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Leia’s heart

As soon as my object touched her mouth, Leia immediately stuck out her tongue and started licking the pillars.
The tip of his tongue is trembling, as if he couldn’t move as he intended. So, it felt a little clumsy than usual, but the basic skills of a nine-tailed fox were nowhere to be found.
Again, the nature of the Gumiho. No matter how difficult it is to move, he craves spirit

At first, it was Leia’s speech that felt clumsy than usual because she lacked strength, but when the environment became an environment where she could unilaterally suck energy from my belongings, it seemed that her strength gradually returned.
Leia’s tongue, which had been quivering and licking carefully, grew bolder and bolder, and at some point grabbed my object and put it deep in her throat, starting to stimulate it properly.

Burying my face between my crotch and gently stroking Leia’s hard-working hair, I checked this and that.
It felt so good that I thought I’d just focus on acting, but I can’t.
Now, rather than my pleasure, it is urgent to release Leia’s nine tailed fox state and raise the level so that it does not interfere with me.

Once I checked the life gauge, it was leaking one after another.
There is no healing sex, so what can you do?
As the level went up, the vitality increased a lot, so I thought it would be okay, but the life force absorbed by the nine-tailed fox also increased, so there was not much difference in the amount of time it could survive.
Wasn’t the nine tailed fox’s ability to absorb vitality in proportion to his physical strength? Or did the amount of absorption increased as the nine tailed fox grew up?

In any case, it means that we can’t just go on so fast.
When I was in a situation just before I wrapped it or my vitality ran out, I immediately pulled out an object from Leia’s mouth and inserted it underneath to wrap it.
A simple plan.
But in order to do that, we need to release the restraints of the nine tailed fox. If you use the skill, Leia may die. what about this… uh?
As I thought about that, I suddenly realized that I was stroking Leia’s hair.
You haven’t been arrested

Again, pay attention to Leia’s face.
Leia fixed her gaze on my object, and with a bewitching expression, was sucking things like it was delicious.
It looked like there was not even a single piece of reason left behind.

“Leia? Do you have any reason?”

“Ugh. wrinkle, hmm. Hmm. 🥺 tuck.”

I tried to talk to him just in case, but the return was completely ignored.
If our angel has any reason, there is no way he can ignore me, so it is certain that he has no reason.
If so, there is only one reason why there was no arrest.
is it. Did you finally learn even in the state of a nine tailed fox?
Every time I put a restraint on it, it was completely broken by me.

Anyway, that’s good for me.
Without worrying about missing the timing, I decided to just enjoy in Leia’s mouth.
Even though there was quite a difference in level, the feeling of ejaculation began to gradually come to the nine-tailed fox’s technique, which sucked hard enough to make his cheeks slender and took in my stuff deep in his throat.
The strange energy that amplifies the unique pleasure of the nine-tailed fox will be helpful in this case as well.

“Leia. I’ll eat it slowly, so go away.”

I tapped Leia on the shoulder and tried to talk to her, but again, Leia completely ignored it.
Well, I knew it, though.
I can’t help it. to force
I grabbed Leia’s head with both hands and tried to pull her back back, but Leia gave more force to her mouth, which she had been sucking hard, and started sucking it.
As if she didn’t want to fall off, she made a vacuum in her mouth and her lips clinged to the object and sucked it in. It was so erotic that Leia couldn’t even imagine.
ugh no no no no What have I been doing until now?
I endured it with superhuman patience and forcibly pulled my back out.
It was incredibly impressive to see Leia’s lips clinging to the object and not falling off until my object was completely pulled out.
But I did it. that I endured

Leia looked at me with a dissatisfied expression, and then tried to stick her head out to suck my stuff again.
don’t be so upset Don’t you like the bottom of the mouth better too?
I grabbed Leia’s shoulder, who was trying to cling to mine, and forced her to lay her back, and spread Leia’s legs apart.
When my object touched my pussy, Leia, as if she understood my intentions, smiled a bewitching smile and moved her waist as if seducing me, rubbing my object with her pussy.

“Hah. heh heh haha.”

I haven’t inserted it yet, but looking at how the nine-tailed fox feels this way, it seems that the level is still great.
In my case, though, raising the Saint level has a much bigger impact than the level.


So, as she sat between Leia’s crotch and put things in, Leia’s legs stretched out and she trembled.
Judging by the tightness of the toes, it seems to have reached its climax just by inserting it.
I’m sorry you’re feeling this way, but this doesn’t end there.
I shook my back in order to explode the stuff that had already been stimulated until just before packing.

“Ha ha! Aaaah! Whoa!”

In the midst of the climax, as more and more pleasure raged, Leia lost consciousness and trembled.
And at the same time as my ejaculation, Leia’s body shook violently enough to float out of bed, and then she drooped.

However, this alone did not release the state of the nine-tailed fox.
He stabbed her in the waist one more time to force her to wake up from the stunned state, and then brought the object to Leia’s mouth again.
Leia sucks, and when it’s time to cook, insert it underneath and wrap it.
After repeating this cycle several times, it seemed that the spirit of the nine-tailed fox was finally filled.


At the same time as Leia reached a climax with trembling, the eight purple tails near her hips began to slowly disappear.
With this, the state of the nine-tailed fox was lifted.
Now I just need to solve the level.

When I checked through the analysis, Leia’s level had risen much better than I expected.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be at a level that would be a good match for sex without skills?


After shaking her back once as a test, Leia let out a bewitching moan.
However, like before, he didn’t show his body trembling and reaching a climax just because he shook his back once.
It may be that he’s just fainted, so his reaction is weak.
Anyway, now that Leia is completely losing her mind, this is her chance. Raising the level in the meantime would be good for Leia’s mental health. Even in the state of a nine-tailed fox, these days Leia has a faint memory.
Actually, I don’t like to keep shaking my back against a fainted person because it’s not fun either, but now is not the time to cover up cold or hot meals.

While Leia is fainting, she raises her level, and then enjoys normal sex with Leia again. Regardless of whether sex with a nine-tailed fox is normal, this was my plan.
But the plan went across the water from the pasture.

“Ugh. Goo, Salvation… ?”

Even if the level has risen a little, it is not to the extent that I do not want to do revenge, but the feeling of pleasure is the same.
Leia was forcibly awake from fainting with such a strong sense of pleasure.
As long as the nine-tailed fox state had just been lifted, he was completely sane.
As there are very few experiences that have been connected with me sanely, except when I wake up in the morning, Leia seemed to be unable to understand this situation even after waking up.

“Are you awake?”

As long as Leia was completely awake, the plan to level up while she was stunned went unnoticed.
I had no choice but to stop my back.

“Yeah… . this, this… .”

“When I woke up, you were already in a state of a nine-tailed fox. Don’t you remember what happened?”

“… Oh.”

I guess I remember.
Leia covered her mouth with both hands and suddenly tears began to form around her eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I, I just… .”
“Huh? what? Why all of a sudden?”

Leia was crying and suddenly apologized.
It’s hard to apologize all of a sudden. Did I do anything while I was sleeping?

“Koowon’s sleeping face was so cute that I stopped kissing her without realizing it… .”

It was revealed why Leia suddenly became a nine-tailed fox.
But is that a reason to apologize? It’s embarrassing, but honestly, it feels good.

“Why are you apologizing for that?”

“But, even though I knew I was going to turn into a nine-tailed fox, I kissed her. Guwon could be in danger… .”

“What are you talking about? Why am I in danger? OK.”

“no. It’s not okay. No matter how much Guwon-san, it’s dangerous if the healing sex doesn’t activate, right? Still, while Goo Won was asleep… .”
“But did you insert it? If I had been completely dominated by the instincts of a nine-tailed fox, I would have just done it with my mouth. But when it was inserted, did Leia’s will intervene?”

“still… . still… .”

“OK. To save the crisis, I twisted the behavior of the nine-tailed fox that I had not been able to control for a while, right? Doesn’t that mean you love me that much? Rather happy.”

“Savior… .”

Leia looked at me with a sad expression on her face.
I don’t see it like that Rather, Leia, who apologizes like this for kissing her while sleeping, is so kind.

“This is the end of talking about the atmosphere getting dark. Let’s talk more constructively.”

“Yeah? constructive?”

“Huh. What kind of situation do you think Leia is in now?”

Leia turned her gaze back and forth as if to grasp the situation once again, checked the still connected genitals, and then blushed red.
How shameful it was, even the ears that were protruding above his head were folded downwards.

“Uh, what’s the situation?”

“It’s not like Leia is a nine-tailed fox, it’s a situation where she can spend the whole night with Leia who is sane.”

The plan to level up by fighting while Leia was knocked out failed, but that didn’t stop her having sex with Leia.
How miss out on this great opportunity.
You just have to be softer than when you’re stunned.


Leia covered her face in embarrassment and curled up.
The bewitching older sister Leia from the nine tails is good, but the cute and innocent Leia older sister is also the best.

“If you cover your face like that, you can’t kiss. Do you mean to do it while I’m sleeping, and not to do it at times like this?”

“Wow, whoops… .”

As I said playfully, Leia made a slightly weeping voice, but slowly removed her hands that were covering her face.
But, as if embarrassed, I couldn’t meet my eyes right in front of me and avoided my gaze.

“I, there… Boo, do you need to soften it up? Whoops!”

“Oh, sorry.”

It was so pretty that Leia was shy with her neat appearance, so things started wriggling.
Leia let out a sweet moan as if she felt a lot of pleasure just from that stimulation.

“do not worry. I’ll make it as soft as possible.”

He said that as if he had promised himself, and kissed Leia’s lips.
Leia was a little awkward at first, even when my tongue came into her mouth, but she stayed still, and then she began to respond by wrapping her own tongue around mine.
That tongue-teasing boasted quite, no, quite a level of finesse.
Rather, I was startled and stopped talking.

“Oh, hey, is that weird?”

“Oh, no. sorry. I was surprised that he did so well for something he was ashamed of.”

“That, that… I think I know how to do it. Did you like it?”

“Huh. It was great.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Leia sighed in relief and smiled pitifully.
you’re so pretty
Seeing that, I kissed her once more.
It seems that she has gained a little confidence, but this time, Leia also responded quite positively from the beginning.
However, since Leia’s original personality is her personality, I felt that she was working desperately rather than feeling sticky like the nine-tailed fox.
His cheeks were still stained red as if embarrassed.

But it came in a more colorful way.
His facial expressions and gestures are shy, but he’s desperate to make me feel good, and his technique is as good as when he was a nine-tailed fox.
Is this a complete scam?
I’ve always dreamed of having sex properly with a sane Leia, but when I got the chance to do it right, it’s far better than I ever imagined.
After all, the angel is not a vessel that I can judge ruthlessly.
I wanted to shake my waist violently, surrendering myself to my desires at any moment.
Is this more of a problem to me than Leia?
it should be soft Will he be able to keep his reason properly until the end?
Even with such worries, I could not bear it any longer and slowly began to move my waist.

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Leia’s heart

It was very difficult not to run wild against Leia, who showed off her nine tailed fox skills while maintaining her usual innocence.
As if embarrassed, the sound was silenced and the face turned red, but the rhythm of the waist movement was lewd.
It wouldn’t be easy to move my waist in a normal position, but Leia put her legs around my waist and turned her back and forth to maximize my pleasure.
Just looking at the lower body, it moves with the momentum to extract all of my semen, but the upper body is blushing innocently and making a shameful expression.
How do you keep your sanity when you see this?
To be honest, even if I stopped moving my waist and enjoyed Leia’s movements, it was at a level that I would wrap up in no time.

“Savior… . It’s okay. You can do whatever you want.”

But those wonderful words actually put the brakes on my desire to move.
I’ve never been cheap yet, but in the meantime, Leia has already peaked several times.
It makes me want to praise her for not fainting and holding up, but in addition to that, Leia said that while moving her waist.
He wants me to feel better because he’s fine.
After controlling the reason I was going to run wild at Leia’s unique mind, I moved so that I could do it myself as quickly as possible.

I wish someone would compliment me like this.
Leia’s breast, which does not lose its shape even when lying down, still boasts its size while retaining its firmness and softness.
Even though these chests were shaking as if seducing them in line with the movements of the waist in front of them, they were holding on without even touching them.
As Leia’s level rises quickly, I want to stick to that chest.

“Heh. haha Goo, Salvation… It’s okay.”

Perhaps she felt my gaze, Leia sobbed for pleasure, but took a position to emphasize her chest by making her arms in an X shape.
aww do not be like this. I still can’t stand it, but why are you doing this?

“It’s okay. You can do whatever you want, Mr. heh heh My body is all owned by Guwon.”

let’s leave it I will touch you to the point where you will regret saying this later.
Still holding on without touching my chest, Leia reached out and wrapped her arms around my neck.
Knowing he was about to kiss, Leia lowered her torso as she pulled, but Leia acted more daringly.
kissing is right
However, while kissing, he started rubbing his chest against mine.
He rubbed his hard, raised nipples on my nipples as if turning them round and round, but I ended up ejaculating at the unfamiliar pleasure.

“Heh, ha, ha, gi, are you feeling good?”

Leia asked, with a much happier expression on her face than when she was at her climax.
Wet lips as we kissed, and the corners of our eyes glowing red as we felt pleasure. It must have been a face that looked innocent before, but now I don’t know.
Is it an innocent face? Or is it a sexy face?
What was certain was that his face was large enough to paralyze a man’s reason.


“four? Whoops!”

Since then, my memory has been a bit hazy.
I just shook my back like crazy, and Leia sympathized with it.
Fortunately, thanks to the level up, Leia didn’t have a double boss.
When she woke up, Leia was stretching out on the bed and trembling.
And I was holding Leia’s breasts one by one with both hands, and even my mouth was sucking Leia’s nipples strongly.

How much did you do?
When she lifted her back slightly and pulled out the object, a liquid mixed with semen and love juice burst out of Leia’s vagina, which had been blocked for a while.
It’s a lot cheaper


Perhaps the feeling of pulling things out stimulated pleasure again, Leia let out a moan and flapped her body.
Then he looked at me with blank eyes and said.

“Ah… . Are you going to stop?”

“Yes. It’s late at night, and I need to get some rest now.”

“Are you satisfied enough?”

“Huh. It was great.”

First of all, make sure I’m satisfied. also an angel

Hearing my answer, Leia smiled contentedly. Then, gently getting up, I laid my body on the bed with gentle hand movements.
Then he crawled through my crotch and started licking my stuff with his tongue.
Rather than a feeling of deliberately stimulating pleasure, a feeling of licking for the purpose of wiping it really clean.
Of course, it was still pleasant enough, and above all, Leia’s appearance was provocative, so things that were about to lose their strength stood upright again.
Leia grabbed my item that had regained strength, looked up playfully and smiled, then continued to wash the item clean.
After she stopped licking her last kiss on the tip of the object, Leia climbed back on top of mine and tried to insert it.
uh? to do it again?

“Leia, aren’t you having a hard time?”

“It’s a little difficult. That’s why Guwon was so violent.”

“Um, sorry.”

“It’s okay. Does that mean you liked me that much?”

“Huh. It was great.”

Leia kissed me with a happy smile and then laid her back on my chest.
Seeing that he has no intention of moving his waist, it seems that he inserted it for healing sex.
That’s right. Leia must have been very tired.
I wasn’t disappointed. It really is.
I gently stroked Leia’s hair, and Leia opened her mouth again.

“I envy Sarah and Diana.”

“Huh? Why all of a sudden?”

“I mean, you two always feel this way, don’t you?”

no. Not always. A lot of times I do it until I faint.
Well, compared to Leia, it’s true that I spent a lot of time enjoying the afterglow after sex like this.

“I have decided. From now on, I will be more proactive in overcoming the state of the nine-tailed fox.”

“Have you been working hard enough for that?”

“… To be honest… I’ve been a little lazy lately.”


“That, that… Even if I don’t completely overcome the nine-tailed fox state anyway, I think that as long as I’m with Goo Won, there’s no problem. And… If the state of the nine-tailed fox doesn’t get better, there’s an excuse to stay with Goo-san forever… . that… Isn’t it bad?”

indeed. Come to think of it, until recently, there was a feeling of steady progress, but recently, it has been entering a somewhat stagnant phase.
I thought it would be because it was just going through a process that was getting more and more difficult to overcome. It seems that Leia’s psychology was also at work.
but it didn’t work

“no. No way. Rather, I am very happy Leia thinks of me like that.”

“Oh, thank you. So I’ll do my best again. I hope that the time I can spend with Goo Won like this can increase even more in the future.”

“Huh. do that I also want to see more of Leia becoming sexy as Leia.”

“Yeah? Three, sexy?”

“Huh. didn’t you realize? Leia, even if she is conscious, she is demonstrating all her skills as a nine-tailed fox, so sexy… .”
“Goo, Guwon is also true! I do not know!”

Leia buried her face in my chest in embarrassment and slapped my thigh with her tail.
But, as if sorry to have hit him right away, his fluffy tail wrapped around the thigh I had just slapped and gently rubbed it.
This part is bewitching and sexy.
Could it be that before the technique of the nine-tailed fox, the nature itself is subconsciously sexy?
It is more dangerous because it is not aware.
I can’t. After all, I have no choice but to wear it by my side for the rest of my life.
That’s how I flirted with Leia for the first time, and at some point I fell asleep.

“Good morning?”

the next morning.
I must have gotten up before me, and as soon as I opened my eyes, Leia’s voice greeted me.
Subtle wriggling and teasing of the back that stimulates pleasure. A bountiful feel against the chest. And the soft touch that touches your lips lightly as you greet them.
As soon as I woke up, I felt like I was in heaven.

“Why? Make that face.”

“I have no time to die now.”

“Oh, no.”

Leia was startled by my words and hugged me tightly as if trying to keep me from going.
Oh oh. The chest! The chest!

“It’s a joke. joke. How can I die leaving you It’s because I’m happy because I get a morning kiss as soon as I wake up.”

“Oh, Goo Won-ssi… .”

“Did Leia sleep well?”

I lightly kissed Leia’s lips and asked, Leia blushed and nodded her head.

“Yes… side. Yes. But it’s a pity that if I leave the room now, I won’t be able to kiss until it’s my turn again.”

“Then I’ll have to work hard now as I can’t do it for the next two days.”

“… Yeah.”

Leia put her lips together again as if she didn’t like it even though she had a shy expression on her face.
Then, no matter who came first, the back moved naturally, and the bed started to creak again.
After such a happy start of the day, the two of us washed each other’s bodies together, even joked around, and then went down to the restaurant.
The first thing that greeted us as soon as we went to the restaurant was a bomb just before it exploded.

“You look good.”

“Your face is very loose.”

No, it might be a bomb that has already exploded
Come to think of it, I fell in love with Leia and completely forgot about it.
I was out of a minefield.

“Good morning. Mr. Sarah. Diana.”

Despite receiving the ice-cold gaze of Sarah and Diana, Leia casually greeted her as usual.
He’s an angel too. Doesn’t it go through such an evil gaze?
Well, that cold gaze is completely directed at me, so there may be something like that.

“Yes Yes? Ah yes. Did you sleep well? Leia.”

“Yeah. Very much.”

“Well, that’s nice.”

When Leia answers with a genuinely happy expression on her face, isn’t that what Sara is? He answered with a smile on his face.
Diana said as if she had lost her pulse, relaxed her eyes and sighed.

“Thank you, Miss Leia. If this body hadn’t ruined the night with Miss Leia, it would have attacked yesterday as well.”

Oh, so it was quiet yesterday that he didn’t come after all.
I was angry to learn that I disappeared after fighting like that, but I don’t think he dared to ruin Leia’s important day twice in a row.
Because our kids are so nice.

“Of course. Leia is an angel… .”
“hem? What did you say now?”

“D, Diana and Sarah are perfect angels.”

Diana was not completely satisfied with my answer, but she nodded her head as if she was satisfied with it, and continued.

“Coming to think of it, there was no reason to fight in the first place.”

“Five? What kind of change of heart is that?”

Could it be that we can make a harem with each other like this?
You got it, Diana! Finally my perfect harem life… !

“After all, time is on the side of this body.”

“Wait. Diana. What does that mean?”

“Huh. How long do you think your life will be? hundred years? two hundred years? After all, it is a problem that will be resolved after that time.

“What do you mean? Salvation… .”

“Huh. That person has come to share a lifespan with this body. In other words, you have gained eternal life.”

“What, what is that! You are killing me!”

Huh. What is a harem?
Diana was painting the big picture looking forward to a few hundred years later.

“You see! Time is on the side of this body!”

Diana declared victory with a victorious smile and an elevated voice.

“Then we can dominate it in a few hundred years, so let us dominate it now. Can I skip Diana’s turn now?”

But again, Sarah wasn’t that easy.

“What?! That and this are two different things!”

“What is different! After a few hundred years, you can dominate it, right? Then you can make a little concession for now! Diana is a jerk!”

“Joe, come on… This body, praised as the supreme archmage, is… ! Joe, it doesn’t matter if you’re young! This body can’t give up!”

In an instant, the second game was about to take place following yesterday.
This time, I wanted to run away with my angel.
But it is a problem that cannot be avoided forever. Let’s be clear here.

“Everyone, stop! I’m an idiot so I don’t know what’s next I’m just living my life doing my best right now. So, I will do my best to love you all! Did you do that?”

Perhaps, when I look back on this remark later, I will kick the quilt.
But now that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that this worked.

“Or what? Are you dissatisfied with the way I love you now? I was going to do my best.”

“Wealth, it’s not that I’m dissatisfied… .”

As I spoke, looking straight into my eyes with a hot gaze, Sarah blushed and turned her head.

“Hey, didn’t you say this body wasn’t something to fight in the first place?”

Diana answered with a muttering voice.
No matter this or that, if I push, I lose.
After all, I chose women really well. I love you guys.

“I am happy enough for now.”

Leia, who was next to her, folded her arms and smiled like an angel.
hehe I’m happy now too.

👌👌👌👌 Only kill Leia!”

“It’s also a chest!”

But was it the problem that his face became pale at the touch of his chest against his arm?
The situation that had been calmed was lit up again.
Harem is also difficult.

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Sylvia’s resolve

“Whew… ate well But now what?”

This time, I managed to calm the situation somehow and finish the meal.
Perhaps she heard me murmur, Sarah tilted her head and said.

“What are you talking about? Weren’t you going to the dungeon?”

Of course, it was the expression that he thought he was going to the dungeon.
Dungeon. Dungeon… .

“Huh? What, Sarah prefers going to the dungeon than playing with me?”

“Oh, no. It’s not… .”

Knowing that Sarah would react like this, she deliberately froze.
Is that so too?
in the first place You don’t have to go to the dungeon anymore, right?

There were two main reasons I went to the dungeon.
One is to meet a beauty.
There is no guarantee that you will be able to meet a beautiful woman just by raising the level.
But what if you go deep into the dungeon? It is a paradise for beauties who are above average for the adventurers they meet there.
As a person who dreams of becoming a harem king, he originally went to dungeons for that purpose.
But I met Sarah, Diana, and Leia.
Even if there was only one, I met three full of beautiful beauties.
Besides, it’s hard to handle with just these three, so going down to the depths of the dungeon to find a more beautiful woman here is crazy.

Still, the reason I went to the dungeon to give was for Sarah.
To pay off a debt that put Sarah’s life in danger when they first met. To subdue the Demon King and become a hero together.
So, while steadily raising the level of a fighter, I went through dungeons while strengthening the basics of battle.
But what about the facts?
There was no such thing as a demon king in this world.
The reason Sarah was so eager to level up was just for her grandfather’s revenge.
And the revenge is over.

The reasons were long, but the bottom line is that there is no reason to go to the dungeon any more.
living expenses? The money already has a fixed income.
Every month in the guild and temple, the money alone is enough to feed 4 people.
Of course, it was not enough money to enjoy such a luxurious life in Diana’s mansion.
Well… . I don’t want to be a pillar seobang like this, so I’ll have to earn more money, right?
Anyway, even taking that into account, there is no need to go to the dungeon as often as before.
It’s enough to just relax, enjoy life and sometimes go to the dungeon if you’re bored.

It’s hard to say openly that I’ll just play and live, so I hesitated, but there’s no reason for Sarah, Diana, or Leia to go to the dungeon.
Sarah has solved the reason for going to the dungeon.
Diana said it was to check the saint skill, but the saint level rises to sex anyway.
You can strengthen and increase your skills by tasting them with your own body, so there is no need to go to the dungeon.
When we got to Leia, we just followed it for our sake. There is no reason to go to the dungeon.
Good. I’ve decided
From today, the adventurer’s life is closed.

“Well?! You mean you’re not going to the dungeon today?!”

But for some reason, Diana jumped up from her seat and said.

“Huh. I think so. Why?”

“That, that… .”

Diana glanced to the side as she said that.
Oh, indeed. Diana had one reason to go to the dungeon. In order to avoid people from the Wizard Association sticking together.
Well… Still, it’s right after the adventurer decided to close the business, so it’s just annoying to go to the dungeon for that reason.

“Hey. You ran away again, so you didn’t play much this time. Let’s play a little bit sometimes.”

When I said that, the heads of the Wizards Association, who were looking at this with anxious expressions, all smiled.
There were even people who looked at me and did some thumbs up.
I got points. Even though they are beautiful women, I wonder what use it is to get points from such aunts or grandmothers.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be the same for Diana?
Who says Diana is Grandma? Diana is Diana, so there is no problem.


“Ugh. Let me see you!”

You are an archmage with a famous name, but do you speak lines that an extra a would spit out?
While saying that, she waved her hand to Diana, who was being carried away by the heads of the Wizards’ Association, and looked at Sarah and Leia.

“Then why don’t we play together except for Diana?”

“It was really bad… .”

Seeing this, Sara muttered as if it were nonsense. However.

“what. You don’t want to play with Sarah?”


In the end, Sara also seemed to want to play with me.

“I’m sorry. I have some business to see at the temple.”

But Leia said that and got up from her seat.
Huh? What do you suddenly see?
Maybe you monopolized me yesterday, so you don’t want to make concessions to Sarah today, do you?
Anyway, that’s too nice.

“Leia? There’s no denying that you were with me yesterday.”

“Sa, it’s a specification. No. It’s not like that. There is really something to see.”


“Yeah. Did I tell you before? I am not as good as Gu Guwon thought.”

no. You may not think so, but you are such a good person.
No, I’m an angel beyond that level. it’s angel In my eyes, I can still see the wings behind your back.
Alas. Angel.

“Uh… . Then what… .”

“huh. Why? Do you think you don’t want to be with me?”

“No no no. No way. There is no man in the world who would not like to be with us Sarah.”

“Huhu. Salvation Mr. Then I will go to the temple. Can’t you just forget me because you’re only close with Sara-san?”

“Hehehe. Sure. Angel… Aww.”

In the end, he pinched Sarah’s thigh.
It really hurts when you pinch. may have been bruised. Well, it gets better soon.


Leia put the light in her hand and gently touched the area where I was pinched.
Since the pinched part was the thigh, my hand naturally reached the crotch area.
Besides, when I looked down at my waist to touch my thighs, I could see the Valley of the Demon Castle.
Also, angels are the best. seems to stand

“Ugh… .”

As I grew thin, Sarah looked like she wanted to punish me again.
But then again, I couldn’t do this or that, thinking that only Leia would do a good job for me.

“Then I will go.”

“Huh. Come on.”

Even Leia saw him off and looked at Sarah in a situation where the two of them were left alone.

“Sara. upset?”

“huh. Do you have any awareness of what I did?”

“a. You and I will be alone from now on, so I have to do that level of service to Leia, who can’t be with me.”

“… Is that really all?”

No, sorry. In fact, it’s just sloppy.
But I can’t help it! The opponent is an angel! It’s irresistible!
There was no way I could say that, so I decided to just pretend.

“Then what shall we play together from now on?”

As I hugged Sarah’s side and pulled her closer, she was pulled reluctantly with a fresh expression on her face.
Oh, I remembered that I was talking.
Come to think of it, what about the toys I gave you?
ruined. There is something else to forget. Did you forget that?
As an excuse, too much has happened in between.
To be honest, I think there were so many incidents that I couldn’t help it, but from Sarah’s point of view, it probably wasn’t.
Come to think of it, I was really angry that he was his turn.
Huh. I’m just mad
On the contrary, I am so grateful that I was so angry and stopped.
After all, Sarah seems a bit cold to me, but she’s actually so kind.
But when I sat down on the chair earlier, there didn’t seem to be any reaction.
Are you used to it? Or did you just get angry and pull it out?

“buy it. Go. Follow.”

“Yes? Where are you suddenly?”

To check right away, I grabbed Sarah’s hand and went into the bedroom.
As soon as she entered the bedroom, she pressed Sara’s waist to make her butt stick out, and then put her hand on her pants.

“Hey! Come on, what are you doing all of a sudden!”

Sarah was startled and grabbed her pants, but I loosened her hands and said.

“Stay still. I have something to check.”

As she grabbed the pants and panties at once and lowered them, Sarah’s bouncy buttocks were revealed.
Well. Also, it’s always a great ass.
No, it doesn’t matter now.
When I grabbed Sarah’s buttocks with both hands and opened it wide to the side to check the exposed hole, I still couldn’t see anything to show.
Originally, the ring should stick out here. where did you go

“Sara. My gift?”

“There’s no way you’re still doing it?!”

Is it like that too?
Sarah grabbed her ass and slapped my open hands away, then pulled her panties and pants up, turned her back, and looked at me.

“You think you’re still doing it, don’t you think it’s too much of a conscience?”

“Um, sorry.”

“At first, it was a place to do business! You can’t do it for days like that!”

wow. I thought pretty girls like you wouldn’t poop.
don’t break my fantasy

“I held on thinking that I would be able to get rid of it in just three days! Do you think it’s been a few days?!”

“sorry! Really sorry! If it’s 3 days for me… Huh? 3 days? Wait a minute. So you’re saying you’ve been wearing it for three days?”

“Gee, isn’t that important now?!”

“no. It’s important. Answer me. Are you saying you were wearing it for three days?”

“That, that… By the way… .”

“What to see in the meantime? never done it?”

“That, that… So… Huh. Of course.”

Sara answered while avoiding her gaze enough that anyone could tell it was a lie.


“Yes… .”


“Ugh… . okay! Okay! I did it! I know how hard it was to see things and put them back in! Just in case you didn’t know, I even bought a strange device to clean my stomach and put it in! Even so, I don’t intend to take away my salvation, and I’m wandering around elsewhere!”

In the end, Sarah exploded and exposed it as if it was going to happen.
Not only did he put it back in by himself, but it seems that the enema even did it.

“Did you even buy equipment? Cleaning the inside of your butt?! enema?!”

“Oh, I can’t help it! Do you really need something like that to do it with your ass anyway?! Do you know how embarrassed I was living alone?!”

… In fact, maybe he was expecting him to do it with his ass too? The erogenous zone is also the strongest.

“Sorry. Sarah tried so hard to do it with me, but I can’t even think like an idiot.”

He grabbed Sarah’s ass and pulled her towards me, kissing her lips lightly and said.

“Uh, I wasn’t trying to do it with my ass!”

Sarah’s face turned red and she shouted that, but it wasn’t very convincing.

“Good. So let’s do it right now to live up to Sarah’s expectations.”

“Well, that’s why I didn’t expect it. Are you listening to people?!”

Huh. Huh. I know very well that you are by nature an arrogant person.
I’ve been with you for a while

“So, where is that enema apparatus?”

“… In my, my room’s drawer… .”

“Good. Let’s go now.”

I regret why I said that. shame of being caught. and anticipation of what will happen in the future. With such complex emotions, he embraced Sarah, who had hardened in a bright red ripe state, and opened the door with joy.
But when I opened the door, Vanessa was standing there with her hands raised as if she was about to knock.

“Vanessa? What’s up? We are busy right now.”

“Rice, not very busy… .”
“no. Very busy.”

She covered Sarah’s mouth as she was about to escape, perhaps embarrassed, and emphasized it again.
Seeing that she was still standing still with no sign of getting out when her mouth was blocked, it was only Sarah who was struggling.

“… I’m sorry while you’re busy, but Guwon has a guest.

“Huh? To me? Didn’t you come to Diana?”


Who is it? I don’t have anyone to guess.

“I’m sorry for making you look forward to it, Sarah. Let’s check who the customer is first.”

“That’s because I didn’t expect anything like that from the beginning.”

Sara’s face as she said that showed a mixture of disappointment and relief.
Because I can’t be honest.

When I followed Vanessa to the reception room, there was an unexpected person sitting there.
It was Sylvia, who had just broken up.
I came here saying that I will never see you again, but I hope to see you again soon.
No, why did you come here in the first place?
At that time, I couldn’t say thank you properly because I was crazy, so are you here to do it properly?
But no matter how you look at it, it wasn’t like that.
How do you think you came to say thank you when you saw that look on the verge of crying and restless as if anxious?

“Oh, savior.”

As soon as I entered the room, Sylvia jumped up and approached me, and knelt down to a thud.
Then he bowed his head and said sadly.

“Please. Make me your woman.”

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There are many rice cakes that have not been released.
Just looking at the first episode right now, I was weakly throwing a piece of cake for the story that will come out later… .
The atmosphere that felt like it was going to end is probably because I wrote it while thinking that the square relationship was finally sorted out when I was writing it.


Sylvia’s resolve


As Sylvia knelt down and spoke, a harsh sound came from Sarah’s mouth.
It’s from Sarah’s mouth, right? Isn’t that the sound from my arm?
I want to believe no. Even if it’s not, it’s just as painful.
No, I’m not kidding, I’m really sick.
sa, sara? Can’t you release some strength in your hands?
I don’t bleed. No, I don’t think it will break. aww Broken, broken, broken.
As she tapped Sarah’s hand, she barely loosened her grip.
If you walk on this clothes, you will definitely get blood bruises in the shape of your hands.

But Sarah didn’t look sorry at all.
Rather, he looked at me with a cruel expression.
Those eyes that can kill people with just your eyes are what you’re talking about.

“Give me a chance to defend myself.”

“… good. Let’s do it.”

up to respect. You’re really mad.

“I don’t think it’s my fault that other women come to me. It’s not a sin to be handsome, right?”

Sarah in front of me, Vanessa standing behind me, and Sylvia, who had just asked me to marry her, looked at me with absurd expressions.
Why are you looking at me like that? Is it true? what did i say wrong?
He’s a good looking man after me. It is said that women die abruptly if they even touch their hands. in a sexual sense.
Especially Sylvia. You can’t look at it with those eyes. what are you doing now

“So, all of a sudden, this woman comes up to you and says things like that, and you have no idea why other than that you’re handsome?”

“no. Actually that’s… Here’s the erogenous zone that I talked about right before… Aww!”

This time Sarah started pinching my side.

“The death is… It’s all because of you!”

No, it’s not serious, it’s because it’s really painful for you to do this.
You’re pinching yourself that you’re sick too.

“still! I’m going to refuse, but it’s unfair to do this!”

As soon as he heard those words, the power was released from Sarah’s hand.
Sigh… I really thought my side fat was going to fall off.
I want to see an angel. I wish I could touch you with a gentle hand.
Will this get better before the angel returns?
Damn it. It’s not good at times like this to have high natural recovery.

“Are you going to say no?”

“No, of course. Natural words.”

“Then why are you stuttering?”

“This is my first experience like this, so it’s a bit of a shame… no. How could I have thought of these three beautiful people? Of course you have to say no.”

that I just felt It was obviously living.
Sarah said that when she confessed, other women would admit it too, so I said this as a joke.
At that time, was that only for Diana and Leia? No, considering the way he spoke, that wasn’t the case.
So, do you get angry when another woman tries to get you in trouble? I think this is correct. Is it normal?

“Then do it quickly. Don’t you want to do what you did with me?”

When I replied that I would definitely say no, Sarah relaxed her eyes and changed her tone of voice to half-speaking again, showing a little bit of aegyo.
Women are scary If it wasn’t for our pretty Sarah, I’d have been mistrusted with women.
By the way, didn’t you oppose the death penalty before doing it with your ass?
Are you prepared to give up your ass to beat up another woman? Or did you just want to do it with your ass?
what good That’s something you can do by yourself later and check the reaction.
By the way, I’m sure Sarah will like it.
It’s just not my feeling. You believe in sex analysis.

“I’m so sorry, but… .”

“Why are you doing this… Whoops! hot! avoided… awhile! Let’s solve it through our conversation!”

Seeing Sarah’s hand grab my side again, I tried to avoid it glamorously this time.
But Sarah was much faster, and even if she did dodge once, she couldn’t dodge twice. This time, without fail, my side was captured by Sarah’s hand.
Fortunately, the strength in her fingers had not yet entered, but Sarah’s eyes were threatening to pinch her at any time.

“Tell me.”

“I just wanted to hear the story out of pure curiosity.”

“Is there any other meaning?”

“Sure. I dare to any safety.”

“… I will believe you.”

He was able to free his side from Sarah’s hand.
Are you trembling? it’s your side I will never take you hostage again.
Naturally, he raised both hands above his waist to guard his side, and then asked Sylvia a question again.

“so. Let’s hear what the reason for this is. Miss Sylvia. You, I kindly made you even erogenous zones. Are you saying you won’t be satisfied with that alone?”

“I am very grateful for your kindness. However… However… No matter how much I mixed my body with other men, I couldn’t taste that feeling.”

“That’s what makes other men pitiful compared to me.”

“no. That’s not it. Pell… The princess said, you should be able to feel the climax, even if it is weak. Even if not as much as when I was with the Savior. But I couldn’t climax with any other man, no matter what.”

Huh? What else is this? Can’t you feel the climax?
… Did I do something wrong?

“Tell me more.”

“Even if you ask me to elaborate… I just don’t feel the climax.”

“Do you feel the pleasure?”

“Yeah. That was no problem. But no matter how long the pleasure lasted, it never reached its climax. … i See. The pleasure I could get from other men was much weaker, but it felt similar to when Guwon-nim first tried to release the effect of a skill on me with only caressing.”

After listening to Sylvia, I finally realized what the problem was.
Huh. i was wrong
That is, it is like this. The level of pleasure that will reach the climax cannot be achieved with the erogenous zone that I have created. Perhaps because of the level difference, the power of the saint’s holy water is halved.
Totally my mistake. To repeat this kind of mistake even after experiencing an experience that did not reach the climax in the hands of a saint.
The reason he felt pleasure is simply because his body is not used to pleasure and is sensitive. Even if it seems like you are feeling it, is it that you don’t reach the level where you will eventually reach the climax?

Damn it. If Diana had been more detailed, this wouldn’t have happened.
If it was Diana, she would have recognized the problem right away and stopped when I told her that I was creating an erogenous zone.
If I tell you in detail about my experience with Sylvia, it will only increase the amount of time Diana is angry with, so a brief description of it caused this anger.


At that moment, Sarah, who was quietly listening next to her, came out.

“So, are you saying that you want to become the woman of salvation now just to get pleasure?”

“… just pleasure? Did you just say it was a pleasure?”

Sylvia, who heard Sarah’s words, said with her eyes burning as if she was going to run away at any moment.

“No ordinary woman like you knows! A person like you who can enjoy the pleasure of being a normal woman! Do you know how I feel when you’ve lived your whole life without pleasure?! Do you know what it felt like to be able to taste the joy of a woman for the first time?!”

Sylvia exclaimed with such a powerful voice that she couldn’t believe it was coming from her small body.
At the desperate cry that seemed to vomit blood, even Sarah took a step back.

“Hey. I know how it feels, but you don’t have to be my girl. Perhaps what you don’t feel is that the skill power is weakened due to the level difference between you and me. Go ahead and wait a bit. If I only level up… .”
“no. Ever since I got my erogenous zone and layered my body with other men, I’ve definitely noticed. The only person who can make me feel the joy of being a woman is God. Please. Make me your woman. I will do anything for him.”

“I know the situation is bad. Because I already have three women with whom I promised my future. did you hear that too? Diana declared me her man. He said that he told me not to touch him because he was my man.”

“… The body that I was also indebted to Diana. I am not asking Diana-sama’s partner to formally form a relationship with him.”

“… Huh? What does that mean?”

“I am not asking for a relationship. You just have to stay by your side as your girl. And whenever you remember, let me feel the joy of women. That’s enough. If you lick your feet, I will lick them. I’ll take it off whenever I want. So please just stay by my side.”

what is the condition
He only spoke a little longer, and to put it simply, it doesn’t matter if he treats you like a sex slave.
To the extent that a nobleman calls himself a sex slave. Was it that desperate?
When I understood the situation like that, I felt a little weak.
Of course, the reason that the conditions were too ideal for a man had a slight influence, but that was a minor reason.
If it’s sex, we can do it with our kids anyway.
The biggest reason I felt weak was because I thought that I might just leave the boy who looked so desperate.
Wasn’t the goddess brought me to this world as a saint to save these children?
As I was seriously thinking about not being suitable, I heard Sarah’s voice next to me.

“Salvation… .”

okay. What am I thinking about my kids?
Whatever the reason, it is right to reject this.
I’m sorry to Sylvia, who gave me a clumsy feeling of pleasure, and I’m also sorry to the goddess who sent me a saint job.
But I’m sorry to say it out loud, so I decided to turn it around a bit.

“No, weren’t you aristocrats? Your family and yourself are saying whether or not you are a knight of the Royal Guard. Is it okay if I put such a condition in any way?”

“It doesn’t matter. To meet the joy of being a woman, I am ready to throw anything.”

I should have found out when I was asked to take it off before, so I immediately took off my clothes, or when I ran out immediately after creating the erogenous zone.
He seems to be the type of person who, if he gets stuck in one thing, throws everything away and chases after it.

“What nonsense is that? Even if you say you are ready, what about Princess Felicia? Aren’t you in a role like the princess’s throne or escort?

A knight of the Royal Guard is a child here, not in the royal capital.
There is no explanation other than that.

“The princess understood my decision to live as a woman rather than as a knight. Because the princess sent me with a smile, I was able to come here like this.”

Come to think of it, Sylvia wasn’t wearing armor right now.
Although it looked luxurious, it was a light attire that looked simple for a nobleman.
Surely he didn’t come to beat the knighthood at all?
Anyway, it seems that one of the resolutions has been done properly.
But that doesn’t mean I can’t accept it.

“Did your family also approve of it?”

“That, that… .”

Again, I’m speechless here.
That’s right. It’s understandable that the free-spirited Felicia acknowledged it, but there’s no way a noble family would admit that someone in her own family lives a life like a sex slave.
No, to be honest, Felicia also smiled and sent me away.
That Felicia laughing? Aren’t you plotting something else?

“right? Didn’t you admit it?”

“But no matter what the family members say, my determination will never be shaken!”

“That’s not the problem. As you said, if you live next to me like that, what will the family think of me and try to deal with me? Of course, with Diana by her side, the worst won’t happen, but it’s sure to cause trouble, right?”


Sylvia couldn’t make up her mind, so she bit her lower lip and couldn’t speak any more.
It looked like blood rushed out of his head and jumped out spontaneously.
I didn’t have the heart to think so coldly.

“… So, if I resolve the problem with my family properly, do you mean that you can accept me as God’s woman?”

But he didn’t seem to give up.

“Okay. I’ll go and build a baluster right away.”

Sylvia jumped up and ran outside.

“Oh, hey! awhile!”

When I tried to catch her, Sylvia had already disappeared.
Listen to what people have to say… .
Although his type was completely different, he was a knight who resembled his friend in a strange way.

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Sylvia’s resolve

… What if he really convinces the people of his family to come?
No, if that’s the case, I’d have to reject it.
Still, the noble young-ae persuades her family to become a sex slave for others. It’s going to be more difficult to politely refuse.

a. nevertheless please Can you convince me?
Even though I am a saint, it is a profession that has no origin in this world, so there are many advantages if I bring it to my side.
And since he’s Diana’s man, it is said that if he joins him, he can carry the halo of the Supreme Archmage on his back.
… what? The more I thought about it, the more I began to think that maybe I could be persuaded.
If you’re an ambitious aristocrat who’s willing to throw away a daughter and get me on his side, isn’t it possible?

no. Don’t think like that.
Not a wife, not even a concubine, but a sex slave.
You don’t think you’ll be able to bring me to your side by letting your daughter live with that kind of treatment.
nothing There may be people who think that way.

Besides, you said that you tried so hard to cure your insensitivity when you were young?
It’s proof that you loved Sylvia that much.
For the sake of my daughter’s happiness… What if Sylvia insists that living with me as a sex slave is the greatest happiness?
What if Sylvia’s parents really want their daughter to be happy, and are seriously understanding parents?

ah ah ah ah The more I think about it, the more complicated my head becomes.
A pretty woman asks you to live with her as a sex slave, so why do you have to rot in your head over refusing to do so?
His situation is deplorable.
No, of course, it’s not that I’m not dissatisfied with living surrounded by my kids.
rather the best.
If you ask me which of the three to choose with all the other girls in the world, I’ll choose three.

“… Salvation.”

As I was thinking while scratching my head, I heard Sarah’s cold voice next to me.

“Ugh! Why why?! You refused right?!”

At that cold voice, I reflexively guarded my side and turned to Sarah.
Can you use mind-reading now? Didn’t you read that I thought for a second that my situation was deplorable?
Read the next thought! I’d rather choose you than all the other women in the world combined?!
But Sarah didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking.
It was just a thoughtful expression on a slightly serious face.

“Why are you so surprised? I know because I saw it from the side too. I don’t like the fact that you didn’t say no.”

It seems like he’ll forget that he’s showing aegyo every day these days, but his default voice was originally a cold voice.
As I was talking without thinking about being immersed in aegyo, it seems that the only thing that came out naturally was a cold voice.
One of Sarah’s charm points is that she looks like a cool beauty, but in this case, it’s not good for the heart. It’s just my feet numb.

“No, no matter how hard it is to be harsh on a child who begs like that, isn’t it?”

“… After all, that’s your good point.”

Come to think of it, Sarah was a child who could be harsh.
Even if another man just tries to talk to her, Ande scatters life.

“But don’t you think it would be a good idea to tell Diana about what she just went to?”

“… To Diana?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Hey, what’s the fuss… No, it’s like that, if you really persuade me, it’s difficult, so I have to tell you.

“okay. After all, only Diana can solve that problem.”

Sara’s expression, as she said that, looked a bit disjointed.
It seems that he doesn’t like the fact that he has to rely on Diana when it’s important, even after arguing over the place of his wife.
do not worry. I like you the same no matter what.
Sara, who had a resentful expression on her face, was cute, so she wrapped her arms around her waist and hugged her, then gently kissed her lips.

“Yes… .”

Sara didn’t refuse at all, she was dragged in and accepted the kiss.
Then, what did he say?
Didn’t you say you don’t want to do what you’re doing

“Let’s go to the room.”

“… Aren’t you talking to Diana?”

“It won’t be over in a day or two to convince a noble family with absurd content anyway. Besides, I talked to the heads of the association in the morning, and I’m sorry to disturb you now, right? Let’s just talk when Leia comes in the evening. And above all… .”

“More than anything?”

“You said it before. Don’t you want to do what you used to do?”

“That, that… !”

“Come on, let’s go.”

Perhaps my persuasion worked, Sarah was led by my hand reluctantly.
Of course, the place we arrived at was Sarah’s room.
To do it with the butt, it must be prepared, and it seems that the device is in Sarah’s room.

“so? Where is it?”


“Why is that? stalk… .”
“I’m here by myself, so I’m here!”

Sara’s face flushed red, and she pulled out a small pill or something from the drawer next to her bed.
I glanced, and inside the drawer were the anal beads I had given you.
Good. I’ll have to get that back later.

“Ears, I’m covering my ears too!”

“Ah, I can’t even hear it because it’s soundproofed anyway… .”
“I’m blocking you!”


Sara, who was crying with a blushing face, was cute, so I decided to just do what she was told.

“And I’m looking over there.”


“Why, why are you laughing so hard?!”

“Because it’s cute.”

“Ugh… ! Go, I’ll go!”

Sara went into the bathroom as if to run away, with her hair blushing so much that she thought it might be steaming from her head.
Sara, who is shy like that, and eventually goes to clean her ass on her own, is also cute.
Besides, you’re the only one who shows me that way. the best.

I covered my ears and sat quietly on the bed, and after a while, Sarah tapped me on the shoulder from behind and signaled that I had come out.
As if quite embarrassed that she had come prepared to do it herself with her ass, Sarah glared at this side with a slight tear in her cool eyes.
Is this looking pretty too, is it proof that I’m that much in love with Sarah?
is not it? Is it just that Sarah is so pretty that she looks pretty like this?
Well, how are you?

“Did you come clean?”

“Wow… .”

Sarah could not answer my blatant question and bowed her head.

“Is it okay to take the absence of an answer as a means to check it yourself?”

“Bah, you idiot! I came clean! Really stupid!”

As she approached me with that said, Sarah took a step back and finally answered.
If you’re going to do it with your ass anyway, you’ll have to check it out.
Now that it’s really unavoidable, it’s so desperate that I can’t seem to think of it that far.

“Come on.”

Of course, even that Sarah looked cute in my eyes.
He grabbed Sarah by the waist, pulled her towards me, and gave her a deep kiss.
Sarah’s body stiffened with tension. However, the tension gradually relaxed as I entangled and touched each other’s mouths as they touched each other.
When Sara’s body lost strength and she naturally leaned against me and hugged me, I slowly lowered one hand towards her hip.

“Uh… Hmm… side… Bake… Whoops!”

As my hand touched her hip, Sarah’s body stiffened with tension again.
OK. get rid of your body don’t be so nervous
With that in mind, he gently stroked Sarah’s elastic buttocks.
As I continued to caress only the surface of the buttocks as if it were gently twirling, I guess I thought I wouldn’t reach the hole yet. The power slowly drained from Sarah’s body again.
And at the same time, Sarah’s breathing slowly began to get rough.

“Hey! Salvation! e. Salvation… ! Hahaha!”

You could feel Sarah’s rough breath on her face, and her eyes, right in front of her, began to change hazy as they swayed with pleasure.
After all, Sarah’s best erogenous zone is her buttocks. Well, if you touch me like this, you will feel pleasure.
Besides, what is the level difference between me and Sarah now?
Luckily, it’s Sarah, so it’s not completely disturbed.
As Sarah leveled up quite well through battle, she was originally at a higher level than Diana and Leia.

When Sara felt that she had concentrated on the pleasure without being aware of her hand touching her ass, she tucked her hand into her pants.
Of course, I tucked my pants into my panties, and first touched my ass again.
Of course, it felt great on clothes, too, but it doesn’t compare to touching it directly.
Apparently, compared to the other two, Sara is a body-intensive job, so it’s not just soft, but has the elasticity to push your fingers away when you hold it tight.
It feels like being addicted. As long as time permits, I think I will be able to touch it like this forever.
But I can’t keep doing this.
If you don’t move on to the next step.
He stretched out his index finger from the hand that was rubbing his ass, and carefully headed towards Sarah’s butt hole.


The moment my fingertips touched the surface of the hole, Sarah’s body trembled.
At first, he tried to release the tension by carefully tapping the surface as if counting wrinkles.
It took quite some time as it was difficult to relieve the tension by touching the road, but this is a fight against time.
The hole, which had been hardened as if to deny the intrusion of a finger, eventually began to loosen its strength.

“Heh. ha ha Salvation, salvation… . Hmm… .”

And in the meantime, Sarah did not give up kissing me.
Rather, he wrapped his arms around my neck and hung more actively.
While touching Sarah’s tongue with her tongue, she applied a slight pressure to her finger, allowing her index finger to penetrate into the hole.



Is this a causal response?
The moment she put her finger in, of course, Sarah reacted violently.
Sarah clenched her teeth, trying to hold back her moan, and my tongue, which I was sticking in Sarah’s mouth, almost got cut off as well.
Fortunately, Sarah opened her mouth again in amazement, so it ended up with a little blood on her tongue.

“Mi, I’m sorry. Sorry… .”

Sara must have felt the taste of the blood gushing out of my tongue as they were tongue-to-neck.
Sarah apologized with tears in her eyes.
No, it’s my fault for putting my finger in at that time, so there’s no need for you to apologize.
Sara couldn’t be satisfied with just an apology, so she put her tongue into my mouth and began to touch my tongue.
Then, having found the bloody part of his tongue, he began to devote himself to cleaving the part with his tongue.
This made it look like they were kissing in a unique way.

“sorry… sorry… .”

To be honest, I was more excited than sick, but Sarah desperately licked my tongue as she burst into tears as if she was genuinely sorry.
I wanted to say that it was okay for me to apologize so much, but when I saw Sarah’s face, those words didn’t come out.
It was so cute that he was desperately trying to lick with his tongue while tearing up, unlike usual.
Huh. I’m sorry Sarah, but let’s stay like this a little longer.
Feeling Sarah licking her tongue out of my mouth, I decided to focus on my index finger.

“Ha ha ha!”

When I tried to loosen the hole in the buttocks by moving my index finger slightly, Sarah responded by shaking her body again.
But this time, as if he would never bite his tongue, he opened his mouth while shaking and trembling. Rather than refraining from moaning, I made a choice not to hurt myself while moaning loudly.
‘Cause it’s so special

Sara is paying more attention to her mouth, so naturally, she pays a little attention to her butt.
In the meantime, I started to slowly loosen Sarah’s ass while moving my index finger back and forth.
It was difficult when I first came in, but after doing this, I felt that it was definitely easier to move than the last time.
Is it because of wearing anal beads for three days?
If this is the case, it really seems like it could be inserted.

“buy it… slowly… .”

“Heh… .”

She lifted her lips from Sarah’s, and gently fell away from her.
Sarah looked at me frightened, but as she patted my head as if I was okay with it, she nodded and turned to the other side on the bed.

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Sorry. I didn’t have time, so I got cut on the way.

Sylvia appeared as a device for the future story.
Stay tuned to see what happens.


Sylvia’s resolve

Kneel on the bed, lower your upper body, and put your buttocks to this side.
This is the most appropriate posture to do with the buttocks.
It was a very nice sight to see as the heart-shaped buttocks and the narrow waistline leading down to it were emphasized.
How can the curves of the body be emphasized even with comfortable pants?
Like Leia, she’s not the type of person who is full all over the place, but Sarah also has an amazing body.

It’s a sight you want to watch, but you can’t help but watch it forever.
I grabbed Sarah’s pants and panties at the same time and lowered them down to about mid-thigh.
Why don’t you take it off?
After much effort, Sarah is holding her in this position, isn’t it a bit like getting up and taking it all off?

After all, she must have been very excited to touch her ass earlier, so Sarah’s pussy was already soggy.
Thanks to the half-way down pants, the sticky laces between the panties and the pubic hair looked very lewd.
But, in contrast to my sentiments, Sarah, who was unable to move, seemed even more tense.
His face was buried in the pillow, so he couldn’t see it, but his luscious heart-shaped buttocks began to tremble.

“OK. Sarah. Relax.”

To relieve the tension, as she said that, she grabbed Sarah’s ass with both hands and gently stroked her.

“Yes… Huh… .”

However, Sarah did not know whether it was a moan or an answer, but she did not think to stop her body shaking.
It might be better to force it, even a little, and to overwhelm the tension with pleasure.
As there is a difference in level, if you start properly, you will fall into a sense of pleasure without having to be nervous.

Even so, I couldn’t insert it straight away. Buttocks and vagina are different structures.
Besides, my items are large, so no matter how much I prepared in advance, I couldn’t relax.
Damn it. Had I known this would happen, I would have bought some gel when I went to the adult store with Diana.
I didn’t even look at her because I thought I’d never run out of lube while having sex.
No, it wasn’t a bad idea if it was normal.
In fact, even now, love juice is overflowing from Sarah’s vagina and dripping onto the panties that are half-draped across her thighs.

Eight. If you don’t have it, you have no choice but to use what you don’t have.
One hand was still gently caressing Sarah’s luscious buttocks as if it was spinning, while the other hand was directed toward the center of her hip.
But that’s not the hole we’re targeting today.
I headed to the familiar hole below it.


Sara, who was nervous about when I would dig into her ass, felt a sense of pleasure when she touched her pussy, but on the other hand, she seemed a little relieved.
The trembling buttocks calmed down a little.
I haven’t given up, so it’s still too early to be relieved.
With his fingers, he swept it up as if he was scooping up the love fluid that flowed out of Sarah’s vagina and descended down her thighs, and then moved his finger at the entrance of the vagina as if he was trying to put the love fluid back into her vagina.
When she felt that her vagina was filled with love juice to some extent, she straightened her index and middle fingers and put it inside Sarah’s vagina.

“Ugh! ha ha! Whoa!”

Meanwhile, Sarah’s ass began to tremble again.
But this time it’s not because of tension. It’s because of the pleasure.
There is also evidence of that. Even though it was closed with two fingers, love juice burst out through the gap.
Perhaps it was because Sarah used her body, the tightness of her pubic area was as good as her body elasticity.
Even if you put a single finger in it, it’s tight enough to make your finger feel stuffy.
Even though I had put two fingers in Sarah’s vagina, the love fluid burst out between them.
I can imagine how excited Sarah must have been.
Perhaps the reason you feel this way is not only because of the pleasure you feel in your vagina.
There will definitely be expectations for what will happen in the future, so I decided to do my own thing.

“this. I put it in on purpose and it leaked again. Are you looking forward to it?”

She shook her head slightly, but she didn’t say anything, just buried her face in the pillow and shook her hips.
I wanted to hear an answer, but what can I do in this situation?
Let’s focus on what we were doing again.

I thought about scooping up the leaked love liquid and putting it back in, but it didn’t seem necessary.
It’s not that the stuff I put inside leaked out, it just popped out like a push as more liquid was added.
Just being inside would be enough.
I started waving my fingers to get plenty of love liquid on the index and middle fingers I was putting in my vagina.

“Wow! ha ha! Whoops!”

Sara started moaning again without the afterglow of the climax gone. But this time too, I didn’t mean to make you feel the climax.
At the point when I thought that my index and middle fingers were soaked in love liquid, I pulled out my fingers relentlessly.


As I tried to pull out my finger, Sarah’s ass tugged along my finger as if not to.
However, despite Sarah’s efforts, when her fingers were completely pulled out, she finally lifted her face, which had been buried in the pillow, slightly to look at her.
Cheeks recalled with excitement. Sara, who was looking at me sadly with her eyes slightly weeping, was holding her hand that had been stroking her butt with a little force.
Well. The repulsive force that tries to bounce off your fingers is amazing.

“Don’t look. Isn’t this what you were going to do today?”

He gripped his buttocks with such force that it turned slightly red, and then touched the area again.
This time, it was as soft as a tickle, as if rubbing against the surface of the palms and buttocks.

“Heh heh. Goo, goo… .”

At that feeling, Sarah buried her face in the pillow again and began to sob.
And I stood up with my index and middle fingers soaked with Sarah’s love liquid, and this time, I brought it to the hole I was aiming for.
First, gently spread the love liquid from the entrance of the hole as if wetting it, and then gently insert it into the hole from the index finger.
Whether Sarah is trying to reduce her strength as much as possible, or is she just not in the mood to give her strength, this time, she feels a little less resistance than before.
While stirring the index finger that easily went into the inside of the buttocks, she began to spread the love liquid on the inside of the buttocks.
After moving my index finger for a while, I pulled out my finger, and a popping sound was heard.
Dangerous. maybe a little fun
I was tempted to try it again, but I persevered.
It’s a pain in the ass if Sarah gets mad and rejects the relationship while playing with it.
Still, it must have been quite embarrassing, Sarah now hugged her like a pillow with her hands, covered her ears, and completely covered her face.

They overlapped the index finger that was pulled out like a middle finger, and this time, they held out two fingers at once to break into the buttocks.
There was a lot of resistance compared to putting one finger in, but I was still able to insert both fingers properly.
I put all my fingers in like that, and tried to spread them slightly apart, but it wasn’t easy either.
Let’s start with the love liquid first. When even the love fluid on the middle finger was thoroughly rubbed into her buttocks, Sarah’s body began to vibrate violently again.
Then, the third joint of the inserted finger, that is, the mouth of Sarah’s buttocks, began to tighten strongly.
At the same time as her buttocks tightened, love juice was spurted out of Sarah’s vagina once more.
It’s still the best genitalia. Sex analysis doesn’t lie.
Even so, Sarah seems to feel a lot with her butt.
Putting two fingers in and moving as soon as it reaches its climax.

“Sarah, do you like your ass that much?”

I asked with a slightly mischievous voice, giving a little force to the hand opposite the hand that was putting my finger in, and the hand that was caressing my buttocks.
Then Sarah shook her face to be buried in the pillow vigorously from side to side as if in denial.
I knew it. It looks like you are covering your ears with a pillow, but you can hear everything.

“a. Do you think it was good? So what is this sweetheart?”


Sara shook her head and flapped her legs as she pulled her finger out of her ass hole and scooped the dripping liquid over the panties that were draped between her thighs and brought it to her pubic area until it clicked.
He seems to want to argue that it is not.
Well, let’s leave it for fun after inserting the correct answer.
If I joke around here more, I think I’ll run away
She scooped out the love fluid that flowed from Sarah’s vagina, and headed straight for her butt this time.
Then, put your finger back in and spread the love liquid.
As the process was repeated several times, Sarah’s buttocks began to loosen more and more.
And now, the butt hole was glistening to such an extent that it looked as if love liquid was flowing out of it.
Besides, Sarah had already reached her climax several times in the meantime, so her whole body was limp and droopy.
Thanks to her kneeling position, only her hips were soaring high into the sky.

Holding Sarah’s hips with both hands, one at a time, she opened them wide from side to side, and she could see a subtle oozing of love fluid from her shiny butt hole.
Good. This should be enough to prepare you.
Finally, it’s time for me to enjoy myself.
Well, it was fun to play with Sarah’s body, but I really enjoyed it from the moment I inserted it.
I untied the front of my pants as it was and took out the stiffly standing thing.
When the tip of my object touched the hole in her buttocks, Sarah’s body, which had been drooping without strength, trembled and trembled.
And the strength of the butt hole, which had been released for the most part, entered again, and the intrusion of the object was thoroughly prevented.
I tried to break in by putting the object in the mouth of the buttocks and turning it round and round, but it seemed far-fetched to put the object into the buttocks.

“buy it. It will be hard, but don’t be nervous and try to relax.”

As I spoke while gently stroking her hips with both hands, I could see Sarah nodding her head while hesitating.
But that’s it. The power that went into the butt didn’t seem to go away.
Can’t help it.
I first removed the thing from the butt hole. And just as it was, I rushed the object into the hole below it, overflowing with love liquid.


As if this was not expected, Sarah’s calves lifted and her back arched.
Naturally, as her back arched, Sarah’s upper body was lifted into the air.
I didn’t miss a thing, grabbed Sarah’s chest and fixed her upper body in the air before her face was buried in the pillow again.
Rubbing her bouncy, chewy, tactile breasts, she made Sara’s head face this way.
No matter how much she felt with her ass, her face was so relaxed that she couldn’t have imagined from Sarah’s usual cool expression.
As I put my face to the face, Sarah turned one arm over her shoulder and grabbed my neck and kissed me.

While exchanging a deep kiss with Sarah, on the other hand, she began to gently move her waist.
At the same time, one hand still grabs Sarah’s chest, and the other hand goes back to Sarah’s buttocks.
She placed her hand slightly on top of her hip and reached out with her thumb to gently touch Sarah’s ass hole, and she shuddered and shivered again, but that was all.
Whether it was because of the relief that the object was inside his vagina, or whether he was just being distracted by pleasure, he didn’t show any further reaction.
Then, while gently stroking Sarah’s buttocks, she moved her waist, and gradually changed the movement of her waist violently.


Even Sarah, who likes the kiss, couldn’t keep the kiss.
The uncomfortable posture for kissing must have played a part, and it must have helped to feel the pleasure more intensely because of the level difference.
As the movement in her back became rough, Sarah rolled her arms around my neck back onto the bed to support her upper body.
But, as if he could not stand it, his upper body collapsed onto the bed, and he was in a position where only his buttocks were lifted again.
Without supporting Sarah’s upper body any longer, I removed my hands from her chest and grabbed her ass with both hands.
Then, I spread my hips with both hands so that the butt hole and the part where my stuff was connected could be seen clearly, and I accelerated the movement of the waist.

“Heh, heh, heh, heh, haha!”

And by the time Sarah gave her body to the pleasure and began to shake her buttocks back and forth, her ass hole had already been loosened again.
Watching the timing, I used my back recoil to pull the thing out and inserted it into Sarah’s butt hole.

“Eh?! Whoops!”

The things that had become so absurdly lustful while going back and forth through the vagina were gliding all the way to the inside of the ass.
I was worried because it was a little too forceful, but fortunately Sarah was not hurt.
No, he didn’t get hurt, but rather, he seemed to have been greatly stimulated.
As soon as the object was put in, the root part was tightened and Sarah’s buttocks were shaking.
And the thighs started to get wet.
My waist and Sarah’s ass were so close together that I couldn’t see it, but it was obvious what had happened.

“Are you finally in? Is it okay to put it in?”

“Ha… haha… .”

Sarah reproached me with a tongue that didn’t work well.
But the eyes staring at me didn’t have the strength they had when I was really angry.
This level is just glaring at you with aegyo.
I leaned over, pressed my lips to Sarah’s cheek, and began to move back and forth slightly as it was. As if to check every nook and cranny of Sarah’s ass feeling for the first time.
I was able to move quite easily thanks to the love fluids I had applied inside beforehand and the stuff that got soaked while going back and forth.
The only obstacle is the butt opening, which is tightened too hard.

The buttocks provided a different pleasure from the pussy.
It wasn’t that there were too many bumps or bumps that stimulate things like the vagina, but the feeling of gentle pressure coming from all directions was amazing.
It was especially amazing that my stuff went all the way to the root.
And above all else, the pleasure of tightening the root part intensely.
Although it is different from the vagina, the pleasure of being addicted has not changed.

“Hah. haha Whoa!”

Grasping Sarah’s hips and turning her waist slowly as if savoring it, Sarah grabbed the bedsheets with both hands and reached a climax simply and helplessly.
And as I tightened the root of the object stronger than before, I couldn’t stand it any longer.
There is a feeling of pleasure that is the first taste, but the psychological satisfaction that Sarah is doing this for me has elicited a tremendous sense of ejaculation.

“buy it. It looks like rice.”

“Heh, huh… Huh… .”

To Sarah who nodded her head while sobbing in pleasure, I decided to ask another naughty question.

“Where do you want to eat?”

“Heh, uh… Huh?!”

“If it’s cheap like this, it won’t help you level up at all. You will continue to feel worse because of the level difference with me. Where would you like to buy?”

“He, hehe, he… .”

“Ah, by the way, I want to keep it cheap. Even after that, don’t you think it’s an act that feels more affectionate to give up, regardless of leveling up?”

do you mean shameful? Huh. Know. I have already decided on the answer Sarah will give.
I just want to hear the answers I want from Sarah’s mouth.

“Huh, whoops! Bar, stupid… .”

Sara realized that too, so she turned her head and looked at me.
But even after shooting like this, he knew what kind of answer would come out of Sarah’s mouth in the end.

“Hey, like this… .”

“Huh? what? Can’t you hear me?”

“Hey, you idiot to keep it like this!

“Huh? Does Sarah want that?”

“this… Yes, you idiot!”


After hearing the desired answer, I began to move my waist strongly as it was.

“Heh, ha, ji, really stupid… Whoa!”

And at the same time as I ejaculated, Sarah also trembled as she reached her climax today.

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Sylvia’s resolve

Even if I didn’t have to use my revived pride, I continued to stir inside Sarah with something that didn’t lose any power at all. And Sarah, too, without any resistance, or even after reaching a big climax, she became more active and shook her back.
Excessive pleasure, such as tension and shame, seemed to have completely disappeared.
So Sarah and I were completely absorbed in the new pleasure.
… It was taken so seriously that it was a problem.

The behavior that started in broad daylight showed no signs of calming down until midnight, skipping lunch and dinner.
Looking back, Vanessa came to call me along the way, but as a result, I ended up ignoring it.
This time it’s really Sarah’s fault.
I was going to go eat. Really?
But Sarah… Sarah… ‘Aren’t you going to do it here? It’s lonely to end up with only your ass… .’ Because you make such a cute sound! And he even opens his own pussy a little bit! So you’re on fire again for nothing!
In that situation, where would a man say to do it after eating!
right? It’s really not my fault this time?!
Even so, it’s impossible to tell Diana or Leia. Rather, it would be like putting firewood into a blazing fire.
… How can I see their faces tomorrow?

“… I’m hungry.”

Unlike me, who is now slightly regretting it, Sarah said as she put her hand on her smooth abs with a satisfied face.
Wow, how many hours have you been doing it? No wonder I’m not hungry.

“okay? Would you like me to bring you something now?”

As I said that, I put my hand on Sarah’s stomach.
big Look at these figure 11 abs.

“Yes! Do you want to do that again?”

Slowly stroking Sarah’s abs, Sarah shrugged her thighs and twitched slightly. Then he looked at me with a fresh expression on his face.
With that expression on his face, he took his hand to mine and began to scan it gently up and down.
Sara’s hand squeaked up and down over my stuff soaked in liquid.
By stroking her lower abdomen, it seems that Sarah’s switch, which had barely gone down, was turned on again.

“If it’s with you, we can do it forever.”

“I may be a little insecure. He’s too clumsy to do that.”

It deserves it. Especially when there was a lot of level difference earlier, I was stunned several times.
But, contrary to the words, Sarah slightly turned her lying upper body and brought her face between my crotch, then kissed the end of the object lightly.
Then he opened his mouth wide and swallowed my stuff.
… Aren’t your actions so different from what you just said?
Well, I’m happy though.
Leaving Sarah to suck, I reached out to the bell on the table next to the bed and called the maid for something to eat.
I could do it through the door when I asked, but when I brought food, I had no choice but to bring a maid into the room.
Sara was embarrassed that she was still sucking in front of the maid, so she put on a blanket and hid.
Thanks to that, I was able to get my clothes on and food.

And while eating, Sara’s actions continued.
Of course, it didn’t move violently.
First of all, I sat down on a chair, and Sarah sat on it and ate in the position of combining things.
While moving the waist slightly on the way to enjoy the pleasure, it was basically a break time to activate healing sex for future actions.

And as soon as the meal was over, no matter who came first, he started shaking his back again.
In the end, Sara’s actions continued literally all day.

“Are you a beast? How can a human be able to work all day without eating!”

and the next morning. Again, our Diana-sama was very angry.
No, it’s not just Diana.
Even Leia slightly pouted her lips, trying not to make eye contact with me.
Fortunately, I know they are doing this out of jealousy, so I’m glad they look cute.
If I had been so angry for any other reason, I would have shed a cold sweat.

“It’s a beast. Hey. Even so, aren’t you too much of a beast to Mrs.

“I, Nang, I’m not even more angry because I’m the gentleman of this body!”

… Thinking about it, it is I didn’t do it with you.

“You don’t do anything and that’s something from the daytime!”

“Still, the obvious reason I started doing it yesterday… Oh.”

Then I saw that I was eating.
I need to talk to Sylvia.

“Diana. Eat and give yourself some time. I have something to say.”

“Don’t turn around!”

“No, not really, really. It’s surprisingly important. Oh, let’s talk Leia together.”

“Yeah? Me too?”



“… But why not talk here so important?”

Whatever they were thinking, neither Diana nor Leia stopped getting angry.
Rather, he blushed slightly and looked at me with anticipation.
Why are you looking at me with those eyes? I don’t know what to expect, but it’s not like that.

“A little bit here… It’s personal.”

Even so, it was difficult to say that Sylvia had come to the meeting with all the heads of the Wizards’ Association, asking to be accepted as a sex slave.
However, Diana and Leia quietly agreed to whether my story aroused more expectations.

But it didn’t. I had to talk right now.
No, it was too late to talk.
It’s already too late since we didn’t talk about it yesterday.
Because when we were going to talk to Diana and Leia after dinner, a customer came.

“Savior. A guest has arrived.”

“customer? Stand, please… !”


I wanted you to deny it.
Vanessa certainly nodded her head.
No, how could that be? You said you came to convince the family?
Does it make sense to come so soon?

“Ah… It seems that the person you are talking about has arrived.”

“Well? What does that mean? party?”

Diana, who had an expectant expression on her face, tilted her head with a bewildered expression on her face.

“… Let’s go and tell him what happened.”

Unlike yesterday, I took all three women and headed to the waiting room where Sylvia was waiting.
As soon as I entered the room, the first thing I noticed was Sylvia, kneeling in the middle of the room.

“I came here with the permission of the family as you said! So now… .”
“no. I never said that they would accept you just because you got permission from your family.”

I really couldn’t take a lukewarm attitude when I came all the way here.
No, then my life is in danger.
Our Archmage, who seems to have not yet grasped the situation, may explode.


Sylvia tilted her head with a blank expression, as if she had not expected my answer at all.
Dangerous. It’s a little cute because her slender body and her movements go so well together.
Because she’s an aristocratic young girl, she definitely looks good.

“Accept it? What does that mean?”

“Huh… So that’s it. He came to me yesterday asking me to make you my girl.”

“Yeah?! Salvation… .”

Before Diana shouted something with an angry expression, first Leia looked up at me with a pathetic expression on my arm as if not to do it.

“no. I definitely refused. I declined… .”

“Uh, yesterday, if you get permission from the family, you’ll get it… !”

“Hey. when did i Think carefully. Obviously, I said that if I accepted you, your family would be annoyed, but didn’t you say that if you don’t, you won’t accept it?

“Uh, uh… That can’t be… Then what should I do… .”

“Is it true that you came with the permission of the family in the first place? There’s no way that a noble family would allow a daughter to live with a man under such conditions, right?”

“Really! Really I… !”

“Wait a minute.”

Diana’s cold voice intervened between me and Sylvia.
Diana took a deep breath, as if she couldn’t contain her anger, and spoke again in a calm tone.

“Let’s talk one by one, step by step. I just can’t keep up with the story. First of all, Miss Sylvia came to see you wanting to be your woman?”


“… Miss Sylvia? You must have heard the declaration that Iza is a man of the body, but there must be a good reason for doing so, right? No, it should be. If the memory of this body is accurate, I can remember that Iza even made you an erogenous zone.”

Although the tone was calm, there was a clear anger in it. It looked like it was about to explode with just a slight touch.
Sylvia was also completely stunned by Diana’s appearance, bowed her head and repeated the explanation she had given me yesterday.

As Sylvia continued to speak, Diana and Leia’s expressions became vague.
It was true that she had to be angry, but she had a look on her face that Sylvia was not good enough to just be angry.

“Miss Sylvia. Your situation is bad… .”

“Please! The only thing that can save my life is the power of the Son of Salvation! please! I will not cause trouble to Diana-sama and others. Just when I have time, even if it’s good sometimes, if you hug me, I’m satisfied!


Hearing Sylvia’s cry, Leia, who was hanging on my arm, trembled for some reason.

“The power of a saint… Salvation with the power given by the Goddess… 👌 But… .”

Then he quietly murmured something, with a conflicted expression on his face.

“There are many good things about having him and me by your side! Lee, no matter how many times you see him, he is confident in his appearance, and… Oh! We can even help you level up! I can do anything with other men, so I will always try my best to level up on days when God doesn’t hug me! Then, even if God only hugs me sometimes, the level will go up… !”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Wow, I’m really sorry to say no because it’s coming out so desperately.

“Miss Sylvia. Let’s go back to the castle.”

“Please! please… .”

“Once we talk to each other, I will call you again. This body promises So, let’s go back today.”

“Ugh… . Are you really?”

“Are you saying you can’t believe this body?”

“That, that… Okay… .”

At Diana’s firm tone, Sylvia finally got up, shrugging her shoulders, and trudged outside.

“That’s why I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not because of you! Because of you! Why the hell did you tell Miss Sylvia about pleasure!”

And as soon as Sylvia left, Diana returned to her usual form and started to get angry.
The attack of pounding the chest with both fists didn’t hurt at all, but I pretended to be sick, thinking that it wouldn’t be good to greet me with a normal face this time too.

“Ahh! sorry!”

“Now, what are you going to do? Seeing that, I will never give up!”

“… Is he that obsessive?”

“It’s the other way around! This body has never seen Miss Sylvia so obsessed with something! I’m more worried about Miss Sylvia like that!”

“I still have to say no. is not it?”

I looked around the children’s faces as if to ask for their consent, but all three of them had a puzzled expression on their faces, probably because they had just seen Sylvia’s desperate look.

“… .”

In particular, Leia avoided her gaze as if she could not agree with my words.

“However… If the only person who can save him is Mr. Guwon… .”

“Hey, Leia! What are you talking about?!”

“I’m sorry. But I too have been saved by Mr. Guwon, so I know his feelings better than anyone else. If that person, like me, has a body that must not be Mr. Guwon… .”

indeed. Did Leia have such thoughts? So, the reaction was strange from before.
But isn’t that too altruistic?
As a human being, Leia must have a desire for monopoly too.
Still, you’re trying to prioritize helping others over your greed for monopoly.
That was Leia’s good point, but in this situation, that opinion only added to the confusion.

“… What do you think? What do you think is a good way to do it? Say sorry to these bodies and say it once without thinking about it. What do you want to do?”

Diana looked at me with more serious eyes than ever before and asked.
As if to make a choice for me.
As if to leave everything to my choice.
Looking into those eyes, I seriously thought about what I wanted to do in my head.

“I… .”

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Stereo // The enema is also a magic item, so don’t worry about that.

Oh, what // Potts was trying to do with Sarah with that kind of mindset.


Sylvia’s resolve

“I think it would be better to say no.”

“Are you serious? Do you think Ms. Sylvia is a look that men really like?”

“Of course, I’m a man too, so it would be a lie if I said that I have no feelings of abuse. But I love you much more than that. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable by taking a girl you don’t even like.”

okay. The conclusion I came to is this.
Why is the trash bastard all of a sudden coming here and pretending to be nice?
Are you not watching?
… … I won’t completely deny it.
No, think about it. So you don’t look like that?
Obviously, Diana spoke as if she was going to obey me.
I told them not to worry about themselves and to speak to my own convictions.
But if I said I wanted to accept Sylvia, would they really like it?
Thousands of words. You will definitely hate it.
Not only Sarah and Diana, but even Leia, who had already told her to accept Sylvia, will be upset inside.
Even if I’m a guy who doesn’t know a woman’s heart, I’m not stupid enough to know that.
I am sure This was definitely the best choice.
Just by looking at Diana’s face, who made eye contact with me and looked straight at me, that was certain.
Diana, who had a serious expression on her face, as soon as she heard what I said, her expression became angry and bright, and then returned to her serious expression in an instant.

“As this body said before, I don’t care about these bodies… .”
“How is it? There’s no way I don’t care about you. And it’s not just that. If you accept Sylvia, it will surely affect the time you spend with you. Even a very small amount will reduce the time I spend with you. I hate that.”

“Huh, heh heh. That’s right… ?”

can be predicted He’s in love with me right now.
If he had a tail like Leia, he would be swinging around with great momentum right now.
When he turned his head to look at Leia, he had a look of relief, but on the other hand, a mixture of guilt.
Leia told me to accept Sylvia because she was so kind, but that doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as monopoly.
And speaking of Sarah, she was looking at me with a thrilled expression. But soon, his expression became serious and he began to ponder deeply about something.
I’m concerned about Sarah’s reaction, but my choice wasn’t wrong either.

“And if it is rumored that you have accepted Sylvia, won’t all the girls rush to get my favor? If I accept them all, no matter how desperate I am, I will be able to handle them all… awhile! joke! I’m kidding!”

I was joking, but Diana’s pat attack flew right in.

“You always! In a situation like this, you have to break the atmosphere like that to unlock the castle!”

“Everyone has such a serious expression on my face, so I don’t know… Ah, anyway! I’m sorry Sylvia, but I’m going to say no. Leia thought about Sylvia at the best and allowed her, but I’m sorry.”

“no… .”

Seeing Leia shaking her head like that, I could feel that Leia really liked me.
From the beginning, Leia thought of the power of my saint as a gift from the goddess.
And if that belief hasn’t changed even now, you’d think it’s a saint’s duty to save someone like Sylvia.
As Leia is a deeply religious person, that thought must be firm.
Still, the fact that you can’t insist on saving Sylvia means that you like me and want to monopolize me.


Then suddenly Sarah called my name.


“I don’t mind if you hug her. So I don’t care at all.”

“What?! Miss Sarah! What is it all of a sudden?!”

Diana did what I wanted to say for her.
What are you talking about all of a sudden?
When you see me sleeping with another woman, did you suddenly get excited again?
They don’t look like excited people’s eyes.

“I just realized it again. Even if Guwon had a physical relationship with another woman, he was never a person whose heart would be shaken. If that’s the case, then we can take it as if we were saving someone.”

Apparently, Sarah remembered what she said while confessing to me after revenge.
Kate and I were not shaken no matter what.
And even if I have another woman, I think it doesn’t matter at all as long as you keep looking at me.
It’s nice to believe you, but saying things like that in a situation like this only adds to the confusion.
You’re just trying to shake my resolve even for me.
Glancing at Diana’s face, Diana’s face was that she didn’t know what to do.
Among them, Diana is the one who has the deepest connection with Sylvia, and Diana is probably the one who has the most sympathy.
Still, I hated the fact that I was holding another woman, so I took a stand against it.
I did the same thing myself, but it must be embarrassing for the other two to come out like this.
I understand. I feel the same way.
In such a case, it would be better to say clearly.

“Thank you for trusting me. Still, I’d rather refuse. I’m sorry Sylvia.”

Even if I was a saint in the first place, it wasn’t that the goddess sent me a mission. Just because I can help, doesn’t mean I have to help everything.
To be honest, the opportunity to treat a pretty girl like Sylvia like a sex slave was incredibly attractive as a man, but in the end it’s not Sylvia who will continue to live with me. three here. Taking care of the people most important to me is the top priority.

“That’s right… .”

Diana had a relieved, but still guilty expression on her face.
Does it bother you that you were the only one who took a stand against it to the end?

“I’m not going to make a face like that.”

“Well… .”

I said while stroking my hair, Diana nodded her head in a rare candid way and put her in my arms.

“I’m sorry… . This body is greedy.”

“What are you sorry for? Are you saying you love me that much? And you gave me a choice This is what I decided. You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“If you say that, it sounds like Leia and I, who gave us permission, don’t like salvation as much as Diana?”

“Savior… ! No! I love you too!”

As Sarah spoke in a slightly twisted tone, Leia spoke in a watery voice and grabbed my arm tightly.
big black. Mr Ray. How can I not know that?
The angel’s heart is felt more clearly than the touch of the chest on the arm.

“Of course you know! That’s just the way it is! I know enough that you’re obsessed with me!”

“huh. How will it be?”

“Is that the kid who said he would trust me before?”

“Salvation… Heck!”

He pulled Sara’s bruised waist and showed her how well I knew with a hot kiss.
After the deep kiss, Sarah lifted her pouty expression and said with a pleasant smile.

“Salvation, you’re in trouble now.”

… Huh. I also felt it along the way while kissing you.
Leia holding my arm, and Diana’s arm holding me in my arms.

“Yesterday, I spent all day with Miss Sarah, and it seems that we have become seriously close.”

“Savior… After all, the first time I met Sarah was the best… .”

“Oh, no! It’s not like that! I like you all equally! So… Come on, wait! Diana! Not there!”

Diana tried to attack me by kicking her knee.
Since I was hugging my waist and sticking to it, it was obvious where the hitting point would be if I raised my knee in that state. it’s my groin
No matter how good Diana’s physical attacks are. It’s not okay, Al.
Thanks to his defense, he might be okay, but he didn’t even want to try it.

“If you hit there, you won’t see children for the rest of your life?!”

As if my threats had worked, Diana stopped her knee from being lifted.
However, as if he had no intention of stopping the attack, he released the arm that was holding my waist and eventually started to attack.
It was dangerous. Diana’s knee just rubbed the tip of her egg.
But if it’s an attack like this, you can accept it as much as you want.
First, I decided to let Diana know that I love Diana as much as Sarah. Of course, the same way as Sarah.

“Bah, I just kissed Miss Sarah’s lips… ugh.”

Diana seemed to resist something, but as soon as their lips met, it quickly became quiet.
When I put my tongue in, he lifted up his claws and desperately clinged to my lips, trying not to fall off.

“right? Are you sure you know I love you as much as Sarah?”

“Uh, uh… .”

Diana blushed as she tried to wipe my saliva-stained lips with the back of her hand, but then stopped. Then, she began to lick her lips as if she had spread lipstick on her lips. cute.
So now, only Leia… Oops.
When I looked to the side, Leia was looking at me with eyes full of anticipation.
what about this If you kiss me, you’ll turn into a nine tail fox
But if Leia doesn’t kiss her, Leia will be seriously hurt.
I can’t help it.

“Chi, do you want to go to the bedroom?”

“You, you just said that you like the same thing and discriminate only against Leia?!”

Saying that, Sarah was somehow afraid of her eyes.
This is an eye that is activated by anyone who sees it. Just seeing me kissing another woman triggers it.

“Oh, I can’t help it! Leia changes when she kisses her!”

“… It’s okay. Salvation.”


“It’s unavoidable. I can’t. I believe in Guwon, so it’s okay. Do I have to kiss you a lot on my turn instead?”

Leia, who said that, was not surprisingly disappointed.
A soft smile unlike usual… No, do you feel a little different from usual?
It seemed like something was subtly different, but he was smiling, unable to pinpoint how it was different.

“Am I really okay with that?”


Leia said with a soft smile.
He’s an angel too. Your heart is as wide as your chest that touches my arm. healed

Anyway, now that the conclusion has been reached, there is no need to delay.
If you’re going to refuse, it would be better to help Sylvia if you go and say no right away.

“Then shall we go to the castle first?”

“Well? now?”

“Huh. Diana promised earlier. Let’s talk and call each other. But I’m sorry to call back the boy who has just been kicked out, so let’s go directly and tell him of the refusal.”

“Hmm. So is he.”

“I will go with you.”

“Me too.”

“You too? However… Especially Leia… .”

Still, as she identified with Sylvia and sympathized with her situation, wouldn’t it just make her feel uncomfortable if she followed the position of rejection?

“It’s okay. I think this is also necessary as a person by Guwon-san’s side.”

Leia clenched her fists in front of her chest and said with eyes that showed a firm will.
To be honest, I don’t think there is any need for such a grand resolution when you are by my side.
But Leia made that decision. you should understand

“Okay. Come with me.”


So this time, I got on Diana’s carriage and headed to Yeongjuseong.
Obviously, until a few days ago, there was no relationship at all, but to come and go so frequently.
But really, this is the last time.
If you tell Sylvia a word of refusal, she will never come to the permanent residence again.

“Oh, are you here! That, so the talk… .”

As soon as they arrived at the lord’s castle, Sylvia came out as if waiting.
Seeing how nervous he looked, I felt sorry for rejecting him again.
But don’t let your heart be weak.
It seems that it is not polite to refuse and leave in the middle of the hallway here, so I asked for a guide to a place where we could have a conversation somewhere calmly.
He was then led to the room where Sylvia had been imprisoned before.
Perhaps this was Sylvia’s room.
And for some reason, Felicia also joined in the middle.
Is there nothing for a young young man to do?

“So, are you finished talking?”

“Huh. That’s the word. I’m sorry.”

“… Yeah?”

“I don’t think I can accept you either.”

“Now, wait a minute! I’m not really presumptuous for wanting a girlfriend! If you just take me with you and sometimes just release your lust for me, that’s enough! Yet, even so… !”

Sylvia shouted desperately and looked around, but everyone did not make eye contact with Sylvia and avoided their gaze.

“Ah… 👌🏽 !”

Sylvia shrugged her shoulders as tears welled up, perhaps realizing that she didn’t have to shout.

“then… So can you at least grant me one last request?”

Sylvia raised her head again and looked at me without even thinking to wipe the tears running down her cheeks.

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