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Kate was really sorry that I didn’t pack in the morning, so she started sucking my stuff even harder.

“I am passionate. Do you want to quickly make one cheap and put this in? Is it better than Potts?”

Kate’s expression changed again.
Even in the midst of excitement, Potts’ name would cool him down, so he had a look on his face to do it in moderation.
I’m sorry, but my purpose is Potts.
After a while, you’ll feel the fullness of pleasure, so I’m asking you to fit in with my practice a little more now.

“Answer me.”

“… Yes. I want to do it.”

Perhaps Kate had completely given up now, and without even trying to evade the answer, she simply admitted it.

“If you want that, you have to do it. Get ready. I’ll give you one foot.”

At the words of salvation, Kate let out a rough sound of water with her mouth and moved her head back and forth faster than before.
Salvation began to ejaculate in Kate’s mouth.
The gift of the saint’s holy water is packed in semen.

“Ugh. Churp. Oops. Whoops! Whoops. gulp. gulp. haha haha haha.”

Due to the lack of practice, the holy water of the saint could not yet properly weaken the effect. Because of this, Kate swallowed the semen of salvation and immediately turned into a hot face and looked up at him.
Gu Gu-gu asked while pressing the tongue that was still wrapped around Kate’s mouth with the object.

“It’s delicious. Is that delicious?”

“No, mahi… .”

As she pressed down on her tongue, which had become extremely sensitive with the saint’s holy water, Kate responded in a slurred tone while shaking her body. It seems to have reached its climax with just the pleasure of being pressed on the tongue.
After pulling out the object, Gu-won put his index and middle fingers into Kate’s mouth, teasing him and tormenting his tongue.
Each time, Kate’s body trembled and the floor between her crotch was soaking wet.

“Then it seems that you are well prepared, so let’s start with this warm-up exercise. Now, shall we move on to the long-awaited main story?”

Guwon took off Kate’s panties and inserted them as they were.
Kate’s drenched pussy gently welcomed even the big savior without any resistance.
As expected, it feels a little lacking compared to our kids, but this time, there is something to enjoy.
Every time Guwon gave strength to her fingers and pressed Kate’s tongue, Kate’s body trembled and tightened her pussy.

As he controlled Kate’s tightening himself, Guwon began to move his waist.
You can try pressing the tongue while pushing it hard, and try pressing the tongue while gently pulling it in. Put it against the end, turn your back round and round, and press the tongue.

As Gu-gu played with Kate’s body, controlling the strength and weakness at anomalous timing, Kate’s face gradually loosened.
The eyes were out of focus, and the tongue was extended to a level where it could be pressed without having to put a finger in the mouth.


“”Johaang! Joha!

“More than anyone?”

Kate seemed to have come to her senses for a moment at that question, but as soon as she raised her finger and ran it gently across her extended tongue, her expression relaxed again.

“More than Potts! Better than Potts!”

Look. Did you make it feel right even when the names of the pots came out?
‘Cause I’m such a man

“Why is it good? Just simply bigger than Potts? Or do you like technique?”

“Everyone! All woo woo woo!”

As if Kate had given up any further resistance once she broke down the wall, Kate let go of her mind and exclaimed in a sweet voice.

“Then tell me right. Who, more than anyone, how do you feel better?”

“Goo, Guwon-san! Than Potts! Much bigger! I feel good because I have good sex too!”

As she shouted that, Kate climaxed with a loud squirt of water.
I asked the question first, but even in this situation, you’re participating in the practice of breaking Potts’ mentality.
Again, I thought it was a good idea to ask him for cooperation.
Guwon asked another mischievous question to Kate, who stared at the air with blank eyes while shaking her body.

“To climax by declaring that another man is so much better than yours. Aren’t you sorry for Potts?”

“I’m sorry, Mihah! Ha, but! Whoops! but feel


“Then apologize to Potts. Right… . From now on, whenever I feel the climax, I apologize to Potts. Do you know what to apologize for?”

Salvation said so and pushed hard on the waist.
Then Kate immediately apologized.

“Mia! Pots, miaaang!”

I couldn’t tell if it was an apology or a moan.

“what? already? Right after I just felt it. Isn’t it too fast?”

Even with the words of salvation, Kate was shaking and trembling and repeating the apology.

“Mia! Mia!”

“You don’t know what I’m sorry about when you say that. Now, tell me what you’re sorry about.”

“It’s different! I feel like a different man, so I’m sorry! I feel better than Potts, more than Potts, Mia!”

Kate had a cold reaction when Potts’ name came out, but as the questions and answers were repeated throughout the feeling, it seemed to get better.
no. It was more than just getting better, it was to the extent that it seemed that he was excited about himself for giving such an immoral answer.
As proof of that, Kate was constantly using the words I’m sorry as a climax signal.
No matter how many times Kate climaxed, Guwon shook her back until she felt a sense of ejaculation in her belongings.

“Mia… . Mia… .”

When the time came for Salvation to feel sorry for herself, Kate drooped as if she didn’t have the strength to scream out loud, and repeated meaningless apologies.
Guwon slowly pulled out an object to ejaculate and was about to put it in Kate’s mouth, but suddenly she remembered Sarah’s victorious smile she had seen in the morning.
Good. Let’s not be cheap now.
Salvation shook Kate to come to her senses.

“Kate. Wake. Kate.”

After shaking it quite a bit, focus gradually returned from Kate’s tears-stained eyes.

“OK? Can you stand?”

“Yes, yes… .”

I felt a continuous pleasure that I would never have experienced with an ordinary person, so I have to drool without the strength to get up normally.
However, when dealing with salvation, healing sex is activated, which greatly recovers whenever it reaches its climax.
There was no way that he couldn’t control his body if he had his mind set properly.

“I… Ah… Alas… .”

Kate raised her torso on the floor, grabbed her face and gave her a look of despair.
He seems to remember clearly what words he had just said.

“Sigh… Sigh… pushing you like this From now on, just hearing that guy’s name will remind me of what I did with you… .”

“That’s fine. Knowing that, Potts’s face would be quite attractive, wouldn’t it?”

“It may be good for your revenge, but it’s not good for my life at all.”

“sorry. sorry. I’ll be more careful in the future. Thanks for cooperating like this though. I didn’t know you would continue to answer my questions even during the climax.”

“That, that… .”

As if it was true that she was excited by such an immoral answer, Kate quickly turned her gaze away with a slightly embarrassed face.

“Anyway, are you going to do this today? What do you think? Are you satisfied enough?”

“… Yes. If I stay here any longer, I think Potts will be suspicious.”

“You can be a little suspicious. He’s so dull, so don’t do this.”

“Well, it is. Sigh. When I taste this kind of pleasure and think well with that man again, I feel a little depressed.”

“sorry. Please continue to cooperate.”

Potts guy. Tomorrow he’s going to say good things about Kate’s satisfaction again, right?
okay. Indulge yourself in such false happiness.
Soon you will never feel that way again.

“I know without saying it. Because there is something I want, so I’m cooperating like this. him, more than you. Again… .”

“Huh? Oh, it’s okay. This time, I was also somewhat satisfied, and the rest is left to our children.”

While saying that, Guwon glanced at the closet.

“But it’s not something you can do right now, is it? I’m sorry that I’m the only one satisfied with this… .”

no. If you go out, you can do it right away.

“OK. Anyway, if I’m going to be satisfied, that’s the end, right? To the point where you can’t even stand properly.”

“That, so… .”

Hearing the word of salvation, Kate gulped and swallowed.

“But if you’re satisfied, wouldn’t it be better to go back soon? I don’t know what excuses you came out with, but Potts would be waiting for you?”

“Ah! That’s right! I’ll go then! Thank you!”

Thank you. Did I forget that this time, I didn’t ask for it, but I called it?
Well, are you thankful that you got pleasure anyway?
Kate hurriedly put on her panties and left the room.
By the way, Kate’s skirt was soaked with love juice because she only took her panties off.
Fortunately, the color of the skirt is dark and she wears a mage’s robe over it, so it’s not impossible that Potts won’t notice, but it’ll be fun if she finds out.
Is he thinking of an excuse?
… What. he’ll figure it out
It’s stupid, and it’s a pot that puts the pods properly. Even if you notice it, you wouldn’t even think in a dream that it was a love liquid.

Rather, if I don’t take care of this.
Guwon still walked towards the closet without even thinking of covering up the stiff items.
When the wardrobe was wide open, Sara was found sitting inside, hugging her knees.
Sarah was staring at salvation with red eyes, whether it was out of anger out of jealousy or something else.
There seemed to be some tears in the corners of his eyes, but it was because of the promise he had made not to cry, and he was barely holding it in, biting his lips.

“It wasn’t cheap this time either. Did you do well?”

“… It was cheap once in the first place.”

“You saw it, so you know. That was unavoidable. Rather, I want you to be proud of the fact that you haven’t been cheap since then.”

Sarah walked out of the closet without answering, and immediately grabbed the savior’s arm and tried to head to the bathroom.
But salvation did not move.
Looking back as if Sarah was doing something, Guwon opened her mouth.
If you don’t check the suspicions you’ve felt since morning.

“So that’s it. I want to buy it right now.”

Saying that, Gu-won held out something shiny with Kate’s love liquid.
He had a brazen expression on his face, but he was really nervous.
Sara, who can inflict damage on me, is my opponent. If you get angry and attack something… .
When he thought of that, Salvation regretted his actions.
It wasn’t like that either. Wouldn’t it be better to say sorry now?

While Salvation was thinking about it, Sarah, who was looking at the shiny object of salvation with worried eyes, cautiously reached out her hand.
So, holding the object of salvation, he slowly shook it up and down.
Thanks to Kate’s love fluid, it glided smoothly, and it felt like applying lotion and stroking my daughter.
Unlike her hard-moving hands, Sarah’s face looked like she was about to cry.

“Another woman is like this… .”

The movement of Sarah’s hand, which had been moving as if she was giving a kiss, changed to a movement as if to wipe Kate’s love fluid from the object of salvation.
Then, as if it was impossible, he knelt down and swallowed the thing of salvation.
Sarah’s soft lips passed through the convex part of the tip and swallowed it up to the middle of the object.
Normally, this was Sarah’s limit.
But Sarah moved her head further there.
this, maybe this… .
And a slightly different texture than just the mouth touched the tip of the object.
Sarah’s neck
Sara moved her head forward in order to swallow all the things of salvation, even with a slight tear in her eyes.

Salvation knew why Sarah was doing this.
You remember what I said to Kate earlier.
Gu-won patted Sarah’s head with a thrilled expression, and Sarah looked at Gu-won with a certain expression.

“After all, you are the best.”

At the words of salvation, Sarah made a satisfied expression and shook her head back and forth.
Salvation, which had already reached the state of being on the verge of being wrapped up while working with Kate, was immediately signaled.

“buy it!”

At the cry of salvation, Sara bit the object only to the middle, and strongly stimulated the tip with her tongue.
Are you going to take it by mouth again?


As expected of Salvation, even when Salvation ejaculated, Sarah continued to stimulate the tip and did not remove the object from her mouth.
Sara, who is particularly sensitive to leveling up, seems to be especially affectionate when she does this, so Guwon looked at her with a crazy expression.

However, Sarah had a somewhat dissatisfied expression on her face.
He was still biting the things of salvation. Judging by the slightly swollen cheeks, it looks like he hasn’t swallowed it yet.
Why do you look dissatisfied?

“What is it? spit? Can I bring you a tissue?”

But Sarah shook her head from side to side.
I was still biting things, so honestly, I was excited.

“Then why? Ah, maybe… .”

Salvation came to mind with one assumption.

“Gee, really?”

Sara nodded as if that alone conveyed what salvation was trying to say.
Guwon closed his eyes and used the skill.
In the semen Sarah was biting, the holy water of the saint.

When the skill was activated, Sarah flinched once and swallowed the semen as it was.
And then immediately rushed towards salvation.

“Even if I put this on another woman… Never give your heart away.”

“Of course.”

At the answer of salvation, Sarah smiled contentedly and immediately kissed her.
And thanks to the sensitization of the tongue with the holy water of the saint, as soon as I put it in, my body trembled.
But not yielding to it, Sarah moved her waist and put the item of salvation into her own vagina.
The place, which was already soggy and wet, gently accepted the things of salvation.

But, I don’t know.
He held out something wet with Kate’s love liquid to see if it made Sarah excited.
However, it was impossible to know if Sarah was wet because she was excited about this situation, or if her tongue, which had become sensitive to the saint’s holy water, was trampled and wet.
Eight. What if you wake up to a new taste and what if you don’t? It’s a buy anyway.
Salvation decided to just enjoy this pleasure.

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And the next morning, Guwon woke up to the sound of a knock.
… Huh? what. What time is it now… .
The number in the corner of the field of vision is 5 am

I was told it was 43 minutes.
I mean, it’s super early in the morning.
But when I think about it, in this dungeon, where each person has a different life pattern, time has no meaning.
First of all, he’s not a member of our party, so maybe he’s an inn?

Guwon thought like that with his sleepy head, and gently hugged Leia, who was sleeping soundly on his body.
The infinitely soft touch you feel on your chest, and the thrilling sensation of wiggles in objects.
don’t want to fall
I want to stay like this until Leia wakes up.
Sara followed Kate yesterday. And I didn’t even know Leia, who was in my turn that night, but I could still feel the son’s strength and hardening.
But to find out who knocked, you have to fall.
damn. Even if you don’t know who you are, just do something useless.
Guwon took out the object with a willpower like steel, laid Leia lightly on the bed, and then got up.

“Ah, hello. Did you sleep well?”

… Then I saw that he was there.
As soon as I got dressed and opened the door, Kate was standing in front of me, with a confused expression.

“okay. What’s up.”

“That’s it… . Oh, you know?”

“no. It’s not like we read each other’s thoughts just by looking at each other. Can you tell me straight away?”

“… Three, it’s sex! sex! three… Oops!”

“Okay. Okay, so calm down.”

I had to quickly shut Kate’s mouth from screaming.
What if Leia, who is sleeping soundly over there, hears it?

“Why do you have to make me say this?”

“no. what is it.”

I was betting on the slightest hope that it might not have been because of that incident.
Did you really come here to have sex from this puppet?

“You were so satisfied last night in the first place, didn’t you? Did something happen?”

“After playing with Potts, I was a little lacking! I was acting to help you, so this is what happened, you too, cooperate!”

Now that she was completely infatuated, Kate said it as if it was natural.
Well, it was definitely a right, and it was also a natural duty for me.

“is it. So you must have been a little offended when playing with Potts? What do you think? Potts guy. Do you think I noticed a little?”

“no. I think you probably didn’t notice. I think I did a good job for that man. That… Remembering what you did.”

no. Thinking about what I’ve done, Unun doesn’t have to be so honest about it.

“is it. How stupid is that guy? no. Even if it’s dull, if you like a girl, shouldn’t you be more careful?”

“That’s it. After my bean pods have come off, I’m starting to feel more and more pathetic. How did you come across something like that?”

Kate even said that relentlessly.
Hearing this alone might make Potts bubble and pass out.

“… What. Anyway, okay. Let’s go.”

To be honest, it felt a little cumbersome to do this at a time like this, but a promise is a promise. Kate is cooperating so diligently, and I can’t say that I don’t know.
Salvation came out of his room and thought for a moment.
Sara told Kate to use her own room when she was with her, but can’t she sleep at a time like this and can’t hide? But that doesn’t mean I’m doing it somewhere else right after Sarah said… . let’s go

“Wait a minute.”

Salvation made Kate wait at the door, and went into the room first.
As if waking up to the sound of salvation coming in, Sarah rubbed her eyes with a blank expression and looked at salvation.

“… Salvation… ? What happen?”

“Well, that’s because Kate came.”

With those words alone, Sarah seems to have realized why salvation came.
The dazed expression on her face, not awake from sleep, changed to an expression that looked like she was about to cry in an instant, and tried to save her.
But, as if he was going to keep his own words, he boldly went into the closet without saying anything.
Do you really want to do it here? If I had been angry about what I was doing early in the morning, I would have gone somewhere else.
Anyway, I can’t do it with Sarah doing that.

Salvation brought Kate into the room.
Then I asked him as he took off his clothes.

“But what did you say to Potts yesterday?”

“What, what?”

“You didn’t even take your clothes off, so even your skirt was soaked. Did you not even hear that?”

“Hey, he said he was passing by a restaurant and got wet because he touched a glass on the table and spilled it.”

I guess I heard it once.
Still, how can you deceive me like that? Also, being a woman is scary.

“Yeah, but you don’t take it off?”

“Huh? Well, it’s me, because I was already satisfied last night. Today, I will just satisfy you with my hands.”

“Wait. That’s right!”

Kate had a slightly disappointed expression on her face, but the moment Salvation weakly activated the saint’s hand, her eyes opened.

“do not worry. I’m not just great at stuff. This will also be satisfactory. I can assure you it will pay off.”

Kate reached its climax that morning, beyond counting by the hand of salvation alone.

“What do you think? Was it good?”

At the question of salvation, Kate nodded with a hazy expression.

“My caress and Potts’ sex. Which one did you like better?”

“Your… caress… .”

“how much?”

“Comparison… So incomparable… .”


It is truly a pity that there is no such thing as a recorder in this world.
no. If you ask Diana, she can make it with magic, but if you ask where you’re going to use it, there’s nothing left to say.
Seeing Kate fully satisfied, Guo Won sent her away with a proud heart.
However, this time, Kate was unable to receive the effect of healing sex because it was only caressing without insertion, and as soon as she stood up, her legs began to tremble.
But Kate didn’t even ask for help, and, desperately holding back her trembling legs, went back to her room.
And as soon as Kate was sent, Sarah jumped out of the closet and attacked salvation.
Salvation was only able to leave Sarah’s room only after Sarah satisfied her with her hands.

And breakfast time.
Kate was nowhere to be seen, and Portsman was sitting alone at the table.

“What are you doing alone? Have you even had a fight with your lover?”


When Guwon took off his shichimi and asked, Potts showed a more confident smile than ever.

“If it’s Kate, she can’t get up because her leg is loose. Why did the Goddess give me such strong energy? And why is our matchmaking so good? Salvation. Why do you think?”

That’s what I want to ask God.
Why did Goddess give me such powerful energy and bring me to this world?

“okay. you did well.”

“okay! I’m good! Even Kate could be satisfied!”

It was quite a shock that he had not been able to satisfy Kate in these days, he was talking quite loudly.
So I want you to be alone in your dreams.
The more you rejoice, the greater your despair.

And Kate has been constantly seeking salvation ever since.
Even in the morning, on the subject he spoke to, in the evening

As soon as I finished eating, I immediately started talking to Gu-won.
Even with the cause that seducing at this time was the right time to provoke Potts’ suspicions, there would have been no further hesitation.
I wish I had such a strong sex drive.
From now on, you can think that I have no reason to seduce Kate.

Actually, it’s not that easy to do it with Kate, because time with our kids starts after dinner.
But tonight it was Sarah’s turn, who just knew she had a relationship with Kate.
Gu-gun melts Kate in Sarah’s room, and spends a lot of time with Sarah who runs after him.

This time with Kate, salvation was never cheap. It just completely satisfies Kate.
Of course, there was a reason that Sarah was watching, but there were other reasons as well.
Just for the next plan.

“Then the time has come.”

“Yeah? What?”

Fall into the afterglow of the climax

He gently laid down Sarah, who was drooping in her arms, and salvation rose from the bed.

“I’m going to see Kate in a minute.”

“… What, what?! Salvation you!”

“awhile. wait. do not be angry. It’s not like that. I’ll explain it properly.”

Salvation explained it properly to Sarah, convinced her, and headed to her room.
By this time, Potts and Kate must also be in full swing.
Still, just to be sure, Guwon went up to the ceiling and checked Potts’ room through the hole he had drilled before.

“What do you think?! Good?! good?!”

“Yeah, uh huh. Aang. Potts. Good. ah.”

Oh oh. I’m doing it too.
Kate was lying on the bed with her legs spread apart, with Potts completely covered over it, shaking her back.
Thanks to the light on the lamp beside the bed, Kate’s expression was quite clear in the eyes of salvation.
Contrary to her very pleasant voice, Kate’s face was a far cry from pleasure.
It was an expression of disappointment with Potts, that the act itself was useless, or that he did not want to touch Potts before that.
To be able to cooperate with me even though I hate it like that means that they want sex with me so much.
Potts seemed to be unable to see Kate’s expression, concentrating on embracing Kate’s upper body tightly and moving her waist.
It’s like he’s a really dumb dumb guy.
It’s no fun if you don’t notice it like that.
So, would you like to help Potts make life a little more thrilling?

Salvation came down from the ceiling and headed straight for Potts’ room.
I knocked lightly, but there was no sign of the door opening.
look at these
bang! bang! bang! When I hit the door hard enough that it wouldn’t break, only then Potts with a bad expression appeared.
Beyond that, Kate was looking over here, covering herself with a blanket on the bed.

“… What?”

He seemed to be in a very bad mood as he was interrupted while he was enjoying himself.
Of course, he didn’t care much about salvation whether he was in a bad mood or not.

“You guys are noisy. Be quiet so the person next door can sleep.”

At the words of salvation, Potts pursed his lips and smirked.

“I’m sorry about this. I can’t control my voice because I’m too strong.”

“… Ah. Is that so?”

“Is there nothing more to see?”

Potts sighed and hurriedly closed the door.
But before the door closed, Guguo looked at Kate properly and shook his head slightly.
Because if Kate is misunderstood, she might try to get out. It’s not like that this time.
From the moment the door opened, Kate was staring at me as if she wouldn’t miss a single moment, so she wouldn’t miss my action.
Seeing Kate nodding quietly, Guwon was sure Kate understood.

The reason for doing this was simple.
I’m just throwing rice cakes.
Potts is the one who makes Kate suspicious.
No matter how dull you are, there’s no way Kate wouldn’t notice when she came out right in front of her and exchanged glances.
Clearly, Potts will question Kate as soon as they close the door, and Kate will take her out of the way.
But that’s it.
Because of the doubts that are gradually accumulating like that, he becomes increasingly stressed and withered to death.

As soon as the door closed, I turned back without any regrets and returned to Sarah’s room.
But Sarah was nowhere to be seen from the room.

“… Sa, Sarah?”

Guwon quickly rolled his eyes and looked around.
The window was properly locked, and Sarah’s clothes, which she had taken off earlier, were lying on the floor. And there was no sign of touching Sarah’s bag in the corner of the room.
Salvation was still in the hallway, but she didn’t see Sarah coming out of the room.
Of course, Sarah could have come out when she was riding on the ceiling, but it’s hard to think of Sarah coming out of the room considering the clothes that fell on the floor and the bag in the corner. Sarah isn’t exhibitionism like some Diana.
if so… .

“The culprit is in here!”

Salvation cried out like that and strode forward.
Needless to say, the place for salvation was the closet.

“… Sarah, what are you doing?”

In the closet sat Naked Sara crouched.

“Hey, this is… .”

“You said you were just going to lay the ground rice. or what? Was I that ugly? Did you think I was going to bring Kate after I told you that?”

When Gu-gu made a shocked expression on purpose and spoke in a sad voice, Sarah was visibly embarrassed.

“Oh, no! Not like that! that… ! okay! that girl! Thinking that she might turn her eyes and follow you… !”

You are in the middle right now! you shouted You don’t think that would be an excuse, would you?
To be honest, I was doubting whether Sarah had opened her eyes to a new taste, so Guwon was able to fully understand Sarah’s behavior.
However, I decided to tease her a little more because she was cute when she was embarrassed.
Guwon turned his head with a pouty expression on his face.

“Oh, I don’t know. I feel down.”

“Ah… Alas… uh… . Eight!”

Sarah swam her eyes to and fro, panicked, and then made a strange cheering sound.

“Hey, is it like this?”

“What… Whoa!”

Gu-gu only rolled his eyes to the side to check Sarah’s appearance, and then he let out a stupid sound.
Sarah spread her slender legs wide to the side, and made a V shape with the index and middle fingers of her left hand, widening her pubic hair. And with his right hand, he was rubbing his chest, which was of a suitable size and perfect shape, and was making a sexy expression toward salvation.
But he was quite embarrassed, his face was red and his eyes were trembling.

“Hey, are you still feeling down?”

“no! Not at all! It’s the best!”

Gu Guo hurriedly took off his pants and rushed his belongings towards the sky towards Sarah.

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I tried to do a lottery today, but the next episode is a little lacking.
Maybe one more episode will come up after an hour or two, or maybe it won’t.
You won’t know until the time comes and you can observe. Schrödinger’s

next part.

Serkadia // I think it’s because she’s a part of Sara, so she puts too much weight on her, so I also included other heroines in the middle, but that part made this part too long. In fact, Kate’s portion is smaller than expected. Now I’m going to focus on Kate and Sarah and focus on getting things right.

Dark Cherry // Potts is a case in which he met Kate and became extremely personable. When Gu Guo first meets and drinks with Potts, Potts says something that hints at it.

Shurion // You can think of a game where experience is distributed according to contribution. When the opponent reaches their peak, the experience points are distributed according to their contribution. Of course, only those who insert it properly. In the case of a person who has contributed to leading the opponent to the climax but is not inserting, all experience points equal to that person’s contribution are discarded.

Sic // It’s on the 2nd floor, not the 2nd floor. You can think of a hierarchy as a huge area divided by the complete change of the dungeon’s environment. The number of layers may not be as large as you think.

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