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Crying out love at the center of lordship

Once I heard the sound of someone coming, I left the seat connected to Diana, but I couldn’t keep walking around like this.
After wandering around the alleys again and not feeling popular around them, I hurriedly took Diana apart to change her ripped pants.


As if she could feel it even in the midst of fainting, when the connection was disconnected, Diana let out a strange moan and trembled. And as if to prove how much Diana felt, as soon as the connection was disconnected, the love fluid that was clogged with my stuff and couldn’t come out burst out of her vagina like a waterfall.
Still insisting that he’s not exhibitionism.

Diana is barely noticeable if she covers it with a robe, so salvation decided to take care of her pants first.
While changing pants and wiping Diana’s lower body with a towel, looking around, Diana opened her eyes.

“Ugh… This, this body… .”

“Are you awake?”

“Uh? hot! uh, here… ! What are you guys doing now!”

“Can’t you see? You’re trying to clean it.”

The guy with the fart is angry, and now he’s reacting like this to the subject he’s been attacking.
Well, it’s hard to say, but I created a situation like that knowing that I would be like that.

“That’s right… This, this body… .”

“Would you like to see my bet as winning?”

“Wow, woohoo.”

Diana cried a little, but nodded her head as if she couldn’t help it.

“You feel it as a tool, too.”

“Oh, no! With just that, this body… !”
“If you don’t feel it as a tool, what is it?”

“Well, so this is… The situation… .”

“Are you finally admitting it? You call yourself an exposure light.”

“No, exposure… Didn’t you say it wasn’t like that!”

“Then what is this?”


Salvation put the index finger in Diana’s pussy, which was still exposed, and after stirring it a few times, it was brought to Diana’s eyes.
Then the thumb and forefinger were pressed against each other and then dropped.
On the thumb and forefinger, the slimy liquid of love continued to form a long leg and then fell.

“Hey, this is… That, so… .”

“No matter how good you are, what do you do if you suddenly attack me like that? They try to shake their backs recklessly even when people come. Did you want to show it that way? At any rate, he looked at me and said that I was a pervert, and he was too… .”
“Hey, it’s not like that!”

Even as I shouted like that, my words reminded me of what I said earlier, and maybe I was excited, and the love fluid started flowing again from Diana’s vagina.
this pervert. I’m wiping it off, what the hell

“That, so. Didn’t this body use magic? Awareness Magic! Unless something goes wrong, I don’t want people to find out… .”

“Isn’t it enough that people don’t even care about screaming whales like that?”

“That… that’s… It’s not perfect, but still… .”

“And what is this?”

“Hey hey!”

“You are wetting again while thinking about your work. There will be puddles of love juice on the floor. It’s not just here. There must have been puddles in the plaza or in the place where you were before, from the love liquid you spilled? What will people think when they see it?”


Perhaps those words also stimulated Diana’s walls, and Diana trembled lightly.
This time, it was to the point that the liquid was squirted out like a squirt gun.

“Hey. transformation.”

“Hey, this body is not a pervert! Well, it’s because of you! Because you’re so close… .”
“So, you’re not exhibitionism, are you excited because I’m next to you?”

“Bah, that’s right!”

“Still, you’re perverted enough. To be so excited just to be next to you. In my mind… .”
“Joe, I can’t help it because I like it!”

ugh If you throw a fastball because you like it openly, it will be difficult to attack unilaterally.
no. Still, it’s a great chance to get Diana to admit to her exhibitionism. If you miss this opportunity, you never know when another opportunity like this will come. Eat your heart out here… .

“Or something? You mean you don’t think like that at all when you’re with this body?!”

“Yeah… .”

I tried to answer that I don’t think so, but I was speechless right before I opened my mouth.
… uh? Wait a minute. what is this?
Diana may have said it without much thought, but it was an excellent counter.
If you answer that you don’t think so, ‘Do you like this body?! How could that be?!’ Saying the same thing, Diana will be angry. No, that’s good enough. Worst case, ‘there’s no reason to do that with this body!’ Saying the same thing can lead to rejection of the relationship.
If you answer that you feel that way, ‘Then you are a pervert just like this body!’ With the answer, you will escape my offensive.
what is this. Damn it. Is he really the supreme archmage? I’m going to throw a counter punch like this.

“Yeah, of course I feel the same way when I’m with Diana.”

In the end, Salvation had no choice but to answer this, even though she knew what Diana was going to say.

“And now, Genga is calling this body a pervert!”

look at that But I still can’t give up… ..

“No, no matter how excited I am, I’m so excited to have sex… .”
“Isn’t it all because this body likes you more? You also have Miss Sarah and Miss Leia, so it’s because you don’t like this body that much!”

wow. hey, this guy. How do you persistently dig into someone’s weaknesses and attack them?
okay. that’s how it came out I know. If you keep coming out like that, I’m thinking of everything.

“… What are you talking about! How I love you! I didn’t even know that people were desperately enduring! Okay! You mean you don’t have to be patient?!”

As he shouted that, Guwon made a gesture to take off the pants he had changed at the very best.

“Wow, what are you doing!”

“I can’t stand it anymore! Do it one more time now!”

As long as this is the case, I will play outdoor play over and over again and make you admit it
Diana will not be able to reject her easily because she has what she has said and done.

“Hey, you mean here?!”


Diana did it before, so it doesn’t matter, right?”

“Ha, but right after I just did it!”

“My heart for you is not so small that it fades away! I will show you the size of my heart!”


Diana blushed and hesitated at my cry.
Well. I think I said some pretty cool things. If it wasn’t for this situation, it would have been a better word.

“Come on, wait. Gee, are you serious?”

“Then of course not. Are you saying that my feelings for you are a lie?!”

“It’s not like that… . uh… . uh… .”

Diana clutched her head and seemed to be trying to get out of this situation somehow, but it was nothing but futile resistance.
It’s because you threw the rice cakes that feel like that when we’re together as much as we like.
Whoops. I don’t think I’ll be able to deal with that bitter counter in this way. I guess I’m a genius too.

“Go, save!”

Diana, who was holding her head and thinking about it, suddenly called my name and hugged me.
that he tangled up first Did you get desperate?

“Seri, I like sex, but this body wants to date you more. Let’s have a good time at night, can’t you be a little patient for this body?”

It wasn’t.
Rather, Diana drew out the best weapon to end this situation.
That’s the weapon of love.
Diana rubs her face against my chest, looks up eagerly, raises her index finger, draws a circle on one side of her chest, and makes a throbbing voice like it’s the first time she’s heard it.
At that sight, salvation ceased to be sunk.
okay. How important is it to get people to admit exhibitionism?
The most important thing is to be with this cute Diana, right?

“Is that so? So, will you be patient for Diana?”

“Uh, um. Go, thank you.”

Diana said as if she was quite ashamed that she had acted aegyo, her face flushed red and withdrawn.
Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had aegyo like this in my entire life. If there is, it must have been a very long time ago, when Diana was really young, not just in appearance.
Although the purpose of making people acknowledge exhibitionism was not achieved, the fact that Diana showed aegyo like this alone was worthwhile to be together today.

“Then let’s go.”

After seeing Diana like that and kissing him lightly, Gu Gu held her hand and finally came out of the tangled alley like a maze.

“That’s how I see it.”


“I told you that if you kiss, you share your life.”


“But even after kissing like this, I don’t feel like anything has changed. Shouldn’t something like a magic circle pop out or something like that?”

As I was wandering aimlessly here and there again, a thought suddenly came to my mind. As we talked and tried to kiss Diana, Diana blushed and turned her head.
Of course, it wasn’t me who would give up like that, so even if I turned my head, I kissed him on the cheek.

“Sa, what are you doing in front of people!”

“How are you? After all, even in Yeongjuseong, there was a lot of talk between us. My man or something.”

“That, that… Anyway! Sharing your life with this body is no magic.”

“Huh? did you? Then what?”

“It’s a racial characteristic of the elves. Unlike other long-lived tribes, elves see only one person in their lifetime. But if the target is a short-lived race, wouldn’t it be too tragic? So the Goddess must have given the elves these qualities too.”

“The characteristics of the elves? But when I asked the high priest at the temple before, he said he didn’t know… .”
“The pure elves in this world are only this size now. Of course you don’t know Others mingled with blood, and those traits naturally faded away.”

After all, the high priest also said the same thing. Diana is a pure elf, so something might be different.

“But it’s amazing to see only one person in a lifetime. Diana is really looking at me for the rest of her life.”

“Yeah, that’s right. To know and be grateful for the glory of a lifetime. Oh, and just because this body only looks at you doesn’t mean you’re free to leave. Be mindful.”

“Is that possible? what do you see me as But I’m just curious, so what do the elves do if a person who has decided to devote his life like that abandons him?”

“Guman asking something obvious. He goes crazy for revenge and kills that person and commits suicide himself.”

what is that That’s scary.
It didn’t even apply to me, but it just felt creepy.

“Yeah, that’s right. ha ha ha. But we’re lucky we don’t have to.”

“Well. Even this body believes you can never do that.”

Diana looked at salvation with a genuinely unsuspecting expression.
I’m really glad that the person whom the elf gave her heart doesn’t have the trait that the other person should only look at herself.
If that was the case, I’m not saying I would have been stabbed the moment I brought up the harem.
The back of my back was slightly damp.
Anyway, there is no need to be nervous about assuming such a non-existent story.
I’m not going to leave Diana, nothing to worry about.
Goo-goon and Diana crossed arms and decided to enjoy a date together again.

While walking around with Diana, the sun gradually set and it became night.
This city of adventurers is still brightly lit even at night, and it is as lively as the daytime.
However, Guwon slowly wanted to return to the inn.
Of course, that’s not to say that walking around with Diana isn’t fun. Rather, it was so much fun that I wanted to live my life like this.
But at night, there are things to do at night.
And it seems that Diana wanted to go to the inn as well.
Diana, who had a smile on her face, feeling better from the date, slightly blushed and pulled up the sleeve of her robe.

“Hey, aren’t you getting sleepy?”

“Seeing that, it is. So, shall we go back to the inn soon?”

Diana wouldn’t even think about going to sleep right away. I’m just embarrassed to say that.
Salvation understood Diana’s heart and turned to the inn.
But then, suddenly the other side of the street became noisy.
As I was doing something, I saw the soldiers walking around, each with a piece of paper in their hand, looking at the people.

“Huh? What? Too noisy for a patrol?”

“Right. Something must have happened.”

Well, anyway, that has nothing to do with us. Let’s go back to the inn and have a good time with Diana.
As I was about to move like that, an elderly soldier approached me.

“Excuse me.”

Then, after comparing the paper in his hand with the face of salvation, he opened his mouth again.

“The clan leader of the Saviours Clan. Are you a savior?”

“Yeah? By the way?”

“found! It’s here!”

The old soldier shouted loudly, summoned the soldiers around him, and looked at salvation again.

“The Lord is looking for a savior. Can you accompany me?”

“… What? What did you say now?”

The one who answered the soldier was Diana, who instantly became a low pressure next to her.

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Crying out love at the center of lordship

“That, that is, the lord, the savior… .”

Whether the soldier knew Diana’s true identity, or whether the pretty woman who had just been laughing all the time suddenly turned deadly and glared at her, the soldier shook his head with a bewildered look on his face.

“What is it that the princess is looking for this person?!”

“Well, I don’t know the details either. I have only been given orders to bring them in urgently.”

Indeed, I couldn’t help but admire the princess’s tenacity.
He’s also really goofy. Looking at that attitude in the morning, it seems that Diana is really upset, but are you looking for me again?
Has your mind been so engrossed in pleasure that normal thinking is impossible?
Besides, what else did you get to unleash the soldiers like this?
I’d rather just come to Sylvia alone like before… uh? Sylvia?
Whoa! Stand, please!

“It hasn’t even been a day since these bodies have left the castle! You mean you haven’t reflected on it yet!”

“Gee, calm down, Diana. Even if you say that, there’s no way for a single soldier to know the details, right? These people just followed what they were told.”

He quickly clinged to Diana, who was exuding life, and calmed him down.
Besides, if my guess is correct, now is not the time to be like this. You must go to the castle right now.

“… Right. Look. Go and tell the princess. There is a limit to what can be viewed as a joke. If you keep aiming at the man with this body, this body will really not stand still. do you understand If you know, go.”

“Yeah? Ha, but… .”

“But what? Are you saying you won’t be able to listen to this body?”

It’s really hard to say to Diana who is trying to protect me like that, but I have to say it properly, right?

“… Me, Diana sister?”

“Uh huh? Something? But why all of a sudden?”

“I’m really sorry. I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to go to the castle with those soldiers.”

“What?! Does the princess say such a thing in this situation? On a date with this body?! Was it so good that you slept with the princess once?!”


Hey. Anyway, let’s not say that you slept with the princess in front of ordinary soldiers. He also doesn’t want to maintain his dignity to the people below him. … maybe. right?

“Is that possible? Are you still doubting me after talking to me like that all day?”

“Then what?! What is it that you want to throw this body away and go to the castle!”

“I don’t want to, either, but if I don’t go to the castle now, a woman’s life may be irreversible. Did you see it in the morning too? The woman who was riding on me when you came.”

“… Why are you suddenly talking about Miss Sylvia?”

Oh, I knew Sylvia too. Well, it’s not that important.

“Well… That’s it… I mean… So… Before I tell you, can you promise me you won’t be mad?”

“I can’t.”

hey you are adamant I think it’s a pumpkin.
… ah i don’t know Let’s just accept anger sweetly.

“Actually, Sylvia was influenced by my skills, so maybe she’s turned her eyes around now… .”
“Did you touch not only the princess but also Miss Sylvia while you weren’t here?”

ahhh I knew it.
Diana was so furious that she could see an illusion of the flames of rage running through her body.

“no! I didn’t touch Sylvia, but stop using the proclamation of sanctuary when you do everything you can after falling for the princess… .”

“Come on, are you a Gen-ga who has no thoughts on it?”

“sorry! Really sorry!”

Diana clenched her fists and began to hit the salvation at random.
I thought about salvation as I was hit with that pounding attack.
Still, I’m so glad Diana is here with you. If it was Sarah, would she have died in one shot?

“Ah, anyway, so I guess I will have to go to the castle. Can’t you just leave it as it is? If you leave it as it is and go crazy… .”
“Ugh… ! You are a man! A man like you!”

Diana stared intently at salvation, then turned her gaze to the soldiers who were staring blankly at this side.

“What are you guys staring blankly at? If he had come to take him in a hurry, he would have prepared something like a carriage! Come on, let me guide you!”

“Ah! four! This is it, this is it.”

The soldier flinched at Diana’s furious gaze, but immediately guided the rescue.
I’m so sorry. You’re mad at me right now.
Still, Diana is Diana. Even if you are angry like this, after all, you want to go to the castle.
He seemed to understand why the wizards followed Diana so much.

“That… Are you going to Diana too?”

“Are you going to go alone then? Huh? Why? Does being with this body interfere with your enjoyment?”

“Is that possible?! I was afraid that we would go together and hurt our Diana. If you go with me, of course I’m happy.”

“It’s not happy at all to say something slurred in a situation like this.”

“sorry… .”


Diana’s reaction was so cold that it was hard to believe that she was someone who had just had a good time with a smile.

“I’m really sorry. Today, I was going to spend it alone with Diana.”


As they rode the carriage to the castle, Salvation continued to apologize to Diana.
Apologizing, on the other hand, the current situation was a little funny.
It can’t be a really weird thing.
In order to be alone with Diana like this, I broke the promise with Leia and listened to Diana’s pressure.
But in the end, Diana and I can’t go alone, so we end up with another woman like this.
Do you think that Diana also reaps what she sows?
Come to think of it, what else should I say to Leia?
Thinking about that made my head ache again.
… request. future me. Take good care of yourself

Anyway, Diana, who had kept her arms crossed and turned her head to not look at this side, as I continued to apologize, she continued to do so.

“… Be mindful. You’re just going to dispel the effects of skills. I’m never going to have fun.”

“Then of course not. Anyway, I tried so hard to release you without having sex before you came. Even though I turned on the hand of the saint and touched it, I failed because it seemed like I couldn’t feel it until the end.”

“awhile. Did you say that you touched me with the hands of a saint? Not a proclamation of sanctuary?”

“Huh? That’s right. Sylvia’s level must be much higher than mine, but would she be so hot because she was briefly affected by the sanctuary while she was with the princess? If that’s enough, I’d like to go to the castle in such a hurry… .”
“Somehow, I thought it was strange! Aren’t you stupid! Why did you leave it like that!”

“Yeah, it’s because Diana came before that. Because you are so much more important to me, I forgot to talk to you… .”
“Now, thank you for thinking of this body so much… Anyway! Still, there is something else to forget! As you said, it’s a really dangerous situation! Isn’t that the point of being touched by a saint’s hand and left unattended all day?”

Diana, who had had an angry expression before, said something like that, forgetting whether she was worried about Silvia or being angry with Guo-won.
Then he looked at the driver’s seat and shouted.

“Look! Let’s speed up a little bit! One o’clock is urgent!”

Then he looked at salvation again and said,

“Listen well. As soon as you go, let’s just do it once with Miss Sylvia.”

“Yes? I’m serious?”

“Ugh. This body isn’t what I want, but it can’t be helped! But be careful! I’m not telling you to watch and enjoy! Just release the skill effect and fall right away!”

Diana said, looking at salvation with a look that she didn’t really like, but she couldn’t help it.

“Yeah, of course. After all, if you want to satisfy him anyway, you’ll have to use your last pride, but once you use it, you know that it’s difficult to do it any more because all of your energy is used up.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Diana knows my skills better than anyone.
He understood what I was saying, but he put his arms around him and made a complicated expression with an expression that he didn’t like it when he was holding another woman.
Still, in that he prioritizes saving Sylvia, Diana is also a good kid.

In the midst of an indescribable subtle air flowing in the carriage, we finally arrived at Yeongju Castle.
As soon as we arrived at the castle, Felicia, who had been waiting impatiently at the entrance, hurriedly approached this way.

“Salvation! You’re finally here! What the hell did you do to Sylvia!”

“An explanation will come later. Let me guide you to Miss Sylvia right now.”

“Oh, Diana-sama is here too?! Sorry. It is no different that I called for salvation like this… .”
“Now that I know everything, it’s explained. Isn’t one hour more urgent than that? Where is Miss Sylvia? Come on, let me guide you.”

“Ah yes. I did. Follow me. This is it.”

After all, it was because of Sylvia.
How embarrassed I was, the princess even guided me.
Upon entering a room with the princess’s guidance, Sylvia was imprisoned there.
I didn’t say it wrong.
The author, a knight of the Royal Guard, was bound like a single beast by several people wearing colorful knight armor.

“Ugh! Whoa!”

Sylvia seemed to have really turned her eyes.
Sylvia, who looked a little drowsy and expressionless from before, was nowhere to be found, her eyes reddened like a monster that had been touched by a saint, and her mouth was clogged up with a gag and struggling.
He was completely naked, even in his clothes, so he looked like a captive beast.
No matter how hard they struggled, even the bodies of the knights were shaken up even though they were suppressed by some knights from above.
Is it true that the name of the Royal Guard is not Heo Myung?
No, but what the hell have you been doing in the castle for so long that you’re holding back like that?

“… How long have you been touching Gen?”

Looking at that figure, it seems that Diana was really excited too.

“That, that. As I try not to go as far as possible… .”

Diana knows well what I’ve been trying not to insert for whom.
Because of that, Diana couldn’t ask any more questions, she just sighed.

“… Sigh. hurry up and finish it This body must be waiting elsewhere.”

“Huh? Aren’t you supposed to watch over here?”

Considering what I said when I got here, I thought I was going to watch you so you wouldn’t enjoy it.

“Isn’t it obvious? How are you patiently watching what you do with other women? Even with this body, I’m not that patient. Still, just thinking about what you and Miss Sara did in the past… .”

As she said that, Diana remembered what happened in the past, and her life, which had been quiet for a while, became stronger again.
ahhh I said something else
After all, Sarah was a special case. Normally, this reaction would be normal.

“Ah Okay. I’ll finish it soon and find you. I’m waiting for you.”

“… Please finish it quickly.”

Diana said so, glaring at the rescue, and then ran out of the room with a cheer.
Let’s hurry up and go to comfort Diana.

“Then, Princess. How about letting Sylvia go soon?”

“… i See. You. Thanks for your work. Now get out of here.”

At Felicia’s command, the knights holding Sylvia looked at each other and at the same time removed their hands from Sylvia’s body.



At the same time, Sylvia screamed and ran towards this side.
Sylvia, who ran over here without even thinking of loosening the gag tied to her mouth, grabbed my collar and hung it on the floor.
I also tried to resist reflexively, but it was no match for Sylvia, who lost her reason and rushed at her with all her might.
okay. do what you like
After all, Sylvia’s purpose is not to harm me. You want to have a cake with me.
It was a reflexive move, but there was no need to resist because I came here for that purpose in the first place.
Salvation just decided to entrust herself to Sylvia.

Sylvia put me on the floor like that, then immediately ripped my pants off and climbed on top of it.
… I already ripped my pants twice today.
I can’t run away, so can’t you just peel it off a little?
Well, there was no point in talking to the boy who lost his temper, so I stayed still.

Sylvia took off my pants and climbed onto my body.
Since Sylvia was already naked, the sensation of Sylvia’s pubic hair, which was hot over my things, was transmitted.
As if preparations had already been made to accept the object, the pubic area that touched the object was gently loosened like a marshmallow.
Plus, it’s dripping with water.
The pussy that used to be hard without any moisture even when touched like that is now in this state
Thinking that I had left it until this happened, I felt sorry again.
I’m sorry. But it will soon give you a taste that you have never felt before in your life.

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Crying out love at the center of lordship

But when this happened, I really felt like I was being raped.
When I was with Felicia, at least Felicia’s movements were supple and soft, so even when I was forced to do it, I didn’t feel this way.
It was a strange feeling when a slender, pretty-looking boy turned around and tried to attack me.

Because of this, Sylvia, who was on top, tried to insert it as it was, but failed several times.
That’s right, things haven’t hardened yet.
I couldn’t help it because I felt so strange.
In this situation, if there is one element that can stand up to things, it is Sylvia’s naked body, but seeing them attacking like a beast like this was not very helpful.
That said, I wasn’t that perverted either.

Sylvia, who had tried to insert something by holding on to something that had not yet hardened, moved her waist with harsh movements as if annoyed with each failure.
Rub things back and forth as if drawing along the lines of the pubic area where the love liquid flows. Normally, it was a very exciting situation, but Sylvia, whose eyes were turned around, was rubbing as hard as she could. I haven’t erected it yet, so the iron penis hasn’t been activated yet.
And it’s kind of high-level, and the movements are strangely stiff.
To raise a level like this, you must have a lot of experience, then, no matter how much you lose your reason, shouldn’t your movements be subconsciously smooth?

I can’t help it. You can’t just stay like this, and if you leave it a little longer, it will cause friction.

It’s about to peel off the skin. Let’s set it up as a skill.
However, before activating the revived pride, Felicia, who was watching the figure from the side, slowly approached the crest of salvation and said:

“Oh? Does it look difficult? May I help you?”

Come to think of it, all the knights who had been detaining Sylvia earlier had left the room, but for some reason Felicia was still there.
Felicia crawls on all fours between my legs and digs in, then begins to gently caress the pockets underneath my stuff in a still enchanting motion.

“Hey. What are you doing?!”

“Huh? You seem to be in trouble, so you’re trying to help?”


Felicia’s technique of putting one hand on my thigh and gently stroking the two eggs in her pocket with the other hand was amazing.
A woman whose hobby is sex. It’s not a joke.
I was going to tell him to stop right now, but his skill was so great that he was speechless for a moment.

And Felicia’s actions certainly helped.
The revived self-esteem hadn’t even been activated, because the objects that had not reacted until now were erected stiffly.
But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t believe that Felicia had helped her out of good intentions. Everyone had a plan, so I helped.
I promised Diana and I would come back soon.
I couldn’t be swept away by this atmosphere.

“Hey! It’s hardened now, so come off!”

“Oh really? Do you need more help from me?”

With that said, Felicia looked at me with a bewitching look, raising her eyes upward, holding the face she had brought closer between my crotch. Then, I made an O shape with my thumb and index finger, grabbed the root of my object and started to stimulate it by subtly moving up and down.
aww This is a real whore, princess.

“Blood, I don’t need it, so leave!”

But I persevered.
did you see my steel will. Diana should have seen this.

“Ummm, okay? … what good?”

Felicia said so, then for some reason she let go of the hand that was holding my object and fell.
It was a bit more gloomy because he fell off like this, but it’s not important to him right now, so let’s leave it alone for now.

Sylvia, who was moving her waist strongly above me, noticed that the object had become hard, reached down again and grabbed my object.
Then, he roughly pressed it against his own vagina, and immediately slammed it down hard in the waist.


If the iron penis hadn’t been activated, it would have been broken.
Sylvia’s movements were rough enough to think so.
It wasn’t even inserted.
Sylvia tried to insert while moving her waist violently as if she was annoyed, but each time the insertion attempt was unsuccessful.
I’ve felt it before, but why can’t he really do this?

“what. You also need my help.”

Felicia, who was still sitting between my crotch and watching the scene, rejoiced and took hold of the root of my object again.
Somehow, I felt like I was going to walk away. Were you aware of this?
But how are you going to help?

“He’s turning his eyes now, and I don’t think he’ll stop even if you tell me, how can I help you?”

“Look at Sylvia and hold her in place for a second. Then I’ll put If you do your best, can’t you stop for a moment?”

Regardless of whether or not it’s possible, it was definitely a good way to go.
For some reason, it feels like things are going according to Felicia’s intentions, but there’s nothing we can do about it in this situation.
This is just a collaboration out of necessity.

I grabbed Sylvia’s butt, which was desperately moving about 30cm above my stomach, trying to insert an object somehow, and concentrated all her strength on her arm.
But again, it was impossible for me to stop Sylvia alone. Indeed, there was a reason that several knights were stuck and were barely being arrested.
Sylvia continued to move her waist, as if she felt no resistance, even though she tried to squeeze her hips and breastfeed to hold on for even a few seconds.
No matter how different the level is, I’m not the only one who’s drawn to it by force.

Good. After this, the only thing to believe in is the bonus stats.
However, the higher the level, the more different stats are needed.
I couldn’t overinvest in my muscle strength just for the purpose of inserting it into a woman.
So, I applied strength to the arm that supported Sylvia’s buttocks and started increasing the strength by 1 point until she could stop Sylvia’s movement.
10 points, 20 points, more points to invest gradually, and when I invested about 50 points, the struggle with Sylvia began to equalize.
Where the hell does this strength come from in such a slender subject that is less than half my size.
Because the real fantasy world is full of nonsense.

“Oh? I thought it would be great if I stopped for a second, but did it stop at all? Are you a lot better than you think?”

“Hey. It’s hard, so put it in quickly!”

As I thought, I wanted to put it on my own, but it was only at a level that I could barely endure with all my strength in my arms.
I couldn’t even imagine moving my back in this state.

“Okay. Wait baby.”

Even though I was doing my best with my arms trembling like that, Felicia leaned her torso again with a relaxed movement and slipped through my crotch.
Hey. You just have to tuck it in, but you don’t have to lean like that.

“Oh. what can I do. look how red I’m sick. Shall I call you?”

Felicia, who came close enough to snort my object, said so in a voice that sounded exaggerated and sad, and gently stroked my object.

“Hey. what… !”


As soon as the breath touched the object, a pleasant goosebumps erupted, and the strength of my arm fell for a moment.
Fortunately, the loss of strength was only a momentary moment, and I was able to avoid the situation where Sylvia’s ass slammed my stuff down because I gave it back immediately.
It was dangerous. I almost broke the thing.

“Hey! What are you doing! Don’t you know that Sylvia will be more dangerous if you keep spending time like this?”

“sorry. magnetism. ‘Cause he looks so pitiful Now I’m going to put it in for real.”

Felicia smiled lightly, as if she wasn’t really sorry, and waved her hand up and down that grabbed my stuff.
Still, I guess I didn’t want to play around here any more, so I started putting my stuff against Sylvia’s pussy as it was.

“Sylvia is so wet. First time I’ve seen this. Also he… .”

Felicia tried to say something more in an ecstatic voice before closing her mouth.
What am I doing? I wonder if you stop talking like that. If you have something you want to say, do it to the end.

“Okay, okay. magnetism. Now you just have to bring Sylvia down.”

Hearing Felicia’s words to fix the angle of the object, she lowered the arm that was supporting Sylvia little by little.
Sylvia tried to run more and more, whether the sensation of the object slowly digging into her vagina was painful, but it was clear that she would experience another painful experience if she left Sylvia to her will.
Even if I was frantic, I was able to finally release the strength in my arms after slowly putting the object all the way in.
Whoops. It was hard.
I’m just going to insert it once. What the hell is this?

But it was not without merit.
Sylvia’s inner wrinkles were attached to things like a sucker and tightened, providing a wonderful sense of fullness that could be called a masterpiece.
Not only our children, but also Felicia and Sylvia. After all, it was right that the prettier the world is, the more famous it is.
But fortunately, Sylvia was not at the level to be a sergeant.
It was still difficult compared to when I was with Felicia, but I’m happy with it. This is probably because of the level up when I played with Felicia.

As soon as I relaxed my arms, Sylvia started moving wild again.
In contrast to Felicia, who was still stroking my eggs between her crotch, it was just a rough movement of her back, without even the slightest bit of skill.
Besides, perhaps because she hadn’t activated the Saint’s Touch yet, Sylvia didn’t feel it at all even though she was moving with the insertion.

“Ugh! Whoa!”

On the contrary, Sylvia moved her waist more violently, as she did not feel good at all after inserting it.
He looked down with blood-red eyes, as if he was threatening to leave me alone unless it made me feel better.
Don’t worry. who am i i’m a saint saint.
I was going to use the Saint’s Touch on the object right away, but I had to do something before that.

“Hey. You get your hands off me.”

Yes. Felicia still hadn’t taken her hand off my belongings.
He was holding the bottom part that was still slightly exposed even though it was connected to Sylvia, and was gently stroking it up and down.
If he keeps holding on to my stuff, I can’t use the saint’s hand.

“Oh my. Why is that, babe? You helped me right. I’ll help you out more… .”

Saying that, Felicia began to lick the root of my thing that was exposed under Sylvia’s pussy.
I don’t really want to admit it, but I’m really good at it.
Still, Sylvia’s inside was pleasant, but Felicia’s tongue glided up to the root and pockets, and it felt like she was floating in heaven.

“Ugh! That’s still not possible! away! If Diana knew you were doing this… .”
“If you don’t tell yourself

it’s ok I’ll keep it a secret too. It’s a secret between me, you, and Sylvia. So, don’t overcomplicate yourself and just have fun. You’re not cheating, are you? We don’t have feelings for each other, so we’re not cheating. They’re just doing it to make each other feel better. Huh? dang.”

Felicia was licking things while saying that in a bewitching voice, but to be honest, I was a little shaken.
I’m rejecting Felicia like this because I don’t want to betray my children, but I’m still not an eunuch.
What kind of man in the world can’t be shaken by such a pretty woman being so charming and seducing me by telling me only good conditions.

“Hey, so you want to be sex friends with me now?”

“Huh? sex friend? Friends having sex? Whoops. That’s good. Huh. Then, darling. Let’s be sex friends with me. What do you think?”

Felicia didn’t know what a sex friend was, thought for a moment and then said with a bewitching smile.
Have you never heard of a noble princess being a sex friend? In a strange way, he realizes that he is a princess.


Come to think of it, Sylvia was unintentionally left unattended while talking with Felicia.
No matter how hard I moved, it didn’t feel good at all, so Sylvia patted me on the back as if looking at me and telling me what to do.

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Crying out for love at the center of lordship

And I was awakened by Sylvia’s signal.
Yeah I’m just here to treat his condition. I didn’t come here just to have good sex.
Felicia’s proposal was so sweet that I almost passed it on.

“Hate. What is not cheating? away.”

“Oh my. magnetism… .”
“If it doesn’t fall, I will leave Sylvia as it is and go back.”

To be honest, I wasn’t confident that I wouldn’t fall for Felicia’s temptation here, so I decided to take a hard line.
Sylvia was a knight belonging to the Royal Guard, so it must be a pretty important figure.
Besides, Felicia freed her soldiers for Sylvia and found me.
You can’t abandon Sylvia for your own lust.

“Chi. Then do it quickly.”

Again, my prediction was correct.
When her temptation didn’t work, Felicia raised her upper body with a pouty lip and a cute sullen expression that didn’t match her decadent look.
Then he looked at my things with his eyes that were flowing with regret as if it was a pity to fall, and then he went to a chair on the other side of the room and sat down.
You must have been quite proud of yourself, but are you still thinking of leaving the room?
The way she looked at us with her arms crossed wasn’t purely for her own sexual desire, but it seemed that she intended to see Sylvia’s condition.
Well, since I heard Diana telling me to come and have sex, I could have guessed that Sylvia’s condition would be okay if I had sex, but I haven’t explained it in detail yet.

Anyway, after Felicia fell like that, I was finally able to do my best.
At the same time as activating the saint’s touch by concentrating the spirit on the object, my object eventually fell out of Sylvia’s vagina, which was moving violently from above.
No, how long is my stuff, it makes me fall out of it.
Unlike Felicia, who was really next to her, it was a movement that had no skill whatsoever.
After all, the genitals are famous, but this is like rotting the treasure.

As my belongings fell, Felicia, who had been looking at this place with a pouty expression, flinched and stood up.
and you haven’t given up yet One real tenacity is great.
However, it was a situation that really needed Felicia’s help again.
I put it in so hard, but I took it out again.
Sylvia, aren’t you doing this on purpose to help Felicia?
Well, looking at this crazy expression, it’s hard to think that he was doing it on purpose.

Reluctantly, she tried to ask Felicia for help again, but before that, the situation was reversed.
When my object that triggered the saint’s touch touched my vagina, Sylvia’s body relaxed as if it had been struck by a stun gun, and it stretched over me as it was.

“Whoa. whoops. Whoa, whoa.”

But it didn’t seem like he had reached the climax or passed out.
Sylvia twitched, rubbing her pussy against mine while droopy, trying to somehow get more pleasure out of it.
It also made insertion easier.
When I grabbed Sylvia’s droopy butt and lifted it lightly, it was so light that it was unbelievable for a body that had exhibited such tremendous power before.
Gonna do it like this
I grabbed Sylvia’s ass and lifted it up, putting the tip of my stuff at the entrance to her pussy, lowering Sylvia as it was, and putting her back up.


The power of the object with the saint’s hand was amazing, and Sylvia also showed how she felt.
To be honest, I didn’t expect much this time as it didn’t have much effect when I put the hand of a saint before and touched it.
Is it because of being left unattended all day and getting hot?
Anyway, I’m glad that the saint’s hand works.

“Ugh. Whoops. ha ha. haha hot.”

As soon as she started to feel the pleasure, Sylvia seemed to be starting to feel a little more stable than before. The ignorant and ruthless movements that were left only to power began to gradually diminish, and the light of reason began to gradually return to the ferocious eyes that seemed to eat them.
Then, as if he had finally realized that there was a gag in his mouth, as if it was a nuisance, he undid the gag and threw it on the floor, starting to make a cute moan.

Good. I’ll finally get it right.
First, I decided to hold Sylvia and go to bed.
It was because Sylvia got stuck on me earlier, and I was still lying on the floor, leaving the soft bed behind.
I grabbed Sylvia and climbed onto the bed, then grabbed Sylvia’s waist in an upright position and moved her back and forth vigorously.
It is said that when reason disappears, nature is revealed, and Sylvia’s taste seems to be rough play, so be strong. However, unlike Sylvia’s rough movements, it does not simply move with force. As if to figure out the part where you can feel the pleasure properly, he pricked the inside of the pubic area and observed the reaction.

“Ugh! Whoops! haha! hot!”

But again, wherever he stabs, Sylvia’s reaction is huge.

There was no change.
It seems like you can feel it right away, but it doesn’t matter where you stab it.
Even if the body heated up from neglected play, it didn’t seem like there was an erogenous zone that didn’t exist.
This feeling is purely due to the effect of the skill.
So, where should I try other skills?

In the past, I just kept using the hand of a saint to end it somehow without inserting it.
But now you don’t have to.
After all, no matter how much he feels or not, it’s a matter of ending if I use my last pride while being cheap.
So, how about eating comfortably and testing out various skills?

First penis smash.
It is a technique that concentrates the power on the penis and strongly strikes the inside of the pubic area.
Since it is not used more often than the hand of the saint, which is used during battle, the level is low and the power is weak, but if the skill level is the same, it is a skill that has higher power than the touch of the saint.


Sylvia’s body reacted by leaping and jumping like a fish when she stabbed her in the waist with the force to pierce the inner part of Sylvia’s stomach with the force of her penis.
After all, if it’s a skill that gives you pleasure, you’ll be able to eat it all.

Since then, I have tried several skills.
Skills that give pleasure itself, such as penis smash or the touch of a saint, worked properly, while skills that indirectly induce pleasure, such as the vibrator penis, did not work at all.
Now, let’s try that skill one last time.

Originally, it was a skill that I would have used immediately after the touch of a saint, but since Sylvia’s body is unique, there was a skill that was left on purpose until the end.
It is the holy water of the saint.
It is not a skill that directly gives pleasure, but it is a skill that can make it sensitive.
Can Sylvia’s body, which never feels pleasure in a normal way, use this skill to make her sensitive?
After all, after today, there would be no chance to be with Sylvia again, but I felt trembling for nothing.
Good. Then go.
First of all, I put things in the deepest part of Sylvia, to a level that no one but me could reach.
Then, after finding the entrance of the obstructed part felt at the end of the object and fixing it, the holy water of the saint was activated in the cooper fluid leaking from the end of the object.

“Ugh?! Whoops?! Huh?! hey, this?!”

Sylvia then trembled as if in shock, holding her lower abdomen with both hands, where the tip of my thing might be now.
what. It’s edible too.
No, it’s too early to jump to conclusions yet. Let’s do some more verification.
While turning her waist, she rubbed the cooper liquid, which was activated by the holy water of the saint, evenly on the inside of Sylvia, and stopped moving her waist.

As she stopped her waist, Sylvia looked at her with the eyes of redemption and sent a urging gaze.
There were no words, but the expression contrasted so much with the languid expression I had seen for the first time, I could feel how much Sylvia was urging me.
Still, Sylvia did not intend to move on her own.
He trembled when he felt it, but there was no movement in his back, as if he didn’t know how to move.
Also, when he was completely out of his mind, he moved violently without any finesse, what the hell

How do you usually have sex?
No matter how insensitive I was, I wouldn’t have done it once.
Anyway, that’s not important. Do whatever you want to do.

While the movement was stopped, the hand of the saint that was continuously being activated on the object was turned off.
If you feel it in this state, you will truly be consumed by the holy water of the saint.
Without realizing it, I was a little nervous, so I took a deep breath and moved my back again.
As if trying to stimulate as much as possible the place where the cooper liquid was applied earlier.

“Whoa! Whoops! Whoa!”

Sylvia, who had been looking at why she didn’t do more when her movements stopped for a moment, groaned high again when her movements resumed.
good! It works fine!
At this point, the holy water of a saint definitely works, but in case you don’t know, why don’t you try Sex Analysis?
When the sex analysis was activated, a faint, very faint but pink light appeared from the inside of Sylvia’s stomach.
I’ve only used it as a seasoning for sex, but it’s much better than the saint’s holy water, right?
It also creates erogenous zones that don’t exist.
I’ve been struggling to solve it with just one hand of a saint.
If the saint’s holy city had stood there, I didn’t know it would have ended without leaving him unattended.
If you continue to use the holy water like this, wouldn’t it be possible to improve Sylvia’s constitution someday?
Well, there is no chance to do it again, so it’s a useless assumption.

Anyway, now that this has happened, regretting the past is useless.
Now that the question has been solved, let’s finish it as quickly as possible.
Again, the saint’s hand was put on the poem, and the holy water of the saint was still activated in the cooper, and he moved his waist.

Every time the cooper fluid was applied and something rubbed past Sylvia trembled in a funny way.
But even as the reaction was so intense, it didn’t seem to reach a climax.
Again, it means that the sensitive reaction is only because the tolerance to pleasure is extremely low. It takes more pleasure to make you feel climax.

Rather than Sylvia’s climax, I thought it would be faster for me to pack first.
In fact, it was still quite dangerous.
Quite a while has passed while testing the skills.
Being able to withstand this level difference until now was a blessing.

Then slowly
Anyway, I don’t have any more questions now, and Sylvia’s estrus will be relieved as long as I do it.
Sylvia’s waist was firmly held and fixed, and the waist moved strongly back and forth to heighten the feeling of ejaculation.
Sylvia instinctively knew that the end was coming, so she stiffened her body even more and took a posture to prepare for pleasure.
And at the last moment, she covered my body and hugged me tightly as if she was falling over the body of Sylvia lying on the bed, shoved things all the way down to her vagina, and ejaculated.

“Hey! Whoops! Whoops! Ha ha ha ha!”

And at the same time as I ejaculated, Sylvia reached its climax by flapping her body like never before.
It was flapping so strongly that my body covered with it was lifted up and down at the same time.

In fact, I wasn’t even good.
I didn’t use the climax bondage because the purpose was to wrap it up in the first place, but while I was testing the skill, I couldn’t wrap it in the middle, so I put up with quite a bit of strength.
I did that to a high-level kid, so the pleasure that came when I ejaculated wasn’t a joke.
However, since Sylvia must have tasted the same level of pleasure as this one, the estrus must have been relieved now.

When the afterglow of pleasure was over and she got up, Sylvia was, unsurprisingly, in a state of fainting.
For some reason, even though I was covering my body, I didn’t react, just twitched and was quiet.

“Whoa. Whoa. Damn, it’s just over.”

I should go back to Diana’s place right away, but it must have been right after I had drained all my energy, so my body didn’t feel strong.
After barely getting away from Sylvia, all I could do was lie down next to her.

“it’s over?”

Then I saw that he was there too.
I didn’t pay any attention to it from the beginning, but it seems that I was steadfastly watching and not leaving the room.
I was too lazy to answer, so I nodded, and Felicia slowly approached this side and opened her mouth again.

“Then can you explain why Sylvia was like that?”

No matter how much sexual desire it seems, she is a princess and a lord.
It seemed that the situation was well understood.
Salvation was difficult, but I took a deep breath and held my breath, and explained to Felicia why Sylvia became like this step by step.

“So… . If you get hit by your skill, it will continue to have that effect until you release it?”

“Well, to sum it up, that’s it.”

“indeed. So Sylvia said that it happened because the pleasure she gave her was still floating around her body. If you think that the pleasure he has given you is constantly floating around in your body, it makes sense. can’t even get rid of it. If I had suffered the same, I might have gone crazy.”

“okay. I am such a dangerous bastard So no more for me… .”

Before I could even finish my words, Felicia ran like crazy and put my stuff in her mouth.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing?! Didn’t you hear what I’m saying?!”

“Lee Heo-heon Zahi-ho, should I speak one language?”

“If you’re going to say something, say it without putting what you put in your mouth.”

Did a kid whose name is a princess eat a lot of manners?

“Hmm. Whoops. Sigh. I’ve felt it before, but it seems to be more sensitive when I touch it. Is this a skill? So, do you have to do it with me one more time?”

The princess clenched her lips and sucked my things so hard that her cheeks became thin, and collected the remaining semen into her mouth.
Then he opened his mouth wide and showed me the semen in his mouth, and as he uttered those words, he swallowed it.
My semen in which the saint’s holy water was hung.

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Cry out love at the center of the lordship

Watching Felicia swallow semen, she thought of salvation.
Also, it looks like he has a good head.
One of the characteristics of smart kids is that they try to use their hair until they don’t have to.
Just looking at it now

I would have turned my eyes if I had just continued to suck on things with a bite on them.
no. Of course, I’m sure I’ll be able to get through it with a mental strength like steel, but it means that I’d be more likely to do it with me than to threaten myself with my body as collateral like I do now.
But you’re threatening that seeds like that won’t be eaten.
Felicia was a little flustered when she just swallowed her semen, but if you think about it, there was absolutely no reason I should be with Felicia.

First, the efficacy of the holy water of the saint.
This skill is not a skill that gives pleasure. It’s just a skill that makes you sensitive.
In other words, if I don’t release it, I’ll just be sensitive.
If you are like other people, it can become so uncomfortable that it interferes with your daily life.
But is it different? It looks like they have sex whenever they have free time, but if you’re sensitive, you feel better than usual and that’s better, isn’t it?

And the power of the holy water of the saint.
While having sex with Felicia and Sylvia, my level went up a lot, but I was still quite far behind Felicia.
In other words, the power of the skill is also significantly reduced by half.
Didn’t he just say that? He said, ‘I think it becomes more sensitive when I touch it.’
In other words, even if affected by the skill, the effect of the skill is weak enough to express such vague expressions.
As a test, as a result of using Sex Analysis, most of the erogenous areas such as breasts and genitals were overwhelmingly bright compared to the mouth.
No, to be honest, I couldn’t tell if the brightness from my mouth was getting stronger or not.
Sylvia didn’t have any shiny spots at all, so even if there was a slight light, it was immediately noticeable, but she likes sex so much that she tries to attack her when she has time in the first place.
Sylvia didn’t know about pleasure at all, so she reacted violently to making it slightly sensitive, but she’s threatening like that now, but in fact, she’ll wonder if she’s been affected by her skills.
Probably enough to believe that the semen you drank now doesn’t contain any skills.

Lastly, I was in a state where it was bothersome to lift a finger because I was out of energy.
I’m not going to go to Diana right away, I’ll just lie here like this.
But what about having sex one more time in this state? who is going to kill

“no. what do i have to do one more time I’m running out of mana right now, so if I do it with you, I’m going to die from a fortune teller.”

“Yes? Come on, baby? What does that mean?”

“Did you think I could have sex with you guys, who are much higher level than me, indefinitely, without any conditions? Then I’d have a higher level than you right away It’s all skill. If I run out of mana, I will just do business.”

In fact, it is also wrong to say that it is wrong to say that I am not at the same level as other adventurers of the same level. The princess will still think that I’m at a level where I’m at a level where I’m going to die if I do it with her.
But what if the saint’s buff is maintained as mana, and if you lie that you’ve run out of mana?
As long as my eyes don’t roll like Sylvia just before,

I can’t possibly get my hands on it.
Right after Diana, who is praised as the supreme archmage, declared me her man.
If you do it secretly, I don’t know, and if you say that you’re going to kill yourself, there’s no answer from Felicia’s perspective.

“What, what? Then what should I do?”

“What do you do? Just live with it.”

If I just said that the sperm I just drank had no effect on the skill, I didn’t know if that would just solve it neatly.
But instead of saying it like that, you said that you were affected by your skill in this way, but you should live as it is.
To the extent that he firmly believes that he is under the influence of the holy water of the saint
No, of course I am being affected, but the feeling will not be great.
But isn’t there such a thing as the placebo effect? Even if you don’t feel it, if you assert that you’re being affected by the skill, you might feel like you’ve become more sensitive for some reason.
was aiming for it
Where do you want to suffer?
Think of it as the price you paid for trying to target me, not once.

“Ah, dear. Don’t joke around, babe. You saw what happened to Sylvia, didn’t you?”

“It’s no joke. It’s because Sylvia is influenced by the skill that gives pleasure. It’s a state where there is still pleasure in the body, but even when it reaches its peak, it can’t be relieved, so it’s crazy. But the skill you are affected by is simply a skill that makes you sensitive. Don’t worry, you’ll never be like Sylvia. Wouldn’t it be better to be more sensitive when having sex? Well, I don’t know how good it would be if my mouth became sensitive.”

“You can’t be worried, right?! Because of you, I am still so sensitive.”

Felicia said so, bewitchingly rolled up her skirt, revealing her underwear.
Maybe they were excited to see what Silviha and I were doing.
His panties were already soaked and the liquid was running down his thighs.

“How can you suddenly get wet just because your mouth has become a little sensitive? It’s just that you’re a pervert.”

“no! My mouth is so sensitive that every time I speak… ha ha I mean it’s wet. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.”

Frustrated by the realization that I really didn’t want to, Felicia groaned in a bewitching groan, brought her face close to mine, and opened her mouth wide.
He must have groaned on purpose, but it was so sexy and provocative that it couldn’t be considered acting. A red tongue fluttered from its wide-open mouth, seeming to seduce him provocatively.

One true color is by far the best of any woman I’ve ever seen.
Because of Sarah, Diana, and Leia, my eyes are so high that I am shaken.
A strong temptation as if the surrounding landscape was distorted and all attention was focused on one Felicia.
Without realizing it, I put my fingers up and put my index and middle fingers inside that bewitching open mouth.
As my finger went into her mouth, Felicia sucked her tongue out like she was waiting, tangled up in her fingers.
Then, as if trying to prove that his mouth had become sensitive, he made a groaning sound to seduce salvation.
Then, as he slowly took off his clothes, he was so enchanting that he couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

“Oh. Whoops. yup. Sigh. okay. magnetism. ha ha Apparently the Goddess sent her to this world… .”


However, since Felicia mentioned the goddess, Salvation was able to break free from that fascination again.

“Come on, honey?”

It was dangerous. It was really dangerous.
When he mentioned Goddess, he reminded me of Leia, so I was barely able to come to my senses.
okay. Still, you broke your promise with Leia.
I feel sorry for Leia for being Diana, but in addition to that, tell me to betray one more time? It can’t be.

I’m really glad that Felicia mentioned Goddess.
I really didn’t know what would happen if I just sucked it up and seduced it.
Perhaps he was trying to persuade me to say, ‘The Goddess sent me here to do this.’ But that had the opposite effect. After all, it’s a problem because I’m trying to use my hair too much.

“I can’t! I go!”

“Come on, honey?! wait!”

In the meantime, he had enough strength to move, so he got up from his seat and ran out of the room.
If you stay here, you’re really going to get eaten.
Guwon ran out of the room and spoke to the maid standing in front of the door.

“Hey! Dia… Where is the supreme archmage?”

“Yeah? Heck!”

The maid looked at this, blushing red and covering her eyes with both hands.
However, the space between the fingers was wide open, and the pupils exposed through the gap were staring intently at one place.
Even a little ‘Wow… .’ He even started exclaiming.

Oh, and then I just came out with my clothes off.
But he couldn’t go back into the room and get dressed.
Because there is a succubus in estrus sitting on its torso.
Rather, if you don’t get out of this place right now, you never know when that conspiracy will come out again.

“Please guide me quickly! Where is the supreme archmage?!”

“Oh, yes, four. Oh, I will guide you.”

When I urgently shouted naked, the maid began to take the lead while panicking.
Following the maid’s footsteps, Guwon thought about what had just happened once again.
It’s weird too.
Of course, it is true that Felicia is incredibly pretty and full of color.
But I too have been trained tremendously for my children.
But you fall for temptation so easily?
Of course, I’m a bit more greedy and a sex-loving guy, but it was just so weird just now.
Should I just say that my body moved as if I was really fascinated?

I’ve only had this experience once before.
It was the first time I saw Diana in a previous life.
Of course, Diana

Unlike the princess, it looked so sacred that I didn’t want to touch it and my body hardened, but it was like my body stopped hearing words as if I was in a state of enchantment.

Come to think of it, Diana said something like that back then.
It is said that too high a charm by itself has the same effect as fascination.
Maybe Felicia was like that too.
Having had sex with men countless times, I built up lust, and because of that, I was able to seduce the other person only when I was tempted to have sex.

With that in mind, it made sense to me that whenever I was seduced by Felicia, I was particularly distracted.
Isn’t that really a succubus?
With such a worldview, my suspicions grew even more.
Even if it’s not a succubus, if you climb up your ancestors, there must have been a similar race. As long as the blood of a succubus isn’t flowing, how can you do that?
Salvation convinced himself that Felicia was a succubus.

“Hey, here it is.”

In the midst of such thoughts, it seems that Sanga arrived in the room where Diana was staying.
The maid pointed to the door, and her gaze was still on my thing.
okay. It’s a wonderful thing that you seldom see. take a look at it When will we see this again?
After all, I walked all the way here naked. I decided to be naive and cool.

Diana’s room was not far from my room. Well, is it normal?
Anyway, if I stay with Diana, even Felicia, who is in the position of a princess, will not be able to touch me carelessly.
Before the maid even knocked, Guwon quickly opened the door and went inside.


“Wow! Well, something! Why are you naked?!”

Diana, who was elegantly drinking tea in the room, spit out the tea in her mouth as soon as I entered.

“That, that… I came quickly to see Diana!”

“Then you didn’t mean that you came all the way from there?! You fool!”

“what. I came here because I wanted to see Diana quickly, but it must not be Diana?”

“Even so, there is such a thing as a degree! That’s about it!”

As she approached Diana and tried to hug her, Diana flinched and fled.

“Hey. If you dodge like that, you’ll hurt me. Rather, I think I am in a position to be praised now.”

“What kind of compliments do you expect for a subject holding another woman! It’s not even your fault that Miss Sylvia did that!”

No, that’s it though. It’s not about holding Sylvia, it’s about overcoming Felicia’s temptation.
Those words ran through my throat and into my mouth, but I didn’t get it out of my mouth in the end.
It’s not like I’m being stabbed, but when I talk to Diana, it seems like she’s talking unmanly.
And when Diana finds out, the commotion will definitely intensify.
These days, there have been so many incidents that I wanted to refrain from making things bigger.
It’s Felicia. i you once

it saved me thank me

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There are a lot of people who thought you would do it with a princess.
Other than that, I thought I threw a lot of rice cakes that I wouldn’t do with the princess this time.
The lord must also feel the suffering of the subject. This time the princess is left unattended.

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