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The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 181-185

Leia’s sincerity. And Diana, again

“Oh, savior, if you enter… !”

The maids were panicking and tried to break up the salvation, but the salvation ignored him and entered Diana’s room.

“… what’s going on Didn’t I tell you not to let anyone in?”

Diana was lying on the bed, her face buried in the pillow.

“sorry. I came in as I like.”

Diana’s body trembled and trembled as he answered, perhaps not expecting that the person who came in would be Salvation.

“… what are you doing here Aren’t you supposed to be with Sara at this time?”

“What are you talking about? Did you forget that it’s your turn today?”

“Now, are you saying that after you have a relationship with Miss Sara, you intend to do something with this body?”

“Then you don’t plan on doing it? Aren’t you trying to discover another possibility of magic that you’ve dedicated your life to through my skill research?”

Gu Guo intentionally brought up the skill-related topic and induced them to have a relationship.
It was because he thought that talking with Diana, who was so angry right now, would not be a proper persuasion. Then it was necessary to make Diana a little more honest.
And the thing I am most confident in salvation is sex. There’s nothing more effective than this to make Diana honest.

Again, mentioning magic, Diana was speechless.
Diana remained silent for a while, then muttered in a low voice.

“… Let me look back.”

“What? what is that… .”
“Anyway, look around!”

At Diana’s shout, Guwon looked back.
Why don’t you just run away like this all of a sudden?
Once I turned around as Diana said, I heard a rustling sound from behind and Diana moving. He moved like that for a while, and now he could even hear the sound of breathing deeply. What are you doing?

“Whoa. All right.”

Turning back and looking at the bed, Diana was sitting in the middle of Odokani’s bed.

“Diana, you… .”

“… Something?”

“no. Nothing.”

And salvation made Diana look back and guess what she was doing.
The corners of Diana’s eyes were bright red, and there seemed to be a faint moisture remaining.
Maybe you were crying until I came in.

“Then hurry up and finish it. I’m sorry Miss Sarah.”

“There is no need to talk about Sarah now.”

“Something? Even a man like you seems to have a prickly conscience when Sara’s name comes up in a situation like this?”

“Of course I feel sorry for Sarah. But that’s not why I said I don’t need to talk about Sarah now. I do not know?”

“What do you mean?”

“At this moment, Diana, I just want to focus on you.”

“… huh. You speak well.”

Also, I don’t think it’s possible to talk properly about the current situation. I can’t help it. Would you like to show off your skills?
Salvation approached Diana and took off her clothes one after the other.
It was a dress with a rather glamorous and complicated structure, but in reality, it was a dress that could be made naked in an instant by loosening a few straps on the back and flowing down.
Diana was wearing this dress to dinner, even before I knew her relationship with Sarah.
That means that Diana was originally overflowing with ideas about what to do with me, and it can also be said that she was shocked to know about me and Sarah.

“I made the words slick, but in the end you just… heh… Ha, I want to.”

So, I guess that’s why he’s showing such a thorny reaction.
One hand gently caressed the outside of Diana’s tight chest, and the other hand swept down Diana’s thigh as if it were about to touch.

“really? Do you really think Diana thinks I’m the only one?”

Salvation asked Diana with a more serious face than ever.

“Well then… heh heh haha Huh, huh!”

Diana reflexively tried to affirm, but when she saw the expression of salvation, she quickly turned her head.

“Answer me, Diana. Do you really think so?”

“Ugh. Whoa!”

Diana seemed to be trying to contain her groan.
But Guwon knew better than anyone else how she reacted to any part of Diana’s body.

Salvation made Diana weep without directly touching the important erogenous zones.
The hand caressing the chest still rubbed the outside in a circular motion, never touching the nipple side.
The hand that had been touching the thigh gradually moved toward the inner thigh as it gently caressed it.
Then, he put his hand to the inside of the thigh in an ambiguous position, as if it could touch the pubic area, and stole it deeply.


Every time Guwon’s hand digs deep inside her thigh, Diana rubbed between her thighs as if sadly, trying to stimulate her vagina, but Guwon pulled out her hand and avoided it.
And most importantly, in this process, salvation never used a skill.
Diana would know.
Obviously, having a relationship in the name of skill research, Diana never complained about it.
Good. Is it time for a quick conversation?

“Diana. I want to kiss you.”

As soon as Guwon spoke those words, Diana’s face, who had been sobbing quietly until now, burned again with anger.

“You still say that… !”

“What, something?!”

“Do you really think I’m telling you this because I’m really, just a sexist? Do you mean that I want to kiss you just to increase the pleasure of having sex?”

“That, that… .”

“Isn’t it? So you know it’s not like that, so you’re thinking of kissing me, aren’t you?”

“That, but… nevertheless… ! You made such a promise with this body and chose Miss Sarah!”

“Then stop talking about it! It doesn’t matter! Just because I like Sarah doesn’t mean that my love for you goes away!”

Hearing the word of salvation, Diana opened her mouth blankly and looked at salvation.

“Come on, come on. Do you know how much of a rubbish statement you made yourself right now?”

“I do not care. I’m basically trash.”


If you have come this far, this body has nothing to say.”

“okay. So, Sarah, don’t think about it for now, and tell me your truth. I want to have a deeper relationship with you than now.”

Salvation said so, moving the hand that was caressing Diana.
Each of the convex nipples and the pubic area with flowing water.

“Hey hey! So, does that mean you want to make this body your concubine? This body called the supreme archmage?”

Diana also looked at salvation with slightly shaky eyes, whether it was because she realized that the heart of salvation was sincere, or whether it was just because of a sudden greater pleasure.

“Hey, you’re a concubine! I can’t stand it! Who is your mother, who is your concubine, and where is that? I want you all to be equal… .”
“That’s it, Miss Sarah, Hiang! I don’t think you’ll understand.”

“That’s what I’m going to convince you of.”

“And so is this body. How long do you think this body has been alone with no one connected to? If possible, I would like a man with this body to look only at this body.”

Salvation was speechless at Diana’s words.
Actually, that’s normal. Who in the world wants to share the one they love with others?
In the end, the only thing good for a harem is me. It’s all just my desires. But still, I couldn’t give up on this feeling.

“… then. … Are you just going to end our relationship like this? Does Diana really want to?”

“That, that… . Isn’t it threatening to ask if you want to end the relationship like this?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Hey, I’m telling you to stop teasing me and put it in!”

Diana screamed and spread her legs toward salvation.

“D, Diana!”

Guwon was so moved that he quickly took a seat between Diana’s legs and pushed her waist.

“Huh, whoops! He wouldn’t make a face like that! It’s just because you care so much, because this body hasn’t decided yet to be with you.”

“What? then… ?”

“Of course, I have no intention of losing no matter who the opponent is, Sarah or whoever it is. This body has risen to the top of the wizarding world full of geniuses. cancer. not like that There’s no way you can’t get the top spot in just one man’s mind. I can never make you stare at this body.”

Diana said so, as if she were promising herself.
To be honest, it’s ideal for me to just get along with everyone regardless of who’s the best, but is that too much of a dream?
First of all, you just have to convince them that way, and then develop the relationship in the future.

“But, that doesn’t mean I’m with you. … First, let’s look at your actions and think about it from now on.”

It seemed that the light of hope was finally visible, so Guwon smiled broadly.

“Well, that look already… Whoa!”

“It sounds like you just want to be with me when you decide based on what you do from now on, right? I hope I can have sex with you

You don’t think it will satisfy you, do you?”

“Hey, seeing what this body is saying from now on doesn’t mean sex… Whoops!”

To be honest, I don’t know if it was in the past, but now I was confident that she would make Diana unattended during sex and even induce a kiss. If Diana’s heart is leaning towards me like this now.
The reason I didn’t do that was because I respected Diana’s choice to the end.
It seemed that Diana was protesting something, but at the thought of being half-permitted, Salvation was excited and shook her back.

“Ugh! haha! Whoa! Sleep, whoops! You are so excited!”

“What do you think? Do you think we should wait a little longer? Even like this?”

“Ha ha ha! Whoops! Whoa!”

Diana couldn’t answer properly because she was moaning, just hugging salvation tightly.
Guwon shook her back and gently stroked Diana’s lips with one hand.

“Your lips are mine. Okay? These lips and tongue are all mine.”

Guwon swept Diana’s entire soft lips as if making a mark.
Then, he put his index and middle fingers in Diana’s mouth and teased her tongue.

“Remember this feeling. Diana. When you put your lips on me, I will kiss you so deeply from the beginning.”

When Salvation spoke, Diana trembled. At the same time, the vagina tightened things.

“Kissing seems to have a special meaning to you that is different from others, and it seems that you need to be prepared, so don’t force it now. But Diana. I want you to do one thing right here and now.”

“Mmm, haha. Are you far away?”

Diana, who was being harassed with her tongue and was even moaning, asked again with an uncertain pronunciation.

“Your feelings for me. Please tell me what you think of me.”

“Oh, hey! ha ha! you are sick… ! Hey! heh heh slumbers… !”

yes, that’s how it comes out.
Salvation took Diana as it was, and headed towards the door.
It seemed that in order to make Diana more honest here, it was necessary to further destroy Diana’s reason.
And I know the most effective way to break Diana’s sanity.

“Uh, uh… !”

“From now on, until you tell me how you feel about me, I’m going to see the end. So when you speak, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone as a witness?”

“Hey, that’s right!”

At the word of salvation, Diana’s vagina responded violently.
The place, which was still in a state of flooding, had become a terrible state. I could feel Diana’s love liquid coming down on the object and soaking it up to her thighs.

“okay. Because there were two maids guarding the door. If you give them two witnesses… .”

As they approached the door, Diana sprinted and hurriedly spoke to the salvation.

“Oh, no! Good! Whoops! I like it! Alright! now… !”

“Huh. Happy. I like it too. Diana. So, can you say it again in front of the maids?”

“Oh, no! I can’t! really… ! Hehe!”

Guwon put his hand on the doorknob and looked at Diana.

“Diana. Doesn’t it seem like you can’t go downstairs? What to do? Shall I open it?”

“Ah, Ahn Dae-ae… . I don’t… . Ahn Dae-ah.”

Diana kept muttering no, as if to herself.

“Open it.”


Guwon turned the doorknob and made a clicking sound, but did not open the door.
But Diana, who was turning her back on the door, seemed to have heard only the sound and decided that the door was open.
Diana buried her face in the chest of salvation and flapped her body, reaching the greatest climax of all time.
Salvation used it and said it sarcastically.

“Diana. I have to say it again. What do you think of me?”

“Johaaah. Johahane.”

“Thanks. Happy”

Gu-hwan took Diana and went back to bed.
Maybe it was because she passed out from the excruciating pleasure, Diana’s body was droopy.
Lying on the bed, he relaxed his posture and looked at Diana’s face.
My eyes are still red from how many times I cried before I entered the room.
Salvation gently caressed the corners of Diana’s eyes and muttered.

“Sorry for being selfish. But I promise you this one thing. I will never make you happy.”

“Yes… .”

Diana groaned low and rubbed the cheek against the bosom of salvation.

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Insult // It’s not that the number of men is small, but that the number of high-level men is small. The male to female ratio is similar. As you level up through sex, adventurers often do it out of necessity, but not all of them contain love. People here love as well, and they have a lust for monopoly.


Leia’s sincerity. And Diana, again

“Good morning?”

the next morning. Gu Gu-eun, who was getting up first and stroking Diana’s hair, greeted Diana with a loving gaze as soon as she got up.
But Diana looked at salvation with a stern expression.

“… Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What? Of course, Diana.”

“… I don’t think this body or you are that stupid, but I’ll check it first. I hope you don’t think that yesterday made you think this body became your woman, right?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? I kissed you yesterday… .”

Salvation was a word, Diana’s face was instantly dyed with anger.

“When did this body say kiss?!”

uh… Huh? Come to think of it, I just said that I liked him, but I didn’t promise to kiss him again.

“He still likes me… .”

“Everything you said yesterday is invalid! invalidity! Genga who thinks he really has a sincere conversation with this body after harassing and harassing him like that!”

“D, Diana? Gee, calm down.”

“In the first place, that attitude was something yesterday! Having conversations that will change your life forever, you play with women like that, so you don’t even think about it?! Then, in that state, he coaxed him to his liking, and then the truth came through?! Are you kidding me!”

“Oh, no. I just want you to be a little more honest… .”


“Then we didn’t even have a conversation after administering confessions! Huh?! Let me be more honest!”

To Diana’s violent reaction, Salvation finally understood why Diana was so upset.

“Diana. Sorry my thoughts were short. But I don’t really mean it that way… .”
“Is that with that intention or something?! Gen-ga is always thinking about doing that in your head?! Besides, if my skills only improved needlessly, I could turn this body into something like that… ! I don’t even know this body’s mind… !”

Diana was unable to speak and trembled.
Then I opened my eyes again and looked for salvation.

“… What is growing? In the midst of this, Genga is trying to solve the problem with confident sex!”

“no. hang on. It’s not like that. I just reacted because you moved from above… .”
“Noisy! You are wrong from the start!”

As Diana said that, she began to pat the savior’s chest.
Of course, it didn’t hurt at all, and just looking at his actions, he even looked cute. But looking at that expression, I couldn’t help but be happy.
this is really sad Unless you’re a eunuch, there’s no way you can’t resist putting it in your machine and moving it like that, right?
In the first place, it’s Diana who’s on the top right now, so I can say it without it.
Besides, Diana just said something she couldn’t hear.

“The attitude of trying to seduce any woman like that! The attitude of trying to solve anything with sex!”

Huh. This definitely can’t be drained.
I admit I was wrong, but I’ve never touched any woman.

“I apologize for trying to solve it with sex. As you said, my thoughts were short. I thought I had to do something, so I guess I unconsciously tried to solve it with the most confident thing. But, please correct one thing. Any woman, I’m only you, Sarah and Leia… !”

But the words of salvation only resulted in Diana’s anger.
Diana’s eyes trembled as blood vessels on her forehead twitched.

“Ho, ho. Is that so? Not only this body and Miss Sarah, but Miss Leia as well. That’s what I’m proud of!”

Diana stopped the hand that was stroking Salvation’s chest.
At the same time, she felt a tremendous amount of mana gushing out of Diana’s body.

“D, Diana? What are you doing… .”
“This body, like you did, is to discipline you with what you are most confident in.”

Come on, wait! Sara is the only physical attack, so she can stand it, if Diana attacks with magic, she’ll die without a hitch.

“Hey, Diana. Please, calm down your anger… .”

“How did you react when this body told you yesterday to stop seeing what you’re doing in the future and to decide it doesn’t mean sex? Did you stop doing what this body said?”

Did he say that? To be honest, I was so excited in the middle that I remembered it well thanks to just letting the flow flow… .

“That, that… that… .”

“… You can’t even remember, can you?”

“Eh, heh heh heh.”

“After all, you need to be blown away!”


At the same time as the roaring sound, salvation

I lost my mind.
The moment she lost her mind, Diana’s crying expression was more impressive than the pain she felt in her body.

“Oh? Are you awake?”

When I opened my eyes again, the first thing I heard was Sarah’s voice.

“… buy it? here is… .”

“It’s Diana’s room.”

“Why is Sarah in Diana’s room… okay! Diana?!”

Guwon, who remembered the situation before losing his mind, jumped to his feet.

“Not here. Did you go out in anger earlier? What the hell did you say to Diana?”

“Oh, no. No great words… . I was just saying that I really like Diana too. But the process is a bit… .”

“What happened?”

“that… Diana is still mad, so let’s be a little honest with sex… .”
“Aren’t you stupid?!”

“Hey, you’re thinking about Sarah, don’t you?”

“Of course! Making the confession of a lifetime and trying to force myself to listen to an answer after losing my mind with sex and being vigilant, I knew, but I was so stupid… .”

don’t be so stupid you’re hurt
And you, who like that fool, spit in my face.

“Anyway, everything he said to Diana was sincere. It was all said with sincerity.”

“Then it would be better if I was angry, so I said it as it is. If you were really serious, Diana would have known if she had a heart for you. Why are you like that with sex? .”

“That’s it, after all, that’s what I’m most confident about. There must have been things that I had unconsciously leaned on… . Whoa! What do we do?! maybe good? What do you think? Did you think Diana was very angry?”

“Huh. I’ve never seen you so angry. Don’t you know without even asking? Is this the first time Diana has used magic on you?”

“… what to do What would you like to do?”

“Why are you asking me that? If I knew the answer, would you tell me? From my point of view, if you do well with Diana, your relationship will only increase for nothing?”

“… right. Sorry. I am sorry for telling you this.”

“Oh, no. As much as I apologize… .”

When Gu Guo apologized frankly, Sarah looked rather embarrassed.

“Cheer. I like your bright side.”

“Sah, Sara… !”

I felt like I was about to burst into tears at Sarah’s kindness.

“Hey, so don’t make that face!”

… okay. It’s not like me to be drenched in failure once.
You don’t have to make the same mistake next time.
I apologize honestly to Diana, and let’s talk about my sincerity again.
If it’s not my mistake, there will be another chance. I don’t think the feelings I’ve built up with Diana so far are so shallow that they all disappear with this one failure.

“Sarah, I’m coming!”

“Huh. go away I’m not going to support you.”

She talks like that, but after all, Sarah is kind.
Salvation, encouraged by Sarah, was about to run to Vanessa right away.

“But salvation.”


“Are you going to go?”

Whoops. ‘Cause it’s cute anyway
Gu-won went up to Sarah and kissed her lightly.

“I will be back.”

Sarah, who was suddenly kissed, looked blankly at salvation, and said with a blushing face.

“Bah, you idiot! Not these things, but the clothes! dress!”

… Huh?
Only then did he realize that he was still naked.
Wow, that was going to be a big deal. Damn, I almost got caught before I saw Diana.
Besides, I misunderstood and did such a bad thing to Sarah… .
Guwon hurriedly took out his clothes and put them on.

“Okay, then I’ll go.”

“… Huh.”

Even with Sara, she was slightly embarrassed, and salvation turned to Vanessa.
Sarah said that Diana went out angry, but Vanessa, our all-round butler, would know where Diana is.
Guwon went to Vanessa and immediately told her the business.

“Vanessa! Do you know where Diana is?”

“… Rather, I would like to ask. What have you done to Diana?”

But Vanessa was completely hostile to this side.

“sorry. I made a mistake with Diana because I thought it was too frivolous. I’m still trying to apologize. Help me just once.”

When Gu-won politely bowed his head and apologized, Vanessa’s gaze seemed to soften a little. … maybe.
To be honest, he’s so poker face that I can’t read his expression.

“… I don’t even know where Diana is. He left without a word in an angry state.”

Damn it. Did you leave without saying anything to Vanessa? I’m really mad about this.
But you can’t give up like this.
Salvation immediately took a step back.

“Where are you going?”

“For now, let’s go around and ask questions!”

“How big do you think this city is? Wouldn’t it be better to quietly wait here for Diana-sama’s return?”

Vanessa said, looking intently at salvation as if it were a test.

“How can you wait like that?! I want to talk to Diana as soon as possible!”

Salvation immediately ran out of the mansion.
However, it was much more difficult than I thought to find Diana by asking questions.
I had found Sarah in the same way last time, so I wanted to do this again, but the reality was harsh.

There were so many different things from chasing Sarah.
once time.
When I checked the time, it had already been two hours since I passed out.
That alone raises the level of difficulty incomparably to the days of Sarah, who immediately followed her.

And another one.
That is, Diana is incredibly good at hiding things. That fanatic was able to hide without being noticed by the members of the Wizards’ Association.
If Diana decided to hide where she was headed and moved, finding it would be nearly impossible.

And lastly… .

“What? A particularly beautiful elf with long ears in silver hair? Besides, he’s wearing a wizard’s robe? Are you looking for even the supreme archmage? ha ha ha.”

Describing Diana’s appearance, now

Like the uncle smiling in front of him, most people just burst into laughter, thinking of the supreme archmage.
Ah-oh. 👌👌👌 Are you looking for the supreme archmage?!
If I said that, I would be treated like an idiot, so salvation had to leave without saying anything.

… I can’t.
For a while, I tried to explain Diana’s appearance and ask questions, but I only realized that it was not at the level that I could do because of my motivation.
Should I just wait patiently at the mansion as Vanessa said?
That’s what I thought, but sitting still and waiting didn’t suit my temper.
Is there really nothing I can do right now?
Now that rumors cannot be expected, in order to find Diana, you have to think about where Diana really left the house and went.
Diana ran out because of me. If so, would you have gone to a place where you and I would have some memories?
He may be arrogant, but there was nothing Salvation could think of other than this anyway.
Salvation decided to look around the places he could guess one after the other.

The inn where Diana and I first met. The clothing store where Diana bought her first clothes. I looked closely at the places where Diana and I had memories, but I couldn’t find any traces of Diana anywhere.
After all, things are not going to be so easy.
But, except for these places, I really have no idea.
Because I only know Diana I’ve seen.
Before meeting me, I had no idea where Diana had any memories or where she was going at times like this.
Damn it. Didn’t I know Diana like this?
Now, there really was no place left to guess.

As I was thinking about it, an angel’s face flashed through the mind of salvation.
The face of an angel named Leia.
okay. She was distracted by Diana, so she didn’t pay attention for a moment, but Diana isn’t the only one who needs to put out the fire right now.
Leia, who went back to sleep in the temple last night, is also in a hurry.
If I’m not mistaken, the fact that Leia slept in the mansion these days meant that my feelings for him had grown that much. It could be because he just became attached to the party, but Guwon put more weight on the fact that Leia also began to have a crush on him.
I don’t know if I’m just overconfident because I’m doing well with Sara or Diana.
In any case, if the idea of ​​salvation is correct, Leia’s return to the temple and sleeping is a very dangerous sign.
Anyway, there’s no way to find Diana right now.
When Diana returns to the mansion, try to talk calmly, and first, talk to Leia, who is sure where she is.

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Brokenherat // Women are inevitably more advanced than men.
Salvation is a special case, because other men have a limited number of times they can do it. In general, women can overwhelmingly outnumber men by simply comparing the number of times.
And Goreb doesn’t necessarily have to be with Goreb. How to take only a level that you wouldn’t want to be a boss and eat a lot of spears

There is. Just because a high level massacres a low level doesn’t mean that the experience won’t come in at all. It’s just a little less efficient.
For example, let’s say there is a high-level man A. A should almost always be played with a woman of a level similar to yours. There is a limited number of times you can buy, so you have to level up as efficiently as possible within it. However, a woman of a similar level who is facing A is able to deal with another man even if A goes out after dealing with A. As a result, women have a higher level than A.


Leia’s sincerity. And Diana, again

“Leia would be going to the orphanage I always go to by now.”

And salvation immediately went to the temple and asked the high priest about Leia’s whereabouts.

“i See. Thank you. Well then… .”
“Wait. Where are you going?”

“Yeah? Of course, Leia… .”

“Didn’t you come here for an education?”

“Ah, ah ha ha. Hey, that’s because I’m a little busy today. I will come back later.”

“… Come to think of it, last night she slept here after a long time. Maybe something happened with Leia? I think I’ve said it before, but if we make Leia cry, I won’t let it go.”

“Uh, what’s wrong? It doesn’t even make sense. It’s just been a bit of a misunderstanding. To the high priest, do I look like someone who will make Leia cry?”

As if he had become a son-in-law under pressure from his mother-in-law, Guwon answered in a cold sweat.

“To be honest, I was also building a little trust in you. I hope you will not betray my trust.”

“No, of course. Trust me! Then it’s enough for today!”

Leaving behind the strange pressure felt by the high priest, Guwon quickly headed to the orphanage.
As the name suggests, the road to the orphanage was quite complicated because the streets were not organized at all. However, to go back to a place you’ve been to once to Guwon with a map was a breeze.

When we arrived at the orphanage, Leia was playing with the children outside the building.
Seeing Leia smiling brightly as usual while playing with the children, Salvation seemed a little reassured.
okay. that smile That smile is the sanctuary of my heart.
Approaching Leia, who had not yet noticed this, Guwon called out her name.


“Eh?! Ah… . Goo, Salvation… .”

However, Leia’s bright smile faded in an instant the moment she saw the face of salvation.

“Here… What are you doing?”

“What’s going on?! yea of ​​course… !”

Gu Guo wanted to tell Leia his sincerity right away, but he held his breath and held it.
The reason I failed to convince Diana was that I was in such a hurry and acted ahead of time. Let’s calm down a little.
And there were too many eyes around him to tell the truth with Leia.
For now, let’s act as usual, soften Leia’s sad expression a little, and take the opportunity.

“naturally… I’ve heard that you’re here. I told you before. When you come here, be sure to come with me just in case.”

“Ha, but… .”

“What were you doing? I will help you.”

At that time, the little ones also found salvation and came to this side.

“Ah, Leia-noona’s boyfriend!”

Nice assist. little ones
It makes it worthwhile to spend a little bit of time on your knees and play with the annoying things.

“Hey, guys! It’s not like that! Are you disrespectful to Guwon-san?”

Leia hit the children in a stronger tone than usual.

“OK. Why are you doing this to the kids? Not like Leia.”

“Ha, but… !”

“Because it’s okay. Come on, guys. What are you going to do with your brother?”

Guwon started playing with the children as usual.
Then, Leia, who had a troubled expression on her face, started taking care of the children again.

“Oh? I’m here. I didn’t want to come as a set today for some reason.”

And soon Chris appeared from inside the orphanage.
Judging from Chris’ words and from the conversation with the ambassador earlier, Leia didn’t seem to show salvation and what had happened to other people.
It just looks pitiful, but should I say that the core is hard? Also Leia.

“I just slept a little late. Did you come from the mana grass habitat too?”

“of course. How long do you think it has been since then? Rather, you.”


“What happened to Leia?”

The words themselves were questionable, but there was a sense of certainty in Chris’ voice.
uh huh? Wasn’t Leia teeing off?

“… how did you know? Did Leia tell you?”

“There’s no way Leia can tell anyone about her hard work, right? How long have you been with Leia, and you still don’t know that? I know just by looking. Can’t you see there? It’s only when Leia looks at you that you look like the heroine of a tragedy.”

it’s real When Guwon looked towards Leia, Leia immediately turned her head, but the expression on Leia’s glimmering glance in the meantime was certainly that of a tragic heroine, as Chris said.

“… OK. It’s just a little misunderstanding. I can handle it myself. Leave it to me. That’s what I’ve been telling the High Priest as well.”

“I hope so. If you call Leia, I won’t leave you alone without going to the High Priest.”

Chris threatened the children instead of threatening them.
Is this somehow getting more and more burdensome?
no. If you don’t do it right, you’ll just lose Leia. There is nothing more terrifying than that, and nothing more burdensome.

Guwon looked for opportunities while playing with the children.
After lunch, it was time for the children to take a nap, and only had time to talk a little with Leia.

“Leia. Why did you come alone today without talking to me?”

“Ha, but… . Sarah… . Guwon-san, is it okay if you come here with Sara-san?”

“Of course it’s fine. Why? What will Sarah say if I come to help you?”

“Well, it’s not like that… . However, Guwon is now with Sarah… .”

Leia said with a pitiful expression.
The tail and ears were drooping, and it was a pathetic figure that made my heart ache when I looked at it.
After all, this look doesn’t suit our angel.
If I don’t tell Leia my sincerity as soon as possible.

It took quite a bit of courage to actually talk about it.
Unlike Diana’s case. Diana had promised a kiss that no one had ever kissed, so I had the assurance that if I spoke properly, she would definitely accept me.
… Well, I couldn’t even talk about it properly, so I got to this point. Anyway, Diana was sure.

But what about Leia? there’s nothing.
The only thing that exists is the circumstantial evidence that the atmosphere with Leia was good these days, and that she was sad when she announced her relationship with Sarah.
Even if Leia liked me, would her heart be big enough to accept my harem declaration? To be honest, it would be a lie to say that I am.
Still, I had no choice but to do it.

“Leia. Listen well. okay. I have a deep relationship with Sarah.”


When salvation spoke, Leia covered her droopy ears with both hands as if she did not want to hear it, and shook her head.
Guwon grabbed Leia’s wrist, set it away from her ear, and continued her conversation.

“Listen, Leia. But just because I’m in a deep relationship with Sarah… .”
“Leia. Slowly, to see the patients… Oh.”

When Guwon tried to vomit her heart out to Leia, an obstacle came in at the same time as if she was aiming.

“Chris, you… .”

“Oh. Mi, I’m sorry. Were you talking about something important? Then I’ll wait outside.”

Fortunately, Chris was quick-witted, so he left the seat immediately.
However, just because Chris evaded the place, it does not mean that the already broken atmosphere will be restored.

“… Hey, wait, Chris! I will go now.”

Leia followed Chris in an instant, as if she had had a chance to leave.

“There is chaos within you.”

Kyle, who suddenly approached me, put a hand on salvation’s shoulder and said.
noisy. You fake bastard who was forced to liberate by becoming a eunuch.
Shaking off Kyle’s hand, Salvation followed Leia.

As we went outside, Chris looked at me and put his hands together as if sorry.
It’s late, this. You pray that I do well with Leia. If something goes wrong, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

And while walking around the slums and receiving treatment, Leia’s unusual behavior that had not been seen before began.
Leia has been wearing a light and using healing magic when treating people in the slums.
It was an action that stemmed from Leia’s unique angelic heart, that if she spared even a little of her divine power, she could heal even a little more people.
But today was different.

“Oh oh. Miss Leia. Treatment today… Take good care of me.”

“Ah, yes… . Eight.”

Leia’s hand wandered as an old man walked to the upper body and held out his waist to see if he had a problem with his back. And for some reason, Leia looked at salvation and held out her hand in the air. Then the light began to seep directly into the old man’s waist.

“Oh, won’t you touch me directly today?”

“Yeah? oh yes Well, now that I have grown up, this is okay.”

Leia’s answer gave the old man a disappointed expression.
Even if it was an old man like that, Leia was gently

It looks like he was expecting to be patted.
this is shit
Guwon snorted at the old man who looked at him as if it was because of you.

And for the next patient, and for the next patient, Leia treated herself without touching it.
It was revealed in the next patient that Leia wasn’t doing this because she was growing up.
The next patient, a female patient, was treated by hand as usual.
If so, what was that excuse?
Could it be that you lied?

From then on, Guwon watched Leia closely. And I noticed one thing.
When Leia was targeting male patients, she seemed to avoid contact at all, rather than just treating her with a long-distance treatment that consumes more divine power.
To be honest, it was good for Guido Leia to avoid other men.
But still, that’s not it. That’s something that Leia, like an angel, would never do.
Salvation couldn’t take it anymore, so she grabbed Leia’s hand.

“Leia, look at me for a second. Chris, I’m sorry, but please take care of yourself for a moment.”

“Goo, Gu Gu-won… ?!”

“Yeah? Alone… ! Everyone, go.”

Chris was going to complain, but he changed his words as soon as Gu-gu opened his mouth as he stared at him.
It looks like you read the mouth properly. That’s the mouthpiece that said ‘previously interrupted’.

And salvation took Leia and went to a place where there were no people.

“Oh, go-goo. Where are you going?”

Leia said in an anxious voice.
I don’t like this situation either. Leia speaking to me like that. After all, whether it’s porridge or rice, I need to make sure.
Gu-gu took Leia into a narrow alleyway, and after confirming that no one was around, he opened his mouth.

“Leia. Let’s talk.”

“Hey, are you talking? In a place like this?”

Seeing Leia’s anxious expression and gestures, Guwon became even more sad for nothing.
And he was annoyed with himself for making the angel like that.

“… Sorry for bringing you here all of a sudden. Still, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it if I don’t talk right away.”

“Uh, what are you talking about… .”

“… Right. First off, Leia. Were you a little weird today? Why?”

To be honest, I didn’t have the courage to start with a harem declaration right away, so salvation is cowardly, but I threw a change ball.
For Leia to tell her her feelings first.

“Is this weird? As usual, I… .”

“no. It wasn’t as usual at all. How can I heal in a way that consumes more divine power as I grow up? Leia I know would never do that. If it were Leia I knew, no matter how much she grew up, she would continue to try to heal more people in an efficient way.”

Leia’s eyes trembled violently at the words of salvation.
But soon, Leia looked at salvation with resentful eyes.

“Mr. Salvation… Are you saying that how much Guwon-san knows me?”

Shocked by the fact that Leia, who was like an angel, said something like that with that expression on her face, Salvation couldn’t say anything.

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In the first part, everything has been modified from the part where Gujang runs out to find Diana.
I gave up looking for Diana and started looking for Leia.
I think this would be more natural to go to the development I had in mind.

Damaoka, Shrion // Thanks for pointing out. It’s corrected.


Leia’s sincerity. And Diana, again

“Mr. Guwon always compliments me by saying that I am an angel, but I am not the kind person Guwon thinks! I am human too, and I have feelings! I mean, I can’t always show you the ideal figure that Guwon-san draws!”

Leia exclaimed as if she was voicing her anger.

“Lee, Leia… .”

“And! Isn’t that the kind of figure that Guwon-san had ideally thought?!”

“Hey, what does that mean?”

Salvation just continued to be puzzled by Leia’s unexpected appearance and unexpected words.

“Is that right?! Do you like Sarah?! So is Sarah! Avoid other men thoroughly, and only look at Guwon! Wasn’t that what Goo Won wanted?! That’s why you chose Sarah, didn’t you?!”

After speaking, tears began to well up in Leia’s large eyes.
Wait a minute. What did you say now?
So, Leia’s actions imitated Sarah? Did you intentionally minimize contact with other men and talk less than usual? And did you even tell a lie that you would never normally tell?
Needless to say, it was because of me that Leia followed Sarah in that way. And that also means that Leia’s feelings for me are that great.
Joy and embarrassment mixed in a jumble in my head, so Salvation couldn’t describe how she felt right now in one word.

“I know it’s too late! Guo Guo has already chosen Sarah! However… Yet I… !”

“… Oh that… Wait a minute. singly. Let’s take it one step at a time. First of all, Leia. It’s wrong that I like that look. no. Of course, it’s true that I like Sarah’s appearance as well. But that’s because it’s Sarah, so everyone likes it… .”

As Salvation spoke up to that point, the tears that were welling up in Leia’s eyes eventually tumbled and fell.
Whoa! If this is the case, you are like a kid who only brags about his girlfriend to a kid who confessed that he likes me!

“Oh, don’t cry! Listen to the end! So what I want to say is, I prefer Leia to be her usual Leia!”

“But in the end, Sarah and… !”
“So Sarah is Sarah! Leia is Leia! okay. i like sarah So it became a deep relationship. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like Leia.”

“Hey, what… .”

“I’m a greedy scumbag, so I can’t simply break my heart for you just because I’m in a relationship with Sarah. I mean, I like Leia as much as I like Sarah. If Leia only allows, Leia and Sarah will have the same relationship.

I just want to be.”

Damn it! I told them to talk one by one step by step, and then I stupidly confessed again!
How did this come about?

“Well, so what I want to say is… . okay! Leia has her own charm, so she doesn’t have to do things that don’t suit her in order to imitate others.”

When Leia heard the word of salvation, she showed various reactions.
At first, he had a blank expression on his face, but gradually it changed to an expression of excitement as if he had begun to understand what Guwon had said, and finally changed to a sad expression again as if he had realized something.

“But Sarah… .”

It’s also a problem because our kids are all kind.
To be honest, if I were in their position, I would put importance on connecting with the person I like, whether or not I have another lover.
Still, Diana and Leia are worried about Sarah, so they show a reaction that they want to back down.
If Sarah admits here, things will work out a lot better.
Leia will also confess her feelings for me without any pressure.

But salvation was not like that.
Then it’s like using Sarah to connect with someone else.
Sarah understood the greed of trash like me.
At the point of trying to entice other women, I would only think it was nonsense, but I thought that not using Sarah was the line I had to keep until the end.

“… For now, don’t worry about Sarah, now tell me your truth. Leia. I like you. No, I love you. What do you think of me?”

“However… But I… I’m not the kind of woman Gu Gu-san thinks… .”

“So, that was… .”
“No! That’s not all! I’m a much more selfish and jealous woman than Gu Gu-san thinks. I don’t deserve to be loved by Goo Won. When Mr. Sara and Mr. Diana argued over Mr. Goon, they always pretended to be kind and tried to win Mr. Goon’s heart, and even if Mr. Goo showed a close relationship with Mr. Sara or Mr. Diana, they were always jealous and secretly interfered with him. It’s just that Goo Won didn’t notice, but I’m not as good a woman as Goo Won thinks. Yet… . Still, Guwon… .”

Leia looked at salvation while confessing her heart to salvation as if it were a sacrament of confession.
Did Leia do that too?
Leia said that, but salvation had no idea at all.
I just have memories of being attached to Leia because I like it every day.
And… .

“How about that?”

Even if Leia’s inner feelings were not the Leia I had thought of as I wanted, it didn’t matter at all.
No matter what my true intentions are, the Leia I have seen so far is not a lie.
And at the point of confessing like that, I think Leia is an angel as well.
Even the slightest bit of selfishness or jealousy is enough to make you feel guilty. How good does a person have to be to be like this?


“How about that? It’s good to be selfish. everyone is like that With that in mind, I’m a piece of garbage trying to monopolize you all by myself. and jealousy? That’s cute enough. On the contrary, I wish I could have been more jealous.”

“Ha, but… .”

“And above all. did you say I like Leia. No matter what Leia does with her heart, my heart will not change.

It’s good that I’m Leia. Leia is being honest with her heart, so why do I hate it? Do you deserve to be loved? To be loved by me, I don’t need anything grandiose like qualifications. Rather, I don’t know if I need qualifications to be loved by you.”

“Goo, Gu Gu-won… .”

Leia cried and clinged to salvation.

“So, Leia. Don’t think about it now, just one thing. Just tell me your truth. What do you think of me?”

“I like! From the day that Goo Won saved me, I’ve always liked you!”

“I like it too. As long as the two of us can relate to each other, that’s all, isn’t it?”

“Really, really, is it okay for you to accept a woman like me? I really… .”

“OK. I’ll take it anyway So, feel free to hit me with your sincerity.”

“Savior… !”

As if she couldn’t control her emotions, Leia kissed the lips of salvation while shedding tears.
The first kiss with Leia, who was not in the state of a nine-tailed fox, tasted sweet and ecstatic.
As if all of me would be sucked in… What?! All sucked in?! surely?!

I opened my eyes slightly and looked at the corner of my vision.
… It’s fast too.
The health gauge was gradually decreasing.
damn it in a good mood.

Salvation was about to fall from Leia in a hurry.
But it’s already too late.
Leia wrapped her legs around her waist as if she would never fall from her.

“Savior. Salvation Mr. Salvation Mr. I love you. more than anyone than Sarah. more than anyone. So more. more clause. look only at me… .”

While pecking at each other, Leia muttered incessantly.
Its eyes were already glowing with a beautiful purple color, and nine tails fluttered behind her back.
… He has completely turned into a nine-tailed fox, and he is speaking properly.
Have you finally been able to fully control yourself in the state of the nine tailed fox? at this time?
what is this. It’s not some cartoon. It’s as if you’ve awakened with the power of love.

“Leia? mind… .”

“Savior. I love you. Salvation Mr. Salvation.”

Huh. It wasn’t. yeah it can’t be
Leia was just repeating her words, and it didn’t seem like she was completely rational.
No matter how much Salvation talked to him, he kept repeating the same words over and over again.

anyway what about this
Even though it is a sparsely populated alley, it is not strange if someone comes out at any time.
And Leia doesn’t get rid of her nine tails until she has sex once.
One thing to do here is for sure.
… won’t you notice?
If someone catches you up and your relationship with Leia starts to deteriorate again, you will really want to die.
We only got to know each other like this.

As Gu-Woo turned his head to look around, Leia immediately wrapped his hands around Gu-Wo’s face, fixed it, and poured a baptism of kisses.

“A little more just me. please look only at me Salvation Mr. Salvation.”

Eight. I do not know. Let’s start with Leia and think about it.
To do that, you must first start with this posture.
Thanks to Leia wrapped her legs around the waist of salvation, she couldn’t get anything out.

“Ray, uh. Leia. some of this… .”

When salvation appealed to the object by giving it strength, Leia moved her waist in a bewitching way and rubbed her pubic hair on the object of salvation on her clothes.
Leia’s behavior, who became a nine-tailed fox, was still bewitching, and that behavior alone was a huge stimulus.

ahhh driving me crazy. Shaking is good, but let’s put it in first.
Gu Guo gave strength to his arm, loosened Leia’s leg wrapped around her waist, and finally untied the front of her pants to take out the item.

However, Leia fell for a while, and Leia wrapped her legs around the waist of salvation and moved her waist.
The things of salvation are exposed, but Leia is still wearing clothes.
Leia’s pussy beyond the priest’s uniform has stimulated a completely exposed object.
Salvation was more exciting than usual, with a sense of immorality, as if desecrating a divine being.

Guwon grabbed Leia’s buttocks with one hand and dropped her waist for a moment, then moved the other hand to flip the front of Leia’s priest’s skirt to the side.
After the remodeling, the priest’s uniform was shaped like a Chinese dress, and the sides were cut deep, so it could easily be turned over.
And as Leia rubbed her pussy against the object again, she grabbed her panties behind Leia’s butt and barely slipped it aside.
Finally, when the pubic hair and the object faced each other bare-to-skin, Leia smeared the liquid that flowed out of her genitals on the object of salvation as if she were oiling it.
And immediately swallowed up the things of salvation.

“Hey uh huh!”

As Leia was about to raise a moan, Guwon barely stopped it by covering her mouth with her hand.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoa!”

Even with her hands covering her mouth, Leia was constantly moving her chin and seemed to say something.
He couldn’t see the shape of his mouth, but he seemed to know what Leia was saying.
Maybe it’s calling out my name?
Leia turned her head toward my face as if she wanted to kiss me again, but she couldn’t.

“I’m sorry, Leia. to keep the sound from leaking out. Understand me.”

Blocking the sound with a kiss works only when the other person is willing to do so.
Even if you kiss someone who doesn’t have the will to moan like this, you can’t expect the effect to prevent the sound from leaking out.

As Guwon spoke firmly, Leia licked the palm that covered her mouth with a dissatisfied expression.
I was startled by the tickling feeling and almost gave up on my hand, but salvation barely endured it.
But Leia’s attack did not end there.
The nine tails were directed this way, and each began to keep a different part.
First, the two tails and legs. Another two arms. One wrapped around his neck and fixed the salvation. Then, with two, they tickled both the breasts of salvation, one turned the abs of salvation and the other turned toward the buttocks of salvation to tickle the dangerous part, but the pleasure was not a joke.
It was such an intense pleasure that I doubted whether the nine-tailed fox had done its best so far.

It’s like this desperate nine-tailed fox.
I’m desperately trying not to be noticed by others, and I’m doing this.
If someone else finds out, you will end up feeling ashamed later.

it’s you not me
Salvation decided to strike back immediately.

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Leia’s sincerity. And Diana, again

Although Leia was binding her arms and legs with her tail, her waist was free to move.
Even though the limbs can move if I apply a little force, Leia’s tail may get hurt, so I’m just holding on.
Anyway, Guwon pulled back his free waist and pushed it with all his might.
At that one movement, Leia was already shaking and trembling with a hazy expression on her face.
In the meantime, it must be said that it is the instinct of a nine-tailed fox to continue to stimulate salvation by moving its tail. As proof of that, the tongue that licked the palm of salvation stopped moving.
Salvation was satisfied with Leia’s reaction, and this time, she moved her waist like a short cut.

“Hey! 👌👌 Suck! Whoops!”

Even though she was clearly covering her mouth with her hand, Leia’s thin moan escaped.
To be honest, I was very concerned that I might get caught, but there was nothing I could do more than this. If there’s anything I can do, I’ll wrap it up quickly and get rid of the nine tailed fox state. That way you’ll reduce your chances of getting caught.
In order to wrap it up as quickly as possible, Guwon moved his waist as if scratching the sensitive part of the tip of the object.
But even if it rots, it is a saint. He moved to make himself feel better, but he unconsciously stimulated Leia’s sensitive parts again.
Leia gave strength to the legs wrapped around the salvation’s waist, swallowed it up to the root of the object, and turned her waist around as it was.

… Also a Gumiho.
If I only think about what makes me feel good, it definitely feels better for Leia to move than to move on its own.
Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t move.
Anyway, as long as Leia doesn’t faint because of the nine tailed fox’s instinct, no matter how much pleasure she melts, her waist moves unconsciously.
Guwon cut her waist short, and touched Leia’s large breasts with one remaining hand.
Sigh. it’s the best too Just by touching this chest, I feel like my heart is purified. I don’t think about anything, I just focus on my heart.

“Ha ha ha! ha ha! haha! Salvation! Bake it! Churp! Whoops! Salvation!”

I was so focused on my chest, I accidentally lowered my hand that was covering my mouth and touched my chest.
Leia, who continued to give her head strength even when her mouth was closed, did not miss the opportunity as soon as her hand fell from her mouth and immediately stuck to the lips of salvation.

Even if they were kissing each other, Leia didn’t want to kill the sound, so the sound leaked out a lot.
no. The sound is leaking, it’s just resounding. They even say my name in the middle of kissing.
If it was normal, I would have to shut that mouth again right away, but I couldn’t do that for salvation.
Damn it. It’s like this demon’s chest. Both hands don’t fall apart as if they were welded!
No, because it is the heart of an angel, is it the heart of the divine, not the heart of the devil? It sounds weird.

After all, for that reason, salvation is Leia’s

I couldn’t take my hands off my chest.
okay. Touching this makes me even more excited.
This is never just for my own satisfaction. I’m excited so I have to buy it quickly, because Leia’s nine tailed fox condition will be resolved quickly. you do it for that
Gu Gu-won was making such self-defense, while rubbing her breast tightly.

“Hey! Salvation!”

It’s still a chest that I can’t even fit in my palm, but Leia pushed it out as if she was pushing it into the palm of my hand.
lips, breasts, pubic hair. As he moved like that, feeling Leia with his whole body, a sense of relief came rushing in.

“Leia, I’ll take it easy.”

It would be meaningless to have a conversation unless you’re sane anyway, but Guwon said so.
Whether he understood the words of salvation or instinctively knew that salvation would come, Leia gave her arms around salvation’s neck tighter and kissed and moved her waist violently.


And at the same time as the circumstances of salvation, Leia also reached its climax.
Leia enjoyed the climax of pleasure as she trembled while holding her tightly, but she could not be immersed in that pleasurable pleasure.
Because I heard a voice I knew from afar.

“Leia! Oh my gosh, where have you been?”


Salvation was terrified and she cried out without realizing it.

“Huh? Who is there?”

It’s a big deal! come here!
What should I do? Once off… .
When Guwon hurriedly lowered Leia’s leg that was wrapped around his waist, Chris entered the alley where Guwon was.
I haven’t taken anything out yet!
But it was late. If you take it out now, you will definitely notice it.
The good news is that Guwon is turning his back on Chris, so to Chris it will just look like Guwon and Leia are hugging each other.
Salvation was done with only the front of the pants untied, and Leia with only the front of the skirt and panties turned back.

“… What are you two doing in a place like this?”

“Hey, you’re really timing… . I’m busy right now, so come in a bit.”

Guwon said urgently in order to get Chris out quickly.
And then, salvation swish with his hand to go to me.

“What do you mean? Leia, answer me. Guess what’s going on… .”

can you answer He’s fainted now.

“Ugh. Black.”

By the way, this is not a cry.
As I buried my chest in the groaning sound of the climax and looked out, it was only heard as sobbing. As an added bonus, my body is trembling, so if someone I don’t know sees it, it will look like I’m really crying.

“Hey. you a little Your friend is having the most important moment of your life and you want to interrupt it? Are you so clueless?! If you’re curious about what you’re doing, ask me later!”

“Bar, disturb… . Mi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

And salvation wrapped it up as Leia crying with emotion.
In the threat of salvation, the sound of Chris’ footsteps hurriedly faded away.
… did you go
Guwon glanced back and confirmed.
Good. gone
After confirming that Chris had moved away, Guwon quickly started cleaning things up.
Once you pick up something… I took a towel out of my inventory before I left.
He carefully pressed the towel to the connecting part, and Guwon pulled out the thing.
With the sound of water exploding, a mixture of Leia’s love fluid and salvation’s semen poured out from the joint.
It would have been a disaster if I just pulled it out.

“Leia. Leia. Wake.”

Guwon hastily finished the process, and shook Leia to wake him up.

“Uh… Salvation… ?”

Leia looked up at salvation with blank eyes.
The afterglow of sex has not gone away yet, so the way she looked at her with a recalled face looked quite sexy.
Leia stared blankly at salvation for a moment, then her eyes widened as if she was gradually becoming more conscious, and she suddenly fell from salvation. It’s like avoiding salvation.

“Lee, Leia?! What is it?!”

“Eh, eh? Here… ? Why is salvation… Ah… . Alas… .”

Leia seemed to be confused as if she couldn’t remember the situation before having sex, but it seems that she is starting to remember.
Looking at salvation with trembling eyes, she shed a single tear.

“Ugh… .”

“Why, why, suddenly?!”

“no… black. No. me, i… I’m so happy… .”

Leia seemed to be desperately trying to wipe away her tears as she said that, but tears flowed endlessly from her eyes.

“Leia… .”

Guwon did not know what to do because Leia was so lovely.
I’m still an angel, but if you show me this side of myself, what do you say to me? If I’m blind, it’s because Leia is too dazzling.

“I then… Can I continue to like Guo-san like this?”

“Of course! Rather, I want to ask for it!”

“Mr. Salvation!”

Leia sobbed clinging to salvation.
Salvation hugged Leia like that.

“The High Priest and Chris said they wouldn’t let Leia cry, but in the end they made it cry like this.”

“no. black. If you cry like this, you are welcome.”

Leia shed tears and smiled brightly toward salvation.
Had this been someone else, I would have blown a drip here.
When you cry and laugh, there is hair in your asshole… or
Crying like this? Don’t you want to cry hard even in bed? or
But when I saw our angel’s smile, it felt like my dirty hair was being cleansed, so I couldn’t make such a drip.
Salvation just hugged Leia tightly and comforted her until she stopped crying.

“Are you calm now?”

“Yeah… .”

Leia smiled softly as if she was a little shy in the arms of salvation, but as if she didn’t hate it.

“still… I’m a little upset.”


“At times like this, I can’t even kiss properly myself.”

“What are you talking about. character.”

Guwon lightly kissed Leia’s lips.

“Uh, why… .”

Leia put her hand to her lips with a bewildered look on her face.

“Yeah. Because I just released the nine-tailed fox. It won’t change for a while.”

“Release… Ah… Ah!”

Leia is different

In a sense, his face turned red.
I’m still in a bad mood, so I just didn’t think about it properly, and it seems that I have a good memory of when I turned into a nine-tailed fox.

“Hey, this… in this place… . that… .”

“OK. No one saw it.”

Actually, Chris saw it, but Leia was fainting at the time, so he wouldn’t know.
Let’s keep this a secret for Leia’s mental health.

“But Leia is also bold. Kiss me first.”

It seemed that Leia had calmed down to some extent, so Guwon tried to lighten the mood by joking around a bit.

“That, that… I can’t help it. That’s why I liked Goo Gu that much, Jo, Jo… .”

However, Leia’s counterattack hit the heart of salvation directly.

“He, and… Because I believed that Guwon would do something for me… .”

He even activated a combo that puts a follow-up hit without ending with a counterattack.
Stop it! My heart’s HP is already zero!

“Goo, Gukwon? Why are you all of a sudden? Where are you sick?”

“My heart hurts because Leia is so pretty.”

“Goo, Guwon is also true!”

Leia thought Guwon was making fun of him, so she turned her head and lightly tapped Guwon with her tail.


In the end, Gu-gu, who took the final blow, had no choice but to collapse.

“Oh. Leia. Hey, are you finished talking?”

Just after returning with Leia, Chris approached with a curious face.

“Yeah. Well done.”

“How did it end well? Please tell me right away.”

“four?! Ah, that… Salvation!”

At the voice of asking for help from Leia, Salvation came right out.

“Where is the time for that? Can’t you see the people in the slums who suffer from the disease over there? Right now… .”

“Did that person drag Leia out during treatment? And do you know how long you and Leia have been away? I already finished it all?!”

sorry. Leia. I’m helpless.
To be honest, I can’t say anything more rudely because I’m sorry for Chris.
I was really just trying to have a conversation with Leia, but something unexpected happened and it took a really long time. As an added bonus, when Chris came to visit at the end, he gave me a pint glass saying that it wasn’t Chris’s fault, but he didn’t notice. In the end, he even asked me to ask later.
Huh. I don’t really have anything to say to Chris.


Salvation put her hands together to Leia asking for help.

“Come on, come on. vomit quickly If you don’t tell me, I’ll hold you all night and won’t let you go.”

“Oh, that! Not tonight!”

Leia cried out in embarrassment.
Come to think of it, it’s Leia’s turn tonight.
uh… ? So maybe tonight we can have fun with Leia, who isn’t a nine-tailed fox?

“Huh? why night? What, Leia! You two are bragging about how good you are now! Eight! Eight!”

Chris began to poke Leia in the side with an angry expression.
Apparently, Chris is single. Their faces are even, so if you put your mind to it, you can easily flirt with a guy or two, so why do you need to get angry like that?

“Hey! big,

Kris! stop it! Goo, Gukwon-san!”

sorry. Leia. I’m helpless.
And honestly, I don’t even want to stop.
Look at that chest that sways every time Chris pokes him.
Also, our angel is the best.

Ignoring Leia’s request for help, Guwon looked at the two beautiful women with a satisfied smile.

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