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“That… If it’s okay with you, why don’t you stay in our clan house?”

“Yeah? Well, that means I’m also at Goo Won’s party… .”

Again, as if this was what Kate wanted, Kate’s face became clear and bright.
But salvation was not meant that way.

“no. Sorry. There is no room for wizards in our party.”

“… i See. no. I know. That would be it. Don’t worry. In the beginning, we had a relationship like that. A relationship that ends when the cooperation ends. Now, I don’t get hung up on it.

Kate said so, but there was a look of disappointment on her face.

“no. no excuses Really. Don’t you know if you’re a wizard too? The name of the supreme archmage.”

“Yeah? Now, wait a minute. Why are you suddenly talking about Telluna-sama?”

“Among the kids I was with, was there the tiniest kid wearing a wizard hat? That’s the supreme archmage Diana Telluna.”

“What, what?! Sleep, huh?! Are you kidding me?!”

Kate’s bitter expression turned into a startled expression.

“no. I’m not kidding. Have you ever heard of me calling her Diana? Her nickname is Diana.”

“really?! That Telluna?! Isn’t that a joke?! That strange little boy who spoke so tightly to you… Someone who looked particularly noble?! awhile. So, what kind of relationship do you have with Telluna-sama?!”

clinging to it Did other people see it that way?
And as expected, Kate didn’t know who Diana was.
The assumption of salvation that the news of Diana’s departure from running away could not have been delivered to wizards on adventures, other than those within the Wizards’ Association, was correct.
I mean, it’s always been weird. No matter how tight the hat is, none of the many wizard adventurers cares about Diana.
Should I still think that the Wizards Association is blocking the information?
Well, Diana seems comfortable with it, so there’s no problem. Rather, it could have been Diana.

“What kind of relationship… . Well. Have you exchanged promises to kiss in the future?”

“Hey, don’t lie! Telluna-sama, who has never given a heart to any man for all these years, can’t be that… !”

“It’s a lie. I don’t lie like that. Would you like me to bring it myself and check it out?”

“Come on, wait! Don’t do that! I believe! You can believe it! So is it really Telluna-sama’s man?! I thought it was weird! There is no way such a good man could not even belong to a large clan!”

Diana’s man. I want Diana to think of me as my girl.
Kate panicked and screamed.
Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he looked at Guwon with a pale complexion.

“awhile. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Gee, wait. So, by any chance, on the night you had a relationship with me, you were sleeping with Telluna-sama in your room?!”


“What have you done! Ahhh… How the hell do I get rid of this sin… .”

Again, Diana’s status among wizards is enormous.
Kate’s reaction was that of a devout believer who unintentionally blasphemed the god he almost believed in.
To be honest, I was worried that even if I was addicted to the pleasure of the past, I would never be able to fall for it, but from this reaction, it seems that Diana is a more serious problem than pleasure.

“Kate, calm down.”

“Are you really looking now?! Salvation… How can God save Telluna-sama and have a relationship with a woman like me… !”

“It’s you. Just call me as usual. Anyway, that’s why we don’t have a place for wizards in our party. What can I say instead, why don’t you come to our clan house? Do you have nowhere to go anyway?”

“It’s not like Telluna-sama will be there! What kind of face do you want to see Telluna-sama? !”

“But you said you were originally in the tower. It is a dream place where the heads of each school and the aces all gather. Aren’t you greedy as a wizard?”

“Hey, what else does that mean?”

While having a relationship with Kate, there was a fact that I learned a lot about Kate’s identity.
Originally, Kate was not an adventurer, but a wizard of the tower.
And after Potts, who had visited the tower for a visit, fell in love with Kate at first sight and pursued him tenaciously, the two of them became adventurers.

So, wouldn’t it be better for Kate to stay in our clan house than to continue her adventures?
This is where the heads of each school are gathered, and there, in the name of a servant, excellent talents of each school are gathered.
And salvation has the power to blossom Kate between them.
That way, I can keep watching over Kate, and Kate will be able to spend a happy time in the dream place that any wizard wants to visit.

When Salvation made such an offer to Kate, Kate seemed to be distracted by too much information at once.

“on? All the heads of each school? Are the handicrafts gathered? there i? no wait. Now, the clan house is Telluna-sama’s mansion… ?!”

“okay. What do you think?”

“Come on, wait. There are a lot of sudden things, so I have to organize it . That, so… .”

It seemed that Kate was in a state of panic at the proposition that was too great.
No, rather than that, the fear that he was daring to touch the man of the Supreme Sorcerer seemed to be greater.
Right after Diana’s name came out, strangely, she was leaning towards the opposite side of salvation.

“I understand the confusion. Still, it’s a dream place for wizards, isn’t it? Anyway, think about it. When you make up your mind, come to Diana’s mansion. It seems to be a holy place for wizards, do you know the place? Say my name at the front door and I’ll let you in.”

In the end, he said that to Kate, who could not make a decision on the spot, and salvation returned to his room.
In the room, Sarah was standing there with empty eyes somewhere.

“… It’s over.”

“okay. I ended up with a slightly unexpected ending. How are you feeling?”

“… That’s right. It’s a strange feeling. To be honest, I still don’t feel it.”

“It certainly ended up looking a little stale, but the pain he felt must have been great. It may feel a little insufficient to say that I paid for all the pain you felt, but it was definitely revenge.”

“I know. If I had, I would have killed myself. But something… It feels like a corner of my heart is empty. … If it felt like this, I wouldn’t do revenge

I guess so.”

“What are you talking about? Did you come all the way here for that?”

“It was. When I first came here, all I could think of was revenge. But in fact, after meeting you and staying with you, I started thinking of you more than revenge. As a result, my sense of revenge began to diminish. I think the feeling I felt when I saw the man was more of a sense of guilt towards my grandfather than of revenge. The man who killed my grandfather is alive and well, because I forgot my revenge and was having a good time with you. That’s why I don’t know if he was even more vicious and executed his revenge. By attracting even you who don’t care… .”

“What are you talking about? I want… .”

“no. It is not. You say you did it because you wanted it, but it’s the same for me. I used your favor for revenge.”

“I do not care. I don’t care at all.”

“I care. Really, I didn’t mean to do that… .”

Saying that, Sarah had a somewhat unstable expression on her face.
I thought that if I let salvation go, Sarah would disappear somewhere, so I hugged her tightly.

“OK. because it’s okay… .”

Salvation had nothing to do with it.

“That man… . It was a completely different person than when I killed my grandfather. Really, is this really what this is all about?”

After all, the fact that Potts died in that way seemed to have given Sarah quite a shock as well.
Perhaps he felt sorry for Potts’ love for taking his own life. But salvation didn’t think that way at all. He just paid the price.
no. Did he really kill himself for love in the first place?
Wouldn’t it be just that, regardless of the fact that he stabbed Kate, she just couldn’t stand it any longer and took her life?

“Of course. You took revenge. You did nothing wrong.”

Salvation hugged Sarah tightly so she couldn’t go anywhere.
But Sarah’s body trembled slowly.

“He just paid the price he deserves. Your actions are justified, so there is absolutely no reason to feel sorry for him.”

Sarah nodded her head, burying her face in the bosom of salvation.
And how much time has passed?
Sara, who seemed to have calmed down, spoke again.

“… I’m sorry.”


“Even in this situation, I am glad that you hugged me and comforted me. Selfish, right?”

Wasn’t it completely calmed down?
Sara was still in an unstable state, so she expressed her feelings much more frankly than usual.

“It’s selfish. Rather, I am glad. The fact that you think of me that way is itself. And no matter how selfish you are, I can accept it.”

“… Why are you doing this to me?”

“That is of course… .”

Gujang looked at Sarah.
The expression on his face, which was full of emotions, looked unstable, but there was a certain expectation in his eyes.
He looked into those eyes and opened his mouth.

“I do it because I like it.”

Hearing the word of salvation, Sarah’s eyes widened.
Sarah is crying

He had a face that seemed like a sullen expression, but he did not show him crying by holding his salvation and burying his face in his chest.

“I am also selfish and cowardly. Because you asked such a question in a situation where you had no choice but to give such an answer. But, but if you’re willing to accept even this cowardly woman, please accept me more. I want to have a deeper relationship with you. Not a simple adventurer companionship, but a deeper relationship.”

Salvation also wanted to have such a relationship with Sarah.
However, there were Diana and Leia, too, so I had been avoiding speaking directly even though I knew Sarah’s feelings.
However, he could not always avoid the decision.
This is what Sarah confessed. Is it time to decide?
When this moment came, it was inevitable that the faces of Diana and Leia came to mind.
In particular, Diana and I even exchanged promises to kiss later. Is it really right to choose only Sarah like this?

“buy it. I’m also cowardly Knowing your feelings, I didn’t say anything on purpose until now. But also I… .”
“I know! I know you have feelings for two other people. But now it’s just what you think of me and what kind of relationship I want to be. Just tell me.”

“… yea of ​​course you like it too I also want to have a deeper relationship with you.”


Sara hung from the neck of salvation and kissed her with a sad expression on her face.
After a deep kiss, embracing each other tightly and tongue-to-tongue, Sarah said, looking at the Savior’s face from a distance.

“… I’ve promised you before. I will listen to anything you say.”

“It did.”

I hope that the promise will be brought out at a time like this. Have you been prepared for this kind of situation since then and saved it?
Anyway, I guess I really have no choice but to harden my heart now.

“Please make me your woman. It doesn’t matter if you feel the same way for other people. Just promise me That your heart will never grow cold for me. You will always be by my side.”

Sarah’s request was similar to what Salvation had expected, but on the other hand, it was completely unexpected.
It was because it sounded like it didn’t matter as long as he continued to like himself even if Guwon made another woman.

“What? However… .”

“It’s okay. Even though I knew Diana and Leia’s feelings, I was the first to cut it. And… . I have no right to monopolize you for having you hold another woman for my revenge.”

“Sarah, that’s… !”

“It’s really okay. Or can you give up Diana and Leia?”

Cowardly, but salvation could not answer.

“Now, rather than talk like that, answer me.”

“… okay. from now on and forever. you are my girl Is there no use in regretting in the future?”

“… Huh. Salvation is.”

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Kate wasn’t a heroine candidate from the start, so she just lived in a mansion and made a happy life as a wizard.

Shion // Thanks for pointing out. It’s corrected.



So Guwon and Sara, who had been staring at each other for a while, looked away at the same time as if they had matched each other.
… this. It’s a lot more embarrassing than I thought.
An unidentified sense, whether one of the chests was itchy, dominated the whole body.

Damn it. This is not like me.
okay. They say they’re sure they’re in a relationship, but in the end, nothing really changes.
Even before we confessed in the first place, we acted like we were dating. What are you ashamed of now?

Salvation made up her mind and gave strength to the arm that embraced Sarah.
Then he lifted it up, and gently threw Sarah onto the bed.

“Then, as a commemoration of making our relationship clear, shall we make sure that our relationship is engraved on our body as well?”

“Come on, wait. Salvation. in this mood? I really only have that thought in my head… .”
“And you’re a woman who confessed that she likes a man who only has such thoughts in her head.

At the words of salvation, Sarah, who was about to protest lightly, blushed and avoided her gaze.
Whoops. won
Salvation made Sarah naked in an instant and put her hand on her pussy.

“Ugh! Bar, you idiot!”

“But Sarah.”

“Why why?”

“Why are you wet?”

“Hey, that’s it! Because salvation touches… !”

“no. It was definitely wet before I touched it. Don’t be shy and be honest. Why were you wet?”

But Sarah didn’t answer. Instead, he reached out and grabbed the object of salvation.

“The salvation that you say like that has already grown so much.”

“I’m usually a pervert standing just looking at your naked body. Oh, then, even Sarah… .”

“Oh, isn’t it?!”

Saying that Sarah couldn’t win over salvation, she pushed her away, dug in between her crotch and sat down and started licking things.
Is it an unspoken protest telling you not to make a noise and focus on your actions?
But salvation did not shut up.
Gujang raised his upper body, reached out and touched Sarah’s wet pussy.

“Hey. Be honest. What made you wet?”

Instead of answering, Sarah opened her mouth wide and put the item of salvation in her mouth.

“Tell me honestly. What’s embarrassing between us? Or are you too embarrassed to answer?”

As Guwon said that, she felt Sarah’s vagina tremble and tremble as she touched her finger.

“what? really? What is the reason… .”

I thought about salvation.
With the pleasure of revenge on Potts? First off, this is not First of all, Sarah isn’t the kind of person who gets excited about such things, and when she listens to what she says, there seems to be little pleasure in revenge.
Then maybe… .

“you… Are you excited to see me doing it with Kate?”

It was a suspicion I had heard before.
Could it be that it started a little this time too?

“Hey, it’s not like that! just jealous… !”
“Then you got wet because of jealousy? that’s weird enough

I think.”

Sarah took her mouth off the object of salvation and tried to protest, but she put her head down again with the object as if there was nothing to say about the word of salvation.

“Ah, the fact that you said you could make another woman… Ahh. Sorry. I was too mean. please forgive me.”

Gu Gu-gun tried to make fun of Sarah more, but he had no choice but to apologize.
Probably because Sarah has built it.
Even if my item had better defense than other parts with an iron penis, there was no guarantee that it would be able to block Sarah’s ignorant attack power.
I do not intend to gamble on things.

As Salvation quieted her down, Sarah smiled contentedly and sucked on the object of salvation a few more times, then got up and pressed her vagina against the object of salvation.

“Be quiet. Just focus on the action. Are you sure that our relationship is engraved on my body as well?”

“Of course not.”

Guwon grabbed Sarah’s waist and held her tight.

“Hey! Salvation! Salvation! Good! I like you!”

“I don’t know how to say it like that. What do you like? I? Or are you having sex with me?”

“both! If it’s you, everything I do with you is fine!”

To the vile question of salvation, Sarah shook her back and answered honestly.
If I answered honestly like this, I would feel ashamed again.
Guwon didn’t want to make fun of Sarah’s candid attitude any more, and just tried to focus on moving her waist.
But Sarah did not allow salvation to be so.

“Are you saved? How are you?”

“Yeah, me too… .”
“No. properly. Be sure to say it like me. Are you sure it’s engraved on your body?”

uh huh? Why is the karate suddenly reversed… .


“okay! Likes! I like everything I do with you too!”

He cried out in such a way that salvation would come as it should be.
ahhh I want to die of shame. How did you say something like this so casually?
Satisfied with the words of salvation, Sarah tilted her upper body and hugged the head of salvation and kissed her.

“more. tell me more Engrave some more Make me your own woman.”

Salvation and Sarah coveted each other wildly.

But that time didn’t last long.
It’s been a very busy night.
Shortly after Salvation and Sarah were bound, it was time for Diana and Leia to wake up.
I’m sorry but I can’t.
Now that this has been going on, time is literally forever.
Don’t be in a hurry and enjoy yourself.

“Sara slowly… .”

“Huh. Last. Finally haha! Once more… . Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Sarah moved her waist violently with the momentum to pull the object from the top of the savior, and trembled and fell over the savior.
At the same time, salvation also ejaculated within Sarah once again.
Sara, who felt the afterglow of the climax while shaking her body even on the body of salvation, put her face on the chest of salvation as if listening to the heartbeat, and drew a circle around the chest of salvation with her fingers.

“I wish I had more time. keep this feeling right now

I want to feel it.”

“do not worry. Not only now, but for the rest of my life, I will make you feel this way.”

“Huhu. You don’t mind saying shameful things.”

“In the meantime, I must have been tainted with you. Why do you hate it?”

To be honest, I’m fine now because I’m in the mood, but if I remember it later, I might kick the duvet. Well, that was then.

“no. Very good.”

Saying so, Sarah rubbed her cheek against the bosom of salvation.
While talking to Sarah, Guwon suddenly felt uncomfortable.
Until now, I was so into sex that I couldn’t pay attention… .

“But Sarah. Can I ask you something?”

“Huh? What?”

“… Why are you half-talking?”

It was. Come to think of it, at some point, Sarah kept talking nonsense.

“What are you talking about? Did you say salvation is like that?”

What? Did I? when?

“I remember correctly. Salvation is the evidence of friendship that they said let’s quarrel with each other.”

uh… Huh? each other? Then me too? No, it’s the first time I’ve ever met him… Ah.


“uh… Huh. You have a very good memory.”

“If anything happened with you, I remember everything.”

Saying so, Sarah smiled bashfully.
But, to be sure, at that time, even Sarah wasn’t very fond of me. I remember it really well.

“So, you don’t like me talking nonsense?”

“no. OK. what i told you to do But it’s a little awkward. Is it because I heard bad things from a younger person?”

“Foot. what? So, can I call you my brother?”

Sarah said it playfully, but the word brother touched the heart of salvation.
brother… that’s a good sound


When Gu Guo nodded with a very serious expression, Sarah, who spoke the truth, blushed in embarrassment.

“Hey, look at the situation. I’ll call you when I think of you.”

“okay… .”

When Gu-gu made a sullen expression on her face, Sarah panicked as if in bewilderment.
Then he glanced around the room where there was no one but the two of us, and said quietly in a shy voice.

“Why, why is the grass dying like that? That… Oh brother… .”

“The grass is not dead! I am so full of energy!”

“Hey! Oh, it’s grown inside again! I don’t have time!”

“So, you have to finish it soon.”

“Sleep, really, huh!”

Guwon continued to have a relationship with Sarah, until eventually Diana banged on the door to see what she was doing.

“You really can’t believe it! Doesn’t it make you feel a little bit weaker?!”

While eating, Diana became extremely angry towards salvation. Leia’s gaze wasn’t that pretty either.

“Sorry. I couldn’t sleep last night.”

“He, he, that’s what you call bragging right now! I’m proud that I couldn’t sleep together last night… !”

“Oh, no. Do not misunderstand. It’s not like that. I mean, it happened at night.”

“What is the case? What happened?”

“okay. Actually, Potts is dead.”

“Well? What does that mean?”

“He committed suicide because of a political fight. We’re in the next room, so we can hear the noise. We don’t even know each other, so we can’t just pass by, right? He said he stayed up all night trying to comfort Kate who was surprised.”

We couldn’t even tell Diana and Leia that we had revenge, so salvation was so vague.
One way would be to not reveal that Potts is dead at all, but then I would have to work on getting Kate into the mansion again, so I thought it would be better to just reveal it.

“Something like that… .”

“Anyway, it seems that Kate has nowhere to go. He’s also a wizard anyway, so I’d like to have him stay with the other wizards in our mansion. Diana. Can you give me some strength?”

“Well? To get along well with others in the mansion? no. It would be counterproductive for this body to come forward. On the contrary, I would not be able to bear it with envy. Aren’t we just acquaintances anyway? You don’t need to worry so much, do you?”

“You’re still pitiful.”

“Since when have you been like that… no. awhile. You must be that woman named Kate… .”

“no. It’s not like that. Because Sarah was there too. right? buy it?”

“Huh. It’s okay. Diana. Nothing to worry about.”

“Well? If even Miss Sarah said that… .”

Even as Diana said that, she had a somewhat uncomfortable face.

“Anyway, if Diana doesn’t work, I have no choice but to tell her to be well.”

“Well? are you saying No matter what, our kids won’t listen to you… .”

“do not worry. There is a way.”

If they give you a deal to die for, they’ll listen.

“Anyway, that’s it. Hunting is stopped today. Let’s go upstairs first.”

“Huh. okay. I think that would be good. Because I’ve been hunting too much these days. Sometimes you need to take a break.”

To Sarah’s words that were so different from usual, Diana and Leia flinched and reacted.

“that… Sarah? Now that conversation… .”

“Yeah? What?”

“Oh, nothing.”

Leia tried to ask something, but she shut her mouth at Sarah’s calm response.
He wanted to ask, but on the other hand, he looked afraid to ask.

“Well, that’s interesting. That Sarah is hunting… .”

Salvation, who had been talking up to that point, noticed another strange thing.
Up until now, she firmly believed that the reason Sarah was hunting hard was to defeat the Demon King because of the hero’s sense of duty.
No one said that, but the story of the hero who left his hometown to defeat the Demon King is too standard, isn’t it?
But Sarah said. He left his hometown to get revenge on Potts.
… what? So what about the Demon King?
Damn it. Why haven’t I noticed this until now?

“Salvation? What is it?”

“Ah… Huh. Guys. I have some questions. Does the devil exist in this world right now?”

“Huh? What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about? You’re the devil.”

“Are you talking about children’s books?”

“Wait a minute. really? joke

not? that, yes Diana. Maybe something like the Demon King you sealed with the hero in the past… .”

“So there is no such thing. what do you mean You are the devil.”

I was wondering if there was even an old story, but Diana firmly nailed it as there was no such thing.
Then I… Until now, why did you go through the dungeon so hard and go through all that hardship? .
No, it doesn’t matter that the original purpose of catching the Demon King was to help Sarah, and the purpose of helping Sarah was accomplished by dealing with Potts. Still, this is… .
I couldn’t help but feel in vain to think that all my hard work in dungeons as an adventurer until now was useless.

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As soon as they returned to the mansion, Sarah clinged to salvation.

“Salvation. Do you have anything to do from now on?”

“Huh? Why?”

“just. If salvation has nothing to do, I want to be with you.”

Diana and Leia’s shoulders trembled and trembled at the direct expression that was so different from Sarah until yesterday.

“Well… . Then will you wait a minute in my room? First, let’s talk about Kate to the Wizards Association. I’ll go right away when we’re done talking. Anyway, I have something to tell you.”

“What to say?”

“Ah, yes. there is such a thing Anyway, I will go.”

With the exception of Diana, all wizards have their own schools.
Among them, I heard that the school that Kate belonged to was the Ignis School, which specializes in fire magic.
Salvation went to the head of the Ignis school.

“Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Well? That’s great. that you are looking for me What’s going on?”

In fact, although they live in the same mansion, the people of the Salvation and Wizards Association have never talked much. At the very least, is it enough to say hello when we meet?
The people of the Wizard’s Association were basically looking towards Diana, and even when Diana was not there, they were showing signs of strangely avoiding salvation. I wonder if Diana was warning me not to get entangled with me like in Vanessa’s case.
Salvation was not something that the Wizards Association had to see, so I just thought it would be like that.
So I’ve never had a conversation like this.

“Actually, I have a request.”

“Well? Request?”

“Actually, I think the wizard, who can be called my friend, will be staying in the mansion, but if that happens, wouldn’t it be possible to spend more time with those of us than we, who constantly go in and out of the dungeon? Besides, he’s a wizard of the Ignis school, so I want to ask you to take care of yourself.”

“indeed. Are you saying that anyone who parachutes into Telluna-sama’s mansion will be taken care of so that they don’t get bullied?”

Since this person is really old, it seems that he can read the inner meaning of it.
Again, if it is not related to Diana, he shows an attitude that is commensurate with his age and position.

“And if possible, teach me magic… .”

“Does that sound like a request for a disciple? I’m sorry, but I’m strictly a meritocracy.

Such an identity is unknown… .”
“Unless there is anything special in the future, I promise to return without spending more than a week in the dungeon.”

“Let’s try to figure out your skills first.”

Anyway, if it’s related to Diana, it’ll end up like this.
After all, it seems that Diana did not want to leave her place for too long when she only went to the dungeon.
In that way, the head of the Ignis school and the Dill satisfactorily succeeded, and salvation went to Vanessa.

“Such an idiot. If Kate comes, give me a room.”

“… Did Diana-sama allow it?”

“This is my clan house, so you can… no sorry I already told Diana.”

Guwon tried to show off, but when he saw Vanessa’s sharp eyes, he immediately gave up.
I don’t do it because I think I’ll never lose to him by force.
He only bought Vanessa’s loyalty high and lost it. ‘Cause I’m kind

“If Diana-sama allowed it… Okay.”

So, after finishing all measures related to Kate, salvation entered his room.
Sarah was rolling around in bed, and when salvation came in, she woke up with a popping sound.

“Oh, salvation. I’m here? Did you finish the conversation?”

“… What did you do there?”

“What, what? Did you do anything?”

It was incredibly suspicious to look away and smoke, but let’s move on this time.
Now there was something more important than that.

“buy it. I have something to tell you. Sit there.”

“What, what? All of a sudden, you’re taking the weight again.”

Sara was puzzled, but quietly sat on the bed.

“you… Are you a warrior?”

Salvation finally asked Sarah this question.
Until now, I thought that Sarah would reveal it to herself someday, so she kept quiet. However, since I found out that Sarah’s purpose was not to subdue the Demon Lord, it was necessary to confirm.

“Uh, how did you know?”

“I haven’t talked about it until now, but I actually have the ability to know the level and occupation of other people.”

“What?! Then from the first time we met… .”

“no. At that time, my abilities were not yet developed, so I only knew the level. It wasn’t long before I found out about your job. Anyway, so, are you a hero?”

“Yes… . sorry. I was going to keep talking, but once I missed the timing, I didn’t have a chance to keep talking.”

“no. OK. No need to apologize. I have more questions than that.”

“Huh? What?”

“Why are you a warrior?”

“Eh? What, what?”

“Then why are you a warrior?”

“Even if you ask me why I’m a hero… . What are you talking about?”

“If you’re a hero, your goal is usually to subdue the Demon King! But it is said that there is no Demon King in this world! Then what the hell is the hero doing?!”

“I don’t know if you ask me, like that! Why are you suddenly so hot?”

“Since I found out that you are a hero, how hard have I worked to prepare for the subjugation of the Demon King… .”


At the words of salvation, Sarah looked at salvation with a puzzled look.
Then, his eyes became narrower and narrower, and he burst out laughing as if he couldn’t stand it.

“Ahahaha! what is that? Have you ever had that kind of misunderstanding? cute!”

“Don’t tell me, I’m cute! If you’re not going to do something like subjugating the demon lord in the first place, why did you hide the fact that you’re a hero?!”

“But… That’s what my grandfather said. It seems that my father suffered something bad because of the people who tried to use the hero. Ha, but I was really going to talk to Guwon! But I’m a little embarrassed to reveal it late… .”

“… is it. After all, the Demon Lord really doesn’t exist… .”


“Do not laugh!”

“Ah Okay. Oh, I won’t laugh… to.”

Hey. Isn’t it so funny to fall into a world where there are heroes and think that there might be a demon king?
Sarah’s face turned red and her body trembled, barely holding back her laughter.

“Whoa. Whoa. So, is this the end of the conversation?”


“Then let’s go out with me.”

“Huh? Where?”

“Just everywhere. It’s the first day we officially confirmed each other’s feelings, isn’t it? I, I want to go on a date with Goo Won. … Hate?”

“No way! Let’s get out right now!”

Seeing Sarah’s candid appearance that she had never seen before, she took her hand and went outside as if there was nothing to say about salvation.

And we enjoyed a normal date while walking around the village, looking at things and eating anything that looked delicious.
Sarah enjoyed a date with Goo Won with a happy smile, as if her cool appearance until now was nothing more than a mask.

Even with that kind of nonsense, that smile, people can suddenly change like that.
Perhaps the burden of revenge on her grandfather has been laid down and the real Sarah has finally been revealed.
Maybe it wasn’t the cool figure that was wary of others, but the way she could smile brightly like that was the original figure of Sarah.

Sara, who smiled brightly, was truly dazzlingly beautiful, and it was hard to see Guwon looking at her.
Even the salvation that I have been walking with Sarah until now is like this. It was a natural result that the eyes of other men were also focused on Sarah.

And when Guwon and Sarah went into the accessory store and looked around, a courageous man appeared.
The man who worked at the store praised Sarah’s beauty and started recommending accessories.
It’s a natural thing to say, but I don’t think it’s meant to sway. I just felt like I wanted to have a conversation with Sarah because she was so pretty.
Seeing that, Salvation was drenched in a sense of superiority.
did you see this is my girl
And speaking of Sarah… .

“I do not need it.”

“But guest. For guests like… .”

“Hey. Can’t you hear me? I don’t need it. Don’t bother me for nothing, do you care about other guests?”

“… Yes Yes. I’m sorry.”

It seems that he was annoyed because the time spent alone with salvation was interrupted. He was originally a particularly cool person to other men, but this time he went beyond cool and kicked out the employee with a bloody look.
When the woman who had just been smiling for salvation just stared at her with cold eyes as if she was looking at filth, the employee shot him with an expression that looked like she was about to cry.

left the seat

“Salvation. How about this?”

Then Sarah looked back at salvation, smiled broadly, and picked up the hairpin.

“Wow, I’m scared… .”

“Huh? what? this?”

Sarah tilted her head and looked at the hairpin.
no. Not the hairpins, but you. you.
Even though the attitude towards me had changed, Sarah was still Sarah.
Knowing how to smile brightly is what Sarah’s original appearance is. The cool thing is his original appearance, and he was special only in front of me.
Well, it’s not bad at all from my point of view.

And while looking at the accessories with Sarah, one thing caught my eye.
It was nothing special, just a common pearl necklace.
However, it was not because of the appearance of the necklace that Guwon noticed.
no. While this is true for some semantic appearance, the reason Salvation pays attention is because of its more functional aspects.

“buy it. Stay here. I’ll ask the clerk something.”

“Huh? What?”

“There is such a thing. Anyway, I will go.”

Gu-gu went up to the clerk in the store and asked if he could order accessories in the shape he had in mind.

“Yeah? Of course it’s possible, but where the hell are you going to use that? .”

“It doesn’t matter. Does it work anyway? Then please do it. Rather than making it look pretty, make it as strong as possible. How long does it take?”

“As you said, changing it is a simple task, so it won’t take long. I think it can be done in about 30 minutes, so can we make it like that?”

“Yeah. Please.”

“Yeah. Then we will let you know when production is complete.”

Guwon asked the employee to make accessories, and returned to Sarah with a satisfied smile.

“Turn it off.”

“Hey profit!”

Meanwhile, another victim appeared.

“Oh, are you saved? What are you talking about?”

“Huh? no. There is such a thing.”

Even as Guwon answered that way, he could feel the corners of his mouth rising.

“… The smile is somehow sinister.”

… you are really sharp

“That, right? Is it because you are so pretty?”

“Pee. Fool.”

Sara said, beating the savior’s chest lightly as if embarrassed.
big black. It’s a heartbreaking attack.
It was a highly advanced technique that combined physical and mental attacks.
did you see He’s such a lover! Are you jealous?!

For reference, not to mention the mental attack, the physical attack worked quite well.
… Physically, my heart was pounding.
Just as a saint receives a buff for all sexual acts, wouldn’t a hero receive a buff for all combat-related actions? Such a light attack shakes my defense… .
In order to get along with Sarah, it seems that a strong body is essential.

I went out of the store after buying a special order from Sarah and a few other accessories at the accessory store.

So, after walking around the village a little more with Sarah, I returned to the mansion around three o’clock.

You still have a lot of time, so why did you come back already?
That’s because Sarah and I agreed.

“It’s also the first day we started dating, but in the morning it was just too vague.”

“Pee. transformation.”

“what?! You agreed to come back so early! If I’m a pervert, you’re a pervert too!”

Saying that, Gu-won threw Sarah on the bed and began to take off her clothes.

“Aww! I am attacked by a pervert!”

As Sarah said that, her voice seemed to be pleasant, and she twisted her body a little to make it easier to take off the salvation.
buy it. Just like this naughty sissy.

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“So, you don’t like it?”

To counteract Sarah’s creepy reaction, Guwon suddenly looked at Sarah with a serious expression and said:
Seeing the sudden change of salvation, Sarah’s eyes widened.
Then Sarah turned her head to the side, avoiding her gaze, and said in a voice crawling with embarrassment, her face flushed red.

“Joe, okay… .”

Whoops. In the end, if you go out strong, this will happen.
In response to Sarah’s answer, Guwon smiled a victorious smile and nodded in satisfaction.
Seeing such a response of salvation, Sarah had an expression on her face that she was deceived.

“Sir, see!”

Then he wrapped his long legs around the waist of the man and held it tightly, but he turned half a turn and changed places with the man, and he climbed up.
And this time Sarah began to take off the clothes of salvation.

“Are you active? I don’t even do it with another girl today… Cuckoo!”

Sarah’s attack came in orthodox.

“Why are you talking about that all of a sudden?!”

“Oh, no. Sorry. Just to add some seasoning to the excitement… .”

“I have no hobbies like that!”

Why do our children all try to deny their own walls?
Well, to be sure, they are all a bit unusual fortress walls to admit in a cool way.

“Don’t say nonsense like that, focus on me now!”

“do not worry. I am always focused on you.”

“Bar, you idiot!”

Whoops! Hey, why are you hitting me this time?!
I think you said something pretty good, even if it felt bad?!

“I think it would be better to close your mouth that only talks about useless things.”

Saying so, Sarah shut the mouth of salvation.
Of course, with his soft lips.
Is this just what you want to do?

Gugu-gun squeezed Sarah’s buttocks with both hands while wrapping his own tongue around Sarah’s tongue, which had penetrated into her mouth and was deeply entangled.
At first he twisted his tongue to make it entangled with Sarah’s, but then he stretched out his tongue and put it into Sarah’s mouth.
Then, as if to check the texture of the mouth one by one, he gently swept it down with his tongue, then slid his tongue from the inner gum to the roof of the mouth. And when she tapped the sensitive roof of her mouth like a knock with her tongue, Sarah’s body twitched and reacted.
The more I moved my tongue, the more I could see Sarah’s eyes in front of me becoming hazy.

“Are you excited?”

“Ugh. e. haha Joe, a little… You might be excited… .”

In response to Sarah’s answer, Guwon moved the hand that was rubbing her glutinous buttocks to the side of Sarah’s crotch as if sliding it, and ran her finger across the line of her vagina that was closed in a straight line.
Then, from Sarah’s tightly closed vagina, sweet honey water started pouring out like juice bursting out.

“a little?”

“Ugh! Joe, a little too much… .”

“Good. People should be so honest. Then as a prize… .”

“Hahhhhhh! Ha, at once… !”

Guwon grabbed Sarah’s buttocks, adjusted the position, and then drove the object deep all the way to the end.
But that was it. He held Sarah’s hips firmly with both hands and fixed it, and Guwon did not show any further movement.

“Why, why?”


“Why aren’t you moving?”

“Would you like me to move?”

When Gu Gu-won spoke mischievously, Sarah gave a slightly sullen expression and began to exert pressure on her waist as if she was trying to move on her own. Then, Sarah’s waist began to wriggle subtly.
uh uh huh?!
Gujeon hastily invested more bonus stats in strength.
Whoo… . Dirty Warrior Correction. At the very least, the man’s self-esteem was almost destroyed.
But Guwon did not show any such expression at all and opened his mouth again while maintaining a smirk on his face.

“Would you like me to move?”

Sara flickered to see if she had done all she could, and glared at salvation, eventually pouting her mouth and muttering a little.

“… Huh.”

“Well. what to do I think it would be good to make Sarah inside my own shape like this.”

“Rice, pervert, what does that mean?!”

“Isn’t it a commemoration that our relationship became more certain? If you don’t engraved it on your body enough.”

“Every time I sleep with you, you think of how much you put in while making excuses for healing sex! This, it was already in your shape long ago… .”

Sarah was trying to slander salvation, but she said that in a low voice as if embarrassed.
big black. sa, sarah Isn’t it illegal to be so cute?
He wanted to move his waist right away, but he desperately endured it.
no pig no
The reason I annoyed Sarah like this was to achieve one purpose.

“Wow, huh! Anyway! If Sarah does one thing for me, I can move it too.”

If it was a request in this situation, it was obvious what kind of request it would be.
Sara knew that, too, blushing and squeezing power into her vagina, she said in a shy voice.

“Uh, what request?”

“It’s not a difficult request, I just want you to accept a present.”

“Huh? Gift?”

Perhaps the words of salvation were unexpected, Sarah tilted her head.
I was expecting a very perverted request, but with an expression of missing steam.
But Sarah. Isn’t that the point of being vigilant? It’s like a pervert request.

“okay. Gift.”

Salvation said so, and pulled an item from her inventory out of sight of Sarah. The special order I ordered from the accessory store today.
Its identity is the string

An object with beads threaded on one end and a hook-shaped handle attached to the end. It was a thing called anal beads.

“Will you accept it?”

“Yes? Huh. If it is a gift, of course I am happy… Whoops! Go, what are you doing all of a sudden? !”

As soon as Sarah answered, salvation immediately brought the tip of the anal beads to Sarah’s ass. Then, in order to release the tightly closed place, he rotated it like a massage.

“Gift. Are you happy to accept it?”

“Hey, such a gift… This pervert!”

“You’re a kid who confessed that you like such a pervert.”

When Gu-Won blew the counter, Sarah couldn’t answer and stared at Gu-Won with her red eyes.

“Come on, take it easy. If you press hard like that, it won’t go in.”

“Oh, even if you don’t go in… Whoops!”

Sara was giving strength to her hips as if resisting, but the strength was released as soon as Gu Ji-won slammed her back strongly.
And just when Sarah’s power was released, one of the beads of the anal beads slipped out and went between Sarah’s buttocks and disappeared.

“transformation… ! What the hell is good about this… !”

Contrary to words, Sarah’s eyes fluttered open with pleasure.
No, this. say you are good In terms of sex analysis, your highest erogenous zone is here You’re really feeling it too. After a bead enters the buttocks, the feel of the vagina is getting better.
Of course, I can’t deny that I enjoy playing like this.

“So, you don’t like it?”

“No… !”

Sarah quickly turned her head to avoid her gaze.
cute thing anyway.
While playing with the anal beads gently, Guwon started to move his waist strongly at the same time.

“Ugh! haha! Salvation! Whoops! Bake!”

Then Sarah clings to salvation and begins to suffer from pleasure.
At the same time, it goes without saying that Sarah’s ass began to lose strength again.
Guwon was careful and prudent, and put another marble into Sarah’s ass.

“Heh! this, this! I feel weird… ! ha ha! Ha ha ha!”

In the end, Sarah trembled and trembled first, reaching a climax.

“So good?”

Sara shook her head vigorously to deny it, but as Guwon put in another bead of anal beads, she immediately fell on the top of her and shook her back even more violently.

“There is nothing to hide between us.”

“Hah! Good! Good!”

“You like it too. Sarah is a pervert too.”

“All, you! Whoops! Because you do it!”

Hey. I meant to make fun of you, but if you say it like that, I’m left with nothing to say.
Guwon also stopped making fun of Sarah’s cute appearance and decided to focus on her actions.

And even while playing hard on the waist, Guwon was not impatient and slowly pulled out the beads and put them back in and out, gradually inserting the anal beads into Sarah’s ass.

“Uhhhhhh! Good! I like! Salvation! I love you!”

And Sarah completely lost her temper and began to shake her back.

“Polite word?”

“Ugh! Mi, sorry! You’re feeling so good… ! Whoa!”

Oh, yes.
The kid who used to use respectful words changed his tone in an instant.
Were you using it consciously?
Thinking about Sarah, who was desperately suppressing respectful words that were about to come out, and thinking of Sarah who had spoken rudely, Salvation seemed to warm her heart again.

“Then you can respect me now. Don’t worry about it, let’s have fun.”

But Sarah shook her head violently.

“Hate! This… As a token of friendship! So, haha! Only you… Only for you… ! Whoops! ha ha! Good! I like you!”

Sara has made such a wonderful statement even though her head is in a mess and she can’t make up sentences properly.

“Wow! buy it! I like it too!”

“Ugh! Hmm. Whoops, whoops.”

Guwon moved her waist strongly while kissing Sarah.
Of course, I did not forget to put one finger into the ring of the anal beads and move the anal beads as well.

“Heh heh!”

And until evening time, salvation continued to embrace Sarah.

“Are you okay?”

After each other’s final climax, Gu Gu looked at Sarah lying on her body and stroked her head and said:

“Huh… .”

“Are you here?”

As Gu-Won spoke with a slight pressure on the finger he had put in the ring of the anal beads, Sarah flinched and trembled, then pounded Gu-Won’s chest.

“Heh! Fool! I was looking forward to it because it was a gift, so I prepared a gift like this pervert! Get it out now!”

“You expected it. What gift did you expect?”

“do not know!”

Sarah shook her head with a pouty expression.

“For example, something like this?”

Gujang pulled out a small box from his inventory.
Actually, anal beads weren’t the only thing Sarah secretly bought at the accessory store.

“It’s not as grandiose as a wedding ring, but still, in commemoration of our relationship… Come on, wait! Why are you crying?”

“do not know! Fool!”

Sarah said so, but the voice that called her an idiot was full of joy and affection.

“Then can I wear it?”

Sara nodded while shedding tears and held out her left hand.
He put the ring on his ring finger and nodded his head.

“Huh. That’s right.”

In fact, since it has a size adjustment function, it can’t be wrong.
Without this feature, I would not have dreamed of secretly buying a ring. Long live the fantasy world.
Sara looked at the ring on her finger and began to weep even more.
I’m happy that you’re happy to the point of crying, but I can’t stand the continued itchy atmosphere. Good. if so… .

“Then will you continue to carry my gift with you?”

“Huh. whoops Huh. forever and ever… .”

Sarah answered desperately, wiping away her tears.

“no. Since the present includes anal beads, it is always a little… Whoops! Sleep, wait! Whoa! Sara, wait! joke! Nong, I’m dead!”

“In this situation! It was such a good atmosphere! who you are! Who are you!”

“Ooh, to stop crying! Sara, Sara! Are you really sick?!”

“You must be sick!”

Whether or not Sarah was really angry, she attacked salvation indiscriminately, even using respectful words.
Damn it. Why are you so strong! This is a bit cowardly, but… !

“Sara. If you swing it like that, the ring will be scratched… !”

Then, Sarah’s movements stopped abruptly.
Then he hurriedly raised his left hand and looked at the ring.
Whoa. thank God. This saved my life… Whoops! Why why… ?!
After confirming that the ring was safe, Sarah started attacking salvation with only her right hand this time.

And until Vanessa came to call, Sarah’s attack didn’t stop.
When a woman is most impressed, she should never joke about it.
Salvation gained one more precious life experience.

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Leia’s sincerity. And Diana, again

“… I’m late.”

As soon as we got down to the restaurant, Diana looked over here with a bad expression on her face. Leia didn’t even speak, but looked at Guwon and Sarah with an anxious expression.

“sorry. sorry. I have a little work. Right, Sarah?”

“Huh… . Huh? Yeah?! Oh yes. Yeah.”

“… Were you guys still together?”

“That’s it.”

“It seems that we are somehow strangely friendly.”

“Hey what… .”

He was too shy to speak openly about salvation, so he looked at Sarah and frowned.
It seemed that Sarah was not at the time to care about the gaze of salvation, though.
His eyes were swimming around with an anxious expression. If you look closely at the legs, they are walking with anxiety and in a state of being slightly crooked.

“Ha… .”

And even the strange noises when you sit on the chair.
By this time, you will understand why Sarah is doing this.
okay. Sarah now has both of the presents I gave her.

When Vanessa came to call, Sarah, who barely stopped beating her hand, screamed when she saw the redemption’s face that had been destroyed.

“Aww! Bake! OK?!”

You made it this way, girl.

“… Does this look okay?”

“Um, I’m sorry… . But salvation… .”
“I don’t need any excuses. I will never forgive you until you grant my request.”

“Wow, what… .”

“I keep both of my gifts.”

At the words of salvation, Sarah momentarily clenched her fists with an angry expression again.
Seeing that scene, Guwon was momentarily terrified, but Sarah didn’t wave her fists as if she couldn’t hit him any more when she saw Guwon’s face. Instead, he looked for salvation with a bright red face.

“Gee, really… . Isn’t it a pervert?”

“Are you planning on giving this to me later anyway? If I don’t release it like this, will it break?”

“That, though… !”

“Ugh. My face, my heart, it’s so throbbing.”

“Ugh! Well, how long will this… !”

“It’s your turn again tomorrow, right? You just have to hold on until then.”

“You want me to stay like this for three or three days?!”

“Aaaah! face! The chest!”

“Okay! if

it’s okay! if! This pervert!”

“Good. Then, let’s get one more plate and go eat.”

“What, what?! One more plate?”

“Then shall we go down like this? Healing sex is the way to go.”

So this is what it looks like now.
Even as Sarah sat at the table, she looked around with an unstable look.
It was natural, but it seemed that the surrounding noise was not heard at all.

“Ugh… .”

Diana looked at Guwon and Sarah with a dissatisfied expression.
Sara didn’t even notice Diana and Leia’s gaze, only gulping down the water that was placed on the table.


And Leia, who was looking at this side with anxious eyes, abruptly got up from her seat.
And when people’s eyes turned to him, he quietly sat down again.
But its tail was drooping, and its ears were fully folded and drooping down. He bowed his head, so he couldn’t see his expression properly, but he seemed to be making a very gloomy expression.

“Lee, Leia? What is it?”

Guwon was startled by the reaction that Leia couldn’t even imagine.
Leia bowed down for a while, then finally raised her head and looked at salvation.

“Sa, in the hands of Sarah… the ring… .”

Leia’s eyes filled with water as she said that, and it looked like she was about to cry.

“What, what?!”

This time, Diana jumped up.
I quickly looked at Sarah’s hand, and as soon as I checked the ring, I looked at salvation with a face that felt alive.
If you’re talking about Sarah… .

“Yeah?! oh yes Salvation has given me.”

As if his mind was somewhere else, as if it was nothing, he spoke casually.
no, what It’s not really something to hide, but isn’t it too quietly announced? At least say it with a little joy. I know it’s not the time to do that because of being stuck in your ass.

“I knew this was going to happen someday! For some reason, they seem strangely friendly these days!”

Diana looked at salvation with a lifeless expression on her face and spoke harshly.
Guaranteed, it was the first time Diana had seen such an angry expression on her face.

“Hey, Diana. Calm down.”

“Now this is truly… ! Whoops… . Whoops… .”

Diana was about to shout something more, but when she saw the people of the Wizards’ Association sitting at the table, she struggled to catch her breath.

“… Don’t eat.”

And the most embarrassing meal time of all time passed.
Diana was not speaking, but she was shedding tears of life, looking only at salvation, while Leia sighed with a sorrowful expression as she and Sarah looked at salvation alternately.
And with a face that didn’t know whether the rice was going into her mouth or her nose, Sarah seemed to be paying attention only to her butt.

To be honest, I was happy too. The reason is simple. Showing that kind of reaction proves that they also have feelings for me.
But I didn’t expect the atmosphere to be this harsh.
I just thought I’d be jealous as I patted it as usual. The fact that this world is a world that recognizes polygamy also played a part, so I thought it was too easy.

For reference, this

It is said that the world does not force monogamy to the extent that it encourages goddesses to give birth to multiple possibilities. It means that any man or woman can be polygamous or polygamous as long as they have the ability. Even so, it is not easy to share one’s loved ones with others, although they usually prefer to be monogamous.
Ever since I heard it in the high priest’s education class, salvation was thinking too easily about the harem.
They say they prefer monogamy, but I’m not.
He had the ability, and he was maintaining a good mood with all three of them. Besides, all three were basically getting along with each other. Something like a harem will one day be completed naturally. Maybe he was careless.

And he alone produced this result.
How the hell am I supposed to fix this atmosphere?
do not worry! I’m dating Sarah, but I can accept all your love!
… As soon as you say it, wouldn’t it be flying from your palm to your cheek?

“then. Can you explain?”

After the meal was over, as soon as she was seated, Diana, who was still in her seat, said that as if she was interrogating Salvation and Sarah.

“As you can see. Sara and I became friends like that… .”

As soon as Guwon spoke, a muffled, not cute sound came out of Diana’s cute mouth.

“Hoo… . that, and… Meanwhile… . Is it with Miss Sarah? This, this body… On the subject of this body and even such a promise… !”

Diana glared at Salvation with a force to kill.
A promise like that would be referring to the appointment of a kiss.
That said, Diana’s life was also due to jealousy.
There is nothing to fear. Let’s have courage and carry out our beliefs!

“do not worry! Diana! I am the man who will become the king of the harem! Not just Sarah, but all of you… !”
“Are you calling that a horse?!”

uh huh?
To be honest, I thought I would be angry, but I thought that I would get angry in a more cute way, not in such a harsh reaction.

“Aren’t you even sorry to see Miss Sarah?!”

Oh, is that so?
Did you get angry on behalf of Sarah? Also, Diana was kind. So that’s even better.

“No, that’s Sarah… .”

Gu-won said so and looked at Sarah as if asking for consent.
Perhaps she had gotten used to the foreign sensation of anal beads while eating, and Sarah was maintaining a much more calm attitude than before.

“It’s really bad. You’re seducing another girl on the same day you’re dating.”

Sah, Sara?!
At the unexpected betrayal of Sarah, Salvation’s mind went into a panic state.
Guwon hugged Sarah’s shoulder tightly, put her mouth to her ear, and whispered quickly.

“no. no. no. Sarah. It’s a different story.”


“I’m sure you’ll admit it… !”

“It is. I’ll admit it even if it goes well with Diana and Leia. But I don’t think you said a word to help me?”

That was it! Come to think of it, it was normal.
He says his man seduces another woman, who in the world can help him with that?

“Ho, ho. You’re bold too. Are you flirting right now to brag about each other in front of this body?”

“Oh, no. Miss Diana. calm down. It’s not like that… .”

“Does this body really look like this?! Twisting this body like that… . uh uh uh uh… !”

Diana started to even have tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know anymore! Eat well and live well!”

Diana shouted that, and disappeared from her seat in an instant.
Eat well and live well. Not a child… . No, it doesn’t matter now.


Salvation was trying to follow Diana, but she couldn’t do it right away.

“Savior… .”

Because Diana wasn’t the only one asking for salvation here.
Leia continued to look into the eyes of salvation with a sad expression on her face while only calling out the name of salvation.
Like Diana, she spit and screamed and got angry, but again, this wasn’t a mental attack.
The mere fact that our angel made such an expression was destructive enough to make me want to commit suicide.

“Hey, Leia. So… .”


Dude, angel!
Leia left the restaurant with a sad expression on her face.

“It’s a big deal.”

Sarah saw the scene and briefly assessed the situation.

“you you! Isn’t that too much?”

“Are those words coming out of the mouth of salvation now? A person who tried to seduce another woman by putting a strange thing in her ass on the same day as soon as she asked for a date, leaving her in that state?

Sarah pursed her lips and said with a fresh expression on her face.
uh… Huh. sorry. Come to think of it, it’s too much for me.

But it couldn’t be like this.
Let’s give up Sarah’s help. For now, I need to have a proper conversation with Diana and Leia first.

Anyway, it’s my turn to spend the night with Diana.
For salvation, Diana had to convince her by talking a lot all night long, so she went to Leia’s room first.
However, Leia was quite shocked, and no matter how much she knocked, she refused to open the door.

“Leia! Leia! Open the door! speak properly again… !”
“that… Savior?”

As Guwon was knocking on Leia’s door, a maid spoke to her from behind.


“If it’s Leia, you just left saying that you’re going to sleep in the temple today.”

“… Oh yes. okay. Thanks.”

sell out Were you desperately shouting into the empty room?
And it’s a temple.
Is this how you feel when your wife fights and leaves home and goes to your parents’ house?
Gu-gun returned to his room, leaving behind his miserable feelings.

I need to cool down a bit.
It’s too late to follow Leia, and Diana will soon see her face.
Don’t rush in, let’s talk about what we’re going to talk about.
First you have to understand that I truly love you all.
And Diana made a promise. I need to make sure that I know properly that there was not a single lie in my heart who made that promise.

Salvation waited for Diana, thinking about what to say.
But even after a long time, Diana did not come to the room of salvation.
May this be… .
I could feel the anxious feeling of foreboding running through my spine.
Hopefully Leia


And then Diana?!
Salvation hastily ran to Diana’s room.
At Diana’s visit, there were two maids standing next to each other.

“Is Diana inside?”

“Yeah?! Yes. That’s right?”

When Gugu-gu said while holding the maid’s shoulder, the maid was surprised and hesitated to answer.
thank God. I wondered what would happen if Diana had gone somewhere else.
But you can’t be so reassured.
Diana, who valued skill research like that. Under normal circumstances, even if you don’t sleep with me, you’d have come to me for skill research. But the fact that she ignored her turn and didn’t come to my room like this shows how complicated Diana’s feelings are right now.
Salvation was prepared and went into Diana’s room.

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