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As soon as Gu Ji-won entered the inn, she immediately rushed to her room.
When Guwon entered the room straight away without a word, Sarah and Leia followed suit.

“Good. everyone take it off now at once… .”

“What is it?”

“You can’t do that, Mr. Guwon.”

Sarah looked at the salvation with cold eyes and looked coldly, while Leia had a troubled expression on her face and spoke to the salvation as if swearing.
Even Diana tapped the back of Salvation helplessly. Does it still have that level of reason, or is it an instinctive movement?
I was swept away by the atmosphere and thought I might be able to eat it. It also doesn’t seem so easy.

“Ha ha. of course you know I’m kidding. I’ll start with Diana, so will you guys go out for a while? If you’re in the room, I’ll find you.”

Salvation hastily muffled it as a joke.
However, both Sarah and Leia still had somewhat unfamiliar expressions on their faces.

“Why is it Diana first? Today I originally… .”

indeed. Is it like that? understood.
Sara, I fully understand your heart. It’s the day I slept with him, but I don’t like to hug all the other girls, but I’m not the first runner. That’s hot enough.
by the way.

“He is the most urgent right now.”

Salvation answered in a serious voice.
Actually, Diana’s condition was not good.
A sweet sigh had been tickling my ear since before, and Diana’s cute buttocks were twitching strangely, as if she was about to rub her groin behind my back. Luckily, I’m holding Diana’s butt tight with her supporting hand, so it’s still undetected, but it’s dangerous.
Above all, I could feel the moisture on the back of Diana’s crotch area. Even when wearing leather armor. It was only hidden by the robe, and there was a strong possibility that it was already soggy.

Even Leia, who has a physical problem over there, isn’t like this, aren’t you overly excited?
I was using the proclamation of sanctuary until the spirit ran out, so it is true that it has been affected for quite some time. But anyway, it’s a declaration of sanctuary. Even if the level has risen a little these days, compared to the other skills by nature, the power is overwhelmingly low. As evidence of that, Sarah was still in good shape.
After all, it’s a real pervert.

“I see. Then I’ll be in my room.”

“Savior. I’ll wait.”

At the serious voice of salvation, Sarah and Leia looked at Diana, who was lying on the back of salvation, nodded and left the room.

As soon as the door closed, Gujang quickly put Diana down on the bed and took off her robe and hat.
Again, Diana’s face was completely melted, and her body was warm.

“No, the proclamation of sanctuary is not as powerful as this. Why are you so excited, you pervert girl?”

“You… You did something wrong… .”

Yes. Yes. You would.
When you use a swarm with such a sweet voice, I don’t even want to say anything more.
Guwon took off Diana’s skirt and immediately put her hands on either side of her panties and pulled it down. Then, between the center of the panties and Diana’s crotch, a leg of sticky liquid continued and broke.
naughty And on the other hand, I am worried.
If there’s a flood like this, what the hell is going on behind my back?
Well, that doesn’t matter now.

After taking off his armor, Guwon deliberately threw it into the inventory without even checking the back, and hugged Diana.
Diana also embraced salvation and moved her waist in a hurry.
But only the mind is ahead. Diana wasn’t talented enough to put the items of salvation by moving only her waist.
As the savior slipped through her pubic hair and didn’t go in, Diana felt more and more anxious. The more it did, the more hasty the movement, and, of course, the more delayed the insertion.
That was a little fun.
In order to see more of Diana like that, Guwon deliberately gave strength to move things around.

“Profit. profit.”

If you’re in a hurry, you could just put your hand down and grab it.
For some reason, Diana did not release the arm that embraced the salvation, and tried to insert the object only by moving her waist.

“Hey hey.”

Oh, it’s dangerous. Just a little more and I’ll cry. You have to play moderately.
Salvation gripped Diana’s waist as she was desperately moving and put the object in.

“Heh heh!”

Perhaps it was thanks to me, who had been anxious for a long time, Diana simply reached her climax.
After waiting for Diana, who collapsed on her body, shaking her body, to be sufficiently stable, she opened her mouth.

“Good mood?”

Diana’s face touched the heart of salvation and moved up and down subtly.
Oh, I rarely admit it.

“Then can I go now?”

“… … on?”

At the words of salvation, Diana lifted her head and looked at salvation.

“The purpose of today is to eliminate the effect of the skill, isn’t it? One climax is enough, isn’t it? Other kids are waiting… I’m kidding. joke. Let’s do a little more.”

Seeing Diana’s indescribable expression, Salvation was gripped with a deep sense of guilt and immediately moved her waist.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops!”

Diana panted again with an ecstatic expression on her face.
Still, his gaze did not fall from the eyes of salvation.
Diana raised the arm that was holding the salvation, wrapped it around the salvation’s neck, and pulled it towards her.
Since Diana is small, if you don’t do this, you can’t even touch her face.
Huh? awhile. Are you trying to kiss me now?

But Diana’s lips did not touch the lips of salvation.
Instead, he kissed salvation’s neck like a bird pecking it.
The kiss, which started from the neck, gradually moved up to the face of the salvation, passed through the chin and went straight to the cheek.
Diana, who had kissed salvation’s cheek several times, slightly tilted her head and looked at salvation and said.

“Hey, this body… This body… .”

Seeing Diana so hesitant, Salvation patted her head.

“OK. no hurry You don’t have to be too fussy. I want to do it when Diana is really determined.”

I’ve seen Leia kiss so intensely before, so maybe Diana feels something too.
But rather than leaving it to jealousy or anything like that, I think it’s best to do it because Diana really wants to come out of her heart.
At the words of salvation, Diana gave a somewhat relieved expression and kissed the cheek of salvation as if it was a substitute for kissing.

… Eventually, Diana did it until she lost consciousness.
Of course, it was a joke to just insert and go to another room right away, but I didn’t mean to do it like this.
The problem with all of this is that Diana is so cute!
… Huh. Know. It’s a matter of my self-control.

He covered Diana, who had lost consciousness, with a blanket, and Salvation hurried to the room where Leia was staying.
Oops, I should at least clean things up before that.
No matter how much Leia knew, I thought it was a violation of manners to hand out things that were soaked with Diana’s love liquid to Leia.

When I hurriedly washed my things and went to Leia’s door, the door from inside suddenly flew open.
Oops, I’ve been hanging out with Diana for too long, so Leia can’t stand it any longer.
That prediction was only half right.
It was true that I couldn’t stand it.
But it wasn’t Leia who couldn’t stand it.
It was a Gumiho.
Eyes that shine brightly in purple, nine tails that are fully realized and sway gently. And even a bewitching smile. It seems that Leia could not stand it any longer after being neglected for a long time. It seemed to have turned into a state of a nine-tailed fox who had completely lost his mind after a long time.
Why do you think you’ve lost your mind completely? Simple. If our angel had only a little bit of reason left, he wouldn’t have thought of going out with his pure white naked body.


Guwon hurriedly grabbed Leia’s shoulder and went into the room and closed the door.
Had there been someone in the hallway, it would have been a disaster. Our angel’s naked body belongs to me.
Leia, who had become a nine-tailed fox, was dragged away as if she had never expected that she would suddenly face salvation in front of the door.
But even for a while, as soon as the door was closed, the body of salvation stopped moving.
It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.
But that’s it. Are you forgetting something important? Now my hand is holding your shoulder
Salvation used the hand of the saint without hesitation.
Of course, the power is minimized.
You can’t make our angel bless you.

“Hey hey!”

Although the power was reduced, it was still sufficient.
Leia, who was grabbed by the shoulder, reached the climax as she stood and trembled.
It was also special to see him reaching his climax with a straight up figure.
Love juice burst out from between her crotch and dripped to the floor, and her large chest shook like a wave.
It definitely reached its climax, but just like Diana’s, it’s reached its climax, so all the skill effects are gone? can’t even say If you don’t cancel the nine tailed state.

Gu Guo wrapped around Leia’s waist, hugged him, and carried him to the bed.
Salvation approached the bed and realized one thing.
The color in the middle of the bed was so dark that it was clearly compared to the rest of the bed.
When I reached out my hand to check it, it was warm and damp.
It was only then that Salvation could understand why Leia had turned into a nine-tailed fox.

It was definitely weird. By the time Leia left my room, her body would definitely be hot, but it wasn’t enough to become a nine-tailed fox.
I also absorbed the essence through kissing, so unless I got more excited or stimulated my body, there would be no turning into a nine-tailed fox.
But Leia turned into a nine-tailed fox like this.
you masturbated It’s too late because Salvation is too busy working with Diana.
When I imagined Leia masturbating alone to calm her body that was not getting cold after being naked in bed, Guwon felt like her head would explode.
Damn it. Why didn’t I come a little sooner?
If I had come a little sooner, I could have engraved in my mind a rarely seen image of our angel!

But no matter how much you regret, you can’t undo the past.
Gu Gu opened Leia’s legs wide to both sides to check the vagina.
Perhaps it was the influence that had reached its climax earlier, her vagina was still wriggling and thick love juice was flowing from the inside.
Gu Guo pulled down his pants and put his belongings in it.


Leia let out a pleasant snort, folded her legs, and embraced the body of salvation.
Then he turned his bewitching waist and moved as if to squeeze semen from the object of salvation.
Of course, you can be patient if you want to, but it’s stupid to do that against a nine-tailed fox. It’s better to wrap it up quickly and release the nine tailed fox.
Gugu couldn’t stand it and shook his back violently, immediately squirting semen inside Leia.


At the same time, Leia also trembled once more and reached its climax.
I did it with Leia yesterday too.
With this one time, the state of the nine-tailed fox will be relieved and you will lose your mind.
However, the expectation of salvation was once again wrong.

“Hah. Salvation man… .”

It seems that the state of the nine-tailed fox has been relaxed to some extent.
But Leia did not lose her mind. Looking at salvation with a hazy expression, he had a melted smile.
And then he moved his back bewitching again.
Leia’s consciousness had returned to some extent, but her body seemed to still have the nine-tailed tail’s desires.
May this be… . In the state of the nine tailed fox, is the amount of spirit you want increasing?
I don’t know if that has anything to do with Leia’s getting used to the nine tailed fox state.
However, the important thing is that Leia’s nine tailed fox condition was not completely resolved with just one shot.
Guwon had no choice but to hug Leia once more and move her waist.

“Hah. haha Salvation man.”

Still, it seemed that the effect of absorbing the spirit once was definitely effective, and Leia’s consciousness seemed to be in the most certain state ever. It was a bewitching voice that seemed like it would melt to an extent that I would not normally have thought of, but seeing them call out the name of salvation like this.

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Black Moon Butterfly // I can’t stand it if I use it all for such a long time. Even today, I wrote it briefly, but the scene didn’t end even after I wrote two episodes… .

Sercadia // I don’t think it’s an obscure setting to get rid of. It seems that the answer to the question in the previous section was sufficient.

Doze // Slightly tweaked the ending of the last episode. Sarah is relatively fine. I wrote it until 12 o’clock and ended in a rush, so the proclamation of sanctuary was portrayed more strongly than I thought.



Salvation moved her waist vigorously as if responding to Leia’s call.
Leia hugged the salvation head and tried to kiss it, but then stopped suddenly and stared at the salvation’s face.
Huh? Why?
Then he stretched out his tongue and began to lick the neck, not the lips of salvation.
Leia’s tongue was longer and thinner than a normal person, so when she licked it up like this, her body naturally trembled.
Leia licked it up for a long time, as if she was wiping the body of salvation with her tongue, and gradually turned toward the face of salvation.
Lick your neck cleanly, go over your chin and straight to your cheeks.
… what? This route… .
Leia, who had licked up the cheeks of salvation cleanly, then stuck to the lips of salvation with a satisfied face.
this, this… What does your current action mean?
What did Leia do because she felt jealous? Or is it an act that comes from the instinct of a nine-tailed fox to not want to lose prey to another woman?
Of course, even if I ask now, there is no way I can answer.
Guwon decided to focus on kissing Leia and shaking her waist.

And only after salvation was wrapped inside one more time, Leia barely lost consciousness.
He covered Leia with a blanket and thought about salvation.
Why the hell did the amount needed for regular period increase?
However, after absorbing the essence, Leia’s consciousness had returned to some extent.
So, does it have something to do with Leia’s getting used to the nine-tailed tail?

Anyway, no matter how much I think about it, I can’t find an answer.
After Diana and Leia, it was a fairly long battle, which made Sarah wait for a very long time.
Sara showed the side with the least influence, so it would be okay to hold on, but her reason would be clear that much.
That jealous Sara. Looking at the clock, he might be counting how much Salvation had with two other women. When I thought about it like that, to be honest, I was a little scared to go.
But you can’t go without
Salvation hastily washed herself. This time, using the previous mistake as a mirror, clean not only things but also body and face.
Then, after taking a deep breath to make up his mind, he left the room.

“Ah, there… !”

As Gu-won left the room, at the same time, the door to the other room burst open and a man came out. It was Kate.
Good timing. Maybe you waited and didn’t get the timing right?
Kate seems to have something to say as soon as she sees salvation, but that’s not important right now.
Our Sarah might be on the verge of exploding.

“sorry. Afterwards.”

Guwon went straight into Sarah’s room without hearing what Kate was trying to say.

“You came quickly.”

Would it still be as expected?
As soon as she entered the room, Sarah’s ice-cold gaze fell on Gu-won.

“sorry! Diana was in a much more serious condition than expected, and while Leia was waiting, she became a nine-tailed fox once more. I’m really sorry.”

“still. But today it was my turn… .”

Sara did not loosen her strength in her eyes glaring at salvation, whether it was difficult to understand emotionally or emotionally.

“Ji, calm down. Still, it’s you who spends the night with me… .”
“Of course it is! My… .”


As Sarah was about to explode, a knock was heard on the door.
Sara took a deep breath, held her breath, and pointed to the door with her chin.
When Guwon opened the door and went out, it was Kate who was there.

“Hey… .”
“sorry. I’m a little busy right now.”

Salvation hastily closed the door.

“… Who is it?”

“that… Kate.”

“Why is he suddenly knocking on my door?”

“I met you when I came here. It looks like you have something to tell me.”

“… what to say? Is that the case?”

“okay. I think maybe it is. But, as you know, the condition I offered in return for help… .”

If you hear Kate’s answer now, you’ll have to have a relationship with Kate without fail.
Because of that, I didn’t want to talk to Sarah, who is still uncomfortable. But I couldn’t help but say it.
This revenge is Sarah’s revenge. It was necessary to inform all of the self-designation.

“… i See.”

Again, Sarah gave me a bad look at my answer.
At first, Sarah didn’t like the plan to bring Kate in.

“… But he must have come to help me get my revenge… .”

But in the end it was Sara.
Perhaps it was because Sarah knew that too, she muttered with a semi-desperate expression on her face.

“Sara… .”

Seeing such salvation, Sarah made a shocking offer.

“… good. But instead, there are conditions. Do it here.”

“Huh? What, what?”

“You’re not going to do it all night, are you? Do it here and get it out. It’s better than playing with me and going out in the middle and playing with that girl.”

“Ha, but that… Are you okay?”

“What? You’re doing it for my revenge anyway, right? Shouldn’t the plan be carried out within the reach of my eyes?”

No, of course it is, but… .

“Or, when you’re with that girl, you’re doing something you can’t show me, right?”

“No way! I’m proud! As I said before, I have no feelings for him. I do it all for you.”

“Then do it here for me again.”

Sarah said so and went into the closet.
Are you going to watch over there? Do you really want to do it here?
There were a lot of things I was uneasy about, but it seems that I have no choice but to follow Sarah’s words.
If you reject it here, it becomes as if there is something really annoying.
When Salvation opened the door, Kate was still standing at the door.

“… What’s up?”

“Wow, it’s a bit difficult to say here.”

Huh. I think you can tell just by looking at her estrus-like expression.
Tonight, whether she was still dissatisfied with her actions with Potts, or whether she had never had a relationship with Potts at all, Kate’s expression was that of a woman who had become completely hot.

“I’m the only one in this room right now. Come in and talk.”

“Yeah? However… .”

Kate entered the room and looked around, then tilted her head puzzledly.

“Wasn’t there someone else?”

“No way.”

Kate had a strange expression on her face, but then she looked at salvation as if that wasn’t the problem.

“Do you have time now?”

“What time?”

“Well, it’s time to sleep with me.”

It looks like it was a bit of a kid. I’m telling you to sleep very openly.

“If there is time. But can I take that to mean that I have made a decision?”

“That, that… . Oh, I’m still not sure about the pleasure you’re giving me. So, once in the sense of testing… .”

“Uh-huh. Where to get free rewards. As I said before, I know the state of the opponent when I look at them. You are now dissatisfied Are you going to take pleasure from me without paying anything for yourself? Not so. If you just want to satisfy your cravings, go find someone else. If you don’t want to do it with Potts, you can just grab another adventurer and do it, right?”

“No one else! Not at all! You! If not for you!”

what. Have you already tried it with someone else?
Potts should have heard this.
Even a guy who usually has an empty head and is happy with everything, he would have despaired when he heard his girlfriend say something like that. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. But in the future, I can only expect him to say things like that when he is there.

“Sigh… . I can’t help it. Good. What is the trial period? Is this the only time? take it off.”

In the end, I mumbled as if I couldn’t help it.
I don’t know if the memories of the pleasures I’ve had in the end will fade if I take it too far.
In order to make a decision quickly, should I give you another taste of pleasure this time?

Let’s say salvation Kate took off her clothes as if waiting.
Downstairs it was already flooded.
How serious it was, the panties were not functioning at all, and the liquid of love ran down the thighs and down to the calves.

“It was completely flooded. Did you miss my stuff that much?”

“Well, that’s… !”

“Why? no? Then go find someone other than me. The thought of giving me uncompromising pleasure makes me less motivated.”


Kate tried to save her, but she couldn’t resist the hot body, so she lowered her panties.
Gujang inserted the dick straight into the wet pussy.


As soon as Guwon put it in, Kate went straight to climax.

“Okay? After all, being so sensitive. The reward I suggested was Moya, which was the perfect reward for you, right? Why haven’t you made up your mind yet? If you help me, will you continue to enjoy this pleasure?”

I said that to cheer up Kate’s determination, but Kate, who was already preoccupied with things, began to move her waist as if it didn’t matter.

“Hey. Wouldn’t you be satisfied? Have you tasted enough pleasure? away.”

“All right, because you’re still not satisfied… .”

“no. Because I just have to be satisfied with my kids other than you. Get off now.”

“Sorry. It’s a lie. Actually, I’m still not good enough. a little bit. little bit more… .”

Kate, who was trying to pretend to be a little stronger, immediately changed her words and apologized in response to Salvation’s response.
His expression was full of joy, as if he had found an oasis in the desert after not drinking a sip of water for several days.
As I thought before, it’s too easy.
No matter how powerful the saint is, is this reaction too harsh?
After all, is Kate just lacking in chastity and weak to pleasure?
After making a face that Guwon had no choice, he mechanically shook his back.

I’m sorry, but he’s really bad.
Thanks to Diana and Leia who had just been there, the comparison was inevitable.
After all, are our children particularly famous?
Isn’t this the insensitivity that we feel only when we do it with our kids?

“Huh! haha! this! I like this! Okay!”

Despite the mechanical movement of salvation, Kate screamed as if it were enough.
Well, I’m still in a situation where I can’t afford it, so Kate shouldn’t be playing around with the sex boost.
It was clear that Kate would be enjoying a pleasure she had never tasted before, even with such a virtuoso shake.
By the time Kate reached its climax several times like that, the redemption signal only arrived whether it was the effect of a sex boost stack.
Gujang pulled out the object without saying anything and brought it to Kate’s face.
Kate swallowed the tip of the object of salvation as naturally as a magnet clings to it and stimulated it by moving her tongue.
Guwon grabbed Kate’s head and moved back and forth, spitting out semen.
Even after it had completely vomited out semen, Kate licked it affectionately, lovingly.

“Whew… . What do you think? Are you satisfied with this?”

“Yes, yes.”

Kate had a look of deep satisfaction in her heart.

“Then the service is over. Next time, please come to me after making up your mind.”

“Ugh… . Ah, I get it… .”

Kate reluctantly agreed, though she still looked scared to make up her mind.
no. So, why don’t you make a decision?
Just a little help is enough.
I have no intention of doing anything serious.
It’s enough to just have an affair with me like now and destroy Potts’ mentality. Is it easy?
Anyway, Kate was quickly sent away, and Guwon hurriedly headed to the closet.

“Sa, Sara?”

Still, conscious of Sarah, he treated Kate more bluntly and bluntly than usual.
But still, I saw him having sex with another woman from the front. That jealous Sarah.
Even if it was because of revenge, he must have been shocked.
Guwon opened the closet door with trembling hands.

“Ugh. Uh-huh.”

Sarah was holding her knees and crying and muttering.
Seeing it, Salvation was enveloped in a strong sense of guilt.
Damn it. Still, it wasn’t showing.

“Sah, Sara. Sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“He, that woman, I can’t completely break up with you… .”

“Huh. did you see it though? I am not interested at all.”

“All right, you too shake your back… .”

“I did it because it wouldn’t end if I did that. It was meant to end quickly. It just moved mechanically, unlike you and me.”

“No, even to the mouth… .”

“That, that… That… If you don’t, Potts will find out. It’s still time… .”

It’s clearly an act of thinking and executing a plan, but in this world, it may seem like the two of you are really in love and have an affair.
It must have been the last act that shocked Sarah the most.
Thanks to him, Guwon stuttered slightly, and Sarah looked at Guwon with tears in her eyes.
Then he rubbed his eyes with both fists and wiped the tears away.
Sarah’s eyes, which were revealed again, were burning with determination and jealousy.
Sarah pushed her away from the closet and dragged her into the bathroom.

“Sa, Sara? ugh Come on, wait. Live a little… .”

Then, he poured water on the object of salvation, lathered his hands and started rubbing them hard.
As if to erase Kate’s traces from the items of salvation, she rubbed it over and over again and washed it clean, holding the item tightly and bowing her head.

“More than that woman, more than that woman, I… !”

Sarah put the savior in her mouth with eyes burning with jealousy.
Then, he mobilized all the techniques that salvation had taught him to stimulate the object of salvation.

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As if she was not satisfied with wiping it off like that, Sarah’s movement felt as if she was trying to wipe away the things of salvation.
He clenched his lips tightly and moved his head back and forth to scan the rods strongly.
After wiping things back and forth several times like that, this time, he licked the things of salvation as if to cover them with his own saliva.
At first, he kissed the tip of the object as if it were a kiss, and pointed his tongue to lick the urethra, then moved his face to the root and licked it thoroughly.
After licking the object thoroughly to the extent that Sarah’s tongue did not touch it, she gently grabbed the object with her hand and licked it all the way to the pocket.
If you look at what she does, it’s a completely dedicated service, but Sarah’s eyes are slightly glaring at this side, so it’s a strange feeling.

After making her tongue crawl all the way to the pocket, Sarah sticks out her tongue and licks it long, from root to tip.
Sarah, who climbed all the way to the end, once again put the item of salvation in her mouth.
Then, this time, he used a high-level technique of sucking hard and moving his head back and forth, and even moving his tongue.

And he even tried to swallow the thing of salvation to the end of the root using his throat, but it seems that it is still difficult to do that. I tried several times, but in the end, only tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes.

But even so, Sarah did not give up and took action to further stimulate salvation.
This time, while turning his face round and round, he even started using a technique that stimulated him like twisting a pretzel with his mouth.
How can you apply and use technology that you haven’t been told about? At this point, learning just isn’t fast enough. It’s an action that can never happen without the mindset of wanting to make my things feel good.
Sarah. love.
Gu Guo lightly placed his hand on Sarah’s head and fully enjoyed the pleasure felt from the object.

“Sara. Now slowly… .”

Salvation seems cheap now, so I meant to insert it directly, but Sarah took an action different from that of salvation.
The suction power was stronger, and he violently moved his head back and forth.

“uh? Sarah. Am I cheap?”

Sara’s unexpected behavior reflexively tried to pull her back, but Sarah reached out and grabbed the lower part of the salvation’s waist and did not let go.


Eventually, the object of salvation exploded in Sarah’s mouth.

“Ugh! uhm. town. ugh. Ah.”

Sarah still pressed her lips tight and didn’t open her mouth until Gu-gu finished the ejaculation.
After the long ejaculation of salvation was over, only then did Sarah speak out of the object of salvation.
Still, he kept his lips tightly closed to the end, taking care not to let a single drop of anything in his mouth escape.
Judging by the slightly swollen cheeks, there is obviously still semen in that mouth.
Sarah rolled her eyes, contemplating what to do, and eventually she closed her eyes and began to cry.
With the gulp sound, Sarah’s swollen cheeks gradually returned to their original state.

“Uh… write… Oh no. that, that… .”

“OK. it’s like that originally Thanks.”

Unlike Kate, Sarah’s current behavior is clearly an act of affection.
As Gu-won stroked the hand that was placed on Sarah’s head with a thrilled expression, Sarah blushed and avoided her gaze.
Then, seeing that there was still unexposed semen on the end of the object of salvation, he put the object of salvation in his mouth once more as if to hide his shame.
It’s an act that I haven’t had a chance to tell you that I haven’t told you yet, but maybe I learned from what Kate did earlier.
It did not stop at just wiping the surface, but also completely sucked up the semen remaining in the urethra.
To do the post-processing perfectly like this means that I watched everything Kate was doing earlier, even with tears in her eyes, without missing it. He’s really great in many ways.

I’ve already been satisfied enough and my heart is full, but the main story hasn’t even started yet.
Sarah gently pushed the salvation down as it was, then climbed up and sat down on it.
Do you feel like you want to take the initiative today? No, rather than thinking that way, you should think of it as a desire to make me feel better.

Sara, who laid the object of salvation on her stomach and sat on it, shook her waist back and forth to rub the object of salvation into her cracks.
There was already a lot of love fluid flowing from Sarah’s grave, more than enough to wet all the things of salvation.
Come to think of it, he too was affected by the proclamation of sanctuary and was still holding on. It is natural for it to be like this.
But did you put up with this and give priority to giving it to me by mouth?
Guwon did not know what to do because Sarah was so lovely.

He hugged Sarah tightly and tried to kiss her, but Sarah subtly tilted her head back and seemed hesitant.
Huh? Refuse to kiss? Not anyone else, but Sarah?
For a moment I was puzzled, but Salvation soon understood why Sarah was doing it.
Ah… Was it because I swallowed mine earlier?
I swallowed the whole thing so clean that I couldn’t find any traces in my mouth, but the taste probably hasn’t completely disappeared yet.
But salvation didn’t matter.
no. To be honest, tasting the taste of her own semen is repulsive, but I can bear it if I consider it all evidence that Sarah loves me.
The desire to kiss Sarah was far greater than the reluctance.

“OK. I want to kiss you.”

Guwon grabbed Sarah’s head and kissed her.
As soon as they kissed her, the soft lips felt like it melted her brain, and the taste was almost as good as it gets.
Sara’s face, after kissing Gu-won lightly, was filled with emotion.
why are you making that face I should rather make that face.

And Sarah put on a face that made up her mind to something.
He lowered his hand and set the object of salvation to face upward, and moved his waist to adjust his entrance to fit the end of the salvation.
However, his expression and behavior were slightly awkward.
I’ve done this a lot, so there’s no reason to.
And the feeling of touching the tip of the object also seemed to be something different from usual.
… What?
Raising his head to look at the object, Guan was able to understand the situation.

“Come on, wait! Sarah! stop! stop!”

“… why? Is it dirty too?”

“no. As I said before, there are no dirty spots on your body. It’s not like that, it’s torn!”

Sarah’s body trembled at the cry of salvation.
It was. Sarah was about to try anal sex.
However, this is not something that can be done without any prior preparation. Even with no experience, I knew that level of salvation.
Even ordinary people say that if you put it forcibly for the first time, it will tear.
What if you forcefully put such a filthy thing into Sarah’s inexperienced anus? A bloodshed happens right away.

Isn’t there healing sex?
well Will that really work in anal intercourse?
The description of Healing Sex clearly states that it is activated only during sex.
Besides, this is the worldview.
The probability that healing sex would be triggered by anal sex was much higher than the probability of not.
Even if it triggers, it’s a gamble to try now.
I didn’t intend to gamble with Sarah’s pretty ass stained with blood.

“My heart is really happy. I also want to try it someday. But not today. Let’s take it a little more slowly and prepare properly.”

Sara nodded at the words of salvation and slightly changed the angle of the object she was holding in her hand.


How many hours has passed since Sarah received the effects of the proclamation of sanctuary? Finally, salvation and Sarah became one.
Salvation violently raised her back as if to repay Sarah for giving priority to the pleasure of salvation rather than satisfying her own desires.

“Salvation. Bake!”

Sarah continued to call out the name of salvation and pecked at the lips of salvation.

“How are you feeling? Yeah? Do you feel good?”

It’s time for you to feel better than me.
Does he prioritize my pleasure even at times like this?

“Of course. It feels great.”

“More than that woman?”

indeed. Is it like that?

“Of course! You call that a horse?”

As he answered, Salvation moved his waist more violently, as if to prove his words.

“But, but I also hate it! I hate you sleeping with other girls! Just with me… !”

“OK. I have no feelings for Kate. I like you, not Kate.”

“Really? Can’t you change your mind? Can I trust you?”

“Sure. Or is it not that reliable?”

“no no. believe. believe.”

Salvation and Sarah kissed several times and moved their waists violently.

“Cheap it. brimfully. An experience she never had. full of me.”

Sarah shook her waist up and down, and tightened her vagina as if squeezing a thing of salvation.
Bae-eun put her lips together and shook her waist loudly, and when the signal came, she pressed her waist tightly and firmly attached it to Sarah’s vagina.
Even after reaching the end of Sarah, as if unsatisfied, she pushed her waist with the momentum to shove into it, and then Guwon exploded the object.

“ね! buy it!”

“Yeah! ha ha! ha ha! Hmm! uhm! Oops! Whoa!”

At the same time as the circumstances of salvation, she trembled as Sarah and reached the climax.
Sara and I trembled and trembled, but they didn’t try to get away from each other’s lips.
For such a long time, they coveted each other’s lips, sticking to each other’s lips, and after a long time passed, the afterglow of the climax was completely gone.
Maybe it was because they had been stuck together for too long, and when they dropped their mouths, the legs of saliva hung out between them.
Guwon looked at Sarah’s face and said in a serious voice.

“If you feel uneasy, let’s stop our plan. I’m thinking of another plan.”

It was something she had made a decision to say, but Sarah shook her head lightly.

“no. Proceed like this. There’s no turning back that you’ve already slept with that woman. If you stop here, it just ends up cheating for no reason.”

Speaking of wind, it’s like we’re dating… No, we just didn’t exchange certain words, because we already knew each other’s feelings completely. Now that we’re not dating yet, we’re not in a situation where we can say it’s not an affair.

“Yeah, but… . Are you really okay?”

“Yeah. If you stop here, you’ll be disrespectful to both you and her. And above all… I trust you.”

Saying so, Sarah hugged salvation tightly.
It felt like a re-emphasis on never giving in to the heart, while at the same time placing infinite trust in salvation.

“Okay. believe… uhm.”

As salvation tried to answer, Sarah stopped the words with a light kiss.

“And now, I want to forget all about revenge and other women, and think only of you. Can you make it that way?”

“Sure. you know? that’s my specialty Not only at this time, but at any time, I will make you only have my thoughts in your head.”

Salvation raised the upper body.
Then he stood up holding Sarah’s ass tightly.
I’m not in the bathroom yet. The bed is also comfortable to enjoy properly.
Salvation began to move as it was while connected to Sarah without pulling anything out.
I felt a sense of pleasure as the shock was applied just by taking one step at a time, but Sarah moved her arms and legs up to her waist with her arms and legs hanging tightly around her.
It’s a waste of time to even travel, so I’m thinking of enjoying it.
Good. Then I… .
While holding onto Sarah’s buttocks, Guwon stretched out one finger and headed towards the center.

“Ugh! Goo, goo!”

Earlier, I even tried to put things in here myself, and if I try to touch it like this, I feel ashamed again.
Sarah gave me a tight grip to stop my fingers from breaking in.
But salvation was not in vain.
He said, pounding on the tightly blocked place as if he were knocking.

“Are you going to give me this one too? If you don’t step in from now on.”

To see if the words of salvation worked, after tapping a few times and gently rubbing it, Sarah’s power was released.
Guwon looked at Sarah, grinned, and gently penetrated one finger.


Also, the response here is good.
I am already looking forward to the day I will be here in the future.
Gu Gu-gun got tangled up with Sarah that night, and thoroughly attacked the buttocks with his fingers.
Even if it’s embarrassing, it’s the erogenous zone you feel the most.
Thanks to this, Sarah was able to forget everything else and concentrate on her own actions, just as she had hoped.

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and the next morning. Looking at Sarah’s still asleep face with a quiet breath, Guwon quietly twisted his body.
uh uh I want to die.
Wasn’t it a satisfying night? It was, of course, a satisfying night.
Yesterday too, Sarah was incredibly pretty and the response was the best.

The problem is not that.
Why the hell did you say that yesterday?
No, of course it was. It is sincere that he likes Sarah, and that he vowed not to give Kate much affection is also sincere.
But, there is a way to express it, right?
Yesterday, I was so intoxicated with the atmosphere.
I tend to get a little bit into the mood when I’m in the original mood, but yesterday was unique among them.
Thanks to you, I did things one after another that I would never normally say. Those are the words that can only be said between chicken meat couples who can’t live with each other.
It was amazing how those words came out of my head.

no. Let’s calm down. Calm down.
I was not alone in the atmosphere yesterday. Sara was also incredibly honest about her feelings, unlike usual, and said things she wouldn’t normally do.
If I’m the only one calming down, even Sarah wouldn’t bother to mention it.
Let’s stay as usual. As usual.
Gu Guo took a breath and waited for Sarah to wake up.
And when Sarah woke up, she spoke softly as usual.

“Sara. Good morning?”

But it was a mistake to say that when Sarah had just woken up and was dazed.
Sara rubbed her face on the savior’s chest and spoke in a more charming voice than usual.

“Yeah. I really only thought of you in my head. From dreams… .”

Whoops. know. Know. Sarah didn’t mean to do that.
But it was enough words to shake the mentality of salvation that had barely been grasped.
Salvation also reflexively referred to what Sarah had said.

“Oh, that’s fine. You still wanted to think of me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah really… in… heh… !”

Sarah’s voice, who had been talking like that in a cute way, gradually diminished, and her half-closed eyes opened wide as if she had come to her senses.
Sarah tried to get herself up, but fell down again with the pleasure of the still-connected object of salvation, and was at a loss what to do.
Its face was as red as a ripe red rose.
After all, he seems to be ashamed of the things he said yesterday because he was drunk.
Good. Let’s attack like this. You’re making him shy so that he doesn’t mention what I said.

“Oh, no. So. that… Tea, don’t get me wrong… !”
“Is that an illusion?”

“That… So!”

Sarah tried to bounce back as usual, but when Guguo said so, she was not sure what to do.
But in the end, the shame seems to have crossed the limit. He hurriedly squirmed steam from his face, and finally raised his fist.
… uh? Sarah. Wait a minute. What does that fist mean? .
Along with the burning sensation piercing through the myeongchi, Guwon lost his mind.


Salvation has awakened.
Then, as if waking up first, Sarah was looking at this side.
Somehow, while gently stroking the area around the heart of salvation.

“Are you awake?”

“Huh. It doesn’t matter that you wake up first… no. It’s strange.”

“Yeah? What happened?”

Surprisingly, Sarah took off her face with a normal expression on her face.
No matter how faint I was, mind control seemed to have ended in the meantime.

“you… no. Nothing.”

But salvation decided to pass without saying a word.
If I move on to something that didn’t happen, there will be no mention of those cocky remarks, so I’m good too
There was no shock left at all.
It was a shock enough to stun me, but is it strange that there is no damage left? No wonder Healing sex is still in motion.
So let’s just move on. Finally, a little teasing.

“I’m just curious. I woke up first, and this is what it is. Would you like to be like this too?”

Guwon said with a light pat on the back.

“Ugh. It might be.”

But Sarah graciously admitted it.
It doesn’t seem like it’s completely normal either.

Throughout the meal, there was an awkward atmosphere between the party.
Sara, Diana, and Leia were all great yesterday.

“… Diana.”

“What, something?!”

“… Leia.”

“Yes, yes?!”

awkward It’s awkward and I think I’m going to die
Normally, even if something embarrassing happens while sleeping together, it’s only the two of us, so it naturally resolved while talking with the other two.
And if it’s one-on-one, they do some cover before coming down to the restaurant, but today Diana and Leia didn’t have time for that.
The result is this situation. When everyone was shy like this, it was difficult to set the mood.
In such a case, I would have to say something to change the mood.
What do you say? Something’s going on… . Oh yeah. Then I saw that there was

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can go hunting right after eating.”

“Yeah? What’s going on?”

Sarah looked at this side with suspicious eyes.
What else do you think you’re going to do with Kate? do not worry. Now I’m not really going to do it until Kate says she can help.

Kate has tasted heaven while with me twice, so now my pleasure with me must have been engraved on her body more than before.
A woman who already knows her sexuality is experiencing such a pleasure, and she encounters a person who can give her that pleasure almost every day. Can you really stand it?
It’s probably just a matter of time before making a decision.
Not being able to go hunting right now is a different matter.

“A little bit of armor.”

“Yeah? Armor? Were you hurt so badly that you had problems with your armor yesterday?”

Leia was startled by the words of salvation and said with a momentum to rush to salvation.
That attitude that cares more about the wounds of others than your own shame. He is also an angel.

“no. It’s not like that. Thanks to Leia’s timely and proper treatment, my body was fine. Just a little Diana in her armor… .”

“Well? this body?”

Diana, who was called by her name, tilted her head as if puzzled.

“Huh. Do you have any guesses?”

“… Not at all.”

Still, Diana was still unable to properly make eye contact with Salvation.

“really? You might remember it when you see it. Yes on the back of my armor… .”

As Gujang said so and took the armor out of the inventory, Diana ran towards it almost like diving.

“If you keep it like this, it will be preserved. Still hot… .”
“Aww! Whoa!”

Look. I remembered it properly because I showed you.
Diana embraced the armor of salvation and desperately covered it with her whole body.

“Diana? Why?”

“I don’t know! You don’t even know!”

“Diana. Talking too loudly in a restaurant is against manners.”

“For whom this body is now… ! Whoa! nothing! Nothing!”

Diana had a furious expression on her face, but when Salvation gave her strength and tried to take the armor out, she immediately changed her stance and begged.
To be honest, even looking at it, other people wouldn’t have thought that it was covered in love fluid.
From Diana’s point of view, even if that were the case, she wouldn’t want to show it to others.

Anyway, it worked as intended.
The awkward atmosphere that had previously dominated the table disappeared in an instant.

“Anyway, that’s why we need to improve our armor a bit. I’m sorry, but could you wait a bit?”

“Yeah… . Well, yes.”

Sara and Leia had faces that they couldn’t understand, but they nodded anyway.
When Gu-gu finished eating and was about to go back to his room, Diana followed him with an anxious face.

“This body will help too.”

“Huh? okay? Dare… .”

“no. It would be more perfect if this body did it with magic.”

Diana didn’t hesitate to change her opinion.
Are you thinking that I’m not cleaning properly and decorating something else?
I was really thinking of just cleaning it.
Anyway, if you have such high expectations, I have no choice but to meet your expectations.

“OMG. It’s sticky How excited are you?”

“Come on, isn’t it because you made your skills reach this body for nothing?”

“Sara and Leia, who were affected together, were not as severe as you. Even though Leia has such a constitution. Why don’t you just simply admit it? You really are a serious exhibitionist… .”
“No! This body is not like that!”

“Even seeing this… .”

Diana covered her ears with both hands as if she couldn’t hear, and made a loud noise.
what kind of kid are you As the oldest
Then he hurriedly summoned the water and covered the armor of salvation.

“Can I clean the leather armor with water?”

“It would be a problem if there was water left over, but if you can control all the moisture like this body, it’s no problem.”

As Diana said that, she concentrated her mind more than usual and controlled the water.
The armor that Diana had washed and exposed was still weak, but stains remained.
He had been rubbing for a while while coming here from that secret dungeon. not worth it

“It’s not completely cleaned either.”

“One more time… .”

“Still, I don’t even smell that much, isn’t it?”

“If someone notices and asks, what would you say?!”

“Hey, our cute Diana’s holy water… .”
“Give it to me!”

“I’m kidding. joke. Just one word and you’re a pig.”

“What do you mean?”

“The stain on the back… It’s a man’s medal!”

“Aren’t you stupid?!”

Diana couldn’t stand it and patted Salvation’s chest.
ha ha ha. It’s tickling. It’s tickling. At least, the level of attack that digs into the brain like Sara earlier… no. Anyway, that’s not it. Diana likes this. Huh. stay like this
In the end, Diana took the armor back from the savior’s hand and washed it several times before being able to completely remove the stain.

After washing the armor and leaving the room, the door to the next room opened at the same time.
I feel a great sense of dread. Didn’t this happen yesterday too?
But it wasn’t Kate who came out of the room, it was Potts.


It was also a port that was almost all dying.

“… What are you doing?”

“Huh… . For the woman you love… Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself. Because he is a man who can burn my life to make her happy even for a moment.”

are playing Judging by the shape, it seems that Kate was not satisfied with her relationship with Potts, so it was squeezed properly.
Come to think of it, I haven’t seen this guy all yesterday.
Could it be that Kate came to me after squeezing this guy all day and wasn’t satisfied?
then what You only burned life and couldn’t make it happy.
Anyway, Potts was dying of bone spurs.
If I keep putting on the saint skill on Kate, wouldn’t it be that she’ll die of a coma or a weakness on her own?
Of course I wouldn’t let that happen.
If he just died like that, he wouldn’t know why he died.
No matter how the plan goes, before he dies in the end, I plan to tell you why he’s dying. And that’s what Sarah came up with.
Wouldn’t that be the proper revenge?

Anyway, I could see a more important fact from his current appearance than his circumstances.
You mean Kate knew everything about this guy and still had a relationship?
why? Maybe for a perfect performance?
You don’t want Potts to suspect you while you’re making up your mind to help me, so you’ve been acting up to that point?
Why are you delaying the answer that you will help me with that? I don’t understand.
Maybe we need to talk properly sometime.

“okay. Burn it hard.”

Anyway, salvation decided to turn off his nerves and go on his way.

“Why don’t you imitate him a little too?”

Next to such salvation, Diana said with a slightly envious look.

“Huh? what?”

“What? That… It’s like an attitude.”

To Diana, who knew nothing, it seemed that he was just a man devoted to his woman.
Of course, for salvation to know the truth, the word itself to imitate such garbage felt like an insult.
Diana did nothing wrong, but Guwon said in a slightly thorny tone unwittingly.

“what. Do you think Diana likes a guy like that better than me?”

“Hey, didn’t you say that? This, this body… .”

Diana answered in a panic at the tone of salvation.
Seeing that, I wanted to be saved. He just said this because he didn’t know anything.
It’s a bit odd to say I’m sorry though. uh… . Good.

“Am I good too?”

“Ugh. … No, why are you suddenly saying something like a fat calf! I wish I could deliberately pretend to be angry… !”

Diana, who had almost passed the judo interrogation, blushed and patted salvation.
to be ashamed. Kissing is also scheduled.
When Gu-won laughed playfully without answering, Diana blushed even more and patted him.
ha ha ha. Tickle. It tickles. Who is hitting? Is that also an attack? Hit me harder!

“… It seemed like he wasn’t coming, so I came… You look pretty friendly. Did you really come here to repair your armor?”

At that moment, I heard a voice that pierced my bones.
One day, Sarah, standing in the hallway, folded her arms and looked at me with cold eyes.
No wait. Sarah. not you Your attack is not allowed.

“Savior… . Did you put off going hunting because of that and went to the room with Diana?”

Leia, who was next to Sarah, also looked at salvation with disappointing eyes.
Angel. Please don’t look at me with those eyes. I’m not talking about mind-attacking when I tell you to hit it hard.

To the two of us, do I and Diana look like friendly faces after a quick match?
The two had a huge misunderstanding.
Diana was naturally clinging to me because of the pats, so it may have looked like that.
Besides, Diana’s original strength is weak, so even saying that she beats others is at a level that seems like a nuisance.

“Oh, no! Misunderstanding!”

Diana screamed as she hurriedly fell from salvation.

“Diana. So, making a loud noise in a place like this… .”
“For whom!”

“… Would you like to explain first?”

“It’s all about the Potts guy.”

Salvation decided to blame all the sins on Potts.

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The party, who passed the crisis safely with the effect of the Potts Shield, headed back to the secret dungeon, also known as the ant den.
If you take the lessons from yesterday’s failure and plan your strategy properly, this ant den was a better hunting ground than anywhere else. All you have to do is defeat the enemies that keep coming in like a wave of monsters, and it’s easy to escape when you’re away.

Even if it was a strategy, I didn’t think of anything grandiose.
Just Sarah, Diana, and Leia are at the entrance, and salvation is all about using the proclamation of sanctuary to advance to the extent that they cannot reach Seth.
Even if you can adjust the scope of the declaration of sanctuary, if you reduce the scope, there may be monsters that do not reach the sanctuary and escape to the rear.
Therefore, it is calculated that it is better to use the proclamation of sanctuary as far away from salvation as possible.
And Diana decided to create a light to only illuminate the field of vision, and not to support attack magic.
There was no need to attack Diana unless it was meant to be cleared at once.
So Diana’s mission was limited to illuminating the field of vision, holding the mosquito’s tail and opening the passage as soon as the salvation signaled it.

After talking with the party up to there, Salvation opened the path to the ant den again.
Unlike yesterday, as soon as Salvation took the lead and went down, suddenly the ants began to run fiercely.
what, what this. Why are you doing this as a group?
Come to think of it, the answer was simple. Those who were affected by Sanctuary yesterday rushed in as soon as they saw salvation. Their current condition is similar to that of Kate, who was left in estrus for a day.
Seeing the ant monsters glow, Guwon felt a little sorry for Kate.
If you are left unattended all day, this is the level
Vanessa was at a high level, so she was fine.

Anyway, you can’t beat them one by one here.
Salvation first ran towards the center of this space.
And surrounded by ants, a fierce bloody battle ensued.

It fights the ants in moderation, and when the spirit is consumed, it sends a signal to Diana to open the passage and escape.
Then, while resting, when all of the spirit is restored, it goes back to the ant den.
It’s a very simple yet effective routine.
And since our party recovers the spirit quickly, the efficiency has risen even more.

“By the way, Diana. When delivering mana, do you really have to stick to it like this?”

“It’s all right, isn’t it! So, do you like this body and it looks like it’s attached to you?”

right? thank God. I’m really happy.
Of course, it’s absolutely not that Diana didn’t like it.
Beside me, Leia older sister treats me and pats me, and in front of me, Diana clings to me. Rather, it is a happy moment. No matter how resting, it’s a happy moment that makes you wonder if you can have such a happy experience while hunting. but… .
Sarah. eyes are scary
This is the reason why Salvation bothered to ask Diana.
It turned out that he wasn’t just flirting, he was acting out of necessity, so he couldn’t even interfere, and Sarah just stared at salvation.
And, I’m still very jealous, but it seems to be getting stronger as time goes on.

Anyway, after hunting in the ant den like that, I returned to the inn.
Since I can hunt efficiently, I thought that there was no need to hunt until late at night like before, so the time to finish the hunt was a little earlier than usual.

At the restaurant, I ran into Potts again, who was still bruised.
Did he not recover yet, or did he suffer from Kate again in the meantime?
Maybe Kate, you’re having more of a relationship with Potts than usual or something to avoid being suspicious?
Anyway, looking at that figure, it seems that the hunting wasn’t done well, and then it just goes up, isn’t it?
Then Kate would follow suit.
If possible, I’d like to speak properly with Kate again before that.
If they go upstairs, you never know when you will see them again like this.
If so, Kate will probably stop dating Potts, and everything she’s been working on will be in vain.

But without having to worry about that, Kate’s decision was made much earlier than she thought of salvation.
That decision was triggered by a single word from Potts.

“I have to go upstairs first.”

“What do you mean?”

After spending a dark night with Diana, Gukwon came down to the restaurant first.
In the dining room, Potts was still chewing soup.
As soon as he saw salvation, he said it proudly without even asking.

“Because my Kate loves me so much these days. I can’t. If you don’t go upstairs and make sure you love him.”

Even in this situation, he seemed to want to brag about his relationship with his girlfriend.
In fact, the girlfriend hesitated, unable to make eye contact with Gu-won, and was startled by Potts’ remarks.

“awhile. Potts. Are you going upstairs?”

In the past, I would have given them a pint glass in front of others, but now the reaction was that that wasn’t the problem.

“okay. Don’t do this in a place like this, let’s go upstairs and get serious. Isn’t that better for Kate?”

“That, that… uh, uh… .”

“I knew it would too.”

The gnome smiled contentedly, then looked at salvation as if to say something.
how about what Do you get that expression when you see that reaction?
Kate As soon as she says she’s going upstairs, she’s paying close attention to me. It’s a reaction that no one sees who doesn’t want to get away from me. no. Being with you before that was an awkward reaction. keep an eye on it
But Potts was exhausted, and he didn’t seem to notice if he wasn’t paying attention to Kate’s face, or if he was just stupid.

“okay… . Whatever it is or not.”

No, I think it’s just stupid. Maybe the eyes are just decorations.
If this guy had eyes too, he would have seen three skinny guys hanging out by my side all the time.
No, Sara and Diana have their faces covered, so I understand.
But didn’t you see our angel’s face clearly?
Do you want to brag about your relatively ordinary girlfriend to someone who goes with such a beautiful woman?
It’s garbage, but he’s a guy who can’t help but admit that one pod of beans.
The more I like Kate like that, the more painful it will be.

By the way, what do you do from now on?
If they just go up like this, there’s really no way for them to meet Kate as a salvation.
I’d like to have a proper conversation with Kate and make a decision.
Either way.
If Kate says she won’t help, that means you need to revise the plan and move on.
I don’t want to make a decision quickly.

“… Hey.”

But it seems that it was Kate who was more anxious than salvation.
When Guwon got up to stop by the bathroom for a while while eating, Kate immediately followed and called Guwon, as if he was watching the timing.


“That, that… that… I’m going up today.”

Kate opened her mouth, hesitating as if it was difficult to speak out.

“Huh. I heard it before. Were you there at that time?”

But Salvation answered coldly.
It is a situation where the opportunity for salvation that anyone has been looking for has come. But in times like these, you have to be more cool. Do not lose control.

“That… Aren’t you urging me?”

You are the one who postponed the decision until now.
What are you talking about now?
But, contrary to his inner feelings, salvation was spit out casually.

“Huh? why me?”

“Ha, but… If I don’t help you like this, you… ..”

“Not at all. Of course, with your help, it’s easier to get him to fall into despair, but if it doesn’t work, it’s okay to go ahead with other plans. If you go upstairs anyway, it will be difficult to meet you this often. I will assume that you rejected my offer and move on.”

Seeing Kate’s reaction to see the liver, Guwon calmly spoke.
I’ve told him most of the facts, but the first time we had a relationship, I completely fell into a trap.
Because I felt sorry for that, I watched it once. Even though I didn’t make a decision last time, I was in a relationship.
But not twice. I can’t be dragged around like this any longer.

“… that, like that… . that, yes Then only once. Please contact me one more time. Then make sure you decide… .”

Perhaps my reaction was unexpected, Kate mumbled with a slightly annoyed expression on her face.
Seeing that reaction, I only thought it was the same.
It was his intention to continue his relationship with me by dragging him along without making a decision.
Was it a failure to have a relationship without payment for once out of regret?
Because the human heart is a deceitful law.
That would be the best if you could keep getting pleasure without paying anything.

“If you do it just one more time, there is no end to it.”

Even though he was aware that his gaze on Kate was getting colder and colder, Guwon said calmly.
I’ve done enough.
He told me the truth before I dealt with Potts and gave him a choice.
I think the only thing I did wrong to him was that I made up for it enough.
So there’s no need to drag around

“Ha, but… . okay. If you satisfy me now, instead… .”

It seemed that Kate was trying to get more involved with me anyway, but her voice got quieter as she realized that my expression was getting colder.

“instead… .”

“Whew… . If you can’t make up your mind, let’s end this discussion.”

Looking at Kate like that, Guwon said calmly.

“I don’t know why you were so worried in the first place. I thought I had a pretty good deal.”

“… It’s natural to worry! Oh, no matter how good the pleasure you give me, no matter how trash Potts, my own killing… !”

… … Yeah? no. awhile. I beg your pardon?

“Come on, wait. What are you talking about? Murder?”

“You said it! I promise to let that person face the pain of betrayal by a loved one. Aren’t you telling me to kill him with my own hands that he loves?!”

“Oh, no! Oh must!”

What the hell are you misunderstanding? He’s trying to turn people into garbage.
Borrowing someone else’s hand to kill No matter how much I try, I don’t want to involve people who are unrelated to that extent.

“Oh, misunderstood? What does that mean?”

“What do you mean? It literally means I never thought of murder. I mean, just act like you’re having an affair with me and just scratch Potts’ nerves. Then Potts, who doesn’t like you, won’t go crazy?”

“Ah, that… .”

Kate also realized that she had made a mistake, so she blushed slightly and gave a puzzled expression on her face.
It was kind of weird! As long as you already have a relationship with me and want to continue it, even if you don’t have to worry about it that much!

“Sigh… so. I’ll ask you one last time. Are you going to do it or not?”

“I mean, if I really do that, I’m going to keep having a relationship until my cravings are satisfied?”

“no. Anyway, it can’t be forever. I can’t be tied down forever. But at least until Potts is dealt with. What do you think? Not a bad suggestion, is it?”

Who is he trying to tie up?
Anyway, you can’t put up a condition of indefinitely.

“Ugh… . Joe, good. your suggestion. I’d like to accept it. Do I really only need to scratch the inside of him while having a relationship with you like this?”

“okay. Sometimes he even gives out tea in a plausible way on purpose. Oh, there will be times when my side wants a relationship with you. To scratch Potts’ stomach at the right time. You can get pleasure too, so will you accept that order?”

Thinking that the plan was finally making progress, Guwon said with a bright smile.
I asked the question in the form of a question, but I already knew the answer even if I didn’t have to listen to it.
Kate will never turn down when salvation wants it.
Even when I mistakenly thought that the conditions were to kill Potts, I was so worried.
There is no escape from my relationship.
Even though I was slightly chilled out by the saint’s ability to give so much pleasure to an ordinary person, even thinking about murder, I didn’t show my inner feelings on the outside.

“good. I accept that condition.”

“Good. Then I will satisfy you once as a commemoration of the fulfillment of the conditions.”

“Yeah? Now, wait a minute. here?”

“okay. From here. Didn’t you just insist on satisfying me just one more time? do not worry. It doesn’t take long to satisfy one of you.”

Guwon put his hand on Kate’s skirt and immediately lowered the panties.

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Kate wanted my pleasure like that, but she wasn’t in heat.
As proof of that, I didn’t feel soggy even when I took my panties down and put my hands on my vagina. I’d say it’s just a little wet?
I wasn’t in estrus, but if I break up like this, I don’t know when I’ll meet again, so I guess that’s why I was so impatient.
In the end, Potts’ decision to go upstairs to focus on Kate became poison for Potts.
Potts. I hope you are fully anticipating the pain you will feel from now on.
That wouldn’t be the blood of the new feet of pain Sarah felt, but I’ll do my best to make you suffer as much as I can.

Gu-gu grabbed Kate’s hand and dragged him into the men’s bathroom.
After all, it was already confirmed that there was no one there when I just finished work. Since the number of male adventurers is quite small, it is very rare that there are people in the men’s restroom in the first place. It also helps in this way.
Guwon went into one of the bathrooms and took off Kate’s panties, which had gone down to her thighs.
what about this You can’t put it on the bathroom floor. … Just put it in your pocket.
When Guguo shoved Kate’s panties into his pocket and tried to spread his legs, Kate resisted weakly.

“Come on, wait a minute. If you do it here, you can wash it properly… .”
“What do you need to wash? There is no rice inside anyway.”

Of course, I plan to reveal everything to Potts in the end, but we must not let Potts find out about this relationship yet.
Wouldn’t it be more painful to gnaw at the mind of a metallurgist little by little?
First of all, I’m just trying to make you suspect that Kate is cheating on you little by little.
But I can’t be sure, so it’s only going to be a psychologically uncomfortable situation.
If I wrap it inside, Kate’s level will rise, and then, of course, Potts will find out.
So I hadn’t thought of putting it inside Kate yet.

“Open your legs.”

No matter how much he wanted pleasure on his own, he would never have dreamed of suddenly having sex in the men’s bathroom like this.
Kate was hesitant, but in the end she gently spread her legs.
Have you ever wanted so much pleasure?
Because the power of a true saint is great.

“Heh! haha! Uh, why are you doing so well… !”

Just caressing her pussy, and Kate trembled at her knees in a funny way. It seems that it is already difficult to stand up.
But what about this? I don’t intend to end it like this.
you said It shows you a pleasure you’ve never felt before. I want you to feel the pleasure you so desperately wanted.
But it couldn’t last long. Gu Gu-do originally came to see what to do in the bathroom. If you say you’ve done something big, you can be fooled to some extent, but that will only work to a certain extent.
If you want to create a strong feeling of pleasure in a short period of time, there must be no other way.
So Guwon covered Kate’s mouth with one hand and immediately used the saint’s hand weakly.


That alone brought Kate to a light climax.
Kate did not fall to the floor, leaning on Gum-gu, but her expression softened as she shook and trembled.
But salvation didn’t even give Kate a chance to sink into the afterglow of her climax.
Immediately, he lifted one of Kate’s legs and placed his object on Kate’s pussy.

“Come on, wait… . Right now!”

As soon as it was put in, Kate experienced a second climax. This is the so-called multiple orgasm.
Unlike men, whose sage time comes once it’s cheap, it seems that women can reach their climax many times in a row.
Let me tell you about the joy of being born as a woman.

“Hey! Whoops! ha ha! Hey!”

Every time salvation shrugged, Kate climaxed surprisingly simply.
Anyway, isn’t this too easy?
As long as the two of us hunt alone in this area, he won’t be that much of a level difference from us.
When I checked Kate’s level using the analyzer, it still wasn’t much different from salvation. Rather, compared to Diana and Leia, the level was high.
Still, Kate climaxed too easily.
Is it because you’re not used to doing things with me more than my kids? If not, is there something else?
Anyway, if it’s this simple, I’m comfortable.
Kate couldn’t resist at the back of salvation, and just sobbed.
But then, I heard someone coming into the bathroom.

“cadet. Hey. Salvation. are there?”

It was Potts.
The boy looked for salvation in the bathroom with an annoying voice.


Hearing that voice, Kate, who had been sobbing with pleasure until then, hastily covered her mouth and desperately silenced the sound.
Oh oh. long obstruction. Are you aware that you too have to play Potts’s lover?
no. If I just find out now, is it because I can no longer enjoy my pleasures?

“Huh? Potts? Why?”

“no. One of your co-workers asked you to go to the bathroom and take a look at how not coming. what are you doing Are you constipated?”

This has turned into a funny situation.
Originally, I had only thought of this sex as paying Kate a contract fee, regardless of Potts.
Now that the situation is like this, shall we use it for a bit?
Of course, Potts won’t suffer or suffer because he can’t be caught by Potts right now, but what kind of expression will he make when he finds out later?
Guwon smiled softly in his heart and slowly shook his back.
Kate opened her eyes and shook her head desperately, but Guwon did not stop moving.

“uh. I need to wrap it up quickly, but it doesn’t come out well.”

It’s not a big deal, but it’s the amount of money that salvation speaks of.

“What kind of constipation are you an adventurer? Isn’t health our greatest strength?”

He didn’t leave the bathroom even after confirming that there was salvation.
It looked like he was about to urinate.

“You looked like you were about to die.”

“Yeah. you. This is proof of love. men and horses. proof of love. Isn’t that proof that Kate wanted me that much?”

haha. proof of love are playing
The girl who said she wanted you like that is right next to you and flirting with me.
Salvation still moved her waist back and forth.
No matter how slowly you move your back, the gurgling and ringing sound of Kate’s vagina isn’t completely gone.
It’s so small that you won’t hear it if you don’t pay attention, but from Kate’s point of view, it’s bound to be a concern. Kate was trying to reduce the sound, so she tightened her vagina.
Five. what. You can do it if you make up your mind to do it. So it’s a little bit better Yes, but not for our kids.

“By the way, it should be done really quickly. Would you mind if I put a little more effort into it?”

While saying that, Guwon gave strength to her waist and pushed Kate tight.
Kate covered her mouth with both hands and seemed to be trying to endure it, but eventually reached a climax again with the movement of salvation by rubbing the ends.
It culminated with a loud squirt of water with a squeak, but Kate still covered her mouth tightly so that no voice could escape.
She’s a tough girl.

“Why are you asking me that? nastily.”

“Anyway, I’ll go cheap, so ask me to wait a little longer.”


I heard Potts urinating and leaving the bathroom.
Even after Potts had left, Kate, who was half-excited with pleasure, still kept her mouth shut.
When I tapped her hand to make a gesture that it’s OK to speak now, Kate looked at me and said,

“Ugh. Now, wait a minute. Anyway, oh oh oh!”

“Huh? What did you say?”

“Hey. Do it, Hae-eung-ak.”

Kate had reached a big climax and tried to say something even with her tongue completely loose, but Guwon cut the conversation cleanly.

“sorry. I don’t know what to say.”

Instead, he began to hit his back harder.
Kate, who tried to say more, gave up in the end and just sobbed, clinging to salvation.

And after shaking her back like that for about 10 more minutes, Kate’s reaction weakened.
His body trembled as he breathed heavily and harshly, but the strength in his limbs was noticeably weakened, and his moans diminished.
It’s as if they don’t have the strength to make a sound anymore.
this. I’m not even cheap yet. If your partner finds it too easy, this is your problem.
But hey, I can’t help it.
Gu Guo lifted his hips one more time, finally making Kate feel climax, and then pulled out the thing.

As Gu-gu pulled out an item and fell, Kate, leaning against the door, slipped and fell to the floor.
did you do it too badly
But it was Kate who wanted pleasure that no one else could feel.
I just did what I wanted.

“Kate? OK? Wake.”

As Gugumin shook Kate’s body lightly, light began to slowly return to Kate’s completely unfocused eyes.

“Wow, here… .”

It seems that consciousness suddenly flew away.
Kate, who looked around and looked around, seemed to remember the current situation after seeing salvation.

“I felt like I lost my mind, so I finished it my own way. What do you think? Are you satisfied with this?”

“Yeah… . how it really goes… awhile. Wrap-up?!”

Kate was startled and quickly put her finger on her pussy.

“Alas. do not worry. I haven’t bought it yet.”

At the words of salvation, Kate sighed in relief.

“what? that reaction? It’s like a reaction that something big will happen if you get caught? Do you have a strong sense of responsibility for your promises?”

“Hey, this is… Sigh. As I continue acting as a lover with that man, I am also reflexively like this sometimes. From the moment I found out that I was a murderer in a rape horse, I completely fell in love.”

indeed. Is it just a conditional reflex?

“More than that… .”

Kate’s gaze turned to the object of salvation that was still standing stiffly.
what. Are you going to ask for more?

“You must be satisfied too, right?”

As Kate said that, she tried to spread her legs apart.

“no. I have to do a lot more to get cheaper. let’s just get over here. After all, today’s purpose was to satisfy you. Are you satisfied?”

To be honest, I’m not bored, and I’ll probably be able to eat it right away if Kate gives her a deep blowjob here.
But I said that on purpose.
To show that in return for your help, I can do this.

“Ha, but yes… .”

It was just a show, but Kate seemed impressed enough by my actions.

“Just keep it clean. I can’t get out of this state.”

To be honest, it’s not just about cleaning things up. From the things of salvation to the whole lower body, they were drenched in the love fluid that Kate spewed out.
But Kate stuck out her tongue at the object of salvation in front of her and licked it meticulously.
It was like I was completely taken prisoner by my stuff.
Well, this will make Kate more cooperative, so it’s a win-win.

“It’s over. Wake up, I’ll clean you too.”

Guwon pulled Kate up and pulled out Kate’s panties that she had put in her pocket.

“Come on, wait a minute!”

“I can’t help it. The only thing I’m going to clean up is this. Or is there anything else?”

Huh. The fact is. I mean, it’s a bathroom. Shouldn’t there be something to clean after it’s cheap?
However, Kate was silent without pointing to the tissue hanging on the wall next to it, probably because her head was not spinning properly due to the afterglow of pleasure.
After thoroughly wiping away the liquid flowing down Kate’s legs with his panties, Guo Won put them back on Kate.


After pulling it up tight enough to dig in, I rubbed the middle for a while, and the shape of Kate’s pussy was clearly visible through her soaked panties.
It would be interesting if Potts saw this.
At this level, Kate would be able to pretend that she was not satisfied with what she did with you, so she even masturbated.

“Good. perfect with this then go first Anyway, it would be weird if we went out at the same time.”

“Yeah… . Oh, that, and… .”


“Appointment… You must keep it.”

“That is it.”

Kate once again swore to the salvation and went outside.
Satisfied that the plan was going well, Guo pulled out a towel and a change of clothes from his inventory.
Of course I don’t go out like this. My pants got soaked, what excuse do I have I can’t say that I urinated like a child.
After washing his body with a wet towel, Guwon changed clothes and left the bathroom.

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Even after I uploaded it, I was writing it on fire.



“… You are quite late.”

“Oh sorry. It took a long time to pack. Constipation?”

Salvation skillfully answered.
I have to tell Sarah what’s going on, so I’ll have to tell the truth later, but I couldn’t be honest in front of Diana and Leia.
You’ve changed clothes anyway, so if you take off the shichimi, you won’t be caught.
Usually annoying… no. Sticking to my own fashion philosophy, picking all the clothes in the same color and the same shape and putting them in my inventory would be helpful in this way.

“You are eating, what does that mean!”

At the eloquent words of salvation, Diana slammed for salvation! made a face
Look. Diana, who saw me in my clothes this morning, didn’t even notice.

“Constipation… Salvation? Please come here.”

Leia put a light on her hand with a serious expression and began to gently rub her belly button.
nu, nun. If you rub the bottom like that, my son, whom I barely killed, will react again… .

“Uh, um.”

After I did that, I didn’t really wrap it, so a lively thing rose with the force to pierce my pants.
Reina widened her eyes as if a little startled, then turned her gaze away in shame and said.

“Oh, Goo Guwon is also true. Not yet. Please wait until night.”

Still, the hand that caressed her lower abdomen did not stop.
It seems that the act itself is pure and kind, but somehow it felt bewitching to salvation.
am i weird?

“Well, wouldn’t the constipation be better by then?”

When Leia did not stop her hand caressing the belly of salvation, Diana spoke in a slightly anxious voice.

“Yeah? uhm. How about Salvation? What do you think?”

that, that Of course I wish I could do more. Put your hand a little lower than that… .
Did you hear the voice of salvation? Leia really started moving her hands down.
Salvation almost lost her reason for desire, but she suddenly felt a sense of incongruity.
Even though other people have said that, is our angel not shy and act more proactively?

“Huh! It’s okay, it’s okay! I think I’m fine!”

When I looked at Leia, her eyes were starting to glow a little.
It was dangerous. I mean, it seems that our angels are getting more and more prone to falling into the state of a nine tail fox these days.

“… But salvation.”

Sarah, who had been silent until then, suddenly opened her mouth.
Even after flirting with Leia like this, the fact that the jealous Sarah hadn’t stopped her yet came to mind, making salvation even more unsettling.
Have you ever heard of it? no. We’ll talk about it later anyway. However, it would be difficult if Sarah exploded in this place.
Guwon glanced at Kate reflexively.
Kate had an awkward smile on her face while talking to Potts, and continued to caress her skirt uncomfortablely.
Apparently, he continued eating without changing his soaked panties.

“Yes? What is it?”

“How many arrows are left now? If it’s not enough, I think I’ll have to buy more before I go hunting.”

However, contrary to the premonition of salvation, Sarah seemed to be thinking about hunting steadily.
Huh. what. I was just worried

“Ah. That’s right. It might be good to supplement a little.”

The downside of hunting in the anthill is that you don’t have time to dig up magic stones from the corpses.
Of course, there is no time to retrieve the arrow.
After all, he was earning enough money from magic herbs and the cost of renting a 1st-tier teleport location, so he was hunting in the anthill, giving priority to growth rather than earning.

“Then let’s go quickly.”

“Huh. OK.”

It is natural, but salvation must also follow.
If you don’t have an inventory, you can’t move all those arrows.

“Hmm. This body will follow.”

“Huh? no. OK. I’ll be right here, so stay here. You’ll have to climb up to buy a lot of arrows anyway, so there’s no need to bother following them.”

It’s not that there aren’t any places selling arrows on the second floor, but if you want to buy in bulk, it’s better to go upstairs.

“no. It’s not particularly troublesome.”

“Yeah, yes. Together… .”

“It’s okay. I’ll be right back.”

Leaving Diana and Leia, who were trying to follow them, in the inn on the second floor, Salvation and Sarah went up to the city.
And as soon as she came upstairs, suddenly Sarah opened her mouth.

“… so. What did you do in the bathroom?”

“… Huh?”

In the surprise attack, Gujang was momentarily unable to understand what Sarah was saying.

“What did you do with her?”

Wow, Sarah knew what I was doing with Kate in the bathroom.
How? Even Diana, who came out with me this morning, didn’t even notice.

“You have been in the bathroom for quite some time, and she has been in the bathroom for quite a while, just like her. Did you think I wouldn’t notice even if I saw it?”

Come to think of it, there is one thing that makes Sarah different from the other kids.
It’s just that I know Kate’s relationship.
In other words, even in situations that may not seem suspicious to others, Sarah sees them as suspicious.
Salvation was perplexed for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure.
okay. I was going to talk anyway, so now is my chance to be alone with Sarah.

“Actually, there was progress in the plan again. Kate finally agreed to cooperate. So now the Potts… Sa, Sarah?”

As soon as Guwon admitted that he had something to do with Kate, suddenly Sarah grabbed his hand and started running.
Sara arrived at the inn right in front of the guild.
Sarah, without saying a word, dragged him to the inn, and laid him down as if tossing him on the bed.
… uh? This is kind of deja vu… . Come to think of it, this inn… .

“Tell me.”

“What, what?”

“I did it to her. everything without any exception. in details.”

Saying that, Sarah took off all her clothes and roughly stripped off the clothes of salvation.

“He, Kate, agreed to cooperate, and in return he made me feel pleasure. Plus, for future plans, Kate needs to get used to doing things with Potts in the presence of Potts. So Potts did it in the bathroom next door.”

“so. How did you act?”

It seemed that he was more curious about the way Guwon had a relationship with Kate rather than the progress of Sarah’s work.

“So, first I caressed my pussy… .”

Then Sarah took the hand of salvation and led her into her own grave.
Sarah’s face was angry with jealousy, but her pussy was slightly wet.

“Touch the same. Whoops! He, and?”

When asked to do the same, salvation slightly used the saint’s hand.
Sarah’s eyes seemed to open for a moment with the sudden pleasure, but she gave strength to her eyes again, looked at salvation, and asked what she had done next.

“Once Kate has reached her climax, she doesn’t give up and immediately inserts… .”

After hearing the word of salvation, Sarah immediately climbed on top of salvation and inserted herself to the end at once.

“Heh heh!”

As if she could not continue talking this time, Sarah fell on the body of salvation as soon as she inserted it, shaking her body.
But Sarah’s will was not broken.

“Gee, keep doing the same… .”

“really? are you okay? Kate is a bit rough to melt it down… .”

“Because it’s okay!”

At Sarah’s cry, I thought that salvation was going to go ahead.
He grabbed Sara’s body, which had not yet gone away from the aftermath of the climax, and pushed her back strongly as it was.
Sarah was at a loss for what to do with the pleasure that kept coming in without even knowing it.
Do you like to be rough like this? He seemed to be feeling more than usual.
When I saw that, I felt like I wanted to continue tormenting her without stopping, but I was enduring even after doing that with Kate as well as salvation. The limit came much sooner than usual.

“Sara. I slowly… .”

“Hey, what did you do to that girl?!”

Ah, even though you feel this way, you cling to it until the end. It couldn’t have been more of a commitment.

“It wasn’t cheap when I was with him. It was unilaterally satisfying and it was over.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Sarah’s face at the answer of salvation.

“then. Then like this… .”

Even if I didn’t say it, I thought so.
Gu Guo responded to the coming ejaculation and made a last minute spurt.

“Salvation! Salvation! Salvation! Bake it!”

Sarah called out the name of salvation several times, and reached a climax once again at the same time as the circumstances of salvation.
Lying down over the body of salvation, Sarah gave him a loving gaze.

“Am I better off?”

“Yeah, of course. sound natural.”

In response to salvation’s answer, Sarah said with a bashful smile.

“Why aren’t you cheap when you’re with her?”

“Hey what… For some reason.”

Salvation was a little flimsy.
Rather than answering that it was to give Kate a little more confidence, I thought it would be better to pretend like this and make Sarah think whatever she wants.
As expected of salvation, Sarah nodded as if understanding.

“Then, after you’ve done it with her, please come to me. It’s impossible to tell other people, and it’s painful to say that salvation is not cheap, right?”

“No, but… .”

“Anyway, you have to tell me how things are going with her. Or what? Are you going to hide it from me?”

“no. No way. ok I’ll report it to you as soon as I’m done with Kate.”

“good. You have to tell her every single thing you did to her.”

Sara smiled contentedly, and for some reason her vagina had been tightened.
… Maybe this is because Sarah woke up to a dangerous taste.

“But that woman is too. To leave him standing like this just because he was satisfied with himself.”

“It’s because I was completely stunned. But lick it at the end… .”

Before the words of salvation could be finished, Sarah lifted her waist and pulled out the object of salvation, crawled down and grabbed the object of salvation.

“Come on, wait. Sarah. I’m not trying to pull it out, just to make it clean… .”

Despite the words of salvation, in jealousy, Sarah strongly sucked in the things of salvation.
In the end, salvation ejaculated in Sarah’s mouth once more.

“Why are you so late!”

“sorry! Apparently, the store in front of the guild ran out of arrows. It was late because I was looking for another store.”

Salvation hastily made excuses, but Diana did not lift her suspicions.

“Are you really just buying arrows?”

“That, then. Then what else have we been doing?”

The words of salvation that were stabbed in the eyes grew longer.
So it must have been more suspicious.
Behind Diana, Leia, who was still not very good, became even sadder.

“Savior… .”

Leia, who came so gently approaching Gu-Wo, started stroking Gu-Woo’s lower abdomen just like before.
Le, your sister Leia? Wasn’t my constipation treatment already over?
Salvation was bewildering, but at that moment, an assumption flashed through my mind.
this, this… .
I felt the back of my back wet with cold sweat.
I think our angel is unlikely to be like that, but what if, in a rare case, that’s the case now?
Salvation immediately made a decision and activated the skill. He doesn’t mention it often, but in fact, it’s the skill he uses the second most after the touch of a saint.
go! Self-esteem revived!
The item of salvation rose in an instant with momentum to pierce the pants.
Seeing that, the angel returned with his usual warm expression.

“Yeah. It seems like nothing happened.”

Leia was really making sure that salvation was right when she did the same thing as before.
Dude, angel! Was I that ugly?!
no what… It’s true that I came here with Sarah, so I don’t have anything to say even with ten mouths.
Even so, even our angels seemed to have a bad perception, so Salvation fell into sorrow without even thinking about what he had done.

But there was no time to be so sad.
Because for some reason Diana and Sara had angry expressions on their faces.

“You were like that before you went to buy arrows! Did you say you weren’t satisfied with what you did with this body last night?!”

“uh?! Oh no. not that.”

“Really. Aren’t you sorry for your Diana?”

Sarah seems to feel the same way. No, Sarah seems to be more proud of herself since she has just been doing it. But since I can’t say that I’ve just done it, I set out to support Diana.
Ah-oh. I can’t say that it was built with skills.

“No way! I’m so happy with Diana! Diana is the best! I want to do more, but I can’t do it because I don’t have time!”

He cried out in such a way that salvation would come as it should be.

“Hey, what are you talking about in a place like this!”

Those words seemed to have worked well for Diana.
Diana shouted to Gu-gu in shame, but her anger had subsided.
But Sarah didn’t.

“Diana is the best… .”

Oh no. It’s because you even fired support shots at Diana.
Salvation felt like it was going to die of shame.

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But an opportunity arose for salvation to rectify the situation.
It’s an opportunity called Potts.

“I said, ‘What is so disturbing? what is salvation is it you again If you can’t, you will suffer… .”
“Turn it off.”

“Yes, yes!”

Potts, who was presumptuously trying to meddle when he saw the rescue party making a fuss, was immediately crushed when he heard Sarah’s bloody voice.
Sara really wants to kill that guy, so the life in her voice wasn’t a joke. It seems that no matter how ignorant the port is, he cannot afford to live like that.

“Distinguish between wearing and not wearing.”

“I think our Mr. Guwon is much more capable than that one.”

And it was followed by the concentrated fire of our female team.
Sara, it is natural to say harsh words right away, but even our angel was merciless to Potts, who only saw his face a few times.
And Guwon did not miss the golden opportunity, and immediately spoke to Potts.
Anyway, if you talk to this idiot, he’ll give you back right away.
The best way to calm internal strife is to create a common enemy on the outside.

“You say you’re going up, so why aren’t you here yet?”

“I decided to stay here a little longer. Our kind-hearted Kate took care of our pockets.”

Saying so, Potts wrapped his arms around Kate’s waist and hugged him next to him.
In fact, Kate glanced at the salvation with a look that Potts was uncomfortable with.
indeed. Is it like that? It’s a pocket thing… .
It’s been a while since they promised to cooperate, and it seems that Kate has already done what she’s done right.

“After all, men have to meet women well. such a fear… .”

Potts looked into Sarah’s eyes in the middle and swallowed what he was saying.
With her hood pressed deep, Sara’s face can only be seen at the lower part of her nose, but she’s also an adventurer. I don’t think I can feel such an intense life.
But the four girls you met well, the underwear you’re wearing right now is soaking wet by another man.
There is a possibility that he had changed clothes, but seeing the uncomfortable posture that strangely gathered his crotch, the possibility seemed low.

And perhaps stimulated by hearing Potts’ words, Leia suddenly put her arms around the arm of salvation.
Seeing Leia’s expression looking up at salvation, Guwon intuitively realized the answer.
This moment is an unprecedented opportunity!
He hugged Sarah and Diana with the rest of his arms and pulled them together, and then said salvation confidently.

“That’s it. In that sense, I met women really well.”

“Savior… .”

Again, the act of salvation was the correct answer.
Leia smiled happily and came closer to the arm of salvation.
Salvation was also happy.
It’s never just because of the great feel it feels on your arm. Just looking at that smile makes me happy.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t need this wonderful touch. Rather, it is very necessary. become a vital force for living. I love you, Miss Leia.

“Women… .”

“Uh, uh. She’s not a good woman. I don’t know when I became your woman, though.”

Sarah and Diana complained a little, but they didn’t want to fall away from salvation.
‘Cause it’s cute anyway

“Ugh. Well, by the way, our Kate is the best!”

As Gu Guo wore the three girls and the victor smiled, Potts hugged Kate tighter as if he was not going to lose.
No, that’s because she’s soaking her underwear right now because of me.

“Huh. Is that so?”

As if salvation was no longer worth dealing with, he gave his nose once and left the inn.
stupid guy. I don’t know what Kate is in.
But well, let me thank you for saving my crisis.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll forgive your past.

After hunting in the ant den, Guwon was going to start the next operation right away.
Since I had finished hunting quickly, it was too early to eat right away when I arrived at the inn. So we each enjoyed a little free time.
Of course, Guwon was trying to use that time to work with Kate a little more, but Sarah found out how.

“Salvation. Are you going to meet her from now on?”

“Yes? Huh. Of course, after I did, I was going to tell you too.”

Salvation doesn’t hurt, but I stuttered for nothing.
Even if it was official, it was awkward to declare that I was going to meet another woman like this.
Even though the other person didn’t even talk to each other properly, it’s because Sara is almost dating.

“I know. believe. But where are you going to do it?”

“Huh? What?”

“What? Where are you going to hold that woman? You’re not going to do it in the bathroom again, are you?”

“Yeah, of course I got another room… .”
“Do it in my room.”

“Huh. Yeah? What, what?”

Salvation was bewildered, so the respectful words came out.

“Do it in my room. If you continue to have sex with her in the future, please use my room. Do not worry. When I hear the key being put in the door, I will hide on my own.”

no. Does that mean, you’re proudly declaring that you’re going to spy?

“Anyway, that’s… .”

“why? You’re going to report it to me anyway, so it won’t be a problem if I watch it from the beginning, right? or what? Are you going to do something that you can’t even tell me?”

“No, it’s not like that. You cried before.”

“That, that… It’s okay. This time I can stand it.”

If you’re going to be patient, wouldn’t it be better not to look at it in the first place?
Those words lingered in my throat, but never came out of my mouth.
Looking at Sarah’s passionate gaze, it was not likely that she could break her stubbornness.


Reluctantly, Salvation nodded and went to Potts.
I couldn’t find him in the restaurant, but he seems to have a pretty short hunting time, so he’ll be back at this time.
It would be nice if you weren’t wandering around town.
Fortunately, he was in the room.

“Who are you… Oh.”

As Gu Guo knocked on Potts’ door, Kate opened the door.

“Huh? Salvation? What’s going on?”

Potts had just washed up and stood in the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist.
Guwon, not interested in the man’s body, quickly turned and looked at Kate.

“Huh? Why are you… Ah. I found the wrong room. I was going to the next room.”

Gu Gu-won looked at Kate while trembling like that and subtly shook her head.
Kate seemed to understand the intention of salvation, and with a slightly nervous expression, she nodded subtly.
Stupid Potts, of course, didn’t notice. It seems that Salvation just wandered around in bewilderment.
it’s so slow I don’t know if I can make Kate suspicious of my plans.

“It’s stupid. Can’t you see the number in front of the door?”

Well. Who is really stupid?

“sorry. sorry. look at work.”

Salvation said so and headed to the next room.
Of course, I was just pretending to go. As soon as the door was closed and waiting in the hallway, Kate showed up.

“Is it that?”

“okay. Go.”

Kate, who came out of the room like this with a nervous expression on her face, approached Guwon with a bright smile.
Guwon took Kate straight to Sarah’s room without saying anything else.
Sarah was no longer visible in the room.
Are you hiding in your closet like before?

“But why are you doing this at this hour? Does it mean anything?”

Kate looked at salvation with puzzled eyes.

“Aren’t you still before Potts? No, it was right before I saw it. If you suddenly leave the room at such a time, wouldn’t the Potts find something strange? Of course, I don’t plan on taking so long this time, but such trivial doubts can lead to twists and turns.”

“You have a pretty bad personality too.”

“Huh haha. Saying that doesn’t mean anything to me. Because it is true.”

“Are you going to admit it… .”

“Well, stop joking. I’ll do anything more to get him to hell. He has committed such a crime.”

When I said that this time with a serious expression on her face, Kate nodded her head with something complicated on her face.

“Anyway, you don’t have to take it so seriously. As long as you keep pretending to be lovers with Potts, I’ll take care of the rest of the plans. So you don’t care about that… .”

Guwon took off his pants and underwear while talking.

“I want you to feel the pleasure that you so desire. Are you cooperating with me for that?”

Kate, who was looking at the stiff object of salvation with shaky eyes, as if she had made up her mind, knelt down and put the object of salvation in her mouth.

“Huh? what? If that’s the case, I’m only satisfied with it. do you need it?”

“… In the morning, I was the only one satisfied. First of all, you… .”

“Does that mean that you don’t want to finish it in one go? Is that scary?”

Kate did not respond to the generosity of salvation.
He was just preoccupied with moving his gaze from the eye of salvation to the object and moving his tongue.
Guwon put his hand on Kate’s head and focused on the pleasure felt in the object.
Maybe he had a lot of experience, too, and he was pretty good at sucking.
There was only one dissatisfaction.

“If you’re going to do it with your mouth, I want you to do it right until the end.”

Kate didn’t properly suck the roots.
When Sarah did it, she didn’t have much experience, and the fact that she did it by mouth was enough to satisfy her, so I didn’t force her to swallow it until the end.
But it was dissatisfying that Kate, who would have had a lot of experience, didn’t do it right.
But at the words of salvation, Kate put on a bewildered expression.

“Hey, is this the end?”

“Huh? Why? You must have played a lot against Potts.”

Kate’s expression crumpled slightly when Potts’ name appeared. Do you have a sense of disgust now?
Well, I found out that my boyfriend, whom I thought was kind, was actually a rapist and a murderer, so it was a natural reaction.
When Guo-gu leaned his back once, he concentrated on the object again.

“Well, you mean this is the first time?”

“Is it like this?”

“It’s that big.”

At Kate’s words, Guwon smiled.
He knows this and throws rice cakes to compare with Potts.

“Is it so different from Potts?”

“That, that… Of course! It’s the same as comparing yourself to anyone other than that man.”

Kate didn’t like it because it felt like she was tying herself up just by mentioning Potts’ name, so she wrinkled her expression and dared to say that.

“I know you don’t like it, but if possible, compare it to Potts properly. You have to get used to it, so that you can speak properly in front of Potts later. I feel like I’m practicing.”

“Sigh… Is this some kind of cooperation?”

“Well, that’s it.”

“good. I see. big! Much bigger to you! I can’t swallow anything this big!”

“Are you taller than anyone else?”

“That, so… Po, than Potts… .”

This expression crumpled just by saying the name of Potts.
Besides, I even declared that my goods were far superior.
It was truly a pity that Potts wasn’t here.

“is it. Much bigger to me than Potts. Is the bigger one better?”

“Are you going to continue?”

“Huh. If possible, it would be more rewarding if I added acting so that Potts would be more shocked when he saw it, right?”

“Sigh… Maybe revenge is an excuse, isn’t that a fortress wall? If it doesn’t satisfy you, I’ll take care of it. that, that… Each person is different. Some people get sick when they grow up… .”

Having said that, Kate started acting properly.
what. good job Do you think you have the talent to become an actor?

“I am not asking about ordinary women. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m the right size… .”

Potts act to shock. That said, Kate needs to say with the feeling that she still likes Potts. you know it well
It’s like you’re trying to avoid answering without answering properly.
Guo Guo decided to try acting as if he was really watching Potts in front of him.
Then you can’t just keep avoiding answers like this.
Then maybe it’s good… Good. If you avoid subjective questions, ask multiple choice questions. So that you have no choice but to choose one answer.

“I don’t know how to say that. So, which one is more suitable for Kate, mine or Potts?”

“That, that… .”

When Gu Guo completely blocked the escape route, Kate gave her a properly bewildered expression.
But he bit his lip and opened it again with a hard expression.
Perhaps Kate was willing to give an answer, but to make the situation more dramatic, I hit the player first.

“Don’t even think about lying. If you like Potts, you’re just having an affair with me, who doesn’t feel better than Potts for no reason.”

Hearing the word of salvation, Kate made an expression for a moment, then nodded her head once as if she understood it, then lowered her eyes. And he replied with a look of giving up on everything.

“It’s yours… .”


Guwon smiled contentedly and stroked Kate’s hair.
I want to say this to Potts as well.
It’s really sad that Potts isn’t here.
But I can’t help it. It’s not the time to show Potts yet. Showing Kate like this to Potts is a story that’s a little more prepared.

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