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Crying out love at the center of lordship

Anyway, after washing my body and putting my clothes on, I got ready to leave the castle with Diana.
As expected, Diana’s dignity was so great that Felicia, who had seduced her so persistently, was so quiet that she didn’t think she would come here.

“Then shall we go back to the inn?”


In fact, it’s late at night, so it would be a better choice in many ways to just sleep here.
However, Salvation was anxious because she did not know what would happen if she was in the same place as Felicia, and Diana seemed to want to spend the first night at the inn where she first had a relationship.

Salvation and Diana finished their preparations and went to visit.
As soon as I left the door, one of the maids waiting at the door showed me the way out of the castle.
However, his steps were so slow that anyone could tell, and he even exchanged glances with other maids passing by.
Anyone who sees it is clearly up to something.

“Diana. Salvation. Are you dying?”

I knew it.
As if waiting, Felicia appeared before us.
Akawan was fully dressed, creating a completely princess-like atmosphere.
No, well, she’s a real princess.

But even if she was dressed properly, she could not help but reflexively tremble as soon as she saw Felicia.
It’s because the memory of when I was seduced earlier came back to life.
Besides, even if you are dressed like that, your face full of decadence doesn’t change.
It seemed to emit pheromone that seduces people even when standing still.
It’s just that existence itself is a mass of color.
However, Felicia did not even pay attention to the fluttering appearance of salvation, waiting for Diana’s answer.
Looking at that innocent expression, it seemed that the influence of the holy water of the saint was not great.

“Well. Ms. Sylvia’s condition should have stabilized, so these bodies will go away.

“Sorry. But we can’t just send salvation yet. Wait till morning at the castle… Huh. hmmm. Hmm. I’m sorry. Can’t you wait until morning at the castle?”

uh huh? Does it have any influence?
Just that nose. A slightly recalled expression. It came back to normal right away, but it was clearly visible when I felt it.
Apparently, the mouth is a place that moves frequently enough to say that it is the place with the most wrinkles on the human body, so it seems that even a little bit of sensitivity can have a huge impact on life.
Still, there’s no way I’m going to break my mind like Sylvia, and I don’t want to release her by having sex again.
What is self-sufficient profit?


Diana furrowed her eyebrows as if slightly offended, but Felicia’s excuses that followed were perfectly reasonable.

“It’s not that I don’t believe in Diana, but Sylvia is still unconscious. We can’t get salvation out of here until Sylvia wakes up and makes sure she’s completely fine. Sylvia will wake up in the morning, so how about staying at the castle today?”

“Uh… .”

It seemed that no matter how much Diana came out like that, she couldn’t go out in a swarm.
However, for me, it occurred to me that Felicia was not restraining herself like that just because of the Silvia issue.
What kind of plot are you doing that?
I looked at Felicia, but Felicia passed my gaze casually.

“I see. I can’t help it.”

“Thank you for your understanding. Diana.”

Felicia smiled like that and bowed her head lightly.
How can a princess treat you like that Also Diana.

“Then have a good night. When Sylvia wakes up, I’ll send someone.”

“Well. I see.”

Felicia greeted her gracefully, then turned and disappeared.
You didn’t even look at me until the end.
That’s more award-winning. What the hell are you up to?
Well, it wouldn’t be anything to worry about since she’ll stick with Diana, but I was still nervous.
There’s no way she’s holding her like this because of Sylvia.
My head got complicated, and I pulled Diana, who was next to me, and hugged her tightly.
No matter what happens, don’t leave Diana.

“Go, why all of a sudden.”

“No, just. I want to stick with you.”

“Huhu. Are you foolish? Where would you like this body to stroke your head?”

Diana thought I was being silly, so she raised her claws and stroked my hair with a happy face.
Are you just doing what you want to do?
Well, it doesn’t matter.
Anyway, I got close to Diana and went back to the room where Diana was waiting before.

“Sorry. I ran out to the mansion and tried to spend it together, but it ended up like this. The inn was also in the same place as the day we first met.”

“Well… . what can’t you do Don’t worry too much.”

Diana also had a disappointing look, but she said as if it was nothing to do with whether she was deliberately not showing more because of me.


It was so peculiar that he hugged Diana tightly again and rubbed my cheek against Diana’s cheek.

“Ugh. Are you a kid!”

Diana said so, but didn’t take any action to push me away.
Because I’m old and I have a lot of understanding.
I’ll never say it out loud, because if I say this, I’m going to kill you.

But it is.
For this wonderful Diana, I wanted to do something memorable.
Sex is something we do every day, so no matter how good we are, it doesn’t seem like it will remain as a memory for a special day.
So, it’s a gift, and the ring has already been given, and now the only thing I can give Diana is the adult stuff I bought earlier.
If you give it to play with it, it’s for me, not Diana.
Is there something, something that can be done for Diana?

While hugging Diana tightly, she opened the status window and skill window in an instant and fell into thoughts.
Wow, I leveled up even more with Sylvia.
Level 100 is not far away.
Level 100 isn’t full level, but it’s special that the level becomes three digits.

The law was coming.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter now.
Anything you can do for Diana. For Diana… Oh.
Just as I was thinking about it, a skill caught my eye.
Then I saw this
I had completely forgotten that this skill was talked about while talking to Diana before.
However, to learn this skill, you must be level 100.

My level is now 96. There
is still a little more left to reach level 100.
If I go to Sylvia or Felicia one more time, I think I’ll be level 100.
But it can’t be.
The reason I’m trying to reach level 100 is to make Diana happy with that skill.
But cheating to make Diana happy.
It’s going to be a total evangelism.

Besides, I wasn’t even sure that this skill would activate properly.
If you close your eyes and have sex with them, let’s say you hit level 100. But what if the skill doesn’t activate? It just turns into an affair.
Then there will be no real excuses.
Today will pass, but still, let’s do it with our kids and steadily raise the level to reach 100.
If so, you should do it right now.


Whispering softly in Diana’s long ear, Guwon slowly took off Diana’s clothes.

“I wanted to set the mood for a long time, but again… . Are you still thinking about sex after doing that?”

“It’s because Diana is her opponent.”

Diana spoke in a tone that seemed a little tired, but I said it confidently.
Besides, I’m not doing this because of my sexual desire this time. I’m doing this to give you a surprise present.
Of course, whatever the reason, it would be nice if I did it with Diana.

“No matter how many times I washed my body, I used to hold another woman before… .”
“So, I have to do it with Diana more. Shouldn’t it be covered with your body? Or do you want me to sleep with my memories of Sylvia?”

“Anyway, your tongue rolls well only at times like this. If you can’t speak… Oops.”

She covered her lips and put her tongue in Diana’s mouth and gently stroked the inside of her mouth as if she was tapping it. Diana stopped her piercing mouth and accepted it.
After kissing her for a while, she slowly opened her mouth and looked into Diana’s eyes and said.

“What do you think? Does it roll well when kissing?”

“… I don’t know how to do this for a while.”

By the way, I think it looks cute.

Forgetting that they were in the permanent castle, Guwon and Diana coveted each other’s bodies all night long.
However, since the level difference is widening, only Diana’s level rose overnight, but my level did not rise.
Well, I can’t help it. Don’t be in a hurry, let’s do it slowly.

the next morning.
Even after such a passionate night, I woke up early and looked at Diana’s face as I turned the hair on her cheek.
Last night was also a very satisfying night, but again, the level difference was too great, so Diana seemed a little burdened.
Even though I didn’t use any skills at all

I was about to do a copycat job.

This will also require skill.
There was also the skill to prepare for such a case.
While playing the game, when the party’s level has reached a certain level and stabilized, there are cases where a low-level teammate suddenly appears.
Because it’s basically a harem fantasy game. Due to the structure of having countless female colleagues, that is unavoidable.
But in this case, raising the level is a problem.
Even if sex wasn’t a direct way to level up like the game that brought me into this world, the Great Earth game needed to have sex in some way to grow.
Fortunately, there was no system to deal with double bosses in the game, so there was no need to worry about double bosses, but if the level difference is too much, sex becomes less fun.
Even after hitting it and shaking it a few times, the woman drooped and passed out.

It’s a game made for having sex, so why not? The Great Earth Company, who was well aware of that, had, of course, prepared the skills for such a case.
It’s a skill called the Weak Position.
It is a skill that makes one’s level arbitrarily low, and makes it possible to have sex with a lower level smoothly.
However, this skill has two drawbacks, one is that the level up of the opponent is slowed that much.
If I use the underdog stance to pretend I’m level 50 and have sex, the woman I’m dealing with will only get experience points equal to having sex with level 50.
In other words, growth will inevitably suffer losses for the sake of enjoyable sex.
This isn’t really that big of a problem.
After all, Sarah, Diana, and Leia will all want to have fun with me, rather than having sex that is crazy to the point of death, even if they all suffer a little slower growth.

However, there is another drawback, that is, the acquisition level is too high.
As it is a skill for high-level users, the acquisition level of this skill was high from generation to generation.
And as a result of checking the skill window now, the level at which a saint could learn the weak posture was a whopping 100.

In other words, you can’t learn it now!
However, when you hit level 100, Sarana, Diana, and Leia all level up evenly, so there is no need to use the weak stance.
what’s all this?

I got annoyed and turned off the skill window, and looked at Diana again.
It would be faster if we just level up enough for our kids to survive.
In order not to wake up Diana, who was sleeping hard above, she moved her waist gently.
To raise their level, I have to pay a lot anyway.

“Yes. Huh. heh heh Ah, Genga from the morning… .”

In my opinion, it was said to move as slightly as possible, but from Diana’s point of view, it didn’t seem like that.

“Oh. I’m sorry, are you awake?”

“Yes! uh, uh How can you not get up when you are moving?”

“sorry. I wasn’t trying to wake you up.”

“Hmm. it’s ok Did you want to do it again as soon as you woke up?”

Diana, who looked a little dazed due to her lack of sleep, said so with a playful smile as if teasing her.
Actually, it’s because of Diana’s leveling up, but in this case, it’s probably best to pass on that prank.

“You have to be pretty when you’re sleeping.”

“Huh, huh. Come on, you can’t help it either.”

Not sure if I’d admit it right away, Diana looked a little shy, avoiding her gaze.
But soon after seeing my face again, he started to move his waist slightly.

“This body… .”


As Diana was about to say something more, she suddenly heard a knock at the door.

“Come on, sleep… .”

Diana stiffened her body and tried to shout something, as if foretelling what was about to happen, but the sound of the door opening was faster than that.

“Excuse me.”

The bed we were lying in now was called a princess bed, a luxurious bed with curtains.
Thanks to this, I couldn’t see who came in, but when I heard the voice, it was the voice of a young woman.

“Who are you?!”

“Oh, are you awake? I brought breakfast. What should I do?”

“Hey, put it on the table there.”

Apparently, the maid who brought breakfast knocked on the door, but there was no answer, so she thought she was sleeping.
As soon as you entered the room, you would have heard Diana’s moaning, and you would have guessed what we were doing, but the maid’s voice was not disturbed at all.
Is this common in this castle?
Did everyone get used to that succubus-like princess?

Thanks to the curtains, we might not be clearly visible from the maid side, but it didn’t matter to Diana, who has a special wall of exhibitionism.
Only the fact that someone came in during the act matters.
As I listened to the sound of the maid placing the dishes on the table, Diana immediately buried her face in my chest and trembled to the point that it looked dangerous.

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unexpected reversal.
In fact, even though it seems like only the scenes were written, the story progress was surprisingly omitted.
We were aiming for level 100 for the next story.


Anorgasmia treatment

“Hey. Exhibitionism.”

“No, it’s not exhibitionism!”

Diana exclaimed as she put her head on my chest and desperately tried to hide her face.
But between yesterday and today, I have shown suspicion of exhibitionism several times.
Perhaps he felt that it was not persuasive to just say no, even if he thought it was not, and Diana’s voice was a little unconfident. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hugged and held Diana tightly until the maids set the table, and somehow stopped Diana from losing her mind.
However, even if it was prevented from moving like that, whenever she felt the presence of a maid through the sound of placing dishes and rubbing clothes, Diana trembled and tightened her vagina.

“The meal is ready.”

“Ah, thank you. Afterwards… I’ll eat, so you can leave.”

“Yeah. Then we will wait for you in front of your visit. Please call me if you need anything else.”

And while the maid and I had a conversation after finishing the setting, Diana finally reached a climax.
I didn’t move at all, but just the fact that I was doing this in front of other people made me excited and reached the climax.
Diana, who reached a climax with her waist rattling back and forth like a broken machine, couldn’t even contain her movements completely. If you hold it too hard, you risk injuring Diana.
Thanks to that, the maid must have definitely heard the lewd squeaking sound of the liquid as her waist moved.
But, as before, the maid left the room without saying a word, as if it was familiar.

“Hey. Are you okay?”

“Hell. mandible. mandible. man.”

After checking the sound of the maid leaving, I immediately grabbed Diana’s shoulder and stood up to check her face.
Diana was trembling with a sullen expression on her lips, even drooling on her lips.

“Is it that good? Because of what you just moved, the maid also heard the sound of love… .”
“Hey hey!”

And as soon as she heard my words, Diana shook her back again and squirted water from her vagina, drooping as if a fuse had blown.

And after a while, Diana wakes up and immediately after waking up, the conversation continues.

“Isn’t it too shameless to say no?”

“Uh, no way!”

“If you leave the door open like this, the maid outside… .”
“Uh, ooh… .”

“sorry. It was a joke. joke. Let’s have some rice.”

Isn’t it rude to cry?
Perhaps it would be better to give up on making him admit it for now.
After all, time is literally forever. If we live together, the day will come when we will acknowledge ourselves as well.
And just because he doesn’t admit it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy playing like that.

It was only after eating and washing up that Diana seemed to have lost her shyness a little.
Gracefully sipping tea, Diana checked the clock on the wall.
I heard that watches are quite expensive in this world, but after all, it’s a feudal lord. There was also a clock in this room.

“Hmm. I’m late.”

“It looks like Sylvia hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Hmm. Well? By the way, wasn’t Miss Sylvia insensitivity? Did your skills work properly?”

“Huh. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived my whole life without knowing what pleasure is, isn’t my reaction a joke? The kid who was much higher level than me eventually passed out in the end. So maybe he hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Hmm. is it. uh… . Let’s talk in detail.”

Diana didn’t like to hear me slept with other women, but she had a complicated expression as if she was curious as a wizard.
It looked like he was thinking about it for a while, and then he asked if his curiosity had triumphed in the end.

“Even if you ask me to go into detail… . First of all, I checked it with sex analysis, and I didn’t see any erogenous zones at all. So no matter where I touched it, there was no response. But when I use a skill that gives me pleasure, I feel it right. However, it didn’t work if it wasn’t a skill that directly gives pleasure like the vibrator penis. Oh, and because I use the holy water of a saint

Even temporarily, something like an erogenous zone occurs.”

“Hmm. Can you forcefully give pleasure without any erogenous zones? After all, your skills are all out of the norm.”

Well, the job of a saint is probably a job that involves a goddess.
In fact, the original world’s Great Earth Game Company itself was speculating that the goddess of this world might be involved.
So I guess that the saint, which the Great Earth has set as the basic job, is also a job that involves the goddess. It is also a profession closely related to the idea of ​​a goddess.
Besides, I was drawn into this world as soon as I started the game, so the angles are tight, right?
I have no idea why they chose me out of so many players, and why they brought me here.

“By the way, the princess was like that too, did you think she was acquainted with Sylvia too? How did you know it was insensitivity?”

“There was a time when this body stayed in the castle and took on the role of a teacher.”

“You didn’t go back and forth between schools, did you? What did you stay in the castle for?”

“You? Don’t you know? Kelly, one of the school leaders… Wasn’t there someone who had blonde hair extended to the shoulders? He is the court wizard of this country. Of course I stayed in the royal castle.”

“What?! But why are you not in the castle and in our mansion?”

“Didn’t you say so?”

So you’re saying you hit your own thing?! No, if you don’t say it in the past tense, are you still a court wizard?
Anyway, their love for Diana was truly creepy.
That’s why there’s talk of a coup d’état and stuff like that.

“Anyway, I taught the princess for a while at the request of the queen. Also Miss Sylvia, who has been with the princess since childhood. From then on, Miss Sylvia’s constitution was famous. All of the high-level men were invited to hug him, and they tried to call in wizards or priests to treat them.”

“Then you too?”

“Well. I’ve also checked this body. But in the end, no one could cure him. So it seems that Miss Sylvia’s family, Count Babett, also gave up and accepted it. It’s a pity that we can’t feel the joy that Goddess has given to this world, but isn’t that not without its merits?”

“okay? What are the advantages? I can’t even guess.”

“To say that you can’t feel it at all means that no matter how high the level of the man you are dealing with, there is no problem. Ms. Sylvia has grown tremendously since she was a child, mixing her body with high-level men who were invited for treatment without worrying about her boss.”

Oh, is that so?
Hearing those words, Sylvia’s reaction during sex was understandable.
For some reason, it wasn’t too good for that level.
If so, it may be that he doesn’t have much experience for that level.
Moreover, since he said it was for the purpose of treatment, it is highly likely that he did not move on his own.
No, it certainly will.
After he came to his senses, he felt it, but he did not move, so it must have been.

“Oh, I see… .”

“Well? Something?”

“My skills won’t be unlocked unless I satisfy them, right? Then if I put the holy water on Sylvia and leave it as it is, wouldn’t Sylvia also have erogenous zones?”

It’s like a princess whose mouth became sensitive due to self-inflicted self-infliction.
If you apply the holy water of a saint only to your chest or genitals and leave it as it is, wouldn’t Sylvia also have a normal erogenous zone?

“Hmm? hoo. Right. That would be enough.”

Maybe Diana didn’t even think of that, and nodded her head in agreement.

“Should we talk if we get a call that Sylvia has woken up while talking?”

“Now? Are you really okay?”

Diana tilted her head slightly as if puzzled.
yes i know That’s Leia.
But it doesn’t take long to apply the holy water of the saint, right? And… .

“After all, I wouldn’t be coming here anymore, but I’ll tell you now or when.”

“Hmm. Indeed it is.”

Perhaps she liked my story that she would never come again, Diana nodded her head as if convinced with a satisfied smile.
And then, as if aiming, a knock on the door was heard again.
Upon hearing the knock, for some reason Diana flinched and trembled.
Did I even think about it?

“come in.”

“Excuse me. It is said that Babet opened her eyes. The Lord is looking for you.”

“The timing is good. Shall we go then?”

Following the guidance of the maid, when they arrived at the same room, there were the princess and Sylvia.
Sylvia had returned to the languid expression she had seen before, as if she was in a completely normal condition. No, it went beyond expressionless and looked a little gloomy.
Instead, Felicia’s face was slightly recalled and her hands were covering her cheeks as if her mouth was uncomfortable.

“D, whoops. Miss Diana. I was waiting.”

Obviously, the influence of the holy water of the saint would not be that great. After all, he seems to be excited by the weak sensations because he is a sex-addicted succubus.

“I’m really sorry for showing you such a shame yesterday.

Then Sylvia stepped forward and bowed 90 degrees, apologizing deeply.

“Oh, no. I’d rather apologize. That’s how I made it. Sorry.”

“Yes. It’s all the fault of this person and the princess there, so don’t worry too much about Miss Sylvia.”

He didn’t like what I did with Sylvia, but it seemed Diana understood that Sylvia wasn’t at fault either.

“Thank you for saying that.”

“Is your body completely fine?”

Anyway, I knew that the effects of my skills had been removed, but to make sure that, I was still there, so I asked.

“Yeah. No problem at all.”

look at that what did i say
She glanced at Felicia as if to see it, and then she met Sylvia again.
Just to bring up the conversation I had with Diana earlier.

“I have more to say than that.”

“Yeah? What do you mean?”

For some reason, the princess looked at me with a more expectant expression than Sylvia.
not you

“Your insensitivity. I think I can fix it.”

“… Yeah?”

Sylvia suddenly seemed unsure of what she was saying,

He tilted his head lightly with a still languid expression on his face.

“I don’t know if you heard it from the princess, but the reason you became like that yesterday is because the effect of my skill hasn’t dissipated and has remained. As long as I don’t dispel it, my skills will remain in my body. You’ve felt it too, you know? It feels like the pleasure I gave you is still in my body.”

“Yeah. The sensations I had never felt before continued to stimulate my body and I thought it was going to stop.

“sorry… . Hmmm. Anyway! I can use it to heal you. Among my skills, there are skills that not only give pleasure, but only make them sensitive. If you use it, you will also develop erogenous zones. In other words, it will be possible to treat anorgasmia.”

Sylvia, who heard my words, pondered the meaning of the words for a moment with a blank expression on her face, then gradually opened her eyes wide and looked surprised.

“I, really?! So, can you feel the sensation that I gave you yesterday again?!”

As if the expressionless expression from before was a lie, Sylvia rushed to grab my collar and shouted out loud.

“Yeah, yes. will you do it?”

“Yeah! Please!”

It seems that it was a much more desperate problem for Sylvia than I thought.
Indeed, it might be
If I had lived my whole life without knowing the pleasure at all, I wouldn’t know, because of me, I came to experience the climax of pleasure.
You only taste it once, and you will never be able to taste it again. There will be no hell

“Good. Then take it off.”


“What is that all of a sudden!”

Diana, who had been listening quietly for all this time, suddenly punched me in the side and said:
Diana looked up at me with tears in her eyes, clenching her fists as if she had hit and hurt.

“no. I didn’t mean it in a weird way. Even if you try to create an erogenous zone, if you make it in a strange place, it will not interfere with your daily life. You have to make it right in the vagina.”

“Then say yes! Does it make sense to suddenly ask me to take it off? What would Miss Sylvia think!”

If it’s Sylvia, are you obediently taking it off?
Well, it’s still my fault, so I won’t protest.
If you respond back to Diana, who is cutely clenching her fists, the next time she will attack you.
Then that cute hand hurts more, right? I can’t leave it like that.
Whoops. a man like me why are you so nice

Sylvia was so desperate, Diana and Felicia were also sitting together and threw all of their clothes off.
Well, it would be better for Diana to be with me too.
This is because we can be proud of ourselves without causing any misunderstanding.

“Then please.”

Perhaps there was no shame at all, Sylvia took off her clothes and stood with her legs slightly apart so that she could touch her crotch.

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Diana’s reincarnation magic was to return her physical age to a point in the past. It’s not level sealed.
To be big, like Diana said before

Many years must pass.


Anorgasmia treatment

Squatting in front of Sylvia, who stood with her crotch open, Guwon put a finger into his own mouth.
Then, after activating the holy water of the saint on the saliva, he dipped his finger into the saliva and brought it to Sylvia’s vagina.

I used to put a lot of holy water on the innermost part of what I was thinking when having sex, but now I don’t have to. No, rather it shouldn’t be.
If you apply it there, even if you have erogenous zones, there will be few people who can stimulate them.
I’m not going to have sex with you, but I want to make it feel when I’m having sex with another person, so I’ll just apply it on the inside of the clitoris and near the entrance.
So a finger is enough.
If she had to put her penis in, Diana wouldn’t have been watching her like that in the first place.

While working on applying the holy water of the saint to the inside of the pubic area, of course, I had no choice but to touch the already applied area.
It must have been a slight stimulus, but Sylvia, not accustomed to pleasure, made a bewitching voice and trembled.

“Yes. 👌👌 heh heh haha.”

I know what your situation is right now, but can you please hold back your voice?
I can feel Diana’s sharp gaze piercing the back of my head from behind.
Even though I knew it was a treatment, it didn’t seem right for me to be fiddling with another woman’s vagina.
Besides, on the surface, it’s just completely caressing.

Even so, it was impossible to end it halfway, so while praying for Diana not to explode, Salvation continued to apply the holy water of the saint to the inside of Hades.
Sylvia’s vagina was still not wet even though she felt a slight pleasure, so she had to work while spitting her fingers over and over again.
Peel off the skin that covers the clitoris cutely, apply it evenly to the clitoris, put your index and middle fingers inside the pubic area, and apply the holy water to the entire crease between each wrinkle.
When you put your finger in like this, you realize that it is Sylvia’s masterpiece to tighten and release it by itself.

Even though I’ve been making steamed rice with Diana since morning, I’m still excited.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t surrender yourself to desire.
Ignoring the naturally swollen penis, Guwon finished the job of creating an erogenous zone in Sylvia’s vagina.

“Good. You should have done this.”

“Huh? Is that the end? So, isn’t the erogenous zone only in the pubic area? You can only feel it as a vagina. Sylvia is so pathetic.”

When she tried to stand up with her back bent awkwardly because of her swollen penis, Felicia said something like that.
… is that pitiful? You don’t feel that way just because you’re a color maniac?
But since I’m not a woman, I couldn’t openly object to it.
Then you just have to ask yourself.

“What do you think, Sylvia? Is there anything else you would like me to do?”

“I wish I could have sex with you… .”

Wow. He’s really not afraid.
That Felicia is also quiet in front of Diana, have you really not seen her?
On the surface, it seems that he has a personality that doesn’t have much desire, but surprisingly, he was the type to be very honest with his needs.

“I’m not going to do it, so calm down, Diana. He’s just like this because he’s not used to pleasure. Other than that, where else would you like to make it more erogenous?”

“… If that’s the case, there’s nothing special about it.”

Sylvia seemed satisfied with the fact that she had an erogenous zone in her vagina.
It was a pity that he couldn’t have sex, but he was droopy. In the first place, I made it this way so that I could enjoy it even with other men. Do it with someone else.
If I was going to do it, I wouldn’t even need to work on creating an erogenous zone like this.

“okay. Then this is the end.”

“… Thank you very much. Excuse me then, can I go out first?”

Sylvia bowed 90 degrees and bowed deeply, then trembled as if she wanted to leave.

“Sylvia? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to test.”

“Ah, yes. Everyone, go.”

Felicia was also slightly embarrassed by Silvia’s dignified attitude, so she stuttered and gave permission.

“Then excuse me.”

Sylvia bowed her head once more, got dressed, and hurriedly left the room.

“Then let us… .”
“Come on, wait a minute.”

Felicia desperately blocked the salvation she was about to leave now.
Why are you doing that again?
Come to think of it, nothing happened last night.
I thought he must have been up to something and was holding us back.

“Go, sleep before you go… I have something to tell you for a moment.”

“Huh? What? Say it.”

“That, that… . Can’t we just talk to the two of us?”

Felicia looked at Diana and made a gesture that it was difficult to speak here.
I can’t. Trying to seduce Diana by doing something else in the absence of it.
To be honest, ever since my suspicions of seduction came up, I couldn’t resist if he kept flirting with me. It’s not something that happens by will.

“Well? Salvation? Princess. I’m not suspicious of this body either, but maybe I’m still out of my mind, right? Iza is the man of this body.”

Diana said, raising her eyebrows slightly.
Talking to me is a subject that I am ashamed of, and in this case, I say without changing a single expression on my face.
Anyway, I’m reluctant to talk to Felicia alone, but I wondered why he was holding us back.

“Good. Then shall we go over there?”

“Come on, what… !”
“I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but if it’s something that’s difficult for others to hear, there’s nothing I can do about it. OK. I just want to talk to you over there. Do you believe me?”

As long as Diana’s field of vision was within reach, no matter how much the princess, she wouldn’t be able to openly seduce her.
Even if the princess overtly seduces me and I fall in love with it, Diana will do something about it.

Like Felicia, she moved to the window in the room, to a place where Diana’s voice could not reach if she whispered.
And salvation shook her head as if to say something to Felicia, but Felicia somehow caught Diana’s gaze.

I was hesitant to open my mouth because I was worried.

“What? I’m busy, so hurry up.”

“You are really great too. Even after seeing you, I am a princess.”

“okay. You’re a princess who’s desperate to eat me.”

“What are you talking about. I just want him to eat me.”

“Do you have anything to say? Then I… .”
“Come on, wait a minute, babe. Are you really going this way? Aren’t you going to release the skill you gave me?”

“Do you need to release me? I’ve been like that all night, so I don’t know. Don’t worry, I won’t go crazy like Sylvia even if you stay as you are.”

“Ha, but you keep worrying about your mouth.”

“You don’t just want to be with me, do you?”

“I wouldn’t say there is no reason for that, but… .”

Seeing it come out so frankly, it seems that it is true that people care about the inside of their mouth.
Still, I had no intention of releasing it.
If we keep talking like this, I have a strong feeling that he will seduce me again, so I decided to change the topic.

“More than that, I have something I want to ask you.”

“Huh? What?”

“Why did you end up holding us all night? Is Sylvia just an excuse? I thought he was going to do something else during the night, but it doesn’t seem like that.”

“How the hell do you see me? I mean, I was really worried about Sylvia. Besides, there’s no way Diana-sama is right next to you, right? No matter what country, there is that level of discernment.”

In other words, if it wasn’t for Diana, I would have done something.

“so? Was it really just because of Sylvia that you were holding on?”

“Well, and if anything happens to you, the only person who can release you is you.”

A mourning who usually does everything in order to have sex, it seems that he was afraid of becoming an animal greedy for pleasure.
If you look at it this way, there are also some unusually cute corners.
For a moment, I thought about it, and without realizing it, I got goosebumps.
what am i thinking now it’s cute
The opponent is hosi-tam-tam, every note that aims at my body. But do you think that I showed a normal side for a while? ね. Is this also the power of fascination? scary guy.

“Ah, anyway. If nothing else happens, I’ll just leave.”

“I, really? Do I leave it like this?”

“okay. Well, if I remember even when I reached a level where I could send you to the climax with just the touch of a saint, I might come to release you.”

“Hey, you know when that is! What kind of torture is this!”

“Huh. It is the price of seducing an innocent me. Feel the sexual arousal pain wherever you speak or eat. And every time you think of the face you tried to seduce, feel sorry for yourself. Ha ha ha ha.”

Excited and unknowingly, she spoke a little bit of a villainous twist, but Felicia heard the words and for some reason trembled.
… I meant to make fun of you, but what is that expression on your face?
Feeling threatened, I quickly ran to Diana.

“Well? Are you finished talking?”

“Huh. Let’s go back now.”

“What were you talking about?”

“Ah… It was just that he was handling the coup well. I must have thought that you would be angry if you talked about a coup in front of you again.”

To tell the princess that the saint’s holy water is applied, you have to tell the princess that she has sucked my stuff.
Of course, I didn’t get stabbed at all in that situation, but Diana was sure to explode, so I decided to just run around.

“Hmm. Right. I don’t know when I’ll have to visit the royal castle.”

Diana muttered as she nodded, seemingly convinced by my words.

“Sorry. For nothing, I made all the heads of the association gather.”

“It’s okay. Wasn’t it for this body? And that this body can be with you… I’m happy.”

big why are you so cute
He hugged Diana, who was slightly shy, and left the castle as it was.
The princess looked at me with a look full of regrets until the end, but since Diana was by her side, she couldn’t say anything more and had no choice but to see me off.

When I got out of the castle, I hugged Diana and walked out with light steps, but as I got closer to the mansion, I could feel the steps getting heavier and heavier.
But anyway, I really didn’t think about it.
It’s like me from the dirty past. You do the work yourself and leave the rest to the future.
If I had a time machine, I’d like to go and hit one.
My head was in a state of panic right now, to the point where I could even think of such nonsense.

Are you angry too?
When she found out that I was dating Sarah, it was Leia who was more sad than she was angry.
I’ve never seen Leia properly angry in the first place.
So no further action was taken.
You have to be able to anticipate how you will react, or take measures or not.
One thing is certain, Leia must have been very angry by now.
Doesn’t it look like you’re walking slow?

“Sigh… Procrastination will only prolong Leia’s anger.”

Diana sighed and said so, as if she understood why I was procrastinating.
That’s right. That’s correct though.

“Don’t tell me! You think Leia was upset because of someone in the first place!”

“Isn’t it because of you who tried to make all three of them your women?”

wow. Chi, shamelessly judging… .

“Hmm. You’re on your own, but it’s true that you’re sorry for Miss Leia, so I’ll go with you and apologize. So go ahead.”

First of all, Diana seems to have felt sorry for her.
Forced to take a step that did not fall, salvation headed towards the mansion.

“… Are you back?”

As we entered the mansion, Vanessa greeted us as usual and greeted us.
However, the inside of the mansion was surprisingly quiet as usual.
No, I didn’t expect Leiana Sara to run in and scream as soon as they entered the mansion.

“Uh, yes. That… How’s the mood right now? Especially Leia now… .”
“I do not know.”


am i wrong now?

“Since Diana and Guwon-nim have not shown their faces since they left the mansion, I don’t know either.”

Hey. that’s even scarier

“Hmm. You are in trouble.”

“I know!”

Anyway, there’s no use in doing this.
If you don’t appease Leia’s anger as soon as possible.
Despite being in the mansion, Salvation ran to Leia’s door at full speed.


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White Ox God // Maybe you forgot It’s not even 24 hours since Gu-Wo-Woo and Diana ran out of the mansion in My Time.

t Sanbaek // A little different. Elves grow normally until they reach the peak of their physical age, that is, around their early 20s, and then stop growing there. And at the end of their lifespan, they start to age again. In her previous life, Diana was in her late twenties, reaching the end of her lifespan and starting to age. There is still a long way to go to become that person, and what Diana said before was that it would take a few years to grow up to what she was in her early twenties.

Dismissal // It is not that there is no possibility of temporary change due to event nature, but it is unlikely that it will be completely fixed in the shape of a sister. Then the atmosphere with Leia overlaps… .

Brokenherat // It should be possible if you level up a lot, but there’s no reason for Diana to run out of mana for nothing. If you dare to do that, you would have to ask salvation, but if you ask her to stay transformed, you’re just saying that Diana’s current appearance is not good.


Leia’s heart

Shouting Leia’s name, she tried to open the door and enter, but the door was locked and could not be opened.

“Lee, Leia? Who is Leia? angel? Am I here? Could you please open the door for a moment?”

And no matter how much I knocked on the door, there was no reply from within the room.
… Does this mean you don’t even want to see my face?
ruined. Our angel must have been really angry.

“Is Leia really here? Maybe not?”

It was self-sufficient, but when this happened, I wanted to escape from reality.

“At least no one has seen Leia leave the mansion.”

But I heard a cold reply blocking my escape from reality behind my back.
As soon as I followed, Vanessa stood quietly behind me.
I must have been sprinting here, but how can I stand there with a straight face without a break in my breath?
As an alternative butler, stat correction is a job that pays off.

“I think the situation is more serious than I thought.”

And Diana, who followed me late, approached me from the other side of the hallway, looked at me and said,

“How can I not open this?”

“Why not? But can I open it up and go in?”

“Ugh… . that would be mad Still, it’s much better than staying like this. Open it.”


I see.”

Diana blinked, and Vanessa pulled a pack of keys from her pocket.
It was a set of keys the size of which seemed unlikely to fit in Vanessa’s pocket, wearing a tight-fitting butler’s suit.
That butler’s suit, maybe the pockets are like a space pocket?
Also the butler of the Archmage. What a magical outfit.

Anyway, Vanessa opened the door with the key and took a step back.
He must have heard the key, but there was still no response from the room.

“just. I’ll go in alone. Diana, you don’t have to come with me to apologize.”

“Are you still okay?”


So far, if Leia is angry and Diana, the main culprit, goes with her, it will only have the opposite effect.
I’d rather go in first for now and ask Diana to apologize alone later.
As he struggled to calm his beating heart, salvation carefully opened the door.

When I opened the door and entered, Leia did not immediately catch my eye.
Are you sure you didn’t really leave the house? Is it just Vanessa didn’t see?
But a closer look revealed that it wasn’t.
I could see golden, triangular ears sticking out of the top of the blanket on the bed.
Being under a thick and soft blanket, it seems that no matter how voluminous Leia’s body was, it didn’t show.
Come on, are you sleeping?
But as I got closer, I could see my ears quivering.
I can’t do that either.

“there… Leia?”

But Leia still didn’t respond.
Laying on the blanket, and leaning over with only her ears barely visible, it seemed that Leia was planning not to react thoroughly.
She approached the bedside, but Leia still lay down, buried her face in the pillow, and didn’t even look at her.

“I’m really sorry!”

I knelt on the spot and begged for a thud to the floor.
It was Diana who dragged me, no matter how many excuses I made, in the end it was my choice.
It’s all my fault, so it’s useless to make excuses. I can only hope and beg for forgiveness.

Perhaps I was startled when I knelt so loudly that the blanket where Leia’s ass was supposed to be located was slightly raised and then lowered again.

“I’m really sorry! Even after making such a promise… !”
“… Appointment.”

Her face was buried in the pillow, so she couldn’t hear well, but Leia seemed to be trying to say something.
So, I stopped apologizing for a moment and listened to Leia’s voice.

“Appointment… you’ll keep… I was believing continue… I waited… .”

big huh. Each word becomes a dagger and pierces my heart.
That line alone makes me feel guilty enough to want to kill myself for breaking my promise, but even my voice is so painful that the effect is doubled.

“Ugh… Mia, Mia… .”
“… Goo Won is a liar.”

When I was about to apologize again, Leia slightly turned her head to the side and looked at this side with one eye, giving her one final blow.
Those eyes are red, probably crying all night long, so it’s hard for me to get a finishing blow.

exerted sufficient power.

“Ugh. Leah, Kwok, Leia. I’m really, really sorry. I, I have no idea… .”

The guilt she had been unconsciously turning away from until now exploded when she saw Leia’s reddened eyes, and the tears welled up.
It shouldn’t be like this. It’s not about being unmanly or anything like that.
My fault is that I did everything and brazenly cry for what I did well. This is nothing more than ugly.
He bit his lower lip and tried to stop the tears somehow, but he didn’t know how to dry the tear glands once they burst.

“Goo, Guwon-san?! Are you crying right now?!”

When I suddenly started squeezing, it seems that our sister Leia, who is also an angel, could not stand still.
I tried not to even look at this side until now, but I was startled, so I raised my upper body and looked at me.
Leia’s eyes exposed like that were completely red, and the pillow where Leia’s face had been buried until now was wet with a dark color just looking at it.
The more I felt sorry for that, the more my tear glands exploded.

“Sorry. Leia. I’m sorry I didn’t think about it. Sorry for being stupid.”

Ignoring the bleeding lower lip from biting too hard, he continued to apologize.

“Come on, wait. Calm down, Mr. It’s okay. Don’t cry because it’s okay… .”
“no. It’s not okay. I’m really sorry. But I don’t know how to apologize. Sorry for being stupid.”

It was clear to anyone that Leia was doing this out of sympathy.
Now, in this situation, I was just trying to escape the situation by stimulating the compassion of kind Leia.
do not do that. Of course, I don’t deny that I’m trash, but I didn’t want to do that until this point.
It wasn’t sympathy, but I wanted to ask for forgiveness by opening Leia’s heart properly.
So, while denying Leia’s words, he continued to apologize.
However, no matter how much he thought about his apology, he had no idea how to ask for forgiveness.
The tear glands that had burst as an added bonus showed no signs of drying out.

“Oh, go-goo. It’s okay. Because it’s okay. Do not cry.”

Leia came down to bed, wrapped my face in her chest, hugged me, and comforted me like that.
But the more Leia came out like that, the stronger the guilt got, and the tears just flowed out more and more vigorously.
The guilt was so strong that even when Leia’s chest was rubbed against her cheek, she didn’t feel happy at all. Normally, I would have changed my mind.

“Sorry. I am the one to kill.”

“No. It is not. Are you my favorite person?”

Leia hugged my face and gently stroked my back, speaking in a calm voice.
Why the hell is Leia like an angel without any measures
I was wrong, but why is Leia comforting me?

As long as I didn’t stop crying, it seemed like this would continue.
First, take a deep breath and stop crying. Apologizing properly is the next step.
However, even if he took a deep breath and tried to control his breathing, he couldn’t stop crying.
I’m not the type to cry that much, but it’s strange that I keep crying.

“Are you calming down a little now?”

Leia still spoke in an angelic voice while gently stroking the day she stopped crying after sipping in Leia’s arms for a while.

“… okay. I’m sorry for making you look bad.”

“no. It was the first time I saw Goo Won like that, and it was a little cute.”

ugh So why are you so angelic! Are you really an angel?! Can you actually take out the wings?!
At this rate, it was an atmosphere that seemed to be able to let go of the fact that I broke my promise.
But it can’t be.
Even garbage has its own line.
This is something that needs to be properly apologized and forgiven.
At least I wasn’t trash enough that I still liked the look of Leia’s red eyes and thought I could just skip it.

“I’m really sorry I broke my promise.”

A little away from Leia’s arms, she faced Leia, bowed her head, and once again sincerely apologized.

“… It’s okay. Actually, Guwon did not come back, so I thought a lot about it. Will it be thrown away like this? Wasn’t it just sympathy when you said you liked me? As for Guo Guo, who met me late, maybe Sara or Diana is better… .”

“Oh, that can’t be! It’s not like that! Absolutely not! Who do you like more and who do you like less? How’s that on my topic?! How much more sympathy! Absolutely not!”

The guilt welled up at the fact that Leia had made me think like that, and I almost cried again, but I was able to hold it in somehow this time because I cried so much that my tear glands were dry.

“Yeah. When I saw Goo Won crying, I realized that it wasn’t like that either. So it’s okay.”

“But if you forgive me so easily, I don’t understand. I want to take responsibility for making you cry somehow. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“… Yeah? Huh… . That’s right. If that’s the case, I’m also like Sarah… .”
“That’s not allowed.”

“Yes, yes?!”

Leia did not think that she would be rejected, so Leia wept slightly.
I didn’t mean it that way, so don’t cry, angel.
Leia had not seen Diana wearing the ring yet, so she made such a request.
He took out the ring he had bought for Leia from his inventory, held it out, and explained the reason for refusing it.

“The ring was originally meant to be given, so it cannot be compensated. Tell me about your other requirements.”

“Goo, Gu Gu-won… !”

However, Leia didn’t care about my request to make other demands, and looked at the ring and gave a thrilled expression.

“Is there anything else you want?”

“Well, even if you say that… .”
“I made you cry all night. You made me feel that way, but I just don’t understand how you can deal with this. please. Is there something I can do for you?”

“then… Then please stay with me all day like Diana.”

“Ha, but just like that… !”

“It’s not just that. I’m the happiest when I’m with Gu Guo. Being with Goo Won is the greatest reward for me.”

“Lee, Leia!”

Leia was so angelic, her tear ducts exploded again.
To leave a child who said it was good just to be with me all day. How the hell am I trash
He hugged Leia tightly and shed tears like a fool again.

“I’m sorry. Leia. What have I done with such a kind Leia… !”

“Really. Now, if you neglect me, I’ll keep hurting you over this, so be prepared. You have to be careful going forward.”

Leia shuddered as if she was a little startled when I suddenly hugged her, but then she hugged me and said in a slightly playful voice.

“Huh. I will do really well in the future.”

“Huhu. Alright then, Mr. Salvation. Stick out your lips, please.”

Yes? Kissing here will make you a nine-tailed fox, right? No, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, today is the day I decided to be with Leia all day. How about turning into a nine-tailed fox in broad daylight?
She jumped right off and sticks her lips out as Leia said, but it wasn’t a kiss that Leia wanted to do.
Leia gently stroked my lips with her soft, glowing fingers.
A slight tingling sensation passed, and then I felt a tickling sensation and a healing sensation on my lips.
Oh, by the way, I was bleeding earlier.
When I glanced down, Leia’s chest was also covered with blood from my lips.

“Huhu. did you know how to kiss But not yet. It’s a day when I can monopolize Mr. Goo, but I don’t want to spend it in a state of my sanity. Please be patient.”

Saying that, Leia gently stroked my lips as if she wanted to kiss me too.

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Leia is an angel, so why is everyone shouting at Yan?


Leia’s heart

“Then, shall we go eat first?”

After the matter was settled, he made up his mind and said with a cheerful smile.
Even if it was over, I honestly felt that Leia embraced me like an angel rather than apologizing properly.
But even Leia wouldn’t want me to sag in the dark.
I wouldn’t be that kind of person who wants an angel to be with me all day.
So let’s go back to normal, and keep the mood pleasant

“You said you’ve been in the room since yesterday? Are you hungry?”

Contrary to her innocent image, she doesn’t seem to eat much, Leia is the type of person who eats a lot.
I understand. It’s unavoidable to maintain that chest.
If because of me I starved yesterday and that breast shrank by even one gram, I would never be able to forgive myself.

“Yeah. Go.”

Leia grabbed my extended hand and approached me, wrapped my arms around me and hugged me tightly into her arms and hung up.
Also. Happy.
I can do anything for this.

“Uh, uh. did you come out?”

open the door

As we walked out, Diana slumped right in front of the door and raised her hand awkwardly to say hello.
were you waiting
To me, it was all my fault or anything, and I was actually really sorry.

“Ah, yes… .”

Leia clasped my arm even tighter and answered awkwardly.
From Leia’s point of view, the biggest cause of being left alone yesterday was Diana.
After being dragged out, it is said that I made the decision on my own, but in the end, it was Diana who was dragged out that caused the cause.
I was forgiven for being mischievous, but will Leia forgive Diana easily?
… what will you forgive me
Could an angel be an angel for nothing?

For a moment, there was a subtle silence as Leia and Diana looked at each other.
Leia hugged my arm even tighter and looked at Diana with a subtle expression, and Diana continued to squint and twitch subtly with her legs, wondering if she and Leia were holding hands.
And as Leia hugged me tightly, I felt the touch of her chest, which was more vividly transmitted to her arms.
First of all, I apologized.
Diana. Now it’s your turn. Where are you struggling?
Although such a subtle confrontation continued, Diana seems to have decided that she should apologize first.

“I feel really sorry for Miss Leia. I am so excited to think that this body has finally found a companion after so many years.”

I was quite surprised. Wasn’t this the first time Diana had bowed her head to someone?
I tend to forget that I don’t pay attention to it every day and make fun of it, but even after seeing you, Felicia is such a high person that I can’t be bothered with it.
I hope you will be so sorry

“… Companion? Goo Won, finally chose Diana… .”
“No, I also have Leia as a companion! Did you even give me a ring?!”

“Ah, is that so? Companion… .”

Perhaps Leia hadn’t thought about it yet, and she covered her cheek with one hand and made a happy expression.
Still, Leia’s good point is that she doesn’t release the hand that is holding my arm.

“Miss Diana. It’s okay. Raise your head.”

“Are you going to forgive this body?”

“I understand Diana’s feelings too.”

Again, angel. Because I knew it would be like this
He is so kind that I wonder how he has lived in the world until now.
And I’m worried that I’ll just live with losses in the future.
After all, I’ll have to stick around and watch over you.

“Ah, but instead, today I will monopolize the seeds of salvation.”

“Uh, uhm.”

Diana nodded her head as if she had no choice but to put on a bitter expression at Leia’s words.
Even if she monopolizes me, it seems like she doesn’t want other women to monopolize me.
I had no choice but to accept my harem situation, but I didn’t like what I didn’t like.
Well, it seems like me, too.
I’m sorry, but this is really a problem that only time can solve. I can’t help but hope everyone gets used to it.

Anyway, our angel accepted Diana’s apology with infinitely wide tolerance, so we headed to the restaurant together.
And when we went to the dining room, Sarah was already sitting at the table, probably because Vanessa had called.

“… Did you come?”

uh huh? Are you staring at me for some reason?

“Sa, Sarah? Are you mad?”

“Then you thought it wouldn’t fly?”

The fact that he broke his promise to spend the night with Leia on the day he confessed to Leia was so impactful that he had only been paying attention to Leia until now.
To be honest, I didn’t think Sarah would get so angry because she even said that she would admit to dating other women first.
Perhaps that was my mistake.
Seeing that her tone of voice has gone back to respectful language again, it seems she is quite angry about this.

“Hey, Leia. I’m sorry because it was right after I said that I’d be with you today, but it’s only for a little while… .”
“I do not like it.”


“You said that last time, and you left me alone, didn’t you?”

I forgave him, but it seems that the credibility of my words within the angel has been greatly reduced is an unavoidable problem.
There was nothing to say because it was self-employed.
I can’t help it. Will Sarah be comforted like this?

“Sa, Sara? What is it? You said that even if I had a deep relationship with another woman, you would admit it… .”
“That was when you didn’t neglect me! Do you know that it was my turn last night?”

… After all, if you look at it in order, that’s it.
Strictly speaking, the night I promised with Leia was the day I was taken to the permanent residence.
It was Sarah’s turn yesterday.

“Um, sorry.”

“Besides, that look! It looks like you got along well with Leia! Are you going to spend it with Leia today?!”

“Yeah, but Leia confessed for the first time and was neglected, so can you please understand?”

“It’s been a few days since I confessed?!”

“Still, on the day you confessed, it was Diana’s turn, but until the night came… Oh.”

“… What does that mean now?”

Recognizing that the mistake had been made, he hurriedly shut his mouth, but it was already too late.

“No, so. That’s it. Can’t you just calm down? Diana.”

“It wasn’t just a confession, you mean that the two of us even rolled around together that day!”

Diana’s anger erupted at me and Sarah.

“Sah, it doesn’t matter. After all, it’s your turn to decide who you’ll spend the night with, and whatever you do during the day.”

Sara seems to have decided to go straight.

“Then there is nothing wrong with this body! This body is the only one that dragged the author during the day!”

“What do you mean? Diana stayed up all night… .”
“I haven’t been with this body very much at night either! Because he was wallowing with another woman last night!”

“Come on, wait! Diana, don’t talk about being misunderstood!”

“What could be misunderstood?! Where did this body say something wrong?!”

“No, it was omitted too much in many ways?! I have no choice but to… .”
“What couldn’t be helped! Couldn’t this have happened if you were careful?!”

wow. when am i

Would you like to win a battle against him once?

“… Salvation.”

Leia, who had been quietly listening to the conversation between Diana and Sarah, called my name softly.

“Can you explain?”

“No, of course.”

Feeling the strange power of Leia, I desperately explained what happened yesterday and yesterday.
The pitiful me who was attacked by Princess Felicia, who put power and force in front of me.
And the declaration of sanctuary that was triggered in the meantime also affected Sylvia.
Having sex with Sylvia was forced to do.
And Sylvia’s gigantic fate is revealed.
Even saving Sylvia by using the saint skill.
A drama that could not be listened to without tears was completed, but our women’s reaction was relentless.

“So, in a nutshell, it’s all about salvation.”

“Didn’t this body tell you?”

“Guwon, why haven’t you been more careful?”

Sarah and Diana are like that, so even so, Leia’s words and reproaching eyes pierced my heart without mercy.

“You really don’t think it’s okay to leave salvation like this?”

“I agree.”

“After all, Guwon is an attractive person to other people.”

strange. It was clear that they were fighting each other before.
At some point, I became a public figure and it became an atmosphere of exchanging opinions.

“After all, it’s better for one person to stick together and monitor… .”
“I’d rather have a chastity belt… .”

Besides, the conversation was getting more and more confusing.
Don’t leave it like this.
My instinct was whispering like that.

“Come on, wait a minute! Even so, the chastity team is too much?! You guys don’t believe me that much?!”

“Are you saying that now?”

“okay. Obviously I have a tendency to act on instinct rather than reason. But that doesn’t mean that my heart towards you will change. Sara more than anyone else that my body and mind do not follow the same


After that, Sarah stopped rebuking me for a moment.
Sarah knows what I’m talking about.
It’s about Kate.
I put my body together like that, but in the end I didn’t give Kate my heart at all.
And since it’s Sarah who asked me to hug Kate for revenge, I’ll have to affirm my words even more.

“I will say it again. Sarah. Do you believe me?”

“Yeah… . Believe it, but… . still… .”

“I’m sorry I ended up sleeping with another woman. But, as I explained, I really couldn’t help it.”

“… Huh.”

Good. persuaded

“I’m sorry for the warm atmosphere, but this body can’t trust you. I don’t even know why Sara was suddenly persuaded in the first place.”

Whoops. Diana. As long as Sarah is persuaded, there is no point in your efforts alone.

“What about Leia? Leia believes in me?!”

“Yeah?! Yes. Of course, I believe in Guwon.”

As if surprised by the sudden return of the story to her, Leia responded reflexively.
angel too. I believed the angel would tell me that.

“Sara and Leia trust me like this, but Diana doesn’t trust me? It’s been a few days since I confessed, but love has already cooled… .”
“Hey, could that be?! It’s not like that… .”
“Is that or what?! Jeongjo Dae. How could you come up with such a terrible idea?! Your heart towards me is only that much?!”

“Oooh. that, that… .”

The moment Diana was speechless, I was sure of victory.
Don’t you think you won like trash?
Better to be trash than to wear a chastity belt!

“Hey, why was Miss Sara suddenly persuaded by the author in the first place?!”

“But, I do believe that my heart will not be shaken. Anyway, this is me… .”

“Wait a minute. something in that tone. Don’t talk like you’re the only one.”

And suddenly again, the bloody battle between Sarah and Diana began to rekindle.

“Ah, that’s right. But anyway, I’m the first.”

“Uh, uh, I don’t know how you first confessed, but in the first place, this body promised the author and the future! Just because it was confirmed a little sooner… .”
“But it was me who met first, and in the first place, Guguo lured me into a party? Guess also loved me from then on, didn’t she?”

Fire, don’t turn your arrow this way.

“No, well, I thought it was pretty… .”

To be honest, when we first met, it was because of sexuality rather than love, but I can’t say that.

“Look at it. I’ve been concerned about salvation since the first time I saw it. Oh, I saved you like that, did you love each other before I met Diana? It’s too late to confess.”

“Well, anyway, in the end, this body is the winner! You can’t have the author’s child without this body’s permission anyway! Who do you think is putting the contraceptive spell on the author?”

Wait a minute. what is that I hadn’t even realized it until now.

“Well, if you ask another wizard to solve that… .”
“The supreme archmage respected by all wizards in this body! Besides, the lord has already announced that that person is a man of this body! Do you think another wizard would touch his body in that situation?”

… it’s real So I really can’t have kids with other kids without Diana’s permission?

“Then I will learn magic from today!”

Sarah is scared because she seems to be able to learn really easily with the hero correction.
I don’t know exactly what the hero’s correction is, though.

Anyway, maybe this is a good thing? Would it be better for me to go?
To be honest, it’s scary to rush through those minefields, but this is still my destiny as a harem owner. Let’s accept it.
Where are you and what is that? Everyone likes the same.

“Mr. Salvation.”

As I tried to mediate between Sarah and Diana, Leia next to me took my arm tighter and said:

“I think it would be difficult to eat quietly here. Shall we just ask to bring it to the room and we will go to the room?”

Leia made such a sweet proposal in a warm voice.
I turned my gaze to the table again.
The hero and the archmage were arguing for the place of my home.
okay. Why would I have to go in between those bloody places?
Both of them fight in moderation, and when they get tired, they’ll quit.

Leaving Sarah and Diana behind, who had been arguing with each other, I went back to the room with Leia.

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Leia’s heart

“Then what are we going to do from now on? Is there anything Leia wants to do?”

After breakfast was served by having a meal brought to the room, Guo looked at Leia next to him and asked.
The reason why we are eating together and not facing Leia is because Leia sticks to me while we ate and feeds me.
He even gave priority to feeding me over what he ate. Even though I wanted to focus on eating since I starved for a few meals.

Of course, that’s why I also fed Leia.
Perhaps Leia was still very hungry, and whenever I brought food to her mouth, she ate it with a smile that seemed to make everyone who saw it happy.
I hope you eat a lot.
I never do this because of my chest. It’s just nice to see Leia eating. Really?

Anyway, that’s why we ended up eating with Leia, creating a scene where they put food in each other’s mouths, a scene that would have been killed if someone saw it from the side.
If Sarah and Diana had seen it, the minefield would have spread all the way here, but what if it’s just the two of them in the room?
So, what are these two doing now? Are you still fighting?
There was a possibility that he hadn’t broken in here yet.
Good. If we don’t get out before they break in here.

Leia put her hand on her chin, tilted her head slightly, gave a thoughtful expression for a moment, and said with a slightly troubled expression.

“What I want to do… . I do not know. When I’m with Goo Gu, I’m happy just that. I’m sorry. I asked to be with you, but I didn’t think of anything. please wait a moment. I will think about it now.”

Then, after thinking deeply about something, Leia came to this conclusion.

“I like just looking at it… . Why don’t we just go out and just hang out here together?”

He was also an angel.

“What can’t be done?”

To be honest, I didn’t know when the Hero and the Archmage would attack, so it was a little too much for me to stay here.

And we really spent time just hanging out together.
In fact, at first, I was even terrified of when Sarah and Diana would come.
To the extent that I can relate to the feeling of the Demon King who is holding his place in the Demon King’s Castle without running away even when he knows that the Hero Party is approaching.
But while flirting with Leia, I completely forgot about that and just enjoyed this time.

The two of us face each other and have a futile conversation, and sometimes we stand quietly together on the balcony overlooking the scenery.
Not only her breasts, but Leia had something to make people feel comfortable just by her existence.
Time passes comfortably without saying anything and just being together without feeling awkward or uncomfortable at all.

In fact, there were quite a few cases where I felt like I was spending time with Sara and Diana.
It’s not like I don’t have sex every day until I faint, and after having sex there are quite a few cases where we talk to each other and share the same time and fall asleep.
However, Leia passed out unconditionally after sex, so there was never a clear feeling of being alone like this.
When I went to the orphanage to help, there were other priests.
After spending such a time when I felt like I was alone, I couldn’t help but admire Leia’s atmosphere that made people feel comfortable again.
But is this okay?
I’m having a very satisfying time, but is Leia really happy too?



“Are you really okay with spending time like this?”


Leia’s smile as she answered that was truly dazzling, and even for a moment, thinking that Leia might be uninteresting made me feel like a fool.
He’s an angel too.
Seeing her lovely appearance, she wrapped her arms around Leia’s waist and hugged her closer to her, lying on her back on the bed.
Laying on the bed, she felt Leia’s soft body with her whole body, but she didn’t have a sinister heart.
Of course, the feel of Leia’s soft breasts on her chest, and Leia’s soft thighs on my legs were wonderful. I was more than happy with this.
But rather than feeling sinister, it just felt like being healed.

“Are you sleepy?”

“Well… no.”

Dangerous. I almost fell asleep
It wasn’t that I was sleepy, but it was so comfortable that I felt like I was going to sleep as I was feeling drowsy.

“It’s okay. If you are sleepy, you can sleep like this.”

“But it’s been a long time since I’ve been with Leia… .”
“It’s okay. It’s good that I’m just staring at Gu Guo-san like this.”

Even so, it would be better to spend time with the awake me than the sleeping me.
But even though the reason kept warning me that it wasn’t right, my body didn’t listen.
The comfortable atmosphere and the warmth felt from Leia’s warm body next to her. And Leia’s soft touch gently caressing her chest. Finally, with Leia’s sweet voice whispering in my ear like a lullaby, my consciousness became more and more hazy.

“Huhu. Good night.”

And at the end of that voice, my consciousness was completely cut off.


And when I woke up again, my body was incredibly refreshed.
Being light as if having a good night’s sleep didn’t seem to be the end of the problem.
damn it How long have you been sleeping? Today must have been a day for Leia.
I had such a sudden thought and tried to get up in a hurry, but before that, I noticed a sense of incongruity.
Something, it feels incredibly good?

Of course, the time I spent with Leia was happy, and that alone made me feel good.
So that’s how I fell asleep. But it didn’t feel that way.
To put it bluntly, in a sexual sense, my lower body felt good.

“Haha. haha haha haha.”

And the harsh breathing sounds in my ears.
The soft feeling of marshmallows that can be felt all over the body tremble. Even if it had already come off, the texture could be felt directly on the skin.
I’m starting to get an idea of ​​how things are going.
no. I can’t figure out how this happened, but it would be more accurate to say that I understood what kind of situation I was in.
When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw a scene unfolding as expected.
The sight of Leia, who has turned into a nine-tailed fox, trembling all over my body.

How did you turn into a nine-tailed fox?
Could it be that I had another bad sleeping habit, caressing Leia’s whole body and even stimulating it?
Since there had already been such a thing in the dungeon, it was not impossible.
It’s not enough to just fall asleep and make Leia lose her temper.
At first, Leia said it clearly. It’s just the two of us for a long time, so I don’t want to spend it in a crazy state.
I couldn’t even speak out of my own pity.

Anyway, it is urgent to solve this situation first.
It was fortunate that he inserted himself in the state of a nine-tailed fox, or that it was connected.
No matter how easily I cook a nine-tailed fox, if I had sucked up my life with just a kiss while I was sleeping, I would have died too.
Obviously, in the state of a nine-tailed fox, it must have been that he tried not to insert well with me since the first time he was hit.
Should this be attributed to Leia’s getting used to the state of the nine-tailed fox?
Leia knows that if you unilaterally suck your life force while healing sex is not triggered, you will die too.
The state of the nine tailed fox was controlled so that Leia’s reason, which remained weak, came out and inserted it.
It’s all just my predictions, but you have to believe so.
After all, Leia is an angel.

By the way, how long have you been doing this?
In the evening, the red sunset seeps through the windows. I’m not sure what time it was before I went to bed, but it didn’t seem like I slept very long.
But looking at Leia swaying over me right now, it’s definitely a reaction when it’s at its peak.
No matter how great I was, I didn’t activate any skills because I was sleeping, but it wouldn’t have reached its peak as soon as the nine tailed fox put it on.
If that’s the case, then a lot of time has passed since then.
While thinking, in response to the pleasure felt by the object, he reflexively raised his waist once.


It was just a light hit, but the reaction was dramatic.
Leia’s back, who had been lying on my body, bent like a bow and shook, then fell on my body again, shaking her body so much that it felt dangerous.

“Whoa… haha… ha ha… Sigh… .”

It was as if I wanted to moan, but as if my vocal cords were not listening, I heard such a relaxed voice in my ears.
When I turned my head slightly to check Leia’s face, Leia’s face, which should have turned into a nine-tailed fox and had a sexy expression, was completely relaxed.
The pleasure was so great that even the tongue protruding from the wide open mouth turned toward the floor as if it had lost its strength, and saliva was dripping from the tip of the tongue and dripping onto the bed sheet.

… Anyway, isn’t this a bit too serious?
If my prediction is correct, the nine-tailed fox will receive some sort of buff from the sexual act itself, like a saint.
But how could such a nine-tailed fox be so distracted that he only hit his waist once This can’t make sense… Oh. level.

Come to think of it, my level went up tremendously after I played with Leia for the last time.
It’s different with Diana.
After working with Felicia, Diana overlapped during the day the next day, then with Sylvia and then again at night.
There was an opportunity to raise Diana’s level once in the middle.
But Leia is different.
He experienced the power of the level raised through Felicia and Sylvia at once without a middle cushion.
That’s right, even if a nine-tailed fox is compensated for its sexual behavior, it’s not at a level that can’t be tolerated.

If you look at it like that, the connection with Leia must have been just before I woke up.
No, you’d be right to think I broke it by inserting it.
Leia was at its climax, so I thought she had been hit for a long time while sleeping, but looking at this figure, it looks like she just really peaked as soon as she inserted it.

But he couldn’t stop acting like this.
You can’t leave it as it is without disabling the nine tails.
Besides, it’s not like I’m going to stay away from Leia until I reach level 100 and learn how to be weak, right?
You need to raise Leia’s level.
If you think about it that way, it might be fortunate that Leia lost her reason after becoming a nine-tailed fox.
To solve the situation, I slowly moved my back.

“Uhhhhh. ha ha ha ha ha ha… .”

No matter how much pleasure it felt, Leia couldn’t make a loud moan, but only spit out her voice in a faint voice that seemed to be dying out.
This is a dilemma. Once I put it inside, Leia’s level will go up a lot because the level difference is huge. Even if you level up just like that once, it will be quite comfortable.
But I couldn’t move my waist strongly to wrap it quickly.
What if our Leia is even a sergeant major?
However, by moving slowly like this, Leia was exposed to pleasure for too long.
Perhaps the pleasure that burns the brain continues.
I’d rather be stunned, but Leia didn’t even faint.
No, to be more precise, I’d say you can’t be stunned. Even if you momentarily lose your mind, you are forcibly awakened by the pleasure that follows.

I can’t do this at all.
Of course, I like the way Leia feels, but there is something about it.
Besides, I even thought that I might be seriously dead, so I took things out for the first time.

“Ugh. ha ha Sigh.”

Even after removing the object, Leia was lying face down and did not make any movement. Even though he was still a nine-tailed fox.
It means you don’t even have the strength to move.
He approached Leia’s bedside like that, and brought the object to Leia’s mouth.
I never do this for my own pleasure.
It was a plan to increase the pleasure in this way and then wrap it in Leia right before wrapping it.
It’s probably because I didn’t get pleasure from having sex, so the level-up efficiency would drop a lot, but for now, I thought this would be the best way.

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