.

“Are you crazy?!”

While saying that, Diana’s vagina began to tighten even stronger.
Again, our exposure man. Possibilities began to appear.

“Huh. What do you think? Let’s do it just once.”

“No! Hurry and get it out!”

“I’m so sorry I can’t take it off. If you want to take it out, Diana pulls it out.”

Having said that, Guwon changed positions with Diana and sat on the toilet himself.
This is a gamble. But I thought it was a gamble with enough odds. No matter how little he calmed down, his exhibitionism wasn’t going anywhere.
Rather, it can be an opportunity.
If Diana doesn’t pull out the things of salvation like this, she’s just admitting that she’s excited about this situation.
Guwon looked straight into Diana’s eyes.
Diana, who was sitting on the body of salvation, put her hand on the shoulder of salvation and turned into a face full of anguish.
okay. You say it too, but it would be a pity to take it out
But Diana, who gave strength to the hand on the shoulder of salvation, began to slowly lift herself up.
Diana also felt a sense of pleasure, so it looked like she couldn’t pull it out all at once, but little by little, the things of salvation began to appear outside.
Damn it. I can’t do this Archmage. You don’t have to use that mental power here. Sometimes, let’s be honest with our desires.
Guwon felt sad to see his belongings slowly slipping away, but he did not raise his back.
If you gamble on your own and let it go, it doesn’t seem like much.
I just wished Diana couldn’t pull it out until the end.
And as if the wind of salvation had passed, a miracle occurred.


The sound of someone entering the bathroom was heard as the door opened.


Diana, who had pulled out more than half of the items of salvation, was startled and sat down.
It must have been that he couldn’t control the pleasure of receiving the item all of a sudden, and the excitement of having someone out there.
Diana writhes violently, spewing water from below, and climaxes in a loud voice.
In that brief moment, the mental power of covering my mouth with both hands was truly amazing.

“Huh? Who is there?”

A woman’s murmuring voice was heard from outside, followed by a loud knock on the partition door.
Salvation whispered to Diana as she reached out and knocked on the door.

“Diana. answer.”

“Oh, there’s someone inside.”

Diana managed to answer, giving strength to her tongue, which seemed to be released immediately if she was unattended.
Hearing Diana’s answer, I heard the person who knocked on the door entering the next room.
Salvation slowly moved her waist back and forth.

“Huh. My, are you sane?”

Diana put her mouth to her ear and protested in a low voice, but salvation was not heard.
I can’t help it. It’s all your fault. Who puts so much power in the pussy?
Diana’s vagina has been tightening the things of salvation so much that it hurts from the moment the woman entered.
Do not move your back while stimulating like this. I’m not tortured, how are you?
But salvation was also holding on to the ties of reason.
The waist moved slowly and carefully so as not to be detected as much as possible.
If you just hold on to the moan, you won’t hear it.
Of course, Diana seemed to feel a lot more pleasure than the pleasure felt in her body because of the wall, so it seemed difficult to hold back her moaning.
He covered his mouth with both hands and looked like he was desperately enduring it.
While salvation was slowly enjoying Diana’s touch, the woman who had entered the next room quickly finished her business and left the bathroom.

“Huh. haha hot. Are you crazy! What if I get caught?”

As soon as the woman left, Diana protested, pounding her in the chest.

“Are you still feeling good?”

“Not bad at all!”

“lie. Tightening like this?”


As Salvation gently stroked Diana’s belly as she spoke, Diana immediately fell down, leaning against the body of Salvation.

“Let’s be honest. Aren’t you excited when this happens?”

“No! No!”

Diana screamed desperately.

“For such a thing, when it comes to this kind of situation, it’s strangely tight, right?”

“That, that… ! It’s because you’re a pervert! This body isn’t tightening, it’s your stuff getting bigger!

came out like this ‘Cause you’re good at talking
Salvation was a bit troubling.
How can I get him to accept his wall?

“That’s right… .”

Salvation grabbed Diana’s leg and turned.
With Diana in a sitting position with her side facing Guguo.
Guwon supported Diana’s back and inner thighs, and stood up.
Then, Diana’s long robe slid down and covered all the parts where Salvation and Diana were connected.
On the surface, it would probably be seen only as Gugujeong holding Diana in her waist position.
As Salvation was about to come out as it was, Diana looked up and cried out.

“Wow, what are you doing!”

“You say you are not excited in this situation. So, won’t you get excited if you go out like this?”

“Being not excited about it and being able to go out like this are two different things! This is a matter of common sense!”

It is a wise word.
Unfortunately, salvation was not a man with common sense.

“I’m sorry, but I’m from another world and I don’t know the common sense here.”

“Hey, don’t be silly! You are like this too… ! awhile! eh? really?! Are you really going out?! Geez, take it easy.”

As salvation moved forward, Diana panicked again and shouted.
But for a while.
After passing through the partition and going out of the bathroom, Diana was silent without saying anything more.
If you make a fuss right now, you’ll get more attention.
Diana was just shivering with her face in the chest of salvation.
In fact, I did the salvation out of nowhere, but when I saw people, I started to get a little scared.
Wouldn’t it be better to go back to the bathroom and take it out now?

“It seems there are more people than before.”

As Salvation mumbled that in a passing tone, Diana’s vagina, which had been tightened still, grew stronger.
Besides, the body is trembling more violently, and this is not at all trembling with fear.
I’m feeling the fact that there are a lot of people around this.

As Diana’s pleasure grew stronger, salvation seemed to spring up with courage. Maybe I’m just losing my temper.
Anyway, Guwon walked towards the table where he was originally sitting.

“Mr. Guwon, you are late… Oh? Diana? What happen?”

Leia realized salvation and Diana and tilted her head.

“When I came out of the bathroom, I saw that she was lying face down in front of the door to the women’s bathroom. He was lying on the table before he went to the bathroom, and maybe there was alcohol in the juice he drank earlier?”

Guwon said with the shichimi removed.

“Anyway, I can’t leave it like this, so I’ll take him up first.”

“i See. Then shall we go up alone?”


I tried to get away from it even for an hour, but for some reason, I ended up going upstairs together.
For some reason, it seemed as if Diana could be heard squealing in her arms.
The strength in the vagina has not been falling since before.
Doesn’t this just cause convulsions?

“Then sleep well.”

“Yeah. You sleep well too.”
“Good night.”

It was only after going upstairs to the upper floor and arriving in front of the door that I could only get away from Sarah and Leia.
Whoa. I almost died of trembling.
In particular, on the way up to here, Diana was trembling at the climax several times, so I thought she was really caught up.
I really didn’t hear it. I think it was crazy to do this in front of them. You should be more careful in the future.


As soon as she entered the room, Diana’s body shook violently like she had never felt before.
And the water poured out so intensely that you could hear a popping sound from below.
It felt as if the things I had barely suppressed had burst out all at once.
Of course, Diana’s vagina has also been tightened so strongly that it has never been before, and salvation was wrapped up in that pleasure.
So the two stood in front of the door and for a while immersed in the afterglow of the climax.

After a while, Diana, who had been burying her face in the chest of salvation, barely lifted her head.
And red bloodshot eyes stared at salvation.
OMG. were you really lucky?

“Hypoc. huh. Come on, come on. hehe Aren’t you stupid?”

No matter how much salvation, if you look at this face, you might say, ‘Still, I liked you too, right?’ didn’t sound the same.
Obviously, Diana was feeling a lot, but looking at this expression, it seems that fear was greater than pleasure.
It certainly felt like it was too far out for me to even think about it.
Have you been playing too harshly on a kid who hasn’t even acknowledged his strong side yet?
Apparently, now is not the time to make the fortress walls acknowledged and self-report.

“sorry. I went too far.”

As Gu-gu apologized by patting Diana on the back, Diana pounded Gu-gu in the chest with her fist.

“You pervert!”


“You are an ideal sexist!”

“Huh. sorry.”

For a while, Diana continued to slander Salvation, and Salvation continued to repeat only apologies.

“If you do this again, I will never just forgive you!”

“Then will you just forgive me this time?”

“Is that possible! We’ll see what you’re doing and decide!”

Diana said nothing like forgiving.
Also. Because it’s generous no matter what.
Although it looks like a child, the essence is a grandmother… it’s my sister
That’s why I like Diana.

“Then I will do my best tonight so that I can be forgiven.”

Guwon said as she approached the bed while holding Diana.

“Are you going to do that and still do more?”

“Huh? So how about today?”

Salvation was also full of regrets, so if Diana said she wanted to quit today, she really thought about doing it.

“Anyway, you… An unavoidable pervert.”

But Diana did not refuse.
After all, are you still lacking in this or that?
Salvation was excited and threw herself on the bed.

“Hey! make it soft! softly!”

“Yep. We do it as a squad.”

Salvation worked with Diana that night much more gently than usual.
For some reason, when I was working with Diana, I guess she was quite satisfied with this kind of behavior, as Gu-gu always had to work in a way that was slightly annoying.
At the last minute, she clings to salvation with a full smile as if she had cried.

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Milk Road Maker

Assassin level is up.
When I woke up in the morning and opened the stat window to check how much the level had risen, Salvation could realize that fact.
Apparently, when I checked after finishing the hunt yesterday, the Assassin level was still 8. But now the assassin level was raised to 13.
That means the level has risen after returning to the village.
After returning to the village, the only thing he did was eat and have sex. If you’ve ever done anything like an assassin, it’s at best that you used stealth to sneak into the bathroom.
Did you level up just like that?
Well. I do not know. Just ask Diana when she wakes up.

Guwon stopped thinking about the assassin for a while and opened the skill window this time.
let’s go The proclamation of sanctuary… Good! It’s also been great!
During the night, the sanctuary declaration level had risen to a whopping 9.
The saint’s skills are basically good at regular efficiency, and he doesn’t like to use his skills when he’s in a relationship with salvation. Thanks to this, I have never seen any effect until now, but the basic effect of healing sex is an increase in natural healing power. In other words, not only the vitality but also the regular recovery speed will increase. The only thing that can be restored at the peak is vitality, though.
Anyway, using that basic effect, salvation used the sanctuary declaration skill throughout the relationship yesterday.
Unlike other skills that could not be used due to their extremely high attractiveness, the low-power sanctuary proclamation provided appropriate stimulation during relationships.
In addition, since the level of healing sex is high, if only the declaration of sanctuary is turned on, it is possible to cover all the regular consumption with the effect of increasing the amount of recovery of healing sex.
In a word, during sex, sanctuary proclamation could be turned on indefinitely.
Even if it’s a garbage skill, it’s something I’ve learned so far, but it’s a waste to rot like this. I was thinking of raising the skill level to the fullest.
Still, it will be difficult to see the effect in battle, but if you keep raising your skill level like this, the day will come when you will see the effect.

In that sense, salvation decided to reactivate the sanctuary proclamation that was turned off while sleeping.
No matter how weak the effect, if the dot damage continues for several hours, it will show its power. If you leave it on until you sleep, Diana won’t be able to sleep properly, so I left it off before going to bed.
When the proclamation of sanctuary was used, the entire room was dyed with a pale golden hue.
The proclamation of the sanctuary has a huge range as the level goes up, so you can adjust the range in this way.
Shall we activate it at the maximum range once?
An evil thought crept into the mind of salvation.

As the skill level has risen to 9, the current skill range is up to 9m. It is a range that can cover a significant part of this inn.
And all the guests staying at this inn are adventurers. Of course, the overwhelming majority are women.
Besides, staying here means that they are middle-level adventurers who have penetrated the 2nd floor level, that is, the sand worm. Because of that, everyone was proud of their good looks, so it was quite a pleasure to see them in the restaurant.
Of course, it goes without saying that the three of us at our party were overwhelmingly pretty.

In the middle of the inn where these beautiful adventurers are staying, try to activate the proclamation of sanctuary at the maximum range for about an hour. Wouldn’t it be a pretty delightful scene?
Just as Salvation was about to trigger the proclamation of sanctuary with a sinister smile, Leia’s face suddenly flashed across her mind.
awhile. What will happen to Leia if she declares her sanctuary like this?
Yesterday’s power test was okay, but is it really okay now?
No way. The skill level has also risen since then, and above all, I will keep it on for a long time.
Salvation hastily reduced its scope.
I almost made Leia into a nine-tailed fox since early in the morning.
It is a pity that the inn of a dream where all the beautiful guests are in heat, but it seems to be put aside.

“Ugh… . uh… .”

About 30 minutes after proclamation of sanctuary, Diana started tossing and turning.
He seems to be starting to feel the pleasure enough to feel it even while he is sleeping.
In line with Diana’s subtly moving waist, Guwon also gently moved his waist.

“Ugh. haha this, this… .”

Then Diana finally woke up.
As soon as she woke up, it must have been in the middle of nowhere, but Diana did not refuse and immediately followed the movement of the waist of salvation and moved herself.

And after one storm passed, Diana slapped the savior’s chest with her palm.

“What are you doing in the morning? Is this feeling a proclamation of sanctuary? Can’t you turn it off?”

An Archmage who is really sensitive to mana. It looks like you just noticed.
Salvation quickly turned off the proclamation of sanctuary.

And for a while, Diana’s nagging continued.
He understood that he was using it to enhance his skills, but in the end, it was forbidden to leave it on in the morning.
Anyway, I thought it wouldn’t matter because having morning sex as soon as I woke up was almost my daily routine, but waking up like that doesn’t seem like a good experience.
can’t you From now on, let’s just turn it on during the action.

“It’s an attack from the orcs!”

Just when I was finished eating breakfast, suddenly someone burst into the entrance of the inn and screamed.


“Well. didn’t you say Because the teleport magic circle is noticeable, there are occasional attacks by monsters.”

Diana said in a calm voice.

“Should we go out and fight?”

“I am not obligated to do so, but it is an unwritten rule to help whenever possible. If we fall here, it will be difficult for us to use this road.”

“Good for you. After all, you were going to go hunting today, didn’t you? If you come from the monsters’ side, it’s rather comfortable and nice.”

Sara also burned the battlefield without any tension about the attack.
Well, I’m not nervous at all.
To be honest, the 2nd tier monsters weren’t that scary no matter how much they came. Even if the saint’s skill is sealed, the opponent is possible to a certain extent, and if the saint’s touch is used in earnest, it will spread out in one hit.

“Then where shall we go?”

Salvation slowly got up and went outside.

“Oh oh. It’s no joke.”

As soon as I stepped outside, the sight unfolding before my eyes was spectacular.
Aren’t there hundreds of them?
Far beyond the horizon, an unbelievable number of orcs were coming like waves. With such a large number, I did not realize that we would fight directly from now on, as if we were watching a war movie.

“Why are there so many? A lot more than the kids on the first floor.”

“They are coming from several orc villages all at once. This was originally the realm of the orcs, after all.”

Come to think of it, Diana was talking about trying to clear the orcs from the 2nd floor. Maybe it was talked about here.

“Then why did you install a teleport magic circle in the orcs’ realm?”

“Because of the sand worm. If they attack, there is a risk that the magic circle will be destroyed before they are killed. They installed it in the realm of orcs where they don’t appear.”

Come to think of it, sand worms started appearing after a short walk from here. Could the orcs be the natural enemies of the sand worms? It seemed to make sense somehow.
Because if a sand worm attacks one and bites it, the rest of the orcs will not care about the bitten one and will kill the sand worm.
However, it is scary to have such a large number.

“Is there a transcendental species coming from multiple orc villages at once?”

I have never met a transcendental species on the 2nd floor. Even so, I wasn’t really afraid, though. Especially if it is a 2nd tier Orc transcendental species, it is a Shaman. The shaman who said that salvation has absolute superiority in nature.
Because there are so many orcs, the people around the shaman’s buff will be more annoying than the shaman himself.

“Yeah. I see a few.”

Sarah made the awning with her hands, looked at the orc hordes, and answered.

“Can you catch me here?”

If you catch the Transcendental Species before confronting them, the battle will be much easier.
It’s still a long way off, so it’s impossible for an ordinary archer to hunt around here, but our Sarah is not an ordinary archer.
They’re probably just being vigilant, not thinking that an attack is already coming from this street.

“I’ll give it a try.”

Again, Sarah gave a reliable answer.
Seeing that she doesn’t say she can’t, she’s confident she’ll get it right due to Sarah’s personality.
Sarah put the arrow on the protest and aimed it with a lot more effort than usual.
And the arrow disappeared into the air with the sound of the air being ripped.

“What do you think? Did you succeed?”

“no. On the way, other orcs became shields and were blocked. If the distance gets a little closer, I think I’ll be able to hit through the orcs that are blocking me, but it’s going to be difficult on this street.”

Sarah said in a sad voice.
How strong do you have to be to penetrate the orcs and capture the transcendent species?
Salvation sweated a little.
Last time, I just pierced my defenses and pierced my thighs, and I shouldn’t fight with him no matter what.

“Then we should wait until they come closer. No, if we fight near the village, we only damage the buildings for nothing, so should we get closer to that?”

“Don’t be impatient. If you wait a little bit, the clan in charge of this way will come out anyway.”

Just as Diana said, a group of adventurers began to step forward.
Like adventurers, they dressed in various ways, but they all had a water drop-shaped mark engraved somewhere on their body.
The total power of the clan was quite large. Anyway, compared to the orcs flocking over there, it’s a new piece of blood.
As expected of salvation, as if fighting a battle away from the village, the water drops clan members continued to advance.

“I thought I was going to give a command or something, but there’s no such thing.”

They were heading to the battlefield on their own, without giving instructions to other adventurers.

“In the beginning, helping the adventurers here is in good faith, isn’t it an obligation? It’s not like I’m giving orders to adventurers who like freedom. And most of all, they want to show confidence that they can handle it on their own.”

“Can they handle that many on their own?”

“Hmm. Maybe it’s possible. But if they were to stop them alone, the damage would be quite heavy. But, other adventurers will help you anyway, so you’re showing some sort of bluff.”

I’m so tired of buying it.
But it must also have something to do with the clan’s honor, is that normal?
First of all, since I’m the clan leader, I didn’t look as bad as bluffing. Maybe the day will come when I will have to bluff like that for the sake of the clan’s honor.

Wait a minute. … honor?
Come to think of it, now the reputation of salvation was at a bottom.
No, considering the conversations of the guild staff before, it was rather negative.
It’s because of the image of the supreme archmage as a pillar west room where bedbugs are attached by stitching the supreme archmage with just her half-and-half appearance.

Isn’t this perhaps an opportunity to liquidate the image of the pillar west and spread the reputation properly?
Of course, considering Diana’s fame, the image of the pillar west won’t completely disappear just by beating the 2nd tier monsters, but at least she can make the story that she is attached to bedbugs without any abilities just by her appearance.
And for him, the most important thing is to defeat him with my own strength without the help of other people.

“Sarah, Diana, Leia. When the battle begins, you are on standby.”

Salvation said, pointing to the right side of the orcs that swarmed over the horizon.

“Are you guys? Salvation?”

“I’m going to do a little charge by myself.”

Guwon said, pointing to the left this time.

“Yeah?! No!”

Then our angel was the first to oppose.

“do not worry. I will use the hand of a saint. Leia also saw monsters fall pick and pick in one shot.”

“That, though… .”

Leia looked at salvation with anxious eyes.

“Why do you dare to charge alone?”

That’s to get rid of the pillar west image.
But I was a little shy to say that out loud to them. In the first place, they wouldn’t even think of it as a pillar west room.

“My name is the clan leader, but I don’t think I have too much fame. Diana said it before. There are times when you need fame. Isn’t this a good chance to get fame?”

So Guwon changed the reason slightly.
Besides, if you say this, you can also get Diana on the same side.

“Hmm. Right. You, too, were doing what you thought.

Again, Diana came forward in favor of the word of salvation. The tone was a little off, though.
Hey, if you say that, it sounds like I’m not thinking about anything.

“Are you really okay?”

“If it’s a car, it’s okay if Miss Sara and this body support the firepower. You can also treat Leia from afar. You don’t have to worry too much about them, since they’re the ones who fall down just by the touch of a saint anyway.

But it was worthwhile to have Diana on the same side.
Sarah and Leia looked a little apprehensive, but Diana helped convince them.

“Then I will go first. You, take care of the orcs who fell by the hand of the saint.”

“Wait a minute.”


“No matter how easy the opponent, you should not be vigilant. If you run out of mana or become dangerous, you will retreat immediately.”

“Yeah. sister.”

Salute playfully to Diana, and run towards the orc horde.

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Kissing Diana seems like it’s going to be a little more talked about.

The thirteenth cat // It’s too hot. It got too long as I wrote it. I felt like I had to write three scenes, so I shortened the description a bit and finished it moderately in the middle. I’m worried because it’s too long to write a scene these days.

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Milk Road Maker

The clan members of the water drop mark, who were going ahead, stopped at a certain distance from the village and prepared for battle.
Of course, salvation, whose purpose was to stand out alone, continued to run past where they had stopped.

“Oh, wait! What are you?!”

A bewildered voice could be heard from behind, but the salvation was clearly ignored.
Impact is more important than anything else.
Shooting incomparable in the midst of a fierce battle between several people, and shooting incomparable by running alone. It was clear to anyone who looked at which side had the greatest impact.

As I got closer to the orc swarm, I could see another difference between Tier 1 Orcs and these guys.
The first-tier orcs had no order even when the entire village came out to fight. It was just running and fighting at random.
But these guys have been marching in line with each other like an army. Just by looking at this, I could see how great the leadership of the Shaman Transcendental Species was.
It seems that it is sometimes strengthened through magic here. They are too dangerous for a monster on the 2nd floor.

Even when they came to a distance where the orcs’ facial expressions could be seen now, their display was not disturbed.
Do you think the guys right in front of you will be enough to stop them? Well, it doesn’t matter.
It didn’t matter to the salvation that they had their shelves properly lined up. I just learned the wide-area provocateur a while ago.
Then go!
When a certain distance came close, salvation was activated with the sanctuary declaration skill set to the maximum range.


Chaos arose on one side of the Orcs who were marching in an orderly fashion.
The orcs within 9 meters of salvation started to rush towards salvation, ignoring the display and everything.
From afar, the transcendental bell with one bigger head than the other orcs and tattooed all over his body seemed to be desperately trying to tidy up the display while squeaking loudly, but the orcs who came within the range of the skill of salvation were not in control at all. there was.
Anyway, does the proclamation of sanctuary work so well? Originally an Orc with a strong sexual desire, it may be that he was unable to control himself even with the slightest stimulation and rushed.

Looking at the orcs approaching him with mad eyes, Guwon activated the hands of the saints in his hands and feet and took a stance.
If you keep the Sanctuary Proclamation skill active, the amount of time you can fight is not very long because the elemental consumption is extreme. In the meantime, you must defeat as many orcs as possible to leave a strong impression.
Guwon penetrated among them and began to tap each one of them, moving lightly as if dancing.
You don’t have to hit hard. Because I don’t mean to do damage. Even just a simple touch, the saint’s touch will definitely work.
Those who touched the hands and feet of salvation shuddered without reason, spewing liquid from below and fell.
Normally, he would have avoided the spouting liquid in awe, but now he couldn’t afford it. In the time to avoid it, even one guy tried to touch as many orcs as possible.
It’s a little awkward, but if you dig mana stones anyway, everything on your body will disappear.

By touching the orcs that came one after another, salvation continued to advance.
The goal is set.
That transcendental species over there. Even if you kill all the Transcendental Species, you will be able to cut a lot of the power of the Orcs.
Gujang looked at the pig’s head protruding through the walls of the orcs and moved forward in a straight line.
The Transcendental Species was surrounded by Orcs dressed better than the other Orcs as if they were an escort, but when they too entered the sanctuary, they lost their mind and rushed to salvation.
However, the transcendental species showed a slight resistance to the effects of the Sanctuary whether it was worth its name.
Even though his name is a transcendent species, does he mean that he doesn’t lose his rationality like this?
But what happens when you get the hands of a saint?

“Kuweek! Kurup!”

No matter how much you shout, your men are already wrong.
With a smile of conversion, Guwon punched the man.


Oh oh. survived
As soon as the fist of salvation touched, he shrugged his thighs and his legs trembled. Thanks to this, the scaffolding that covered the whole body was also wobbly and wobbly, so it was quite unsightly to look at.
But the guy persevered.
His eyes reddened, and the strange-patterned cloth covering his undershirt pitched a tent high, but he did not fall over with the cane he was holding in his hand as a support.
It’s the first time you’ve entered the second floor and haven’t fallen under the touch of my saint.
With a light admiration, Guwon tapped his belly fat in succession.

“Wow! Kek! Kuruk!”

Still, not a warrior type, but a wizard type monster.
He must have been relatively weak, but he couldn’t stand it if he was unilaterally beaten without being able to use magic like this.
It finally reached its climax, with a happy smile on its face, and collapsed backwards.
It was a face that looked like it had to be inserted into a bill.


And there was chaos all around.
The ranks of the Orcs, which began to rumble when salvation approached the Transcendental Species, collapsed as they were when the Transcendental Species fell.
The orcs left everything to their fighting instincts and just started running forward.
okay. This is like an orc.

Salvation confirmed the spirit by striking out the new orcs entering the sanctuary.
Should I go back one more time and fill up my spirits?
It’s a pity that I was only able to catch one transcendental species, but if I get hurt while being greedy for nothing, I’ll be scolded.
Let’s go back for once.
After making a decision, Guo looked back.
… It’s worth it.
Where salvation had passed, the Orcs who had reached their climax and had fallen were making their way with one character.
Besides, their bodies were covered in white liquid that had fallen down and looked really dirty.
This is not a good sight to see.
But the way these guys are down is a clear indication of my performance.
Salvation proudly trampled on them and walked towards their comrades.
But when do you dig these gems?
It’s not worth it to just leave it alone. I’m not in a situation where I’m short on money, but it’s still a waste of money.
However, as the battle was taking place in all directions, he could not even be digging for magic stones, so salvation returned as it was.

Sarah, Diana, and Leia were positioned a little behind the battlefield.
Sarah was skillfully catching orcs from afar using her unique range, and Leia was healing wounded and retreating adventurers.
While the two were moving hard, Diana was standing still with her arms crossed, observing the battle, whether the magic range could not reach the Orcs.
where are you tall
No, if you ask me, you are a tall person.

“I’m here. Look, I… .”

“Well? hey! Go, don’t come any closer!”

As salvation drew near, Diana screamed in disgust.

“What, what?! What is it?”

“Still! Stay there!”

Diana cried out desperately and then quickly activated something magic.
And from the tip of Diana’s staff, a large drop of water was summoned and flew to salvation.
It was only after seeing that, Guwon realized why Diana hated it.

“Hey, you ignorant thing! you… Whoops.”

The protests for salvation vanished in vain as they were blocked by water droplets covering the whole body.
The water droplets that wrapped around the salvation swayed violently for a while, as if running a washing machine, and then sank to the floor.

“You are too much… Oops.”

Even never.
Diana continued to create water droplets one after another, washing the body of salvation for nearly ten minutes.

“… Are you satisfied now?”

After suffering from drops of water for a while, Guwon said exhausted.
I feel more exhausted than I came from fighting.

“Uh, um. It’s nice to look at. But how the hell did it happen?”

Diana thought that it was a little too much, so she turned away from salvation and turned away.

“Yeah, this is what happens when you dig in the middle and fight. The Transcendental Bell didn’t even fall down in a single shot.”

“That’s right.”

As Salvation answered and approached, Diana faintly flinched and stepped back.

“… Hey. Even after doing that, do you think there is still something buried there?”

“Well, it’s not like that.”

“Then what did you just step backwards?”

“Hey, what about this body? No way?”

After exaggeratingly waved her arms in response, Diana came to salvation with hesitation.
Still, when Guwon stared at him without saying a word, he was restless and flustered.

“Ah! uh, how is it?”

“Hmm. What will you admit?”

Gu Gu-won desperately suppressed the fact that his lips were twitching at that cute appearance and said.

“Then why did you come back all of a sudden? Have you ever been hurt?”

“Yeah?! Guwon-san, are you hurt?!”

Sarah and Leia also stopped what they were doing and came to salvation.
Maybe they didn’t wait until I was completely clean before coming, did they?
Diana is still attached to her, but Sara, who would normally be secretly jealous, doesn’t say anything, so it’s even more suspicious.
no. Do not doubt your colleagues. nope Second to Sarah, our angel can’t do that.

“no. I just ran out of mana and came to rest.”

“Yeah, that’s right. What a relief. Really, don’t be surprised.”

Leia lightly tapped salvation’s chest with her fingertips.
Guwon tasted the sensation of melting from the part Leia’s fingertips touched.
big black. Miss Leia. If your sister is so worried about you, how can this salvation be hurt?

“How are you though? did you see me fight Wasn’t it great?”

It wasn’t a long time, but I think it made a huge contribution. If I were to choose the mvp for this battle, it would definitely be me.

“Yeah. As far as I can see, the formation on the side where Goo Goon went was disintegrating.”

Leia said with a smile on her face.
If it had been seen by Leia, my image would have been engraved in the minds of other adventurers.
Then, as soon as the spirit is restored, shall we go back and sweep the whole thing and thoroughly destroy the formation?

“Yeah, I will.”

But Sarah had a slightly puzzled expression on her face.

“What is it? Did something go wrong?”

“no. It’s not like that, but… it’s nothing.”

Sarah was vaguely silent.
Why are you doing that?

“Hmm. All right.”

Diana, who had been clinging to Guwon until then, dropped her body and said.

“Huh? what?”

“Say Mana. Didn’t you say you were not enough?”

After listening to Diana’s words, I checked the corners of my field of vision, and at some point it was full of spirit.

“Oh oh. Did you have any magic like this?”

“It’s a mana transfer that any wizard can do.”

That way, you can keep fighting without stopping.
Am I not going to become a real legend like this?
A second-tier Orc Slayer who appeared like a comet. Standing alone against hundreds of orcs. with the same feeling.

“Then where shall we go again?”

“Well. Go and make a name for yourself.”

Diana said, patting the back of salvation.
Salvation was trying to run with great momentum, but then stopped.
Oh. Before that, I have something to ask you.

“But how do you like the magic stone? You can’t come digging.”

“Usually in this case, after the battle is over, it is an unwritten rule for all the adventurers involved in the battle to dig randomly. There’s no way to know who caught what anyway.”

indeed. Is it just that the one who digs quickly is the owner?
Then, for now, I’ll just focus on the battle without worrying about the Manastone.

“buy it. Where are the other transcendental species?”

“Yeah? That… over there.”

Sara pointed to one side with a feeling of hesitation.
Good. I mean there
I’ll defeat the Transcendental Servant this time as well.

“Ah! Come on, wait a minute.”

But Sarah prevented such salvation.

“What is it?”

The reaction from before is subtle.

“Oh, no. That… I beg you to be careful.”

Sara said so without looking into the eyes of salvation out of shame.
what. Was it like that? Anyway, he’s cute too.

“do not worry. This time, like before, I’ll clean up the faba and come.”

“Yeah… Ah, just like before… .”

After giving a refreshing smile to Sarah with her teeth gleaming, Guwon immediately rushed in the direction she was pointing in.


As salvation approached, the adventurers who were fighting nearby flinched and spread the distance.
what. Have you already become an adventurer who is afraid of me just by getting close to you? Hell, I was too thorough against the orcs.
Don’t worry, girls. I’m only cruel to monsters, but I’m a warm man to people like you, especially beautiful people like you.
Guwon showed a fresh smile to reassure adventurers.
Then Salvation immediately used the proclamation of ministry.
There were adventurers within the sanctuary, but it won’t be affected much because they’ll just drag the orcs into aggro and get rid of them right away. It’s not a skill that’s powerful enough to give you pleasure in that brief moment.

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Milk Road Maker

The moment Salvation proclaimed the sanctuary, all orcs within range rushed towards salvation at once. Even the Orcs who were fighting other adventurers rushed towards salvation, regardless of the adventurers’ attacks.
Other times it might be noisy with steel issues, but in the same situation now it’s fine.
Salvation activated the hand of the saint and organized the coming Orcs in an instant.

The orcs tumbling backwards out of nowhere, putting on a fountain show of white liquid.
Its momentum was so great that it even splashed on the adventurers who were around, but the adventurers did not even think about avoiding them and just stared blankly at salvation with their mouths open.
Whoops. It was so cool to see you sort it out so quickly. I can’t take my eyes off you at all.
In fact, I can’t take my eyes off of it either.
When I saw pretty-looking women with their mouths open and white liquid sprayed on their faces as a group, I had a serious thought… no. Now is not the time for this.

Salvation wanted to stay here a little longer, but decided to refrain.
A sight like this is not common, but achieving the goal is the priority.
Besides, when the battle is over, not only those people, but everyone else will look at me with envy.
It was good. Rather than enjoying the present moment, let’s go forward to enjoy the future.
From now on, I will become a legend!

Since then, salvation has stirred the battlefield up and down, destroying the orcs’ formations wherever they go.
It stirs the battlefield by dealing with the transcendental species until the spirit runs out, and when the spirit runs out, it goes back to Diana to recover.
Anyway, Diana was not supporting the battle, so mana was sufficient, and the regular recovery of salvation was done right away.

When he stirred the battlefield and defeated an unknown number of transcendental species, Guwon suddenly realized that the sound of fighting around him had diminished.
Under the influence of the sanctuary, he treated the orcs that rushed to this side lightly, and salvation looked around.
The surroundings were covered with the corpses of orcs who had showered with white liquid.
Orcs standing on two legs were now too few to count, and even that was being dealt with by adventurers.

is it finally over How long have you been fighting?
I checked the time and it was already evening.
Since the battle started almost immediately after eating breakfast, I skipped lunch and fought all day long.
Up until now, I had not been very concerned about being elevated by battle, but once I did that, I became extremely hungry.
He wanted to throw everything away and go eat first, but Guwon endured it with the will of steel.
Now, the protagonist of this battle is me, no matter what.
The main character goes to eat before the battle is over and can’t see it. It can’t be.
In the middle of the dead orcs’ corpses, Guwon spread her arms wide and held her head up to the sky, holding the poop.
take a good look If not now, there may be no chance to see my face forever.
Then he opened his eyes slightly and looked around.
Everyone was busy digging for magic stones regardless of this place.
… okay. It’s all about trying to make a living, but it’s more important to dig mana stones than to praise someone who has achieved a major.

Still, it was certain that salvation was exuding a dignity that was difficult to approach right now.
As a proof of that, there was not a single person in the vicinity of salvation who came to mine for magic stones.
Even the corpses of the Transcendental Species have fallen.
Salvation started to pick up magic stones to match the atmosphere.
It was refreshing to feel the feeling of a dirty body being cleansed every time you mine a mana stone one by one.

Even after digging up all the manastones, the adventurers still hadn’t come close to salvation.
The gaze is felt. I could feel the eyes staring at me from all directions. But none of them thought they would come.
Even with every step of salvation, waves of people spread like the miracle of Moses, maintaining a certain distance from salvation.
Damn it. Have you been too active?
If I think about it, by now I should have been surrounded and praised by countless beauty adventurers.
When a person is so exceptionally good, problems arise in human relationships in this way.
Salvation seemed to know Diana’s heart a little.
Diana, who can’t even speak properly, who can’t speak properly even if she says just three names, must be feeling this way all the time. Let’s do a little better in the future.
But that promise of salvation didn’t last for a few minutes.

“Five. did you come?”

Diana puffed up her cheeks, munched on something, and raised her hand toward salvation.

“What do you eat?”

“It’s a desert lizard skewer. These days they sell these too. The world has really changed. When I first made the teleport circle here, I didn’t even think about it.”

So, when I say things like that, I feel more like a grandmother for nothing, so please stop.
No, more than that… .

“Where do you sell it?”

“It’s a village, where is it?”

“What? When did you go to the village? Magic?”

“What are you talking about? you know too This body doesn’t carry knives!”

Diana opened her chest and said confidently.

“There is magic! Wind magic!”

“Everyone is diligently digging for manastones, but isn’t it too ignorant to wipe them out with magic alone? Are you telling me to look at this body and do such a thing just for a little extra money?”

Ah-oh. If you don’t even speak
Salvation gave up winning the argument with Diana.

“Don’t be so angry. I bought your share here too. I’ll eat this and get rid of my anger.”

Diana held out a skewer as if to appease salvation.
Are you going to forgive me for this? At least we could have waited until I came and ate together. See you later when you sleep with me.
Well, I’ll eat it first.

Guwon took a bite of the skewer and looked at Sarah and Leia.
Sarah quickly hid one hand behind her back and sighed.
Wipe the seasoning around your mouth and smoke it.
Gu Gu-won still stared at Sarah tiredly, and Sarah held out the pocket she was wearing on her side in front of her.

“Yeah, the magic stone is still there.”

Fortunately, Sarah was a conscientious child.
thank God. It would have been sad if the kid with the knife had only eaten without digging for magic stones.
It doesn’t change the fact that I ate before I came.

And what hurts the heart of salvation more than anything else is that even our angel ate the skewers first without waiting for me.
Of course, Leia doesn’t have a knife, nor is it magically dismantable like Diana. Even if there was a knife, I couldn’t even imagine the scene where Leia took the knife and dismantled the body. You can still wait a little while to eat.
Leia was making an apologetic expression with her ears and tail drooping.

“I’m sorry… . that… I’m so hungry… .”

Come to think of it, Leia ate surprisingly a lot, unlike how she looked.
No, considering that everything you eat goes to your chest, you eat a lot to match your appearance.
Anyway, if you hang your ears and tail like that, your resentment towards salvation will disappear as if washed away.
okay. Things like that happen, too. How hungry would you be?
Especially for Leia, the more she eats, the more her breasts will go to her chest, so she can’t starve her even a single meal. rather well done.

“no. Well done. What should I do if I’m starving because I’m waiting here for nothing? You better eat first.”

“What did you say? Didn’t this body tell you? I think it’ll be fine if I bring up Miss Leia.”

I heard Diana whispering to Sarah from next door.
I hear it all After all, it’s wicked and it’s gone.
But just like Diana said, if you say anything to them now, you’re saying something to Leia as well.
It’s strange to be doing that even after being treated like that last night.
Is that some kind of old age?

“so. What do you think. Does this make my reputation grow?”

“Ah… .”

At the words of salvation, the three of them at the same time averted their gaze from salvation.

“what? What is it?”

“Ah, that’s right. Wouldn’t it at least make the name popular?”

It’s an absurd reaction.
Salvation could only find out why the three of them had taken such an attitude in the evening.

We fought without a fight all day, so today we decided not to go hunting any longer and rest.
Even after entering the village, I could still feel the gazes from all directions.
Everyone looked at salvation and seemed to be talking about something.
But when they looked at the place where the voices were heard, everyone hurriedly averted their gaze and smoked other words.
And when I entered the inn where we were staying for dinner, there was a loud voice welcoming salvation.

“Oh oh! You finally got it! everyone! Today’s hero-sama is coming!”

A strong-looking, cheerful man clapped and shouted with all his might.
At the same time, a whistle and whistling sound could be heard nearby.
All the adventurers in the restaurant on the first floor of the inn were looking at salvation and welcoming them.
The problem was that most of them were men.
There were some women smiling as if they were having fun in the middle, but the absolute majority were men.
Are there so many male adventurers here? There were only male bastards.

“Come on, come on. Come here and tell me some sagas.”

The man who first shouted out led salvation to the table in the middle of the dining room.

“What saga? You must have seen it all when you were on an adventure.”

“Yeah, of course I saw it with my own two eyes, but I had to know how it was done. How the hell did you make that milk rod?”

The man pretended to be strangely friendly and put his arm around the savior’s shoulder and said,
get off this sweaty bastard When did you pretend to be close?

“What? what load?”

“The Milk Road! Milk Road! ha ha ha! Whoever built it, named it well! Milk Road! It just made a way of cum with every passing! ha ha ha! Do you know what your nickname is now? Milk Road Maker! Milk Road Maker! ha ha ha! An adventurer who only goes on the 2nd floor is already a nickname! I will die of envy!”

Hearing up to that point, Salvation was able to grasp the situation slowly.
damn it This isn’t a hero, it’s totally a gag character.

“It’s like those sassy women idly dabbling in the semen of the orcs. What did you do? Can you tell me the secret? Ha ha ha ha!”

“… Can you tell me?”

“Huh? what?”

“Can you tell me how to do it?”

“Oh oh! I just said that, really?! But I don’t have a hobby of making these same bastards cheap… Whoops!”
“This is how you do it, man.”

Salvation activated the hand of the saint and gently removed Sanya’s hand that had been draped over her shoulder.
Of course, it goes without saying that the man slumped to the ground with his thighs clenched.

“Huh? like this. well. once. Feel it with your whole body. What do you think? Do you think you know?”

“Hey! man! slumbers! stop! hey! Whoa!”

The man who was twitching every time he touched Guwon, his complexion turned pale even after he didn’t touch it a few times.

“Look at how this bastard has turned white in the first few times. How did you get to this level with that kind of energy?”

“Hey, stop it. Then I will really die.”

He hated disappearing if it was a man, but he tried to prevent salvation if he couldn’t just let him die.
Come to think of it, this guy is now lying face down, and when he touches it, he just twitches and makes a groaning noise.
So why don’t you install it without knowing the topic?

“Anyone else curious?”

As Gu Guo looked around fiercely and said, the eyes that had been looking at this side as if it was interesting until now disappeared in an instant.
Everyone desperately turned their heads so as not to make eye contact with salvation.
But this alone did not solve my anger.
You’ve been through all that hardship all day, and the only thing you’ve earned is the odd nickname, Milk Road Maker.

“You look like you’re curious.”

“Oh, no! Could it be!”

“No, I am curious. Can you make a way with your milk? hem?”

“Hey, hey!”

When Gu Gu-won turned his face to the man who had been grinning earlier and said, the man desperately avoided his gaze and waved his hands.

“Do that. You shouldn’t be making fun of those who are weaker than you.”

Diana was polite, but Salvation couldn’t do that.

“no. I can’t. okay. From what I’ve seen before, it seems like you’re mistaken that it’s only possible for men. Can you prove that you can do it with any woman?”

Gu Gu-won approached one of the few female adventurers in the restaurant this time and said:
Then there was a light shock on the back of the head of salvation.

“Pretending to be angry, was that the purpose in the end!”

what. Why is he suddenly like this?
I just gave the saint’s hand to the female adventurer over there… .

“Huh? Oh no! I didn’t mean to harass you! I’m just trying to clear up a misunderstanding like this… .”

There is no reason for me to sexually harass an adventurer whose beauty level is lower than that of you guys.
Gu Gu was unfairly misunderstood, so he lightly touched a female adventurer.
When the woman reached her climax in an instant, Guwon regained her weight and looked around the adventurers and said:

“Did you see it? Even as a woman in this way… .”
“What are you doing sexually harassing?”

“No, really, wait, hey, misunderstood!”

But the excuse of salvation did not work.
Guess he was really angry, the palms filled with Sarah’s sincerity exploded at Gu-won.
Perhaps Sarah’s agility was overwhelmingly higher than that of salvation, but salvation could not be avoided and had no choice but to be beaten.
big black. sore to the bone
Yam obviously his main job is an archer, so why is it that not only the bow but also the hand-to-hand combat is so painful?

Around that time, adventurers seemed to think that they were dangerous people who should not be with the rescue party.
The restaurant has turned 180 degrees from the noisy atmosphere before, and the only thing that made the noise now was the group.
The other adventurers were busy disposing of the food placed in front of them silently, away from the rescue party as much as possible.
In that figure, it was clear that he wanted to quickly dispose of the food and escape from those dangerous people.

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Ambush training!


Milk Road Maker

“Come on, wait. If I was misunderstood as a guy who could only ejaculate men, what would people around me think? I was doing this to clear up misunderstandings, and never meant to be sexually harassed.”

“But there is a way!”

“If you don’t show it in person, you might not believe it! What should I do if I am mistaken for gay?”

In the end, the misunderstanding could be resolved by the cry of the soul of salvation.
Well, how many people would misunderstand that you were gay when you went out with these three beauties?

“You understand! I’m not the only one who can make cheap men! It’s a bonus that even men can make it like that! It’s only when I’m dealing with women that I show my true worth! Huh? Did you know!”

Salvation looked around and said.
The adventurers who were working hard on food nodded in surprise.

Salvation looked around with satisfaction.
He treated Gujang as a gag character, but I guess he was really trying to do something like a victory party. A huge amount of food was piled up like a mountain on the table.
But now, the atmosphere has become ambiguous to eat this food.
Shall we go eat dinner somewhere else?
There was an adventurer coming in at the same time as salvation stood in front of the door to leave the inn.

“Oh. You are here.”

The adventurer looked at the face of salvation and said,
Well? someone you know
I looked around my head for a while, but it was a face I couldn’t remember.
How many people do I know in the first place?
So what is that? Was it someone who became my fan after watching the battle? Also. Even if the fighting style was a little different, it worked that way. There is nothing strange about having one or two fans. These guys here are black bastards, so they didn’t have eyes to see.
Upon closer inspection, it was a pretty face.

“I was looking. If it’s okay with you, could you accompany me?”

Also, my prediction was correct. You’re just trying to screw it up like this. That’s pretty daring.

“I do not know. What happened?”

But salvation was a little slow.
It’s not like she’s very attractive, but if she accepts her for nothing and Sarah gets jealous, she’ll get in trouble.
maybe this is good It’s getting more popular, so I’m worried about this.
However, the woman’s answer was slightly out of the expectation of salvation.

“Oh. After all, I didn’t say anything. Excuse me. Our clan leader said he would like to serve dinner to the person who played an active part in this battle.”

Huh? clan chief?
Upon closer inspection, a water drop-shaped seal was engraved on the woman’s chest.
Damn it. Then yes. What is popular with women?
No, let’s think good. If the clan leader wants to serve dinner like this, at least he didn’t see my battle as a gag.

“Am I alone? It’s a little difficult to go alone because I have colleagues.”

“Oh, of course, if you have colleagues, you can come along.”

“Well then.”

We were going out for dinner somewhere else anyway.
Salvation immediately agreed and followed the adventurer.

“Welcome to our Oasis Clan.”

And the clan chief he met was a woman boasting a pretty splendid beauty.
I tried to analyze it just in case, but I still couldn’t check the level.
Diana also said that it would be possible to stop all the orcs with only the members of this clan, even if there was some damage.
Even if the clan is confined to the second tier, it cannot be underestimated.

“Thanks to you, we were able to stop the orcs without taking too much damage. On behalf of the Oasis Clan, I would like to thank you.”

It was quite a different reaction from the guys who had gathered at the inn earlier.
After all, if I become the head of a clan, would I recognize my true worth?
no. It’s just that they don’t have eyes to see before, and there is a possibility that more people have recognized my true worth.
With that in mind, the hard work I did today was not in vain.

“no. It was nothing.”

It’s someone who treats you to a meal as a thank you anyway.
Salvation didn’t bother to help, but trembled in humility. I also had a feeling of gratitude for being in contrast with those guys earlier and recognizing their true worth.

“Rather, my fighting style is quite unique, so I don’t know if I’ve been disrespectful to the people I’ve been fighting with.”

It must have been the guy who put his hand on salvation’s shoulder and pretended to be friendly.
Those strong women are dumbfounded, blah blah blah.
Surely, salvation traveled here and there and made quite a few adventurers rich in orc semen, and there must have been clan members among them.

“That’s it… . But the way we fight is different for each person, and in the end the sacrifice is minimal.”

The clan chief said with a slightly troubled expression.
After all, it didn’t seem like it was a good feeling to be covered in Orc’s semen. Could it be that this person also wore it while fighting near me?
Anyway, if even this clan leader had such a reaction, it would have been obvious to not see the reactions of other women covered in orc semen.
Perhaps the funny nickname of milk road maker wasn’t made by those bastards to make fun of me, but rather, it’s a nickname made out of anger by women covered in orc semen.

“Ha, but you fight in a very unique way. How did you do it?”

“Because I am a foreigner. I have a special class. Oh, by the way, the skills I used when fighting were not only available against monsters or against men. Rather, it was originally aimed at women… .”
“Well, by the way, when can we eat? After breakfast, I can’t eat anything because of the battle.”

When Guwon was trying hard to promote herself, Sarah suddenly interrupted and said:
No, you ate a lizard skewer or something.
Did you ever think that I was flirting with him and be jealous? it’s cute
But salvation was not meant that way. It’s hard to even think that someone with a high level that can’t even check their level through analysis in the first place will sleep with me.
I’m just saying this in case anyone other than the guys at the inn misunderstands that I can only use it for men. Since you are the person responsible for this, there is no better way to clear up the misunderstanding than to tell this person. Well, I would be lying if I said I didn’t expect any publicity effect at all.

“Ah, sorry. The words are too long. I will prepare it right now.”

A lot of food was brought to the table so that the upper legs were bent straight away.
I see you spent some money on tea. By the way, how much money do you earn today?
Even if I calculate the Manastones I have swept in, a considerable amount would come out, not to mention the clan that had the largest number of people participating in the battle.

The Oasis clan leader was quite interested in Gu-joo, and while eating, he asked me about it.
Sarah intervened in the middle and tried to change the topic somehow, but the effort was futile, and Salvation was able to appeal to the profession of a saint.

“It’s an amazing job. Does such a job exist? So, are you saying that Guwon has no worries about leveling up?”

As he is in charge of the clan, he made a statement that stabbed the core quite a bit.
However, saying that there is no need to worry about leveling up in this world is equivalent to saying that you are confident that you will unconditionally reach the climax when dealing with women.
With that in mind, it was a little awkward for a woman to ask such a question. Aren’t you ashamed?

“Well, to be honest, it is.”

Gu Guo put an iron plate on his face and said shamelessly.
Then, the oasis clan chief’s eyes glaring at salvation shone as bewitchingly as if he was seducing.
Then, as if he never wanted to lose his salvation, he spoke as quickly as a rapid-fire cannon.

“Is there a clan you are currently in? If not, how about our clan? I also want to experience the profession of a saint. Of course, it would be impossible now because of the level difference, but if you are Mr. Guwon, you will be able to raise it quickly, and if you join our clan, we will spare no effort to support Mr. Guwon for leveling up.”

Oh oh. what is this. do you want to sleep with me? Besides, don’t you spare no support until you reach a level where you can sleep with yourself? That’s a complete steed.
I’m seducing a woman now that she’s taller. Even the person who says that is quite a beauty.
Salvation felt once again that I was truly fortunate to have fallen into this world.
I love you Goddess!

“I’m sorry, but I already have a clan. Even this person is the clan leader of the clan.”

It was Diana who refused the temptation of the Oasis clan leader like a sword.
When Guwon looked at Diana, she had a very displeased expression on her face.
No matter how carefree Diana is, it seems distasteful for another clan to try to take the clan leader of her clan.
And there may be a part where the wind of salvation entered, but it also seemed a bit jealous.
Isn’t this the first time Diana has shown such jealousy?
With that in mind, Diana, who looked so clever when she ate the skewers, now looks incredibly cute again.

“Is that so? What is your clan name?”

“This is Saviours.”

“Hmm… This is a clan I’ve never heard of. Wouldn’t it be better to join our clan after all? Oh, if you’re worried about your clan members, don’t worry. All of the people who belong to Guwon-san’s clan are also in our clan… .”

But even with Diana’s words, the clan leader of Oasis didn’t seem to want to give up.
If I had known Diana’s identity, I probably wouldn’t have said it this way.

“Your body… !”

In the dungeon, Diana was wearing a large hat unique to a wizard so that her appearance was not revealed. If his identity is revealed, he will get a lot of attention, especially because he will attack every wizard he encounters in the dungeon.
However, Diana opened her mouth to reveal her identity even at the risk.
Was it that I didn’t like being seduced like that?
Salvation placed a hand on Diana’s head, paused, and answered Diana’s behalf.

“no. I will refuse.”

“Yeah? Why? No matter how much you think about it, it would be better for you to join our clan, right?”

“It’s a clan that I created, so I have an affinity for it. And most of all, I want to be with them. No matter how much they accept all of our clan members, if you go there, you will spend less time with them, right?”

Perhaps it was because Diana’s actions, which felt like jealousy, had warmed her heart, words that she would not normally be able to say came out profusely.

“Oh, have you ever been like that? I’m sorry. I didn’t even know that… .”

Upon hearing the word of salvation, the clan leader of Oasis bowed his head and apologized.
Still, he is a person with common sense. It’s not like I’m misunderstood, but I’m not with them.
Well, if you convince me with that, let’s just let it be misunderstood.
As if Diana had the same opinion as Salvation, she did not specifically deny the words of the Oasis clan leader.

After eating like that, the party left the Oasis Clan behind.
As soon as Gu-gu left the building, he glanced at Diana.

“Hey, you’re cute.”

“Uh? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Before, the clan leader of Oasis put on an angry face when he seduced me. Did you hate it that much?”

“It’s all natural, isn’t it? That… How dare you try to devour the clan this body belongs to!”

what? The reaction was a little different from what I expected.
I thought I’d get a little more shy reaction.

“Well, more than that, you are something. ‘And above all else, I want to be with them.’ Is this body that good? Huh?”

Besides, Diana has even counterattacked.

“It’s okay to say shameful things like that. Where, if you like this body, would you stroke me a little?”

Diana ate a sudden counterattack and teased, stabbing the side of the rescuer who couldn’t say anything.
Damn it. Something… I have to counterattack something… .

“okay! Alright I’m going to die! Stroke me!”

Whoops. How are you? If you can’t win with words, it’s a shameless operation.


Diana was a little hesitant as well, whether this answer was unexpected.

“Well, that’s right. Then let me stroke you a little.”

Then, hesitatingly, he put his hand on the head of salvation.
Why is he even more shy? Usually, whenever I’m bored, I just touch on the subject.

“Oh, Gukwon. Am I included in the ones I mentioned earlier?”

It was our angel who broke the awkward atmosphere.
nice. Leia.
Salvation, as if waiting, exaggeratedly answered Leia’s question.

“Absolutely! Rather, the angel’s share is 90%… .”

When I said that far, my eyes lit up on Sarah’s face, who was right next to Leia.

“Angels are included, of course! There is no way that an angel could not be included!”

Salvation radically changed direction.
Sarah. eyes are scary

“thank God… . He said he was a boy, so I knew I wasn’t the only one included… .”

no. In that sense, this little guy here is overwhelmingly older than Leia-nim.
It’s just a matter of my habit of calling them guys.

Still, it was quite heartwarming to see Leia older sister who was relieved again after being mistaken for herself.
After all, only angels are an oasis in my heart.

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I thought I wrote it properly, but I think the explanation was a little lacking.
I didn’t know all the kids would be like that.
Diana didn’t think that Salvation would of course only attack the Transcendental Species and break the front lines, sweeping all the way around a 9 meter radius. It was so far away that I couldn’t even see Salvation fighting properly. So, when Salvation first came back with a transcendental species, Diana saw the appearance of salvation and was more terrified than usual. However, I think that it is surprisingly difficult to catch the transcendental species.
And Leia said that she saw the formation collapsing after seeing the transcendental bell fell, and with that, she misunderstands that salvation is something she is doing well by sweeping away everything.
Sara, the only one who has seen it properly, hesitates to say something, but Diana, who is more experienced than herself, doesn’t say anything, so she doesn’t say anything in the end because other adventurers don’t think such battles are particularly strange.
And by the time Diana got it right, she had already crossed the river of no return.

When I read the skewer part again, it was drawn as if the heroines were trying too hard for salvation. I didn’t mean to do that, but it’s my fault. So I added a little more content. That feeling would have diminished a bit.

And since there are so few male adventurers in this world, they feel a bond with each other, and even if they are meeting for the first time, they become close as if they had known each other. That’s why I treat salvation with the feeling of making fun of my close friends. Even Leia didn’t come forward because I knew it. It’s maddening to see people who don’t know salvation laugh at you.
More about this will come later.


Milk Road Maker

“Then, shall we go back to the village?”

“What do you mean? He’s in town now.”

Sarah looked at her as if doubting the mental state of salvation.
Don’t look at me with those eyes, because I’m smart.

“no. not here Let’s go up to the ground.”

“What?! Come on, what is that all of a sudden?!”

Then Diana, who was next to him, reacted violently.
don’t like it that much

“Anyway, you made a lot of money from today’s battle, and you’ve grown quite a bit. It’s time to go back once. Leia must also want to go back to the temple once.”

Actually, this is an excuse, and to be honest, I didn’t really want to go back to the inn now.
It’s awkward when you meet face-to-face with the adventurers who were there before.
And I had to go back anyway. After installing the teleport magic circle on the 1st floor, and going through a journey to find the 2nd floor teleport magic circle, I stayed here and even hunted.
The length of time he stayed in the dungeon had already broken the longest record.

“Ha, but… .”

“But it’s not like you’re going to go back to sleep anyway, right? give up It’s easy to give up.”


“Guwon-san, if you are doing this for me, it’s fine. Are you staying here today? After all, today is my turn, so even if I go back now, I can’t go back to the temple.”

Perhaps Diana was pitiful to see, so Leia made such a suggestion.

“Still, there is no need to sleep here. There is no need to spend money and stay in a more inconvenient place. If Leia can sleep well, would the clan house bed be better?”

“Oh, that’s… .”

Leia, who couldn’t lie, couldn’t answer and was speechless.
It’s not that the inn’s facilities are bad, but compared to Diana’s mansion, it’s definitely inferior.

“What does that mean! Aren’t the facilities here much better than the mansion of this body? This body would like to stay here if possible!”

But Diana did not give up and threw an irrational number.

“Can I literally pass it on to Vanessa? I’ve been caring for over 200 years, but what comes back is that it’s just that the facilities have not been managed more than the inn. Vanessa must be very sad. Maybe this will be the way to see that expressionless expression stained with tears.”

“Come on, man, is that what a person would do! I see! Go! Aren’t you supposed to go!”

When Vanessa fell, Diana eventually gave up any further resistance.
It will be so.

So the party arrived at Diana’s mansion.
I was in the middle of the 2nd floor a while ago, and I was in the city in an instant. It’s a strange feeling.

“Have you been? Teller, Mr. Everyone.”

As I entered the mansion’s front door, the maid who was tending the garden greeted me politely.
And at the same time, beauties in robes popped out from all sides of the mansion in an instant.

“What! Telluna-sama!?”
“It’s Telunani!”

It literally just popped out of all directions.
There were even people flying this way from the balcony of the mansion.


Diana took a step back with a disgusted expression, but did not break the heads of the Wizards Association that much.
They neatly ignored Salvation, Sarah, and Leia, and surrounded Diana in an instant.

“Welcome! I was waiting for you!”

Maybe he was just staring at the front door until Diana came.
That was the kind of reaction I thought it would be.
In fact, the fact that we’ve been in the dungeon for a long time means that these people haven’t seen Diana in a while.
He must have come here because he had a dream of living with Diana, but Diana had not seen her nose for a long time, so this reaction was understandable.

“Then Diana seems to be busy, so let’s go in first.”

“awhile! You! Are you going to leave this body like this?!”

“Huh. That’s it. Then go ahead.”

Gujon left Diana coolly and entered the mansion.
Behind the scenes, Diana was making a fuss about betrayal, saying that you didn’t know this, but did you know?
That’s why when I diligently dig manastones, I can comfortably eat a skewer.
Salvation had not forgotten the promise of revenge.

“Have you been?”

Vanessa was already waiting in the hall of the mansion.
Shall I tell you the joke I made earlier?
The devil whispered in the heart of salvation.
Don’t you want to see that expressionless expression collapse?
Huh. I miss you crazy
Salvation went straight to the whispers of the devil.

“Oh, Vanessa. Well, I mean Diana.”

Before Salvation could even speak, Diana approached from behind. Of course, with the heads of the Wizards Association hanging around them.
Sheesh. what a waste. More than this… .

“Have you been? Miss Diana. So what are you talking about?”

“Well, Diana always complimented Vanessa that she was reliable because she was there. But not now.”

“Come on, come on! Oh no. No, it’s not that I am ashamed of this body to say that directly!”

He threw a changing ball to tease Diana, but even that didn’t work.
Is it also the power of age? Agility is no joke.
However, Diana was also quite timid, so she was staring at salvation immensely.
If I try to play with this more, it will explode, right?

“Okay then, Leia. Shall we go to our room Sleep well guys.”

“Oh, yes. Good night everyone.”

Guwon quickly left before Diana exploded.

And the training time to overcome Leia’s luxury came back.

“First, shall we wash together again like last time?”


While preparing water in the bathtub, Guwon thought about how to train this time.
Last time, he showed how to endure to some degree of caressing.
It is clear that he lost his temper and turned into a nine-tailed fox… when i was cheap
When I reached my climax, it was close, but when I think about the things that did not change, it was probably the semen that became the trigger.
It seems that semen also acts as a medium through which the nine tailed foxes suck their spirits, so it’s probably certain.

If so, should I give up on Leia’s washing up this time?
But it was too sad for that. Especially since the last experience was so good.
okay. Let’s just wash it first. This time, I’ll just put myself in climax bondage.

“Sigh. Sigh. haha.”

So now we got to the situation.
Until salvation washed away Leia, it was not much different from the last time.
With the cause of salvation being washed away, he touched Leia’s body here and there, and although Leia reached her climax, she did not turn into a nine-tailed fox.

The problem appeared as Leia began to wash away salvation.
He hadn’t even gotten to the things of salvation yet, and around the time he washed his breasts through his arms, the sound of excited breathing began to leak out of Leia’s mouth.
There were certainly many more dangerous moments when washing me last time, but I haven’t done this since this early timing. What’s different from last time?

After thinking for a while, I was able to come up with an answer.
like that. Last time, the duration of the act was relatively short, and this time it is a fairly long time.
Are you that sensitive?

“Ha ha ha ha. whoops. how is it? Are you feeling good?”

Leia smiled with a bewitching eyebrow that could not be imagined in her usual form and gently caressed the heart of salvation.
Rather than washing it, it was almost like a caressing action.

“Leia. I’m washing this now. We’re not having sex yet.”

“Huhu. Salvation is too. I know that too.”

Saying that, Leia slid the hands that were caressing the salvation chest to the side and turned them behind the salvation. In other words, it became a hugging posture and tightly adhered.
No, you don’t know at all. How do you wash this?

“Leia. Wake. I’m just washing up right now. Not yet.”

“Huhu. ’cause I know see. This is how I wash it.”

At the same time, something tickled the bridge of salvation.
It was Leia’s tail.
Leia wrapped her legs around her with her tail in a state of being completely close in front of her.
A tail soaked in soapy water caressed salvation’s legs like a soft bath towel.
It wasn’t just that.
Apart from moving her tail, Leia started moving her upper body in a circular motion.
The fact that they are in close contact from the front naturally means that Leia’s chest and salvation’s chest are in contact, and Leia’s upper body movement results in rubbing her huge breast against the salvation’s chest.

I hope you wash this with the chest you’ve only heard of!
You will experience this firsthand.
He felt a warm touch running down his cheeks.
Even men have tears in their eyes. Now is the time.

“Huhu. Are you that good?”

“Yeah, of course… !”

Salvation could not keep up with the words because of the overwhelming emotion.
Just looking at Leia’s face… uh? Leia’s eyes… ?
At some point, Leia’s eyes were starting to glow more and more.

Damn it! If Leia was normal, she wouldn’t be able to do something like this herself!
It was a very moving play, so I didn’t understand the situation and enjoyed it.
But fortunately, he hasn’t completely turned into a nine-tailed fox yet.

“Leia! Wake! What if it changes faster than before!”

No matter how long the term is, you can’t go backwards from before.
Guwon grabbed Leia’s shoulder and dropped it from his body.
I felt like crying in a different way.
I have to distance myself from this fantastic feeling.
However, this was also a matter of trust with Leia. Salvation had to show that she was doing her best to help Leia.

“Ah… Yes Yes. right. I’ll do my best… .”

Leia said with a slightly dazed, sweet voice.
His voice wasn’t very reliable, but fortunately, the light from his eyes weakened slightly.

Leia reached out again and touched the body of salvation.
Then, she gently washed her chest again and took a tempting pose several times, but Salvation encouraged Leia to come to her senses with her superhuman patience.
The bath time, which devoured the spirit of salvation, came to an end.

All that was left was the object that now stood at the center of salvation.
Leia was also in a dazed state, but whether she instinctively knew that touching this place was the most dangerous, or was she just the type to eat delicious food last, she was left unwashed until the very end.
Leia immediately knelt down and sat with the object of salvation in front of her face.
Then he immediately opened his mouth wide and sticking out his tongue.

“then… ah… .”

“awhile! Why are you trying to do it with your mouth? It’s washing! Just wash it off and you’re done!”

“Oh, it was… .”

Leia still answered with a slightly dazed tone, and grabbed the item of salvation with both hands.
Then, turning both hands round and round, he began to sweep the object of salvation up and down.
Salvation put itself in climax with that great technique.
The climax bondage only prevented the wrapping, and it was not that he did not feel the sensation, so it became even more painful.
He wanted to release the climax and cool off right away, but Guwon held on to it clenching his teeth.
Anyway, if you have a little patience, you can wrap it all in Leia’s body later. Let’s be patient. a little bit.

“Hey, Leia. now it’s done It seems clean enough.”

“Huh… The stick part is like that. But still… .”

While saying that, Leia stroked the egg sac under the object with one hand, and the palm of the other hand reached the tip of the object and turned it around.
Whoa! Shall we just release the real climax bondage?!
It was the longest 10 seconds in the life of salvation.
But in the end, salvation endured.

Seeing that Leia’s eyes were about to shine again, Guwon took Leia’s hand away from the object.
Then, after turning Leia half a turn to turn her back, she hugged her with her arms and sat in the bathtub.
It was good. With this, Leia’s movements were sealed. If it cools down a bit in this state, Leia will come back to her sanity.

“Are you adding it now?”

However, the expectation of salvation was completely wrong.
Thanks to his posture, of course, the object of salvation was caught between Leia’s buttocks, and Leia began to stimulate the object of salvation by moving her hip up and down.
Damn it. Since before, they have been attacking with color in an ambiguous state whether it is Leia or a nine-tailed fox.
He certainly didn’t turn into a nine-tailed fox, but he wasn’t completely insane either.

“Leia. It’s not just that the nine tail fox doesn’t work, it’s just that you have to be able to control yourself. Wake.”

“Huhu. Salvation is too. I am completely sane.”

Saying that, Leia wrapped her tail around the object of salvation as if it were rolling.

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Ah… Sorry.
Originally, I was going to finish the Leia scene completely in this episode, but I was so sleepy that I couldn’t write any more.


Milk Road Maker

No, no matter how you look at it, you’re not sane.
Obviously, the light itself from the eyes was weaker than when it was completely transformed into a nine tail fox, but those pupils were not normal. To say it was out of focus, it was the eyes that had a taste to say out loud.

“no. Leah you… Ouch!”

When Guwon opened his mouth, the tail that was wrapped around the object suddenly began to move.
Gu-Ju trembled at the surprise attack.
It’s dangerous. If it hadn’t been for the climax bondage, I’d definitely have just wrapped it up.
There was a reason for the sudden pleasure, but that wasn’t the only reason. It felt too serious to be just moving around with its tail.
okay. It’s like that strange level of pleasure when dealing with a nine-tailed fox.

“Hey, Leia. you… .”

Guwon looked down in surprise and looked down.
There were nine tails fluttering. However, the eight tails were more transparent than usual so that the other side of the tail could be seen through.
Damn it. Since when did this happen? Was it a problem with the object touching the pubic area?
Anyway, since this has happened, there is no point in continuing to do this.
I can’t stand it any longer. let’s do it like this
Guwon grabbed Leia’s waist with both hands and lifted her body, touching Leia’s vagina to the end of the object.

“Huhu. Are you putting it in now?”

Leia moved the tail that was wrapped around the object to adjust the angle, and as it was, she loosened the tail and lowered her body.
When the object reached the root of Leia’s body, salvation unleashed the climax bond it had placed on herself.
The thing that had already reached its limit, immediately squirted semen as soon as it was released from its climax.
At the same time, Leia’s body trembled.

“Ahhh! ha ha ha… . more… . some more please… .”

Leia began to move her waist on her own as if she was still lacking.
Immediately after ejaculation, intense pleasure was delivered to the sensitive object again, but still, I was able to understand the situation a little more calmly than before.

How should we interpret Leia’s current state?
Now, as usual, it was perfectly shaped like a nine-tailed fox, but before it was inserted, the eyes were less bright and the tail was much more transparent than when it turned into a nine-tailed fox.
And above all, it didn’t seem like Leia had completely become a nine-tailed fox.
She is quite crazy and is faithful only to her desires, and her voice, face, and her usual appearance are overflowing with color that cannot be imagined, but it seems that Leia’s spirit remains a little bit.

“Ugh! Whoa! haha! good! Do you like Gu Guo-san too?”

First of all, I’m speaking with respect.
And he didn’t even put on the bondage technique unique to the nine tailed fox.
The nine-tailed fox never gave me such a pleasure that I couldn’t come to my senses, so it’s more accurate to think that I didn’t walk at all, rather than thinking that it was loose after walking.

If so, can it be said that some degree of training is paying off?
Although he has not yet overcome the instincts of a nine-tailed fox, he is still like this, but it is not that he has completely become a nine-tailed fox.
Still, it is worthwhile to help out.

“Savior… uh… . Churp.”

At that time, Leia pressed her back to the body of salvation, lifted her head, and brought her lips to the lips of salvation.
Now that I understand that there are some results from the training, let’s not think about it and enjoy it.
Right now, Leia is shaking her back on my body, and it’s too wasteful to just think about it.

Guwon immediately grabbed Leia’s chest with both hands.
It is a great touch whenever you touch it.
In particular, the convex part that overflows between the fingers when you squeeze it strongly with force on your fingers was very nice to see personally.
While holding his chest like that, Gugudo began to move his waist.

“Aww! good! more!”

Leia responded by waving her waist from side to side happily.
The voice itself is full of color, like when she turned into a nine-tailed fox, but her tone of voice seemed to be subtly innocent as she used respectful words like Leia.
What do you mean?
In a word, the current Leia is incredibly attractive.

The two of them moved their waists violently, and after a while, the feeling of ejaculation rose again.
You don’t have to be patient. Anyway, in order to get rid of the nine tailed fox state, you need to inject the essence. It’s been a while since I’ve done it, so it won’t be over with just one or two.
Perhaps she felt the object of salvation twitch, Leia looked at salvation and smiled and said.

“Heh! Do you like rice? good! Please buy! inside me! Give me plenty!”

There was no man who wouldn’t be thrilled by this, turning his waist round and round with that bewitching talk that flirts like that.
Miss Leia. you’re too naughty
The sense of salvation soared to the limit at once.

“Ugh. Rice!”

“Yeah! Buy anytime! haha! Whoops! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

At the same time as the circumstances of salvation, Leia once again reached its climax and trembled.

“Whoa… . Good… . good… .”

Leia leaned against the body of salvation as if she were playing aegyo, looking up at it and muttering.
Excited at the sight, Guwon continued to shake his waist without stopping even while ejaculating.

“Huh. Goo Won, ha uhm. Hmm. chung.”

In the end, it was only after the fifth incident that day that Leia was released from her nine-tailed fox condition.
Even his personality was not completely in the state of a nine-tailed fox, so I expected that he would faint even if his state of nine-tailed fox was released, but things did not work out so well.
I can’t help it.
Still, today, I felt a lot more like having sex with Leia instead of a nine-tailed fox, so I was much more satisfied than usual.
Are you satisfied with this today?
… But in the end, I didn’t even wash off the foam and left it in the bathtub. Anyway, can’t you sleep like this?

Gu Guo wiped the foam off Leia and himself and lay down on the bed. Of course, it goes without saying that the thing that was pulled out for a while for healing sex was reinserted.
And before going to sleep, I fell into a temptation.
Can’t Sleep Using the Proclamation of Sanctuary?
When I slept with Diana, the next day was also hunting, so I refrained from letting Diana sleep well, but tomorrow is a holiday anyway.
And Leia is like fainting, so I won’t wake up halfway through.
So, isn’t it the best time to raise the level of sanctuary declaration?
And above all, I wondered what would happen if a man slept all night with the proclamation of sanctuary on in this mansion where I was the only man.
Good. turn it on and go to sleep
One of my many strengths is that I can make decisions quickly.
Salvation immediately triggered the proclamation of sanctuary. The range setting, of course, the maximum radius of 11 meters. While fighting during the day, it was turned on continuously, so the level increased a little more and the range increased.
Still, it’s not enough to cover this mansion.
Are you going to use this to reach Sara or Diana’s room? Well… I do not know. Eight. It’s good if you touch it, or it’s unavoidable. let’s go to sleep

And the next morning, when Guwon woke up, Leia was already awake.


As soon as the eyes met with the salvation that had opened Booth’s eyes, Leia immediately averted her eyes. And then he buried his face in the chest of salvation.

“Leia? What is it?”

But Leia didn’t answer. He was desperately hiding his face as if he didn’t want to show it. Her ears were also folded down, representing Leia’s gloomy heart.

“Leia? What’s going on?”

There’s no way that’s going to happen. Because it’s been connected since last night.
If something had happened, I would have known.
As Gu-gu continued to ask in a worried voice, Leia muttered in a low voice that seemed to be extinguished.

“… I’m sorry for being a lewd woman.”

Again, I seem to remember everything that happened last night.
But isn’t this all about talking about last time?

“OK. You said it last time. It’s because of my body, so there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“It’s not like that, it’s not like that. this time… It was completely my doctor.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“The last time my body was moving at will, I was only faintly conscious. But yesterday was different. I was completely conscious. However… But I couldn’t stand it. When I saw Guwon-san’s belongings, I wanted to put it inside somehow… . I’ve lost my lust. I’m sorry for being such a naughty woman. Ah, Goddess. How do I… .”

The fact that Leia had lost her desire seemed quite shocking.

“Come on, come on. Leia. OK. Your will is not weak. I couldn’t help it because of my body. Conversely, if you think about it, even if you were in the state of a nine tailed fox, you were still conscious, so the results of special training came out. Rather, it is something to be happy about. As you become more accustomed to it, you will be able to control those desires. you’re obscene… .”

“No! I am lewd!”

Was it quite a shock to Leia, who is usually devout?
Even after salvation was given, Leia shook her head and strongly denied it.

“Because it isn’t. listen. Perhaps you’re absorbing the essence is essential to life. So I instinctively become a nine-tailed fox. So you… .”

“But… ! But I still want to do this!”

Leia looked at salvation with tears in her eyes.

“Did you absorb all the essentials you needed last night? But even now, I want you so much that I want to shake my back right now! After all, regardless of my constitution, I am lewd!”

Leia has made a huge come out.
Then he was trying to wriggle his back to see if he could really stand it any longer.
is it. Do you want to do it right now?
Salvation felt the power entering things.

“Ugh! Salvation! Salvation!”

When the power of the things of salvation entered, eventually even Leia could not bear it and began to move her waist.
I can’t stand it either. Let’s do it once and think.

After a storm raged in the morning like that, Leia, who reached the climax, became depressed again.
how do i fix this
Guwon shook his head and fell into trouble.
But I think I’m forgetting something… . Whoops! right! Sanctuary Announcement!
The Sanctuary Proclamation that was turned on before sleeping was still in effect.
Salvation immediately turned off the proclamation of sanctuary.

“that… Leia?”

Salvation opened her mouth with difficulty.
Can’t I just say this?

“Ugh. What?”

“that… I think Leia felt that way because of my skills.”

“… on?”

“Because that can keep the sanctuary proclamation going as long as the healing sex is in motion. So, to increase the power of the skill, I turned it on before going to sleep. So Leia continued her proclamation of sanctuary for hours… .”

“… Then I… Isn’t that obscene?”

“Huh. Not at all! Rather, it’s all my fault! Sorry!”

Salvation put both hands together and prayed.
But Leia was not angry.

“thank God… .”

“… Fire guidance?”

“What is there to be angry about? Guwon did this just to enhance his skills, right? Besides, he spoke so frankly. I have nothing to be angry about. … I was a little embarrassed.”

Leia slightly stuck out her tongue and smiled softly and said.
big black. A halo from behind!
Salvation covered both eyes without realizing it.

“Gu, Guwon-san, why are you like this?”

“You are so dazzling!”

“I, really. Salvation-san too.”

Leia lightly slapped Salvation’s chest.
There was no physical damage, but it was an attack that hit the heart of salvation.
Why on earth does this older sister tickle people’s hearts so well?
Anyway, I’m glad that Leia is back to her original form.
If our angel is depressed, even me will be sad.

“Still, the special training really works. Even if you become a nine-tailed fox, are you sure you are conscious now? If it goes on like this, the day will soon come when I will be completely in control.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

As Gu Gu-won said with a smile, Leia blushed as if she remembered it and bowed her head again.
Oh, did I just say something?
Even if it was unavoidable, it seems shameful that he did it himself.

“OK. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Personally, I really liked it. good job!”


I tried to say it lightly on purpose to appease it, but it had the opposite effect.
Leia closed her ears and buried her face in the heart of salvation again.
It will take a while for this to recover.

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