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and the next morning. The first thing he saw when he left the room was Kate, who didn’t know what to do in front of the door.

“Goo, Gukwon? Don’t you?”

Kate knocked on the door, calling for salvation in a very sad voice.
I didn’t sleep there today.
is it. Kate, who doesn’t know this, thinks that salvation is not coming out on purpose.

“… What are you doing there?”

“Ah, goo, Mr. Guwon!”

When she heard the voice of salvation behind her back, Kate was startled and then smiled.

“Ah, it looks like you slept in another room yesterday.”

“Huh. So, do you have anything to do with me?”

“Yeah. I mean yesterday. It’s okay if I didn’t follow you, right?”

“Huh. right. What do you think? What does Potts say?”

“Yeah, what did you say? That’s why I opened my eyes like that. It’s something I don’t know, so I broke it down.”

“Good. Well done.”

“What do you plan to do in the future? As long as we are working together, I would like to know a more precise plan.”

“Yes. Simply put, it’s a drop-up and drop-down operation.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“First of all, Potts makes you suspicious. Giving clues little by little. But it doesn’t give any decisive clues. Make me misunderstand that Potts alone is an illusion. As his blood dries up as he gets involved, I try to act as a middle bridge. The relationship between the two, which was on the verge of collapse, is restored. No progress beyond that! happy ending! When he thinks that, he is completely thrown back to hell.”

“… … You are really bad-tempered.”

“What. Considering what he did, it makes sense.”

“But then, isn’t it bad that you showed your face? You said you were the middle leg?”

“Of course, it would have been nice to have someone else take on the role, but there was no one in particular. Anyway, I wouldn’t doubt it that much. In the future, I have no choice but to scratch his nerves in a direction that does not reveal my face.”

“i See. That would be nice.”

“Are you here to talk about that anyway? Do you have any other business?”

If it was a story, I could have done it later, but I dared to come here so early in the morning.
There can be no other business.

“Ah yes. Well, yes.”

However, Kate reflexively nodded, perhaps bewildered by my sudden question.
It was good news for me, who had resigned from having to fight Kate again in the morning.
no. Of course, that’s a promise, so if Kate wants it, she’ll do it.

“okay. Then I checked and that’s it. Good bye.”

Guwon changed Kate’s mind, so he said and turned to the dining room.

“Ah… .”

Kate was making a face that said, “It’s not like this, but Guwon had already disappeared from the seat.

And as soon as Guo-won came from hunting that day, Kate, who was sitting at the dining table with Potts, desperately beckoned to him as if he had been waiting.
Even if it’s the invisible hand in Potts, if you wave it like that, Potts next to you will find out.
Kate looked so desperate that she didn’t even have time to care about it.
Guwon looked at him with a relaxed expression, then moved slowly.

“I’m going to the bathroom for a minute.”

As soon as I entered the hallway leading to the bathroom, I heard Kate’s voice behind me.


“what. So loud. I will go to the restaurant.”


“Hey. Aren’t you being too open-minded? You told me about your plans before. Without leaving any conclusive evidence… .”

“Regardless of that, I want to be with you right now!”

… Is it?
Well, a promise is a promise.

“Are you confident that Potts will never find out if you do it here?”

“Don’t worry. that stupid man. Rather, I have to do this to the extent that I am a little skeptical.”

Well, if it’s a guy who’s known him longer than me, then that’s probably it.
I didn’t see it as a sober judgment, but if Potts finds out about him, he’ll know that that day is the end of our relationship.
In the end, I had no choice but to use my skills as a pool to make Kate feel thoroughly in a short amount of time.

The next morning after focusing only on Diana.
The appearance of Potts and Kate in the restaurant was a little strange.
Even though the two of them are sitting at the same table, do you feel a sense of distance somewhere?
The two, who were usually close together, sat facing each other, and Potts’ loud voice could not be heard.
Kate had an angry expression on her face, and Potts had a complex expression on her face.
I guess that’s it. Finally, Potts doubted Kate’s affair, but Kate denied it in anger.
Potts, whom he really likes as much as Kate, is doubtful, but he is so depressed by Kate that he is unable to speak properly.
Good. you’re doing well Kate. That’s right.
If there were only the two of them, it was such a perfect performance that I wanted to praise it.
no. That’s not acting, is it really annoying?
It’s because Kate really hates Potts anyway.
The feelings that had cooled since I heard the word “rapist” and “murderer” turned into feelings close to hate as my relationship with me continued.
Perhaps helping me so hard is a big factor in Kate’s dislike of Potts.
I looked at him and smiled softly.

That night. While Leia went to take a shower, Guwon climbed the ceiling again.
For reference, Leia is currently training to maintain her consciousness even if she suddenly turns into a nine-tailed fox, so she can’t shower with her.
If we wash together, I can’t stand it from the beginning of salvation, so I caress him here and there.
With Leia’s naked body in front of you, there’s no man who doesn’t even caress while lathering and washing his hands. At least not for a normal man.
So these days, I don’t wash with Leia at all.

It is an inevitable choice for Leia. Not for anyone else, but for our angel.

And in the next room, Potts was on top of Kate, shaking her back.
It’s not like I’m receiving a buff from my profession as a saint, but seeing what I do every day, it seems that I have a certain amount of energy like an adventurer who has leveled up to a level to attend here.
Even if it was, it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy Kate, who has a lot of relationships with me these days.
Besides… .

“Can’t you do it right? Really, what are you doing these days? Even men who are not adventurers will do better than this!”

“What! Kate! That’s not it! how do you know that?! You keep mentioning other men these days! Aren’t you really cheating on me?!”

“What?! Do you even have a pity?! no. Worst of all, I’m not even your wife! How do you know?! You don’t think I slept with anyone until I met you?! First time with you, I was a virgin?! Isn’t it?!”

“That, that… !”

“In the first place! Potts, aren’t you pushing me like that right now because you’re having an affair?! To lessen your remorse?!”

“What?! Kate! Do you see me like that?!”

“Then you mean that I look like that?!”

Wow. The acting power kills. It’s Kate. you can really learn

“That, that… !”

“huh! Cool! I’m even suspicious of not being good at it! Take it out!”

“Come on, wait, Kate… !”

After seeing only that far, salvation returned to his bedroom again.
Again, asking Kate to cooperate was the right answer.
With such a satisfying thought, Guwon hugged Leia, who just came out of the shower just in time.
uhm. This soft touch. it’s the best too

When I left the room the next morning after cuddling Leia and getting a good night’s sleep, Kate was standing at the door again.
Kate glanced at salvation, then mumbled something unexpected.

“Do you have any hobbies like spying?”

“Wow, what are you talking about?”

“Last night, did you see it?”

“Hey, how do you do that?”

“I thought it was odd that you, who are so passionate about putting Potts into despair, only hear from me about Potts’ condition. So I looked inside the room and saw the ceiling… .”

is it real I didn’t even know Kate got caught.

“You don’t know about Potts, do you?”

“Of course it is. Such insensitive scum has no way of knowing.”

Kate’s mouth was harsher than ever, whether the feelings of acting yesterday with Potts still linger.

“Whew. sorry. sorry. As you said, I want to keep track of the progress on my own.”

“You could at least tell me in advance, right?”

“What did you forget? Sorry.”

“Well, okay. than that… One time?”

“Huh? Are you in a hurry?”

“Of course it is. you call it a horse? Look at this.”

Kate rolled up her skirt.
The inside of Kate’s skirt was amazing. The panties had already lost their function in the past and were transparently illuminating the inside.

The liquid that flowed out was in a situation where it ran down the thigh and down to the calf.
If it had been done properly with Potts, it wouldn’t have been this far, but yesterday’s halfway end with Potts must have put Kate into this situation.

“Wow. I endured it well. sorry for me.”

“It’s okay. After all, I feel better when I do it after being patient.”

He really likes sex.
Maybe I didn’t awaken?
In any case, Gujo took Kate and headed to Sarah’s room.
As before, after confirming that Sarah was going to hide, Guo-gu brought Kate into the room, inserting it and moving her waist a few times, and Kate simply climaxed.

“Sigh… Why is this… . Compared to other men… .”

No matter how excited she was, when it culminated so easily, Kate’s expression was empty.
Since then, Guwon shook her back a few more times, causing Kate to climax several times.

“Whoa. did you end up with this? then… Oh no. Looking at my appearance yesterday, I think I can move on with my work a little bit more. Right… Tonight I’m knocking on your door like this. When you hear this knock, get out of the room. got it?”

Guwon said, tapping the floor in a unique rhythm.

“Proceeding… Aren’t you trying to call me at a strange time again?”

“how did you know? Prepare your excuses in advance.”

“Sigh… I see.”

Kate sighed and nodded.
You say you’re going to do it tonight, you say you’re going to test it. With that, you must have already predicted at what time Salvation will knock on the door.
It’s Sarah’s turn today, so it’s a perfect day to work at night.
Starting today, the relationship between Potts and Kate will be catastrophic.

And that night.
Gu Guo ripped open the ceiling and peered into Potts and Kate’s room.

“Kate. today… .”

“What? you… .”

As if she still couldn’t release her anger last night, Kate looked openly at Potts, not wanting to be hugged.
But Potts didn’t give up.

“Because yesterday I was wrong. I had some doubts. I’m going to apologize. Huh? Come here.”

“huh… .”

Even as Potts reads desperately, Kate stubbornly refuses to engage, and continues to look towards the door.
Oh, yes. I said I’m sending a signal, so are you measuring the timing?
sorry. KATE I have no intention of knocking on the door until you are hugged by Potts. Isn’t that more dramatic?
And in the end, no matter how long the knock was heard, Kate started hugging Potts with a desperate expression on her face.
As the atmosphere ripened and Potts’ breathing began to grow wild, salvation came down the ceiling.
If you don’t go quickly before Potts is cheap.
Gu-won hurriedly rushed to Potts’ door and banged on the door at the beat he had told Kate earlier.

“Fuck! what!”

Presumably he was very upset by being interrupted just before packing, Potts opened the door with a swear word.
Of course, before the door was opened, salvation activated the assassin skill to kill the enemy and hid.
Because I can’t see your face again.

And after a while, Kate showed up.

“Wow, are you really here?”

“Everyone, you called me?!”

“Well, please come soon.”

Salvation brought Kate into the room.
Of course, Sarah is hiding in the closet.

“What did you say to Potts?”

“What do you say? I came out fighting again.”

“Right. Good. Then go back.”

“What, what?”

“Huh? Why? Do you have more business? I was just trying to amplify Potts’ suspicions by seeing you go away until this point, so I’ve already accomplished my goal.”

At the words of salvation, Kate looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Why? don’t go Perhaps… Do you want to stay here and play with me?”

I’d like to avoid it as much as possible, as Potts will find out about it 100%.
It’s my plan to run until it’s close and not give conclusive evidence in the end.

“this… ! Of course!”

But a promise is a promise, and it can’t be helped.
Well, if you send it right away and clean it properly, you won’t notice it.

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Atomsk // Leia is correct. The first thing I did with Sarah was before dinner, and it was Leia that day, so I spent the night with Leia. It seems that the middle process was omitted, causing confusion.



a few days after that.

“Sigh… I want to die.”

Potts mumbled as he drank his drink with a gloomy expression on his face.

“What the hell is going on? What are you doing? Where is the girlfriend who died and couldn’t live, alone.”

Gu-gu, who sat across from Potts with the table in between, took off his shichimi and asked.
The venue is a restaurant on the second floor of the inn. After returning from hunting, Gu-gun found Potts sitting alone in a restaurant and drinking alcohol.
Even after the group had finished eating, Potts continued to drink with an expression on the verge of death, so Guwon came to Potts’ table.

“That Kate is the problem! Whoa! Kate Whoa!”

noisy dude. Don’t shout that you’re drunk.
And needless to say, I know better than anyone that there’s a problem between you and Kate. can’t you know I made it that way.
Well, it seems this idiot can’t even imagine.
The suspicion of Kate’s affair began to surface when I knocked on their door and exchanged glances with Kate.
Even with that hint, this idiot didn’t doubt me at all.
Rather than believing in me, does it mean that they do not even recognize that the starting point of this situation is then?
That’s why he keeps complaining to me like this.

Anyway, since that day, Salvation and Kate have been doing various things to amplify Potts’ suspicions.
Once Kate had slept with Potts, she found salvation unconditionally. Even when I found out that I don’t like putting other guys in cheap places, he said he’s been taking everything Potts puts in his mouth ever since.
In this world, giving your mouth is an act for the one you love. Because

Potts was living day by day with a complicated mind that he was suspicious of Kate but also believed in him.
As an added bonus, he can’t even satisfy Kate properly, so it’s said that he hasn’t been able to level up properly these days.
Besides, when Potts was trying to set the mood for a kiss in a restaurant, there was a time when he came out and sucked the savior thing out of his mouth before kissing. Even though it was only once, there was a time when he went straight to Potts and hugged him right after the salvation was wrapped inside.

To be honest, when I was wrapped in Kate, I thought it was the day of the decisive battle between us.
However, Potts foolishly shakes his back, and when a white liquid mixed with foam comes out of the joint with Kate, Kate feels so much that she mistakenly thinks that she is spilling a thick love liquid.
Naturally, Potts liked it more and ran wild, and Guwon and Sarah, who were watching Potts and Kate from the ceiling at that stupid appearance, lost their mind and just returned to the room and had sex.
no. The fact that someone else sees the semen wrapped in it and makes the mistake of seeing the semen inside will actually reduce suspicion. Does it make sense?

Because Potts was far more stupid than he thought, Salvation and Kate’s actions were forced to escalate more and more, only to make the relationship between Potts and Kate more and more creaky.
To the extent that the chicken meat couple is now living every day without a fight when they see each other every day.

Anyways, for Potts, whose life revolves around Kate, it’s like dying right now. His relationship with his beloved Kate continues to falter.
Even if he was sincere towards Kate, he seemed to have a sense of self-doubt towards him who doubted Kate.
Not a doubt, but a fact.
His face was getting more and more exhausted as the days went by, and if it went on like this, I wondered if we would commit suicide even if we didn’t do anything.
I thought that suicide would be just as good as it is, but I’m going to have to go a little bit more certain.

And I thought now was my chance.
After all, it’s Sarah’s turn tonight. It’s a perfect day to get to work.
The time has come for the rescue party to slowly go up to the city, so there is no need to drag it any longer.
Now that you’ve gnawed at his mind like this, it’s time to make him leap for joy.

“What. What about that girlfriend?”

“I’d rather ask! Kate is feeling so much in bed these days, and her compatibility is getting better and better, so Kate’s inside is the best ever, and she serves me with the utmost sincerity, but why are you acting suspiciously these days? Besides, if you do, you get angry! Just… .”

So you’re mad, you idiot.
It’s not that Kate feels very much, it’s that she looks satisfied because she feels it for me. It’s not that her compatibility has improved, it’s that Kate’s level has risen thanks to me buying inside, and she feels good. You do it with your mouth.

“Ttttttt. You brag about your girlfriend like that, but in the end, you can’t even manage having one? imitate this brother This older brother is three… .”

“If you’re going to dye it, turn it off!”

Every time this bastard has met up until now, he’s been doing the same thing as me. .
but it endures

“Whew… . listen carefully. This older brother, who has three of us and is living in harmony without any problems, will give you one piece of advice to your poor bastard.”

“… What.”

Whether it was the feeling of wanting to hold on to the straw, he sent his earnest glances to the way he spoke to help salvation.

“As you go through life, your relationship with a woman may change a little. But if there is a true bond that cannot be broken, it is only a momentary event. If your relationship with Kate is creaking right now and you don’t know why, it may be more effective to form a real bond than to try to figure out the unknown reason somehow.”

He talked about salvation as if he was a doctor of love.
Basically, if you just say something plausible, it will sound plausible no matter what kind of nonsense you say. Especially effective against drunk people.

“What do you mean by true bond?”

“You idiot. How many true bonds between a man and a woman cannot be broken?”

“… Right! Can I get Kate pregnant? Oh, but contraceptive magic is still… .”

“You idiot! Do you only have such thoughts in your head?! There’s something you need to do before you get pregnant!”

“What? What should I do?”

“It’s a proposal. Propose!”

At the cry of salvation, Potts jumped up from his seat and became a face that realized something.

“Fr… pose… !”

“In the world I used to live in, there is a saying that one successful proposal will make your married life happy for the rest of your life. Women usually die from stuff like that. A romantic proposal with a sincere heart to look only at yourself for the rest of your life and take responsibility for the rest of your life. No matter how much the two of you are arguing these days, it won’t change that Kate likes you, right? Then, with one romantic proposal, any problems between the two of you will be resolved.”

“is it… ! is it… ! Oh, but… .”

“Huh? What else is wrong? You’re not saying you don’t want to get married yet, are you? I like you so much that I don’t really want to get married when I die. .”
“no! Of course I want to get married! But money… .”

“… Where did you put the money you earned so far and spend it?”

If you were an adventurer enough to go to the 2nd floor, of course, your income would be quite high.
Of course, you will have some money saved up. I don’t know if this idiot is alone, Kate is with him.

“I live every moment to the fullest! Of course, there is no such thing as money raised!”

“Is that proud? Did Kate leave it alone?”

“Of course. After all, most of the income is managed by Kate, and all the money I spend is pocket money, so there was no problem.”

Were you in a position to live on pocket money?
I’ve been holding on to this completely.

“… Good. I’ll lend you some money to buy a ring.”

“What?! really?!”

“Yeah, ma’am. What does it mean to be friends?”

“you you… What a good guy!”

Potts clasped the hands of salvation with all his might.
hands off I have no intention of having sex with a sweaty bastard.
Especially with garbage like you.

“so. How long?”

“Hehehe. A lot if possible… .”

Seeing him sullenly clasping his hands, Guwon coolly took out a handful of gold coins from his inventory.
It’s money, you can get it back anyway, and that’s about it.

“character. Take it.”

“Hey, like this?!”

“You are lending, not giving, so make sure to pay it back later.”

“All right, of course not! do not worry! If I do well with Kate, I will treat you as a benefactor for the rest of my life and pay you back double!”

“OK. Then go quickly Don’t you have to go up and down to buy the right ring? If you don’t go quickly, you won’t be able to come today.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Then I will!”

Potts ran out of the inn with a bright smile as if holding a string of hope, as if his face was about to die.
And that smile will be Potts’ last smile.
laugh out loud Now, there is only a hopeless future ahead.

Salvation went to Sarah’s room to explain what had happened.

“… i See. Then finally… .”

“okay. Finally.”

“… I know.”

It will take quite some time for him to come and buy the ring anyway.
After talking enough with Sarah about what was going on in the future to get to the point, Guan went to Potts’ room.
Potts was drinking alone in the restaurant, but Kate must not have gone anywhere.
Rather, it would be more accurate to think that Potts was kicked out of the room after a fight.
Guwon opened the door right away without knocking.
The door wasn’t locked as expected, and Kate was alone inside.

“At the time of Potts… Goo, Gukwon-san!”

As soon as the door opened, Kate tried to shout something with an annoyed expression on her face, but when she saw the face of salvation, she immediately changed her expression and smiled brightly.

“The acting is great… .”

“Well, that’s right. So what’s going on?”

“It’s finally time.”

“i See. then… .”

“okay. Accept Potts’ proposal as planned. And make me happy as much as I can. Please.”

“Sigh… . Is it too? Well, good. instead. You know, right?”

“okay. I will give you an unforgettable pleasure. Then later.”

I say so. opened the door
Are you just going to say things like this and leave? Of course not.
I opened the door to the bathroom attached to this room.

And in the bathroom I had to wait quite a long time.
Damn it. was it too fast no. Better than being late though.
The long plan has finally come to an end.
I’ll wait for you for hours.

“Ke, Kate!”

“Noisy! what?! Suddenly screaming!”

As I put my ear to the bathroom door, I could hear the two of them talking clearly.


I have something to say.”

“what?! What else have you done?”

“That’s not it. Listen, Kate.”

Despite Kate’s enraged reaction, Potts did not give in and spoke in a calmer voice than usual.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Why did we suddenly become like this?”

“Is that because you always always always doubt people?!”

“right. I lacked my faith. And I’ve been too unreliable. But Kate. Understand me. Even those doubts were all because I loved you.”

“Such a mouthful, anyone… !”

“So, Kate. me, no please marry me From now on, at any moment, I believe in you, and I want to be a man you can trust again. keep going forward. As long as I am with you.”

“Ah… … !”

Oh oh. Good job. Potts.
You half-cooked my advice, but anyway, it was a pretty good proposal.
Congratulations. I mean seriously.
Ironically, it’s Sara and I who are hoping for your happiness the most at this moment.

“All, you… really… .”

“okay. I will never doubt you again. So, Kate.”

There are suspicions and nothing has been proven, but you havetily said, ‘I will never doubt you again.’
Well, it’s because you’re so stupid that things work out so easily.

“come out… Hey, will you marry me?”

The guy said in a trembling voice.

“… … Sorry.”

“Ke, Kate?!”

“until now… I’m sorry for making you angry… . I… I thought you would think of me like that… !”

“Hey, Kate! That, then… !”

“Yeah. I want to marry you too!”


Such a happy-looking voice.
Sara, who is probably watching from the ceiling, is so angry that she wants to kill her right away.

“And… I have another confession to you.”

… Huh? Wait a minute. what. it’s a confession Wasn’t this planned?

“The reason I kept getting angry until now… .”

Wait a minute! Fuck! Are you sure you don’t want to betray me?!
I tried to slam the bathroom door, but Kate spoke a little faster than that.

“It was because I was pregnant with your child.”

… … Huh?

“What, what? Kate?! Really?!”

“… Huh. Actually, because the date of birth control magic was calculated incorrectly… . For some reason, I have no appetite these days, and I am constantly irritable, so I did a test… . I’ve never had a relationship with any other man other than you… .”

“Well then… !”

“Huh. So on my boat… There is a child between you and me.”

“Hey, Kate!”

Ugh. Surprise. I was really surprised.
Kate That guy. If you’re going to do an ad-lib like that, please tell me in advance.
Maybe it’s not revenge for the ad-lib I’ve done so far, right?
You should have almost run away.

“Kate! I love you!”

“Huh. I also. come… .”

“Uh, huh?! But the child… .”

“OK. On the contrary, after a few days, you won’t be able to do it? So

You should have enough now. More than anything… If you don’t do this on a day like this, when will you do it?

“Kate Whoa!”

Potts called out Kate’s name in a voice that said he would die of happiness just hearing her voice.

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Gosomhi // This is the room of salvation. Because Kate had come to protest before, she knew the Salvation Room was the room next to her and knocked on it.



“Oh, come on, wait.”

Potts would have run to Kate, of course, but Kate’s voice stopped it.

“Huh? What is it?”

“By the way, I haven’t washed yet.”

“OK! nothing like that… !”

“No. I care. I just want to show the person who is going to be a husband now only with a clean appearance.”

“Ke, Kate, whoa… .”

“So wait a minute. I will wash up soon.”

“Well, then I… !”

“No. On this special day with me… know?”


no. what did you know It’s just that I didn’t think of any excuses, so I just pretended.
what are you passing
Despite being on Kate’s side, I inadvertently wanted to point out Potts’ behavior.

And finally, Kate entered the bathroom.
Kate turned on the water in the shower to make the sound of running water, and then opened her mouth.

“Whew… tremble Is this enough?”

“Perfect. you. You said you had a bad personality, and you were really mean.”

“It’s all you did.”

“There was also an ad-lib in the middle that I didn’t do. What is it, kid?”

“just. I’m getting married anyway, so I wonder if I’ll like it more. It’s nice to be able to explain what’s been annoying you these days, right?”

… women are scared
I’m really glad I asked him to cooperate.

“Well, anyway.”


“shall we start?”

“Sigh… finally… .”

Gu-gu ran to Kate, took off her clothes at random, and threw her on the floor.
It’s the little things like this that lead to dramatic situations.
And immediately he took off his clothes. Then, as if to confirm, he placed his hand on Kate’s pussy.

“Why are you already wet?”

“Oh, that’s it… .”

“Have you been with Potts until recently?”

“Oh, that can’t be! Then stop making terrifying jokes!”

“sorry. sorry. So, is it because of me?”

It doesn’t matter if Potts listens from now on.
no. I’d rather hear it.
With that in mind, I spoke to Kate.
It’s time for your usual acting practice to finally shine.
Well, looking at her appearance so far, it seems that Kate didn’t need any practice at all.

“Ok. So take responsibility.”

Saying so, Kate grabbed her legs with her hands and spread them wide.
I inserted the thing right inside Kate like that.

“Ha ha! Whoops! I like it too!”

As soon as the object was inserted, Kate lost her mind on the body of salvation and was disturbed.
Gu Guo grabbed Kate by the waist and made her look back, and sat down on the edge of the bathtub while holding her. As soon as you enter the bathroom, face the door so you can see it right away.
Then, after making Kate’s legs wide apart, she rubbed her normal-sized chest with both hands and lifted her waist.

“Ha! Good! I like this! Deep!”

As Kate exclaimed in a pleasurable voice, the bathroom door finally opened.

“K… ! K, K… t… ?”

Along with Potts’ hoarse voice, he heard the ring falling on the floor and rolling over.
Seeing Potts’ bewildered expression, Guwon raised his waist once more.


“Po, Potts. This… . Huh.”

“Hi? I thought you’d come as soon as you heard the moan, but it’s surprisingly late What is it? Did you even want to escape from reality? Hey Kate. Potts is here, so stop for a second. It’s hard to say.”

“Hah. Hate… . But… This feels good… . heh heh I’m fine… .”

“this… You bastard!!”

For a moment, Potts opened his mouth blankly and looked at this side as if in disbelief, then screamed as if he had come to his senses and tried to run towards it.
okay. I was trying to run. That attempt ended in failure.
Before Potts rushed in, Salvation first sent a wave of the saint to Potts.
These days, there are a lot of things to use, so now it is free to control the strength and weakness of the saint’s wave.
It’s not enough to ejaculate, but I still feel the pleasure to the point of barely ejaculating, and I can’t stand it without putting it away right away. Adjusted enough to feel just that much pleasure, he sent a wave of saints to Potts.

How do you know so well how much pleasure this bastard had right up to the moment?
Well, this guy was the subject of practice.
In order to give Potts a sense of humiliation, Guwon sometimes peeks from the ceiling as Potts and Kate stick together and sends a wave of saints to this guy.
Potts had no choice but to ejaculate immediately whenever he was hit with the skill of salvation, and because of this, he exploded with a sense of shame that he had premature ejaculation, and his relationship with The Kate creaked. It made me think naturally.
I was bored with just flying skills, so I flew while controlling the power while practicing, so I naturally found out how powerful this guy was when he was hit by a wave of a saint.
And the result is what it is today.

Potts, who was hit by the wave of the saint, just released his legs and fell to the floor.
As he sat on the floor, he surrendered himself to his anger and took off his pants with the force to tear them apart, grabbing his belongings with all his might and started sweeping them up and down.

“Fuck you bastard!! Get off Kate right now!”

Contrary to the ridiculous behavior, Potts’ voice and expression were overflowing with anger and life.
Fall on Kate. Can’t you see that Kate is sticking to me more? Even after seeing this, do you think the woman you love can’t do that?

“Po, Potts, what are you doing… .”

As if Kate was surprised when Potts suddenly masturbated, she opened her eyes wide and let out a scream.

“uh… ? Mr. Fuck… ! Fuck!”

Potts suddenly starts masturbating

Seeing it, Kate rolled her eyes.
Potts didn’t seem to understand why he was doing this all of a sudden, and he was so embarrassed that he could only spit out abusive language. But in the meantime, Potts’ hand didn’t stop.

“Wow, what are you? Was there even such a wall? uh… Well… okay. Because people are inherently different. If there was such a wall, I would have told you earlier. Then there was nothing to hide until now. Then I’ll hang out with you a little more.”

With that said, Guwon made Kate stand up and moved her waist slowly toward Potts.
Then, after reaching the point where Potts could see the joint of Kate and salvation in front of Potts’ eyes, he began to move his waist.

“Hey! haha! Salvation! Okay!”

Potts masturbated vigorously, looking at such salvation and Kate with eyes that were likely to kill him.
And it fell to the floor in an instant.

“Po, huh! Potts, you… .”

As Potts masturbates and ejaculates in an instant, Kate’s heart, which had turned into hatred, exploded.
He looked at Potts with the greatest contempt, feeling all he could about my stuff.

“Oh no! Fuck! It’s not like that! This ain’t shit!”

Even though Potts said so, he didn’t let go of his stiff stuff even after the ejaculation was over.
Rather, he began to move his hands more violently than before.
yes it is Until I make it cheap, he stays that way.
And he ejaculated on the floor in vain again.

“Wow. your girlfriend… no. You’ve just accepted your proposal, are you now a wife? Watching your wife hugging someone else and arguing in a row. How perverted you are.”

“You said that you did not do that.

Even as he said that, Potts did not stop moving his hands.

“… It’s the worst.”

“Ke, K… t… ? Gee, what now?”

At Kate’s words, Potts looked as if the world had ended.
And then tears fell from both eyes.

“Isn’t that what? Are you originally premature? So I won’t satisfy Kate. Look Carefully. Women are satisfied like this.”

As he strongly slapped his waist, he wrapped the saint’s hand around his genitals. It was also the hand of a saint with a certain amount of mana.

“Hey hey hey!”

Kate spewed the most loudly water ever, and it reached its climax.
Kate, who was shaking her back and forth like a broken machine, drooped in front of the salvation.

“this. I loved it so much that I lost my mind.”

Guwon grabbed Kate’s waist and prevented Kate from falling. Then, naturally, Kate’s face stopped at the position opposite Potts’s.
In other words, Potts is at its peak now, and Kate’s completely relaxed expression is clearly visible.
And because of salvation and Kate’s position, Kate’s magnificently wrapped water dripped onto Potts’ body. Even the high water splashed up to Potts’ face.

“Ahhh… Ah.”

His mental state seemed to have been shattered by it, but his salvation did not stop.

“Ah, I think I’m going to eat slowly. where is it cheap?

Doesn’t it matter if it’s wrapped inside? Oh, come to think of it, I use contraceptive magic… Well, it doesn’t matter that I’m pregnant.”

Salvation spoke skillfully.
Of course, this is also, of course, a lie. My contraceptive magic is strictly managed by our Archmage.

“Ahhh… ? Oh no! please! I’ll do anything… ! Please do that! Hey you fucking bastard!”
“sorry. cheap.”

Guwon trembled as he hugged the fainted Kate.
He also has a joint in front of him, so he’ll see clearly.
Semen overflowing from the joint between Kate and Salvation.

“Ke, K… Cool.”

Potts was completely mentally shattered, masturbating desperately with his mouth wide open and tears streaming down his cheeks, and then he trembled, vomited a handful of blood from his mouth, and fell on top of the semen he had wrapped up.

even vomit blood Is this a much more intense reaction than I thought?
First of all, Guwon gently put Kate, who had passed out, on the bed, and used the Holy Wave to Potts once more to relieve her from estrus. Then he sat him on a chair in the room, took out clothes from his inventory, and tied his hands and feet to the chair.
When the task of tying him up was finished, Sarah, who must have been watching from the ceiling until now, entered the room.

“Even if it’s garbage like this, it seems that he was sincere as much as he loved his woman.”

“Yeah. Thanks to him, he’s going through hell right now.”

“But it is still not enough. I will thoroughly destroy this man to the end.”

After all, Sarah’s revenge didn’t seem to go away like this.
Guwon took a potion from his inventory and poured it over his head.
It was questionable whether the potion would work even for a person who was stunned by mental shock, but luckily it seemed to work.
Shortly after pouring the potion, the guy opened his eyes.
Even though he was tied up, he didn’t care at all, and he began to squeeze.

“Fuck… Kate… No… That love is mine, my child… .”

“What are you talking about? your kid?”

Guwon put his face in front of Potts and smiled.

“What, what?”

“It’s true that I have children, of course. Is it really your kid? Don’t you think it’s the first time Kate and I have a relationship?”

“AA AA AA… ?”


“Hey hey!”

As I slapped my back again, Kate was forcibly awakened by the excruciating pleasure.

“Kate. tell me. How are you feeling now?”

“Okay! Okay!”

“More than Potts?”

“Huh! Yes! Of course, ha! Of course! I can’t even deal with a guy like that!”

“Why are you good?”

“Guwon is much bigger and stronger! Reach a comfortable place! Anyway, the best!”

“like that. Aren’t you going to reach Potts Girl?”

“swarm! Such a bastard! It’s unnecessarily fast and so small that it’s really useless! A premature bastard who can’t satisfy even a single woman!”

“Ke, K… Ah ah ah ah ah… .”

Every time he heard Kate’s venomous words, Potts’ face changed horribly, as if his lifespan was shortening by 10 years.

“Only Mr. Salvation… Whoops! All you need is this sleeper! ha ha! I don’t need anything else!”

“Ke… whoops… why, why me… .”

Normally, it would be normal to try to run at me first, but he didn’t.
no. I couldn’t. He didn’t seem to have the energy to do that.
It was because he had succeeded in the proposal until just recently and was enjoying the best feeling of his life.
However, the woman he loves who accepted his proposal is panting on top of another man, and the man is a friend who persuaded him to propose.
It was surprising that it wasn’t completely reached yet.

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Actually, as expected yesterday, Yeonchamgak was right, but I didn’t seem to be able to express Potts’ mental illness properly, so I erased it and wrote it again.
To be honest, even now, I’m not quite sure if it’s expressed as well as I thought.



“I wonder why?”

“What, what?”

“Remember a few months ago, when you tried to rape a woman, failed, killed her grandfather, and then ran away?”

“What?! That, what?!”

“okay. I remember That woman is mine now.”

And Sarah, who was standing behind Potts, moved to the side of salvation.

“It’s been a long time. I finally met you like this.”

“Yeah, when you… Woman… ?”

Even looking at Sarah’s bare face with the hood off, Potts had an ambiguous expression on her face. As if she was right at the time.
And, of course, that expression touched Sarah’s heart.

“You can’t even remember the face of the woman you tried to rape? How many times have you… .”

Sara was about to clench her sword, but Gu-gu grabbed her hand in a hurry.
If you hit it already, it leaves a record. Be patient.

“Oh, no! Then and the face… !”

indeed. Come to think of it, Sarah’s level has gone up a lot compared to that time.
Naturally, it means that she has become so beautiful that her appearance is unrecognizable.
It’s me, we grew up together, so I don’t know the difference

but that’s it

“Well, fine. so. How is it? I feel like I have lost someone dear to me.”

Sarah tried to make a cold expression and asked Potts a question.
But his hands were trembling and his eyes were red and bloodshot.
As if he wanted to rip Potts to death right now.

“then… That’s why you did that to Kate?!”

But Potts seemed to have lost his senses, and said something like that.

“What? you… .”

“Shit! I was unsuccessful! After all, you weren’t raped! The year you didn’t give is revenge… !”

“You killed my grandfather?!”

“It’s wrong for that crazy old man to run to you! An adventurer like me will raise the level of my granddaughter so I can sell her… .”


Sarah, who was pretending to be cold, tried to run at Potts as if she couldn’t stand it.
Of course, before that, Gu-won hugged Sarah tightly and stopped her.

“buy it. Calm down. If you kill this bastard here, all your efforts so far will be in vain.”

Sarah took a deep breath and finally burst into tears as she couldn’t hold back.

“What. Still, I’m glad you’re trash in the end. It’s worthwhile to corrupt Kate, too.”

“Take, fall… ?”

“okay. it’s because of you I became a body that a man had to pierce me at even for a moment. Maybe if I leave it like this, I will go naked in the middle of the street and give it to any man. This is all because of you.”

“Oh, don’t be funny! Kate is like… .”

“The reason I don’t usually show up like that is because I was being satisfied. Before and after with you. Especially after I’m with you, my frustrations only get bigger and I run wild. Hey. remember? You liked Kate because she spilled pure white water. That’s my semen.”

“Wow, uh… !”

“Before that. Have you ever talked to me in the bathroom before? Even then, Kate was sitting on top of me and crying. A premature bastard like Potts can’t be satisfied, so please cool down my lewd body.”

“Oh, ah ah ah ah ah! Aaaaah! Shibaaaal!”

When I provoke like that, Potts seems to have gained the energy to get angry.
okay. say get angry I like the look of despair, but I also wanted to see him sullenly dyed with anger.
Our Sarah’s wrath doesn’t end there.
And of course my anger.

“Wherever you go, try your best. Watching my beloved Kate moan over my stuff.”

“Hey! Ha! Good! Go Won-san’s cock!”

“Aww! Shiva Al! I am a dog! stop! Stop it darling! Hey! girl there! Because you’re that bastard girl! Is it okay for your man to hold another woman?! dry it! Come dry!”

“Of course, my stomach is twisted as if my intestines have been broken. However… .”

Sara seemed to be relieved a little when she saw his unsightly appearance, so she treated her calmly without losing her reason like before.

“Yeah, seeing that trashy face even more twisted like trash, I feel a little better. So I don’t mind

Observe carefully. The sight of your ex-girlfriend falling into a sex-crazed sow.”

“Aww! I will kill you! Shibaaaa! I’m going to kill you!”

After that, for a while, the show continued with Kate in front of Potts.
Meanwhile, Potts was completely mentally ill, ripping his own hair out, muttering Kate’s name incessantly in a completely savored voice.

“Kate… Kate… Kate uh… .”

Of course, I had no sympathy.
In the end, it’s only sad that the garbage he didn’t properly reflect on his own fault became his own.
There’s no room for sympathy, right?
no. Rather, I’d like you to notice it a little bit now.
How long do I have to stick with him? Slowly, Kate is getting tired and she’s trying to get out.
You’re free, you bastard!
You’re ripping your own hair, don’t you know?! Let’s run!
Let’s finish!

Our final plan was this.
I want Potts to attack me first.
It’s risky, of course, but I believed in my endurance and, above all, my saint skills.
That’s why, while I’ve been hanging out with Kate like this, I’ve never been cheap and put up with it.
Even if you get a fatal injury that is life-threatening, if you wrap it right away, it will be healed by healing sex.
To get a justification like that, to the extent of killing Potts under the pretext of self-defense.

To be honest, even Sarah was very opposed to this last plan.
Of course, it’s not that I hate killing Potts, it’s that I’m too dangerous.
But there was no sure way to kill him other than this way.

Of course, the option of not killing him did not exist in me.
You never know what will happen in your life.
An incident where I, who lived in an ordinary world, falls into the same world as the world in the game, happens as I live.
After living in pain and suffering for the rest of our lives, there is a possibility that he will come to his senses and get revenge on us.
And the possibility that revenge could be a fatal threat to us.
As long as such a slight possibility exists, it would have been better to end his life here.

Sarah made several suggestions, such as enticing them to fall to the monsters, but none of them were all too uncertain.
After all, the only sure way is to kill yourself with this hand.
It would be a lie if I said I had no fear of murder, but at least I didn’t think I would feel much remorse for killing this garbage.
In particular, seeing the attitude he had shown to Sara earlier, my determination became even stronger.
So trash. hurry up and jump

“Ouch… Ah, ah, ah?”

The man, who had been screaming in a completely hoarse voice, finally realized that his hands were free, so he lowered his hands that had been ripping his hair and began to look at them.
I deliberately pretended not to see such a guy and shook my back more excitedly.

“What do you think? good? Please keep telling him your feelings!”

“Ugh! Joe, ha… !”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!”

When he saw his free hand, he grinned, and from where he got it, he suddenly pulled out a knife, cut the string that bound his leg, and charged me.
Good! Garbage! I’ve been waiting for this… !

“Oh, no, dear!”

When I felt that everything was going as expected, Kate suddenly raised her torso, blocking the gap between Potts and mine.

“Ok… bend… I’m afraid… .”

With the sound of a knife piercing her flesh, blood bubbles began to leak out of Kate’s mouth.
Damn it! What are you doing all of a sudden! You told me in advance that he was going to go crazy and rush me! Could it be that the pleasure was too much and I lost my mind?! Damn it!
I hurriedly pushed Potts’ body.
As if Potts didn’t even think he was going to stab Kate, he sat down on the floor, holding the knife tightly.

“Ke, K… AA AA AA… .”

I could see his despair, but now I don’t have time to worry about it.
it’s still It’s not too late yet.
Fortunately, insurance in case of fatal injuries was already in mind.
Of course, I was the one who assumed that I would be fatally injured, but even in the case of Kate, the insurance was sufficiently applicable.
This is my healing sex insurance.

I immediately activated all possible skills, and did my best to get Kate to climax.
Fortunately, Kate’s body had been sensitive for a long time, so it wasn’t too difficult to bring it back to the climax even in this kind of situation.
Good. If you make me feel like this a few more times… !


While I was so absorbed in Kate’s treatment, I heard such a scream in front of me.
But I didn’t even pay attention to her and focused on Kate’s treatment.
And after several climaxes, Kate’s complexion finally began to calm down.

“Whoa. heart tremble Hopefully it all goes well, but in the end something unexpected like this will happen.”

The scene unfolding before the eyes of the salvation, who raised his head while muttering like that, was another unexpected sight.
Potts had a knife deep in his ear.

“buy it. This?”

“… I killed myself.”

is it. Did I kill myself without needing to use my hands?
He was the worst human being who was garbage until the end, but at least his feelings for Kate were sincere.
Did we really have the best revenge?
It was an ending that made me feel more uncomfortable than killing something with my own hands.
Well, how did this happen?
No matter how self-defense it is, the guild’s suspicions will be reduced even more than if I killed it with my own hands.

“Uh… .”

“Kate! OK?!”

The unexpected result hardened for a moment, but Guwon woke up immediately to Kate’s moan and looked at Kate.

“Ahhh… Goo, Salvation… Potts… .”

Kate opened her eyes, looked at the scene in front of her, and muttered as her complexion turned pale.

“okay… . I ended up making this choice… .”

Potts had no feelings at all, and he knew he was going to kill him, but nonetheless, the man he had once dated committed suicide right in front of his eyes. It’s probably quite shocking. Kate looked at Potts with her bewildered eyes.

looked at the body.

The follow-up was surprisingly easy.
If an adventurer belonging to the dungeon city harms an adventurer belonging to the dungeon city, a record will remain.
The system seems to apply equally even if it harms itself.
Potts, who had a clear record on the adventurer card that he committed suicide, was treated as suicide after a brief investigation by the guild.

“Kate. OK?”

“Yeah. Well, I knew it was going to be like this from the moment I worked with you. Besides, I am an adventurer. You’re not weak enough to worry about it. I always see corpses.”

That’s a monster’s corpse, not a human corpse.
There was no way I could say such a thing.
The face of Kate, who was so engrossed in sex with me and craved only pleasure, looked a little different today.

“Actually, I feel a little bit sad. You’ve been through so much trouble, haven’t you? I feel like I’m finally done with what I’ve done.”

Kate even said things like that, as if to comfort me.
no. There’s nothing to comfort me, though.
I’m getting a slightly unexpected ending, so I’m just thinking that the ending doesn’t taste good.

“That… What do you plan to do next?”

Kate and Potts were living an adventurer life together. Of course, I can’t lead an adventurer life alone, so I’m going to be at a loss now that Potts is dead.

“I do not know? What should I do?”

Kate looked at Guwon with eyes hoping to say something.
Guwon also understood what Kate’s eyes meant.

In fact, the relationship with Kate is nothing more than a relationship that has been cooperating for mutual benefit.
Since our business is gone, it’s a relationship that’s okay if we just break up in a cool way.
But it didn’t look like Guwon would be able to beat Kate so coldly.
The one that wrapped me in the end more than anything else. Kate later apologized for ruining her plan, but she said that she was so obsessed with me that she unconsciously enveloped me in a crazy state.
If we break up like this, will Kate be able to lead a normal life?
It’s not like Kate was moved and I had a heart, but at least I had some kind of sympathy to worry about my future life.

But what if we don’t break up like this?
Does that mean that now Kate wants to be included in the party and take her with her?
A wizard who doesn’t need any party power just out of pity?
Behind Sarah, there was no way to convince Diana and Leia.
Desperately trying to figure out what to do, I shook my head and came up with a compromise.

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