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“Hey, it’s just a joke. Actually, my room was next to them. It’s the same as usual to burn too much.”

Having said that, I wanted to be saved. As she hurriedly looked towards Sarah, it seemed that the shoulders covered with the hood were drooping, perhaps because of her mood.

“Oh no! So! It was on fire as usual! I always burn the best when I sleep with you! love!”

“Hey, what are you saying out loud in public!”

As they shouted out that salvation should be as it should be, Diana clung to the head of salvation. Then, as if in pain, he glared at me while blowing his hand.
No, it’s you who nailed it. why are you staring

Still, they seem to have understood the cry of the soul of salvation.
Leia also returned to her usual warm expression, smiling brightly and healing Diana’s fist.
After all, that kind of expression suits the angel the best.
Of course, even a slightly slanted face is pretty and cute, but if you let our angels do it too, the oasis in my heart will disappear.

Anyway, that’s how I was able to go hunting.
The hunting proceeded without any obstacles as it did yesterday, and it felt like tedious repetitive labor.
If you have this level of skill, you will have to slowly search for the transcendental species, see the liver, and then aim for the next level.
But salvation was not yet.
If you go looking for the Transcendental Species, unexpected troubles may occur that change your lifestyle.
It’s a great chance to live with Potts and his friends in the next room, and even have similar lifestyles. First, I wanted to focus on helping Sarah get revenge.

And when it came time to go to the restaurant, Potts and Kate were already eating.
Didn’t you guys wake up later than us?
Are you hunting properly? Or are adventurers usually like that? Are we just hunting too tight? Well, I’m not very interested.
Anyway, that’s a good thing. Guwon listened to his conversation while eating.

“do not worry. I saw you fight before. Yesterday my body was strangely weak, but today is different. I will definitely satisfy you.”

“Okay. Then let’s eat and go to our room.”

“Ha ha. our pretty Why are you so hot? Can’t you stand it like that?”

At Kate’s annoyance, Potts said with a satisfied smile.
do not like It’s not because of you.
Unlike Potts, who smiles happily and continues to eat, Kate doesn’t even eat properly and keeps pushing Potts.
It must have been like that all day. I’ll be bored
On the contrary, it is a strange level that the hunt was completed without any problems. It’s like going only the two of you. Are the two of you better than you look?

In any case, in that state, you will soon realize that you cannot be satisfied with Ports alone. That’s when I go out.
Gu Guo made up his plans once more in his head and watched them go upstairs.

But a plan is a plan, and there is work to be done first.
Today it’s Diana’s turn to sleep, but Guwon was sitting alone in the room now.
Diana was jealous in the morning, but after that, she didn’t make eye contact with Salvation again.
How long are you going to be shy?
After dragging it for so long, I realized that Diana was not avoiding salvation simply because she was shy.
If so, there is only one thing I can guess.

it’s a kiss
I don’t know exactly what a kiss means to Diana, but looking at her usual reaction, I can get a rough idea of ​​how much it means.
He made such a statement that was almost like permission.
If so, is she in the middle of doing what Diana said about preparing her heart right now? Or do you regret that you made such a hasty remark out of the atmosphere?
No, I won’t regret it. First of all, I showed her jealous side in the morning, and my prediction that Diana likes me would not have been wrong.
If so, shall I take action on my own?

I opened the door to Diana, who was not coming no matter how much I leaned, to go from my side.
Then Diana stood in front of him, hesitating.

“Wow… came.”

However, it seems that he did not intend to miss his turn.
Gujang grabbed Diana’s arm and put her on the bed.

“Diana. Let’s talk.”

“Well, something. With an inappropriately serious face. stop it A face like that for you… .”

Diana still didn’t make eye contact with Salvation and tried to move on to a joke, but Salvation wouldn’t allow it.

“I am serious. Why are you avoiding me like that these days?”

“Blood, damage? What is this body? when… .”
“From the time I slept before. Look. You’re still not making eye contact with me.”

Guwon grabbed Diana’s face and made her face her, but Diana still turned her eyes away to avoid eye contact.

“Did you say you promised to kiss me last time? Do you have any regrets? Did you get caught up in the atmosphere and make such a promise with a guy like me? Then say it properly. I will accept it.”

“Hey, it’s not like that! something like that… I mean no!”

Diana was bewildered at the words of salvation and said so with a face almost crying.
Huh. thank God. In fact, I said yes, but if Diana had said she really regretted it, it would have taken serious mental damage.

“Hey, this body… ! However… !”

“OK. Tell me, why are you doing this?”

“You have no idea what it means to kiss this body!”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. Whatever it means, I can take it all.”

At the unwavering remark of salvation, Diana’s eyes fluttered violently.
But I wonder if there’s still some kind of fear left, ‘But… still… .’ I was hesitant to say what it means to kiss myself while saying the same thing.
okay. Don’t push yourself too hard here, let’s give it a little grace period. Because he also said that mental preparation is necessary.

“Listen to me, Diana. You can tell me what a kiss means when you’re ready. But remember this one thing. Whatever it means, I can take it all. Rather, I feel like kissing your lips right now. So no need to worry. Understand? So stop avoiding me now. It makes me sad because you feel like you’re being hated. Do you know what I mean?”

When Gugu-gu reached out his thumb and scanned Diana’s lower lip as he spoke, Diana put on a hazy expression on her face. The expression on the one hand seemed to be moved, but on the other hand, it was an expression filled with many emotions.

“I see… Yeah.”

But now one thing is certain.
Diana promised to kiss her back then, not because of the atmosphere. Rather, he likes me enough to think seriously about it.
The kiss was put off again, but just confirming it was worth the conversation we had now.
Salvation shouted with excitement.

“Good. Then the serious talk ends here. Shall we do what we are supposed to do now?”

“… to do?”

“Of course it’s sex! sex!”

Diana’s hazy expression collapsed in an instant at the cry of salvation.

“Come on, come on! Is that what you mean by setting the mood at the best and doing it at the end?”

“Why? did i say something wrong? You came here too.”

“This body… ! How did this body become such a man… !”

“So you won’t?”

“I will! I will do it!”

Diana rolled her feet, wondering what was so unfair.
sorry. Diana. It’s not that I don’t know your heart, but actually, I can’t keep such a cramped mood for too long.
Of course, what I said earlier is not a lie. All I said was my sincerity.
However, that and my personality are different issues.

“Then let’s do it. Did you wash up?”

“Yeah, I had to wash up, but… !”
“what. You’ve definitely come prepared. Then right away… .”

Guwon put his hand between Diana’s armpits, lifted it, and walked straight to the wall.

“Come on, wait! Genga going that way!”

Diana stiffened her body and shouted.
Are you doing this because you’re afraid to play exposed again? I’m sorry, I’m not doing this to play revealing today. No, in terms of showing it off to other people, can it be seen as a kind of exposure play?

“You were jealous in the morning. They say that when I was with Sarah, the room next door was set on fire. So you will do the same. I’ll prove that I’m always on fire when I’m with you.”

“Oh, no! No need to do that! Even if you don’t, I believe in this body enough… !”
“a. I have nothing to offer.”

“Sa, I’m not refusing!”

It’s good and it’s Angtal.
Excitedly, Salvation took off Diana’s clothes as it was.
She threw her clothes on the floor and touched her pubic hair, but it wasn’t wet yet.
But salvation knew the magic words that could make this place wet in an instant.

“By the way, Diana. I remember?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, the room across from this wall is where Potts and Kate are staying. Remember? You said it was next door.”

As soon as Salvation had said those words, Diana was startled and trembled.

“Hey, why are you talking about that all of a sudden?”

“I think they heard me and Sarah talking. So from now on, what we say… .”

“Huh, whoops.”

Diana widened her eyes, clenched her lips, and let out a squeaky sound.
But the body was honest.
The amount of love fluid flowing out of Diana’s vagina, which she had been carefully fiddling with before, suddenly increased.

“Are you excited? All of a sudden, I got really wet.

As Gugu-gu made a loud squeak and moved his fingers as if to listen, Diana’s face turned red to the tip of her ears in an instant.

“Come on, your hands feel good… !”
“Is that really the only reason?”

“Well, then, what else is there?”

Even if he died, he wouldn’t admit that he had exhibitionism.
Salvation wanted to tease Diana further here to make her admit that she had exhibitionism, but soon gave up.
… what happened let’s see today
It was right after I made a big confession. There’s no need to rush to this.
Gujang supported Diana’s buttocks and put the object in Diana’s vagina as it was.


Looking at Diana, who was trembling as she clings to salvation, he said mischievously.

“When I was with Sara, I was kissing passionately in this state.”

Originally, it would be taboo to bring up another woman’s name in the middle of such an act, but Guwon said it as if it were deliberately provocative.
With the hope that one of these words would make Diana’s decision a little faster.


Diana gave a slightly sad expression and widened her eyes.
Salvation gently brought his face to Diana’s face.


Did the taunt with Sarah work? Or was it because we had a conversation with salvation and sincerity earlier?
As she watched the face of salvation approaching, Diana did not avoid her face.
I can’t stop it with my hands this time. Diana’s hands are wrapped around Salvation’s back and are hanging tight.

“… huh?”

Just before their lips met, Guwon turned his head slightly and kissed Diana’s cheek.
not yet No, I don’t do it this way. I put so much effort into it, but now I can’t make it so futile.
The first time we kiss, is when you do it yourself.
As if the heart of salvation had been delivered, Diana also pushed out her lips and kissed the cheek of salvation.
From the way Diana kissed the cheek with her lips pecking like a bird pecking, it was as if she could hear a voice saying she was sorry that she couldn’t decide to kiss her right now.

How long has it been since you and Diana were so engrossed in the act of kissing each other on the cheek?
As the action became more and more violent, Diana began to moan loudly, forgetting the shame that she might be heard in the next room.

bang! bang!

As he was about to sprint, someone knocked on the door roughly.
Huh? What? Sara and Leia will never come to visit us at this time.
Salvation was directed to visitation as it was connected with Diana.

“Huh! Come on, wait! You! Are you crazy!”

“OK. I’ll just stick my head out the door and check it out.”

“That, though… !”
“If you make too much noise, you will be caught.”

Guwon opened the door slightly as he said that.
Then Diana became quiet in an instant.
How desperate he was to remain quiet, he bit the savior’s shoulder and held back his voice.

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I like meat. // That’s what I was talking about. To be precise, it is a bit vague to see it as a dissatisfaction with desire. Although I did not explain it in detail in the main story, maintaining the estrus state with the saint skill is just maintaining the level of excitement felt by the saint skill. That’s why Kate is holding up better than Vanessa or Diana, who was completely in heat. In Episode 134, I stopped the skill at the point where I started to feel pleasure, so I didn’t go to a state of dissatisfaction, I just felt that my body was slightly warmer than usual.

MF // Thanks for pointing out. It’s corrected.

Shurion // It won’t go up. Only when it is unconditionally done in the right place, and even then, a woman must receive a man’s seed inside to ascend.



But even in the midst of that, the pressure felt on the object was immense, so I could see how Diana was feeling right now.
Because it’s serious anyway.
When I checked my face through the slightly opened door, it was an unexpected person standing in front of the door.

“Kate? What’s up?”

Kate stood there, her face blushing red.
I must have thought that Sarah or Leia had come because something had happened.

“All, you guys! It’s noisy! next door… .”

Diana, who had been holding her teeth tight and desperate while Kate shouted something, eventually reached a climax with a loud moan, unable to bear it.
If you’re going to put up with the sound like that, just stay still. Why do you secretly turn your back?

“Oh sorry. what?”

“That, so… that… That… . Ah, yes! It’s noisy!”

Kate cried out as she looked at salvation, but her mind seemed to be at the mercy of Diana’s ecstatic groan.
Salvation didn’t let go of the envious expression on Kate’s face.

“Oh, did you hear from the next room? sorry. do not worry. As you can see, he will lose his mind in a little while.”

“What, what?! I’m losing my mind?!”


“Hey hey hey!”

When Guwon answered and raised her waist slightly, Diana showed a good response.
Kate may not be able to see Diana’s appearance, but it seems that this moaning alone was enough to convey the situation.

“Oh, I see!”

Kate spit it out and left the place as if running away.
Whoops. what is this
Guwon closed the door and looked at Diana’s face.

“Diana. Fine… D, Diana?!”

Diana was completely relaxed, and her whole body was convulsing with a frail expression on her face.
… Oops. Was this kind of play too stimulating for a severely exhibitionist like him?
In fact, I said this to both appeal to Kate of my impertinence and to make fun of it, but I might lose my mind really soon.
In the end, Diana completely lost her mind and passed out shortly thereafter without ever returning to her sanity.
uhm. It’s fun to play because it’s irritating when you stimulate the exhibitionist, but the problem is that if you go too far, you can’t play for long.
You may need to train a little to see the opportunity. Well, I don’t know if he’ll follow me.

Anyway, Diana, who had lost consciousness, laid her down on the bed, and Gugu-won ripped the ceiling off again.
Of course, to peek at the situation in the next room.
That’s how it was provocative. By now, Kate must be going crazy because she wants to taste the real sense of freedom, right? Maybe it’s just like yesterday, leaning against the wall in our room and indulging in masturbation.
I looked into the hole with anticipation, but Kate was nowhere to be seen.
I listened intently to see if it was in a place I couldn’t see again, but I could only hear Potts’ loud breathing.
Are you not in this room? Could it be that he couldn’t bear it any longer and went looking for another man?

There are only adventurers in this inn. They are all adventurers with some skill.
In a nutshell, the male adventurers you meet here are people with certain sexual techniques guaranteed.
Kate might not be in the room right now, aiming for such adventurers. Anyway, Kate won’t be satisfied.
Anyway, this is a good opportunity.
Gu-gun quickly returned to his room, fixed the ceiling, and came out.

Now, where is Kate?
If you have already caught a man and entered the other room, there is nothing you can do. I’ll have to look for the next opportunity. But what if you’re still looking for a man? That’s the next step in the plan.

As soon as we got down to the restaurant, Kate was instantly recognizable.
Kate was alone, drinking a large glass of beer.
Oh, I guess he wasn’t looking for a man in this situation, he was drinking and soothing himself?
i looked down a bit That’s great tenacity Is the heart for Potts sincere?
Well, that’s good. If their feelings are sincere, the more serious they are, the greater the despair Potts will feel.

But as I approached Kate, I realized that wasn’t necessarily the case.
Kate gulped down her drink, taking turns looking at the two places with the eyes of a hawk hunting for food.
They are the eyes of a hungry beast. In this case, I’m starving for sex, not for appetite.
But why are you still doing this?
Looking around, I soon found out why.
There was no male adventurer alone. A male adventurer was sitting in each place where Kate took turns staring, but both were wearing a female adventurer.
There’s no way I can seduce you.
It’s an unparalleled opportunity.
Good. Shall we go?
No matter how well-planned it may be, you’re trying to seduce a woman yourself.
Gu Gu-won approached Kate with a little nervousness in the unfamiliar situation.

“A beer here, please.”

Guwon sat across from Kate without permission while placing the spell.
Kate had a startled expression on her face as if she had just realized salvation.

“All right, why are you here… ?”

“It’s because you look bored by yourself. If you drink, let’s drink together with people who know each other’s faces.”

“What about the girl you were with?”

“You said I’m going to lose my mind soon. You are now in a good sleep from above.”

“Feeling… good… .”

I could feel Kate’s breathing grow rough.

“I’m sorry. But it was good that we heard our voices. Wouldn’t that have been a lot of fun with Potts too? Could you afford to take care of us?”

The words came out so loudly that it didn’t matter that I was nervous earlier.
Why? The reason was simple.
When I was dealing with Kate, I didn’t feel the trembling I felt when I was dealing with our kids.

“No, of course we enjoyed it too! Much more violently than that!”

“… That’s a lie.”

Guwon looked into Kate’s eyes, grabbed the weight, and muttered something like that.

“What, what?!”

“I know this intuitively. I’m not saying I don’t have a job as a saint for nothing. I can assure you, you are not satisfied with your conduct with Potts.”

“What do you know… !”

Kate jumped up from her seat and tried to shout, but Gugu-won lightly pressed her shoulder to make her sit down.

“You said I know. intuitively. A saint’s job isn’t just a gag job that makes monsters cheap. It’s a job that delivers pleasure to sex-hungry women to satisfy both body and mind. In order to do that, shouldn’t it be natural to know who starved for the castle? From what I see, you’re starving now. And more than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Kate couldn’t protest anymore. Looking into her violently fluctuating eyes, salvation spoke softly as if seducing.

“Will you please?”

What I do usually doesn’t stand out so well, but now I’m a very handsome man.
Still, the handsome appearance with customization added brilliance while adding bonus stats to the charm.
It’s a look that even Sara and Diana recognized.
How many women will not fall for such a handsome man to seduce you in this way?
It’s not about breaking up with Potts and dating me. Just to enjoy the night. Since this woman is also an adventurer, she must have slept with several men before meeting Potts.
It’s just adding one more guy out of all those guys, right?

“All right, you mean you can satisfy me more than Potts?”

look at that you’re shaking
Shake a little more and it will fall over.

“Of course. i’m a saint There is no man in the world who has sex better than me.”

Salvation was affirmed with conviction.

“What do you think? Am I right?”

“Huh! ha ha! Whoa!”

Kate couldn’t even answer my question properly and panted.
I don’t want to finish this one time. In order to plunge Potts into the depths of despair, he needs to overlap with Kate over and over again. To do that, it was necessary to thoroughly make Kate aware of the joy of overlapping bodies with me.

“Hey. you’re asking It feels so much better than playing with Potts, right?”

Guwon said, clutching Kate’s chest, which was of normal size.

“Good! Okay!”

Feeling even the touch as a pleasure, Kate struggled and shouted.

“Then tell me for sure. Do you feel much better with someone than anyone else? with your mouth.”

Guwon took advantage of the atmosphere and said something he had never heard before.

“All right, having sex with you! Rather than playing with Potts! I feel so much better!”

… That’s easy.
As expected, Kate was completely captured shortly after overlapping the body with salvation.
Just having sex would have made her go crazy, but salvation gently activated even the hand of a saint, caressing Kate’s whole body. It’s strange that it doesn’t melt.

“Ha! haha! Why! Why are you so good?! Whoops! This is the first time… !”

“Of course it will be the first time. It’s my first time sleeping with you.”

It was an arrogant remark that no one else could give me this kind of pleasure, but Kate nodded like crazy.

“Awesome! Awesome! Me, me again!”

As you can see from these remarks, Kate wasn’t the first to climax.
The estrus effect in her body would have completely disappeared the moment she first felt her climax, but Kate continued to shake her waist as she hugged Gu-won.


Even as Kate reached its climax with her body trembling, Guwon did not stop moving her waist.
To be honest, salvation didn’t feel so good.
Sigh… . Also our kids are the best.
However, after shaking for a long time, the feeling started to come.

“I think I’m going to eat rice too.”

Kate, who was struggling with pleasure, lifted her head as if she was dazzled by the words of salvation.

“Ah, inside… !”

“Huh? If you want to level up, you have to pack it inside.”

“Ha, but to Potts… !”

Huh. I know what you said.

“Well… But I like to wrap it inside. Would you like me not to wrap it up like that?”

“Uh-huh! Yes!”

are you answering Are you moaning?
Well, if you see him nodding his head like crazy, he’ll probably respond.

“Then drink.”

“Ugh! uh, what… !”

“I’d rather not wrap it inside. If it doesn’t fit in your vagina, you should put it in your mouth. What do you do? If you don’t like it, just wrap it inside like this.”

Since you’ve served me like this, if possible, you should try something that you can’t normally do.

“Hey! Don’t drink! I’ll drink it inside!”

“Yeah then.”

Guwon spurted the waist movement.

“Hey! Whoa! man! I think I’m going crazy! Whoa! town! Oops!”

And as soon as Kate reached her climax, she pulled out an object and shoved it into Kate’s mouth to ejaculate.

“Ugh! Whoops! gulp. gulp. Whoops. Whoa.”

With the tip in Kate’s mouth, he scans the root, pouring out everything that remains inside, and then slowly removes the object.
Kate couldn’t swallow all the semen that came out at once, so much so that it came out of her nose.

After watching for a moment as Kate catches her breath, Gu Guo held out an object that was still standing stiffly.
Then Kate took the savior’s object and licked it cleanly with her tongue as if it were natural.
Potts was well educated in this area.

“What do you think? Are you satisfied?”

At the question of salvation, Kate nodded with the item of salvation in her mouth.

“Then that’s it.”

When Guguo pulled out an object and tried to put it in, Kate said with a bewildered expression.

“Ha, but you are still… !”

“I can stay in this state for a few days. do you do that with me? We have partners, but we have to go back soon.”

At the words of salvation, Kate looked around as if she had come to her senses.

“Gee, it’s time… !”

“do not worry. It’s not time to wake up yet. Then I go first.”

After finishing his speech, Gujang went straight back to his room.
Then, after washing her body thoroughly, she dug into the bed where Diana was lying.
Diana was still sleeping soundly.
After stroking Diana’s head a few times with a happy smile, Guwon put a stiff object inside Diana’s.
To be honest, having slept with another woman and putting it in Diana’s back like this was quite heartbreaking, but I couldn’t help it.
On the contrary, if you don’t sleep like this every day, you’ll only get suspicious.
Sorry. Diana. I’ll do better in the future.


As Guwon put the item in, Diana’s vagina tightened as if it were a hallucination.
okay. It’s this feeling. Also our kids are the best.
It was a night when I only realized that our party members were the best even though I was holding another woman.

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“… It happened yesterday.”


“Sa, Sara?”

“… why?”

no, it’s scary
Salvation was now reporting to Sarah what had happened last night.
I decided to follow the tactic I had come up with, and I took the lead in almost everything, but this is Sarah’s revenge. Of course, Sarah needs to understand the entire process of revenge in detail.
So, after Diana wakes up, she leaves the room first and reports to Sarah that she slept with another woman like this… Sarah’s expression was terrifying.
Those eyes are the eyes that can kill people with just their eyes.


Then, rubbing her delicate lips, a strange sound is heard.

“Sara? You know it’s all part of the plan, right? You told me to do it.”

At the words of salvation, Sarah’s face changed from a sad expression to a sad expression in an instant.
Oops. Was this word too cowardly? Sarah might not have chosen this method because she wanted it like this.

“I know. I know… .”


Guwon hugged Sarah and stroked her hair.

“Still, I wouldn’t make a face like that. Yesterday, while I was doing it with Kate, I was really surprised that I didn’t have any emotions. With Kate, I just do it out of necessity. To me, you are the only one.”

“… In this case, shouldn’t it be you, not you?”

“Oh, no. that’s… .”

He was a little embarrassed by the unexpected words.
How do you express yourself like this?
Still, it seemed like Sarah was trying to hide her feelings for some reason before, but these days, it feels like she’s suddenly become more active.

“… What’s good?”

Saying so, Sarah fell from the bosom of salvation.
His face returned to his usual cool expression.

“Anyway, thanks for letting me know. Please let me know if anything else is going on.”

“Thank you. It’s normal. Leave it to me.”

As soon as Sarah and I went down to the dining room, Diana and Leia also came down.
As soon as Diana got down to the restaurant, she flinched slightly and looked around. And when I checked that Kate wasn’t there, I was relieved, so I quickly ran over here and tried to save her.
No, so I’m sorry.

As soon as he wakes up in the morning, Guwon devoured Diana immensely.
Surely it was my fault that I opened the door while being connected to Diana’s walls, so Salvation meekly accepted Diana’s accusation. but… .

“He even shook his waist in that state! Are you crazy! How hard it was for this body to endure… .”

He could not stand being criticized for distorting the facts.

“no. You shook your back. this exhibitionist. Someone looked at it and rubbed his back while losing his mind. And what to endure. All sounds are completely… Sorry. It is all my fault.”

When Guwon attacked with facts, tears began to well up in Diana’s big eyes. So Salvation had no choice but to apologize again.
Isn’t it too shameful to do that if it’s disadvantageous? how to win

“Yes! It’s all your fault!”

Diana had been selling salvation for so long.
But looking at that expression now, it seems that he hasn’t gone completely mad.
Still, this is better than trying not to see each other like yesterday.
Even so, I was satisfied with the salvation because the conversation I had yesterday seemed to be working.

“do not worry. Kate hasn’t seen her face either, so you won’t know who she is. With that high moan, do you know who it is?”

“Hey, he didn’t make that high-pitched moan! And even if you don’t know it’s this body, you’d think you’re one of these three!”

“Then how is it? Rather, we are proud that we are close… .”
“You have no way to brag, so you brag that way!”

That’s a sensible word.

“Savior? What do you mean? Moan? Boast?”

Leia, who had been listening quietly, eventually asked if she could not contain her curiosity.

“Oh, no. Nothing. Just a little bit last night… .”

In response to salvation’s answer, Leia put on a slightly sullen expression.

“Ugh. Are you bullying me today? Yesterday with Sarah. Today with Diana… .”

No, rather, in terms of extreme play, it’s best to play with Leia.
You are also conscious these days, you know? How great it is to be in the state of a nine-tailed fox.

“Well, then, if you make it so radical tonight that you can talk like this with Leia tomorrow, you pig! Then no problem… .”
“It’s full of problems!” “Aren’t you stupid?!”

At the same time, the tackle came in.
However, Leia seemed to be satisfied with the answer of salvation, and smiled with a slightly pouty mouth.
When I read the mouth, it was like this.

“Is it a promise?”

of course. Miss Leia! Love it!

“… Do you have time?”

As we were hanging out like that, suddenly someone spoke to me from behind.
Looking back, Kate was standing there with a complicated expression on her face.
As soon as Diana saw Kate, she flinched as she dug into the arms of salvation and hid her face.
No, then it seems like yesterday that it was you.
Guwon patted Diana, who had dug into her arms, and said.

“no. Because I’m having dinner with my kids. I’m sorry, but there’s no time for another woman to intervene… .”
“Are you turning on the waste in moderation?! I’m going to eat with Potts too! It’s just that the two of you have something to say!”

Kate answered with an angry expression.
As you can see, the estrus is gone, so it looks like it’s quite liveable.
But if that’s the case, that’s fine.
Actually, I also have something to say.

“The two of you?”

“Yeah, yes. Is there a problem?”

“Well, okay. I’ll come talk to you for a moment.”

Kate took Salvation and dragged her to the corner of the inn.

“So, what do you mean?”

“… Don’t get me wrong.”

“Huh? What is that all of a sudden?”

“Yesterday I was drunk and I was out of my mind. So don’t get me wrong. I have no feelings for you. And all the words I said yesterday are nonsense that came out of drinking. Forget everything. You and I did nothing yesterday.”

indeed. Are you going to blame everything that happened yesterday on drunkenness?
Apart from yesterday’s actions, it seems that his feelings for Potts are sincere.
But how long can that feeling last?
I realized that it was time for the plan to move on to the next level.

“I hope you don’t get me wrong about that.”

“… What is it?”

“Why on earth do I have to make such an illusion? Do you think I have a heart there?”

As Gu Guo exhaled coldly, Kate put on a bewildered expression.

“Ha, but yesterday you first… .”
“You said Due to the nature of my job, I can see people with dissatisfaction even if I hate them. I was just helping someone like that in front of me. lets think. There is a person who has fallen into the water right before your eyes, and you can easily save it if you stretch out your arms. Then will you be saved? same as that I’m sorry, but I have no feelings for you.”

At the words of salvation, Kate put on a complicated and subtle expression.
Salvation must have been exactly the answer she wanted, but to hear that she is not interested in you like this would hurt her pride as a woman.
To be honest, it wasn’t that I didn’t feel sorry.
how can i not Our revenge target is always Potts. Kate is just getting caught up in it.
However, it was more advantageous for future plans to speak in this way.

“Oh, that’s fine. Then we really didn’t have anything yesterday. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I thought so from the beginning. You and I each have partners. Let’s forget about yesterday and be nice to each other and our partners. Well, I wonder if your partner is worthy of being kind to you.”

“What is it?! What does that mean?!”

“The rapist and the murderer. I wonder if he really deserves to be treated like that.”

“… … Wait. What do you mean?”

At my murmuring, Kate asked me a question with a rather serious expression on her face.
Seeing this reaction, it’s still Ro-kun. He has no idea what Potts has done in the past.
Well, there’s no way Pottsnom would have said it directly, and unless he does, it’s only natural that he doesn’t know.
The only problem was when he knew that and said he still loves Potts… .
To be honest, I worried a lot because of those variables.
Wouldn’t it be more certain to proceed with the plan without telling Kate anything like this?
To be honest, if I had the power of my saint, I was confident enough to capture Kate.
However, the thought that Kate was also another victim caught her foot in that thought.
Of course I’m trash, but I can’t be that trash.
You might think that it’s some kind of nonsense after you’ve already trapped Kate once in a relationship, but you’re not ready to become trash anymore.
If Kate covers Potts even after knowing all the facts, even if it’s unavoidable then, let’s reveal the facts first and give the decision. That’s how I decided

“I didn’t even know you were dating. After receiving the quest, he goes to the powerless slasher village and rapes the women. And he brutally murdered the villagers who tried to stop him. And run away to this dungeon city where you do not know yourself It’s all Potts did. It’s been a while since Potts came to this city, isn’t it?”

I exaggerated a bit about Potts’ career.
There was no regret at all.
It’s like that in Sarah’s town anyway. There’s no way it wouldn’t have happened anywhere else, and even if it didn’t, I didn’t even feel sorry for it.


Kate’s eyes began to vibrate, as if she couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth.
Good. Judging by this reaction, I don’t think Potts is going to cover it.

“Oh, I can’t believe it! You… How do you know that?!”

But contrary to my expectations, Kate started to deny me.
Well, that’s right.
With someone who had only had a relationship for a day, his boyfriend. It’s obvious which one to believe.

“I know someone who was raped by him and lost a family. Actually, I came to take care of him at her request.”

“What, what?! Well, then you must be last night… !”

“no. That’s not right. As I said before, having a relationship with you is really just helping people. No matter how much your girlfriend is, you have nothing to do with his sins. I’m not trash enough to get even unrelated people involved. Unlike him.”


Kate’s eyes fluttered, as if she didn’t know how to respond to my answer.

“Anyway, is this the end of the story? Goodbye.”

“Come on, wait a minute!”

“What else?”

“… you. Are you really going to deal with Potts?”

“okay. Are you going to dry it out? Then there is nothing you can do Covering up a sinner means that you are also involved in that sin. You have to deal with it too.”

“… ! that, something like that… ! Who is the murderer on the rapist? ! I’m leaving right now!”

As I continued to press, Kate exclaimed like a whimper.
It was good. It was worth the rush without giving me much time to think.
Kate now completely believed me.
To be honest, it was difficult for me to give evidence.
Because there is nothing like that at all.
If I had to prove it, I’d take Kate to Sarah’s village… It really took too long to do that.
It’s impossible to go there with Kate without Potts.

“is it.”

“Ok. Now I have nothing to do with that garbage! That man was such a criminal! I thought he was a good person even if I revealed a little… !”

I stared at Kate’s face as she cried out, then finally uttered words to enter the next level.

“Don’t you want revenge?”

“What, what?”

“He was hiding all his criminal acts, hiding his true nature, and pretending to be good in front of you. If he had gone like this, he might have even gotten married, and if that’s the case, you might have spent your whole life with the lowest level criminals without knowing anything. After all, my life almost fell to hell. Don’t you want revenge?”

“That, that… But how… .”

“Simple. You just have to let him face the same pain. The pain of being betrayed by a loved one. At least, it seems that it is true that the person you are now is obsessed with.”

“… … That means… Are you going to keep pretending to be a lover with that trash and help you?”

After listening to my words and thinking for a moment, Kate looked at me with a slightly cold eyes and said,
Sheesh. It’s not like I’m stupid enough to go over that easily.

“… To be honest, yes. I am also an adventurer. I can’t deal with him myself. But it’s against my client’s request to just put him in jail like this. It’s hard for me to use my hands alone. I want you to help.”

“After all, you approached me to use me!”

“You are free to believe it or not, but I can assure you that it is absolutely not. How could I have known you’d be so frustrated there in the first place? Do you mean to say that I incited your dissatisfaction?”

“That, that… . 👌🏽 I don’t like it anyway. To keep pretending to be lovers with such garbage. I’m leaving right now.”

Kate didn’t know what to say to my question, so she stared at me for a moment and then spit it out.

“Of course, I don’t just ask for help. I also have the awareness of making difficult requests. So, if you help me, I’ll pay you in return.”

“A commensurate price?! The price commensurate with being stuck with such garbage… !”

“I will give you the ultimate pleasure you have never tasted before. The ultimate pleasure incomparable to what I experienced yesterday.”

okay. It was for this reason that I had an affair once before revealing the truth to Kate.
Like it or not, Kate’s body must be engraved with the pleasure she got from yesterday’s act.
Can you really refuse to taste such a pleasure and offer more pleasure than that?

“… !”

Kate’s eyes began to flutter, wondering if she was really worried about my words.

“I, I am such a woman… .”

“okay. are you rejecting okay. I’m sorry for making such a difficult request.”

“Come on, wait! That you still refused… !”

“Then what?”

“… Bird, think… Give me some time to think.”

In the end, Kate could not come to a definitive conclusion and spit it out.

“Good. Then tell me when you decide. No matter what decision you make.”

With Kate nodding her head with trembling eyes behind, Guwon returned to her original position.

“What were you talking about?”

As soon as he returned to his seat, Leia asked Guwon.
Diana glanced at this place with an uninterested expression on her face, so she seemed to be concerned.
Sarah must have guessed what she was talking about. He had a slightly confused expression on his face.

“It’s nothing. Because I was too noisy when I slept that day and yesterday. It was noisy because I could hear all the rooms next door, so I heard a voice telling me to be quiet.”


At the words of salvation, Diana silently patted Salvation.
So if you hit me like that, only your hand hurts.

“is that so. Then I have to be careful today.”

No, Miss Leia. If my sister made up her mind to do that and was able to take care of herself, there would be no need for us to suffer so much. Can you weight yourself?

“no. I do not yield to foreign pressure. Even today, I can hear it in the next room so violently… !”
“That’s a little sloppy!”

After a noisy breakfast, the party went on a hunt, and decided to look for the transcendental species once today.
On Kate’s side, I sprinkled all the ground rice first. Now is the time to pay attention to hunting.
So Guguin teleported up to the guild and bought a map of the second floor. The location of the transcendental species is also marked on the guild’s map.
However, the map of the 2nd floor doesn’t seem to be very helpful.
It’s a map of a vast desert that deserves a mark, so its accuracy is significantly lower than that of other classes.
Still, salvation has a fraudulent map, so knowing the approximate location of the Transcendental Species is very helpful.

“By the way, what kind of monster is the owner of this class?”

To be honest, even saying it was a transcendental species, I wasn’t nervous at all. I’ve already dealt with a few orc transcendental species when subjugating orcs.
If possible, I plan to seal it up, but if it’s really dangerous, I can use the saint’s skill to neutralize it. Thinking like that, there was nothing to worry about.

“A giant sand worm.”

“okay? How big is it?”

“Hmm. Right. It must be less than 10 meters in circumference.”

that’s again… . damn big
If you open your mouth, you can put me in one bite from the side.

“How am I supposed to win against a guy like that?”

“Hmm. Close combat is definitely tough. Usually a bunch of tanks come forward and block, and in the meantime end up with a ranged attack. Tankers work hard. Some attacks are really dangerous.”

The strategy itself was not much different from the basic strategy of our party.
I mean, tanks are important. I’ll have to work again.

But today, it is a transcendental species.
Guwon looked at the map and headed to the nearest transcendental bell in the village.

“But why are they… .”

“Are you the one who led me here?”

No, it is. When I see it, I hate to fight.
A huge black cloud was approaching in the distance.
It’s not that the mosquito populations that make up the clouds are particularly high.
The larger size is simply because the mosquitoes that are simply making clouds are larger.

According to Diana, mosquito swarms are originally swarms, so even a transcendent species does not seem to lead more regular mosquito swarms. In contrast to other transcendental species that always lead normal monsters around.
However, you can think of each mosquito that makes up that black cloud as a transcendental species that is stronger than normal mosquitoes.

“If it is difficult to deal with, this body will come forward.”

Seeing that Salvation’s expression was not good, Diana tried to prepare magic.
But salvation raised a hand to such Diana and blocked it.

“no. First we’ll do it Diana, just in case.”

Dealing with the Transcendental Species is to check how much we have grown and to raise our job level further.
So, I was planning to use only the declaration of sanctuary for the purpose of attracting aggression to the saint skill.
But I can’t rely on Diana anymore.

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Jerdiel // The one Potts killed was Sarah’s grandfather. In episode 18, the adventurer who tried to rape Sarah, killed her grandfather and ran away is Potts.

Suon // The reason the adventurer card leaves a record is because there is no way to find out if an adventurer is murdered at the same time in a special space called a dungeon. When killed by adventurers, to be precise, only when killed by people who own the adventurer card in the dungeon city are recorded. And only the adventurer card of this dungeon city has that feature. Sarah’s grandfather had never been an adventurer in the Dungeon City, nor was Potts an adventurer belonging to the Dungeon City at the time. In episode 19, there is a phrase that Potts plans to go to Dungeon City and have a sip.



Salvation was determined and approached the mosquito swarm.
And at the point where there was a certain distance from the party, he used the proclamation of sanctuary.
come! Worm! My martial arts level is quite high now! I’m not going to take it easy!
As soon as I used the Sanctuary Proclamation, swarms of mosquitoes flocked to salvation like a tsunami.
As I watched the whole field of vision go black, I thought of salvation.
No, maybe I will.


Salvation waved both hands as if it were salivating.
At first glance, it looks like he was shaking randomly, but as the level of the fighters increased, he became quite familiar with the martial arts of Guwondo. The hand of salvation certainly had the power to crush mosquitoes with the touch of a touch.
However, there were far more mosquitoes that cling to the body and suck blood than mosquitoes that are crushed by the hand.

“Wouldn’t it be better for this body to help?”

Diana asked loudly from a distance, but Guwon waved her hand.

“no! Anyway, I didn’t get hurt these days, but it’s good! Rather, it’s a great opportunity for Leia to grow too! We’ll catch each other like this!”

Salvation had not yet used the hand of a saint.
Seeing something like this, it’s called a nonsense.
However, with Sarah’s attack and salvation’s attack, the mosquito swarm was definitely decreasing in number.

“Heh heh! did you see it! These worms! I did it!”

And after flirting for a while, the last remaining mosquitoes fell to the ground.

“Why did you suffer like this? Even considering the growth efficiency, wouldn’t it be more efficient to deal with these guys quickly and deal with other guys?”

He was stabbed in the head by Diana, but salvation was lightly ignored.

“It’s important to have a sense of accomplishment. Those who could not be caught in this way before can now be caught. Isn’t this the driving force behind growth?”

“Hmm. Right. It seems that this method worked because of Ms. Leia’s increase in healing rather than your growth.”

“Come on, let’s quickly dig up magic stones!”

Diana’s factual violence could no longer be tolerated and Salvation turned away.
It’s common for mosquitoes to throw away magic stones without digging them up, but these guys are still a transcendent species. It’s not worth just throwing it away.
When we separated the manastones from them, one more item that is not available from normal mosquitoes was dropped.
It was the mosquito’s tail.

“what is this. Where are you going to use this?”

“Hmm. In the first place, the things mosquitoes give me are rarely used.”

“Shall I just throw it away?”

Even though the inventory was infinite, salvation was not the kind of person who carried everything, even useless things.
While pondering whether to throw the mosquito’s tail into the air and throw it away, Guwon accidentally dropped the mosquito’s tail.
The mosquito’s tail accidentally got stuck in the cactus next to it, and suddenly a huge rumble was felt.

“What, what is this?!”

“Hey, I don’t know if I ask this body. What have you done?!”

As the earth trembled more and more, the sand he was treading on suddenly created a vortex.
Seeing that the middle of the vortex of sand was sinking, Salvation responded immediately. With Diana and Leia in their arms, they jumped back and stepped back.
It was an action he took because he thought he might be sucked in, but the vortex quickly subsided. Leaving only a large hole in the middle.

“… What?”

After the shaking of the ground had completely stopped, I looked inside the hole, but it was completely dark inside, so I couldn’t see properly.

“Wait a minute.”

Diana cast a spell, and created a brightly shining sphere.
When I made the glowing sphere move into the hole and shined it, I could finally see the inside of the hole clearly.

“It’s a cave.”

It also looked like a wide cave with a fairly complex shape. It feels like a secret dungeon inside a dungeon.
But why did the entrance to this place suddenly open?
It doesn’t make sense to say that Diana doesn’t even know about just catching the Mosquito Transcendental Species. It wasn’t the first monster we caught, and if it was opened just by catching them, rumors would have spread.
The only thing I’ve done since then was to miss the tail.
awhile. How do mosquitoes mate? Obviously the genitals on the tip of the tail… .
Salvation was roughly understood.
Wasn’t that just a tail?
When Guwon pulled out the tail still embedded in the cactus, there was indeed a hollow in the cactus.

“What are you going to do? Shall we go in now?”

“You don’t even want to pass by anyway, do you?”

what the heck
But Diana stopped Salvation and Sarah from being motivated.

“no. At least I’d rather quit now.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Did you forget what happened on the first floor? But what if it’s a one-way street?”

“Ah… .”

Surely it is.
As long as you don’t know what kind of monsters will come out of this inside, you can’t go in there.
When I was lost on the first floor, at least thanks to the orcs, I didn’t have to worry about food.
If this cave is a one-way street and is teeming with monsters that do not drop ingredients, the worst situation can occur.

“But isn’t it a little bit sad to just pass by like this?”

“Well. Of course, I’m not saying we’re just passing by. We’re going to check this place after we catch one more mosquito swarm and get another tail.”

indeed. There is such a way.
Salvation also immediately understood what Diana meant.
That is, it is like this. Even if you are trapped inside because this is a one-way street, you can come back if someone opens the passage from above. It is easy to check whether this is a one-way street or not, so let’s start by securing two tails.
But out of all the mosquitoes, only one tail came out. Of course, to get one more, it means that you will have to fight the Mosquito Transcendant again… .
When he looked distasteful for salvation, Diana poked him in the side and said as if teasingly.

“Why? Don’t you want to fight again? There’s nothing this body can’t hold on to if you ask for it properly.”

“Ugh. We’ve confirmed our growth through battles earlier, so there’s no need to de-energize for anything. ok Diana. The next battle is up to you!”

“Is that the right attitude to ask?”

“Please. Diana.”


As Guwon bowed her head, Diana gave her a satisfied smile and put her hand on her head and patted it.

So, looking at the map, I went to find the mosquito swarm transcendental species elsewhere.
Since it has been confirmed that the tail is a drop item on the genital side, it is necessary to match the saint skill at least once.
As soon as salvation came to a certain extent and the proclamation of sanctuary was used, the mosquitoes came.
ugh I can’t get used to seeing all the big bugs swarming all at once.

“I’ll ask Diana!”

As soon as salvation was shouted, the air vibrated with a loud bang in front of them.


The battle ended in vain.
I am… Why… Such a meaningless struggle… .

“You, don’t be too discouraged. It’s not just a compatibility issue.”

Perhaps the expression of salvation seemed pitiful, so Diana, who had been teased before, also patted salvation.
Is it too? Is it just a compatibility issue? Am I not weak?

“Ok. Goo Guo is strong enough.”

Leia next to him also embraced salvation. Naturally, a squishy feel was transmitted to the arm.
It’s an enchanting feeling. Actually, I’m not that disappointed… Let’s stay like this a little longer.

“… really?”

“of course. You are always reliable and nice.”

“Wow! Leia! After all, there is only you!”

Salvation rushed to Leia’s voluptuous breasts.
Leia smiled at such salvation and hugged him softly.
Sigh… healed It is also an oasis in my heart.
As Gu Gu was enjoying the soft touch all over his face, a cold flesh pierced behind his back.

“Salvation. You can see all the acting, so you stop falling, right?”

“In the first place, it was this body that I read thoroughly.”

Me, I’m not bad! This chest is bad! ‘Cause you’re seducing me by swaying and shaking!

“… Sorry.”

“Huhu. It’s okay.”

Even if the sinister heart of salvation was discovered, Leia was the only one who still smiled.
Also, our angel is the best.

This time, out of the many mosquito corpses, only one tail was dropped.
Was the one that dropped the tail out of the many mosquitoes a particularly special individual?

In any case, the party, who had successfully acquired one more mosquito tail, returned to the same place as before.
When I put my tail into a small hole in the cactus, this time again, a hole leading to the cave opened.

“Then we’ll go first.”

“Yeah. Look out.”

“Huh. If the entrance does not open again after approximately 10 minutes after the entrance closes, open it.”

We decided to enter the cave first with Salvation and Diana.
First of all, it goes without saying that the strongest salvation goes in, and without Diana’s magic, it’s impossible to properly check in that darkness.

Soon after Guwon and Diana entered the cave, the passage through which they came in was closed with a loud noise.
Before looking for a hole, Salvation looked at the space in which it came in.
So, what exactly is this place doing?

Diana moved the glowing sphere towards the ceiling, illuminating the entire space.
The place where Salvation and Diana came in was quite a huge cavity. And something slimy was wriggling on the wall.
what is that?
When I got closer and checked, it was an insect’s egg.
The whole wall was covered with countless insect eggs.

“indeed. It seems that the 2nd-tier insect-type monsters were growing in this way.”

Diana spoke calmly, as if it was interesting, but Salvation was frankly a little tired.
However, there are too many
It won’t happen, but if all of these eggs hatch at once, it’s going to be quite painful.
And it was strange that there were not even a single grown monster in what looked like a hatchery.
It’s just been away for a while, and countless bugs may come again sometime. Without Leia, you can’t expect to heal now, so that would be quite dangerous.
Let’s get out of this place right now.

When I looked at the wall where I had come in, there was a small hole in it.
Gujang quickly brought the mosquito’s tail to the hole. Then there was a passage again with a loud noise.
thank God. It doesn’t seem to be a one-way street.

“It seems it wasn’t a one-way street.”

When Guwon and Diana came out, Sarah said with a relieved expression.
Standing in front of a cactus holding a mosquito’s tail, even though it came out almost immediately after entering, seemed to be quite a concern.
it’s cute

“Huh. The inside is probably a habitat for bug monsters. As soon as you enter, there are countless eggs, so if you want to explore it properly, you have to eat your heart out, right?”

“Then, would you like to finish here today and start exploring in earnest tomorrow? After all, it’s dinner time, isn’t it?”

That’s it. It’s a little earlier than usual to finish the hunt, but sometimes it’ll be fine.
The party returned to the inn a little early.
And at the entrance of the inn, I just ran into Potts and the others.

“Is that one coming back now? Why are you so fast?”

“What is it?”

“then. then. It’s best to earn moderately and have fun in moderation rather than hunting too much.”

He said cheerfully what made him feel so good.
Next to me, Kate couldn’t even make eye contact with me and was so embarrassed that she was about to die. Of course, I looked straight into the faces of Kate and Potts without that.
Judging from that figure, it seems that Kate never broke up with Potts. That means… .

“Are you in a particularly good mood today? I was about to die yesterday.”

“You weren’t feeling well yesterday! Am I basically having fun? Well, to be honest, I guess that’s why we had a good night with Kate.”

Saying so, Potts wrapped his arms around Kate’s waist and pulled him toward him.
Kate smiled awkwardly and hugged Potts awkwardly, but Potts didn’t seem to notice. how slow are you
Besides, this guy. Do you think that yesterday’s sleep was a satisfactory enough sleep? I’m sorry, but you’re the only one satisfied. I was the one who made Kate happy.

“what. Kate. Are you shy? OK. Are you an adventurer? Rather, it is something to be proud of.”

He even spoke in an excited voice, not knowing whether Kate was shy or not, not knowing Kate’s heart.

“okay. okay. Eat well and live well together.”

Salvation didn’t feel the need to talk anymore and went into the dining room.
And while eating, Guwon paid attention to Potts and Kate.

“Am I right? Because he was just in bad shape. Did you have a good day yesterday?”

“Uh huh.”

Perhaps he was judging Kate’s absurd answer as just being shy, he said with a satisfied smile.

“I’ll make tonight a great night too.”

I’m pretty sure it will
But it might be a good opportunity.
Once Potts is in a relationship again, Kate will be able to feel the difference more markedly.
I will realize again that the pleasure I got yesterday can only be obtained from me.
Then the decision will be faster.
Well, at the time Potts and I were still dating, it seemed that the decision had already been made almost firm.

And after a while, they hurriedly disappeared upstairs.
it’s done with this So, let me definitely feel the difference between Potts and mine.
The other side can take care of this. Rather, salvation had to do with salvation.

“Oh, Gukwon. I will go in.”

Of course, what we need to do is talk about Leia’s luxurious treatment.
Leia entered the room with a shy expression, as if hesitating in rare cases.
At first, it was a reaction we could see often, but these days, it is a reaction that we have not seen because of getting used to this kind of behavior. Why are you doing that?

“Leia? What is it? What’s going on?”

“Oh, no. It’s not like that… . That… Are you doing it violently today?”

Leia recalled the two balls and spoke shyly.
Do you remember what I said this morning?!
Salvation was heartbreaking.


He ran to Leia and tried to kiss him, but he was able to stop just before.
Kissing is also the act of a nine-tailed fox absorbing the spirit.
The moment they kiss, you will immediately turn into a nine-tailed fox.
Acting with Leia is not just for enjoyment, but for the purpose of treating the luxury of nine. I can’t give myself up to lust like this.
At least until Leia’s permission was granted.
Gu Guo moved his head to full power and created an excuse in an instant.

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Black Moon Butterfly, Reading Bear // Even if the adventurer card is destroyed, it is of no use because the guild already has items that can be considered as the original adventurer card. In episode 2, you first put your hand on the paper so that the status is displayed, and the card is handed to you. That paper is the original card, and is being kept by the guild. Because mana is connected between this paper and the adventurer, it is updated in real time.

Obscene scrivener // The purpose has been set, but there are only a few rice cakes in the novel, and the purpose has never been clearly stated. I don’t know why the goddess of this world brought salvation. It seems that there is still a little more to be said for that content to come out.

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“Leia. Today, I think I will try to train in a slightly different way than usual.”

“A different way than usual?”

“Huh. You usually make it into a nine-tailed fox naturally while gradually raising it, right? But this time, I’m going to go out hot from the start and try to turn it into a nine-tailed fox at once. Even in that state, if Leia’s consciousness remains, it’s proof that she’s getting better, and if she loses consciousness, it’s just that the way she changes is different and she’s still conscious. Whatever the outcome, I think we need to give it a try to understand the current situation.”

Good! It’s perfect logic, I think.
Why is my head spinning so well when this side is involved?
I am afraid of my own talent.

“Poetry, hot from the start… . Yes. That’s right. Then, please.”

Leia answered with her fists clenched in front of her chest as if she had made up her mind and her eyes closed.
How can you be so cute

“Huh. Then right away… .”

Guwon kissed Leia’s chest with one hand and her pubic hair with the other on the clothes.
Leia, who had been waiting for salvation in a very tense state, suddenly grabbed the salvation’s head with both hands as soon as their lips met. Then he put his long, thin tongue straight into the mouth of salvation.

It also changed all at once.
If this happens, should I think that it was just that the process of changing into a nine-tailed fox was just a slow process?
no. It hasn’t been confirmed yet.
Gu Gu-won caressed Leia’s body over her clothes and checked her reaction.
It’s not like I’m feeling such a strong sense of pleasure that I can’t come to my senses yet. However, there has been no sign that the body of salvation has yet to be put into bondage.

Even so, Leia’s reaction is too violently aggressive to be convinced that Leia is conscious.
There was a difference between Leia’s attitude when she flew to consciousness and became a nine-tailed fox, and the state in which she remained conscious is subtle.
And no matter how you look at it now, it was the former.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you concentrating?”

Look. A voice full of color and even half words. Anyway, it’s a nine-tailed fox. Why don’t you put on bondage?
As if Salvation was a little lost in her thoughts and didn’t respond, Leia touched her clothes as if she couldn’t stand it any longer and took them off with a force that was about to tear.
When the object of salvation was revealed, Leia took the object in her hand and brought her face closer, exhaling in an ecstatic way.

“Ahhh… . Ahhh.”

Then he swallowed the savior in one mouthful.
After sucking hard enough to make her cheeks slender, creating a vacuum in her mouth, Leia looked up at the face of salvation and gave her a bewitching smile.
Then he slowly moved his head forward.
There was no other way to describe the sensation of clenched lips slowly descending on objects, but with ecstasy.
Leia’s face barely stopped when her thick lips reached the tip of the root of the object, and her tall nose completely adhered to the belly of salvation.
Of course, in order to be this close due to the length of the object, of course, it means that the object of salvation has reached deep into the throat beyond the mouth.
Wasn’t it painful? Leia was still looking up at salvation with a smile on her face.
Leia, who had moved her tongue to lick the things of salvation in that state, slowly lowered her head back again.

woo woo woo. pong.

With the sound of air coming out, the object of salvation appeared again.
Leia grabbed the salvation item that had been covered in her own saliva and shook it up and down with a satisfied smile.

“You look ready now.”

Then he climbed up to the top of salvation and spread his legs bewitchingly.
As if to show salvation, she spread her legs and leaned the panties hidden inside her skirt to the side as if to show her, then lowered her waist and pressed the entrance to the pubic area against the tip of the object of salvation.
Then, after adjusting the angle of the object of salvation by hand, I put the object of salvation all the way in one time.


Leia trembled as if she couldn’t stand it as she embraced her body with both arms.
However, immersed in the afterglow of the climax for a short time, Leia leaned forward, brought her chest to the chest of salvation, and violently moved her waist up and down.
Seeing Salvation, I couldn’t help but put this question in my mouth.

“Leia? Are you conscious or not?”

Of course, Leia did not answer.
Leia kissed salvation deeply, as if to focus on this act now rather than that.
Either way it doesn’t matter
I checked it out of responsibility, but I knew I wasn’t going to get an answer anyway.
Anyway, I’ll have to check with Leia tomorrow morning anyway. For now, let’s enjoy this situation.

As Gu Guo hugged Leia’s body and responded to the kiss, Leia’s eyes narrowed in the shape of a crescent moon.
Guwon moved his tongue vigorously, lowered both hands, and grabbed Leia’s ass.
Chest is chest, but here too, it’s wonderful.
If Sara’s butt feels full of elasticity, as if it will bounce off with a slight push, Leia gives you a taste of extreme softness that your fingers can dig into.
Guwon enjoyed the touch for a moment, then vigorously raised his back.

“Wow! ha ha! Ha!”

Then Leia’s lips parted with salvation, and a moan broke out.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you concentrating?”

Gu Gu-won did what Leia had said earlier and bit Leia’s lips slightly.
Then, as if being sucked in again, Leia rubbed her lips against the lips of salvation.
But that didn’t last long either.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoa! Ha ha ha ha!”

Before long, Leia reached a grand climax as she arched her back and pointed her head toward the ceiling.
If that happens, Leia’s huge breasts will naturally sway in front of salvation.
It was good to rub it against your chest, but it’s also good to see it with your own eyes.
After all, breasts are the best in any situation.

Leia, who had stood up so stiffly and trembled, soon collapsed without strength.
But he didn’t lose his mind.
I suddenly felt a tickling sensation in the heart of salvation where Leia’s face was touching.
Upon checking, Leia was sticking her tongue out to the chest of salvation and licking it.
At first, he licked up his tongue as if to crawl, and then licked it like a tickle when he went to the nipple of salvation.
Leia’s tongue was longer and thinner than other people’s, perhaps a characteristic of the beast people, so whenever she touched her chest, Leia’s tongue was pressed and folded vividly, making her look particularly bizarre.

And the feeling of squeezing the nipples was also much more pleasant than I expected.
At first, I was a little reluctant to say that it was okay for a man to go to a place like this quickly, but it turned out to be a good thing.
Is this also the technique of the nine-tailed fox? I feel like I am being developed.

It seems that Leia is still full of heart to do, and that is the same with salvation.
As Gu-gu again tried to move with strength in his back, another bang on the door rang out.
again… . It’s a good time so don’t disturb me.

Holding Leia as it is and opening the door slightly to check, it was Kate who was still standing in front of the door.

“All, you… .”

“Huh! zum.”

Kate tried to say something, but she couldn’t keep up.
It was because Leia wrapped the head of salvation and made it face her, and kissed her passionately as it was.
Of course, even on the top of salvation, he was skillfully turning his back, so a strange squeaking sound echoed through the hallway through the open doors.
Kate’s mouth twitched, her face flushed red, and she was speechless.

“Oh sorry. noisy? I will try to restrain myself.”

I can’t guarantee that our nine-tailed fox will really be able to restrain himself.
When Gujang returned his face through the crack in the door and answered, Leia slammed the door shut as if to hinder him.

“Well, something like that… !”

It sounded like Kate was shouting something through the gap in the closing door. Maybe he came here with a decision to take revenge.
But Leia wasn’t the only one whose judgment was clouded by extreme pleasure.
Salvation was absorbed in her actions with Leia without thinking of revenge.
While Gukwon walked to the bed, Leia turned violently while hanging in the air.

“so. After all, were you conscious yesterday or not?”

And the next morning, as soon as Leia woke up, Guk-won asked a question.

“Neah?! that, so that… . That… .”

Leia’s eyes fluttered violently as soon as she was questioned by salvation.

“that… So… .”

Oh oh. You are fighting with yourself.
Just by looking at that reaction, it seems that the answer has already been given.
Yesterday Leia was obviously conscious.
But it must be because of his personality that he can’t lie.
I can’t lie like that, so I think it’s great just thinking about it.

“I was conscious! I’m sorry! Whoa!”

Even Leia told the truth despite her shame.
Good job Leia! Then you are our angel!

“What are you sorry for? You were conscious, but your body didn’t move at will? OK. OK.”

When Gujang patted him on the back, Leia desperately nodded her head.

“It was worse than usual. I was conscious, but as if I was dreaming… ! Really! Trust me! Otherwise, I will speak bad language to Mr. Guwon, do such lewd things, even in front of other people… then… ! Whoa! I’m sorry, God!”

As she spoke, she began to remember more and more clearly what she had done, and Leia sank again.
In particular, no matter how invisible he was, doing such an act in front of other people seemed to cause a lot of damage.

“then. don’t believe do not worry. You didn’t do that on purpose. Besides, it was nowhere to be seen. God will surely understand.”

“Really, really do you think so?”

“then. I am a saint sent by the Goddess to this world. In other words, they are like Goddess’ apostles. Trust me.”

Salvation answered with unfounded confidence.
Wouldn’t you be punished for doing something like this? Since it is a world where there is a real God, I got a little scared.
Still, it seems that Leia was comforted. Leia answered, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Yeah… . I will believe you.”

“And I had a great time yesterday too. How sexy Leia was yesterday… .”

It was said to lighten the mood, but Leia sank once again at those words.
After that, salvation desperately appeased Leia again, but each time Leia was rather ashamed and tried to die.
It seems like it would be easier for me to make up my mind if I wasn’t there.
In the end, as if being chased, he had no choice but to leave the room first.

And as soon as I left the door, there was a person waiting for salvation.
It was Kate.
Kate glared at salvation with blood-stained eyes, then grabbed the salvation wrist and tried to take him somewhere.
Of course, salvation was not taken away.
Whoops. If you want to defeat me by force, at least become Vanessa level… no. Even though I didn’t lose to Vanessa! God still has a bonus stat of 120… !

When salvation was not taken away, Kate glanced back at him.
Don’t look at me with those eyes. Standing with blood in your eyes is scary.

“Why? What’s going on?”

At first, I asked the question in such an awkward way, but I guessed what was going on.
Have you finally made a decision?

“Follow me!”

The place where Kate took salvation was an empty room in the inn.
Good preparation. Did you catch it in advance?

“awhile. What are you doing?”

As soon as they entered the empty room, Kate was about to take off her clothes, and Guwon tore them to dry.

“Can’t you see? Let’s do it!”

“no. what suddenly… . Talking about revenge… .”

“No! You said you knew what a woman was like just by looking at it?”

“Yeah, you know. However… .”
“But what the hell is that! You said you would help someone like that in front of you?”

Kate was quite nervous.
It looks like you’ve been waiting all night since you knocked on the door last night, so I understand.
And he probably wasn’t happy with Potts at all last night.
This time, he didn’t even cast a skill.
Even so, the fact that they are reacting so much more impatiently than the first time, must have felt a significant difference from me.

“It also depends on the time and place. I have to go hunting with my colleagues from now on.”

“But then my body… !”
“Even if you tell me that. or what? Even if you decide to help my request, is it an election?”

“That, that… ! However… !”

But even in this situation, Kate was not ready to answer.
After all, even while dragging on like this, Potts and I continue to be lovers.
I think it’s better to reply that you’ll help at least once.
I don’t know why you worry so much.
Well, anyway, seeing this reaction, it seemed only a matter of time before Kate’s determination became solid.

“If you haven’t decided yet, I’ll go. Next time, please come back after making up your mind.”

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Eventually, while the rescue party finished their meal, Kate and Potts did not come down to the dining room.
For once, he turned his attention to that side and headed for the cave he discovered yesterday.
There is no need to hesitate any longer when it turns out that two-way traffic is possible. Relying on the light Diana had created by magic, the group went down cautiously.
Diana’s magic was shining so brightly that it hurts her eyes when she looked directly at it, but it was still impossible to illuminate the entire cavity. The field of view is significantly narrower than when outside.
Maybe that’s why Leia didn’t react much after coming down to the cave, but Sarah took a deep breath as soon as she came down.

“This… It’s definitely too many.”

“right? what egg… .”
“no. Not eggs, but worms.”

Salvation hardened for a moment, not immediately comprehending Sarah’s words.
And then I felt a cold sweat running down my back.
Come to think of it, it feels like the surroundings are strangely noisy, unlike yesterday.
The sound of crawling insects could be heard from all directions, like a crunchy sash sha sha shak.
When I tightened my eyes and looked around, I noticed that the dark shadows were moving quickly, even though I couldn’t see them properly.

“Damn it!”

Salvation rushed forward without thinking, triggering the proclamation of sanctuary to its full extent.
At the same time, countless insects flocked to salvation.
As the distance got closer to a few meters, Guwon was finally able to figure out the identities of these guys.
They were ants that looked to be about 1 meter in length.

Before they faced salvation, the party members started a battle from behind.
He fired arrows with Sarah, and Leia gave everyone a buff. Diana, who rarely participates in battles these days and only observes, also cast a spell, thinking it was time to help this time.

But nevertheless, quite a large number of ants reached the rescue and attacked.
Sara’s arrows are more of a style to sort out one by one rather than dealing with multiple enemies at once, so it’s inevitable.
Originally, Diana’s magic was the most reliable when dealing with such a large number, but today, for some reason, Diana’s magic wasn’t as powerful as usual.
Do you use magic while putting light on top? Or maybe this cave will collapse?
Whatever the reason, as long as Diana can only catch a few monsters at a time, I have no choice but to work hard.

Salvation activated the hand of the saint on his limbs and struck down those who attacked from all directions one by one.
Even if they were touched by the touch of a saint, they collapsed without a hitch, but there were too many to get rid of them all.
In the end, it was faster for the spirit of salvation to run out than to clean them all up.
Damn it. more than this.

“buy it!”

Gujang pulled the mosquito’s tail from his inventory and threw it at Sarah with all his might.
I threw it away with all my might because I was not in a good mood, but Sarah caught the tail that flew away with great momentum. Even in this dark time, it’s great.
After confirming what she had received, Sarah immediately opened the passage as if she understood the intention of salvation.

“Sara, Leia, and Diana in that order!”

I’m dragging all the monsters’ aggro anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem for them to escape. Shall we hold on a little longer until they’re all gone?
But because of the sight, Diana did not escape and shouted in front of the passage.

“Salvation. You too!”

At Diana’s cry, salvation immediately ran with all her might.
Of course, the ants also ran towards salvation, but thanks to Diana’s support, salvation was able to arrive at the front of the passage one step ahead.
Even there, Salvation did not stop running and ran while holding Diana as it was.
Diana seemed to be happy even though she threw magic backwards in her arms.
Diana mumbled with a recalled face.

“This reminds me of the old days.”

Are you talking about goblin hunting? Anyway, he’s an easygoing guy.
As soon as Salvation exited the aisle, the aisle began to close.
A few ants followed the rescue and escaped close to the exit, but were buried as the passage was closed.

“Ugh. I will die.”

After confirming that the passage was closed, Gu-gu lay flat on the floor.
There is really less than one regular period left and it has completely run out.
If you use this essence until it runs out, you will get quite tired.
I don’t have any problems physically, but should I say that I’m mentally exhausted? It was a feeling that was a little difficult to put into words.
However, thanks to Leia’s continuous healing, my vitality was not greatly reduced.

“Mr. Salvation!”

Worried when Guwon lay on the floor, Leia rushed to Guwon.
He’s an angel too. If you show your weakness again, would you give me a knee pillow like before?
no. Let’s not give ourselves too much to lust. Pretending to be weak will only cause more worries to our angel. In times like these, you should reassure yourself like a man.

“do not worry. Leia. just mana… Oops.”

But it wasn’t the knee pillow that Leia had rushed to Guwon.
It was a deep kiss.

“awhile?!” “What?!”

Sara and Diana could also hear their breaths being swallowed up behind them, but what surprised them the most was salvation.
Miss Leia. I understand that you get emotional because you got through the crisis, but you’re too bold. Of course I am happy.
Even Leia’s actions did not stop there.
He sticks out his long, thin tongue and licks between the lips of salvation, slipping into it, and has been entangled in search of the tongue of salvation.

“Oh. Churp. Hmm.”

Sara and Diana were also staring blankly at their kiss, as if they had forgotten what to say.
Salvation Island, which was good at first, felt uncomfortable when it came to this point.
Anyway, it’s too daring. And above all else, the technique is so great.
This tongue teasing is not a technique that Leia can seem to be sane. Unless you become a nine-tailed fox.
When Salvation glanced at the life gauge, it was still decreasing.
The reason for this is obvious. Because he continued to be influenced by the proclamation of the ministry of salvation.
Luckily, it wasn’t Leia’s turn last night, so it didn’t seem like she had completely turned into a nine tailed fox, and only a soft light was emitting from her eyes.
When he lowered his hand and touched Leia’s buttocks, there was only one tail being touched. It seems that the tail was not formed to the extent that it was materialized.
When the hand of salvation touched his tail, Leia’s tail wrapped around the arms of salvation as if happily.
Because the instinct of the nine-tailed fox was activated, even each of these actions felt bewitching.

But enjoying this state is dangerous. Mainly in terms of vitality.
Without the influence of healing sex, the vitality was being absorbed unilaterally, so the vitality of salvation was steadily being cut.
You can’t die like this, even though you’ve overcome the crisis.

“Leia. Oops. Birds, life force.”

As Gu-Woo struggled to speak through the gaps between his lips that were constantly rubbed, Leia leaned back as if startled, and fell out of the way with Sal-Woo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
And at the same time, the light that had leaked from both eyes completely disappeared.
After all, he seems to have regained his sanity right away thanks to spending the night together.

“Eh, ah, that… .”

Leia’s gaze turned to salvation, then turned to Sarah and Diana, who were still staring blankly at this side, and fell to the ground.
Her body trembled as if she wanted to run away from this place at any moment, but Leia turned her gaze back to salvation.
Then he reached out and stroked the heart of salvation.

“Come on, what are you guys doing now?”

And as if finally released from her rigidity, Diana shouted loudly.

“Chi, treatment… .”

Leia’s tail trembled as if startled, but she didn’t let go of her hand that caressed the heart of salvation.
After seeing it, my vitality is rising again.
Is my treatment given priority in this situation? He’s an angel too.

“At the end of the day! Are you going to claim that you even treated me with a kiss!”

Diana shouted the whale whale as if she was genuinely angry.

“Diana. Calm down. I can explain everything.”

“You will! You touched Leia’s ass because you liked it too!”

“No, it’s for tail checking… .”

“Miss Leia has a tail on it for a day or two!”

this can’t be done Diana was so consumed with anger that she was not in a state of complete conversation.
It was Sarah who calmed Diana’s anger.

“… Diana. Let’s hear it first.”

Looking at her expression, it seems that the flames of anger covered her entire body as well, but Sarah has a personality that gets colder and colder when she gets angry, so fortunately, she seems to have had a bit of reason.

“I mean… .”

But when I tried to explain it, I was speechless.
To explain this situation now, I have to explain everything from the conditions under which Leia turns into a nine-tailed fox to the characteristics of Leia becoming a nine-tailed fox.
The appearance of the nine-tailed fox is difficult for a devout Leia to accept, so this is a story that has never been revealed only to the high priest.
Salvation couldn’t bring up such a story.

“why? Can’t you explain it?”

If it goes like this, I think Sara will explode slowly. Is the dilemma talking about a time like this?
When Salvation couldn’t answer, Leia’s soft hand next to her embraced the salvation’s hand.

“Savior. It’s okay. For Sarah and Diana.”

Leia said that whether it was her responsibility for her actions that created this situation, or the trust she had built up with Sarah and Diana.
Guwon looked at Leia like that once, nodded and explained.

Leia is vulnerable to sexual stimulation, so if she gets a certain amount of stimulation, she loses her temper and becomes a nine tailed fox. When you become a nine-tailed fox, you will focus only on absorbing the spirit.
Leia had just been affected by the proclamation of sanctuary for a long time, so she lost her temper for a moment and became a half-tailed fox.
The reason Guwon touched Leia’s buttocks was to make sure her tail was elongated.
Fortunately, last night was Leia’s turn, so the essence was sufficiently replenished, so it seems that the kiss was enough to absorb the essence.
The expressions of Sara and Diana subtly changed as Guguin explained them.

“awhile. What, specifically, would it be to become so absorbed in absorbing the essence?”

Is that really what you’re curious about?

“Yeah that… . you know? to be sexy As before, with advanced technique… Well, that’s it.”

At the answer of salvation, Sarah and Diana became even more serious.

“That means… .”
“Hey. That’s it. Anyway, are you convinced by this?”

Diana looked like she wanted to ask something more, but Guwon stopped Diana’s questions.
If I say more here, Leia’s face next to me will explode.
Diana also looked at Leia’s face and nodded her head as if dissatisfied but could not help it.
thank God. With this, we were able to get out of this crisis.

Sara and Diana had complicated expressions on their faces, but unless it happened because Leia wanted it, I wouldn’t be able to say anything more.
Regardless of this or that, they are basically understanding and kind.

“Anyway, I found a good hunting ground. I hunt like this, and when my mana is restored, I go back in and hunt. Isn’t it just as possible when hunting in the habitats of goblins and orcs on the first floor? No, it’s easier to run away, so it might be better.”

“… That’s right. Only if you use the proclamation of sanctuary more carefully.”

“Huh. sorry. Oh, it happened so suddenly. From now on, I will only use it to the extent that it cannot reach Leia.

“… It’s not only to keep Leia out of reach, but to keep them out of reach as well.”

Diana said in a suppressed voice, as if holding back something.
… Huh? I see, all three of them have very red faces.
I thought it was because Sarah and Diana were out of anger and Leia was embarrassed. Seeing this reaction… .
Looking back, Leia’s nine-tailed fox’s nature came out, even slightly, from the effects of the sanctuary.
Likewise, neither Sarah nor Diana, who were affected by Sanctuary, could be completely healthy.
Leia also didn’t take any direct action, so only the nine tailed fox state was relieved, and the weak dissatisfaction state was not resolved.
All three were subtly rubbing their thighs and thighs, restless.
In particular, Diana’s reaction became more and more intense.
Up until now, I was distracted by a series of incidents, but once it was settled, it seems that the surrounding situation began to be grasped.
In other words, the person who became hot outside.

“That… Would you like me to heal you here with the help of a saint?”

“Aren’t you stupid?!”

Huh. I just threw it away too.
If that were the case, Diana would be completely out of heat, and Leia might turn into a nine tail fox again.
Salvation decided to pick up Diana, who looked the most dangerous, and go straight back to the inn.

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Glass Leaves // This part is a part where the scenes are continuous, so we are adjusting it appropriately. I can’t afford to use them all for a long time.

Sercadia // That’s right. To be honest, it was a setting I made without much thought, thinking that even if there was such a thing, it would have the effect of preventing quarrels between adventurers. Such a worldview also fits the mood of the novel. I’ll have to tweak the settings a bit more. Not only murder but also harm is recorded in real time, so there are staff in the guild who are exclusively responsible for these cases, so when the contents such as harm or murder are updated on the paper kept in the guild, the updated time is checked immediately. And would it be more convincing if there was a setting to go ahead with an investigation based on that time and the testimonies of adventurers?

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