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Sylvia’s resolve


“Yeah. At least… At least please release the skill of the Savior on my body again.”

“What?! To solve it… !”
“I know what I mean! But please! If it is a pleasure that cannot be reached to the end anyway, it is much more painful than feeling nothing!

Silvia’s words left me speechless.
Obviously, this was a problem worth considering from Sylvia’s point of view.
Does it mean that you are rather angry that you came out to help out clumsy?

“And… And give me an experience that will last forever… .”

Sylvia hung on to me and begged me earnestly.
Diana’s statement that Sylvia doesn’t show up like this is probably true.
As evidence of that, Felicia, who was watching from behind, was looking at Sylvia with her eyes wide open as if she had not expected Sylvia to come out like that.

“… do that.”

And before I could answer, an unexpected person answered first.

“D, Diana?”

“Anyway, there’s no way you can’t refuse a request like that because of your personality.”

Clearly, that request was just too hard to refuse.
But is it okay? What is Diana’s heart? No, it’s not just Diana. Same goes for Sarah and Leia.
Guessing my mind, Diana nodded and said.

“It’s okay. … It doesn’t mean that this body doesn’t trust you either.”

Diana averted her gaze as she said that.
It seems that he was still interested in the fact that he was the only one who opposed it earlier.
It’s because I don’t care. That kind of selfishness is natural as a human being. After all, our kids are all kind and fall for it.
Guwon lightly stroked Diana’s head and turned to Sarah and Leia.
Sarah and Leia also nodded as if they understood.
After confirming all three of them, I turned my head to Sylvia again.

“Okay. It’s definitely my fault for making your body feel only clumsy pleasure. You cannot be irresponsible.”

“Thank you!”

“No, instead of being thanked, I should rather apologize. I’m really sorry.”

“… no.”

Sylvia answered, wiping the now flowing tears with the back of her hand.
Real guilt is no joke.
If it were any other time, I would have joked that I was such a great guy that even a pretty kid could wear it.
The feeling of guilt was so great that I didn’t even think about it and just felt sorry for it.
If I stay with him for a long time like this, I may not be able to refuse to ask him to live with me.
I need to finish it as soon as possible… No, it’s still the last memory, so is it rude to wrap it up as soon as possible and end it?

“Salvation. We’ll be out then.”

“Huh. wait for me.”

Sarah, Diana, and Leia have left, and now there are only three of them left in the room.
Why three instead of two? Why?

“Hey. why don’t you go Do you want to stay even though your friend wants to keep the last memories?”

Naturally, I felt my own voice become cold.
Anyway, it’s too bad There is such a thing as
Besides, it’s dangerous to be with him when he and our kids aren’t around.
You never know when the fascination will kick in.
ahhh I’m going to tell him to take him out too.
Sara, Diana, and Leia were so impressed with Sylvia’s appearance that they forgot Felicia’s existence, so they just left.

“… I’m going out. Do you know that I am such a ignorant person?”

But, contrary to my worries, Felicia hesitated for a moment and trembled before answering bluntly.
But he only answered, and he still stood firm in his place and did not intend to leave.

“Hey. What are you doing? get out.”

“Hey, I’m leaving!”

As I spoke again, Felicia shook her head again.
And at the same time, there was the sound of something dripping down.
the sound of water dripping
She couldn’t see it covered by her luxurious dress, but it was probably the sound that fell from Felicia’s crotch.
If you look closely, Felicia’s face is red. Besides, it was exhausting.
no. It was a face like that from the beginning that was bewitching, but there was something strange about it.
as if excited.
what? I haven’t done anything yet?
right? Didn’t the proclamation of sanctuary work? You didn’t activate it by mistake, did you?
Huh. I didn’t really do anything.
But what’s his reaction?

“Hey. Why are you excited?”

“Hey, I’m not excited… Hey!”

As usual, I admit that I was excited and desperately deny the girl who would immediately hit me.
Even as he spoke, his tongue touched his teeth, and he covered his mouth and let out a moan.
Still, the bewitching child groaned with her legs clenched and her buttocks slightly pulled back, and that alone seemed to seduce her.
what is that Are you tempted in a new way?
no pig no Don’t fall for that fascination.

“Hey. Did I tell you to leave quickly?”

I was afraid that I would fall for Felicia’s fascination, so my tone became stronger without realizing it.

“Heh! I’m leaving!”

At my words, Felicia moved towards the door step by step, crying with a face that seemed to be feeling more.
When Felicia left the room with her trembling legs and checked the floor, a clear liquid was still dripping down.
You can’t be sure without even touching it. that’s a sweetheart
Is Felicia really in her late years of heat?
Well, he’s not the problem now.

“Well… So what will you do?”


It is awkward. but have no choice but to do
She carefully laid Sylvia on the bed and slowly took off her clothes.
also thin Where did the power that threw me out before came from, and she has such a slender body that it is questionable how she usually wears knight armor.
Even her thin breasts are perfect washboards, so at first glance, it seems that there is no feminine charm at all. However, even though she was slender, her waist was narrow, and the part from the waist to the pelvis drew a feminine curve, so when you take it off like this, you can feel the femininity properly.

“Oh, savior?”

Thanks to you, even after taking it all off, stop

I just stared intently without doing anything.
It’s also pretty.
If I had met him before I met my kids, I might have been chasing after him to try and entice him in the first place.

“Ah, yes. sorry. I will start.”

But it’s useless to come here and express those feelings.
Let’s do whatever we have to do now.
But thinking that it was the last pleasure Sylvia would feel, it was impossible to do it mechanically.
It may be hypocrisy, but it’s completely hypocrisy to do this on a topic that doesn’t really help, but I still wanted to do it properly.
Just like we do for our kids.

Bringing her face to one of Sylvia’s chest, she put the nipple in her mouth and gently rolled it with her tongue, moving one hand between Sylvia’s crotch.
Of course, activate all the skills. Without it, Sylvia can’t feel it at all.
But I have to say it anyway. With the saint’s hand activated, I carefully opened the closed vagina and touched the inside, but Sylvia’s crotch was a little damp, but the love fluid did not flow out.

“Ugh! Goo, savior… !”

Looking at Sylvia’s face, looking at her with a hazy expression, there is still a reaction.
same as back then Sylvia only reacts sensitively to unfamiliar sensations, and her body itself doesn’t feel pleasure enough to shed love.
But even though I knew it was in vain, I continued to caress.
At least I want to give Sylvia a taste of what it feels like to have real sex.

He continued to caress with the proclamation of the sanctuary, the holy water of the saint, and even the touch of the saint, but in the end there was no significant result.
Now I have to insert it slowly… . How do I insert this?
I am OK. There is also an iron penis, so you won’t get hurt just because of frictional heat.
But not Sylvia. If you put my big stuff in my unwet pussy, it’ll rip right through.
Before, I was able to insert it because Sylvia was completely in heat and dripping water.
Come to think of it, what did he do with other men?


“Ugh… ha ha ha… huh?”

“How do you usually insert?”

“Ah… .”

Sylvia got up and tried to reach for the drawer by the bed, then just turned back to me.
Then, as he carefully grabbed my object with both hands, he looked up at me with dim eyes.

“Well, is there anything a woman can do for a man like the Savior just did for me?”

… Dangerous. Why is he doing such a cute thing? I almost fell in love with it now.
Sylvia, who almost had only a one-sided act for treatment as a male experience, had no knowledge of sex life to the extent that she did not even shake her waist during sex.
But in order to please me who can’t help me properly, I’m asking how to do it.

To be honest, I was extremely conflicted.
Since it will be the last sex I feel comfortable with in my life, I decided to let you experience it properly. In order to do that, shouldn’t we be properly informed about these things and let them experience it?
But Sylvia

Doing it unilaterally for me is an act that has nothing to do with canceling skills.
I’m sure our kids will never think that way, but maybe it’s an act that might be considered cheating.
But I made up my mind. Let me know and let me experience it.
Because this is never cheating.

“Well… So, first of all, hold it as if you were holding a sword… No, not like that, the other way around. Like holding a counter-sword. okay. Hold it like that and shake it up and down.”

“Yeah. … Well… Huh. Hey, is this the end of this?”

“… Right. Keep your hands moving and kiss the ends. ugh okay.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry. Are you sick?”

“No, I did it because I felt good. continue.”

Without a single doubt, Sylvia followed what I said with her innocent eyes.
After kissing the tip of the object as if it were a kiss and licking the cooper liquid, he opened his small mouth and swallowed my object.
Due to her small mouth, she could only swallow the tip of the object, but Sylvia desperately moved her tongue and hands in that state.
… This is really dangerous. I feel bad for you.
I don’t really know anything, so no matter how perverted I play, it seems like I’m going to be obedient.
Right. For example, the act of licking the buttocks, which is also called asshole.
The dark desire was sneakily trying to stick my head out, but I desperately suppressed it by mobilizing all my reason.

“Well, that’s enough.”

“Huh… haha hey?”

Sylvia looked up at me with the tip of my object still in her mouth, and her hands didn’t stop moving.
If I watch Sylvia desperately serving more than this, it seems that my reason can’t stand it first.

“So, how do you usually insert?”

“Oh, hey, wait a minute.”

Saying so, Sylvia pulled a long barrel out of the bedside drawer.
Then, he squeezed the barrel and put the gooey liquid on his hands, and began to spread it on my things.
Hand movements are difficult It just didn’t seem like the kind of action I’ve ever done.
After Sylvia had all the gel on my stuff, she lay down on the bed with her legs wide apart and her hands on her pubic hair.

“Wow, can the Savior paint this? It hurts a little if you don’t apply it to every corner.”

Judging by the clumsy handwork I did earlier, it was probably all about a man putting it on Sylvia’s vagina and inserting it.
You’re applying what you’ve been taught to shame. You think it’s a little cute.
I handed Sylvia a barrel of gel, and squeezed it into Sylvia’s wide open vagina.


Perhaps because of that cold feeling, Sylvia’s body froze and trembled for a moment.
Then, she took her hand to the gel that was woven on her pubic hair, and put her finger in it as it was, and began to apply it to every nook and cranny.
I’m sure we’ll have sex in the future, but why does this feel like a more lewd act?
Something about immorality is no joke.
Shaking my head to get rid of all the distractions again, I took the thing to Sylvia’s pussy as it was.

“Ugh! Goo, savior… ! ha ha! Huh, the waist is black, how do you move… Whoops!”

Sylvia reacts sensitively to unfamiliar pleasures, but still asks how to make me feel good.
Damn it. So don’t do anything weird.
Impulsively and habitually, her lips went right in front of Sylvia’s.
But Sylvia did not turn her head.
Even if you don’t know anything about sex life, you wouldn’t know the meaning of kissing.
In this world, it seems that kissing is more of an act of showing love than sex.
Still, what he didn’t avoid is that Yam was really ready to give everything to me as he said.
Even if it was just for pleasure, was he really prepared for it?
I habitually lifted the face I took for a kiss, and tried to focus on the feeling conveyed by the object.
As there is a difference in level, I concentrated on the pleasure like this, and the feeling of ejaculation came immediately.

“Wow, heck! Salvation! Ha ha!”

“It’s cheap.”

“Four, yes! Whoa!”

At the same time as I ejaculated, Sylvia, who received pleasure as her final pride, reached its climax by flapping her body like a harpooned fish.
Again, perhaps the climax was too big for Sylvia’s brain to feel, Sylvia passed out while feeling the climax.

“Also… I’m… .”

I too was overwhelmed by just holding onto Sylvia’s body in immense pleasure and enduring the pleasure, but in the meantime, Sylvia fainted and I could hear something muttering.

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Sylvia’s resolve

Thanks to the use of my last pride, I used up all of my spirit, and I had no choice but to wait for it to recover on the spot.
When she had calmed herself down to a certain extent, she put a blanket over Sylvia’s faint body and left the room.

“Oh, salvation.”

“Are you done?”

“Are you okay?”

With the guidance of the maid who was waiting in front of the door, I went to the place where our children had gathered, and everyone rushed to me.

“Huh. I have released my skills properly.”

“… Did Miss Sylvia understand that?”

Diana asked Sylvia’s condition with a puzzled expression.

“Well. I don’t know because I fainted. But what can I do? You will understand.”

“If Miss Sylvia doesn’t understand that… . W, I admit that this body also accepts Miss Sylvia… .”
“Because it’s okay.”

When Diana said this too, I felt like I was just being stabbed by Sylvia for a brief moment.
Besides, it might look like a little ogee. I said once that I wouldn’t accept it, but to say that I’m going to change my mind now is not masculine.
And I thought that if I accepted it in this situation, it might lead to a misunderstanding that I might have changed my mind after I slept with Sylvia once.
I don’t know if the thief is numb in my feet. Anyway, it was.
So, stroking Diana’s hair roughly and messing it up,

He affirmed without any basis that he was fine with a strong tone.

“Anyway, we’re done, so let’s go back. By the way, what about Felicia?”

“Ah! He, then I saw… ! Salvation! What else didn’t happen?!”

As expected, Sylvia’s impact was so great that she had forgotten about her existence.
Sarah exclaimed as if she had just remembered.

“do not worry. As soon as you left, Felicia followed. I thought I was going to be with you.”

“no. I haven’t seen him since he came out of where Guwon was earlier.”

Seriously, when I saw him when he left, he was completely in estrus. Where are you grabbing any man and beating him with rice cakes?
Anyway, I don’t think there’s any need to tell Felicia that you’re going.
The reason I wanted to inform Felicia that I was going was because of Silvia, who couldn’t tell her directly because she fainted. Just ask the maid nearby to deliver it to you.

So we went back to Diana’s mansion.
Somehow, when I thought that the story related to Sylvia had finally come to an end, I felt a bit sad.
After seeing such a wonderful appearance at the end, I couldn’t help but feel regretful.
no. I just need to look at my kids.
After all, we’ll never see each other again, right?
… no? there won’t be

“… I just feel a little more at ease now.”

It seems that Diana feels the same way as me. He sighed and said with a subtle expression that seemed reassured and, on the other hand, seemed complicated.
Eight. When you’re in such a complicated mood, it’s best to make fun of Diana.

“You see, you will be taken back by the Wizards of the Association.”

“Wow, what! Are you not planning on going to the dungeon today?!”

Diana exclaimed in amazement, as if she hadn’t thought about it.
Well. As expected, this is a good response.
It’s just being praised a little too much, so it’d be nice if you could eat it up and have a good time.
Well, even if you’re like me, it’s hard to get used to the guys who stick to me like that.

“Huh? Dungeon? what? Do you want to go to Diana Dungeon?”

“Well, it’s not like that!”

When I spoke like I was teasing, Diana responded with a slight smirk.
Diana, who took the lead in a fairly calm way when mediating her relationship with Sylvia earlier, reacts like a child when I tease her and immediately catches it.
It’s fun too. Because this is why I can’t stop making fun of only Diana.

“Then it doesn’t matter if you don’t go.”

“Well, wasn’t your goal to go down the dungeon?!”

Come to think of it, Diana just went to the dungeon without any explanation as to whether she was a demon king or a hero.
It seems that I, like other adventurers, thought I was going to the dungeon with an adventurous spirit to uncover the secrets of the dungeon.
Well, it might be good to try it out in the feeling of playing the game at a level that is sure to be safe.
After all, time is literally infinite.
But at least not today.

“Huh? specifically? Does Sarah or Leia have anything to go to the dungeon today?”


“no! Not at all!”

Sarah coolly and Leia somehow strongly appealed that the dungeon had no business. Again, as usual, clenching both fists together in front of the chest.
As I always feel, Leia has big breasts, so it’s like she’s just putting her arms around her chest.
It can’t be a really good habit.

“If everyone has nothing to go, there is no need to go today.”

“That’s right… .”

I’m a little gloomy
It seems that Tee is trying to guide her, but her heart is clearly visible.
He must be trying hard to get away from the heads of the Wizards’ Association right now.

“okay! Today is the body’s turn, so you’ll have to spend the whole day with this body!”

“Diana, it’s just the night’s turn… .”
“Are you talking about Miss Sara, who had been saving all day yesterday?!”

“Oh, that’s right. Then, Leia, who lost her turn from day to night because of Diana, please say something instead.”

“Hey, isn’t that a shame… !”

“Huhu. It’s okay.”

“Uh, uh?”

“It’s okay. Diana. But I don’t think it’s possible to be like Sara yesterday. How about going together?”

“Oh, oh! Are you okay! Of course, this body is in favor!”

Diana’s eyes twinkled at Leia’s generous words.
It seems that Diana is finally starting to recognize the true nature of the angel.

“Sometimes that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

Besides, even Sarah agrees, so it’s like a decision has been made regardless of my opinion.
I wasn’t really against it either, though.
But to be honest, it was also true that it was a little boring. I was hoping you hated it a little.
After all, Diana’s purpose wasn’t to date me, but to avoid the heads of the Wizards’ Association, right?
Of course, it’s much better than fighting each other and becoming a chaos.
What is this feeling? Because they don’t fight over me, I feel subtly saddened.

I’m curious as to why it suddenly became like this in the first place.
Surely it wasn’t the atmosphere of a fight over me until recently, wasn’t it? Why did you suddenly become more understanding?
No, of course, Leia was in a position to take a step back from such a fight. I mean, though.
Did Sylvia make the inner bond stronger?

“If you do, get off here.”

“Huh? here?”

“Of course not! If you go to the mansion… Ah, anyway, this is also a downtown area, and it’s a good location to get around!

“Okay. Get down, get down.”

After all, Vanessa alone drove the carriage to the mansion, we decided to go on a date in the downtown area.
And the first group action that I had to convey my heart to all three of them was just as I had hoped before.

“Salvation, what do you think of this?”

“Oh, it’s beautiful. The slightly exposed waist line is sexy, so I love it.”

“Because it’s silly anyway. Do you see anything like that?”

“Who am I?”

“Angels just stand still, but their presence overflows.”

Especially the presence of the chest is amazing.
If you put it on Diana’s head, I think Diana can make it invisible. in a physical sense.

“Hmm. This body, this body style is… .”
“You start with your chest… awhile! joke! I’m kidding! really! How I love Diana! Shall I kiss you?!”

“Do you think you will do it in a public place like this?”

“Then, if you would stop hunting for eggs in public… Was it really a joke?!”

Huh. It broke down in several ways.
It’s hard to keep each other in check like this, but it makes me realize that they like me that much.
what? Until recently, I would only sweat in a cold sweat when there was a chaos, but now I have reached a point where I enjoy it even though it is hard.
Isn’t this one step closer to being a harem king?
… Huh. The harem king at the time of rejecting Sylvia is all bullshit.
Damn it. I tried to forget a bit, but I remembered it again.
The best thing to do is to think about naughty thoughts and forget about them.

“Good! Let’s go to Philip’s shop!”

If you are there, you can dream as much as you want.

“Philip’s shop? Where is it?”

“I think I will go!”

“Guwon, we all go together for a long time, but do you want to go?”

Leia, who did not know what Philip’s shop was doing, asked with an innocent face, but Diana, who had painful memories, exploded immediately.
And even Sarah looked at me with cold eyes and scolded me.
… Huh? awhile. Why is Sarah?

“Sara, how do you know where Philip’s shop is?”

“Yes?! that, that! So… !”

“Ah! You must be… !”
“Hey! Fool! What are you talking about!”

Sarah let out a cute scream and hurriedly covered my mouth.

“Well? tube?”

“D, Diana doesn’t have to know!”

“Is this a secret between the two of you? But what cannot be said between you and this body? Something? Let me tell you.”

Thinking it was a special secret, Diana said with a slightly pouty face.
So if you’re curious, let me know.
I put my mouth to Diana’s ear and whispered in the sweetest voice possible.


“Come on, are you an idiot?! Eh?! awhile! Miss Sarah… Oops!”

“Fool! Why say that!”

“No, just curious… .”

“I don’t know how stupid you really are!”

here again It was clear that the two of them were about to quarrel, but sooner or later, the target of the attack changed to me.
okay. I am the saint of this age who mediates the fights of my women by sacrificing this very one body.
Oh, by the way, in the meantime, the angel continued to hold my arms with me and heal my mind.
sell it anyway As long as I can still feel the soft touch on this arm, I can endure forever.

“Anyway, let’s go! Philip’s shop!”

“I’m not going!”
“I think I will go!”

Whoops. No matter how hard you try, I know well that if I force it, it will follow.
No matter where I go, it doesn’t follow me and I’ll see if I can endure

“Wait, the adult store… . Goo Won, if I turn into that nine-tailed fox, should I take full responsibility?”

But at the words of Leia who muttered next to me, I

I immediately changed my mind.

“After all, it’s a bad idea to go to such an unscrupulous store when we all go together. How in the world can such an unscrupulous shop exist? Because I can’t believe it.”

Is it because of her mood that Leia next to her seems to be making a slightly regretful expression?
okay. It’s probably because of the mood. Our angel can’t do that.
Our angel is always the owner of a pure, clean and pure soul.

So, we flirted with each other from time to time, and enjoyed walking around the village together.
Of course, there were no other problems at all.
It was especially impressive when I first met a male adventurer.

“Hey! brother!”

As soon as he saw it, he put his arm around my shoulder and said cheerfully.
Again, this is the first time I’ve seen him.
No matter how friendly the male adventurers are, this is a bit too friendly.
The smell of alcohol from his mouth seemed to have been quite intoxicated since broad daylight.
By the way, how did you know I was an adventurer?
Oh, it’s rather strange to think that I’m not an adventurer with three pretty girls like this.

“Hey. envy. I envy you. All of them Jesu are beautiful. What do you think? with our kids… .”

As he said that and pointed to the female adventurers behind him, Sarah took action.

“If you don’t want to die, go away.”

big Is it really Sarah?
It seems that living is tangible and stabs people.


No matter how drunk he is, he seems to be an adventurer.
Even if he tried to ignore that ghastly life, he could not ignore it, so he secretly lowered his arm from my shoulder and approached the female adventurers he was pointing to.
And as soon as I left, I started to be terribly beaten.
It seems like he was bluffing once in a while.
Somehow, the expressions on the women’s faces were strange.

“huh! Come on, let’s go to the rescue!”

And as soon as he disappeared, Sarah wiped away her flesh and smiled and put her in my arms.
did you see This smile is only for me

After that, I went around town without any problems.
And when it was time for dinner, I went back to the mansion, ate dinner and started preparing for the night.
As I was about to wash up and go to Diana’s room, I suddenly heard a knock.
Huh? I was going to go, but did Diana come to my room?
But, contrary to expectations, when the door opened, Leia was standing there.

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King of Infinite Knights // When it comes to the holy water in Felicia’s mouth, of course, he also remembers salvation. But I thought that it wouldn’t be that hot just because of that. I’ve confirmed that I was fine overnight, and just because holy water is still on doesn’t make the effect stronger.

Why is it so funny // Appearance evaluation must take into account the subjectivity of salvation. In the eyes of salvation, there is currently no woman as pretty as the trio of heroines.


Sylvia’s resolve

“Leia? What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“Yeah? Whoops. no. just kiss

I’m here to pick it up.”

I was embarrassed because I thought it was not normal to suddenly come at this time, but Leia said calmly.
Rather, he smiled as he looked at me with a slightly cute expression.
ugh Looking at you with that kind of expression makes me feel weak.
No, but wait. kiss?

“A kiss? What are you talking about?”

“You didn’t just do it for me in the morning. Did you forget?”

Leia said with a slightly sullen face.
You’re usually a calm and innocent older sister, and that cute expression suits you. It’s also a scam
No, that’s not the problem.

“Key, kiss because you become a nine-tailed fox… .”
“Yeah. So I came here at night without any problems.”

“No, so today… .”

It was difficult to get the words out. It was very difficult to bring up the word to keep your turn openly like this.
But I had no choice but to say.

“Today it’s Diana’s turn… .”
“no. It’s my turn.”

Huh? what is this sound? Was it Sarah’s turn yesterday?

“Diana, you have won Guwon-san twice in a row last time. Then wouldn’t it be fair to skip it once?”

is not it? Seeing the angel tilting her head elegantly, I couldn’t help but be astonished.
like that. This was the reason why she didn’t show anything even if she couldn’t kiss her alone in the morning, and that during the day when Diana insisted on a date when she said it was her turn, she generously asked to go together!
No, of course, our angel’s original personality must also be included.
However, no matter how much an angel is related to me, it can be a bit selfish.
Normally, he would have had a cute sullen expression, but today he was exceptionally generous without any of that.
As I said when I confessed, I don’t know, but if you know the truth, you mean to be greedy?
He is still an angel in that he only evaluates himself like that, but he is amazing anyway.
Gongmyeong is also a bookkeeper to cry. i’m creeped out now

“Mr. Salvation?”

“Huh. Leia is right.”

“Huhu. right?”

Leia smiled softly, and her tail swayed softly behind her.
I quickly grabbed Leia’s waist and lifted it up to the bed.
What about Diana?
She broke her promise with Leia once because of her, so even if the opposite happens, Diana has to understand at least once.

Laying down on the bed, Leia gently closed her eyes and pushed her lips softly.
We are beautiful too. These are the lips I want to run right away.
But I persevered.
Instead, she placed her finger on Leia’s lips and swiped it lightly to the side.

“… Salvation?”

“If I kissed you right now, would you immediately become a nine-tailed fox? Haven’t you been working hard again from now on?”

“Ah… That’s right. It’s not that I forgot! … But I have been waiting for you since morning.”

Leia lowered her eyes slightly and said while avoiding her gaze as if embarrassed.
wow. let’s be pitiful

“Then shall we just kiss today?”

“… uhm. no. help with training Do I have to do a lot of work tomorrow morning instead?”

Leia seriously thought about it for a long time, and in the end decided to do nine tail fox control training.
But even though I want to do it like this, it felt a little pitiful to put it off until tomorrow morning.

“Then how about this? I’m going to start training from now on, and I’ll kiss you as soon as I reach my goal. Leia too, it would be better than waiting until tomorrow morning, and if there is a goal in front of you, wouldn’t training be better?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

Without asking what kind of training she was going to do or what her goal was, Leia nodded her head straight away.
It’s all possible because you believe in me, right? He’s an angel too.

“Then I will start caressing you from now on. Until the climax, don’t become a nine tailed fox.”

“Yes Yes? But that… Isn’t the stage where I didn’t become a nine-tailed fox by the end of the day has already passed?”

“no. Totally different. Up until now, you’ve stimulated yourself by wiping your body. Leia could deceive herself into saying she was only washing her body, so her consciousness of sexual activity would have faded and she would have been able to hold on to the climax. But this time it’s different. Perceiving it as a complete sexual act, you hold on to it until you reach the climax. It can be said to be a little more advanced.”

Even if I think about it, the training plan was well thought out. How do these thoughts come about?
… Well, both of them have already washed, so there’s nothing to wash each other, so it’s a thought that popped up.

“i See! As expected, Guwon-san was thinking about me properly!”

Leia hugged my neck with a thrilling voice.
I feel like I’m going to die of happiness because the touching feeling touches my heart.

“Well, what is it!”

Are you an ignorant person? Please forgive me for lying like this.
A man has to be bluffing sometimes.
It was difficult to meet Leia’s bright eyes head-on, though.

“Then I’ll start right away.”


Leia clenched her fists in front of her chest while showing enthusiasm.
Of course, the chest was brought together between the arms, creating a deep valley.
Even lying down, it’s such a destructive power. He’s an angel too.
No, does this have anything to do with Leia being an angel?
Anyway, the first place to touch with this is decided.

I reached out to Leia’s chest, which was raised up even though she was lying down.
big this feeling. happy.
I feel happy just touching my arm, but still, touching it with my hand like this is the best.
Leia’s breasts were so luxurious that even though they were touching her clothes, her palms could be welded to her chest.
In the past, I still stimulated it while washing it, so I couldn’t touch it this far, but now I am openly caressing it. You can just rub this chest without any hesitation.

“Ugh! ha ha! Goo, Goo Won, my heart, black, are you okay… ?”

“Huh. I love you.”

Without realizing it, I tried to answer in a more serious voice than ever before.

“Whew, whoops! Huh, no, you are free to touch me. Whoops! Because it belongs to Mr. Salvation.”

Dude, angel! I am an angel too!
I was so moved that I stuck to my chest even harder.

Since then, Boedo has been acting for Leia’s training to overcome the nine tailed fox.

It was for Leia’s training that she was touching her clothes like this now.
It’s because it’s less irritating than direct touch, so it’ll be easier to endure.
But with Leia’s angelic words, all those thoughts flew out of my head.
I want to touch it myself!
No, just touching it is not enough! I want to bite and suck!
With that thought in mind, I immediately put my hands on Leia’s priestly uniform.

Leia sobbed with pleasure, and while resisting not becoming a nine-tailed fox, she twisted her body slightly to help me take off my clothes.
And the overwhelming volume of breasts that are revealed.
it’s the best too No matter how you look at it, I think I can live my whole life looking at this.
Of course I will touch it!

“Hah! Goo, Goo Won, whoops. Huh!”

While sobbing, Leia hugged my head and gently stroked it.
I grabbed Leia’s breasts as if sandwiching Leia’s nipples between my index and middle fingers, and slowly turned it around in a circular motion from the outside to the inside.
This feeling that seems to overflow between your fingers.
I can’t even hold my chest with one hand.
I kneaded it like that, and this time I squeezed it between my index and middle fingers to grab the nipple and pull it as it is.
The chest, which was pulled in a cone shape, still maintained its elasticity without breaking its shape.
Leia would be able to lick her own nipples with her tongue too. No, it is definitely possible.
that would be very naughty Especially when Leia, who is usually innocent, does that.
Later, when Leia can control the state of the nine tailed fox, I’ll have to ask her to do it once.
When I let go of the fingers that were pulling the nipples, my chest fluttered like pudding and returned to its proper place.
I brought it to my face, put one nipple in my mouth and gently rolled it with my tongue.
Of course, one hand continued to caress the other breast.

“Hah! Whoops! Yes!”

Leia’s moan grew higher and higher.
Come to think of it, the hand that was stroking my hair stopped at some point.
Maybe it’s just a limit?
I had to raise my head to check, but I didn’t want to fall from this chest.
You don’t have to look up to see it.
I lowered my empty hand to Leia’s butt.
let’s go tail… .


When my hand touched the tail, Leia trembled.
And obviously, the tail, which was only palpable at first, grew into several in an instant.

“Leia. do you want to kiss You have to be patient.”

“Heh, yes, neet!”

As if my words made sense, Leia’s tail shrunk to one again.
Leia’s tail is also sensitive.
Then I heard it. Cats have a lot of nerves at the root of their tail, so they like it when they pamper their butt.
But Leia isn’t a cat, she’s a Gumi, right? Wasn’t a fox a canine?
Are the nerves still concentrated near the tail?
After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I was thinking like a fool myself.
Idiot. This is a fantasy world. In the first place, there is no guarantee that all of the characteristics of the fox will be identical to that of a fox beast.
If you have any questions, you can check it yourself.

The easiest way to check

All I could do was use Sex Analysis to see Leia’s back, but I didn’t want to speak out of this chest.
If so, we have no choice but to find out in a more primitive way.
With the palm of my hand, I tapped Leia’s buttocks near the root of her tail.
Oh oh. soft texture. The soft skin of another charm is different from the elastic Sarah… !
seems addicted

“Hey! ha ha! Whoa! Goo, Gukwon!”

And looking at the reaction, it seemed that Leia’s place was definitely sensitive, regardless of the fox.
When I saw her before, she was wearing a sex analyzer and when I saw her from the front, she touched her breast, which was the biggest erogenous zone, at the same time, and Leia moaned as if she was out of breath.


And then it quickly reached its climax.
As I wrapped my legs around my waist and gently caressed Leia’s trembling body, I finally lifted my head.
In the end, Leia endured turning into a nine-tailed fox until the end.
At the peak, the number of tails it reached instantly increased, but perhaps due to the strength of her will, Leia eventually overcame her transformation into a nine-tailed fox.

“Congratulations, Leia. This is another step forward.”

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . that… Chu, the congratulatory gift… .”

“right. I have to give it to you right now.”

When I moved my body upward and brought my face to Leia’s face, Leia hugged my neck with a happy smile.
An angel who smiles so happy just by kissing you.
I’m a really happy guy.

And a deep kiss followed.
At first, they rubbed their lips as if they were happy just by touching them, but soon Leia’s unique tongue burrowed into my mouth and began to perform tricks.
Oh, it’s changed.
The change wasn’t just about kissing.
Relying on the leg that was holding my waist, Leia’s waist began to move.
And then, I put my big things in it easily with just a movement of my waist.


Now is the time with the nine-tailed fox, who once again sprays color on the face of an angel.

The next morning after spending a hot night with Leia. At the time Leia hadn’t woken up yet, I realized something.
The door was slightly open.
First of all, Vanessa will never be a maid. They can’t open the door without permission.
Of course not even the people of the Wizards Association. They won’t be able to open the door without permission, and there won’t be anything to see from me.
Then there are only two people left in the mansion.
Did Sarah, who I was wallowing with all day yesterday, come to me at night again? Of course not.

From the beginning, there was only one conclusion.
It was Diana, who was originally her turn.
I didn’t come, so I came to check what was going on, but when I saw Leia and myself, I didn’t even close the door and left.
Anyway, seeing Diana with a nine-tailed fox would have been a bit of a stimulant.
Of the three, Diana can be said to be the slowest in sex.
Diana has never done anything to me properly on her own.
Is this a bit dangerous?

“Uh… Salvation… .”

As I was sweating, Leia stretched out her arms and hugged my head.
The soft chest that touches the cheek calms the mind.
He’s an angel too. You take care of me while I sleep.
Good. Thanks for being cool
Let’s enjoy this touch on the cheek first, and leave the rest to the future me.

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Stay overnight for two days in a row!
For some reason, I seem to be writing faster at night.
I wish I could use it at this time as usual.

Sun Muha // The contraceptive magic is on salvation, so even if it’s not on Sylvia, you can’t get pregnant. That’s why even the trio of heroines don’t cast contraceptive magic on themselves. After all, the only thing that heroines are dealing with is salvation.

Shurion // You can’t leave out the dungeon. First of all, there is a reason the title is like that. Although the title was changed in the middle… .

Peyphilia // Actually, the serial cutter sleeping inside me wakes up… Sorry.


Sylvia’s resolve

“Salvation, good morning. Good morning Leia.”

“Did you sleep well?”

When I came down to the restaurant with Leia, Sarah and Diana greeted me with their usual faces.
strange. Why is Diana so innocent?

While coming down to the restaurant, I had a lot of trouble while resenting the past me.
How do I free Diana?
No, rather than letting go, should I go out boldly? Your turn has been delayed due to your retaliation?
no. It may be logically correct, but if Diana responds emotionally, it will be a pain in the ass.
Just grab Diana’s hand and lead her to the bedroom before breakfast?

I was worried a lot.
As soon as they met face-to-face in the restaurant, Diana was prepared to scream.
But what’s that reaction? Isn’t that a normal face?
Wasn’t it Diana who opened the door?
No, it can’t be.

“Everyone, good morning.”

“Uh, um… .”

When Leia greeted with a smile, Diana turned her head slightly blushing.
That reaction… . It was Diana who opened the door.
Still, are you willing to admit that such a reaction is surprisingly easy?
It would be like that too.
Diana was also really sorry for Leia, so maybe she’s trying to stick with this issue.
Huh. I think that’s right. I’ve been ignoring our great Archmage’s broad mind.

No, maybe the conversation with Leia was over from the beginning.
Diana came to my room just in case even after the conversation was over, and when she saw Leia’s superb technique as a nine-tailed fox, she was so startled that she ran away without even thinking of closing the door.
Just imagining it, I was a little happy.
To see an old-aged kid having sex and running away in shock.
Diana is cute too.


“… Something?”

When I spoke to myself with satisfaction, Diana answered without looking at me.
… what? See, I don’t make eye contact.
Angry as always

Nor was it, and her voice was calm as usual, but she didn’t try to make eye contact.
I thought it was because I was drinking tea and didn’t make eye contact, but now that I look at it, it seems that’s not the case.

I leaned over and moved my face downwards, Diana’s gaze.
Diana then turned her head to the side and avoided her gaze.
When she moved her upper body again to move her face in the direction of Diana’s gaze, Diana turned her head to avoid her gaze again.
do you want to lose The movement of your head and the movement of my upper body. I’ll let you know in detail which one is faster.
And I started to move my upper body gorgeously in front of Diana.

“Ah! what the hell?! Whoops!”

Whoops. won
A wizard trying to defeat a fighter with agility. hundred years… No, I’ve lived longer than that. Ten thousand years is too early!
In the end, Diana, who met my eyes, shouted with a slightly angry look.
And while Diana’s face stopped, I lightly kissed her lips.

“You haven’t made eye contact since before. What’s going on?”

“Hey, what’s going on… There is no such thing… .”

Diana, who loses momentum immediately after a kiss, is also cute.
By the way, I don’t know if this has been talked about before.
Even if I asked you directly like this, you went on without mentioning what happened yesterday.

“From the morning with Diana… Oh? Salvation, come to think of it, why are you coming down with Leia?”

“I went out with Diana before, so I did it twice in a row with Diana. So Diana’s turn was pushed back once. Right, Diana?”

“Uh, uh… .”

Now that I was convinced that Diana was acknowledging it, I was able to say this out loud.
Diana didn’t like it very much, but she nodded her head with a bitter face as if she couldn’t help it.

“Ah, that’s right! uh… ? Oh, I see.”

And when Sarah heard my answer, she nodded her head with a meaningful face.

“Anyway, our Diana is very diligent in this regard.”

“Who is our Diana? Who.”

I said while stroking Diana’s head, Diana said with a slightly pouty face. And it’s Diana who doesn’t put away her hand stroking her hair.

“Huh? Isn’t that our Diana?”

“Wow, whoops!”

If you don’t have anything to say, it’s an attack.
As I continued to stroke my hair without giving in to the pats, Diana reached out and started to scatter my hair.
haha, do whatever you want I’m the type who doesn’t care about hair!
Anyway, I’m glad I was really nervous.
I can eat with this in my mind.

“Aren’t you going to go to the dungeon today?”

After finishing the meal, Diana spoke up with an anxious face.
Don’t make that face. you want to bother
But it is Diana who, strangely, passed over having slept with Leia yesterday. Shall I be tolerant here?
It took a little while for the Wizards Association people to listen and blink their eyes, but it’s not your Diana, it’s our Diana.

“Well… . So shall we go? Dungeon.”

To be honest, I don’t think I’d be as motivated to hunt as I did before.

I wish someone gave me a goal.
Like in a game, when you reach the end of the dungeon, the final boss like a demon king who threatens the world is waiting, or if there is such a development, you will be a little motivated.
It’s sad that Diana, who had lived so long, nailed it that there was no such thing.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Can we postpone going to the dungeon until tomorrow?”

But unexpectedly, Sarah said that.

“Why, why but, Miss Sarah? Is there something going on?”

“Is this a job… I’m sorry, Diana.”

“It’s something to see Demune Sara. What’s going on?”

“It’s not something to see… Anyway, going to the dungeon is not urgent, is it?”

“Well, it is not. Then Diana. I’m sorry, but let’s go to the dungeon tomorrow.”

“Ugh, whoops!”

Don’t look at me with such a grim look.
It’s not my fault this time, is it?

“Two, let’s see!”

Eventually, being dragged by the Wizards Association, Diana spit out lines like Villain Extra A again.

“Well then, Sarah said she had something to see, and what is Leia doing today?”

“Yeah. If I’m not going to the dungeon today, I’m going to the orphanage.”

“Then let’s go together.”


He’s an angel too. The most dazzling smile
How many people can have such a happy smile just by being with you?
i’m lucky

“Oh, I want to go too.”

“Huh? What are you going to see?”

“There is no work right now. are you okay anyway? Are you okay, Leia?”

If you don’t have work right now, you can go to the dungeon, right?
Well, it’s not like he’s deliberately trying to fuck Diana. There must be some reason.


So, I went to an orphanage with Sarah and Leia.

“Oh, savior.”

And as I was about to leave the mansion, for some reason Vanessa called me up, looking a little more tired than usual.


“Well… that… careful… No, nothing.”

“what. Not like Vanessa. What’s going on?”

“Sorry. it’s nothing.”

what. I just like it
The reason Vanessa reacted like that was immediately apparent as soon as she left the mansion.
looking great
Sylvia What is she doing now?
A child named Young Ae of the great aristocratic family and a child of the Royal Guard were secretly spying on me like a stalker with only her head sticking out from behind the wall.
He might think he was hiding and looking at him, but his gaze was so intense that he couldn’t help but notice.

“Hey. Sylvia. If you have something to say… .”

Oh, he ran away.
What are you going to do? Are you going to be a real stalker?
Well, let’s not worry. Anyway, no matter how much you use a dragon, it’s impossible to break into Diana’s mansion… Oh, so that’s why Vanessa looked so tired.
To make that iron man butler look like that. How many times have you tried to break in all night?

I didn’t care whether Sylvia was spying on me or not, I decided to go on my way.
For now, I’m just looking at it, because there doesn’t seem to be any further threat.
Rather, if I try to approach it, it runs away, what threat is there?

And I was in a position to feel Sylvia’s gaze all the time until I headed to the temple, looked after the children at the orphanage, and treated the sick in the slums.
What do you want to do?
Appeal to be self-conscious? Or do you think that if you stay by my side like this, you might get a chance to be with me someday?
Are you really okay with that? A noblewoman and a knight of the Royal Guard.
Wasn’t it your job to escort the princess by her side?
Judging by the fact that he is wearing armor, it doesn’t look like he has completely defeated the knighthood.
Well, it has nothing to do with me.
To be honest, the intense gaze kept stabbing me in the back of the head, and I was very concerned about it, but that’s all.

So, until we finally got back to the mansion, Sylvia continued to follow us.
What happened after you returned to the mansion?
do not know. Vanessa will take care of blocking it.
Thanks to that, Vanessa is nowhere to be seen.

“Hey, have you been playing well except for this body?”

Rather, I am more concerned about Diana’s mental health.
Since I haven’t been going to the dungeon these days, my mentality has exploded again after a little while, and I have the momentum to run away.
No matter what happens tomorrow, I have to go to the dungeon.
First of all, take care tonight… No, wait. Did Diana get pushed back once? What’s the order? Diana is pushed out, after Leia, is it Sarah’s turn?
Or did you just yield to Leia once, is it Diana’s turn today?
I do not know.
Hey, I don’t know. If you wait in the room, the kid whose turn is today will come.
In the end, I gave up thinking, and I decided to leave it up to the women to judge.

And it was Sarah who came to my room.
It’s Sarah’s turn.
After all, Leia isn’t the only one whose turn was delayed due to her breakout with Diana, so it’s only natural if it’s natural.


As soon as Sarah entered the room, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.
Although Sarah is the tallest of the three, she is still much shorter than me.
If you were standing like this, you had to hold your claws and bring your body as close as possible so that your lips could barely touch.

I slowly removed Sarah’s clothes, feeling Sarah’s tight, elastic body with my whole body.
As Sarah’s clothes slid down to the floor, Sara’s slender body like a model slowly revealed itself.
When I was naked, not wearing a single thread, this time Sarah loosened the arm that was around my neck and started to take my clothes off one by one.

“Um… Whoa. Are you already standing? Are you excited?”

And when my belongings were exposed, they began to run through them lonely up and down, holding them with one hand, still kissing.
Then, after opening his mouth, he looked at me once with a cute expression and then slowly knelt down.
Sara sat down with her knees bent so that my object was in front of her, and slowly opened her mouth.

As I put the tip of the object in my mouth, the door suddenly swung open.

“Uh, uh, today after yesterday!”

It was Diana.

“D, Diana?! Why… ?!”

“Why?! Why did you ask?! Yesterday too, I flirted with this body, and Leia and I… then… But today, it’s gone! Besides, Miss Sarah… !”

Diana screamed with a look on her face, not knowing whether she was confused, embarrassed or angry, and was not sure what to do.
maybe that’s all
Diana, who was not sure what to do with her eyes spinning, suddenly charged at me.

“Come on, wait! Diana?!”

“Today it’s your turn!”

Then, as if tackling my body, he pushed me down on the bed.
To be honest, I wouldn’t be pushed by Diana’s push normally, but I lost my body and was just trying to feel Sarah’s service.
And Diana just sat on my crotch.

“Wait a minute! Isn’t the conversation over?!”

“What are you talking about! Yesterday, as this body opened the door, I felt something! You are a human being!”

Diana shouted that, raising her waist slightly and tucking her hand into her skirt.
And soon after, I felt a soft, soft feeling on the tip of the object.
It wasn’t visible because of Diana’s dress, but it was enough to guess.
Diana’s pussy is touching the tip of my dick.
But Diana wasn’t wet at all yet.
In this state, there is no way to be inserted.
Luckily, my stuff was wet because it got in and out of Sarah’s mouth for a while, but that’s not enough.

“Hey, wait. Still, it’s way too extreme. Sara is by my side too!”

“… Eh?!”

Diana seems to have momentarily turned her eyes in anger.
He turned to Sarah as if he had heard what I said and understood what he was doing, and then began to tremble violently.


Oh, it’s on the switch.

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Sylvia’s resolve

At the same time as Diana let out a loud moan, she could feel the viscous liquid gurgling out of her pubic area against the tip of the object.
I haven’t even inserted it yet, but it’s just the pure pleasure of exposure that makes me feel so much love fluid flowing out like this.
How perverted is our Archmage?
The perverted part that doesn’t fit in such a position is also cute and the best.

Besides, the situation didn’t end there.
The sudden excitement loosened up Diana’s legs, causing her body to sink downwards.
The moment after I felt the sensation of the object squeezing through the small gap of softness that touched the tip, my object was pierced through Diana’s inner edge.


In addition to the pleasure of exposure, the pleasure of penetrating the inside.
This combo attack was in shape enough to blow away Diana’s sanity.
Diana fell over me, shaking her back.
It culminated with just the insertion.
Feeling a little wet in the chest

It looked like he couldn’t control the lifting and the saliva coming out of his mouth.

But Diana, who had her flasher switch up, couldn’t be more satisfied.
Her body seemed to have lost her strength in the afterglow of a climax, but, nevertheless, Diana began to move her waist desperately on top of me.
It was also a waist movement for Diana herself to get pleasure from.
Diana, who felt the deepest part the most, rubbed her waist back and forth as if rubbing the tip of my object into the deepest part of her vagina.

Of course, Diana’s waist movement for her own pleasure doesn’t mean I don’t feel good.
On the contrary, Diana’s pussy, excited by the stimulation of exhibitionism, moved and stimulated with the momentum to squeeze my things.
It was such a provocative movement that even if he did not move at all, he could stand still.
Adding the movement of the waist to that, the pleasure I received was beyond my imagination.

I wanted to put my waist up right away, but I did not let go of the last string of reason.
That’s because there are still things I’m afraid of the aftermath.
I turned my gaze to Sarah’s face.
Sarah opened her mouth blankly, watching Diana weeping over me.
The object that had been in her mouth until recently was immediately embedded in another woman’s body.
Even Sarah didn’t seem to understand the situation well.

But for a while. Gradually, the light began to return to Sarah’s eyes as the situation was gradually being understood.
No, those eyes went beyond just grasping the situation.
Sarah’s eyes, looking at this side, beyond the return of the light of reason, began to burn.
Come to think of it, even Sara’s walls… .
Thinking up to that point, I was able to calmly settle the situation.
could this be?
The next moment, I lifted my back as hard as I could.


Then, using the recoil of the bed, he raised his waist as if to cut it short.

“Ah, ah, hot, yep, yep, ouch!”

When he tapped the inside rhythmically at short intervals, Diana let out a sweet sigh that seemed to stop breathing each time.
When she grabbed Diana’s shoulder and gently lifted her upper body, she saw Diana’s face with a blurred expression on her face, immersed in pleasure.
Even the way saliva is dripping out of her mouth is pretty and cute.

“Obviously, it wasn’t even wet when we first touched it. Why are you suddenly so excited?”

Drinking the saliva that was dripping down, he raised his head as if riding up and kissed Diana’s lips lightly, then cut her waist short and said as if teasingly.

“Hey! hot! Whoops! Oh no, whoa!”

Then, Diana shook her head from side to side, desperately in denial.

“I haven’t said anything yet, so what do you mean? Are you sure you are not denying that you are excited?

I continued speaking, rubbing Diana’s chest over the dress.
Well… It’s also hard to find over a dress. I’m sure I’ll stand firm. oh here it is


As she lightly pinched the nipples she had just found over her dress, Diana’s waist shook and trembled from side to side.
Not even sure what I’m talking about now, Diana shook her head desperately, saying it was just not.
But Diana, no matter how much you shake your head, moving your back like that is not convincing at all.

“Obviously, Diana was starting to get excited… okay. Sarah is next to… Oops.”

The reason seems to have completely blown away, but it seems that the mind that she doesn’t want her exhibitionism to be discovered even by Sarah made her body move unconsciously.
Before I mention exhibitionism directly, this time Diana has stuck to my lips and kissed me.

When I saw Diana sucking my lips with the utmost sincerity even though it was clumsy and clumsy, I wanted to make fun of her.
But the opportunity like this has come.
A chance to hold two girls you like at the same time.
If we make good use of this opportunity to make both of us acknowledge each other’s strengths, wouldn’t we be able to continue to have this opportunity in the future?
As a person who dreams of becoming a harem king, it was a situation that he could not help but wish for.
But you can’t just throw away this opportunity.
I firmed my heart to be weakened, parted Diana’s lips slightly, and opened her mouth again.

“Shall I lift up the skirt to show Sarah well?”

“Huh! Oh no! Whoops! No, ha!”

Maybe she had even imagined showing the joint to Sarah at my words, and Diana tightened her pussy even more.
Then, as if rubbing his crotch against my crotch, he wiggled his waist.
I really like rubbing it on the inside.

“Why? Don’t you want to brag? I’m going to show Sarah how good we are.”

What if the Jeonggong method doesn’t work?
Rather than convincing Diana to admit that she gets pleasure from exposure, first of all, she leads her to expose herself.
The more you do that, the more you’ll enjoy the situation yourself, and eventually you’ll admit it.

“Heh! 👌👌 Huh?!”

Besides, Diana has lost her reason and her judgment is clouded.
When I added the reason for bragging about us to Sarah, Diana’s eyes trembled slightly and seemed to be worried.
Good. If you don’t give time and push yourself when you’re thinking like this, most of the time, you’ll succeed.

I grabbed Diana’s leg as it was, and turned Diana’s body half a turn.
Diana’s inner folds, which had been clinging to my objects tightly, gave intense pleasure as if they had just scratched my objects with that movement.
Wouldn’t it be possible to enjoy a fairly new way of playing just by turning Diana’s body like this?
In the original world, it would be an absolutely impossible game to continue, but it is quite possible for me now, with stats far beyond that of ordinary humans.
Oh, but Diana will still be dizzy, so in the end it’s impossible even here.

Anyway, after turning her body half a turn to face Diana in the same direction as me, I grabbed Diana’s thigh and stood up.
I leaned my torso back so that Diana could not crouch forward so that she could rest her back on my body stably, and I walked towards Sarah as it was.

“Hey! Whoops! Hahaha!”

With every step she took, Diana was confused and confused by the thing that stabbed her inward with recoil.
And Sara, who was sitting with her knees on the floor in the same posture she was washing my belongings earlier, was watching it with her eyes burning.

When I moved right in front of Sarah, I came out right in front of Sarah’s face due to posture, and Diana’s joint was placed.
Although it is not yet possible to directly see the figure connected by being covered by the skirt of the dress.

“Come on, Diana. Roll up your skirt. We’re bragging to Sarah.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah… .”

Diana’s eyes fluttered violently, and she turned her head to look up at my face, not knowing what to do.
But his face was dyed red from excitement to the tip of his long ears, and his waist was still wriggling on its own.
As I looked at those eyes, Diana hesitated, but lowered her hands and grabbed the hem of her skirt.
But maybe he couldn’t make a final decision, so he couldn’t move any further.
However, if you’ve come this far, it’s like you’ve already passed it all.

“What are you doing? Come on.”


As I lowered my arms slightly and raised my waist, Diana reflexively pulled both of the hands that grabbed the skirt up to her waist.

“okay. Now I can see Sarah properly.”

The words were so mean, but to be honest, I was a little scared.
Sara’s big eyes, which were still fixed on this side, seemed to reflect Diana’s pink pussy, which had been stretched out to the limit with my thick objects tightly locked.
And Sarah’s eyes were burning so hot that she didn’t know when they were going to explode, so I was sweating in a cold sweat without realizing it.
But you’ve already come this far. I can’t turn back now.

“Ahhh… Aww! Whoops!”

Meanwhile, Diana, who had been exposed properly, reached a climax once again.
Diana’s love fluid spewed out between the joints rubbing with a squeaking sound.
Part of the love liquid even reached Sarah’s face, but Sarah didn’t even think to wipe it off and just looked at us.

“Heh, ji, hey! Now ooh, if you move… ! hey!”

I’m afraid right now, so I’m just sitting still?
It’s you who’s working hard right now, little girl.
Thinking like that, my mouth uttered completely different words.

“Don’t put your arms down. I’m holding on to the skirt so you can see Sarah properly.

Diana’s arm, which was about to go down, flinched as she heard my words and stopped moving.

“Huh! term! This is not… ! Whoa! Ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah ah!”

And before the climax could even fade, Diana arched her back in an arc and again reached a violent climax.
It’s Diana who gets more pleasure than usual when she climaxes in an exposure situation, but when she experienced multiple orgasms, Diana’s waist movement became unusual.
I trembled up and down, and I leaned back, but I was deeply engrossed in the movement.

My stuff was about to fall out.
Diana trembled violently like that, and then she drooped forward as if she had lost her strength.
By wrapping the hand that was holding Diana’s thigh up to Diana’s stomach, she could barely prevent Diana from twisting forward.

I could feel Diana’s love fluid dripping over the thing that had come out of her vagina.
How the heck is Diana’s pussy flooded?
I had a strong desire to see it, but more than that, I also wanted to buy it.
As Diana reached her climax, the movement of her vagina was incredibly active, so I was in a situation where I was ejaculating.
If I had been inside Diana a little bit longer, I could have packed it.
It might be a little difficult for Diana, who is feeling the climax and drooping in a row, but it’s bad for her to feel this way alone in the first place.
If you insert it anyway, it will be ready soon, so hold on a little longer.
I lifted Diana’s body again and pointed the object at Diana’s pussy.
But before I lowered Diana’s body, I could feel the object being wrapped in something warm.

“Hmm… Whoops. side. Whoops. I want to know.”

And at the same time as a strange sound was heard from below, hidden by Diana’s body, she was enveloped in intense pleasure as if an object was being sucked in.


Still, the object that was on the verge of an explosion, without even thinking of resisting the sudden pleasure, ejaculated immediately.

“Uh… eup, eup. Whoops. gulp. gulp”

An obscene sound from below echoed through the room.

“Shoot. gulp. uh… clap, clap, hah. side.”

After my ejaculation was over and I had swallowed all the semen, Sarah took a strong suction once and thoroughly drained the remaining semen from the inside of the object and swallowed.
Then he started moving his tongue over mine again.
This time, rather than to stimulate excitement, it is a movement of the tongue as if cleaning.
The tongue runs all over the object, licking the clean liquid.

“Ahhh… .”

Diana, whose upper body was bent and her gaze was naturally directed downward, uttered an incomprehensible sound as she looked at Sarah like that.

And as if the cleaning was finally satisfactory, Sarah got up and looked at me from the front.

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I tried refreshing for about 20 minutes, but it didn’t seem to be fixed, so I just gave up and went to sleep.


Sylvia’s resolve

“Uh… eup, eup. Whoops. gulp. gulp”

An obscene sound from below echoed through the room.

“Shoot. gulp. uh… clap, clap, hah. side.”

After my ejaculation was over and I had swallowed all the semen, Sarah took a strong suction once and thoroughly drained the remaining semen from the inside of the object and swallowed.
Then he started moving his tongue over mine again.
This time, rather than to stimulate excitement, it is a movement of the tongue as if cleaning.
The tongue runs all over the object, licking the clean liquid.

“Ahhh… .”

Diana, whose upper body was bent and her gaze was naturally directed downward, uttered an incomprehensible sound as she looked at Sarah like that.

And as if the cleaning was finally done satisfactorily, Sarah got up and looked at me from the front.
Sarah woke up, but the object was still wrapped in something.
Perhaps Sarah is holding my object in her hand.
Sara looked me in the eye with her scorching eyes, and gently pushed me back with her unholding hand.
As I sat down on the bed as if I was squatting while I hugged Diana, Sarah gently released my hand and put Diana aside.


Diana’s body was still in a sensitive state, so she trembled as she touched Sarah’s hand.
If it was Diana on a regular basis, in a situation where she was exposed to heat like this, she would rush to do more with me.
But now, right after experiencing extreme pleasure from multi-orgasm, as if there was no strength in her body, she was pushed aside as soon as Sarah pushed and rolled onto the spacious bed.
Even though her eyes were burning like this, Sara’s kindness was glimpsed in the part where she removed Diana with a careful hand gesture.

But it was only there that I could get a glimpse of Sarah’s kindness.
As soon as Diana was lifted from my body, Sarah pushed my upper body hard and laid me on the bed.
Then, while giving strength to the hand holding my object, I began to shake it up and down.
Sarah licked up all the love fluid she had with Diana, but instead, Sarah’s saliva was all over the thing, so Sarah’s hand slipped over mine, making a squeaky noise.

“For the topic you were doing with me, it was like wrapping things up with Diana. Besides, it’s still so stiff… !”

no no no What are you talking about. There is no denying that it was wrapped in Diana.
The ending was like putting it in Sarah’s mouth, but it was completely heated up with Diana and only an explosion was put in Sarah’s mouth.
But the reason I’m standing stiff right now is because of you, no matter who you look at.

But those words couldn’t make sense to Sarah, whose eyes were completely savored by jealousy and excitement.
Sara climbed on top of me and pressed my object against her pussy.
As before, and today as well. Today starts like this one after another.
Sarah’s vagina, which had been touched by the object, was already soggy.
The vagina, which was normally closed tightly in a straight line, was already completely ready to receive my stuff, so it was loosened enough to feel loose.


Sara, whose eyes were shining dangerously, took my things to the end without hesitation and slid her waist up and down.

“With Diana… ! ha ha! So, yep! Put on a happy face… !”

As she said that, she seemed even more excited by her own words, and Sarah’s waist movement got faster and faster.

“You were going to do it with me! Whoops! First with Diana… ! hey!”

She furrowed her eyebrows as if trying to hold back something, but as her eyes slowly opened as if she couldn’t hold back all the pleasure, Sara moved her waist vigorously.

“I… ! I… ! I am more… !”

Sara shouted that, this time leaning over and starting to kiss my chest.
Then, as he rolled his tongue against my nipples, he shook his back vigorously.

“Salvation, do you like this too?”

My excitement was at its peak as Sarah looked up at me with savored eyes and made her tongue crawl over my chest.
Reaching out to Sarah’s buttocks and clenching it tightly, the elastic feel like a rubber ball spread throughout her hand.
I just caressed Sarah’s ass hole.
When I was sitting with my knees up and looking at Me and Diana earlier, it seems that the love fluid that had already flowed out of my vagina was wet enough up to this point.
As if love liquid had flowed out of the butt hole, it was already soaked.
Thanks to that, when I applied a little force to my fingers, the buttocks easily allowed the intrusion.

“Uhhhhhh! Sleep, hey! Not there, huh! Ha ha ha!”

And Sarah easily reached a climax with that feeling.
Sarah leaned her cheek against my chest, and the tongue that had been licking my nipples drooped and trembled throughout her body.
I grabbed Sarah’s butt and lifted it slightly, pulling out the thing.

“Ahhh… me, why i… ?”

While trembling with the climax of pleasure, Sarah raised a sad voice.
No matter how many times Diana climaxed, she did it until I was full, but she doesn’t like to be picked as soon as she climaxed.
indeed. It’s said to be a castle wall that excites jealousy, but it seems to be limited to situations where I have sex with other women.
Jealousy in this way is more of a sad emotion than excitement.
But don’t worry. I don’t mean to end it like this.

I put Sarah on her back and put her in a crawling position on all fours on the bed.
After all, Sarah is the best in this composition. That sharp bend in the waist line makes it unbearable.
I grabbed Sarah’s buttocks with both hands and opened them wide to the left and right.
As the hips opened, the straight-closed vagina opened with a squeaking sound.
When I put the object back to the pubic area like that, I suddenly saw Diana lying next to me.

The switch is turned on by exposure, and the body is still in estrus, but it seems difficult because the body does not have strength.
She rubbed her thighs and squirmed, and while putting her hand to her vagina, it seemed like she was trying to masturbate, but Diana, who had switched on, was groaning because she couldn’t get enough pleasure.
I can’t help it. can you help
I reached out to Diana’s pussy, put my finger in it and bent it slightly to stimulate the G-spot.


Then Diana immediately let out a high moan and trembled.
Am I the best?
As she vibrated her arms with her fingers bent, love juice burst out of Diana’s vagina.

“Wet it like this. Aren’t you ashamed that Sarah is looking at you?”

“Ugh! ha ha!


Diana no longer shook her head to deny it, just sobbing with pleasure.
As he was playing with Diana like that, the object suddenly became engulfed in great pleasure.
When I put the tip of the object in my vagina and left it uninserted, Sarah couldn’t bear it and pushed her ass out and pushed my object all the way to the root.

“Ahhhhh! Whoops, whoops, whoops, focus here! Haha, I’m the one who’s doing this with Guwon!”

While shaking her body at the pleasure of inserting my object all the way to the root, Sarah began to move her hips.
It couldn’t be more attractive to see her butt sticking close to my pubis and swaying from side to side.

“sorry. sorry. Of course we should focus on Sarah.”

While still stimulating Diana’s G-spot with one hand, I started moving my waist as best I could.
As if hitting Sarah’s ass with my pubic bone, I pulled out the waist long enough that the tip of the object was barely caught in the pubic area, and then pushed it forward at once.
The sound of my waist and Sarah’s butt bumping against each other resounded, and at the same time, Sarah’s bouncy buttocks rising up and bouncing in waves.
As she moved her waist, she extended the thumb of her hand that grabbed her hip and stimulated the hole in her buttocks. Sarah felt so much pleasure that it was hard to support her upper body with her arms, so her upper body gradually sank into the bed.

“Heh! Salvation! Salvation! Bake!”

Now, with her upper body completely buried in the bed, she sobbed with pleasure as she lifted her hips up.
In front of me, Sarah’s wobbly heart-shaped buttocks are constantly hitting my back, and next to it, Diana is trembling with her G-spot stimulated.
At the sight I could not normally imagine, I quickly felt a sense of ejaculation again.

“Ugh. buy it! Slowly!”

“Huh! Salvation! together! together… !”

Shaking her hips vigorously even with only her hips raised, Sarah let out a groan of pleasure.

And when I finally slammed my back into Sarah’s ass with all my might, Sarah climaxed once more.
I was also aiming for that timing and trying to stuff Sarah inside, but suddenly an idea flashed.
I hurriedly put myself in climax bondage to prevent ejaculation.

“Heh, goo, salvation… ?”

Wondering if she couldn’t feel the sensation of filling her stomach, Sarah felt the climax, but turned her head back and raised a questioning voice.
But I ignored the voice and pulled the object out of Sarah’s vagina, then brought the object in front of Diana’s face.

“Diana, suck it. Because Sarah did. Isn’t this fair?”


For some reason, a moan broke out from Sarah.
I looked, and a new liquid of love was leaking out from the crack in the middle of my high buttocks, where my belongings had just been.
After all, he’s also a pervert. Even such an unexpected side is lovely.

“Heh, uh, ba, suck… ?”

“okay. Let Diana’s precious kiss meet this guy too.”

Diana, who had never done it with her mouth, looked embarrassed, but when I pushed the object right in front of her lips, she propped her head forward as if she had made up her mind.
Diana kissing my dick as if she were really kissing her.
It was a monumental moment that allowed Diana to put the kiss she had cherished for many years, not only on my lips, but also on objects.
But after that, not knowing what to do, Diana looked up at me while keeping her lips on the tip of the object.
But it’s because I was forced to stop what I was trying to ejaculate.
Let’s take it slow, let’s do it later.
I just moved my back forward.
Then Diana’s mouth slowly opened and started to hold my stuff.
When I had all the bulges on the ends of things, I let go of the climactic bondage of myself.


As I ejaculated, Diana’s cheeks began to swell.
It’s cute like a hamster.
But Diana frowned and couldn’t do this or that, as if the semen she tasted for the first time was a bit bitter.

“Diana. You can spit it out.”

Today, it is enough just to try to do it by mouth for the first time.
Thought so and spoke kindly, Diana shook her head slowly, still holding her object.
Then he glanced at Sarah and began to gulp and swallow the semen in his mouth.
Seriously, I saw Sara sucking before my eyes. The competitive spirit seems to have worked.
if so… .

“Did you swallow it?”

As I spoke happily, Diana nodded and nodded her head.
Because he was still biting on the tip of the object, every time he nodded, the object was subtly stimulated, and his behavior seemed quite bizarre.

“Then wash it and make it clean. Did you see what Sarah did earlier? This time, you suck my dick in front of Sarah.”


The keyword “in front of Sarah” seems to have stimulated Diana’s exhibitionism again.
Diana clenched her thighs and twitched, starting to lick my stuff.
Oh, by the way, one of my hands is turned back and still stuck in Diana’s pussy. So you can tell if Diana is clenching her thighs even when she is fasting on Diana lying down.

After I washed the thing clean, exhibitionism once again stimulated Diana, who tried to run at me.
It seems that while resting, he has gained the stamina to move his body.
But right now, you’re not the only one who has been stimulated by the unique castle wall.
Sarah, too, was watching us, dripping love juice through her raised buttocks.


I lay down Diana, who was about to rush, and shoved the object into Sarah’s pussy once more. Then he grabbed Sarah’s arm with both hands and forced her to lift her upper body.
Pushing her back in that state, she approached the place where Diana was.
Approaching Diana, who is lying down, she makes Sarah cover her.

The two of them hugged each other on the bed.
In that state, I spread my legs wide so that their pubic hairs touch each other, and then I removed the thing from Sarah’s vagina and

I put things in between.
The soft feel of the surface of the pubic area touches the object 360 degrees.
Even if it wasn’t inserted, I was able to get enough pleasant pleasure by moving my back back and forth.

“To this, to this body, to this body… !”
“Salvation, salvation… !”

However, it seems that the situation is not very satisfactory for both of them.
As if thinking I was thinking about which of them to put in, they each moved their backs, trying to get my stuff into their own vaginas.
As a result, the two’s vaginas started to move up and down as if they were fighting a hard fight with their vaginas touching.


It was such a bewitching sight that I stopped looking at it.
no no no no
First of all, Diana… .
It’s not that I like Diana better, so I’m not starting with Diana. Because I love all three equally, including Leia, who isn’t here.
However, considering the unique walls of the two, I think it would be better to give it to Diana.

“Hey hey!”

look at that
Diana is excited to be shown to Sarah in front of her, and Sarah is excited to see I’m having sex with another woman in front of her.
As I put it into Diana’s vagina and shake her back vigorously, love fluid leaked from Sarah’s pussy and dripped between our joints.
I grabbed Sarah’s butt and put my finger back into her ass hole.

So I took turns hugging Sarah and Diana all night long.
Indeed, since the two of them take turns dealing with each other, even if one faints, they can continue to play with the other, so when she wakes up, she wakes up in the morning without sleeping a single breath.

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Sylvia’s resolve

After watching the sun rise out of the window, I was barely able to stop the night’s frenzy.
However, even if I tried to stop the action, the two, who were stimulated by the peculiar wall, still rushed at me as if their reason had been paralyzed.
Of course, it’s the happiest situation for me, but I can’t stay like this forever.

So I decided to knock them both out first.
If it wasn’t like that when you woke up after fainting, your reason would come back to some extent.
Putting the saint’s hand on the object, he alternately stabs the two’s pubic hair, which are overlapping up and down.
When I tried to do it, it was a difficult technique in many ways, but my physical ability, which was far above average, allowed me to stably stab the two’s vaginas alternately without a single failure.


For reference, since I continued to enjoy changing positions in the meantime, unlike when I first put the two together, Diana is now on top of Sarah.
Both of them drooped from the pleasure that lasted all night, and now they were completely clinging to each other.
I even imagined for a moment that the two of us kissed while stuck in me, but even though they were so close, the two did not do anything different to each other.
After all, two women doing a lesbian act while having a threesome is something that can only happen in a creative work

is it
If you think about it from a different perspective, it makes sense.
Even if I had a threesome with another man and a woman, I would never kiss that man.

In any case, when they used even the saint’s touch and pierced their genitals alternately, the two let out moans of pleasure as if they were about to climax.
One last time with Sylvia and the level went up again.
If you even use skills, of course the pleasure is no joke.
Oh, come to think of it, how the hell did my level go up? I’ll have to check it out a little later.

“Hey hey!”

And at the same time as I exploded, they both reached their climax in a loud voice.
As I ejaculated, I continued to stab Sarah and Diana, alternately.
The two, who reached their climax while experiencing the touch of a saint, lost their minds and drooped.
The first threesome, which continued all night, came to an end.

I pulled things out and laid them flat on the bed, hugging the two of them by their sides.
So where should I check the level?

Name: Salvation
Race: Human 24
Occupation: Saint 100 / Adventurer 46 / Fighter 57 / Assassin 17
Level: 100
Life: 25700/25700 Spirit
: 10000/10000
Strength: 250
Durability: 198
Dexterity: 190
Stamina: 178
Intellect: 109
Spirit : 142
Charm : 233
Bonus stats : 205
Status : Normal

It was exactly 100.
If this is the case, will I be able to take pictures of the skill I mentioned before with Diana?
I opened the skill window and first invested one skill point in that skill.
In the skill window, several other skill slots were lit.
Level 100 doesn’t just mean that your level has reached three digits.
In my case, I don’t have to worry too much about it, but level 100 is the first section with a level limit.

I don’t know to what extent this world is the same as the game, but the game I played had level limits and a former system.
If we take the first level limit section, level 100, as an example, it is like this.
Even if you level up by just having sex, once you reach level 100, your level doesn’t go up anymore. In addition, if the level limit is 100 like this, the status can only be raised to 250.

In order to remove the level limit, it is necessary to change one of your occupations. Except for some special cases, most of the conditions for change are as follows.
First, the job level must reach the maximum level limit.
And the status related to that job should reach the highest level.
For example, if a wizard wants to break the 100 level limit, he needs to raise the wizard level to 100 and his intellect and mental stats to 250 respectively.

The reason I said I don’t have to worry too much about myself is not something else.
First of all, like a special job like a saint, some jobs don’t have the concept of a job change.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you can just level up beyond that without any level limit.
Even if it is a special job, in order to remove the level limit, you must achieve the condition of job level 100 and related stats 250 like other normal jobs.
However, due to the nature of the profession of a saint, when the level reaches 100, the level of the saint becomes 100 of course.
That means you don’t have to worry about the level at all.
Besides, the saint’s job-related stats are attractive.
My current charm is 233. It’s just a story that ends when I invest only 17 bonus stats.

I invested 17 bonus stats on charm and hit 250.
how is it. It’s really easy to break the level limit, right?
The game I was originally going to play was not designed as a hardcore game with extreme difficulty.
Rather, it is a game that focuses on enjoying different situations with various women while enjoying it more easily and conveniently than other games.
It’s a job that the main character of such a game has, but there’s no way they could have made it difficult to break the level limit.
Having easily loosened the level limit, I fell into my thoughts again.

What I thought of while listening to Diana before was also related to the level limit.
Naturally, Diana would have cleared the level 100 limit.
However, the level limit is not limited to 100.
Considering Diana’s usual words, if Diana was stuck in the next level limit and could no longer grow and hit the limit, it would be exactly right.
An obsession with skills that transcend the level they normally show.
This means that Diana is no longer able to level up.
If so, maybe there is a way I can help.
If you use the skill you just took.

The problem is that I don’t know if that skill will work properly.
First of all, it seems that all the skills that can be learned in the game can be learned, so I learned it, but the conditions for activation are quite vague.
Well, you’ll find out if you use it or not.
Want to try it right now?
No, let’s wait for Diana to wake up.
A surprise gift is good, but even if the skill is activated, it will not be able to lift Diana’s level limit right away anyway.
And I’m sure I’ll accept it, but it’s better to use it after Diana accepts it for now.

After making that decision, I started looking around the skill window again.
Even if you don’t have a job change, you’re at level 100. There are skills that can be learned.
The weak posture we saw before, and again… Huh? what’s that skill?
While looking at the skill window, I discovered a skill I was seeing for the first time.
Even though the level limit was 100, he was already learning the skill.

The Spirit of the Saint 1
Active Skill
Consumption: 100 Resources
Surrounding the body with the energy of the saint increases the pleasure given to the target.
Gives an additional [20] pleasure to the target it comes into contact with for [1 minute].
This skill can be dispelled by the caster’s will.

It is almost exactly the same as the skill description of the Saint’s Touch.
The only difference is that the resource consumption, the power of the skill, and the energy are wrapped around the body.
Huh? Wait a minute. A saint’s hand wrapped around his body?
that’s… Did I do that before?! Then maybe?!
As I thought about it, an assumption came to my mind.

Since then, I am a gamer who is proud of having played the game of Great Earth thoroughly.
The skills in the Great Earth game are lined up, and when I first looked at the skill window in this world, I looked at all the skills once, including those that I had not yet learned.
I can assure you, at that time, there was clearly no skill called the sincerity of a saint.
However, this world is not completely game-like.
The way you learn skills doesn’t have to depend on the game system either.
In other words, the game system can create skills that do not exist.
Moreover, the fact that the minimum level to learn a skill was 100, but already learned it supported my assumption.
In other words, the skill of sincerity of a saint is a skill that I created.
When I succeeded in putting the hand of a saint all over my body just once before.

With this, I finally found out why putting the hand of a saint all over my body fails over and over again.
Since then, I have been constantly practicing and trying. Somehow it never worked.
It was good to create a new skill, but as the skill was registered in the game system, the level limit was raised to 100.
So no matter how hard you try, you always fail
So, is this a case where the game system is rather stuck?
A game system that I thought was just a cheat system would have this kind of drawback.
Well, there’s no guarantee that I’ll create another fraudulent skill, so it doesn’t feel like a huge drawback.

Anyway, with this, I can finally use the hand of a saint all over my body.
It can also be used in an instant, as if activating a game skill, without the need to concentrate and refine the spirit.
The power is still lower than the touch of the saint because the skill level is still low, but if you raise the skill level as the basic magnification is good, one day you will far exceed the power of the touch of the saint.
Besides, this skill is more valuable not only when having sex, but also when hunting in dungeons… No, you don’t need to go to the dungeon anymore.
When it comes to sex, there is no need to use the sincerity of a saint who has a high regular consumption rate, just the touch of a saint is enough.
At level 1, the power is only twice that of a saint’s touch, but the elemental consumption is 100 times higher.
hey what This is a complete rubbish skill.

I immediately lost my excitement, closed the skill window, and hugged Sarah and Diana, who were lying on either side.
It would be a hundred times and a thousand times more beneficial to enjoy our children’s touch like this than to consider such garbage skills.
By the way, I finally succeeded in a threesome.
While I was doing it, I couldn’t really feel it because I was just pursuing pleasure as if my head was weak, but when I hugged two women at the same time and enjoyed the soft skin that touched my body, I suddenly started to realize it.
Well. I feel like I’m one step closer to the harem king.
Now, it would be perfect if we could even bring Leia in and enjoy it with the four of us.
Then it’s each other’s turn, there’s no need to argue over anything, and I’m happy too. It’s a happy ending right?
slumbers? Healing sex is enough for that!

… There was a time when I thought that too.

“Is there more to be said?”

“Eh, ah. Why are you? As if I was going to die.”

“Then do you think you can live?”

I’m scared. I’m scared Sarah
Now I got down under the bed and sat on my knees.
With a hardened face, Diana said, ‘Sit up there!’ That’s why I shouted
I can’t help it.
Besides, even Sarah put her hand on her waist and looked down at me with cold eyes.
The slender legs outstretched in front of her were absolutely beautiful, but there was no time to admire them.

The two opened their eyes almost at the same time.
They both lay facing me with my arms cut off, so they must have made eye contact as soon as they opened their eyes.
When their eyes met, the two of them blushed with embarrassment at first.
No, maybe he was excited.
The sex had stopped, but the situation in which they were naked and clinging to me would still stimulate the two’s peculiarities.
If I had given them sexual pleasure here, they might have struggled with pleasure again.
But I thought the sex was over, so I didn’t.
Not only that, but without notice, they patted their heads and let out a stupid sound.

“Good morning. Did you both sleep well? Last night was really awesome. From now on, together… .”
“… You sit right there.”


“Sit up there!”


And that leads to the previous situation.
Huh. okay. Thinking about it again, it was.
If the two of you are completely back together, there’s no way the two of you like to be hugged by me at the same time.
I must have lost the taste of pleasure and happiness for a moment.

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