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Crying out for love at the center of lordship

“Hey, hey, what are you going to do to this man!”

Suddenly, I heard a voice in my vague consciousness.
But just waking up from fainting, the dazed head realized something more direct and simple before he could understand the meaning of the words.
First of all, the voice I just heard is Diana’s voice.
And with the soft touch felt at the tip of the object, it is said that it is just before insertion.
Putting these together, the dazed head of salvation came to one conclusion.

“Diana! I was wrong!”

Salvation hugged the woman above him tightly.
However, the touch on his cheek felt something was missing.
Diana was originally the smallest of the three, but was she still this small? Isn’t this beyond the level of small and non-existent?

“Sorry! In the meantime, how much heartache must have been enough to lose weight! My chest was still small! Whoa! Diana!”

“Whoa, what did you say now? Come on, what’s wrong with your heart?”

Then I heard Diana’s voice next to me.
okay. Not from the front, but from the side.
Only then did Guwon think again about the meaning of the voice he heard when he just woke up.
What are you going to do to this man? Are you sure you said that?
That means it’s not Diana that I’m hugging right now… .
Hesitatingly, Gu Guo lifted his head and checked the face of the person he was holding.
Their eyes met with eyes that looked drowsy, but slightly warm.

“Heh heh heh heh!”

Salvation pushed Sylvia right above her.
Somehow, my chest is small! okay. No matter what, it can’t be so suddenly reduced!

“Diana! It’s a misunderstanding! I think it’s Diana-sama!”

Pushing Sylvia away, Guwon bowed her head in the direction the voice was heard.
Diana, who had seen at first glance, was frozen in a posture as if she had rushed to this side and stopped.
And he was looking at salvation with an expression that couldn’t decide whether he should be angry or like him.
Sure, if you look at the words of salvation, even if you kill them, you will feel uncomfortable, but salvation is something that you did by mistaken Silvia for Diana.
In other words, as soon as he woke up, he apologized to Diana and was thinking about Diana enough to get stuck.
Diana raised her fists and went back and forth, then finally looked around and scoffed.

“I want to be alone with you two! Everyone get out!”

Hey. Anyway, here is Yeongjuseong. Can’t that work… .

“Yes, four! Everyone goes out. Then Diana. Be at ease.”

went through
Felicia started biting people as if it was all right.
why are you so polite Wasn’t that the image?
It was like a bomb that would explode if touched.
At the words of Diana and Felicia, the people near the door of the room started to come out like low tide.
what is that Why are there so many people here?
I’m all naked now what kind of play is this?

Guwon secretly pulled the blanket and tried to cover his lower body.
However, the action was restrained by a single hand reaching out from the front.
Even while the people were leaving, Sylvia did not go out, but rather grabbed the things of salvation.

“Cee, Sylvia?!”

Before salvation was startled, Felicia called out Sylvia’s name as if screaming.

“this… !”
“Who! Bring Sylvia!”


And when Diana was about to shout something with her blazing eyes, Felicia had someone take Sylvia away.
Sylvia looked at salvation with her eyes full of heat, and was dragged away without a pulse.

And in an instant, only Salvation and Diana were left in the room.
Salvation was still not fully grasping the situation, and Diana was angry, but she couldn’t pour it out, so she had a face that couldn’t be helped.
For a while, there was silence in the room.
And it was Diana who broke the silence first.

“Why don’t you say something? Do you have anything to say to this body?”

“uh… Well… . sorry. I never thought that Diana had small breasts.”

As soon as the words of salvation were finished, Diana’s fists flew in a row and stabbed.
Of course, it was an attack that stopped at the level of pats for salvation to be felt.

“You! really! to this body! First thing to say! That’s what it means!”

“no! no! Wait a minute! I just woke up and I’m out of my mind! Wait a minute!”

Guwon stopped holding Diana’s fists with both hands as if clasping them, and fell into thought for a moment.
I’m out of my mind Why are you scratching and making such a remark?
I don’t know how Diana was suddenly in front of me, but it’s the Diana I’ve been looking for.
Let’s figure out the situation later, and first, say the first thing you want to say when you meet Diana.
What to say to Diana had been decided in the first place.

“Diana, I’m sorry. Still, I was sincere. I really love you. So don’t go Please stay by my side.”

“Uh, uh, uh… .”

Diana’s face turned red to the tip of her ears, and she took an unidentified action.
He was probably trying to cover his face with both hands, but it seems that only his body was wriggling as both hands were caught.

“Hey, this body is with a man like you… .”

“But is it your man?”

Diana certainly said that before.
what are you doing to my man
Previously, I was so confused in my head that I couldn’t understand the meaning of it properly and threw it away, but now I am calm enough to know what it means.

“That, that… ! So! This, this body is just… !”

“Diana. I’m sorry for the nonsensical act of listening to the truth after losing my mind over sex for nothing. But still, I don’t think Diana thinks of me is a lie. So stay by my side with Sarah and Leia. I want all of you… .”

Until then, Diana had dyed her face bright red and was just shy, but when the names of Sarah and Leia appeared, the color of her face suddenly changed as if she remembered something.

“It can’t be.”

The expression of embarrassment at the sweet words disappeared.

With a firm expression on her face as if she had decided on something, Diana declared that.
I never thought that I would be rejected, so my mind went blank.
To be honest, I was very proud.
I’m sure Diana likes me, so I thought that if I convince her sincerely, she would come over reluctantly.

“Diana… .”
“okay. not admit it This body has a mind for you. Enough to promise a kiss. It makes me want to kiss you right now.”

“Then you can do it! Anytime I… !”
“But not when you are giving your heart to another woman.”

The princess said the same thing, too, can a person of the same position as Diana not accept the situation of sharing a man with other women?
Is Diana’s love for me so low that she thinks she’d end the relationship if she was going to share it with another woman?

But Diana’s words did not end there.
Diana wrinkled her forehead and spoke slowly, as if choosing a word.

“So salvation. I will choose this body.”

“What… ! what is that… !”

“You know what I mean, too. I’m sorry Miss Sarah and Miss Leia, but please only look at this body. If you say you will, this body swears to be with you for the rest of your life.”

“Diana. Are you telling me to choose between you, Sarah and Leia?”

“It’s as you say.”

“Really, are there really only two options? Is there no option for the four of us to get along well together? i know i’m selfish But still… .”

“If you choose this body, it’s not that you won’t even see Miss Sara and Miss Leia face to face. Rather, we can live as we are now. But, don’t be sincere with them. Your true heart belongs only to this body.”

This may be Diana’s own mediation plan.
But it sounded harsher to salvation.
Then Sara and Leia should only deal with them lightly.

“Diana. You know it too. That I’m not that savvy. I can’t do that. Can’t we just accept Sarah and Leia as well? Even if you accept them both, I promise I will never neglect you. I’m doing my best… .”
“It’s not like that! It’s not about whether this body accepts it or not! This body speaks for you, so why don’t you know about it! You have no idea what kissing this body means!”

“Of course I don’t know! You never told me! What the hell does that mean?!”

Diana bit her lip at the cry of salvation.
And he opened his mouth, looking straight at Guwon with his hardened eyes.

“You… How do you feel about living forever?”

uh… Huh?
At the completely unexpected words, Gu-won was a little perplexed.
If someone else had said it, I would have responded that I did not believe the same thing, but the other person is Diana. Diana, who can live forever if she uses the magic of her previous life.
It must have been meaningful to say something like that.
Let’s think about it. okay. Diana lives forever. And I can’t live like that.
Even if I’m with Diana for the rest of my life, I can be out of Diana’s point of view.

Time is only a fleeting moment compared to the time we have lived and will live in the future.
So, does that mean that I want you to focus only on yourself?
Thinking about it that way, it became difficult to claim a harem more recklessly than this.
But that didn’t mean anyone wanted to give up.
I might be good

“Sorry. I know I’m selfish to say this to you, who lives forever. still… .”
“It’s not about this body.”


“I asked you what you think you will live forever.”

“that… What do you mean?”

“It literally means. When you kiss this body, you share life with this body.”

Diana’s expression as she said that was full of fear. It’s like being afraid of being rejected.

“uh… So… If I kiss you, will I live forever?”

“… That’s right. Just as you say.”

“… So isn’t that good?”

“It’s not that simple! Don’t you think it’s too simplistic?! live forever! Even if the faces you know leave one after another, you will be left alone in the world forever!”

Of course, salvation is imaginable to that extent.
I’ve seen movies on that subject before.
However, even with such a demerit, there was one overwhelming advantage in the eternal life that Diana spoke of.

“To be left alone. If I kiss you and live forever, then the two of us will be left behind. No matter how difficult it is to live forever, I think it’s something I can bear if I can live with you forever. I’m glad I can live with you forever more than that. No matter how you think about it, isn’t it good?”

“Come on, come on, a man like you… !”

Diana, who must have been deeply moved, looked at salvation with tears in her eyes.

“what? So you haven’t been able to tell me until now, because you don’t want me to live forever?”

“Ha, but, but I have already been rejected once in the past!”

“Huh? Did anyone else try to kiss me besides me?”

“Yeah… Oh! No! It wasn’t the kind of relationship you thought it was! In the organization that became the predecessor of the Wizards’ Association! Everyone died one after another, and I became lonely, so I just asked my last friend to live with me! Even the opponent was a woman!”

“Oh, that can’t be! Did Diana even cover homosexuality? Maybe it’s trying to make Sarah and Leia give up… !”

“Hey, didn’t you say it wasn’t like that! You guys are playing with this body… It’s a joke! What are you doing in a serious conversation?”

Diana seemed to have finally realized that salvation was playing a game.
It’s too serious, so I’m trying to lighten the mood

“Ah, anyway! I’m glad you think so too. Did you know the mind of this body too? This body was speaking with you in mind. My sincerity to Miss Sarah and Miss Leia… .”
“no. Both of them will treat you sincerely. just like you.”

To Diana, who spoke with peace of mind, Salvation proudly declared a harem.
If Diana was refusing the harem because she thought of me, not because of her monopoly, I was more confident to persuade Diana.

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Crying out love at the center of lordship

Think carefully about what Diana said.
You can stay with Sara or Leia all the time, but don’t stick with them.
This is not because of Diana’s own desire for monopoly, but for the sake of salvation.
And kissing Diana is like giving her eternal life.
In summary, this means
If you give love to Sarana Leia, you are the one who will have a hard time when the girls, who have a limited lifespan, leave first. So don’t give me affection and just look at yourself.
He can’t be a really unique guy.
But I couldn’t do what Diana said.
Even after understanding all of Diana’s intentions, he replied that he would treat Sarah and Leia sincerely for salvation.

“Wow, what! You don’t understand what your body is saying!”

“I understand. Are you saying that if you are sincere with Sarah and Leia, don’t give your heart to them because the parting that will someday will be more painful?”

“Well, knowing that… !”

“Even though I knew it, I said that I would treat it with sincerity. Diana. Of course, it might be sad when Sarah and Leia end their lifespan and part ways. However… .”

“It’s not that it might be sad, it’s definitely sad! You’ve never been through that pain, so you’re thinking so easily! Much more than you think… .”

“okay. As you said, I haven’t experienced it yet, so I can only imagine. As you said, it may be much sadder than I imagined, and it may be difficult to bear. But I don’t want to give up my love for Sarah and Leia right now because I’m worried about the future. You don’t like cowards like that, do you?”

“However! still!”

“And later, when I have a hard time, I’m not alone like Diana of the past, am I?”


“Is that right? I’m not the only one standing by Diana’s side. Will Diana still be by my side?”

“Ugh… uh… Whoa!”

Diana was embarrassed to answer this direct question, so she reddened her face again and made a strange noise.
He seemed so embarrassed that he wanted to get out of this place as it was, but his hand was still held by me, so he couldn’t do anything other than flutter.

“Where are you trying to run away from? what? Are you thinking of leaving me at that time?”

“Aren’t you stupid! It can’t be! An elf kiss is an eternal vow to look at only one person for the rest of your life!”

“You mean you were going to do that to a woman?! Also, Diana… !”

“Didn’t I say it wasn’t like that! It means it’s hard to break up with someone you love so much that this body made such an offer to a woman!”

“But it’s okay because I’ll be by your side.”

“Ugh! Do you know how blatant you are right now?! If you’re sad because you broke up with another woman, aren’t you asking this body to comfort you?”

Diana shouted that out, but to Gu-gu, it just seemed like a last-ditch effort.
It seemed that Diana’s heart had already been completely persuaded.

“I was originally a selfish and shameless person. Didn’t Diana know that much and love me?”

“Ugh. W, I need to reconsider kissing you too… .”

“Uh-huh. It’s not like that.”

Guwon released Diana’s hands, and instead grabbed Diana’s face as if covering both cheeks.

“I am not only selfish and shameless, but also persistent. It’s over when you confessed that you like me. It’s late now. Even if you come back and think about it now, I won’t let you go.”

Salvation just put her face on Diana’s face.

“Come on, wait a minute! Finally, think carefully! Kissing this body will make it irreversible now! really forever… !”
“You seem to be convincing me not to kiss you?”

“It’s not like that, it’s a decision that will affect your life, so think carefully before making your decision! Even if you go back later and regret it, you can turn it back… Oops.”

Diana’s cute mouth, which was constantly fluttering and fluttering, was covered with Guwon’s own.
Right before my eyes, I could see Diana’s big eyes trembling as if they were vibrating.
Looking into those eyes, memories with Diana so far passed like a lantern.
It was really long. How long did it take you to get here?
Salvation was overjoyed and held for a while, then slowly fell from Diana’s lips.
They had been kissing for a long time, but it was a kiss that didn’t even put the tongue in and the lips didn’t move, literally just touching each other.

“First of all, take it easy. We will teach our Archmage who is new to kissing a lot of different types of kissing, so learn it well.”

Diana had her mouth slightly open and a blank expression on her face for a while even after the relief had fallen.
Then he said in a tone that somehow didn’t feel real.

“Now I really can’t go back. This is a curse that even the magic of this body cannot solve. No, I won’t let you go even if I can. You will now have to live with this body forever.”

“It’s what I wanted.”

Salvation said so and fell again, kissing Diana’s lips lightly like a bird pecking.
Then, Diana blushed and waved, wondering if it was only then that she realized that she had kissed.

“I’m going to do a lot from now on, so what do I do because I’m so shy?”

“Wow, that’s noisy! How long do you think this body has been before finally kissing her for the first time?”

“How many years has passed?”

“3… ! I think you’ll say it! Are you stupid?!”

“Now that we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives, what’s going on? So what was the next unit of 3? cloth? just?”

“Noisy! Be quiet!”

“Because there is nothing to be ashamed of. No matter how old Diana is… .”
“Can’t you hear the noise?”

“… Sorry. I climbed too much.”

In response to Diana’s cold voice, which contained the will not to let it go any further, Guwon had no choice but to apologize.
After all, no matter how old you are, the age for a woman is

Talking seems taboo.

“Come on, get dressed. Now that the discussion is over, let’s get out of here.”

After all, he was still naked.
While taking clothes out of the inventory and putting them on, Guwon spoke to Diana again.

“But you are also very scared. So the reason I haven’t been able to kiss you so far is because I’m afraid I’ll turn it down? I can’t refuse, can I?”

“Wow, that’s noisy! Do you know how much hurt this body must have been for being rejected by that friend! There’s nothing strange about being a little scared!”

“Besides that, the last time we had sex… Oh, that’s why I was so angry that I ran away. I was going to refuse the harem properly, but I forced her to accept it.”

“Yes! Do you see how great your fault is?!”

“Still, it was going to work out like this, so in the end, it was okay, wasn’t it?”

“What’s ok? It’s not okay at all!”


“Hey, this body confesses more than that… Anyway, not good at all! You don’t even know what a woman’s heart is!”

Saying everything and trying to make a fuss.
That must have been an open statement of his wish while pretending to be ignorant, right?
I want to receive a confession in a proper situation, not during sex.
Good. Then you should do that. The girl you like wants it, so of course you have to do it.
Salvation took one more item from her inventory.



“Will you accept this?”

Salvation approached Diana with a sullen attitude, knelt, opened the ring case and held it out.

“Hey, this is… !”

There’s no way I’d just buy a ring when I bought it.
I wanted to have a relationship like this with all three of them anyway.
I bought three right.

“Will you give me your hand?”


Diana quietly held out her left hand without saying a word.
Guwon held his hand and knelt down, quietly putting the ring on his ring finger.

“I love you, Diana. Please stay with me forever.”

Diana raised her hand in front of her face and stared blankly at the ring, then sprinted back.

“Why, why? Don’t you like it?”

If I missed this opportunity, it would make it even more awkward, so I did it right away. Would it have been better to do things like setting the place properly?
Still, I thought it was quite elegant because it was held in Yeongjuseong, which was decorated like a luxury hotel.

“It’s not like that, it’s not like that.”

However, after hearing Diana’s voice, Guwon realized why Diana turned around.

“Diana. Show me your face properly.”

“Come on, black. Wait a minute.”

“Hate. show me now I want to see your happy face.”

At the words of salvation, Diana slowly turned back again.
Diana’s face, as expected, was covered with tears.
But, as if she was ashamed to show it, Diana hugged her as if clinging to her and bury her face in her chest.

“You’re pretty, but why are you trying to hide it?”

“… Also you… I don’t know much about women’s feelings.”

Having said that, Diana did not fall from salvation for a while.
And I wondered if Diana’s shaking shoulders would finally calm down, and Diana spit out a word.

“… Come on. I want to go back to the mansion as soon as possible.”

“Huh. So do i.”

Gujang grabbed Diana and left the room.
Perhaps he had been waiting outside, and as soon as the door opened, Felicia’s face appeared.

“Ah! Diana! And sleep a… Salvation. … It looks like it went well.”

Felicia’s face, saying that, showed a somewhat regretful expression.
Maybe because of my mood, my gaze seems to be pointing towards my groin, not my face.
no. It’s not about feeling either.
It’s like this color primordial princess. Do you have any thoughts in this situation?

“Thanks it’s fine. As you can see Then let’s go!”

If a beautiful woman like you had just come to this world and insisted on having sex, I would probably have lost my mind and fell in love with you.
Blame your bad luck for meeting me late.
Thinking that there would be nothing better to be associated with Felicia, Salvation hurriedly headed out.
I feel like I forgot something, but seeing that I don’t remember it like this, it won’t be that important.

Just like Felicia, leading the heads of the Wizards Association who were waiting, they boarded the carriage driven by Vanessa, who was waiting outside, and the party returned to the mansion in an instant.
In the midst of that, Diana, who was still in the arms of salvation, tried to lead the hand of salvation and head to the room as soon as she returned to the mansion.
Of course, there were those who stood in the way before that.

“Mr. Salvation!”

Of course, that’s Sarah and Leia.
It seemed that the two of them were worried about salvation, or that they couldn’t sleep well.
Come to think of it, from their point of view, I ran out at night looking for Diana, and there was no news as it was, and only came back the next day.
no need to worry about it

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

Leia checked whether it was the instinct of the person in charge of the healer role at the party, touching the body of salvation here and there.
Even though salvation and Diana’s hands are connected, they don’t care.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Sorry. I was suddenly taken to the lord’s castle. Worried? Still, there was no problem.”

“thank God!”

Saying that, Leia snuggled into the arms of salvation.
I could feel Diana’s hand holding tight to her.
Of course, it didn’t hurt at all because of the difference in strength, but I got scared to see Diana’s face.

“Lee, Leia? I’m fine, so stay away… .”
“I do not like it.”

Leia refused, shaking her head violently from side to side while embracing salvation.
ugh Miss Leia. If you shake it like that, it’s dangerous because there are things that shake together.
It’s really dangerous. I think I’ll stand
If you stand in this state, Diana, who looks close to the limit, will explode.
Be patient, son. Not now!
But Leia said, perhaps knowing the feeling of such salvation, reminding her of the ball.

“It’s okay.”

“What, what?”

“Did you forget what I said before you go?”

“That’s it, sorry.

I was too busy in Yeongjuseong, so I can’t remember well now… .”
“Because I have a reservation for the night. You shouldn’t cheat on me just because you’re doing well with Diana.”

… remembered
Of course! All of the things that I answered confidently.
… how good is this
Of course, I have to keep my promise, but to enter the room with Leia here, I was too scared to see Diana getting stronger and stronger in her hands.
While Guwon was hesitating in a cold sweat, it was none other than Diana who took action first.
Diana digs between Leia and Salvation, pulling them apart.

“Hey. D, Mr. Diana. It was Diana’s turn last night. Today is my turn… .”
“I don’t know about that! Eight!”

Diana said that as if in a tantrum, then suddenly used some mysterious magic.

“Eh?! Heck!”

While Leia shrugged off the magic, Diana grabbed salvation and ran out of the mansion.

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Crying out for love at the center of lordship

“Wait, Diana!”

“Stop you guys!”

“Yes, four?!”

Sarah, who was not enchanted by magic, stood in the way, but Diana set up the heads of the Wizards’ Association as a shield.
can i write it like that Even if you see them like that, aren’t they really tall people?

“Come on, let’s go to this break!”

Diana grabbed the hand of salvation and ran out of the mansion.
Salvation also happened so quickly that I ended up following Diana out of nowhere.
And only when the mansion was so far away that he couldn’t see the salvation stopped.

“Wait, wait. Diana.”

Salvation, who was led out of the mansion by Diana, stopped Diana.


“How are you going to handle it later?”

“Why does this body care about it? Aren’t you supposed to be responsible for it?”

To the words mixed with concerns about salvation, Diana responded with such a brazen way.

“What, what?!”

“Did you plan on starting a harem without being able to handle that much?”

“… Let’s go back! Right Now!”

To be honest, if I had to take responsibility for this situation, I had no confidence in how to cover it.
Go back to Leia even now… .

“… Are you serious?”

“Of course! No matter how angelic Leia, this would make her angry!”

“… is it. I see. Come back.”

Surprisingly, Diana did not resist and agreed with it.

“uh? really?”

It was so neatly accepted that my side was surprised and asked again.

“Well. This body must have been left alone and lonely on the day she offered her first kiss, lamenting her plight.”

Diana, like the heroine of a tragedy, said with a pitiful expression on her face and said loneliness.

“It’s not okay at all!”

“Isn’t that obvious! So you thought it would be okay?! You still don’t know how important kisses are to this body! Of course not okay! If you return now, I will curse you forever!”

At the cry of salvation, Diana changed from a lonely expression to an angry expression in an instant.

“Don’t say anything scary! When you say something like a curse, it just doesn’t sound like a threat!”

“No threat!”

Then that’s even more of a problem!

“Didn’t you say you don’t want to be a coward who lies about your feelings because you’re afraid of your future?”

“No, but with that and this… .”
“What is different?! Even if this body is left alone, are you saying that you and Leia are the only ones left?”

“Wow, what are you talking about! It can’t be! Okay! Let’s not go back together like this today!”

In the end, salvation had to make a decision.
Sorry Leia. No matter what happens, I will do this bee.

“… Really? What are you going to say to Miss Leia?”

As Gusaeng made a decision, Diana spoke in a slightly worried tone.
Do you not want to go back now, or do you want to go back?
If you’re really worried about not going, then don’t do this in the first place.
Well, I fully understand the feeling of doing this, so I made this decision too.
And what are you going to tell Leia? You couldn’t have thought of that!
If you want to enjoy the present, the future work is left up to you!

“do not know! Let’s go!”


“anywhere! Anyway, a place that feels like a date! You’re not going to stay here, are you?”

“Hey, date… .”

“okay! Would you like to cross your arms?”

As Gu-gu reached out his arm, Diana was hesitant and hesitantly grabbed it.
You dragged me like that a while ago, but when you consciously put your arms around it, it seems embarrassing.

So, holding hands with Diana, Guwon just went to any store and looked around.
If there is something that looks delicious on the street, you can buy and eat it, go around and do window shopping.

“That looks delicious too. Would you like to eat Diana?”

“Uh, um.”

“Ah, it still looks a bit bulky. Shall we buy one and share it with the two of us?”

“That’s right.”

And all the time, Diana was significantly less talkative than usual.
Why is he so shy?

“How long are you going to be shy?”

“Uh, where do you see that this body is shy?”

“It looks like you’re shy just looking at it. You’re being quiet without saying a word.”

“What do you think of this body? This body is originally the pinnacle of reticent and heavy wizards!”

it’s funny Usually, it’s a topic that you can talk about with excitement no matter what you ask.

“okay. okay. Then, open your heavy mouth, because it’s only good if it’s on a date. I guess I’m the only one excited or what? Isn’t Diana funny?”

“Oh, no! It’s not like that! This body is enjoying it enough!”

“Then please don’t be quiet and give me a more enjoyable tea. okay. You decide where you will go this time. Is there anywhere you want to go?”

It might be better to go where Diana wants to go.
It’s because what I decide is limited to the places that catch my eye.
Diana knows a lot of good places I don’t know.

“Where do you want to go? Even if you ask me… uh… . there is nothing You just decide.”

“a. Don’t do that. Is there really nothing that comes to mind?”

“Oh, I can’t help it! It’s the first time I’ve ever been on a date with this body!”

No, it’s no different for me, right? At least, that’s all I’ve done with you guys.
Of course, he doesn’t say that out loud.
There are times when men make useless jokes.
… Because of that coming, Felicia and I had to do it that way.

Anyway, after Diana said that, I decided to walk around again as I wanted.
And as I was walking around, a shop suddenly caught my eye.

“Huh? Diana. What kind of shop is that?”

Unlike other stores, there was no window, so you could not see the inside at all.
I thought it was like a warehouse, but there is no way such a thing could be in a shopping street like this. Although it was located in a slightly cornered place, it was definitely a shop in a shopping street.
Most importantly, the sign was properly hung on the building. Although it was a signboard called Philip’s shop, it was impossible to tell what the store was doing just by looking at the name.

“Well? It’s the first time I’ve seen this body.”

Diana didn’t even know about it.
let’s go in once

“Welcome to. Ohh. Are you a couple? This is another rare visitor.”

As soon as they entered the store, a suspicious voice greeted Guwon and Diana.
And salvation immediately noticed what this place was doing.
It’s strange to see this and not notice.
Shelves in the store were lined with various kinds of Western products.

“Hey, here?!”

As soon as Diana entered the store, her body hardened as if caught in petrification.

“It must have been a store like this.”

“this. Did you come in without knowing it? You are very curious people. But since you’ve come this way, why don’t you go take a look?”

“Is that so?”


Leading the startled Diana from the side, Guwon entered the store.
Actually, I was a little curious.
I had never been to a place like an adult store before I came to this world.

Gu Gu-eun started to look around the store with a slight pounding heart.
The most impactful thing was the place where yangmul was exhibited, so I only caught my eye for the first time, and there were other quite interesting things.
It’s like gel or something like a ring that looks like it’s being put on something.

“This looks fun. Do you really feel better if you put this on?”

“Hey, can this body know? Don’t ask me that! You don’t need that in the first place!”

“Huh. That’s right. Such things are only used by losers who lack confidence in themselves. It’s something I don’t really need.”

“okay! You are great! so

Get out of here!”

“Why? Let’s see some more. It’s fun.”

Diana seemed to want to leave quickly, but Guwon decided to look around a bit more.
When I looked around the store, I saw only dildos for women at best, and the rest were all male sex aids.
In this regard, I realized how much the men in this world are suffering.
Well, in this world, even if women pretend to feel it, it doesn’t work.
It can be confirmed right away when the experience points come in.
Even if you don’t level up, you’ll have sex, but if you only feel yourself every time, it’s not a joke.
I want to make women feel even by using these things.

Still, seeing that there are a lot of high-level women, it doesn’t seem like much of an achievement.
No, if you use these tools in the first place to lead your opponent to the climax, will the experience really come in?
Just as it is not a foul to use a weapon in battle, even if you use a tool, the experience will come in properly.
No, he didn’t make him feel it with his own abilities, so would the experience be halved?
I do not know. I need to check this properly.

“Master. Here and this and this… Oh, can I buy this too?”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t need it! Why are you doing this to buy something like this? You don’t need anything like that, so let’s get out of here!”

“Thanks. Still, I’m sorry that I came all the way and didn’t buy anything.”

In the end, Guwon was stubborn and bought a few things.

“Thank you. Please come again.”

I wanted to see more, but Diana was so upset that I had to buy only a few things that caught my eye in the end.
Let’s remember this place and come back by ourselves later.

“Come on then, Diana.”


“Let’s try it right now.”

“I knew this! That’s why I asked you to leave immediately!”

“But aren’t you curious about Diana too? Even if I use the tool, the experience will come in properly.”

“I’m not coming in! Isn’t it obvious!”

“How do you know that? Maybe Diana… !”
“I never did! You must do that! You know it because you’ve heard it all!”

“like that. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that these aren’t helpful for leveling up at all. So what the hell is that store doing?”

“Can’t you see?! Literally an unscrupulous store that exists only for pleasure!”

indeed. So that’s why Diana didn’t want to be like that.

“But Diana. Change your thinking. Rather, it is not shameful that we entered the store together.”

“What nonsense is that!”

“lets think. If we’re not stars, why don’t we buy these tools that don’t even help us level up? Going in there together means that we can only pursue pleasure without worrying about leveling up. We came here to advertise that we love each other so much.”

“That, that!”

“right? Wasn’t it the right place to go to our anniversary?”

“Uh… Whoa! If you can’t even speak… !”

Diana muttered in disbelief.
Good. Drive this momentum!

“In that sense, let’s try these things right away for Diana, whom I love.”

“After all, that’s why you said sweet words!”

“What a disgusting sound. Is it true that you love me so much? So, huh? Are you fine?”

“Oh, I see! I know, so don’t bring things like that! First of all, where to the inn… .”
“Where do you have time to visit the inn?”

Gu-gu took Diana’s hand and entered the back alley as it was.
Good. There was no one passing by.

“Come on, come on, come on, aren’t we supposed to do it here?”

“Huh? right?”

“Isn’t that stupid! What do you think this body would do in a place like this!”

“Why? How are you?”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know that? But what if someone passes by!”

“I can’t show it to you. That we love each other like this… .”
“Don’t think that one word will do everything!”

chit. Also no pain
Then this time… .

“Diana. listen carefully. One here is not for me. Rather, I do it for you. Why don’t you know?”

I followed what Diana said earlier.
What did he say, would it work?

“What else is that?”

“If you do it here, your walls will be more… .”
“Are you still talking about that? Didn’t I say it wasn’t like that! I wondered what a great reason to quote even the end of this body! This body I thought seriously for a moment was a fool! No, you idiot!”

“okay. i’m stupid Only Diana knows… .”
“Are you going to keep talking nonsense?”

I was a little serious… .
Anyway, I have no intention of giving up like this.
Guwon made a serious expression again and spoke to Diana.

“Diana. Now that we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives, let’s be honest without hiding anything. honestly you… .”
“Didn’t you say it wasn’t like that!”

It seems that Diana would not admit it at all.
Good. After this, let’s put off trying the things we just bought.
First of all, I’ll make him be honest.

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Crying out love at the center of lordship

“okay. ok Then let’s go to the inn first.”

“… What are you up to?”

Gu Gu-won said so, but Diana showed a more vigilant look.

“What is the gossip? you said I said I’d do it outside for you. But if you say you don’t like that, there’s no reason to do it outside. I don’t even have that kind of hobby. Come on, let’s go.”

Gu Guo took Diana’s hand and said as he walked through the alley.
What you say now is true.
Actually, Diana said to do it outside because there is such a wall. Wouldn’t it be better if Diana was more excited about what she was doing?
In the first place, I really don’t burn more when I do it outside. As proof of that, I never asked Sarah or Leia to do it outside.
Well, to be honest, when I do it outside with Diana, it’s cute and it’s annoying, so I can’t say that there’s nothing more flamboyant, but it’s different from the way I like to do things outside. It’s good to bother Diana anyway. … More garbage?

Anyway, Diana objected like that, so I couldn’t cry outside to do it any more.
Haven’t you been through enough to realize that just a while ago, Diana would be kicked out if you keep pushing like this?
So, first of all, go to the inn.
If it’s done outside, it’s after Diana makes her accept her wall.

“Where are you going? This body knows that to get to the nearest inn from here, you have to go the other way.”

I have a map, so I know that.
You’re going this way on purpose.
But I do remember the location of the inn well.
After all, for a runaway professional, figuring out the location of an inn is like life.

“Shall we go to the nearest place? Do you want Diana to do it that fast too?”

“Oh, that could be! This body is only efficiently… .”
“what. I want to go with Diana right now. Diana is not like that. A little disappointing.”

“It’s not like that… ! This body too… Whoa! What the hell is it that someone you want to do quickly returns!”

When Gu-gu shook it lightly with a jab, Diana went into a panic and forced herself to turn the topic back to Gu-won.
It’s cute too.
Well, let’s play around with this for now. Let’s go to the inn to make more fun.

“I’m going to an inn, so it’s not cool to just go to a nearby place, isn’t it?”

“Well? Would you like to go to a luxury inn?”

“That’s fine too, but come along.”

Salvation arrived at the inn where we stayed before going to Diana’s mansion.
Among them, salvation took the very room he stayed in.
Fortunately, the room was empty, so I was able to stay in that room properly.

“It’s the first time we’re doing it because we have a good heart for each other, so wouldn’t it be quite glamorous to do it at a place where we did it for the first time?”

“… The person who was going to do it outside speaks well.”

Diana said so, but the expression on her face was deeply moved.
His large eyes were filled with tears, and he bit his lip to keep him from crying desperately.
I didn’t know I would be so moved that I cried.
I’m grateful to be moved by such a trivial thing, but the fun time is about to start, but it’s hard to start something in this kind of atmosphere.

“Now if Diana shows up here with nothing underneath her robe, it’s perfect… .”
“Aren’t you stupid!”

In the end, Diana got one shot.
However, the intention worked, and Diana no longer had tears in her eyes.

“I am so moved by this body! You really have a knack for ruining the mood!”

“What are you going to do because you are so moved by something like this? The story we will be making in the future is much more moving than this… .”
“You speak.

Don’t think that everything will work out if you do it in moderation.”

Even as he said that, Diana looked slightly angry and dead.
Also Diana. love.

“Come on, come on. Don’t be angry, come here.”

Guwon lightly kissed Diana’s lips.
It seems that Diana is still not used to kissing.
He brought his face slowly on purpose, but in the meantime, he could see various emotions swirling on his face.
A look of surprise at first. Then, looking at my approaching face, I was confused as to what to do as my eyes swam left and right. And as if to make a decision, close your eyes and stick out your lips slightly.
The pinnacle of reticent and heavy wizards. Are you showing your heart through your facial expressions?

As soon as their lips met, Gugu-gu led Diana, who had become calm in an instant, to the bed and gently laid her down.
Then, covering it over it and squeezing her lips together, she put her hand on Diana’s clothes.
Diana had already lost her mind just by kissing her, and she had a hazy expression on her face, not even paying attention to my hand taking off her clothes.
Could it have been that if I had flirted while kissing outside before?
Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s not something I really wanted to do outside.
Salvation continued to undress.
Except for robes.
First, take off your top, and then take off the long skirt you’re wearing below.
When only the robe and underwear she was wearing remained, it seemed that Diana could not help but care.

“Why are you Rob… Whoops!”

Guwon covered his lips with his lips and tried to stick his tongue in.
Diana’s body trembled at the first sensation she felt and hardened.
As if she had forgotten to breathe, Diana’s breath that was touching her throat suddenly stopped.
It was the first time Diana was kissing, so she kept her mouth shut, but her mouth naturally opened while tapping her teeth with her tongue.
As she put her tongue in and ran around Diana’s mouth, Diana’s expression became hazy again.
But again, there was no way Diana responded with her tongue.
There must be a lot of things to be taught in the future.
However, it was worthwhile kissing Diana even if Diana didn’t respond.
Even if that wasn’t the case, the fact that he was kissing Diana was enough.
As if rubbing Diana’s tongue with her tongue, she licked her once and opened her mouth.

“Ugh! pooh. Sigh. Sigh. this, this… .”

“It’s called a deep kiss. how was it?”

“Uh, even if you ask me how it was, what should I say… That… Joe, that’s good.”

Oh oh. After all, people change depending on the atmosphere. For some reason, the candid Diana.
Salvation lightly kissed Diana on the lips once more, then fell, and made Diana stand up.

“Diana. Stand here for a second.”

“Uh? Something?”

Diana stood in front of the bed with a face she didn’t know what she was doing.
I took off everything except the robe while you were sober
Well. Seeing this again, I felt completely different from back then.
Swelling, especially in the upper part of the lobe

The right part… No, of course I like Diana now.
So much so that I don’t have to grow up like this for the rest of my life… Not, but anyway! The reason I want to grow up is because I want to see Diana in various forms, not because I am not like Diana now! Rather so good!
… Who the hell am I making excuses for?

“… It’s kind of weird looking.”

“Of course! From now on, I’m going to do this and that with Diana!”

“Come on, you, too, can be proud without any countermeasures at times like this.”

While receiving Diana’s cold gaze, Diana showed an expression that she did not know how to react.

“More than that, Diana. Take off your robe slowly.”

“Well? what is that… hot! Come on, you guys!”

It seems that Diana only then realized that she was standing naked and wearing only a robe.

“If it’s not like this, when will I feel that feeling again? Please, Diana sister.”

“fistula… Ouch.”

When Guwon put her hands together and asked, Diana slowly took off her robe with an expression that she couldn’t do it.
If you ask for it properly, it will pass. Also, Diana’s sister.

The robe fell to the floor just by loosening the string attached to the chest, revealing Diana’s hidden body.
After all, there is nothing to compare with after growth is over.
Diana is beautiful in her own way.
To think that such a beautiful woman is now completely mine, I had no choice but to feel new.
As if fascinated by Diana’s naked body, Guwon just stared blankly.
Contrary to the first meeting where she was proud of her naked body, Diana looked at me like she was quite shy and was helpless.

“Why, why are you staring at me like that?”

“Because she’s so pretty. It was like this when we first met What a surprise.”

“Well, isn’t the situation different then and now? You must have gotten used to it by now!”

“You will never get used to your body. I have the confidence to be fascinated no matter how much time passes.”

“Well, is that something you’re sure of?!”

Diana screamed as her ears turned red.
It’s a compliment, so I’d be happy if I was honest.

“Well, Diana, why is she so shy unlike the first time? When we first met, you were naked.”

“Is it the same as then and now? Wasn’t that when I didn’t have any feelings for you!”

“Then why do you like me so much now?”

“Uh, uh… ! Uh, let’s get started!”

Diana was unable to speak any more and ran over me as if it were running over me.
Of course, I don’t mean to stop teasing Diana for this.

“But it is, too. Diana had no feelings for me when she first saw me. I fell in love at first sight from the first time I saw it.”

“Hey, this body is pretty… .”
“Aren’t I cool?”

“Uh… uh… Gee, now this body likes you more, so it’s not a draw!”

“What are you talking about. Do you still like me more?”

“You speak very well of having two or more other women besides this body.”

“… Sorry.”

Come to think of it, it was an unwinnable battle.
Why did you make fun of me more and dig my grave?

“As an apology, I will show you heaven from now on.”

I couldn’t win with words anymore, so I decided to take action right away.
Pulling Diana’s naked body closer to her, she put her hand on her chest.

“Hey! Eh?! Come on, wait! hey! Stop it for a second!”

As soon as she put her hand on her chest, Diana reacted so violently that Guwon was forced to pause for a moment.

“Huh? What is it?”

“Haha. haha whoops. … Did you raise your charm again like last time?”

Diana took a deep breath and calmed herself, then suddenly asked the question.

“Huh? no?”

I couldn’t figure out what was going on and answered without much thought, but it wasn’t an easy answer.
The moment she heard the answer, Diana’s face suddenly turned into a ghost.

“Then you are saying that this is simply because the level has risen! How many times have you had sex with the princess!”

… Oops! I forgot about it because things were going so frantically! I’ve leveled up a lot again!

“D, Diana? Calm down for a moment… .”
“Is this really going to happen! I thought this body was completely damaged by you! Now that I see you, you seem to have enjoyed it quite a bit! is it! The fact that this body has invaded the castle has been a hindrance to the fun time!”

“sorry! The princess laughed at me saying it wasn’t a big deal, so the blood rushed to my head! You don’t like being ridiculed for saying your man can’t even work well at night, don’t you?”

“That doesn’t mean I want to prove it in action!”

Huh. yes it is That’s natural.

“I’m really sorry! Still, even after seeing me, I resisted to the end! Until the princess forcibly inserted it, I thought of you and tried to run away even when I saw the princess naked! But since I inserted it and I didn’t do anything, I was moved to cry when the princess laughed at me, so I stopped… . I never thought of you coming and disturbing me! As soon as I woke up from faint, I saw you hugging me while calling your name, you know?”

Still, it may have been difficult to investigate the child who had been forced into it, Diana seemed to be trying to calm herself while breathing heavily and harshly.

“that word… Really?”

“then! If anything, you can ask the princess directly.”

“… I see. But there is no next time.”

“Sure. From now on, I’ll stick with you guys and not be apart for even an hour, is that ever going to happen?”

As Salvation said so, she rubbed her chest again to keep Diana from thinking.

“Hey! uh… . After all, the one you like more suffers.”

“Thanks. Diana. I love you.”

Salvation said so and kissed Diana’s lips.

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Crying out love at the center of lordship

As Diana’s lips met and continued to stimulate Diana’s tongue with her tongue, Diana hesitated and started sticking out her tongue. Gently sucking her tongue, Diana shivered again.

In contrast to the last time she had stopped breathing, this time Diana’s harsh breathing touched her face.
But while it was so hard to breathe, Diana didn’t want to drop her face.
Rather, he grabbed my face by his side and hung as if he did not want to fall.
He looked completely fascinated by the taste of the first kiss he had ever had in his life.

I can’t say I’m really good at it, but I thought I’d be fascinated by the soft and sweet feeling of sucking hard on my lips.
But I can’t just stay like this.
Let’s recall our purpose here.
Of course, there was the purpose of directing a moving impression of reminiscing about the beginning, but there was also another purpose.
To respond to Diana’s wish, she teasing her tongue here and there, and gently caressing Diana’s chest with her hand.

“Hey! 👌👌 Joe, just weaken it a little! Concentrate on key, haha, and kiss… .”

Even if you tell me to weaken, how do I make it weaker than this?
He didn’t use a skill, and that doesn’t mean he stimulated it strongly. He didn’t even touch his nipples.
I just touched the outer part of my chest.
The reason Diana feels so bad right now is simply because of the level difference. This is not something I can do.
And even if I could, I didn’t want to do it right now.
Diana needs to feel relaxed like this.

“OK. I will lead the kiss well. Diana just enjoys herself.”

Guwon said so and bit Diana’s lower lip slightly.
Then, when she licked the bitten area with her tongue, Diana’s expression became hazy.
Good. It’s going away with a good feeling.
Then, shall we move on to the next step?

Gujang put his hand between Diana’s armpits and lifted it up, putting her back on the bed.
Then, he took off his clothes, receiving Diana’s gaze, looking at him with eyes full of expectation.
When she took off her clothes and sat back down between Diana’s legs, Diana gently spread her legs apart.
In the pubic area that was revealed in between, it was already soaked, as if Diana was expecting it.
But Salvation had yet to give Diana what she wanted.
The tip of the object was pressed against Diana’s pubic hair, and then rubbed over it, sliding along the pubic line.
It wasn’t inserted, but Diana shook her head slightly, shaking her body to see if the pleasure of stimulating the clitoris was significant.
Hasn’t it reached its peak yet?
Since there is a difference in level, this adjustment is quite difficult.

“Hey! Whoops, whoops. Whoops, whoops. Are you nervous too? You’re making mistakes that aren’t yours.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to have reached its peak yet.
Diana took a moment to catch her breath, and then she tried to put on a relaxed smile and said so to Guwon.
I’m sorry, I didn’t make a mistake. It’s like that on purpose.
Salvation activated the vibrator penis as it is.

“You too… hey hey! hey, this one! You! S, the skill… !”

When the object was placed on top of the vagina and the vibrator penis was activated as it is, Diana fluttered her body and sobbed with pleasure.

“OK. This is not a skill that gives pleasure, it just vibrates.

It’s a skill.”

That’s what I said, but I know. it can’t be okay
Of course, it should be much better compared to a skill that directly gives pleasure like the touch of a saint, but just vibrating like this can give the same effect as vigorous caressing.
In particular, the effect is doubled in the present situation where the object is placed against the clitoris.
But, ignoring all those facts, he continued to activate the vibrator penis.

“Oh, it’s okay… hey! not ok… Whoops. town. side. Hmm.”

Diana shook her head and tried to deny it, but when Gu-gu kissed him and stimulated the inside of his mouth with his tongue again, his expression became hazy.
Still, the shaking of his back, as if it had broken, seemed not to be felt at all.
But when it drops like this, it can’t be fixed
I thought it would be okay just to lightly press on my waist, as I am confident in size and hardness, but Diana dropped her waist so violently that the object kept sliding to the side of her pubic area.

if so… .
Salvation grabbed Diana’s legs and made them squat, and put an object between them.
this is fine
Of course, Diana’s stimulation on me also grew stronger.
And when I tried to kiss her as it is, Diana’s waist naturally lifted upwards, so Diana’s pubic hair was turned upwards, and I was covered with it, and the position was completed by pressing from top to bottom.
While kissing as it is, Guwon moved her waist up and down as if it had really been inserted.
The sensation of things moving in and out between Diana’s soft thighs was much fresher and more pleasant than I expected.

“Ugh! Come on, wait! ha ha! Pause for a second! Whoops! I didn’t put it in!”

Huh. you know that
Diana, too, felt a shiver in her back every time my object swept over her pubic and clitoris and stimulated her, but it seemed unsatisfactory.

“properly… hey! Put it right… !”

“But you have to loosen it up enough before putting it in, right? Still, Diana is small, so if you don’t release it properly, it won’t hurt.”

In fact, since the profession of a saint is so deceptive, I have never had such an experience before.
Not a single kid who didn’t get wet properly because I touched it… Ah. Then I saw there was one. Sylvia.
… what? Then I saw Sylvia… .

“Enough! That’s enough! You can see it too!”

I tried to think of something, but I forgot what I was trying to think of right away at Diana’s exasperated voice.
okay. Is Sylvia important now? Our lovely Diana is right in front of us.

“By the way, I was very wet. Why was it so wet? I haven’t touched much today.”

“You’re still shaking, aren’t you?”

“Ah, this? Is it that good?”

Salvation gave strength to things and pressed Diana’s pubic hair close together as if it were pressing.

“Ugh! Joe, that’s great! Because it’s good… .”

Diana honestly admitted right away that she had been bullied so much that she didn’t even have the brains to bounce back.

“What’s good?”

“I mean, your stuff… .”

“How is it good for me?”

“Floating, trembling… .”

“Diana likes to tremble. So, do you think it would feel better if this trembling thing went inside as it is?”

Diana trembled as if she had even imagined a vibrating object entering her body.

“Yes! So come on… ! Whoa!”

Before Diana’s words could be finished, Guwon pulled out his waist, adjusted the position of the object, and pressed it down.
Diana trembled in a loud climax at the sensation of a vibrating object piercing all the way through at once.
Her legs were facing upwards in her posture, but the fact that the tip of her toes was clenched and trembling was clearly showing how Diana was feeling.

can you do this
At that time, salvation turned off the vibrator penis.
There is no need to keep using this since the ground rice is laid.
As things continue to vibrate, the stimulation gets stronger, but I prefer to taste and enjoy it as if savoring it. If you keep shaking, it’s hard to taste the details.

“Did you feel good?”

“Haha. haha All right, isn’t it? The level is… .”
“Is it because of the level? Even though Diana is at a much lower level than me, just being with Diana is so good.”

“Ouch. This, this body is… Come on, you say such shameful things so casually.”

I’m in the mood too. If the mood is broken, don’t remind yourself of it because you’ll feel ashamed while kicking the blanket right away.

“It’s true though. Come on, Diana.”

When Guwon took the position of holding Diana, Diana also raised her arms and wrapped her neck around her.
Gujang made Diana stand up as it is, and put her in a sitting position facing each other.
Kissing Diana in that position, Guwon moved her waist gently, this time slowly tasting it.
The stimulation applied to the object is slightly reduced, but doing it this way is also good because it feels affectionate.
While sucking Diana’s lips and moving them gently, Guwon ejaculated naturally.
Diana also had a hazy expression on her face and shook her body.
It’s not an intense pleasure like scratching the brain, but a pleasure that culminates in a gentle elevation.
Sometimes this is good too.

“Are you okay?”

Instead of answering, Diana expressed her feelings by licking the tongue of salvation.
A fresh, deep kiss that feels awkward but affectionate. lovely.
Seeing this look, I wanted to continue having sex as it is, but I decided to put up with it and gently lifted Diana to release the bond.

“Ah… . Why, but why? No more?”

Diana, who continued to crave the lips of salvation, only when the bond was broken, she parted her lips and made a sad sound.
If you start once every day, you play like crazy until you see the end, but it seems that you are suddenly embarrassed by this.

“I was forced to drag you out on a date. If you keep having sex like this until tomorrow, I’m sorry Diana, what should I do? Let’s go on a date some more after washing up. It’s a long night, isn’t it?”

“Hey, there’s nothing to be sorry about… .”
“what? Do you want Diana to go on like this?”

“Ugh. No, no! Go out.”

Salvation happened at the end of Diana’s haste.

“Shall we wash together?”

“Oh no!”

I tried to take advantage of this opportunity to carry out the campaign that I had not given up on yet, but Diana vehemently refused.

“Why? Washing together now… .”
“If we go together, it’s not clear how things will go! Weren’t you going on a date?!”

Indeed. That’s right. okay. Let’s just give up this time.

“Okay. Then wash up first.”


When Diana entered the bathroom, Guo-won took out the things he had bought earlier and laid them out on the bed.
It is important from now on. Even one twist will make Diana admit to exhibitionism and the project will fail.
Think carefully and decide what to say.
Diana came out of the bathroom, while Guguo crossed his arms and looked down at the adult items in thought.

“What are you doing? Well? That’s it! Why the hell are you bringing those things out again?”

“No, I thought I had bought it before, but I thought I hadn’t used it.”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t need that? You’re good enough without that!”

“Huh. Thanks. Still, it might be better to use this, right? Aren’t you curious about what Diana is like?”

“I am not curious at all! What’s the use of that? I can’t understand how things like that make you feel good!”

“But look at this. This is a vibrating guy. Diana, you said you like trembling earlier?”

Guwon said while picking up a round object about the size of a thumb.
Originally, it was an object very similar to what was called a rotor in the world.
There is something like this in this world too.
It even vibrated by magic, so there were no cumbersome strings attached to it.
It was an object that could be vibrated simply by injecting magical power and operating something like a wireless remote control.

“Hey, the person who said that I like this body trembling is because you’re the one! There’s no way you can’t like things that vibrate!”

“a. I’m stating that I’ve never done it before. Still, I made it for women to like it, wouldn’t it change my mind if I tried it?”

“No way!”

“Can you guess?”

“Isn’t that obvious!”

Diana seemed convinced she wouldn’t feel anything like an adult product.
exactly. It’s not something Diana usually reveals, so it may not feel like a rotor.
No, even if you feel it, it won’t be as distracting as when you were with me.
Unless it’s a special situation.

“Then will you try it?”

“Well? Oh, what does that mean?”

“I wonder how Diana feels.”

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Crying out love at the center of lordship

“Wow, what are you talking about! It’s not a date from now on!”

“If Diana doesn’t really feel it, there’s no problem doing this on a date.”

“Yeah, that’s it! That’s right!”

“Are you not sure? In fact, do you think you will feel it with a tool like this?”

“Yeah, it

Is there Lee! This body is the supreme archmage! This body called the incarnation of reason… .”
“Then you can give it a try.”

“huh. I don’t see any need for that.”

“a. Are you really not sure?”

“… say you Don’t think that this body isn’t yours, and that such a clumsy provocation will work.”

it didn’t work at all
Diana is a little childlike when she’s with me, so I thought it might work.
Still, the judgment seems to be right.

“Then how about this? You’re betting with me. If Diana really doesn’t feel it, I’ll give her anything she wants.”

The method I had thought about didn’t work, so I just threw it away, and suddenly Diana’s eyes shone sharply.

“… anything? Really anything?”

“My, if I can do it.”

“No problem. what you can do Good. Accept that bet!”

Diana bit the rice cake with great momentum
Of course, it’s rice cakes thrown in for water, but it makes me feel anxious when it comes out like this. What the hell are you trying to get me to do?

“That, right? then… .”

Guwon picked up the rotor and tucked it into Diana’s newly changed panties.

“Heh! Come on, it’s a foul for you to touch!”

“do not worry. They’re just trying to reposition it.”

Guwon made the rotor properly positioned where Diana’s clitoris was located, and turned on the switch by operating the remote control.

“Ugh. Whoops, whoops. Do you think this body can only feel things like this? You better be prepared.”

As the rotor began to vibrate, Diana frowned for a moment, but then said with a confident smile.
… This is getting more and more disturbing. … are you okay? okay. It will be fine. I believe in your walls!

“Well. are you out now Well then, let’s go.”

Even after Guwon washed and came out, Diana sat casually on the bed.
Gu-won saw that, and immediately rolled up her skirt.

“Ugh! What are you doing!”

The panties hidden under the skirt were still vibrating with the rotor protruding.

“no. sorry. Stop looking so good.”

“So you didn’t tell me? I can tolerate this. Don’t have any unnecessary doubts and just go.

Oh, I guess I feel it too.
He said that he never felt it, but he subtly changed his words to say that he can stand it now.
Good. That should be enough. Combined with Diana’s exhibitionism, the win is enough.
Salvation went out, convinced of victory in her heart.

Again, as soon as she went outside, Diana suddenly began to feel restless.
It was hidden by a long robe, so it was hard to see, but it seemed that his buttocks were also slightly pulled back and his legs were clenched.

“Diana? What is it?”

“Uh huh? Oh, nothing!”

“okay? Then let’s go.”

Salvation took Diana’s hand and went to the square.
At the same time, even a small performance had started in the plaza, and there were a lot of people.
this is heaven help me
Salvation, needless to say, cut into the crowd.

“There are a lot of people.”

“Ha, ha, ha, that’s right.”

The more people around him, the more suspicious Diana’s attitude became.
His face was red, he was breathing through his mouth, and his breathing was getting harder and harder.
Do you think it’s good that you’re holding on?
In the beginning, even a little stimulation of exhibitionism was almost to the point of putting my mind at rest.
It looked like he wanted to win the bet.
Of course, I did not intend to lose salvation like this.

“But still, Diana is amazing.”

“What do you mean?”

“How beautiful Diana is that all the people who flock to the show only look at her. It makes me proud to be next to you.”


One word broke Diana’s knee. Since Guwon from the side properly wrapped her waist and supported her, she was able to prevent Diana from collapsing on the floor.

“Diana? What is it?”

“Ah, no, heh. Nothing!”

As Diana said that, her gaze wandered here and there.
There were quite a few people who glanced at Diana because Salvation’s words were not lies, and Diana felt their gaze and did not know what to do.

“Hey, get out of here for now.”

“What are you talking about? a performance?”

“I, oh, oh, oh. … I’d rather be alone with you.”

oh oh That’s how you lead them to places where there are no people.
Of course, I had no intention of leaving like this.

“Let’s see a little more. Now I think that’s the fun part.”

“Ugh… Whoops!”

Diana did not say anything and trembled as she hung on the arm of salvation.
It goes without saying that Guwondo was not very interested in the performance.
His eyes were on the performance, but he was focusing all his attention on Diana.
Diana clenched her legs and seemed desperately trying to hold back, but the more she tried, the more conscious she became, the more dilemma she felt.
He moves his legs as if rubbing his thighs, making a gesture to bring his hand to his crotch, shaking his head and holding it in.
Diana’s agony was felt in every move.
So, you just have to admit it. Why are you so insistent?
Just because I’m found to be exhibitionist doesn’t mean that I will look at Diana with a strange eye, and it’s a secret between me and the two of us, so there’s no way to spread rumors.


And in the end, Diana trembled and climaxed.
I bit my sleeves tightly and held up somehow, so I didn’t make a sound, but I could feel it sticking to me. It wouldn’t be a joke if he lifted his skirt right now.


Even when salvation called, Diana did not answer and took a rough breath.
No, it’s not that I don’t answer this, it’s that I can’t.
Shall I do this


As Gu Guo held Diana in the princess hugging position, Diana made a strange noise.
Don’t make weird noises. I’m still getting attention, but I’m getting more attention.
Salvation came to a place where there would be no people, holding Diana as it is.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Salvation put Diana against a suitable wall.
Diana didn’t respond, just breathing heavily.
As she rolled up her skirt and put her hand on her panties, as expected, Diana’s panties were flooded so that the inside was transparent.
No, it’s not just panties. The liquid of love was flowing down to the place where the peach bone was located, passing through the thighs and calves.
Guwon stopped vibrating the rotor, took it out of Diana’s panties and put it in her inventory.

“The bet is… Oops!”

And just as Salvation was about to declare victory, Diana came over to Salvation.

“Ugh. Side, haap, hmmm.”

He was desperately trying to take off the pants of salvation with his hands, sucking on the lips of salvation clumsily.
However, I was in a hurry and it didn’t come off easily, so I got annoyed and eventually tore the front of my pants.
Since I am so strong, I might think that Diana is weak when I express Diana’s attacks as pats, but Diana is now at the level of an intermediate adventurer.
No matter how weak the power, in this world where all stats are corrected according to the level, the difference in stats can be overcome as long as the level is high.
Diana is also stronger than ordinary villagers thanks to her level.
Of course, it was not uncommon to rip my pants.
Diana tore her pants of salvation and tried to insert it by lifting her waist while holding the sheep as it was.

“Come on, wait, Diana!”

When the situation became like this, salvation, who was trying to stimulate Diana’s exhibitionism, was rather embarrassed.
But even with the restraint of salvation, Diana, who turned her eyes, did not care at all and tried to do her own thing.

“Ah, no matter what, it’s okay to do it here, right? What if someone sees… .”

As before, the situation was reversed.
This time, Diana turned her eyes and tried to do it outside, and it became a situation where she was reluctant to save.
As Salvation continued to evade, Diana mumbled something annoyed and used magic, then lifted her back and took the object of salvation into her vagina.

“Heh heh!”

Aww! What if someone hears such a loud noise!
Guwon hurriedly raised her hand and covered Diana’s mouth.
Who, who hasn’t heard?
Guwon desperately looked around, but Diana didn’t care and started moving her back.

“Hey, hey. Who really sees… .”

Then someone approached the alley where Guwon and Diana were.

“Ugh! Whoops! Whoops!”

Salvation seemed to go mad at the pleasure Diana gave her, who was constantly moving her waist, and the tension that someone was approaching.

“Hey, hey. Wait a minute. really stop who really… .”

Of course, Diana, who rolled her eyes, didn’t care.
I can’t help it. Salvation put Diana between the walls and tightly pressed it, making it impossible to move at all.
Diana tried to move her waist somehow as if in pain, but she could not overcome the power of salvation.
Anyway, it’s impossible to properly dress Diana’s eyes like this and pretend nothing’s wrong.
Then let’s make Diana invisible at all.
If it’s close like this, the tiny Diana’s body won’t be visible because of my body.

In that state, Gujeon heard the sound of footsteps approaching this way, nervously.
Each time the footsteps came closer and closer into the alley, Diana’s vagina tightened the savior tighter and tighter.
The feeling made me want to move my waist right away, but salvation desperately endured it.
It’s true that I’m faithful to my desires, but I’m not the kind of person who can’t understand the situation like this.

But Diana doesn’t seem like that.
Besides, was the psychological stimulus too great even if you didn’t move?
In the end, Diana spit out love fluid from below and reached a climax.
Guwon made his back and forth back and forth once without realizing it due to the strong tightening.



As Diana’s voice faintly leaked out, the sound of approaching footsteps stopped for a moment.
But as soon as there was no sound, the footsteps continued again, as if he thought he had heard it wrong.
The sound of footsteps approaching this way passed through the entrance of the alley and went away again.
Whoops. This is very lively.

As soon as the relief fell a little, Diana moved her back violently again as if she had been waiting.
Seeing Diana like that, I felt like an idiot for being patient with Salvation.
a. I do not know. If you catch it, you get it.
If someone comes, just hit them and knock them out.
Guwon released the hand that was covering Diana’s mouth and kissed Diana as it was.

“Ugh! Hmmm! e. haha.”

Diana happily clings to salvation, and she has responded immediately.
As Guwon pushed her back hard, Diana trembled.

“good? good? Is this exhibitionism?”

“Good! Whoa! Good eh eh!”

Diana shook her back desperately as she kissed salvation.
The sound of Diana’s moans, the squeaking of love juice, and the crunchy sound of Diana and the flesh of salvation collide.
A sound that can no longer be excused filled the alley.
But regardless of that, Guan and Diana moved their waists in pursuit of pleasure only.

“Goes! Diana!”

“Come! hype! Whoa!”

Guwon and Diana climaxed at the same time as they rubbed each other’s lips hard.
He grabbed Diana’s trembling butt and brought it closer to his waist, and Guwon tasted the afterglow for a while.
But once the waves of pleasure passed, things started to come together again.
ahhh Anyway, how did you make a lot of noise in this place?

“D, Diana, now slowly… Diana?!”

Once you’ve done it right, Diana must have calmed down a bit.
Gu-sa thinks so, and tries to get her clothes sorted by talking to Diana, but Diana is in a state of utter pleasure.

“Because it’s true. I think I heard a strange noise over there.”

And to make matters worse, I could even hear a sound approaching clearly aiming this way.
Guwon decided to leave while hugging Diana.

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