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Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

The next morning, Gu-gun was able to open his eyes with a refreshing feeling.
He was very pretty yesterday. No, of course, she’s always pretty. She looked especially beautiful yesterday.
I pretended not to be, and I was curious about what Leia did and how, but honestly, Leia’s technique was not something that I could imitate as she told me.
So Guwon told me how it felt good to turn my back in various positions, and Sarah faithfully put it into practice.
Thanks to that, I enjoyed the play where Sara took the initiative, rather than the one that Guwon took the lead as usual.
Of course, later, Sarah felt so much that she was unable to move on her own, so from then on, Salvation took the initiative and continued to act as usual.

Anyway, Guwon, who enjoyed the act with a slightly different feeling than usual, felt quite good.
So, I was able to express my affection more actively than usual.

“Good morning?”

“Yeah. Bake… ahh. uhm.”

As soon as Sarah woke up, Guguo gently took her face and kissed her.
Of course, even if the objects are still connected, they are not having sex. It was the first time they kissed when they weren’t having sex, but Sarah didn’t turn her head but accepted it and tried to intertwin her tongue.
Sara’s love was transmitted through the lips that met.
Even after the intense morning kiss, the two did not drop their faces and looked at each other on the street now.

“Yesterday was great.”

“Yeah. me too… .”

Sara’s face, who had said so, suddenly returned to a cool expression unlike usual.
Did you suddenly feel shy along the way?
As he had a gentle expression just before, he looked like an angry one.

“buy it?”

“I was in a good mood, didn’t you?”

And Sarah suddenly started to say something absurd.

“What are you talking about?”

“However. Did you do it with someone much higher level than me? There is no way I can be satisfied with myself compared to someone like that.”

“That, that… !”

Salah’s surprise attack made Salvation speechless.

“Also… .”

Let’s fix it. Sara didn’t have a cool face as usual.
He was very angry and rather expressionless.
Sarah got up from the body of salvation and began to pick up clothes that had fallen on the floor and put them on.

Salvation immediately grasped the situation. It’s because of leveling up.
When I checked it through analysis, Sarah’s level was 64.
If I was at a lower level than Sarah, I would have leveled up to an absurd level. That, of course, makes me suspicious.
To be honest, this was originally planned.
Of course. There was no way that he could not have made up such a perfect excuse and prepared a countermeasure for such an obvious part.

The original plan of salvation was as follows.
Once she has raised her charms to convince Sara that it’s just that, she torments her all night without sleeping.
If I do a lot, Sarah will level up a lot, so I’m not sure if I’m higher level? Thousands of words.
In this case, a reverse approach is necessary. I’m afraid of getting caught, so if I only do a little, I’ll get even more suspicious. I didn’t do much today, but my level went up a lot.
So Salvation had decided to thoroughly torment Sarah. So much so that I can’t even remember how many times Sarah did it, and it went on and on, regardless of whether she fainted.
And most importantly, when Sarah passed out, she wrapped herself up outside.
If it had been wrapped inside Sarah for the first time only, and all the rest were wrapped outside while Sarah passed out, there would have been no situation where Sarah would be suspicious. I’ve been doing it all day, and there’s no doubt that my experience didn’t go up that much.

But salvation did not.
Why didn’t you make such a perfect plan and not execute it? simple.
I just fell in love with Sarah and forgot about it.
Sara was too pretty yesterday to act while thinking about that.
And since the process of raising the charm and convincing them that this was the case went smoothly, there must have been some carelessness.
The result is this situation now.

“Wait, wait a minute. Listen to me.”

Salvation decided to make an excuse first.
To be honest, there is a sense of injustice. Falling in love with Vanessa was like an accident.
Of course, even if it’s not intentional, I did it, and it’s my fault that I tried to turn it into a lie.
But wouldn’t it be enough to convince Sarah if she explains it well?
At least, the eyes that look like you’re looking at that cheating boyfriend and the bitter expression of an abandoned woman will be able to alleviate a little bit.

“What level are you now?”

Sara, who had already picked up all her clothes, said in a cold voice.

“6, 68….”

When she heard salvation’s answer, Sarah bit her lip.

“It has gone up a lot. It looks like you slept with a woman with a fairly high level? If you’re a high-level woman… Oasis clan leader? i See. Did you go to the second floor without us knowing yesterday?”

Sarah’s misunderstanding began to grow enormously.
I decided to tell the truth first, judging that salvation would be really dangerous if left like this.

“Oh no! Vanessa! I loved Barney! I wasn’t in heat and I did it by visiting the head of the Oasis clan, who had only seen one face.”

But Sarah’s face was even more wrinkled.

“I beg your pardon?! Vanessa?! So in this mansion, where we are, you are saying that we did it proudly! Aren’t you so shameless?!”

“No, I’m not proud… .”

“The saint would be nice. Even sleeping with a high-level woman like Vanessa seems to be able to properly lead her to the climax. Oh, maybe that’s why you added more charm?”

“Oh, no! It was a lie that I posted attractiveness! I haven’t uploaded it once since I uploaded it once in the past!”

“huh. Is that really true?”

“Sara. listen. The reason I slept with Barnes… .”

“no. I have no excuses. Come to think of it, I don’t care who you sleep with, right?”

So why are you looking so angry right now? Of course I didn’t say the same thing. Salvation was not garbage to the extent that I could even say such a thing while knowing Sarah’s heart.
Contrary to what Sarah said, the door opened wildly.

“Wait a minute. I want you to listen to me till the end. Where are you going all of a sudden?”

“I will sleep with a high-level man too!”

Sarah sighed and ran outside.

“What, what?!”

Gu-won was startled and hurriedly tried to follow Sarah, but soon realized that he was naked.
damn it It was a big deal.
So far, there have been several instances where Sarah threatened to sleep with another man. But if you think about it, it must have been Sarah’s own push-and-forth to incite the jealousy of salvation.
But now? I can assure you, there has never been a crisis like this one.
Gu-gun put on the clothes that had fallen on the floor and hurriedly went to the door.
And just then, Vanessa was approaching.

“Savior. The meal is ready.”

“Sorry, I’m busy right now!”


Of course, it wasn’t time to eat something like breakfast.
Salvation quickly exhaled and followed Sarah out of the mansion.
Vanessa seemed to be puzzled from behind, but there was no time to explain.
However, even after leaving the mansion in such a hurry, Sarah’s appearance had long since disappeared.
damn it Anyway, why are you so fast?
But I couldn’t give up looking for it.

“Have you ever seen a woman with dark wine-colored hair run away?”

Salvation grabbed anyone on the road and inquired about Sarah’s whereabouts.
Fortunately, Sarah’s appearance stands out. that’s huge too.
She stood out just for her beauty, and even the color of her hair was unique. Since it’s a fantasy world, there were many people with colorful hair, but I’ve never seen dark wine-colored hair except Sarah.
Thanks to this, anyone who saw Sarah passing by could easily find it.

“Yeah? Ah, running over there… .”
“Thank you!”

Guwon grabbed everyone along the way and asked where Sarah was.
And the destination was the Adventurers’ Guild.
Salvation began to become more and more uncertain. When you say that you went to the Adventurers’ Guild, doesn’t that mean that Sarah intends to put her words into practice? If you want to find people with a high level without any prior knowledge in this city, it would be best to go to the Adventurer’s Guild first.

Salvation got impatient and rushed into the Adventurers’ Guild.
And I ran straight to my sister Rachel.
You must have been sitting here all the time as a guide, so it is the guides who have the highest chance of witnessing. Especially Rachel sister knew Sarah’s face, so I didn’t need to explain it, which was even better.

“Sister Rachel! Have you ever seen Sarah?”

“Good morning. What happen? I am so confused.”

“That’s a little bit of a fight. So Sarah ran out. I think I came here. Have you not seen it?”

“I do not know. I didn’t see it. May I check it out?”

“Yeah? how?”

“Wait a minute.”

Sister Rachel winked lightly, put her hand over one ear, explained Sarah’s face, and asked if anyone had seen her.
Is that magic too? It seems that the guides can communicate with each other like that.

“I found it. Someone said they saw them entering the dungeon about 20 minutes ago.

20 minutes ago. No matter how slow I came from asking questions, it was too fast. Did you even fly from the mansion to here?

“Thank you!”

Guwon said goodbye and headed to the dungeon.
And first, I asked the guild staff of the teleport magic circle if Sarah used the teleport.
The guild staff replied that it seemed not to be used, but the tone was vague and unclear.
so is he No matter how conspicuous Sarah’s appearance is, this magic circle is a place where adventurers constantly come and go.
There’s no way I can remember them all.
Besides, it can be said that the pretty feature is useless as it will be used by extremely high-level adventurers.

what about this then
It’s not clear whether he used the teleport or not, and even if he believed the words of the guild staff and didn’t use them, it wouldn’t be easy to find Sarah. First of all, it is close to impossible to ask questions in the dungeon. It is rare to meet adventurers in the first place, but there is no way that rumors are possible. Besides, what if you go into a dungeon just to find Sarah for nothing and then cross each other?
With that in mind, I thought it would be better to just wait for Sarah to come out of here.

And to be honest, there are things that are a little reassuring.
It’s a dungeon. When I found out that I was headed to the Adventurer’s Guild, I was very nervous, but since the destination was a dungeon, I couldn’t help but feel relieved.
If you want to attract high-level adventurers, it is better to entice them in a guild.
Once inside the dungeon, even if you use the teleport magic circle, the places that Sarah can go are limited. Of course, there is little chance of meeting a high-level adventurer there. And that’s for male adventurers.

Will I just keep waiting here?
Good. Wait here, and when Sarah comes out, let’s get down on our knees and pray. By then, my anger would have been resolved to some extent, and I would listen to you.

“Howdy. MRM! What are you doing here?”

After sitting quietly at the entrance of the dungeon for a while, suddenly a strange voice came from behind.
The owner of the voice was Potts.

“I didn’t call you by that nickname. Do you want to fight in the public face?”

“Ugh. ask me to see It’s a joke.”

“I don’t feel like joking right now.”

“Why? no, don’t tell me let me guess Let’s see… okay. Have you ever had a fight with your girlfriend?”

Good. I think this guy needs to see the rough one once in a while.
Salvation immediately activated the hand of the saint.

“Come on, wait. Why are you coming all of a sudden? Are you kidding me? Goo, Mr. Salvation? awhile!”

“Then why are you making fun of people all of a sudden?”

Then a woman intervened next to him.
Definitely the name… Was it Kate?
It looked pretty ordinary for a guy who spit and praised him like that.
No, he certainly looked pretty, but compared to our kids… . Is it too harsh to compare you with our kids?
In fact, compared to Pottsnom, women seem to be a lot more precious.

“This friend looks like he’s dead, so he’s doing it to cheer him up.”

“I never asked for it.”

“Well, anyway, do you have to be nice to your girlfriend? look at me Always like this with Kate… .”
“Is that person late for yesterday’s appointment?”

“do not say that. Kate. So you definitely made up for it at night.”

“What are you talking about in front of other people!”

The couple fight is different, can’t we go and do it? My patience has limits.
Salvation was seriously considered by activating the hand of the saint.
Are you really going to use it on this guy?
No, if you use it like this, you just wrap it up and it’s over Rather, if you put a little bit of mana to make it weaker, it can give you a hell where you can’t even satisfy your cravings until I make it cheaper.
Good. Let’s make it that way. We need to show a real hell to this bastard.
It was an instant for the devil to settle in the heart of salvation, which was still annoyed.
When Salvation focused consciousness and weakly filled the mana to activate the Saint’s Touch, the gnome ended the couple’s fight and spoke again.

“Then we will go. Say goodbye to your girlfriend. Adios!”


After he finished speaking, he disappeared in an instant using the teleport magic circle. I could see the part where the adventurer card was shining, but apparently it was heading to the 2nd floor.
what a waste. If only a little later, I could have shown you hell. You’re lucky.
By the way, it’s on the 2nd floor. I didn’t check it with analysis because I wasn’t interested, but I think he’s at the same level as me. Seriously, is it a fact that you know when you’re with Brin?

Anyway, there’s no reason to worry about a guy like that anymore.
What is important now is Sarah.
Guwon turned his gaze towards the entrance of the dungeon again.
Then he saw a familiar figure from afar. The face is not certain because it is far away, but the color of that hair is certain. Sarah.
Salvation rushed to Sarah.


Sara’s appearance as she got closer was a spectacle.
First of all, my whole body was covered in blood.

“Uh, where are you hurt?!”

“no… .”

Sarah looked at salvation with confused eyes and answered that way.
Actually, I thought so. Coming out of here means that she wandered around the entrance of the 1st floor, and Sara couldn’t get hurt this much against the monsters there.
That said, did you mean that you didn’t even pull out magic stones while slaughtering the 1st tier monsters as a way of anger? He didn’t even bring a bow, so if you were dealing with monsters with your bare hands, this can be explained well enough.
It’s anger… . Salvation was a little scared Sarah.

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I didn’t do the serialization yesterday, so I tried to do it, but it was impossible.
Originally, I was going to move on without getting caught, but the story was modified as I wrote it. So, it took a very long time to write one part to fit the story I had originally planned.


Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

But I couldn’t help but be scared like this.
It took tremendous courage to approach Sarah, who had become bloody under the circumstances she had done wrong, but salvation came closer to Sarah.
Then he grabbed Sarah’s hands tightly so that she couldn’t escape.
Then Sarah flinched and tried to pull her hand back.
Even holding hands is such a reaction… .

“Sara. Listen, it was inevitable that I fell in love with Barnes.”

“… You would.”

Sarah’s reaction was a little lukewarm, not what she had expected.
Did you get a little bit of stress by slaying monsters? No, that doesn’t seem to be the case.
It is a slightly different reaction from being angry.
How should we interpret this reaction?
okay. It felt like I couldn’t afford to worry about such things.
But does that make sense? Andy reacted so violently that he ran out of the mansion as soon as he found out he had sex with another woman, but now he doesn’t care? That doesn’t make sense. Unless your love for me has suddenly cooled down… .
Guwon thought up to that point and felt a cold sweat running down his back.
That being said, it’s definitely a personality trait to break up with.
It’s really dangerous like this.
Indifference is scarier than criticism. That’s just the situation right now.

“Sara. listen. It turned out that my skills had special effects that I didn’t know about. Vanessa was also forced to sleep. lets think. No matter how hard I tried, if it wasn’t for Vanessa’s personality, would you have slept with me?”

Even after hearing the word of salvation, Sarah still had a confused expression on her face.
But he closed his eyes and pondered something, then shook his head violently and looked at Guwon.
The expression on his face was always sober.

“… What do you mean?”

thank God. It seems that there is still enough interest to ask this question.

“If you match the skill, the monsters will ignore you even if you are near and just run at me, right? As it turned out, the opponent who was hit by my skill kept saying that if I did not relieve it, the sexual desire could not be relieved. Vanessa accidentally hit my skill, and for that reason, I was forced to sleep only once.”

“Are you matching your skill by chance? Accident?”

“Well, I slept with it on all night to intensify the power of the proclamation of sanctuary. But apparently Vanessa was within the sanctuary.”

“Do you know who will be in sanctuary and sleep with it on?”

Rather, it was turned on in anticipation of who would be there.
If I tell you the truth, will it be broken? But I couldn’t risk telling more lies here.

“Actually, I was expecting a little… awhile. Don’t be angry and listen. I never meant to do anything with the girls in the range. I’m a pervert, but I’m not so trash that I forcefully hug a woman who doesn’t have a heart. With you, what am I going to do? I just wanted to be able to watch the boys in range masturbate. With such a purely perverted idea… .”

“… Do you understand what he is talking about?”

Huh. I know it sounds stupid.
But how do you make it true

“And you say that if you are affected by your skill, it won’t resolve until you release it? You thought it was just masturbating and it was over?”

“Until then, I really didn’t know that skills had such an effect. Vanessa was the first to know about it. I swear to the sky it’s true Trust me.”

Sarah stared intently at the face of salvation.
Gu Guo looked at Sarah without averting his gaze. This time, he really didn’t lie at all.

“Sigh. It makes me feel like an idiot to be suspicious because I say stupid things like that.”

Finally, Sarah sighed heavily.
The reason for believing in me was a little unclear, but it seems that they believe me for once.

“Do you believe me?”

“Don’t like it. Even if that’s true, it doesn’t change the fact that you loved Vanessa, and it doesn’t change the fact that you lied to me.”

Sarah glared at the relief and said.

“Why did you lie in the first place? If it was unavoidable, I should have told the truth from the beginning.”

That’s it. In the end, I tried to get away with lying for nothing, but I ended up getting more involved.
That’s why I couldn’t honestly say that I slept with Vanessa… . That’s obvious.
However… no. Let’s tell the truth.
Salvation was heartbreaking.

“That’s it. because i like you I didn’t want to be hated for saying I slept with another woman for nothing.”

If you only considered Sarah as an adventurer companion, there is no reason to hide that you slept with another woman. Rather, it is enough to brag that the level has risen. In the end, this was the only reason he hid the fact that he slept with Vanessa.
Diana and Leia are there too, so I’ve been avoiding saying that I like you this much up until now, but I couldn’t do it even in this situation.

“Hmm… .”

Salvation was a word he said with great determination, but Sarah turned around with a lukewarm reaction.
Then he turned and looked at salvation and said,

“… But how did you know that I was here?”

He even turned the words back. what is this.
But salvation answered meekly.

“You stand out because you are pretty. I was able to find it easily because I went around asking questions. However, it was impossible to find it in the dungeon, so I had to wait here.”

“Then who was the adventurer you were with?”

“Huh? He was just passing by.”

“You seem pretty friendly for something like that, don’t you? Didn’t you know each other before?”

“Looks friendly. You said you had a drink with the guy who hit me on the 2nd floor yesterday. At that time, he was also there by his side. That’s why he’s the one who just had a drink together.”

“… i See. Being with the person who was hurt by you means that the person I was before is also living an adventurer life on the second floor, right?”

Sarah was strangely tenacious in asking questions about Potts.

“It looked like that. What is it? Stand, please… Are you interested in a guy like that?”

“Yeah. I’m quite interested. Could you introduce me to you when you have the chance?”

Sarah answered in a cold voice.
what?! Where’s the guy’s interest?
Whether you look at your looks, your personality, or your abilities, no matter where you look, I’m better!


“Then there is nothing I can do. Let me contact you myself. If we venture on the same second floor, we will meet someday.”

“Well, wait a minute. Sarah. Am I wrong? Are you kidding me?”

“Isn’t that a joke?”

Sarah answered with a more serious expression than ever.

“Sara. please don’t It’s my fault. I like you. I don’t want to end up like this with you.”

Salvation was at stake.
It is also possible that Sarah is just causing jealousy to get revenge on salvation.
But I didn’t want to go boldly believing in such a possibility for nothing. Even if there was even a 1% chance that Sarah was sincere, I thought that stopping him would be the top priority.

“I’m going back to the mansion. There is blood on my clothes and it makes me uncomfortable.”

But Sarah coldly passed the salvation.

And all the way around the mansion, Salvation tried to change Sarah’s heart.

“Hey. Where do you like that guy?!”

Eventually, that sound came out.
And when Sarah heard those words, she stopped.

“Who said you liked him?”

“What, what?”

Sarah seemed to be thinking about something, but in the end she continued as if she had no choice but to speak.

“That person… He is my grandfather’s enemy.”

And Sarah suddenly made a remark that was completely unexpected.

“What? awhile. Huh? what?”

It was something I hadn’t thought of too much, so Guwon was puzzled and asked again and again.

“He came to our village a few months ago and tried to rape me and killed my grandfather.”

The moment I understood those words, the blood rushed to my head.

“What?! rape?!”

“I didn’t get hit. I told you. My first opponent is you. I tried to rape her, but my grandfather caught it. Then it escalated into a physical fight, killing his grandfather and running away. And I’m here to take revenge.”

Good. decided. let’s kill
Because somehow I didn’t like him from the first time I saw him.

“Wait. Where are you going?”

“I’m on the second floor right now, so go and kill me.”

But Sarah stood in the way of such salvation.

“That’s why I didn’t want to talk. This is my revenge. You can’t get blood on your hands.”

“I don’t mind anything like that for you!”

“I hate it! Do you know? This is my problem. If you interfere… I will never talk to you in the future.”

Sarah said with a firm voice.
But salvation could not go away like this.
you swore before Whatever Sarah’s purpose is, I’ll help.
Of course, even if it wasn’t for that oath, I didn’t want to just watch and say that I would just take care of Sarah’s revenge.

“I can’t. How do you pretend to be ignorant of your work? Your problem is my problem. Or is our relationship just like that?”

Salvation didn’t think that Sarah was just a companion, but believed that Sarah would think so too.

“However… .”

When Salvation said that, even Sarah seemed to be slightly shaken.

“Tell me something first. How are you going to get revenge? If you murder your grandfather, can’t you just put him in jail?”

“The village I lived in was a small slash-and-burn village. It was a place where there was no proper lord. I don’t think they will properly punish the incident that happened in such a place. And above all else, I can’t be content to just rot in prison.”

“You mean you’re going to kill me?”


“Then you become a criminal.”

Sarah’s revenge is, of course, important. But I didn’t want Sarah to become a criminal to kill one such scumbag.

“You have to use the dungeon. If you kill anyone in the dungeon without anyone knowing… .”

“But what about adventurer cards?”

“Yeah? What does that mean?”

Come to think of it, he didn’t listen to the explanation when he first became an adventurer.

“If you look at the adventurer card, there is a status column. If you commit a murder against an adventurer, it will be marked there.”

In the dungeon, taking advantage of the gaps without human eyes, raid other adventurers and take advantage. Of course, it is a crime anyone can contemplate.
The guild took one action on the adventurer card to prevent this. If an accident occurs between adventurers, it will be displayed on the adventurer card.
In this world without detailed stats, the adventurer card has a status column for that reason. When an adventurer kills an adventurer, the status “murderer” is displayed.
This seems to be the case only when both the victim and the perpetrator are adventurers.
I asked if it was possible to prevent all crimes using this, but it seems that it is not.
Mana explained in a complicated way, but honestly, I didn’t understand it, so I just poured it out.
At the time, I didn’t even think that was the information I needed.

“… i See. But that doesn’t mean giving up on revenge… .”

It seems that Sarah didn’t know about it either.
Still, of course, it seemed that he had no intention of giving up on revenge.

“Don’t be hasty. I don’t want you to become a criminal because of that garbage. Let’s think slowly together. How to get the perfect revenge. I will think about it together.”

“Salvation… Yes. I see.”

In the end, even Sarah seemed to agree to salvation helping revenge.

“How have you guys been? That, what does that look like?!”

“Sara! Where are you hurt?!”

Upon returning to the mansion, Diana and Leia were waiting at the front door.
That’s right. I didn’t even eat breakfast and I suddenly ran out of the house.

“Oh, no. This is not my blood. I’ve been hunting monsters for a while. Never mind. I’m going to take a shower.”

Sarah said so and went upstairs.

“How did it go in the morning? Can you explain?”

“Well… .”

To be honest, so many things happened in a short period of time, and I couldn’t even organize salvation in my head.
For now, let me tell you about a simple transition.

“Sara caught me having sex with Vanessa.”

After all, I was caught by Sarah. It’s only a matter of time before they find out. It’s better to sell quickly, and you’d better confess it right away.

“Hmm. That’s right. So did Miss Sarah run away? Huh? awhile. what? who do you have sex with? on? What is it?!”

Diana seemed to be answering coldly at first glance, but soon understood what Salvation had said and rushed to grab hold of the collar.
Behind him, Vanessa looked at Guwon with her eyes wide open and her mouth wide open.
Sorry Vanessa. caught up

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Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

When Sarah woke up in the morning, she was more happy than ever.
As soon as I woke up, I couldn’t describe the feeling I felt when Guwon kissed me.
Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve ever kissed someone outside of sex.
It made me feel ashamed to think that way, but I didn’t even think about removing the lips that had touched each other.

“Yesterday was great.”

I felt like I was in heaven until my lips fell off after a deep kiss and salvation spoke like a whisper of love.
I liked it too how can it be this good
No matter how much Salvation is at a lower level than me, if it’s this good, wouldn’t my level rise?
That’s what I was thinking.

And Sara, who unconsciously checked her level, faced a sensation as if her heart was freezing.
64. Last night, my level went up by 3. No matter how good it is, is it possible?
No, from experience so far, it was certain that it would be impossible.
Then there is only one answer. The level of salvation is higher than mine.
Due to the characteristics of a warrior, my level has risen considerably since the last battle. But the level of salvation is higher than that of me? There is only one way to do that.
Salvation is sleeping with a high-level woman.
It would be impossible for a normal man to level up by sleeping with a high-level woman, but it is possible if he has a special job called a saint.
As I thought about that, I felt the blood boiling in my cold, frozen head.

To be honest, I didn’t really like sleeping with Diana Leia.
However, the two are precious companions who share life and death together. The survival rate in the dungeon also increases by sleeping and saving the best level up efficiency, so there is nothing you can do about it.
Besides, both of them have other reasons to be saved and to sleep.
Because of this, Sarah suppressed the desire for monopoly that grew in her heart and accepted Diana Leia.

But you were not satisfied here and slept with a high-level woman?
no. It’s not confirmed yet.
Sarah pretended to be as cool as possible and thought of salvation.
However, it was clear that he had betrayed Sarah’s expectations and had slept with another woman.
Sarah felt as if she could hear something popping and breaking in her head.
I was so emotional that I rushed to save him, but even slept with Vanessa.
Isn’t that the point of brazenly flirting with all your colleagues here?!
Sarah couldn’t take it any longer and ran out the door.

“I will sleep with a high-level man too!”

He came out and spit those words out.
How to meet a high-level man? Of course, it is the Adventurer’s Guild.
After leaving the mansion, Sarah ran at full speed towards the Adventurer’s Guild.
To be honest, I was so angry with the salvation that I felt like it was going to be okay.

However, when I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild and looked at the faces of other male adventurers, I had no intention of flirting.
Since the incident when my grandfather passed away, all men seem to be garbage.
The only exception is salvation.
But am I going to flirt with these guys?
Just imagining it made me hate it.

But I couldn’t go back to the mansion like this.
It wasn’t that he was relieved of his anger at salvation.
Would you like to go into a dungeon?
If you focus on hunting without thinking about anything else, you may feel a little better.
Sarah headed straight for the dungeon.
But soon realized that he had not brought any equipment.
Wouldn’t the monsters near the entrance be okay though?
okay. I’m a warrior. It will be fine.
Sarah clenched her fists and beat the monsters.
As expected, the monsters at the entrance were able to hunt with just two fists without any damage.
Rather, it was to the point of futile as it exploded even with one punch.
But even so, Sarah continued to swing her fists.

“Salvation fool! dummy! flirt!”

Thinking of the monsters approaching one after another as salvation, he swung his fists, which seemed to relieve stress.

But for a while, Sarah became futile in what she was doing.
Sigh… . what am i doing now
When I woke up, my whole body was already covered in blood. It was a natural result since I didn’t even care about mining magic stones and just beat them.
I didn’t feel it when there was blood on my head, but when my excitement cooled down, I felt extremely uncomfortable.
… let’s go back
By now, Salvation would have reflected a little. It’s the salvation that I was so terrified of when it came out that I was sleeping with another man, so maybe I’m restless like a pooping dog in front of the door?

Sarah exited the dungeon.
And as I approached the entrance, I saw salvation standing in the distance.
Could it be that you followed me?
Thinking like that, I almost forgot the current situation and ran to salvation. But Sarah stopped her legs.
no. In this situation, you would think that my anger was all over.
The anger hasn’t gone away yet. Then not at all.
I can only afford to think a little more calmly than before.
Salvation seemed to be trying to make an excuse, so let’s hear that excuse somewhere.
Sarah made a cold expression as much as possible and approached Guwon.

And I soon learned that salvation was not alone.
A certain male adventurer was talking to him with a playful expression next to him.
The moment she saw that face, Sarah felt her head turn white.

that’s the man
how can i forget Since that day, I haven’t forgotten even a single moment.
The enemy who killed Grandpa.
With only the thought of killing her, Sarah unconsciously fumbled in search of the bow. Of course, there was no way he could hold a bow without it.
So what do you do? Should I hit it with my fist?
Thinking like that, Sarah’s body trembled.
can i really do it?
Everything is different from that day. Sarah is now strong enough to be called a mid-level adventurer by anyone looking at it.
But even so, Sarah’s body trembled.
Are you scared? Is your grandfather’s enemy in front of you?
No matter how much he rebuked himself, his trembling steps did not fall.
Until the man eventually disappeared through the teleport magic circle, Sarah had no choice but to stop and stand still.

And soon salvation, who found Sarah, came rushing this way.
But Sarah couldn’t focus on that.
He was filled with only reproaching himself for failing to execute revenge.

And when salvation came completely and I called Sarah, I was suddenly puzzled.
The man and Salvation seemed like acquaintances.
How the hell did you find out?
Salvation is a Gentile. He met me not long after I fell into this world, and since then, we’ve been acting together for almost an hour. So far, I’ve never seen Gu Guo meet that man.
So you’re saying you knew me before you met me?
Maybe it was the first time you approached me… no. I can’t.
Anyway, it didn’t make sense.
So far, I have been watching the appearance of salvation better than anyone else.
He’s a little silly and has a childish side, but he’s not that cunning.
It doesn’t make sense that you’ve been deceiving me while acting for so long.
And you say that male adventurers pretend to be friendly even when they first meet? Salvation seems to have learned that too, so it may just be a good fit for the first time.
it’s definitely like that No, I wish it were like that.
Good. Let’s check it out.

As Sarah pondered, Gujang was making excuses for sleeping with Vanessa.
To be honest, I’m not curious about this right now, but it’s strange to start talking about adventurers all of a sudden here. Let’s approach it with caution.
Sarah continued the conversation with Salvation.
And the more we talked about salvation, the more foolish it became to doubt salvation.
You used the sanctuary to see the maid masturbate.
I only thought it was a real idiot, but it made me feel for sure that it was true.
How could such an idiot man get along with him and deliberately approach me? Everything you’ve seen so far is a lie. No way.
But Sarah did not stop shooting.

“Why did you lie in the first place? If it was unavoidable, I should have told the truth from the beginning.”

okay. If I hadn’t lied, I wouldn’t have had to worry about such stupid things.
Even for a brief moment, she became a fool for doubting her salvation, and Sarah became even more reproaching.

“That’s it. because i like you I didn’t want to be hated for saying I slept with another woman for nothing.”

But salvation looked straight into Sarah’s eyes and answered.

“Hmm… .”

Sara made her voice as cold as possible and turned her body back.
With that single word of salvation, Sarah felt her face loosen up.
Am I really that stupid?
Until recently, I was clumsy in doubting, and I was stumbling right away at the word “I like you”.
He really looked so stupid.
I found my grandfather’s foe, what is this doing?

When she thought about it that far, Sarah felt a strange feeling.
okay. I found my grandfather’s enemy. What are you doing?
If you are with salvation, you seem to become a fool who only comes to mind.
Sarah made up her mind and decided to get a clue about the adventurer.

“… But how did you know that I was here?”

“You stand out because you are pretty. I was able to find it easily because I went around asking questions. However, it was impossible to find it in the dungeon, so I had to wait here.”

Pretty… no. No. Calm down. Right now, revenge comes first.

“Then who was the adventurer you were with?”

“Huh? He was just passing by.”

The expression on the expression of salvation that said that was that it was not really a big deal.
thank God. It doesn’t seem like they’re friendly at all.
But Sarah decided to try it one more time just in case.

“You seem pretty friendly for something like that, don’t you? Didn’t you know each other before?”

“Looks friendly. You said you had a drink with the guy who hit me on the 2nd floor yesterday. At that time, he was also there by his side. That’s why he’s the one who just had a drink together.”

Come to think of it, that’s what happened yesterday.
Sarah is now completely relieved.

“… i See. Being with the person who was hurt by you means that the person I was before is also living an adventurer life on the second floor, right?”

“It looked like that. What is it? Stand, please… Are you interested in a guy like that?”

Besides, when Sarah kept asking about the man, he seemed to even be jealous.
It is natural to be interested. Because I want to kill you.

“Yeah. I’m quite interested. Could you introduce me to you when you have the chance?”

But Sarah answered in a tone that was deliberately misunderstood.
You made me suffer like that, so you should try it for yourself too.


Salvation shouted like a child swearing.
put. it’s cute

“Then there is nothing I can do. Let me contact you myself. If we venture on the same second floor, we will meet someday.”

okay. Let’s go carefully.
Blood boils in my head just thinking about that man, but if I’m impatient, I’ll just mess things up.
In the meantime, whenever I was in the guild, I looked around and looked for the man, but there was no clue at all, but just knowing that he was on the 2nd floor is a huge boon.
Thanks to salvation, we level up quickly and break through the dungeon at a tremendous speed, but from the perspective of other adventurers, this is a ridiculous speed. That man must have stayed on the second floor for a while, and he will stay on the second floor for a while.
I’ll look at the opportunity calmly, and I’ll definitely take that life away the next time I see you.

“Well, wait a minute. Sarah. Am I wrong? Are you kidding me?”

“Isn’t that a joke?”

“Sara. please don’t It’s my fault. I like you. I don’t want to end up like this with you.”

As Sarah continued to mislead, salvation was at stake.
Hearing that made me want to forgive him right away, like a fool, but Sarah resisted it.
no. let’s not be weak
At least let me suffer until I get back to the mansion.
This person has to suffer like this sometimes to know my heart.

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To be honest, I was debating whether to write this episode because it had the same content and a different point of view.
Still, I just wrote a commentary.
Some of you may feel like inflating the content, but please note that I am posting it as a series on the same day.


Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

He was sitting on the floor, kneeling.
eyes are hot
In front of salvation, Sarah, Diana, and Leia looked down on salvation.
Diana with her eyes sizzling with anger. Leia looked disappointed for some reason. And Sarah, as usual, with her cool and arrogant eyes.
No, Sarah, didn’t you forgive me? … Huh. it wasn’t
Come to think of it, Sarah never said that she would forgive her for sleeping with Barnes.

And the stinging gaze was not felt in front of me. Rather, the most intense gaze was felt from the side.
Vanessa, you know how to make a face like that.
Vanessa, who was also kneeling on the floor next to her, was staring at salvation with her eyes full of life.

“Vanessa… Even you… .”

Diana muttered with a somber expression in front of her.

“Feel free.”

Although the atmosphere was quite heavy, Guwon couldn’t stop laughing at that line.
what kind of caesar are you

“Is this situation funny now?”


But Salvation had to be honest and answer right away.

“This body must have said it clearly. If you touch our kids, they won’t let you go. It’s not anyone else and you’re touching Vanessa?”

“Diana. It’s inevitable that I fell asleep with Vanessa… .”
“Shut up!”


Salvation has come.
I don’t think I’m in the mood to talk right now.
Let’s go ahead and say the reason once the mood has calmed down a bit. It won’t be too late though.

“Vanessa. you too! Didn’t this body tell this man to be careful! I believe in you and have dedicated this man’s service to you! How did you fall for the devil?!”

A shocking fact revealed only now!
The reason why Vanessa, the butler, and not just the maid, was there to attend was finally revealed.
Anyway, don’t you believe me too much?
Besides, it’s a magician… . It’s not twisted.
First of all, I’m not that talented. You said that I, who has zero dating history, seduced Vanessa, who seemed to have the worst difficulty? Do you really think so?

“Diana. It’s not like that. It is inevitable that I have slept with this man.”

“Are you even talking like that? Something? let me tell you where That is an unavoidable circumstance.”

what is this discrimination I’m subtly hurt

In any case, Vanessa, who gained the say, began to explain in detail how she was saved and how she fell asleep.
And as Vanessa’s words continued, Diana’s expression became more and more wrinkled.

“You fool! Didn’t this body tell me not to use the proclamation of sanctuary while sleeping?!”

“That’s because it’s dangerous if you don’t get a good night’s sleep in the dungeon. Is there any reason not to upgrade your skills until you leave the dungeon?”

“That’s the reason, isn’t it overflowing! Genga knows who will be around and uses range skills!”

“You didn’t know that I had to solve it, didn’t you? Even if there was anyone in the sanctuary, I thought it would be resolved by just masturbating.”

“That makes sense! If things like that are resolved, why would the monsters only run towards you?”

Diana even put blood vessels on her forehead and sold salvation. If I went a little further, I was ready to step on my feet.
But wait. What did he say now?

“you… Did you know? Can’t anyone but me be healed by my skill?”

“Of course not! Then, did you think you wouldn’t do that kind of analysis while watching this body as a skill study?!”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

Then Diana looked a little embarrassed.

“That, that… If you let me know, I’m sure it’ll be abused against your personality!”

Huh. Well honestly, that’s right.
If I had told him when I had just met Diana, Guwon, who had only sex in my head, would have listened to every woman I saw to use a skill.
In my first experience with Diana, even though I knew I was going to die, I even nailed it to Diana from my previous life. No wonder Diana thought so.
But that’s not important.
Salvation put on the most hurtful expression on his face.

“Did you not trust me that much? I thought we had a pretty strong relationship of trust.”

“Oh, no. It’s not like that… .”

Good. I was starting to panic. Let’s finish this in moderation.

“If Diana had just informed me, such an accident would not have happened in the first place. but it’s ok What has already happened can’t be helped? You have to be careful in the future.”

“This, this… . If you made a mistake, where are you trying to shift the blame?”

But the plan of salvation did not work.
wow. After all, isn’t he a good enough opponent to be able to flirt like this in moderation?

“But is it? Did you guys just understand why I fell asleep with Barnes? How do you do what you didn’t know You have to be careful in the future.”

Salvation is a ship, so we decided to go out with the operation.
It’s enough to explain the reason why it’s so convincing.

“Savior… Such an irresponsible attitude. It’s disappointing.”

However, salvation had no choice but to change its posture right away at the angel’s word.
I was wrong. Please don’t look at me with that expression.
When Leia looked at me with those eyes, a feeling of guilt came rushing in as if I had to apologize first, even if I had done nothing wrong.

“I have sinned to death. How shall I pay for this sin?”

“… Right. For now, swear that we will never touch our children.”

“Yeah. I swear.”

“You mean if I touch it, it cuts off the thing hanging underneath you?”

“… Wait. What if I don’t step out and touch it?”

“What did you say now?”

“no. Say nothing.”

“And Vanessa, you must stop serving this person from now on.”

“… Yeah.”

Vanessa replied with a grim expression.
I’m sorry for being so expressionless. Shouldn’t this be what I’m going to do?
It took a lot of courage to give an opinion to the now bloody Diana, but Guwon opened his mouth nonetheless.

“no. Wait a minute. I don’t think that’s it.”

“What? Are you still aiming for Vanessa in this situation?!”

“no. Just calm down and listen to me.”

Salvation desperately pleaded with Diana to turn the tap again.

“I’m not saying this because I want to be with Vanessa. If you give such an order, it’s interpreted as if you don’t trust Vanessa. Vanessa had no choice but to hug me, and she’s a victim, but that’s too much. How would Vanessa feel if she gave orders like that?”

“Ugh… . Ha, but… .”

Perhaps the words of salvation made sense, Diana’s momentum weakened.

“In times like these, shouldn’t I rather leave my service to Vanessa and give her a chance to restore her honor?”

Diana looked at Vanessa, and Vanessa nodded her head with a determined look.

“Give me one more chance. I will never let you down this time.”

“… I see. If you think something like that will happen with this man this time, cut it off altogether.”


Vanessa’s expression was more serious than ever.
… uh? hey you don’t have to do that Isn’t this totally me digging my grave?

“… thank you.”

But when Vanessa said so in a low voice that only Guwon could hear, it got better.
I wish I could actually cut it.

When the atmosphere for the explanation was completed, salvation rose from the seat.


But in the aftermath of kneeling for a long time, my legs trembled as if they were being supported by electricity.
Salvation had no choice but to fall as it is, not holding its center.
It’s also towards Vanessa.
Reassuringly, Vanessa did not fall even when salvation came to an end. Rather, it persevered without any movement.
Thanks to this, it was as if salvation was being embraced by Vanessa.

“I’m afraid to finish speaking… ! Vanessa!”

“Yeah. I will cut it.”

Vanessa immediately lifted her pants of salvation.
Of course, feeling threatened by something more precious than life, he desperately pulled up his pants.
ahhh Why is he so strong

“Come on, wait! You’ve seen the situation too! It was because my leg was numb! Can I take a look at this?! Sleep, really?! Say it, say it!”

Salvation struggled desperately, and was barely able to defend the goods.

“Fop. It’s a joke. If you know the importance of running properly, do well in the future. When it’s up and running.”

“Relax. I just fit in with Diana-sama’s jokes.”

no. Your eyes were sincere.
Salvation was a little scared of this master servant.

By the time the work was done, it was already lunch time.
After lunch, the usual daily life finally unfolded.
Leia went to the temple, and Diana seemed to teach magic to the people of the Wizards’ Association.

And Sarah and Guwon were struggling with their heads in the Salvation Room.
What should I do to avoid the eyes of the law and get Sarah’s revenge?
If we could ask Diana for advice, we might get a more definitive answer than to think like this on our own, but they didn’t.
Even if it’s just to get revenge on the person who killed Sarah’s grandfather, what the two of them are planning is a serious crime.
The common opinion of the two was that they didn’t want to get others involved even more.

To be honest, if you’re just killing Potts in the dungeon, it’s simple.
When Potts is fighting, you can use something like Saint’s Touch or Pulse on Potts.
I don’t know how good he is, but in such a situation, he wouldn’t be able to fight monsters properly.
Wouldn’t it be recorded on the adventurer card to indirectly cause a monster to die?
If you attack, it might be recorded on the adventurer card.
However, by passing the wizard’s shield in the tower, the fact that the saint skill is not recognized as an attack has already been confirmed.
However, there is a problem that it is difficult to secretly approach Potts on the second floor with an open view, but that is a problem that can be solved if I raise the assassin level.

The biggest question wasn’t whether Potts could be killed or not.
It was the fact that Kate would be right next to Potts when he was fighting in the dungeon.
To recap the last time he talked about Kate’s bragging, he and Kate met in this city. We met after killing Sarah’s grandfather.
In short, Kate has nothing to do with Sarah’s revenge.

But what if you kill Potts while fighting monsters in the dungeon? Of course, Kate, who was with him, also dies.
Why don’t you save Potts after he dies? That’s also impossible.
After Potts suddenly reacts strangely, he is attacked by a monster, and immediately afterward, the rescue party appears to rescue him. No matter what anyone thinks, it’s a situation that can’t be won.
Besides, Kate will try to retrieve Potts’ body.
Of course, the semen wrapped in the pants will also be confirmed, and in that case, the fact that salvation is the culprit will be revealed without being able to take it out or remove it.

So now Sarah and Guwon were struggling with their heads.
How can I cleanly kill Potts without involving unrelated people?

Had I known this would happen, I wouldn’t have popped Kyle’s dick in the orphanage. It might have made things a little easier if I asked the assassin.
Now, even if you die, you won’t listen to me, will you?
no. It’s useless to feel sorry for a hand you can’t use.
Anyway, even if I ask him to kill Potts, there will only be one more person who knows the secret. This work has to be handled in our hands.

No matter how much I thought about it, no proper solution came out.

“After all, I just use my bow to deal with it… .”

Sara spoke with an anxious expression on her face, but salvation calmed her down.

“buy it. Calm down. I know you’re anxious to see your grandfather’s enemy in front of you, but in times like these, you have to be more calm. If your life is ruined by such garbage, would your grandfather in the underworld be happy?”

“But still… !”

“And I also don’t want to break up with you for such garbage. Let’s think a little more together.”

“… … Yeah.”

But in the end, there was no answer.

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In fact, Potts’ fate was already decided when he created the character Sarah.


Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

He would always be with Kate in the dungeon, so it was hard to think without Kate.

I’ve been thinking about stunning Potts and Kate so they can’t see our crime, but it’s not as easy as you think.
Even if you knock out Kate and take care of Potts, you must either move her to a safe place or stand by her side until she wakes up.
Speaking of a safe place on the second floor, of course it is a village. While moving there, there was no way other adventurers wouldn’t notice it on the second floor with an open view.
Are you still by my side? What idiot wouldn’t be suspicious if he suddenly fainted, then woke up and said we were there and Potts was dead?

So he’s just trying to get away with Kate and be alone?
In order to do that, we have no choice but to aim for the time when it came to the ground. We can’t kill it with our own hands, so we have to throw it at a monster, but it’s impossible to keep him out of sight while dragging him from the village to where the monster is.
Besides, he and Kate are adventurers who go to and from the second floor. Just by looking at his appearance, he’s a warrior type and Kate is a wizard type, so he’s probably taking on the tanker role as well. In other words, it would be difficult to kill him in an instant unless he became a level 2 monster.

Is there any way to make him come to the second floor by himself?
There is no excuse for that. It’s too suspicious to call him alone on the 2nd floor.
Besides, even if I succeeded in calling the 2nd floor, what if I tell someone about it before he comes to the 2nd floor? ‘Salvation is called the second layer. What’s going on?’ That said. If he dies after that, of course, I’m the one who gets suspicious.

uh… . difficult difficult It’s not easy being a perfect crime.

“Savior? What do you think?”

From the side, Leia looked at salvation with a puzzled expression.

“It’s like being locked up with Miss Sarah all day. What happened to you guys?”

Diana said with a slightly puffy expression on her face.
It seems that his anger over sleeping with Barnes-Sarang has not been completely resolved. After hearing the reason, I was able to understand it rationally, but I wonder if it was a situation where I couldn’t understand it emotionally.

By the way, how did you know that I was attached to Sarah while I was surrounded by the wizards of the wizarding association all day?
To be honest, it’s not that I don’t want to ask Diana for advice. Diana would be able to give you the most complete advice considering all the variables.
However, I was reluctant to bring Diana into a criminal act.
Above all, Sarah doesn’t want it. To be honest, I was forced to help from the position of a third person, but I can’t even bring in Diana as I like.

“No, I just practiced my skills. Saint skills are more like warriors injecting mana into their bodies than wizards dealing with mana. So I thought it might be faster to learn a little more if I get advice from Sarah. But it’s not as easy as you think. I was thinking about that a little bit.”

It was a lie that came out of nowhere, but it must have been a sufficient excuse to convince Diana and Leia.

“Hmm. Right. There are times when you too are sincere.”

“But don’t worry too much about it until you eat. Delicious food should be delicious.”

Saying that, Leia picked up a piece of food from the table and brought it to the mouth of salvation.
big black. melts melted.
Diana. imitate you too What? Have you ever been sincere? No matter how much anger has not yet been resolved, isn’t it too much?
You know it’s your turn tonight, right?
Gu Guo decided to take revenge at night.
But that’s it, and you should eat rice first. As Leia said, it is a pity not to be able to enjoy the taste properly while thinking about something else in front of the sacramental feast.

And at night, Diana came to the Salvation Room.
Sarah and Leia have succeeded in washing together, so now it is only necessary to succeed with Diana. But looking at that sullen expression, it seemed that making such a proposal today would not be successful.
I can’t help it. Let’s promise the following to wash together.

By the time I got out of the shower, Diana was already undressed and lying on the bed.
Salvation crept closer and gently stroked her body, and Diana shivered and shivered.


Diana made a pleasant sound, but somehow tried to save her.

“Didn’t you, Vanessa, have no choice but to do it once?”

“Huh? By the way?”

“What level are you at now?”


As soon as Salvation answered, Diana pounded Salvation’s chest.
Of course, it didn’t hurt at all, but I was a little bit angry when I got hit all of a sudden for no reason.

“awhile. why all of a sudden? At least tell me the reason and hit me.”

“There is no way your level can go up that much with just one Vanessa! To the subject that would have been wrapped as soon as I put it anyway! Did you think this body couldn’t even calculate that much while researching your skills? tell the truth! How many times have you done it!”

There was a huge misunderstanding.
Were you counting all those things? Well, since I was doing skill research, I told them this and that, so Diana might be more accurate than me in that calculation.
Can’t you just listen to my level and count how many times I did it last night?
Salvation was a little scary for Diana.

“Oh, you must. No matter how unavoidable it is, it hurts my pride to put it in like a virgin, so I put myself in climax bondage. That’s why I put up with it to the point where I was beaten to death, and then it’s cheap. you know? The last pride skill is to deliver pleasure proportional to my own pleasure to the other person.”

“what?! As soon as you put it in, on the pretext of hurting your pride, you put yourself in climax bondage and enjoyed Vanessa to your heart’s content?!”

Oh, it’s different, it’s different, the content is the same, but the content is the same, but there was a thorn in Diana’s tone.
I thought Diana would be reprimanded again if I talked like this, so salvation took the next action to avoid the situation.
She was touching Diana’s thigh with one hand and her chest with the other.

“Sleep, hi! This body still speaks, huh!”

good reaction Also, level sucking is the best.
Even with a light touch, Diana responded by flapping her body in a funny way.
Salvation stroked Diana’s body and said in a serious voice.

“Now is the time just for the two of us. How long are you going to just talk about Vanessa? I’m doing this with you, not Vanessa.”

If you can’t win logically, you have no choice but to appeal to your emotions.
Did the emotional appeals of salvation work out, or is it just pleasure frenzy? Diana let out a sweet moan, but didn’t say anything more.

Diana was showing a good enough reaction just by touching her like this, but she didn’t want to be satisfied with salvation.
He concentrated his mind and gathered energy weakly in his hands.
weakly, as weakly as possible. It will give you intense pleasure, but it’s hard to reach the climax with that alone.

“Hey hey!”

So weakly activating the hand of the saint and stroking the inside of Diana’s thigh, Diana’s waist soared into the air for a moment and then fell back onto the bed. However, it was only in response to a sudden amplified pleasure, and did not seem to have reached its climax.
Good. So far, it’s going my way.
Guwon continued stroking Diana’s thigh.
They mostly caressed the outer thighs, and occasionally made them dig into the inner thighs. However, being careful not to touch the pubic area, she caresses the area around the pubic area slowly and slowly.

“Ugh. heh heh ha ha.”

Diana exhaled a sweet breath, and her eyes began to lose focus.
Even though it didn’t even touch the pubic area, the salvation’s hands were wet with the love fluid that ran down her thighs.
If you just flick your clitoris lightly with your fingers now, Diana will reach climax in an instant.
But salvation did not.
Instead, he lifted his hands off Diana’s thighs and chest and fell.

“Huh. Huh. Sigh… hey? Why… Why? why stop… .”

Diana, who was drenched in pleasure, looked at salvation with sorrowful eyes when all the pleasure suddenly disappeared. Besides, it’s cute that the tongue is loose and the pronunciation is slightly leaking, so I wanted to save him right away, but he held on.

“Our purpose is not just to have sex. The purpose is to study skills.”

“Hey, what does that matter now… .”

“If you are hit by my skill, it cannot be resolved until I relieve it. Don’t you think we need to prove this for sure?”

Diana, who looked at salvation with blank eyes, tilted her head as if she did not understand the words at first.
But gradually, as if he was starting to understand, his face began to turn red.

“Wow, what are you talking about! You don’t have to! This body has already confirmed enough… !”

“But I didn’t check it with your own body, I just watched it from the side and observed the flow of mana. That alone is not enough. If that’s the case, why would you sleep with me regularly in the first place?”

“That, that… However… !”

Diana couldn’t keep up because she was running out of words to refute.
To be honest, I’m not going to sleep with you from now on! If I said the same thing, I would be in trouble, but it seems that the gamble paid off.

“Well then, why don’t you try an experiment?”

“Hey, what does that mean? What are you going to do?”

“a. you know why There’s only me and you here right now. If you want to try a solution other than what I do, there is only one way, right?”

“Ugh… However… However… .”

Diana hesitated.
Then, looking at salvation, he gently spread his legs.
Then he tried to open the pussy with his own hands… I was embarrassed by that, so I removed my hand from the pubic area and put my hand on the inside of my thigh.
Even if it wasn’t particularly wide open, love fluid was still flowing from her pubic area, so it looked enchanting enough.

“Now, don’t you want to do it too?”

It seems that he made a bewitching voice to seduce others, but that voice was trembling so much that, frankly, it didn’t look bewitching.
But that didn’t mean it wasn’t destructive.
That Diana was acting like she was trying to seduce a man.
If you don’t get excited when you see that, you’re not a man.
Guwon wanted to attack Diana at any moment, but pinched her own thigh and endured it.

“Huh. I want to. I’ll be patient though. For your research.”

“Well, you don’t have to. be patient… .”
“no. I care more about you than me I will be patient.”

“Hey, hey hey.”

As Gu Gu-won spoke firmly, Diana made such a cute sound with tears welling up in her eyes.

“really? really?”

“Huh. really.”

I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Diana so embarrassed.
Diana was completely panicked and did not know what to do.
However, the body that had reached the climax under the influence of the skill of salvation did not cool down.
On the contrary, she was craved for as much as she could and never reached the climax, so Diana will only be able to think about it more and more in her head right now.
Realizing that no matter how tempting she was, she realized that salvation would not embrace her until the verification was completed, so Diana eventually turned her hand to the vagina once more.
Now, patience will be close to the limit.

“Well, then I will.”

He seems to be in a state of panic.
In the first place, skill research is for Diana herself, so there is no need to report it to salvation.
No, you don’t even need to show yourself masturbating. If you ask Guo-won to turn around while masturbating, he has no excuse to be looking at Diana.
But Diana doesn’t seem to have the mind to think like that now. He looked at salvation with a bright red face and made a steady report.
And the finger that took the vagina began to move carefully.

“Ugh. Huh. Huh.”

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Fishman // Does not apply to water. However, the holy water effect of the saint is contained in the saliva of salvation that is mixed in the water, so it is eaten to some extent.

// Of course not.

app2225 // Answered to the main part.


Hidden Efficacy of Saint Skills

The fingers moving carefully over the pubic area were somehow awkward.
He was desperately moving to cool his excited body, but it was like a person who was trying to masturbate for the first time.

“Diana. Is this your first time masturbating?”

“Huh. Huh. haha Everything, of course not!”

Diana replied with tears welling up in her eyes.
Wow. How old are you and is this your first time masturbating?
Come to think of it, I said that it was my first time doing something like a granddaughter, and for her age, she didn’t have much experience in this field.
Wasn’t there such a thing as sexual desire?
No, but it doesn’t look like that when exhibitionism is stimulated… Ugh. Maybe that’s what I made too? With Diana desperately claiming that she’s not exhibitionist, maybe she really is.
I’m a little sorry about this.
But that’s it. this is this You should enjoy this situation for now.

“It doesn’t feel good to touch Diana like that. First, gently stroking the outside with your fingers… .”

Salvation began teaching Diana how to masturbate.
Of course, I don’t know how to masturbate, but I know how to caress a woman. The basics are the same, so let me know.
It would be best if I put my hand on Diana’s hand and let you know, but when it climaxes in that way, you may recognize that I’ve resolved it.
Since that part is not yet clear, I had no choice but to tell you in words.

“okay. While stimulating the clitoris with the palm of your hand, try putting one finger in it. Even if it doesn’t reach the deep end, is there a place where you feel particularly comfortable? It’s stimulating there. For example, this part.”

Salvation is perfectly guiding Diana where she feels when stimulated.
While being careful not to touch Diana’s body, she pointed to a part of her lower abdomen, and Diana bent her wrist and tucked it deeper, as if she was trying to insert her finger up to that area.

“Hey! Whoa! Whoa!”

And not long after salvation guided Diana, crouching, laying her face on the bed and trembling.
It certainly seems to have reached its climax.
After all, the better the teacher, the faster the learning speed.

While Salvation was feeling a strange sense of accomplishment, Diana, who was crouching in bed, suddenly attacked Salvation.
He climbed onto the body of salvation, grabbed a stiff object with one hand, put it against his own vagina, and tried to lower his waist.
Of course, it was not a salvation that would tolerate it as it is.
Just before Diana lowered her waist, Guwon held Diana’s waist firmly with both hands and fixed her body.

“Why! Why darling!”

Diana lost half of her sanity and wriggled her vagina in contact with the object of salvation, but salvation did not loosen her strength.

“We need to properly report how the verification results are.”

“You can see it! Can’t! Can’t solve it at all! So hurry up!”

“Would you like me to put it in?”

As Guwon smiled, Diana seemed to have finally realized that Guwon was making fun of her. He had a furious expression on his face, and he tried his best to look down at his waist somehow.
Of course, no matter how hard Diana tried, salvation did not budge.

“Seeing. I wish I could put it in! Are you done now!”

In the end, maybe she couldn’t stand it, Diana said, glaring at salvation.
Huh. I know even if you don’t speak Love liquid from the pussy is soaking all my things, you’re stupid if you don’t know that.
But salvation alone did not forgive.
There are still things that happened during the day.

“Well. what to do… . Isn’t that something you were going to cut during the day? Now that you want to come and put it in… .”

“Come on, you! If you don’t say it like that, you’ll be swinging things around without restraint! Whoa!”

In the end, Diana cried out half-weeping.
uh? awhile. there’s nothing to cry about

“Ah Okay. sorry. It’s my fault.”

Salvation quickly lowered Diana’s waist.
The object of salvation pierced the inside of Diana all the way to the end at once. Diana’s vagina has been delicately entwined with wrinkles, as if she would not lose sight of the salvation she had just met.
However, in the opposite direction from the bottom, Diana was staring at salvation with red eyes filled with tears from the top.

“Hey. you goofy. you.”

Seeing Diana constantly chanting ‘you are’ like a child for what is so unfair, the guilt of salvation was maximized.

“sorry. I’m sorry. Stop crying.”

“Hmm. Oh, I didn’t cry!”

No, your eyes are red.
Diana buried her face in the chest of salvation, not wanting to show her face.
But the waist began to wriggle like pleasure.
Oh, I guess I’ll do it anyway. Well, of course. If you don’t, it won’t be resolved.
Salvation slowly moved her waist.
As she slowly pulled her back back and then pushed it forward again, Diana’s body immediately responded.
Maybe just this one time?
Although Diana was at its peak, salvation did not stop her hip movement.
I too have been enduring while watching Diana masturbating. In addition, as Diana shook her body, the stimulation applied to the object became stronger.
Piston only once and then stop again. It’s torture.

“Hey! Whoa! Ha!”

As Guwon moved her waist and gained speed, Diana’s back curved like a bow.
Then, the face that had been buried in the chest of salvation naturally turned upward. To face the face of salvation that looked down on Diana.
Although her face was messed up with tears, she was still beautiful.

Looking at that beautiful face, I fell into thoughts of salvation.
You’re swinging around without restraint… .
Salvation had no choice but to pay attention to the word fidelity.
When you say that, it’s like we’re dating. At least, it didn’t seem like a word to choose for just ordinary colleagues or skill research subjects.
Maybe it’s just what I want to think, but… .
Salvation decided to try it once.

Whenever I was in a relationship with Diana, I always asked if I could kiss her at least once.
But this time, let’s not ask.
Of course, I don’t mean to ignore Diana’s will.
I just take the gesture I want to do, and it’s up to Diana to decide whether to allow it or not.
Guwon slowly slowed the movement of his waist.
Then, facing Diana directly, she placed her hands on either side of her face.

“Diana… .”

As salvation slowly drew closer to his face, he could see Diana’s eyes trembling.

“Ah… .”

And just before their lips met, there was a small object digging in and blocking them. It was Diana’s hand.
also can’t Was it just my misunderstanding? Did you think too deeply about every word you used without much meaning?
Seeing Gu Guo’s expression of disappointment, Diana said with a little hesitation.

“Ah, this body and mind are still ready… .”

Hearing those words, salvation shook his head.
Then Diana avoided her gaze as if embarrassed.
yet? ready your mind? That means… .



Salvation couldn’t control her emotions and hugged Diana tightly.
And he gave himself to that intense emotion and moved his waist violently as it was.

“Hey! slumbers! You! ha ha! too intense… !”

As you say, you are also tightening your insides.
Salvation moved violently and looked at Diana.
Her pale pink lips, slightly open and letting out a sweet sigh, looked much more attractive than usual.
I want to kiss you right now
But wouldn’t it? Yes, because you need to be mentally prepared.
Just like a puppy ordered to wait with food in front of him, Guwon was a child.
Even if it’s not a kiss, I want to release this feeling a little more.
Salvation brought her mouth to Diana’s long ears.
At first they pecked lightly as if they were kissing a bird, and then their tongues became sticky and entangled in a force of licking.

“Hey. Ears, ears… !”

After all, if you are an elf, you are earwax.
Whether that formula works for Diana too, Diana reacted sensitively and trembled.
In the end, salvation lost his mind and lusted after Diana all night long.

And the next morning, as usual, the first thing I woke up was salvation.
Last night was one of the most satisfying nights I’ve had so far.
If I wait a little longer, these lips can become mine.

“Um… I want to know.”

When I put my thumb lightly on Diana’s sleeping lips, Diana clenched her lips subtly and bit her thumb.
When you say that you allow a kiss that you refused so firmly, does that mean that Diana also has a heart for me?
If so, it could be because of jealousy that the strict prohibition against doing things with Maids or Vanessa was. Thinking like that, Diana felt very cute.
A child who has been living for so long that I can’t even guess, can’t express it that way because she’s not good at dating How can you not feel cute?

Besides, it’s not just cute.
Seeing him struggling last night, unable to hold back his pleasure, was so sexy.
Even that rational Diana can’t stand the pleasure. Salvation was able to realize the power of the saint skill anew.
That’s why Diana doesn’t say anything.
If used well, most women could do it at will, and it was a powerful effect.

… Huh? awhile. Most women can do whatever they want?
A great idea popped into the mind of salvation.
okay. Most women can do whatever they want. Even Vanessa couldn’t stand it enough to attack me.
So what other ordinary woman who is much lower level than Vanessa and not even more rational than Diana?
No matter how much I like a guy, would it be possible to endure with just one shot of my skill?
It was as if the devil had settled in his mind and whispered.
Salvation had a plan without realizing it, and I reviewed the plan several times.
It is perfect. With this, you can perfectly get revenge on the Potts guy. If you keep going like this, you can make him experience a hell worse than death. Of course, you can even kill them cleanly after that.

However, there was one problem with this method.
This isn’t my revenge, it’s Sarah’s. I can’t just report the results after I unilaterally deal with the Potts guy. If you’re going to take revenge, you need to know the details of the process and consequences by watching Sarah from your side.
But in order to get revenge in this way, I have to sleep with another woman. It doesn’t end with just one time, you may need to sleep several times.
But no matter how much she wants revenge, will Sarah agree with this method?
That jealous Sarah? Ande, who ran out of the mansion with Vanessa and slept for unavoidable circumstances?

But no other method of revenge has come to mind as perfect as this one.
A perfect revenge law in every way.
Before killing him, he tore his heart to shreds, and gives hope when he is completely engulfed in the depths of despair and loses the energy to live. and then mercilessly kills.
Even in the whole process, our hands can not get dirty at all.
Could there be a more perfect revenge than this?
no no Salvation could be assured.
okay. Whether Sarah agrees or not, let’s talk.
Just bringing up this kind of talk would be a rip off, but you’ll have to ask anyway.

“Uh… .”

As Salvation made a decision in her heart, Diana slowly opened her eyes.

“Good morning?”

Diana stared blankly at Guwon as if she had not yet woken up. Then his big eyes blinked a few times and then they opened wide, and his face turned red to the tip of his ears in an instant.


Then he covered his face with both hands.
Looking at this figure, it seems that he remembered what kind of lines he sang last night.
Well, you did a lot of slightly daring things. They try to seduce with their legs spread apart, confess and say absurd things.

“Diana. OK. Calm down. It was cute.”


The words of salvation that were trying to calm him rather inflicted enormous damage, and even a cry began to mix in his voice.

“Forget it! Forget about last night’s work! Back then, this body was insane! Empty that brain quickly!”

Diana shouted that and started pounding Salvation’s head.
Thanks to that, Diana’s face, which she had been covering with her hand, was revealed, but again, tears welled up in her eyes.
Hey. Even so, are you trying to make a wizard physically forget his memories?
It doesn’t even tickle no matter how much I hit it.
But what… Is it because it’s cute?
Salvation decided to give it a shot once in a while.

“Huh. forgot Ah, I completely forgot. What happened last night? You don’t remember at all?”

“Hey hey!”

However, those words seemed to hit the final blow to Diana’s mentality.
Diana just curled up on the body of salvation and collapsed.

“D, Diana?!”

… No answer. It looks like a simple corpse.

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No matter how much salvation called, Diana did not move.
Let’s try a light pat on the back, “Hey!” Iran made a cute sound, then slapped him in the chest and became quiet again. It seems to be alive for now.
I can’t help it, should I leave it like this for now?
Salvation pulled the thing out and crept out of Diana’s underside. Then Diana immediately put on the blanket.

Even after Guguo finished taking a shower, there was still only a round blanket of blankets on the bed.

“Diana. wash off slowly. I have to eat.”

But still there was no answer.
Could it be that there was nothing in that blanket and Diana left the room?
When I raised my index finger and stabbed it, the blanket flinched and trembled.
what. still there
However, it seemed that Diana in such a state could not be restored to me.

“Hello, how are you? But what about Diana? Didn’t you sleep together last night?”

Vanessa was waiting at the door as usual.

“Ah… Huh. it’s inside Just go in.”

Salvation left everything to Vanessa and went down to the restaurant first.
After the meal was prepared and everyone else arrived, Diana finally arrived.
Are you mentally recovering a little now?

“Diana. Fine… .”
“Come on, come on! Come to think of it, the magic words I told you yesterday… .”

When salvation tried to speak to her, Diana turned her head and spoke to a member of the Wizards’ Association.
Diana speaks to them herself first. It seems that recovery is not complete yet.
Thanks to that, the wizard Diana spoke to first was almost on the verge of tears of emotion, though.
Still, it can’t stay like this forever. I think things will get a little better once we can have a conversation. What number should I use?

“By the way, Mr. I’m going to the orphanage today.”

Guwon looked at Diana and was immersed in thought, and Leia next to him leaned closer to Guwon and talked to him.

“Oh yeah?”

“… Yeah.”

As I was thinking about it, she suddenly spoke to me, and I reflexively responded that way, but Leia made a slightly sullen expression on her face.
Why? Oh, when we went to the orphanage, we were supposed to go together.

“Then I will go with you. Call me when you go to the temple.”

We must protect Leia from Kyle’s dirty beast.
Even if it’s not, I have something to see Kyle today.


Perhaps because of that too, Leia smiled brightly at the words of salvation.
Well. let’s be pitiful Also, a smile suits angels.

Before going to Leia and the temple, salvation grabbed Sarah and warned her firmly.

“got it. Never try to deal with it alone. Because I’m thinking hard too. Never, never, ever try to work alone.”

I was going to tell you about the strategy I was thinking of in the morning, but I have to go out with Leia soon, but I thought that I wasn’t talking about it now.
You should speak when you have time to relax and think.

“… Yeah.”

I don’t have the experience of Sarah, so it’s impossible to fully understand her feelings.
But just by hearing the story, it was possible to guess that the situation was worth turning around.
To be honest, I’m anxious and anxious, so I want to keep him by my side, but I’m not in a situation where I can stay together.

“Is it a promise? must you? If you break this promise, I will never see your face again.”

“I know.”

I got two or three promises from Sarah, and I was worried about it, so I went to Vanessa and talked to her.

“Vanessa. Can you secretly attach someone to watch Sarah just for today?”

“… What’s going on?”

“Actually, Sarah has a strong desire to be strong because of her circumstances. If I take a break like this for a few days, I may become anxious and try to enter the dungeon by myself. In the meantime, I made marks while we were together, but today, I think we need to be apart a little bit. If Sarah tries to go to the dungeon alone, please stop her.”

It’s impossible to tell the truth that you might enter a dungeon to bury a person, so I had no choice but to look around.

“… Okay.”

Only after making such thorough preparations, salvation could go to the orphanage.
I stopped by the temple first to get things, but it seems that the others went to the orphanage first, so Leia and I went to the orphanage.

“Sorry. I’m staying at the mansion just to take care of our convenience, so this is late by myself.”

“No. I like staying in a mansion. And I’m not alone. Goo Won will go with you.”

Leia replied with a warm smile.
To what extent is this older sister like an angel?
I don’t understand why the job is just a priest. Even if it’s like a saint, there’s no sense of incongruity at all. Rather, who other than our angel is suitable for a saint?
No, I don’t know if there is a real job of being a saint or not.

“Still, it’s like going on a date because it’s only the two of us.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Leia bowed her head at the words of salvation.
Thanks to her, she couldn’t see her expression, but the tail behind her was shaking violently, representing Leia’s emotions.
Isn’t this a bit of a good mood?

“Ah… .”

Guwon and Leia, who were walking side by side at the same time, touched lightly.
Leia’s fingers twitched and clenched, but soon they touched the fingertips of salvation again. And as if hesitating, with a careful movement, Leia’s fingers were intertwined with the fingers of salvation.
They barely held hands as they walked, but Guwon tasted the sensation as if his brain was melting.
Dangerous. It’s so sweet that I can’t seem to keep my sanity.

“Leia older sister!”

But that sweet time came to an end in an instant.
When it was time to see the orphanage in the distance, the kids rushed out.
Leia’s hand that was holding each other fell in an instant and embraced the children.
Damn it. In any case, the little ones don’t even notice. If you guys like Leia like that, shouldn’t you support her without interrupting her dating business? In the first place, other priests other than Leia must have come first. Why are you here?
What would you do with a little boy? It is unavoidable. Salvation was decided to start with the other purpose of coming here.

“Hey. little boy Where is Kyle?”

“I am not a kid! Seren! You said it before.”

do not know. There is no space in my head to store the names of the little ones.

“okay. Serena. Where is Kyle?”

“Uncle Kyle? there!”

uncle what age is that Still, they must have been talking to each other for a while now, but is that how they get used to it? The adaptability of little ones is scary.
When the kid went in the direction he was pointing, Kyle was standing with his back.

“Come here.”

Kyle, noticing that salvation was coming, said in a relaxed voice.
what is this.
To be honest, I was prepared to some extent. It’s the end of a man’s life.
At the time, I didn’t realize it very much, but by this time, I’m sure it’s going to be incredibly real. So I was expecting this guy to run to me as soon as he saw me.
But Kyle’s attitude was too calm.

“What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“no. Aren’t you mad at me?”

“When anger is engulfed in anger, the anger itself inflicts anger.”

There seemed to be a kind of dizziness in the eyes of the guy who said that. Talking is weird too. Two eggs flew away and they were completely liberated. It looked like a mechanical monk flying eggs.
Well, anyway, if you don’t be hostile to this, it’s a good thing. Let’s start with the dragon.

“Would you like to ask for an assassin job?”

Kyle didn’t answer, but stared at the salvation’s face.

“There is darkness within you.”

this is pretty annoying

“so. are doing it you don’t do it.”

“No one has the right to take another’s life.”

“What if the other person is a murderer who took another person’s life?”

“Vengeance is not justice.”

The pervert bastard who used to assassinate is playing. I would have done it if I didn’t. Anyway, I didn’t expect this from the beginning.
Kyle was quite annoyed by what he said, but Salvation decided to move on. It seems like it was my fault that this guy became like this in the first place.

“Then that’s it. I have one question for you. Does the level of assassin rise in any other way than assassination?”

“Any other way than assassination? For example, how?”

“For example, just doing something covert.”

I couldn’t be specific, so salvation was so simplistic.
The assassin level had only risen twice so far. And both times, it was when we had sex secretly so that no one else could find out. But honestly, it was hard to think that it was an act related to the assassination. So I came to this guy. If this guy was an assassin his main job, wouldn’t he know something?

“Hmm… . I’m sorry, but I have no idea.”

“Think about it. Even if it wasn’t an assassination, did you ever say that if you perform a covert action during training, you will rise?”

“No. If that were possible, the Assassin’s Guild would not have raised assassins just by assassination alone.”

Kyle asserted as if there was nothing to think deeply about.
You raised assassins just by assassination. That means not only Kyle, but the guy who raised assassins in Kyle’s Assassin’s Organization doesn’t know that he can level up in the same way as me.
However, Kyle was wrong in saying that, as long as I leveled up in that way, I could only level up by methods other than assassination. So, is it supposed to be a kind of hidden piece?
Assassins just didn’t know that the level of assassins increased by doing that? It’s just that I don’t know. It’s not uncommon to have undetected sex in the presence of another person. Even if someone found it by chance, it might not have shared the method with other assassins.

“Any more questions?”

“Huh? Huh. no more Why?”

“Then excuse me.”

After saying that, Kyle went straight to Leia.
I thought this bastard was liberated, but I still haven’t come to my senses Was it just a concept?
Salvation was hurriedly attached to Leia, but Kyle’s eyes looking at Leia were completely calm. The perverted desire he had seen before was nowhere to be seen.
Are you really lame? Those eyes are not eyes that can only be made with concept materials.
Leia flinched slightly when she saw Kyle approaching, and Kyle spoke from a certain distance.

“Don’t worry. It’s different from before. I am now on the path of harmony. I will not be swayed by desire. I’m just here to say thank you.”

“… Yeah?”

Leia tilted her head in response to his words.
So Leia doesn’t remember anything like saving you.

Anyway, the work with Kyle was finished, and after taking care of Leia and the orphanage children, I went around the slums and returned to the mansion.
After watching it all day, Kyle’s liberation was not a concept either. I secretly asked the little ones, but it seems that they have been in that state since the last time we went. I don’t think Kyle’s tantrums at Leia will happen anymore.
Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t follow the orphanage in the future.
Whatever it is, spending time with Leia is healing.

“buy it!”

Gu-gun returned to the mansion and immediately went to see Sarah.

“Why, why?”

“Did you stay quiet while I was away?”

“I am young. Do not worry. … You’ll never see your face again, so you have to be patient.”

Sarah blushed slightly.
what. Can I take that as a confession?

“so. What were you doing?”

“I sat here and kept thinking about what I could do. But I still can’t think of a sharp way. I can’t do anything without getting rid of that woman named Kate.”

Sarah answered with a slight wrinkle on her forehead.
Guwon said while pressing Sarah’s forehead with her finger and straightening it.

“I kept thinking about it. One good plan came to mind. That’s the best way to deal with him as painfully as possible. But there is only one problem with implementing this plan.”

“Is it a problem? what’s the problem? Let’s talk first. Right now, I feel like I want to grab some straw.”

If I talk about it, will I start swearing at Sarah?
But there really was no other way to think of it other than this one.
Salvation explained to Sarah the details of the plan that came to mind this morning.

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Each time Gu-gu continued, Sarah’s expression grew worse and worse.
Even Sarah’s hands seemed to tremble as if they were about to pop out at any moment, so Guwon hurriedly wrapped her hands around her.

“I know what you want to say. But before that, let me clarify one thing. It’s not what I want to do. I’m just suggesting that there is a way to do this. You can’t think of any other way than this Of course, the choice is yours. I will always follow your opinion.”

“No. I do not like it.”

After hearing the word of salvation, Sarah responded as if she had nothing to think about.

“And in that way, the help of a person named Kate is indispensable, right?”

“It is not. But if you get rejected, then go ahead and think of another way.”

“But what if she tells the man?”

“Then there is no choice… .”

“I don’t like it either.”

Sarah said firmly.
Sara, who came to see only revenge, was against it like that. After all, before Kate’s cooperation, maybe she just hated the fact that I had to sleep with another woman?

“Okay. Then let’s think of another way.”

Knowing this, he answered coolly without asking why.

“Yeah. And I’m sorry. That’s what you’ve been thinking for me.”

“no. OK. I’m sure there’ll be another way.”

Rather, thank you for thinking that way. Before I said that, I was reprimanded for wanting to sleep with another woman, and I thought I might have been hit with an ear bat.
Did Sarah’s trust in me slightly increased?
With a heart of gratitude, Salvation exhorted Sarah and left the room.

And the next day, the party decided to head to the dungeon again.
For reference, there has been no progress in Leia’s nine-tailed luxury.
This time as well, he was conscious but unable to control his desires and showed a disorganized appearance all night long.
However, the fact that he has been in that state twice in a row means that the last time he was in that state was not the product of a coincidence. It’s definitely proof that it’s better than before, so it’s something you’ll like
Still, it was shameful to show such a figure, though Leia was embarrassed by waking up in the morning and flapping her tail for a long time.

Before going to the dungeon, Sarah bought a hooded cloak.
There must be Potts on the 2nd floor. He will also remember Sarah’s face, so whatever he plans to do in the future will be difficult.

“Oh oh. So now I feel like a real archer.”

“Then you haven’t looked like an archer until now?”

No, it’s not like that. To be honest, except for the gloves that covered the bow and the index and middle ring of my right hand, all I had to do was wear leather armor.
After all, if you are an archer in a fantasy world, you must wear a hooded cloak. This is a tradition from the days of Robin Hood.

The party who arrived on the 2nd floor immediately started hunting.
In the last Orc subjugation, everyone’s job level went up tremendously. Salvation, who was a matchless man in the middle of the enemy, and Sarah, who slaughtered orcs from afar, as well as Leia, who used healing magic generously while walking among the constantly occurring wounded, was also able to increase her job level tremendously. Thanks to that, the easy battles became even easier.
Now, even without the help of a true saint skill, it was impossible to defeat the 2nd tier monsters. That means Diana has nothing to do.
Diana just followed the group and did nothing.

“Diana. Are not you bored?”

“… It’s okay.”

While answering that, Diana quickly turned her head to avoid her gaze.
For reference, Diana is still avoiding me slightly.
No, I understand. It must have been the first time in my life that I had lived so many years. I understand that you are more embarrassed and embarrassed than the average person.
But how long will it be? If I don’t deal with it too much, I’ll get hurt.
After all, rather than waiting for me to recover on my own, would it be better for me to come forward and prescribe a drug?
Either way, it’s impossible right now.
Let’s focus on hunting first.

“Still, I don’t feel like hunting when I’m relaxed like this. Since there is nothing to be hurt, Leia’s growth is also slow.”

Yes, there was a problem like this because the battle became so easy.
Up until now, whenever I fought, I felt Leia’s touch and recovered my mental fatigue, but when it disappeared, I felt like dying.
Angel’s hand… . An oasis in my heart… .

“Nevertheless. Because I learned a lot of other skills.”

Leia, who has risen a lot in level, has learned a lot of various buff skills. Now you can give buffs to all stats as well as defense.
That made the battle easier, though.
big black. I miss your sister’s hand.

“Oh, and I learned more about the staff attack skills! Only this time can I stand vigilant!”

Leia clenched her fists and showed enthusiasm.
Huh. cute. And the chest is gathered between the two clenched fists, which adds to the cuteness and sexiness, making it incredibly attractive. However… .

“No. Still, you can’t deal with monsters alone.”

Leia immediately drooped her ears and tail and became pale.
ugh Seeing you like that makes me weak.
no. Still, it can’t be What should I do if an accident happens after I make a non-visit time for nothing?
There is still no need to be vigilant as I am hunting around the village, but Guwon is firmly determined.

I almost felt like I was on an outing, finished hunting, and headed for the inn in the village.
And as soon as I entered the inn, I was faced with an unpleasant face.

“Howdy! MRM!”

In the dining room on the first floor, Potts and Kate were sitting at a table and eating.
The ashes aren’t that bad either. We’re seeing each other face to face again.
It would be easy to think that it would be natural to meet face-to-face when hunting in the same class, but that’s not the case either.
There is no border between day and night in the dungeon. Adventurers There is no way we can carry that expensive watch in a dungeon like we do, so, of course, the life patterns of adventurers within the dungeon are also different.
So, unless you make up your mind and wait patiently at the inn, even if you hunt in the same class, the chance of meeting you face to face is not very high.
But I came face to face with this guy through the low probability.
Should I even call this a bad thing?

“I say one last time. Call me by that nickname one more time and I’ll make you miserable in front of your proud girlfriend.”

“Oh oh. That’s scary yeah But are the girls next door your colleagues? Kya~ As the rumors say, they are not joking, they are beautiful women.”


“Alas. do not worry. Of course, to me, Kate is the prettiest. It was just a friend’s girl, so I said empty words.”

“I am playing. No matter where you look, our kids are much prettier, don’t they?”

As he said that, Gujang hugged Sarah tightly from behind.
Why did she brag about how pretty she was and hug Sarah, who couldn’t even see her face because she was wearing a hoodie? Because if I didn’t, I thought Sarah would jump out right now.
As evidence of that, Sarah’s body was now trembling in the bosom of salvation.

“Huh. People have different tastes.”

“Don’t give it back literally.”

I’m sorry Kate, but I was convinced that even if Kate’s attractiveness level was 10 times higher than it is now, even the heels of our children wouldn’t be able to keep up.

“By the way, why are you in the dungeon?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“It’s like that too. Did you earn your share of the orc subjugation last time? The other guys who participated last time say they’re all too busy spending their money now. Did Bryn say he won’t be in the dungeon for another month?”

“Don’t treat me like those guys. I have a noble purpose that you can’t even imagine.”

okay. The noble purpose of subjugating the demon lord.

“hot. What is the noble purpose? Are you like that too? Is it a perverted case where combat is good and getting stronger is good?”

“Not a pervert! Apologize! It’s good to have a sense of improvement!”

Rarely, Leia-sister came out in anger.
Thanks to that, salvation stopped the hand that was about to reach out.
If it had been a little later, my saint’s hand would have exploded.

When the innocent Leia sister burned her eyes in anger and became angry, the Potts also stopped fluttering as if the momentum had been suppressed.

“Yeah, Potts! Excuse me anyway!”

Unlike Potts, Kate seemed to have common sense.
Seriously, how did you bump into a guy like Potts?

“sorry. Wrong. i was mean do not be angry. My love.”

Who are you apologizing to?
Salvation didn’t feel worth fighting anymore and headed to an empty table far away.

“Hey! Where? If possible, let’s have a drink together!”

“done. I prefer to drink with my kids!”

“Heng! I also prefer to drink with my Kate?!”

Then have a drink with that Kate. There are not many days left before we can drink together.

“What a rude person you are!”

Even Leia, who doesn’t dislike people, was angry. That alone could tell just how scumbag Potts was.
Still, when the angel got angry like that, it seemed that the ears that had become dirty from talking to the trash were purified.

“… I put a curse on you.”

And Diana, who had been quiet, muttered softly.

“Huh? What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“I put a curse on my whole body that requires a little less strength than usual. It doesn’t last very long.”

“Thank you for getting angry, but why would you do such a useless thing… . It looks like they came from hunting too.”

“There is also the side effect of not having an erection well in men.”

It was a little terrifying curse.
No, is it okay to curse with the same adventurers for a second? Doesn’t that count as an attack?

“If adventurers act hostile to each other, won’t it be recorded on the card?”

“It’s not a fatal curse, and that’s okay. It would have been a problem if I had walked a little bit harder.”

Apparently, Diana had an accurate understanding of the level at which the Adventurer Card was perceived as hostile.
Well, that’s it too. All of this must be magic. If he doesn’t know, who knows?
I was expecting a bit, but it was a disappointment. If there is a way to host hostilities without leaving a record on the card, then I don’t have to worry as much as I am now dealing with Potts.

“Thanks. Are you mad at me?”

“… uh, uh.”

Diana said so and went silent again.
I was wondering if it was a little better now, but it’s like this again. Aren’t you being too shy?

“… Salvation.”

And Sarah, who had been quiet since meeting Potts, finally spoke up.

“The plan that salvation talked about yesterday. Please do so.”

Sarah said in a trembling voice, softly, but with a firm will.
Sara’s beautiful eyes seemed to be burning brightly from the gap in the tight hood.

“… I’m serious?”

Salvation was quite surprising.
To be honest, it was a suggestion by herself, but I didn’t think Sarah would ever approve of the plan. For that, Sarah’s jealousy was no joke, and above all, it was a very insidious plan.
However, it must have been that he had overestimated Sarah’s desire for revenge.
And, seeing Potts’ appearance now, he must have been more excited. The killer who killed his grandfather showed such a relaxed, happy appearance with his girlfriend beside him.
It’s weird that the faucet doesn’t turn.

“Yeah. I’m serious.”

“… Okay.”

Guwon also nodded with a firm expression on Sarah’s firm answer.

“What do you mean? Are you planning?”

Leia, who was listening next to her, tilted her head and asked.
Perhaps Diana was also concerned, she glanced at this side.
Whether you’re shy or interested, just do one thing.

“Huh? no. nothing.”

“Chi. What is it? Is this a secret between the two of you?”

Leia made a slightly shriveled expression on purpose and pursed her lips.
Normally, I would have thrown away the secret and left behind that expression in one shot, but this time, I couldn’t.
Guwon frowned with an ambiguous smile.

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There seems to be some misunderstanding.
Diana is correct on the cover, but it is Diana from her previous life.
It’s from a free image, so it doesn’t exactly match the description in the novel.
Now think of Diana as much younger than she looks on the cover.
Leia’s chest is subtly slightly larger than the cover.
Her hair color is dark wine. Leia is blonde.



And as he ate, Guwon kept a close eye on Potts.
Just in time, Diana even put such a curse.
It’s not like Diana knows my plans, but I can’t help but take advantage of this situation.
Salvation was careful and prudent and prepared to blow the waves of the saint.
Of course, you can’t just throw it away. If you just blow the saint’s wave, Kate will reach a climax in an instant, and you’ll find out at once that it’s my fault.

Salvation focused on the flow of mana.
It’s the first time I’ve used Saint’s Pulse in this way, but I couldn’t miss this opportunity.
You can’t fail. You have to do it no matter what.
As a result of more earnest concentration than ever before, Salvation was able to activate the Saint’s Wave by using only a very small amount of the Spirit.
Now, all you have to do is fly it in time and the first stage of the plan is complete.

Guy Potts looked at Kate to see what was so good, smiled and fed each other while continuing to do the chicken meat couple thing.
I want to kill you. Why do I have to keep looking at you like that?
Still, this is a battle of patience. Seeing him die like that would surely make him more daring in the restaurant.

And the long-awaited time has finally come.
Potts reached out and wrapped his arms around Kate’s waist, pulling him straight towards him.
Kate pushed Potts’ chest in denial, as if he had other people’s eyes, but Potts’ arm didn’t move. He’s just pretending to be in denial, and Kate doesn’t seem to hate it either.
I want to kill you. What are you doing in public places?
will you fly now? No, but wouldn’t it be a bit unnatural if you feel pleasure just by hugging him?

But there was no need to worry about salvation.
Because Potts’ hand, which had wrapped around Kate’s waist, slid down to Kate’s buttocks.
Kate slapped Potts’ hand, but didn’t push it away.
I want to kill you.
As Potts’ hand gripped Kate’s ass tightly, Salvation captured all of this wrath and launched a wave of saints.
Of course, the subject is not the Potts. It’s Kate.

When the wave of the saint, visible only through the eyes of salvation, touched Kate’s body, Kate was startled and trembled. His face turned red, and his expression softened slightly.
Looking at it, it looks like it worked. It wasn’t to the point where it reached its peak, but it certainly seemed like a pleasure.

“Savior? Why?”

As Gu-gu was silent as he continued to stare at Potts, Leia tilted her head slightly and looked into Gu-won’s face.
Then, he turned his head to follow the direction of salvation, and looked back at him again.

“Hey, you shouldn’t be interested in things like that!”

it’s like that Sure, they went out too much in public, but it’s an act of affection for others, isn’t it a bit pitiful to talk about dirty things? Not Potts, of course, but Kate. It is true that Potts itself is dirty

“Are you interested? It’s not like that.”

Salvation did not take his eyes off of it even though he said so.
Of course, I’m not interested in such behavior, and I don’t even want to see it. Seeing you do that proudly in front of your eyes makes me angry.
However, it was necessary to watch the result of using the skill.

“I really… !”

Thinking about how Guwon did not take her eyes off her, Leia frowned and made a worried expression on her face.
And suddenly something fluffy touched the hand of salvation.
Huh? What? It is a warm and soft feeling.
When I looked down and checked, the object in my hand was Leia’s tail shining golden.
When I moved my gaze while riding on the tail, I saw that Leia was sitting with her back on this side, with her hips slightly sticking out and her tail extended to Guwon.
attitude is bad

“Lee, Leia?!”

“You can touch the tail and tail. Is it still only the tail Elsewhere… .”

Salvation couldn’t stand it and hugged Leia.
Whoa. did you see it’s trash Aren’t you the only one who can do that in a restaurant?
Besides, our kids are so much prettier!

“Hey! Goo, Salvation! Because it can’t be anywhere else! In this place… !”

“You mean it’s okay if it’s not like this?!”

“That, that… !”


Then something kicked the salvation under the table.
Of course, without checking, you could tell who did it. Because it didn’t hurt at all.
If Sarah had kicked it, it wouldn’t have ended like this.
Diana still didn’t say anything, but her scorching eyes glared at salvation. There seemed to be a slight sense of betrayal in his eyes.

“Wow, it’s not good to be so unscrupulous in a place like this. Cancer, not like that. I’ll just be satisfied with the tail.”

Guwon freed Leia’s body and quickly grabbed her tail.
Although I succumbed to foreign pressure, I have no intention of giving up even my tail.
Salvation stroked Leia’s tail with all her heart.
How well groomed was, each hair felt as soft as silk.
The trembling every time Guwon stroked it also accentuated the pleasant touch.
Great. Also, our angel is the best.

Guwon looked at Potts again with a satisfied feeling.
But there was already no one there.
As if he had left in a hurry, only a messy table was laid out.
Looking towards Sarah, she nodded slightly.
No, do you go straight to your bedroom as soon as you send out the Holy Spirit’s pulse? Those guys who don’t even have enough self-control.

“Then shall we get up too?”

I was 100% sure of what would happen after this, but I still wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t check it with my own eyes.
The two hands that could not be easily separated were removed from Leia’s tail, and salvation rose from her seat.

“Ah… .”

As the hand of salvation fell from his tail, Leia looked at him with a slightly sad look.
Please don’t look so sad. It makes me sad too.

“Okay, then we’ll go up first.”

Gusa-won seemed to be shaken, so she quickly took Sarah upstairs and went upstairs.

Naturally, there was no way he knew where Potts’ room was.
When salvation was a bit daunting, Sarah closed her eyes for a moment, listened, and took the lead.

“This is it.”

Although this inn was soundproofed in its own way, it seems that it could not completely block Sarah’s excellent hearing. Totally human radar.
No, wait. Then it doesn’t mean that I usually hear everyone sleeping with other kids.
It felt proud that this jealous kid had put up with it as he listened to it all. And I felt a little sorry.
Guwon gently hugged Sarah, who was walking in the lead.

“… What is it?”

“no. Because you might not be able to overcome your anger and jump out.”

“I’m not that stupid.”

However, as if Sarah didn’t like it, she walked while being embraced by salvation.


The place Sarah was pointing to, coincidentally, was the room right next to the room Guwon had seized.
Salvation and Sarah once entered their room.
Then he immediately ripped off the plank from the ceiling of the room. Of course, to peek into the next room.
It’s called the next room, so if you drill a hole in the wall and peek, you might be spotted right away, right?
Still, thanks to the level of the assassin had risen a bit, I was able to understand this for some reason.

Gu Gu and Sara, who climbed the ceiling and headed upward in the next room, drilled a hole and peered down.
It was a solid, thick plank, but Guwon was able to make a hole simply by raising his finger and applying force. The assassin’s skill, sneak attack, was also mixed and drilled, and the hole was drilled silently without any sound.

Below, as expected, Potts and Kate were having an affair.
No, to be precise, he was trying to have an affair.

“What are you doing after touching like that in the first place!”

Kate urged Potts in a slightly nervous voice.

“Mi, sorry! Why is this? You know I don’t usually do this, right? It’s weird today. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.”

Potts seemed embarrassed, grabbing his stuff and trying hard to stand it up, but it didn’t seem to work.
It seems that Diana’s curse worked properly.
Diana said it was weakened, but that was a scary enough curse.

“Give me!”

As if unable to bear it any longer, Kate bowed her head towards Potts’s object.

“Oh. chup. 🥺

And immediately a strange noise began to be heard.
While studying common sense at the temple of Guwondo, I got used to common sense of this world to some extent.
In general, adventurers do not like such behavior because the purpose of sex is to level up.
At least men use all sorts of means to make women feel, but women don’t even want to do that because they can make men cheap just by putting them in and shaking them.
This proves once again that Potts and Kate are not just an adventurer’s party, just because they have a good body fit.

After sucking like that for a while, Kate raised her head and said.

“Aren’t you in a good mood?”

“no. No way. It feels great.”

“I think it’s softer than usual for something like that… .”

“It must be the mood. I will confirm with that body.”

Kate spoke in a dissatisfied voice, but Potts, presumably trying to silence it, quickly laid her down and crumpled a soft object inside her.

“Yes. haha.”

Still, the fact that a man has risen to that level means that he has some skill. Kate started groaning excitedly as to where the skill was going.

But unfortunately, Kate will never be satisfied.
Salvation immediately triggered the proclamation of sanctuary.
The range is enough to completely envelop the bed where the two are intertwined.
The proclamation of sanctuary alone is not destructive enough to satisfy, but it can raise the mood.
Their back movements became more and more intense.
And when Kate appeared contented, Salvation immediately stopped proclaiming her sanctuary.
If you’re satisfied with my sanctuary being affected, you’re just being nice to them.

“Ha ha ha!”

“Wook. Whoops. What do you think? Did you feel good?”

“Not enough!”

“Uh, huh?!”

“Not enough yet!”

He was struck by the Holy Spirit, and he was also affected by the Sanctuary Of course, Kate couldn’t have been that satisfied.

“Are you active today? It was good. Shall we use our strength properly after a long time?”

Potts shook his back with a fearless smile, not sure if he understood the situation yet.
eri. to write power. Eat this.
Salvation immediately sent a wave of saints to him.


Potts, who had shaken his waist vigorously, could not even shake it a few times and wrapped it up in vain.

“… What are you doing now?”

wow i’m scared Kate’s cold voice was low.
If you can’t satisfy a woman, you’re making such a voice
Well, it’s a voice I’ll never hear in my life!

“Oh, no. awhile. uh huh? Wait a minute. i liked you so much hang on. I’ll put it right.”

ttttttttttttttttttt try hard
No matter how much the level rises, the limit that a man can do at once does not increase.
I can set it to infinity as long as the spirit remains with the Resurrected Pride skill, but other guys can do it two or three times a night at most. No matter how many, you won’t be able to fill it ten times.
In that state, there is nothing more to see.
Guwon tapped Sarah on the shoulder and gestured for her to return to her room.

When I returned to the room and looked at Sarah’s face, she was trembling, perhaps because of anger.
It must be maddening to see the culprit who killed Grandpa look so happy.
Gu-won gently embraced Sarah and kissed her.

“Anyway, that bastard is over now. On the contrary, the happier you are now, the greater the pain will be when you fall into the abyss. So don’t worry about it now. For this moment, forget about revenge and focus on what you are doing with me.”

Then Sarah ran to Gu-won and kissed him passionately.

“I can’t do that myself. … So please make me forget. With so much intensity that I can’t think of anything but you.”

“Just leave it to me.”

Guwon hugged Sarah and dived right into the bed.

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Gu-won and Sarah, lying on the bed, took off each other’s clothes, no matter who came first.
The two of them took off each other’s clothes roughly with the force to tear them apart, and in an instant they became naked, and they immediately kissed each other as if they were being sucked into each other.
She gently lowered her hand and placed her hand on Sarah’s vagina, and she felt that she was already somewhat wet. When I used Proclamation of Sanctuary earlier, Sara was also within range. Aside from the head burning in anger, it seems that the body was being properly affected by the skill.

Salvation was done right from the beginning without any further thought.
Sarah’s Hades welcomed the goods of salvation, as always. Sara’s vagina, which was closely adhered to the shape of the object of salvation, had tightened the object of salvation as intensely as ever.
Feeling that pleasant pressure, Guwon shook his back strongly.

“Huh! Ha! haha! You are so intense!”

“You want it to be so violent that you don’t even think about it?”

Saying that, he caressed all over the body of the savior Sarah.
Turns out, I didn’t wash it.
But that didn’t mean I was offended. On the contrary, I was even more excited by a different feeling than usual.
Sara’s sweaty body gave off a more bizarre feeling than usual, as it seemed to emphasize her toned body.
Gu Gu-won caressed Sarah’s slippery body in every nook and corner, then hugged her tightly. Then Sarah also hugged each other with both arms and legs as if clinging to salvation. Gu-gu picked up Sarah, hugged her, and walked towards the wall facing the room where Potts was staying.

“Huh! what are you doing… !”

“Let me hear you. We’re much happier than people like you.”

Well, I don’t know if it’s actually going to sound like that. Actually, right now, I can’t even hear Potts or Kate next to me. do you know anyway Can you hear me if I moan out loud?
Guwon made Sarah’s back lean against the wall, then grabbed Sarah’s butt and pushed her back strongly.

“Aww! Oops! Ha! ha ha! Whoops!”

No matter how much she wanted to hear such a sound, Sarah wrapped her arms around the neck of salvation and tried to kiss her fiercely, but she couldn’t overcome the intense pleasure and sometimes had to fall out of her mouth.
Still, Sarah did not give in and continued to seek the lips of salvation.
Sometimes Sarah bites the lip of salvation so hard that blood oozes out, but thanks to the healing sex anyway, the wound heals so easily.
The two fiercely coveted each other’s lips and tongue, using even the fishy taste of blood spreading in their mouths as a catalyst for excitement.


And it wasn’t long before Sarah culminated in a tight embrace of salvation.
Sarah clasped him tightly with her arms and legs, and trembled as she hung in the air. Sara, who had been trembling for a while, was able to release her strength in her limbs and became leaning on salvation.
When that happens, only the object embedded in the vagina and the hand of salvation that was holding Sarah’s buttocks will lift Sarah’s body into the air.


Naturally, a stiff object pierced through Sarah’s innermost depths, and Sara reached a climax in a row by bending her back with a type before the climax was over.

“Isn’t this still enough? I’ll make it so that only the thoughts of mine come to mind.”

Looking at Sarah completely droopy with a blank expression, Guwon said.
Gujang made Sarah look back by passing one of Sarah’s legs to the side without pulling anything out.
As Sarah’s hand naturally grabbed the wall, Guwon pushed her back.
It’s the so-called subordinate attitude.
Sarah was not able to stand properly because her legs were loosened from excessive pleasure, but Guguman forced her to hold her back and support her in this position.

“Hey, already… Whoa!”

Sarah seemed to be trying to say something in a faint voice, but she stopped talking and moaned at the intense stimulation that had begun again.

Because salvation is tall, you have to bend your knees to enjoy this position.
By the way, Sara, who is the tallest among the party members and has long legs like the original model, was able to enjoy this position without bending her knees.
However, it is only when Sarah properly strengthens her legs and lifts her stiletto that the height is just right. It couldn’t be done properly until my legs were loosened like they are now.
Sarah had no choice but to groan at the pleasure of salvation, waving her feet in the air.

As the action continued, Sarah’s upper body slid down the wall and gradually went downward, and the more she did, the more Sara’s heart-shaped buttocks appeared.
Salvation went to one of them.
Right in the middle of your ass with a subtle twitching hole.
It wasn’t because it was covered with bean pods, but Sarah’s place didn’t look dirty at all.
Gu Guo slightly raised his finger and put his finger on it.

“Heh! hey, there! No! Dirty!”

Sarah shouted in shock, but Guwon said in a calm voice as if soothing.

“OK. There is no dirty spot on your body.”

Guwon said so and gave his fingers a little strength.
Since the love fluid that had already flowed out of the vagina had been soaked through the buttocks, the finger of salvation entered without much resistance.

“No! No! No way!”

As Gu-gu tried to put more fingers there, Sarah let out a weeping sound and shook her head violently from side to side.
uh… . It’s still hard beyond this.
Guwon couldn’t put any more fingers there, and just moved his fingers back and forth subtly.
Although she strongly rejected it because of fear or shame, it was confirmed by sex analysis that this is Sarah’s highest erogenous zone. I couldn’t help but feel it.
As proof of that, the feeling of pressure on the object started to get stronger from the moment I started to stimulate the anus.
Well, let’s develop this slowly.

As Sarah was now curling her torso almost to the ground, Salvation grabbed Sarah’s chest and lifted her torso, moving forward and further.
Naturally, Sarah became more and more closely attached to each other, eventually becoming caught between the wall and salvation.
Sarah stretched out one arm and wrapped it around the salvation’s neck, raising her head as it was.
Sarah’s eyes were dazed as if they were out of focus, but Guwon also noticed what Sarah wanted and immediately lowered her head and kissed her.
Because I really like kissing.
Every time Sarah wanted a kiss, salvation felt as if she was whispering that she loved her.
Maybe Sarah wants a kiss with that feeling.
Salvation also sucked her lips as if to tell Sarah that she loved her.

So Salvation and Sarah immersed themselves in the action violently until Sarah fainted on the wall facing Potts’ room.
On the way, Sarah groaned loudly, focusing only on the act of salvation, as if she had forgotten everything about pots.

Guwon gently laid Sarah, who had lost consciousness, on the bed, and climbed back into the ceiling.
Of course, to observe the situation in the next room.
Salvation put his eyes on the hole he had drilled earlier.
When I first looked over the bed, Potsman was sleeping on the bed. For some reason, his face felt a little wrinkled.
Well, anyway, I just think it’s ugly.

But where’s Kate?
All I could see was Potts on the bed. However, upon closer inspection of the room, he soon found Kate’s figure.
Kate was sitting with her back against the corner of the wall.
It was dark in the room, so I couldn’t see properly, but it looked like something was going on.
Instead of concentrating on what I couldn’t see properly, I tried to focus my attention on hearing. Then there were the sounds of water and groans.

“Ugh! ha ha! Why… why… !”

Along with the lewd gurgling sound of water, Kate’s mournful groan echoed.
Come to think of it, that wall is the wall facing my room. If you dare to do that over there, did you ever hear Sarah moan?
In any case, the plan seems to have been completely successful.
Diana and Vanessa couldn’t stand it either. There’s no way a girl like that can stand it.
The only difference between Kate and Diana Vanessa is that she doesn’t know that Salvation has done something.
In order to quench her thirst, which she does not know how to quench, Kate is masturbating by herself.
nothing more to see
Gu-gu went back to his room, fitted the ceiling boards properly, and hugged Sarah lying on the bed.
I couldn’t see it properly, but I came to see a woman masturbating.
At some point, I put the prepared things back into Sarah’s.
Of course I don’t want to do it again. I just put it in to get the effect of healing sex before going to bed.
But it seems that Sara’s eyes opened at the touch.

“Uh… Salvation… Hmm. zum.”

Sara, who woke up with her eyes half open and a blank expression on her face, embraced the face of salvation and kissed her. However, the force of rubbing her lips grew weaker and weaker, and in the end, Sarah fell asleep again with a soft, cute breathing sound.
ahhh It’s too late to fall asleep while waiting. I can’t even wake it up again. … I can’t help it. Let’s make a promise tomorrow morning.
Guwon hugged Sarah tightly and closed her eyes.

The next morning, Gu Gu-eun, who came down to the restaurant with Sarah coolly from the morning, looked around with a refreshing feeling.
However, Potts and Kate have not yet been seen.
They sleep at the same time, so they’ll probably have their lifestyles aligned with the times just like us. Then it’s time to come out… .

After eating and getting ready to leave, they finally showed up.
Both Potts and Kate had dark spots under their eyes. Well, the reasons may be different.
Potts was begging Kate with a rare, perplexed look, and Kate was staring at Potts with a nervous expression.

“Howdy. why are you like that You don’t seem to have a good relationship today?”

Of course, Gu-won did not miss the opportunity and approached him and smirked.

“Hey. I’m busy right now… .”
“Hmm. A man and a woman come out of bed and say that a man is begging a woman… . Can you imagine this? Is my imagination right now? Say no, Potts. We are male adventurers.”

“Of course not! What do you think of me!”

Kate had a dissatisfied expression on her face, but she kept her arms crossed and kept silent without denying or affirming whether she thought that she could not disgrace her boyfriend.
In fact, even now, I’m not satisfied with it, so I’m going to have a sore throat, but you’re a woman with quite a bit of guts.
But that’s because I don’t know how to solve it either. Or maybe Potts thinks that if he finds his condition, he can get rid of it. let’s see

“Is that so? I was also on fire yesterday. I did it enough to make a thump-thump sound on the wall, but I don’t know if it’s bothering the room next door.”

As Gu Guo said so, Kate’s eyes widened.

“Wait, I hope you are in the next room… !”

“Huh? what?”

When Guwon took off the shichimi and asked, Kate’s face flushed red and she turned her head to the side.

“Oh, no! it’s nothing!”

After all, I was doing it while I was masturbating, listening to the leaks coming out of my room.
Rather, it went well. With this, Kate’s head would have recognized my folly.

“okay? Then we’ll just go Goodbye.”

Guwon patted Potts lightly and returned to his seat.

“… hmmm. is it. Did it burn like that last night?”

Diana, who had never made eye contact before, was looking for salvation with the momentum to shoot a laser out of her eyes.

“Oh, no. I am like that Same with you… .”
“How much fire do you have to burn to hear the sound of the next room?”

Dude, angel?!
Obviously I was playing Potts, but why the hell am I in trouble?

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Thank you so much for the coupons, recommendations and comments.

BORNTOK // Thanks for pointing it out. It’s corrected.

I like meat // Diana was so shy that she didn’t even know how to see the face of salvation at that time, so she didn’t have time to worry about that.
When using Proclamation of Sanctuary at the Inn, there was a scene where Leia was in danger of turning into a nine tail fox, so the skill range was set to the minimum.
The reason Sarah’s five senses are outstanding is because of the characteristics of her profession as an archer, a warrior, and a hunter. Naturally, the higher the job level, the more sensitive she becomes, and Sarah’s job level went up significantly a while ago.

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