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Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

In the end, even by the time Guwon came out of the shower, Leia was covered in a blanket and was ashamed to meet Guwon face-to-face.

“Leia. Let’s go wash up and go eat.”

“… Yes. I’ll be there soon. Please go first.”

Salvation had no choice but to leave the room first.
Staying there would only backfire. You just have to wait for time to fix it.

Vanessa was nowhere to be seen in front of the door.
I don’t know why, but when I was in the mansion, Vanessa acted like she was my full-time maid. So in the morning, I always waited in front of the door to my room and let me know when it was late, but this was the first time I had not seen her like this.
But it might be a good thing. Shall we take a leisurely stroll around the mansion?
With a pounding heart, Gu Gu looked around and slowly headed towards the restaurant.
Now, what was the result of the declaration of sanctuary that had been activated overnight?

The first thing Guwon did was put his ears to the door on both sides.
Obviously, before I entered the dungeon, both rooms were empty. But now, the heads of the Wizards Association and their attendants are also staying in the mansion. It is not strange if someone is assigned this room and lives there.
I put my ear to the door with anticipation and tried to hear what was coming from inside, but nothing was heard from inside.
that, yes All the kids who moved in are women, but I wouldn’t let them stay in the room right next to me anyway.
But this mansion is not so full of rooms. Next door, or who else lives next door?
Each room is a luxurious room worthy of Diana’s reputation, so of course the size is considerable. Considering the scope of the proclamation of sanctuary that had been activated thanks to this, there were not many rooms that could influence it. At most, it was about a room three or four squares away from me when I calculated it roughly.

Salvation brought his ears to the visits one after another, but the expected sound did not come at all.
damn it I hope no one was affected?
please. I can’t. As I first imagined, I don’t want to see a picture of several beauties who are immersed in masturbation. only one. At least one person… .
However, with each visit, the hope of salvation was betrayed one after another.
And when I brought my ear to the last remaining visit, there was a voice speaking to me from behind.

“… What are you doing?”

It was Vanessa.

“uh? Huh? no. nothing. Hi. Vanessa. Good morning?”

“Yeah. Good night.”

Vanessa said looking at salvation with an expressionless expression that was no different from usual.
No, he looked a little suspicious.

“No, it sounded like something was coming from the next room. But as far as I know, the next room is empty, right? So, maybe it’s next door? Or is it the other room next door? But until here… .”

Salvation was stabbed in the eye and gibberish.

“sound? As you know, this is an empty room.”

But Vanessa has revealed the harsh reality to salvation.

“That, right? I also thought people from the Wizards’ Association were assigned to this room.”

“Everyone from the Wizards’ Association has assigned a room to the right of the mansion.”

By the way, all of our clan members’ rooms including me were on the left side of the mansion. In other words, it was assigned to a place located on the opposite side.
Damn it. Then they’ll have to give up completely.
So now the only ones I can trust are Sarah and Diana. Are their rooms within reach of Sanctuary? I don’t know because the floors are different.
Salvation followed Vanessa to the restaurant with weak expectations.

“Are you here?”

“Good morning.”

But once again, hopes of salvation were betrayed. Sarah and Diana were both sitting at the table with their faces intact.
No, Diana looked a little tired, but Diana’s room was farther from mine than Sarah’s. If Sarah hadn’t been affected, Diana wouldn’t have been affected either, so the tired look on her face must be for some other reason. For example, the people of the Wizards Association who are sitting at the table right now were tormenting them until late at night.
Looking at that expression, it looks like he didn’t even reach the room. Even if I had solved it by masturbating, the two of you who knew my skills would have been scrutinizing and listening. To have such an innocent face, it must be said that he was outside the realm of the sanctuary.

“Huh. Good morning. Did you both sleep well?”

“Yeah. No matter how much I slept in an inn, it is still different from sleeping in a dungeon.”

“Well. That’s right… .”

Still, I asked casually, just in case, but both answered without any doubt.
Among the maids in the back, there doesn’t seem to be a maid with a particularly excited expression on her face, and this is absolutely ridiculous.
I can’t help it. Just be satisfied with the fact that the level of sanctuary proclamation has risen.

Then, after arriving to Leia, breakfast began.
Leia was still shy, and sometimes when she and Guwon made eye contact, she blushed lightly and smiled shyly. let’s be pitiful
As he ate his meal, Gujang looked at the faces of the wizards’ associations.
The people on the lower side are probably the attendants brought from each school. As expected, they were all young women.
Great. After all, like wizards who live on their heads, they perfectly understood my intentions.
Since we’re living under the same roof, we wanted to have a conversation with you, even if it was just a common name, but it seemed like everyone wasn’t in the mood to do so. Without knowing whether Bob was going through his nose or his mouth, he just looked at Diana with a gaze that felt the heat.
It’s not that I don’t understand at all that I’m finally seeing Diana, whom I’ve been following.
I can’t help it. Names and things like that will come naturally to you as you keep going, so let’s leave it as it is for now.

After the meal, Gujon headed to the temple with Leia. If you come back to the village as promised with the high priest, you must stop by at least once.
Now that I’ve noticed, it’s probably because Sarah followed me the last time to keep an eye on me. Priests are all just people who boast of one beauty. you must be jealous
However, it was probably because I had seen Guwon seriously study with the high priest last time, so this time he didn’t follow me.

“Well? that face… What happened?”

Huh? Face? Oh, come to think of it, is this the first time I’ve seen her after filming her charms?

“I just leveled up a bit.”

“Because of how much the level has risen in the meantime… .”

Do you think you’ve even done a boom? The high priest muttered with a puzzled face.

“no. It didn’t go up that much. However, my job of being a saint is a job that leaves a mark on my face even if I level up a little.”

In fact, the charm itself that rises by leveling up a saint is 1 like other stats, but the skill factor is attractive, so it’s not too wrong.

“i See. I knew it… .”

The high priest nodded with a serious expression on his face as if he had understood it.
And the study started again.

“… So, in this world, most people are mixed race. Even if it is called a specific race, it is safe to say that it is only the person with the strongest characteristics of that race, and there is no case of pure blood.”

like that. Is it because of this worldview that everyone is mixed with blood?

“Then there is no pure blood at all?”

Even so, there are cases where ordinary pure-bloods maintain pure blood among themselves.

“Yeah. It is against the teachings of the Goddess to limit one’s potential by insisting on pure blood. As far as I know, there is only one person in this world who is pure blood.”

“Yeah? Who?”

“Do you know Mr. Guwon? Are you from the same clan?”

“Ah, Diana!”

“Yeah. As far as I know, he’s the only non-blood of a different race in the world.”

indeed. Is it like that? Diana was the only pure blooded elf.
Oh, then I saw… .
When Diana’s story came up, something came to mind. It’s a good opportunity, shall I ask?

“By the way, Ambassador. I have a question. What does kissing mean in this world?”

“Yeah? Of course, that’s what you do with your loved ones. Was it different in your world?”

The high priest tilted his head as if puzzled and answered.

“no. It’s not like that… . Does it mean something a little different?”

“Yeah. At least as far as I know.”

what is that Does it mean that Diana refuses to kiss simply because she doesn’t love me? Aren’t kisses supposed to have other important meanings? But the reaction didn’t seem to be the only one… . Am I the only one who thinks that way because I want to believe so?
No, it is not. It will never be just that.
Above all, if Diana refused to kiss her simply because of love luck, that’s a good thing. These days, when I asked if I could kiss her, Diana showed a very thoughtful response. Maybe it was because of the so-called rice cakes, but it wasn’t a heartless reaction at all.
But he doesn’t seem to be refusing just for that reason, so he’s struggling.

“What’s wrong?”

“no. it’s nothing. Please continue.”

So salvation continued to study common sense for a while.
Even after completing his studies, Guo Won chatted with the high priest over tea for a while. It was mainly about Leia’s current situation.

“Then are you getting better?”

“Yeah. Little by little, but definitely getting better. Not long ago, even Leia didn’t lose consciousness.”

“i See. After all, it was the right choice for me to go with you. … At first, I was worried.”

“haha. Do not worry. I will make sure that Leia’s safety is protected no matter what. Every time I see you, I fly in the dungeon.”

“Yeah. Then I heard You played quite a bit on the second floor this time, right?”

The high priest said with a rather playful expression that did not suit his strict face.
ugh The rumors have already spread here. Of course, it was an act to spread rumors, but looking at that expression, it seems that it wasn’t just good rumors.

“Did you say milk road maker? He even got a pretty funny nickname. I hope you can fight like that with that job. It’s a fighting method that even feels blasphemous from the standpoint of serving the goddess, but it’s clever.”

Damn it. I knew it. GNOME’s Milk Road.
Besides, it’s disrespectful. Since the teachings of the goddess are like that, does the priest have that kind of impression? So, maybe I didn’t give out tea, but Leia too? I think this needs an excuse.

“no. Are you disrespectful? Rather, I am spreading the Goddess’s teachings to those savage monsters.”

“… The idea is really ingenious.”

As for the excuses that came out as soon as they were saved, the high priest spoke as if he was excited.

“So, did you spread the divine teachings to the same male adventurers?”

Did the rumor spread?

“Uh, what is that… haha. How did you know?”

“Conflicts between male adventurers are quite rare. Rumors are bound to spread.”

The high priest has been saying strange things.
Are disputes between male adventurers rare? why? Rather, isn’t it normal to growl when we meet? Are they all competitors?

“Are disputes rare? why?”

“Yeah? That’s because there are so few. We feel a bond because we are in the same situation, and we are usually friendly with each other. Are you not like that?”

not at all what is the bond All I have is the perception that they are competitors.
If there is another male adventurer, it means that a certain beauty is sleeping with him. A beauty who might one day sleep with me.
I’m glad that’s all there is to it. Maybe some of them are trying to steal my girl. Aren’t these guys ignorant?

But as he pondered it, he could see that he was wrong.
In terms of adventurers alone, there are overwhelmingly fewer males than females. In other words, it is a situation where you can choose and eat any woman you can catch.
In such a situation, is there anyone who bothers to steal someone else’s woman?
Of course, it could be such a castle wall, or if the woman is incredibly pretty. However, most of them will just choose the women around them and eat them rather than bother trying to steal other women.
If so, it is acceptable for everyone to be friendly without quarreling.
If it’s clear that they’re safe for each other, it’s possible to feel a sense of closeness among the few comrades in the same situation.

Come to think of it, most of the men were gathered in the inn the other day. Maybe there is some kind of male adventurer social gathering?
And the guy who put his hand on my shoulder was strangely friendly the first time I saw him. There was a lot of food piled up on the table as if it was really going to be a party.
I thought I was doing this just to make fun, but was it really just because I felt friendly?
I didn’t even know that, and in front of everyone else, I made a big fuss about it.
Not only that. Other than the one who suffered directly, to the other person, he must have suddenly looked like a gangster who suddenly set the party mood.
I wonder if I knew that the male adventurers of this world were united in such a bond.
Let me explain. If you had seen my skills, you wouldn’t have known that I was a stranger. Of course, I admit that I wasn’t in the mood to explain that at the time.
Anyway, I’m sorry.
Salvation later realized the truth and felt apologetic.
Shall we apologize next time we meet? At least, I think it would be better to put together a word of apology to the guy I had touched with.

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In fact, even when I first did it with Leia, I woke up in the morning and did it one more time with Leia, who was sober.
That’s not what salvation wants, it’s just enjoying Leia’s reaction all night long.
This time too, after all, Leia was in heat due to the influence of her skill, so it was all done once, like putting out an urgent fire.


Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

And the opportunity to apologize came much sooner than expected.

After talking with the high priest, I had nothing to do, so I wandered around town, leisurely eating street food and admiring the pretty girls passing by.

But today, I could feel the eyes looking at this place from all directions.
When I looked around the original village, I felt a lot of eyes. Our party must be a party of only beautiful women.
And so am I. Still, it was a pretty good mask, but since the charm was raised, I could feel the eyes of women gathering every time I walked around the street.
However, in the eyes of people looking at me now, I felt a little different than usual.

Did the rumors spread?
Even the high priest, who had been only in the temple all the time, knew the rumors. It was strange to think that other people didn’t know.
Damn it. Milk road maker. Even if rumors spread… .

The good news is that the views that look at me are not as negative as they are. No, there were more curious than negative ones. Probably because he didn’t get the semen of the Orcs himself.
I’m not a monkey at the zoo, so it didn’t feel good to be looked at with that kind of gaze, but it was still better than being negative.

Can’t help it. Rumors have already spread.
Guwon decided to put an iron plate on his face.
Well, if you want to see it, see it. If you are curious about a skill, come and ask directly. I’m here!
Guwon sat on the bench and raised his head proudly so that people could see it clearly.
Although there was curiosity, there was no one who wanted to check directly, and no one talked to such salvation.
On the contrary, when he met his gaze with salvation, he avoided his gaze as if he was indifferent.
Why are you so reckless? If you are so curious about my skills, come and ask them directly. I’m going to show you a demonstration and kindly let you know. Especially if you are a beautiful woman, welcome.

“Hey, hey, hey!”

Suddenly, a terrified scream was heard.
Huh? What?
When I looked at the place where the sound was coming from, a certain black boy fell to the floor, hitting his buttocks.
He looked at me with terrified eyes and seemed to be trying to get as far away as possible, but he was only limping off the floor as his legs seemed to have loosened up.
It was a face he remembered seeing salvation as well.

“Oh oh! Hey! Nice to meet you!”

“Hey! Do not come! Why the hell are you here! Weren’t you on the second floor?!”

It was the man who was slapped around the shoulders of salvation at the inn just yesterday and was harshly laughed at.
He wondered if it was a trauma to be saved, and he was terrified as salvation approached.
If he got a little closer, Guwon stopped his feet and said, because he had the momentum to even pee on his pants.

“Hey. Don’t be so scared. I’m just trying to apologize. I was sorry last time.”

“Hey, what kind of trick is it all of a sudden?”

“What is the succulent? I heard that this is where all the male adventurers get along and get along well? I didn’t know I was a stranger I thought you were just arguing Had I known that, I would have treated you so badly. sorry.”

Salvation apologized in a light tone.
Aren’t you being too rude? I can’t help it. I show sincerity only when the other person is a beauty.

“Ha ha. Is this guy that guy? Milk Road Maker?”

The man next to the man who had fallen opened his mouth.


“Alas. My name is Potts. Like you, I am an adventurer.”

The man looked at salvation with his eyes looking at the funny thing and said.
This is a guy I don’t remember seeing. Judging from what he was saying, it seems that he wasn’t there yesterday.

“I’m on my way for a drink from now, how about we go together?”

He spoke in a rather friendly tone.
Really, is this how it feels?
To be honest, I don’t want to be friends with the boys more than necessary. If you have time to do that, it is much more beneficial to get close to a beautiful woman.
But it was recommended from over there. It is also a good opportunity to find out how male adventurers fit together. what about this

“What, what?! Potts you… !”

But the guy lying on the floor didn’t seem to have any desire to have a drink with salvation.
Good. decided.

“It’s fine. I was still bored Good. Go.”

Salvation was immediate.
If you don’t want to do it, it’s human psychology.

“It’s nice to be cool! Let’s go then, MRM.”

“It is salvation. Don’t call me by that strange nickname.”

“okay. Salvation. Let’s go.”

So the three boys started going to the bar in broad daylight.

“But you are a saint. I’ll die of envy Then the bed will be very comfortable, right? Aren’t women just so cheap with just one skill?”

It was no different in this world that when the boys get together, the story eventually turns into obscene rumors.
No, it was a world like this, and it seemed more blatantly obscene than the original world.

“What is it? Rather, these days, I have become so strong that I don’t even use my skills.”

Gu-do, who had a moderate amount of alcohol, spoke about his night life without any fuss.

“You mean that much? How strong are you?”

“If you are curious, would you like to experience it for yourself? You can experience it right away.”

Brin, who was standing next to Potts, trembled as Guwon said.
Once the misunderstanding has been cleared up, they are pretending to be okay, but it seems that the trauma has not completely disappeared. It was quite rewarding to tease him every time Gu-won said something he didn’t fit in with his size.

“Wow. Calm down. I don’t want to be treated like Bryn.”

“what?! Salvation, did you say sorry to me? Then feed him a shot.”

“Is that so? I can’t help this. I didn’t want to.”

Guwon casually reached out to Potts.

“haha. Don’t be so angry. It’s just a joke. sleep, wait. Was it a joke?”

Potts desperately avoided the hand of salvation and cried urgently.

“I’m joking too. The skill hasn’t been activated.”

“Don’t play scary jokes.”

Potts shivered, pretending to wipe sweat from his forehead.

“You should only use those skills on your comrades at night. I heard that she is quite beautiful, right?”

“If you cross it, it will kill you.”

“Ha ha. Don’t worry. I don’t know if it’s old Now I have completely changed my mind.”

“Does it sound like you’ve seen it in the old days?”

“Yeah, because I was young in the old days. You’re an adventurer too, so you know that. Being a male adventurer is a job you can’t do if you don’t have a strong sex drive. At one time, I couldn’t control myself and even installed it.”

“Why did he change his mind now?”

“Of course, isn’t that the power of love? power of love! I mean, I found true love here.”

“That’s the beginning again.”

Perhaps it seems like he does this often, Brin said with a tired expression next to him.

“My name is Kate, and how pretty… .”

And for a while, Potts’ girlfriend bragging continued.
I wonder if this guy is the type of person who repeats the same story when he gets drunk, repeating what he said over and over again, boasting about his girlfriend.
I can’t listen to this. If you’ve been talking for a hundred days, bring one of our Sara Diana Leia with you, and your girlfriend won’t be a match, right?
Salvation was annoying to listen to anymore.
Shall I just knock this bastard out with the hands of a saint?
Because of my drunkenness, I have even thought of such a dangerous thought involuntarily. However, just as Gu-gu was seriously thinking about it, there was a voice calling him.


“Oh oh! Kate!”

It seems that the girlfriend he was proud of came over.
Know that you bought it thanks to your girlfriend.
A little later, the saint’s hand would have exploded.

“What are you doing now?! Did you forget that we were going to meet in the evening?”

“Huh? Oh oh! sorry! The time is already like this! Please forgive! Meeting a new friend!”

In the meantime, Potts has been shouldering Guwon.
Why do these guys like skinship so much? get off I have no desire to be with a sweaty bastard.

“Are you calling that an excuse?”

“Of course not! I’ll make up for it from now on. Then I’ll go! See you later!”

Potts tossed a few silver coins on the table, then hurriedly left the bar with his girlfriend.

“… What is that?”

“When I first saw him, he wasn’t like that. Ever since I met Kate, I’ve been an idiot.”

Brin shook his head and said.

Without Potts, the drinking party was naturally pato.
The picture of two boys drinking together is so depressing.
Since we had time to spare, we decided to go back to the mansion immediately.
Still, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a drink like this with men, so it was fun. I was able to comfortably exchange obscene rumors that are difficult to do with women.
He seemed to understand the reason why male adventurers play so well even at the beginning.
Sometimes it’s okay to play like this.

“I’m here!”

As soon as he entered the mansion, he cried out loudly. A voice that was louder than expected came out because he was in a state of heightened mood due to the addition of drunkenness.

“Did you come? I was waiting.”

“Five! Vanessa! were you waiting? Did something happen?”

“Yeah. I will guide you.”

As if it was quite urgent, Vanessa walked forward without even explaining what was going on.
And Vanessa was guided to the room of salvation.
Huh? What the hell is going on in my room?
I wondered if someone was waiting in the room, but there was no one in the room following Vanessa.

“Vanessa? What… .”


As Salvation tried to turn to Vanessa, suddenly her body was pushed against the wall.
Then Vanessa’s hand reached out and pounded the wall next to Salvation’s head.
uh huh? what is this? wall bang? Am I being hit now? Isn’t this what men are supposed to do to women?
Gu Gu-won, who had been drunkenly, was immediately drunk.

“… Please explain.”

Vanessa looked straight into the eyes of salvation and spoke bluntly, as always.
But those eyes seemed to be burning for some reason.

“What, what?”

It was so powerful that words of respect came out without me even realizing it.

“What did you do to my body? Please explain.”

“Hey, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean.”

“Don’t take the shichimi. in this mansion. No, you are the only person in this world who can use this kind of technology.”

“Hey, I’m not shichimi, I really don’t know what you mean? How’s your body?”

Vanessa stared into the eyes of salvation for a while and was silent. And whether he judged that the words of salvation were true, he soon opened his mouth again.

“… … I am excited.”

Yes? I’m excited. angry?
I thought so for a moment, but it probably isn’t.
I’ve been talking about this technique, so I’m guessing you’re sexually aroused.
Guwon looked at Vanessa’s face.
Come to think of it, his cheeks were faintly reminiscent of what he usually did. Then, was the heat felt in the eyes due to that reason?

But salvation was not at all conceivable.
That’s right, I left the mansion in the morning and just came in. what could i do The only thing I can do with Vanessa is in the morning… . awhile. morning?
Salvation flashed through one assumption in my mind.

“… Vanessa. Where did you sleep last night?”

“I slept in the next room.”

I knew it. It’s an empty room there. were you sleeping

“Ah… That’s it. Is there a skill called Sanctuary Proclamation among my skills? It’s a skill that works on everyone within a certain range, but I left it on all night to strengthen the skill.”

I don’t know exactly how high Vanessa’s level is, but it’s high enough to not be confirmed by analysis. My skills wouldn’t work well for these kids. I left it on all night, so was it because I was exposed to the skill for a long time?
But it’s strange.
If Vanessa was influenced by the proclamation of sanctuary, then there is no reason to be excited.
I don’t think the kid who’s over 200 doesn’t know about masturbation, right?

“… I know it wasn’t intentional. So how do we get rid of it?”

“Yeah, of course, the climax… . Do you not know how to masturbate?”

It was a very difficult question to ask, but I had no choice but to ask.
Then Vanessa blushed a little more and answered.

“I have already tried it. It was useless.”

have you tried it So this blunt kid has been masturbating since broad daylight? That sucks… No, it doesn’t matter now.

“Is it useless? What does that mean?”

“It literally means. I masturbated, but my body did not cool down.”

what is that I don’t know about that.
It is an aphrodisiac effect that cannot be relieved by masturbation. If there is such a thing, I would rather know how I do it.

“… Do you have any guesses?”

Vanessa said in a slightly anxious tone.

“Wait a minute. I will think about it.”

Salvation was contemplated.
And suddenly one thing came to mind.
Come to think of it, if the monsters fit my skill, they would only run towards me even if there were women around. Maybe this… If I get excited with my skills, isn’t it only me who can relieve it?
The monsters that acted on instinct rather than reason instinctively realized that fact and rushed at me.
If you think of it that way, all anglers will fit.

“I’m not sure, but maybe I’m the only one who can get rid of people who are excited by my skills.”

“… In a word, are you saying that in order to cool my body, I have to give it to the Savior?”

Vanessa said, still looking at salvation with blazing eyes.

“Hey, are you going to do that?”

If Vanessa’s level was similar to mine, there would be no need to go to sex. It would be enough to make the climax feel with the hands of a saint.
However, Vanessa was affected by the sanctuary all night, and there was a lot of difference in level from salvation to be able to survive this well. Even with the most powerful skill, the Saint’s Touch, you never know how long it will take to reach the climax.
Then there is only one way left.
No matter how high the level difference is, the skill that makes you feel the climax unconditionally is the last pride.

“… Okay.”

As soon as Vanessa answered, she started taking off her butler clothes one by one.

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Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

Vanessa calmly took off her clothes, not ashamed to show off her skin.
Is it because my personality is blunt? Or do you have confidence in yourself? Or is it because what you’re doing now is just out of necessity?
maybe that’s all

Guwon looked blankly at Vanessa’s body, which was becoming naked in such an instant.
I thought it was pretty even when I was walking around in almost men’s clothes, but it was no joke when I took it off like this.
The chest, which had been pressed inside the butler’s suit, showed off its presence as soon as the front button was released, showing off its presence, and the strong abs that followed gave a sexy feeling.
And best of all, when Vanessa grabbed her panties and pants at the same time, a sticky liquid flowed between Vanessa’s crotch and her panties and then broke.
Wow. is it real Was it like this in his pants with this dazed expression on his face? Maybe I was masturbating right before I came to the mansion?
Anyway, even compared to Sara, Diana, and Leia, she had a beauty that was not dazzling at all. No, as the level is the level, maybe more… no. What are you thinking? But to me, my kids are the best.
Overall, I had the impression that she was muscular for a woman, but it wasn’t overly bumpy. It was a feeling of being muscular within the scope of keeping the feminine beauty.
There’s no way that a high-level kid can only have one butler job, and does he have a warrior-type job?

“Uh, huh?”

Salvation, who had just stared blankly, as if fascinated by Vanessa until she was completely naked, suddenly felt a sense of wealth.
Naked Vanessa lifted up the body of salvation. It is also the so-called princess hugging posture.
Vanessa picked up the relief and moved forward, and gently lowered her onto the bed.
Salvation was so flustered that she didn’t say anything and just moved on. It wasn’t because I could never get out of it by force.
… what is this.
It felt very complicated.

“Then excuse me.”

Saying that, Vanessa stretched out her hand on the trousers of salvation with a blank expression on her face.

“Come on, wait. Do you want me to do this without washing?”


Vanessa gave her a slightly troubled look, and then suddenly mumbled something softly.
Then, two huge balls of water appeared in the air and wrapped around the body of salvation and Vanessa, respectively.
what. Can you do magic?
No, if you think about it, Ande who has served Diana for over 200 years, is it natural to know how to arrange magic?
then what He’s strong, he can do magic, and what’s wrong with him?

“Are you done with this?”

Vanessa spoke bluntly and put her hands on the pants of salvation again.
He was used to putting on or taking off other people’s clothes because of his job, so he loosened his belt and untied the front of his pants with natural hand movements.
And it goes without saying that the moment the panties were lowered, the salvation item that had already maintained a full erection from the moment Vanessa’s naked body was revealed.
As the object of salvation was revealed, Vanessa’s eyes, who had been sober until now without changing her expression, opened up a little.
Whoops. okay. No matter how much you come across something like this… .

“Then excuse me.”

But Vanessa soon regained her expressionless expression, and in an instant, grabbed the savior, climbed onto it and pressed it against her vagina.

“uh? Wait a minute… Whoa!”

And without time to dry it, he lowered his waist and inserted it all the way to the end at once.
The overwhelming, absurd pleasure that I had felt in a long time, to the point of burning my brain, came over my salvation.
But salvation gave strength to the whole body and endured.
I can’t cook like this I’ll stand it even if it comes.
No matter how much the level difference was, his pride did not allow it to fight like this.
It’s different than when Alicia was inexperienced, like when she was with Diana in her previous life.
Whether the level difference was less than then, or whether the charm stat was a ridiculously high effect, Alicia was still able to survive compared to Diana in her previous life.
Of course, it was relatively so, but it was such a great pleasure that if I took a little bit of force, it would be wrapped up right away.

“Sigh… .”

When Vanessa’s excited body entered the huge object of salvation, it seemed to come, despite the level difference.
He blushed and sighed slightly.
But that was all.
Vanessa immediately started moving her back.
It’s hard to bear with just putting it in, but if Vanessa starts moving, of course she’ll wrap it up without a hitch. Before that, salvation had put its climax in its own body.
Soon after, the sensation of scratching the brain swept over the body of salvation.
I would have gone crazy if I just got hit, but when I got hit in such a state of climax bondage, I really felt like I was going to turn around.
I felt like I wanted to release the climax and become more comfortable right away, but Salvation clenched my teeth and endured.
And activated all kinds of skills.
Now, it is a genital that can be used naturally as if moving a hand, from activating the hand of the saint, to the holy water of the saint, and to the declaration of sanctuary.
And by activating the hand of the saint, he grabbed Vanessa’s big chest, and continued to use the active skills as he lifted his waist as if he was trembling.
Of course, the more strongly he moved, the more his brain seemed to burn, but he did not care about salvation and continued to move.
However, no matter how hard I persevered, the limit soon came.
At the point when the climax bond was released, Salvation couldn’t even dare to put the climax bondage back on herself.
If I bet one more time now and hold on, I’m sure I’ll go crazy.
Then, for the next few seconds, I will stimulate Vanessa a little more!
Seeing the duration of the climactic bondage dwindling, Salvation spurred the movement.


And the moment the bondage was released, the vision of salvation was filled with pure white light.
But it was really a fleeting moment, and the vision of salvation returned to normal immediately.
Salvation was realized instinctively.
If I hadn’t been able to recover my life through just leveling up and healing sex, I’d definitely have died as a boss.
It’s a creepy story, but he didn’t care much about salvation.
‘Cause I’m not dead anyway After experiencing it once, I knew I wouldn’t die.
Rather, he was more concerned about the scene in front of him.
Suddenly, Vanessa’s face was so close that their noses touched each other.
Vanessa, very rarely, bit her lip and furrowed her eyebrows, making an expression of patience.

“Ughhhhhhhh! Ha ha ha ha!”

Vanessa was desperately trying to contain the groan, but in the end, as if she could not stand it, her mouth opened and a bewitching sound came out.
Well, he’s a human too, so of course he can’t stand it, so it’ll be hard.
I don’t know how effective it was, but I desperately used my skills to make my body heat up, and I ended up with my last pride.
The last pride is a skill that makes others feel at a certain level of pleasure.
In addition, the more energy remaining, the more pleasure it delivers to the opponent.
I haven’t checked the climax exactly, but assuming there were about 3,000 or 4,000 left, Vanessa felt 3 to 40% of the pleasure I felt.
That alone would have tasted a pleasure that was incomparable to the pleasure normally felt at climax.
Rather, it is a strange level that he tried to endure even a little.

“Huh. haha haha.”

Vanessa shook her whole body slightly, buried her head next to the face of salvation and took a deep breath.
Guwon really wondered what kind of expression Vanessa would make now.
Shall I check
Guwon gently grabbed Vanessa’s shoulder and lifted it up slowly. No, I was trying to lift it.
Perhaps Vanessa also realized the intention of salvation, she hugged him and gave strength to his arms to endure.
what, what is this!
Salvation just gave up trying to give her more strength.
Forcing a woman to do something she doesn’t like is not manners.
It’s never about losing power.
cancer. not like that How much bonus stats I have right now, I will lose with my strength.
Guwon said while hugging her body and stroking the back of Vanessa, who was clinging to her.

“What do you think? Am I good enough to use it?”

“… … Well, that’s pretty good.”

Vanessa took a deep breath, then exhaled and stood up.
His face had already returned to his usual expressionless expression.

What? so so?
There was an error in salvation, so I tried to do it again, but I had no choice but to give up. It was because the period was running out. Even if I do it again like this, all I have to do is film it by myself and end it.
Last but not least, pride is all good, but using all of your energy is a flaw. Seriously, without that, it’s too much of a fraud skill.
Anyway, it seems that the act with Vanessa has no choice but to end like this.
Damn it. Dirty level difference. One day I’ll definitely see that face turn into an expression of pleasure.

Vanessa pulled out the savior, stood up, and checked her breasts and genitals, checking something. Even in the meantime, he was expressionless.
Aren’t you really ashamed?

“I really felt the climax through my deeds with the Savior, so my body’s heat had cooled.”

Oh, were you checking that?
This information was also necessary for salvation.
That said, the hypothesis I thought about earlier is true to some extent. I hope my skills have a secret like this.
It was such a dangerous effect that you could do anything really special if you wanted to abuse it.
Well, I won’t. If you use this to act, it’s like rape. Even so, it’s not like I’m in need of a woman so much that I want to sleep with her.
Did that guy activate Sanctuary that way all night long?
That’s it. I knew that it would be resolved by just masturbating, so I did it with a very gentlemanly idea that if I witnessed women masturbating, I would be smitten.
Did you know that I would be like this too?

“Then I will go back. If you ever need anything, please ring the bell on the table.”

Vanessa started putting on her own clothes with a blunt face as if nothing had happened.

“uh? Are you going already?”

No matter how necessary, you can go back slowly while feeling a little aftertaste.

“It took longer than expected. If I leave for too long, someone else will find out. Isn’t it difficult for the Savior to find out about Diana too?”

Of course not in trouble!
It’s not just that difficult. Diana had previously warned the mansion’s employees not to touch. No matter how force majeure it was, if Vanessa was found out, he would never stand still. I was the one who provided the cause in the first place.
This could be life-threatening… .

“that… Vanessa? I have a request. Please, this is a secret between the two of us… .”

“Yeah. Okay.”

Vanessa unexpectedly agreed to the request for salvation.
… Isn’t this strange?
Vanessa is very loyal to Diana.
That Vanessa does what Diana forbids to keep secret without reporting it?

“Vanessa. Have you ever heard Diana tell her not to have sex with me?”

Then Vanessa, who had been expressionless until then, shuddered and trembled.
This is the correct answer.
Wow! I can’t believe Vanessa can’t control her sexual desire, so she breaks Diana’s words and has sex with me! I would have been joking if it was normal. If Vanessa gets angry after joking around and reports the truth to Diana, it’s only my loss.
Guwon desperately suppressed the playfulness that was about to come out.

“okay. Let’s keep it a secret.”

“Yeah. Then excuse me.”

Vanessa, dressed in all her clothes, said hello to Gu-won and left the door.

“Savior. The meal is ready.”

And not long after, Vanessa came back.
When Gujang left the door, Vanessa, as always, took the lead and led the way.
Looking at the back, Salvation fell into thoughts.
That body like that is hidden in that housekeeper’s uniform.
Suddenly, the housekeeper’s clothes started to look sexy.
this is a big deal What if every time I see him in the future, I get sulky?

When we got to the restaurant, everyone was already seated at the table.
In addition, Leia’s appearance was also seen.

“uh? Leia. Weren’t you staying at the temple today?”

“Ah yes. In the future, I plan to sleep here. That way, you can go to the dungeon at any time, and Gu Gu-san is comfortable, right?”

“Yeah, it is. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Do not worry.”

Leia clenched her fists in front of her chest and took a fighting pose.
Well. let’s be pitiful

“If I had known that, I would have waited at the temple and come with Leia.”

“You seem to have come quite late. When did you come?”

Suddenly, Diana attacked from the side.
no. It might be just a simple question, but as a salvation with a stab, I couldn’t help but flinch.
I don’t know if it’s just my eyes, but Vanessa, standing still behind Diana, also seemed to flinch.

“Bar, just! just arrived! There’s a male adventurer who fell for me while pretending to be close to me on the 2nd floor. I met him and had a drink together to apologize. No wonder there were such tacit rules among male adventurers. I had no idea until the high priest told me.”

“Well? Did you not know? indeed. That’s why I used my hands so badly back then.”

“Huh. So I came here to have a drink to apologize for meeting you.”

“Hmm. That’s right. Can I have dinner?”

Whoa, it seems that doubt could have been avoided.
We’re talking normally, but I’m very nervous.

“Oh, it’s okay. I drank lightly without snacks for dinner.”

In fact, I drank quite a bit while eating snacks.
But even so, he was very hungry right now.
You should’ve been exercising a bit more vigorously.
Guwon smiled awkwardly and moved the meat to his mouth.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

When I come home from work, I just write until 12 o’clock, and by 12 o’clock I post everything I wrote.
I didn’t cut it by accident! In the first place, there is nothing more to add.
And originally, I was going to end my love for Barnes just like I did with Alicia in the 3rd episode, with salvation.
However, looking at the comments, I felt like I couldn’t finish writing like that, so I added a little more.
However, the basic framework has not changed, so no matter how long I try to use it, this is the limit.


Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

He faked the time he returned to create an alibi, but that didn’t mean the crisis was over.
Rather, the biggest hurdle still remained.

For once, I was ready to make excuses.
After working with Vanessa, after checking the stat window, I lay in bed and thought about how to excuse myself until it was time to eat.
I don’t know if it will work or not, but that’s all.

When Sara came to the room, Guwon was greeted with as much composure as possible.

“Oh, welcome. Haven’t you washed yet?”

“Did you wash?”

“What?! Why! why!”

“Why, why? What’s wrong?”

“Of course! We were supposed to wash together!”

“What do you mean? Did we wash together last time?”

“You don’t think that one time is the end, do you?”

“What is it? Of course, once is the end. Then how long were you going to wash together?”

“Of course, for a lifetime! My promise is heavier than anything else. Do you think it will end in one go?”

Of course, this is just a lie.
But first, it is necessary to distract Sarah by any means possible.
I was so shy last time, maybe it will work well this time as well.
So that’s why you’re being forced like this.
In fact, I did not need to wash again because I washed after doing Barnes-Sarang.

“Do you remember that you agreed to do one of my requests? The more you do, the heavier my request will be, right?”

… After all, I made a promise like that. But now you can’t be afraid.
I hope he asks me for an unreasonable request.

“Of course you don’t know. But I don’t care. Anyway, I am ready to grant you all your requests.”

With a serious face, Guwon blew out lines that looked cool to others.

“… With that said, did I already wash?”

Again, Sarah’s rejection reaction was slightly weakened.
It’s different from what it looks like. Of course, that’s even better.

“How are you? don’t wash it again Come on, come on. Come here.”

Salvation quickly led Sarah to the bathtub in the room before she changed her mind.

“Come on, wait a minute. Shall we wash together here?!”

“Of course. to wash here or elsewhere. I’m the only man in this mansion. This is the only place I can wash.”

“Ha, but… .”

The inn still had a separate bathroom, so you could wash it apart, but if you two get into this bathtub, you have no choice but to stick together even if you hate it.
Sarah’s face flushed red as if realizing it, but it’s too late to deny it now.
Guwon filled the bathtub with water and instantly became naked and went into the bathtub.

“Come on, what are you doing? Quickly!”

“Oh, okay.”

Sarah blushed and slowly took off her clothes. Then, naked, he carefully entered the bathtub.
You’ve seen everything you’ll never see anyway, so what’s the need to be ashamed now?
I had such a question, but I didn’t dare say it.
Rather, if Sarah is shy now, the more shy she is, the better she will be.

“Hey! What are you doing? Are we washing?”

Guwon hugged Sarah from the front, who was just standing still, not knowing what to do even after entering the bathtub.
Sara must have been nervous, but her body was stiff.

“Huh. need to wash I will wash you.”

“Wow, what are you talking about? not a pity I can wash by myself.”

“Ah, don’t do that. Isn’t the bathtub too small for the two of us to wash separately?”

“Ha, but!”

“However? What’s wrong?”

“… Boo, that’s a shame.”

“okay? Are you that shy?”

“It’s all, of course!”

“Then will you wash me first?”

“Yes Yes?!”

“Isn’t that less embarrassing than washing me?”

Actually, from my point of view, who doesn’t understand why this is shameful, I don’t know if it’s more embarrassing to wash or to be washed.
Salvation led Sarah to wash first.
In fact, he was pretending to be calm, but his heart was beating incredibly fast.
If there is a situation where I wash myself first, Sara, who is still relatively healthy, will notice immediately.

“Ugh… I see. Turn back.”

After thinking about it for a while, Sara finally decided that washing herself was less embarrassing, she said.
Needless to say, Guo Won released the arm that had been holding Sarah and quickly turned back.

“I’m not really a kid… . Do you want to do something like this?”

“In my world, there is a saying that no matter how old a man is, he is still a child. Do you want to do something like this? Of course!”

Salvation answered shamelessly.
Soon after, the sensation of Sara’s foam-laden hands reached the back of her back.
Washing others like Leia was not a familiar hand gesture, but the clumsy but hard-working hand gesture felt good.

“how is it? Can I do this?”

As soon as she started washing, Sarah started washing her body without panicking as much as she had thought.
I can’t do this I can’t help it.

“Huh. just fine If I have to point out, I think it would be better if you rub it with something other than your hands.”

“Yeah? What does that mean?”

“For example, the chest… .”

Before Salvation could even finish her words, a burning sensation was transmitted behind her back.
wow. Is this the back smash you’ve only heard of? How the heck did you level up in the last orc subjugation? I’m sick of dying

“If you’re going to say that, wash yourself!”

“sorry! Off topic! Hands are enough! Please don’t stop!”

Salvation really only managed to hold Sarah, desperately trying to get out of the bathtub.
Whoa. After all, was it too unreasonable to ask for it all at once?
However, at that time, a tingling sensation came from behind my back.

“Oh oh! Sah, Sara!”

Salvation was so moved that he could not forget the words.

“Tea, don’t get me wrong! I was trying to wash the front, and I had no choice but to touch it!”

As Sarah said, while trying to wash the front of the body from behind, it naturally became a hugging posture and my chest touched.
okay. That was an understandable enough reason.
But washing right in front of me as soon as I said it doesn’t make sense Sara.
No matter what you do, you do it eventually. This is why I can’t help but like it i really love you sarah
I wouldn’t say it because if I say it out loud, I’ll smash it in the back and fall off.

“Ha, huh, huh.”

It’s just that they’re close, but it seems that Sara is also slightly excited about this situation.
Sarah’s sweet voice began to tickle the ear of salvation.

“Huh. Now, that’s it.”

After washing all her arms and legs, for some reason Sarah washed the front of her body once again, and she was about to get away from the body of salvation.
But before that, salvation grabbed Sarah’s hand and prevented her from falling from her body.
Thanks to this, Sarah was once again in a position to press her chest behind the back of salvation.

“Isn’t there one place you haven’t washed yet?”

okay. I washed every nook and cranny, but there was still one area where Sarah just passed.
Salvation slowly lowered Sarah’s hands.
Directly towards the tall object.

“Hey, I’m alone here… .”
“I want you to do everything you can to the end. Shouldn’t this be the cleanest place for tonight?”

Sara finally grabbed the savior with both hands with a hesitant hand gesture.

“Ugh. Why, why are you getting bigger?”

“Yeah. I’m doing this with a pretty girl like you, and of course I’m getting bigger.”

“Anyway, you’re good at talking.”

While saying that, Sarah began to move her hand.
His hand movements, which seemed hesitant at first, gradually became violent.
And soon it became like giving birth to a granddaughter.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Sara seemed to be completely excited now, so she began to gently rub her chest that was pressed against her back.
Good. It’s starting to heat up in good shape.
But as soon as he realized that he was like that, he was startled and tried to let go of his hand.

“It’s all over!”

Of course, salvation did not let go of that hand.
She wrapped her arms around Sarah’s and brought one hand to the end of the object and the other to her pocket.

“I think this place hasn’t been washed yet. Especially the skin part.”

Of course it’s a lie. It can’t be. ‘Cause I’m a clean man
But Sarah, who couldn’t see the things of salvation because it was behind them, had no choice but to believe them.
One hand gripped the ball and gently rolled it around, and with the other began to thoroughly wash the shell of the tip of the object.


“Huh. Perfect.”

In the first place, I did not intend to have a granddaughter until rice.
The problem is what excites Sarah.
And just in that voice, Gujang was convinced Sarah was perfectly aroused.

“Then I’ll wash you now.”

You can’t miss this opportunity.
Guwon quickly turned back and looked at Sarah.
Then he started to caress Sarah’s elastic body.
Sara’s face reddened even more when she started touching her torso through her elastic arms without any sagging even when holding it. His eyes were also slightly dazed, which was his expression when he was fully acting.
Good. At this point it will be fine
Gu-gu turned the hand that was caressing her stomach behind her back and pulled it down, grabbing Sarah’s ass.


Then Sarah raised her claws and reacted violently.
After all, this alone will easily reach the climax. It would have been dangerous if I hadn’t created an atmosphere like this.
Salvation breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.
But that judgment was too early.

“Haha, haha, come on, wait a minute.”

“Huh? What is it? Are you just washing it? Are you excited? Sarah Byun… .”
“Yeah. I’m so excited. It’s strange.”

Salvation tried to fake it, but it didn’t work.
Perhaps anger overcame shame, Sarah spit out the words of excitement, and looked at salvation with blazing eyes.

“What level are you, now?”

“Yes? Why is the level all of a sudden?”

“I am level 61 now. I’m a lot higher level than you, but it’s strange to feel this way. It’s like when your level is much higher than mine.”

Who did you notice?

“haha. our sarah It looks like they’re very excited about washing together… .”
“I’m not kidding.”

‘This isn’t a level issue, it’s because you’re so excited!’ The operation was lightly crushed.
No, by the way, it’s 61. Maybe yesterday while subjugating the orcs, he exploded too? Isn’t a real warrior too deceitful?
Although the first operation failed, there was still a hand left for salvation.

“That’s it. Actually, I was with Leia yesterday, and things worked out a bit. So Leia has been volunteering really hard, but because she is so pretty, she does a lot more than I normally think… .”
“What, what?! Ha, but Leia is still at a low level, right?! No matter how much I try, it would be impossible to surpass my level, right?”

The operation ‘Inducing Sarah’s Jealousy and Blurring Her Judgment’ was also lightly crushed.
Even if the jealousy was induced by jealousy, it only had the effect of making Sarah’s eyes even more bitter.
If I do this wrong, isn’t it a portrait?
Damn it. Now this is the last resort. If even this fails, let’s just get down on our knees and pray.

“Ah Okay. I’ll tell you the truth. Actually, I was attracted to it.”

“… Yeah? What does that mean?”

Oh, come to think of it, haven’t you explained the detailed stats to him yet?

“So, there was a time when I suddenly became handsome and my skills became stronger.”

Salvation explained to Sarah the detailed stats as she did to Diana, and told her what effect it would have if she increased her charm.

“So the reason it suddenly became like that last time was because you raised your charm a lot, and this time, it wasn’t as much as the last time, but you raised your charm?”


will it really work?
Guwon looked at Sarah with a pounding heart.

“Aren’t you stupid?! What are you going to do to make it more attractive than this?! Even now, we’re at a level where we can’t even use our skills! What on earth were you thinking of adding more charm?!”

Okay fed!
Sarah seemed to be angry, but compared to being found out about her love for Barnes, this was a little too much.
Desperately suppressing the corners of his mouth that were about to go up, he answered.

“Ha, but imagine. What if the orcs fell as if they had been touched by a saint just by proclaiming a sanctuary? Don’t you think it would be cool?”

“At that level, even if we make a mistake, if we match our skill, it will be a big deal! Last time, in the dungeon, you set your hands on me and Leia! Aren’t you really stupid?!”

“sorry! My thoughts were short! In the future, I will not raise the charm!”

“Of course! If you get stronger than this, how do you deal with it? There, you increase your charm!”

Sarah was indignant, but salvation sighed inwardly.
Whoa. Vanessa. I am keeping our secrets so hard.

“Sorry. Instead, I’ll make you especially happy today.”

Guwon smiled and caressed Sarah’s body.

“With something like that, wait, huh, huh, huh, get away for a second!”

Sarah twitched at the touch, and pushed salvation away.

“Why why?”

Maybe there’s still something more left to tinker with? Wasn’t he completely deceived?
Sarah looked at salvation with eyes that had not yet subsided in anger.
However, Sarah’s subsequent words were a question beyond the expectation of salvation.

“Isn’t it a lie that you did that with Leia yesterday?”


“Also… .”

When Guwon was embarrassed by the unexpected question, Sarah muttered as if she had come to a conclusion on her own.
Then, after looking at salvation for a while, he opened his mouth again.

“That, so. How did Leia serve you?”

I didn’t notice it like an idiot before, but now I know for sure.
The fact that Sarah was obsessed with kissing, and the fact that she volunteered to be her daughter and Pella. I did it out of jealousy that I didn’t want to lose to another woman because everyone likes me.
And it seems that it still applies in this situation.
Because it’s pretty and I’m going to die.

“Why? Are you going to tell me?”

“What, what? Why am I? You’re just asking.”

With that said, it was obvious that he would eventually do it.
Salvation couldn’t stand it and hugged Sarah.

“Sara. Do you know how pretty you are?”

“Well, don’t get me wrong!”

Saying that, Sarah tried to push away salvation, but her power was significantly weaker than before.
Salvation supported Sarah’s head and brought her own lips to it.
Of course, Sarah did not turn her head.
I think tonight will be a fun night too.

============================ Review of work ===================== =========
Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

Originally, I was going to write the contents of the first part and this part in one part, but as my love for Barnes became longer, it became like this.

Checking the status window was just omitted from the article, so I checked the salvation properly.
Personally, I try not to use the status window as much as possible because it feels like an increase in volume.

The reason why Salvation almost made a comeback while Vanessa was not because Vanessa’s level was so overwhelmingly high as it was when Diana was. Then as soon as I put it in, I couldn’t stand it. The difference between Vanessa and Alicia is the level. However, he almost killed himself by putting himself in climactic bondage and maximizing his pleasure. In a word, it is self-sufficient.
Of course, the level has gone up quite a bit though.

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