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Leia’s sincerity. And Diana, again


“Uhhhhhh. … Yes. Go.”

In front of the mansion, Leia took a deep breath and lit up her eyes full of determination. And the hand that was holding the hand of salvation tightly squeezed power.
He seemed to be very nervous.
I don’t think there is any need to be nervous.
Still, Leia’s self-motivating spirit was so cute that I just watched her without saying a word.

Well, it’s not the time for me to just be happy.
He succeeded in convincing Leia, but it’s not over yet. Rather, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a turning point from now on. It leaves the most difficult opponent behind.
Diana is known all over the world as the supreme archmage. Of course, your self-esteem will be high as well.
I’m not someone to think of easily, because I’ve even made such a mistake. It’s like the difficulty level has been raised sharply.
The thought of convincing Diana from now on was enough to hurt my goal.
However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t give up.
have no choice but to do
It was time for Diana to return. No, he may have already returned to the mansion.
I was prepared for salvation and entered the mansion.

“… Have you been there?”

Vanessa stood at the entrance of the mansion with a blunt expression on her face.
His expression was the same as usual, but he could definitely feel it. Do you think he’s in a bad mood right now?

“uh. Huh. I’ve been What are you doing standing there?”

“… I was waiting for Diana.”

“What? Haven’t you come yet?”

“… Yeah.”

Saying that, Vanessa looked at Guwon and Leia’s clasped hands with sharp eyes.

“Didn’t salvation come to find Diana?”

Only then did he realize why Vanessa was angry.
It’s a situation where the guy who ran out saying he wanted to talk to Diana even for a moment came holding hands with another woman.

“No, that’s it. There were so many things that words can’t explain.”

Guk-won glanced away from Vanessa and frowned.
My heart hurts.

“Hey, but you haven’t come yet. I think it’s time to come back soon.”

“… Normally it would have been.”

very thorny
Besides, I have nothing to say because I am a sinner.

“Well, there’s still a little more time until dinner time, right? okay. Did Diana never miss a meal?”


To the salvation that seemed to reassure her, Vanessa didn’t answer.
As we passed through the garden and entered the building, another difficulty awaited us in the hall.

“Oh? phrase… won. I’m here.”

Now, looking at the hand holding Leia, the tone of her voice clearly dropped.

“… I saw that It looks like you got along well with Leia.”

He said he would admit it again, but it looked like he was angry when he saw the relationship with another woman in front of him.

“Uh, yes. Well, yes. Thanks to.”

When salvation was in trouble, Leia slightly stepped forward.
As if to protect salvation from Sarah.

“Sara. I’m sorry. I know you and Sara are like that, but I couldn’t lie to my heart either. I wish you all the best from now on.”

“… Yeah.”

Leia is also strong. It is not just an infinitely pitiful existence.
Salvation had to tremble at that firm will to face the front without avoiding the situation.
My whole body was trembling.
It’s never trembling in any other way.
For some reason, it felt like electricity was fluttering between Sarah and Leia, but this has nothing to do with my body shaking.

“Come on, Guwon-ssi.”

“Ah, ah… .”

And even during mealtime, Leia clings to the salvation and does not fall.
Of course, I am glad that Leia took care of me like this. I can’t be happy
However, the eyes around him were stinging.

“Hey, Leia. Guwondo can eat rice alone… .”
“still. If you leave it alone, Guwon will only choose meat and eat it. If you don’t eat evenly, you will be unable to use your energy properly at critical times.”

Gee, I think you’ve emphasized your power strangely now.
Surely this is an important time to work hard, doesn’t it mean tonight?

“i See. If that’s the reason… .”

Suddenly, even Sara, who was next to him, clings to Gu-won and began to transfer food to her mouth.

“Come on, salvation. here. Eat some of this too.”

It was clearly an act to check Leia, but Leia showed an unexpected reaction.

“Oh? Is Sara also trying to empower Goo Won? Thank you.”

“Yeah? no. Gusaeng is dating me too, so there is nothing Leia would be grateful for… .”
“still… It’s my turn tonight.”

Leia wiggled her tail in hopes and smiled slightly.
W, again?! no. Well, of course, I’m full of thoughts of working hard at night, but I hope our angel… . Of course, even a slightly bewitching angel is the best!


Sara, who was properly countered by Leia, looked at salvation as if arguing.
No, look at me and tell me what to do.
Guwon secretly avoided his gaze and tried not to get involved in the women’s fight.
Right now, I’m just a machine that eats rice.
When food gets in your mouth, you just chew it and swallow it.

By the way, Diana hasn’t come back yet.
We waited for quite a while, but it was too late, so we had no choice but to start eating first.
So, being sandwiched between Sarah and Leia, I am having a happy and slightly creepy experience, but on the other hand, Diana’s thoughts are not leaving my head.

The kid who went out in the morning, what the hell is he doing up to this hour?
It would be useless against Diana, but I was also worried.
Maybe something happened?
no. It can’t be. That Diana. Diana, the supreme archmage.
No matter how much he has weakened in his previous life, it does not go anywhere to that age.
Nothing could have happened to Diana.
But if that’s the case, that’s the problem.
It means that Diana is not returning to the mansion of her own will.

“How is Telluna-sama? You haven’t seen me all day.”

Even after dinner time passed and the sky was completely black, Diana did not return to the mansion in the end.
Around that time, the Wizards Association also began to stir.
And as the turmoil grew, the anxiety of salvation gradually increased.
What do we do. maybe good
Maybe this, no… . Isn’t it?
I tried to deny it in my head, but one assumption kept popping up in my head.
boy… . Did you not run away again?

“… over there Leia. Really. I’m really sorry.”

“… I know. Are you worried about Diana? Are you thinking of going out and looking for it?”

When Guwon broke his luck, Leia looked at Guwon with a knowing expression.

“Huh. It can’t be done like this At this rate, I think I will be disrespecting Leia as well as Diana.”

Even if I hug Leia like this, my head will surely be filled with only worries about Diana.
I thought it was disrespectful to both Diana and Leia.

“… good. Bye.”

Leia said with a sad but irresistible expression.

“Are you okay?”

“… Yes. I don’t know how Diana feels. Please find me and heal me.”

“Leia… Thanks.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be talking about this for the rest of my life. Leave it alone. It’s scary for a woman who has had an affair on the first night they got married.”

Leia said with a joking wink of whether she was trying to ease the burden on her heart from salvation.
Why the hell are you so nice? Although she says that she is not an angel herself, Leia must be an angel.

“Leia! I love you!”

“Yeah. me too… That… Sah, I love you… .”

Salvation hugged Leia tightly.
And I remembered what Leia had said during the day. It’s so upsetting that we can’t kiss like this.
Perhaps Leia had the same thoughts, looking up at salvation with a pathetic gaze.
Then, he raised the index and middle fingers of his right hand and brought them to his lips, and gently brought his fingers to the lips of salvation.

“Because I have a reservation for the night. You shouldn’t cheat on me just because you and Diana are doing well.”

“Of course! It could be! Then I will go!”

Guwon grabbed Leia’s hand that touched her lips and kissed her deeply, then stood up.

“Yeah. Bye.”

Leia said with a bewitching lick of the part Guwon kissed.
Seeing that scene made me want to do it right away.
To do that, we must find Diana as soon as possible.
Good. let’s finish it soon
Wait, this runaway girl… It’s a bit old to say, but anyway!
Wherever you are hiding, I will surely find you!

After running out of the mansion, Guo stopped for a moment and thought about it.
Even rumors did not work, but Diana had already found all the places she could go during the day.
I ran out recklessly, but how the hell am I supposed to find Diana?

Guwon, who had stopped in the middle of the square and ripped his hair, suddenly had a thought.
Wait a minute. Why do you think Diana must have gone far?
Let’s change our thinking.
Diana, who wields all kinds of magic freely. It won’t be a thing to hide.
If so, if so. Isn’t there a possibility that he’s not going far, but watching what I’m doing up close?
Guwon took a long breath and shouted so loudly that the square rumbled.

“Diana aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Diana!”

It’s called night, but this is a dungeon city.
There were quite a few people passing by, but salvation didn’t care.
It’s nothing if you can find Diana.

“Diana aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa diane! I’m not seeing you, so come quickly!

But it was still unresponsive.
In fact, if Diana continued to watch me, it means that she was watching everything she and Leia did during the day.
But after I played with Leia during the day, the assassin level went up.
It is not yet certain, but it is expected that the condition for raising the level of an assassin in this way is secretly having sex without being noticed by anyone.
In other words, if the prediction is correct, it means that no one was found out about her actions with Leia.
But it was too sad to give up like this.
Maybe he went out in anger and has been watching since I came back to the mansion.
Good. Let’s do it one last time.
Salvation decided to shout out words that would have to come out if Diana was listening.
If the rumors spread, Diana’s evaluation will be downgraded, but even if other people hear it as they pass by, they won’t believe it as it is. I’m just judging by some crazy bullshit.
Thinking so, Salvation immediately took another breath.

“The Supreme Archmage! Diana Telluna! no… !”
“Saving the clan leader of Saviours. Is that correct?”

Before salvation could even cry out, someone spoke to him.
However, it wasn’t Diana.
no. It was the first time he had even seen his face.
I guarantee you, you probably never met face-to-face while passing by.
Because if I had seen a woman this pretty, I wouldn’t have been able to forget it if I tried to forget her.
The person who spoke to Guwon was a woman who boasted such a considerable beauty.
He was wearing thick knight armor, so I don’t know his body shape, but the face exposed on the armor was quite pretty.
Perhaps because of his job as a knight, his expression was expressionless, though. No, I don’t think it’s because of the job.
It’s a little different from Vanessa’s expressionless expression.
If Vanessa’s expression is a hard expressionless expression, this one… okay. It was as if he was bored.
Anyway, thanks to Sarah, Diana, and Leia, she was proud of her beauty enough to judge that she was pretty as soon as she saw Gu Gu, whose eyes were raised to such an extent that it was not abnormal.

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The lotus is… It’s really hard to do nothing until 12 o’clock after work and just have to write… .
I did it today though.

I am debating whether to add more heroines or not.
There will be more women who do it lightly once or twice, but I don’t know what will happen to the main heroine in the future.

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Lord of Dungeon City

“I am saved, but who is that?”

Suddenly, a beauty I had never seen before suddenly spoke to me. Even when she was shouting Diana’s name. Of course, I had to limit myself.

“Excuse me. My name is Sylvia Babett. I am a knight belonging to the Royal Guard.”

The knight named Sylvia said, pointing to the pattern engraved in front of her chest.
No, even if you show me that, I don’t know.

“So, what does that knight of the Royal Guard do to me?”

“From now on, you must go to Yeongjuseong with me.”

Is he really a knight in a fantasy world? It was a pretty high-pitched conversation.

“I’m sorry, but I have work to do now… .”
“I am very sorry, but this is not a recommendation.”

okay. I mean, I didn’t mean to go mildly in the first place.

“The reason is? I’m suddenly trying to drag you away. Is there any reason?”

Seeing Sylvia’s attitude, Guwon also changed her attitude to match.
As I said before, it is a man like me who can change his attitude according to the attitude of the other person. Of course, that doesn’t mean that just because someone is kind doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be kind too.

“Saving the clan leader of the Saviours. There are suspicions that you may be plotting a coup. The Lord considers this to be an issue that cannot be overlooked, so he has summoned you. Please kindly follow me. I don’t want to be violent either.”

“… … what?”

Hearing an answer that was not at all, really, even as unexpected as this, salvation was stunned.
Coup d’etat? I?

“Sleep, wait. hang on. Coup d’etat? Have you misunderstood something? Whether it’s the same person… .”

I thought that there could be no other person with the same name of salvation in this world, but I could not stand it without saying that.
No, nothing else, a coup d’etat. You mean the me who was locked up in the dungeon every day?
I’d understand if they said they would rather be arrested for crimes such as fraud or murder.

“mistaken? Aren’t you the clan leader of the Saviours Clan, who is working with the supreme archmage Teluna’s mansion as the clan house?”

“No, that’s right… .”

“Then you are not mistaken. You instigated the Supreme Sorceress to gather the heads of all schools under the Wizards’ Association into your clan house. There were suspicions that this was a move to unify the Wizards’ Association as before, and there were also suspicions that the purpose might be a coup.”

“What? No, that’s… !”

Salvation was so absurd that no words came out.
To be honest, when gathering the heads of the Wizards’ Association, it wasn’t that I didn’t think about it.
But Diana and the heads of the Wizards’ Association are not fools either. No, rather, they are all geniuses among geniuses.
Of course, I knew that I would have dealt with it well.
But now what? Coup allegations?

“awhile. Wait. Wait a minute.”

“It’s an excuse. Anyway, if you go to the lord, I’ll give you plenty of opportunities, so go ahead and make excuses at that time. Then please follow me.”

“no. Wait. Well, Diana, isn’t it, the supreme archmage can explain everything about what happened? But the supreme wizard doesn’t know where he is now. You may have just heard me shout, but I’m still looking for it. As soon as I find it, I’ll tell you… .”

“Looking at Telluna-sama’s wisdom, you proudly say that you are going to get it right.”

“Yeah?! Oh no, it’s not like that… .”
“The Lord is targeting you when you are alone, and has told you to bring him before you speak with Telluna-sama. Please follow me.”

“No, but… .”
“This is one last warning. I think I’ve explained it well enough for you to understand. If you resist more than this, I will forcefully draw you away. I don’t want to do anything violent, so please follow me.”

As if to say no more, Sylvia said with strength.
In the end, salvation had no choice but to follow Sylvia.
I don’t know if it’s for other crimes, because it seems like a really big thing would happen if I resisted that I was going to be taken away for a coup.
However, one thing is certain. Now Diana is definitely not watching me.

“Sigh… .”

Following Sylvia, Salvation sighed.
Perhaps Sylvia was fairly confident in her own abilities, and she did not restrict salvation at all and just walked forward.
Thanks to that, the feeling of being a sinner lessened a bit, but it was still the same.
What if I went out to find the kid who left the house and was taken away?

“Sigh… . Hey. That… Knight?”

“You can call me Babette. What is it?”

“It’s nice to follow you, can you give me a call to our clan house? The kids would be worried if I suddenly disappeared.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. The Lord is not such a tight-knit person. I’m taking you with me to hear what’s going on. If you’re really innocent, you probably won’t be held for very long.”

Are you saying you’re not going to contact the clan house in reverse?
Salvation sighed once more.
I can’t help it. Think about something to defend yourself as you go.
As Sylvia said, if the lord is not really a person who is completely blocked, he will understand just by explaining the situation.
All I have to do is tell you that I made some of them live in Diana’s mansion to appease the Wizards’ Association kids. The wizards’ love for Diana will be famous all over the world.

The road to Yeongjuseong was quite long.
Usually, in the case of a manor, the city and rice fields spread out around the lord’s castle in the middle.
But this is a dungeon city. The center of the city is the entrance to the dungeon and the guild surrounding him.
And Yeongjuseong was located on the outermost part of a luxury residential area.
While passing the high-end residential area, he also passed the Clan House, but Sylvia did not allow them to contact the inside.
Maybe contact Diana or something.
I didn’t even have to say anything, I was really just granting some wishes of the bastards.

Anyway, after walking for such a long time, salvation finally arrived at Yeongjuseong.
As a matter of course, Yeongjuseong was incredibly shy.
No matter how feudal it is, isn’t it built too lavishly?
As Gu Gu was looking around like a villager, Sylvia spoke to me.

“Does the castle look strange?”

“Ah yes. There were no buildings of this style left in the world I lived in. But that’s great. If a mere lordship is like this, how great is the royal castle in the capital of this country?”

After all, he was someone who found my subject and came to me.
He must have already understood that I was a stranger, so I did not bother to explain that part.

“Compared to other places, this castle is particularly splendid. This is a place where the royal family directly rules from generation to generation.”

“Oh, I see. The royal family is in direct control. If so, I can understand why it’s so stupid… Yeah? Wait a minute. I beg your pardon? then… .”
“Yeah. The lord of this place who summoned you is also royalty. Please don’t do anything disrespectful.”

“You don’t know anything about etiquette towards that royal family, do you?”

“Fine. Since you are a foreigner, just don’t do anything disrespectful. As I said before, the lord is not so clogged up.”

Sylvia said as if it was nothing special, and walked out of the castle.
Meeting the royal family, isn’t it too rough? Such doubts arose, but those doubts were soon resolved.

“Babet! Hello!”


Everyone they meet will hold and salute Sylvia.
… Isn’t this maybe, a lot taller than I thought? I’ve already talked to a person like that… Let’s calm down. Anyway, would he have a higher rank than our Diana?
To be honest, considering Diana’s fame I’ve heard so far, it didn’t seem like Diana was going to win even if she was a member of the royal family.
I’m the one who talked to the supreme archmage from the beginning.
Thinking like that, Salvation’s head calmed down a bit. Could it be anything special?

As Sylvia followed, fewer and fewer people were passing by. Previously, there were many people and knights who seemed to be officials, but now there were only maids.
And the place we arrived at was in front of a particularly gorgeous door.
However, its size was not significantly different from other visits in the castle.
In a place like a reception room, the door would probably be large, so I thought that maybe this was the lord’s private room.
You’re calling me to a place like this, not the reception room?
Without a moment to wonder about salvation, Sylvia knocked on the door.

“This is Sylvia Babett. I will go in.”

Then, without any answer from inside, he opened the door at will.
awhile. being royalty. Don’t do anything disrespectful. can you do this?
Salvation was perplexed, but that embarrassment was overshadowed by an even greater embarrassment.

“Wook. Whoops. Whoops. Whoops.”

“Hmm. ha ha Whoops. Huh.”

As soon as they opened the door, they heard the harsh breathing of a man and a woman who could only be heard as a pounding sound.
Wait, don’t panic. This is the trap of resonance.
It may sound like this, but when you step inside, it is clear that you are waiting for an empty result, like you were exercising.

“Follow me.”

Look. Sylvia is also making an innocent expression.
No matter how little the expression is, it is impossible for a person to have such an expressionless expression when he hears the sound of his monarch.


Huh. no. That’s right.
As soon as I entered the room, the first thing I noticed was a large bedroom in the middle of the room, where men and women were entangled in a junior position.

The man was very muscular, and he had the impression that he was incredibly strong.
However, unlike the body that looked incredibly hardened and strong, his face was plain. It would be rude to say something like this to the royal family, but honestly, no one seemed to care if they ran into each other on the street.

On the other hand, the beauty of the woman lying on her four legs was incredible.
A face is a face. A body is a body. It was perfect with nothing missing.
If I had to find a flaw, I would say that it is a point that feels a little bit decadent. It felt like a worn-out, high-end whore.
You’re dealing with the lord, so maybe she’s a real high-class prostitute.

“As you said, the clan leader of the Saviours Clan. I have brought salvation.”

When Sylvia spoke, the man glanced at Sylvia and concentrated on moving her back again.
what is that Look what’s not cheap
and man. If you’re going to shake your back, shake it properly. what is that I’m giving as much as I can, I’m not virtuosic.
Can’t you see in your eyes that a woman doesn’t feel much?
After all, she’s a whore, so she’s just moaning, if she’s like another woman… .

“Hmm. that person? Good work. Sylvia.”

… … Eh?
In an unexpected situation, Guwon paused for a moment.
now… What did that woman say?
awhile. what. What happened? So, who is the royal family who overflows with that decadent beauty?
So, what is that muscular, unindividual man who is pounding hard from behind?

“It is now. Stop cheap and go.”

As the woman spoke, the man put on a look of tremendous pride.
But, whether the lower body was already the limit, he immediately trembled.

“what? If it’s all packed, take it out immediately.”


The man grinded his teeth, but just as the woman said, he took things out and got out of bed.
… Small.
He wasn’t interested in men’s things, but even if he didn’t like it, he caught my eye.
But it’s really pitifully small.
For some reason, the man glared at salvation, and left the door without any clothes on.
Originally, it was normal for salvation to be angry when someone else was like that, but this time, he was surprisingly okay with himself.
Only feelings of pity were welling up.
live strong Someday yours will also be sunny… sorry. I can’t lie

“Whew… so. Is that salvation?”

Again, this woman seems to be the lord.
Without even thinking about covering her body, the woman looked at the salvation with a bewitching face full of decadence.

“Your face is flat. Good. Take it off.”

“… Yeah?”

“what? Can’t you hear me? Take it off.”

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Lord of Dungeon City

“Come on, wait a minute. Wait a minute.”


“Are you the lord?”

“okay. I am the highest here.”

Gu-won was embarrassed and spoke half-talk, but Young-joo answered with a smirk as if he didn’t care at all.
As Sylvia said, it doesn’t seem like she’s a closed person.
Well, if the person who was proudly flirting in front of me was blocked, that would be funny. I’m still naked
It seems that he is seriously free-spirited, far beyond what is not clogged up.

“Then don’t you have something to ask me first? It’s weird to take it off all of a sudden. Are you going to do a physical exam before asking questions?”

“Huhu. good physical exam First, check the size of the object… .”

“Is it time to joke? What kind of coup d’etat you were talking about?! Wasn’t that really serious?!”

“That must have been an excuse to bring him there. Or what? are you thinking of doing Coup d’etat.”

“It can’t be!”

“I knew it. In the first place, Diana-sama couldn’t do that. The person who was able to do it anytime if he wanted to come now… . It’s also strange that Diana-sama was caught by a man and started a coup. My mother is also very afraid.”

Youngjoo spoke in a really light tone, as if it wasn’t a big deal.
awhile. mother? Young-joo is you?
The royal family… . May this be… no. it won’t be please say no Don’t break the fantasy of my princess.

“What?! Then why did I call you?!”

“I’m just curious. You say you’re incredibly good at sex thanks to your special job as a saint?


In response to the answer that he brought them in because they had good sex, Guwon was also embarrassed.
Whether Salvation was bewildered or not, the lord continued to speak.
With a slightly serious light on her face, which had a bewitching smile as if provoking it.

“Listen. A saint from another world. I mean royalty. It’s basically boring. In such a peaceful place, there is nothing to do because the people below do it anyway. You can’t go out and walk around recklessly. So what do you think I’m going to do here to relieve boredom?”

“Three, sex… ?”

“That’s right. So take it off.”

“Oh, no. Still, you mean you took someone and did this to you?”

“Any country. Even after seeing you, the opponents are carefully selected. You’ve become famous enough to hear rumors in my ears. You can brag about it.”

“Still, being a member of the royal family, the idea of ​​chastity… .”

“virtue… . Whoops. That’s what it means to get someone who can marry the person you love. Do you think I would care about such a thing, as it was obvious that I would get married by arrangement anyway?

Youngju smiled a little bitterly, then returned with a bewitching expression as if provoking again.

“Then the explanation is enough, isn’t it? take it off?”

“no. Wait a minute.”

“What else?”

Young-ju slowly made an annoyed expression on his face.
But even salvation could not back down. Rather, it is this that should be angry.
So you’re really just calling me to have sex.
No, of course it’s nice to be able to have sex with such a pretty woman. Her personality is a little different, but she certainly looks pretty. In fact, even now, my eyes are still scanning the lord’s whole body.
But, there is still such a thing as the right time!

“I am very busy right now! I’m sorry, but if that’s the case, I’ll go back.”

“You who have been called on for a coup d’état. Do you do what you want without my permission?”

Salvation barely tolerated the swear words coming out.
let’s be calm She’s an unpredictable woman, but it doesn’t seem like she’s the type of person with whom she can’t communicate.
If you talk calmly, you will surely be able to persuade them.

“Hey. Lord. I’m a man too, so I don’t want to miss a chance to be with a good girl like you. That said, the timing is just too bad right now. I was really drawn to the moment of a lifetime, so I have to go back. Can’t you just let it go for today?”

“Moment of a lifetime? What moment?”

Rather than saying that he asked because he really felt the urgency of salvation, he looked like he was just asking out of curiosity.
For reference, I didn’t even blink an eye when I said that this woman is a woman with good salvation. As if it were natural.

“Because I had a slightly personal relationship with the Supreme Archmage. If you miss the timing now… .”

“So you’re asking what’s going on. Tell me. I can send it to you if you listen and understand why.”

I just don’t send it.
I can’t help it. It seems that I can only briefly explain it.
Salvation briefly explained his current situation. And the lord who heard the explanation… .

“Ahahahahaha. What is that? You and Diana-sama got along well, you said you wore octopus feet to other girls too? Are you crazy?”

“No, but in this world, both polygamy and polygamy are allowed as long as you have the ability… .”

“That’s right, there are some nobles who want to show off their abilities, but as you said, there are very few people who wear octopus feet saying they love everything, right? Against Diana-sama? Rather, if Diana-sama wore octopus feet, I would understand.”

What, what?! No, but Diana didn’t say that when persuading her while having sex.
No matter how much I was mad about it, it was Diana nonetheless. I don’t think the things I said back then were completely untrue.
I think the reason Diana got angry wasn’t the octopus, but that I was trying to seduce her with sex. … Maybe it’s just me wanting to think so.

“In the beginning, that is. Is it really that Diana-sama and you are like that? Isn’t it just your own delusion?”

“no! We really… .”

“Well, whether you’re mistaken or not, it’s funny. Good. It looks fun, so I’ll work with you a little.”

Yeongju smiled softly and narrowed her eyes.
I’m not having any fun For me, it’s a matter of the future of my life.

“Then you can go?”


Is this woman joking?

“What are you going to do? What if Diana isn’t coming home? Do you have any guesses where you are?”

“no. Still looking around… !”
“Unless Diana-sama doesn’t want to face you, there’s no way you’ll ever find it. Aren’t you underestimating your supreme archmage?”

Even if you don’t tell me, I know that.
However, this is the only way, so there is nothing you can do!

“Huhu. Don’t make that face. did you say They will cooperate.”

“… Are you saying that royalty can find Diana?”

“surely. If he is determined and hides, no one can be found in this world. But as you say, if he really likes you, then there’s no way. Sylvia.”

After saying that, the lord spoke to Sylvia, who had been standing next to salvation until now.


“Send someone to Diana-sama’s mansion and tell them. Now, this man is called to me.”


Sylvia bowed her head lightly and left the room.

“… I wish I could explain.”

“Oh, don’t you know? It’s simple. If Diana-sama really cares about you, then she won’t be hiding. At least he would peek into the mansion to check your condition. But when I hid and checked the mansion, you were nowhere to be found, and when I looked into the situation a little more, they said that I was being held captive. Then why don’t Diana-sama take action? It’s not that Diana-sama doesn’t know me.”

Salvation was persuaded by the lord’s logical words.
… it makes sense At least, there seemed to be a much higher chance of meeting Diana here than I was looking for Diana as I wandered around town.
To be honest, I thought she was just a pretty, crazy woman, but surprisingly, her hair seems to be spinning.
Well, otherwise, no matter how royal you were, you wouldn’t be able to become a lord of a place like this.

“I understand?”

“… Yes. That, thanks… .”
“Good. Then take it off.”


“Why are you so surprised? So, did you think I would let you stay here quietly like this?”

“no. You heard that I’m with Diana and something like that! Even after hearing that… .”
“I heard about it, so I should hurry up. If you’re completely connected with Diana-sama, you’ll lose your chance to taste it, right? What if there are other women besides Diana anyway? Why are you suddenly pretending to keep your chastity?”

“No no no. Anyway, it’s weird for Diana to run out of anger and have sex with another woman in the meantime. The country has that kind of common sense.”

“… That’s right. Surely that might not be the case.”

“Whew. Do you understand?”

“Huh. I understood. So take it off.”

“No, wait! You understood!”

“okay. I understand your feelings. But that doesn’t mean I have to be patient, right?”

Well, what kind of woman… !

“If you’re going to hold on like that, I’m thinking of everything.”

“Bird, think?”

“okay. I’m not going to help you find Diana. no. Rather it will hinder you. So choose Will I be able to find Diana easily by taking off my clothes right now, or will I not be able to see Diana forever after not taking off like that?”

“… you mean Do you hear a lot of bad temperament?”

“Something you’ve never heard in your life? Do you think there is anyone who can confidently say that in front of Felicia-sama, who is the second heir to the throne?”

“Aww! Finally said it! If you’re the second-ranked heir to the throne, you’re a princess! Fantasies about my princess!”

Salvation, who had been hit by the Broken Phantasm directly, knelt on the spot and despaired.

“Everyone, you are really rude. You know that’s blasphemy too It’s a shame because there’s only me who is kind here right now, and it’s a big deal.”

“Sir, I’m sorry. Stop feeling… .”

“… what’s good So, what are you going to do? will you take it off? will you tell me?”

“All right, can’t we think about it again? There is no need for a princess to face a rude man like me… .”

“Surely you’re rude, but you’re still good at sex, don’t you?”

A man’s pride was in the way, so I couldn’t say that it wasn’t the case.

“What are you so worried about? Doesn’t it wear out anyway?”

“No, though… .”

“Good. I’ll give you great service. If you’re afraid of being caught by Jung Diana, how about this? I’ll tell you right before the climax. You take things out at the right time. Then you won’t even level up, and you won’t be caught by Diana, right? Choose well. Isn’t it rare for me to provide services like this?”

“… Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s impossible.”

“Huh? what?”

“So. It’s impossible to have sex with me and to be sane and tell me every climax.”

At the words of salvation, Felicia opened her mouth blankly and looked at salvation.
He looked at me like that for a while, then looked back at Guwon with a bewitching smile.

“Are you really good at it? Confidence is great. Saying that makes you want to eat more. Then let’s pretend there is no service. So what do you do? will you take it off? will you tell me?”

Damn it. did you say something
Felicia’s eyes gradually turned into the eyes of a preying hawk.

“No, though… .”
“Take it off. You don’t have a choice anyway. If you don’t take it off within 5 seconds, all the cooperation I mentioned earlier will be cancelled. Without telling Diana-sama’s mansion, I’ll keep you locked up here without anyone knowing. 5… 4… 3… .”

Damn it. Do you have no choice but to take it off?
Obviously, if he doesn’t cooperate, there’s no way for me to find Diana.
sorry. Diana. This is all to meet you. I have no feelings for this woman! Really!

“2… One… .”
“Okay! I’ll take it off! You can take it off! You color maniac!”

“Bird, color… ! Your semantics are really great. If you can’t, just try Whatever it is with Diana-sama, I will immediately execute you for contempt of the royal family.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t! I am invincible when it comes to sex!”

I lowered my pants with the feeling that salvation should go as planned.
Seeing the things of salvation that were revealed like that, Felicia’s eyes widened.

“What, what is that?! Wait, isn’t it fake?”

Felicia came quickly, grabbed the savior, and scanned it up and down.
Wow. what technique… .

“Hey! stiff! Good! First time seeing this! It seems to be something to be proud of!”

Felicia said with her eyes twinkling.
Of course you will see it for the first time. If you say you’ve seen this a few times, I’d be surprised.
By the way, when you speak, look at the face of the person, not the object.

Felicia grabbed the salvation item as it was, led it to the bed, and laid it down.
His eyes had already been savored, and were completely tainted with lust.
Felicia, who climbed on top of the relief lying on her bed, said looking down at her.

“I don’t want to remove the body from my bedroom either, so I’m asking just in case, are you over level 100?”

“Huh? no. It’s 73.”

“… on?”

Felicia, who was about to insert the item of salvation at any moment, suddenly stopped.

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Lord of Dungeon City

“barely… 73… ?”

“It’s only 73. I think it’s pretty high for an adventurer who goes to the second floor.”

“No, that’s weird! You said that you dug into thousands of orcs on the 2nd floor and ripped them apart! Catch the transcendental species alone!”

Has the investigation been over?
Contrary to his appearance, he seems to have a surprisingly meticulous personality.
Seriously, it’s only natural to choose a man to eat with you, so it’s natural to do a thorough investigation.

“What is that… Anyway, I’m level 73. If it sounds like a lie, I can take out an adventurer card and show it to you.”

At the words of salvation, Felicia raised her eyebrows and looked for salvation.

“You mean that only level 73 guys have been talking about sex so far?”

“I haven’t been in this world for a long time. Going from level 1 to level 73 in just a few months is a huge improvement.”

“Still, it’s too low for what I was proud of! If I had only seduced and had sex with women a little higher than myself, I would have hit 100 in no time! What have you been doing all this time?!”

“What is that… This is because he is a pure man no matter how many times I see him… .”

When I first came to this world, I chose to have sex with a pretty girl for nothing, so I ended up with Sarah. After that, I met Diana, so I couldn’t see other women, so I didn’t use my abilities to raise the level efficiently.

“But you said it was a special job, so is there any way to avoid getting beaten up?”

Felicia stared at salvation for a while, then said in a serious voice.
It’s sharp. It’s probably just a slurred word, but it’s correct.

“no. where is that Saints are people too. Person. If it’s too good for you, of course I’ll buy it as it is.”

Of course, salvation lied.
Are you guys watching? I am a person who keeps the chastity like this.

But even with the words of salvation, Felicia was still in conflict.
As if he couldn’t let it go, he tightened his grip on the object of salvation and did not try to let it go.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it… .”
“wait. Who said you can get up as you please?”

Salvation was about to happen, but Felicia immediately stopped him.

“Yes? But is it? You said you don’t want to remove the body from the bedroom too?”

“Because the level is low, do you think I will give up this good thing like this? If the level is low, you can raise it! No one out there!”

“… What’s going on?”

When Felicia called out, Sylvia immediately came in.
Have you finished contacting our clan house?

“Prepare people from now on. The level is… From level 80 to level 120, three for every 5 levels. Would you be able to satisfy your level 80 without any problems? No, it won’t work if you don’t satisfy me.

“Come on, wait. What are you trying to do?”

“Is it obvious? I’m leveling up from now on. Continue until you reach a level that can embrace me.”

this crazy
So you’re saying you’re going to bring all the girls from each level now and raise my level?
The real royal family is the royal family. It allows you to come up with ideas that others can’t even imagine.

“No, no matter how many women there are, there is no way my stamina can hold up like that.”

Salvation, of course, continued to lie.

“You say you are a saint? Is it a sex-related job? If not, what can you do instead?”

“That’s what makes women happy.”

“Then you mean you can make your partner happy before you go cheap. or what Are you so premature that you can’t even do that with that kind of ability?”

“Journey! How much energy… Oh.”

Damn it! I fell for the attack again.
To provoke a man by gently scratching his pride. This guy is not good at psychological warfare.

“Is that okay? Sylvia, then as I said… .”

“What else?”

“… you can do it.”


“… So, the truth is, I can do it with you without having to do business.”

Salvation had no choice but to confess rightly.
Is that so too? Having sex with several women like crazy to level up infinitely, and just quietly having sex with Felicia just once. Because when our kids find out about this, it’s clear which one they will hate more.

“What do you mean? So what did you say?”

“sorry. It was a lie. If I say that, I know I’ll just skip it… .”

“hot. So. what? Did you really lie because you didn’t want to be with me? with me?”

Felicia’s expression was slightly hurt by her pride.

“Obviously you are pretty, but I told you. Even when I see him like this, he’s a pretty pure man.”

“Is that kind of person trying to have three lovers at the same time?”

“Oh, I can’t help it! I mean, I like all three of them!”

“… Whoa. It’s a silly thing to say, but it seems like the other way around. Good. I will forgive you for this time.”

“Are you watching?”


Saying that, Felicia again climbed on the top of salvation.

“that… Felicia?”


“Are you going to watch it?”

“okay. I’ll forgive you for lying. But who said no sex?”

Felicia said so, and inserted the items of salvation all the way at once.
sorry. Diana, Sarah and Leia. I did my best.

“Heh! It’s also big. It’s the first time I’ve come this far.”

Felicia caressed her lower abdomen as if curiously.

“Well… Is this like this?”

Then, playfully pointing to his abdomen, the bewitching appearance gave more strength to the object without even knowing it.

“Hey! what? Are you getting bigger here? amazing.”

Looking at the admiring Felicia, he thought of salvation.
… what? Can you survive more than you think?
As I mentioned Boksangsa, I thought I’d wrap it up as soon as I put it in.
Then, I was going to activate my last pride as it is, and stop with the excuse that I couldn’t do it anymore because my spirit ran out.

However, Felicia’s plan was far more bearable than expected of salvation.
Of course, it is true that there is a huge level of pleasure.
However, it is embarrassing to compare Diana in her previous life, and even when compared to when she was with Alicia or Vanessa, this one was much more tolerable.
Felicia wasn’t a kid who had had sex once or twice, and there’s no way she’d know what level she was.
In that case, it means that normal people have to pass level 100 to be able to play safely with Felicia.
So what am I? Why can you stand like this?
Could it be that the job of a saint and the correction of a high attractiveness level make such a big difference?
… what good Anyway, it’s good if you can survive. Then finish it soon… .

“… By the way. Is it because of the level? Not so good. Only things are big.”

In one word filled with feelings of disappointment from Felicia, the chain of reason for salvation was cut.
The desire to finish it all went away, and the thought of throwing this woman into the abyss of pleasure by all means was filled.
To do that, you must first activate the skill.

Salvation began to activate all the skills it had.
Proclamation of sanctuary around, the hands of the saint on the genitals and both hands, and holy water on the saliva and cooper. And even sex analysis.
Salvation, which triggered all of this in an instant, touched the brightly shining areas of Felicia’s body. To be honest, it was harder to find places on my body that didn’t glow, so sex analysis was almost meaningless.

“Wow! Go, what’s happening all of a sudden?! what is this?!”

I’m just so surprised to write this. The real start is now.
Salvation put a climax on itself and began to move her waist as it was.
I put the climax of the bondage just in case I didn’t know, but it seemed like it would be bearable. At least until you make Felicia feel it once, you should be able to hold on.

“No, huh! Nonsense! ha ha! Barely, only level 73!”

“You called this because you wanted it! character! What do you think?! Are you okay?! Good?!”

“Okay, huh! Good! more! more!”

Let’s see where and how long we can ask for more.
Salvation thought as he lifted his back.
A little more is still not enough Is there anything more I can do?
okay. After all, I had this skill.
Salvation also activated a skill that vibrates his penis, vibrator.
In fact, it’s a skill I’ve been learning for a very long time, and I’ve used it a few times with Diana under the guise of skill research, but I didn’t use it that much because it felt like my object had become a female masturbation device.
But now is not the time to hit that.
I’ll make you pay the price for touching a man’s pride!

“Ugh! hey?! Hey, what is this? Oh, inside! tremble… !”

“I will show you the power of a saint!”

He used all skills even when he moved his waist once.
If I do this, most women will go crazy or die, but my opponent is at a much higher level than me. The skill power will be halved anyway, so there’s no need to worry about that at all.

“Ugh! ha ha! Good! Okay! Hey, this is good!”

Again, Felicia was just enjoying the situation.
Damn it. Let’s see how long, how long we can be so sane!
Rather than the pleasure of sex, Gu-won desperately shook his back, burning with a desire to win for what touched his pride.
As a result, of course, he became less concerned about the pleasure he was receiving, and became the driving force behind him to endure longer.

“Heh heh, heh, wait, ji, really? Whoops! I? I’m just, hehe! Before the level 73 man… Whoa!”

Felicia exclaimed in disbelief, and then bowed her back like a bow on the top of salvation, reaching its climax.

“Wook. Whoops. Uh, how are you… ?”

Felicia turned her head toward the ceiling, so she couldn’t see her expression.
But even if you don’t look, you can tell by looking at this trembling body.
That worn-out whore-like bewitching and relaxed face must have been in a mess by now, enthralled by pleasure.
However, contrary to the expectation of salvation, Felicia’s face remained the same as before, feeling the afterglow of the climax and lowering her head again. At best, it was only to the extent that his face was slightly more reminiscent.

“Hahaha, that’s pretty good for a level 7 or 73… Huh!”

Damn it! Being relaxed!
I’m going to see the end of that expression today until it collapses.
Guwon twisted Felicia’s protruding nipples and lifted her waist again.
From now on, I won’t stop back until you cry and beg!

“Good! More, harder! Whoops! Whoops! Ah, more than before… !”

That’s not natural. What did you think the level difference between you and me was?
I leveled up the moment you peaked?
Of course, the level difference between Felicia and Salvation was still large.
Salvation had received all kinds of corrections and endured, but it was gradually close to the limit. The sensation that I experienced when I was with Vanessa, as if my brain was being energized by pleasure. It was self-evident that I would die if I persisted here for nothing.
But at least, at least one more time… !

“Ugh! ha ha! ha ha! me, i again… !”

ok, go!
Guwon made a last minute spurt.
Felicia’s expression began to loosen slightly at the intense movement of her waist.

“I, I, ah ah ah!”

It is now!
When Felicia reached its climax, Salvation unleashed the climax bondage that had been on her body.

“Hey?! What, what, hey hey hey hey hey!”

In the middle of the climax, it leads to one more climax with the power of the last pride.
I received a portion of the intense pleasure that I thought my brain might burn. That alone would have been intense, but I got it in the middle of the climax.
Naturally, Felicia fell down and passed out.

“Pe, Felicia-sama!”

Turns out he wasn’t going out.
Sylvia, who was watching from the side, panicked and rushed to Felicia.

“do not worry. I just passed out because I liked it so much.”

Salvia, who was drooping on the bed after consuming all of her spirit, calmed down Sylvia, who was bewildered.
Then, raising her trembling arms, she checked Felicia’s face, which was buried in her chest.
It was good.
There was no sense of leisure like that worn-out whore, and Felicia’s face was revealed, completely unleashed in pleasure.
I wanted to see this face.
Guwon lost his mind with a satisfied smile.

and the next morning.
Guwon was on his knees and placed his hands on the ground in a frustrated pose.
… did it I was going to skip sex and wait for Diana, but I ended up falling for provocations and did it with all my heart.
Whoa! Why do I fall for provocations when I touch a man’s pride like this?
And why is that girl so good at taunting a man with a sneak peek at his pride?
After all, what kind of face should we meet when we meet again? .

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Lord of Dungeon City

“Baby, what are you doing there?”

And unlike that kind of salvation, Felicia from behind came tangled up behind the salvation, smiling like a full-fledged cat.
She was an abominable woman, but her appearance was as good as it could have been.
Since she is a princess, she must have eaten only good things from a young age and received all kinds of management while growing up.
It was gently tangled from behind, but the touch on his back was no joke.

“Can’t you see? You are desperate.”

“Why? Was it bad yesterday?”

“No, that’s not the problem… .”
“Anyway, don’t be there, come here… .”

“I don’t.”


“I don’t do it anymore.”

“Why come all of a sudden now? Yesterday, I was shaking my back so passionately.”

“At that time, I was out of my mind! Now I have to look at my kids with what kind of face!”

“You can just take the shichimi off.”

“Do you think that would be possible?! How many levels do you think I have risen to because of you?!”

“Oh, really?! So now more than yesterday… .”
“So I’m not with you anymore!”

“You don’t seem to think so, do you?”

Felicia reached out and grabbed the object of salvation, gently shaking it up and down.

“No, can’t you let go?! This is a physiological phenomenon! Originally, a man would stand up when he wakes up!”

“really? Any other reason?”

As Felicia said that, she pushed her chest that touched her back even more.
At the same time, the other hand reached out and gently stroked the egg of salvation as if it were rolling in the hand.
So, why are you doing this so well?! Wasn’t this usually only done to people you like in this world? Is this a basic skill among nobles?

“Gee, can’t you really fall? If you do this, I will no longer treat you like a gentleman.”

“I don’t think you were very gentleman yesterday, did you? More like a beast than a gentleman… yea.”

Despite the threat of salvation, Felicia did not show any signs of fright.
It’s okay. Think about your appearance. None of them fit?

“Hey, this is really… !”
“What good?”

When Gu-Jeon was really about to get angry, Felicia slipped off in good time.

“First of all, even if you want to do something like this, you need to be physically fit. Let’s eat rice first.”

“That’s why I don’t do it!”

“You’ll find out when you see it. So you’re not going to eat?”


“right? Don’t be angry for nothing, and get dressed so that you can eat too. no. Shall we just eat here? Huh. okay. OK. Sylvia.”

Felicia nodded to herself and decided that, and immediately called Sylvia.
But Sylvia didn’t answer.

“Huh? Sylvia?”

“Yes, four?! Yeah! Miss Felicia! What’s going on?!”

Sylvia pondered something with a slightly recalled face, and barely responded until her name was called twice.

“What is it? Where are you feeling bad?”

“No, no. It’s not like that. Tell me.”

“Really? Can’t you overdo it?”

Perhaps Felicia and Celia were not in a normal master-slave relationship, and Felicia also had a worried face at Sylvia’s such a reaction.

“Yeah. Don’t worry.”

“Huh. Well, I’m going to eat here this morning, so prepare it.”

“four. I will do it right away.”

Shortly after Sylvia left and came in, a huge amount of food was being moved into the room.

“What do you think? Will it be delicious?”

“huh. I also lived in Diana’s mansion, eating at this level.”

“okay? Well, it could be Diana’s mansion. But even if you don’t know the level of food, you wouldn’t have experienced eating like this there?”

Saying so, Felicia tried to sit on the throne of salvation.

“Wait a minute! What are you doing all of a sudden?!”

“Oh, you really don’t know? Are you too predictable? Put it here and eat it… .”

Saying that, Felicia raised her index finger and gently scanned the bottom of the pillar of salvation. Then, passing the tip, he lightly bounced the savior, and pointed his index finger toward his own vagina.

“Don’t you think it would be really ecstatic?

He brought his thick lips to the ear of salvation, bit his lobe slightly, and whispered in a bewitching voice as if it was about to melt.
As if he had been enchanted by a magic spell, his every move looked like crazy and bewitching.
Most men will probably end up with all of this in one room.
okay. That’s the case with most men. But salvation did not belong to most of them.
It’s a salvation that spends every night with a trio of beauties, Sarah, Diana, and Leia, who are unappealing to anyone. The tolerance of this side was sufficient.
To be honest, I almost fell for it, but rather than thinking that my will is weak, I think that Felicia’s sexiness is that strong.

“Yeah, that’s right. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try it with my kids later.”

When Gu Guo answered that, Felicia erased the bewitching expression on her face and turned into a pouty one.
Then he lightly slapped the item of salvation with the palm of his hand and said.

“It is not that men have no courage. If a woman seduces you like this, shouldn’t you be satisfied with it if you are a man? Or what? Are you not sure?”

At that one word, Salvation was raging again and almost passed over.
Let’s be patient. have to be patient Salvation. You can’t go over the same number again.

“Uh, can you hear that sound even after being hit like that yesterday? The kid who cried because he was stuck in me at a much lower level… .”

“Oh, was it? Well… . If I recall it one more time, I think I’ll remember it… .”


“Sheesh. I have no courage.”

When salvation was shouted, Felicia slapped the object of salvation once more.

“Don’t hit me! Do you know how delicate it is?”

“Oh? okay? I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was because it was so stiff. Then I’ll call you.”

Felicia brought her face right in front of the salvation as it was, and gently stroked her with her hand while blowing a hoho breath.

“Okay, it’s okay, go away!”

“Why? Do you want to?”

okay. Damn it. I honestly think I’m going to die. What kind of new torture is this?

“If you want to do that, I have no patience. I am always open.”

Felicia opened her legs wide as she said that.
Whoa! stop!

“rice! Let’s eat rice! Rice! Everything will cool down.”

“Oh, really. kid. It’s not because he keeps stretching.”

Is this my fault?!
Salvation prayed inwardly, calling on all the gods to come.
Goddess, Sarah, Diana, and Leia. Do not lead me from temptation. To be honest, I can’t stand it any longer.

“huh. can’t do it Let’s eat first and then we’ll talk.”

What more do you want to talk about?
I have nothing to say. this one

“Sylvia. Sylvia too… Sylvia?”

“Yes, four!”

That Sylvia was fiddling with her own vagina while looking at Salvation and Felicia.
However, the expression on his face was completely expressionless, and it was not at all a happy expression. If I had to categorize it, it was rather annoyed.

“Hey, Sylvia! How the hell did this happen?!”

“Hey, this is… .”

“Will Sylvia get excited when she sees this thing?!”

Felicia said while holding the object of salvation as if she was really surprised.

“Oh, no. Not at all.”

“Then how did that just happen?”

“That, so. Ever since I saw Felicia-sama doing something with that man yesterday, I have had an unfamiliar sensation in my body. It is not sinking.”

Sylvia said nonchalantly in a calm voice.
hmmm. hmmm. Where did you hear the reaction?

“Did you do something to Sylvia?”

“no. What are you talking about. I only told you yesterday… Oh.”

He, then I saw… How did you set the scope when using Proclamation of Sanctuary yesterday?
I think it was a rough cut, but I didn’t really care about the range setting because I had blood on my head.
Could it be that Sylvia was also within range?!
No, but it’s weird.
Judging by the reaction when Sylvia dragged me in yesterday, Sylvia is definitely higher level than me. Even though he mistook me for level 100, he showed that kind of confidence. He’s even a knight of the Royal Guard. It will probably be extremely high level.
But you’re just reacting to having the proclamation of sanctuary turned on for a while?
The moment I activated my last pride, my energy went to 0 and the declaration of sanctuary was automatically turned off.
So, at best, Sylvia was only affected by the proclamation while I was having sex with Felicia.
Just because I was affected that much, isn’t sanctuary declaration a powerful skill that a knight with a much higher level than me reacts to?

“Did you even do something?!”

“Come on, wait a minute. Sorry. But it wasn’t on purpose. There is just a range skill among the skills, but I wondered if that knight was also involved… .”
“Now I’m not asking whether you did it on purpose!”

“Yes? Then what?”

“Sylvia felt it! That Sylvia!”

“Hey, why?”

“Sylvia has never felt anything since she was born!”

What, what?! So you mean that knight is insensitive?
Guwon looked at Sylvia, and Sylvia averted her gaze with a bit of embarrassment.

“That… I don’t know if this is the pleasure of sex, but I’m sure an unfamiliar sensation is running through my body.”

“you! Have sex with Sylvia right now!”

“What, what?! No, the kid you talked to with him a while ago… .”
“I’m done, so do it with Sylvia! Right Now!”

“Hey, why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“I do not know?! Sylvia has now tasted female pleasure for the first time! In a word, you can make Sylvia feel!”

“… like that. This is a woman’s… . Salvation.”

“Yes Yes?”

“Me too, please. If I miss this opportunity, I may never experience this sensation again in my lifetime. Please let me know the joy of women.”

When the blunt knight bowed his head like this, salvation did not know what to do.
If she was tempted openly like Felicia, she could reject it without any remorse.
But how do you ask for it?
Have you ever felt that in your life? that’s… As a person, I felt a little, no, very, very sorry.
If I decline here, as Sylvia says, she may not experience the pleasure of sex for the rest of her life.
What do we do?
The faces of Sarah, Diana, and Leia flickered in their minds.
Do I have to betray again?

“Also… I can’t blow the wind. It cannot be inserted.”

okay. I already cheated once. We couldn’t betray our children here again.

“What?! Even you… !”
“I can’t insert it, but it’s possible to make it feel like a caress instead. If you’re okay with that… .”

So salvation made this choice.
Anyway, you have to make Sylvia feel the climax once in a while.
Otherwise, the body heated up by the proclamation of sanctuary will not calm down for the rest of your life.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could lead a person who was much higher level than me to the climax with only caressing. However, Salvation decided to believe in her own abilities and in Sylvia’s body, who felt a strange sensation just by being exposed to the sanctuary for a short period of time.

“It’s fine with that. Please.”

Sylvia said so, and immediately took off the heavy armor with a clattering sound.
Sylvia’s body, which was exposed outside after taking off her thick armor, was much thinner and slender than she had expected.
With this body, wearing that armor and standing properly, it’s amazingly slender.
It was a body that didn’t look very desirable as a knight, but it was an attractive body that was undesirable for a woman.
Sylvia took off her armor and threw off the clothes she was wearing inside without any hesitation.
Sylvia, who became naked in an instant, spoke with a stern voice.

“Then, please. Let me know the joy of women.”

He had a dull expression on his face and his voice, but he could feel the faint hope and anticipation in those eyes.
Good. let’s do it
Guwon decided to start the sex analysis and figure out the erogenous zone.
However, even after activating the sex analysis, there was not a single spot on Sylvia’s body that was shining.

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I’m sure some of you will notice that I threw Sylvia rice cakes into my sanctuary. I thought it passed naturally.


Lord of Dungeon City

What, what is this?!
Could it be that the level was too high and failed?! No, it can’t be.
In the meantime, the level of Sex Analysis has risen a lot, so I can see the erogenous zones of people who are significantly higher than me.
Sylvia is at a level that even passes through the declaration of sanctuary. It could not have been thought that the level of the erogenous zone was so high that it was impossible to confirm it by sex analysis.
Then there is only one answer.
In line with the symptom of anorgasmia, there really is no erogenous zone itself.

Indeed it is To get to this level, you must have dealt with quite a lot of men, I don’t know. And among them, there must have been a high level similar to Sylvia.
But he said he never felt any pleasure.
This may not be much more difficult than you think.

Guwon reached out and touched Sylvia’s chest.
If none of these are erogenous zones, you’d be better off touching areas that other women generally feel good about.
It’s small by the way.
Like her slender body, her chest wasn’t that great either.
It’s smaller than Diana, the smallest woman I’ve ever seen with bare breasts. No, it’s rude to compare it to Diana. Rather than saying it was small, it was a level that could be said to be almost nonexistent.
To be honest, my breasts don’t taste good to touch, but right now I’m not touching them to make me feel better.
For now, let’s just focus on getting Sylvia to climax quickly.
But no matter how much Salvation tinkered with, Sylvia remained completely expressionless without blinking an eye.

“What do you think? Do you feel any better?”

“… no. Not good at all. It’s not much different from what other men have touched.”

As the saint’s level rises, it is a salvation technique that has allowed most women to feel the climax with only caressing, but it seemed to be of no use to Sylvia.
As expected, Sylvia’s constitution is not at a level that can’t be helped with her technique.
Salvation immediately activated the hand of the saint.


As soon as the Saint’s Touch was activated, Sylvia’s reaction changed dramatically.
His expressionless face, as if bored, quickly turned red, and his legs trembled and he fell to the floor.

“Hey, this! Whoops! This feeling… !”

Sylvia was at a loss for what to do with that strange feeling.
After all, you feel good about your skills.
This is because the hand of a saint provides unconditional pleasure. Even if the erogenous zone does not exist, there is no choice but to feel pleasure.

“You are sensitive. Are you that good?”

“Heh! It’s not like that… Whoops! I’m not used to this… !”

Anyway, if you feel this way, that’s good for me.
I need to send it out quickly and finish it.
I didn’t insert it, I was just stroking it, and although it was unavoidable, I couldn’t help but feel guilty.
Salvation gained momentum and reached out to Sylvia’s pubic area where she was sitting.


Sylvia reacted violently, shaking her body.
But Guwon moved his hand to the grave, and was perplexed.

“that… Sylvia?”

“Heh! yes, four… ?”

“Are you really feeling good?”

“Yes, heh. My first time feeling… Huh!”

Sylvia said so, but Salvation couldn’t believe it straight up.
Because Sylvia’s pussy wasn’t wet.
From the reaction alone, it was not strange that there was a flood, but Sylvia’s vagina was only slightly damp.
No, no matter how insensitivity it is, if you feel it, it is normal to get wet, right?
What the hell is this?

As she continued to rub Sylvia’s breasts and pussy, Salvation fell into thought.
What’s the problem?
The saint’s touch was also working on Sylvia, who was insensitive. There’s absolutely no reason for Sylvia to pretend she’s feeling it, that’s for sure.
So why doesn’t the pussy get wet?
I didn’t pay much attention to it because it was a washboard, but now that I see it, the circle in the middle of my chest is not too hard.
So, you’re saying that the reaction is just intense, and in reality, you’re not feeling that much pleasure? How could that be?

Salvation was seriously considered.
And suddenly something came to mind.
After all, I’ve heard stories like this. A person who has never felt pain in his or her life is said to suffer as if he would die if he felt only the slightest amount of pain that others would not even express. Of course, you don’t die from such pain. Only that person feels that way.

What if Sylvia’s condition was like that?
What if I have never experienced any pleasure and react violently to even the slightest pleasure, but in reality it is not such a great pleasure?
Then all the angles fit.
The fact that my skills seem to work for Sylvia, who is overwhelmingly higher in level than me, and the fact that even though I am so reluctant to do anything with pleasure, my body doesn’t react that much.

But if my assumption is the right one, a big problem will arise.
The problem is that no matter how hard I try and use my skills, I will not be able to lead Sylvia to the climax in the end.
Could it be that I have no choice but to solve it with my last pride, like in Vanessa?
No. I can’t.
Things are very different with Vanessa.
Still, Diana ran away from her madness, and she can’t do it twice.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t stop now.
Since even the saint’s touch has been used, if you stop now, Sylvia will have to live with greater pleasure for the rest of her life.
I had to somehow make the climax feel and release it.
What do we do. maybe good
That said, he couldn’t overuse his skills.
Unless you are affected by healing sex, if you overuse your skills, you will run out of spirit immediately.
In the end, it means that Sylvia must somehow make Sylvia feel the climax with the most effective hand of a saint.

Salvation was the first thing I did.
He grabbed his chest as if he was sandwiching the nipples, which were kept in a subtle state, as if they were going to become hard, between the index and middle fingers. In that state, I tried massaging my breasts by gently rolling the nipples, and stimulating them by pulling them.
And with the hand that touched the pubic hair, gently rub the clitoris with the thumb, while the index and middle fingers penetrated inside.
It wasn’t very wet, so it was a bit hard to put my fingers in, but I was able to get it in anyway.
In that state, I gently wrung my index and middle fingers to stimulate the so-called G-spot.
I wondered what this would be for a child who had no erogenous zones at all, but I was desperate for salvation.
However, no matter how Guwon moved his fingers, Sylvia’s reaction did not change much.
The technique of salvation did not work at all, and he was thoroughly feeling only the pleasure given by the hand of the saint.

Damn it. Does that mean it didn’t happen either?
… ah i don’t know Let’s take the time first.
At this rate, Sylvia will never reach her climax, but now Felicia and Sylvia are completely unaware of that fact.
On the contrary, Sylvia is showing a good response, so they’re probably thinking that salvation is going well.
For now, let’s keep the status quo and think of a breakthrough somehow.
If you keep thinking about it, you might come up with something new.

However, things did not work out as easily as the thought of salvation.
Felicia, who was watching from the side, started to interfere.

“Baby, can’t we just close our eyes and do it with Sylvia?”

“Uh, huh? What, what?”

“What? What is sex?”

“Gee, you’re doing fine now. what to do… .”
“But it takes too long. Hurry up and do it once with Sylvia, then with me… .”
“No, that’s why I don’t do it!”

“Oh my. don’t subtract You hugged me so tightly yesterday.”

“Don’t be misunderstood! After all, yesterday I was raped by you! To the subject who blocked all escape routes and forcibly inserted it!”

“Hey, you liked it too, so why? After inserting it, you enjoyed it to your heart’s content.”

“Oh, no, I don’t!”

“Aren’t you excited? Will you make me feel like I did yesterday again? Even if you see me like this, you’re doing pretty well.”

No, you look good even just pretending.
Felicia smiled bewitchingly and crawled towards the salvation on all fours, and then clinged to the object of salvation.

“He’s already grown this big, so why am I taking it off? ha ha nice too He is by far the best man I have ever seen.”

Felicia muttered ecstatically, rubbing her cheek against the savior, lovingly.
Then he carefully grabbed the object with both hands and opened his mouth.
Wait a minute! That’s weird! They say that in this world, you can only do that to the person you love!

“Stop for a second! stop!”

“Oh my. Why again? This time, I’m just trying to make him feel good.”

“Do not be ridiculous! You’re going to make me lose my mind like that and put it in!”

“Oh, did you hear me?”

“I said it with your mouth! Anyway, stop!”

“Still, here’s what I want you to do… .”
“If you continue, I will stop touching Sylvia here.”


“Because of my greed, I can’t even fully feel the pleasure that a faithful servant feels for the first time since he was born. And you’ll never get a chance to feel that pleasure again. Don’t you think it would be painful just imagining it?”

“Come on, honey. Are you threatening me with something like that? Doesn’t that sound a bit rude?”

“Who made threats in the first place? He made a strange excuse and brought it in, and he made me unable to get out of here with a strange threat!”

“It’s not an excuse. Really, my mother told me to check it out.”

“Anyway! If you continue like this, I will stop this hand! Look at Sylvia’s face! Do you want to make me frown because I feel sorry for this pleasant expression?”

“Ugh! ha ha! Phe, I’m Feliciani! Whoops! I don’t mind… Huh!”

“You don’t want to do that, do you? Such a loyal child.”

“Ugh! ha ha! Phe, Felly… Whoa!”

“Okay! Got it! You can’t do it! Leave yourself alone.”

As expected, Felicia seems to love Sylvia quite a bit, so when she threatened Sylvia by falling over her, she quietly retreated.
A beautiful woman like that rushes to have sex with you, but you are in a situation where you have to say no. When I first came to this world, I could not have imagined it.

“How about Sylvia? Do you think it will be soon?”

Felicia didn’t give up yet, and she seemed to be aiming for the next time Sylvia reached her climax.

“Heh. Well, I don’t know. If this goes on, do you feel the climax?”

“Well then! I will guarantee that!”

Salvation was bewildered and answered in a loud voice.
Sorry Sylvia. If I keep going like this, I don’t think I’ll ever feel the climax.
Maybe this… .


At that moment, I heard a knock on the door from outside.

“Miss Felicia. Someone is requesting an audience.”

“I’m busy right now, so please come back later!”

what’s busy All you have to do is look there.
What else are you going to do?

“Hey, but Felicia-sama. The person who requested the audience is the Supreme Wizard. Sa, it’s a very urgent matter, so we’re desperately trying to prevent you from coming here right away.”

At that moment, the movement of salvation abruptly stopped.
No, it’s not just salvation.
All three people in the room stopped moving at the same time.
And the first to wake up was Felicia.

“Gee, I’ll prepare it now, so tell me to wait a minute!”

“Well, then I… .”
“What are you talking about? She’s here with Sylvia!”

“What? what are you talking about Diana is here, of course I have to go.”

“So what about Sylvia? Are you going to leave it like this?!”

“No, it’s not, but first Diana… .”
“Don’t worry, I’ll go ahead and tell you, so I’m still with Sylvia.

“What nonsense is that! Your lover has come and you are still doing this with another woman.”

“What is a lover? After confessing and fighting, Diana-sama left home?”

“Hey, that was just a bit of trouble! In the first place, it was like we were dating?!”

“huh. Well. Would Diana-sama think so?”

“Whatever Diana thinks, it’s not about you doing this or that! That is, I will meet in person and negotiate!”

“really? Leaving our poor Sylvia alone?”

“Sylvia went and came and somehow… .”

“Whoa. yes, four? Oh yes!”

Guwon had already let go, but Sylvia was unable to come to her senses because the pleasure she had received from the skill remained in her body.
But again, like an elite knight, she immediately woke up to the sound of Felicia’s call and rushed to salvation.

“Wow! Come on, wait! What are you doing!”

“I’m sorry, babe. But you’re too attractive to let it go like this. I’ll talk to Diana-sama instead of you and let you know what happened.”

Before even questioning what that meant, Guwon lost his mind as he felt a strong shock in the back of his head.

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Cry out love at the center of the lordship

“Sigh… .”

Diana, who ran out of the mansion, let out a big sigh as if she had vomited out all the complicated emotions in her chest.
No wonder this body, called the supreme archmage, who prides itself on being the incarnation of intellect, will act like that and run out of the house with only emotion.
It’s not just this time. It always is.
When you are with salvation, you stop acting emotionally, not always.

It’s all about salvation.
Countless time has passed since this body was revered as the best wizard in the world. All those who were able to communicate on an equal footing with this body have long since returned to the side of the goddess.
Now, in this world, there are only people left who humble themselves and show respect even if they only meet face to face.

Even if it is a stranger who did not grow up in this world, it is the same.
At first, there were people who attacked only by the appearance of this body, but when they found out the location and status of this body, they were afraid and busy with arguing.

On the other hand, what about salvation?
Even after knowing the identity of this body, it is the first time he has spoken in a negative way to the one word that tells him to speak comfortably.
Is that all? Salvation has not suffered any difficulties with this body since then.
No, it wasn’t difficult, but just looking at the appearance of this body, he treated me so friendly that I often thought that he was even treating me as a sister under his hand.
Aren’t you so stupid that you don’t even realize the position of this body?
I’ve heard such suspicions, but seeing that this body is crying right away when it’s angry, it seems that’s not the case.
he’s a weird guy
Thanks to that, if I saw this body with that man, it seemed to return to the body of the past, when I was the youngest in the group studying primitive magic.
Stop forgetting where you are now, go back to when you were a kid, play foolishly, and become emotional.

That’s why I’m out of the mansion right now, though.
But salvation is also salvation.
It was because he kept giving him the pleasure of immersing himself in the spirit of a saint until just before the climax, and while he continued to tease him, he continued to pour out sweet words from his mouth.
If you do something like that to a man you care about, isn’t it natural for your emotions to take precedence over reason?
So, without realizing it, he gave the answer of accepting the offer of salvation.

I can’t.
it’s a harem It can never be.
Of course, it would be a lie if there was no such thing as pride that a man of this size could not share a man with another woman.
But that’s not all. If you want salvation to look only at this body, you want it to be so for salvation as well as this body.

I feel sorry for Miss Sarah and Miss Leia.
Especially considering that Salvation pushed her like that even after she had formed a relationship with Miss Sara, she must have been saying that she had allowed her to continue her relationship with other women as well as herself.
Thinking about it made me feel even more sorry, but I didn’t want to go so deep that salvation swore an eternity with them.

In order to persuade salvation to do so, it would be best to be honest about all the circumstances of this body, but I haven’t had the courage until now.
If you are rejected even after revealing all the circumstances of this body, salvation does not stop at just failing to make you give up the harem.
Rather, salvation may completely give up and sever the relationship with this body.
Because of such fear, he could not readily reveal the situation, and while hesitating, he was overtaken by Miss Sarah.

Even so, I promised myself a kiss with this body.
Unlike other people, I was drawn to the informal attitude, but because of that kind of salvation, it was ironic that even though I promised to kiss this body, I had a deep relationship with another woman.
If it were a different person, after promising to kiss this body, I would have been paying attention to talking to another woman.

Anyway, since I ran out like this, I couldn’t go back to the mansion right away.
I have cooled my head now, but seeing the face of salvation will make me emotional again.
First, let’s walk around a bit and cool our heads a little more. And let’s be determined.

In the meantime, Diana decided to walk around the village, wearing her favorite robe she had brought along.
That doesn’t mean you’re just wandering around aimlessly. In order to be determined, you need to be honest with your feelings.
To do that, it would be best to reaffirm your feelings by visiting places of salvation and memories.

First of all, it is the inn where I first met salvation.
While eating at a restaurant, I discovered the existence of a job I had never heard of and approached salvation. At the time, I never imagined that I would have such feelings for someone else.
When I checked the restaurant, there was already another person sitting at the table where Gugu was sitting.
ugh. I can’t help it. Shall I wait

“customer? Why are you here… .”
“Nothing to worry about. See work.”

With a sales smile on her face as if slightly embarrassed, she responded coolly to the approaching employee, and Diana waited on the spot.
There were a lot of other empty seats in the restaurant, so it got quite a lot of attention, but Diana didn’t care. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten used to people’s glances anyway. Although the reason for receiving attention is a little different from what it is now.

And as soon as the table became empty after waiting, Diana quickly took a seat at the table to see who else would be seated.
Even before the table was cleared, the waitress was a little embarrassed, but Diana didn’t care.
It’s a different place with memories.
I have never forgotten a single moment thanks to his brilliant head, which is even said to have been blessed by the goddess, but sitting here made the memories with salvation more vivid.

“that… customer? Do you have anything to order?”

After being immersed in the memories for a while, one day, the table was wiped clean.
this. How can a person as tall as this body be so idly idly by, not knowing that time is passing?

“Well? Right. If so, could you give me one breakfast? … Right. I will give you this and this and this as well.”

Diana remembered that she had run out without breakfast, and ordered a meal. Of course, the food we ordered when we first ate with salvation is the same.

After eating, Diana left the inn and thought for a moment.
where to go next Right. After the inn… .
Thinking up to that point, a familiar figure appeared in the corner of his field of vision.
Diana reflexively hid and used magic as it was.
Completely invisible magic was not yet available due to lack of level, but similar magic could be used. If you use this, you won’t be noticed unless you look closely.

The person Diana saw was running so fast that they didn’t even have time to pay attention to it, so they went into the inn where Diana had just left without noticing.
Of course, I don’t need to tell you who that person is.
It was salvation.
Did you come out to find this body?!
Although it must have been a fight, Diana’s heart was filled with joy.
ugh no no no It’s so easy, what the hell do you do? If you don’t calm down. Isn’t it time to rejoice yet?

While Diana was making up her mind, Gu-gu trudged out of the inn with a disappointed look on her face.
It’s a natural result. Do you think this body roamed freely for years, avoiding the eyes of the Wizards’ Association? If you think you can find it so easily, you are wrong.

But, as if he had made up his mind right away, he moved to the next place.
Diana hid and followed right after him.
Salvation arrived at the clothing store.
The moment she found out, Diana was thrilled once again.
After all, I was going to look for this body! Besides, doesn’t this body and mind work perfectly together! This is exactly where this body was going to go!
Diana grabbed the end of the robe that wrapped around her body.

This clothing store is the very place where Guwon bought this robe.
The place where salvation first gifted this body something.
In fact, it was a little silly to call it a gift, but it is meaningful that salvation is the place where something was first given.
So, Diana has been insisting on wearing only this robe ever since she returned to the mansion.
In fact, there are a lot of robes with luxurious effects that can’t be compared to this robe in the mansion, but I wore this robe with no special effect while even strengthening it with the breath of a desert lizard. Because salvation is the first gift.

And the fact that salvation came right here after the inn means that Diana isn’t the only one who thinks of this robe in particular.
It was as if they were completely in love with each other, and Diana looked so lovely to see the back of Salvation as she entered the clothing store.
I wanted to run and hug him right now, but Diana held back.

It would seem too strange for someone who had fought and ran to suddenly appear and hug him, and it might seem like he was acknowledging the harem of salvation.
And one more thing, I was so looking forward to where salvation would go next.
As long as you go looking for this body, the place where salvation will travel must be a place where you have memories with this body.
Diana wanted to taste the feeling of being able to connect with her heart once again.
Good. Shall we think about this body too? Next place to go… Right. The clothing store you went to to buy clothes to apply for a clan? No. In order, I’ll stop by the places I’ve been to on the holidays before.
Diana followed salvation, anticipating where it would go.

So salvation went looking for Diana, and Diana followed her for a while.
Every time where salvation went and where Diana had expected it to match perfectly, it felt like Diana’s connection with salvation grew stronger.
After all, I can’t lie to this body’s heart.
This body wants to be with salvation.
And I had the belief that salvation would be like that.
If you tell me the circumstances, salvation will surely understand.
Diana was finally able to control her heart, which she had been unable to control for a while.
Good. Let’s speak to salvation properly.
… Finally, check where salvation is going.

To be honest, it seemed like they had stopped by all the places Guwon and Diana went together, so Diana could no longer guess.
Guess it was the same with salvation, he stopped for a while and looked worried, but he moved again to see if he had something in mind.
Diana pursued salvation with a pounding heart.

And the place where salvation arrived was the temple.
uhm? Temple? … Come to think of it, this is also the place where salvation and coming came. I didn’t think about it because it was a place where I had younger memories with Miss Leia than this body.
I thought Salvation wouldn’t even think that this body would be in the temple.
Did you come here with the intention of catching even straw?
But to think that way, the steps of salvation seemed to be moving with a very clear goal.
And the place where salvation arrived was where the high priest was.

Come to think of it, Salvation was receiving education from the high priest.
So, did you come here thinking that the High Priest would know everything?
But I was wrong. If you were going to find this body, it would have been better to go to the guild leader when you went to the guild earlier.
Since that person is friendly with Diana, she could have suggested more places for Diana to go.
But, I can’t blame you, because I came here after thinking about salvation.
So, will you stop showing up at this point?

I have already made up my mind.
Now, we have no choice but to tell the truth to salvation and hope that it will be accepted.
Diana dispelled the magic that had been placed on her and placed her hand on the door handle.
As Diana was about to open the door to the room, a voice of salvation was heard from within.

“Ambassador! Good morning! Sorry for the sudden bump. But where is Leia?!”

Diana felt as if she heard something thumping and breaking in her head.

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Crying out love at the center of lordship

I can’t believe it! I really can’t believe it!
How could this be?!

When she woke up, Diana was outside the Sanga Temple.
From there, Diana kicked a prickly tree and became temperamental.

“Hey. In a place where the Goddess is watching, do the right thing… .”
“Who are you looking at right now? Even if this body isn’t good enough, I would have lived 100 times longer than yours, you bastard!”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

An uncle who came out of the temple yelled at Diana, but at the sound of Diana’s sharp voice, she immediately retreated. It looked like it was best not to touch the madman, but Diana didn’t care at all.
If I didn’t do this, it seemed that I would not be able to quench the person boiling in my heart right now.

To be honest, it made sense rationally.
Salvation searched for places with memories with this body so meticulously that even this body could no longer guess, and there would have been no more places to find it.
However, this body’s ability to hide is too good to go looking for it blindly. Yes, even if I go through my life, I won’t be able to find this body.
So, it is a wise decision to give up looking for this body while walking around and quietly wait for this body to return.
And, as an added bonus, during that time, like this body, it must be the intention to appease Miss Leia, who was shocked by the progress of salvation and her relationship with Miss Sarah.
okay. That’s a reasonable decision.
It was logically understandable.

However, being emotionally convincing was another matter.
You dare to give up looking for this body and go to comfort another woman?
Such an ungrateful guy! Playboy!
Diana kicked the prickly tree in her anger, but she didn’t get rid of it at all.
Rather, only the foot that was kicking the tree hurt, so Diana stopped kicking.

I mean, I went to find Miss Leia, who had stayed out last night.
Good. let it see So today, this body will let you stay overnight! No, I will run away from home at all! Where are you going to suffer for a few days?

Diana went straight to the inn she had gone to earlier.
The idea of ​​staying at an inn where salvation has even visited once while running away may have been a little bit of hope that salvation would come to you.

But in the end, salvation did not come back to the inn that day.
And as the day passed, Diana began to feel a little weak.
What if Guwon visited Miss Leia yesterday and succeeded in persuading Miss Leia? So, what if you spend a happy time surrounded by Miss Sarah and Miss Leia? Even if this body doesn’t go back like this, what if we live happily ever after and gradually forget this body?
Even after only one day had passed, the worst assumptions dominated my head.
This is not the case
Of course, I was angry with Salvation, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to live without seeing it for the rest of my life. Rather, it was the person I wanted to see for the rest of my life, so I was so angry.

Anxious, Diana decided to take a peek at the situation in the mansion.
I’m just peeking at how things are going. It’s not going to be solved if you just stay here without knowing the situation.
Let’s take a look at the situation and then decide what to do next.
To be honest, the level was still lacking, so even if he used magic, there was a very high chance that he would be caught peeking at the mansion.
But I was too anxious to stay like this.

Diana approached the mansion using magic.
And as soon as I approached the mansion, Vanessa noticed it right away.
After all, this body is as competent as the person entrusted with the mansion. It’s a problem when you’re so talented.


“Shh! quietly! keep it quiet! Don’t you know that this body used magic to come here secretly?!”

But Vanessa is fine. No matter what force this body exerts, it will follow.
Rather, it went well. If you ask Vanessa what’s going on and tell her to keep this body here a secret, Vanessa will keep it a secret. No matter how much you ask for salvation.

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Hmmm. Hmm. nope That, but that’s it. What is he doing now?”

“You mean savior? that… .”

I asked vaguely without calling out her name, but Vanessa understood immediately.
But, unlike her usual Vanessa, she took a rather ambiguous attitude.

“But why? Any problem? Let me tell you.”

With that attitude, Diana had an ominous feeling, and polished Vanessa.
Maybe in one day? After one day, I forgot about this body and was flirting with Miss Sarah and Miss Leia, wouldn’t it?
When Miss Leia stayed overnight, she immediately ran to the theme!
But the answer that Vanessa immediately gave out was an answer that Diana could not have imagined.

“You went out last night to find Diana, and you haven’t come in yet. And I got a call from Yeongjuseong… .”

“Well? Why are you suddenly talking about Youngjuseong?”

“That is, it seems that the Savior is now imprisoned in the permanent castle.”

“What? What the hell is that?”

“According to the person who came out of the castle, it was to investigate the allegation that he had gathered all the heads of the wizarding association into Diana-sama’s mansion for the purpose of causing a coup.”

“Does that mean you think this body has already told you well?”

“Yeah. So, the reason is just an excuse, and I think there is probably a real purpose for calling the Savior.”

“Real purpose? Stand, please… !”

Diana thought about who the lord of this place was, and could guess the reason.
Princess Felicia. I haven’t seen him in years, but there was a time when the princess stayed at the castle for a while and served as a teacher.
From a young age, she was a smart girl with good brains, but she had the disadvantage of being too fond of pleasures.
There’s nothing wrong with leveling up. No, it’s just full of good things.
Therefore, it was not an insult to be sensual among nobles.
But the princess went a little too far.
Regardless of whether the partner was a married man or whatever, when he heard rumors that he was good at night work, he flirted with him and slept somehow.

“… Vanessa. Do you also think that the princess called for salvation through such a thing?”


“Gee, call the heads of the association right now! I must go to Yeongju Castle!


As Vanessa prepares, Diana rolls her feet.
How could that man have an accident without being still for a moment! Damn it because this body came to spy on the mansion! Maybe it hasn’t happened already?!

“Miss Diana!”

Then Sarah and Leia ran from the inside of the mansion.

“Diana! Where have you been so far… !”
“I’m sorry. talk about that later First of all, I will have to bring salvation here.”

“Ha, but Guwon is currently being investigated for a coup d’etat… .”

is it. Genga that Miss Leia doesn’t know.
Indeed. No matter how prodigal the princess was, the rumors wouldn’t even reach Miss Sara or Miss Leia, who had no relationship with the nobles.
Vanessa didn’t seem to be talking about Princess either.

“It’s okay. who is this body The supreme archmage. Don’t worry, you’ll be waiting here.”

“Wait? no. Together we… .”
“no. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing you can do about this. On the contrary, it would be impossible to enter the permanent castle. Please wait patiently here.”

To be honest, it was hard to look straight into the faces of Miss Sara and Miss Leia.
If you think about what you will say to salvation in the future.
And it was also true that neither of them would be of any help in the lord’s castle.

As soon as the heads of the Wizards Association gathered like that, Diana immediately rode a carriage and headed to the lord’s castle.
The reason for taking the heads of the Wizards’ Association is simple.
First, to explain the nonsensical allegations of a coup or what.
And if the princess still refuses to offer salvation, it is to solve it by force.
Unfortunately, the current Diana does not have the strength to play freely in Yeongju Castle.
But what if all the heads of the Wizards’ Association get together?
These alone are more than enough to overturn one lord’s castle.
They are people who would never cooperate normally, but at Diana’s order, they would gladly overthrow the lord’s castle.

The power of the name of the Supreme Sorcerer was so great that Diana was able to come almost directly to the audience room of the lord’s castle even without making any promises.

“What the hell is the princess doing?”

“Telluna! Please, please, wait a minute. Now the princess is getting ready… .”

“What are you doing that takes so long? If you accused a loved one of a coup d’etat, shouldn’t you come out right away?! How long do you think you’ve been waiting now?! Does this body look like that?!”

“Well, could that be? However, since it is early in the morning, the princess needs a little more time to prepare.”

“Ah! What are you ready for! ok! You! Let me guide you to where the princess is! This body will go by myself!”

Instead of blocking the way, it made a lot of sense, and, frankly, she didn’t wait that long, but Diana forced her to do it.
Even while I was doing this, I could not stand still, thinking about what Salvation might be doing.

“Hey, Princess!”

When Diana was about to leave the audience, the princess finally appeared.
Then, the minister, who was blocking Diana’s front, breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hey, Diana. long time no see. You look healthy… .”
“Greetings are done! Where is salvation?!”

“four? D, Diana?”

The princess opened her eyes in surprise and looked at Diana.

“Didn’t you say that you took him away while investigating the coup allegation? Where are you now?!”

“Well, our article is currently under investigation. Of course, I know that Diana has no intention of doing that. But I don’t know if that man has no intention of doing that at all. Maybe Diana has a strange wind… .”

“Genga, you seem to be the type of person with this body to fall for a man and cause a coup!”

“Oh, no! Could it be! But if there is a man who has an antipathy for our kingdom by Diana-sama’s side… .”

“Then what are you going to do?! Are you going to even separate salvation from this body?!”

“D, Diana? calm down. Diana, who was always gentle and calm… .”

“Is this something to be calm about now? Aren’t you holding on to this man!”

“Yeah? D, Diana’s man?! But the man confessed that Diana-sama got angry and left… .”

What the hell was he talking about to the princess in the meantime?
To a woman I’ve never seen for the first time, I do things with this body every so often!
The princess knew about such a thing, so I was even more passionate about salvation, but for now, the first priority is to get him out of here.

“You seem to have misunderstood something. Let me tell you this truthfully. You too will listen. do you understand Salvation is the end. This is the man of this body! I will not forgive anyone who touches me!”

Diana glanced at the faces from the princess to the heads of the Wizards’ Association, and then the audience shouted to leave.
With this, he not only confirmed his heart for salvation, but also contained the meaning of check. It’s a check that means I won’t let it go if I go over it because it’s my man.
When Diana shouted, the princess’s complexion turned pale.
Seeing that face, Diana was sure she was right.

“If you know, please guide this body to salvation immediately.”

“Hey, but Diana. As a member of the royal family, the investigation into those who have a dislike for the kingdom… .”

But the princess was persistent.
This was definitely with salvation. With salvation, I can’t forget the taste.
So, even though this body has definitely nailed it, I’m trying to hold on like this.
Diana became more and more angry when she realized that, but the more she did, the more her hair cooled.
okay. This is the original nature of this body.
If salvation isn’t your opponent, then even if you’re angry like this, keep your rationality and move calmly.

“Hey. That’s right. I see. The existence of the kingdom is at stake, so there is nothing we can do about it. But Princess, I’ve heard interesting things about this body from salvation.”

“Yeah? what suddenly… .”

“In the world where salvation was originally, there is a saying. If someone hates you for no reason, give them a reason to hate you.”

“Is that so? That’s funny.”

“okay. When I first heard of this body, I laughed at it, but now I think I know how it feels. If someone claims that this body is going to cause a coup, I’m telling you, let’s really start the coup.”

“Yes, yes?!”

“You-all! Coup d’état tax from now on! Contact wizards around the world! From now on, this kingdom will be ruled by this body… .”
“Come on, wait! Wait! Diana! calm down! I’ll guide you right away! Follow me! Salvation is here!”

When all the forces of the lord’s castle were put together, there was no way that the heads of the Wizards Association here could be stopped at the same time.
The princess straightened her tail and guided Diana.
However, the steps of the princess taking the lead were heavy and slow.
It’s like you don’t want to go.

“What are you doing? Wasn’t that a guide?”

“Yes, yes… . there… . Miss Diana. I really thought that man would have a serious relationship with Diana-sama… . I’m just bluffing… .”

The princess looked very frightened.
The figure of this body that the princess remembers must have always been a relaxed and carefree figure. It’s the first time I’ve seen him so angry.

“I have already guessed what you must have done in taking Salvation. But the past can’t be helped. You just have to be careful going forward.”

“I, really?”

“Yes. So just let me guide you.”

To be honest, I was very angry, but I decided to put up with it.
There was nothing wrong with this body.
When I summoned the heads of the Wizards’ Association, I didn’t just rant, but if I went to the royal castle and handled things more clearly. No, I wish I hadn’t left the house for nothing last night.
Then this wouldn’t have happened.

Apart from that, he was angry at the promiscuousness of the princess, but he can’t help it. Even the princess seemed to think that salvation was a bluff.
But now that I’ve firmly nailed it to being a man of this body, even the princess will never dare to reach out to salvation again.
So let’s just wait this one time

“Hey, Diana. I go in first… .”
“Didn’t you say that you already guessed what you did? It’s no use if you come here and hide your traces.”

“Oh, no. Not like that. Oh! Diana!”

It was only until I opened the door to the room that I thought that way.
When I opened the door, there was a figure of a knight lying on a bed with nothing on, and a knight trying to get on top of a cloak with nothing on.
Diana could not know how many times already, she heard the sound of her reason being broken.

“Hey, hey, what are you going to do to this man!”

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Even if I cut it in parts, it would be two parts… .

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